Washington Destabilizes Ukraine, by Paul Craig Roberts


Only Washington Knows Best


The control freaks in Washington think that only the decisions that Washington makes and imposes on other sovereign countries are democratic. No other country on earth is capable of making a democratic decision.

The world has witnessed this American self- righteousness for eons as Washington overthrows one democratic government after the other and imposes its puppet, as Washington did in Iran in 1953 when the CIA, as it now admits, and as Ervand Abrahamian proves in his book The Coup (The New Press, 2013), overthrew the elected government of Mossadeq, and more recently the elected government of Honduras and many governments in between.

Currently Washington is working overtime to overthrow the governments of Syria, Iran again, and Ukraine. Washington has also targeted Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, and Brazil, and in its wildest dreams the governments of Russia and China.

On January 26 Syrian government advisor Bouthaina Shaaban asked Wolf Blitzer, a propagandist for Washington and the Israel Lobby, on US TV why the US government, speaking through Secretary of Stare John Kerry, has the right to decide who is to be the government of Syria instead of the Syrian people. [Polls show that Syrian president Assad’s approval ratings exceed those of every Western leader.] Even the slimy Blitzer wasn’t slimy enough to answer, “because we are the exceptional, indispensable people.” But that’s what Washington thinks.

Washington will soon be back at work on destabilizing the government of Iran again, a habit I suppose, but for the moment Washington is focused on destabilizing Ukraine.

Ukraine has a democratically elected government, but Washington doesn’t like it because Washington didn’t pick it. The Ukraine or the western part of it is full of Washington funded NGOs whose purpose is to deliver Ukraine into the clutches of the EU where US and European banks can loot the country, as they looted, for example, Latvia, and simultaneously weaken Russia by stealing a large part of traditional Russia and converting it into US/NATO military bases against Russia.

Perhaps Putin, an athlete, is distracted by the Olympic Games in Russia. Otherwise, it is something of a puzzle why Russia hasn’t put its nuclear missiles on high alert and occupied the western Ukraine with troops in order to prevent Ukraine’s overthrow by Washington’s money. Every country has citizens that will sell the country out for money, and western Ukraine is overflowing with such traitors.

As we have seen for decades, Arabs and Muslims will sell out their people for Western money. So will western Ukrainians. The NGOs financed by Washington are committed to delivering Ukraine into Washington’s hands where Ukrainians can become American serfs and this integral part of Russia can become a staging ground for the US military.

Of all the violent protests that we have been witnessed to, the Ukrainian one is the most orchestrated.

On February 6, Zero Hedge, one of the intelligent and informed Internet sites, posted a leaked recording from the despicable Victoria Nuland, an Assistant Secretary of State in the Obama Regime. Nuland is caught discussing with the US envoy to Ukraine, Geoffrey Pyatt, Washington’s choice for who heads the next Ukrainian government.

Nuland is incensed that the European Union has not joined Washington in imposing sanctions on the Ukrainian government in order to complete Washington’s takeover of Ukraine. Nuland speaks as if she is God with the God-given right to select the government of Ukraine, which she proceeds to do.

The EU, as corrupt as it is by Washington’s money, nevertheless understands being made rich by Washington is no protection agains Russian nuclear missiles. Nuland’s response to Europe’s hesitancy to risk its existence for the benefit of US hegemony is:
“Fuck the EU.”

So much for Washington’s attitude toward its captive allies and the peoples of the world.

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  1. Jewish Lobby and Israel are behind the Ukrainean troubles.

    John Kerry’s Jewish Assistant Secretary for European Affairs, is caught on tape using “f-k” word for the EU for not sanctioning pro-Russian Ukraine regime during her telephone conversation with US ambassador to Ukraine, Geoff Pyatt.

    Some of the rich and influential Israel-Firster supporting the anti-government protesters include Sen. John McCain, John Bolton (Jewish), former USrael ambassador at the United Nations, George Soro (Jewish), Hollywood actor George Clooney (Jewish), Rep. Christopher Murphy aka “AIPAC Whore”, Sheldon Adelson (Jewish) and Ukraine’s Jewish oligarchs, Viktor Pinchuk, Petro Poroshenko, Ihor Kolomoiskyi, Julia Timoshenko, former Jewish prime minister and Yevgeny Chervonenko, former Jewish communication minister during Viktor Yushchenko Presidency.


  2. If Ukraine succumbs to this madness, the Rothschild bankster gangsters will loot that nation, setting off a financial crisis that will smash the Ukrainians freedom under the banksters jack boots.

    Then it will be on to Russia for another color ‘revolution.’

  3. is klitschko a jew? … Братья Кличко — Евреи в истории бокса (claimed by brother kapner)

    can someone translate this paragraph:
    Недавно мне на глаза случайно попался декабрьский номер журнала «Лехаим» (№12, декабрь 2003 г.), издающийся под патронатом иудео-нацистской секты Хабад, официально именуемой движением Хабад-Любавич.

    some good background on how is actually destabilizing ukraine and how.

      1. the last 2 links got kind of fused, siljan but thanks all the same.
        how could a gentile lower himself to worship these pseudo-humans is beyond me, their faces radiating 1000W of undisguised depravity.
        breaking bread with maggots …
        among the faces guaranteed to frighten young children out of their sleep are some winners, like these (hey kid, don’t accept candy from their likes).
        and nice to see lady gag/gag without makeup

        1. oh, sorry lobro, let’s try again;



          Check out this interesting interview, regarding Ukraine, with Alexandr Dugin, ‘United by Hatred’
          “Ukraine is a state which never existed in history, it’s a newly created entity” says Dugin;


          All these different groups that are subverting Ukraine have one thing in common; hate.

        2. dugin interview is very good, this guy is sharp.

          an excerpt (how the useful idiots, be they ukrainian rusophobes or salafis against assad don’t stand a chance to promote own ideology, they are simply geopolitical pawns):
          [interviewer] To say it clearly: The “third position” is absolutely impossible?

          Dugin: No way for that today. There is land power and sea power in geopolitics. Land power is represented today by Russia, sea power by Washington. During World War II Germany tried to impose a third position. This attempt was based precisely on those political errors we talk about right now. Germany went on war against the sea power represented by the British Empire, and against the land power represented by Russia. Berlin fought against the main global forces and lost that war. The end was the complete destruction of Germany. So when even the strong and powerful Germany of that time wasn´t strong enough to impose the third position how the much smaller and weaker groups want to do this today? It is impossible, it is a ridiculous illusion.

    1. Недавно мне на глаза случайно попался декабрьский номер журнала «Лехаим» (№12, декабрь 2003 г.), издающийся под патронатом иудео-нацистской секты Хабад, официально именуемой движением Хабад-Любавич.

      ain’t much meat here, but here it is:

      Recently I happened to see the December issue of the magazine “Lechaim” (No. 12, December, 2003), which is published under the patronage of the Judeo-nationalist cult Chabad, or officially, the movement known as the Chabad-Lubovitz.

        1. In accordance to Christian eschatology the reconstruction of the third temple of jerusalem is clear sign of the end of the times. In the reconstructed third temple anti-Christ (aka prince of this world, aka jewish messiah, aka moshiakh) will be crowned by jews as their supreme ruler that will bring whole world to their domination, and all the nations (except small group of people) will bow in front of him. He will also end all terrible conflicts and wars on earth that will ravage the world by then and bring the time of peace and prosperity. For short time however. 3 and a half year only. If you are interested what come next – read Revelation of Saint John and other prophecies on the topic.

    2. All Ukranian “opposition” members so loved by Victoria Nuland, Mayer Nudelman granddaughter are jews. What a surprise! But lets go one by one.
      Klitchko grandmother – Tamara Yefimovna Etinson is 100% jewess.
      Yulia Timoshenko is granddaughter of Abram Kelmanovich Kapitelman.
      Grandmother of Oleg Tyagnibok- leader of the “ultra-right Ukranian nationalist party” “Svoboda” did have very proud, but not at all ukranian-sound last name, – Frotman. Favorite pick of US state department Arseny Yatzenyuk is son of Maria Grogorievna Bakai and therefore descendant of very famous talmudist teacher – Rabbi Bakai. His wife is no less than “khasid princess” from Gur (Ger) jewish dynasty from Poland. Ukranian oligarch Petro Poroshenko was born as Walzman indeed. Lutzenko is citizen of Israel. Former mayor of Odessa and Kitchko’s handler – Edouard Iosifovich Gurvitz -guess who? Mayor of biggest Ukranian industrial city and once a capital of Soviet Ukraine-Kharkiv is Hennadiy Adolfovych Kernes (also widely known as “Hepa”, who was proudly born in very Jewish family of Adolf Lazarevych Kernes and Hanna Abramovna. He is not very active in opposition because Kharkov region is practically 100% Russian speaking area, but anyway, you know… Just in case. It is nice to have “bipartisan approach” and “be able to reach across the aisle” as they said in Washington…

      1. wow thanks.
        i guess ukraine is close to the epicenter of khazar pandemic, not too many true gentile ukes left after the khazar designed+run hlodomor procedure.

        1. In talmudic law jew is not responsible for causing indirect death of the other person, specially if the other person is goi, e.g. not human. Such cases include situations when jew didn’t kill somebody by himself, but indirectly, by proxy, by hands of others or because of starvation, for example.

  4. Jewish billionaire George Soro and Jewish bankers control Ukrainian economy sector in addition to mass media and TV stations. Most of Ukrainian Jewish elites are more loyal to Israel than the country they live in. One of them, Alexander Levin, a millionaire, who has established the World Forum of Russian Jewry. The organization has three objectives; to organize international opposition to Iran’s nuclear ambitions – unite Jewish communities around the world to bring in the promised Jewish Messiah (Moshiach) and to make Israelis live by Moses’ Law (Torah).

    On Jan. 28, a court in Kiev, Ukraine, ordered the closure of a major daily Sel’skie Vesti for publishing an article, entitled ‘Jews in Ukraine: Reality Without Myth’, which the UJC claimed to be antisemitic. Read more here.

    Karachi-born Pak-British citizen Mohammad Zahoor is a Ukrainian businessman, a billionaire, and publisher of newspaper Kyiv Post. Zahoor married Russian-born actress, singer and model Kamaliya Mohammad (born as Natalya Shmarenkova in 1977) in 2003. Kamaliya won Mrs. World title in 2008. She is involved in charitable work in both Ukraine and Pakistan. The couple lives in a mansion designed to resemble Dubai’s hotel Burj al-Arab in the suburbs of Kyiv.


  5. It has evolved to the point that when we speak of ‘Washington’ it is very difficult for real Americans to identify their own country with that regime, viz., we are in the same boat as everyone else. Our country has been as sabatoged as the rest – even more so, if one considers the extent to which we have been used and looted to further the fortunes of the zionist/bankster/military industrialists. What is happening is strategized for the purpose of unilateral conquest and global domination. It is NOT for ‘American’ dominance.

    The puppet masters HATE the American ‘Ideal’ as much as they despise and attempt to destroy anyone else who may impede their plans. Any head-of-state, including Putin, is likely compromised, at this point in history.

  6. i wish people would start to also recognize that the huge, silent majority of jews are regular folks, just like us.

    you know, all those jews in the fields, ploughing, sowing, setting up fence posts, grooming cows, threshing wheat, the plumbers, electricians, truck drivers, dockworkers, longshoremen, streetcar drivers, digging sewers, construction workers, short order cooks, security guards, fishermen (right? there were guys fishing in the bible, right?), delivery men, cleaning ladies (i always leave big tips to jewish cleaning ladies in hotels, i know that their kids education at harvard is expensive).

    so let’s all recognize these honorable jews above, not the ubiquitous sons of satan, the tiny, tiny minority that bring undeserved resentment on the good ones.

    and i also want to thank my jewish dope dealer for this excellent hit of ecstasy.

  7. It’s amazing that in Europe the media focuses on the statement of this silly little Mrs. Nudelland 🙂 which was, “Fuck the European Union.” They don’t focus on the fact that these self-important politicians are out destabilizing a country which is illegal. It’s as if they don’t want to get this. I mean, who in Europe has not thought, “fuck the EU?” That is really no big deal. Most people, even the best of European tribes, hate this fascist regime of the European Union whose flag is blue with 12 tribe stars???

    One must not forget what has been done to the Ukrainians at one point.
    The Holidomor and who made it happen, then and now. Compare and contrast, see similarities and differences.

    Holodomor- 1932-33 Ukrainians Starved To Death By Jew Lazar Kaganovich

    Also, Karl Marx was the father of modern day genocide. His despise for humanity is unheard of – or part of religion.
    Karl Marx: Father of Modern Genocide

    In a way, Karl Marx paved the way for Holodomor to happen. What is the new invented Holocaust really and honesrtly in comparison to the hundred of millions – killed by people in power? But generally, no one seems to care much.

    I wonder, what they have in mind for the Ukranians and if the Ikranians fall for it.
    European union is crazy. They want to ultimately legalize sex with children and animals.

    Some even want to criminalize homophobic people and Sexismus and kill and hang them, as if these preferences are a crime, the worst crimes ever.

    I think these leader losers miss the target. So many issues matter more such as starvation, homelessness, poor medical care, poverty and general human suffering.

    So, what will happen to the Ukranians – that is the question? Perhaps another Libya/Syria – perhaps WW-3? Become part European Union in order to allow the crude and satanistic fucking of kids an animals, or another Holidomor once more to reduce human slaves?

    We miss what matters the most, reducing the physical and mental suffering of people in general. Most of the issues today are just made up, and hence are unauthentic.

    1. Any particular reason this video is only available in UK?
      It’s really annoying to have to configure a proxy every time
      you-tube censors something. I don’t even know why they
      bother anyway…it’s way too easy to circumvent.


  8. Yes, Dugin is a very sharp guy. Found out about him through Israel Shamir.

    At the same time as Dugin talks about an impossible third position in geopolitics, he talks about a fourth political ideology and the failure of liberal democracy, marxism and fascism. His book on this subject has been translated into many languages and is on my list of ‘must read books’


    Here is a pretty lengthy round table discussion at Moscow State University with Alexandr Dugin, Sheikh Imran Hosein and others you might find interesting as well;

    (tomorrow back to work)

    1. Thank you for that link Sardonicus. Very interesting. Phew…so much to learn, so little time.

      I can’t see that political axis of Moscow-Berlin-Paris ever happen in my life time. But who knows. The silent majority, even in Europe, is tired of the American bully, ‘the full spectrum dominance’ pushers.

      In Dugin’s booklet ‘The jews and Eurasia’ he explains how it was possible for jews to have been both responsible for the birth and the death of communism, and to be both the enemies and allies of capitalism. Dugin talks about the duality in the jewish nature.

      Michael Hoffman puts it this way; “very few critics seem to understand that judaism is neither left wing or right wing; it manifests as leftist or rightist at will. One moment it is the instrumental ally of the Throne, in the next it is the revolutionary power that overthrows it.”

      The division of left and right is just another tool in the ‘divide, conquer and rule’
      warfare kit. By way of deception shalt thou do warfare…

      Support both sides of every hot button issue and keep the goyim busy fighting these issues, while ‘the chosen’ silently go about their dirty work behind the scenes.

      But I would say that more and more people are waking up. I would consider myself one of them.

    2. i read that, thanks sard.
      alex dugin doesn’t always make sense, at least not to me.
      this doesn’t mean he is wrong and i, right.

      what i find of cultural interest in watching these bearded, receding hairline russian “mystics”, as the jew press condescendingly smears them is that not only are they thoughtful but evolve in time.
      scriabin, dostoevsky, gourdjieff, solzhenitsyn, sakharov, they all exhibited this streak of creative development, moving along a tangent yet unafraid to abandon it should it prove futile or faulty.
      there are precious few parallels in the west, george orwell a bright exception.

      in america, a so-called intellectual is an ideological linebacker, you are drafted into a team and police your turf, a glorified troll by any other name.
      and who are the star qb’s? noam chomsky, alan derschowitz, gene sharp pitching the ball to runners like henry louis gates jr, the self-hating nig … i mean, “afro-american” (steadfastly denying that jews ever dealt in slavery among others).
      what development? we pay the piper, we call the tune, you do the breakdance of our choreography.

      but dugin is always worth a read, even when wrong because he kickstarts the little thinking apparatus upstairs.

  9. “Washington”?! knows best …

    Time for some truth:

    The Judaics who own Washington – lock, stock and barrel, dictate best…

    Time to stop avoiding the real cause of most of the global-scale problems and put blame where it truly belongs.

  10. Just one more detail… Sorry but it is difficult to leave the topic. So, here we go: Victoria Nuland, granddaughter of syphilis-infected immigrant from western part of Russian Empire Mayer Nudelman and daughter of mentally insane man with lengthy hospitalizations in mental institutions who was candidate for lobotomy and is on lifelong treatments by psychotropic drugs and massive electroshock therapy is coming “from a talented, energetic [Jewish] family that is part of the Permanent Government of the United States. It doesn’t really matter who wins the Presidential election: some Kagan-Nuland will be doing something somewhere in your name and on your dime.
    The Kagan connection is via her husband, Robert Kagan. As noted by Your Lying Eyes, “Robert and brother Fred seem to have strategically implanted themselves in key policy-making positions within the Democratic and Republican party apparatus. Robert is embedded at Brookings, while Fred is ensconsed at AEI. So we have another Jewish neocon family tree, beginning with Donald Kagan, a Yale historian whose history of the Peloponnesia War has been used by neocons as a rationale for invasions of countries Israel doesn’t like (see Sailer). Donald Kagan was also a signatory to a 2002 letter to George W. Bush put out by Bill Kristol’s Project for the New American Century (PNAC) equating threats to Israel (Iran, Syria, Iraq) with threats to the U.S.
    The next generation, Fred Kagan (American Enterprise Institute) and Robert Kagan (Brookings) are neocon stalwarts as well. (E.g., Donald, Robert and Frederick are all signatories to the neocon manifesto, Rebuilding America’s Defenses (2000), put out by PNAC.) They and their wives, are all graduates of elite universities and well entrenched in the neocon thinktank/government infrastructure. Fred’s wife Kimberly (nee Kessler) is the head of the Institute for the Study of War and holds typical neocon positions.
    And although U.S. policy toward Ukraine likely stems from other issues besides the neocon hostility toward Russia (the latter due to issues such as Putin’s crackdown on the oligarchs and Russia’s support of Israel’s enemies, Iran and Syria), there be little doubt that Nuland’s energetic support of the pro-EU opposition to the Yanukovych government dovetails with the attitudes of her neocon network. Our Permanent Government at work.” Quote from recent essay by Kevin MacDonald on permanent government of the US, aspiring to be worldwide one. http://www.theoccidentalobserver.net/2014/02/victoria-nulands-family-ties/

    1. bookmarked this one, valuable information.

      in this part of the world they are thick as thieves, clearly the worldwide plague of ashkenazism, the khazar syndrome was born there, the mutants crawling out of some meteorite sinkhole.

      and what rough beast, its hour come round at last, slouches toward chernobyl to be born.

  11. The one honest journalist, who reported: Famine Exposure, Newspaper Articles relating to
    Gareth Jones’ trips to The Soviet Union (1930-35), together with Muggeridge.. and probably the German embassy reported (probably the situation was known in Germany) – -Jones also wrote also from Berlin, articles in american papers. But I suspect, that “liberal intellectuals” in Paris, London New York were very sympathetic to the bolshevic state at that time, so the news from Russia were supressed then somehow.. The main opposition to his reports was Duranty ( pulitzer price but not jew) of the NYTimes, denying all and said it was a mere shortage. He distributed soviet propaganda.
    I think jews were not mentioned much in these reports about the soviet state. (?). But it is impressive how litle was known about Bolshevism and Stalin, while every detail about Hitler is/was investigated or invented. Don’t think this was by accident, wasn’t Roosevelt sympathetic to communism or surrounded by sympathizers like Dexter White..
    only to have some scale to measure what is going on today (certainly not the same, but?)
    articles for the archive:
    Today Gareth Jones is the hero of the Ukraine. (Cal Dalton, wild nationalist, had more Ukrainian websites some years ago, but those have disapeared)

  12. Just wondering……. Where is Russia? They are standing behind Iran and Syria but why allow the US to destabilize the Ukraine if they are against the US foreign policy.

    Ill tell you why…. Its because Russia is not really against the US as they claim in the Jewish controlled media. We all know that the Central Banks are the real power of the countries they are situated in. Russia’s Central Bank is no different and controlled by the same nation wreckers who control the US, China, England, Germany, Israel etc etc. They are all on the same side but are made to look like enemies. They will eventually have us all destroy each other while they sit back and watch then reap the benefits of this plan

    1. the way i see it, russia wants ukraine to split into jew-ridden west and industrialized, rusophile east, rougly along the divide of the don river.

      west: zhitomir (in ussr was called zhidomir due to prevalence of jews – zhids), odessa, cherkassy (look at all the jews called cherkassov in usa), l’viv, rovno, vilnitsa, all the impoverished parts toward moldova and belarus.

      east: crimea with all the ports and naval facilities, kherson, donetsk, zaporozhye (and thus surrounding the protected sea of azov and its link to caspian sea), kharkov, etc.
      these people are more russian in stock, culture and religion and in no way involved in these riots, the cossacks.

      cossacks welcoming pussy riot in sochi

      i don’t understand why people keep misreading putin, his moves are perfectly economical and logical, watch what he does not the all-smiles photo-ops with chabad.
      why fight the enemy frontally if he is bent on destroying himself?
      give them rope is what i say.

      1. Most people’s opinions and deducements predictably align with their ability at chess.
        Surely there’s a ratio there, hidden in fuzzy sight.

        1. great find sard, very illuminating and in support of my hunch that putin is one sharp dude, a jiu jitsu maestro on many levels including the intellectual one.

          moreover, it comes as a revelation that stalin was a chess nut and the feeble minded gorbachev had an verison to it but it too makes sense.
          i predict that the future revisions will at least partially redeem stalin, although the russian street never wavered in its affection for him.

          that statement ascribed to him by kollontai before ww2 about how
          Zionism, in a tearing hurry for world supremacy, will be harsh on us, be vengeful on account of our successes and achievements. They still consider Russia as a barbarous country, as a raw material adjunct. And my name will also be slandered; it is being slandered even now. To me they shall attribute many a crime.
          is also quite an eye opener regarding stalin’s sagacity.

          many revisions on the way …
          let’s just say with high degree of confidence that the future history will bear little resemblance to present received history.

    2. well, it seems that the exact scenario i depicted yesterday (21-feb, 09:16) is unfolding.

      for decades the eastern and southern Ukraine has been feeding and financing the western regions and by cutting off their financial contributions for the Central Government the eastern and southern regions are essentially de-financing the nationalist regions (which are dirt poor to begin with). If Napoleon (or Cicero – depends on who you ask) is correct, and money is the nerve of war, then by self-financing themselves the southern and eastern regions could wage a most effective economic war on the nationalist insurgency.

  13. so, the shared visions of ukrainian dystopia are accumulating daily.

    consider some of the points pepe raises:
    he Ukraine that works – in the east and south – is made up of historic Russian provinces, think Kharkov, the Black Sea, Crimea. The country’s GDP is roughly $157 billion. That’s one fifth of Turkey (which may become the new Pakistan). As it is, Ukraine holds no economic value whatsoever to the West (even less if it becomes the new Syria).

    what will be the reaction of rabidly anti-jew, yet anti-russian western ukrainian hillbillies when the reality of jewess timoshenko’s “leadership” (yeltsin, anyone?) dawns?
    ‘Saint’ Yulia, by the way, was originally thrown in jail because of a gas deal that was negotiated on Moscow’s high price terms.

    Here’s a very possible scenario. Eastern and southern Ukraine become part of Russia again; Moscow would arguably accept it. Western Ukraine is plundered, disaster capitalism-style, by the Western corporate-financial mafia – while nobody gets a single EU passport. As for NATO, they get their bases, ‘annexing’ Ukraine, but also get myriads of hyper-accurate Russian Iskander missiles locked in their new abode. So much for Washington’s ‘strategic advance’.

    a resounding yup! for this prediction.

    1. i think that the basic formula for world dominion by talmud is to break every goy entity into progressively finer fragments, right down to a biomass of alienated, brain dead individuals uncomplainingly marching off to the soylent green slaughterhouse.

      you can be sure that i will resist – read my lips.

    2. weird … does anyone remember our days at xymphora years ago (circa 2006?) when i got into a super-heated debate with a ukrainian poster named dalton (i think a torontonian) whose rusophobia totally blinded him to the reality of rabbinical takeover, jews offering ukrainians the deal of almost-equality of holodomor to “6 million dead jew holocaust” marketing effort?

      i warned him of the abysmal folly of such thinking, but no, he got all offended and offensive and now ready to reap the bitter harvest of that idiocy.

      dalton, where are you?

      1. I remember dalton and I also remember smekhovo.
        Whenever the subject of Russia arises I always wonder what smekhovo would say because he was very intelligent, if a little rough in his с. дух времени. Even brutal at times.

      2. yes hp, we appreciated smekh’s insight and education, a sophisticated commenter.

        he may be a well placed russian civil servant or something like that, he sure knew his stuff.

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