Who are the Puppet Masters? by Neil Clark


Pictures and Captions by Lasha Darkmoon

Neil Clark reflects on the mindboggling hypocrisy and double standards of the US and its NATO puppet states. Why are these superbullies so intent on nation wrecking and chaos creation all over the world? Can it be because they seek world domination under a small, secretive elite of Puppet Masters?  (LD)

I’m confused.

A few weeks ago we were told in the West that people occupying government buildings in Ukraine was a very good thing. These people, we were told by our political leaders and elite media commentators, were “pro-democracy protestors”.

The US government warned the Ukrainian authorities against using force against these ‘pro-democracy protestors’ even if, according to the pictures we saw, some of them were neo-Nazis who were throwing Molotov cocktails and other things at the police and smashing up statues and setting fire to buildings.

Now, just a few weeks later, we’re told that people occupying government buildings in Ukraine are not ‘pro-democracy protestors’ but ‘terrorists’ or ‘militants’.

Why was the occupation of government buildings in Ukraine a very good thing in January, but a very bad thing in April? Why was the use of force by the authorities against protestors completely unacceptable in January, but acceptable now?

I repeat: I’m confused. Can anyone help me?

VICTORIA NULAND: "Let them eat cookies!"
“Let them eat cookies!”

The anti-government protestors in Ukraine during the winter received visits from several prominent Western politicians, including US Senator John McCain, and Victoria Nuland from the US State Department who handed out cookies (pictured).

But there have been very large anti-government protests in many Western European countries in recent weeks, which have received no such support, either from such figures or from elite Western media commentators. Nor have protestors received free cookies from officials at the US State Department.

Surely if they were so keen on anti-government street protests in Europe, and regarded them as the truest form of ‘democracy’, McCain and Nuland would also be showing solidarity with street protestors in Madrid, Rome, Athens and Paris? I’m confused. Can anyone help me?

A few weeks ago I saw an interview with the US Secretary of State John Kerry who said, “You just don’t invade another country on phony pretexts in order to assert your interests.” But I seem to recall the US doing just that on more than one occasion in the past 20 years or so.

Have I misremembered the ‘Iraq has WMDs claim’? Was I dreaming back in 2002 and early 2003 when politicians and neocon pundits came on TV every day to tell us plebs that we had to go to war with Iraq because of the threat posed by Saddam’s deadly arsenal? Why is having a democratic vote in Crimea on whether to rejoin Russia deemed worse than the brutal, murderous invasion of Iraq – an invasion which has led to the deaths of up to 1 million people? I’m confused. Can anyone help me?

We were also told by very serious-looking Western politicians and media ‘experts’ that the Crimea referendum wasn’t valid because it was held under “military occupation.” But I’ve just been watching coverage of elections in Afghanistan, held under military occupation, which have been hailed by leading western figures, such as NATO chief Anders Fogh Rasmussen as a “historic moment for Afghanistan” and a great success for “democracy.” Why is the Crimean vote dismissed, but the Afghanistan vote celebrated? I’m confused. Can anyone help me?

Syria too is rather baffling. We were and are told that radical Islamic terror groups pose the greatest threat to our peace, security and our ‘way of life’ in the West. That Al-Qaeda and other such groups need to be destroyed: that we needed to have a relentless ‘War on Terror’ against them. Yet in Syria, our leaders have been siding with such radical groups in their war against a secular government which respects the rights of religious minorities, including Christians.

When the bombs of Al-Qaeda or their affiliates go off in Syria and innocent people are killed there is no condemnation from our leaders: their only condemnation has been of the secular Syrian government which is fighting radical Islamists and which our leaders and elite media commentators are desperate to have toppled. I’m confused. Can anyone help me?

color-al-qaeda-terror-web “They blame me for 9/11 — and here they are supporting me  in Syria!”

Then there’s gay rights. We are told that Russia is a very bad and backward country because it has passed a law against promoting homosexuality to minors. Yet our leaders who boycotted the Winter Olympics in Sochi because of this law visit Gulf states where homosexuals can be imprisoned or even executed, and warmly embrace the rulers there, making no mention of the issue of gay rights.

Surely the imprisonment or execution of gay people is far worse than a law which forbids promotion of homosexuality to minors? Why, if they are genuinely concerned about gay rights, do our leaders attack Russia and not countries that imprison or execute gay people? I’m confused. Can anyone help me?

We are told in lots of newspaper articles that the Hungarian ultra-nationalist party Jobbik is very bad and that its rise is a cause of great concern, even though it is not even in the government, or likely to be. But neo-Nazis and ultra-nationalists do hold positions in the new government of Ukraine, which our leaders in the West enthusiastically support and neo-Nazis and the far-right played a key role in the overthrow of Ukraine’s democratically elected government in February, a ‘revolution’ cheered on by the West.

Why are ultra-nationalists and far-right groups unacceptable in Hungary but very acceptable in Ukraine?

I’m confused. Can anyone help me?

We are told that Russia is an aggressive, imperialist power and that NATO’s concerns are about opposing the Russian ‘threat’.

But I looked at the map the other day and while I could see lots of countries close to (and bordering) Russia that were members of NATO, the US-led military alliance whose members have bombed and attacked many countries in the last 15 years, I could not see any countries close to America that were part of a Russian-military alliance, or any Russian military bases or missiles situated in foreign countries bordering or close to the US. Yet Russia, we are told, is the ‘aggressive one’.

I’m confused. Can anyone help me?

threatened by an ever-increasing number
of American and Nato bases,
is accused of being “aggressive”.
But how would the US feel if it were surrounded
by Russian and Chinese bases?


Neil Clark is a journalist, writer and broadcaster. His award winning blog can be found at www.neilclark66.blogspot.com.

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  1. Just my luck that I happen to be the first commenter on this increasingly worrisome website. So here’s what I think and believe and opine and know to be the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Ms Darkmoon has definitely lost her marbles in publishing this anti-American diatribe and giving it an introduction that is a complete travesty of what the article is about. She has totally misrepresented Neil Clark.

    This is what her introduction states:

    Neil Clark reflects on the mindboggling hypocrisy and double standards of the US and its NATO puppet states. Why are these superbullies so intent on nation wrecking and chaos creation all over the world? Can it be because they seek world domination under a small, secretive elite of Puppet Masters? (LD)

    The first sentence is correct: “Neil Clark reflects on the mindboggling hypocrisy and double standards of the US and its NATO puppet states.” OK, that’s what Mr Clark does. He is obviously anti-American and anti-Nato and is unaware that America and its Nato alles are the only bulwarks we have against the Asiatic barbarians, i.e., against putrid Putin and the slit-eyed hordes of China who are now marching in lockstep to bring about the Asiatic Plague — a world dominated by evil Ruskies and Chinks.

    The rest of Darkmoon’s introduction is a total farce. It contains the two silly sentences: “Why are these superbullies [America + Nato] so intent on nation wrecking and chaos creation all over the world? Can it be because they seek world domination under a small, secretive elite of Puppet Masters?”

    For a start, nowhere in Neil Clark’s original article is there any mention of America and Nato being engaged in “nation wrecking and chaos creation all over the world.” Nor is there the slightest reference to “Puppet Masters” or the vile suggestion that Jews could be the secret string pullers behind world events. The disgustingly antisemitic header picture makes it clear that Jews are the target of Ms Darkmoon’s deranged mind.

    All this evil filth derives from the sick imagination of Ms Darkmoon who in my opinion belongs in a loony bin.

      1. Zaq has his schtick, to be sure. But basically he’s indifferent. A dissolute sort of fellow.

        Sad really. But deep down is a goyim wannabe

      2. I don’t even read Seymore JEW Zak’s comments any more. What a waste of skin he is. The author uses the JEW term GAY and by doing so is minimizing the SICKNESS, and by minimizing is PROMOTING it. Why is it very few of you can see this. “Tolerance” for FILTH is the in thang today it seems.

    1. What a freaking jew-dus who are you trying to kid here. no one is falling for your mossad doublespeak!!

    2. whhahahah, the mainstream media propaganda machine did a great job brainwashing Seymour Zak. whahaha, you dumbed down sheeple!

      1. Maybe he isn’t brainwashed. Maybe he’s speaking from his heart.
        That’s good, let me what you really think.

        1. “Maybe he isn’t brainwashed. Maybe he’s speaking from his heart.”

          If he’s brainwashed, he IS speaking from the heart!

    3. There was no mention of jews being a part of any of it in the article…. you call darkmoon crazy, you seem to be crazy yourself… cheap crack I say! I read the article, I didn’t get any impressions of jews being targeted or blamed for anything yet you claim so and call the article anti-semitic/ WTF, guy? Not even any of the pictures refer to anything jewish. Get off the cheap crack, man…

      If you’re going to hate on someone, at least get your facts straight. Oh, and by the way…

      “He is obviously anti-American and anti-Nato and is unaware that America and its Nato alles are the only bulwarks we have against the Asiatic barbarians, i.e., against putrid Putin and the slit-eyed hordes of China who are now marching in lockstep to bring about the Asiatic Plague — a world dominated by evil Ruskies and Chinks.”

      If you’re going to complain about someone being prejudiced (anti-semitic) towards one people, don’t then make prejudiced (racist) remarks towards other peoples. You are being quite the hypocrite, calling other people barbarians, slit-eyed hordes, etc , showing a profound ignorance of them and their culture, and speaking in incredibly racist tones. Twit.

      1. Well said, Tamara! You have finally driven a stake through the evil vampire heart of Seymour Zak. I doubt he will ever return again.

    4. I would call you a delusional, (probable), Evangelical idiot but I can’t. To call you that would hint at you being the exception to a rule. You are the average Yankee fool. I’ll bet you have one of those utterly obscene “shrines” with the evil stars, (of David?), and stripes juxtaposed to the bible with other little sycophant idols. If The Christ himself ambled onto the scene and said the U.S. was wrong, you and your concentric cohorts would tar-feather him, hand him over to D.C.’s masters and ask if they had enough nails on hand this time. Totally unable of critical thought and loving it. Ever hear of “Annie Sprinkle”? Now THAT is one “obscene” excuse of a human being, or perhaps you prefer Marlene Dietrich’s ilk, anxious to bed male or female as long as it’s “pretty”? Since the noble boys in D.C. have deigned to release the U.S. born traitor Pollard who should have been sentenced to death but was given life w/o parole, (yeah, right), to a foreign (terrorist) government to again appease their paymasters, perhaps you should plan a trip to Tel Aviv to share in his “hero’s welcome”? Marrano.

    5. At first, I was going to point out that the USA is now the new USSR, and Russia, is now the ‘bastion of freedom’ in the world for Caucasians, but then I saw the handle.

      Seymour Zak.


      Oh. Never mind. Totally psychotic mind. Mired in antichrist thoughts.
      Move along….

    6. You are obviously american, those whose heads are stuck in the sand and deny that world wide genocide is going on all in the name of so called democracy, some countries do not understand it but rule by force as this is the only language they understand, third world countries understand violence democracy is foreign to them although they like the word and then blame the west for the failures

  2. You’re right about one thing though. Darkmoon writes in her intro:

    “Why are these superbullies [US + Nato] so intent on nation wrecking and chaos creation all over the world? Can it be because they seek world domination under a small, secretive elite of Puppet Masters?”

    It’s true, as you say, that nowhere in his article does Neil Clark touch on these points. I think Darkmoon is perfectly entitled to do so, however, on behalf of Neil Clark.

    I mean, maybe Neil Clark OUGHT to have tackled these important questions! And Darkmoon is basically saying to him: “It’s what you have LEFT OUT of your article that is of special interest!”

    I don’t think Darkmoon belongs in a loony bin, Zakky, I think YOU do!

  3. An excellent article by Neil Clark. Who is Neil Clark? He is a Brit who has written for the New Statesman in Britain and is an expert on Eastern Europe.

    It was Neil Clark who created quite a stir in the British media a few years ago when an article by him appeared in the New Statesman in which he revealed that most of the Russian oligarchs who had plundered the Soviet Union under Yeltsin were Jews.

    Neil was savagely attacked by David Aaranovitch, a bolsky Jewish journalist who now works for Rupert Murdoch at the Times. Though it was no secret that most of the thieving Russian oligarchs were Jews, you were not supposed to say this out loud in the British media at that time. You are still not allowed to do so.

    I wrote a letter to the New Statesman in defence of Neil for his courage in letting the cat out of the bag in regard to the Jewish ethnicity of the predatory Russian oligarchs. To my delight, my letter was published, along with other letters in support of Neil.

    Neil has to be very careful nowadays, as all good British writers have to be, not to mention the J-word and be sparing in their criticisms of the Jewish state. Ms Darkmoon lives in Britain too, I am told, and has fallen foul of the British press who refuse to publish a line she writes under her real name.

    This is what the Jews have done in all countries: they have created a pariah intelligentsia.

    1. Any semi-sane person would have to agree with the ‘pariah intelligentsia’ reality, but this is nothing new. Not at all. Nothing recently conjured so much as sustained.

      Marcus Tullius Cicero – “Softly! Softly! I want none but the judges to hear me. The Jews have already gotten me into a fine mess, as they have many other gentleman. I have no desire to furnish further grist for their mills.”

      Lucius Annaeus Seneca – “The customs of that most criminal nation have gained such strength that they have now been received in all lands. The conquered have given laws to the conquerors.”

      Thomas Aquinas – “The Jews should not be allowed to keep what they have obtained from others by usury; it were best that they were compelled to worked so that they could earn their living instead of doing nothing but becoming avaricious.”

      Ad infinitum..

      1. Hence the sensible slogan written above the Nazi camp entrances.
        Let them do the thing they most despise; ie work.

    2. pariah intelligentsia
      a nice term.

      but on reflection, it is the only valid kind of intelligentsia, it is intelligentsia’s job to be pariah and stand in opposition to the mindless exercise of power for the power’s sake, to be the people’s conscience, pinocchio’s jiminy cricket.

      what sort of intelligentsia is the sycophantic one, the one that passes for north american intelligentsia?
      it is an insult to its kind, jiminy cricket who exhorts pinocchio to grow a longer nose, all nice and brown.

      we here and those like us are the only western intelligentsia left.

    3. Yes you are so correct. Any criticism of anyone or anything pertaining to Israel is strictly verboten in the British MSM………..crikey! even Alex Jones’ site lets you have a good rip into them…………

  4. IMO, it is a hallmark of good journalism to allow the reader to draw his own conclusions – and give him food for thought at arriving at such. Obviously,
    Dr. Darkmoon has her VERY EDUCATED opinion to reflect, here, as hostess to this site (to which we’re very fortunate to have access!). The conclusions leading to Jewry’s involvement are not arbitrary, as Seymour Zak suggests; but, rather, conclusions drawn from considerations of history.

    Having said that, I have to say, also, that blanket condemnation of ALL Jews is guaranteed to result in ALL Jews behaving against the rest of us – if for no other reason than for righteous indignation at being cast into indiscriminate persecution for the acts of a few elites. (For instance, it seems in modern society that the likes of us southern, traditional American country boys is anathema to academia and correkt politik, so why shouldn’t WE automatically oppose ANYTHING from ‘The Other Side’ – if for no other reason than for maintenance of our species???)

    Yes, the Ukraine situation is, obviously, a money-motivated situation which will benefit a few elite Jews – but, also, a LOT of their goy/gentile associates. Just because I was born into Christianity, I’d rather NOT be persecuted for acts of ancestral wrongs (like witch-hunts, or The Inquisition).

    It ain’t ALL Jews, people!

    1. pejorative “jew”; actual jews and the all-corrupting stain of “jewification”.

  5. Neil Clark is stating what I have thought forever.. almost. I’m confused. But I’m just as angry as I am confused because they (whoever they are) treat us like such fools when they assume we won’t notice their lack of a coherent policy. Wrong!! I remember in the summer of 2002 when the tone changed and the U.S. started the obvious (Central America and the African adventures were more secretive) invasion of other countries based on total fabrications. People started saying things like the Emperor has no clothes. Oh, but you see the Emperor is still the Emperor and so he can be as arbitrary as he wants–you might just get murdered for no clothes but for Emperors they do what they want… and that’s where we are.

    As for Seymour… Seymour writes well but in platitudes. I’m anti-American because I don’t get the flip flopper American policy that makes zero sense. Since when did people talk indignantly about someone being anti-NATO, as if NATO were mom and apple pie? NATO is anti-humanity, anti-children, anti-community, anti-peace, and if I start getting creepy sensations about this bulk of military hardware cruising around the world menacing life and limb I’m somehow a bad person. Sorry. And I don’t want to dialogue about it either. I’m speechless… It’s like saying about anti-cruise missile or I’m anti-army tank. Well, yes, but why the lofty rhetoric?

  6. Thanks for informative and enlightening article. Consider also that every time Gorbachev visits Germany he reminds us that Washington agreed to disband NATO after Russia disbanded the Warsaw Pact. Instead of keeping its word Washington is again playing “gotcha.”

  7. Lasha,

    Confused? What’s there to be confused about. Just take a good look at the history of the actions of The United States Corporation. The “boots on the ground” of United States of Washington D.C., not to be confused with the people of America, have been for the past 125 years invading, pillaging, raping sovereign countries all over the world. Well even before that, but the reader might just start by examining the facts of the Spanish-American War and the events concerning the invasion of Cuba and the Philippines. And from that time to the present the list of countries attacked by The US is very long. The “story” is no different today. Same lies only blatantly spewed out by different people. Same game plan, only now its a new victim. Some, not all, of the most evil people in the world are found directing the United States Corporation’s evil game plan of death and destruction. Your readers need to take their “blinders” off and look at the facts.

  8. None of us can help, we are all confused.. I think that is the purpose of the exercise, the US/NATO probably use the MOSSAD motto.. Yes, I often wonder, as a member of NATO, what is”in it”, the perpetual wars of aggression, and aquisition, for countries such as Norway..

    1. Neil Clark, as an Englishman, is simply using irony, which is a rhetorical device Americans appear to have no understanding of.
      It is defined as saying the opposite of what you actually believe. Thus neither he, nor we, should be in the slightest degree confused by these sickeningly blatant examples of gross hypocrisy on the part of our leaders in the West.
      They are unreconstructed liars and hypocrites.
      This is what he is saying.
      And these are the defining characteristics of the jew, which he has refrained from saying.
      The only man standing against these jewish monsters ( Nuland-Nudelman, Kerry-Cohen, etc )
      is Vladimir Putin, a man constrained by his Christian faith; a faith which adopts as its foundational truths; “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God, thou shalt not bear false witness; thou shalt not kill, thou shalt not steal, thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s goods. “

      1. @Tim W, Putin is a JEW, and only an IDIOT would fall for the good cop routine he acts out, at this late stage of the game. To create wars, the Jew CONtrollers need enemies so they have to MANUFACTURE them for the IDIOT FRINGE who are chomping at the bit for WAR.

        1. russ hook,

          To you and others who are so inclined, there appears to be a need to look at various thoughtful comment threads, mainly from the article “God bless you President Putin!” by K. Barrett, to get a more comprehensive handle on where Putin may be coming from.

          Too many readers like you (T. Parsons comes to mind) ascribe to him a status of mere automaton playing a simple role in obeisance to his jew masters. When the truth is far more often than not comprised of intricate complexities.

          Begin with a premise of NOT KNOWING ANYTHING and go from there to broaden your consideration of things as they may be. Don’t allow yourself to be convinced of a viewpoint that comes from an incomplete base.

  9. How come the so-called good jew never renounces and condemns the behaviour of the
    bad jew?
    Answer: the good jew is okay with this behaviour and takes profits/benefits of the behaviourof the bad jews
    Conclusion: they are all the same

    1. “Bad” you are correct in your question and answer; and if you read Mein Kampf you will see Hitler saying almost identical words to you.
      Are “all Jews the same”?
      I think Henry Makow is on our side and always points out the evil Jewish hegemony of our planet. He links evil Jewry to Zionism, Marxism and the Illuminati.
      Of course, evil Jews are heavily loaded up in all these categories, as they are in the field of our burgeoning, planetary Satanism.
      The key is the most popular and widely read information source among evil Jewish rabbis – the Babylonian Talmud and its up-dated commentaries.
      This satanic crap legitimates everything evil in the world of man including paedophelia.

    2. There are jewish groups trying to expose what the bad jews are doing but you don’t hear about it because the mainstream media doesn’t report on it. So you are making an assumption that all jews are benefiting from what the bad jews are doing because you have not heard of opposition from good jews. Mainstream media’s silence is very effective in forming public opinion. This is a good example.

      These guys for instance: http://www.nkusa.org/ Orthodox Jews United Against Zionism. They want the Israeli land given back to the Palestinian people…. Isreal does not speak for all jews, though they claim to. Take a look outside the mainstream media and you will find good jews trying to stop bad jews. The mainstream are liars. If there are jews speaking against Isreal, would you call THEM anti-semitic?

      1. how is it possible that you consider the zionists being jewish considering the fact that they don’t follow the thora?
        who is cheating here?

      2. @ Tamara

        You talk good sense, Tamara. I assume you are Jewish and therefore would like to ask you a few questions.

        Are anti-Zionist Jews like you more likely to be religious or secular Jews? Would I be correct in assuming that you follow Torah? Are you conscious of the fact that Torah and Talmud are poles apart? Finally, would you regard any revisionist doubts about the Holocaust as unacceptable and insulting?

      3. Neturei Karta are bad jews too. But, as all jews learn at Baphomet’s breast, it is essential to deceive the goyim at every turn; indeed, it is easy, as you show by your comments. NK too are of their father the devil; as Talmudists, they all subscribe to the notion that the Son of God was a sorcerer, His mother was a whore, and He is boiling in excrement because he had the temerity to humiliate the disgusting rabbis of whose company they are an integral part.
        Let scripture define them.
        “For ye also have suffered of your own countrymen, even as they have of the jews.
        Who both killed the Lord Jesus, and their own prophets, and have persecuted us, and they please not God, and are contrary to all men.
        Forbidding us to speak to the Gentiles, that they might be saved, to fill up their sin alway, for the wrath is come upon them to the uttermost”.
        This is the very Word of God exposing the nest of vipers known as the synagogue of satan.

        1. Tim is spot on.

          The sad fact that must be faced is this:

          There are no good jews. Zip, zero, nada, none. For to be a good jew, the jew would have to reject all things jewish.

          There are good men who, though born jewish, recognized the brutality inherent in judaism. As a result of their acceptance of reality, they publicly renounced their heritage…. a gut-wrenching thing to do, I’m sure.

          Heinz Weichardt of the ‘Under Two Flags’ letter fame and Benjamin Freedman of the ‘Willard Hotel’ speech are two I’d be fairly comfortable labeling ‘good jews’ because they cast aside the cloak of ‘Chosen-ness’ that all jews, by definition, must wear with self-satisfied pride. They became good jews by rejecting their jewishness.

      1. Good point KPR, anyone who labels themselves a Jew deserves what they get. It’s like a SATANIST screaming to anyone who listens, “I AM A GOOD SATANIST!!!”

  10. Who are the Puppet Masters? They are definitely Talmudic Jews, who have for many centuries sought total world domination. Even in the New Testament they are called “enemies of the human race” and the “synagogue of Satan”. Mass murder to them is less than “collateral damage”, it is something good, since all non-Jews are merely “beasts fit for slaughter”, although they can of course be useful in temporary alliances to further Jewish domination. Even atheistic Jews believe they are the “Chosen People” – chosen by whom? It used to be by God during Old Testament times, but now it is a grotesque self-chosen state of being, at least many of them see it that way. In reality, though, they have been chosen by Satan as his special shock troops to bring about the damnation of as many souls as possible, the destruction of Christianity, especially the Catholic Church (which they have been infiltrating for centuries), and the destruction of all that is good, beautiful, and true. That’s the short answer at least.

    @ Gilbert Huntley
    You say “Just because I was born into Christianity, I’d rather NOT be persecuted for acts of ancestral wrongs (like witch-hunts, or The Inquisition).” Actually the Inquisition was a very necessary institution which was set up primarily to unmask and combat the machinations of the Jews both within the Catholic Church and in society. Sure there were some excesses, as there are when humans are involved in any kind of undertaking, but the numbers we all hear that were killed are grossly exaggerated, just like they are about the so-called “Holocaust”, which can more correctly named the Great Holohoax. If it weren’t for the Inquisition, Jewish control of Church and society back then would have been as great as it is today, and you and I wouldn’t even be here now. See the excellent book, The Plot against the Church, by Maurice Pinay, thoroughly documented and which can be read online here: http://www.catholicvoice.co.uk/pinay/ – see esp. chapters 11-31. But the whole book is unsurpassed in its documented revelations re- this diabolical spiritual and temporal cancer throughout the last 2000 years. I think it’s an even more important work than E Michael Jones’s The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit and Its Impact on Word History, great though that book is. Again, that’s the short answer.

    As for witch-hunts, that was an almost thoroughly Protestant phenomenon, one that is mostly, although not completely, to be deplored.

    1. @ Darrell

      Thanks for this intelligent and informative comment. You mention Maurice Pinay’s The Plot against the Church and give the online link, for which many thanks. However, many of us are pressed for time and reading entire books is not practical. I’m wondering if there are any articles about Pinay’s book that give a brief outline or summary of his main points?

    2. @Darrell

      A long time ago, I asked my grandmother to explain to me the difference between Baptists and Methodists (as it puzzled a young boy). She answered ‘Methodists can read.’ 🙂

      My point is that there exist so many blanket condemnations of sects and religions by others of a different view, there is NO WONDER of the confusion and conflicts arising therefrom! In the summation of matters, there is only the mammon system and the God system, here on earth. One or the other is what we all serve, to some degree.

  11. Some the so-called “radical Islamists” fighting in Syria have been found wearing IDF uniforms and carrying arms with “Made in Israel” markings.

    What about the “radical Jews and Christians” who have been trying to topple Assad’s regime?

    The multi-millionaire Tony Blair, former British prime minister and a war criminal, created Tony Blair Faith Foundation to cover his blood money. The so-called “interfaith” Tony Blair Faith Foundation is mainly funded by Ukrainian Jewish oligarch Victor Pinchuk. Pinchuk also has Israeli citizenship. He is also son-in-law of Leonid Kuchma, Ukraine’s former president. The TB Faith Foundation is also associated with the Zioconservative Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

    The “official” agenda of the “born again Catholic” Blair’s foundation is to project Islam and Muslims being the root cause of religious intolerance. Incidentally, Blair’s sister-in-law Lauren Booth converted to Islam in 2010.

    Recently, Tony Blair hired Peter Welby 23, as a researcher on religion and geopolitics at the foundation. Peter is son of Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury who has Jewish family roots.

    The latest articles published by the foundation under geopolitics and religion, include: Time magazine’s Jewish columnist David Aaronovitch calling governments in Iran and Russia as “pseudocracy”: “A country that gives people to vote but deals ruthlessly with dissent and blames foreigners for its problems“.

    I suppose, Aaronovitch never heard of US Jewish author, Marianne Williamson, who has claimed that both the US and Israel are NOT democratic states.


    1. “I suppose, Aaronovitch never heard of US Jewish author, Marianne Williamson, who has claimed that both the US and Israel are NOT democratic states.”

      No one nowadays with the slightest political intelligence believes that the US and Israel are “democratic” states. So Marianne Wiliamson is hardly unique or original in stating the obvious. In fact, Darkmoon has said many times that the US is “a crypto-fascist state masquerading as a democracy” and has urged people not to vote.

      Anyone who votes in the US (or elsewhere for that matter) is politically naive. He is merely legitimizing the totalitarian regime whose only purpose is to promote elite interests. If the US were democratic, how come it spends all its time overturning democratically elected governments in other parts of the world?

      I would say to all commenters on this site: DON’T VOTE — IT’S A WASTE OF TIME.

      1. Not voting is the simplest and safest act of rebellion. It is telling your rulers what you think of them.

      2. Absolutely agree.

        Voting gives legitimacy to the system. Not to mention the idea of ‘choosing’ which already bought-and-paid-for whore (‘oh jeez. should I vote for the republican or the democrat?’) is a total waste of time.

        I yearn for the day when 90% of a nation’s people refuse to play this silly game and recognize it for what it is: Bullshit.

  12. Da 7:19 Then I would know the truth of the fourth beast, which was diverse from all the others, exceeding dreadful, whose teeth were of iron, and his nails of brass; which devoured, brake in pieces, and stamped the residue with his feet;

    Zbigniew Brzezinski uses the term balkanization in regards to United States foreign policy in that region of the world. It has worked very well because it is easier to divide and conquer, break up and destroy, rather than build up and bring prosperity to a country. Who indeed are the puppet masters?

  13. The U.S. is a host nation for the Zionists who are using our military to depopulate the Muslim world, while they loot and destroy our nation, from within. They own the money, media and minds of America. In 458 B.C. (not B.C.E.) the petty Palestinian tribe of Judah produced a racial creed that has carried its mission of destruction from Babylon to Palestine to Europe to Russia to the USA. The Zionists, like the Talmud rabbis, like the Pharisees, like the Levites, before them, have used goyim to kill goyim. (Jew Stalin had 60+ million goyim murdered (1939-1953). Like Leon Pinsker said, at an early Zionist Congress– “.., to exert irresistible pressure on the international politics of the present”… “Hear O Israel, you are to cross the Jordan, enter in and dispossess nations greater and stronger than yourselves”, Deuteronomy 9:1. Deepwater Horizon was no accident (HAARP) and a few weeks before Fukushima (HAARP) Extinction Event, Japan came out in favor of a Palestinian state. Larry Silverstein bought the WTC for $16 million less than the next bidder, and made $4.5 Billion from the insurance (Mossad), There are so many dots to connect (hidden-in plain-sight) , but Americans are under the curse of Cassandra, i.e. the Stockholm Syndrome via The Holocaust Hoax (see Illya Ehrenberg’s 6-million invention) including Meyer Levin’s fictional Diary of Anne Frank. etc etc etc

    1. Wilson, I commend you on your contribution. You are correct: The “dots are in plain sight, but very few can join them.” You are also correct in that the fiendish Jews use “Goyim to kill Goyim.” Fact or fiction, this is the basis of the Babylonian Talmud and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. These books form the basis of all Satanism. … As for what Tamara says, she is correct, and there are small groups of Jews opposed to Zionism and their rogue state creation, Israel. … But, it must always be remembered that ALL Jewish religious observance ends at the finish of their Torah/OT/5 Books of Moses. … Even the “good” Jews hate and despise Jesus, whom they describe as “the bastard son of a whore, born in menstrual blood.” … And even “good” Jews believe, ultimately, in their YHWH’s direction to “leave none breathing … destroy them all”, if the right occasion presents itself. … Some Jewish groups have described George Soros as their living Messiah. … Meanwhile, over in Islam, the Sunnis keep on murdering the Shi’ites; and both groups hate the Infidels. … The only Abrahamic religion that says you should be tolerant and love all the people of the world, is that created by Jesus and his followers; although we can delete some 100 million pro-Israel, American, Christian-Zionists from their number. These C-ZIOS are actually raising funds to support the Israeli Messianic settlers in their ongoing genocide of the Palestinians; and now the Bedouin. … As for the lunatic “Jews for Christ”, they might as well change their name to “Christians”, as Christ’s “multitudes” did!

      1. A disconnect here.
        You state that YHVH told the jews to “destroy them all”, implicitly therefore, the goyim are to be exterminated by the jews.
        But this claim cannot be substantiated, because it is simply not true. Certain peoples in Canaan were to be exterminated because they were the incurably wicked and degenerate Moloch and Baal-worshipping offspring of the giants of old, such as the Zamzumim, the Amorites, the Anakim, and certain of the Philistines, etc. But strangers were to be welcomed into the fold of the Children of Israel, if they fully embraced the Law. Thus;
        “One manner and one law shall serve, both for you and for the stranger that dwelleth with you”.
        You differentiate between YHVH and the Lord Jesus Christ; one being evil by implication, and vengeful, the other beneficent and loving. But they are the same Person!
        The proof is that Hebrew letters have a meaning. The meaning of the four letters in the Tetragrammaton is “Behold the hand, Behold the nail”.
        Thus the Lord Jesus Christ is the incarnation of YHVH.

        1. Tim W, you are the reason Christians are so f**#! up at the moment. You are an idiot and cannot understand the huge chasm between the old and new covenants. Your petty nit-picking is a disgrace and you have no concept of the big picture, rather ocuppying yourself with petty triflings such as “God/YHWH told the Israelites to only kill (genocide) a few selected really evil tribes! He might do the same today with the porn masters of LA. or the whole of the USA, which is the modern “hall of Satan.”
          Yes, if you are as insanely religious as you are, you falsely interpret the Bible as one continuous book and thus say the Jewish God of vengeance and wrath (a scum, genocidal-inciting, mythical god) is the same as “the lamb.” You are kidding yourself boyo! The Jewish YHWH is not worth a pinch of shit! All he encouraged was bedlam and DEATH; exaxtly what the ZIO-Jews are doing throughout the world right at this minute. And they say they are only following their YHWH’s orders to reclaim their promised homeland. But you would not understand any of this with your small, delineating, over-sexed, theological mind!

        2. no shit, eh Max?

          TimW, I want you to calm down, relax a bit, and walk, no, RUN away from whatever the hell it is you’re reading!

  14. American Foreign Policy is totally being dictated by the dissenting ruling minority that took over it’s government many years ago.
    Its a policy of bombs, lies, and debt enslavement. It remains incoherent because truth and reason are a threat to expose it and stop it.

  15. Neil Clark has been writing accurate stories about what’s happening in the world a lot longer than Seymour Zak has been plaguing this website as the designated Jewish troll whose task is to ridicule Lasha Darkmoon no matter how drastically he must subvert reality and tell outright lies. Like most Jewish writers he should be completely ignored.

    About the tendency to not use the word Jew when describing crimes of a political or sociological nature, I would tend to disagree with the consensus among the comments here that one must use a synonym or speak in indirect terms in order to be published in Jewish controlled media when writing about Jewish criminality. Not naming the criminals only prolongs their evasion of justice. The fact is, any publication that doesn’t openly label Jewish criminals for what they are is not worth reading, no matter how “powerful” they appear to be.

    1. Yes, I agree with you that mentioning the J-word is important. But there are certain anti-Zionist websites that are anxious to remain on the right side of respectability and don’t want be classified as virulently anti-Semitic. These prefer to refer to Jews in vague, euphemistic terms.

      The point is this, John. On a site like Kevin MacDonald’s Occidental Observer, which I rate very highly as a source of information, the readers are so sophisticated and clued-up that they don’t need to be told that Jews own the media or dominate Hollywood. If you use a neutral phrase like “elite media”, the readers at TOO know at once who you are talking about. They are experts at decoding language.

      There is much to be said for understatement and ironical innuendo. Sometimes this has more impact.

  16. @ Montecristo
    @ Lasha Darkmoon

    Please try harder to monitor this website more carefully for hate speech. The antisemitic comments directed at me personally are unacceptable.

  17. is “christkiller” an antisemitic word now that successive popes declared jew innocent of the crime and shifted the blame onto romans?
    in which case it is an anti-italian pejorative, sort of like “cosa nostra”.

    so my question devolves to whether it still constitutes hate speech and incitement to holocaust italians, no tutti italiani solo 6 milioni.

    we have 2 choices, yes? let’s parse them a bit.
    if it is not a term of hate speech, i am free to call for extermination of christkillers, actually not even.
    “let’s shut down the christkillers deny them any access to public life, banking and such”
    and jew should be fine with that, yes?

    or if it is the hate speech and forbidden as such, then the question is what happened to christ, did he commit suicide since apparently no one killed him.

  18. Seymour, you have been holding the “anti-semetic trump card” all along.
    Why did you wait so long to play it?

  19. Lobro, the anti-semetic canard that was developed a few hundred years ago and propagated still today by the MSM was basically designed to curtail and subvert any criticism of Jewish crimes against Christians and humanity.
    It doesn’t include the subversion of criticism of Arabic Semites or Christian Semites.

    1. Busy killing Jews — that is, if he’s actually practicing what he preaches. 🙂

  20. “I’m confused” Don’t be, it’s really quite simple, there is but one question that dominates western civilization today – Is it good for Jews? Jews are the quintessential chameleon race. This should be quite obvious by the way they continually change their names at the drop of a hat to anything that sounds innocuously non-Jewish. Ask yourself how many people do I know that have legally changed their names? There’s a clue about whom is in hiding and who operates openly. My favorite examples of this nom de chicanery are “Ashley Montague” and “Sumner Redstone.” When you read an article about hateful racism by someone named Ashley Montague, there is an automatic assumption you are dealing with a white person, most likely of British descent. So how would white ideas change or develop if the article was written up front with a name like “Israel Ehrenberg?” In fact if every Jew promoting multiculturalism and diversity used their actual Jewish names, it would overwhelmingly obvious who is behind the politics of implementing such concepts throughout western culture. Sadly, the gyoim are easily fooled by such transparent ruses. But changing names is far more innocuous than changing political horses. When it serves their interests, Jews willingly become, Christians, fascists, communists, religious, atheist, Torquemada super Christians or Satan worshiping Anton LeVeys filled with love and/or hate for both friends and enemy as need arises. Jews are the ultimate race of hypocrites who chastise white cultures for racism, apartheid and genocide while embracing those very standards for Israeli society. Israeli treatment of the native Palestinians prove this beyond any dispute. Look how Jews paint the American Negro in the media, then examine at how they paint their Somalian immigrants in the Israeli press. Is this not the most blatant hypocrisy? Look at Jews like Joe Slovo and what he did to free the “oppressed” South African Negro, then look at the racist, genocidal, apartheid state of Israel, is this not the most blatant form of hypocrisy. How can this bizzaro anomaly of accepting the idea that what’s good for the goose is never good for the gander be explained? Simply by the fact that gullible goyim believe whatever the Jewish media tells them, marching lockstep in concert with these racially suicidal programs, while never calling Jews into question for adopting diametrically opposite views and policies for themselves. If the Jew media says a naked king is wearing the most beautiful robes, then the gullible goyim believe it to a point where they will write long winded articles describing the types of material and the exact fashion of the clothes. Likewise, if Jews tell the goyim their president is a white, U.S. citizen working for white interest, then without the slightest examination, stupid sheeple unquestioningly accept this as fact.
    When it comes to obvious effrontery and purposeful misrepresentation, Jews are in a class by themselves. There is a special Jewish term for in-your-face, lying, double-dealing hypocrisy. The word is “Chutzpa,” a Yiddish word applied almost universally to Jews simply because no other race can come close to their in-your-face double speak. So there is no need for confusion here, every question one has about America’s double-dealing hypocrisy in global politics and economics comes down to one question- is it good for Jews? In every case where this traditional Jewish standard is applied, one will find the answer they seek.

  21. Would figure that the six-pointed pentagram supporter would first to comment. He was probably notified by the Mossad that Darkmoon has put up another post.

    Yes, you don’t have to look far to find the Jooish influence in all things detrimental to humanity. From parasite Central Banks, to poisonous Medical, chemical and now biological agents, to covert destabilization, the Jooish interests never sleep. They serve the Rothschilds and their underlings in exchange for minimal exposure.

    And just think…..all this because a BOOK OF LIES! ou’d think humanity would come out o fits slumber and cast aside all these fables and nonsense, but I guess real human beings desperately want something to believe – and when all that’s offered is a LIE, they’ll cling to even that.

    I certainly wouldn’t want to be part of that despicable ‘religion’ when the world learns the ‘exodus’ and the ‘wandering’ are all just so much grad ‘A’ B.S.; that there never was a parting of the sea and the ‘promised land’ is a just a feeble excuse to justify stealing. That the entire book is based upon fiction, forgery, fable, falsehood and LIE.

    1. You will wish therefore to explain the following.
      Beneath the waters of the Gulf of Aqaba, halfway down its length, is a seven-mile wide compacted sandy causeway. It gently slopes down into the water from a beach called to this day “Nuweiba al- Mousa”, on the Sinai side, and eventually rises again to the beach on the far side, where there is a pillar dating from the Solomonic era. The presence of this underwater causeway is somewhat of an anomaly, because the Gulf of Aqaba is a major fault line in the earth’s crust; elsewhere, the Gulf is distinguished by its precipitous, craggy, and vertiginous depths, which drop off thousands of feet into the abyss.
      Scattered right the way along this causeway are golden chariot wheels and human and equine rib cages. The style of the chariot wheels is that of 14th century BC Egypt.
      You Tube has the video evidence for these assertions.
      I commend it to you.

      1. Tim,

        Methinks a lot of these ‘intellectuals’ have not studied the Bible much, at all. A person is not very well-educated without some knowledge thereof – and no more than a blustering windbag. Don’t bother debating the fools…

  22. We’re looking forward to Ms. Nuland and her husband Mr. Kagan getting the “Benghazi” treatment, which is the least they deserve.

  23. There is so much truth in the Polish proverb, “The Jew cries out in pain while he is striking you.”And it can be applied to so much Jewish diabolically criminal behavior today and throughout history.

    1. classic case in point of a picture being worth a thousand words portraying the psychopathic mindset: that of Shimon Peres beseeching to the heavens, “why must we kill and kill?”

      As if to ask, “why do they not know that we are the masters ordained by God, they the slaves who don’t understand that their lot is to succumb to what should be seen as our obvious supremacy.”

  24. Thought for the day.

    The classic statement in favor of patriotism is the Roman poet Horace’s famous line, Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori — “Sweet and fitting it is to die for your country.” Was this ever true? What if your country isn’t worth dying for? What if it’s being run by psychopaths?

    1. in that case i would go with lonnie’s logic:

      Dulce et decorum est pro patria interficere

      (did i get this right, ma’am?)

  25. “To die for an idea: it is unquestionably noble. But how much nobler it would be if men died for ideas that were true.” (Mencken)

    1. Mencken says it much better than I could.

      I can think of nothing more obscene than to appeal to the patriotic instincts of young Americans, getting them to fight for freedom and democracy in Iraq and Afghanistan, only to have them come back to America without their arms and legs. It must be a bitter experience for these mangled young men, as they lie in some hospital ward awaiting their wheelchairs and prosthetic limbs, to realize that it was all for nothing. That they were conned into fighting for a bunch of war criminals like Bush and Blair and their Jewish masters.

      1. Both of you say it better than I can.

        Every imminent soldier should be required to view the movie “Johnny Got His Gun” before they sign and pledge.

  26. It is certainly noble to die for your country when you are defending it from evil invaders who are about to kill your family and friends, rape your womenfolk, and carry your wives and children away into slavery. Many have died for these things in the past, and nothing could be nobler than to die defending your loved ones.

    But to be the violent aggressors, as America and America’s Nato puppets are, putting millons of innocents to death in foreign lands, can anything be be ignobler and more obscene? To fight and die for filthy war criminals and superbully predators, that has to be the ultimate sin.

    1. It’s been said the only time Americans have fought and died for freedom was the Revolutionary War and the Civil War (South).

    2. I couldn’t give less of a shit about middle eastern goatfuckers who get smoked by American bombs. If those fucking savages were in our lands they’d be raping and murdering our women as they always have throughout the centuries.

      No, I don’t care about wars of aggression, I only care about wars of aggression that don’t benefit us. The indian wars were wars of aggression, but we benefitted from them because we gained a beautiful continent from them. We don’t gain anything from these modern wars, they serve only to benefit rich kikes.

  27. Cha-heesus!
    You want wholesale slaughter, mass stupidity and moronic vanity writ large? Welcome to Europe under the variety of princely idiots who gave you the Hundred Years’ War, the die-in-the-mud-in-some-foreign-ditch kind of history that went on like friggin clockwork blood puppetry before Kikey T ever got up and going.

    The basic rule is – whomsoever is chosen to rule must strive to increase the bodycount. Hell, that’s progress. And we all have a right to participate now – jew or gentile.

  28. For the record, I am not anti anybody. But it is clear that the Christian zionists, who are pro-Israel, have a dominion theology, wanting to take over the earth. It’s a joke. The CZ keep saying if we don’t intervene than the land of Israel will be split and that would be ‘bad’. True Israel (the one GOD speaks of in the Bible) is spiritual. So it is not just ‘Jews’ (those that say the are but are not Rev 3) that want to take over the world, it is the silly Christians that are hooked and sunk.

    I am sick of wars. I am sick of all people being hurt and abused. I am sick of the fighting. I am sick of the lack of TRUTH. It’s like swimming in a giant ocean of poop!

    And for all those that would tell the truth, we’ve got plenty of people like the first guy who commented, always calling us crazy. Darkmoon rock on!


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