Will Russia and China Hold Their Fire Until War Is the Only Alternative?

By Paul Craig Roberts

screen-shot-2014-01-16-at-8-27-28-amObama’s September 24 speech at the UN is the most absurd thing I have heard in my entire life. It is absolutely amazing that the president of the United States would stand before the entire world and tell what everyone knows are blatant lies while simultaneously demonstrating Washington’s double standards and belief that Washington alone, because the US is exceptional and indispensable, has the right to violate all law.

It is even more amazing that every person present did not get up and walk out of the assembly.

The diplomats of the world actually sat there and listened to blatant lies from the world’s worst terrorist. They even clapped their approval.

The rest of the speech was just utter bullshit: “We stand at a crossroads,” “signposts of progress,” “reduced chance of war between major powers,” “hundreds of millions lifted from poverty,” and while ebola ravages Africa “we’ve learned how to cure disease and harness the power of the wind and the sun.” We are now God. “We” is comprised of the “exceptional people”–Americans. No one else counts. “We” are it.

It is impossible to pick the most absurd statement in Obama’s speech or the most outrageous lie. Is it this one? “Russian aggression in Europe recalls the days when large nations trampled small ones in pursuit of territorial ambition.”

Or is it this one? “After the people of Ukraine mobilized popular protests and calls for reform, their corrupt president fled.  Against the will of the government in Kiev, Crimea was annexed.  Russia poured arms into eastern Ukraine, fueling violent separatists and a conflict that has killed thousands.  When a civilian airliner was shot down from areas that these proxies controlled, they refused to allow access to the crash for days.  When Ukraine started to reassert control over its territory, Russia gave up the pretense of merely supporting the separatists, and moved troops across the border.”

The entire world knows that Washington overthrew the elected Ukrainian government, that Washington refuses to release its satellite photos of the destruction of the Malaysian airliner, that Ukraine refuses to release its air traffic control instructions to the airliner, that Washington has prevented a real investigation of the airliner’s destruction, that European experts on the scene have testified that both sides of the airliner’s cockpit demonstrate machine gun fire, an indication that the airliner was shot down by the Ukrainian jets that were following it. Indeed, there has been no explanation why Ukrainian jets were close on the heels of an airliner directed by Ukrainian air traffic control.

The entire world knows that if Russia had territorial ambitions, when the Russian military defeated the American trained and supplied Georgian army that attacked South Ossetia, Russia would have kept Georgia and reincorporated it within Russia where it resided for centuries.

Notice that it is not aggression when Washington bombs and invades seven countries in 13 years without a declaration of war. Aggression occurs when Russia accepts the petition of Crimeans who voted 97 percent in favor of reuniting with Russia where Crimea resided for centuries before Khrushchev attached it to the Soviet Socialist Republic of Ukraine in 1954 when Ukraine and Russia were part of the same country.

And the entire world knows that, as the separatist leader of the Donetsk Republic said, “If Russian military units were fighting with us, the news would not be the fall of Mariupol but the fall of Kiev and Lviv.”

Which is “the cancer of violent extremism” – ISIS which cut off the heads of four journalists, or Washington which has bombed seven countries in the 21st century murdering hundreds of thousands of civilians and displacing millions?

Who is the worst terrorist–ISIS, a group that is redrawing the artificial boundaries created by British and French colonialists, or Washington with its Wolfowitz Doctrine, the basis of US foreign policy, which declares Washington’s dominant objective to be US hegemony over the world?

ISIS is the creation of Washington. ISIS consists of the jihadists Washington used to overthrow Gaddafi in Libya and then sent to Syria to overthrow Assad. If ISIS is a “network of death,” a “brand of evil” with which negotiation is impossible as Obama declares, it is a network of death created by the Obama regime itself. If ISIS poses the threat that Obama claims, how can the regime that created the threat be credible in leading the fight against it?

Obama never mentioned in his speech the central problem that the world faces. That problem is Washington’s inability to accept the existence of strong independent countries such as Russia and China. The neoconservative Wolfowitz Doctrine commits the United States to maintaining its status as the sole Unipower. This task requires Washington “to prevent any hostile power from dominating a region whose resources would, under consolidated control, be sufficient to generate global power.” A “hostile power” is any country that has sufficient power or influence to be able to limit Washington’s exercise of power.

The Wolfowitz Doctrine explicitly targets Russia: “Our first objective is to prevent the re-emergence of a new rival, either on the territory of the former Soviet Union or elsewhere.” A “rival” is defined as any country capable of defending its interests or those of allies against Washington’s hegemony.

In his speech, Obama told Russia and China that they can be part of Washington’s world order on the condition that they accept Washington’s hegemony and do not interfere in any way with Washington’s control. When Obama tells Russia that the US will cooperate with Russia “if Russia changes course,” Obama means that Moscow must accept the primacy of Washington’s interest over Russia’s own interest.

Clearly, this is an inflexible and unrealistic position. If Washington keeps to it, war with Russia and China will ensue.

Obama told China that Washington intended to continue to be a Pacific power in China’s sphere of influence, “promoting peace, stability, and the free flow of commerce among nations” by building new US air and naval bases from the Philippines to Vietnam so that Washington can control the flow of resources in the South China Sea and cut off China at will.

As far as I can tell, neither the Russian nor Chinese governments understand the seriousness of the threat that Washington represents. Washington’s claim to world hegemony seems too farfetched to Russia and China to be real. But it is very real.

By refusing to take the threat seriously, Russia and China have not responded in ways that would bring an end to the threat without the necessity of war.

For example, the Russian government could most likely destroy NATO by responding to sanctions imposed by Washington and the EU by informing European governments that Russia does not sell natural gas to members of NATO. Instead of using this power, Russia has foolishly allowed the EU to accumulate record amounts of stored natural gas to see homes and industry through the coming winter.

Has Russia sold out its national interests for money?

Much of Washington’s power and financial hegemony rests on the role of the US dollar as world reserve currency. Russia and China have been slow, even negligent from the standpoint of defending their sovereignty, to take advantage of opportunities to undermine this pillar of Washington’s power. For example, the BRICS’ talk of abandoning the dollar payments system has been more talk than action. Russia doesn’t even require Washington’s European puppet states to pay for Russian natural gas in rubles.

One might think that a country such as Russia experiencing such extreme hostility and demonization from the West would at least use the gas sales to support its own currency instead of Washington’s dollar. If the Russian government is going to continue to support the economies of European countries hostile to Russia and to prevent the European peoples from freezing during the coming winter, shouldn’t Russia in exchange for this extraordinary subsidy to its enemies at least arrange to support its own currency by demanding payment in rubles? Unfortunately for Russia, Russia is infected with Western trained neoliberal economists who represent Western, not Russian, interests.

When the West sees such extraordinary weakness on the part of the Russian government, Obama knows he can go to the UN and tell the most blatant lies about Russia with no cost whatsoever to the US or Europe. Russian inaction subsidizes Russia’s demonization.

China has been no more successful than Russia in using its opportunities to destabilize Washington. For example, it is a known fact, as Dave Kranzler and I have repeatedly demonstrated, that the Federal Reserve uses its bullion bank agents to knock down the gold price in order to protect the dollar’s value from the Federal Reserve’s policies. The method used is for the bullion banks to drive down the gold price with enormous amounts of naked shorts during periods of low or nonexistent volume.

China or Russia or both could take advantage of this tactic by purchasing every naked short sold plus all covered shorts, if any, and demanding delivery instead of settling the contracts in cash. Neither New York Comex nor the London market could make delivery, and the system would implode. The consequence of the failure to deliver possibly could be catastrophic for the Western financial system, but in the least it would demonstrate the corrupt nature of Western financial institutions.

Or China could deal a more lethal blow. Choosing a time of heightened concern or disruptions in US financial markets, China could dump its trillion dollar plus holdings of US treasuries, or indeed all its holdings of US financial instruments, on the market. The Federal Reserve and the US Treasury could try to stabilize the prices of US financial instruments by creating money with which to purchase the bonds and other instruments. This money creation would increase concern about the dollar’s value, and at that point China could dump the trillion dollars plus it receives from its bond sales on the exchange market. The Federal Reserve cannot print foreign currencies with which to buy up the dollars. The dollar’s exchange value would collapse and with it the dollar’s use as world reserve currency. The US would become just another broke country unable to pay for its imports.

Possibly, Washington could get Japan and the European Central Bank to print enough yen and euros to buy up the dumped dollars. However, the likelihood is that this would bring down the yen and euro along with the dollar.

Flight would occur into the Chinese and Russian currencies, and financial hegemony would depart the West.

By their restraint, Russia and China enable Washington’s attack upon them. Last week Washington put thousands of its NGO operatives into the Moscow streets protesting “Putin’s war against Ukraine.” Foolishly, Russia has permitted foreign interests to buy up its newspapers, and these interests continually denounce Putin and the Russian government to their Russian readers.

Did Russia sell its soul and communication system for dollars? Did a few oligarchs sell out Russia for Swiss and London bank deposits?

Both Russia and China have Muslim populations among whom the CIA operates encouraging disassociation, rebellion, and violence. Washington intends to break up the Russian Federation into smaller, weaker countries that could not stand in the way of Washington’s hegemony. Russian and Chinese fear of discord among their own Muslim populations have caused both governments to make the extremely serious strategic mistake of aligning with Washington against ISIS and with Washington’s policy of protecting Washington’s status quo in the Muslim world.

If Russia and China understood the deadly threat that Washington presents, both governments would operate according to the time honored principle that “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.” Russia and China would arm ISIS with surface to air missiles to bring down the American planes and with military intelligence in order to achieve an American defeat. With defeat would come the overthrow of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Egypt and all of the American puppet rulers in the area. Washington would lose control over oil, and the petro-dollar would be history. It is extraordinary that instead Russia and China are working to protect Washington’s control over the Middle East and the petro-dollar.

China is subject to a variety of attacks. The Rockefeller Foundation creates American agents in Chinese universities, or so I am informed by Chinese academics. American companies that locate in China create Chinese boards on which they place the relatives of local and regional party officials. This shifts loyalty from the central government to the American money. Moreover, China has many economists educated in the US who are imbued with the neoliberal economics that represents Washington’s interests.

Both Russia and China have significant percentages of their populations who wish to be western. The failure of communism in both countries and the success of American cold war propaganda have created loyalties to America in place of their own governments. In Russia they go by the designation “Atlanticist Integrationists.” They are Russians who wish to be integrated into the West. I know less about the Chinese counterpart, but among youth Western materialism and lack of sexual restraint is appealing.

The inability of the Russian and Chinese governments to come to terms with the threat posed to their existence as sovereign countries by the neoconservative insistence on American world hegemony makes nuclear war more likely. If Russia and China catch on too late in the game, their only alternative will be war or submission to Washington’s hegemony. As there is no possibility of the US and NATO invading and occupying Russia and China, the war would be nuclear.

To avoid this war, which, as so many experts have shown, would terminate life on earth, the Russian and Chinese governments must soon become far more realistic in their assessment of the evil that resides in what Washington has turned into the world’s worst terrorist state–the US.

It is possible that Russia, China, and the rest of the world will be saved by American economic collapse. The US economy is a house of cards. Real median family incomes are in long-term decline. Universities produce graduates with degrees and heavy debts but no jobs. The bond market is rigged by the Federal Reserve which necessitates rigging the bullion markets in order to protect the dollar. The stock market is rigged by the outpouring of money from the Federal Reserve, by the Plunge Protection Team, and by corporations repurchasing their own stock. The dollar is supported by tradition, habit, and currency swaps.

The American House of Cards continues to stand only as a result of the tolerance of the world for vast corruption and disinformation and because greed is satisfied by the money made from a rigged system.

Russia and/or China could pull down this House of Cards whenever either country or both had leadership capable of it.


 Dr. Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and associate editor of the Wall Street Journal. He was columnist for Business Week, Scripps Howard News Service, and Creators Syndicate. He has had many university appointments. His internet columns have attracted a worldwide following. Roberts’ latest books are The Failure of Laissez Faire Capitalism and Economic Dissolution of the West and How America Was Lost.

126 thoughts to “Will Russia and China Hold Their Fire Until War Is the Only Alternative?”

  1. paul roberts,

    you write as if a different entity controls russia from usa

    if gentiles took back control of russia from jews, how/when/where did this happen?

    1. Good question, Flying Cossack. This all hinges on the question whether Putin is his own man or whether he is a Jewish agent. This question, as far as I am concerned, remains unanswered.

      1. I agree that it’s a good question, but you have to think in terms of “nebulous gray area probabilities”, so to speak, between Putin being his own man and “jew agent”

      2. I used to sometimes watch CCTV, and got the distinct impression that there was close fiscal cooperation between China, and Israel. The same could apply to Russia. Putin has stated that he has nothing against Israel. Whether or not Israeli activities strengthen the US dollar, I don`t know..

    2. It is entirely doubtful that Paul Craig Roberts will indulge you with an answer to your question, which you seem to consider as some kind of killer argument. The answer to your “killer” question is very simple though: Neither the Jews not Putin have full control of Russia today – this is an ongoing war.

      However we can pinpoint exactly the day when the process of regaining control of country’s destiny has been launched in Russia: December 31, 1999 – the day when Yeltsin, in a surprise move before his term in office ended, has passed the reins of power to Putin. That was the “zagagulina” he left to the Americans in revenge for all the humiliations that Russia, and Yeltsin himself personally, has endured in the aftermath of defeat in the cold war which started almost immediately after the end of WWII with the Churchill’s Fulton speech in March 5, 1946.

      Independence is not a virginity one loses overnight – losing control by a country, just like regaining it back, is a long and painful process. It took centuries for the Jews to take control of Russia, and it took Stalin 20 years to take it back. It took another 38 years, starting the very day Stalin died in March 5, 1953 and ending the day bastard Gorbachev dissolved the USSR in December 26, 1991, for Russia to lose control of its way of life again.

      It’s been now about 15 years since Putin came to power. How long it will take to regain full control of the country? No one knows, but if history is any indication, it will take another 5 to 10 years. One cannot rush this process in violation of the laws of history and reality – it will take as long as it takes.

      Loss of control followed by regaining it back happened many times in the thousand-year history of Russia, and it will happen again; there is no doubt about that in my mind. Neither should it be in yours.

      1. Independence has never existed anywhere. It cannot be lost. It has never been attained.
        Only war exists between countries, governments, religions, ideologies, races, cultures and families.

      2. Well said asap, er, i mean Pat 😉

        “Independence has never been attained”, and I will add, nor can it be when under the auspices of a “State”. A true realization of “self-government” is literally that – demonstrating an ability to govern one’s self, not through any representation of it with another

        Gradients of control

        p.s. how do i get that yellow smiley guy to wink?

      3. well said.

        i have this hunch that history, once known, will exonerate stalin, now labeled “monster war criminal” just like it has largely exonerated hitler, also labeled “monster war criminal” by the same labellers.

        they all (jesus, hitler, stalin) had their life and death struggles with jews, each got murdered by jews and each has been tagged as judaic agent and accomplice by the smear brigades.
        i guess that’s the price of not winning in the end.

        putin is the next contender for the “monster war criminal” and that alone should tell you where the bouncing ball is right now.

        i said more than once and will remind you again: if your truth radar is misfiring, then calibrate it by watching jews, who are universe’s best threat spotters, generations in advance.
        you just need to interpret their hasbara and actions through the twin prisms of fear and kol nidre, the two anchors of jewish existence.

      4. You are 100% right brother,,in the end the zionist jews are going to destroy America like they did Russia,will 2017 be the total take over of the country?

    3. The day will come when Putin will either have to go to war with the US and NATO or betray his own country by jumping into bed with them. My own view is that Putin is a consummate chess player and doesn’t believe this is the right time to launch a full-scale war against America. First, America must be systematically weakened from within and without: by the financial vultures within the country (Jews) and by a series of foreign wars in the Middle East (on behalf of the Jews).

      1. Sardonicus started making sense, Allahu Akbar!

        Paul Craig Roberts tells many truths, but I don’t trust this guy for a second. This might seem a stupid thing to say, but there is nothing paradoxical about it.

        Indeed, how would you feel about a fellow who:

        (1) Is clearly not stupid;
        (2) Tells you all the truths you already know about;
        (3) Doesn’t reveal any truths you don’t know about, and finally;
        (4) Gives you an advice to INITIATE a fight for which you are clearly not ready yet; moreover, you will almost surely lose it, or, even if you win, it would cost you much more than it would have, if you engaged in the fight when the time is ripe, and you are more or less prepared for for the decisive battle?

        Think about it.

      2. Personally, I am hoping that Putin is going to turn out a hero and give America and NATO the bloody nose they deserve for their total disregard of international law. We’ll have to see how things play out with ISIS, Syria and Iran. If Putin stands by and sees Syria go under, that will be a black mark against him. If he lets Iran be devastated in the same way as Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya have been devastated, then there will be little doubt that he is not much use for anything.

        The $30 billion oil-and-gas deal with China and the hit-back sanctions against Europe are signs that Putin is genuinely fighting back and doing his best for Russia. He is not going to hand over his country to the Jews like Yeltsin did. Remember it was Putin who pulverized the Jewish oligarchs and drove them into exile.

      3. @ Circassian

        I have nothing against you personally, but I think it was wrong for you to attack Lasha Darkmoon and call this site a “latrine”. Remember that it was Lasha who said, that in any new war between Putin and the West, she would be backing Putin all the way. It took some courage saying that, since such a statement would be regarded as an act of “treason” if war ever broke out.

      4. True that, Circassian.

        PCR initiating a fight saying Russia and China could arm ISIS to achieve American defeat.

        That’s rich

      5. @Circassian, I must say that the following gave me pause for thought. In my opinion, there are enough warmongers arming ISIS:
        “Russia and China would arm ISIS with surface to air missiles to bring down the American planes and with military intelligence in order to achieve an American defeat.”

    4. Yeah, Paul Craig Roberts couldn’t possibly be that naive, blind, or foolish. Why even play along and feed into this idea that these world powers are autonomous and free from Jewish control?

      This is the same game they always play. They write a script, push their narrative on both “sides”, sell their wars to those who must fight them, get the “Goyim” to pick a side, pull off a false flag, then the blood flows and the Jews are ha hap happy.


  2. PCR is ‘stuck’ on the word ‘nukes.’ Fear sells. He sells.

    As I see it, US, Russia and China will not go to war with each other. All three NOW supply money, arms and troops to both sides of conflicts all over the world which destroy other countries…and then, are repaired. Rebuilt. Repeat over and over for centuries.

    London bankers on the sidelines like it that way. Good for business. Manufacturing bases and consumers intact in US, Russia and China and never destroyed.

    That’s a very Grand Chessboard Ziggy has developed.

    1. “That’s a very Grand Chessboard Ziggy has developed.

      As usual, Pat, you make some excellent points in your own trenchant way. But you are far too cynical, don’y you think? Everyone in the world is not a Machiavellian sonofabitch, intent on destroying entire countries for no other reason than the financial incentive of building them up again and getting paid handsomely for it! 🙂

      Is this what life is all about: getting rich by selling arms to people who proceed to wipe each other out? Demolishing entire countries in order to get lucrative construction contracts? I agree that this would appeal to money-grubbing morons… and maybe to Jews who can hardly described as “morons”. But not to men of high principle and honor.

      I work on the assumption that there are men of principle here on this earth working for the betterment of humanity. Not everyone who enters politics is an unscrupulous Machiavelli.

      1. In my mind I am not cynical enough, Sardonicus. The London Jew bankers keep proving what I stated.
        I would rather be known as NOT NAIVE, rather than cynical. The murderous wars are way worse than what I can describe.

        “Not everyone who enters politics is an unscrupulous Machiavelli.”
        That is correct…however the ones who are not just as you described get tossed aside EARLY. Early out!! They get killed, jailed or beaten at the fake polls. ALL of them MUST go along to get along if they want a career in politics. That includes Putin… the manager of Russia for bankers.

      2. Sardonicus –

        Here is an example of what I mentioned. Business executives were being taken to explore the opportunity to REBUILD.
        But, Ron Brown made the mistake of crossing Clinton, and ALL were taken out. Yes. Machiavelli’s principles are alive and well.

        Bad deal.

        “Ronald H. Brown, the U.S. secretary of commerce, is killed along with 32 other Americans when their U.S. Air Force plane crashes into a mountain near Dubrovnik, Croatia. Brown was leading a delegation of business executives to the former Yugoslavia to explore BUSINESS opportunities that might help REBUILD the war-torn region.”


        See the list of high profile executives:

        Sardonicus, you cannot think the way the psychopaths do, so you believe it is not just BUSINESS as usual for Jew bankers and their puppet leaders. You cannot hold office at higher levels. Neither can I.

      3. @ Pat

        In my mind I am not cynical enough, Sardonicus. The London Jew bankers keep proving what I stated.

        On the whole I agree with you that there is little cause for rejoicing. If you were tell me that your motto was “Never trust a politician”, I would have to agree with you. Most of the guys who get to the top are little better than vermin.

        However, I would hesitate before we lump Putin into his category. His enormous popularity among his own people surely speaks volumes. This is a criterion that helps us to distinguish the good from the bad. Bad leaders are never loved and venerated in overwhelming numbers by their people … except of course in Nazi Germany! 🙂

        I’m thinking not only of Putin’s popularity. I’m also thinking of Hugo Chavez. His people loved him because he was good for his people. Gaddafi was another one who was loved by his people. They were given free houses to live in… and lots of other benefits… with Libyan oil wealth being shared out more equitably.

        This is why Hugo Chavez and Gaddafi had to be bumped off: because they were setting a bad example by being good to their people. I put it to all the Putin haters on this site: if Putin was as bad as you guys like to make out, he wouldn’t be an object of adoration among his people.

  3. Don’t fall for this Brics vs Dollar nonsense. BOTH SIDES are controlled by the 3 Corporation City States which are controlled by the “Jews”. Russia and China are CORPORATIONS and CORPORATIONS are legal fictions. In order for a CORPORATION to be formed it must be form by it’s CREATOR and registered with its creator.By definition, the creator of something is the MASTER of that which he creates which is his SLAVE, his SUBJECT. The China and Russia’s Corporations are REGISTERED with the 3 City State Corporations and are SUBJECT to those they created.

    What we are witnessing is the INTENTIONAL destruction of America, whites-Christians by the “Jews” who control those 3 city states. They are one war away (Iran after Syria falls) to trigger a full blown WW3 where WHITES in the west will be the prime target for destruction by not only the Corporation Governments in our lands, but by Eastern BRIC Corporation forces. Obama’s speech was WRITTEN FOR HIM. Its a PLAY the UN was the stage and the audience was the World. The play’s script calls for everyone thinking in terms of Russia, China and America all being independent Nations not under Satanic Jew control/jurisdiction..As the script plays out, the American People, the people of the UK/Colonies are being CAST as the “bad guys” while the “good guys” are the Chinese, Russians/BRICS etc. Pray tell, who transferred our entire industrial capacity to the east? They did so to USE them to destroy us at home because we whites/Christians are the only ones who stand in the “Jews” way to complete their JWO.

    Here is the REAL narrative. The Good Guys are those aligned with I AM, under his law (Common/Natural/Christian) which is POLAR OPPOSITE and a COMPLETELY different jurisdiction than the Bad Guys aligned with the Satanic Jews and their Corporation legal system matrix that presently engulfs the planet.

    Here is another example of Jewish Cabala programming out of their Satanic Music Industry, telling everyone what they planned on doing BEFORE hand.

    “Notice that it is not aggression when Washington bombs and invades seven countries in 13 years without a declaration of war.”

    7 Nation Army- White Stripes. Pay attention to the lyrics.


    Pat, absolute Independence is impossible because one will either find them-self under the domain of Satan (legal fictions) or I AM (Common/Natural/Christian law). America did have “independence” (Under I AM/Jesus) from 1776 to 1860 and then we lost it slowly due to mass fraud being committed upon all of us over the subsequent decades to where now, all that remains is the master Sovereigns- we the people- born on the land. And this is why we and those inside the UK/Colonies (who were also independent of legal fictions- under true law) are the prime targets for genocide in this WW3 run by the “Jews”.

      1. Putin will have to be ‘taken out’ very hard for me to believe other than what you have stated.

        If that happens… there is a chance he is not bought and paid for.

        Other than that… He is a player. He has been in office too long to not be a player. He has been there since 2000.

  4. sardonicus makes a perfectly valid, invariably overlooked point by various navel gazers, seers, pundits and augurs, namely that the folk will sniff out the actual level of quality, honesty and common purpose in their leaders, just as they will quickly disown the liars who swept in on a wave of promises and revulsion of the previous crew – obama being the shiny example, witness his worldwide adulation, beyond any pope or modern day leader.
    everyone is fully aware what an empty shell, a zero he is today, bereft of guts, heart or brains, evil only because his owners offer him no other choice if he is to earn his daily kibble.

    even with the burden of being dumbed down over generations and lied to daily by history’s most pernicious lying apparatus, americans for the most part realize reagan’s seed of decency despite his not having been the sharpest knife in the drawer and having been manipulated as ruthlessly by the usual ghouls as any other president.
    anyone remember wilson, truman or eisenhower for anything other than the spineless pieces of shit they were?

    germans will always love der fuhrer no matter what the media says, cubans will never disown the castro brothers, che, almeida or camilo cienfuegos, even 50 years after his death he is revered for the qualities of his character.

    and russians, no matter what the detractors say are a very patriotic type, they pay much closer attention to the affairs of their land than most of the ubiquitously lied to westerners who have tuned out completely, having long ago given up the hope of non-criminal leadership, witness the voting turnouts.
    show me the last truly popular western leader.

    jfk? de gaulle? trudeau? even he was barely pulling in 45% and less toward the end of his era.
    any of them can only dream of putin’s numbers.

  5. Russia doesn’t want war but they are far more prepared than the U.S. is. They have a country that is aware of civil defense, such as the Moscow subway system that is one vast bomb shelter. I hate to think of what would happen to L.A. if we were in a nuclear war–toasted!! The depth of evil the United States has become blows my mind–that we would tempt a war that would not only devastate mankind but the beautiful planet earth is beyond comprehension. I called up my Congressman (what a waste of human protoplasm he is) to protest funding the war against Syria and the office rep just kept putting me on hold because he had other calls. The problem is the beltway as I understand it…this little freeway interconnected points of cocktail parties and mutual affirmation societies that goes between Washington to New York and a bit beyond. They just reinforce each others lunacy. Why don’t the nations of the world stand up in protest? I think they don’t quite know who is pulling the strings, but they know that this dr strange love has to be super evil. They don’t want their national airline to get mysterious “down plane syndrome” like Malaysian airlines. Or maybe have their nuclear power plants to get “earthquake meltdown syndrome.” Or maybe they don’t want their wives, children, parents to end up in “multiple strange car crash syndrome.” Or they don’t want to end up in “early end of career syndrome” themselves. Personally I consider the beltway a good place to avoid–I boycott it all as much as possible. Evil produces nothing, creates nothing, can only suck the life out of the living. Washington D.C. is the center of the greatest evil and corruption the world has ever known. It deserves to be boycotted by all living beings. May the seven headed dragon consume in fiery flames… quickly!! Better yet go to WWIII with the beltway alone–just one place on earth gets it and gets it badly!

  6. Sardonicus –

    You stated: “I put it to all the Putin haters on this site: if Putin was as bad as you guys like to make out, he wouldn’t be an object of adoration among his people.”

    Kim Jung Il and now Kim Jung Un had and still has the adoration of the people of N Korea. The same is true of Castros in Cuba.

    Adoration of a country’s leader by the people does not make that leader a ‘nice guy.’

    Putin has been at the top too long to not be helping the Jew bankers reach their profit and control targets and set up and switch to a new global currency. The bankers need a front man like him to help them. Russia is partnering with China to accomplish this for London Jew bankers.

    One of China’s more recent rewards for helping bankers is Alibaba:

    1. Not to mention the fact that Stalin is also an object of adoration with many Russians. As a people they’ve never been known for their intelligence. They accept whatever despot who happens to rule over them at any given time.

      1. i no longer accept the anti-stalin propaganda without double checking facts because i see jew behind it.

        in the above paragraph you could easily swap “russians” for “germans” and “stalin” for “hitler”, same product, same manufacture, different label.

        this is why i keep my eye on the ball, meanwhile there are posters who are either highly delusional or professional sowers of confusion and conflict who would like nothing better than to degrade the threads into anti-russian, anti-muslim, anti-jesuit, anti-black diatribes.

        and who gets away scot-free? do you need 3 guesses?

        i hope that outside readers who stay on sidelines can see this dynamics clearly.

      2. lobro –

        I am a Putin basher and Jew basher. The ‘scot-free’ comment is inaccurate in some cases. Bashing both makes perfect sense to me right now.

        There may be too many balls for just one set of eyes to keep them on. I know I do not have the ability to do that.

        I wrote this above:
        Putin has been at the top too long to not be helping the JEW bankers reach their profit and control targets and set up and switch to a new global currency. The bankers need a front man like him to help them. Russia is partnering with China to accomplish this for London JEW bankers.

      3. pat, in that case, try to observe ALL the pieces on the board.

        what you seem to be saying is that the jew controls absolutely every square inch of the globe, every single puppet leader.
        yes or no? if no, who is the almighty holdout that frustrates their efforts? mugabe? castro? rouhani?
        and despite having usa, russia, china and india in their back pocket plus their own hundreds of nuke weapons, mugabe presents an insurmountable barrier to their declaring the game over and pulling gaza cast lead worldwide but still need these moronic false flags like sandy hook and boston marathon to keep their hold on power?

        you see how untenable this scenario sounds, don’t you.

        for those who never saw THIS, an essential viewing and committing to memory, see it now.
        because this guy comes from the deepest cave into the sunlight and spills the ancient beans, what the core jews have been saying for many centuries, unheard and/or not-understood by the condemned goyim.


        3 years plus a day will be the normative behavior for the jew and normative sacrifice for your child or grandchild.
        you will grovel in the dust through the broken teeth, begging for mercy of being sent to the king solomon’s (supposedly another white biblical dude, right tyron?) mines.
        gaza is just a gentle preview of what is to come when the jew’s power is complete.

        this is their religion, pat.
        the messianic prophecy.
        the promise of talmud.

        marx knew it, the 1st rothschild knew it, the current rothschilds know it, theodore herzl, yabotinsky, netanyahu, menachem begin said it very clearly to jimmy carter

        (“Our race is the Master Race. we are divine gods on this planet. We are as different from the inferior races as they are from insects…. Other races are beasts and animals, cattle at best. Our destiny is to rule over the inferior races. The masses will lick our feet and serve us as our slaves”)

        so you tell me: why are they playing games, because they are worried about lonnie and the wild mountain men?

        once again, i urge everyone to hear gurvitz’s short talk and then tell me that yes, jews control russia and china along with usa, europe (nato) but are afraid to say so.

      4. ellie katsnelson sees this very clearly probably because she’d been hearing this firsthand all her life and she spelled it out as clear as can be, just like this guy gurvitz did.

        i see it 24/7, i think that lonnie and campbell do as well, so do the ones like dieudonne m’bala m’bala, faurisson and zundel.
        and when everyone is clear as to the job at hand, then there will be hope for solution.

        but so long as people are myopically preoccupied with their parochial little backyards, muslims this, jesuits that, true white aryan hebrews versus the nigah judah and anunaki and nephelim landing in roswell, az, not a chance.

        if i was god, i wouldn’t lift a finger to help you, goy humanity simply does not deserve anything but what the jew has in store for it.

      5. lobro –
        You have waffled and wavered back and forth over the last few months on Putin. I have not.
        I did not mention every square inch. You did. I would have mentioned every nation in which the Jew bankers want a bank. There just might be 5 or 6 square inches somewhere that the Jew bankers do not need, or they missed.(lol)

        I stand by my statement…not yours…thank you, anyway. That was a good try. No Cuban cigar for you.

        My statement::

        I am a Putin basher and Jew basher. The ‘scot-free’ comment is inaccurate in some cases. Bashing both makes perfect sense to me right now.

      6. there is a difference between waffling and reacting to facts on the ground.

        if the facts prove my guess wrong (because that’s all we can do without full access to information, guess and every guess has a chance of being wrong, otherwise it wouldn’t be a guess, would it), i am willing to accept the verdict and change my position to fit the latest facts.

        what’s the alternative?
        to persist in opinion no matter the facts.
        isn’t that what all those holocaust believers practice?
        “evil germans murdered 6 million innocent jews”, not to mention adjunct stories.

        in fact, i too at one time figured, why not, yeah, poor jews.
        then i started picking up some information and changed my opinion.
        it is called waffling, i guess.

      7. lobro –

        Your logic is correct. I was picking, somewhat. (Waffles are good with giblet gravy also.)

        I just cannot get rid of things I know about Putin, such as:
        I KNOW he was in KGB for many years, and a Communist Party member
        I KNOW he was a Colonel in KGB as well.
        I KNOW he was allowed to be (s)elected the President of Russia.
        I KNOW Russia IS the #1 oil producer and has been for over 100 years.
        I KNOW the Jew bankers have been in control of Russia since 1917.
        I KNOW the same Jew bankers remove leaders all over the world who do not play ball.
        I KNOW he has passed laws against anti-Holohoax speech.

        That’s enough for me to express doubt. Just imagine the really secret deals.

        I cannot help being suspicious of any Russian leader. The Russians would have nothing without covert US aid, ever since Lend-Lease. US supports Israel and Russia, and has given every industry to China. Clinton gave China all secrets on missiles and weapons.

        It is the world game… wars… on the Grand Chessboard. It uses real life Pawns, Knights, Rooks, Bishops(ha), Queens and kings…all at war for profit.

      8. “i no longer accept the anti-stalin propaganda without double checking facts because i see jew behind it.”

        Oh there were Jews behind Stalin, no doubt about it. They kept him in power until he wore out his usefulness for them.

        “in the above paragraph you could easily swap “russians” for “germans” and “stalin” for “hitler”, same product, same manufacture, different label.”

        Well no, you can’t, actually. For one, most modern “Germans” despise Hitler because they believe the lies of the Jew, and secondly, Stalin was the enemy of Hitler, as were FDR and Churchill.

        “this is why i keep my eye on the ball, ”

        In my opinion you’re doing the opposite. Your hatred of the Jew, while understandable and justified, has clouded your judgment and rendered you incapable of seeing history clearly and realizing that the West has more enemies than just the Jew. When you find yourself siding with Stalin and militant Muslims, you need to reassess what it is you actually believe in, and if the only thing you stand for is hating Jews, then you’ll find yourself falling for controlled opposition.

      9. Pat

        Jew bankers have been in control of the WORLD starting in 1913. ALL national leaders have found themselves between a rock and a hard place ever since. Doubts expressed about ANY of them has to view this as the foundational premise.

        What to do in the face of the inexorable push of the protocols?

  7. so the american marine -whose platoon now carry condoms instead of candy as portrayed by cnn- yelled
    “So I grabbed her little sister and pulled her in front of me

    As the bullets began to fly, the blood sprayed from between her eyes, and then I laughed maniacally

    Then I hid behind the TV, and I locked and loaded my M-16, and I blew those little fuckers to eternity

    And I said Dirka Dirka Mohammed Jihad, Sherpa Sherpa Bak Allah, they should have known they were fucking with a Marine

    1. Yeah, there are killers everywhere, eh?

      I told my neighbor just yesterday .. there’s no difference between the two.
      Whether it’s cretin Arabs chopping prisoner’s heads off or miscreant white boys taking ears and fingers; no difference.

      Unfortunately these demons galore will always be with us.
      One of the six or seven iron clad guarantees for life here on 21st century neo-bizarre earth.

      Demons by any other name sure as Hell aren’t Muslims nor Christians.
      (methinks they protest way too much)

      1. hp –

        I spent 30 days in the hospital in Guam during Nam. I shared a room through connecting bathroom with a USMC Top Sergeant. He had been in almost 30 years at the time. Being at that level, he had several fifths of liquor in his room. No problem. We drank every day.
        He had been in WWII, of course, and took several islands, including Guam. He laughed that ‘HE returned’ also. But, when he returned, he was not allowed to be processed into the ward until he got rid of his necklace made of gook ears taken ‘in country.’ He said he still had the ones he took from the Japs, decades earlier, made of gold teeth and ears. Trophies… to him.

        “Sh-t happens.”

      2. Sh*t happens is right. My uncle was at Pelileu.
        He and my father drank themselves to death, as well.
        Hardly ever an anomaly, that.

        Then again, chances of anyone’s survival = -0%
        (Lobro, (haha)please let me know if I’m wrong)

  8. Abir Al-Janabi was just another 14-year-old Iraqi girl in a small town called Al-Mahmudiyah, south of Baghdad.
    Both of her parents are from the Al-Janabi tribe, one of the biggest Sunni tribes.
    Omar Al-Janabi, a neighbor and relative, was informed by Abir’s mother that the young girl was being harassed by U.S. soldiers stationed in a nearby checkpoint.
    That is why Abir was sent to spend the night in her neighbor’s home.
    The next day, Omar Al-Janabi was among the first people who found Abir, with her 34-year-old mother Fakhriyah, her 45-year-old father Qasim, and her 7-year-old sister Hadil, murdered in their home.
    Abir was raped, killed by a bullet in her head, and then burned on March 12, five months before her fifteenth birthday.

  9. good job america
    freedom, liberty and human rights served on the tip of a condom,
    every white man, child and woman on the planet should be raped

      1. Talk is cheap. Stop the keystrokes…and…hat up and get over there. The paid mercenary US soldiers will gladly accommodate you.

      2. So lets get this straight, Ok? I’ve never done anything but sympathize with the Palestinians. I denounce the “Jews” mass murders there and by way of their usurping control of our nations to use my uninformed people to bomb Islamic nations. I have pointed out that the hostility Islam and whites/Christians experience is mostly due to the “Jew” using our people to bomb your lands while using your people to invade our lands where your people rape our women, children etc. Now, because I have an identity as a white person (like a Arab knows he is an Arab from Ishmael) and because I advocate protecting my people from the Jews genocide (just like I support your rights to protect your people from the Jew mass murdering you) and because I suggest that it’s best for both whites- Christians and Arabs- Muslims to have their own lands in the strong majority- you wish for me to be blown apart into a soup of blood and guts as every white person, man, women, child is raped.

        Well, isn’t that “loving” of you. You sound exactly like a Jew and let me tell you this, if this behavior of yours is indicative of “Allah’s” will, then maybe you ought to think about converting to belief in Jesus Christ/I AM where there is a difference between a lawful killing (self defense- killing after being convicted of a heinous crime) and outright murder– where RAPING MEN (Isn’t that sodomy?) Women (Forcing sex on the opposite sex against their will) and child rape (Pedophilia) is AGAINST THE LAW.

        You want to know why your societies are still 2nd world with many stuck in the 3rd world? Because so many of you act on flesh impulse without using your BRAIN, you have impulse control issues and you don’t act from any type of spiritual understanding, empathy, love, justice, truth for yourself and others.

        And you wonder why we are critical of your ilk? Why we don’t wish to have an alliance with you as you do the “Jews” bidding against us?

        Grow up Avatar. If I was you I would start looking in the mirror- working on your impulse control and hypocrisy issues.


        i agree with you about Putin


        Simply put, all reality is like a computer program. 12 months, 12 planets (in reality) with the Sun in the middle, 12 tribes with Son in the middle etc. If I AM/Jesus is to have equality between the rejuvenated remnant 12 tribes of authentic Israel there will have to be equal numbers between the tribes, hence 12,000 for each tribe = 144,000.

        Also there are 12 Apostles that sit at the top of the Pyramid. 3 blocks (An apostle over each tribe) on each of the 4 sides (making 12) at the base of the Cap Stone (Cap Stone being I AM/Jesus- the one the “Jew” builders rejected).

        Now keep the image of the Great Pyramid in your head. Each level down from the Cap Stone (Corner Stone) denotes increasing numbers blocks (people) to the bottom.

        Do you know how many polished limestone blocks were used to encase the Great Pyramid on the outside?


    1. -Complains that Muslims are stereotyped as violent rapists.
      -Responds by saying all Whites should be raped.


      1. Legionairre –

        Just having listened to Gurvitz’s little talk (provided by Lobro) concerning Talmudic Judism, viz., ‘rabinnical’ Judism, I especially picked-up on the religion’s not having as much disdain for Muslims as it has for Christians. In fact, I am ‘waffling away’ 🙂 from any prior empathy I have had for ANY of the bastards – Jew or Muslim. (Thanks for the link, Lobro. I believe it!)

        That Christian America has mainly been led by these demons to be their tool of conquest is shame on us – but I pray enough of us awaken for it to be shame on THEM, soon. It looks like it could go either way. Borrowing strategy from one’s enemies, I would not discount a place for OUR OWN ‘Samson Option’. (So, instead of criticizing our Marines and Rangers and Special Forces, maybe we should be encouraging them to ply their particular trades with EXTREME prejudice??)

        For my own part, I was often watched-over by some very special Marines when I was a little boy. They even told me about taking ears for trophies – and it occurred to me that it may have been a little less messy than the taking of scalps… But I’m not opposed to EITHER, really. It seems we may be truly AT WAR, and need to get even more rude about it.

      2. The rebbe says you are correct. MUCH in common:

        Jewish-Muslim Relations, Past and Present
        Rabbi David Rosen

        Few religions have as much in common as Islam and Judaism. As opposed to Christianity which is very much the product of an interaction between Greek and Hebrew culture, Judaism has historically remained overwhelmingly rooted in its Semitic world view and is extremely similar to Islam in its fundamental religious outlook, structure, jurisprudence and practice. At the heart of the two Faiths is an ethical-monotheistic vision which determinedly resists any compromise on the idea of the transcendence and unity of God who is envisaged as just and merciful and who has revealed a way of life in accordance with these values for the benefit of human society.

      3. Like I’ve said many times, Jews and Muslims have been allies for centuries. They were allies when the Moors invaded Spain and they were allies when the Turks invaded Eastern Europe. They remain allies today as Jews bring them into Europe by the millions. They are our enemies and they deserve nothing but our contempt and hatred.

    1. 9/11 was an Anglo-American black operation

      this sounds like it came from hasbara-east

      When you find yourself siding with Stalin and militant Muslims, you need to reassess what it is you actually believe in, and if the only thing you stand for is hating Jews, then you’ll find yourself falling for controlled opposition.

      this sounds like it came from hasbara-west

      1. could the truth be bracketed by hasbara-east and hasbara-west?

        eg, 911 was a jew operation (black by definition)
        stalin and islam are blackened by the same brush that presents them as ultimate villains in order to provide cover to the real ones.

        ask yourself (spqr, pat, tyron) why the same press that lionized “red october”, the shiffs, montefiores, warburgs, rockefellers and rothschilds and today vilify stalin never had anything bad to say about lenin (whose entire politburo and central committee were almost 100% jjewish) or trotsky?

        it is not like the white man faces the unholy trinity of jews, islam and russians (communists) as his nemesis.
        it is one enemy with 2 sock puppets whose job is to distract you from the real target.

      2. lobro –
        You seem to be implying that I do not mention Jews as a problem. I will point out that in almost every comment I mention Jew bankers or London Jew bankers or Talmudists.
        What is the problem?

      3. pat, the problem is 2-fold:
        first, my answer is to flying cossack, and
        secondly, there is more to jews than banking …

        what i take away from your posts against putin is that because russia has a jew-run central bank (which i am sure you will acknowledge is not his fault), putin is a jew puppet.
        to me, it doesn’t follow … one step at the time and his real steps, not the empty jawing about how nice jews are and holocaust is sooo real, as real as godzilla, have been quite painful to jews as seen and heard by their globally orchestrated chorus of squeals, in media, in the un gen assembly, in the statements by the robotic politicians and nato actions.

        you say, it is just jew drama (or someone else keeps saying this) but to me this is unjust slander until proven.
        and i keep saying this so often it sickens me, watch jews for the direction of the truth wind.
        hear jews complain about stephen harper or fat king saud?
        ever heard them complain about gorbachev or yeltsin or medvedev?
        why not, i wonder, only putin, presently even more evil than assad or rouhani or n. korean guy.


      4. stalin oversaw the genocide of millions of russians, ukrainians, lithuanians, estonians, hungarians, and probably more … even if he was unaware of it all going on, surely he was smart enough to know that germany was fighting for gentiles … stalin was a jew lackey at best, a bloodthirsty jew at worst

        i dont know what game you are playing by praising stalin … but it smells a lot like what is being sold in russia right now … they praise the jewish red army not white army

        the hasbara game works like this,
        hasbara-east lumps in anglo-american with jew, kill anglo-americans
        hasbara-west lumps in arabs russians with jew, kill arabs and russians

        nice stories, but look at their conclusions

      5. lobro –

        I am very well aware that there is much more to the Jewish problem than banking. I personally heard Elizabeth Dilling and Gerald Winrod and a list of dozens of others enumerate hundreds of them. Mullins told me many more face to face.

        To mention ALL of them on these threads is not practical. So, I have chosen to pick the one which affects every person right now, and the one which Amschel Rothschild said was one of the most important when he stated, “Give me the power to coin a nation’s money, and I care not who makes the laws.”

        That is also what is causing the US to bomb Syria right now…in today’s news…the setting up the Jew banking system in every country. It can be seen on TV….and not just imagined.

        Clue: the first thing the rebels did in Libya was set up an Oil company AND a CENTRAL BANK… Central Bank of Benghazi..!!

        Libyan Rebel Council Forms Oil Company to Replace Qaddafi’s

        By Bill Varner Mar 22, 2011 4:17 AM CT

        Libyan rebels in Benghazi said they have created a new national oil company to replace the corporation controlled by leader Muammar Qaddafi whose assets were frozen by the United Nations Security Council.
        The Transitional National Council released a statement announcing the decision made at a March 19 meeting to establish the “Libyan Oil Company as supervisory authority on oil production and policies in the country, based temporarily in Benghazi, and the appointment of an interim director general” of the company.
        The Council also said it “designated the Central Bank of Benghazi as a monetary authority competent in monetary policies in Libya and the appointment of a governor to the Central Bank of Libya, with a temporary headquarters in Benghazi.”

        I took Amschel at his bragging words.

      6. lookit cossack, far be it from me to be stalin’s advocate.
        at no time do i doubt the misery and massacres visited upon all of them, the baltic states, chechens, russians, ukrainians, germans, christians, muslims, the lot (except jews).

        i am only saying that i cannot buy the jew’s version without verifiable hard data.
        was he aware of the perdition, did he participate or delegate the dirty work to various kamenovs and so on, i don’t know and would like to know.
        maybe they lied to him about the extent of atrocities, russia is and was an enormous land, poorly connected, no census data, no communications, everybody beholden not to joe directly but to the immediate boss and the immediate boss was always the jew and he had the power of life and death over you and your family, if he told you to keep your mouth shut about what you saw, you did as told – just like today and even more so.

        so, once again, i am guided by watching the carrion birds, vultures, jews circle overhead and wonder what’s up when they sqawk ‘stalin, putin’ in one breath and ‘putin, hitler’ in the other and i never hear ‘lenin, trotsky, yegoda, kamenov’ and all the others in the next breath.

        i don’t think you have the answer to that nor do many people – jews know however, jews know what jews did and are planning to do, we can only watch the shadows on the wall.

        i will tell you why when i have all the information, i am not against inquiry, just the opposite.
        so let’s drop it for now and as i say, focus on the jew.
        if putin works for them but the results are against them, i am ok with that.
        if americans drop nukes all over jewsrael by mistake, friendly fire thing, i am ok with that too, even though i know that yankees eat joo-poo for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

      7. lobro –
        You asked why:
        so, once again, i am guided by watching the carrion birds, vultures, jews circle overhead and wonder what’s up when they sqawk ‘stalin, putin’ in one breath and ‘putin, hitler’ in the other and i never hear ‘lenin, trotsky, yegoda, kamenov’ and all the others in the next breath.

        i don’t think you have the answer to that nor do many people –

        I have an answer. It is my answer. It is a guess.

        Not many in the general public can name the current Vice-President of the US. That same general public never heard of ‘lenin, trotsky, yegoda, kamenov’ and mentioning them would serve no purpose whatsoever. The guys you mentioned have not been made demons as Stalin and Hitler have.

        It is just a matter of simple marketing techniques, to answer your question.

      8. When has the media ever vilified Stalin? How many movies has Hollywood made about Stalin? How many books are available in mainstream bookstores about Stalin’s crimes? How many History channel specials are there about the Holodomor and the purges? If anything, Stalin frequently gets a pass by the Jewish media. There are professors in American universities who are avowed Stalinists to this day. Hollywood frequently made pro-Stalin movies during his reign. The New York Times sang his praises well into the 1950s. So where is this “vilification” you keep talking about?

      9. Hollywood frequently made pro-Stalin movies during his reign. The New York Times sang his praises well into the 1950s. So where is this “vilification” you keep talking about?

        they praised him while he served their purpose and gulags for ordinary christian russians definitely served their purpose plus his minister of propaganda, ilya ehrenburg was busily paving the ground for holocaust lie, the skids the whole world ended up on.
        stalin was aware of this but in a limited form, thinking of his (ussr’s) own advantages to be gained rather than seeing further ahead.
        when this was accomplished, jews assassinated him by poisoning.

        now … ask yourself this:

        why is it that when solzhenitsyn wrote about gulag atrocities and as long as all the blame was heaped at stalin’s feet, they gave him a nobel prize for literature but as soon as he saw the light of the whole, not partial truth and pointed his finger at jews, he was shut down within hours, ceased to exist as a public entity.

        dr zhivago was written by another nobel laureate, boris pasternak, a jew turned christian and i think the movie won an oscar, remember having to watch it with my mom who cried all the way through the saccharine story.
        there was nothing about jew bolsheviks in there, just bad, stupid, nasty russian commies.
        not 100% sure but part of the miserable human contingent sentenced to hard labor in prison camps of siberia were jews.

        of course they couldn’t vilify stalin the way they did hitler and the doublespeak goes, a monument to red army was erected in yisroel (i think the proper way to pronounce it is to pucker lips into a fat tube and splutter along with saliva spray).
        so yes, they want to vilify him but carefully so as not to get caught up in the same chum shredder, just as with ukrainian holodomor when they promised orange revolutionaries proper genocide status (not on par with la shoah, of course) if they would only vote away from russia – remember that one?
        there was a dumb ukrainian-canadian named dalton with whom i got into a heated argument back at xymphora and i predicted EXACTLY what was going to happen, they were eagerly sliding into the jaws of a monster alligator, at look at them now.
        where is your holodomor, dalton?

        stalin is fair game when there is no risk to their own standing, like forced migration of chechens, khazakhs and other minorities but what he did to ethnic germans of the estonians and fins is perfectly ok – because they were with hitler.

        so to me, stalin is a kind of zebra, white stripes alternating with dark ones.

        but jews and their sycophants (psychopaths, too) are entirely black as tar from hell.
        failure to see this distinction places you in peril.

      10. there may be another reason why the jew press, starting with nyt, praised and supported stalin into 50s.

        because at that time, there were battle hardened american patriots like patton, whose idea was to go full 15 rounds, namely overthrow stalin and ussr and the bolshevik regimes everywhere, potentially paving the way for the white race’s revival and renaissance.

        a scary thought, no? can’t have that … bring the rabbinical penal excrement for jesus in his cauldron to heat but don’t let it boil over.

        now that americans are well and truly degenerated into amino acid sludge, no such worries.

      11. SPQR – When and how?

        Lobro’s version is correct.

        The best way to say it is: “I guess you had to be there.”

        In the 40s thru early 60s the big villains were Hitler, Stalin and Mao, with a little Mussolini thrown in for a while. Those guys were shown and bad-mouthed on Movie-Tone News by Ed Herlihey in movie houses where we actually “saw the news.” (Imagine that, Mr Orwell) Those demons were somewhat swapped out for Ho Chi Minh, Castro and Khrushchev…. and then the Mid-Eastern terrorist hell raisers came in after Nam. All the while Hitler remained #1 and Stalin #2 in our minds.

        I will say, again…everyone has their own truth. Mine is different from yours…and from what Abe Lincoln’s was.

  10. Astute readers of PCR have probably noticed a clear pattern in his writings: he starts with bashing US and its policies, then says a few truths that are well-known to everyone who is paying attention, then starts giving advises to no less a person than Putin: invade Ukraine, cut off gas to Europe, bring down the dollar in cooperation with China, etc.

    Why is he doing that? This is no accident.

    PCR can be, and should be, used as useful idiot: convey his bashing of US and the truth in his message to the public, but ignore his advises. That seems exactly how “the father of Reaganomics”, who helped to bring down our country, is being used here in Russia.

  11. Why would the admin ban Circassian? Is it an accident? I don’t believe so. Obviously, what I am saying here goes against the agenda of this site.

  12. just testing your hypothesis, real-Circassian.

    lobro speaking, let’s see if this comes up in the thread.

  13. Lobro, it is no big deal that I am banned – I am used to it. I always look for the bright side of things: the time I waste here will be released for doing something more productive and useful.

    The interest I have in sites like this is mostly figuring out who are the actors and what is their agenda.

  14. Chapter 4 in Edwin Jaynes’ magnum opus Probability Theory: The Logic of Science starts with the following quote:

    I conceive the mind as a moving thing, and arguments as the motive forces driving it in one direction or the other.
    John Craig (1699)

    Then Jaynes goes on to say:
    John Craig was a Scottish mathematician, and one of the first scholars to recognize the merit in Isaac Newton’s new invention of “the calculus”. The above sentence, written some 300 years ago in one of the early attempts to create a mathematical model of reasoning, requires changing only one word in order to describe our present attitude. We would like to think that our minds are swayed not by arguments, but by evidence. And if fallible humans do not always achieve this objectivity, our desiderata were chosen with the aim of achieving it in our robot. Therefore to see how our robot’s mind is “driven in one direction or the other” by new evidence, we examine some applications that, although simple mathematically, have proved to have practical importance in several different fields.

    Lobro is going by the evidence, as every reasonable gentile should, and the jew-crew is desperately trying to persuade him by arguments. But once the perceptive mind has seen the light of compelling evidence, it cannot be swayed easily by Jewish sophistries.

    1. couple of unrelated points, circassian.
      first, if the admin is penalizing you, it must be a payback for some unkind, unqualified and uncalled for statements made against them, esp. lasha.
      hence, if you were to own up to it like a man, i am sure they would rescind this penalty.
      either that, or prove your point, by theoretical arguments if you don’t have physical evidence 😉

      second, and i want to make this as short as possible, because most readers of the blog are solidly uninterested and may resent us using up space … like i said several times, i have almost no training in physics, just the first year undergrad stuff, but a fair bit in mathematics, including some mathematical physics (which is pure math, as i will explain shortly).
      i did some work in general relativity and only because i liked differential geometry and tensor algebra.
      in my day, that and quantum mechanics was the sexy stuff for budding mathematicians.
      most of our kind, as you may know, want to explain the physical world, dynamical and imperfect (as proved by the fact that it is dynamical and ever evolving) through abstract, static constructs that rule it.
      like watching a masterful chess game and trying to work out the rules.
      moreover, as my best teachers, such as hsm coxeter and werner greub, always emphasized the unbreakable link between mathematics and beauty, something in common with the finest practitioners today, eg, roger penrose.

      i found out recently that greub had a not totally unexpected interest in the germanic side of the holy grail myth and would like to source his book (heavy jungian and goethian stuff, something that i give respectful distance, feeling somewhat underqualified)

      found this excerpt:
      … 9th century King Arthur is located by Werner Greub on the bank of the Birs river (Wolfram’s Plimizoel) flowing into the Rhine near Basle, Switzerland. Another minor culture shock for the British reader may well be that he or she will search in vain for any actual Grail sites specifically related to Wolfram’s Parzival and Willehalm in the United Kingdom and Ireland – these sites are all to be found, as he or she might say, “on the continent”.

      briefly then, following maxwell’s equations, a monumental development, the notion of theory being solely evidence driven was upgraded somewhat in that today’s requirement is for theory to be able to predict phenomena which are subsequently verified by observation.
      both general relativity and quantum mechanics have done this admirably, the latter especially producing a slew of weird and wonderful predictions that have come true, eg, entanglement principle.

      i would only add that while most mathematicians purse their craft in order to gain understanding, my suspicion is that the jews pursue it in order to gain power, ie, insight into mysteries that can be exploited in a rabbinical way, just like alchemy in the past (links into the above side trip into the jungian theories, etc, thus you may often see them side by side).
      btw, the finest jewish mathematicians, like grisha perelman or *** (forget) shafarevich, are completely anti-judaic, the former now a russian christian monk who spends his days and nights in prayer and the latter a rabid anti-semite publishing numerous anti-judaic tracts, like brother nathaniel.

      i see where you are coming from in your arguments circassian and don’t disagree with them, only suggest some caution in not overstating them.
      mathematicians that i know are actually quite a gnostic lot, who do it for the sake of catching a glimpse of the cosmic clockwork, not pointless basement wankers.

      1. lobro

        This post of mine is not a direct reply to this one of yours, but to the one where you reiterated your view of the goyim getting what they deserve if the present state of ignorance were to prevail.

        Veils lift in mysterious ways. Lifted from the cloaking of eons. A very ancient source tells of what happened to this planet which removed it from a Divine aegis. An event that created the “without”. In other words, when Christ spoke of the kingdom of Heaven being “within”, it was BECAUSE of this event of Divine separation. (i.e.; no “without”, no “within”. Only “right here” all along).

        The event?

        Well, whatever it was, this is what resulted:

        Because of the “Divine Circumvention”, all our frames of reference are reduced to where we are “treating symptoms” in an endless stream of rationalizations. Another way to look at it sees this “event” as being the enabler for evil to “have its way with us” (us=”goyim”) Fish in a barrel with the barrel shrinking.

        This is what I wrote:

        “All in all, this whole experience is a strange mishmash of a reality. How could it not be? [e-a-r-t-h: its (h)ead is in its rear, or bottom (up its ass), instead of at the top where it belongs- (h)-e-a-r-t]

        A cosmological anomaly

      2. no disagreement b-hawk, the way you put it.

        as for events “without”, the one i am waiting for is where top level warmongers are lined up against the wall (wailing wall, any wall big enough) and executed by firing squad composed of nationalities they desecrated for so long – the real united nations.
        work the way down the list until the rest of them “get it”.

        and the word jew becomes a dirty old memory, like troll, frighten the kids lest they get talmudic ideas, vampire infatuation and all the stuff polluting our pop culture (contradiction in terms that, isn’t it).

  15. lobro @ 09/29/14 at 5:36

    One of the guys on the ‘sidelines’ checking in.
    Keep up the good work Brother. Untold number of people reading your posts.
    Letting my ‘soulful knee grow’ re; some issues, including the OT.

    1. thanks for words of support, siljan.

      anonymous as i am, the affirmation does not feed my vanity (i could be the one-legged cripple panhandling at the next street corner) but the sense of progress against the wicked enemy of life itself, the vehicle of Lie (let me slash his tires, pour sugar in his tank), the sense that the rank and file are girding up for battle, including (Ojala!) some who may be working inside the entrails of the Beast.

    1. That very excellent 6400 word analysis certainly made a lot of sense! Timing is everything, and it seems that Mr. Putin may be a patient and deliberate strategist, indeed.

    2. The ‘brilliant article’ is flawed.

      The article makes a glaring mistake which takes Israel completely out of the picture. I saw no mention of Israel or Jews in the whole piece.

      There is this set of facts presented in 1990 to prove Israeli involvement:
      Israeli Secret Intelligence Service – ISIS

      The author of the article stated ISIL was US created, when Jew experts below, who wrote a book on it, admit it is the same as ISIS of Israel:
      “I would add that Lavrov quite logically stated that there are no “good terrorists”. He knows that ISIL is nothing but a continuation of the US-created Syrian insurgency…”

      This is from the embedded link in the article stating ISIL and ISIS are the same militants:

      The US government claims it has launched several air strikes against ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) militants in Iraq. These are the same ISIS militants that the US and its client states are supporting in Syria; the same breed and stock of militants they let loose like wild dogs to lynch Gaddafi and wreak havoc in Libya.

      The author cannot be trusted to bring out ALL of the facts.


      YouTube content:
      Dan Raviv and Yossi Melman “Every Spy A Prince”
      Every Spy a Prince: The Complete History of Israel’s Intelligence Community is a 1990 book by Dan Raviv and Yossi Melman on the history of the Israeli intelligence community.

      Yossi Melman (Hebrew: יוסי מלמן) is an Israeli writer and journalist. He was an intelligence and strategic affairs correspondent for the Haaretz newspaper, and in 2012 he joined the Israeli news portal Walla! in a similar, more analytical role.

      Melman was described by Wikileaks in February 2012 as an “information mule” who had “channeled tips to the Mossad”, assertions that were contested by Melman in his review of his relationship with Julian Assange, whom he believes has made anti-Semitic statements.

      Dan Raviv (born 1954) is an American journalist. He is a national correspondent for CBS News, heard regularly on the CBS Radio Network. He has also done TV reports from Washington, D.C. on the CBS Evening News.

      A New York native and graduate of Harvard, Raviv joined CBS at its all-news radio station in Boston

      He and Melman have a blog, IsraelSpy(.)com

  16. SPQR wrote on
    September 30, 2014 at 5:00 am :
    “Like I’ve said many times, Jews and Muslims have been allies for centuries. They were allies when the Moors invaded Spain and they were allies when the Turks invaded Eastern Europe. They remain allies today as Jews bring them into Europe by the millions. They are our enemies and they deserve nothing but our contempt and hatred.”

    The jewish leadership is constantly bombing and slaughtering the Moslems on whatever shaky pretext they can conjure up. If the jews and moslems are really allied with each other, as you say, then why are the jews waging a thinly-veiled campaign of genocide against the moslems ?? Show me a jew and I’ll show you someone who’s itching to exterminate the moslems.

    1. So then why don’t you Muslims get your shit together, stop invading our lands, and start attacking Israel and the Jews who live in your countries?

      1. yes, those afghans, iraqis, syrians, libyans, yemenis, pakistanis, somalis invading and occupying our lands, carpet bombing our cities and countryside, destroying our industry and infrastructure, targeting roads, bridges, marriage and funeral processions then pretending it is friendly fire.

        and all without any moral justification, just a bunch of talmudic pretexts about how they are worried that our terrorists, all trained in langley, va and herzliya, israel might suicide bomb their football fields and stuff.

        and when we are reduced to poverty, disease, starvation and are forced to migrate to other countries, our children grown up separated from cultural and religious roots, in contempt of our traditional family values (you know, alamo, paul revere, boston tea party, tailgate parties, superbowl intermission, mardi gras) and turn to crime in their inner cities, they blame us, jew-owned press twisting everything around.

        well, don’t blame the jews, they do what’s good for jews, which is that we do what’s bad for us and they scoop the gravy.

        we muslims like to go on crusades, you know how it is.

        spqr, i expected more logic from you, here you opened yourself to a perfect hook 🙂

        So then why don’t you Muslims Christians get your shit together, stop invading our lands, and start attacking Israel and the Jews who live in your countries?

        anyway, when one argues things entirely from local perspective, eg, because i am white, catholic, male, european stock, that forms the bedrock of all my arguments, you know that balance will soon be lost.
        if i am a non-smoker, i will rag on smokers, if i am a dog lover, i despise cat people, if i am fat, i make fun of the joggers, if i drink wine, i look down at beer drinkers … etc, etc.

      2. in fact, here you presented a picture perfect, textbook example of how people lose their bearings in confusion and allow the real culprit to slip through the dragnet.

        as always.

      3. Just got re-connected and would like to say the following:

        I can understand The Avatar being angry about all the utter, contemptible cruelty which has been visited on arab countries by the US, what I can`t understand is why SPQR constantly feels the need to keep the war on Islam going.. Also HP, the cretins chopping prisoner’s heads off are not Arabs..

      4. C’mon Ingrid! The “Free Syrian Army” are a bunch of sweethearts, right.

        These irreligious miscreants collude with Mossd/CIA/Saud, etc. For money, power and .. did I mention money?
        They’re demons by every other name, color or form.

        One reason why I think the world of their mortal enemy; Sayyed Nasrallah?

      5. HP, I don`t know what these monsters are, but they are not arabs. Their sick, hideous behaviour resembles that of Zionism.. btw, I, too, admire Nasrallah..

  17. Silly goyim have been acting on behalf of the international jews by going into places like Iraq (and now Syria) with guns blazing. But now we’re being told that the international jews are really allied with the moslems whom they are desperately trying to exterminate.

  18. How do you explain Stalin…. well, imagine that you have lived through the greatest slaughter of your people that could be imaginable under Jewish Bolshevism. Then this guy Stalin wants to preserve what is left of the Russian Empire. He actually cares about what Russia has lost under the Jewish Bolsheviks. You don’t love him but you sort of feel slightly warmer to him because he understands something about what it means to be Russian. It’s hard to be on the wrong end of history as Americans will discover one hard day and the Russians experienced that… imagine that all you have to sell is old metals taken off dead solders in the forests outside of St. Petersburg. You see I was in St. Petersburg and I went to the second hand shops and I said I want a Russian icon. But they said that is illegal now to take a Russian icon out of the country but we have piles of German soldiers in the woods because of the siege of Leningrad (300 days or something and two million starved to death…very handy I guess to have those piles of bodies for the local holocaust museum…photos of death, etc.) and still there are bodies in the wood and you can actually buy that sort of stuff in second hand stores. WWII paraphernalia. But I’m not much of a collector. People go to Russia just to get those old buttons, metals, uniforms off the dead. There are vast stretches of Russia that don’t have paved highways because the country was depopulated. You know they killed so many people. And you look out from the train and there are hours of forest but all the forests are full of dead people. Still there are settlements with the tiniest houses you can imagine… little houses that are like maybe what happens when people become survivalists in the woods because it’s hard to heat too much area and so the houses are small but the gardens are big. I am so sad. I love Russia.

    1. How do you explain Stalin…. well, imagine that you have lived through the greatest slaughter of your people that could be imaginable under Jewish Bolshevism. Then this guy Stalin wants to preserve what is left of the Russian Empire.

      atleast half the murder occurred during stalin’s time … stalin murdered gentiles/russians … what are you selling here … did lobro give you a raise

      1. FlyingSackOfDooDoo reminded me of a joke.

        Q: How many Jews can you fit in a Volkswagen?
        A: Six million and five: 2 in the front, 3 in the back, and 6 000 000 in the ash tray.

      2. Cossack

        Don’t get me wrong, I’m nobody’s apologist. But who among us knows the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?

        Say for example his masters were satisfied with the non-jew Stalin’s performance of useful idiocy, but decided, for whatever reason, that his role had to come to an end and so he was poisoned. Relegated to history’s full and overflowing trash receptacle.

        Me, lobro, kapoore, etc. aren’t fully exonerating him. Just as none of us can fully exonerate ourselves. We’re all, every last one of us, complicit in varying degrees just by residing in this World AS it has been constituted (“without”)

        Christ himself said WE are all sinners. He made himself one of the “we” by coming here from the purity of “within” – what this place and ANY “place” (manifestation) is Originally intended to be AS before it became the “without”.

        As for the complete nature of Stalin’s complicity?

        Me, I can’t say. As an American I would cite JFK as an example of someone whose father took living vicariously to the max by being the main engineer of his son’s reaching the Presidency. And like many Presidents before him and ALL Presidents since, he had virtually no clue as to what that job is all about. He caught on pretty quick though, and decided to throw all caution to the wind by blowing some big whistles and formulating some big plans of dismantlement and got himself killed for his troubles.

        Thanks for coming to our little rock between a hard place

      3. … what are you selling here … did lobro give you a raise

        kapoore doesn’t need a raise, she is one of the most thoughtful and BALANCED commenters anywhere.
        something you may aspire to in the next life, too late for this one.

        all you ever do is squirt these slimeball insinuations and innuendos, never a need for any substantiation.
        hit-and-run is so much easier than a rational defense of your views, let alone an ironclad proof backed by evidence.

        and you purport to be en expert on jew’s modus operandi that you accuse others of.

        what you do, constantly, is impute jewishness on others but never make a direct comment on jews, israel, judaism, zionism, not a single word directed at the main subject of this blog.
        a bit strange, isn’t it?
        no, your interest is only in debasing and defiling russian people, culture, history, their leaders, commenters who express any support or affection for them … while whacking the jew-brush indiscriminately left and right at anyone not toeing your ideological line.

        am i wrong, somebody tell me please, and why.

      4. >> am i wrong, somebody tell me please, and why.

        Lobro, you are “wrong” in one thing only: taking this scumbag seriously and trying to reason with him. You are too soft and too kind. Treating a doodoo like a doodoo and shoving it where it belongs is not rude or unreasonable. You might object to that by saying: yes, but should we prove first mathematically that flying sack is full of shit? No, we should not; there is no need for that: flying sack proved it himself repeatedly beyond any reasonable doubt.

  19. if i am a non-smoker, i will rag on smokers, if i am a dog lover, i despise cat people, if i am fat, i make fun of the joggers, if i drink wine, i look down at beer drinkers … etc, etc.

    this is jewish psychology … gentiles are not this way … though, jews drive gentiles to be this way

    1. anyway, when one argues things entirely from local perspective, eg, because i am white, catholic, male, european stock, that forms the bedrock of all my arguments, you know that balance will soon be lost.
      if i am a non-smoker, i will rag on smokers, if i am a dog lover, i despise cat people, if i am fat, i make fun of the joggers, if i drink wine, i look down at beer drinkers … etc, etc.

      ever heard of a word context?
      1. The part of a text or statement that surrounds a particular word or passage and determines its meaning.
      2. The circumstances in which an event occurs; a setting.

      now you got something new to brag about back home.

  20. no, your interest is only in debasing and defiling russian people,

    just because i dont support jewish servant stalin or the jewish kgb, doesnt mean im defiling russian people … those dont serve the russian people, they serve jews … is this lie #6 or #7 lobro … wait, here is another lie

    never make a direct comment on jews, israel, judaism, zionism, not a single word directed at the main subject of this blog.

    jews did 911 to trick whites and blacks to kill arabs
    jews trick/troll gentiles into gentile v gentile conflict
    this east v west hasbara is a jewish trick

    ive repeated those many times lobro … the third of which is the source of concern in the current main subject

    it is funny to hear people say they love russians, and then go on to smooch the ass of jews that killed russians … o wait, you called me a lobotomized eunuch hypocite first, i guess that means i am … lies and name calling declare your position has weaker logic/fact

  21. Thanks Lobro for the support. I’m not justifying Stalin. I’m reporting what Russians told me about Stalin. I’m sure in some ways they hated Stalin but less than the other Bolsheviks. He was obviously a monster who devoured his own party members. And people do believe he was killed. In the previous post I was reporting my impressions from a trip when I spoke with many Russians and for some reason they don’t hate Stalin as much as the others. The real hatred is directed against the oligarchs who have plundered the country and put their cronies in positions of power. And of course the oligarchs are the ones the U.S. is supporting. Russians are very direct about their opinions and they definitely blame the Jews for the destruction of their country but they are stoic too. Jews living in Russia also admit they are the bad guys. It’s a different situation than here because the Russians have lived through a reality we can’t imagine. Still, I’m not going to argue with flying cassock over this…what’s the point. He has his sources, I have mine. And we disagree.

    1. of course, kapoore.
      i have the same sense about it and yet have never been to russia, never spoke with even one russian about anything, let alone such a touchy subject.
      so even in a secondary fashion, i take away this impression and it is in fact the dyed-in-wool russia bashers like fcossack (who, i am certain has not an ounce of cossack in him, they are the greatest patriots of all, not pro-state department flunkeys).

      after all, if russians like their stalin, who is some outsiders to negate that?
      and consider that stalin wasn’t even an ethnic russian but a georgian and georgia todays is itching to see russia defeated by die juden, provoking them at every turn.
      where there is smoke …

      if i had to choose an ethnicity for fcossack, it would be a galician or proper polish or one of the baltic ones, those whose hatred of russia is written into their genetic code.
      they will happily link up with victoria nuland and benny kolomoisky because the jew cabal is preferable to putin and no physical evidence will sway them, the ruined ukraine today is of no consequence.

      i mean, compare ukraine (kiev) with russia (moscow, st petersburg, rostov, etc).
      and ukraine had the full nato, eu, usa, canada and of course israel “backing” behind them while russia was plundered bare by jews yet arose out of ashes back to near-superpower status, improved infrastructure, military and political clout.
      and still they hate russia and prefer the bloodsucking parasites.

      this is your fcossack, oozing bile at every word.
      i tell you, i am sick and tired of having him attach himself like a poisonous barnacle to some earnest poster like you and just gnaw, gnaw, like a ghoul.

      when someone just sticks to the given subject matter and chooses to disagree with me, eg, spqr or pat on occasion, did you ever see me attack them in person?
      no and you won’t, disagreement is healthy and positive because it sharpens the perception.

      but this guy does not work that way, his way is corrosive, snide remarks, made quickly and then he is out lying low until the next vampire bite.

      1. lobro –

        I don’t disagree with you near as much as my wife.(lol)
        My view, when engaging me… If you don’t feel insulted feel insolvent..!! I accept the alternative as well.

        Kapoore is a great commenter.

        I spoke with many Russians in the 90s. The ones I spoke with were young aggressive salesmen and women at computer shows all across America. I had crews which sold tools and equipment there and got to know them by name on sight in cities like Chantilly VA, Baltimore, Richmond, NYC, Philly, Detroit, Chicago, Miami, Memphis, Nashville, Atlanta, St Louis, KC, OKC…etc…all over. Their views were much like most in America, more interested in a buck than politics. They believed Americans to be dummies. But they sure smoked a lot of cigarettes to be so smart.(lol) I joined them outside all the time then. The women were shy at first and physical later. Many red-heads. The men were blustery and bold. Cursed a lot. I had run-ins with the men quite a bit over the years. A lot of them got arrested by Feds for selling forged ‘knock-off’ chips. All-in-all, I liked them ok.

      2. pat, these “red headed russians” … are you sure?

        in toronto, they were by and large jews, up in the northern suburbs like concord, richmond hill, aurora … all russian jews, all mafiosi, all well to do.

        one i got to know a bit better, the day he landed from odessa, he had a us dod contract before he’s set up his c&c machine shop, back in 90s as well.
        within 2-3 years, he was a multimillionaire.
        he hired me as a consultant on hourly basis, since my pitiful university wages were inadequate for survival.
        we got along just fine, he liked me but the fact is that he hit the yellow brick road the minute he landed and was able to hire canadian experts to enrich him further.
        i suspect that those “russians” of yours crawled out of the same snake pit.

        back then there were no real russians in north america, not since the tsarists times.

        i know, because my department started hiring top level mathematicians from russian institutions, steklov, keldysh, sobolev, kirov (? i think, in st petersburg) sometimes in mid-90s only.
        and those were gentlemen and christians, all, very patriotic and saddened that the times have changed and everyone in russia wanted to become a lawyer or get an mba.

      3. lobro-

        I believe you are correct. They acted like Jews. I never asked. I did not get that close.
        Their English was bad.
        I believe they were mafiosos as well. That is why they were busted for ‘black market’ chips a few years later.
        I hassled them more than I befriended them.
        They were just ok to me. We had to be civil to stay and sell on the floor.
        They got busted in 99 or so. I did not see them again. Jail or deported.

  22. i stand by everything i said.
    jews did 911 to trick whites and blacks to kill arabs
    jews trick/troll gentiles into gentile v gentile conflict
    this east v west hasbara is a jewish trick

    this is totally formulaic, like saying grace at mealtimes and calling it a spirited debate.
    or we can go back any number of your posts, say 10 in reverse chronological order and see when did you contribute in a meaningful, non-toxic fashion, not shooting the messenger, like you just did with kapoore, never losing an opportunity to spread some of your neverending saliva my way.

    you called me a lobotomized eunuch hypocrite first
    total and complete lie, i finally reacted after numerous provocations and will prove it to anyone who still doubts me.

    let me search out the threads and link to that particular exchange.

    1. flying cossack: you called me a lobotomized eunuch hypocrite first

      me: total and complete lie, i finally reacted after numerous provocations and will prove it to anyone who still doubts me.

      start reading here

      and now, i promise to ignore psycho-pollution that is flying cossack, circassian’s advice is right.

    2. if i were as anal as you, i can say i never called you a lobomotized yada yada, so that makes the debate a slam dunk … if i provoked you into using a littany of adjectives, instead of logic/fact, then this is getting awefully funny

      provide where i have said i hate russians … you cant … you are a liar
      saying i never said anything against the jews … lie
      talmudic usa v christian russia … lie … you are selling east v west hasbara war … both are equally talmudic and christian
      everyone west of the rhine is lost … lie … your jewish plan is lost

  23. The Soviets destroyed the lives of so many people…lots of unfinished business in Eastern Europe. Maybe flying cassock is from that region.

    Stalin was responsible for the “siege” because he knew the German army was coming and didn’t warn the people of St. Petersburg (Leningrad) for something like seven days–he was paralyzed with fear “they say”. And because he didn’t warn the city they didn’t have a chance to prepare until it was too late and 2 million people died.

    Maybe with Stalin as Lobro says it is “our bad guy” not an outsiders. The Jewish Bolsheviks were outsiders (not Russians). Maybe Stalin was seen as more of a native…who knows… It seems like the Jews didn’t give Russia anything but plunder and misery. They destroyed the churches and stole the icons. They destroyed the professional classes and stole the wealth of the aristocrats. They still run the museums and don’t give Russians a chance to rule their own country, even though it is Russian culture that draws the tourists. It’s very hard for Jews to face what their fellow Jews did to the Russians. Personally I think that one of the hidden agendas in targeting Russia has to do with keeping the lid on the Jewish role in Bolshevism and the level of carnage. But this is again my private impression, not something I read or know for sure. It’s just so shoved under the rug and the demonization of Russia is so passionate among those hypnotized by the media. Suddenly the Russians are the greatest demons in the world and Putin is like Hitler. Why does this all sound so familiar?

    1. kapoore –
      “Personally I think that one of the hidden agendas in targeting Russia has to do with keeping the lid on the Jewish role in Bolshevism and the level of carnage.”

      I share that view, which is why Lenin and Trotsky and Warburg and Schiff are not part of the popular narratives.

      The initiatives, whatever form they take, will be taken to control the number one producer of oil and gas. The same old crony Jew bankers are there. Goldman Sachs… IS… BP. $$$$

    2. kapoore says: “lots of unfinished business in Eastern Europe. ” :

      the same applies here in Norway, which was occupied by the Nazis. According to a learned man, in answer to my lack of knowledge, the Germans had good reasons for occupying Norway, I have a copy of his post somewhere, but most Norwegians have a negative view of the occupation..

      You say also ” It seems like the Jews didn’t give Russia anything but plunder and misery. They destroyed the churches and stole the icons. They destroyed the professional classes and stole the wealth of the aristocrats. They still run the museums and don’t give Russians a chance to rule their own country, even though it is Russian culture that draws the tourists.” :
      the same can be said of Palestine..

  24. I’m half Russian and Kapoores’ posts, especially the one in which she describes her trip through Russia, besides being beautifully written and touching, is true. I know this from listening to my grandfathers stories. Stalin at least can be credited for removing most jews from positions of power. Whether he was basically a good man or an evil man, or simply a useful idiot initially, we can’t know. It’s difficult to pass such a judgement on your next door neighbour let alone a man not known personally and dead over 60 years.

    1. second that, karen.

      kapoore is a character package: humility, heart and smarts, great observational powers.
      this is why i just couldn’t keep my mouth shut at that vile strike from the bushes of persistently dyspeptic mind, lest it discourage her from further writing.

  25. lobro, i dont even need to open my mouth any more … you have already filled it up

    dont worry, jesus loves the devil too

  26. It’s fun to come in the house and sit down to dinnertime, and read all your comments! 🙂
    Since I’ve never been to Russia, I HAVEN’T a CLUE as to the verity of personal motives of historic figures – but it is good to be able to speculate on how they might impact my own land, America. Yes, there seems to be a repetition of sorts. Does it imply Jewish migration/concentration – or just stupidity of the people, in general?? Can’t say. Don’t know.

    Once, I had the priviledge to sit down and dine with friends at Thomas Jefferson’s table at Monticello. It was supposed to resemble an event of the times, complete with even the Scuppernong grape wine from the vines he, himself, planted. Know what?? We all concluded that the isolation of places and things lends itself to blurred imaginations, and that it takes a truly great mind to reach into circumstances which may have been real to others, in another, bygone time. I think Mr. Jefferson must have been good at that. Lobro, too (and it seems so does Kapoore). Sadly, those kind are a minority.

    All we can do is speculate.

  27. sometimes the seemingly unimportant details are the most telling ones because they are the least likely to have been edited.
    while on the subject of stalin, i caught this and think it is of essential interest (Yacov Djugashvili was Stalin’s first son):
    It turned out that the girl was Yakov’s Jewish fiancée; when they told Stalin of their engagement, he became enraged.

    While Stalin and his wife were arguing about this, a shot was heard from Yakov’s room. Yakov had shot himself but survived. While she tended to his wounds and sent for a doctor, all his father said was, “He can’t even shoot straight”.
    (the bullet hit the lung instead heart, he subsequently and apparently at urging of his jewish wife, surrendered to germans, was sent to a camp where his 2nd suicide attempt was successful)

    does anyone else see any significance in all of this?

    stalin enraged that his son had a jewish girlfriend?
    and that the jewess would urge yacov to run to germans?

    all i can say, having heard what i did about stalin and how he either was a jew or loved jews – wtf #1.
    so even in ussr, in the midst of the world war, jews knew that germans treated pow’s humanely – wtf #2.

    i guess that in amateur historical research (w/o access to source material), the best is to look for these “insignificant” dots, overlooked by the censor and connect them for the true picture.

    1. Lobro –

      I tell you about Monticello because it is close to an old friend of mine, a descendant of Commodore Levy (a Jew) from whom Monticello was seized by the Confederacy because it was owned by a Yankee officer. Levy was responsible – from his own funds – for the salvage of Monticello from ruin shortly after Thomas Jefferson died. I suppose the Cnfederacy got the notion after the Yankees seized Arlington from the Lee/Custis family after Lee’s army killed all those blue-bellies at Manassas (Bull Run).

      Levy greatly admired Jefferson. In fact, my Jew friend’s great-grandfather was named ‘Jefferson’ Levy. (Isn’t it ironic that Thomas Jefferson was one who opposed the Citizenship of Jews into the new united States???)

      It just goes to show that we are, all, born into SUBJECTIVE circumstances which command our prejudices and suspicions. Your own great mind is able to rise above that. I want mine to rise above it, too (but I know it’s effing DIFFICULT!)

      There are Jews who were, simply, born into their lineage – just as ourselves. I believe DNA is not something which dictates our political proclivities. What dictates them is EXPEDIENCE, e.g., if I were born negro, I would likely be the ‘biggest nigger in town’. Likewise, if I were born a Jew, I’d likely be defensive about the history of my ancestors. It DOESN’T mean I share their cunning – it only proscribes a determination to survive. SOMEBODY needs to make the first concession, or we’ll be forever embroiled in this exhausting conflict.

    2. lobro –

      I see the significance… only if you can be sure Stalin’s anger was only because she was a jew….. and not just because she might have been plain ole ugly with warts.

      1. lets call ’em both (jewish, plain ole ugly with warts) and split the difference 🙂

        explains both stalin’s rage and son’s suicide.

  28. jewish snuff tourism: one good holodomor deserves another

    Litvinov “personally killed civilians not involved in the military conflict, including women and children residents of the villages Melovoye, Shiroky, Makarovo and Kamushnoye, guided by anonymous denunciations,” Markin said, quoting the soldier’s testimony.
    “What is more interesting that this fighter received a money reward for the killings from his leadership sponsored by Igor Kolomoysky,” Markin said, referring the Kiev-appointed Dnepropetrovsk governor and prominent oligarch.

    more … “all of the victims were tortured before their murder.”

    and this (hey holocaust, where is yours?): “In addition to eyewitness accounts, many victims have provided evidence to the Russian Investigative Committee and evidence in the form of soil samples, genetic material. These samples were thoroughly examined, confirming the testimony of witnesses and victims themselves.”

    some comments (happy to see they are coming from military personnel): Smells of Zionist Jew Supremacist mercenaries who revel in lucrative genocide. Such units composed of Israelis have been reported operating in the Eastern Ukraine.

    another: If, meaning we know, that this bloodline is being utilized for organ harvesting under the guise of random civilian massacres: Then we must also know that specialist surgeons are in the field doing the harvesting.

    Harvesting organs for transport/transplant requires extreme precision, extremely proper packaging, and dedicated transport times.

    SOMEONE knows who is on the scene providing this level of expertise.

  29. excerpt from a wonderful piece by Franklin Lamb:
    “It is reported on good authority from eyewitnesses, that certain army checkpoints will actually allow armed militiamen to pass through army checkpoints freely if they will head to Jobar or Duraya or other ‘fighting fields” to challenge the army there and keep local peace in their local community. Some do. Last week, according to a student who lives in al-Qabun, there was a potentially serious problem but it was solved at one of the periodic meetings between rebel leaders and army officers. The unusual problem was that when a dozen or so rebels headed to the army checkpoint to go fight the same army near Jobar they were observed carrying two AK-47’s each. The local army commander was livid because by the expressed terms of an earlier agreement each rebel fighter could only safely pass and return through the neighborhood army checkpoint if he was carrying only one AK. The rebels protested complaining that they need two, always fight with two and it was no big deal for the army to let them pass. The army insisted on only one AK-47 per rebel fighter and threatened to not only stop rebels from exiting and entering their neighborhood but that if they did not keep the earlier agreement the army would attack the rebel positions, preassembly with artillery or airstrikes. This caused panic among the local civilians, many of whom have relatives in the FSA, Nusra, and even Da’ish. Long story made short, the rebels listened to their parents and relatives as well as to the reasoning of the army and finally agreed that they would carry only one AK-47 each thru the army checkpoints on route to fight the army a few kilometers away. According to two eyewitnesses to these events, all sides shook hands at the checkpoint as the rebels handed their second AK-47’s to the army for “safe keeping.” An unwritten rule between the army and their sworn enemies en route to try to kill them is that if the rebel gets killed the army checkpoint guys gets to keep his weapon. This is not to say the army and the rebels are in league, but the Syrian government is working to secure the neighborhoods and does not want to resort to bombing if they can obtain their objectives by other means. One hears of many ‘contracts’ being made among sworn enemies around Syria in order to try to end this slaughter.”

  30. China and Russia are just as Kosher as the US is. Who here would even doubt this clear and obvious fact?

    When did all the Jews leave Russia? I didn’t hear of another expulsion or “Hollow Co$t”, and the Yamarluke wearing Putin sure likes to rub elbows with Jews.

    The common theme among Putin supporters is that they hope beyond all hope and blindly believe he is “secretly plotting against the Jews” (“playing chess”) and just waiting for the right moment to “spring his trap”. As if they know his motives. As if he didn’t rise to power in a system that is just as Kosher as it is anywhere else. And many of these people actually cheer him on, wishing for yet another brothers war, where the final nail will be hammered into our racial coffin.

    Simple Outline on “Chinese” Power:

    -The Jews print money at will (giving them all the power to do with as they please).

    -With that money, they purchased (stole) the entire American manufacturing industry (we create, they corrupt & destroy).

    -Then, they moved it all to China (this all happened right under our noses in a relatively short span of time, yet very few are able to recognize the obvious, even to this day).

    -All the while, they tax us into slavery, and sell us back OUR goods, that are now laced with lead and other toxic substances (think that was a coincidence/accident or the fault of the Chinese slaves on the other end?). Yes, this is just another way the Jews have poisoned us (and our children).

    -In the meantime, they stole OUR technologies (all they do in China is reproduce everything we invent, discover, and create), our military secrets, and fund the very RED army they will eventually use to strike the final blow in our coffin justified by our false “debt” to them. Do you “think” they are arming them for “nothing”, and convincing the Chinese that we “owe” them for “no reason”? Will you still “believe” that as the RED Chinese army is marching down your street?

    And on the back end of all of this, they have most of the American sheeple convinced that we somehow “owe” the Chinese, as they have engaged in a relentless propaganda campaign in China as well to convince them of the same ridiculous lie.

    Wow.. What a scam these Jews have pulled off. Robbing us blind, destroying our economy, stripping our entire manufacturing industry down to the bones, and convincing the Chinese that we are in “debt” to them (of course the Jews have complete control over China, so all that “debt” they created on this end, goes right to them on the other…screwing us both coming and going)

    Unless of course you “think” this was all a “coincidence” and “believe” that the Chinese somehow out smarted us, swooped in and stole everything on their own, and beat us at our own game…To point out the obvious: these are OUR inventions and OUR technologies, nothing originally “Chinese” about ANY of “their” products or weaponry.. (what would they threaten us with if not armed with OUR military “secrets”.. bows and arrows?).

    Again, they are using OUR technologies against us… to include, in the not too distant future, the military technologies that were stolen from us. “Ironic” isn’t it? Or so it would seem, to a person who is unaware of the Jewish agenda and their usual modus operandi.

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