Shock and awe for Isil: A warning for Netanyahu?

Please read and circulate this important new article written by Gordon Duff:
Shock and awe for Isil: A warning for Netanyahu?
First published  . . . January 27, 2015

. . . by Gordon Duff

Benjamin Netanyahu, now also widely known as "Chickenshit."
Benjamin Netanyahu,
now also widely known as “Chickenshit.”

If ever there were a man of contradictions, it is Netanyahu. This week President Obama pulled out the stops and began a relentless bombing campaign against ISIL, paralyzing their ability to move, isolating Mosul and wiping out entire units. From a Combined Joint Task Force Operation Inherent Resolve News Release:

SOUTHWEST ASIA, Jan. 26, 2015 — U.S. and coalition military forces have continued to attack Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant terrorists in Syria and Iraq, Combined Joint Task Force Operation Inherent Resolve officials reported today.

Officials reported details of the latest strikes, which took place between 8 a.m. yesterday and 8 a.m. today, local time, noting that assessments of results are based on initial reports.

Airstrikes in Syria

Attack, fighter and remotely piloted aircraft conducted 21 airstrikes in Syria:

— Near Qaim, an airstrike destroyed three ISIL armored vehicles.

— Near Raqqah, two airstrikes destroyed six ISIL armored vehicles and an ISIL vehicle.

— Near Dayr az Zawr, an airstrike destroyed an ISIL armored vehicle.

— Near Kobani, 17 airstrikes struck 14 ISIL tactical units, a large ISIL unit and two ISIL fighting positions and destroyed six ISIL fighting positions, an ISIL vehicle and an ISIL staging area.

Airstrikes in Iraq

Attack, fighter and remotely piloted aircraft conducted 13 airstrikes in Iraq:

— Near Fallujah, an airstrike destroyed an ISIL excavator.

— Near Haditha, an airstrike struck an ISIL tactical unit.

— Near Mosul, four airstrikes struck two ISIL tactical units and destroyed three ISIL bunkers, two ISIL vehicles and an ISIL armored vehicle.

— Near Tal Afar, seven airstrikes struck a large ISIL unit and destroyed three ISIL mortar firing positions, three ISIL vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices, eight ISIL armored vehicles, an ISIL checkpoint, 15 ISIL vehicles and three ISIL fighting positions.

The battle for Kobani has pushed back ISIL units from the city while an isolation perimeter is beginning to take shape around Mosul. Street fighting inside Mosul accounted for 20 ISIL deaths last week.

There is a reason for this, American politics. By now “America watchers” around the world, even Russia and a rare few in Iran, are cognizant of Israel’s backing of ISIL and, moreover, the ties between ISIL, Israel, the Kiev junta and America’s “Taliban,” the Republican party.

Republican or “GOP” politicians and military figures, mostly rear echelon “chickenhawk” types, as opposed to “chickenshit,” Netanyahu’s new nickname in America, have openly supported ISIL and al-Qaeda. Their love affair with “simulated Islamic extremism” was stimulated by promises of kickbacks from profits tied to stolen Syrian and Iraqi crude oil and the promise of a share in the spoils of looted Syrian factories and stolen antiquities.

The methodology of payment is simple. American law now allows offshore corporations, “no questions asked,” to transfer unlimited cash to any American politician. The flood of money bought the last election, a torrent of drug and human trafficking cash, with the lion’s share of “donations” channeled through Vegas gambling boss Sheldon Adelson.

The same channels that buy elections now launder a share of ISIL spoils into the coffers of Christian evangelist “family values” politicians who pass it on to pimps who supply then with children to sexually abuse while the rest is moved offshore via Bain Capital’s Cuban based operations.

What is believed, however, is that Netanyahu, who sees himself as a modern day Genghis Khan (Hitler’s aims were far too narrow for Netanyahu), may well have over-reached himself. Typical Pentagon chatter jokingly talks of shooting Netanyahu’s plane down.

French sources, however, have acknowledged assassination threats against Netanyahu, whose immoderate positions have threatened both Israeli security and “Jewish interests,” the specific terminology used in the threat analysis document received today.

Domestic Divide

There is no longer any doubt that Israel is actively involved in full operational support of ISIL. Recent attacks inside Syria on Hezbollah units and their Iranian advisors, fighting against Al Qaeda and ISIL units outside Damascus, are seen as direct “fire support” on behalf of ISIL.

From the standpoint of international law, Syria can legally ask for military aid from any group willing to fight. Conversely, Israel’s intervention on behalf of ISIL and Al Qaeda, not for the first time, violates Syrian sovereignty and, in actuality, represents a “clear and present danger” to US and NATO security as well.

The ISIL presence near and now inside Lebanon give them access to Europe and adds credence to their threats of terrorist activity, threats turned into a form of reality with the timely and convenient events in Paris, events fewer and fewer accept as face value as facts become known.

As with Israeli support for ISIL or Kiev, America’s GOP follows suit, broadly supporting both ISIL and Kiev and bringing with them rogue sectors within the US government and military organizations. It is these groups Netanyahu hopes to court for support, groups Obama is taking down inside the US as ISIL is under increasing attack by Syria and Iraq, finally with the promised US support.



0d833fb5-bc76-4e1f-a3b8-00099134a3a0Gordon Duff is a Marine Vietnam veteran, a combat infantryman, and Senior Editor at Veterans Today. His career has included extensive experience in international banking along with such diverse areas as consulting on counter insurgency, defense technologies or acting as diplomatic representative for UN humanitarian and economic development efforts. Gordon Duff has traveled to over 80 nations. His articles are published around the world and translated into a number of languages. He is regularly on TV and radio, a popular and sometimes controversial guest.

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94 thoughts on “Shock and awe for Isil: A warning for Netanyahu?

  1. Netanyahu is a thoroughly evil and obnoxious man. Remember his slip of the tongue regarding 9/11 saying it was a good thing. This article shows that ISIS/ISIL is indeed a pseudo-gang. It stages executions of innocent people harmless to their cause yet somehow these events are used to ramp up the fear and hysteria factors in the West, thereby garnering support for the only “democracy” in the ME. Let’s take a look at the antecedents of the so-called right wing Israeli parties. They all have political roots going to back to terrorist groups such as the Irgun Zvai Leumi and the Stern gang. They celebrate the bombing of the King David hotel. It’s not surprising that evangelicals support them together with elements of the rabid Republicans, because these people sure do love their money. Dollar Patriots all! If and when the USA ever collapses or is destroyed I’m sure these people will be the first to run.
    I have visited the US and most of the people there are some of the most decent people on the planet. They have a government that steals from them, lies to them and allows Israel to murder them e.g. the USS liberty.However the propaganda barrage directed at them is intense and that is why I am in awe of the young Americans posting on this site who are able discern the truth. As the Australians say “Good on you!”

    1. Thanks, most Americans don’t want any part of any wars, sick of the political corruption through out the system. The awakening is under way, it’ is not a easy task as the NSA holds everyone by blackmail or some other means of control. I found this site via, Fukushima reports just don’t add up to the reports that FOIA released don’t jive with what TEPCO has been feeding or not feeding the public from day one. The Regan have 100’s sailors dying fast from radiation, so is the Pacific & west coast of N America. Europe was not spared either, so ELE event is slowly working around the world as more nuke waste piles up every where.
      Now we neocons, far left socialists, the BIS, IMF, World Bank & Central Bankers all at the end of their rope except war. It does not to end this way if the worlds peoples would stand as one.
      Peace comes from Love, killing comes from Propaganda & Lies feed by your rich leaders & Bankers.

  2. This is funny; the same source (vt) that insisted that Isis is, or was. A cia entity, or a mossad creation, now gloats at a relentless attack on isis. In other words they cant make up their minds. Have you ever seen someone who pays you and beats you at the same time.
    So what is it gonna be? Are isis agents that work for the cia, or are they like I have been saying since their birth, another independency driven Islamic group except this one is larger and smarter?
    I was banned from you site for this, Gordon duff. I was banned because all of a sudden you sided with Iran; and I respect your choice but banning means that were you to become the president of the united states nothing will change. Actually I don’t know if obama would ban me from his site if he had one, for SIDING WITH MY PEOPLE. He would probably commend me and respect me even more.
    So let me know now that you have realized (after the bombings you, In a very detailed manner explained and after realizing, I guess, that the u.s. did not create isis), now that you have realized that that you were wrong, explain once again who is isis.
    Isis is the grandchildren of the 22 fronts that compiled the Iraqi resistance during the cruel, barbaric American invasion. They came out salhudiin, al anbar and al ramadi. They bravely defended falluyah, Baghdad and al dealy, to the point were the u.s. , exhausted, had to resort to uranium. They defended their country and at the end the u.s. had to bribe the tribes so that their army could just get out of what looked like another Vietnam approaching. Tribes of decent, honorable, respectful arabs. They have connections with Arabs in Syria because their territories border those in Syria. They are family the same shias in the south connect with iran. And they both have for centuries, even before Islam.
    We know what you Americans want, you want to destroy any movement that guarantess our dignity, our sense of being so you v=can bring your McDonalds’ses, your wendy’ses, your taco bells and chevron gas stations along with your dicotheques playing rap music.
    We wont accept that.
    And those attacks on those isis units? Most of our soldiers in isis are engineers, architects and technology wizards who are NOT GONNA SIT AROUD WAITING FOR YOUR planes to come kill them. Yes, The armored vehicles were empty. , our people is smart and blessed. We resemble the Cherokee nation who is gonna remove your scalp, and we will. We will. Inshaallah.
    All you have to do is
    GIVE US BACK PALESTINE Syria and Iraq, and stop your imperialist demeanor.
    Thankyou. enjoy the surprise

    1. Avatar,

      You obviously have a grudge against VT and its administration because they deleted the article you sent them. They also look at matters in quite a different way to the way you look at matters. For a start, they back Iran. But so do most of us here.

      In future, please concentrate your fire on the situation itself and refrain from making ad hominem (personal) attacks on Gordon Duff and VT. They are not here to defend themselves and attacking them, in any case, is irrelevant. They are not the problem. They are simply a website with a viewpoint: a viewpoint they have a right to express and which is shared by millions, including most of the posters on this website.

      Concentrate on the issues. The question we need to ask you is this: How can you back ISIS/ISIL when this is widely suspected of being a JEW-BACKED organization working for Israel’s interests?

      As a Palestinian with an implacable hatred of Israel, how can you support an organization being backed and armed by Israel?

      1. Toby,
        i was very careful in my previous comment since we already went through this before. I do appreciate very much you posting my article regarding my time in a Syrian jail under the repressive regime of bashar assad a couple of weeks ago.
        vt had also posted it but one day when they started synquing wit press tv they just deleted it and sent me an email informing me that I had been banned. Like I said before, it’s their prerogative.
        But why ban me? Where is the freedom of speech that you Americans want to teach the world and that makes you come out in million people marches to defend it?
        The answer is clear but I wont state it for it would constitute an ad hominem attack.
        Your question:
        “As a Palestinian with an implacable hatred of Israel, how can you support an organization being backed and armed by Israel?”

        Toby, Israel is not arming isis. Isis is self sustainable it has enough money to buy s300s if Russia the biggest traitor to arabs would sell them. Isis hates Israel as much as it hates iran, the u.s., Saudi atrabia and Russia.
        I´ll tell you whats going on: the middle east, the arabian peninsula to be more specific is a delicious pie that has already been sliced. The U.S. turkey, iran, rusia, and saudi Arabia don’t want more players in the areas. They don’t want to share. But the people of Iraq, sunnis that is, have been recently left out and they want their share, they need the money so that projects be it hospitals schools and infrastructure are built, not only the central shia government refuses to do so but it takes their money trough taxes!. NO ONE IS A NICE GUY HERE, EVERYONE WANTS TO SATTISFY THEIR STRATEGIC, GEO POLITICAL, GEO ECONOMIC NEEDS. ACTUALLY, ISRAEL WHOM YOU ACCUSE OF HELPING ISIS fears them more than anyone and benefits from the riches in the peninsulas through high interest loans they provide thought their Zionist international banks. The debt that the wars create.
        Isis will probably dissipate for a while but the hate the anger will never go away why?
        Syria alone has 20 million Sunnis add that to another 15 in Iraq and another 1.6 billion the world over and you will know why isis is all of us Muslims, except that percent shia who sides with the shia Iranian half moon project.
        IF isis moves out of kobani or any other town, its because of a change of tactics and strategies. These are not defeats, and if so, a defeat in a battle is a lesson but it doesn’t necessarily mean surrender!
        We won’t rest until all Islamic territories are completely purged from Americans, shias and corrupt sunni regimes.

        Its on for good.

      2. the funniest thing is that the article implies that America is fighting Israel when they are actually allies!
        The u.s. will never dare upset Israel for its this shitty little country intelligence units that prevent attacks on American targets at home and abroad everyday!. They are more than friends. Why would America antagonize Israel or the opposite? They are gonna fight Because Israel supposedly wants to help a few towel heads? The answer to all these crazy conspiracy theories is simple: isis has a head of its own. its managed by very clean, decent muslims who don’t smoke, shoot dope or drink alcohol. they are very very, very dedicated to their cause. And Israel and the u.s. know this. They are the worse enemies America has ever had! America and Israeli intelligence service are on it 24/7 all year round because they know that any minute now a large attack could take place. Isis and al qaeda won’t rest. Israel misses Arafat and the pflp attacks. These new Islamic renaissance groups are going nuclear baby. They want to parade heads on a stick from Baghdad to Jerusalem.
        They are blessed by allah and fear no evil.
        may allah bless you brothers!
        may allah sharpen your aiming !
        may allah protect you and make the bombs fall on your enemies heads instead
        may allah provide you with clear thinking when preparing operations against your enemies
        may allah give you strength and minimize your pains and wounds
        may allah make the awkward cross eyed American Christ backstabber and Jew slave blind!
        Victory is ours
        remember salahedeen
        Remember khaled bin waleed
        remember skeikh usama bin laden!

      3. The murdering, thieving takfiris have dosh indeed, from robbing banks, and selling Iraqi girls into slavery.. Israel backs anyone who will promote their agenda, including the takfiris..

    2. Duff passes with flying colors the 9/11 question, fully understanding and not afraid to point out that Israel was definitely involved in that False Flag.

      As for the rest, he’s entitled to his opinions.

  3. “SOUTHWEST ASIA, Jan. 26, 2015 — U.S. and coalition military forces have continued to attack Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant terrorists in Syria and Iraq, Combined Joint Task Force Operation Inherent Resolve officials reported today.”

    TPTB are determined to destroy or capture ALL historical documents and artifacts in the are deemed to be the ‘cradle of civilization’ by many religious groups.

    The first actions of the CIA forces in Iraq in 2003 was to invade the museums and mosques.
    That was akin to destroying Dresden in WWII.

    1. Yes, indeed. The looting was akin to that by “Chinese Gordon” of the Summer Palace in Peking( Beijing) in the 19th Century. Rumsfeld dismissed it as “shit happens in war”! I think only one naval officer had the guts to protest. That is the problem with many senior officers in the military or police. They are careerists and arse lickers! Look at the invasion of Iraq, only Shinseki had the guts to contradict Rumsfeld and he got fired. I am amazed at how shameless these armchair warriors can be; never serving themselves but content to send young men off to war!
      I don’t know if you have read Robert Heinlein. He wrote some excellent SF. In his book Starship Troopers he envisages a future in which only those who volunteer to serve get full citizenship. Don’t watch the movie! Read the book! So politicians like Blair, Bush, Cameron and Obama wouldn’t even get the vote!

      1. The sitting POTUS right now has hidden questions on his origins.
        The Prez is selected…NOT elected anyway.
        Today, electronic voting has assured the selection there. People are NOT in that process…except for show and donations. They may NOT have been since 1804(12th Am.) because of ‘secret’ ballots and electoral process.

    2. I think you’ll have to think of Jewish art dealers in the US who were behind that looting of Iraq’s ancient art treasures. They knew exactly what they wanted. The American military is not interested in art.

      1. Franklin –
        “The American military is not interested in art.”

        I differ with that statement.
        Art looting has a long history, the winning party of armed conflicts often plundering the losers.
        And note that I said ‘documents’ and CIA forces(contractors)as well.

        Also, stealing signed documents wipes out the chain of proof in history. (Britain did that in 1812. Stole the original constitution with original 13th amendment, and burned DC.)

        The military and FBI have and will confiscate artifacts …today… in US…. if in possession by citizens. They do it almost daily and kept secret if possible.

        War is for profits. Artifacts bring BIG profits. $$$

        BTW…the US military and CIA run drugs for profits also. $$$

      2. yep it was the jews right richkrat?
        always them, you white people are just “a light unto the world” not them. yep

  4. So Obama and co. are cast in predictable roles in this latest installment of the world takeover scheme, where playing both sides against the middle broadens the middle to encompass the whole polygon

    The lines are being drawn
    by chessmen moving pawn
    With knights and rooks arrayed
    on board its aims displayed
    through Persian field in waves
    to Russian king it craves
    For World lusts Aphrodite
    when Israel is mighty

  5. Chris Hedges, American columnist, author of 14 books and former correspondent with the Jew York Times, has been banned to speak at the University of Pennsylvania for calling ISIS – New Israel in a column published by the truthdig news website on December 15, 2014.

    “ISIS, ironically, is perhaps the only example of successful nation-building in the contemporary Middle East, despite the billions of dollars we have squandered in Iraq and Afghanistan. Its quest for an ethnically pure Sunni state mirrors the quest for a Jewish state eventually carved out of Palestine in 1948. Its tactics are much like those of the Jewish guerrillas who used violence, terrorism, foreign fighters, clandestine arms shipments and foreign money, along with horrific ethnic cleansing and the massacre of hundreds of Arab civilians, to create Israel. Antagonistic ISIS and Israeli states, infected by religious fundamentalism, would be irreconcilable neighbors. This is a recipe for apocalyptic warfare. We provided the ingredients,” Hedges said.

  6. It’s hard to know what’s going on in the Middle East in light of the fact that we’re sitting behind an iron curtain of jewish disinformation, but let’s assume for a moment that Avatar is correct and “al Qaeda” is actually a true-blue patriotic organization — one that is honestly fighting against israel and the jewish-owned USA. But if that were the case then we’ll need to ask ourselves why “al qaeda” is always going on these murderous old testament-style rampages against innocent non-Jewish civilians in Iraq. Why is “al qaeda” always planting bombs in police stations and outdoor flea markets and Mosques, etc. It just doesn’t make any sense at all unless we postulate that “al qaeda” is secretly or not-so-secretly aligned with the enemies of Moslem World. As for ISIS or ISIL, we’re being told that Israel and it’s proxy (the USA) are fighting that organization, but could it be possible that ISIL is actually fighting the “corrupt” Syrian regime of Assad, and that the USA is simply using ISIS or ISIL as an EXCUSE for demolishing the infrastructure of Syria ??

    1. YES –
      “…the USA is simply using ISIS or ISIL as an EXCUSE for demolishing the infrastructure of Syria ??”

      And the more ‘collateral damage’ 100 miles off ‘supposed’ target….the better.

      1. if so, how come avatar hates assad so much?
        who is responsible for the construction of all that infrastructure, as well as the one that existed in libya and also in iraq if not their democratically elected presidents (in fact, socialist secularist muslims, all and none beholden to the zionist project like the venal monarchs of jordan, saudi and oil sheikdoms, quatar, abu dhabi, etc).
        and who is responsible for destruction: usa, aq, isis, every one of them a brain dead slave of the jew.

        in fact, avatar’s hatred of all the true muslim enemies of israel (ie, the ones with dead jews notched on their guns) are also the ones that he derides and in doing so reminds me of dublinmick, who also shares jews’ hatred of their great enemy.

        i honestly can’t think of one enemy of judaism for whom i hold contempt.

      2. Contracts??? Did you say contracts??

        Contracts in Syria will be allotted as in Iraq. Bechtel, Halliburton, Fluor, Brown & Root…etc.

        On April 17(2003) the US Agency for International Development (USAID) awarded a contract worth $680 million to Bechtel Corp., a private company with close ties to the Republican Party and the Bush administration.
        The outcome of a secretive bidding process open only to a select group of American corporations, the contract is the latest and largest in a series of windfalls for corporate America following the overthrow of the Saddam Hussein regime.
        The areas covered by the contract include the rehabilitation of Iraq’s power, water and sewage systems that were destroyed in the bombing campaign, rehabilitation of airports, and the dredging of the Umm Qasr port. Bechtel’s future work in the country will also likely include repair and reconstruction of hospitals, schools, government buildings and irrigation and transportation systems.
        Bechtel stands to gain much more than the initial contract. USAID officials have indicated that the final price tag will run into the tens of billions of dollars. Much of this work—which includes operations in nearly every important area of the country’s infrastructure—will go to Bechtel and its subcontractors. “This has never been done before—an American corporation rebuilding an entire foreign country,” noted Daniel Brian, Executive director of Project of Government Oversight, which is based in Washington DC.
        Previous contracts included a multi-billion dollar deal secured by Halliburton, a company previously headed by Vice President Dick Cheney. The cost-plus-profit contract was awarded without competition to Halliburton’s subsidiary, Brown & Root, which was also one of the six original contenders for the contract awarded to Bechtel. Brown & Root eventually opted out of the bidding process after charges of favoritism were raised. Cheney still receives up to $1 million a year from Halliburton as part of his severance package.
        Other American corporations that have won contracts include Research Triangle Institute, which will receive up to $167 million for work in local governance services, and Creative Associates International, which won a $62.2 million contract to rebuild Iraq’s devastated educational system.
        All of these costs will initially be paid by American taxpayers, who will also pay for the bombs used to destroy Iraqi infrastructure in the first place. The rest of the burden will fall on the Iraqi people, as the US loots the country’s oil resources to pay off the huge corporate contracts.
        In an attempt to answer charges of political favoritism, USAID spokesman Luke Zahner argued, “The reality is that there are only a few companies that can handle a contract of this size.” There is a grain of truth in this. A handful of giant companies dominates the market for contracts like that awarded to Bechtel, and all of them have political connections. In addition to Halliburton, the other major competitor is Fluor Corp., which has on its board a former head of the National Security Agency and deputy director of the CIA, in addition to other military ties.

      3. The Council On Foreign Relations has already weighed in on… $200 billion for…

        The Syrian Marshal Plan:

        The Syrian economy, having suffered years of ruin, offers early investors the chance to reap significant rewards in the long term.
        The Syrian economy is in exceedingly dire straits. The majority of the country’s oil fields, once the economy’s lifeblood (along with agriculture), are under the control of the extremist group Islamic State in Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS), also known as Islamic State (IS), depriving the country of about $2 million a day. Meanwhile, the World Bank has estimated that the cost of rebuilding what has already been destroyed in Syria will be upward of $200 billion. The organization’s 2014 Doing Business report ranks the country last in the category of “dealing with construction permits,” which measures the procedural and financial barriers toward building a basic warehouse. In other words, turning a quick profit may seem like the last thing on Syria watchers’ minds.
        But the motivations of Syria’s foreign investors — consisting mostly of governments and companies from countries that are allied with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad — are primarily political. They seem to have calculated that investments in Syria now will give them significant leverage in how the country is governed later, even if the investments don’t pay off in a strictly financial sense in the short term. In that, their plans bear a distorted resemblance to the Marshall Plan loans offered by the United States to Europe after World War II.

    2. save the goyim
      there are several important points that you made, your questions are very important. We ceratainly need light in this darkness that we live in. its terrible that the internet is now being used as smoking mirrors and as a propaganda tool. i’ll tell you sir, the only people
      who have benefitted from it greatly are us, Palestinians because we are no longer the 100 year old terrorists that Israel portrayed us using all means and I mean all means. it is thanks to many forums like darkmoon that the truth, thank god and thank you guys, people who fight against injustice, that we have been now freed from this terrible Jewish accusation and conspiracy. We have of course to thank a few countries out there who stood by us in the darkest moments. Northern Ireland is one and so is Sweden.
      But now the internet is being used by many in a war of propaganda that is actually useless in some ways, because Israel and the ptb are no longer interested in public opinion. They are no longer running for mr nice guy. They are doing it openly ever since bush announced it: you are either with us or against us.
      Your questions,
      ///////////////is“al Qaeda” actually a true-blue patriotic organization — one that is honestly fighting against Israel and the Jewish-owned USA?////////////////////
      It always was if you were to put yourself in the shoes of the world’s downtrodden who hate America. America never suffered from shortness of enemies and people who hates it. It never will.
      I was in the u.s. during the attacks of September eleven, you know? and I couldn’t believe people when they would whisper to my ears how happy they were about such events. Mexicans, Indians (as in dots not feathers), Sikhs, Peruvians, Colombians, Russians and what have you. People benefitting from the milk of that great cow, were now spitting it out as if poison. How many of us built homes and fed families with money we made up there.? But the hate runs deeper and ruins the sweetness.
      I didn’t like the attacks at the time. I was a cab driver in the bay area, (that’s why theoriginaljoe made me shiver when he mentioned the redwood trees). I drove by them trees many times on my way to half moon bay, across 280 the most beautiful site I have ever seen in many years of rolling. I always found it amazing that just a few yards away from the silicon valley, the cradle of the world’s technology and home to hewlett and packard you could see cows pasturing peacefully as I drove my caprice classic by. I miss the butterflies and the wet, always wet bushes and trees up there. I m sorry I never just stopped the car and walked around a little.
      I picked up many kids who had recently graduated and gotten jobs in the bay area during Clinton’s dot com bubble, up in Sunnyvale and Palo Alto and drove them to the sfo airport. They were so clean and nice those kids. They gave me good tips and they wouldn’t even let me carry the bags for them. They always spoke to me in a respectful manner. Very well educated at school, and at home, too. they worked for law firms that had offices also at the world trade center in new york and when it happened I just couldn’t imagine that there was a possibility that one of them was in the buildings during the attacks. I was indeed very saddened. The drivers put money together, we bought flowers and I took them to the 3 offices that always called us. Later we looked in the papers and there they were. The firms had lost people!.. We were in shock. I was.
      But many people gloated too. They had not personally known the people in the buildings, the ones that jumped or died inside from the smoke. I did, and it hurt just as if it was a close one. There is no way that American officials are or were in with it, I thought. No one can be so evil.

      Then came the Bush wars and the sadness turned into anger at his demoniacal actions, the smiling face of Rumsfeld and his cynical comments when attacking tora bora, the injustice, the kids bleeding, loosing legs, the mothers yelling, the millions dead! The mosques destroyed! Everyday, everyday, every day! It was too much. And it still is.
      //////////////Why is “al qaeda” always planting bombs in police stations and outdoor flea markets and Mosques,////////////////
      Al qaeda exists don’t hesitate to believe it. and when bin laden said that he wanted new york to burn like Beirut did in 82, I understood him perfectly because I saw Beirut burn. Some went and joined him, others stood home and went on with their empty lives. He was no cia agent!! He accepted their help in afghanistan but when the Russians left he turned on America! He just wanted to be like my namesake, Khaled bin Waleed who had such a great military mind that he first defeated the prophet then joined him.
      The bombings on mosques in iraq are retaliation from the mass murder committed by the two shia militias known as “sader militia” and “al mahdi militia”. These two groups killed many sunni youngsters (about three hundred thousand) in order to create a power vacuum that the shias will later fill, after the u.s. left. And it happened.
      The sunnis fought the Americans and the banana coalition for five years. Orders from al sistani the highest shia figure in iraq, came out not to fight the Americans. It was a fatwa ordering them to stand by.
      When the Americans and the sunnis got tired, the Shia stepped in. Kind of what the u.s. did in world war two with Germany and Russia. They waited then stepped in. Patton was so victorious; he was so jubilant he wanted to keep going all the way to Moscow. ///////////////////////////////////////////// but could it be possible that ISIL is actually fighting the “corrupt” Syrian regime of Assad, and that the USA is simply using ISIS or ISIL as an EXCUSE for demolishing the infrastructure of Syria ??///////
      Save the goyim,
      Against orders from al zawahiri (al qaeda’s top commander) isis kept going until it reached Syrian territory. They went inside syria. They were told not to because they wanted al nusra and the free Syrian army to gain sympathy in the west thus neutralizing the American, French and British interference. Isis grew so fast that when asked how big they were a commander answered : “before or after the question?”.
      They now have left empty places behind them and they lost consistency. They need secure lines in order to supply their soldiers with weapons, food, medicines, etc
      What hurts them is the desert, save the goyim, kind of what happened in Libya and the opposite of Vietnam.
      But they got the cities..
      And they own the night

      1. Avatar,

        Name one thing that Isis has done for the benefit of Palestinians, Muslims or Arabs? The enemy is Israel but I don’t see Isis doing anything about the state of Israel. The true resistance is Hizb’Ullah, not Isis.

  7. Its time for “Nuremberg Trials II”, but this will not be a show trial with just a few scapegoats for the ratings. There will be no “Operation Paperclip” or a “get out of Jail” card. The cast of nefarious characters is almost endless.

    Bye Bye… Bibi, GWB, Little Dick, Rumsfeld, etc.

  8. a short ride on lobro’s train of thought of the day …

    it is commonly acknowledged that the mob is unthinking beast, dumb as a doornail,yet quite emotional and thus easily manipulated by carefully laid out crumb trail of symbols and incited to violence against intended target.

    but it is overlooked that the same idiot mob has a fine nose for integrity and patriotism as well as the lack thereof and thus retains specific memories in favor or against former leaders.

    consider ronald reagan for example.
    he was by no means of above average intelligence but retained a certain down to earth honesty and humility, so that the mob keeps him in fond memory despite numerous mistakes he made or was led into by the ubiquitous judas traitors that infested ever us administration since the civil war (that war, btw, was no more warranted than the present one in ukraine).
    and this dog like emotional intelligence of the mob is evident elsewhere, because once they come to their sense after the initial inebriation, they will know perfectly well who is obama, blair or harper and who is putin, chavez, assad, lula, mujica or gaddafi and this will be reflected in the popular vote.

    and so, when they retain worshipful memories of hitler and yes, even stalin, it is worth asking just why is that.

    1. It seems to me that those glimpses into reality, or as you put it having a fine nose for integrity, are always based on actual orientation. Some in the mob have an uncanny ability to see through the bullshit. But traditionally, at least among those who come from peasant stock, it is seeing an injustice because they have their noses to the grinder in some pursuit and they are grounded to some type of philosophical system. In other words, they have their horses tied to the posts or their boats tied to moorings.

      But then their are others who cause confusion because they are given the luxury of what passes for education and plenty of time for idleness. Without a belief system these same people have the tendency to become nothing more than unhinged dreamers. And they make connections that only exist in their untrained minds.

    2. This sort of scenario is playing out in Egypt, where most of the idiot mob thought Al Sisi would be different from Mubarak. I think the Egyptians are stirring, waking up to reality..

      Just heard there was a massive explosion in the Sinai, the Israeli style buffer zone obviously didn`t help..

  9. a warning to Netanyahu?
    in other words, the article insinuates that what’s happening to isis could happen to tel aviv?
    Obama is, according to the article, threatening Israel?
    do you think the following people would like that?

    1) Ben Shalom Bernanke: Chairman of the Board of Governors of Federal Reserve. Term ends 2020.
    2) Donald L. Kohn: Vice Chairman of the Board of Governors of Federal Reserve. Term ends 2016.
    3) Randall S. Kroszner: Member of Board of Governors of Federal Reserve.
    4) Frederic S. Mishkin: Member of Board of Governors of Federal Reserve. Term ended 2014 but still got pull. 🙂
    5) Alan Greenspan: Advisor to Board of Governors of Federal Reserve. Recent Chairman. but knows people. wink wink.
    do you think that The Federal Reserve Bank which is a consortium of 9 Jewish-owned & associated banks (listed below)with the Rothschilds at the head would appreciate that from a zchwartze?:
    1. Rothschild Banks of London and Berlin
    2. Lazard Brothers Banks of Paris
    3. Israel Moses Seif Banks of Italy
    4. Warburg Bank of Hamburg and Amsterdam
    5. Lehman Brothers of NY is this one gone after the hanki panki business of a few years ago?)
    6. Kuhn, Loeb Bank of NY (Now Shearson American Express)
    7. Goldman, Sachs of NY (is this one gone after the hanki panki business of a few years ago?)
    8. National Bank of Commerce NY/Morgan Guaranty Trust (J. P. Morgan Bank – Equitable Life – Levi P. Morton are principal shareholders)
    9. Hanover Trust of NY (William and David Rockefeller & Chase National Bank NY are principal shareholders)
    Examination of the charts and text in the House Banking Committee Staff Report of August, 1976 and the current stockholders list of the 12 regional Federal Reserve Banks show this same family control.
    Who runs the U.S. Treasury Department?
    Timothy F. Geithner (Jewish) / Secretary of the Treasury
    Neal S. Wolin (Jewish) / Deputy Secretary of the Treasury
    Mark A. Patterson (Jewish) / Chief of Staff to Secretary of the Treasury
    Matthew Kabaker (Jewish) / Deputy Assistant Secretary, Counselor to the Secretary
    Gene B. Sperling (Jewish) / Counselor to the Secretary
    Lewis Alexander (Jewish) / Counselor to the Secretary
    Richard L. “Jake” Siewert, Jr. (Jewish) / Counselor to the Secretary
    Jeffrey A. Goldstein (Jewish) / Under Secretary for Domestic Finance
    Michael S. Barr (Jewish) / Assistant Secretary for Financial Institutitions
    Mary J. Miller (Jewish) / Assistant Secretary for Financial Mark
    Timothy Massad (Jewish) / Acting Assistant Secretary for Financial Stability
    Richard Gregg (Jewish) / Fiscal Assistant Secretary
    Alan B. Krueger (Jewish) / Assistant Secretary for Economic Policy
    Lael Brainard (Jewish) / Under Secretary for International Affairs
    David S. Cohen (Jewish) / Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence
    S. Leslie Ireland (Jewish) / Assistant Secretary for Intelligence and Analysis
    Daniel L. Glaser (Jewish) / Assistant Secretary for Terrorist Financing
    Who Controls World Banking?
    Mervyn King(Jewish) – Governor, Bank of England
    Jean-Pierre Roth(Jewish) – Chairman, Governing Board, Swiss National Bank
    Jean-Claude Trichet(Jewish) – President, European Central Bank
    Benjamin Bernanke(Jewish) – Chairman, Board of Governors, Federal Reserve System
    Donald Kohn(Jewish) – Vice Chairman, Board of Governors, Federal Reserve System
    Robert B. Zoellick(Jewish) – President, The World Bank
    Dominique Strauss-Kahn (Jewish) – (former) Managing Director, International Monetary Fund
    John Lipsky(Jewish) – First Deputy Managing Director, International Monetary Fund
    (these were current approximately one year ago, but this serves as an overview..a big picture if you will of Jewish direction at the top levels of world finance and investment and the banking industry)
    Central banks control the money supply of governments, communities and the private sector. All industries are beholden to the banks.
    Central Banks (the “financiers”) can:
    1. Stop providing loans for businesses
    2. Call for payments on loans
    3. Increase or decrease the money supply
    hmmm, hanky panky
    oh my allah the depth of it all

    1. these were current a few years ago, I meant to correct. but I bet you its worse now. just a belly hunch

    2. If the president of the United States wants it, he can nationalize the FED, arrest all its Jewish bankers and start issuing debtfree money on behalve of Congress, which would be according to the consitution. Besides, he could abolish the income tax, which is used to finance the fraudulent FED and is illegal anyway. That would make him immediately popular. Next, he could expose the Israeli and American-Jewish role in 9/11 and start boycotting roguestate Israel. He would however need some extra bodyguards, because the Jewish ethnic Mafia would surely try to murder him. This is what “the most powerfull man of the world” could do if he had some courage.

      1. None of them have had that kind of courage since JFK was killed. For some, like Nixon and LBJ it wouldn’t even occur to them to blow any major whistles, being all on board with everything because they were cretins who loved being in their roles of faux power, especially LBJ. For others they are probably quickly disabused of any such notion after being shown the Zapruder film and at the end asked, “any questions?” And although Reagan was a useful idiot like they all are, at least the guy had a heart.

        But who knows. In keeping with the Hitler/Stalin theory where Stalin is waiting for Hitler to make a move, maybe Obama would be in the role of Stalin, and Putin in Hitler’s.

        Deja vu all over again

      2. Reagan was not an idiot. Far from it. He had a photographic memory.
        He was compromised into doing the bidding. He was bisexual.
        He gave his blessings as his kids became homos as well.
        Bob Chapman made that statement on air c. 5 years ago.

      3. Separated at birth, or what?

        <a href= burrs

      1. toby,
        i already saw that article this morning since the first news i read every morning are the enemy’s. every morning exactly at 7:30 am here in Venezuela (i think it equals American central time, thats what the clock at pokers stars says) i punch in to both press tv and haaretz as i sip two or three cups of Turkish coffe to bring down the Johnny Walker blue label hangover.. (thats a joke) i learnt to read what the enemy says from emir al mu’minin and sheikh and hero Usama Bin Laden may God keep him in heaven forever, “read from your enemies learn their mo and mv; there is certainly knowledge there.” i heard him once say…. (on an interview not in person!, put that phone down cia agents monitoring these pages, don’t call your sayarim just yet! it was on an interview on tv, not in person!)
        i read the article and i thought to myself “how can someone be so naïve? how could the ministry of misinformation up in Teheran believe that there are people out there that would believe this b.s.? but then i remembered that in a recent interview in America, 79 percent of Americans believed the Jews were still God’s chosen people. they wouldn’t accept the fact that the jews lost the covenant and that there was no way God was gonna choose some people over other disregarding the eoe laws, etc.
        so yes, anything flies.
        but not here.
        no, not here! (that’s what the black lady next door yells at the drug addicts that come by trying to steal shit around here. she says that as she waves a double barrel fortified .45 caliber made by smith and Wesson in the good all u.s.a that i lent her after i found my three years old kid pointing it at my mother in law. how did he climb up there and more importantly …how did he read my mind?
        no, not here!

      2. a related link says,
        US To Deploy 400 Troops To Train Syria Militants

        because avatar claims that any story that puts beloved ISraelIS in bad light is clearly hasbara for retarded americans (“how can someone be so naïve? how could the ministry of misinformation up in Teheran believe that there are people out there that would believe this b.s.? “)

        but this comes direct from the horse’s mouth: Defense officials of the United States said on Thursday the US will deploy about 400 troops in countries neighboring Syria to train “moderate” opposition fighters.

        so, as an enemy of the usa government, bashir assad is avatar’s enemy too.
        and we, including ron paul are naive, illiterate hicks not to side with this policy.

        Former US Congressman Ron Paul denounced in an interview with Russia Today the plans, noting that these Western-backed forces have been helpful to ISIS, which since August has captured swathes of lands in Iraq and Syria.

        “The Free Syrian Army (FSA) turned over the weapons, that we (the US) sent them, to ISIS,” Paul said. “It is pretty well recorded that for $50,000 the FSA turned over one of the two American journalists to ISIS.”‬‪

      3. Toby, I have learned that it is useless trying to get Avatar to see the truth. He is blinkered, and blinded, by hate. If he were confronted with one of his takfiri “heroes” standing over a body with a bloody knife in their hand, he would explain it away..

  10. Lobro, You have heard the phrase that says “if you cant beat them join them”?. Do you remember when the u.s. created a group up in the northern mountains of Afghanistan that came down after the us invaded, during operation “enduring freedom?” they even had a name for them, the northern coalition or something to that effect. They were planted there in order to take over, (“democratically”) take over after the u.s. got rid of the Taliban. This was a little after the Taliban met with the Bushes in Texas and refused to accept the oil pipe deal. It was all part of the dick Cheney’s tactic of “Empire” and the NWO policy. They told the Taliban “you either accept the deal or we will carpet bomb your fking country”. And they did but the Afghanis resisted.
    Protected by u.s. forces, that group came down from northern Afghanistan after the shock and awe tactic used by the us army at the beginning in tora bora and what have you. They killed a lot of Taliban, but they are now hiding because the Taliban held the fort and are the winners.
    They want to do the same in Syria; the u.s. will train them in Jordan (not in turkey) and they will be there momentarily, in a symbolic presence. “Just in case” that’s all.. Don’t listen to ron paul he is a disgrace and a Zionist, an insignificant traitor to the patriot americans who want a change.
    What are 400 trainers gonna do? Teach some refugees how to shoot an m16? isis has about a million volunteers! they don’t get paid a cent. Do the math, do you know how much money would it be if they were to get a salary?
    the u.s. is scared of this exactly. it is scared of the ideological drive, the love for the cause because that’s the most dangerous weapon. Not some stupid “private contractors” that get paid a thousand dollars a day but duck as soon as they hear a fart!
    That’s why the hezbollah warriors that stood by bashar and tipped the balance in Syria momentarily have proven to be hard core fighters and resisted in such dramatic way. They have saved basher, so far. They are also ideologically driven.
    Its jihad the u.s. and Israel are facing. Not the little island of Grenada or coke snorting Noriega!

    1. i am all in favor of taliban and whichever group bin laden had led before he succumbed to kidney failure because they fought us shabbo killers.
      i am all in favor of hezbollah and the part of hamas that offers stiff resistance to israel and has jew scalps on their belts to show it.

      all others, whose business is to kill other muslims are fake (not to mention other groups, like aboriginal christians who’ve lived in the area 5 centuries longer than the first muslims)

      why is this so hard to accept?

      when isis starts waging war on israel and after the first 200 idf soldiers are killed, i will publicly change my mind.
      count on it – i am saying it here for everyone to witness.
      but until that happens, no way do i give them benefit of doubt – only doubt itself.

      1. Lobro –

        It has become so confusing for us Americans because we (many) understand that our country is so intricately involved with ‘Israel’, our own soldiers are beginning to doubt themselves. It is a good thing, philisophically – but a DANGEROUS thing for our OWN country. Would you suggest we side against our own country? I agree we’ve been hoodwinked – but here we are, nonetheless. (I don’t like ISIS, and I don’t like the rogue state ‘Israel’. What’s a nigga goan DO??!!)

      2. Would you suggest we side against our own country?

        couple of points, gil.
        speaking of taliban and how they are waging war against “our country”, where is the battleground?
        in afghanistan.
        what are “we” doing there?
        and yet, they are terrorists, “we are righteous, good guys”.
        i have a serious, existential size problem with this view and the idea that we (you and me) should be cheering for the attackers who have absolutely zero justification for the decades of genocide there.

        secondly, try to answer just who is this “we”.
        who started this?
        cheney, the pnac cabal who refined the plan of “the clean break” developed in israel for netanyahu back in what was it, eighties? by pretty much the same cabal.
        it is this cabal which you refer to as “we”.
        well, deal me out of that “we”, i ain’t in it, never was, never will be.

        we (the real we) should be clear on this and not let cabalists/kabbalists, talmudists, khazars befuddle our already fluoridated, chemtrailed brains any further.

        don’t just take it lying down, gilby.
        max has a very serious point on that.
        you are a hunter, right?

        except that right now, you are a buck answering the fake call of a khazarian hunter pretending to belong to your species.
        “whoo-hoo, gilby, come join us,together WE will win” – yeah right.

      3. So far the cowardly takfiris have mainly waged war on arab men, women, and children, pretty much the same mo as their Israeli counterparts..

      4. Gil

        In effect, “we” never became the “we” we COULD have BECOME.

        When “we” emigrated from wherever it was and began to assimilate with those who were already here it was game-on in accordance with a formulated agenda that was planned well in advance, and in 1492 the protocolian articulation was completed – the cue for Columbus to enter – stage right, and here comes the Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria.

        How easy it was for the manipulation of religious and political persecution in driving Europeans to the “Americas” to begin there, and further overall, the persecutin’. And how easy has it proved to be in perpetuating it by turning the simplicity of a spirit of freedom possessed by its early settlers with the myriad of lies which has shaped its corruption.

        “We” has never been realized in the state of true freedom its potential for it could have achieved in running concurrent to those whose intention has ALWAYS been to suppress and ultimately destroy that potential. Hell, for that matter “we” can’t even say “we’ve” been a work in progress if most of “us” never even grasped the concept of exactly what it is about to be eternally vigilant for.

  11. The cardinal rule of military aggression is to conceal your aggressive intentions behind a façade of deceptive rhetoric. History is going to show that ISIS and “al qaeda” etc. WERE and ARE the creations of international jewry and/or the clandestine agents thereof, who’ve been able to penetrate into the highest levels of the US government and the so-called “defense” establishment. The only logical answer to that oft-repeated question (“cui bono?”) is that “al qaeda” and its “sister” affiliates are wreaking havoc in the Arab world primarily with the intention of paving the way for a massive future expansion of der judenstaat. What’s going on right now in Syria is basically an Arabic version HELLSTORM. And to paraphrase a famous orator whose name eludes me at the moment : “If al qaeda didn’t exist, it would be necessary to invent al qaeda or something like it.”

  12. In the novel “The Dirty Dozen” a bunch of convicts were enlisted in the fight against Those Evil Nazis. In what amounts to a real life version of that story, convicts are getting a new lease on life when governments provide them with an incentive to fight as mercenaries under the false flags of “al qaeda, “al nusra, “al shebab” and the “free Syrian army” etc.

  13. The bottom line is that jewish state doesn’t really need all of that land. The policies of the jewish state emanate from a torah-based mindset which has a strong psychological need to exterminate the inhabitants of all the neighboring countries. It’s the torah coming to life in real time. Not the Talmud. It’s the Torah. Torah means blood running in the streets and jewry has the financial wherewithal, the pervasive government influence and the media assets which are necessary in order to pull it off.

    1. Strictly speaking, STG, it is talmud that circumvented, or “cloaked” torah. Although the import in making this distinction is not clearly understood.

      At any rate not YET. When it is, though, hold on to your skivvies.

  14. please read the following excerpt from the article and think what is it that is exactly wrong with it../////////////////////////////////
    “U.S. and coalition military forces have continued to attack Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant terrorists in Syria and Iraq”///////////////
    hahaha do you see it?
    the u.s. and france and England crossed oceans, mountains, rivers and fields in their fighter planes to bomb a people in their own country, as it calls them terrorists!
    these are the same three countries that invaded, occupied and robbed, more than half the planet’s countries the world over for the last thousand years!
    read this,
    In 1908 Lord Cromer, then Governor of Egypt, issues the following official policy statement:
    “England was prepared to grant political freedom to all her colonial possessions as soon as a generation of intellectuals and politicians imbued through English education with the ideals of English culture were ready to take over, but under no circumstances would the British Government for a single moment tolerate an independent Islamic state.”
    This policy was declared eight years before the Balfour declaration to create Israel out of Palestine, then a part of Syrian province of the Ottoman Empire. There is no doubt that this policy has been continued to be implemented to present time.
    so, according to Iran, who sees their Shia half moon project disappear as SUNNI isis grows, Israel is A MASOQUIST COUNTRY BECAUSE THEY ARE HELPING ISIS who wants to shut down the Jewish money PRODUCTION the world over.
    yeah, right.

    1. Do we know what Shari’a Law is ?
      Shari’a Law is Islamic Law that orders us
      • not to steal,
      • not to make false testimony,
      • not to covet your friend’s wife,
      • not to commit adultery,
      • not to drink alcohol,
      • not to smoke,
      • not to gamble,
      • not to prostitute your mothers, sisters and daughters,
      • not to have sex with them,
      • not to destroy nature,
      • not to sodomize people,
      • not to take harmful drugs,
      • not to steal other peoples’ lands,
      • not to destroy their crops and livelihood,
      • not to commit murder,
      • not to cheat, swindle, and embezzle,
      • not to practice usury and slavery,
      • not to pollute and waste,
      and if we are found GUILTY OF ANY OF THOSE OFFENCES/CRIMES,
      Which ones of those LAWS would we refuse to live under?
      Who’s been demonizing the very people trying to uphold these?

      1. WHEW!!!

        No wonder it is so easy to recruit 12 year old kids to become suiciders.

        They can’t even own a business…no gambling. Most businesses fail in first year. 80% are gone in 5 years.

        To place consideration on an event where the outcome is unknown up front = gambling.

      2. Ha! Pat –

        Gambling (with Life) is FUN, and exhilarating, no?! When I declined my appointment to military academy, I chose a college which had the same ‘colors’ as the racing colors of a very famous racehorse (Secretariat). It turned out a lousy gamble – but it was FUN! 🙂

      3. And who’s been playing you for all you’re worth Avatar that seeks to undermine all that!!

        C’mon, man. Get yerself that lightbulb moment!

      4. No, Brownhawk, I never met Penny Chenery – but I’ve been to Meadows Farm (which was where the great horse was foaled). That horse is an icon, but he never sired any real winners for the track. He made money for his owners, though, damn sure! (Mrs. Tweedy syndicated him before his Kentucky Derby.)
        Sometimes I watch reruns of his magnificent win at The Belmont. Turcotte said “It was like GOD took the reigns!” (I was in middle school at that time.) (I love the horses, yes I do.)

      5. And Sharia Law obviously works, given the low levels of theft, murder, slavery, pollution, and cheating in the Muslim world.

      6. I love ’em too, Gil, and I watch the rerun of his Belmont. Turcotte was just along for the ride of his life.

        and the track announcer said, “like a tremendous MACHINE!”

  15. Pat –

    Why do you believe Ronald Reagan was bisexual? He was very manly when he was in movies – and used to go hunting in Alaska with one of my great uncles, who was a very ‘manly’ – and MARRIED – gentleman (who had no children)(and who passed away the year after I was born, and who left me one of his fine rifles). (Uncle went to the same racehorse college as I – and married a beauty.)

    My father never made any inference to Reagan being a fag.

    1. The Chapman report.

      Actors are known to be able to play many characters….. straight or crooked…even in real life.

      1. Reagan was a great porn officianado. They called him “Uncle Ronnie” in the biz. Bohemian Grove attendee and all that sort of Molochian bullshit

        You can read all about it in the book, “Thanks for the Memories” which reveals the mind control programs behind what many of these Hollywood characters like “Bob Hope” were all about. He being a top level British Intel agent who was given certain assignments while in Europe doing those shows for the troops during WW2 – in effect an O.S.S. (CIA forerunner) cover routine

  16. The Jews are losing their grip, they are beginning to panic. Oil prices are dropping and the dollar is strengthening because America has come too close to the edge of collapse. The plunging oil prices alone should give warning to the American sheeple that something is dreadfully amiss. Everyone should be taking to the streets screaming, “Peak oil – our collective asses! You thieves have robbed us for far too long and now we’re going to take our pound of flesh as payment in return! “But since Dan Dickbreath’s nightly reports are largely silent on the matter, it’s all just bizness as usual. Still, the Jews in-your-face arrogance is becoming obvious to many of the deadest of the brain dead whites.

    On the German front Frau Haverbeck has proclaimed “No crime scene means there was no crime, we can now dismiss Auschwitz!” How many more old, innocent Germans can the Jews persecute before the world takes notice their grandparents are being persecuted simply to promote a Jewish lie? She has also called for Putin to investigate the Soviet archives for documented evidence of what actually happened at Auschwitz. In the meantime Iran is hosting Holocaust sarcasm contests. All over Europe the indigenous populations are rising against the flood tide of aliens taking over their countries and the old Jew PC memes are rapidly losing ground as valid arguments against white sovereignty everywhere. The Jews are becoming noticed and their stench is truly appalling.

    In the meantime, Israel is arming itself to the teeth with nuclear weapons and supporting technology supplied by the fellating, prostrate, western governments they control with financial fission, all backed by their self imposed myth of “never again”. Never what again? Never another lie about their mythical genocides and persecution? Ya sure. you betcha!

    The break point approaches, the cesspool is going critical. At this point, people everywhere should be alert to the idea that a wounded snake is the most dangerous one of all.

    1. Arch Stanton –

      What we should be trying to figure out (for our own entertainment – because we probably can’t DO anything about it in THIS lifetime) is exactly how it fits into the itinerary of The Protocols, and quit blaming the average ‘Jew’. It should more be styled an exclusive ‘Club’, and the likes of us AIN’T IN IT. We may not like it, but that’s life, I reckon.

      1. gil, just what is meant by the average ‘Jew’, how do you recognize one and pronounce him average.

        and what is meant by ‘average’.
        arithmetically speaking, an average (mean) for a bunch of numbers (simplifying to 1-dimension) is their sum divided by how many are in the bunch.

        so, given the following bunch: {dough feith, richard perle, paul wolfowitz, ben netanyahu, ariel sharon, sheldon adelson, ihor kolomoisky, pamela geller, sarah silverman, elliot abrams}, find me their average.
        would your average jew be something like that?
        or would your average jew be like the average of the following bunch: {brownhawk, lasha, kapoore, pat, ingrid b, gil huntley, uncle toby}

        by the way, the following statistic may be useful (maybe not).
        something like 97% of israelis (jews) supported operation cast lead and judging by the looks of entire communities (of average jews) lounging outdoors, drinks in hand to watch the show presented by the pillar of defense (nice name for slaughter of the innocents that shames the original one by king herod) similar proportion supported enjoyed in typically average jewish fashion it in 2012.
        i have mentioned these self reported (ha’aretz, etc) facts any number of times and yet people happily ignore them.

        you see gil, for me a term “average jew” is something quite different from yours.
        my average jew gets his bar mitzvah where he pledges eternal allegiance to talmudic project of destruction of amalek (all of them, not just average ones like gilbert huntly), sings orgasmically in his kol nidre choir at every yom kippur thinking how he is going to fool the cattle into accepting that an average jew is just an average human being.
        and i base my opinion (despite some who may say that everyone has their own opinion) on hard facts, reported by jews themselves, surveyed in randomly selected thousands.

        We may not like it, but that’s life, I reckon.


        so, keep stroking the heaving mass of scorpions, centipedes, cobras, bot flies, it is a christian thing to do, it will convert them to ladybugs, butterflies, manatees and assorted tinkerbells.

      2. That’s the thing. Technically speaking, you could say “average jew” in recognizing them in varying degrees of being ‘dupes’. Ultimately even these kol nidre choir members have been duped like the rest of us, problem is, they ain’t seein’ the ‘dupery’ affecting them, whereas me, lobro, Gil, et al are seeing it, at whatever point along a spectrum of sheer darkness to blinding light it’s being SEEN.

        And among the so-called “average” jews in particular, secular and otherwise, is afforded a golden opportunity to call out the despicable criminals among them for the primary minions serving the synagogue they ARE.

        Think of a snake. Its head contains a brain getting satanic input. This brain is populated by its chief minions like Rothschild, with assorted shabbo goy sprinkled among them. Slithering down along the body of the snake is populated all those aforementioned choir members whose ‘singing’ is in effect a trance which allows the snake to swallow the goy like how snakes swallow – WHOLE. Then the swallowed goy slowly but surely moves down through the body of the snake and its intestinal tract where they are digested…….well……you get the picture.

    2. “The jews are losing their grip and beginning to panic”

      Ho-hum, like this wasn’t pre-ordained by, you know, said protocols?

      Humanity pathologically played to a fare-thee-well like a cheap pinball machine

  17. I had heard there exists a film with Reagan and female prostitute (a supposed CIA Agent is relating the incident to the “shill” Alex Jones). The prostitute is wearing a device a couple of Lesbians would find vital to their “phallic inabilities” and is using it on Reagan ( yikes!). If true, Would seem that the Bush perverts or others got to him like they did members of congress with children during the 70s and 80s using a date rape kind of drug, and filming it for black mail and entertainment at CIA parties(?).

    No one gets to be a leader of a country (esp. in the US) or even a Pope without having “dirt on them”.

      1. Summer, 1967 at Owls Nest Camp. Around table, left to right: Preston Hotchkis, Ronald Reagan, Harvey Hancock (standing), Richard Nixon, Glenn T. Seaborg, Jack Sparks, (unidentified individual), Frank Lindine, Edwin W. Pauley.

        No one knows their secrets. No one suspects their habits.

        Reagan became a Mason while President.

      2. “The Bohemian Grove, that I attend from time to time—the Easterners and the others come there—but it is the most faggy goddamn thing you could ever imagine, that San Francisco crowd that goes in there; it’s just terrible! I mean I won’t shake hands with anybody from San Francisco.”—
        President Richard M. Nixon on the Watergate tapes, Bohemian Club member starting in 1953

  18. TOBY:

    Joe is officially banned. 99.9% of websites would delete this comment. I can’t be bothered. Joe is the future of America. Maybe 20 years from now every American will sound like Joe. How sad.

    I have a sneaking suspicion that next Darkmoon article in the line-up , coming up next, the next scene in the Darkmoon quasi drama play/ quasi comedy show, is an article praising the “god given” nigger bantu to-the-Heavens, as if the bantu baboon is some sort of “hero” for those of us who are White.

    Never mind the bantu ultimately ardently supports the Commie kike NWO agenda of turning White Europe as nigger, as Mohammedan, as nigger Mohammedan as is possible. Never mind that the baboon questions the holocaust, its a Hero!!! Oh whoop dee do! What a “hero” for those of us who are White and are being genocided by the kike NWO agenda the nigger bantu ardently supports.

    Coming up next at Darkmoon! First comment under this next article will be from “the avatar”. “the avatar” and the “god-given” nigger are avatars. Huntley will be the second to opine, opining on how he kinda likes the bantu. “White” Gilbert of course won’t mention how much the bantu ardently supports the genocide of the White Race. That will be left out of Gilbert’s post, and will be left out of ALL posts written by ALL of you Darkmoon acting troupe players.

    AND you ALL are in Lasha’s acting troupe, that’s 4 fuckin’ damn sure. Aren’t you all glad I’m back!

    Of coursemente, any post of mine will be Censored. Especially if I ask : “Who exactly is the bantu’s “show business” agent, and what exactly is the m’bala m’bala ape agent’s background, heritage, blood/DNA/haplogroup? My bet is you ALL know the info, but will NEVER tell. That’s my bet.

    And I have The Correct View, I just know it. Don’t ask me how I know it, I just do.

    I would tell you all how I know it, except I’m not “allowed” to write long posts.

    It gets Lasha’s and uncle’s panties all tied up in knots. It makes their inner twats come out.

    1. @ Uncle Toby

      Thanks for publishing Joe’s comment. I’m glad to see you have a sense of humor. Comic relief is always welcome.

    2. I listened to the Nixon comments on the Bohemian grove perverts. Hilarious! I wouldn’t want to shake their hands either, or attend such a vile, weird, (and no doubt illegal) event.

      One wonders how men like David Gergen (reflecting on the Alex Jones interview) who claimed to not participate in the “naked” events can appreciate membership in such a “club”, and even defend it.

      Alex once stated that there was a poster Mr. Kissinger bending over – no surprise here. He is a pervert’s pervert and should be locked up for many things he’s done.

    1. I doubt he was forced. Only he ‘knows’ that.
      It was at the end of his last term. Pictures provided below.
      He became a Shrine member as well. Islamic organization.


      The Grand Master of D.C. presented President Reagan with a “Certificate of Honor,” which said that President Reagan’s life was a testament to his firm belief in brotherly love, relief, and truth, and his service to the public has broadened the applications of temperance, fortitude, prudence, and justice to the benefit of all mankind. This Certificate further said that in recognition of President Reagan’s efforts to promote good will and understanding throughout the world, this certificate was issued to him by the Grand Master of D.C. on February 11, 1988. A complete copy of the Certificate is printed at page 67 of the 1988 D.C. Proceedings.
      According to a press release issued by the D.C. Grand Lodge, the two Scottish Rite Grand Commanders jointly gave President Reagan a Scottish Rite Certificate, and the Imperial Potentate gave him a Shrine certificate.  According to The New Age Magazine and The Northern Light Magazine, the Scottish Rite Grand Commanders jointly presented President Reagan with a certificate (a copy of which is shown in The Northern Light Magazine, April 1988 issue, page 12) that “conferred the title of Honorary Scottish Rite Mason,” and the Imperial Potentate presented him with a certificate with the designation “Honorary Member of the Imperial Council” of the Shrine.  The Northern Light Magazine pointed out that the certificate of honor presented by the Grand Lodge of D.C. “should not be confused with the ‘Mason-at-sight’ ceremony performed by a number of other Grand Lodges.”

  19. What an exceptional little lady!! (I looked her up on
    Her outlook is very sane and healthy. Her spirit is of the finest. We can all learn a lot from her. SHE has the type of demeanor which is needed to disrupt the ‘machine’ which is destroying mankind!

  20. Lee
    January 30, 2015 at 6:26 am
    “Name one thing that Isis has done for the benefit of Palestinians, Muslims or Arabs? The enemy is Israel but I don’t see Isis doing anything about the state of Israel. The true resistance is Hizb’Ullah, not Isis.”
    Lee, I don’t know if you are still around but I will answer your question anyway in case some other poster read it and wanted an answer too.
    But first please just Google a map of the area and you will clearly see that isis DOES NOT have borders with so called Israel. isis is in eastern Syria and western Iraq.
    Who has borders with Israel?
    EGYPT; Mubarak sold his soul to Zog America for a billion dollars a year. The people recently kicked out Mubarak and brought Morsi who was from the Muslim brotherhood, but as soon as we saw hope the Mafioso Egyptian army placed him in jail and replaced him with the punk they got now. Just yesterday there were 30 soldiers dead in Sinai from an attack on the army. shit will hit the fan again very soon up there. The last time Egypt fired a bullet on Israel was… hold on, let me get a calculator … mmmm 2015 minus 1973 equals 42. Egypt fired bullets at Israel 42 years ago. Lets put Egypt on stand by while shit hits the fan.
    JORDAN, Jordan gets paid 600 million dollars (and some more under the table from Israel) a year to maintain “calm at the borders”. the last time Jordan fired a bullet at Israel was? the calculator is right here on the desk next to my 45. 2015 minus 1967 equals 48. the last time JORDAN fired a bullet at Israel was 48 yeas ago. Not only it doesn’t fire bullets or missiles or whatever at the Jews but it puts people who dare trying in jail or they just kill them. Jordan is the biggest traitor country, and they do it openly. Isis got a Jordanian fighter plane pilot, you know. I hope they slice his ass and make shish kebab with it for being a race traitor .
    SYRIA, they don’t get money from no one because Israel still got the Golan Heights that belong to Syria. Yet Syria also has not fired a bullet at Israel in 42 years! wtf? isn’t Syria the champion of revolution blah blah blah? No, they are liars, they just want the status quo to continue forever while their corrupt officials eat lobster and drive Mercedes benzes around. Bashar Assad’s brother, Basel, died in a car accident LISTEN TO THIS, died in a LAMBORGHINI CAR ACCIDENT as he rushed to the airport to catch a plane so he could make it to Paris on time to watch Andre Agassi in a tennis game. These are the socialists that rule Syria and want to free Palestine 🙂
    LEBANON. when the plo was there the pflp, plo, dflp, pflp general command, and many other groups (HAMAS HAD NOT BEEN BORN YET) they drove Israel crazy in the south in a war of attrition. Everyday there was an operation that killed Jew soldiers. then Israel invaded, killed 60 thousand people and the plo resisted for three months in Beirut but it was dismantled and left Lebanon in 1982 by ships . “Amal” a shia group that killed a thousand Palestinian youths in refugee camps took over the south. . after a while Amal got weak and Hezbollah, also a shia group was born and took over. They won’t accept Sunnis in their group. The parasitic Syrian army had been in Lebanon for thirty years killing people left and right and any one who opposed them until they killed Hariri. Everybody in Lebanon took to the streets in protest until corrupt Syria left.
    Hezbollah lost sympathy and popularity after the death of Hariri because Hezbollah and Syria are together. Hezbollah controls the border and wont allow any military operations against Israel. They call themselves a resistance front against invasions. They are not liberators: its simple, they don’t have the power to liberate Palestine.
    So we hope isis grows, gets rid of corrupt Assad and get nuclear weapons and make Israel a parking lot. Or an ice ring. Or force it to make peace and not drag their Jew feet to the negotiating table as they do now.
    But for now, isis simply does not have borders to attack. So what are they gonna do? fly over the heads of shia Hezbollah and Syria.?

    1. Avatar, your head is up your ass. There may be some truth in what you say, but anyone with half a brain can see the truth. Hezbollah do not attack anyone, unless provoked, their mission, their honourable mission, is to protect Lebanon. If anyone has betrayed Lebanon in any way, it is the darling of the west, Hariri, and his March 14th buddies, who have tried, on behalf of their western pals, including Israel, to emasculate Hezbollah, the only armed force standing between Lebanon, and Israeli occupation. Anyone who cannot see the beauty of Hezbollah, and what they have done for the region, is beyond sad, they are pathetic.. As for Iran, and Syria, both of whom you condemn, as not having attacked Israel. Both these countries, similarly to the Russian situation with regard to the Ukraine, prefer to negotiate, prefer to avoid confrontation if possible. Unfortunately, confrontation, in the brutal form of takfiris, such as your beloved israelisil, has been forced upon them. Thousands of civilians have been brutalized at the hands of these takfiri heathens, if you can`t see that, then you are, indeed, just another brainwashed, braindead moron, which is probably why you spent time behind bars in Syria..

      A little ps. Anyone who sees footage of what is being inflicted on the Palestinians, on a daily basis, and either condones it, or feels nothing, has to be cold hearted. Every time a fighter jet flies over my home, I have an irrational sense of dread, and cannot imagine what it must be like to be under attack from these aircraft. The Palestinian people, all of them, but especially those in Gaza, are deserving of the utmost awe, and respect. For anyone who is interested, I have on file a website,, the link for which was posted on TUT by someone called Kermit, and which shows many beautiful pics of different parts of Palestine, as it was before hell on earth descended there..

      1. Ingrid

        Thank you for allowing me to use one of my favorite ’20-dollar words’ by saying that your admonitions at Avatar represent the most perspicacious understanding possible when it comes to what’s going on over there.

        It says it all.

        All praises to true freedom fighters – HEZBOLLAH!

    2. Amazing how so many words of Avatar emanate from one single flawed premise – the one that simply doesn’t understand the grand architecture. For that matter, think of what must be by now QUADRILLIONS of words of such nature that have accrued over the ages.

      Why I can’t read Avatar or any others who aren’t breaking the spell that’s lodged within their brains.

      1. so lee yes,
        isis simply does not have borders to attack israel at this time. So what are they gonna do? fly over the heads of shia Hezbollah and Syria who are there to maintain the failed iranian shia half moon project.?
        dont listen to ingrid b shes a got a wig and a moustache

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