Who are the real killers? — by Julius Sequerra


Elliot Rodger, Psychopath (CLICK TO EXPAND)
Elliot Rodger, Psychopath

Elliot Rodger, psychopath (pictured)  . . .  he and his victims are big news nowadays. But who is the Grand Daddy of all psychopaths, the psychotic killer who murders innocent women and children every day of the year with impunity? When will this cowardly mass murderer be exposed to contempt in the media and finally collect his evil karma?

Frankly, I’ve had it with the asphyxiating 24/7 media coverage over the past week of this madman’s savagery. Not to mention all the emails expressing outrage and seemingly inconsolable grief at the “awful, pointless loss of life,” etc., etc., etc.

My response: GET OVER IT.

Step away from the media avalanche, clear your heads, and look objectively at the bigger picture, my friends. Considering the carnage we Americans have wreaked over just the past 50 years, butchering literally millions of innocent women, children and infants around the world, it would take a million ‘Elliott Rodgers’ to level the scales.

We, as a nation, have butchered innocent people of all walks of life on a scale that, if we’d allow it, would paralyze our senses. And we continue on our rampage with nary a thought nor a shred of remorse. Entire families, their friends, colleagues have been victims of indiscriminate, random US “carpet bombings” and drone attacks on a barely imaginable scale — atrocities which, had they been committed by any other nation, the ‘international community’  would unhesitatingly condemn as war crimes.

Instead, they are lauded as “liberation.”

Following a ‘typical’ US attack, the bereaved friends and helpers of these poor souls try, hour after hour, to collect body parts – bits of bone, flesh, a bit of a skull or jaw and attempt to establish by skin color, texture, which bloody fragments belong to which beloved person, ensuring the right remains are placed together in the shroud, coffin…These pathetic shredded pieces are of infants, children, husbands, wives, sons, daughters, brothers, aunts, uncles, grandparents.

In having observed over twenty years of unending US aggression following the self-inflicted “attack” on 9/11 (in which we murdered 3,000 of our own citizens), one example stays indelibly engraved on my mind.

During the 1991 attack on Iraq, Mohammed, an Iraqi child, was just ten years old when he went to stay overnight with his mother and four siblings — including a baby brother just weeks old. The ‘safe house’ they chose was Baghdad’s Ameriyah air raid Shelter.

The Shelter, equipped with bunk beds, showers, generator-driven electricity, television, kitchens, was a haven of normality and safety in a city where the electricity and water system had been deliberately destroyed, being “carpet bombed” daily.

This temporary sanctuary was purposely targeted by the US who had obtained the plans, and identified the weak points, the ventilation shafts. All but fourteen of the six hundred mothers, children and elderly for whom the Shelter was reserved, were incinerated.

Mohammed was just ten when he survived the inferno. He rescued an old man “whose flesh came away in my hands,” and a baby. His mother and siblings burned to death right before his eyes. Below is a photo of what was left of one of Mohammed’s cousins.

Iarqi child maimed by America


You see, for a swathe of the world, our “9/11” is their “24/7.” Entire battalions of Elliott Rodgers visit them on a daily basis.

So, to those who continue to raise an endless hue and cry about this lunatic’s rampage, pour out their pity for his victims, and express their revulsion, I say this:

Wake up! Remove those ‘patriotic’ rose-tinted glasses that blind you to our own unspeakable atrocities against the citizens of other nations. And view things from a more realistic perspective.

You’ll find Elliot Rodger’s rampage to be literally a drop in the huge bucket of blood that we Americans all collectively help to carry.

Think about it.


Who are real killers?

77 thoughts to “Who are the real killers? — by Julius Sequerra”

  1. i have seen the picture of the de-limbed kid several times now – that expression speaks beyond any volume of words.

    it may be the hardest picture of all for me to look at, it literally tears me up.

    no mercy, no forgiveness, no consideration for the killers and their masters, the coat-tailed moneychanging tabernacle vultures, shapeshifters congregating at bilderberg and posh resorts to plan further mayhem while speaking in upper crust honeyed lisp, “puyt-puty, i saaay old chap”.

    and just now obama is giving the graduation speech to west point cadets as they are sent on more seek-and-destroy humanitarian acts of talmudic charity.

    You will represent a nation with history and hope on our side. Your charge, now, is not only to protect our country, but to do what is right and just. As your commander-in-chief, I know you will. May G-d bless you. May G-d bless our men and women in uniform. And may G-d bless USA

    And may all kiss Jew anus, forever and ever, Amen.

    (and may they all spend the rest of the life of universe in the well-earned fire)

    1. Rodger another jew. The jew are a great asset for humanity and the world.
      Fuck them all

  2. I look at the US Military and see wasted potential. It’s the most effective fighting force in the world, but unfortunately it serves Jewish ends.

    If you think about it, America is hated globally because we fight for Jewry and nothing else. If Americans controlled America, we would never have fought in WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, or Afghanistan, and we wouldn’t be flooding foreign cultures with rap music, porn, and Hollywood movies.

    I just wish that foreigners would understand that their quarrel is not with America, it’s with Jewry. Americans haven’t controlled America for over a century now.

    But going back to my first point, I would become the most pro-American patriot ever if I woke up one day and saw American tanks rolling down the streets of Tel Aviv blasting the fuck out of everyone and everything they see.

    1. SPQR,

      Yes, I have to agree with you. The world hates America and this is because America has become Jewland. Patriots like you are appalled. You’ve been taken over by Big Jewry and you don’t like it. The Jewified government, the Israelified police state, is not of your choosing. If you had your way, Tel Aviv would be flattened.

      So far, so good.

      Trouble is, SPQR, you’re in a very small minority of less than 1%. Most Americans don’t think like you. They are faithful slaves of Jewland, fighting and dying for a foreign people and only too happy to live under the Jewish yoke.

      Hell, most Americans don’t even know they are slaves! They actually believe they live in a democratic country. Little do they know that they and their children are being led like lambs to the slaughter…

      1. Yeah and if there were ever a patriotic coup that ousted the Jews from power, there’d be millions of White Christian fucktards crusading against “dem Jesus-hatin’ Nazzis!” in D.C.

        Those fat fucks in the South and Midwest already believe Obama is an Israel-hating Muslim communist, even though the guy supports a $40 billion arms deal for Israel and hasn’t touched a single Jew capitalist on Wall Street.

        The average White American is a worthless retard.

      2. Spot on Sardonicus!
        Jewland is the USA!
        You Goyim are dumbed-down, willing and obedient slaves! Your administration is run by what you Americans call “LAWMAKERS.” “Lawmakers” is just a perverted name for corrupt politicians, Jewish and Goyim.
        They are entrusted to enforce key elements of the Jews’ “Moaiac Law.” This Law protects Jews ONLY; and sees the Gentiles as mindless slaves. As Dr. Rabbi Alan Unterman of the Gatley Synagogue in England said in A Handbook of Living Religions (PENGUIN), whilst quoting the Zorah (kabbalistric work) “Jews have a different quality of soul to Gentiles.” As PM Ben Gurion and as PM Ariel Sharon repeated: “Jews have a higher morality than mere Gentiles.”
        Yes, I see this higher morality in all your Jewish productions that unfortunately reach Aussie shores: Sex and the City, Big Bang Theory, Fockers, Friends, the Goldbergs, American Pie, etc.
        I watched a snippet of Miley Cyrus’s new porno tape, which is widely avail in Oz. Miley is a Jewish product, as are most of your celebrities.
        Anyway, a fully shaved Miley sure knows how to give it out after concerts! Young Aussie kids are watching their idol do all the sucking and fucking things. As for the Jewess Pink’s concert in OZ, the little girls are going to Miley’s concerts sans their panties.

      3. “Hell, most Americans don’t even know they are slaves! They actually believe they live in a democratic country. Little do they know that they and their children are being led like lambs to the slaughter…”

        Typical bumper stickers here:
        If you Love your Freedom, Thank a Vet (And if I don’t ‘love my ‘freedom’ should I blame a vet?)
        Freedom isn’t Free! (a contradiction on a number of levels)
        If my Flag Offends You, I’ll Help You Pack! (if my disdain for your flag offends you, I’ll offer you my middle finger)
        Back to Back World War Champs! (I kid you not)

  3. Hi All: A short note to hand to your insidious Christian-Zionist friends: You know, the so-called NEO-CONS who are in bed with your ZIO-Jewish hegemony! David Axelrod, Dianne Feinstein, Janet Yellen, Rahm Emanuel and token Jews, Bush and Obama!
    “All aspiring Christians MUST realize, once and for all, that it is grossly futile, even entirely EVIL, to attempt reconciliation (we are buddies/fellow spirits!) with Jesus-hating Jewish persons. If “the whole word is lying in the power of the wicked one”, as is claimed in I John 5:19, then by courting the Jew’s genocides and wars in the Middle East, Christians have turned themselves towards absolute EVIL. … In fact, many of us are every bit as EVIL as the type of “Christians” described by author Robert Kaplan in his book Imperial Grunts: “At one point I found myself with a mobilised Christian force, where I witnessed the following before the invasion of Iraq: There were several hundred Marines huddled together on the flatness of the Kuwaiti desert. Bagpipes sounded Amazing Grace. Our Chaplain, Steve Pike, read from Deuteronomy. Then he thanked God for such a dry, hard place where the Marines could do the difficult spiritual work necessary to experience the glory of Easter. … At the end of the service, rumbling lightly over the desert, was the sound of hundreds of voices: ‘Our Father, which art in heaven, hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come … onwards into battle!’ … An hour later the bodies of thousands of fleeing Iraqis littered the desert sands.” … The difficult spiritual work had been completed! The desert had been sanitised, Christian style! … The “glory of Easter” would be observed in triumph! … The Jews’ YHWH would be smiling! … The “Christian” marines washed the blood from their hands in order to eat their celebratory, chocolate Easter eggs! … They opened their loving messages from home!”
    “Oh, ye hypocrites!” You murdering, raoping scum!

    1. Replace the bodies of those thousands of Iraqis with the bodies of thousands of Israelis and you’d be cheering for it, as would most on this site, even the senile pacifists who blather about world peace and universal love.

      1. “senile pacifists who blather about world peace and universal love”

        Obviously you would consider me one of those ringleaders, eh legionnaire?

        Shows how little you listen. All I’m pointing out is the spark that ignited what has culminated to what we’re seeing now.

        Cause and effect

        And this makes me a blathering senile pacifist? You think I don’t share the thinking of lobro and Sardonicus with regard to, e.g.; their most recent posts?

        I feel as much hatred towards this Satanic monstrosity as you, maybe more if you can believe that. The problem I have with you and so many others is that when hatred is all-consuming we are useless in being effective with however we may fight evil.

        This is 2,000 years AFTER this whole travesty could have been nipped in the bud.

        2,000 YEARS!!!

        Will we see justice? Alot of business to take care of.

        And you know what they say
        Rome wasn’t built in a day


      2. I wouldn’t glory in anybody dying or being murdered! We don’t solve social problems by killing people.
        Sorry, maybe I am too much of a mother, to agree to any kind of bloodshed.

        1. Good place to segue into another post.

          You can never be too much of a mother, Deirdre. That the power of the Divine Mother didn’t hold sway (yet) is the whole crux of the problem.

          This whole human experience is of course a war of good vs. evil. And people like the legionnaire are DEAD WRONG with their perception as to what degree “race” may enter into the equation. What it comes right down to is a war of essences.

          For the sake of reference, call evil some kind of stubborn resistance to hold on to the ancient reptillian brain. Whose existence is a direct reflection of, or INFERS the human heart in an unrelenting state of undevelopment.

          When Christ appeared here 2,000 years ago his presence afforded humanity its first opportunity, or at least glimpse for it to move away from what was becoming a bad habit of behavior – a perpetuation of this ancient brain activity

          So far so good

          But Satan of course immediately recognized the formidable power threatening his very existence. Christ must be killed before any continuation of his presence on Earth could, “heaven forbid”, move the Roman propensation for benevolent dictatorship in the wrong direction, so far as HE was concerned.

          woulda coulda shoulda

          HAD Christ lived on here, a benevolent dictatorship would have become instilled with Divinity. In effect, Rome, as say represented by Pilate would have eventually had that “lightbulb moment” and understood EXACTLY what they were impressed by in Christ. This of course didn’t happen, and be-CAUSE it didn’t we’ve seen history play out as it has ever since.

          “The Greatest Story Ever Told”

          Part I: sneak preview
          Part II: The BIG SHOW

          Fight fire with water
          Become dousers
          Find the water

        2. “We don’t solve social problems by killing people.”

          Keep telling yourself that, as the Jews go around the world ruthlessly killing all of their opponents and maintaining- even increasing- their level of control.

          Christian moralism is the worst thing to ever happen to the White mind. It has made most Whites literally incapable of doing what needs to be done to free their own people… just as the Jew Saul intended when he invented the religion.

    1. I believe most who grovel at the feet of Hagee, Osteen, etc do so out of fear. So afraid of God’s rejection, they believe that tuning in and sending money to these ‘men of god’ will earn them brownie points with the Creator.

      To turn their backs on the BS these rich sonsabitches would risk eternal damnation.

      Fear drives actions in this jewish world.

      1. My comment above was posted incorrectly – should have been under Deidre’s comment above. My error.

  4. The OT is a gentile extermination primer, there is no other theme that includes gentiles.
    Gentiles are nothing more than a profit centre to the chosen, nothing more than heavy lift beasts of burden, disposable and despicable.

    You cannot expect anything to change since the OT doesnt change.

    There is not a single sentence in the OT to change that fact.

    There’s nothing else to discuss, and distracting from that fact changes nothing at all.

    The fact that the chosen are at permanent war of extermination against all others cannot be disputed eithery with scripture or history.

    1. Mr. Zona,
      That is the lie that has been perpetuated by the synagogue of satan #1 (false Jews) and the synagogue of satan #2 Christian Zionists—that the Jews are the ‘chosen’ people and everyone else is second in line. I grew up RCC and was even taught (oddly enough, by Christians) that any of us ‘gentiles’ were real lucky to be included in the kingdom of GOD. Paul said in Romans 2:…28For he is not a Jew who is one outwardly, nor is circumcision that which is outward in the flesh. 29But he is a Jew who is one inwardly; and circumcision is that which is of the heart, by the Spirit, not by the letter; and his praise is not from men, but from God.

      The old covenant did change in that it was unable to really change peoples hearts. So GOD said he would write HIS law on peoples hearts. And it is for freedom that Christ set us free. We are free to obey or go our own way.

      In Mark 3 James and John wanted to call down fire on those that would listen, but JESUS corrected them. JESUS never chased anyone down. HE was didactic in HIS teaching. You either receive HIS truth or not. HE never advocated killing people.


      1. deirdre:
        unless the tears of sadness are replaced by tears of rage, it is all over for the world, the humanity is jew’s road kill.

        max bliney referred to jews crushing rachel corrie with an american gifted caterpillar dozer and then backing up over her for the flattening effect.

        do you know that jews celebrate and mock this act, it is part of their comedy skits?

        what do you say: jesus bless the dozer driver?

        i know you are a good person but your lack of rage is more incomprehensible than say, color blindness.

        spqr said something about the rightful job of the american army being to utterly destroy israel.
        something wrong in that?

        we have something called the department of defense.
        obama just gave speech #5,207,044 on americas duty to defend herself, g-d bless the killers.
        ask yourself, defense against whom?
        when did america ever defend its shores from an invasion, never mind the heartland?
        when did a gi bleed on american soil?
        all those military cemeteries, morgues, crematoria processing the bones and ashes of soldiers killed abroad on all continents except the north american one.

        and guess what, they killed abroad for jew and themselves bled for the jew, shed their limbs, pieces of brain for the jew.
        yeah, spare the jew, not nice to kill him.
        kill ones he points his claw at.

        but i lie.
        america has indeed been invaded, occupied and ravaged by a foreign force and if d-o-d were to do its job, for the first and only time in its departmental history, it would counterattack this enemy, drive him from our shores and put an end to him in his liar and and all the hiding places, jsoc, seals, rangers, drones, the works.
        and i would enlist this afternoon for this job, even as a foreign volunteer because my country has been brought to its knees by the same enemy and so has every other country in the world, save maybe one or two.

        world, unite against the enemy of the world!

        1. Unite=awaken





        2. Lobro,
          Your response has given me a lot of thought this am. I don’t mean to ‘defend’ myself but perhaps give an inside look as to just me, one person has tried to accomplish in a few short years. I do have righteous indignation, that the “Christian” church has lied to millions of people! Their undying support of Israel makes me sick.

          Starting with my non conformity in RC high school, to blocking abortion clinics, going to the capital of Nashville and protesting, trying to homeschool my children and instill in them a sense of critical thinking, being very vocal at the local churches, to coming out of them alltogether. (And trying to explain to seemingly educated people as to why every GOD fearing person should come out of the 501C3 Beast system, is like talking to a brick wall–kindof like trying to get something done via the govt.) I am not saying that the little effort each of us makes is for naught. I have given the best part of my youth to try and protect and educate my children. Two of my five children are presently going down the toilet. As I watch them being destroyed by the brainwashing of the media and those around them (b/c they too are all brain dirtied) is extremely devastating, but I march on trying to get the truth out there.

          I’ve tried to unplug from everything and not be a consumer of the vile things Israel pushes. (But reality is, as long as we are alive, we are somewhat stuck in this web–ie-the internet….) In trying to tell people the truth, I have lost many friends and even family members.

          Like I said in my blog post, before one is destroyed, they are distracted. You and I both realize, folks have been distracted beyond belief. And folks are so freeking weak, it’s as if no one can think for themselves at all!

          I have found that one has to read/listen to a lot of stuff, before they get to the reality that that person (or group) supports Israel wholeheartedly.

          We can thank Cyrus Scofield and his supporters for that as his reference Bible is so popular in churches today.

          War is fought on many levels and fronts. The Christian church has been completely emasculated. All Dad’s had to do was turn the tv off, better yet, not have one at all and really spend time with their children. And the other thing…stop sitting under these mealy mouth preachers and priests!

          Sorry for the rambling…I’m just waking up before my children do.

        3. “mad” effectively of course. deranged mad kills the purpose

          find allies. make that CREATE allies. at least try.

  5. Deidre, you are correct: We should not kill people!
    Sylvester Stallone had a a strong message in his Rambo-like incursion into Cambodia (?) where he saved some of the Christian “Karen” people. They faced such bestiality that even the cleric had to kill a mass-murderer! Otherwise they would have all died! Agatha Christie dealt with the same theme. End of story!
    You have to understand that the Jews are the mass exterminators of the 20th and now the 21st century.
    My Aussie mate, Mel Gibson, was correct: “The Jews cause all the wars!”
    Maybe as many as 500,000,000 people have been killed directly and indirectly by Jews in the last 100 years; and several billion lives destroyed. Remember Communism and its written ideology, Marxism, are Jewish!
    If an ugly, little, shrivelled Jew from Hollywood took your daughter to his LA porn studio, drugged her up and had her penetrated by 3 men at once, what would you do?
    This is happening every day.
    I would kill an Israeli, illegal, so-called “Messianic settler” who was about to drive his bulldozer over a young girl!
    Several years ago, an Israeli bulldozer driver did just that to a young girl – an American, Goyim protester – and got away scot free!
    Several years ago the Israelis indiscriminately bombarded Gaza with American-made missiles, supplied with funding from the American, majority-Christian taxpayer. Two United nations schools were hit and over 100 small children died! Hardly made the news in your country. Par for the course!
    The United States of Israel is the most dangerous, toxic nation on planet Earth.
    I think your Resistance has left it too late!
    You are now the utter SLAVES of the Jew.
    The only way out now is a belated revolution, much like the French Revolution. The gallows must be restored! It is OKAY to kill these Orcish like monsters as they have forfeited their rights to be called human. It is now US or THEM! End of story!

    1. The French Revolution was a jewish coup d´état and the gallows were reserved for catholics only: priests; monks, the catholic king and queen.

      Like the Reformation it was a huge attack on the Catholic Church. The Church was against interest and slavery. With the Riconquista in Spain the jewish merchants and bankers fled to Holland and via Holland to GB. They brought their slave trade and their interest laden money lending with them, subverted the royals and aristocracy with protestantism – which is judaism light! – and took control over freemasonry. The French Revolution was done by the ‘useful idiots’ of that period: the freemasons.

      If we need something it is not another French Revolution but a Restauration of the true(!!) Catholic Church!

      1. Dear Twocents,
        That is not going to happen. Right now your present pope is bulldozing his way to Ecumenism! The RCC and most all Protestant churches (who have drank the Scofield Bible koolaid, along with the Tim Lahaye Left Behind series) are so brain dirtied, so utterly blind, all support Israel without question! And the people like it so! It is comfortable and easy! Worse than physically dying, these folks are spiritually dying.

        JESUS warned in the last days that folks hearts would grow cold. Do we not see that now? HE also warned saying, “come out of her MY people.” Twocents, if you are still in a church you are supporting this beast system! If you are supporting the beast system with your ‘tithes’ and time, you are supporting the little horn of Israel, who hates your JESUS! Speak the truth and then get out of there!


        1. Dear Deirdre.

          I agree with you about the sad state of the current CC.

          It´s therefore that I mentioned TRUE catholicism.

          The funny thing is that at this very moment it is young Polish priests who keep the Latin Mass alive in many European countries; the Mass from before Vatican II. Vatican II was the final blow to the Church. It was the complete takeover by jewish controlled communism and freemasonry. ‘The Plot against the Church’ by Pinay is a very instructing read.

          The CC has always been from and for the common people and I believe it is built up again by the very common people. These young Polish priests know very well what life without religion has been for their parents, so they are driven by an inner fire to restaure the Church and bring Christ back into the Holy Mass.

  6. @ deirdre

    this post by kpr ought to straighten many out who are despondent over seeming lack of understanding the nature of evil.

    yes, many more are entrapped in the snares of the lie matrix and only a few have escaped into the truth.
    but the dynamics is strictly one way, like sand seeping through in an hour-glass.

    the victory of the lie is fleeting just as the lie itself is fleeting and just as the truth is indestructible, once you see it, you can never be lied to again.

    jew will lose.
    (ask kpr)

    wishing your lost sheep children a successful escape.
    lyrics of the amazing grace come to mind.

  7. I would argue that a people are not free, even if they constitute a numerical majority, if they are not sovereign. You are not sovereign if you have lost control of your destiny and that is exactly the case for whites in the United States. A globalist cabal has taken control of our nation and consequently we are not free because we are not sovereign (Nor , for that matter, are Latinos, African-Americans, Native-Americans or Asians in the good ole U.S of A!)

    You see Karl Marx had it wrong. It is not religion that is the opiate of the peoples, its voting! What matters your vote if an insider globalist elite has already picked the candidates and what issues will be discussed, and what issues are absolutely forbidden to be discussed! That is the state of freedom in America. An unknown senator from Illinois was quietly making the rounds in the Bilderberger world long before he was first introduced to the world giving a speech at the Democratic convention that chose Bill Clinton. I knew then and there they had chosen him to be the first “Black” president and told me friends and family so but none believed!

    Understand that the ONLY solution for us as a people is the Ethno-State resolution! The idea might be an oddity now but it is a historic inevitability. We may have to reach minority status first but nationalism is forged in the crucible of persecution. It took the Spanish 700 years to expel the Moors! Should we do any less for the preservation of our people?

  8. With the Jewish predators, eventually it will all come down to: “Be or be killed.” They will not stop what they have started and will make the planet void (as Hitler said) if they do not get their way!
    There is no compromise with them!
    As for the Roman Catholic Church, it is every bit as evil as the Jews’ Judaism and the Muslims’ Islam. Highly exclusive entities, where POWER (backed by violence) is MIGHT!
    The filthy, heretical Pope has placed himself as the RC’s intermediary between the common man and God. He is the vile Roman Emperor of paganism in disguise. The Vatican is the Hall of Eternal Evil and has long been run by fiendish, bloodthirsty Jews. Paedophiles and poofs abound in the Vatican; as do priceless artworks and craven idols.
    The RC/Jewish plot has won them the USA!
    The last thing we need is a Vatican led New Dark Ages, on top of the Jewish quagmire. We need a Christian Revolution, minus the idiotic, crazed Christian Zionists.
    A new Protestant Reformation is in order, just as my ancestor, Thomas Bilney, “the Father of the English Reformation” started in England. Martin Luther should be read again and his teachings re the Jews revived. Also, read the Founding Fathers warnings about the hideously evil Jews!
    Why didn’t Americans just heed their warnings? Oh, I forgot, your schools and colleges are run by Jews and bent Goyim!

    1. That and the very nature of covetousness. “All you need is love” sang the Beatles, but love without truth is a lie, and so went sex without commitment or responsibility. I think we can agree there were some cool things about the 60/70s, but all the rules were just completely thrown out!

      I really started to ‘get it’ during high school in the mid 80s. Went to a RC all girls hs. They really cranked out the feminazis! A lot of my ‘friends’ moms were career or semi career women. My mom was a stay at home mom (an amazing painter and poet too!). She spoiled my dad rotten! And the children were the focus. Her prime example spoke more to me than that wretched school! So yes, I agree the RCC and their schools were very influenced and they participated in setting the tone for the rot!

      Mr. Bilney, I don’t know about a Christian revolution though…I came out of all churches years ago (when you separate yourself from the masses, you really see what is going on). All churches are influenced by the RCC.

      In my little corner of the world I have tried to be a voice, but who the heck am I, just some chunky stay at home mom: what could I possibly know! Right? I find that the masses are moronic. People WANT to slurp up the crap!

      (This chick I know is all for guns and such and knows that Disney Land cranks out all this garbage, yet that’s where she wants to invest her money for her ‘vacay’. ) I think the reason why there is so much compromise is b/c people are so damn needy, that they will sacrifice Truth for ‘fellowship’. We have no self control! Ugh!!!

      1. Here’s some food for thought Deirdre:

        “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”

        Look at “woman” in this context as Divine Mother. Look at her as Earth Mother. “Divine” in the sense of the sacredness of our planet being honored. This of course has not been the case, and Mother is getting pissed. She’s put up with a ton of shit and she’s had enough.

        She has been scorned and her fury is on the verge of reaching a crescendo. Most non-indigenous people have been overlooking just how dramatic things are getting. All the seers I know are saying the time to “batten down the hatches” is fast approaching and it will make all our chatter on internet threads, or wherever we may be chattering look like just “biding time”.

        Forget nuclear holocaust – this will make that look like mere child’s play. But therein lies the rub.

        This paints a picture of worst-case scenario. But let’s just say that there’s no way Mother will allow that kind of man-made annihilation to occur.

        If she has to she’ll do it HER way.

  9. Brownhawk, I tend to agree with you: The Earth Mother or Father has had enough!
    The common frog is our life metre. It is dying out all over the world.
    Sailors like me enter a largely barren Pacific Ocean and can rarely catch a fish, but 20 years ago we could sustain ourselves with plenty of fish.
    From space, our world’s production center of east coast China, exists under a permanent cloud of heavy, life-sapping pollution.
    Fukishima is still leaking its poison into the Pacific.
    My home town, in an isolated part of Australia, has been hit with chem-trails over the last week. I have been sneezing and noticed a strange taste in our town’s water.
    And then the Jews have poisoned our mind with their filth!
    I too am hoping Nature and/or God will seek retribution upon our destroyers; but I also think a final marshalling of the troops (us Gentiles) will play a part in the process.
    It will be a task of catching a piggy-like, squealing Jew! Start with the 83 scum in your Congress and then Hollywood!
    If I was a person who thinks he/she is a Jew, now is the time to come clean and put your rejection of Jewry in writing. Have it certified and framed. The same applies to the USA’s estimated 100 million, lunatic Christian-Zionists.
    Regarding the troops in military uniforms, I believe they should be considering marshall law in the USA as your Republic and your democracy has gone!
    An interim government would usher the Jews out of the USA and do the same for all current Goyim politicians*. Several million American citizens with guns would assist the military.
    * I would not care where they are put, as long as they are gone! But please not the wide open expanses of my Australia. How about Greenland or Antarctica? Of course they must not be allowed to tap the riches of these places’ underground. Oh bugger, why not fence out a small area in the Negev Desert and keep them there!

    1. I too am hoping Nature and/or God will seek retribution upon our destroyers

      and i am hoping that WE will seek retribution upon our destroyers.
      what are we, such basket cases that we need divine protection?
      maybe dinosaurs had the same wishful thinking that saw them off the planet.

      life without spirituality is an empty one, a walking death.
      spirituality without responsibility is a farce, same end result as above.

      we gotta do it.

      if god were to step in and drain the swamp, he’d be a moron helping morons.

      1. “What are we, such basket cases that we need Divine protection?”

        1) yes – what do you think your present Life IS but a walking death?
        2) what you mean “we” kimosabe? As long as you lobro are being spiritually responsible TO HELL with the World if that’s what it comes to

        But it won’t be “over” for humanity, unless you take that to mean say, “do-over”, or “make-over”. And I could go on and on about the metaphorical swamp, but suffice it to say, a defeatist is the last thing I am.

        There’s no way a Creation abomination can sustain itself in the long run. You know this. But any sequence of events that culminates in some form of “anti-christ reign” (are we already in it?) must interpret this reality of the “host being consumed”

        1. There’s no way a Creation abomination can sustain itself in the long run.

          just saying that i want to lend a hand to putting an end to the Abomi-nation, it is my wish and my duty, can’t let the divine cop do all the work, cooking and doing dishes afterwards.

          in fact, if we (and i mean “we”, not just “me”) is able to do the job independently without training wheels, it behooves us as men to get it done without appeals to big mommy and daddy in the sky.
          i am sure that they would also prefer it and be proud of us instead of us being sniveling whimps and running behind their skirts at the sight of the big ugly jew.

          i mean, c’mon, it should be over in the first round.

        2. I know what you’re sayin, lobro. Certainly I do. And hey, call it the indigenous side of me that sees our human efforts as being in tandem with the Great Spirit.

          This really is a joint effort, brother. (But I gotta disagree with you over the 1st round knockout. This ain’t Tyson goin against some poor bastard tomato can. But I agree that it shouldn’t have to go the distance either. Wouldacouldashoulda – at least we’re Rocky Balboa, eh?)

          Having said that, I got a certain brand of hopeful optimism for ya.

          God working in mysterious ways:

          Seems to me
          that Russia holds the key

          Doll#1: spirituality=Orthodox church upholding integrity (keeping the faith. Those humans who are awakened unite in spirit from afar; a solidarity)

          Doll#2: militarily=geopolitical logistics factor (Bear poked one time too many, inciting rage. Russian 5th Column in America – “all’s fair in love and war”. Not directed at Americans personally. But shit happens. It IS war after all. Yet, maybe Obama and Putin have been lying in the weeds and speaking to each other in ultra-secret code, developed from early KGB days. Jews lose greedy last kick at the can and kick the bucket instead. Justice is served.

          Doll#3: scientifically=unified field physics discovery (vicarious perception of “electromagnetism” transcended. Intimate connection of all manifested Life confirmed. Truth is revealed, concomitant to purging of evil. Peace on Earth. Good will to Man – you can’t keep a GOOD man(ifestation) down

          And in the interest of soberingly considering the most dire circumstance:

          Hopeful pessimism=Asteroid wipe-out (Mother Earth last resort rage; wholesome annihilation)

          Even if you lose you win (think Camus’ “The Plague”) 😉

    2. Max, I live in a crop growing area of western Victoria. We were getting chemtrails a few weeks back in the middle of sowing season. They’ll be back with another dose around November, a month or so before harvest. That’s how it has been for some years now.

      1. @Smyrna

        That is going on in the Shenandoah Valley, too. Heavily.
        The other day, I was walking barefoot in my yard, and noticed that the white-top clover was completely VOID of honey bees. (The reason I noticed is because I was barefoot, and usually, therefore, watch-my-step on account of bees…) I keep beehives on a higher-up place (among poplar and locust trees), and there the bees are doing fine. Not “down below”, though.
        There could be no other reason than because the chemtrails and Roundup (for “Roundup-Ready” Monsanto patent seed) are having great effect on farmland.

        Another thing I have noticed with increasing apprehension is the absence of bats in the evenings. (Bats eat enormous amounts of insects, you know.) Other species are noticeably gone, such as grouse and quail. Deer are decreasing (which, I think, is due to their consumption of GMO crops, devastating their reproductive organs).

        Recently, I became more aware of the reality of “weather warfare”, and the fact that there are SEVERAL countries/powers involved in same. (Before, I thought only the JuSA was involved in that mess! lol) The realities are prophetic.

        1. Add to that the psychotronics generated from HAARP, the proliferation of cell phone towers, and other numerous sources and you’ve got yourself one giant canopy of mind-fucking goin on.

          Some metaphysicians look at this as a esoteric war playing out as a series of “electromagnetic battles”. TPTB with their zapping instruments intended to supress electromagnetic energy in its true spiritually-oriented state streaming into the planet. (there is good news coming from outside the physical plane – your thoughts DO contribute. Choose to believe it or not)

          There’s so much goin on there’s no time to be gloomy!


    3. Speaking of chemtrails, people should really start looking at the sky more often instead of always scurrying around like mice with their noses to the ground, or always at the computer being “properly informed”. Go out in some wilderness once in awhile and make your information complete

      There are battles being waged for years now in the sky.

      Battles=two sides waging war. Who, and in what form are the good guys?

      Look for yourselves. Don’t expect me to tell you

      1. I’m stuck indoors most days, but at night, after arriving home, my Aussie Cattle Dog is eager to check out the scene.

        While he gambols about, I so enjoy eyeballing the heavens. Fortunately we’re far enough removed that the city lights only obstruct views of the western sky, leaving the northern and southern portions dark and starry. And in the last 3 or 4 years I’ve seen things up there I’ve never before witnessed. Stationary lights that come on momentary then extinguish for a minute or two, other lights that, in a similar vein, ignite briefly (like for 1 or 2 seconds, tops), extinguish, then the pattern repeats further down the line. A number of other things as well.

        Does anyone happen to know what the FAA’s rules are in regards to navigation lights on drones? I’d assume they must be identical to the lights on civilian aircraft… but maybe, for our security of course, they are allowed to fly ’em blacked out?

        1. I smoke outside, and when I’m out there I look at the sky.
          I saw an interesting UFO just over three years ago. A bright white light moving across the sky at approx. 10,000ft. Too fast for a plane. It then stopped dead, hovering. Then it flashed a few times, then turned an infra-red colour. Then vanished.

    1. Great dream, siljan!

      I highly recommend honing visualization techniques. Never underestimate them.

      Say what?…..you mean we got MORE to lose?!

      1. Brownhawk, esoteric + scientific = must be suppressed..

        How could the writers of old Sanskrit texts have known the unknowable?

        “In his commentary on a hymn in the Rig Veda, the oldest and perhaps most mystical text ever composed in India, Sayana has this to say: “With deep respect, I bow to the sun, who travels 2,202 yojanas in half a nimesha.

        A yojana is about nine American miles; a nimesha is 16/75 of a second. 2,202 yojanas x 9 miles x 75/8 nimeshas = 185,794 m. p. s.

        Basically, Sayana is saying that sunlight travels at 186,000 miles per second! How could a Vedic scholar who died in 1387 A. D. have known the correct figure for the speed of light?”

        1. Sorry, hp. I can’t think in terms of suppression.

          “Esoteric” as a practical consideration means being intuitive.

          “Science” means seeing

          I am at a loss as to how I might put into words my own experience.

          What I WILL say regarding the Rig Veda asks a question:

          What does it mean that:

          1) sunlight travels at 186,000 per second?
          2) Sayana was privy to seeing this?

          Or, what is the true nature of this sun he bows to?

          After all, the Egyptians did there share of this kind of bowing also, did they not? And who were they exactly?

        2. just wanted to add a little food for thought, hp.

          Think about a paradigm involving “c” in Einsteinian physics along the same lines as Nostradamus.

          Both were frauds in their respective manners.

          Nostradamus was no prophet. He was simply given information to fit the Protocol agenda, which has played out according to the script for the most part. The need for a revision notwithstanding.

          Einstein plagiarized a “theory of relativity” which represents what I believe is a science of a suppressed nature to BEGIN with, accessed through a malevolent channel. In effect he was a thief who was duped.

          I would have to say that Sayana, too, was duped with information he was given to “see”. Although a fine and well intentioned fellow like yourself.

        3. Don’t get me wrong, hp

          As I mentioned, “science” simply means seeing. But “who is seeing what?” and what is “what?” should always serve as a caveat as far as that goes.

          And perhaps a mea culpa is in order on my part. I used the word “esoteric” which has become one of those trashed words like “gay” or “occult” (which simply means “hidden”) It smacks too much of conveying a secret club – like “Illuminati”, e.g.; members like those Satanic rascals Dickhead Cheney and Hanky-Panky Kissinger projecting their kaballah black magic reality on the World.

          Suffice it to say, the “what” that duped “who’s” are seeing in their various levels of unwittingness emanate from the master of misleading malevolence his bad self.

          Truehearts see “what” as Truth emerging into view, and there is only one thing which is unknowable – in the form of an unanswerable question:

          “HOW is it possible for Life (God; Love; Divine Light) to be?

          It just does

  10. the greatness of old glory:
    limbless little mohammed was brought to amurderka to benefit from our health care system
    at only a small cost
    our dc rodents felt immediately better about themselves
    this alone worth a thousand or million limbs
    remember the little vietnamese girl napalmed in the was time
    she too came to amurderka and received medical care
    enough care to help her become a weapons designer
    maybe limbless little mohammed can also become a weapons designer
    more useful
    a marketing/ad/pr agent
    god bless amurderka

    1. Yup.

      We’re generous to a fault with our generosity. Makes me so damn proud, I’m snifflin’ right now. It’s really somethin’ special to live in such a just land, where we’ll care for a kid after we’re done burnin’ and blowin’ him up and shootin’ em.

  11. Absolutely true, Darkmoon, if the american mind-slaves perceived, even a little bit, the carnage that has been generated by them, albeit indirectly, they would freeze like a computer which glitches, unable to process certain imagery and/or information, and possibly faint. they are not ready. Similarly, when the american fodder finally realizes that this macabre is headed for US, they will faint again, from fear beyond their capacity to compute. question is which comes first? the difference is, when they, the victims of our warfare, see us suffering under our OWN government’s warfare here at home, they will actually show us MERCY, and LOVE, and COMPASSION, something we never showed to them. May God help us, for surely World War 3 is ringing the doorBELL.

    1. Every Christian-Zionist – and I have read that your United States of Loving Israel is full of them, which includes your “pro-Israel”/”Israel-First” pseudo-Christians – is an abominable heretic, who is a self-hater! VERY DANGEROUS SCUMBAGS!
      Jesus said you cannot reconcile 2 complete opposites, eg: night and day, good and evil.
      Yet these dumbed-down morons have taken upon themselves the task of the lunatic – WE LOVE THE JEWS AND WE LOVE JESUS AT THE SAME TIME!
      “Oh,” said the Christian-Zionist, Nancy Olmi, “I cry every time I see another Holocauast repeat”; and ” We should love our poor, all-suffering Jews!”
      Hence, they love modern Israel and do not care one simple iota that the Israeli-Jews are slaughtering and dispossessing the Arab Semites and causing all the wars!
      Neither do they care that they are drowning us in Miley Cyrus-type, filthy porn and “families from Hell” like Friends, Big Bang, the whores of Sex and the City, the Goldbergs, the Fockers, Gerry Seinfeld, Californication, Ms Degenerate, the Super Bowl, Obama and his wife and kids, Chris Brown and the filthy rappas, etc.
      Only when the majority “Christians” of the Western world realize they have been entirely duped, castrated and perverted by the Jewish abominations, will there be any hope for the West.
      It is entirely up to the Christains to become TRUE Christians again!
      This very SIMPLE TRUTH seems to have been sunken down the Jewish abyss of DEATH!
      There is nothing hard about being a TRUE Christian! All you have to do is believe in his truth about doing unto others as thy want done to yourself. You also believe in the absolutely final TRUTHS of life – such as a child needs a mother and a father, man needs a loving spiritual side to his life, we need to protect our planet, thou must not lie, steal and be a sinful, corrupt bastard, etc.
      Martin Luther’s writings should be revived in their entirety because he said exactly the SAME things that are being repeated over and over again in these columns, ad nauseam.

      1. Well said! And I live right here in the Bible Belt! My husband and I tried to talk to people for YEARS! only for our voices to fall upon deaf ears. So we ‘came out of her!’ That is the first thing real Christians should do: come out of every church/denomination and seek FATHER on your own! Ask a million questions. He/she who is unwilling to be transparent-dump like a hot rock.
        I told my brother in law once, (who was RC, turned Protestant, but nostalgic for RC) that we had to stop being consumers: consumers of religion-paying tithes and such. Stop consuming goods. How much stuff does a single person need? Church and society is very Jezebel like: consumption and witchcraft abound and many know it not!

        Unfortunately I see the time for true american christians to be over. There may be a remnant, but that is it. Even the most educated folks I have spoken with are so blind, unless the Holy Spirit does something, nothing will change. But I suspect the reason for the blinding is b/c people like it so!

      2. that’s right max.
        you’re a right-thinking surfer dude.

        antichrist is the first among ziochristians, the term says it all, caiaphas and judas iscariot are princes of ziochristianity and all who follow them deserve to spend eternity together.

        me, i go strictly by what the man says, thus christ is fine, old testament too pungent for my discerning nose.

        besides, anyone who follows any man or book blindly, on unquestioning authority is no more human than this old laptop of mine which on occasion exhibits more free will than they do.

        sorry lappy to compare you to ziochristians, let me wipe your dusty keyboard.

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  13. I agree 100% with Julius Sequerra. I opposed the Iraq War and to my shame I wasn’t awake enough to oppose Desert Storm but it made me nervous and confused. I hated the bombing of Serbia and doubted my government. But I have to say by Libya and Syria I was wide awake and boiling mad at my government. Still, we have no excuse because supposedly we are a government of/by/and for the people. What a joke! So, the fact that I am anti-war is practically meaningless because I would have to have a character disorder (in the clinical sense) to not take responsibility for what my government has done. Of course, well over half of Americans ( like 60%) are opposed to a foreign policy that intervenes. Still, most of my fellow Americans are true believers in what their media dishes out. Most still believe Muslims did 9 11, that Putin is aggressively going after a conquet of the Ukraine, that the full list of bad countries and bad guys rings true–only we shouldn’t do anything about it. Oh Boy…. we are in deep doo doo.

    What a mess and so this fringy lunatic director’s son who supposedly went on a killing spree although again (sigh) it really doesn’t add up…sorry… is a mere distraction. We are the bad guys.. and that is the truth.

  14. I agree with Darkmoon!! This is a Jewish led coup and a Jewish led fiasco from A to Z.
    So what about the alternative theories being put out there by Webster Tarpley and Counterpunch… they are getting their bread buttered by those jerks, that is my conclusion. They have to make a living and no one really makes a living being a blogger. So they take the compromised position and maybe they really believe that there is a great chess game out there. And there could be a great chess game but we are no match for the Russians at chess–get real.

  15. Coming in a little late on this one and no, I haven’t read all of the comments.

    First, it’s not “America” butchering the world. It is America being blamed for it

    Second, DC is a different nation and jurisdiction than mainland America.

    Third, regular stock American may be complicate to a degree, but they have been fooled, tricked, brainwashed by the usurpers.

    Fourth, if the karma will fall on anyone’s head, it will be the “Jews” and besides, whites/European stock peoples have been murdered more- genocided more than any-other race on the planet, always with this alien fake “Jewish” element at the helm.

    Fifth, I’d rather be the buyer of the Brooklyn Bridge than the seller!

    1. I agree with your comment Tyron. The brainwashing/programming has been on-going for generations! and is not easy to break out of, especially since we of European are blessed/cursed with a sense of compassion and empathy, which leaves us vulnerable prey to those who are not so burdened (Neanderthals). There has been too much life lost for too many centuries to these people who can not stop themselves from trying to acquire control (is it 4% or 6%, approximately the same percentage of sociopaths estimated to be amongst the general, more or less harmless population?). We are not the enslavers and the perverters of society.

  16. lobro, you say”….no mercy, no forgiveness, no consideration for the killers and their masters, the coat-tailed moneychanging tabernacle vultures, shapeshifters congregating at bilderberg and posh resorts to plan further mayhem while speaking in upper crust honeyed lisp, “puyt-puty, i saaay old chap”.

    Your comment implies British troops are the merciless butchers of Palestinians and Mohammed’s cousin. You fail to mention the de facto true culprits: the Synagogue of Satan. With millions of Sayanim prepared to murder for free around the world, the fake Jews, of whom the Rothschilds are one of the most or perhaps the most powerful group (who own perhaps 2/3 of the wealth of the world) are the most depraved, sadistic and the most cruel butchers.

    I assume the photo is not ‘photoshopped?’ If not, it is difficult to contemplate how that remains of a human being could consider any future except to murder and ruthlessly butcher as many real and fake Jews and their financiers as possible. But, if you understand the skillful psychology of war used by these djinn, you would know that such a conditioned response is their orgasmic desire.

    There is nothing anything said on this forum or any forum will do for the souls butchered and ruthlessly murdered by the USA in the name of their god Jehovah. If i have understood this correctly, the false Khazar Jews aka Synagogue of Satan have controlled the USA and Britain (outright) for several centuries now; and their control of the entire world — and all its resources — is becoming a reality (China is not far behind, since China’s Marxist belief system was promulgated by the false Jews). These same filth have lusted for global dominance and power many years before Jesus Christ walked the earth — and it is no surprise their antecendents ruthlessly had Christ butchered in public: if they could have decapitated Christ and pissed in his skull, they would have done so; they are filth and vermin that needs to be cleansed thoroughly from the earth.

    But, be patient. If you want to see these false Jews destroyed in the most public way that can be imagined, in the most monumental way that can be imagined, in a way that would make the barbecues of Dauchau (most of the information regarding the ‘holocaust’ is propaganda but quite a few real Jews suffered at the hands of their false brethren who worship Satan and the god of money, Mammon) look like a two-slice toaster, then be patient.

    When Amerika the compromised and Israel the false start their dog and pony show worshipping Satan in public and demanding the whole world follow their lead or be executed publically, you will know that the eternal roasting pits are almost ready; and the smell of their burning and torments shall ascend for ever and ever. According to Jesus, anyway.

    In fact, what Jesus taught is that as soon as He returns to claim His inheritence (which is not the Jews, the false Jews, Israel, Jerusalem or anything like that, by the way; it is His bride the church which is made of all those souls throughout the world who trust in Him as their Lord and Savior, and love Him sincerely and deeply). When Jesus returns, He will immediately despatch His angels to gather “all of those who offend” and “all of those who work iniquity” and the Angels of God will bundle them to be burned in the eternal Lake of Fire.

    God is patient; what has happened to so many is beyond the ability of the heart to cope with the grief; but in due time, those who have suffered at the hands of the wicked will find themselves in Paradise with the God who truly loves them; but every soul who rejects Jesus, who rejects the God of love and truth and grace, who shows his or her rejection by works of evil and wickedness, shall “have his part in the Second Death, which is the LAKE OF FIRE.”

    If you are not trusting in Christ for your salvation, you need to do so before you are forced by circumstances into such depraved conditions by the servants of Satan, that your mind will no longer be receptive to His offer of salvation and eternal life.


    1. not what i meant sam, the mellifluous posh accented speakers are now all jews, rithschilds, sangers, goldsmiths and such.

      i recall a saying they had even in my youth: dress british, think yiddish.

      because they truly are the shapeshifters, just look at rothschilds, they absolutely look and talk like princes charles and philip, i some kind of royalty birdwatching guide to tell them apart.
      maybe by smell …

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