Would Israel kill the three settlers to crush Palestinian unity? — by Jim W. Dean

Three Israeli settlers are missing, allegedly kidnapped in Al-Khalil (Hebron). But there seems to be more here than a simple kidnapping.

Israeli forces detaining a Palestinian youth (CLICK TO EXPAND)
Israeli forces detaining a Palestinian youth

Israel is engaged in a frenzy of retaliation, killings, mass arrests, a reign of terror across lands they illegally occupy, a pattern of war crimes, inhuman abuses, also not atypical of what we have seen so often from Israel.

Nothing about this “kidnapping” makes sense.  No demands have been made, no “proof of life” sent.  It is highly unlikely that these young people will be found alive and, based on the behavior of Israel, it quite likely seems that this was the idea all along.

The likelihood that Israel has chosen a “blood sacrifice” to sustain their obsession with “national victimhood” has to be considered.


I wish I could say I was surprised, but I am not. The Zionists decided that a crib death was the proper response to the new Palestinian coalition government that resulted from the orchestrated, failed pretend-a-peace talks and the PA’s proceeding with UN recognition.

The Likud crowd who falsely claimed Iran either had nukes or was building them and wanted the US to launch pre-emptive strikes is now exposed as having patently lied to the world and to their own people. But such a thing hardly raises the dust in Israel. Lying is the national sport and many Israelis take great pride in those skills.

The earth was also moving under Israel’s feet with the Syrian war not having removed Assad to replace him with pro-Western puppet rulers in a Balkanized state. The whole world, besides Israel, looks forward to what we hope will be successful nuclear talks and the removal of the Iran sanctions. The sanctions and isolation movement against Israel for its long list of crimes against the world community is the strongest it has ever been.

We are well aware of Israel’s history of false flag attacks whenever they deem them necessary to change the momentum when they feel it is going against their wishes. The dead end peace talks were predicted, and it was a safe bet that Israel would continue building more settlements. But I think the political peace between Hamas and the PA caught the Zionists by surprise.

Hamas becoming an active political entity would take away from Israel one of its favorite bogeyman fear weapons used to control their people and stay on the bully offense. All of the above was a recipe for another false flag game changer event, but the Zios picked a poor one.

There is almost universal consensus that Hamas would have zero motivation or anything to gain by kidnapping Israeli teens. On the contrary, what is happening now was entirely predictable, which is why all of our Intel sources believe it is a staged event, and why the Western governments are not saying much about it.

Now, with unarmed Palestinians having been killed as the raids and arrests continue, to have these kids show up alive with a contradicting story as what had happened to them would be devastating to Israel. We see only two scenarios. The kids will be rescued with the appropriate patsies killed in the process and a convincing evidence trail. But that would run the risk of these kids making a slip to expose the sham.

This is best solved by the kids being found dead. The Israelis would scream for revenge, which in Zio-speak means collective punishment for all Palestinians, a social concept that Zionists sell for the other, but don’t buy as a legitimate tool when used on them.

That would trigger a new intifada which the Zios would love. They would have pulled off another of the wolf wearing the lambskin cons. There is a split decision on Israel killing their own for game changing strategic benefit, with me feeling they would in a heartbeat based on their long track record of already having done it.

But what is also surprising is that with all of the growing international movement toward stronger anti-Zionist sanctions and Palestine’s movement toward UN recognition, all of those parties are silent when you would expect them to be leading the counter charge with calls for major sanctions against Israel.

It would be an easy intellectual sell, one that I have field-tested successfully for years. All you do is switch positions of the two parties. You make the Zionists take the place of what is happening to the West Bank Palestinians, where any similar type of crackdown situation like we are seeing done now to the Palestinians, if done to Israelis would be instantly denounced as an pogrom and not a “security operation”.

And don’t tell me I am exaggerating by using the term pogrom. If hundreds of Zionists were rounded up anywhere, especially including law makers, 340 in all so far with 240 from Hamas, what would the world Zionist lobby position be? They would have gone crazy of course…demanding military action, sanctions, maybe even terrorist designations by the UN being called for against their tormentors.

But once again, we see when the Likud party Israelis do this to the Palestinians… it is OK. And we all know why it is OK…because of decades of political and moral corruption in countries that have strong pro-Israel lobbies where their interests outrank everyone else’s.

Some would say that different groups competing for controlling influence is just part of the democratic process. It is the natural way of things and there are obviously winners and losers in this competition. But it is more than that, because Israeli Intelligence has been tasked with eliminating any opposition to whatever Israel is doing inside and outside of Palestine, even if it includes compromising governments.

The short list in order of submission is Canada, Australia, Britain, France, the US and Germany. If you criticize Israel in any capacity, not matter how justified, you are targeted for retribution to scare other from doing so. Many of us now view this as a terror campaign itself.

My number one concern has always not been the political aspect but the national security one, which is a huge difference. The Zionists understand this perfectly. Where they view their national security at risk, there is literally nothing that they would not do to anybody to fix it. And that would include killing their own people with a false flag attack if they felt it would rekindle the decades of propaganda about the Arabs wanting to throw the Israelis into the sea, something that is admitted by most everybody to be a manipulative canard.

You may say once again that I am exaggerating. Oh, no… I have their confessions. The Zionists have admitted this on numerous occasions, and their archives are filled with examples, but these are never printed in the Western press, the worse admissions only in Hebrew in Israel. The WWII Zionists have a long list that includes admitting that “only through blood will we get the land”, meaning that the larger the number of Jewish victims in WWII, the bigger case they could make for their being given a homeland at someone else’s expense.

One of their most ruthless treatments of their own people was the American Zionist Lobby working to deny German refugee Jews from being allowed entry into the United States. Why?…because they wanted to force them to go to Palestine, where they were willing to do anything to build up the Jewish population there to substantiate their claim to the land, and of course to fight for it. The Zio cutthroats just said “come to Palestine to help us, or die, and help us that way”.

The British, of course, were not interested in destabilizing relations with the Arabs there by flooding the place with refugees. There was a worldwide recession going on at the time. And lastly we know that the German Zionist organization worked closely with the Nazis to train and export their people to Palestine as they would make trouble for the British.

This treasonous outrage against World Jewry by the early Zionist groups was followed with the huge destruction and deaths by the Allied countries in winning the war. And to hide the nasty little story above I just shared with you, they launched a multi-decade psyop to blame the deaths of the German refugee Jews on the Allies by simply censoring out of the publicly known history that the American Zionist lobby with Rabbi Stephen Wise had actually lobbied Congress NOT to let them in.

This little nasty part has been cleaned out of anything you can Google on him now. Not a word of it can be found, what we call in the Intel biz a “cleaning” has taken place, proof that “they” know how damaging it is for them historically.

That is how ruthless the Zionists were then… and to this day. Book after book was written about how “not enough was done to save the Jews” during WWII when the Zionist archives show they made a conscious decision not to spend their money on refugees, but to save it for building up the entity later on after the war.

Orthodox Jews, virtually all of whom were anti-Zionists, were given the cold shoulder when it came to using Zionist funds to ransom them out of Europe. It was decided that they could better serve the Zionist cause by dying, and eliminating themselves as Zionist opponents in the process. There is a famous quote by one rabid Zionist, “One cow in Israel is worth more than all the Jews in Europe!” My rabbi friend David Weiss of Neturie Karta has all the archival material about this, which is where I got it from.

So, I for one will not be surprised a bit if these unfortunate kids are found dead, and the number one suspects in my book will start with the classic Intel analysis question of who stood to benefit the most, followed by what was their motivation and past track record of doing similar horrendous acts.

All of your radical Zionists are guilty on all three counts. Are you listening Bibi? If you would like to have an all day televised seminar on the history of Zionist crimes against humanity, just give us a call. We will make the time for you.

Do I think you would murder these three settlers if you could profit from it? You bet I do, and you would do worse. That is why I consider you not only a national security risk to my country, but to the whole world, and we are going to have to address the issue of immunity for people like you.


Jim W. Dean comes from an old military family dating back to the American Revolution. His father was a WWII P-40 and later P-51 Mustang fighter pilot. Jim’s mother was a WWII widow at 16, her first husband killed with all 580 aboard when the SS Paul Hamilton, an ammunition ship with 7000 tons of explosives aboard, was torpedoed off the coast of Algiers. He has appeared on PBS most recently on the Looking for Lincoln documentary with Prof. Henry Lewis Gates and lectured at the Army Command and General Staff School at Fort Gordon. His current writing focus is on national security, intelligence, black and psyops, military/Intel history including personal video archives, and the current wars. Jim Dean is the managing editor of Veterans Today. More articles by Jim W. Dean
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42 thoughts on “Would Israel kill the three settlers to crush Palestinian unity? — by Jim W. Dean

  1. Great article, thanks. Quite a few interesting facts to digest here. Jim Dean is one of my favorites on VT. Apart from Kevin Barrett and Lasha of course.

    What I like about Jim Dean’s work is the clarity and simplicity of his style and the fact that he doesn’t waste words. His sincerity and moral indignation are also palpable. He clearly has very little love for those Israel bastards who make the “Nazis” look like saints.

  2. israel is busy with his palestinian pogroms, and is so busy with his archeological
    revenge according Deuteronomium. The fake jews have no soul, no human spirit.

    It is time for the fake-jews to depart from Israel and leave this land to the only real jews, the christians, human beings.

    I cite the new testament, the new convenant:

    Paul said that the christians are the real jews:
    “The children of God” (Rom. 8:16).
    “The household of God” (Eph. 2:19).
    “The children of Abraham” (Gal. 3:7).
    “Abraham’s seed” (Gal. 3:29).
    “The children of promise” (Rom. 9:8; Gal. 4:28).
    “A people of his own” (Ti. 2:14 — RSV).
    “The elect of God” (Col. 3:12).
    “Heirs of God” (Rom. 8:17).
    “Heirs according to the promise” (Gal. 3:29).
    “The temple of God” (1 Cor. 3:16).
    “The circumcision” (Phil. 3:3).
    “The Israel of God” (Gal. 6:16).

    So fake-jews get the hell out of Israel, because it belongs to real human beings, christians! and you ain’t christians.

    1. Israel is a people Genesis 49, Deut. 32 & Rev. 7…however the
      Children of Israel never turned into so-called “Jews”.

      and the so-called “Jewish” state cannot be Israel.

      these operations are planned in advance and are triggered by
      current events and mass mind control analysis…so sure these
      boys are already dead…which makes this latest round of
      provocations particularly egregious is the GLOBAL POGROM
      in PROGRESS where the truth about the “JEWISH” narrative
      being a BIG FAT LIE, and the good news that
      escpecially the “Jewish” people who are neither Judahites nor Hebrews.
      Just Talmudic Terrorists who hate Jesus & Truth and Justice.

      Khazars {GOG & MAGOG} make EXODUS…and right soon….!

    2. Paul, (Saul) was typical of a Jewish opportunist. With the ultimate destruction of the second temple, he clearly saw an opportunity to seize the religious power formerly held by the temple’s priesthood through the creation of a new version of Judsiam, one based on the Torah. Saul saw this opportunity in holding forth a new version of the Jew’s personal god YHVH, this time in the form of Yeshu or “Jesus.” However, due to a lack of Jewish converts, he found it necessary to fill out his ranks with “gentiles,” who were in fact Jews rejecting the temple and its sacrificial laws, people like the Canaanites and Samaritans. It was the Essene who conspired to bring down the temple. Yeshu was their creation, meant to serve that end as the temple’s final blood sacrifice. However, the Essene had no desire to reconstruct the temple system and seize its power for their own ends. Once the temple was destroyed, their job was finished. It was the power vacuum created by their actions that Saul sought to capitalize on to achieve his own rise to power. Thus, the new Temple was to be Saul’s Christian “church.” Yet Yeshu clearly states in Matthew 10:5,6: “Go not into the way of the Gentiles, and into any city of the Samaritans enter ye not.” Again in Matthew 15-24 he states: “I am not sent, but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel.” Meaning I am here for the clueless Temple followers whose religion has been usurped by Hasmonean thieves and liars. Clearly, the Essene mashiach had no intention of addressing anyone outside the temple system. Just as clearly one finds Saul the “convert” doing exactly that.

      1. Abraham did not have a Talmud, and neither did Ezra.

        The Children of Israel from the Kingdom of Israel
        the northern 10 tribes, could not
        “TURN INTO so-called JEWS”….
        and they still are a company of nations.


        so-called “Jews” [PROSELYTES] must
        have a Talmud & Hate Jesus.

        The Tribes of Benjamin & Judah & Levi
        did not turn into so-called “Jews”…
        The issue really, is get the mug shots of the
        “MONEY CHANGERS” and see if the yeast infection of the
        PHARISEES is evident on their faces…like Dershowitz…
        & Schumer…& Netanyahu….& Peres.
        So-called “Jews” will never be Israel.

        Thank G*D. & Jesus.

      2. Good comment, only I am convinced that christ spoke these words according Matthew 15-24 and matthew 10:5,6 because
        he knew he wouldn’t long live enough to bring the good message to the “gentiles”and also foremost because the fake-jews who consider themselves jews were in more need (spiritual depraved) to hear his message than the “gentiles”.

  3. I have the distinct impression that the missing boys story is a fake, showing old pictures of some boys and 3 Mossad agent women posing as mothers who don’t even appear to be able to weep real tears. All this big show because they think they need to “justify” to the world and even their own all these murderous attacks over the past 2 weeks against the people of Gaza and their duly elected government of Hamas.

      1. “You are pathetic and heartless.”

        Interesting comment coming from a member of a race that’s known for its cruelty and bloodlust.

      2. Asher – don’t bother. The authors and contributors to this site are clearly quite mad.
        Am Yisrael Chai (depsite the haters, conspiracy nutjobs and vicious, evil anti-semites liike Darkmoon et al.)

  4. Psychotic Israel hasn’t been in the past above killing their own to garner sympathy and has probably done it again in the case of these three.

    The bodies will be ‘found’ in whatever part of Gaza or S. Lebanon that Israel wants to bomb to hell and gone and since Viagra doesn’t work for his shriveled manhood, Betty Nuttyahoo can masturbate while watching the bombs fall, while at the same time, indulging his passion for licking on a popsicle.

  5. Do I really need to remind all you brainless haters what Israel went through to bring back Gilad Shalit (a kidnapped IDF soldier)?! They ended up freeing 1000 terrorists (most of whom killed woman and children in the past, some who have already killed since). That was a incredibly huge sacrifice! All for one Jew! Because Israel is one big family. We all care for each other! And to say now that Israel would gladly kill three innocent teenagers in order to do something it could have done regardless,that is a pathetic attempt at excusing your disgusting anti-simetic remarks!

    1. israel and the jews should stick to the rule of law and the conventions of geneva.

      the jews have always problems to stick to the rules when the application is not in the advantage of the jews because they think (delusional) they are better than human humankind. Israel is a racist state that’s obvious, the most racist
      state in the industrialized world, according also the jew sami michael, see also
      Haaretz.com, on 31 may 2012 by gideon levy.

      As the fake-jews are not real jews according the new testament they should leave Israel at once!

    2. @ Asher Schwartz

      “Do I really need to remind all you brainless haters what Israel went through to bring back Gilad Shalit… We all care for each other! And to say now that Israel would gladly kill three innocent teenagers in order to do something it could have done regardless,that is a pathetic attempt at excusing your disgusting anti-simetic remarks!”

      Fair enough, darling. You sound really humanitarian. But let me ask you: how do you feel about living in a stolen land? Aren’t you aware that for every marvelous Jew who dies in the stolen land you live in that 100 Palestinians perish at the hands of you heartless murderers? ? And you expect us to feel sorry for YOU, a squatter on stolen land?

      1400 Palestinian died in the Gaza war when you Jew killers began to scorch it with phosphorus bombs, horrendous weapons illegal in international war. Only 14 Jews died. So who is “heartless” now?

      You expect us to shed tears for you ruthless psychopathic killers who live in a stolen land? Who visit brothels in Tel Aviv where most of the girls are sex slaves from Eastern Europe whom your filthy Jewish pimps have kidnapped?

      Come, tell me another sob story, dear Asher, so that I can share your grief. Tell me how your granny died at Auschwitz in an imaginary gas chamber.

      1. imaginary jew (actually khazar) says his imaginary grandmother died in an imaginary gas chamber.
        why do we believe him?
        because kol nidre binds him to always tell the truth.

        and most importantly ruthie, never forget the following:

        not to believe everything a khazar says, every single word is a hate crime, all his vows, obligations, anathemas, whether called konams or konas or by any other name, which they may vow, or swear, or pledge, or whereby they may be bound is of course pure truth as far as goys are concerned and any expression of doubt or skepticism is an open invitation for yet another holocaust (i believe there were at least 4 holocausts in 20th century alone, each numbering exactly 6 million jews, some even dead, especially the ones born in 19th century).

        so yes, you better believe asher, he knows them all personally, went to the same nazi tattoo artist as the legendary lie-weasel.

    3. @ Asher Schwartz,

      “…Because Israel is one big family. We all care for each other….”

      Indeed “one big family” you Jews really are! But it is one big CRIME family. And as is always the case with such crime families, they not only commit crimes against others but also against themselves. That has always been typical of you Jews. There are numerous examples for this statement. Google :

      Zionists Poisoned/Radiated 100k Jewish Children, by Barry Chamish.

      A “light unto the nations”, yeah right.

      1. Yes, a “light unto nations” that will burn with the power of the Sun when psychotic Israel, realizing that corrupting officials, stealing a nation’s wealth, tricking them into fighting wars for Israel and shouting ‘anti-Semite’ anytime someone speaks truth about this rabid clan of Khazars, when that stops working, Israel will use its SAMSON option to light up the world and teach us uppity GOYIM a lesson for eternity.

      2. Greg and Francklyn – I have some beds booked for you in the local asylum. Please go immediately.

      3. With Jewish psychiatrists? Never!

        Besides, what you Jews call “abnormal” we HUMAN BEINGS call normal. You Jews come from a spiritual “anti-universe” with inverted values. That’s why you are always at odds with the whole world. Read the article Key quotations from ‘You Gentiles’ – by Maurice Samuel. for a glimpse into the mind of a satanic Jew. Go back to Satan’s own universe where you can live “normally”.

  6. By the way, I just read the “essay” Sex and the Jews”. I have seldom read such an agenda driven, ill-researched and fanciful load of nonsense in all my G-d given days. This writer is an academic? Degree in classics? Classic rubbish.
    Maybe this so-called academic needs some lessons in reading and proper study.

  7. jews are not just the best but the only good thing in the universe.
    they are kind, never lie, cheat or steal and their hard labor contributes immeasurably to every nation’s wealth and prosperity.
    without them, peace would never stand a chance, farms would turn to weed, domesticated animals run feral, mines, refineries, factories of all kinds grind to halt, what would goy eat without the seat and labor of the jew providing for him?

    jew’s moral code prevents goys from sliding into child prostitution, sloth, drug addiction and perversions.

    but despite all of that, despite their being justly and justifiably chosen by their ***, i still hate them.
    so sorry …

  8. “The Likud crowd who falsely claimed Iran either had nukes or was building them and wanted the US to launch pre-emptive strikes is now exposed as having patently lied to the world and to their own people. But such a thing hardly raises the dust in Israel. Lying is the national sport and many Israelis take great pride in those skills.”

    Jews continually ask themselves the defining question: If we can sell our Hollowhoax scam to the gullible goyim, what lie can’t we sell to these idiots? What about a September 11th hoax? Or a yellow-cake hoax? Jews are the people of the lie. Lying is far more than their national sport, it is the gateway to their criminal activities. Jews are psychopathic liars, unable to distinguish truth. For them truth is a “construct” a reality they create for themselves.

    Leave it to a Jew, Ron Suskind, to expose the following quote from a “senior adviser” to Bush:

    “The aide said that guys like me were “in what we call the reality-based community,” which he defined as people who “believe that solutions emerge from your judicious study of discernible reality.” I nodded and murmured something about enlightenment principles and empiricism. He cut me off. “That’s not the way the world really works anymore.” He continued “We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality—judiciously, as you will—we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors … and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.”

    This is a classic example of Jew-think, one can bet their last worthless, paper shekel the aid quoted was a Jew. The sacred Hollowhoax provides the litmus test for those claiming to expose the truth of a given situation. If an information source won’t put the question to the Hollowhoax lie, then they are either Jews, or sycophants working for the Jews.

    1. Lying is far more than their national sport, it is the gateway to their criminal activities

      it is even more profound than that, arch.
      it is the black heart of judaism, the assertion of non-existence because what is lie but something that does not exist, cannot exist.
      only truth can exist, this is the best, shortest and the most forceful statement that separates lie from truth.

      and then, when this is clear, the christ’s words: “i am the way and the truth …” hit home.
      i am the resurrection and the life means exactly the same thing, because what is death but non-existence, hence in this context, resurrection means return to the truth … and life.
      watch and listen to the jew squeal and twist in agony at these words and his consuming hate becomes logical in its perversion.

      no need to be christian or even religious, just adhere to the truth, wherever it takes you on the journey (the way …), this is my only bit of proselytizing and enough to win the war if followed.
      which is why the only law that jew cares about is the one that enshrines the lie (“hate speech” law, “denial” law, in their sick perversion of language).

      and then it is also patently clear what is the essence of the lie: anti-truth, the devil: anti-christ, what is the root of the jew’s immeasurable hatred for christ, his utter devotion to lie (kol nidrei).
      take it lightly at your own peril because jew doesn’t take it lightly, it is everything he’s got and the source of all his worldly power and success.

      and i say, the war on jew is the war on lie, the two are synonymous, swords and bullets are as effective against lie as against disease.
      eliminating the jew without uprooting the lie accomplishes nothing, like bull charging at the red cloth, what is the spanish saying …

      recuerdas para siempre, abajo de capa roja reposa la espada
      disclaimer: i know that because i had a t-shirt that said that 🙂

      1. I think Ludwig Klages had the final word on Jews:

        “To the Jew, everything human is a sham. One might even say that the Jewish face is nothing but a mask. The Jew is not a liar: he is the lie itself. From this vantage point, we can say that the Jew is not a man…He lives the pseudo-life of a ghoul whose fortunes are linked to Jahweh-Moloch. He employs deception as the weapon with which he will exterminate mankind. The Jew is the very incarnation of the unearthly power of destruction.”

      2. From the Houyhnhnms, for whom it cannot even be conceived of:

        “Lying is saying the thing which is not”

        Continuously proclaiming the Truth in the face of the continuous push to Big Brother lie-speak is the most important thing you’ll ever do.

      3. It’s inexplicable, isn’t it? To exist, and think that you no longer will, once you do.

        lightbulb moment of knowing

        If twisted logic such as this is responsible for hating Christ, the pure reason OF existence, ultimate Truth, then the hater can only BE the lie itself.

        The hater thinks Christ is lying to HIM. He is embittered when voicing his dilemna:

        “How can existence be eternal, when I buried my son (e.g. of loved one) myself?”

        lightbulb moment of a nihilist

  9. The jew must get rid of his delusion of thinking being hated or prosecuted for just being a jew (fake-jew as my correction).

    No fake-jews, it’s is not for that reason but only because of your behaviour, your
    unhuman/illegal/depraved behaviour.

    So change your behaviour fake-jews and accept and believe in christ!!! but in the mean-time get the hell out of Israel!

  10. If Mr. Dean is familiar with the Zionist history, he would know, Netanyahu would have no problem killing three Israeli militants. The Zionist regime has killed 100,000 Arab Jews in the late 1960s by experimenting bomb-grade uranium on them.

    UN secretary-general Ban Ki-moon said last week that Israeli government has failed to provide some solid proof in support of its claim that Hamas was involved in the abduction of those three Israeli militant settlers.

    Last Sunday, Saturday, Israeli Knesset member Haneen Zoubi, a Palestinian Christian, in an interview with Israeli Channel 2 blasted PA president Mahmoud Abbas for his collaboration with IOF, calling it “betrayal of Palestinian people”.


  11. Apparently the bodies have been found in the West Bank, and the predictable crocodile tears from the media and clueless American goyim are being shed.

    Meanwhile I can only think of the millions of Ukrainian children that the Bolshevik Jews starved to death during the Holodomor, and the kidnapped Ukrainian children that now get raped in the dungeons of Tel Aviv.

    Or the German children murdered by Jews like Solomon Morel in post-WWII concentration camps… Jewish murderers who were then protected by the Israeli government.

    Or the child porn/snuff film ring run by Russian and Italian Jews that was busted in 2000, only to get quickly covered up by the media.

    Or the countless examples of child murder that both Christians and Muslims accused Jews of throughout the centuries in their lands.

    Think about all that the next time you hear of stories like this. Are we supposed to show these people sympathy when they show us none?

  12. If you want to increase your knowledge only keep visiting this site and be updated with the most recent news update posted here.

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