Your Hiding Place – by John Kaminski

The Effect of Faraway Mass Murders on your ability to dream

It’s impossible to maintain your health in a society for which you feel contempt and shame. The guilt of living in such a society ruins your life, pollutes it, taints it. You can delude yourself for a time . . . but the rot eventually overtakes you . . . and then you realize you are living in a country whose underlying principle is ruthless murder and deception . . . 

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76 thoughts to “Your Hiding Place – by John Kaminski”

  1. What a bunch of crap. disordered thinking and baseless accusations.

    There is a map of dangers that connects in a rational logical manner, and Mr Kaminsky hasnt found it nor has he offered any strategy to manage it.
    Pretty much all he’s selling is defeatism and terror.
    One wonders where he gets his basic information from because it seems mostly like it comes from RT, and taking anything at face value from Russia Inc, would be a big mistake.

    1. Kaminsky = Jew. Kaminski = Polish. Please learn to pay attention and get the person’s name right, if you intend to bash them. Of course, if you suffer from disordered thinking, then I guess it’s a foregone conclusion that anything you print is also baseless and without merit.

    2. He’s not “selling” anything. Just a man trying to come to grips with it all like everyone else.

      Why would anyone entertain any notions of “buying” anything in the first place?

      1. There will be no “Hiding Place” to buy or sell when this is fully implemented:

        The Encyclopedia Americana on the Noahide Laws,  “Throughout the ages, scholars have viewed the Noahide Laws as a link between Judaism and Christianity, as universal norms of ethical conduct, as a basic concept of international law, or as a guarantee of fundamental human rights for all.” This explanation leaves one to believe that both Jews and Gentiles are bound by these seven laws; however, Don Bell reports from Jewish sources that the Jew who lives according to the Torah is exempt from these seven laws. In other words, these seven Noahide Laws were meant for the Gentiles only!! They are meant to be a substitute for the Ten Commandments. At this point, we need to briefly list these seven Noahide Laws.
        Thou shalt not engage in idol  worship.
        Thou shalt not blaspheme God.
        Thou shalt not shed innocent blood of a  human nor fetus nor ailing person who has a limited  time to live.
        Thou shalt not engage in bestial,  incestuous, adulterous, or homosexual relations nor  commit… rape.
        Thou shalt not steal.
        Thou shalt establish laws and courts of law  to administer these laws, including the death penalty  for those who kill, administered only if there is one  testifying eyewitness (Note: The Jewish Law, found in Deuteronomy 17:6, requires the testimony of 2 or 3 witnesses before one can be executed.
        In fact, the last sentence of verse 6  specifically states, “… he shall not be put to death on the evidence of one witness”. This should be our first clue that these seven Noahide Laws are nothing more than a clever counterfeit of God’s Ten Commandments).
        Thou shalt not be cruel to animals.
        The penalty for violating any of these Noahide Laws is spelled out on page 1192 of the  Encyclopedia Judaica, “… violation of any one of the seven laws subjects the Noahide to capital punishment by decapitation.” Wow, in other words, if one person steps forward to  accuse a Gentile of violating any one of these seven  laws, that testimony alone would be enough to decapitate the accused. A person could be put to death for the  flimsy accusation of being cruel to animals, and  based on the lying testimony of one person!! Notice,  there is no assumption of innocence until proven guilty, nor of the prosecution having to prove their case. No, on the accusation of one person, the accused may be legally decapitated.

        And in 1994 the death penalty for destruction of synagogues was placed into law…..

        1. Not a problem. It will be implemented over all bodies, except for 500 million… They already stole the land, as you well know, and allow us to manage their deeded reservations.

        2. The talmud is quite clear, the chosen ones have no liability for whatever they do to gentiles, nor do gentiles have any recourse when injured either by accident or intent by the chosen ones.
          All the rest is diversion.

          There is nothing that suggests this should change, ever.

        3. @asap

          Those laws found in Deuteronomy are NOT ‘Jewish’ laws – they are laws given Israel, through Moses (or am I misreading your intent?). Jewry has TWISTED and tortured God’s Laws and commandments to suit its own ends (subversion of everyone else). Consider the dietary laws found at Deuteronomy 14. Modern medical (‘science’?) has reinforced their validity for health, e.g., a white man can, actually, starve to death if he eats only rabbit (hare); and swine has one indigestible component of its flesh which pollutes our own.

          God’s laws are GOOD laws. Jesus made them easy for us (which is why the jews spit and hiss at His name).

          ….’Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.’
          – Matthew 11:29-30

  2. Nothing wrong with mass murder as long as the right people are being killed.

    Whine about the starving groids all you want…those are the people who rape and murder White women in every White nation they eventually find themselves in. Same with the Arabs.

    It’s amazing how humanistic thought taints even the minds of racially-conscious Whites.

    1. I’m no fan of mass or other sort of mass murder.
      I recommend that people be allowed to leave what they refuse to tolerate or accomodate for wherever they feel they are from culturally or genetically.
      Once allowed to leave to wherever they call their home, should they try to reinvade or reinfiltrate, well now, that’s a different kettle of fish altogether.
      Why must euro cultures be forced to become homeland #2 for those who refuse to assimilate?
      If invadigrants are allowed to take over a second country as their own, where are those with no other place to go to left to live?
      Obviously those with a nation they refuse to live in are intending to displace those they refuse to respect in their own lands into the sea or under the sod.

      1. You “recommend that people be allowed…?”

        Who be the allowing MEFrs? (and all are invited to guess what “MEF” is, with the “E” changing the entire nature of what’s considered “derogatory”)

        I seem to be in a pickle
        Anyone got a nickle?

        Or better yet, I’ll trade you my pickle for someting I want so’s I can have some “rub together” action.

        I know this clever old indian in the boondoggles of NH who has bees. He makes signs and posts them on telephone poles (never on trees – that being an obvious sign of disrespect) The signs read exactly this: “Free” honey. Motorists find this intriguing. Something free, yet what’s with the “…”?

        He doesn’t own a car himself, and when he meets the traveler his proposition is for the motorist to go into the closest town and get him provisions in exchange for jars of honey. The old indian DOES give him fed notes, and they calculate mileage and all that.

        Obviously it’s not a straight barter negotiation, but if nothing else it does potentially plant a seed in people’s minds, insofar as that goes

        1. What I mean is people who come and demand that their hosts change for them should be shown the door and returned to the nation they had departed, and if that nation refuses them return, they can optionally be left in a boat in the middle of any convenient ocean and row themselves to whatever other nation will have them.

          Ask yourself who promotes the concept of the visitors demanding their mosts accommodate their every desire, you know who they are, the internationalists claim what’s theirs is theirs and whats yours should the theirs as well, the source of this is the old testament.

        2. Thanks for clarifying that. Sometimes I’m not quite getting what you’re saying.

          You make excellent points, though I wish you’d be more concise in places.

        3. Oh I can be concise if you like:
          You are hated by those who regard you as so much disposable filth and will never change from that view as long as they claim tribal allegiance.

          You have to figure out how to respond.

          Concise enough?

          My style is stilted enough, but it’s vastly magnified by the number and quality of posters that totally fail to comprehend the synopsis above and instead go on endlessly and densely into tangentialities, irrelevencies and bollocks, probably because they are too frightened to actually in any way materially confront in any way those that seek their own profits by everyone elses destruction.
          I mean, its not even a question, it’s written so clearly, demonstrated so plainly and repeatedly that every effort is being made to distract you from the glaringly obvious simple points at hand.

          To summarize:
          They hate you and always will , what’cha gonna do now?

      2. “I’m no fan of mass or other sort of mass murder.”

        Yeah well the jews are, so what do you expect Whites to do about it?

    2. In the proper context, I agree with you, legionnaire. In fact, apparently, so does He:

      ‘But those mine enemies, which would not that I reign over them, bring
      hither, and slay them before me.’
      – The Gospel of Luke, 19:27

    1. I may disagree with that, the Swiss seem to be rather proud of their own nation.
      From what I see there, their govt seems to have been busy fairly creating a lifeboat for all its citizens unlike the UK and US that only create lifeboats for the elites who created the need for the lifeboats in the first place.
      I have a good Swiss friend who had occasion to take an American friend for some business with the US embassy in Bern, and in the hour he sat with them 4 non related people came in to renounce their US citizenship.
      Maybe it has something to do with the 1,5 million dollars each of them are in debt to the Fed?
      Nothing succeeds like success, I guess.

      1. and yes, i have such a friend too, tossed his american and got italian on strength of the grandfather born there.
        85,000 chf a year and he gets his swiss residency, no taxes need be declared, flat fee.

        1. Come to picturesque Rapperswil, maybe you’ll catch a glimpse of Swiss citizen and FORMER US citizen TinaTurner on the town

        2. and in milan, italy, the italian citizen and a FORMER us citizen marvin “marvelous” hagler, one of the greatest middleweights in history, a hall of famer and a very fine gentleman (outside the ring).

        3. no cite of Hagler renouncing anything, he’s married to an Italian woman true enough but owns US properties.

        4. and all the while playin the cat ‘n mouse game with whose “money”?

          therein continues to lie the rub

        5. I met Marvelous Marvin. A fine gentleman outside the ring as you say, and who possessed a formidable balance of boxing skills and maniacal brawling.

          His fight/brawl with Tommy Hearns is right up there with the rumble in the jungle for some of the greatest boxing entertainment “of all time” – in quoting one of the opponents in the latter. The former for sheer exhilaration – two guys wanting to pound the living shit out of each other from the opening bell to the final blow. And the latter for the rope-a-dope genius of Ali.

          To me they’re like rare movies that never get old watching them.

        6. Boxing or similar fisticuffs for sport is depraved brutality and a reversion to jungle laws and those who find pleasure in inflicting or enjoying pain for money or fame for themselves or others are lower grade life forms IMHO.
          Inflicting intentional pain for profit is old testament thinking, so one should check their premises to readjust their own philosophic integrity, especially if you are aware of who runs but never themselves participates themselves in the boxing game.
          Just for fun, review the list of the top boxing managers, agents and commissioners and something jumps right out at you.
          In the end, its a gambling op, and you know who runs the whole gambling enterprise, dont you?

          That doesnt mean I wouldnt defend myself and my possession and sleep soundly with any lifeless attackers bodies left outside the stoop.

    2. correct re. switzerland.
      people are friendly, relaxed, everyone is assured of decent level of living, crime free, in 2 weeks i spent there last year i don’t think i saw a single cop.
      no need, apparently.

      they treat their country like they really do own it, not some greasy jew, smelling of his abominable food.
      which is not to say jew don’t have a major financial presence, they do but they don’t decide anything because the officials, elected and otherwise place their community ahead of shekels and it is people who decide through direct, everyday participation.

      most streets have no problem bearing names of christian saints, church bells peal hourly, it is like watching a heidi rerun.
      the last of the last mohicans europeans.
      they should be protected under un resolution like some long gone pacific island tribe.

      wouldn’t the Ancient Enemy turn it into gaza petri dish of eternal suffering if it had the chance.

        1. no exceptions. what “money”?

          Switzerland appears removed from the fray, which in some regard it is.

          But home of the BIS. Talk about your ironies.

        2. Switzerland is an eye in a hurricane. Literally in the lands of Moloch and figuratively.

          Figuratively= picture yourself floating above the Earth and look down at it geographically.

          I think it’s akin to NYC in this “money” respect during the Revolutionary “War” (wink wink nudge nudge) You know. Home of the Fed. Early machinations of A. Hamilton and all that skullduggery. Planning America’s financial future while skirmishing all around it and calling it a revolution. hahahaha

          Something about it that was “above the fray”

          ah yes, the fray indeed

          where everything is frayed with all that rubbing

      1. If Muds aren’t flooding into Switzerland now, they soon will be.

        Any White nation with a heavy presence of Jews and a lack of ethnic nationalism will inevitably be destroyed through immigration.

        1. the truth is when you get on the train or the buses, you’d think youre taking the UN bus.
          A game we play is ‘guess the nationality’; A bolivian here, a thai there, a nigerian, somali, ethiopian or eritrian, bengali or paki there,(granted some are less than certain.)
          IMHO, the mideasterners in their burkas and with their laden prams are the loudest and most uninterested in the comforts of their neighbours in the car being both noisome and noisy.

        2. yes, but immigrating to switzerland is nearly impossible.

          foreigners are welcome to work in low paid, menial jobs and booted out when no longer needed.
          and now it applies not only to the third worlders like americans 🙂 but also to european union.

          ribbentrop can correct me, being a native, but i think that even marriage will not get one’s foot in the citizenship door.

          and jews leave it alone for the following reason: if things go bad for them (please god that they do, i promise to hit the church 3x daily), they must have one last place to run.

          witness the psychotic, murderous thug kolomoisky who deserves a very slow, hard death, ukrainian born, talmudist down to his quadruple twisted jewish dna helix is a swiss resident.

        3. There are all manner of complexities with Swiss citizenship, so much so that even native born citizens living outside slip to a kind of second class status, especially now when any Swiss-US currency and banking issues arise.

          Now its not rare to see lubavichers there, and Swiss banking is not a pure activity by any means, but at least the functioning govt is functional, the public hasnt been sold out to the bankers and assigned unpayable debts and the people are seen fit to be issued and possess appropriate weaponry to retain their possession of their lands.
          How queer is it that Swiss reservists sit on the trains and buses with their Stg 90 automatic rifles passing in the towns and villages yet in the states active duty soldiers on a military base are deemed too inferior and suspect to retain their own weapons and are left to be mown down by immigrants allowed into the country by perverse decree?

  3. Yet another light has been illuminated as to the reason for western civilization’s current predicament. The switch flipped on when, after reading several of my usual websites, I came to the realization of just how compartmentalized people’s viewpoints are concerning Jews and their actions. No one seems to look at the overall picture; the vast, all consuming, panoply of horror called “Jew”.

    The Occidental Observer examines the subject in a scholarly manner from an anthropological viewpoint based on empirical evidence. VDare and American Renaissance view it from more or less racial perspectives. Lasha Darkmoon largely views it from a moral perspective. Others view it from military or historical perspectives.

    I suspect Mr. Kaminski, like myself, suffers from seeing the larger picture. Jews are everywhere and have infected everything. All entertainment, all media, all art, our historical perspectives, moral standings, cultural, legal, political, financial – EVERYTHING has been poisoned by the Jew to the point we can no longer think for ourselves. The Jews have given us their mind and it is a dark, twisted psychopathic mind steeped in hatred, greed, horror and bloodlust. When one finally understands the extent of the Jew’s programming, it simply overwhelms the psyche and closes down their options for action to almost nil.

    The other day I was asked to attend a play put on by a local group of exceptionally talented actors, directors and support personal. For amateurs, these are an exceptionally professional group of people. The problem is that almost every play they put on is written by a Jew, and of course all the Jew memes, Yiddish slang, attitudes and agenda is shot though these plays. The Jew’s clearly think the white man never wrote anything worthy of the stage. Yet, I find the Jews never wrote anything worthy of the stage simply because nothing they write is free of their highly slanted, politicized agenda.

    The other night I sat down with a friend to watch a BBC production featuring a modern version of Sherlock Holmes. This travesty of Conan Doyle’s rather mundane dime novels (favorite vehicles for Jew schlock) was astounding. In this series, Sherlock is a twisted, psychopathic, misanthrope who delights in murder most foul so he can solve the case. In one scene Sherlock is positively giddy, exclaiming with gushing joy of how the case is one of serial murder and serial murders are his favorite. But this is just one in a long line up of cops and robber, murder/crime shows that so delight the Jew as well as it now does their gullible audience of goyim. Then there are the real cops who behave in a manner virtually identical to the Cheka/NKVD/Stasi/KGB terror agents of the former Soviet Union. Could this be because of the special “guidance” provided by the ADL to American law enforcement agencies? Could this be why torture, once considered a disgusting, repellent, morally degenerate method of treating humans is now SOP for virtually all government agencies from local cop to James Bond CIA agents deep within undercover ops?

    Jews hold a particular relish for torture. They quite literally orgasm to the screams of pain and horror from their victims, like all those little christian children they murder for their innocent blood. Does anyone remember the eight Jews caught by Italians selling child snuff films on the international market? Then there is the very active white slave trade of non-Jewish women and children in Israel. Perhaps you were unaware the Jew’s slave trade involves children. Unsurprisingly, for the right price, “clients” can do anything they want with these slaves, including torture and murder; after all isn’t that the Jews definition of a slave? Check the Jew’s holy books to verify their views on slaves. Do tell me again O’ Jew how you are a light unto our world. What about the fact that Jews are wrecking all – ALL – of western civilization? Britain and her commonwealths, Germany, Sweden, Greece, America – you name it, all are in the final stages of dissolution that makes Wiemar Germany look like a mere warm-up act to the real show.

    What about the entire twentieth century? Two fratricidal world wars fought at the Jew banker’s behest. Millions of non-Jews slaughtered and then a phony cold war continuation of the conflict so their proxy culture’s weapons programs could be pursued on a wartime scale. What about the Jews funding and leadership in the development of the nuclear weapons that now threaten all mankind? All because of an ancient lust to hold the power of god in their filthy, sweaty hands dripping with the blood of millions upon millions of innocent victims.

    What about the assault on Christianity, a religion that has been so vilified and twisted it no longer resembles anything of its original form? Or have “same sex” (the Jews perverted term for homosexual) marriages in the Naval Academy’s chapel always been the norm? What about the monstrous lies Jews have foisted off on the gullible goyim? The mythical Holocaust, Pearl harbor, The Lusitania and more recently the September 11th attack and numerous mass murders to name but a few.

    What about the genocide of the Palestinians? Aren’t the Jews always screaming and kvetching how the goyim are planning their genocide, yet what proof, what empirical evidence can they provide for this claim, anything that comes anywhere close to the indisputable evidence of their treatment of the Palestinians. But then who of any consequence considers that blighted culture in the same manner as that oppressed victim called Jew?

    On and on it goes, I could write volumes on the subject, but there is no need, for volumes have already been written. Tragically all too few non-Jews paid any heed to the warnings of the terror and horror this mind boggling race of psychopaths has in store for the gentile ”beast”.

    When one examines all the evidence in toto, it overwhelms any mind given to non-psychopathic normalcy. I suspect this is the problem Mr. Kaminski is dealing with, he simply knows too much and sees too much to have anything but the darkest foreboding of what the future portends for humankind, a condition clearly absent in the Jew as described in the book “The Anti-humans: Student Re-Education in Romanian Prison” by Dumitru Bacu. The more I examine the Jew, the more I find every aspect of their race, culture, religion and history defies description. People often say to me, “if it wasn’t the Jews it would just be someone else.” This comment displays an abysmal ignorance of the Jews, their culture, their history and their religion. There has never been, and never will be, any race like the Jews.

    1. Happy to hear Mr. Kaminski is going insane. Happier to hear the class of people he’s inspiring anger/sympathy from is represented by someone like you.

    2. Very good work Arch Stanton. I agree that the insidious Jew has permeated and corrupted everything. IT IS ABSOLUTELY APPALLING! This is exactly what Adolf Hitler saw in his Germany. Read his words in Mein Kampf. They are very sad!
      Lasha’s porn, or that which she talks about, is everywhere! People have lost their souls to Darren Star’s (the homosexual Jew’s) Sex and the City. The modern woman is a whore and the “guys/goys” are the spermiciders who supply the New York office gals with their regular servicing. Little kids watch that whore, Cantrell, on Sex & City and think sucking-off is quite normal with any fella ya meet. Malcolm Muggeridge warned us that the Jews/Marxists would drown us in soul-destroying porn!
      I have said: “Everything you see. hear, taste, touch and smell is dictated by the 2014 AD Jew.” I cannot stand their Jewtube, their gansta rap or their porn!
      They control the West – just 10,000,000 of them in the West! It is a Jewish bankers’ paradise!
      My psyche is far from “overwhelmed”, as you say about yourself. I believe that Christians simply have to be Christians again and see what they have done in being lap-dogs to Jews! To that end I have written a book like no other which spells out the story of the Old and New Testaments as a simple dialectical exercise, where all you have to do is go with “the way, the truth and the life” rather than the DEATH THEORY offered by the Jews and their handmaiden, the rampant Marxism/left wingism that blights the Earth. It is all a matter of choice, and I’ve made it. Others can follow and in such a way the Jew is reduced to slime. “Ding dong, the witch is dead. The little, stunted Jew behind the screen has been revealed!
      All we had to do was honestly follow the yellow brick road. The Jews only made the Wizard to laugh at us; full-well knowing we Goyim are basically dumb beasts and easily distracted. Most Goyim, as the Eagles sang, can “LOOK AT THE STARS, BUT THEY CANNOT SEE THE LIGHT!”
      When are you people going to see the TRUTH: These dominant Ashkenazi Jews are not a “race.” They are just a lot of mafioso like thugs and thieves who work au extraordinaire as a TEAM centred on their common interest in GOLD and MONEY! FEd chief, Greenspan said it was “all about the oil”, or BLACK-GOLD! Most have no religiosity, no idea of what the Torah says, and most haven’t even read a word of the Talmud. But they pretend they are Jews when it suits them to justify their invasion and colonisation of Palestine. And they have roped 98% of so-called “Christian” jerk-offs into their scheming! As I’ve said, soime of your principal comments people actually write like Jews, which is not surprising, seeing you Yanks attend Jewish controlled schools and universities. Check out who your most influential “educators” are!

      1. @ arch stanton you are completely right but never forget this is a jew-site with jew Lasha, nephew etc. Lasha and jew-company is not interested in solutions only in monitoring jew-wise people.

        1. @ Arch Stanton
          @ Rev

          Concerning Zionist trolls and kinky hot Jewesses

          I once got into conversation with an attractive young Jewish undergraduate at a college cocktail party. She was a bit tipsy and I knew at once she was Jewish by her appearance and the glowing way she spoke about Israel. I decided to humor her by pretending to be a passionate Zionist myself. Anyway, I was partying and the last thing I wanted was to pick a quarrel with her and cause an unpleasant scene.

          Was I interested in scoring with her? No, I wasn’t. I am an older man, happily married, and I don’t attend college parties to hit on sexy women, Jewish or otherwise. I just wanted to draw her out, to get her to confide in me so that I could find out what made her tick. So I sought her views on the Holocaust, 9/11, and the future of Israel. I was very polite and avuncular in my manner and she opened up to me, especially as I brought her drink after drink.

          Boy, what I learned from this chick!

          I’ll mention only two things so as to keep this post relevant and suitably short.

          First, I learned that she had no moral values whatsoever and worked as a telephone sex girl to pay her way through college. She told me that a Jewish friend of hers (age 18) had sold her virginity to a rich guy for $20,000 to help finance her through college, but the way she had done it was to tell the guy she was only 14 years old. This turned him on like crazy and made him pay extra. She had gone to him with her hair in pigtails, pretending to be the picture of innocence.

          I was stunned when I heard all this. So, I told myself, this is how Jewesses pay their way through college! It got worse. I learned that the Jewish girls actively sought sex with non-Jewish boys, usually college jocks, and went out of their way to get them on hard drugs so that the boys, cracked up and completely demoralized, finally dropped out of college and became nervous wrecks.

          These Jewish girls would take bets to see how many gentile boy they could seduce. They kept their scores and compared them at the end of every week. Not on the Sabbath of course, but on the day after. To prove that they’d made a conquest, the girls had to produce a semen-filled condom and a note from the guy with his signature on it. I didn’t know whether to believe her or not, but I decided, even if she was exaggerating, that a great deal of this kinky and perverted sex went on at college. The idea was that the girls took bets and the girl who had the highest score at the end of the semester won $1000. A pool of 10 girls would put down £100 each, winner to take all.

        2. (Contd…)

          Another way these Jewish students made a few extra bucks was working for various Zionist organizations. They were to post pro-Israel comments on websites and for this they were carefully trained and told the techniques to employ.

          On anti-Jewish website like darkmoon, for example, they were to pretend to be anti-Jewish — like this guy “Rev” — but actually go out of their way to vilify and defame as many sincere posters as possible by calling them “Jews” and by calling the site a “Jew site”.

          I note that “Rev” employs this technique here.

          “Never forget,” he tells us, “this is a jew-site with jew Lasha, nephew etc. Lasha and jew-company is not interested in solutions only in monitoring jew-wise people.”

          This is Rule Number One for Zionist trolls, I am told. Not only does “Rev” use it here, but so does the bitchy Jewess known as “Karen”. Yes, my friends, it’s the oldest trick in the Jew book.

          A minimal amount of common sense will tell you that if Lasha and Montecristo were Jews, and if this were a “Jew site”, they wouldn’t let Rev say so. They wouldn’t let him give the game away. They would delete all his posts at once and ban him from posting.

          Full marks to Lasha and Montecristo for allowing mentally unhinged Jews like Seymour Zak, Karen and Rev to enjoy full freedom of speech here.

          They wouldn’t have it anywhere else.

        3. i repeat this is a jew-site and the reason why Lasha (esther) doesn’t delete the comments in which Lasha and co are considered jude is to monitor the jew-wise people.
          As you know sardonicus, are you a greek jew perhaps, you can only monitor if you don’t delete comments!!!

          lasha and co never talk about solutions always babbling and babbling but the solution is not their aim, only monitoring. the jews on this site talk as they always do to get the goy in trance, brainwashed, as ulysses in ancient times always did. I wonder was ulysses a jew back then? i would not be surprised with all the jew-scamming and scheming

        4. Is Lasha more intelligent than she appears,
          (a pleasant conundrum in itself), and also smarter?

        5. @ Sardonicus

          I once got into conversation with an attractive young Jewish undergraduate at a college cocktail party…

          Sardonicus, I found your last post very entertaining.

          I know for a fact that there are these “seduction bets” going on at American colleges. They are a game played by jewish girl students to see how many gentile boys they can lay in a given time. They seduce the boys and then dump them quickly, moving on to the next victim. Sometimes they up their score by letting themselves be humped by several guys in succession. They even measure the guys’ penises and afterwards they compare sizes among themselves. It’s quite disgusting.

          Actually, I’m a bit confused. I don’t know what to believe any more. My morals are unsound. I want to be good and virtuous like my gran, but I end up yielding to temptation. If a handsome hunk grabs me at a party, I yield right away. I can’t say no. I know it’s wrong, but I can’t help it.

          Please help me by giving me some advice. You say you are “an older man” and so I trust you, because you seem very wise and good. What can I do to be a better person and clean up my life? I’m kinda going to pieces . . .

        6. Jewesses often consider White men to be simply sperm donors. Check out all the female Jews in Hollywood who get married to, and then impregnated by White men and then divorce them.

          Same goes for male kikes, but they’re far worse. They specifically target White women, who they want to marry, impregnate, and then leave. More male jews marry out than female Jews.

          It’s no wonder that Jews are at the forefront of all the “gender is a social construct” movements and ideologies. Male and female kikes are virtually indistinguishable.

    3. Great post, Arch

      I’ll view it as a segue in the name of whatever it is we might be doing that would contribute to a final solution to the problem. As hopeless as it certainly seems, the thing that will certainly seal our doom is the discouragement that renders resistance impotent.

      In my “resistance movement” in the world of the shaman, there is a well-acquainted relationship with what can only be called demonic entities in keeping with the ways of seers. What is seen involves an on-going experience, a steady battle of wits, and very adversarial. It’s not for the faint of heart, and there are those among them who see themselves as warriors for Christ, fighting this war in their own prescribed manner. One man’s “clearing the air”, as it is termed in this arena, is another man’s kosher labeling. We do what we can.

      The primary duty of the shaman involves the dispelling of FEAR. Fear is the great “block” of mankind. The thing that holds us back from a fuller experience of the Divine. Dealing with these troubled Satanic minions in the “subtle realms” (sometimes not so subtle) is like dealing with a petulant child who just won’t or is convinced it CAN’T take instruction, that would lead to correction. Shamans feel bad for them because they know that ONLY LOVE CREATES, even these little rascals! ha! It’s just that fear makes them behave as they do. For some inexplicable reason (and I’ve expressed my theories on these threads), as soon as they had that “lightbulb moment” of Consciousness, i.e.; waking up to know of their singular existence, instead of instinctively reaching for the Divine Mother, who is always there, they saw themselves as having been abandoned. This is impossible, but try and tell them that! We try, believe me, we do try. It is the essence of the work to do so.

      But this perspective of abandonment also happened to the Big Honcho his bad self. But he takes fear to a whole other level entirely, which is why only Christ can handle THIS higher position of abominable fearsomeness. He’s the big bully on the block, but he is ALSO the one who fears the most! Let me be very clear about that. But for him to take correction virtually DEFINES an exercise in futility. This depth of abomination cannot be “loved back into the fold” as the churches have so woefully demonstrated in their positions of misguidedness.

      That they continue to fail the humanity they claim to serve has left its Divine province no choice but to intervene.

    4. @ Arch Stanton

      A very thought-provoking post. I won’t quarrel with your general proposition that the Jews are a very bad lot — except to say this: Are you sure the goyim are any better? In one of her most controversial articles, “Masters of Porn: the Systematic Promotion of Sexual Deviance”, Lasha Darkmoon gave a long list of Jews who were sexual perverts, but chief among these monsters of depravity mentioned by Lasha was Alfred Kinsey, a nominal Christian.

      If you take an honest look at history, you will find that most of the vilest atrocities — with the single exception of the Bolshevik revolution — have been carried out by non-Jews. To mention only a few: Nero, Caligula, Genghiz Khan, Countess Bathory of Hungary, Ivan the Terrible, the Borgias, the Marquis de Sade, Stalin. Mao Tse Tung, Pol Pot.

      Not a Jew among them, my friend!

      No, I’m not a Zionist troll defending the Jews. I’m simply pointing out that the Jews would have accomplished nothing in the realm of evil without the enthusiastic cooperation and complicity of the goyim. The idea that Jews are absolute demons, and that the goyim are saints in comparison, is demonstrably absurd.

  4. Sardonicus, the moral of the story is that Jews are bereft of ANY moral values and have been since the time of the Second Temple and before. Theirs’ is an anything-goes world of sensual delights – of the penis, of the vagina and of the anus! (esp the latter. They never got out of Freud’s “anal stage”! )
    This is what you watch on the Jewtube!
    This is what you see and hear on video hits.
    Every Jewish gal I went out with at uni was a wanton whore and they taught me well.
    I also learnt a lot about the evil of their menfolk in the banks, big business, government and porn trade.
    I was an infiltrator for years because I looked Jewish with my long dark, curling hair.
    I know them inside out and they mean plain evil.
    The Torah is a beastly book, full of a crazy YHWH’s rage and vengeance.
    This tribal god justifies everything against the Gentile outsider, but protects his CHOSEN sinners! He is not unlike Muhammad with his rants against the Infidels!
    Today the same Pharisees play all their old tricks and would do anything for a buck, as the Jewesses do at universities! P{rostitutes all, even the fat, ugly ones!
    In Australia all the subversive, left wing, uni groups are run by older Jews and whorrish Jewesses.
    The head honcho, Marxist Jews make it their job to corrupt and despoil the innocent, ignorant young white Goyim chicks; and esp if they are from a R Catholic background. In other words, the Left always fucks like troopers! No values, no morals, only SEX and Power aspirations.

    1. Jews aren’t bereft of moral values, they’re bereft of universal moral values.

      It’s the majority of Whites who are bereft of moral values. You don’t see tons of Jews screwing over their own people for a buck, do you?

      1. @ Bethany
        @The legionnaire

        You are right, legionnaire !!!

        And Bethany, you need to get more in tune with your gender. Do not apologize for your proclivities. Do not worry about it. You are fine. Just couple yourself with WHITE guys, and you’ll not endure too much shame. (You’d not post on this site if you were interested in dark meat…) (I hope). Wish I could cuddle and soothe you…

        1. Bethany just needs to learn to keep her legs together! With STD’s and AIDS rampant on this planet, the last thing I need to read about is a whore telling us she is bedded instatly by any bloke she thinks is hunkish! I think she is a cheap trick and I gave up on her type by 21 years of age. Out there in the suburbs the old whores of the 70’s and 80’s are looking pretty ugly and no man will touch them now. It is wanton sheilas like Bethany that Darren Star’s Sex and the City exposes. I would not cuddle her in a blind fit and as most women find me irresistibly handsome (ex male model/Australian footballer/surfer) , she’d be asking for illicit/casual sex in an instant. I have learnt to keep away from such evil women! 5,000 years of history woke the Arabs up to the most dangerous species on the planet: the female human being! Hence they stuck them in burqas and cut off their clitorises! No more TROUBLE! These days I date Christian, white women ONLY!

        2. Sorry, Max. Sometimes I can’t help flirting with them a little – because THAT’s exactly what they want!
          All girls need to be cuddled and spoiled, at least a little bit. It isn’t necessarily a sexual thing. It calms them from their frantic trends – like a fine, blooded mare. 🙂

  5. Harvard historian professor Niall Ferguson in his highly praised 2006 book, The War of the World, claimed that some of the greatest mass murderers of modern times were Jewish. Ferguson’s research, however, centered on the Bolshevik revolution and the Lenin and Stalin era during which Jewish elites in the Russian government and Bolshevik terrorist organs like Cheka, GPU, NKVD and KGB, sent over 100 million Christian and Muslim communities to death camps or rooted out of their native homelands.

    Some other books on this subject include ‘Behind Communism’ by Frank Britton, ‘Stalin’s willing Executioners’ by Yuri Slezkine, ‘The Rulers of Russia’ by Rev. Denis Fahey, and ‘The Secret Behind Communism’, by David Duke Ph.D.

    On February 15, 2012, the Jewish Mayor of Las Vegas Carolyn Goodman, performed the opening ceremony of Las Vegas Mob Museum, which honors some of America’s most notorious Jewish mob gangsters.

  6. This is a Jew site? Smh oh dear am I in the wrong place… I’ve been reading everyone’s posts on most threads and find you all to be soo intelligent and insightful (with the exception of any Jew WISH demons that may be lurking)but I hope that the accusations against Lasha being a Jew are untrue. I’m finally educating myself the last thing is want is for this site to be found under false pretenses with a Jew WISH and Immoral agenda!

    1. @ AC

      “This is a Jew site? . . . oh dear am I in the wrong place . . . I hope that the accusations against Lasha being a Jew are untrue.”

      I first met Lasha many years ago when she was studying art in Florence. She is an aristocratic English lady, Aryan in appearance, tall and slim and with nothing Jewish about her. Even then, when she was a student, she was a passionate anti-Zionist. Rest assured that Lasha is NOT a Jew and that this is NOT “Jew site”!

    2. The fact is that this site allows almost total freedom of speech. It is therefore a magnet for mischievous Zionist trolls like “Rev” and “Karen” who abuse Lasha constantly and call her a “Jew” and her site a “Jew site”. Pay no attention to these idiotic trolls.

      Read ANY article Lasha has ever written and if you think she is a Jew with a hidden agenda, you would have to be crazy! She has written several articles blaming the Jews for 9/11. She has also featured the work of “Holocaust deniers” like Faurisson and Fredrick Toben on this site. Finally, she has written a satirical article about the Holocaust herself. It’s called “Did Six Million Really Die? ” and is written under her other pen name, Pandora Pushkin.

      How could anyone like this be a Jew?

      The fact is, Lasha is HATED by the Jews! and they have threatened more than once to sabotage her website and get it shut down!!!

      1. @ Isabella F

        Rev is now on permanent monitoring. We could have deleted this offensive post, but we decided to approve it. Rev, please go away! — Lucy Skipping, Monitor

        bull, bull, bull, this site is to monitor jew-wise people and for that reason many article are placed on this site. Many of this articles you can find on the internet and are not new.

        Where are the threats to shut down the site (your site in Panama registered???), where is the prove?

        all- bull shit. Keep monitoring Lasha (esther) but you never talk about solutions????? Are there any persons who know you at all besite the people in Israel???

    3. ac, streetproof yourself against some of the basic antichrist’s internet moves.

      maybe the simplest and the most frequent works like this: antichrist’s family fully understands how detested they are by independently cognitive gentiles, so they try to contaminate those they hate the most, ie, those most dangerous to judaica, by tarring them with their own putrid brush.

      hitler is a jew,
      lasha darkmoon is a jew/her regular contributors are jews/darkmoon is a jew site,
      mahmoud ahmedinejad is a jew,
      vladimir putin is a jew,
      muamar gaddafi is a jew.

      unfortunately, some well intentioned posters fall into that trap and they lend credence to the original smear.

      here you will find these persistent parasites whose only comments ever only harp on this single theme.
      this is how you recognize them, because they have absolutely nothing else to say.
      if they spot that you are a potential zombie to ensnare in their program, they will smooch up to you like this:
      aj, you are so right to perceive lasha as a jew because this is a jew site whose only pupose is to mislead you and capture your ip, etc, etc.

      mark of cain.

      1. Beautifully put lobro … yes, they are the putrid brushstrokes of the subversive, double-dealing Jews who use this site for the purposes of spreading their misinformation and lies.
        These bastards are hoping to destroy this site!
        I think Lasha and Monte should wipe these mongrels!
        Show none of this PC “tolerance” bull-shit with these evil bastards.
        Doris Lessing, Prisons We Choose to Live Inside: “Political correctness is the evident child of communism.” King Faisal of Saudi Arabia: “Zionism and Communism are the monster creations of world Jewry!”

        1. I think Lasha and Monte should wipe these mongrels!

          I second that. I’ve written to Lasha suggesting she evict these trolls. She writes back: “I’ve no control over the site. Monte’s the boss. Maybe he thinks the trolls have entertainment value.”

        2. Seymour Zaq has entertainment value, although how long can he come up with fresh material to keep his schtick entertaining? For that matter, Seymour acjewally puts people to the test with alot of his “material”. Like he’s rubbing his hands in gleeful temptation as if to say, “c’mon, admit it, you LOVE the fun in the Satanic playground”, without acjewally putting it that way by using the word “satanic”.

          Whereas these other clowns are pretty useless.

  7. Jew site? Lasha is a Jew? Is it possible? … Surely there must be a place genuine and passionate anti “semetic” people can converse freely and without having to worry anout the website or its founders ulterior motives
    Any websites?

  8. Just to offer a different view on the average Jew than the one about the naughty American college Jew temptresses.

    I am an American but live in Asia. I meet many, many Israeli youths on my travels and am friends with a number. (They come here in droves) Most are very decent and have no idea about the underbelly of world history or their hidden culture. They are like most traveling youths out there and searching for some more meaning in their lives. Most of them that come are very disillusioned with their way of life and living paycheck to paycheck, just like other semi-sane people.

    Basically this post is to remind all to not put all Jews in the same category and to see people clearly. Most have no idea what’s going on and are just a product of their perspective culture. Most are HUMAN and that shouldn’t be forgotten. The idea that all Jews are genetically stuck vermin prone to unbecoming behavior is highly unintelligent and is a carpet bomb/emotionally hateful response to seeing who is making the world a nasty place.

    1. “Most are very decent and have no idea about the underbelly of world history or their hidden culture.”

      Whites who don’t know any better have been saying exactly this for 2,000 years now.

      And yet we wonder why the jews keep getting the better of us…

    2. @ LSPM

      Thank you for this reminder. I have no problem accepting everything you say. Please understand that I am not responsible for the comments made here on my website by other people.

      The deracinated young Jewish people you refer to, wandering around Asia in search of enlightenment, are familiar to me. I have met them myself in Goa. I know only too well that they are recuperating from their military service in the IDF, that they have saved up some money, and that they have gone to India to “chill out”.

      Many of them have been deeply scarred by their military service. They are lost souls looking for a purpose. All too often they resort to drugs, alcohol and promiscuous sex in order to forget the things they were made to do in Israel.

      — Xanadu
      (aka Lasha Darkmoon)

      1. Thanks, Lasha. “Lost souls” is a very apt description. It’s good to see some heart.

        @ SPQR

        No, you are simply wrong. The main ones that have truly been pulling the strings and knowing what they are doing are quite literally evil incarnate in a body. That is a big deal. Most people, yes, including most Jews, are absolutely not evil. They’re like most people, just lost, being in-between good and evil in a mostly mechanical state.

        How can you argue with that?

        1. Okay, so what’s the ratio of “good” Jews to “evil” Jews, in your opinion?

          Those “evil” Jews that are in power (the “string-pullers”) are supported by the vast majority of Jews beneath them.

          Yeah, you may think that the middle-class Jewish shopkeeper down the street isn’t so bad, but don’t think for one moment that he doesn’t fully support the George Soroses and Sheldon Adelsons of the world.

          Our racial inability to think of individuals as belonging to larger tribes is our weakness. Our problem is not “evil” Jews, it’s Jews in general.

        2. “Most people, yes, including most Jews, are absolutely not evil. They’re like most people, just lost, being in-between good and evil in a mostly mechanical state.

          How can you argue with that?”

          Most Palestinian jews (I’d venture to say ALL but who knows – maybe there is a small handful out there who don’t meet the standard, though by virtue of the fact that they reside on stolen soil I think All may be the appropriate adj) have been raised on the tit of the talmud. Kol Nidre, Passover, the Old Test. etc etc etc all serve to indoctrinate the young jewish lad that he is especially special. He’s a Chosen! By God no less! After he’s internalized his Chosen Nature, the rabbi teaches him that ALL others are beneath him. Then the little buggers grow into early adulthood and serve satan in the IDF. Here they get to put into action the teachings of their youth, and they get to destroy the homes and murder the children and fathers and grandmothers of others – the others that are beneath him. Further, he’s seen his elders spit on Christians, spit on Muslims, spit on anyone who is not a Chosen. He’s heard, ad nauseum, what his elders think of all who are not fellow Chosens.

          And then, after that military service is complete and the young man has dispossessed others (of their belongings, home, land, loved ones, and lives) he travels off to a place like India, where he smokes a lot of ganja, snorts or injects some opium, screws everything in sight, and sheds a few crocodile tears when reminiscing about his service – not for those whose lives his actions have negatively affected, but rather for himself.

          If these are the ‘good’ ones, that scale begins at a mighty low level and tops out at Asshole.

          Frankly the ONLY ‘good’ jew is the jew who has, in public, renounced his judaic status. AND, after that public renouncement, ACTIVELY works to undermine all things jewish.

          Those are rare birds. In fact you are more likely to awake in the morning and encounter a flock of California Condors bathing in your bathtub than encountering more than one or two ‘good’ FORMER jews in your lifetime.

        3. KPR-

          That’s right. Jews are conditioned from birth to be completely remorseless when it comes to non-Jews.

          They put on nice faces when they go to other people’s countries only so they can psychologically disarm the locales.

          Required reading:

          Every time you face a Jew you have to assume that he/she hates you because as Jews they are REQUIRED to hate non-Jews.

          A Jew is never your friend, your lover, or your ally. Not if they are rich, not if they’re poor, not if they’re conservative or liberal, or Israeli or European or Asian or Black. Not even if they help you.

          This whole “not all jews are bad” stuff is beside the point, and serves no purpose but to weaken our resistance to them.

          For all intents and purposes, yes, they ARE all bad. This feminine “treat them as individuals” mentality will not win our freedom. War is about one tribe versus another, not a group of individuals from Tribe A versus individuals from Tribe B.

        4. “….after he’s internalized his Chosen Nature”

          No doubt. But don’t preclude that there aren’t those jewish individuals who are able to resist that nature in varying degrees. Granted, statistics would likely show a preponderance of “caving in” to it, but you can’t dismiss a reality of “jewification”, if you will.

          There’s plenty of non-jews out there whose own sense of entitlement for all intents and purposes display this “chosen” nature.

          Society has reached a state of corruption to the point where the “jew under the pile” is all mixed into a jar of mayonaisse

  9. You people waste your time confabing about whether Lasha (or anybody else of significance) is a Jew. Who cares??? – as long as they speak Truth??!

  10. Brownhawk,

    To your points:

    1) ‘No doubt. But don’t preclude that there aren’t those jewish individuals who are able to resist that nature in varying degrees.’

    I suppose so. Not all grow into carbon copies of, let’s say, a Manachem Begin or Paul Wolfowitz or Rabbi Schneerson. But, I’d argue, once infected with that anti-human mindset, the matter of degrees is of little importance. Andrew Jackson reveled in murdering Native Americans. Other, supposedly less bloodthirsty Americans rode as passengers on trains thru the Plains, shooting and killing buffalo, in an effort to starve out the Indians. Hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of living, breathing animals shot and left to rot – killing one life in order to eradicate another life. On a linear scale Jackson would be pegged further down the line than the pot shot artists, yet both had the mindset that allowed them to destroy others. Both I would call wicked, though the degree of wickedness may vary.

    Which is why I have come to believe that the only good jew is one who has actively and publicly renounced the Chosen status inferred on him as a birthright.

    2) ‘There’s plenty of non-jews out there whose own sense of entitlement for all intents and purposes display this “chosen” nature.’

    You ain’t a kiddin’!

    But that’s not the issue that was raised initially. I could, however, ramble on for pages about the shylock nature and ‘I’m better than you because of my skin’ or by ‘virtue of my birthplace’ that also infects so many. Not to mention the sellouts who, in return for cash or fame, absentmindedly or with forethought, serve the beast that is judaism.
    Damn near all of us are culpable, to varying degrees. Anyone who doesn’t believe that to be so should consider who and what is served by the taxes he pays and the licenses he rents.

    3) ‘Society has reached a state of corruption to the point where the “jew under the pile” is all mixed into a jar of mayonaisse’

    Not to mention the hidden jews – like JFK (no, not that one murdered by our friends from the mideast, but rather the current sec. of state) who, if I recall correctly ‘found’ his Chosenite heritage only fairly recently (Righhhhht!).

  11. @ Sardonicus, I’m not a jewess. I’m Russian and German. I despise the jew, they’re the polar opposite to my life affirming philosophy. They’re Darkness to my Light. You’re reactionary comment shows that the average person is muddled by jew propaganda, they can’t see right from left. You’re a contemptuous little nonentity.

    1. “Sardonicus, I’m not a jewess. I’m Russian and German. I despise the jew, they’re the polar opposite to my life affirming philosophy. They’re Darkness to my Light.”

      Well, Karen, I’d like to believe you. And I must say you sound sincere. What perplexes me about you is your personal animosity toward Lasha Darkmoon who, as you will have to admit, has never done you any harm. She is even kind enough and tolerant enough to let you abuse her on this website and to call her a Jewess running a “Jew website”.

      Why do you do it? What demon of spite and mischief motivates you?

      You take offense at me calling YOU a “Jewess”. So tell me: why do you call Lasha a Jewess? This is a vicious little lie of yours, as you know, since you know nothing about Lasha. But I do.

      I happen to know that Lasha belongs to an aristocratic English family whose ancestors lived in India during the time of the British raj. She went to Catholic boarding schools in England where she was educated by nuns. Nothing Jewish about Lasha, I assure you!

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