Why I am an Anti-Semite — by Franklin Ryckaert

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Introductory note by Lasha Darkmoon:

We recently invited our regular readers to submit an essay to this site with the title, “Why I am an Anti-semite”. (Or an article with the alternative title “Why I am not an Anti-Semite”).

The article length suggested was: (a) shorter articles of 800-1200 words, or (b) longer articles of 1500-2500 words. We also suggested that anecdotal articles, giving personal experiences of Jews that might contribute to the development of one’s attitude, would be of special interest to us.

The first writer to submit an article (though it is more a comment than an article) is Franklin Ryckaert. He states elsewhere that he has never himself had any unpleasant personal experiences with Jews, and that some of the Jews he has known have been quite nice people. Franklin is nevertheless a confirmed anti-Semite as a result of his extensive reading and study.

I think it would be absolutely true to say that one does not need to know a lot of bad Jews personally before developing anti-Semitic attitudes. All one has to do is to witness Israel’s disgraceful behavior, day after day.

Later on, one’s incipient anti-Semitism hardens and sets in as one learns more about Jews: about the Talmud, for example, and Jewish misbehaviour throughout history; about the Jewish role in the Bolshevik Revolution and the Red Terror; about the Jewish role in helping to kickstart World War I and World War II; about the Jewish role in pornography, the Frankfurt School, feminism, abortion, multiculturalism, mass immigration; about the promotion of homosexuality and sexual deviance; about the attack on the family unit, the attack on Christianity, and the attack on the White race; about the Jewish role in 9/11 and international terrorism.

The list goes on and on . . .  interminably.

Finally, one comes to the Holocaust. And if one should decide after careful study that the Holocaust is the biggest hoax of all time and has been cunningly utilized to whip up support for Israel, to blacken the name of Germany, and to extract exorbitant sums of money in Holocaust reparations, one’s anti-Semitism is then set in stone.

Anyway, let’s see what Franklin Ryckaert has to say and give him a warm welcome.


I think a whole article would be too much, but I can give you a list of books that changed my mind and, hopefully, will change the mind of others too.

Here we go :

1) David Duke:
Jewish Supremacism (can be read free on line in PDF). Still the best introduction to the subject.

2) Kevin MacDonald:
#1 : A People That Shall Dwell Alone.
#2 : Separation and its Discontents.
#3 : The Culture of Critique (can be read free on line in PDF). MacDonald’s major work, a must read.
#4 : Understanding Jewish Influence.

Prof. MacDonald treats Jewish conduct as a “group evolutionary strategy”, a polite term for what I call ethnic mafia behavior.

3) Douglas Reed:
The Controversy of Zion (can be read free on line in PDF). This is bout Jewish subversive behavior from the time of the Babylonian exile to the foundation of Israel. An eye opener.

4) When Victims Rule, by an anonymous (Jewish!) author. (This can only be read free on line in PDF, 2040 pages!). An encyclopaedic work on Jewish misbehavior, especially in the US.

I guarantee that after having read these books you will become a full-fledged anti-Semite.

It only remains for us to define “anti-Semitism”. The term is a misnomer because it is not about “Semites” but about Jews. A negative attitude towards Jews is meant. But why would one have a negative attitude towards Jews?

Various spurious reasons are given to account for anti-Semitism, mostly by Jews themselves. These include:

1) “Because Jews are strangers”.

Xenophobia does exist, but mostly towards strangers who are present in a great number and therefore pose a threat to the indigenous population. Jews are everywhere a small minority, so that cannot be the reason.

2) “Because Christians consider Jews as Christ killers”.

A conflict between Christianity and Judaism does exist, but Jews were equally hated in the pre-Christian pagan world, so that cannot be the main reason.

3) “Because Jews are economically successful”.

Economical jealousy, especially towards foreign groups does exist, but the recurrent reproach is not economical success but economical dishonesty, especially in the form of usury.

4) “Because Jews are intelligent and excel in the professions.”

Professional jealousy does exist, but again the reproach is not success but the misuse of influence for harmful purposes.

All in all, a negative attitude towards Jews follows them everywhere they settle and the reproach is always: Jewish misbehavior.

Criticism of misbehavior, whether of individuals or groups, should always be allowed. “Anti-Semitism” is simply valid criticism of Jewish misbehavior.

I therefore propose to use the term “Judeo-critique” instead. I am a Judeo-critic, and I am proud of it!

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  1. Readers will note that almost every single comment on the previous thread was off-topic. Instead of commenting on the article, a serious piece on Israel by Haaretz correspondent Gideon Levy, readers chose to comment on the long 5300-word first comment of the day by Ellie Katsnelson.

    We don’t mind that. That was exceptional. But obviously this cannot go on. We must return to serious business now and concentrate on discussing the issues — not letting ourselves be distracted by going off at a tangent and discussing off-topic comments, however brilliant!

    Ellie Katsnelson, if she is reading this, is kindly urged not to post further article-length comments on this thread or on subsequent threads, but to direct all such material to the editor of this site or to Ms Darkmoon by private email. If she wishes to comment on Franklin Ryckaert’s article like other people here, that’s fine. No problem.

    If people wish to go on discussing the Ellie Katsnelson phenomenon, let them do so on the previous thread which belongs to Ellie.This one belongs to Franklin Ryckaert, and we must do him the courtesy of commenting on his article.

    1. Apologies for the few typos in the new Franklin Ryckaert article. I’ve just spotted the. They have now been corrected.

  2. I am not anti-language, which is what being an anti-semite would indicate. I am anti-Talmudism. I am anti-kolnidre chanters.

  3. Moi, I am anti-Darkmoon. Anything that appears on this subversive site, I am against it. I am anti-Ryckaert also, because Mr Ryckaert has vilified and defamed me on previous threads, trying to damage my reputation.

      1. Thanks, I will regard you as one of my supporters from now on. You wanna meet for coffee and a bagel? If you live in NY, it can be done. You pay for the coffee, I’ll pay for the bagel. (Or vice versa).

      2. i’d love to zakie, except that it is sabbath, not even supposed to type, using a pet monkey that translates grunts, clicks and schnorts.

        not to mention that we are only about 4,000 miles apart, physically and mentally even more.

        put up your paypal account and i will send you sufficient funds for one (1) bagel provided you plant a tree to a righteous gentile named lobro in petah tikva, how’s that for a deal?

  4. Franklin,

    Thanks for that invaluable book list. I have tried to read Kevin MacDonald, your major influemce it would appeaer, but I have found it tough going. I could never get beyond Chapter 5 of the Culture of Critique. I’ll have to try again.

    When I say this, it is not to disparage Kevin MacDonald but rather my own limitations. I think a writer like MacDonald is useless for “beginners”. To appreciate him, I think you already need to know a lot about the subjects he is discussing, You need to be one of the cognoscenti, one of the intellectual elite.

    What is needed for beginners is some sort of primer. Not that I’m a “beginner”. But I am certainly not one of the elite cognoscenti. In short, I am a middle-brow. And to appreciate MacDonald, I think, one needs to be a high-brow.

    1. Well, I mentioned David Duke’s book Jewish Supremacism as the best introduction so far. You can read it free on line (google : [PDF] jewish supremacism prometheism). It’s only 347 pages text and written in an easily accessible style. Chapters are :
      1) The Jewish Question.
      2) Jewish Supremacism.
      3) Judaism and Christianity.
      4) Jews, Communism and Civil Rights.
      5) Jewish Media Supremacy.
      6) Jewish Political Supremacy.
      7) The Origins of Anti-Semitism 1.
      8) The Origins of Anti-Semitism 2 .
      9) Israel : A Supremacist State.
      10) Israel : Supremacy Through Terrorism.
      11) Israeli Treachery Against America.
      12) A Holocaust Inquiry.
      13) Jewish Led Invasion.
      14) Jewish Evolutionary Strategy and Claims of Jewish Superiority.

      With this book David Duke earned his PhD at an Ukrainian university. Actually when you have read only this book you know enough to become a life long “anti-Semite” or Judeo-critic as I call it.

      1. To add to your excellent article,

        Here’s an excellent site for those who insist that “Jews don’t control the…media, banking, US government, academia, senate, etc.

        Photos included for further proof


        Also, “A People Who Shall Dwell Alone” is available in a PDF version:


        And, “Separation and its Discontents”

        http://nazbol .net/library/authors/Kevin%20MacDonald%20(Joojoo%20Squakers)/CofC02%20Separation%20and%20Its%20Discontents.pdf

  5. A better question would be why anyone is philosemitic, given the behaviors and actions of Jews throughout history.

  6. SPQR says:

    July 12, 2014 at 5:29 pm

    “A better question would be why anyone is philosemitic, given the behaviors and actions of Jews throughout history.”

    You’d think that Jewish behavior would have the effect of inducing billions upon billions of goyim into the self-defense mode of anti-Semitism. The pictures coming out of the Gaza Strip are simply HORRENDOUS and even the weight of jewish censorship is failing to put a lid on their emergence. But the victims of these atrocities are goyim – goyim who are supposedly “at war” with Israel according to the jewish-owned mass media, and nobody seems to care about the plight of their fellow goyim because we’re living behind an iron curtain of jewish mind control.

    1. My heart doesn’t bleed for the Muslims the Israelis are killing. What does bother me is the reaction from Americans, who pull their hair and weep at Schindler’s List and all the other lolocaust movies Big Hymie shits out of his six-sided orifice and wail about “how could the Germans have been so cruel and heartless to innocent, defenseless Jews” while at the same time enthusiastically cheering, applauding, and egging on Israel as they ruthlessly and mercilessly blast the shit out of people who have no government, no homes, and no way of defending themselves.

      The only conclusion is that Americans have no real belief system. They simply operate under parameters that have been set by Jews. There is absolutely no coherence in what Americans believe or support, particularly liberal and conservative Americans (libertarians are also worthless but at least they are systematic in their thinking to some degree). Racism is bad if it’s done by Whites, but acceptable and even rational, when embraced by non-Whites. Diversity is good for Whites but bad for Jews. Racially segregated schools were morally reprehensible for Whites but acceptable for Jews. No White nation can retain its White majority but Israel maintaining its Jewish majority is good for everyone. Anglo-Saxons running America’s institutions until the early 20th century was wrong and racist but Jews running America’s institutions today is good and just.

      I say let this rotten country die.

      1. Well said. Ditto this:

        “The only conclusion is that Americans have no real belief system. They simply operate under parameters that have been set by Jews. There is absolutely no coherence in what Americans believe or support, particularly liberal and conservative Americans (libertarians are also worthless but at least they are systematic in their thinking to some degree).”

      2. Yes I hope the USA dies quickly and is reverted to the Stone Age. “The Great Satan” must die! It is currently in implosion stage. Miley Cyrus can’t show her twat quick enough! Dianne Feinstein just can’t spend enough on her mansion and property portfolio and Janet Yellen is getting sore fingers counting all her laundered Fed money!
        Most of the world’s EVIL is being generated in the United States of Jewdom.
        ISIS is invading Iraq with American supplied weapons out of Syria!
        Iraq was all for NOTHING, as was Vietnam and WWII! The Jews and their Bolsheviks enslaved Eastern Europe at the end of WWII! And then the trillions of dollars and spies wasted on the phoney Cold War!
        But even then, the Jews will be the first to make coins out of bits of bone and the whole USURY thing will start again and once again the old maxim will apply: He who controls the public purse has all the POWER!
        Being Jewish is now a state of mind – MONEY and POWER as the ultimate ENDS in themselves.
        Expect the Jews of America and Gt Brit to come into more and more conflict with their similarly-minded people, the elite politburo and their lackeys from China; or the “YELLOW JEW.”
        Once again the Goyim will provide the ignorant, death-bound, Goyim foot-soldier to do all the dirty work, just as they are doing right at this moment!

        1. Don’t forget:
          Australian troops set to stay in Afghanistan at least until the end of 2016

  7. Lasha Darkmoon wrote : “Later on, one’s incipient anti-Semitism hardens and sets in as one learns more about Jews: about the Talmud ….”

    Why no mention of the jewish Old Testament ?? Is that an intentional omission on your part ?

    1. good comment, as we know lasha is a fan of the old testament, old bullshit of delusional perverts

      1. We will soon be publishing an article on the Old Testament. Lasha will set out her views there, albeit very briefly, in an introductory note to an article which will meet with your full approval. This is an all-out attack on the Old Testament by Christopher Jon Bjerknes..

        So you see, we try to present both sides: for as well as against.

        Old Testament haters certainly outnumber Old Testament fans on this website! I think Gilbert Huntley is one of our few regulars who shares Lasha’s (heavily qualified) enthusuasm for the OT. Lasha has made it clear that she admires only certain passages or books in the Old Testament and that she does not admire it in toto.

        1. Lasha picks the ones she likes in the OT. So do I. That would be none. Too much Jew mind control there for me.

          Everyone picks their own gods; money, drugs, sex.
          Many cultures still worship the Sun.
          Some even pick a fat bellied Buddha Sakia.

    2. Save the Goyim

      The “Jews” “OT” is a fradulant rewrite of the authentic Greek NT written by ancent white folks by way of direction of the true author “I am that I am”.

      The “Jews” “God” is YHWH and is not the white man’s God “I am who I am”.

      Also, the “Jews” rewrite (Masoretic text 900 AD) of the Greek Septuigant is not consulted first but is a suppliment to their holiest book the Talmud.

      Thus, their supposed right to do anything they want does not come from the first 5 books of the OT (Septuigant), but from a law (Talmud and second Masoretic texts) foreign to it yet unlawfully and fraudulently cited from it.

  8. jews have carte blanche to kill goyim at their whim and leisure.

    Goyim are said to be at-war with the jews by virtue of the fact that they’re still living and breathing and because the jewish mass media says so.

    Where does this “right” come from ??

    It comes from the jewish old testament a.k.a. the torah ….

    It comes from the same old testament that LD admits to liking so much.

    1. It comes from the same old testament that LD admits to liking so much.

      See my above comment in reply to “lono”.

      1. What makes the Septuigant so special is that is a true historical account of the white people’s ancent history in past earth ages. It doesn’t mince words. It is brutally honest about all of the characters doings, their traits, good or bad but people today think that somehow we have the right to impose our morality in this earth age on those of other earth ages 2000 to 8000 years ago

        For example, some will say how can genesis (or books of Eden) condone incest? How can people condone the bibles genocide of Canaanites? Most of these questions can be answered by educating people about the basic precepts of law.

        First, when Adam and Eve lived there was NO LAW laid down against incest. Without law there is no right or wrong to be established or enforced from above. Since there was no law against what we call incest, and as such Cain and Seth married their sisters. Later the law was established against incest and henceforth, it became wrong, incorrect, evil to do such things.

        Without understanding the true narrative of the Septuigant and other books that are not in the presently used canons by the majority, it’s impossible to get what is going on and because of this, confusing reigns and people condemn the literature, the history, the record and the law as evil.

        For example, when it comes to the canaanites, these people were mixed with the fallen angels. They literally had evil genetics and sought to pollute the entire creation by spreading these genetics in order to destroy mankind and also stop the creator from coming in human form.

        Because the white Israelites didn’t follow I AM WHAT I AM’s directions, they spaired some of them which led to the Israelite’s later downfall and later by way of the Esau “Jews” who’s mixed with these hybred peoples.

        If the Israelites would have listen to their creator/savior, would we be dealing with these Esau-Sephardics who’ve now mixed with the Ashkenaz that again falsely call themselves the “Jews” and “Israelites” today?

        I would venture to say NO.

        It should also be understood that within the Septugaint the old law was esablished for Jacob-Israel/Judah by way of Moses. This Testament is a CONTRACT (one of many promises/contracts if you will) that has now been done away with (all together or partially) and revised with the establishent of the NEW CONTRACT by way of Jesus Christ.

        This law is written in the white/Europeans- Israelite/Judaite Christian’s hearts and minds (DNA-spirit).

        When people finally come to understand these truths they can return to the ONLY source that will be beat these so called Jews JWO. That is Common/Natural/Christian law that trumps the present “Jewish” babylonian legal fiction matrix imposed on the planet.

        People today are completely imcompetent when it comes to both law and legality but most all of it is totally self evident if one would take the time to listen to their hearts, minds, spirit– that voice of God inside that is speaking to them.

  9. Mr. Ryckaert gives us a list I plan to pursue. Of those on the list, I have read only David Duke.

    My first foray into the subject was when I was a little kid, meddling in my grandparents’ attic, and came across a stack of old issues of ‘The Dearborn Independent’, subscribed to by my grandfather back when Henry Ford was building Model A’s and T’s. Didn’t think much on it, then. I only knew that Grandaddy had been a ‘Klansman’, and frowned upon Jews and Catholics and (‘uppity’) negroes – and that was the end of it. My hyper-educated, older sisters were embarrassed, anyway, by his ‘archaic’ attitudes, and discouraged me from spending time with him. (In circumspection, though, he was a very wise fellow – and even refused to ever apply for a Social Security number, because he knew ‘the damn country has been taken over by the Jew bankers!’)

    As life goes on, we all see the reality. That doesn’t mean ALL people of Jewish progeny are ‘bad’ – it just means there’s DEFINITELY something to consider as a result of the distinctions of pedigree among us. Let’s face it: If one is ‘born jewish’, one must be educated to the aversion and controversy associated with that status among us white folks. I know it would put ME on the defensive, had I been born to the fold.

    Blanket condemnation is difficult for me, still, though I fully understand WHY Mr. Ryckaert and others are ‘anti-semite’ (which, as he says, is a ‘misnomer’).

  10. Franklin

    Well done! Reading your reasoning made me chuckle the whole way through due to your honesty and accuracy.

    You rightly cited that ‘Anti Semitism’ is not a true term for what you lable “Judeo-Critque”.

    I will go on record to say that it is those who fake “Jews” who forever turn the truth on it’s head who are the real anti Semites. Why?

    Because the so called Jews do have some maternal genetics to Shem through Esau (First Son of Isaac) but they don’t have the biblically mandated paternal lineage anymore and these people are by far the smallest group of “Jews” who maintain the highest levers of power within the “Jewish” elite.

    The Ashkenaz from Japeth and not Shem (Genesis 10:3) are the largest group of “Jews” but they are spirirtual inheritors of Esau’s promise of temportary rule by tyranny at the end of each earth age.

    With this in mind, would someone call a mullato truely white? No, because they are mixed (no offense mullatos just being factual). Like wise, the Sephardic Jews cannot rightly be called of Shem nor can the Ashkenaz yet it is these impostors who routinely call but full ancestors of Shem of Ishmael (arabs) and whites (Jacob/Israel) “anti semites”.

    So does anti Semitism exist? Yes it does and it comes from the fake “Jews” who persecute both Arabs of Ishmael and Whites/Europeans from Jacob/Israel based on their Semetic racial ancestor status as well as from their religious/cultural values and norms (law) that imminate from their ethnic identity.

  11. Tyron Parsons says:
    July 12, 2014 at 8:24 pm

    ” The “Jews” rewrite (Masoretic text 900 AD) of the Greek Septuigant is not consulted first but is a suppliment to their holiest book the Talmud.”

    There’s a logical reason that explains why an overwhelming majority of “little jews” have never even poked their noses into the talmud and that’s because the talmud falls under the heading of “esoteric literature” or literature that’s seldom if ever read by anyone other than hasidic rabbis and upper-level yeshiva students. The torah on the other hand is considered sacred to jews everywhere, and no matter where you go you’re going to find that jews are familiar with the torah. Not so with the talmud.

    It’s totally outrageous to observe supposed anti-semites who are enamored with the torah scrolls and the genocidal jewish god who is contained therein !! If you were a jew then you’d understand that the torah scrolls are kept in a special compartment behind the podium where the rabbi gives his weekly lectures to the congregation. Everybody kisses the torah as it makes its way around the aisles every saturday morning. But nobody kisses the talmud because the talmud just isn’t there !!

    Now please tell me some more BS regarding the importance of the talmud as seen from the perspective of ordinary rank-and-file jews ….

    1. Save the Goyim

      You said

      “There’s a logical reason that explains why an overwhelming majority of “little jews” have never even poked their noses into the talmud and that’s because the talmud falls under the heading of “esoteric literature” or literature that’s seldom if ever read by anyone other than hasidic rabbis and upper-level yeshiva students.”


      Yet, isn’t funny that these small “Jews” stick to the prime directives (hyper racial supremacism- hypcrocisy- lawlessness etc) of that Talmud most haven’t read which shows that the Talmud is nothing more than an written expression of their ourward manefestation that comes from their (primarily Sephardics) pure blooded Esau derived genetics.

      You said

      “and no matter where you go you’re going to find that jews are familiar with the torah”


      Thanks for making my point again because their “torah” is not the first 5 books of the authentic Greek Septuigant but rather an interpretation of their fraud masoretic texts invented 900 years after Christ that is read and applied in their culture and norms through the glasses of the Talmud, which is their common law.

      You said

      “It’s totally outrageous to observe supposed anti-semites who are enamored with the torah scrolls and the genocidal jewish god who is contained therein !!”


      No, what can be outragous is someone who uses Jewish inverted defintion of terms like “goyim” and “anti semite” while accusing others of exactly what they themselves are actively engaged in.

      So, until you come to understand that the actual Greek NT and OT law that is written in the hearts and minds of the white man (DNA) which is expressed outwardly within Common/Natural/Christian law—and until you come to understand that the fake “Jews/Israelites” outward expression of their hearts, minds (DNA) is within their Common law (Talmud), you will forever be duped by them, being their cannon fodder, speaking orwellian claptrap.

      1. Tyron

        tell me

        Where else could the SPIRIT of actual Greek NT and OT law be “written” in hearts and minds (DNA)?

        1. Where else?

          Don’t know but I DO know the REAL law is written in the hearts and minds of I am who I am’s authentic ethnic people…. (whites/Europeans) and if they deny this internal programming then they are denying what they know inately.

      2. If one hears Jesus’ voice, they are of his sheep, his fold, his/Adam’s DNA.

        When Christ came he separated the impostor “Jews” of Esau who’s DNA was mixed with the fallen angels from the authentic Israelite/Judaites by way of his WORD.

        Christ’s WORDS make sentences and these sentences by way of the use of voice inflection give meaning- defintion to what is said.

        In short, Christ’s WORD is the LAW and that law is written in his people. Any who hear his voice- his word, and obey it whether from external or internal sources, are being lawful, truthful, right, moral, correct etc.

        Paul pointed out to the non israelite/Judaite converts to Christ that they had a little disadvantage. Why? Listen to Paul when he speaks of both white/European Israelite/Judaites of Jacob and those of Esau (the fake Jews).

        SAY the truth in Christ, I lie not, my conscience also bearing me witness in the Holy Ghost, 2 That I have great heaviness and continual sorrow in my heart. 3 For I could wish that myself were accursed from Christ for my brethren, my kinsmen according to the flesh: 4 Who are Israelites; to whom pertaineth the adoption, and the glory, and the covenants, and the giving of the law, and the service of God, and the promises; 5 Whose are the fathers, and of whom as concerning the flesh Christ came, who is over all, God blessed for ever. Amen. 6 Not as though the word of God hath taken none effect. For they are not all Israel, which are of Israel: 7 Neither, because they are the seed of Abraham, are they all children: but, In Isaac shall thy seed be called. 8 That is, They which are the children of the flesh, these are not the children of God: but the children of the promise are counted for the seed.

        Read the rest to get the complete context


        1. I understand the complete context, Tyron, and I’ve been waiting for a post like this one from you. Sometimes it’s hard to read you with fighting through the diction and all, but now you’re talkin’.

          waku waku Alo kala

      3. Forgive me Tyron, I don’t mean to nitpick. But shouldn’t it be spelled Septuagint? Which in my version of the bible, translated into German by Martin Luther, comprises the five books of Moses.

        1. Yes, but the German version was translated from the original(s) Greek translation from the Paleo Hebrew some 2200- 2600 years ago.

          you have to forgive my grammar and spelling errors otherwise, the same criteria you use will be held to you- with all due respect.

    1. SPQR

      Very inventive and creative deception of you. Your video actually uses the name “Tyrone” in it’s narrative as if that name is derived from black folks in Africa, thus facilitating your attempt to associate myself and my first name with Africans and not white folks. Well if what your attempting to create in people’s minds is true, then Jefferson and Washington came from black folks too.

      Bummer is though, with further inspection, Tyrone is a anglo saxon name– a northern Irish name derived from a County in Northern Ireland which is derived from the term Tzion (authentic Hebrew equivalent) which is now commonly used by black folks.

      Or are you one who believes that black people where the impetus for the Irish to call their county Tyrone?

      1. You got me. I drew a cartoon in MS Paint and wrote up a story to mock JIDF trolls which I then converted with a TTS program, all with the intention of deceptively mocking the ethnicity of someone I barely know on Lasha Darkmoon’s website.

        And to top it all off, I travelled back in time to 2013 and uploaded it then, then came back to 2014 and actually started to post on Lasha’s site, just to trick people into thinking that I didn’t make that video.

        Am I brilliant or what?

        1. shucks, it sounded pretty convincing..
          and brilliant…

          but somethings are fairly self evident, like you can’t
          get a photograph of an African American Dallas Cowboy
          at the Alamo snorting cocaine with a White “Israelite”
          whore…there are no so-called “Jews” in the Old Testament.

          nonetheless, the language is the issue @ Zeph 3:9 –
          and as Brown hawk is observant of the spiritual
          dimension and the same DNA code for truth
          and Justice seems there no harm, no foul

          still the Synagogue of Satan “Jews”, Jewish Zionists
          in the stool sculpture deity cult compound are
          mass murdering concentration camp targets for
          sport, and to help improve the sluggish economy
          in the braindeadgoy “JEW” UNTIED STATES
          are graciously depleting their outdated past DUE ammo
          and rockets and missiles and various other unlawful
          weapons…on defenseless “Palestinians”…


          Mullins : THE CURSE OF CANAAN
          Tyrone Parsons…semite truth acquirer
          Willie Martin Files Outline

          no one on Earth HAS to believe lies…John 8:32

        2. “Our religion is not one of paint and feathers; it is a thing of the heart.”

          Follower of Handsome Lake, Seneca

  12. All three dudes as writer’s source of hatred toward Khazarians are not good examples. All three are White Supremacist racists. Dr. Kevin is not only anti-Jews, he is also anti-Muslims and against colored Immigrants. Dr. Duke tolerate Muslims because they too, challenge Jewish Supremacy like him. The organized Jewry gave Mr. Reed what he deserved according to Holy Talmud.

    The other day, an Israeli Arab Muslim posted a firsthand experience of Jewish lynch mentality against non-Jews.


  13. Folks

    I post here because I want to help the cause against the true anti semites. I come from a truthful and lawful authentically scriptural perspective. Those who oppose me on these grounds are being dupes of the “Jews”.

    So, I ask, can my detractors show any post of mine that doesn’t contain at the root of their false indictments against me, a reasoning that is simply based on the fact I believe in the prime creator/savior?

    Good luck with that…

    Now lets be constructive shall we? Let’s stop attacking other’s with different root belief systems as long as they are exposing the fake “Jews” and not others within our ranks. Ok?

  14. THE TRUTH:
    DENY it at your peril and continuing personal stupidity:
    Modern Jews are NOT SEMITES as they are a highly mixed, multi-racial people. (Deny that!)
    Some of them might have skerricks of Semitic blood (whatever that is!) in their veins, but the possession of a mere 2.5487% of so-called “Semitic-origins’ blood” does not make them a Semite! (Deny that!)
    Under an absurd PC, Australian ruling, an Australian citizen with 25% indigenous “ancestry” qualifies them as an “Indigenous Person of Australia” and therefore qualifies for all the benefits. Many Oz abos are snow white! That’s because Oz abos are Caucasians, mixing with other Caucasians. Oz’s abos come from northern India!
    Semites are the Arab branch of the Caucasian people. (Deny that!)
    PS: Many so-called experts now claim there is no such thing as RACE!
    Tyron and lobro, if I stood this group of chosen, modern Jews in front of you – a negro Jew, a Nordic/Alpine Jew, an Asian Jew, a mulatto Jew, an Australian aborigine-European Jew, a Slavic Jew, an Eskimo Jew, an Askenazi Jew and a Sephardic Jew – would you still claim they are ALL “SEMITES”? (Deny that !)
    Are these mixed race, assorted Jews all related to “Shem”, or whatever his name is Tyron P.?
    This would be news for the Eskimoe Jew! (Deny that!) Yes, there are Eskimo Jews! And their are Oz abo-Jews, too!
    GET REAL and tell the TRUTH! (Deny that!)
    Only small minds collectivize ALL Jews into one identity. i.e. “They are all SEMITES.” CRAP upon CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Convenient, but CRAP!!!!!!

    1. Max

      If you read my posts I am NOT denying your conclusions dude…

      All I am saying is that Arabs and whites ARE the true Semites. DENY THAT

      1. Wrong again, sorry Tyron! You just can’t get your mind around it!!!!
        Arabs are Semites!
        Your “WHITES” are usually Caucasians occupying, originally, the more northern climatic zones. WHITE skin = colder weather and less sunlight = Nordics.
        Arabs are also Caucasians but inhabited, originally, the warmer zones, a lot closer to the Equator. (At the Equator you have the blackest of black people who have been sunned for aeons!)
        Jews, as I have said, are a mixture of all types and cannot be classified as Semites!
        Jews, likewise are NOT Hebrews, not the Israelites of old, etc, but are CRAP UGLY and “rule the USA”!
        The latter is the main point about this utter VERMIN! They control your money! … Jews paint your society RED and are the nightmare George Washington warned of, irrespective of what disguise they are wearing!
        PS: The results of specific demographic/s DNA testing are slowly coming in. No people are TRUE to any racial type and all of us have mixed blood. RACE is a very difficult subject and most people are starting to conclude it does not even exist. But I guess you can pick a black New Guinean, a blonde, blue eyed Norwegian or a stooped, hook-nosed, slobbering Jew out of the wood-pile. Especially obvious are the extended nasal-bone, guttural, harsh-sounding Jews out of New York. They occupy your TV screens in the USA.

        1. American ‘Indians’ were named by a lost sailor in 1492, and fair-skinned people in Europe were called ‘Caucasians’ by a lost anthropologist in 1795.

          The term, Caucasian, includes ALL people north of Turkey and Iran. The people north of the Caucasian Isthmus, between the Caspian and Black Seas.

          There have been theories that natural selection would have favored lightening mutations as humans moved away from the equator and faced a diminished threat from ultraviolet exposure from the Sun. If that were the case, it’s possible that light skin would have evolved in many places independently such as Alaska, where the dark-skinned Inuit people live, and Siberia, where very dark Mongols live.

          Both Alaska and Siberia are father north than the Nordic states.


        2. Pat

          You forgot quotation marks in “lost” sailor

          Chris Columbo wasn’t lost, but right on course. He knew exactly where he was (see: Piri Reis maps)

          and why (East Indian spices, yeah right, like the Florida swamp land over the sinkhole he wants to sell ya.)

        3. Got it. Lieutenant Colombo knew where HE was, he just didn’t know where the East Indies were…nor that Florida was in his way to get there from Portugal.

        4. Columbo’s mission had nothing to do with the East Indies. That was a feint in keeping with the myth of all these psuedo-“explorers”

          The primary mission was to start the greatest genocide in known history. As I’ve stated in previous posts, one can imagine vials of various and sundry concoctions of pestilence saved from the days of, e.g.; the black plague, as THE most precious cargo on the Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria (and I can STILL hear those musical grade-school refrains), ready to be spread over two entire continents, wiping out the vast majority of natives in paving the way for the subsequent “mop-up” duties (whose minions were in various stages of witting and unwittingness) with intentions to install the final stages of the protocol’s agenda.

        5. If that were the case, why did he stop at the islands??

          He never landed on the continent we call N America.

        6. Max,

          Maybe you can post my words when you claim I say Arabs are not Semites???

          Ok, you can’t.

          I have said repeatedly, Arabs and Whites/Europeans are the true Semites (arabs from Ishmael and whites from Isaac/Jacon- Israel- Judah) and that “Jews” are not.

          Why are you trying to argue with me?

        7. Max


          If “my whites” are not Semites, maybe you can explain how King Tut’s DNA (white Semites) are identical to between 50% and 96% of Western European peoples?

          Just because the then pagan Israelites with a large portion of Judaites got booted from the land and then broke from the Assyrians, through the Caucus’, flooding into Europe proper between 600 and 100 BC making the pagan European tribes (angles-goths,visagoths-vandels-franks,sexons-celts etc etc), doesn’t mean they aren’t semites.

          Time did not start in the Caucus’ 2000 years go for crying out loud. History as well as true Israelite/Judaite history predates where you start your timeline.

    2. don’t know how you got me into this, since it is not a topic that keeps me awake at night.


      i can spot a jew, i mean spot him visually, can you?

      whether they are actual semites, ahem, let me search around a bit … nope, couldn’t find any dogshit with which to show you how much i care for whether they are semites or not.

      are yarmulkes made of 100% cotton? we might as well spend a few hours arguing about that because it interests me as much.

      if they want to call themselves semites, then i am antisemitic.
      if they want to call themselves horgys, then i am antihorgian.

      got that?

      all these stories of shem, phlegm, essau, messau leave me catatonic with excitement.

      i can spot them, i can smell them, i see their spastic walk and head-wags, their rheumy greasy eyelids, the pubic hair growing out of their skulls, necks and shoulders, i hear their nose trombones when they speak, my hair stands up when exposed to their evil vibes, good enough (or is it bad enough) for me.

      whatever they are, they are not my group, even if i broaden it to include primates, marmosets and dolphins.

      1. gosh u maik me larf, i nevver new u was such a standup commedyian! but u now summthin? u shood b serius on this websight coz this is a verrie serius websight.

        “dont larf wen i am torking 2 u,” my mom told me the uther day, “coz I am a serius purson!”

        larfing is rong cos life is serius. thats wot i tink.

      2. max, a little test for your jewdar racial awareness.

        is this specimen a negro …, a Nordic/Alpine …, an Asian …, a mulatto …, an Australian aborigine-European …, a Slavic …, an Eskimo …?

        and jessel, please be a good 14-year old girl and don’t signal any answers to max, i know you know the answer (and give modreckai a quarter for using his picture without written approval, i will owe you big time, like 28 cents)

        1. Hi Lobro, the “specimen” could be a Jew, as its beard is a give-away; but I would not guarantee it is a Jew as his nose bridge does not quite continue up to his eye-brow region like a Gerry Seinfeld, Adam Sandler, the ugly bitch in Big Bang, or Barbara Streisand.
          Your childish American, canned-laughter sitcoms are loaded with heinous, ugly Jews. That transsexual monster , Marilyn Manson, is a Jew and looks Jewish. He thinks “violence is beauty” and thus parodies John Keats. Bob Dylan is your quintessential Jewish turd as is that disgusting rock band with the long tongues, KISS!
          Some of the non-Jewish gypsies of eastern Europe look as “Jewish” as the specimen. In certain parts of the Middle East, bearded Muslim men cannot be distinquished from their Sephardic Jewish neighbours! Only the tiny skull cap is the difference. They are all Arabs!
          Yes, I can pick all the Jewish children the Jewish producers continually put in their movies, courtesy of their distinct noses. God they are ugly!
          But this largely reflects New York inter-breeding!
          Bibi Netanyahu is not really of the Streisand, nasally type and could be just another Slav, or even German. Over one million Russian Jews have been integrated into the Israeli population and very few look like Adam Sandler or Gerry. The pop whore, PINK, does not look like a Jewess, but she is!
          Dianne Feinstein could be the typical next-door mom, but that old crone and utter bitch (forgotten the name of your old state dep’t hag) is as hooked-nosed and “Jewish” as the vile Henry Kissinger.
          In Australia an abo-Jew looks more like a Meditteranean play-boy! The Jews have recruited them to work on the “RECONCILATION” PC cause!
          And an Ethipian Jew looks like an African highlander, and and Asian Jew looks like an Asian. Most of the latter can’t grow Jewish-type beards or grow matted, curling hair down over their shoulders.
          An eskimo-Jew (I have pictures) looks rather mongoloid, but can be diustinquished by his longer-than-usual beard.
          My Jewish cousins (my 2 uncles married Jewesses) look like Aussies, but 2 of 7 have Jewish type noses and are weedy of structure; and cunning to match!
          As I’ve said before I went out with a number of Jewesses but got sick and tired of their know-all tartiness! These were Streisand-type nasally Jewesses with black, long hair. F**#^! like troopers!
          As that one comments person inists: If Jews were better looking they might not be so NASTY!
          PS: Pink looks more like a hard-faced dyke!

      3. You left out a very distinguishing characteristic…. one that grates on me the most…

        WHINING!!! ….with a high pitch at the end.

      4. Yeah lobro, you are seeing mainly the ugly, New York variety.
        I see a different variety in Australia. More blue eyes and not as ugly!
        lobro we should not let them “capture” the English language! You know, “He who controls what is said ….” !!!! (ORWELL)
        THEY ARE NOT SEMITES and “ANTI-SEMITISM” is their perverted, mass-brainwashing creation!~ Join them at your peril!
        Similarly, our advertisement “Happy and gay the Laxette way” has been perverted by the Jewish mass media’s misuse of the word “GAY”! Oh yeah, anus punching queers use lots of laxatives and wear nappies. Hepatits everywhere!
        Now the nigrahs call all women “bitches” and this has caught on in OZ, among the kids!
        When Trotsky was exported out of New York to help start the RED TERROR, he looked and acted like the typical New York Jew! His descendants are doing exactly the same thing out of New York on this very day!
        They were quick to get all the Jews out of the WTC when they knew the real estate white elephant was about to be industrially demolished, so that another Jew could make a rich insurance claim.
        PS: My sense of the absurd is inspied by Jonathon Swift! … Aren’t we funny? Tragi-comedy, going right over Gilby’s head! I think I dislike stupid Goyim like Gilby as mush as I dislike hon-nob Jews! Their ignorance is no excuse!

        1. Oh, Maxey! I’m glad to get on here and find that I’m still on your mind (I had forgotten about you, so sorry!).

          Since we have quite the intimate little circle of friends, here, on Darkmoon, I suppose it isn’t too uncouth for me to inquire as to your romantic quests (beyond the sheep herd). Are there any? You seem so frustrated.

          You know – the little yentas you berate DO serve their purpose (I have found some to be quite nice); and since you obviously haven’t had any success with women of class and distinction, you should not burn bridges to the ones left who are so charitable as to entertain your company. I tell you these things because I CARE, Maxey.

          (Of course, down under, yonder, there’re always the sheep…)

  15. Published on the WSJ BLOG on October 5, 2010

    Michael Santomauro wrote:
    Joe Sobran who died last week said:

    “Jewish control of the major media in the media age makes the enforced silence both paradoxical and paralyzing. Survival in public life requires that you know all about it, but never refer to it. A hypocritical etiquette forces us to pretend that the Jews are powerless victims; and if you don’t respect their victimhood, they’ll destroy you. It’s a phenomenal display not of wickedness, really, but of fierce ethnocentrism, a sort of furtive racial superpatriotism.”

    A current example that illustrates exactly this is the firing of Rick Sanchez from CNN for saying the following about Jews as victims:

    “Very powerless people… [snickers] He’s such a minority, I mean, you know [sarcastically]… Please, what are you kidding? … I’m telling you that everybody who runs CNN is a lot like Stewart, and a lot of people who run all the other networks are a lot like Stewart, and to imply that somehow they — the people in this country who are Jewish — are an oppressed minority? Yeah.” [sarcastically]

    Michael Medved, Orthodox Jew and author of Hollywood vs. America: “It makes no sense at all to try to deny the reality of Jewish power and prominence in popular culture . . . Any Martian monitoring American television . . . would view Seinfeld, Friends, The Nanny, Northern Exposure, Mad about You, and other shows and be surprised to learn that fewer than 1 in 40 Americans is Jewish.”

    Brandies Professor Stephen J. Whitfield: “From its origins, Hollywood has been stamped with a Jewish identity, but nobody else was supposed to know about it. But somehow, no matter how thorough the attempt to suppress or disguise it, Jewishness is going to bob to the surface anyway.”

    Author Stephen Schiff: “The way Steven Spielberg sees the world has become the way the world is communicated back to us every day.”

    Neal Gabler, author of An Empire of Their Own: How the Jews Invented Hollywood, wrote that “The American Dream—is a Jewish invention.” As he documented: “The storefront theaters of the late teens were transformed into the movie palaces of the twenties by Jewish exhibitors. And when sound movies commandeered the industry, Hollywood was invaded by a battalion of Jewish writers, mostly from the East. The most powerful talent agencies were run by Jews. Jewish lawyers transacted most of the industry’s business and Jewish doctors ministered to the industry’s sick. Above all, Jews produced the movies.”

    Most of us are mentally trapped to think Jewish. Actually, it is safe to say that virtually every mainstream publication or or other type of media organ is “nothing more than a screen to present chosen views.” The great battle over the last century has been a battle for the mind of the Western peoples, i.e., non-Jewish Euros. The chosen won it by acquiring control over essentially the complete mainstream news, information, education and entertainment media of every type, and using that control to infuse and disseminate their message, agenda and worldview, their way of thinking, or rather the way they want us to think. Since at least the 1960s this campaign has been effectively complete. Since then they have shaped and controlled the minds of all but a seeming few of us in varying degree with almost no opposition or competition from any alternative worldview. So now most of us are mentally trapped in the box the chosen have made for us, which we have lived in all our lives. Only a few have managed to avoid it or escape it, or to even sometimes see outside of it, and so actually “think outside of the (Jewish) box.” –Michael Santomauro

    Michael Santomauro
    [email protected]

    1. Great comment. You are correct when you stated:
      “Most of us are mentally trapped to think Jewish. Actually, it is safe to say that virtually every mainstream publication or or other type of media organ is “nothing more than a screen to present chosen views.”

      Those who know this visit this site, and other sites more radical.

      Every minute spent here is one minute NOT spent in the Jewish brain-laundry.

  16. Good book by Dr. E. Michael Jones, “The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit” and it’s impact
    on World History. At culturewars.com 2008 1200 pages $54.00 easy read.

    1. That article was a lengthy was to say that not all Jews are bad. Here is a quote:

      “After all, just because there have been many hideous Jews throughout history and in the current socio-political order doesn’t mean that every Jew is some kind of lowlife weasel out to subvert and undermine other peoples.”

      I disagree with that statement, if only just to say that ***ALL Jews who chant kol nidre every year ARE ‘lowlife weasels out to subvert and undermine other peoples.’

  17. Why am I not a Retard
    (just paraphrased the title of the article)

    “The next time you read about a particularly bloody pogrom and pause to wonder how Christians, dedicated to a religion of mercy, can exercise so much brutality against the Jews, remember that the Jew wheedles all the mercy out of his neighbors in the ordinary course of business. He lies and cheats until he is caught. When caught, instead of accepting punishment, he moans and tears his hair, invokes the sores of ancestors in their graves and living relations at the point of death in hospitals, until the wronged gentile, nauseated, lets him go. Then, thumbing his nose at the gentile behind his back, the Jew goes about his business the same way, lying and cheating now doubly to make up for lost time. A pogrom is usually the climax of years of such relentless goading. Do you wonder that when the final reckoning comes the gentile is absolutely merciless?”

    — Samuel Roth, Jews Must Live, Ch. 13, p. 206, f/n 31 [expurgated chapter

    and let’s recall this by ellie katsnelson
    … for the judges of the jews that they shall have now become, they shall break forcefully into every wretched synagogue, they shall enter violently into every jewish home, and they shall furiously invade every counting house, for now, the long-dormant american lion shall have awakened, and, by god almighty! he shall cut down every living jew on earth.

    anyone else see similarities?

    and this is why i, after initially having given full credit to miss ellie, pulled back a bit.
    because this same samuel roth, having observed both the jew’s evil and the temporary docility of his victims, goes on to become the talmudic standard bearer when not writing porn, stuff like this:

    “Why are you so eager to count our losses, and so reluctant to count the losses of the enemy? Have not the Europeans suffered as much from the war as we have? While they pogrommed us did they not butcher one another? We lost lives, but they lost wealth which is not so easily replaced. Our gains in this war, I tell you, were greater and our losses proportionately smaller than those of the gentiles.

    * * * * *

    “In the meantime we Jews have gained freedom and a beautiful revenge. Oh, it was worth being pogrommed for. The government which strangled us writhes hopelessly in the dust of oblivion, the new government does not dare invoke the old anathemas. Where we were once the humbly persecuted we are to-day the majestic and relentless persecutors. They have not yet admitted us to the League of Nations? What would we do there–the only people on earth without a war-debt?”

    so i wonder what does ellie really stand for and will stand for in future.
    she is of course welcome to answer.

    1. Good comparison. Lets look further.
      She stated: “…they shall break forcefully into every wretched synagogue..”

      The US established the penalty for that in 1994…even a death penalty if so desired:

      18 USC sec 247
      (c) Whoever intentionally defaces, damages, or destroys any
      religious real property because of the race, color, or ethnic
      characteristics of any individual associated with that religious
      property, or attempts to do so, shall be punished as provided in
      subsection (d).
      (d) The punishment for a violation of subsection (a) of this
      section shall be –
      (1) if death results from acts committed in violation of this
      section or if such acts include kidnapping or an attempt to
      kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse or an attempt to commit
      aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to kill, a fine in
      accordance with this title and imprisonment for any term of years
      or for life, or both, or may be sentenced to death;


      1. These penalties helped put teeth into the **Noahide Laws recognized in PL 102-14 by GWH Bush in 1991, when he established Education day for the ‘Rebbi’ of Lubovitch fame – Rabbi Menachem Schneerson.

    2. Nice little piece of sleuthing Mr. Holmes.

      Ellie Roth Katsnelson, the grandaughter Samuel always took a shine to?

      in effect

  18. The jews have the market cornered on the term “anti-semite”, a locked-down tight buzzword that will always preserve their victimhood status in the eyes of the World. But writers of import need to find more powerful words and terms in conveying the reality of actions caused by jews which are the main force behind evil-doing.

    Franklin’s proposal of “judeo-critic” is better than “anti-semite” in drawing attention to the primary source of what is plaguing the planet, but insofar as public perception is concerned it smacks too much of “giving equal time”, “democracy in action”, or engaging in debates while Palestinian children are being blown to bits, and jews are always at the ready in answering their critics and getting the last word in (and where the “last word” always seems to last)

    Right now actions are speaking louder than words with the latest aggression in Gaza, and if nothing else, even otherwise oblivious people are noting Israeli over-reaction and “overkill” with what aware individuals note as the on-going “what’s new?” atrocities and jew-blight in general.

    If the pen is truly mightier than the sword, then I propose changing the very framing of this question from “Why I am an Anti-Semite” to something like, say, “Why I am Opposed to Contamination”, and go from there in simply citing the specific contaminants.

    I also propose we open up these threads to more suggestions along this line of thinking

    1. these are good jews, the vast majority (51%).

      and of course, they would never consider doing this to us.

      i mean never, ever.

      which is why we don’t call them kikes.

      1. I like using percentages. More than 99% of ALL Jews chant kol nidre every year. It frees them of ANY and ALL obligations.

        If there are any ‘good’ Jews, they MIGHT be found in that less than 1%. That is not enough to keep ANY them on the Saxon payrolls, because they might attend Purim rituals the next year, and fall from grace.

        They ALL lie to goyim, or they are not Jews.

    2. Yankees did the same thing in the Civil War in the US, acting like the Jews who promoted the war.
      In July 1861, at Bull Run in northern Virginia, civilians–congressmen, businessmen and socialites with picnic baskets–drove out in carriages from Washington to watch the battle.

      It was NOT caught on Twitter.

  19. Remember Franklin, when crypto jew, pesky little Italian Joe, accused us of being the same person? Forgot what blog that episode materialized on but I’m still laughing. Hope you do too.

    Anyways, I wish we could just do away with the anti-semite moniker. By now, everyone involved with this subject knows it is a misnomer. Judeo-critic doesn’t do it justice either. I think the closest we can describe our condition is jew-wise, despite Lonny’s or Lenny’s ? admonishments.

    I think ‘The 45 Questions Most Frequently Asked about the Jews With the Answers by Pelley’ are a good start.
    ‘Dupes of Judah’ by William Dudley Pelley is quite interesting too. Available on the net open source.

    What got me started was Douglas Reed’s Controversy of Zion, The Protocols, The Curse of Canaan by Eustace Mullins and various articles on the net over the years. And the ordeal of people like Zuendel, Keegstra, Topham just to name a few.

    1. i was in toronto during zundel bolshevik show-trial and learned how to puke on demand.
      also, after seeing parts of tv miniseries “holocaust”, maybe a few years earlier, when the guy playing commandant of auschwitz (michael moriarty) admitted that he couldn’t do the scene when he complains about the stink of crematoria while eating dinner without breaking down in tears.

      and then some undertaker testified and said that cremation produces neither smoke nor smell (and i recalled the primitive cremations in india where bodies are plain roasted in open wood fire and true, there is no smell, a bit of smoke from the wood).

      so now my thinking is simple.
      is it good for jews?
      YES – i say hail mary
      NO – 🙂

  20. I am also anti-Jew because they came to America as wolves in sheep’s clothing as Puritans and other Judeo-Christians carrying their doctrines of war and hate, their bibles. Those Jew-lovers, chosen-lovers, destroyed the great cultures already established for thousands of years. They have done so with every culture they invade, using written words of hate and fear to control the mind of their enemies.

    The Europeans, and particularly the Jew-loving missionaries, could not understand that women had power in Indian society and that they had the right to sexual freedom. Indian societies were not organized on the patriarchal, monogamous norms of European-Jew society. Judeo-Christian missionaries were shocked and offended by the fact that Indian women were allowed to express their sexuality.

    Land rights passed through the women in most of the original cultures of North America. The women had the last word at the council meetings.

    The Jews destroyed women’s rights in America. ACLU should take notice.

  21. The first order of protocol business was of course to wipe out as many natives as possible with various and sundry diseases brought from Europe.

    “Their Wisdom Is Buried With Them”

    “Soon after Cartier departed for home, an alien virus – brought either by him or by other visitors from the disease-ridden ports of Europe – swept through the St. Lawrence Valley. The local inhabitants, lacking immunity, began losing friends, relatives, and loved ones to horrible deaths. As the contagion spread, it wiped out entire communities. Bustling villages were silenced; abandoned cornfields reverted to wilderness. Neither the rites of the shamans nor the skills of native herbalists could quell the wrath of this devastation.”

    paraphrasing a “zion elder”:

    “They will forget their old laws; they will barter their country for baubles. Then will disease eat the life from their blood.”

    Hanisse’ono, the evil one
    from Iroquois legend

    enter stage left the missionaries:

    “Northeast Indian people were also caught up in a war for their souls. No sooner had the first traders and colonists stepped ashore than a small army of priests and clergymen moved in after them to spread the gospel of Christ. The Black Robes (as French Jesuits came to be known) left their headquarters at Quebec to trek and paddle far into the Canadian woodlands, staying in local wigwams, learning the languages, and rounding up significant numbers of converts. Often they traveled alone. With their black robes and Bibles and their strange indifference to women, the Jesuits were clearly men of special power. Whether they would use their powers for good or evil, no one could tell.”

    “….for every Indian who accepted Christianity, others found the new faith profoundly disturbing.”

    “It is a strange thing that since prayer has come into our cabins, our former customs are no longer of any service; and yet we shall all die because we give them up.”

    Algonquian sachem

    “Virtually everything – plants, animals, physical objects, even abstractions such as colors and seasons of the year – had spiritual counterparts that needed to be treated with respect. The Algonquians referred to these as “manitous” and believed they wielded a powerful influence over human events. Manitous visited tribal shamans in prophetic dreams and visions, and they were invoked in ceremonies to cure disease.”

    “To the Europeean priests and pastors, such beliefs were little better than devil worship. In their place, the missionaries offered disquieting concepts like sin, guilt, and damnation – all alien notions to a people who, as one colonist put it, had known neither ‘of a Hell to scare them, nor a Conscience to terrify them.’ No longer would the soul of a deceased Algonquian or Iroquois go to live with its departed kinsmen at a village in the western sky. From now on, the soul after death would descend directly to the torments of purgatory.”

    1. Makes more sense than a guy in an ‘alligator mouth-looking’ hat swinging a pot of smoke on a gold chain while mumbling Latin phrases to impress alter-boys.

  22. Tyron Parsons says:
    July 13, 2014 at 12:17 am

    “So, until you come to understand that the actual Greek NT and OT law that is written in the hearts and minds of the white man (DNA) …”

    Every newborn infant enters the world in a state of “tabula rasa,” so it’s doubtful to suggest that any form of mythology was stamped into their DNA via some process of genetics.

    It seems probable that nobody would possess any knowledge of Jew or Greek or White Man’s mythology etc. if it wasn’t inculcated into them through the process of education and/or indoctrination.

    Are you able to cite any evidence to the contrary ??

    1. “Initially, we may object, but when we think about this concept without anger, prejudice, or preconceived bias, we can logically conclude that God must have unlimited names, because God himself is unlimited, by the very definition of the word… “GOD”. American Indians have names for the Holy Spirit. The Eskimos, the same.”

      “The Old Testament declares that by the Holy Name of the Lord one will be saved, and shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever.”

      “It is always advisable to chant and sing the holy names of Christ or Krishna.”


      1. HP

        How could the creator of all be actually named in his most “pure” form? The Creator was asked the question “who are you” or “what is your name” and in perfect logic and tatical genius he answered “I am who I am” or “I am that I am”.

        Now I ask you, was the great I AM not being perfectly honest and truthful without boxing himself in while at the same time not giving the enemy a target to shoot at?

        The prime creator/savior is who he is and so are all of us, if we are wise to respond the same way because after all, he lives in all those who’s source is from him.

        Food for thought….

        1. In a funny side note, about 8 years ago I was debating a “Jew” who couldn’t pin me down to strike. This “Jew” asked me the same question “what are you” asking me to define myself.

          I responded I am that I am and the “Jew” balked, “thats blasphemy”! You are not God!

          I responded again- are you trying to tell me you are not who you are?

          The “Jew” laughed.

    2. Save the Goyim

      If you cannot see creation where the proof of this is screamed at you in all science and nature, then I can’t help you.

      If you think for one second that all individuals and races are the “same”, that we are all “equal” then you are simply being more duped by the “Jews”.

      All natural human races are made for a purpose, chosen for a reason, to perform certain tasks better than others hence all races are both inferior and superior to each other. So if there is any “equality” in that, that’s where it is.


      This is simply logic and fact.

  23. The Hebrews say that anti-Semitism is a disease. I agree. It’s something you catch from the Jews.

  24. Question for Lasha Darkmoon

    Where are the newer comments on this thread? I responded to Igrid on the second pageand now it’s gone

    1. Sorry Darkmoon. My mistake. I posted my response to Ingrid on another thread.

  25. So now Obama and his jew handlers want 3+ billion US dollars to handle the latest immigration ‘crisis’. How about instead of spending 3 billion US dollars to handle the latest influx of illegal immigrants, we instead used the money to build a wall and thus take a huge step towards solving the problem once and for all. I suspect that 3 billion US (taxpayer) dollars could buy alot of wall! As long as the US immigration policy is jew-controlled crap, then other nations will continue to use the borders to export/dump their overpopulation problems, unemployed problems, housing/homeless problems, etc.

    1. The wall will never happen The North American Union(NAU) will.

      Dubya secured that trilateral process…..

      The Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP) was launched in March of 2005 as a trilateral effort to increase security and enhance prosperity among the United States , Canada and Mexico through greater cooperation and information sharing.

  26. Hi Mr Huntly,
    You question my romantic adventures: As I’ve said several times, my younger years often saw me dating Jewesses from inner Melbourne, Australia. This is largely because I lived in Caulfield which abounds the Jewish belt. As I’ve said, with their big noses and curling black hair they could look stunning at the bar and dance front. My Nordic looks have always assured me a free ticket with the fairer sex. But all these Jewesses were strumpets and whilst more than sexy, you had to engage in their endless chatter after the act. Yes. I went out with many dogs, inc Goyim, but then I married a very classy socialite. I was a top sportsman and had groupies galore. Since my divo0rce I go out mainly with very wealthy women and meet many during my holidays in the south of France. I have a string of worldwide girlfriends, but, for obvious reasons avoid Americans and Canadians.
    Anyway, the Jews have captured most of our womanhood under the Sex and the City, Degeneres/Oprah, Goddess phenomenon. As Frank Sinatra said, most Ozzie women “look like hookers” as do the yankee whores. Even the minister and his wife at the local church are running a swingers’ scene! As Muggeridge predicted, a nearing extinct civilization would revert to the fantasy of sex.
    And as Lasha says, SEX is one of their major weapons!

    1. u tork about sex 2 much, grow up and think of summthin else, wots rong with u?

  27. Kol Nidre, talmudism, demented old testament rantings, it doesn’t matter. It’s not the troglodyte jews who are the problem. Jews, most of them atheists, are the problem. I’ve read Culture of Critique and didn’t find it difficult. I’ve read all of the books recommended by Ryckaert, but my anti-Semitism originated before reading these books, it originated in personal dealings with jews. I owned an independent bookstore and spent long hours in it dealing with people. Many whites were rude, nasty and downright stupid. Jews though, oy oy oy an arrogant, bad-mannered, paranoid, self-absorbed, selfish and delusional people out of a nightmare.

    1. “. . . my anti-Semitism originated before reading these books, it originated in personal dealings with jews. I owned an independent bookstore and spent long hours in it dealing with people…”

      In that case, why don’t you submit an essay to this website with the title “Why I am an anti-Semite”? This is precisely what the editor of the site is looking for: an anecdotal account of how your anti-Semitism evolved from personal experiences with Jews. I assure you this would be of great interest to all of us.

      The fact that you have been pretty hostile toward Lasha and this website won’t make any difference to the editor, believe me. He and Lasha are above all that kind of thing. If the essay is interesting and well-written, I’m sure they will accept it.

  28. Jews are not Semites and you are accepting a Jewish paradigm if you inadvertently claim that you are an anti-Semite! Do not get sucked in by them!

    1. i am both anti-semite and anti-jew just to make sure i got all the bases covered.

      nor do i like lizards, slugs, vipers, cockroaches, space scorpions, disease vectors, vampire squids, bedbugs, hookworms and assorted vermin, whether yahweh considered them his own precious progeny or not.

      nazis used zyklon-b to go after head lice and gassed them by millions.
      you can see the gas chambers where entire families, clans and tribes of lice perished in inhuman circumstances in auschwitz-birkenau and other lice killing camps, feel free to do your own research, check out the prussian blue stain seeping thru the walls, do the dna tests, because it is all true, all properly documented from the wannasee conference onward (but there were no gushers of tattooed vermin spontaneously spraying from the ground at babski yarski, no sir, elie the liar made that up, we lice have our dignity, what is true is true and nothing else).

      the fact that the head lice are not suing germans for rightful reparations makes them a much nicer, more decent lifeform.

      1. Six million head lice to be exact, whose descendants never met a head they didn’t like.

      2. and because lic-o-caust is provably true, one can question it at will, the skepticism is not criminalized, although i get very uptight when people question it, i call them licohaust deniers.

        my point: when something is true it needs no legal protection.

        only criminals, corrupt politicians, drug lords and jews need legal and armed protection, the army, police, bodyguards and intimidating propaganda.

        1. And all lice-savers should know:
          Statutory crimes do NOT require an element of intent. A louse could be guilty just for being there.

            1. an oscar winning screenplay taking shape in my mind.

              i spotted adolph licemann walking down the street, pretending he didn’t know me as i pointed a trembling, gaunt arm at him, bulging eyes, wild straggly hair of a memory haunted pawn broker:
              “hey, i know you, the monster of liceschwitz, don’t think you can walk away from justice just licking lice-cream like nothing happened!”

    2. Jews which speak a semitic language are semites.

      Hebrew, Aramaic and Arabic are just three of the semitic languages.

      Semitic languages were designated so in the 18th century. They were known as oriental languages before that.

      1. i think u wood like me. and maybe id like u back if u was not 2 antisemtick aound me. im onely 14, buy the way. and i sufer from dicklecksia, so pleese dont think im uneddykated.

  29. Not many Blacks came into the store, but the few who did were by far the most polite of all the customers

  30. When you tire of these relevant ruminations, simply moderate my comments, but it should be pointed out that our books were extreme, extreme right and left, Christian Fundamentalist tracts next to Occult books, gay books next to gun books, Rembrandt nestled up to R Crumb, Controversy of Zion sat beside Night. Hehehe. Anyhow, the most hateful and intolerant people I encountered, including a couple physical attacks, were PC college kids. If these are tomorrows leaders we’re heading into a dystopian totalitarian nightmare.

  31. Jessel Meyer, when I was a gorgeous young girl I found nerdy boys jewish or gentile, a turn-on {outdated terminology)

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