The US wants to start a war with Russia

JB CAMPBELL interview on PressTV

The interviewer asked: “What about this ceasefire in Ukraine?” Here is JB Campbell’s answer in full:

4 campI don’t think the ceasefire will last. America won’t let it last.

The private Rockefeller group called the Council on Foreign Relations in New York picked the Ukrainian gangsters, Yatsenyuk and Poroshenko, as provocateurs to create a war against Russia. So far, it hasn’t worked but they won’t stop.

Maybe even Americans are realizing that the Obama gangsters are taking us to war with Russia, totally against our will. This disaster cannot be fixed in Ukraine or Iraq or your country or Syria or Palestine, it can only be fixed in New York and Washington, by Americans.

What we’re witnessing is the Brzezinski doctrine in action, which is the destruction of Russia and regime change. Zbigniew Brzezinski and the CIA created al-Qaaeda in Afghanistan in ’79 to destroy the Soviet Union, which it did.

Now al-Qaeda has become ISIS, which is headed by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who we now learn is actually an Israeli named Elliot Shimon.

Real Muslims do not wage war on their own people and leave Israel and America alone! That alone is proof that all this mass murder is run by the CIA and Mossad.


Obama’s mentor is Brzezinski, who performed the same role for Jimmy Carter by forming al-Qaeda, which means “the CIA’s database of mujahidin fighters in Afghanistan.” Brzezinski is the Rockefeller theoretician, and always has been since forming the Trilateral Commission for David Rockefeller in 1971. Brzezinski’s plan is still the same: destroy Russia, with nuclear war if necessary.

Brzezinski and the neo-cons, who are in basic cooperation, are insane warmongers who think that they can survive an exchange of nuclear bombs and missiles! Russia continues to show the world how to deal with the Washington gangsters, through restraint, humanity and the readiness to confront US aggression.

Only American freedom fighters can save the world.

The Rockefeller syndicate, headquartered in New York, can only be stopped by Americans – it is our responsibility and duty to humanity to destroy the engine of disaster, that private ministry of war, the Council on Foreign Relations in Manhattan, which grooms and appoints all important people to power positions in the US government, including all our presidents and all their advisors, including all directors of the CIA and NSA.


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  1. Another American is helping ISIS directly

    Tech-savvy terrorist from Boston is believed to be running ISIS’ social media arm.

    Ahmad Abousamra, 32, who graduated from Northeastern University in Boston and is suspected of joining the extremist Islamic State, is believed to be using his social media skills to run the terrifying group’s cyber operations, ABC News reported.

    1. i am a palestinian muslim, i support isis one hundred percent.
      may allah guide your bullets directly into the heads of the shia pigs and the treacherous jews and the motherless amercians
      may allah protect you from the enemy bullets!
      may allah burn all your enemies at a thousand degrees!
      maY ALLAH make your enemies blind and have you go pass them and around them and behind them and attack them and murder them!
      may allah soon bring you passed assad and finally
      the crown , the jewell
      capital of islam
      palestine !

      1. i am a palestinian muslim, i support isis one hundred percent.
        may allah guide your bullets directly into the heads of the shia pigs and the treacherous jews and the motherless amercians
        may allah protect you from the enemy bullets!
        may allah burn all your enemies at a thousand degrees!
        maY ALLAH make your enemies blind and have you go pass them and around them and behind them and attack them and murder them!
        may allah soon bring you passed assad and finally
        the crown , the jewell
        capital of islam
        palestine !

      2. Dear Avatar,
        FATHER YAHWEY, GOD of the universe, said through HIS SON KING YAHSHUA, that the flesh counts for nothing, it is the Spirit that gives life. Avatar means little god. FATHER YAHWEY said that all men, ALL men might be ‘like’ gods, but that we would all die like mere men in Psalm 82. KING YAHSHUA said, “don’t fear them that kill the body, but HIM that is able to throw the body and soul in to hell.”
        Avatar, there is a reckoning coming. FATHER YAHWEY may be using you to cause HIS children to repent and amen if so, but the reckoning will come to you. I pray you repent, turn from your sins, your anger, hatred and violence and turn to FATHER YAHWEY ALMIGHTY. Amen.

      3. Aaaa, aaaa, aaaa, a chooo!

        Excuse my allergies, but my CAT is likely more Muslim than you are and has a better sense of humor! (I’m not allergic to Muslims and you’re acting like a Wahhabi DonMuzzie or Turkish DonMuzzie!) Neither of those are real Muslims, but created by crypto Jews in the grass to polarize/divide Muslims as done to Christians via 32 degree Masons.

  2. Incredible to think how long Ziggy Brzezinsky has been on the case. It would be hard to find a more useful idiot populating the Satanic legions of doom than this mad dog pitbull.

    Which is in no way to be disparaging of pitbulls, whom I’ve had the privilege of owning over the years. A more loving and fiercely loyal protector you can’t find in a dog when you have a good one.

    With a bad one like Ziggy B. there is no more hate-filled and relentless war monger on the face of the Earth

    1. You are correct. Here is his evil caught on camera.

      Zbigniew Brzezinski in late 70’s, telling Afghan Jihadists: “Your cause is right. God is on your side.”
      Photo: Brzezinski and Tim Osman, aka Osama bin Laden, discuss the string of Jihads that Zbigniew never regrets.

  3. All Muslim terrorist groups are financed and led by Israel to destabilize Muslim nations and keep the wars going.

    That’s not to say that Muslims are good, or completely innocent. I’d have their religion wiped out if I could, along with Judaism and Christianity. All three religions have been a curse on the world.

    1. As I often say, Hag Judaism and her two ugly daughters Islam and Christianity. Judaism has been the worst blight on humanity since its inception when Moses the Egyptian left “god’s garden” taking Akhenaten’s monotheistic religion with him.

      1. They’ve been worse than blights, they’ve been cancers.

        Christianity has had a deleterious effect on the European soul, shaping Whites to be meek little lambs when the world is populated by violent, dark subhuman savages.

        Jews and Muslims, meanwhile, are just disgusting. Jews with their yarmulkes, Muslims with their beards and veils. Beauty is unknown to both peoples.

        They all make me sick.

        Then of course there are naggers we have to deal with. I thought I read somewhere that by the end of the 21st century, 40% of earth’s population will be naggers. Can you fucking imagine that?

        Drop the bomb, exterminate them all.

    2. (another one by lobro, one time use only)

      the only countries left in the world to openly stand up to jewggernaut are iran, syria and malaysia.
      the only people who actually creamed jews in open conflict are shia muslims of lebanon (hezbollah) with material help from iran.

      guess who the brain dead drones of the west are targeting?

      and yes, i freely admit to have wrongly flipflopped on putin.
      originally i really liked the guy and saw him and russia as bulwark against judeo-satanism.
      then i angrily switched off allegiance when i suspected him of chickening out of confrontation and sacrificing those fine, brave people of southeast ukraine to cannibal kolomoisky and his deformed brethren.
      now i switched back, because he is indeed a grand wizard of strategy, the juden and their yapping mutts wiped out despite all the chest thumping posturing.
      and they will ultimately lose.
      at least i admit my errors when i see them, truth trumps the vanity.

      all you “real men” out there.
      you want real action?
      then join the real armies, namely those of russia and iran, also syria.
      we might even meet there.

      all else is empty, boastful blether.
      there will be no meaningful resistance west of the rhine.

      1. I beg to differ on that.

        I fully expect some form of “meaningful resistance” on the homefront, wherever that is for whomever.

        They don’t call it a world war for nothin

      2. Russia, Syria, and Iran aren’t worth fighting for. None of them care about the West.

        The best fighters are the ones who fight for those who are like themselves, not the ones who join alien peoples because they also happen to be fighting their enemies.

      3. b-hawk: how would you define “meaningful resistance”?
        it sounds as if you’d be ok with just scoring some runs against them, maybe some number of dead jews, never mind the final failure so long as we go feet first, not throwing in the towel, etc, &c.
        i want to win, and winning means “end to jew power”, everywhere, worldwide, so they cannot practice their hustle on another nation and embroil it in another war (for the jews, has there ever been another kind of “meaningful” war?)

        spqr: pretty much the above also answers your objection.
        i don’t define myself so much as belonging to some specific group as by hate of jews, the destroyers of this world.
        so once they are eliminated, the equation becomes much easier to solve among people with shot at normalcy, those who can see the light of prevailing reason, that individual welfare is directly tied to communal welfare.
        and how the latter is achieved is open to free debate: those who want to live among own kind are welcome to separate from the crowd and set up own turf unmolested by others, those who like to mingle among strangers, “diversifiers” for the lack of better term, are likewise free to comingle until they mutate stalk-eyes for all i care.
        but none of that will happen with the toxic virus infesting the human works.

        and operationally speaking, assume that all those of the european stock are willing to stand up and fight the jew.
        who qualifies without worrying that in the aftermath, the ethnic cleansing may not extend to them as well?
        what about southern swarthies, the greeks, calabrese, maltesians, gypsies, bulgarians, portuguese, albanians, basques, irish, andalusians, provencals, … what about “lesser” europeans like the czechs, poles, lithuanians, moldavians, besarabians, romanians, … i remember how an irish catholic friend of mine had a wasp girlfriend in ottawa whose father disinherited her for sullying the family honor.
        i recall the orange day parades up and down yonge street, toronto in my youth, costumed assholes marching to show contempt for the vanquished irish of the battle of boyne, the city jewish mayor (eg, nathan philips) riding the white horse at the head of procession, military bands, clown livery and all.
        note that in those days the city did not have two knee-grows, all white and seething with mutual resentment.
        you ready to deal with that while the jew is smirkingly adding fuel to the fire?

      4. lobro

        My use of the term “meaningful resistance” was a literal response to “Soul Knee Grow”. His (her?) comment refers to the movements of great armies on what would be developing battlefields in Eastern Europe and the ME. While I was referring to what may very well prove to be meaningful in the form of guerrilla-like physical combat in N. America.

        While I find Tyrone P. to be tedious at times with all his “I AM” references, and not at all being dismissive of what that pertains to, I think the picture he paints of how warring events will play out resonates with me in its general projected accuracy.

        All in keeping with what I mean by everyone playing a defining role of showing true colors in the upcoming cataclysm – provided of course that “cataclysm” doesn’t entirely come in the form of some great natural event like a well-placed asteroid to make any man-made actions moot (the subject of which is a post I’m saving for another time 😉 )

        To the legionnaire there’s nothing I would add to your thoughts on his take on things. In my own words it is basically the same message that doesn’t see it in terms of Russia, Syria and Iran being worth fighting for, but for sheer reasons of expediency, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”.

        So legionnaire, “friend” in this context is relative because of this inexorable enemy of ALL.

      5. Okay, so you want to win. How is helping philosemite Putin going to do that? Same goes for Assad and Rouhani, how is helping them going to win?

        I agree that Europe is dead, and if that’s so, then the only possible resistance from Whites is individual resistance.

      6. spqr – my advice is not to pay much heed to mindless blather but watch the bottom line, ie, is the development good or bad for jews.

        you will notice that for all his sweet talking the jews, almost everything putin does rubs them the wrong way and they are rightfully fuming, he outmaneuvered them at their own game.

        look, they started the ukrainian demolition derby and followed up with brutal talk and action by monstrous lardass kolomoisky who surely must be as ugly as a soulless humanoid can ever be, all in hope that ukraine is the edge of the wedge that will let the rattus rattus pour into russia itself.

        russia grabbed crimea, the part they really coveted back, eastern ukraine is voting with guns in favor of rejoining russia, the rest will be a stone around nato’s neck unless they too bolt.
        usa and nato lost face, credibility and internal cohesion, shown to be paper tiger, just as in syria, the jew master plan collapsing around their hairy earlobes.
        the world is awake to not just to their evil but also impotence and getting more restless by the day.
        putin is the world’s most popular national leader, he would easily win the us presidential election if allowed to run, not to mention every single european country.
        us dollar is turning to ashes and dust, the mighty vehicle of jew financial hegemony, what are trillions of dollars printed and held by jews worth if everyone recognizes that they are just paper excrement?
        new reserve currency is being constructed in the new and vital centers of power, beijing, moscow, new delhi, sao paolo.

        yes, rouhani is garbage but he is not running iran, it is still a committee game over there.
        merkel thinks, talks and acts like putin, they come from the same school of communist disambiguation, play your cards close to the vest, and she does it so sneakily that there is nothing jews can do openly about it.

        don’t belive me? ask jews, who do you think they fear and hate, some shotgun waving mountain hicks in the ozarks?
        i don’t think so.

      7. b-hawk …

        a literal response to “Soul Knee Grow”. His (her?) comment

        he-she is me, lobro, i thought i’d made it clear.
        on occasion i am struck by some amusing handle candidate and use it one-time-only, with proper acknowledgement.
        previously i did it with “criminally sane” and couple of others, not in order to disguise my identity but as a throwaway gift to someone who may be searching for a suitably ludicrous nametag.

      8. Makes me think, lobro, that I should read these posts more carefully. And when I do, I’ll come up with a witticism with alot of these at the end: 😉 😉 😉 😉

        As for the paper excrement, I”l talk about that, and all kinds of other shit to anyone who’ll listen or not, as you may imagine.

        The beauty of getting old of course is to come full circle from unconscious days of misspent youth to doing the complete opposite of not saying shit when you’ve got a mouth full of it 😉

      9. What makes you think Jews hate Putin? Last I read, Russian Jews love the guy. What’s happening now is the same thing that’s been happening for the past few centuries: international Jewry playing all sides in a conflict.

        Your comments on Merkel are even more outrageous. Do you honestly think she isn’t a Jewish puppet? Do you really think Jews would let Germans have any semblance of independence after WWII?

  4. When westerners would realize that American government is waging an Jewish proxy war in Ukraine.

    On May 6, 2014, the deputy head of Dnipropetrovsk, B. Filatov and Ukrainian oligarch Kolomoyski announced a plan to build a New Zion: Promised Land in the Zionist liberated Ukraine. Kolomoyski’s fellow Jewish oligarch Petro Poroshenko is the current president of Ukraine.

    The radical Zionist Chabad Jewish sect in the United States wants its community to move to Ukraine, their original Khazarian homeland.

    Jews, who make only 0.2% of Ukraine’s total population, have total monopoly over country’s government, media and finance. In 2005, professor Vasyl Yaremenko in an article, entitled ‘Jews in Ukraine today: reality without myths’, wrote: “Ukrainians need to know that the mass media is completely in the hands of Jews, and everything that we watch or read is the product of Jewish ideology…”

  5. “American Freedom fighters” – Really? Where? Were Randy Weaver, David Korish, Robert Matthews and David Lane “American Freedom Fighters” or just punch-drunk suckers used by the system?

    1. Arch –
      “Were Randy Weaver, David Korish, Robert Matthews and David Lane “American Freedom Fighters” or just punch-drunk suckers used by the system?”

      Maybe. More than likely so.

      I know from talking with Randy on several occasions years ago that they used him to the point where there is not much left. I could see it in his eyes. I admired him and felt sorry for him at he same time. The courts used his daughters against him, to shut him down.

      Talk is very cheap. Good families are priceless. Actions have consequences.

  6. >> Obama gangsters are taking us to war with Russia, totally against our will.

    You don’t have to worry about that. Jewish rulers of America maybe evil but no stupid. All their hopes and plans are hinged on: (a) disposing Putin with the leverage of the fifth column inside the country; (b) war between Russia and the continental Europe.

    Both options are doomed to failure. The more pressure is put on Russia, the more it consolidates the nation. America missed its chance to finish Russia for good when it failed to pit Caucasus against Russia. That was the turning point; Russia is coming back, and there is nothing America, or anyone else, can do about it. Get used to it.

  7. Fasinating aspects to behold the morons drule about religion, as I have actually read the f… bible.

    Since I was a child the God in the Torah/old testament, isnt what people de fact belive in or think it is, no, no, no.
    This first chapters is basicly displaying the God stolen from others, but the Israelis(chosenits) God is a Cannanitian war lord called Baal, and thats what they justify their insane agresion from, the slaughter of civilians already living in Cannan, and their God have no problem with it and sayed to the Chonsenits that ist Ok to kill.

    And so on, and somehow, people havent read the f… bible, I did.
    And there isnt a religion in the world that hails slaughter and other attrocetys that the Torahs God, YAHVE is pure manure, and is aded later to make it more digestible for the stupid Goyms, and their book, is an Haddit/trascription/interpitation of the Torah and its called the Talmud.
    WHY dont we talk about the Talmud.
    Because the people dont read anything any more unless its about titts and ass.
    Anything else, they arent able to digest.

    The Talmud is the core teachings of the present jews, and also taken into the Freemasons and so on.
    The Vatican is even wurse, with their sick and utterly false reprocusings of the teachings of Yeshua witch is perverted beyound recognition as to the Wahhabis lore is a pervertion of the teachings of Muhammad.
    In this senario, the Jews is in full controll of all narratives as they havent any respect of non of this teachings, they kill Christians and Musilms, no difference what so ever, but all WE are feed is their perspectives, thrue the corrupted MSM and media seach engines as the Zoogle/ZioTube/Yahohohoho and so on, all is created and runn to day with their porpouse in mind, its f… impossible to gett something of wurth out of them since they sollely focus on their sick propaganda and fight against the monoestic religions incl their own “jews” the Herbrews whom is treated like shiit in Israel.

    The pervetions runn deep, and the Judeochristians is barking mad, and thats because they as moust others havet read their own f…. BOOK, the collection of shiit,a and faked storys, with is basicly copying older religions, and in this do notise that even Zoroastrians in deemed as a “new age religion” when it ifact predates them all, and is the oldst monoestic religion in the Levant and their surounding lands.

    Just a short description of the present clusterf…. of virtually everything.
    wake up


  8. Peace be with the reader,

    One major flaw in the message.
    ‘ Only American freedom fighters can save the world ‘
    Neither the overt dictatorship(IS), nor the covert dictatorship(USA), can save the world.
    Religion cannot save the world, only the Truth(exposing the lies) will change the world.
    The irrational mindset ([email protected]), is doomed.

    The faithful one

  9. SPQR wrote on September 6, 2014 at 4:18 pm :

    “All Muslim terrorist groups are financed and led by Israel to destabilize Muslim nations and keep the wars going.”

    It’s interesting to note that a peculiar cyber-Moslem who calls himself “Avatar” (see above) is expressing unequivocal support for the jewish-created group known as “Isis.” The group never even existed until it was brought to life in the so-called mainstream newsmedia about couple of months ago, and the group only attacks and kills non-jews. Is there any better indication that “Avatar” is either a fool or a pseudo-Moslem ??

    “That’s not to say that Muslims are good, or completely innocent. I’d have their religion wiped out if I could, along with Judaism and Christianity. All three religions have been a curse on the world.”

    Christianity arose in opposition to Judaism, at least originally, and that may help to explain why the jews hate it so much, whereas Nihilistic atheism happens to be the creation of jews in the halls of media and academia. Jews don’t seem to hate atheism very much, and they’ve never been known to spew their bile against atheism unless they’re posing as Christians in their slick newsmedia productions. You are going to run across the names of jews when you examine the current leadership of the political atheism. jews and atheists are still very much at the forefront of the effort to promote abortion rights for women and legal rights for homosexuals, etc. etc. Ergo, if you’d like to get rid of something that really reeks of jewish influence, then you really ought to start with nihilistic atheism.

    1. Peace be with the reader.

      Revelation 2:9 ” I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I
      know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the
      synagogue of Satan.”

      The faithful one

  10. Quote.. “Only American freedom fighters can save the world.”

    That is the kind of mentality that brought us to our current situation.

    1. The ONLY thing that is going to end jewish tyranny is for the so called jew wise “freedom fighters” to get their heads out of their asses and accept the hard reality.

      We KNOW there is no legal, political, religious, etc. solution. If you do not realize that by now you know NOTHING. So you remove all that because its worthless and we have the goyim vs the jews. Out of the goyim we know the brain dead sheeple certainly don’t have a clue so it comes down to us jew wise to focus the fight. Out of us jew wise most of you are just about useless when it comes right down to it simply because your too scared to even admit its our only option whether we like it or not. So YOUR the biggest problem when it comes right down to it.

      We must coalesce around common enemy and spend our efforts gathering as many sheeple onboard as possible for the purpose of taking them out. The rallying point is extreme offensive covert violence. Call it whatever you want. Call it offensive, defensive, revenge, karma, wtfever…. I just don’t care what label it has as long as you first realize this is the only option and start working toward it, then start accomplishing it.

      We all know its easy to PROVE jews are ultimately the enemy. At a certain point the details just no longer matter unless your trying to convince a new sheeple, which this board is not about. I’m betting the sheeple found on this site is pretty low. So again, the “sheeple jew wise” are the problem.

      Common enemy, violence is the only option left and we all know it.

      I just can’t believe it when a jew wise person is asked even a hypothetical question of “if you could somehow snap your fingers and all jews would simply be dead would you do it”?…. many/most of them will respond in some form to defend the jews. Are you f’in kidding me?

      However, most of you will go back to debating the details and wasting all of our time.

  11. how it works (thanks to r. berkeley for greatly improving the bizarre yandex translation)

    in gerneral, i suspect that all the green environmentalist movements have been corrupted, taken over and now function as arm of mossad-cia.

    the fsb sting (mole named chernogubov/chernogorov?) that broke up the criminal conspiracy by the us ekaterinburg consulate:
    According to the blogger, after allegations of conflict between Chernogubov with the security services and his being beaten up by them after he made his allegations regarding toxic emissions, Stefan was directly contacted by the USA Consul, John Rutherford, and offered several options for cooperation, including direct funding, as well as travel abroad “to improve human rights education”. (i like that term)

    For the beginning of cooperation Chernogorov was paid for the treatment. Interaction ceased only after such contacts by the diplomat attracted media attention, with the result that he was withdrawn from Russia.

    Note, before leaving the Consulate managed to ensure Chernogorov their information support, in particular through the Washington Post newspaper staff, who in recent years demonstrate an increased attention to Ekaterinburg. They collect conventionally obtained material, regardless of topic, as long as it’s sharply critical of the Russian and regional authorities.

    jews, jews and more jews, forget ebola, this is the deadliest virus in history of the planet.

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