World War 3, anyone? — by John Kaminski

Is this your government? Because it’s not mine


 By John Kaminski
[email protected]

They told lies about Syria and they turned out not to be true. Now they’re telling lies about the Ukraine and Russia, and they will turn out not to be true. The only problem is, will they start World War 3 in the meantime, as hawks in Congress and sycophants in the news media are chafing at the bit to see the bombs start dropping.

Is this your government? Because it’s sure not mine.

It should be the objective of every decent American to overthrow this present government, because the crimes they continue to commit are sure to destroy the United States.

The Jew-run USA was all set to start WW3 when they were telling those lies about Syria a few months back until they were foiled by Vladimir Putin’s suggestion and Bashar al-Assad’s action and had to back off trying to give Assad the Qaddafi treatment. Shortly thereafter, Assad got 98 percent of the vote in an election monitored for honesty by everyone and the Jew SA creep gang had to turn the thugs they hired into ISIS and restart the war in Iraq.

Now we have Israel and American criminals putting Jew thugs in charge of the pathetic Ukrainians who are trying as best they can to kill most of their own residents in the eastern part of the country because they’re really Russians who just happened to live in an area that was declared to be part of the Ukraine back in the 1950s.

And now we have a jetliner that looks suspiciously like the jet that went missing months ago in Malaysia, full of corpses, shot down by Ukrainian jets, according to a Spanish air controller in Kiev, and we have every fascist political flunkie in Washington and every paid off sycophant whore on television saying Russia did it, and this is a good reason to start World War 3.

We have our misanthropic mulatto president on vacation again after refusing to go to the border to see the mess he deliberately created by advertising for chaperones six months earlier to accompany minors across the border into the United States. The plane and bus tickets were already distributed to disperse these disease bearing urchins to all parts of the United States as a very clever portion of the Jewish destabilization template, which guarantees a solid majority of Democratic voters in the elections of the future so that the country will be ruled in perpetuity by voters who want a free ride from the government rather than working to build their own lives.

You can see these dark skinned thugs lined up near most welfare offices throughout the inner cities, eager to pick up their government checks which they have been convinced by their president that they are entitled to.

These are the same imbeciles who want reparations for slavery, when in reality they should be sent back to Africa, along with Obama and his Jewish and Negro communist advisers, especially the ones on the Supreme Court.

And speaking of Africa, Jane Burgermeister, a prominent European health advocate, noted that one passenger on this ill-fated MH-17 flight, World Health Organization spokesman Glenn Thomas, was past of network resisting the global distribution of the ebola virus from the Bill Gates funded laboratory in Sierra Leone.

We have Planned Parenthood spokespeople sending youngsters to X-rated bookstores to study up on perversions because the government has given them a special grant to do just that.

We have surplus war making weapons being distributed to local police departments in low crime areas and the police trying as hard as they can to create crime so they can use them. Keep your pet inside the house.

Is this your government? Because it’s sure not mine.

Just checked the news on CNN and they’re not covering the massacre in Gaza but they are covering a pro Israel rally in New York City. If the genuine humans ever decide to end this Jewish disease and can retake our government from the Jewish criminals who control it now, as we nuke Tel Aviv we should probably nuke New York and London, too.

You need to get the story straight on the latest Gaza invasion. A week before these three Jewish kids were supposedly killed, an Israeli general predicted this specific event would happen. The car that picked up the kids had Israeli plates, ostensibly meaning that it was a Jew that picked up the hitchhikers. It took 18 days to find the kids, a number of significance in Jewish mysticism.

Hamas denied the kidnapping. Israeli did not wait for evidence. It created the entire event as a pretext to kill more Palestinians.

Hamas was originally created by Israel. The so-called rockets Hamas supposedly fires at Israel are nothing more than large firecrackers. They never hit anything and anyone who is killed by them is more by accident than design. The Hamas rockets are clearly a flimsy excuse for Israel to blame a Hamas enemy that is really controlled by Israel itself.

And Israel is teaching these terrible tactics to American police forces. I do not need to tell you how the behavior of American police has changed.

You know longer have the right to a lawyer. You can be kept in jail indefinitely without charges. Your friends and relatives will not be told where you are.

The government, as you know, has bought all that ammunition. Even the Parks Department is now fully armed.

The government is stealing people’s lives because of what they say on Facebook. So much for freedom of speech.

Unless we take action against this Jewish controlled totalitarian government that has taken away the rights of all Americans who are not rich and in on the Jewish take, our days are numbered, and with all of these crises converging on a boiling point from which there will be no solution, that number is no longer very large and is shrinking by the day, perhaps by the hour.

We need to dispose of this government, both parties, the entire Congress, because they are criminals and killers who only care about maintaining their corrupt power, and care nothing about the lives of the people whom they are supposed to be protecting, but in reality are ruining, robbing, and murdering.


John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.

64 thoughts to “World War 3, anyone? — by John Kaminski”

  1. “They told lies about Syria and they turned out not to be true.”!

    Lies by definition are not true.

    1. elie wiesel begs to differ

      in particular he got a nobel prize for this discovery:
      Some things are true though they didn’t happen, while others are not, even if they did.

      huh? how many nobels you got?
      i had a few but they were stolen from my garage while i was in syna-gouge.

      1. “Some things are true though they didn’t happen, while others are not, even if they did.”

        Holy shit, did he actually say that? lol! That has to be the jewiest thing any hooknose ever said.

        1. The Jews make shit up. That is what they do. And I know you know that as well as anybody.
          BUT…that IS a classic one!! It almost… almost… rivals their religion.

        2. i think the book he wrote is called “le Nuit” (Nighttime, like Holocaust type Night) and he is talking to his rabbi.

          very special, holy talmud stuff, makes you all spiritual and you get jewz goose bumps.

          a total nuitcase.

        3. “The Jews make shit up. That is what they do. And I know you know that as well as anybody.”

          I know, but usually they at least try to cloak their bullshit in moral or universalist terms. Wiesel is just too stupid to do that.

          And to think of the millions of people all over the world who actually believe what they say about the “Nazis…”

        4. So much for IQ being higher than the rest of the world.
          They lie about that, too.
          If thy are so damned smart, they should have picked something besides a desolate desert to claim.

          Walter Rothschild must have been getting even for his circumcision or barmitz-fizzle when he selected Palestine for Herzl’s bunch.

      2. Isn’t that what Churchill meant by “History is written by the victors” and what filthy Jews do with Wikipedia and Jew-media.

        And I can assure you, I have neither been in your garage nor in a synagogue. 🙂

  2. WW3 started on Sept 11, 2001

    WW1 was 3 years long.

    WW2 was 9 years long

    If the pattern stays the same, WW3 will be 27 years long ending in 2028 which also happens to be the end of the timeline staircase inside the Great Pyramid.

    1. The “Third World” War started as WWII ended, and is defined by Fourth Generation Warfare (4GW) tactics: police actions, proxy warriors, psyops, etc.

      WWIV could become an ultra high-tech horror, and is something saner heads of state are doing all in their power to avoid.

      RESIST !!!

      1. I agree, Bob.
        Eisenhauer agreed to send military aid to Saigon in 1954. That portion of WWIII lasted until 1974, which was 20 years.
        WWIV started in 2001, and continues to date.
        WWV is next, or the current one may never end.

      2. If people want to get technical, the war has been waging for thousands of years. On America it started in 1776 when the lawful Governments in America suddenly found themselves Sovereign due to the King of England relinquishing all rights to the mainland and then realizing his insanity, making war against America. 1776 is also when the Jesuit’s Jews created the Illuminati and started their infiltration of “Goy” masonry that was key to capturing the high eshalons of power in White Protestant Christendom.

        Then, the “Jews” of the City of London Corp along with the King of England (Common Law Crown) decided they would infiltrate America by way of BAR (British Accredited Registry) agents to try and push for economic legal codes to override common/natural/Christian law where they could enforce top down authority- not being subject to bottom up authority.

        In response to our enacting the lawful 13 Amendment that would strip all foreign nations, dual citizens and those with foreign alligence to serve in any branch of our Republic, in 1812, the City of London Jews and the British Crown invaded America, burned Washington and tried to destroy all copies of the lawful 13th. These were first found again in the Belfast Maine Library in 1982.

        Skipping forward, in 1860 in the north and south, British and Jewish agents instigated a civil war hoping then to use France and English armies to invade and recapture America. Russia, wise to the “Jews” and Crown plan parked their fleet off of NY and San Fran telling them that if they went to war against America, they would be at war with Russia. The Jews backed down- a humbling move that would take Satanic vengence upon Christian Russia for in the Bolshevik Revolution.

        In 1860 our lawful Government adjurned Sein Die (until we meet again) due to the south walking out. Lincoln created a Corporation United States and fought the war successfully. He was assassinated because he bucked the Jewish Bankers and was trying to get America out of debt with his greenbacks.

        In 1871, a new Corporation was formed by the Jewish Banker agents in America called the UNITED STATES. This unlawfully usurped both the US Corp, our trust, and the lawful Articles of Confederation- united States 1789 mainland Governments. They then enslaved all blacks, both formerly free and slave to be slaves eternally via their 14th Amendment also creating a brand new 13th that applied to their Corp and not our Governments. All of this they did without our knoweldge or consent which makes everything they have done since then frud, null and void.

        In 1913, the City of London Jews with their Bar and Jewish Mason infiltrators concocted the illegal and unlawful Federal Reserve Corporation and it’s been all down hill from there.

        In 1913, the Jewish controlled West teamed up on Germany to knock her down. In 1817, vengence was launched against Russia as the “Jews” gained total control over her.

        In 1933, the Jews of the City of London Corp stoled all of America’s gold and Germany’s gold. DC/US declared war against the American State Citizens. They unlawfully enslaved white America to the 14th Amendment as the Corporation US and UNITED STATES went bankrupt, declaring a secret type of Martial Law (thats really been in affect since 1860 for Corp Citizens.

        Hitler (most likely part Jew), a British agent led Germany, Rosenfeld, Crypto Jew led America, Churchill helf Jew led England and Stalin crypto Jew led Russia in WW2 to greatly weaken White Christendom while also facilitating the impostor Jews claim to Zion (The Holy Land for World Gov).

        Between 45 and 58 the “UFO” wars raged. It was Nazi remnants against both Russia, America and England mostly. A treaty was signed that I believe ended in 2012 making portions of Antartica open to all nations for scientific purposes only.

        From 1945 to 1991 Jew led Corporation America and Jew led Communist Russia fought the “Cold War” which was nothing more than toppling all nations and races who had any Sovereignty so they might be controlled by a central bank owned through the Jews IMF which is an extension of the City of London Corp.

        From 1991 through 2001 Jew controlled America and Europe softened up the middle east for the expanison of “Greater Israel”.

        In 2001, the Jews out of Israel attacked America using our troops to basically invade the planet to get everyone around the world to hate Americans- whom they have now massively dumbed down. The purpose of this is to facilitate the merger of China and Russia making Brics as another false counter force- this time against the collective West.

        Since America, UK-Colonies and EU are slated for destruction, they have systematically shifted power from west to east while also stealing the Chinese gold thus making them dependent on their international economies of Fiat Currencies worldwide.

        In this last year we have seen how the Jews are using Washington to provoke Jew controlled Russia. This will clear the way for Russia to attack east and south. America, now the bad guy Commies, and Russia now the good guy Christians will have to face one another over “Israel”. This will eventually draw in Iran, Syria, other ME Arab nations as well as China, at the very end.

        Before this goes full blown, America, the UK and Colonies will suffer the perfect storm where America (esp) will be collapsed and be invaded militarily from the south and later the west coast via China. This is a genocidal war meant to pay America back for breaking away from the 3 city states controlled by the “Jews” back in 1776. While this is happening, Russia and other ME powers will have American troops trapped in a no win war over seas where the best of our military (now exausted) will die- not being able to come to mainland America’s rescue.

        We in America, the UK, Colonies and even the EU will win against the foreign enemies in our homelands and then we will have to contend with the Eastern Powers Bric nations over “israel”- the place of the future World Government. Our remnent will “invade” “Israel”, arrest their criminals, have Nurenberg type trials and then face off against the East in a final show down.

        Toward the end of this WW3, the 3 city states will transfer their power to “Israel”. When the perfect storm hits America, the UK and Colonies, the “Jews” of the west will all run back to their criminal safe house (“Israel”) which will later prove to be the worst move they ever made.

        WW1, they set up the league of Nations. WW2 they set up the United Nations. After WW3 they will proclaim a World Gov out of “Israel”.

        The battle has been going on since time immemorial and this is the final show down to usher in the new earth age. National Sovereinty is dead as Jewish Globalism has won. All that remains is the question– who is it that will ultimately rule out of Zion? Will it be..

        The “Jews”
        The Chinese?

        Talmudic “Jews”?

        I can tell you the answer but I bet most here won’t believe me.

        1. Thanks for that reference to the Russian ships in the NY and SFC ports at the outset of the Civil War, Tyron. I needed some cheerin up.

          Here’s another positive Russian-related story. This from the Tlingit and the Aleuts, tribes who lived on the northwestern Canadian Pacific Coast in present-day Yukon Terr. :

          “Decimated by illness, reviled by white settlers, community life disrupted by alcoholism and other social problems, native people increasingly found consolation in another alien intrusion: Christianity. The first converts were Aleuts and others in the far north, who in the brutal early days of the fur trade found a sympathetic ally in the Russian Orthodox Church. Devout traders held impromptu prayer services, and they adopted Aleut godchildren, who in turn helped spread the faith. An Orthodox priest arrived in 1824 – Ivan Veniaminov, who built a church, founded schools, and devised an Aleut alphabet. He then moved south to Sitka and began to minister to the Tlingit.

          The Tlingit initially showed little interest, but Veniaminov persisted, and in time he began drawing in converts. Showing a wise tolerance for native customs – and a keen understanding of Tlingit love for sumptuous display – he erected the imposing Cathedral of St. Michael, and when possible he endeavored to blend Christian belief with Tlingit ceremony. It was just the right strategy. Thousands of native Alaskans flocked to the Orthodox Church, which would remain a lasting legacy of the Russian colonial presence in North America.”

        2. BrownHawk

          I would have go back and research again to get the story perfect but if I am not mistaken, Alaska was given to the US by the Christian Czar for 2 million to offset the “debt” incurred to the Banker Jews out of the City of London Corp so as to give the US Corp that Lincoln created badly needed new life to oppose them.

          So, not only did the Christian Czars save Amerca’s ass from Jew banker physical takeover in the Civil War, they also propped us up to we might continuing fighting against them.

          No wonder these Esau/Edomites from hell murdered over 66 million white/Russian Christians— humm??

  3. Americans, and all lovers of Truth could live in the Kingdom
    with Jesus as the King…and govern themselves accordingly
    of course the language must be purified…first.
    a “Jewish” crime syndicate is not really “government”….

    the so-called “Jews” and all “JEW” worshippers must
    meet their fate in the fiery furnaces…and right soon


  4. John Kaminski, you are by far the BEST writer in the coming Resistance movement.
    David Icke is doing his bit in the UK and 1,500 anti-Zioinist/anti-Israel protesters have just marched in London.
    The RED TERROR is past our doorsteps!~ It is nearly inside our pants, Dr Green!
    As I’ve said to people, forget Ellie K’s literary crap and GET REAL! Stop complimenting the whore!
    Tyron P and lobro, you are semi-informed people (more than most) but do you understand the sheer gravity of the TRUTHS John K is telling you?
    Tyron, give the “history” a good rest!
    These satanic “Jews” of all races, centred in New York, London, LA and Washington are, as I’ve said, “DESTROYING MY WORLD” before my very eyes.
    Kaminski puts it straight: “Unless we take action against this Jewish controlled totalitarian government that has taken away the rights of all Americans who are not rich and in on the Jewish take, our days are numbered, and with all of these crises converging on a boiling point from which there will be no solution, that number is no longer very large and is shrinking by the day, perhaps by the hour.”
    That is always my point and has been for over 30 years!
    Finally, in Australia, our Jewish-run ABC spent hours on the deaths of 6 AIDS’ Conference delegates; so far, an interminable amount of time condemning Russia and promoting WAR; and a few minutes on Hamas sending a couple of rockets into poor, little Israel. PM Bob Hawke’s “poor little Israel!”
    Meanwhile Palestinian families are being wiped out en masse! TOTAL GENOCIDE!
    Identify them on what they are TODAY, Tyron, and deal with them!!!!!! Read Yukon!
    No more Ellie K, please! She is an insult to this site! She enjoys getting OFF on horror!

    1. Max

      In order for white Americans to oppose the “Jews” of whom you admitted that you’re physically related to- THEY MUST HAVE TRUTHFUL HISTORY.

      Without understanding the massive fraud committed against them, they will not be able to rightly claim under law that we have a lawful basis in which to demand RESTITUTION the likes of which would swallow up probably the ENTIRE fortune of the Rothchild family (100’s of trillions of dollars).

      With this, we could kick start a new World Government via our lawful claim to Zion having the assests needed after our takeover of the JWO. This will stop all of the theft, murder and destruction taking place worldwide.

      Max, Yukon is a either a control opposition op or one of the most foolish people i’ve ever met. He is seething with hate telling people to start shooting all of the cops. We need the cops to be on our side because after all, they are victims too.

      1. Tyron Parsons, with due respect, can I point out 2 things:
        1. I am NOT a Jew by choice or by ancestry.
        My JOKE was misunderstood. I am of the ancient English Bilney/Minifie clans and the clans of western Ireland. My ancestors fought for FREEDOM! The kind of freedoms the USA once had! And a rapidly being JEWIFIED Australia once had!
        My joke was a spoof trying to explain my point that being “Jewish” occurs, in this modern era, at the switch of a button. Madonna, “Jewish” one minute, Earth-Mother, whore the next!
        No need to be a Semite, religious, a culture or a RACE!
        No need to have a history! No need to read the Talmud or OT! All you have to be is to have a BLIND, malevolent “faith” in the beneficence of Israel and a supporter of mass GENOCIDE, with an insatiable desire for money and the morals of the devil; or, in the case of your women, alley-cats! Christian-Zionists are even more EVIL! Yankland is full of them!
        2. Your “historical analysis reaches deaf ears, as it has all been done before in far more intricate detail than anything you or lobro offer in your snippets. As for Dr Green and Brownhawk, they are self-opinionated, ignorant fools, saying essentially NOTHING!
        As I’ve said, if you were a reader with a MEMORY like me, I’ve have told you that as researchers my brother and I have our hands on all the great documents of the early 1900’s, skerricks of which are being repeated by you and several othe “history” tied writers. Douglas Reid’s work is just one of many.
        In the 30’s and 40’s far more people were aware of these people’s writings than our dumbed-down, Jewtube-oriented, idiot masses of today. They are NOT interested in reading your loose cannon snippets. I don’t read them, as I have a library of vastly superior resources. Probably the world’s best!
        THE MASS OF PEOPLE, whom you MUST have on your side, are only intersted in the current fact; and the FACT is JEWS RULE AMERICA; so much so, that every American citizen is involved in financing the GENOCIDE of the Palestinians. Jews control your Congress, your Fed and your banks. Jews rule Hollywood! Your sitcoms are Jewish!
        Do you have anti-Zionist/anti-Israel protest rallies in the United Staes of Jewdom, like even in England?
        Needless to say, I have nothing but contempt for Americans – you hayseed, televiewer-addicted, sex-driven, obese, loud-mouthed, Jew-controlled, industrial military-complex SCUM! That is why I refused a recent trip (fully funded) to your “red cloud” enveloped shores. I did not want to see your bubbas, whores and fat arses! As Solzhenitsyn predicted: “Go to the very bottom America!”

        1. Max

          With all due respect- the American People do not finance “Israel”. The US Corporation owned by the Jew bankers does. So called Israel was established by way of the theft of American labor via unlawful “taxes” as well as by our and Germany’s gold that they stold from us.

          This does not make us liable- its FRAUD which has no statute of limitations.

          The US Government is financed by the Fed Reserve Corp both of which are owned by City of London Jew bankers which is owned by the Vatican City Corporation.

          When an American “pays” taxes, this goes to Puerto Rico where the Corporation IRS is located. The IRS is owned by the City of London Corp and all funds are transfered to the IMF also owned by the City of London Corp.

          When the US/DC Gov gives money to “Israel”, this is fiat money created out of thin air that has NOTHING to do with American State Citizens (American people born in America) nor our lawful Republic(s).

          So, please be advised that you were not elected to speak for everyone here saying to me that no one reads my posts and are not interested in them. The truth is, YOU DON’T LIKE MY POSTS and this makes me very suspcious of you because the knowledge I am putting forth is CENTRAL to ending “Israel” as we know it today where WE WHITE/EUROPEANS-Christians take over the reigns of World Government and try the impostors for their endless crimes- taking as a portion of our MASSIVE restitution claim, the land (Zion) and World Gov they are working ferverishly to establish for themselves.

          If you or Yukon had a FREAKING CLUE, you would realize that..

          1. Murdering Cops is NOT the answer
          2. The American people (along with all whites/Europeans) are the TARGET of genocide along with Arabs- those in Gaza, etc, by the “Jew”
          3. Why? We are TRUE semites Ishmael and Jacob-Israel/Judah, and they are impostors.
          4. Our LAW trumps the Jews legal fiction codes
          5. The American people DO NOT FUND “Israel”
          6. WE are owed the right to rule in the New World Gov via the promises given to Jaxob
          7. Protesting doesn’t do JACK CRAP!

          So excuse me if I don’t give a flying (bleep) about your judgements because frankly, you don’t have the authority as they are incorrect, misdirected, full of ignorace and based on HATING your own kinfolk (if you really are a white man which I HIGHLY doubt now.

          Nuff said….

  5. As usual, Mr. Kaminsky has hit the nail on the head. Unfortunately, I cannot envision the American sheeple awakening in time to save themselves from the slaughterhouse. The USA has long since ceased to be the land of the free, and bravery is now a relatively rare exception. I would encourage those who want to live to emigrate. Thailand is very nice, as (I am told) are Honduras and Panama. But the time is growing short; get out while you can. Amerika ist kaput!

  6. Saddam Hussein has a nuclear bomb. Oops! Bashar Assad has a nuclear bomb. Oops! Ayatullah Khomenei is trying to produce a nuclear bomb since 1990s.

    Brigadier General Uzi Eilam, who for a decade headed Israel’s Atomic Energy Commission doesn’t believe that Tehran is in a position to acquire a nuclear bomb within next ten years even if that’s what it really aspires. He believes that Netanyahu is warmongering against the Islamic Republic to divert world attention from Israel-Palestinian conflict.

    “The Iranian nuclear program will only be operational in another ten years. Even so, I’m not sure that Iran wants the bomb,” said Eilam, according to Israel National News, May 8, 2014.

  7. Paranoia makes Jews rich. And, it is so very easy to spread on the internet.

    Promotion of paranoia sells everything from media subscriptions and extra food to military equipment through government spending. That is true even more so with the internet v thirty years ago.

    Some have stated there is a war slated for the American people. But, we know the US is a corporation. Corporations do not get rid of customers and investors in TODAY’s fiat economies. They want more customers and investors.

    The entire southern border of the US is wide open to bring more customers to the sellers. The NAU is being promoted to increase the customer base.

    And the US dollar isn’t about to collapse any time soon. The alarmists were crying out the same tune when Reagan more than tripled the national debt to $3Trillion. It could go to $3 Quadrillion and the people would not even know the difference. They never have.

    Paranoia makes Jews rich because… they own the currencies.

    Where’s my beer??

  8. @ John Kaminski

    Hi John,

    I have just received an angry email from a passionate anti-Zionist writer who has his own website attacking the Jews. My name is linked on his website permanently and I have also had a couple of my own articles published on his site. This man had a book published a couple of years ago and is a veteran in the Jew wars — just like yourself.

    He is incensed with your “racist” comments and tells me you are bringing discredit on the anti-Zionist movement by your needless contempt for the black man and all dark-skinned people. He thinks you need to cool it and try to sound a bit less extreme. I just thought I’d tell you this and quote verbatim from his email to me:

    “Kaminski is either an agent provocateur (that’s my bet considering he
    is a tribe member) or a crazy old racist. Either possibility disqualifies him from serious consideration.

    The following quotes are the most offensive to me in his most recent article:

    “… our misanthropic mulatto president…”
    “…these dark skinned thugs lined up near most welfare offices…”
    “These are the same imbeciles who want reparations for slavery, when in reality they should be sent back to Africa, along with Obama and his Jewish and Negro communist advisers, especially the ones on the Supreme Court.”

    Need I go on? Of course there IS more, but if you don’t find these few examples repugnant…well, we need to talk.”


    Just thought I’d let you know, John.

    I am given to understand by this anti-Zionist critic of yours that you are appealing to a minority of extremists readers who love to hear about “niggers” and “coons”, but that you are at the same time alienating the vast number of moderates who refuse to cast stones at all the perfectly decent men and women whose only crime is that they have a darker skin than yours.

    It is worth considering this criticism, in my humble opinion. Blacks make up 14 percent of the American population. They are our potential allies in the ongoing war against the Jews.

    Can we really afford to alienate so many millions of potential allies?

    1. “Can we really afford to alienate so many millions of potential allies?”

      You can’t be serious. We can’t even get Whites to agree that Jews are our biggest problem and you honestly think Whites and blacks could be allied against them?

      Furthermore, the guy who wrote that response may be an anti-Zionist, but he is not pro White. He’s simply a leftist who hates all forms of nationalism, and he no doubt supports the destruction of all White nations by mass immigration. He’s simply angry that Jews don’t adhere to multiculturalism and egalitarianism because he’s too dumb to understand that Jews promoted those ideas to Whites (and Whites only) in order to destroy us.

      1. SPQR

        I take issue with some of John’s writings but I agree with you- not those “racist” ones and they are from those types you perfectly described- dupes of the “Jews”.

        1. In terms of generalities I agree with both you and the legionairre, Tyron. But obviously, dupes of the “jews” are to be found amongst all the “races”. Being about as useless as tits on a bull is an equal opportunity somnambulizer. But problems aren’t solved through generalities

          Who would you prefer, a non-white person who gets where, say, a Louis Farrakhan was coming from, or some beer-swillin bubba wavin a flag and shouting “Go USA!?”

          The enemy of my enemy can often be found as “diamonds in the rough”.

    2. Minorities get to say what they want, in every venue, screaming at whitie at the top of their lungs.
      When it comes down to the real fight, they will follow whitie anyway.
      PC crowd is Jew led anyway.

  9. John

    Bottom line:

    Just inform the facts and let them speak for themselves for those who have ears.

    The enemy of my enemy is my friend

    nuf said

  10. Negros are the Jew’s tool of choice for destroying other races. They are every bit as destructive as the Jews , but lack the Jew’s intelligent direction and tenacity. Thus, Negroes are the perfect tool when the Jews want to deconstruct a white culture, a tool that can be turned on and off at the will of their Jew masters.

    Obama is the Jew’s golden Negro. One of the purposes of putting a Negro in the White-house was to test America’s reaction to foreign or alien leadership and what could be more foreign or alien then a Kenyan Negro? The fact that a predominately white country would allow a Negro to be elected as president provides ample proof Jews now run America and can do pretty much anything they want with it. That is but one of the functions served by the golden Negro. Any idiot can study Negro history to see where Negro leadership will lead. Africa, Haiti, Jamaica all provide the visible results of Negro leadership.

    Many years ago I bought into the Jew propaganda of the “oppressed black man.” My father challenged me on that point with the following dare: Find me one Negro led nation that is well fed, prosperous and maintains even the most rudimentary technological infrastructure. My research to prove him wrong opened my eyes. Nothing has changed since that moment. It should be obvious even to the most brain dead, Negro leadership will result in a Negro country with Negro values, morals and technology – or lack thereof. If you want to see the kind of country Negros like Obama lead, sans the Rahm Emanuels and Ben Bernankes of course, just take a look at South Africa, Zimbabwe, Sierra Leone, Haiti, et al.

    That said, I still have a soft spot for certain Negro leaders. Not too many years ago, when I still was stupid enough to vote, I would have voted for Louis Farrakhan in a Jew York second. In fact I would return to the polls if he ran against the current scum sucker. Fat chance of that ever happening. Unlike the duplicitous Obama, at least Farrakhan gives people his honest views and opinions. Then there is this fine fellow, Idi Amin, I find I cannot help but like this fellow. After all, didn’t the Jews call him another Hitler? In fact didn’t they give him the same treatment they gave Hitler? He must have been doing something right.

    I was there when they incinerated the Branch Davidians. In fact that event drove me from the Lone Star state of Bar-B-Que. Waco was an expansion on the Fedgov’s success at Ruby Ridge Idaho. One of the functions of Waco was to test the reaction of the gullible goyim to an open assault on free speech, religious freedom and the Posse Comitatus Act. The American sheeple came through with those flying colors that don’t run, but instead suck off the Jews. After Waco it was one false flag after another. Today, every American has an equal opportunity for becoming a member of Randy Weaver’s family.

    White American goyim are constantly whipsawed between various issues of fear and terror. Each issue is a test of reaction and acceptance to such fear and terror. Picture a one-celled culture in a Petri dish being exposed to varying degrees of electric and chemical stimulus and you have a pretty good idea of how the white culture is viewed by the Jew experimenter. Picture a ten year old boy with a magnifying glass approaching an ant hill and you have a pretty good picture of the Jew experimenter.

    Wait a minute, isn’t there a game on TV tonight?

    1. Arch Stanton, love reading you! You tell it straight, without all the pseudo-religious rubbish!
      Yes that “golden negro”, Obama is stuffing things up, to create the Jews’ CHAOS. i.e. The desruction of the WHITE SOCIETY.
      Your golliwogs appear as the voice of WISDOM (usualy senior court judges or heads of criminal investigation units) in all your Jewish crime shows!
      In reality they are criminal, gangsta rappas or coke-sniffin’ Dallas Cowboys.
      That destestable cartoon Family Guy is the Jewish version of the Goyim bubba! Sat next to an American bubba in a Port Douglas tavern the other night. Ended up challenging to fisticuffs, but he made a quick exit.

  11. @ SPQR
    @Arch Stanton

    I was merely acting as a messenger for the anti-Zionist writer/bloggist who wrote me a very indignant email complaining about Kaminski’s perceived “racism”. He felt it was bringing this website into disrepute and basically urged me to disassociate myself from extremist cranks of all kinds. He considers Kaminski one of these, if not an agent provocateur secretly working for the Jews.

    As you know, this charge has been leveled against Kaminski often enough before and he is probably quite used to it by now. In fact, the same charge has been leveled against me.

    I just wanted to make one thing very clear. I do not wish to assume the role of Thought Police on this site. People are entitled to say what they want here, within reason. I am quite willing to see my cherished opinions and assumptions questioned. If you feel blacks are a problem, it is not for me to stop you expressing your opinion. If you are an atheist and a Christ basher, I will make no attempt to muzzle you on this topic, nor will my editor-cousin Monty — even though both of us are devout believers.

    We hate seeing our cherished beliefs trampled underfoot by others, but we hate intolerance more. How else are we to arrive at the Truth unless we allow others to contradict us?

    1. Well said, Lasha, you adorable creature! I can tell you this for sure: if I was in charge here, almost everyone on this website would be banned!

      There’d be no one left except me and my ideological minions, echoing my own views and stroking my ego. I actually knows sites like this. The guy who owns the blog is king and emperor and dictator all rolled into one. And he has three or four adoring supporters who grovel at his feet and dare not contradict him. If they step out of line in the slightest way, it’s off with their heads! BANNED!!!

      1. You really must reduce the joking….. This Jew stuff is serious business….don’cha knowz??

        1. BTW, just wanted to let you know that your linking of Ellie Katsnelson to Alex Katsnelson was a brilliant piece of detective work! I thinking you are nearer to solving the Katsnelson Mystery than anyone else on this site.

        2. Thanks, you joker(HA).
          That info I found was a result of searching the web, methodically, and not from my prior knowledge of The Tomorrow People written by Alex Katsnelson. I have never seen the show, but the summary of episodes was on Wiki. I actually started at IMDb and went from there, seeing character names of various writings of his… then to Wiki which had synopses of more works.. of which Ellie was one. The Tomorrow People script fit perfectly.
          It is still circumstantial.

          Alex Katsnelson – IMDb

        3. re Ellie Katsnelson

          I wrote to Lasha about this and asked if she still thought Ellie was “one of us”, i.e., a brilliant Swiftian satirist who was motivated by anti-Semitism in writing about Jewish-run death camps.

          She told me she had changed her mind completely about Ellie and that we had all been taken in by her — except maybe Pat who had stumbled on this Alex Katsnelson character.

          Her own view is that Ellie’s posts, especially her recent ones, were no more than excerpts from a novel in progress. None of the characters mentioned, like Ellie’s Jewish uncle, were real. They were just fictional characters in her novel.

          The novel is intended for mass consumption, so the Jews in it will all be portrayed as marvelous people, as indeed all the characters were in the comments. Very tolerant, humorous, sophisticated people doing their best to live in a world of horrible anti-Semites.

          “Did Schopenhauer really say that? Oh, the little dog!” one of the kindly characters exclaims humorously. Note the affectionate phrase “Little dog” rather than “bastard” or “anti-Semitic scumbag”. This is meant to make the Jews in the novel come across as ever so nice. Even when attacked by the Evil Schopenhauer, the Rothschild female smiles graciously and murmurs, “Oh, the little dog!”

          Lasha thinks this novel could one day be published and the various commenters on the Darkmoon site will be held up to universal ridicule and shame.

        4. I was not stumbling when I found the info. I was searching what I suspected, and doing due diligence. It was NO small effort.

          I used white-man logic.

        5. Well,

          My initital posts to Ellie were correct then. My latter posts road the middle just in case. Good to see I wasn’t any of those labels thrown at people who didn’t buy her load of crap right off the bat.

      2. Pat

        I am not “right all the time”- I am fallible.

        I was just pointing out that my initial response to Ellie was correct and you didn’t have any part in that.

  12. Lasha,

    I was an outspoken supporter of rights for blacks for many years. Barack Obama has convinced me I was mistaken. The undeniable litmus test on this issue is the condition of all nations run by blacks. The black-controlled government in South Africa now encourages the murder of whites, a practice that is now epidemic. By his actions, Obama encourages the same thing in the United States, and you know about the epidemic of rapes and murders by Third Worlders in England and Ireland and in all the white countries of Europe. To deny this is to admit your blindness on this issue. Jews have used unrestrained immigration to destabilize white countries, while forbidding immigration in Israel. Their goal is to turn the whole world in the ghetto whence they came. Your naive support of further immigration and integration aids them in their task. Get real and admit the color of your rapist’s face. I am appalled at the light sentences rapists get in England. That is because the Jews approve of the behavior. The Jews have used the blacks to destroy the social fabric of all white countries. The only answer is repatriation, and it might be too late to attempt it. So you may consider all your white countries, except perhaps Russia, destroyed, because spineless white liberals bought the Jewish lie of “strength in diversity”. Diversity brings only weakness, conflict and disarray, as the events of the 20th century have proved beyond doubt.

    Best wishes,
    John K.

    1. John, you are wrong to blame me me for being pro-multicultural and pro-immigration, since I have never made a single statement in favor of multiculturalism or mass immigration! Quite the contrary, I have made numerous statements attacking multiculturalism and deploring mass immigration!

      I happen to agree with almost everything you say in your above comment, so I can’t see what all this fuss is about!

      You write:

      “. . . you know about the epidemic of rapes and murders by Third Worlders in England and Ireland and in all the white countries of Europe. To deny this is to admit your blindness on this issue. Jews have used unrestrained immigration to destabilize white countries, while forbidding immigration in Israel. Their goal is to turn the whole world in the ghetto whence they came. Your naive support of further immigration and integration aids them in their task. Get real and admit the color of your rapist’s face.”

      Yes, I agree with everything you say there — except the bold print bit which is the very OPPOSITE of my position!

      Here is something I said in a recent article on VT:

      “Multiculturalism is a deadly weapon against Western civilization — a WMD of truly devastating lethality that in the long run will destroy Christianity, traditional moral values, and traditional nationalist cultures in North America, Europe, and Australia. It will also result in the dispossession and disempowerment of the white race, with the significant risk of brutal mass rape of white women in future ethnic conflicts — as happened to 2 million German women after World War II.

      These are not the fanciful fears of a “racist” — for I regard all manifestations of race supremacy as fundamentally obscene — but the predictions of a pragmatic realist historian. For if multiculturalism were so desirable, why do the Jews promote it so assiduously in all countries except Israel?

    2. The Jew General Eisenhauer ordered Negro troops to rape white German women:

      According to TESTIMONY given in the United States Senate on July 17, 1945, when the colonial French troops under Eisenhower’s command, presumably mostly Africans, entered the German city of Stuttgart, they herded German women into the subways and raped some two thousand of them. In Stuttgart alone, troops under Eisenhower’s command raped more women in one week than troops under German command raped in all of France for four entire years. In fact, of all the major belligerents in World War II, the German troops had by far the smallest record of rape and looting. The German army’s incidence of rape in all of Germany’s occupied territories was even lower than that of American troops stationed on American soil!

  13. I stand corrected, Lasha. I love Pastor Manning, too, Tyron. I’m also fond of Ben Carson, but I hope the U.S. never has another black president. We’ll have a Hispanic president soon enough, if the USA lasts long enough. Relative to your comment above, Lasha, I’m not a racist, either, but this media elevation of blacks into heroes and model citizens has essentially destroyed America. They are the ignorant pawns the puppet masters want everyone to be, oblivious and obedient.

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