Vlad the Bad Outwits the West, by Eric Margolis


Note. The two long quotations by Paul Craig Roberts included here are not found in the original article, but have been added by Lasha Darkmoon as appropriate picture captions. (JSM)
The carving up of Ukraine
The carving up of Ukraine

“The ignorant and stupid American government is now challenging Russia with a strategic intervention in Russia’s back yard. This “superpower” thinks it is going to take over Ukraine and put US missile bases on Russia’s southern border. Keep in mind that this incompetent “superpower” was unable to occupy Iraq after eight years and has been defeated in Afghanistan after 12 years of blowing up women and children, weddings, funerals, health centers, aide workers, farmers, entire villages, and kid’s soccer games.”  — Paul Craig Roberts.” [ – 1 –]

Soviet leader Josef Stalin used to shrug off critics by his favorite Central Asian saying: “The dogs bark; the caravan moves on.”

Russia’s hard-eyed president, Vladimir Putin, is following the same strategy over Ukraine and Crimea. Putin swiftly moved his knight into the empty chess square of Crimea, thereby regaining full control of one of Russia’s four strategic port regions: Sevastopol, Murmansk, St Petersburg and Vladivostok.

Sevastopol, now firmly in Moscow’s hands, is Russia’s sole gateway to the Black Sea, Mediterranean, and Mideast. The vast, co-shared Russian-Ukrainian Sevastopol naval base was a shaky, awkward arrangement doomed to eventual failure.

Semi-autonomous Crimea, over 60% ethnic Russian, will hold a referendum on 16 March to decide to remain in Ukraine or rejoin Russia. A referendum is clearly the answer to the whole Ukraine-Russia problem.

Ukraine has been a corruption-ridden failed state since it separated from Russia in 1991. This writer has long suggested that partition of Ukraine into Western and Russian-oriented halves is the sensible solution, with Crimea returning to Russia.

Putin asks if Western-backed Kosovo can go independent of Serbia, why can’t Crimea break its links with Kiev?

The temporary attachment of majority ethnic Russian Crimea to Ukraine in 1954 after 250 years of Russian rule was unnatural, a ticking time bomb. It has now exploded, triggered in part by the West’s successful effort to overthrow the elected but corrupt government in Kiev of Viktor Yanukovich.

Overturning regimes deemed uncooperative or hostile has long been a CIA specialty. Its first big success came in 1953 with the subversion of Iran’s democratic-nationalist leader, Mohammed Mossadegh by a combination of propaganda, rented crowds, and bribes. We saw this same technique used – enhanced by modern social media – in Ukraine’s first Orange Revolution, Georgia, again in Iran(unsuccessfully), and, with the help of US and British special forces, in Libya and Syria. Egypt came next, where a US-backed tinpot military dictator, the self-appointed “Field Marshall al-Sisi” claims he is answering the people’s call.” Not a peep from Washington. Or about the crushing of opposition by Bahrain’s US-backed monarchy.

Russia, which used to be adept at subversion, has lagged in recent years but it still knows the signs. The Kremlin is convinced that Ukraine’s latest revolution was engineered by Washington. The US Undersecretary of State for Europe admitted Washington has spent $5 billion over recent years in Ukraine to bring it into the West’s orbit – aka “building democracy.”

Two points to note: (1) Did Washington think that tough Vlad Putin would just take its coup lying down? (2) It’s amazing how determined Washington’s cold warriors remain to tear down Russia. The bankrupt US, $17 trillion in debt, running on money borrowed from China, with bridges collapsing and 44 million citizens on food stamps, suddenly finds the money to offer bankrupt Ukraine a new $1 billion loan – just to compete with Moscow. A loan unlikely to be repaid.

America has a bad habit of personalizing foreign affairs and demonizing uncooperative leaders. Remember when Egypt’s Gamal Abdel Nasser was denounced as “Hitler on the Nile?” “Khadaffi, Mad Dog of the Mideast?” Most Americans have little knowledge of geography, history or world affairs so the easiest way to market overseas adventures to them is by creating foreign bogeymen like Khadaffi and Saddam.

Vladimir Putin is the latest. He is being hysterically demonized by the US and British media. Vlad the Bad.

VLAD THE BAD Putin as the new Hitler
Putin as the new Hitler

“Putin’s calm leadership and his insistence on legality and the will of the people stand in stark contrast to the West’s threats and support for violent overthrow of a democratically elected government…. By taking this humane and rational approach, Putin has established himself as the true leader of the world. Washington counters Putin’s leadership with demonization. Putin’s leadership frustrates Washington and now makes Putin a candidate for assassination.” – Paul Craig Roberts [ – 2 – ]

Disturbingly, US Republicans and the usual media propagandists are heaping blame on President Barack Obama for “losing Crimea,” as if any of them knows where it was before last week. John McCain and his sidekick Sen. Lindsey Graham have been demanding that Obama “get tough.”

Sure. Let’s mine Russia’s ports or blockade its oil and gas exports. Nothing like a nuclear war to show how weak the Democrats are. Thank god McCain did not win the presidency. The dolts at Fox TV can’t tell the difference between caution and cowardice.

President Putin’s ambition is to slowly reassemble some parts of the old USSR, Ukraine being the most important. Doing so is in Russia’s national interest, much as we may not like it. Nearly all Russians believe Putin is on the right track. By contrast, Washington wants to keep Russia weak and treat it as an obsequious, defeated nation, like postwar Germany or Japan.

The US won’t accept that Russia has any legitimate spheres of influence, while Washington’s span the globe. Last week, US Secretary of State John Kerry, who used to be a sensible fellow before becoming corrupted by power, blasted Russia: “you just don’t invade a country under a phony pretext!”

I guess Kerry has never heard of the US invasions of the Dominican Republic, Lebanon, Grenada, Panama, Haiti, Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia and Libya. I guess he can’t remember Vietnam and the Gulf of Tonkin incident.

Kerry should cut the hypocrisy and get to work on a diplomatic settlement. Two major nuclear-armed powers cannot – and must not – be allowed to confront one another.


We don’t have to imagine it. It’s what we’ve got.  (LD)

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  1. I wish that when Americans turned on their TV to catch the news Paul Craig Roberts would appear on the screen with his insights and sage advice. Perhaps the up side of having a world run by crazies and psychopaths is better church attendance: when all else fails, pray. Please….when the Crimea joins Russia this week-end, make the wind go out of John Kerry’s sails, and may Americans be saved from suffering the consequences of their idiot leaders, and may our leaders decide to take the week-end off….or watch a Ukrainian tennis star….or get the stomach flu…anything but more bluster. You see with all the lying going on in the media and our paper of record NYT leading the pack, I seriously have no clue why we staged this coup in the Ukraine. It just seems that is what George Soros wanted for breakfast. I’m not sure. I never did understand the “great game” or the “grand chessboard” so maybe that was another made up idea. Do we really need more markets for Monsanto? Does our military industrial complex have to sell spare parts as part of the NATO joining ploy? Or maybe this is all about Israel again. You know if Russia’s fleet of ships can’t ship guns to Syria and Iran then Israel can more easily do whatever it is doing beneath the sheets, which I am not sure what that is either. It’s all so remote. No wonder Americans switch channels.

    1. I would turn off the TV. Roberts never names names, when he knows them all and has had dinners with them. He never mentions Jews who control the money, a commodity where he such an expert and has numerous degrees to help him there. And he gives no advice or solutions.

      His OXFORD and BERKELEY are showing.

      1. Paul Craig Roberts is a useless tool.

        Your either naming the jews today or you will pay the price.

  2. The capital city of my country, Ottawa, seems to be turning into a fool’s paradise lately. Harper and his gay henchman Baird have simply stated that they will never recognise a Crimean separation. They immediately endorsed the illegal and violent takeover of the Ukrainian government though. Our government have been the lap dogs of Zionist and American interests for some time now, and in no way represent the will of the people.

    1. jews made sure that we never get another even 10% decent govt (paul martin/jean chretien, let alone pierre trudeau or lester pearson).

      the chicken livered sellout whores are screened for compromising evidence, pedophilia etc before being allowed to run for office, so that jew can always adjust the choke leash as needed for his satanic purposes.

      when the jew requests that our boys be sent to foreign fields of goy slaughter, the only question harper, baird, mackay and the rest ask is how many.
      watch them on the crimean frontlines, just like that mel gibson movie.

    2. George,

      The ENTIRE Canadian government needs to be drug into the streets and beat to death.

      What a disgusting jewish police state.

  3. Thanks for excellent article. NATO’s Yanukovich-putsch obviously backfired and Putin got to Crimea “firstest with the mostest.” Why is NATO still around anyway? As Gorbachev reminds us every time he visits Germany, Washington agreed to disband NATO when Moscow disbanded the Warsaw Pact.

  4. Sorry, not buying it. Putin’s got to be in on the act otherwise he’d be toast. Just another story to confuse the goyim!

    1. kevin is correct. The US Jew bankers have given Russia its every wish and need since at least 1917. They even got more votes than the US in the UN.

      Given trillions over the years by the US, they could still not furnish good toilets and drinkable water at Sochi, their number one tourist destination, the prize jewel city, decked out for all the world to see their brilliance.

      Armand Hammer had to rush air convoys of aid and supplies and temporary hospitals to Chernobyl when Gorby could not even get a band-aid there ahead of him. The Russians cannot help themselves. Corruption gets in their way.

      If Putin commits a crime it will be with the blessings and AID of the US. Russia is a ‘paper bear’ used to frighten the people, especially in US, to agree to military spending and action.

      1. You seem to forget Putin jailed all the Jewish oligarchs.
        The ones he did not jail, fled.
        He kept one who is on a short leash just so the Jews cannot scream “Antisemitic”!
        You fail to realize who Putin really is.
        The Prince of Kiev,
        The resurrection of St. Vladimir.

        1. peter – Thanks. If Putin were not playing ball the bankers would have him ride in a convertible past an obelisk as in Dealy Plaza, at the zenith of the Sun on that day.

  5. THE FAILURE OF GERMAN LEADERSHIP was pointed out. Again, PCR, who was on the inside, offered NO solutions.

  6. After 12 years of fighting hill people and dirt farmers to a draw, NATO is gearing up to take on Russia which really does have aircraft, tanks, artillery, MLRS, cruise missiles, drones, 2,000 pound bombs, special forces, etc., etc., etc.

    How do you think that might work out? Can you hear (Sir! No Sir!) in the ether?

    That’s what ended the war in Vietnam.
    Sure, protests, public opinion and M$M blowback all helped and were undoubtedly significant factors, but ultimately it was (Sir! No Sir!), punctuated by hundreds (thousands) of fraggings of officers and non-coms.

    Why this is seldom if ever discussed, or even mentioned.

    NATO pilots with their much vaunted air superiority are accustomed to bombing/killing from afar and routinely returning on schedule to base and their burger and beer suppers. Soon they will have to fly into the S-300/S-400 territory. It will no longer be a video game hot rod fighter jet war for them. They will face death and see death every day.

    The ground troops who will not be just dodging RPG and IED, but weapons from hell like MLRS, cluster bombs and even fuel/air. NATO ships will face the Yakhonts and Shkval torpedoes and be sunk with tens of thousands of casualties.

    And then there’s MAD, waiting.

    1. hp-The killing of US officers WAS discussed and mentioned by manufacturers of DRONES and their armament.

      “NATO pilots with their much vaunted air superiority are accustomed to bombing/killing from afar and routinely returning on schedule to base and their burger and beer suppers.”—-will be REPLACED with drones. No ‘fragging’ needed in front of the screen.

      BTW- Russia also feigned a loss in the ‘tag-team’ match with the US against the Taliban for the opium fields, in record production now.

      1. Yeah, maybe it is rarely mentioned. Why I said ‘seldom’
        We sure don’t see many, if any movies or TV specials about how the troops killed their officers and sgts. by the hundreds.
        Some say thousands. Books are rare.

        Sir! No Sir!


        The US/NATO heroin business is one of the most insidiously effective weapons to undermine/attack a nation (Russia) and this is exactly the purpose of Afghanistan poppy boom. Flooding Russia with cheap heroin not only inflicts great harm on Russian society but also conjures hundreds of billions of tax free dollars simultaneously.

        The drone phenomenon will be addressed.
        Effective and relatively simple countermeasures will be initiated for just this purpose.

        Much like the Yakhont/Brahmos was created for carriers and missile cruisers, S-300/400 for AWACs and stealth aircraft, Kornets for the M1A1 tanks and RPG-29 for every other armored vehicle.

        And then there’s MAD which is actually MAD for the people because the leaders have their bunkers all ready to go.
        It must be noted though that the Russians have at least put forth an effort of civilian shelter unlike the USA where it’s stick you head between your legs and you know the rest..

    2. The US military is a joke. They typically take on farmers and barely armed locals.

      I don’t care how well armed and or trained the US mil guys are. Every single one of them is a brain dead idiot or they would turn their guns on their “leaders” for what they have been ordered to do.

      Russia is a jew controlled state as well so this has to be mostly political theatre. Having said that, the US doesn’t have any real track record of taking on serious militaries. Frankly, maybe a massive amount of US soldiers need to die for them to get some kind of clue.

      So be it, let em die for their stupidity and for the insane suffering they have inflicted on so many innocent.

      1. With plans and tech from Simi Valley, California, hooked in series with Langley and DARPA, as usual.

        1. Well just for that, Pat, the Russians won’t pick up any Americans they see hitchhiking to the ISS.

  7. putin stops syrian distruction in its tracks, the first time that paul wolfowitz’s plan of “we will be in business of destroying states” failed.

    jews screaming bloody murder, obama, bandar, erdogan, nato, hollande, cameron, harper, all the leashed domesticated goys.
    sorry, no go says vlad, assad is safe.

    this obviously makes vlad putin a rothschild slave and agent.

    jew through united states of morons foments a violent overthrow of a democratically elected govt in ukraine that was to pave the way directly into russia where vlad kicked a bunch of jew oligarch to the curb, israeli rabbis installed as new “leaders” of ukraine.
    vlad steps in, grabs the only part of ukraine worth a pinch of coonshit, the crimean peninsula.

    jews screaming bloody murder, obama, nato, merkel, hollande, cameron, harper, all the leashed domesticated goys.
    sorry, no go says vlad, crimea is safe (and maybe we go after the rest too).

    this obviously makes vlad putin a rothschild slave and agent.

    the more successful vlad is in foiling the protocols, the more it proves that he is a rothschild servant.
    i guess he has to fail big time to prove that he is not a jew.

    1. Sarcasm aside, if Putin were not playing ball the bankers would have him ride in a convertible past an obelisk as in Dealy Plaza, at the zenith of the Sun on that day.

      As a player, Putin can end up like Gorby, who showed he was for freedom, bringing down the wall in 1989. For that, he has been given a ‘freedom’ pass implementing the International Green Cross agenda for the UN, with blessings from almost all of Hollywood and supporters of Wilderness projects world-wide.

      1. Maybe Putin’s been playin ball only so far, like Hitler. It’s easy to surmise that they’re both crypto-jews. and stalin and roosevelt and churchill and…mao?

        We don’t have proof really. How high up have we seen any of these historical characters and their cadres to know all the subtle nuances that make everything up?

        JFK said fuck it and threw all caution to the wind and just started blowin whistles. People who knew him saw the fatalism in him, but little did he suspect that in that open motorcade that day it would be his own secret service limo driver who would turn around in his seat after slowing to a crawl, and at a virtual stop, and be the one to blow Kennedy’s brain to smithereens with a pistol.

        1. Got rid of his back pain without actually having to do it himself. A death wish drove him.

      1. Putin is a soldier, Gorby a bureaucrat.
        In every nation on earth the difference is appreciated.

        Mar 08, 2014 – Former PM Brian Mulroney says Putin is no Gorbachev..

        “President Putin is not President Gorbachev in his outlook towards the West.”

        1. Brian Mulroney had his bread buttered by the Queen. Not a good reference.
          The US gives money to military men and bureaucrats, alike.

    1. Kerry recently gave a sickening speech to the Israelis emoting on his (2004) “discovery” of his three Jewish grandparents and how relatives perished in the holoco$t, yadda, yadda, yadda.

      When you look at a photo of Kerry it is rather easy to see his ongoing metamorphosis right before your eyes into the Frankenstein monster.
      The resemblance is akin to that of LBJ and Golda Mabovitch. (Separated at birth, or what?)

      An apology, of course, to Frankenstein for any unintended degradation.

  8. Russia has been owned by the blosheviks since the revolution. It’s all a masquerade conducted by the jews and their puppet usg. They installed stalin and mao tse tung. They create famons and they create wars. They shoot you in the back of the head or they make skin gloves out of your hands or their own kind gets an ice pick through the eyesocket. Per the comment above, I wonder if there’s opium in them thar hills?

    1. No. The same installed Mao as formerly installed ‘Bolshevism’. ALL at the ‘top’ are working for the same end – and heavily rewarded along the way (in this life, anyway). What is now ‘CIA’ coordinates.

      1. I know Mao was just another installation, Charlie.

        I was being facetious because it gets tiring seeing all these pertinent world leaders over the years getting tagged as crypto-jews. Most are. But truth is often found in the gray areas. Not black and white.

        The devil is in the details.

  9. Opium – bar comfort, positive, beauty and quality of electronic sound!
    Located in the club Radmir – Kharkiv, Academica Pavlova str. 271.

  10. Laboratories in Moldova, the Russian Federation and
    Ukraine tend to produce acetylated opium from locally
    cultivated poppy straw. Indeed, most of the laboratories
    detected in the Russian Federation (347) were producing
    acetylated opium.

  11. Can’t believe ANYONE debating the validity of Putin.

    This is 100% jewish political theatre. Sadly, innocent people die in these plays.

    Its the jews or us folks.

  12. I’ll use the story of the crazy native-american teenagers playing the game of “slappin the Bear”as perhaps an apt metaphor to these present times.

    The juvenille nut jobs are the Americo/EU-NATO forces who think they’re oh so clever in getting right into the Bear’s territory (Ukraine) and all the way up to the brink of slappin’ it (Crimea). Papa Bear (Putin) has picked up the scent of the intruder. The intruder has to know this, but the whole point of the game is to actually slap it.

    We’re at that point. What’s it gonna be for these fools?

    As I’ve indicated, I welcome the idea of a victorious Russia on the field of battle. But I won’t see any victory in a conventional sense that has never won the peace in the long drawn out template of history. I see it as their having some important strategic success in some kind of final battle. But this success would be as a ‘temporal precursor’ to a final victory that ends this world as it has existed in its temporal state.

  13. Ja this was new to me, Mr. Kerry talking ultimatum (justin Raimondo also reporting), but it could be an empty threat to and part of the lousy show. Until now it was a show of or for the domesticated gojim#*~) like those gay parades even starring nazis. For one, is the money-fraud at its end? But I haven’t heard of a military buildup, the good thing is, it’s not too long, until monday we may know if it’t a bluff. I think with little danger that it comes true to say: then let the weapons speak, it’s not worse than another hundred years of talmudic indoctrination and lies and fraud. The have accellerated the lie-production in the last ten or twenty years. maybe i should read veterans today form time to time now.

  14. honest, i cannot understand what those who belittle putin as a mere pawn are hoping for in their lives.
    so putin is just another white gloved drinks server for the jews?
    what is the force that will stop the juggernaut?

    oh yeah, the heroic mass of davy crocketts, ready to roll as soon as their daytime jobs as walmart greeters is over and after they returned to their trailer parks from the football parking lot tailgate parties, they get their flitlocks ready, some even nicely oiled and stuff, ya know?
    forget about night vision sighting devices of the blackwater mercs, all weather murder drones, invisibility cloaks, cobras, a-10 gunships, satellite vision, microwave and laser weaponry, thousands of armored combat vehicles, robo-fighters.

    no sweat, we don’t need no putin, he is toast and we the freedom luvin murrikins will win.
    even the brave jews are cowering inside their samsonite shelters.

    1. while “america” (read shabbos farm) is “liberating” the world, americans cannot liberate themselves.
      face that fact and deal with it before tossing up a few neighborhood check points.
      we are no longer americans.
      we are gentiles, international gentiles fighting the international jew.

      i would much sooner join the russian or iranian or venezuelan armed forces than run around with a bunch of ene-eyed maidan hooligans and end up doing the jew’s bidding, everything according to the well thought out protocol, just like the bull in the arena goaded on by the horse mounted picadores (read snipers, which was precisely the idea in kiev).

      1. And except for that annoying little interruption called the Bill of Rights, nothing ever truly defined us as Americans. Everything else being the goyim breeding farm for all forms of universal soldiery serving the international jew.

        1. No concrete battle plan needed, lobro. Just kill anyone with a funny looking nose. Lure him/her into dark alley and do as required with dagger, ice pick, or kitchen knife.

          If a million people do this, just think of the effect on the overall Jewish population. Wow, a million fewer Jews!

          Not exactly the Final Solution, but I’m sure it’s just up Lonnie’s street. 🙂

        2. Sorry Ruth, that won’t do, it’s illegal.

          The best way to achieve the Final Solution by legal means is an organized campaign designed to persuade the Jews to commit mass suicide.

          If it’s voluntary, it ain’t murder.

        3. Bumping off people wth funny looking noses ain’t the answer. Who’s to decide what a funny looking nose is? Too risky. A lot of innocent goyim are gonna get killed.

      1. First of all, you misconstrue what it is a Saviour does for you.

        As suggested, why don’t you reveal what you can, without giving away the top secret plan to destroy the jews?

        Let me venture a guess of what you’re up to. That is, if you are who you present yourself as.

        I picture a roving band of vigilante assassination squads. Am I getting warm, Lonnie?

        Obviously you couldn’t reveal that verbatim. But if I’m right I would caution you on the merits of this enterprise. First and foremost, the minions have no loyalties to anything or anyone but Satan his bad self. And Satan certainly has no loyalties to them. No one, not one of them is indispensible to the great cause. Take any of them out and it’s a mere chink in their armor. You may think you’re piercing the armor in a program of picking them off one by one or ten by ten or whatever. Winning a war of attrition that way. But I doubt it. They just go into ‘next man up’ mode for those alacritous second-stringers foaming at the mouth for a chance to better serve their despotic master.

        If I’m right and you’re not just some new troll on this site (albeit a more sophisticated one) then I would suggest coming up with a more effective way of doing physical combat.

        You’re just treating the symptoms

    2. the terminator days are here except that arnold is on their side.

      hollywood playbook with its scripted and choreographed happy end is out, we need to use own brains for a change if we are to make a fight of it.

      first of all note that the site is watched and interfered with.
      there are triggers, whether the author (kaminsky, campbell, sabrosky, etc) or topic (hitler, nazi germany, jesus christ, russia …) and all the specialist detractor ghouls come out of woodwork in organized attack mode, distracting from thematic development, lowering the discourse level to the basest possible.
      all part of the battle.

      one giant advantage that jew has over us is that he can watch and listen to our every word while he operates in complete secrecy, his organization is tight and impenetrable (how many goys have ever successfully infiltrated the highest policy making levels of the juden?)

      we have the truth though, use it, spread it, one weapon against which there is no defense forever out of their reach, it can and ultimately will win the war.

      what happens to the jew if every gentile simply turns his back on him?
      watch a piece of dogshit drying in the sun and you get the idea of the jew exposed to the truth, unable to leech off the uncooperative prey.

      1. Watching the drying poop is knowing the game it wants you to involve yourself with and participate in – then resisting it as much as possible in these late stages.

        here’s my tongue-in-cheek thought that pays tribute to John Steinbeck:

        “when the wrathful beast becomes irrelevant it will die on an insignificant vine, and the fog will lift from these yards to reveal grapes fallen in redemption.”

        And for all of you who are convinced that Russia will simply play its JWO role in an upcoming end-game play, what else you got?

  15. The people behind the Ukraine coup are the same people who are behind the suffering of this child:…’Palestinian Victim of Israels Illegal occupation speaks out’ ! Please google it, watch and spread…..

  16. O T- but When we think about the course of “modern times”, there are many other aspects, that have to be turned in an other direction: landskape, cities, trafffic,- who is leading all that, what’s going on? Is it different in Russia? In Asia? perhaps it’s not the same everywhere..
    The Pinnacle – London’s new skyline: the verdict
    “Rising to 63 storeys, this helter-skelter shaped leviathan should have long since established itself as the tallest building in the City of London. However, the project ran into funding difficulties after just seven storeys of its concrete core had been completed and the site has now stood dormant for over a year. .”
    but good comments there, how many English think:
    ” aleclanglois • a day ago
    One tower is described as “relatively modest” which gives the game away. The whole ruck of these monstrosities is an overweening and boastful group of potlatches of the vulgar rich.
    They should be shipped brick by brick to New York where they would be more appropriate.
    This dreadful show is what happens when the rich conduct our culture.
    The “Shard” is correctly described. Shakespeare talked of the “shard-born beetle”: that is the dung-beetle for “shard” was a word in Shakespeare’s Warwickshire dialect for dung. A great heap of it…….
    trickytrickster 1 day ago
    I work right in the centre of all these. It just looks and feels like a random mess. The older buildings stand as testament to when people built with soul. They are now dwarfed into shade by these glass and steel meccano monstrosities…….
    lordflashman • 2 days ago
    My Dad bought his self-assembly garden shed in 1972. It is a good shed and he still uses it. These structures are not buildings but sheds. They are designed as temporary structures with an operational life that is shorter than my Gaffer’s garden shed. Ironically, the same thing happened in late Roman London. The Romans stopped building monumental buildings and started building temporary buildings – sheds, if you like. Such buildings look great for a bit, but age badly and are difficult to maintain. From an archaeological point of view, the archaeological foot print of these buildings will be the foundations of the lift shaft and some broken glass – hardly going to inspire Indiana Jones is it. The fact that we knight these shed builders, pay them a fortune and write puff pieces to flatter their egos leaves me asking; why?

      1. fritz-If they are so expert they would have made enough to retire on the last swing, and have to sell no more advice letters, whether long or short was needed. They have the crystal ball, or inside info. Or maybe they guess like the rest of us.

        1. true, Pat, sorry I didn’t get it, that this article, as many others, is sort of an advice, advertisement – many of them tell us to buy this and that, even ammo
          But for Europe it sounds also absurd, that Merkel threatens with sanctions, when everyone knows how industry and traffic depend on Russian Oil and gas. That can go into a depression.

  17. Well… they’ve now proven how effective Putin really is. When the Jewish media start comparing you to Hitler, then you’ve hit the big time… and KNOW that you’re doing the right thing. Take a bow, Vlad… and keep up the good work.

    1. Be cautious in your applause. Remember that all conflicts lead to compromises. If Vlad is, indeed, ‘the real thing’ – there MUST be an armed conflagration between what we call ‘superpowers’. On the other hand, too (if Vlad is the real thing), he knows that any war, now, might provoke the greed of his neighbor, China, to take advantage on his other front. Whatever he is, I doubt he is a fool. He knows – no matter how we might perceive his moral fibre – who the money/puppet masters are; and that they are the same, for all.

  18. If I remember correctly, Putin has already been the target of an MI6 assassination attempt.

    The article failed to mention US, UK and Israeli special forces that invaded South Ossetia with Georgian forces?

    I don`t like to be critical of an article that is heading the right direction. But I think it misses quite a bit.

    First off we have the designed financial collapse. They did this because the old globalisation system no longer worked and that by crashing the system it would bring down emerging markets. We see this happening in China and India. So this is like two guys having a fight under water and the guy that stated it (NWO) believes he has bigger lungs and will win. They did a similar thing with WW2.

    But there is an undeniable fact as pointed out in the article, Amerika and Britain are totally bankrupt and what do bankrupts do? They do desperate things. We see this in Afghanistan, Iraq, South Ossetia, Arab Spring, Egypt, Libya, Syria and now Ukraine…one could compare this to Germany before WW2. And you can see the similarities between the 30`s and post 2006 when the US actually went into recession…it took them 18 months to admit this factoid.

    Putin managed to stop them over Syria by using the full weight of International law and the threat of direct military action over Syria. Then just after the Sochi winter Olympics they pull Ukraine…they did South Ossetia just as the Beijing Olympics started.

    I think the NWO expected the Russians to invade all of Ukraine and are well p—– off that he didn`t take the bait. We can see this by the way they have reacted to Crimea. Putin has cleverly stationed a substantial military force on Ukraine`s Eastern border. If the NWO appears to build any substantial forces, then Russia might invade. As it stands, Putin has the moral high ground and International law on his side, hence the reason why nothing has happened at the UN.

    If Putin can hold the line and do tit for tat over sanctions, then the NWO might be forced to start their fun elsewhere such as China v Japan. There is no doubt in my mind that Amerika and Britain wants…NEEDS WW3, or they will just fade away.

    1. All may be correct – but there is misinformation out there always about the situation in Germany before 1939 – Burton Klein (USBombingSurvey) 1949/59 PDF-file (article in detail): there was no real war economy until 42)
      But now NWO is in so high debts and bankrupt…. their magic was the unlimited debts and horrendous speculations, it had the dogma of growth therefore mass immigration to multiply populations of all counties of European descend, as the strategy was. The same with Ukraine: to extend the bankrupt economy.

      1. fritz- “NWO bankrupt””

        What entity has filed a claim for nonpayment of debt against the NWO? Where and when was it filed?

    2. there we have an example, how to overcome an economic depression – without having to go to war (which is of course obscured by the present people in power)
      How Hitler Tackled Unemployment And Revived Germany’s Economy
      this is for a rational consideration, a historic example of a solution (but not as it is often written about).

    3. carl jones-Amerika and Britain are NOT totally bankrupt and what do bankrupts do.

      Please name a creditor to either country who has filed claim for non-payment of debts. Name the court where claims were filed.

      1. true, the debts are a belief-system, like the creation of money. The super-rich will loose all their numbers. the state, the people can simply say, we take back the highways, railways, water supply and communal necessary things. They cannot be private owned.

        1. fritz-Here is just one company among THOUSANDS filling infrastructure needs. This one provides water needs from London to China.

          It is owned, in part by private company, Morgan-Stanley and their M&G Investments firm:

          The Compagnie Générale des Eaux (CGE) was created in 1853. In 1889, its first research laboratory was established at 52, rue d’Anjou in Paris, France. Veolia Water’s headquarters are still located at this site.
          1918 saw the creation of the SADE (Société Auxiliaire des Distributions d’Eau), specialising in water networks and the delivery of drinking water. In 1953, construction began on a Veolia water treatment facility at Clay Lane, near London; by 2001, it was the world’s largest ultrafiltration plant, supplying water to 750,000 people in the city.
          Veolia Water’s humanitarian crisis response team, Waterforce, was created in 1998, prompted by Hurricane Mitch in Nicaragua and the flooding of the Yangtze River in China.
          In 2002, Veolia Water expanded its municipal water services in 2002 to major cities such as Indianapolis (USA), Bucharest (Romania), Berlin (Germany) and Shanghai (China). Three years later, Veolia Environnement united its four global divisions (Environmental Services, Energy, Transport and Water) under the Veolia brand. The CGE became Veolia Water.[4]
          The UK water supply businesses branded as Veolia Water were sold by Veolia Environnement for £1.2 billion on 28 June 2012 to Rift Acquisitions, an entity established by Morgan Stanley and M&G Investments. Veolia Environnement is using the proceeds of the disposal to reduce its debt, as part of a 5bn-euro debt-reduction programme announced in December 2011 and will retain a 10% stake in the new business Affinity Water for at least five years.[5][6] Affinity Water began operations on 1 October 2012.

        2. (Sale of interstate to Cintra of Spain. Also, parts of I-90 and others in Ohio as well.)

          “America’s Mayor” brokers infrustructures to foreign companies. He has offices in Texas, New York, Washington, D.C., Connecticut, Seattle, Dubai, and London.

          Bracewell & Giuliani LLP is an international law firm with 10 offices and over 470 lawyers, based in Houston, Texas.

          Bracewell & Giuliani Advises Cintra and Meridiam on Financing for I-635/LBJ.

          June 22, 2010
          HOUSTON — Bracewell & Giuliani LLP advised the LBJ Infrastructure Group LLC, which includes Cintra Infraestructuras, S.A., Meridiam Infrastructure and Dallas Police and Fire Pension System, on its financing for the I-635/LBJ managed lane project.
          The $2.8 billion financing includes $665 million in private equity investment, $1.4 billion in debt ($615 million in private activity bonds and $850 million Transportation Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act funds) and $496 million in public funds. This is the largest transportation project of its kind in the U.S. to reach financial close in 2010.
          Bracewell has worked with the LBJ Infrastructure Group LLC since the beginning of the project. The commercial close occurred in September 2009 and the financial close on June 22, 2010. Construction is expected to begin in early 2011 and be completed by 2016.
          Bracewell attorneys that advised on this matter include:
          Partners: Thomas O. Moore, Bradley J. Benoit, Stephen B. Crain, Nancy Jo Nelson
          Counsel: Rebecca J. Rentz
          Associates: Eamonn K. Bakewell, Mary K. McDaniel O’Black, Lisa A. Smith, Michael C. Yates


  19. Putin is a “Jew Sayanim?” C’mon guys. It takes brass balls to stand up to the Pentagon and it’s Media Frontline. Those Russian warships are in harms way when they shoulder in on america’s Mediterranean. Give some credit to the man. He is alone against the Zionist Empire. He put that monkey Khordokovsky in a cage and didn’t let him out until paid in full. God Bless Putin. How about you holds back on the insults of what calling him a traitor for about ten seconds. OK to that? Good. Habu nice day.

  20. I don’t believe Putin will settle for Malcolm X style (dirty word alert) – “compromise.”

    You know, sticking a knife in my back ten inches, pulling it out five and calling it compromise..

    1. Again, I think he is a very sensible man – and if he is the real thing, he would be very reluctant to go head-to-head with America and Britain, et.al. His people would suffer enormously (as would our own). Nonetheless, I suppose he could be driven to it…

      1. …and one gets the feeling that he cares more about his own people than the leaders of Amerika or U.K. Care about their own.

    1. What a joke. Boycotting Israel won’t accomplish a damned thing.

      The only things jews understand is violence.

      Stop being a coward and learn what a jew really means.

      1. ok hero, how about your cv, the list of accomplishments and the detailed instructions on how to proceed.

        or is your bravery directly proportional with distance.

        you don’t even talk the talk, never mind walking the walk.
        at least i propose some actionable course, let’s hear some from you apart from harvesting comments guaranteed to land one in a fema “correctional facility”.

        1. Giving exact details is stupid, even you know that.

          Yes, I have take real physical action with real……definitive end results shall we say. Its just a matter of all of us doing same.

          Do I need to spell it out for you beyond that? Or are you actually that daft?

          Think JB Campbell’s action plan.

        2. Giving exact details is stupid

          i get it.
          when you don’t give details, you are reasonable.
          when i don’t give details, i am a coward.

        3. and as for the exact details.

          don’t you think that somewhere out east shall we say, these details are spelled out, be it russia or iran or elsewhere.

          if the answer is yes, maybe you are starting to see from my perspective.
          this is why putin is so much further ahead on the curve.

    1. The managers of the industries must have secret arrangements with Russia, they don’t tell us. If this leads to interruptions of gas- and oil trade… me don’t watch tv but they will be talking about it because of the simple logic. But no, didn’t find much, a few are critisizing sanctions..

      1. fritz-“The managers of the industries must have secret arrangements with Russia, they don’t tell us.”

        You can find it, when you search the commercial players who boast of their accomplishments.

  21. Vlad The Bad Outwits The West with help from GIULIANI:

    America’s Mayor helps Russia and emerging markets including Kazakhstan, other countries of the former Soviet Union and the UKRAINE.

    Our London office, operated by Bracewell & Giuliani (UK) LLP, is located in the centre of the world’s financial and capital markets. It works closely with other Bracewell offices, particularly those in New York, Dubai and Houston, to provide English, US and local law services to international clients. The London office’s primary focus is on international capital markets, banking, securitizations, structured finance and mergers and acquisitions work, particularly in the Middle East and emerging markets including Kazakhstan, other countries of the former Soviet Union and the UKRAINE.

    Bracewell played an early, leading role in helping Kazakhstan create and expand its banking infrastructure, securities markets and commercial legal and court systems. Because of our long presence there, we understand the region’s cultural, business and legal realities. Since 2000, we have advised on approximately 95% of all Eurobond issues by Kazakhstan issuers, representing more than thirty issuers, including eight debut bond offerings and offerings by leading financial institutions in the region. We have used our Kazakhstan experience to expand into other emerging markets in the region.


      1. Yes, it is.

        Bracewell played an early, leading role in helping Kazakhstan create and expand its banking infrastructure, securities markets and commercial legal and court systems.

        Many entities like Giuliani’s control the banks, securities, courts and legal systems of the world, along with leaders like Putin, while we call each other Jews.

        1. Astana has been the capital of Kazakhstan since 1997, the year Giuliani set up his business there.

  22. A Brilliant Prophecy From 93 Years Ago!

    H.L. Mencken (born 1880 – died 1956) was a journalist, satirist, critic, and Democrat. He wrote this editorial while working for the Baltimore Evening Sun, which appeared in the July 26, 1920, edition:

    “As democracy is perfected, the office of the President represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day, the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last and the White House will be occupied by a downright fool and complete narcissistic moron.”

    — H.L. Mencken, The Baltimore Evening Sun, July 26, 1920

      1. And of course..

        “Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.”

    1. Mencken was correct. A man of vision.

      The one in the White House now, represents the inner soul of Diebold, PES and ES&S who made the selection, aided by Voter News Service.

      Premier Election Solutions, formerly Diebold Election Systems, Inc. (DESI),[1] was a subsidiary of Diebold that makes and sells voting machines.

      In 2009 it was sold to competitor ES&S. Another subsidiary selling electronic voting systems in Brazil is Diebold-Procomp, with minor market share in that nation. In 2010, Dominion Voting Systems purchased the primary assets of Premier, including all intellectual property, software, firmware and hardware for Premier’s current and legacy optical scan, central scan, and touch screen voting systems, and all versions of the GEMS election management system from ES&S.

      At the time ES&S spun off the company due to monopoly charges its systems were in use in 1,400 jurisdictions in 33 states and serving nearly 28 million people.

  23. Astana has been the capital of Kazakhstan since 1997, the year Giuliani set up his business there.

  24. Well, from time to time, PCR wanders off his meds, but really—falling in lust with a foreign communist, when we have our own version at home? Pick one: “Thank god McCain didn’t win the presidency.” Or, choice #2: 17 Trillion in debt to China, etc.

    “The dolts at FoxNews”?—-I suppose the Majestic Margolis gets his stuff from the baloon-poppers and onanistic monkeys at (P)MSNBC.

    Here’s a stumper: how did the Ukraine become so Russian in demographics, etc.? Oh yeah, between 1932 and 1936 Stalin engineered a sufficiently-fatal “famine” to wipe out millions of NON-Russian Ukrainians—to be, of course, replaced by ethnic Russians.

    From time to time, I am appalled by the shrill tone and breathtaking ignorance of some who are presented on this site. The only solution to much of our present status would be to ditch the abhorable pinko Dumbocrats, the Neocons and Rinos in toto. THEN take a hard look at the REALITY behind the Libertarian, Paleoconservative, and Tea Party elements out there. If anyone can tear themselves away from their infatuation with midget dictators for a moment, they might see the solution to our problems lies in the wisdom of George Washington’s parting advice (v.s. foreign entanglements) and Thomas Jefferson’s wish for a small, nonintrusive government, etc. Guns or Butter, boys–gotta choose. We should wean the couch-potatoes from our paychecks, rebuild the Navy (and maybe the other branches, although they’re superfluous), go IMMEDIATELY to a 10% FLAT TAX, drill for oil and gas, and tell Israel to go fry its heinous ass. If we drill and export, YURP might be free of its I.V. from Russia.

    Bring back the Iowas (each of these four beauties could reach 570% of the Crimea)!!!

    1. You have some faulty assumptions.

      First: Is irrelevant who held the land before or the means in what it was acquired. None of the people living there did this things. Thus none of them are at fault for it. For good or bad the majority of the population is of Russian origin. And they are both willing and able to defend their control of the land.

      Second: No one has made the land. Thereof no one can truthfully claim that they own the land.. Somebody saw a piece of land and decide to take control of it. Someone else decided to pay the person to leave, force the person to leave or kill that person to take control of the area. This have being repeated on numerous occasions trough out history. Even the so call native Americans have this history.

      My point is, there is no such thing as ownership of the land, what people have is a temporary control of the land as long as they are willing and able to defend it. For good or bad this is how the world works.

      Words only have the power the listener give to them.

      1. Don’t get me wrong, fearless. Heeding Washington and Jefferson in those stances is obviously desirable. Hell, I don’t even rule out pipe dreams becoming reality. But there’s just too much damn water that’s poured over the dam.

        Maybe the true spirit of the American Revolution will inundate the whole world as was hoped when its beacon was first lit 238 years ago. But maybe its new light has to rekindle elsewhere.

        Like, dare I say it….Russia!

        And here you wanna bring back the Iowas! Tsk tsk tsk

        It ain’t about geography anymore. We may have sparked it here, but its hoped for flame has to start burning somewhere else now.

        Is it Putin who’s picked up the torch?

    2. b-hawk is right, freddie.

      i mean, if i see putin as one viable option (i too had some doubt a while ago but that doubt dwindles with each passing day, allah akbar) as leader of the human organization (russia) that will pull the rug from under talmudic 2000 year plan, what am i supposed to do, say “yeah but putin is short and bald, you’re not gonna find me supportive of a bald shorty, no way”.

      find me an alternative and it had better not be
      “if we the people of these united states of america all get together, the neighborhood communities, the police, the military and the politicians heed the timeless wisdom of washington, adams, franklin and knute rockne, we got the problem solved in one day”.
      i do believe in witches, unicorns and dancing skeletons but that is just a bit too far fetched for me.

      so, i am like “let’s go shorty, need a hand?”

  25. Quotes from this excellent (but long) essay:

    “With the exception of a few revolutions, most wars are instigated and controlled by financial elites, manipulating governments on both sides of the game to produce a preconceived result….

    I have been warning for years that globalists and central bankers needed a “cover event”, a distraction or scapegoat imposing enough to provide a veil of chaos in which they could then destroy the greenback as the world reserve and usher in a global currency system.

    Putin has, a number of times in the past, called for global control of the economy through the IMF and the institution of a new global currency using the IMF’s Special Drawing Rights (SDR). Loans from the IMF are what saved Russia from debt default in the late 1990s. And Putin has recently called for consultations with the IMF concerning Crimea. Remember, this is the same IMF that is working to fund his opponents in Western Ukraine.

    Bottom line, if you believe in national sovereignty and decentralization of power, Putin is NOT your buddy. Once again, we have the globalists injecting money into both sides of a conflict which could morph into something nightmarish. Putin wants global economic governance and consolidation under the IMF just as much as the supposedly “American-run” IMF wants consolidation. Global governance of finance and money creation ultimately means global governance of everything else.”

    1. Putin works for and with the same criminals who control the elections in the US, the Jew bankers, who PC Roberts knows, but will not name.

    2. “Bottom line, if you believe in national sovereignty and decentralization of power, Putin is NOT your buddy.”

      I say not so fast. Why jump to conclusions which are still based in appearances. Albeit, appearances which SEEM to make a definitive case, and that’s ths point. They are appearances nonetheless. Another one of which says that both Hitler and Putin are crypto-jews (yawn) in sheep’s clothing.

      Given the premise that they aren’t, I’m still holding out the possibility that Putin, like Hitler before him is playing a cat n’ mouse game with the global elites. While we’ll probably never know, again, given the premise, to what extent Hitler MAY have decentralized power had Germany won the war, the real bottom line LIES in these possibilities I’m presenting. The trump card being the actual winning on the field of battle.

      The question must remain: Who is Putin?

      1. Who is Putin? He is the man following the oil money and fulfilling the wishes of the people in Crimea:

        Crimean separatists wants Gazprom to develop oil, gas fields


        The authorities of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, whose parliament has voted to break away from Ukraine, have taken under control local oil and gas deposits, and want Russia’s Gazprom to develop them, the Supreme Council’s Speaker Vladimir Konstantinov said, RIA Novosti reported on February 13.

        The republic’s authorities now control the Odesskoye and Bezymyannoye deposits located in the Black and Azov seas and oil platforms owned by Ukraine’s state-owned Chernomorneftegaz.

        “These deposits and rigs will fully belong to the Republic of Crimea. We are already safeguarding them. These deposits are ours, and we will fight for them,” Konstantinov said.

        Crimea will hold a referendum on becoming part of Russia on March 16.

        Crimean Speaker Wants Russia to Develop Oil, Gas Production in Crimea

        Ukrainian State Property in Crimea Will Be Taken Over by Crimea, Speaker Says

        Olga Razumovskaya
        March 13, 2014 6:10 a.m. ET
        Crimean authorities are protecting Ukraine’s oil and gas deposits in the Black and Azov seas and would like Russian companies, including state gas monopoly giant OAO Gazprom to develop them, Crimean Parliament Speaker Vladimir Konstantinov said Thursday, Prime news agency reported.
        “These deposits and platforms will become fully owned by the Republic of Crimea. We are already protecting them. These are our deposits…”


        1. So the largest country in the world and #1 oil producing country (neck and neck with Saudis) AND with the Arctic reserves at its door step needs to go to war for a fraction of this? Oil and gas are part of the equation here, not THE equation.

        2. The associated – planned- price spikes in oil and gas are making traders wealthy. Natural gas prices were up 10% last week. Then fell, and all traders were happy, making deals on both moves.

        3. Who is Putin? He is the man following the oil money and fulfilling the wishes of the people in Crimea

          you seem pretty well informed but have a massive animus at putin for whatever reasons.
          fine by me, all i ask for is to show a bit of reason and balance.

          let’s parse this a bit.

          The authorities of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, whose parliament has voted to break away from Ukraine, have taken under control local oil and gas deposits, and want Russia’s Gazprom to develop them

          first of all, the crimean referendum, as follows
          A European Parliament member has found that the process of voting in Crimea’s referendum looks pretty much like elections in his home country, Italy

          would you like to contrast that with kiev “elections” now acknowledged by the free (meaning free to go home and eat their grits and chitlins after turning off jew’s lights every friday).
          is this the proof number one that putin is a jew?

          and i am really puzzled that crimeans want the oil+gas deposits off their coast to themselves, i mean what right does crimea have to claim crimean stuff as their own?
          and they should certainly insist on bp, aramco, exxon, royal dutch-shell, rockfeller standard oil and all the rest of them to rape and pillage crimean resources ahead of gazprom, no fair.
          that putin … time mag did right to compare him with hitler, another monster who wanted germany to remain in german hands instead of the rightful ownership of the jew.

          what next?
          do we wait for the usual henry makow suspects (gabreal jones, dublinmick) to come out of woodwork and start on how putin was educated at tavistock institute, has 4 jew grandparents, 2 jew parents and has done aliya-in-netanya, is into scatological excremental stuff when not humping goats (male), children and whatever else they accused hitler of.

          the more putin acts like a statesman and a true defender of the white christian world (actually, the last defender of the white christian world, show me another), the more he must suffer these snide remarks about how he only salutes and stands on attention to jews … no doubt khodorkovsky, berezhinsky, nevzhlin, gusinsky and a slew of other jew oligarchs, rioting pussies to the man, will attest.

          well, i pray for the day when he shows himself the ultimate crypto jew and brings down the whole of protocolian jew world order crashing down in eternal ignominy.
          mea culpa, my bad.

        4. @ lobro

          Eloquently put, as usual, with much trenchant irony to hammer home your point.

          It seems to be a Jewish tactic nowadays to disparage their enemies by resorting to that most bizarre of weapons: the suggestion that their enemy is a “Jew”.

          Hence it has been suggested by numerous trolls on this site that not only are Hitler and Putin “Jews”, but so is every other poster writing anti-Jewish comments on this site.

          The more anti-Jewish you are, the more they call you a Jew!

          Thus you, lobro, have been called a “Jew” more than once. So have I. And so has Lasha Darkmoon, if I remember correctly, by Poster Joe and Gabreal Jones.

        5. the more putin acts like a statesman and a true defender of the white christian world (actually, the last defender of the white christian world, show me another)…


          Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson — the fifth President of Iceland, having served since 1996; re-elected for a record fifth term in 2012.
          He refused to sign media law. The law set to create a government-controlled media committee to control freedom of speech.

          In the aftermath of the 2008–2012 Icelandic financial crisis, Ólafur has criticized other countries for lack of help to Iceland.

          In early November, the President attended a traditional informal lunch with all ambassadors to Iceland, where he President said: “The North Atlantic is important to Scandinavia, the US and Britain. This is a fact these countries now seem to ignore. Then, Iceland should rather get some new friends”. However, he praised Norway and the Faroes for their swift decisions to grant major loans to Iceland. He also said Iceland should rather invite Russia to use the Keflavík Air Base. According to the memo, the offer was turned down by an “amazed and smiling” Russian ambassador who said Russia did not have any need for this..!!
          On 5 January 2010 the President of Iceland vetoed a measure of the Icelandic government to pay the governments of Britain and the Netherlands for their bailouts of customers of private Icelandic banks. The President’s veto was upheld by the people of Iceland when they voted upon the measure in March 2010. This dispute is known as Icesave dispute.
          On 20 February 2011 the President of Iceland again vetoed an effort by the Icelandic government to pay (over a period of years) money to the governments of Britain and the Netherlands. In a referendum, which was held on 9 April 2011, the President’s veto was upheld by the people and the government now needs to find a way to solve this issue.

        6. looks good on them.

          as a white, somewhat christian, i appreciate mighty olaf protecting me but would also like something, um, shall we say a bit more robust.

          if vlad taps out, i doubt that olaf will step up to the plate on anyone’s behalf.
          at that point, it’s hail mary and i can only try to ensure that as i go down swinging, i take some ugly company with me.

        7. and jew knows that, that’s why he pushes for the final smackdown, so long as the goy blood runs free he can happily live with that.
          and then, the darkei shalom is instantly null and void (download this important video because they are blocking it everywhere – if unavailable, search for mirrors)

        8. Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson

          i would like everyone to ponder on this for a while.

          any odds on usa ever voting someone like grimsson into any kind of office?

          any odds on icelanders ever voting someone like mccain, bush or palin into the office?

          why not?

          behold the miracle of frankfurt school of neurosurgery, simultaneously hacked 300 million minds, without anesthesia, complete success, claim the doctors.

          and now we expect the endless ocean of these mental patients to rise up and deliver the revolutionary wallop to the deserving.
          just think about that.

      2. lobro – You asked for one I gave you one… one who ran jew bankers out of his country after pasting their limos and palaces with red paint.

        He asked for help from Putin, and all he got the grins.

        1. “…offer was turned down by an “amazed and smiling” Russian ambassador who said Russia did not have any need for this…”

          And this proves?

          Why show your hand over Iceland anyway? Hey, the ambassador WAS smiling, eh?

      3. “Who is Putin?” – Fair Question and I keep an open mind.

        Is he another Stalin or the the new tsar? Time should tell but one observation at this point is that he is still alive.

        Another observation is that even if he is the new Tsar, what difference does it make if he is not really interested in an independent and self sufficient Crimea (or Ukraine) which would be quite possible if the state wanted to reclaim control of its natural resources like Norway, Saudi Arabia, Brunei…

        Unfortunately, like the EU, he too appears to be more interested in globalist control… but hope I am wrong.

        1. he offloads the blame on the shadowy illuminati and is the source of anti-hitleer hasbara mindlessly parroted by his acolytes on other sites such as darkmoon, eg, hitler is a crypto jew, trained in england sayanim schools to faithfully carry out wishes and commands of rothschilds, that he was a pedophile and scatological sex pervert tasked with destroying germany (the proof: didn’t kill jews, had them in the wermacht, dealt with zionist re. populating palestine with jews, cooperated with ig farben and a load of other semi-facts, factoids, twisted truth and blatant lies, crescendoing along the way, utterly deaf to counter facts).
          then they go on to claim that nazis operate a technologically advanced nation under the antarctic ice cover, submarine bases, proof of jew-guilt is that they refuse to clean up fukushima radiation in pacific even though it is all in a day’s work for them.
          gets crazier and crazier, spittle flying as they work themselves up in a schizoid rage.
          henry makow, yeah right.

          as far as i am concerned, he is a somewhat more deeply embedded gatekeeper than chomsky who has practically shot his credibility bolt.

          basically, the idea is to deflect the tribal guilt onto these murky mythological elite societies, you know, they are all in it, the queen, the vatican, masons, rosicrucians, leprechauns, tinkerbells and maybe an odd jew here and there, lost his way after kol nidre sing-along.

          look, i am fairly open to trusting my eyes, what i sees is what i gets.
          and vlad is doing just fine by me.

          and even if not, consider the following.
          by all independent accounts (trained osce observers overseeing the operation and tallying in crimean voting stations), around 75% of all eligible crimeans voted, of which almost 100% voted to get away from our dear, patriotic isrealis, yatseniuk (yats to friends and family), fellow rabbis kolomoisky, taruta, groisman and others and run to vlad.

          do we believe in people’s right to express their will, even if we think it’s wrong?
          i do, at any rate.
          what these numbers tell me is that since more than 25% of crimeans are comprised of ethnic ukrainians (identical to westerners), a good chunk of those voted for vlad-switch, not to mention tatars or russians (supposedly only around 20% of pop).

          let my people go, says this gentile, yours truly.

          i raise vlad’s hand in victory by tko and wish him further such victories, go for it champ, the final takedown.

          what is very interesting to me is the other henry’s position, the important henry.
          kissinger is basically stating the truth, which to me portends big things, because i always considered him in my private reckoning to be the capo del tutti capi of the supreme council of the learned elders.
          him, shimon perez and yes, our “leftist” boy noam chomsky are up there too.

          the brain of the kabbalah has decided to go with the flow and ensure survival of the infernal species.

          they will bide their time another couple of generations and make another go for the goy jugular when they feel the caution has sufficiently ebbed.

        2. TIMING Turtle.

          In the name of self-preservation and survival for a greater National identity, there may be a need for what can be hoped is only a temporary centralization of power.

          Putin is perhaps in his “Churhillian moment”. And by that I don’t mean to associate him as “another Churchill”, or something along those lines. But in keeping with April, 1940 when he was made Prime Minister and said that he felt his whole Life up until that moment was but a prelude and preparation for this ‘task’ ahead.

          For Putin too, the REAL game has only just begun.

        3. Agree Chomsky is a superficial limited hangout who while enjoying sounding controversial barely scratches the surface of who is behind the NWO…

          I am keeping an open mind on Makow… What’s a jew supposed to do otherwise. Even Eustace Mullins with all his research concluded that the higher conspiracy is Satanic. So… Luciferian… Illuminati… for me that encompasses high level masonry (and other secret societies) which is based on caballism… then it’s only a small step to Talmudism, Frankist Sabbateans and Zionism. The Jesuits with their “black pope” become the Catholic arm. Although for someone with a “Phd” in literature one would think he could make a more consistent and conclusive argument.

          I also trust what I see, and certainly whenever I see a jewish name the warning bells start ringing. My problem is that they seem incapable or unwilling to explain their understanding of the conspiracy and so like the Germans in nazi Germany become complicit in their silence. I cannot accept ignorance as a defense in this modern age of communication.

          That article may have been wrong about Putin. I do hope so.

          “President Vladimir Putin has signed an order that Russia recognizes Crimea as a sovereign and independent state. The Autonomous Republic of Crimea held a referendum on Sunday with over 96% voting for integration into Russia.”


          “Crimea’s Supreme Council (parliament) announced on Monday that all Ukrainian state property on the Black Sea peninsula, including major oil and gas companies, will belong to Crimea. In a resolution, the parliament said the assets of Chernomorneftegaz oil and gas company, Ukratransgaz Company, and the Feodosiya Enterprise are currently Crimea’s property, Russia’s ITAR-TASS news agency reported.”

        4. As I’ve suggested, Turtle, the higher Satanic conspiracy is ultimately cosmological in nature. Therefore, having a phd in English Lit. cannot provide a comprehensive understanding of what can only derive from a flawed premise. That is, GIVEN the premise of what this cosmology MAY indicate.

          E.g.; I would further suggest that “masons”, seen in a Satanic context has to do with the cosmological construct signified by “torah”- the “pale” that this world has been turned into. Which has a strange irony with the “pale of the settlement”, the attempt at ‘containing the devil’ to prevent its mischief in a world that’s already contained cosmologically.

          The Russian dollhouse.

  26. “Is the NWO bankrupt?” It depends on who you are referring to by the NWO. Most developed world governments are deeply in debt. See Debt to GDP ratio: http://www.tradingeconomics.com/

    But this is not a problem for countries who have their own currency (and central bank) and have borrowed in that currency. U.S., Japan, U.K. (sorry EU, you lost that advantage 14 years ago). The debts can ALWAYS be repaid in new printed money if necessary by way of governments borrowing even more from their central banks. Note the growth in central bank balance sheets for the above (and China) over time but especially since the global financial crisis. The information can be found on a country by country level at the above website. Look at charts for “Base Money”.

    The problem then becomes a depreciating currency and inflation (which are just two sides of the same shrinking coin). This creates a whole range of complex and interrelated effects, winners and losers. The only thing governments can do is try and control the speed at which this happens. So far this has been orderly.

    1. Furthermore, there is a wonderful, hidden-in-plain-sight mechanism for curbing inflation called ‘the stock market’. (Consider this: If one buys ABC Widget at $10, and next day it plunges to $5, what happened to the other $5?)
      – probably the best, most ‘fair’ mechanism of control among many.

      1. If one buys ABC Widget at $10, and next day it plunges to $5, what happened to the other $5?

        Ans: Nothing.

        1. gilbert-price increases are not inflation, but the result of inflation. Inflation is the increase of money supply. In the alternative, price decreases do not offset inflation.

          The stock market increase from 1500 to 15000 is a measure of the results of inflation over that period, and that, only to a degree. The GDP would be a better measure. Both have increased for decades. But, neither controls the money supply.

        2. Work it out… $5 has been transferred from “last-man-in” sucker buyer to market manipulating banker inside seller.

          And if last man in sucker happened to be a bank then the Central banks stand ready to bail out and/or reflate the market with newly printed money loaned out at 0.25% pa.

          So the money transferred becomes money created after the event.

  27. Forgot who said, a country cannot go bankrupt . If the private banks are allowed to print money, then they have got the power over economy – so much wagering contracts, if that term applies to finance, bets, derivative activities, I don’t know economic English – but zeros in the computers, they say shadow banking is a multiple times more than the regular bankinf. How much more money is circling the globe, than there are values to buy including land.
    Btw, some have warned about the Euro, but Germans were not allowed to vote on that, neither on the EU-basic order (Lisbon treaty and all others). If people had been asked, they would have kept the old DM, then a few years after the EURO, most say money has lost half of its value.
    Not being an expert, but as Hitler said, we have no gold, so we based the money on the working power, on work, I think the problems can only be solved nationally, most likely he paid the international debts back.

    1. but not the reparatinons from the dictate of Versailles – the last rate (interest) was paid in 2010.

    2. Jusr listened to a talk between Webster Tarpley, Andreas Popp and Michael Vogt in Canada (in an Indian place),; they are famous in Germany, Tarpley says the situation in the US is like Weimar-republic, Ukraine was all about strategies of finance (expansion) and in the frame of the ongoing 7 years now, depression, but their solutions: Tarpley, big strikes are coming, he wants to force the FED to give huge interest free loans, debts, to states like Iowa.. for to rebuild infrastructure (this is similar to the NS program to revive the economy); A.Popp is asking about the “state” that ist is subordinated to the finance powers at the moment and that juristic instruments don’t defend law against finance powers. He advocates an evolution, beginnung with a unconditional income for everyone.. both advocate new efforts of production, perhaps new technologies. Tarpley started a party: Tax the Fed.(or so). But i have doubts to their political terms and descriptions. Popp wants groups of leading experts on economy to evolve others. Both swear on the optimistic Leibnitz. otherwise interesting.
      http://tarpley.net/ http://www.wissensmanufaktur.net/

  28. straws (Merkel calls for expanding OSCE mission in Ukraine)
    wind (Russian, German foreign ministers discuss ways to normalize situation in Ukraine)

    this is something i mentioned a while ago, if germany pulls this off and pivots toward russia, its natural ally, it could presage the beginning of jew end.

    i am starting to suspect that angela merkel is an unbelievably sharp woman (phd in theoretical physics, no less as well as stasi background means there are no flies sitting on her, contrast with the walking brain dead like mccain, palin, kerry and company) and that her and putin are exchanging signals, she makes a show of angry fumes while kowtowing to jews but is in fact … ready? a true german patriot.

  29. this is totally unacceptable to the free world (eg, canada, my country where a turnout greater than 30% is a roaring success and proof of robust democracy)

    Turnout at referendum in Crimea to exceed 80% – Crimean information minister

    free, massive, orderly elections.
    how primitive those ruskies.

    we, the advanced nations stay home and let diebold do our voting, it’s their job, ours is to watch cornhuskers ream woverines, f-18s leaving glorious chemtrails above the stadium, every moro (oops), i mean mavrik standing proudly (stop chewing that hot dog while some rap star rapes the anthem), stars and stripes pasted on every surface as proof of undying patriotism.

    1. Diebold did it again(ES&S or whatever these days)…!!!

      I f he keeps this up he will be as popular as ‘Red Ronnie’ who was never sure what party he was in.

    1. 🙂

      but truly gilbert, he (or is it she, doesn’t matter) really knows his stuff and can run economic circles around us.
      spend your money before its worthlessness inflates (figure that one out).

      1. Thinking the other night (which might be dangerous!), it occurred to me that TPTB (Rotheschilds, et.al.) did not gain supremacy by anything other than a Simple Plan (lending to governments instead of individuals), and building upon it. Do not complicate it. Their advantage snowballed into what it is, now.

        ‘Digits’ are digits. ‘Widgets’ are widgets. The hocus-pocus of modern economics substitutes numbers for…. Nothing. The Law of Diminishing Returns is on the downward spiral – whose momentum is interrupted by only the whim of the puppeteer(s). The current state-of-affairs is UNSUSTAINABLE, in real terms. This electronic transmission is unsustainable without REAL electric support. What happens when the juice is cut off??? It DISAPPEARS!

        What happened to it? NOTHING.

        1. Think about this: Can you even IMAGINE the concept of a TRILLION of anything?? Or that the Dollar supposedly has (counting derivative measure) 245 of those Ts against it?? WTF is THAT??!!! 🙂

          It can go on as long as there are people who manipulate it for the benefit of show – and as long as we stupid goyim are awed by it.

        2. gilbert – You are 100% correct, and JP Morgan’s arrogant testimony to the Pujo Committee in 1913 backs you up:

          Morgan’s testimony to the sham Pujo Committee is very interesting. He was denying the factors of power and control, lying, but was admitting that credit is based on nothing at all, no collateral needed. In his denial of the major premise, control, he admitted the true nature of credit and debt…..thin air.

          He also told the committee that he did not pressure Ryan for the sale of Equitable.

          The committee’s true function was to actually support the Fed Reserve Act.

          Representative Pujo was from Lake Charles, Louisiana. He died on a trip to New Orleans, after out of office.

          Pujo Committee (p.136 start):


          TO HOUSE RESOLUTIONS 429 AND 504

          FEBRUARY 28, 1913 —Referred to the House Calendar and ordered to be printed, with illustrations


          (excerpts from pages 136-138)

          That a rapid concentration of the sources of credit in the forms we have described has taken place in this country in very recent years was admitted by witnesses of the highest qualifications. Mr. Morgan, however, was not one of these. He said (R., 1051,1052):

          Q. There is no way one man can get a monopoly of money?
          A. Or control of it.
          Q He can make a try at it?
          A. No, sir; he can not. He may have all the money in Christendom, but he can not do it.
          Q. Let us go on. If you owned all the banks of New York, with all their resources, would you not come pretty near having a control of credit?
          A. No, sir; not at all.
          * * * What I mean to say is this – allow me: The question of control, in this country, at least, is personal; that is, in money.
          Q. How about credit?
          A. In credit also.
          Q. Personal to whom – to the man who controls?
          A. No, no; he never has it; he can not buy it.
          Q. No: but he gets
          A. All the money in Christendom and all the banks in Christendom can not control it.
          Q. That is what you wanted to say, is it not?
          A. Yes, sir.
          And again (R., 1082, 1083, 1084, 1085):
          Q. If you had the control of all that represents the assets in the banks of New York, you would have the control of money – of all that money?
          A. No; you would not.
          * * *But money can not be controlled.
          Q. Is not the credit based upon the money?
          A. No, sir.
          Q. It has no relation?
          A. No, sir.
          Q. None whatever?
          A. No, sir; none whatever. * * *
          Q. Commercial credits are based upon the possession of money or property?
          A. What?
          Q. Commercial credits?
          A. Money or property or character.
          Q. Is not commercial credit based primarily upon money or property?
          A. No, sir; the first thing is character.
          Q. Before money or property?
          A. Before money or anything else. Money can not buy it.
          Q. So that a man with character, without anything at all behind it can get all the credit he wants, and a man with the property can not set it?
          A. That is very often the case.
          Q. But that is the rule of business?
          A. That is the rule of business, sir. * * *
          Q. Do you mean to say that when people lend, as when loans are made on stock-exchange collateral, to the extent of hundreds of millions of dollars, they look to anything except the collateral?
          A. Yes; they do.
          Q. They do?
          A. Yes. Right on that point, what I did, what I used to do – and I think it is
          pretty generally done now – is this: If I see there is a loan to Mr. Smith, I say,
          “You call that loan right away.” I would not have that loan in the box. I would not have that loan.
          Q. That is not the way money is loaned on the stock exchange?
          A. That is the way I loan it.
          Q. So matter what collateral a man has on the stock exchange
          A. If he is not satisfactory to me, I call the loan at once, personally.
          Q. I am not talking about you, personally.
          A. I call that loan personally. I am not talking of anybody else’s way of doing business, but I tell you what I think is the basis of business.

          None of the other witnesses who were interrogated on this subject were able to agree with Mr. Morgan as to the factors that enter into the current business of loaning money on collateral.


          Mr. Morgan further stated that he was not conscious that he had the slightest power (R., 1061):
          Q. Your power in any direction is entirely unconscious to you, is it not?
          A. It is, sir; if that is the case.
          Q. You do not think you have any power in any department of industry in this country, do you?
          A. I do not.
          Q. Not the slightest?
          A. Not the slightest.

          This again illustrates that Mr. Morgan’s conception of what constitutes power and control in the financial world is so peculiar as to invalidate all his conclusions based upon it.

          It seems to your committee that among other things his testimony as to the circumstances under which he obtained control of the Equitable Life Assurance Co. from Mr. Ryan demonstrates his possession of power in the fullest sense, and also that he knows how to exercise it.
          He said (R., 1069, 1070):
          Q. * * * Did Mr. Ryan offer this stock to you?
          A. I asked him to sell it to me.
          Q. You asked him to sell it to you?
          A. Yes.
          Q. Did you tell him why you wanted it?
          A. No; I told him I thought it was a good thing for me to have.
          Q. Did he tell you that he wanted to sell it?
          A. No; but he sold it.
          Q. He did not want to sell it; but when you said you wanted it, he sold it?
          A. He did not say that he did not want to sell it.
          Q. What did he say when you told him you would like to have it and thought you ought to have it?
          A. He hesitated about it, and finally sold it.

          It will be noted that the only reason that Mr. Morgan gave for Mr. Ryan’s surrender of the stock was that he told Mr. Ryan that he “thought it was a good thing”‘ for him (Mr. Morgan) to have. (R.,1069.)

          It may be that behind the reluctance of Mr. Morgan to furnish a business or other reason for this transaction lies a hidden motive, based on a high disinterested sense of public duty. If so, we have been unable to discover it. The incident is cited here primarily to show that however he may feel about it himself the dominating power of Mr. Morgan is so universally recognized in the financial world that even the leaders humbly bow to it.

  30. Thank you for that illustrative dialogue, Pat. It is as Morgan said: CHARACTER; and all which that implies….

    You know the rest. So does lobro, I’m sure. No use in further extrapolation. 🙂

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