109 thoughts to “Alison Weir on the Evils of Zionism (video, 14 mins.)”

  1. “The Jews look forward to world domination. This requires them to maintain their own close-knit identity. If the Jews are given equal legal rights in Russia, but are allowed to keep their ‘State within a State,’ they would be more privileged than the Russians. The consequences of this situation are already clear in Europe.”

    — Fyodor Dostoyevsky, “Diary Of A Writer,” 1877.

    Thanks, Fyodor. And now that the Jews have their own state in the Middle East, thanks to crass American stupidity, it’s even worse.

    1. Although Mr Sardonicus aka “Senor Sardinas” thinks I’m “humourless” and should be got rid off, I’m back and sod Madame Butterfly too. You intellectuals should get on the MSM boards .. maybe some of you do?

      Why does NORBERT on Yahoo say this? Quote

      Norbert • 2 days 18 hours ago Report Abuse

      Dear Waterdog,
      During WW1,The Jewish population of Palestine were 40.000 while there were 600.000 Muslim Arabs.

      The Jews are original inhabitants. They should be there. They should live there with Palestinians. Even, they could have their own country. The PROBLEM IS ZIONISM.

      Please do not put JUDAISM and ZIONISM in the same basket, one is angel the other one is EVIL.

      The ZIONISTS are 100% behind 9/11 attacks on US.
      Please watch, “The Experts Speak Out On 9/11”


      Did he ever read the Talmud? He’s a shill. Must get ready to put the sardines on the BBQ. Want some Sardonicus?

      1. Replying to myself. The “esteemed” Norbert, who most people on this site admires for his “intellect” says on Yahoo that JUDAISM IS AN ANGEL. Laugh out loud Sardonicus … that really is humour, don’t you agree?

      2. LOL..!! 🙂

        It could be that Neither Bart Nor Bert(Norbert) are real…. or one of millions…

        Norbert = ‘Renowned Northerner’

        Some Norberts…

        Saint Norbert of Xanten, German founder of the Premonstratensian order
        Norbert Leo Butz, American stage actor
        Norbert Wiener, American mathematician
        Norbert Putnam, American record producer
        Norbert Michelisz, Hungarian racing driver
        Nobert Brodine, American cinematographer
        Norbert Elias, German-British sociologist


    2. So Pat is part of the deception too. Norbert always started his posts with DEAR Darkmooners, and the same did on Yahoo who describes Judaism as Angelic.

      1. “So Pat is part of the deception too.”

        Try telling that to the monitors… law partners at
        Butterfly, Bernstein and Green.

        Have a guess on me. 🙂

        1. @ Pat

          Pat, please clarify.

          You are clearly implying that “Butterfly, Bernstein and Green” are in some way connected with this website. Are you implying that the Administrators of this website have been picking on you personally by posting under the names of Madame Butterfly, Ruth Bernstein and Dr David Green? Yes or No?

          Three questions:

          1. How have you got it into your head that anyone who criticizes you or finds fault with you in any way on this website is “Admin” attacking you under different names? This is a new form of paranoia!

          2. If the administrators of this website had a grudge against you, as your comment clearly implies, why don’t we just BAN you? Nothing could be easier! 🙂

          3. If you have such hostile feelings against the administrators of this website and the way it’s run, why continue posting here? Why not go elsewhere? There are many other websites you could post on.

          “Try telling that to the monitors…law partners at Butterfly, Bernstein and Green.”

          That comment is frankly an insult. A blatant attack on this website. I’m glad you’ve let us know your real feelings at last. We had no idea you felt like this.

      2. Pat .. So then you must agree that the “Norbert” who posted a reply on Yahoo saying “DEAR Waterlog” … (who says “Dear” to anyone on Yahoo? ) .. this Norbert who on Yahoo describes Judaism as ANGELIC is the same person who has written many articles on this site, but failed to tell Darkmooners that Angels are Jews!!!

      3. How can you be sure it’s the same “Norbert”?

        Welcome back, Red Onions. Stay calm! You need to keep calm to stay sane in this madhouse.

      4. Toby –

        “You are clearly implying that “Butterfly, Bernstein and Green” are in some way connected with this website. Are you implying that the Administrators of this website have been picking on you personally by posting under the names of Madame Butterfly, Ruth Bernstein and Dr David Green? Yes or No?”


        I am clearly implying nothing like what you stated.

        Those three monitor the site and swoop in ONLY when people say something they don’t like.

        Green has apologized for it several times.

        The other two have not.

        Butterfly and Bernstein have never posted info…only harsh, foul-mouthed criticism. They speak the same bad language.

        I have no clue about their origins or if they have connections to admin. And I don’t really care. They could each be 500 lb tattooed men, for all I know.

        I don’t know why you took that invented position.

        1. @ Pat

          “I don’t know why you took that invented position.”

          OK, I apologize. Your tone convinces me that you are absolutely sincere and to be trusted. So I apologize again for getting my wires all tangled up and crossed. It never occurred to me that other posters could be monitoring the site and posting ONLY when “when people say something they don’t like.” On reflection, I think you are right.

          Rest assured on two points though. (1) You are not the only one who has been picked on, and the same people who picked on you at times … I think they may have said good things about you at other times. (2) None of the three posters you mention (Butterfly, Bernstein, Green) are posting any more. Two of them have been blocked. Bernstein hasn’t been blocked but seldom has anything to say. As you know, posters come and go…

          Anyway, sorry again for misjudging you. LD tells me I’m an “idiot” and that I need to be replaced. I think she’s right. But I’m doing my best to keep order in a cyber madhouse where the site itself, and Lasha in particular, are receiving non-stop abuse.

      5. @ Toby

        You said, “You need to keep calm to stay sane in this madhouse.”

        Thanks for the chuckle and it’s good advice.

      6. Toby –

        Your apology is very much appreciated and accepted….. it was not necessary.

        I was actually smiling at your original response, ‘guessing’ you had not understood me completely.

        I never intended to hurt admin or anyone officially connected to the site. Please take no offense…. and just know that I do not take you for an idiot. We all make mistakes.

        Sarcasm is hard to write, especially for a novice like me. It never fails to bite me on the butt. 😉

      7. @Pat

        When you state you don’t have a clue, consider that you’re undermining the ability to know things.

        You have plenty of clues. Maybe a better choice of words is in order instead of using “clue”

  2. Never invite a scorpion into your bed. Don’t place a black widow spider on your pillow at night. Don’t date a femme fatale.

  3. Usa has been , and is used as a powerful golem by the jewish. ALISON WEIR is indeed a great woman and patriot to openly debate this question. Many Americans and Europeans, are just realizing that political correctness is a trap to enslave them mentally,and that reality has been diabolically reversed, history forged and culture distorted. WE all need a true leader, a man who has the skills to organize the cells that are spontaneously connecting . To free ourselves, the golem has to turn against their masters, this is the only way to save us from the jew world order, which is hell on hearth.

  4. The 1st thing I heard in the video is her acknowledgment of Holocaust.
    Thereafter, I had trouble hearing the rest.
    Did she really have to say that or could she have launched into her subject directly?

    Because once you commit to a lie, you will drag that ball and chain until a very public apology is made.
    There are those, like Putin, who play the power game at the highest level and the restrictions of Realpolitik are much more stringent, deceit is not just an offensive weapon but also a shield and I understand how Putin or maybe even Merkel may sully themselves like snipers in the bush smearing their faces with dirt in order to maintain cover.
    They are the power warriors as opposed to the truth warriors.

    But I don’t see it as necessary for someone like Weir or Galloway to prostrate themselves before that twisted god, once they stepped up to that plate of defenders of truth.

    What truth?
    The half truth won’t do because a 50% truth is a 50% lie, a lie can coexist with truth (lie can operate along a continuous range, from 1% to 100% whereas the truth is absolute, categorical, like an on-off light switch).

    For a portrait of a truly courageous woman, see the Ursula Haverbeck interview.
    And she paid the price that Allison Weir is obviously finding too high.

    Still, it’s ok, we’ll take what we can, when we can and adjust sights higher as the cause progresses.

    1. Alison Weir is jewish, and Galloway`s BFF are jews.. In just about every episode of The Debate, on Press TV, there is a jew/zionist apologist, who usually make a point of mentioning the holocaust, or various other jew lies, such as Saddams`wmd`s, or Assad “killing his own people”, or the saudis only wanting the re-installment of the “legitimate” ruler in Yemen. I suppose you could call it keeping the lie/lies alive..

      1. good point Ingrid. I don’t discredit her in any way but when she mentioned the holocause it was like – oh God – really? But I guess it is ‘illegal’ to deny it.

  5. Here we are, right at 27 second mark.

    I was deeply aware of the Nazi Holocaust, sympathetic to israel and had seen the movie Exodus

    Well, if she retracted at some later point. let me know so I can watch the rest of it without obsessive fidgeting.

    1. I am deeply unaware of Nazi Holocaust, unsympathetic to Israel and had not seen the movie Exodus.

    2. Lobro –

      I know the feeling. It happens to me a lot… turned off early because of hypocrisy.

      That’s why I say… everyone has their own truth…. and it changes as facts are added.

      1. Yes Pat, this can form a separate and important discussion – “What is Truth”.

        Own (subjective) truth is a perishable vehicle on the road to absolute truth, it changes and improves as facts are added.
        Refusal to face the facts amounts to a lie, which is why I don’t have time for dogma and have always liked the heretics, even when they are wrong, because of their passion for truth.

        Next topic – “What is a fact?” 🙂

      2. @ Lobro

        Facts change, but the truth does not. As an example, it used to be a fact that the world was flat, but the truth is that it has always been round. A fact can be just a lie that has not been revealed yet.

        Your serve. 🙂

      3. Lobro –
        Ungenius –

        NO MAN knows the ‘absolute truth’ or ALL facts.

        There comes a point in every man’s actions and thoughts when ALL that is left is ‘guessing.’ I guess. 🙂

      4. @Ungenius

        Then again, whither the “fact” of its roundness?

        What “truth” is conveyed by this appearance?

  6. I just got through listening to the “Konzentrationslager” and it truly brought tears to my eyes…
    denying the holocaust is not only inhuman, inmoral and incorrect but it is also a crime; and it should be punished not only by all goverments but also by special scuadrons that shoud chase this monsters around and execute them mercilessly.
    These people -the ones who constantly engage in Negationism, which means the denial of historical crimes against humanity- and who paradoxically deny palestinians their right to exist as a people should be closely monitored and, like i said, be done with, be rid of. They only express pity for the palestinians for the purpose of highlighting the errors of whom they deepely hate..
    I can only hope that one day soon, people of the world realize that the actual monster in the world is the white man who slithers around by these pages -permanently it seems-spreading hate and anti semitism. I also hope that very soon, the grandchildren of abraham, jews and palestinians live together in peace away from the murderous white man who denies the der yassin massacre, even as the jews themselves, admit it..
    I am the avatar and i am a Palestinian.

    1. @THE AVATAR

      “…I just got through listening to the “Konzentrationslager” and it truly brought tears to my eyes…
      denying the holocaust is not only inhuman, inmoral and incorrect but it is also a crime; and it should be punished…”

      No real Palestinian would ever write that way, only a Jew would. Palestinians have no emotional bond with the “Holocaust”. I now understand why you never reacted to some Arabic words when I used them and why you consistently misspell “Deir Yassin”. You are a Jew and probably an Israeli to boot. Are you being paid or are you a volunteer doing his “tribal duty”?

  7. I am the Avatar and I am a Palestinian

    Until you are able to deal with any of the contradictions of the ‘Holocaust’, eg, equal number of living Jews in 1938 and 1948, as reported by Jews themselves, you are neither.

    You are a Talmudic troll defacing this site and as soon as I get back to my proper keyboard, I will prove it to those still taking you seriously.

      1. wiggins, why would I know what happened to Max? He comes, and goes, I imagine he`ll be back..

        I`m glad red onions came back..

      2. OK……sorry to boil your brains out. I think the Admin have dealt with the question in an earlier post…

  8. “Holocaust” is the covenant with the Demiurge of Lies, the truncated, inverted deity known as G-d (“G minus d”), the Jew’s holiest of holies, Kol Nidre writ large.

    It is the foul womb that birthed Israel, its cannibal spawn.
    No “Holcaust”, no Israel.
    No Israel, no 9-11, no place to run and hide, less leverage apart from gold to buy perverts into power, no endless destruction of Middle East, of Umma, instead of millions of refugees degrading Europe, millions of contended families contributing to their nations’ well being.
    No Israel, … Palestine! bountiful, peaceful and free.

    Ask yourself why is criminalization of truth of “Holocaust” more important to Avatar than peace and freedom of Palestine.
    No Israel, no ISIS, another diabolical creation so dear to Avatar’s black and swampy heart.

    He preaches “peaceful, loving relationship between Jews and Palestinians”, it is not Jews that have flooded Palestine and are murdering the natives, oh no, it is Germans and Spanish and Norwegians who are slaughtering them, oppressing them, destroying their society and history.
    He preaches hatred of white people and European culture, just like Talmud does.
    That’s right, just read Avatar’s gems of wisdom and truth.

    Does anyone still believe for a minute that Avatar is what he claims to be, a Palestinian?
    Show me another Palestinian in the whole world, be he Muslim or Christian, that loves Jews.
    Not a single one of them buys into the crock of steaming turd known as “Holocaust”, the all-time winner of every single Oscar for drama, acting, outrageous scripting.
    Only “Avatar, The Palestinian” 😉

    Oh yeah, and he lives in South America, I think he said Lima once.
    Does anyone remember what Ellie, who despite all her quirks and faults is thousands of times more truthful, human and passionate than this creep, said about Mossad assassins paid off and retired for a requisite 7 years to keep their heads down in Lima – Lay Low In Lima.

    it wouldn’t surprise me at all to find out that this is who you are in reality, a Mossad backstabber who trolls sites like Darkmoon out of boredom and to earn a bit extra cash.

    1. Lobro –

      You might want to envision Palestinians kneeling on their prayer rugs while listening to..
      … “Konzentrationslager”… numerous times each day. Like the Avatar fraud does.

      1. If he were a Muslim he’d never use the title Avatar. It’s that simple.

        All three Abrahamaniacs chant ‘DEATH TO THE IDOLATORS!’
        It’s in their religious DNA.

        Some chant it loudly, some not so loudly and some silently.
        (i heard that)

    2. I just sat down here on the front porch and checked-in here, Pat. Now that you mentioned Ellie, where has she been??? I miss her! 🙁

      1. Hey, it is I who mentioned her.
        And miss the crazy girl too.
        I don’t even care that she may be lying about who she is, it would be what is called a white lie I think, quite harmless.
        I think that at core she has a good heart, unlike this “Palestinian”, who as Pat says, bows to Konzentrationslager 5 times a day, his imam rabbi chanting it from top of the minaret synagogue.

        1. @ Lobro
          @ Justice for Chinese
          @ Gilbert Huntly


          Your fulsome praise for Ellie K and Max Bilney will be music to their ears. That is, if they are still reading the comments here. In which case, they may decide to return to the site after a long absence.They would be welcome. We took no steps to ban them. They left voluntarily or were driven away by the hostile reception they received here from various posters.

          Max Bilney was of course a very entertaining poster who who spent much of his time on this site boasting about his sexual prowess and his 60 “wives” in the Australian Outback. Occasionally he would tell us about his 10-inch penis and regale us with similar locker-room talk. Unfortunately, not everyone on this site appreciated Max’s vulgarity. There were serious posters here who actually wanted to talk about the Jewish problem.

          In any case, this site made no attempt to censor Max Bilney. We never put a block on his posts. And he is perfectly welcome to return whenever he wishes. And those who object to Max’s obscenities should be given the same freedom of speech to tell Max to shut up. Let’s be fair, why should you locker room boys call all the shots? Shouldn’t the women on this site be allowed to post in a penis-free environment?

          We have no women posting on this site right now. Except Ingrid. Every other female poster has been driven away by the vulgarity and male chauvinism they find here in spades.

        2. Re Ellie K

          As for Ellie K, was she driven from this site? Not by us she wasn’t! We gave her every opportunity to make her views known here, even after it was proved that she had attacked this site repeatedly by using multiple sock puppets, all of them praising her to the skies and attacking us viciously. She had also sent hate mail to Lasha in the name of the Jew Aavi Kastner, using the vilest and most defamatory language. That was proved beyond all doubt. She never denied it. As soon as she and Kastner were exposed as Zionist trolls, the hate mail stopped.

          See here:


          The main reason Ellie K raged against this site (and Lasha in particular) was this: the editor of the site, JS Montecristo, had wounded her ego badly by refusing to publish any more of her ill-written, poorly documented, over-the-top articles. Substandard articles in every way. Because no other site was willing touch them with a barge pole either.

          If you defenders of Ellie K think we are under some sort of obligation to publish articles consisting of snake porn and 900-word sentences, you are sadly mistaken! We will not do it. We have never “suppressed” Ellie K’s articles, as she foolishly claims. We have simply rejected them as unpublishable. She is free to send them to other websites for publication, as Monty has repeatedly stated.

          BTW, the administrators of this website are well aware that all your praise for Ellie K, a Zionist troll who has done everything in her power to damage Lasha, is simply a veiled attack on Lasha herself. We are at a loss to understand why you are doing this to Lasha. She has never done any of you the slightest harm, has she?

          Except keep her distance.

      2. Good morning! Thanks for responding to our d’ruthers, Mr. Toby. Yes, I like Maxy, too (though I’d really like to find out if he’s as manly as he boasts! 🙂 ). In truth, though, I really do get great pleasure out of reading Ellie K. Lasha cannot possibly have time to write articles to furnish us with enough female smarts, so Ellie is a wonderful (and smart!) diversion. I can’t really tell whether it’s theatrics or definite clash which makes she and Lasha poorly disposed toward each other – but it’s certainly interesting. 🙂

        1. Well, Gilbert, I hope Ellie reads your post and decides to respond to your compliments. The least she can do is say “Thank you for being so nice to me!” 🙂

      3. Hell, Toby. I see your most recent comment preceded the posting of my own. To address your accusation, I doubt that ANY of us holds Ellie in higher esteem than we hold Lasha. Her hurt feelings are not well-founded (but I understand). Lasha has brought nothing but piercingly interesting articles and viewpoints for all to ponder. I say, unashamedly, that I adore the notion of her, myself (having never met she NOR Ellie). (For all I know, they could be 300lb. whales – but they have good hearts!)

        1. Gilbert, relax! No one is accusing you of anything. We all LERVE you! 🙂

          Seriously though, we welcome your robust sanity and sunny good humor on this site. Nothing seems to faze you for long. You talk like an honorable man and have the soul of a poet! And I’m sure Lasha will be pleased with the nice things you say about her…

          Lasha does believe very strongly though that all this fulsome praise for Ellie K, emanating from another poster she has known for 10 years and whom she regards as a personal friend, is in fact a veiled attack on her. A sneaky, underhand attack. I am not allowed to reveal this poster’s name. He knows who he is — and if the cap fits, let him wear it.

          Too bad he should turn against Lasha after all these years.

      4. Lasha does believe very strongly though that all this fulsome praise for Ellie K, emanating from another poster she has known for 10 years and whom she regards as a personal friend, is in fact a veiled attack on her. A sneaky, underhand attack. I am not allowed to reveal this poster’s name. He knows who he is — and if the cap fits, let him wear it.
        Too bad he should turn against Lasha after all these years.

        Toby, it was clearly intended for me.
        Lasha has known me for 10 years and regards me her personal friend or should it be in the past tense if she sees this as a PERSONAL attack?
        The only other poster that might possibly fit the above description would be Homer (hp).
        I have no doubt that it is Homer who caused such outrageous offense, I sense the vibes in the air whereby he prefers Ellie to Avatar and I merely subconsciously picked up those vibes and relayed them sideways into my post about Avatar.

        There I said that she is a crazy girl who I miss (or rather, miss her comments, given that she last posted what, about 2 months ago?).
        I said that she may (ie, may not) be lying about being haughty Madame Rothschild but in advance forgave her because the lie, if such it was, was quite harmless (to me, to Rothschilds and to everyone else).
        This passes for FULSOME PRAISE, I just can’t imagine how it can be called anything but fulsome, can you, Toby?

        So, let’s say that I applied praise of equivalent fulsomeness to Lasha, (here I am winging it for the sake of argument):
        “I miss Lasha, the crazy girl and don’t even care if she is lying about her origins, she may be a gap-toothed Filipino housekeeper but I like her anyway”
        Ask Lasha, would she preen proudly in front of full length mirror, reciting over and over again the words of fulsome praise.
        And Ellie, of course, be consumed in fit of burning anger, that I, Lobro, whom she may have at one time considered a friend, insulted her so mercilessly and showed myself that behind the veil of bonhomie lurks a sneaky, underhanded bastard.

        There is more, which is not aimed at me, so that is one shoe I don’t have to wear, stuff about Max and how he drove all the women posters away and the rest of us are vulgar, locker room boys that only Ingrid can tolerate.
        I will let someone else deal with that …

        Toby, do you see how ridiculous all this is?
        And all I did was to compare Ellie favorably to Avatar, which was the detonator for something far more explosive, pent up beneath.
        Would it help if I retracted and said that I greatly prefer reading Avatar to Ellie?

        C’mon Avatar, post something nasty and stupid, fresh from the hasbara bake shop, so I can praise it in relation to Ellie who helped out you with her reference to Lima.
        We’ll get even with her.

        1. Lobro, you are inimitable. Stay unique! Never change. I sense your feelings have been hurt and I wish I could understand all the undercurrents here. But I don’t. Take it from me, a benevolent Uncle figure, that if ever you decide to leave this site in disgust you will be sorely missed. And Lasha will probably miss you more than anyone else because she is a strange contradiction of conflicting emotions.

      5. I recall a crazy girl called Ewanme Botha posting on the UK Daily Telegraph site when Simon Heffer wrote a column….kinda reminds me of Ellie.

      6. Toby,
        I know that she is a strange contradiction of conflicting emotions.
        Show me a woman who isn’t and I’ll show you a road construction crew dyke.
        I have completely given up trying to figure them out and as a matter of fact, don’t want to anymore.

        What you don’t know can’t hurt you, or maybe it can, as the foregoing example shows.
        Anyway, wish her well and assure that I would never skunk off silently, sneakily and underhandedly.

        And she is indeed even uniquer than I or that other woman, the shameless hussy! 😀

    3. He certainly seems to deal in pretty shady “business” ventures in deepest Peru. Leaves his weapons with trusted “friends”..

      1. Max is currently in Florida, at Cape Kennedy Space Center overseeing Emerick’s satellite project, making sure the NASA NAZIS get it off into outer space without a glitch , and Ellie is traveling through Europe right now buying up radio stations and teevee stations so when Emerick’s satellite is launched into deep space, the teevee and radio stations in Europe will be all set-up to receive Emerick’s transmissions.

        Alex Jones, having solved all of America’s problems, is now going to solve all of Europe’s problems. I know that’s true ’cause Jones has wealthy jew backers and plus “our” Wizard of OZ Max is right there right next to the lucky leprechaun Alex Emerick Jones. Max is waving his Wizard of OZ magic wand over Emerick’s head, so I know for sure Jones will be a Big Hit in Europe.

        Ellie just recently married Et Tu Britass and plus she’s busy with Emerick’s Europe Project.

        The Earth is not the center of the Universe. Contrary to popular belief, the Sun ain’t the center of the Universe either. Planet Kolob is THE CENTER of the Universe. Everybody should know that by now.

      2. The tension between Ellie and Lasha is a religious/spiritual issue. Ellie is an “EX” “Catholic” — she can no longer believe that Catholic stuff , Ellie has lost her Faith– and Lasha remains a firm “Catholic”, “Catholic” Lasha keeps The Faith. So there’s tension, LOL LOL LOL….

        We know Lasha is a real Catholic because Lasha presents herself to the world with a Mohammedan burqa on her head. So it’s real obvious Lasha has a deep LERV for the Catholic Faith, LOL LOL LOL….

      3. No veils please, this is Darkmoon where Lasha wears a veil every day. We here at Darkmoon don’t care for veils and veiled attacks are something we find awfully underhanded, LOL LOL LOL …..

    4. I agree lobro. I used to post here back in 2012 under the monicker Jack, “Israel seeks war on Iran to keep lid on 9/11”, and ever since this site has banned Ellie in my opinion the place has gone almost eerily quiet.

      1. @ J.B.

        Three points:

        (1) Ellie K has NOT been “banned”, as I’ve just made crystal clear.
        (2) The site has not gone “eerily quiet” since 2012, as you claim. Our Alexa ranking is now far higher than it was in 2012 and we have more readers now than we’ve had at any time.
        (3) You are probably a Jewish supporter of Ellie K, a known Zionist troll, as your Jewish name would seem to indicate. The name in your email address is “Jack Bedermeier”. That’s a Jewish name, isn’t it?

    5. Right, all the shit of the last decades would not have taken place had humanity had the courage to deal decisively with the AshkeNazi filth a hundred years ago once and for all. But instead of exterminating the Jews we genocide our own. Europe is overrun and will be bankrupted by ME refugees because of the corrupt American puppets and their Jewish puppet masters. Time to present them the bill.

  9. The holocaust mith is a very deeply inculcated in the mind of the almost totality of the western citizens. We have been brainwashed since childood, and I admit to have believed the official narrative . Like the majority of the european citizens, I thought that the gas chambers really killed jewish, and that the final solution was just death. I considered the ambush of teutoburg by the treacherous Arminio, and I thought that Germans were indeed a race capable of massive slaughter of women and children. I was wrong, now I know, but to reach the truth I spent many sleepless night reading books and searching internet. Thanks God I did not die ignorant. For this reason , I think that any step toward the exposition of the jews,is an act of courage and honour. I respect ALISON WEIIR, she is a patriot and a great woman: expose zionism is not easy in Jewish dominated west. Of course she paid homenage to the holocaust upfront, but I guess she probably even believed what she said. Anyway you cannot demolish such a monumental building of lies and distortion with a direct shot . To destroy the holohoax and free the minds we have to oust the jews from power. God bless all of you.

  10. BN: “I will nationalize the media”(1:46)
    BN: “a nation where the Jewish agenda no longer holds sway” (2:16)


    I think the media need to be nationalized first before they nationalize the banks so jews can’t freak people out and make them think the government are going to steal their money.



  11. @Toby

    I noticed the other morning that Lasha had composed a very interesting article on modern female degeneracy. Why did y’all take it down so quickly? Most of us, here, already understand the underlying devilry of Jewry – but females of ALL persuasions are universally observed. I hope you repost the article. Gotta go, for now, but I might be back on here this evening, and I hope we’ve been able to assuage any hurt caused to your fine niece. (I understand nieces – as I have a very fine one, myself.)

  12. Thanks Admin. By the way I am not a troll just someone who can tell the difference between quality and latrine. It seems to me that whoever has a nice word to say about Ellie that person is imediately branded a troll. Is praising not allowed here? Talk about dictatorship! Don’t think I like her. I hate the Rothschilds, only she was uniquely erudite and an absolute pleasure to read, unlike the crap you and your posters now churn out.

  13. Has my post gone down the latrine has it Toby? Well here it is again. Ellie was a darling and an absolute pleasure to read, unlike the crap you now churn out here.

  14. Lasha Darkmoon, you fucking slut. I post three favourable comments about a person whom you happen to hate and none of them are published. Are we all meant to hate the same people you hate are we? What’s this talk about free speech when you yourself behave like your fucking Inquisition? I told you I hate the Rothschilds didn’t I, only I liked Ellie because of her erudition and her beautiful writing. She was a queen and your latrine of a site now really stinks.

    1. @ J.B.

      None of your posts were censored. They simply went for automatic monitoring and were approved as soon as we saw them. We don’t babysit our computer 24/7.

      As for Lasha Darkmoon — “fucking slut”, as you call her, she has nothing to do with the monitoring of this website and doesn’t have time to read the comments. I doubt if she has even read your abusive comment. She’s in hospital right now, separated from her computer, after falling off a runaway horse. Nothing serious fortunately. just few bruises and a sprained ankle.

      Please don’t post here any more. If you do, you will end up in spamblinka.

      1. I didn’t know Lasha rides. I wish her well. As I told my daughter when she started riding: ‘You can’t FIGHT a 1200lb. athlete!’. Remember that always, dear Lasha… Horse are athletes almost from the time they’re foaled. They get up walking to their teet. I love them – especially the fleet racehorses – because they are living beauty and nobility to this shoddy world. Always, gentlemen have been very proud of their horses, from Ghengis Khan to now. They resemble all that is noble and strong. (It is no wonder our darling wants to ride them and feel their power!) (She is of the same breed.)

        1. @ Gilbert Huntly

          “Always, gentlemen have been very proud of their horses, from Genghiz Khan to now.”

          C’mon Gilbert, get a grip! Genghiz Khan was hardly a gentleman. 🙂

      2. I gave up horse riding decades ago after the horse I was riding tried to knock me off its back by bolting to a nearby tree with a low limb. I stayed on, but learned my lesson. Lesson: Horses look much more majestic when someone else is riding them and you do not have to worry about spilling your beer. 🙂

        Horses are not as dumb as some folks think that are.

        Well wishes to Lasha. Be thankful that God made the human body with the ability to heal.

      3. TOBY: We suspect this comment comes from someone in the Ellie K circle, probably the man (or woman) Ellie K is living with. Or a personal friend of Ellie’s. It doesn’t bear the hallmarks of Ellie K’s style.

        “Clara” has obviously made a very deep study of our website in order to come up with the two fascinating quotes by Lasha’s sister Lucy Skipping. Only Ellie K or the circle surrounding her would have taken the trouble to ferret out these obscure posts written by Lucy Skipping referring to previous horse-riding accidents in which Lasha has been involved. Even I had completely forgotten about these past accidents in which Lasha lost control while riding.

        The reason this has happened more than once is that Lasha is an amateur equestrian and her best friend owns a stable, so Lasha is frequently asked to exercise the horses. Lasha is not a particularly good rider but adores horses like most women of her class. She has been advised not to ride horses bare-backed but has been known to ignore this sound advice. “I don’t like saddles,” she says.”Using saddles is like having sex with condoms.”

        I repost Clara’s comment here exactly as written.

        CLARA SAYS:

        Lasha fell off a horse, did she? G-e-e-e! What a coincidence! Lasha appears to have fallen off horses many times in her chequered equestrian career. Perhaps it’s time the Catholic nun gave up riding horses and mounted a man instead! This way, she may well find herself being raised rather than fallen! Here is her unfortunate history:

        Lucy Skipping
        Feb 11, 2010 at 2:28 pm
        Dr. Lasha Darkmoon: Multiculturalism — An Open Letter
        ”Please forgive brevity of response. Lasha fell off a frisky mare and sprained her typing wrist …”

        Lucy Skipping
        December 9, 2011 at 3:15 pm
        Ciao Isabella! Hope you are well. Lasha cannot write just now. She’s in bed on painkillers. She fell off a horse this morning, silly thing!… I’m trying to persuade her to give up riding, but she just won’t listen and chooses all the wildest mustangs! Bye for now. L

        It seems to me that falling is Lasha’a second nature. And what’s this business about us not being allowed to praise Ellie K? I myself and many others have always found her great, and the fact that the two hate each other doesn’t mean that we should side with the one or the other; we should simply go where the truth leads us, and I have always found Ellie K to be a hundred times more honest than Lasha. Perhaps next time Lasha should try riding pillion instead; it’ll save her the strenuous effort of having to spread her legs without losing any of the pleasures which riding a huge piece of meat like that can bring!


        1. @ Clara

          I myself and many others have always found her [Ellie K] great, and the fact that the two hate each other doesn’t mean that we should side with the one or the other…

          I just wanted to correct your false impression that Lasha “hates” Ellie K. She has never said so in any personal statement to me or in any comment on this website. If Lasha had “hated” Ellie as you state, she would never have consented to edit Ellie’s articles for publication on this website, especially the first article on the death camps to which she added huge chunks of her own and made substantial deletions, also shortening EK’s extremely long sentences.

          Nor would Lasha have invited Ellie K to be her guest for dinner and drinks at one of the most exclusive hotels in the world, Claridges’ Hotel in London. That invitation to Ellie was made on this website and everyone is free to read it. And the reason it was made on this website was that Ellie K had changed her email address yet again, making it impossible for Lasha to communicate with her in any other way. This is hardly the way Lasha would behave if she “hated” Ellie K, is it?

          There are also frequent comments on this site in which Lasha has addressed Ellie K kindly and even called her “darling” and “darlingest”. So please, let’s have no nonsense about Lasha “hating” Ellie K! Lasha doesn’t do hate. It is against Lasha’s deepest religious instincts and her own inner nature to hate anyone. She is the only professed anti-Semite I know who is prepared to love the Jews even — “provided they clean up their act”. (Lasha’s own words).

      4. Horseback riding???

        See how easy it is to get ‘off-topic.’

        Where da A-Bombs and Jap Jews..?? 😉

      5. @Gilbert

        Horses are the greatest animals of them all, if you ask me. I love mine like I love my kids

        And btw, I wish American Pharoah’s connections didn’t run him in the Travers, then again, he joined the best of company in Secretariat in getting beat at Saratoga, the “graveyard of champions”.

        If Baffert trains him up to the Breeder’s Cup Classic that’d be OK. But even if they retire him that’s OK too. After all, what can you possibly do for an encore after winning the Triple Crown?

      6. @Pat

        Sometimes ya gotta keep it light-hearted to balance out all the doom and gloom. Like looking at that little boy on the beach which makes me wanna pull a “lonnie” and start shootin some pricks who are oh so deserving of suffering a slow and painful death

        Know what I’m sayin? 🙂

        1. @ Lasha Darkmoon

          Please for the sake of our humanity stop muddling up Jew with Zionist! There are many many many anti Zionist Jews out here who feel the same way about these corrupt bastards, which you have truthfully pointed out, and for that we can thank you madame. But this is not the time to pogrom the entire population of Hebrews anymore than it is to kill an innocent Muslim for the hateful crimes that these Zionists perpetuate onto and project through the Islamic State militia!

          You can clearly see what’s happening madame, and it’s ugly. We know this. They want an endless war until there are Jewish colonies everywhere, they think that they’re entitled to the land that they slaughtered the Canaanites for so long ago. But there are many many of the tribe of Judah that are peaceful and respectful people who are willing to debate in calm, cool atmosphere with warm and friendly rivals over philosophy and religion, until the matter is resolved and we can each have our own proud and separate, but united by decency, territories.

          With respect to God/Allah’s law , and with respect to yours and our own prophet, Grace be unto Him as well, I bid you good day, madame. And may peace and clarity be with you!

          -Gen. Warloct

  15. Alison Weir is not Jewish. Where the hell did you people get that from?
    But even if she was, so what?
    You guys pestering her about her mentioning of the effing holohoax in the speech are being pretty obtuse…
    I won’t even waste my time explaining why…

    1. “Alison Weir is not Jewish.”

      I can confirm that. The fact that she doesn’t deny the Holocaust doesn’t make her a Zionist troll. Her reputation for honesty and integrity is beyond reproach. She deserves a medal for her good work.

      The work she has done doesn’t require any reference to the Holocaust. For her to go out of her way to drag in this totally irrelevant topic, like referring to an elephant’s trunk when discussing the trunk of a tree, is quite unnecessary.

      Alison sticks to the point: the evils of Zionism and Israel. The Holocaust is not her concern. Strictly off-topic. She leaves the Holocaust to wiser heads on the Darkmoon site. 🙂

      1. For her to go out of her way to drag in this totally irrelevant topic, …, is quite unnecessary.

        My point exactly, so why did she have to drag it in right off the bat at 25 second mark?

        And Holocaust is not irrelevant, it is the centrality of Jew evil, as I pointed out, so to equate it with some otherworldly suffering that only Jews are capable of and therefore exonerates them of any further crimes, whatever they might be is far from irrelevant.
        It is precisely constructed along the lines of the Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement) Prayer To Satan, also known as Kol nidre, where they ask forgiveness for any time they fail to lie, ie, commit sin (so, sorry, will try harder next time).
        So, for Weir to state that she commiserates passionately with Jew “suffering because of Holocaust”, she reaffirms their get-out-of-jail-free card as forever valid and all they are due for is a slap on the wrist which is a speech to assembled presstitutes.
        Therefore, she uses Holocaust in precisely the same way the Jews use it,the ir magical carpet ride and their magical invisibility cloak to do Super Mario evil wherever they please.

        Which is why I would preface every single speech with “Holocaust is a galactic lie to empower galactic evil”.
        And let that ball roll where it may.

        PS: how many times did you read of Holoexcuse, where some rabbi is caught buggering a child in an airport washroom with a suitcase full of crack beside him and when caught, he starts whining that he is a Holocaust survivor whose parents were microwaved at Birkenau?

        She could have safely and wisely kept her mouth shut.
        She could have bravely and stupidly spoken the truth.
        She cowardly and stupidly asserted the mega-lie and her affection for it.

        It wasn’t until I was 45 or so, that I started doubting Holocaust.
        But so what, ever since high school, I was simply allergic and antagonistic to them on an individual basis, they all struck me as ugly and unclean, sneaky and underhanded and I figured they had the Holocaust coming, so I wasn’t sorry for them, never watched Exodus and other pseudo-biblical jew flicks with Charlton Heston grunting in chains while evil pharaoh Yul Brynner (he was a Jew, wasn’t’ he, how typical that in casting a noble Jew they went to a goy and for cowardly, cruel goy they chose a jew mug) swings the whip, happened to see a bit of Holocaust TV serial at friend’s place and we ROFLMAOed while toking on hash oil.

        I guess Alison is a bit slower on uptake, but will grant you, she seems an ok lady.

      2. @ Lobro

        Hey man, calm down! I concede you have a point. If the topic of the Holocaust was strictly speaking “irrelevant”, as I argued, Alison slipped up big time by referring to the Holocaust in the opening words of her talk. She shouldn’t have mentioned the darn word. Skated over the subject.

        I don’t have time to develop the point I want to make because it would take too long. So I’ll give it to you in shorthand and hope you’re smart enough to figure out what I’m trying to say. Two words will sum it all up and help to justify Alison’s approach: “realpolitik” and “discretion”.

        As an ex-academic I can tell you this: if I’d spoken up about the Holocaust when I was teaching, I’d have been out of a job. I had to button my lip. Bottle it all up. Get me? Better to learn discretion and survive and pay the bills than be brave and speak out and end up in the dole queue or selling matchsticks on the street corner.

        On the Occidental Observer, where I first came across Lasha’s writings, there were NO ARTICLES on the Holocaust. Not one of Lasha’s articles mentioned the Holocaust. Same with all the other writers. The Holocaust was a forbidden subject on TOO. Still is. This isn’t because MacDonald is a “Zionist troll.” It’s because he has to survive. Keeping quiet about the Holocaust is a pragmatic decision. Same situation on Greg Johnson’s counter-currents White Nationalist site. Holocaust not discussed there! Rationale given? Holocaust revisionism irrelevant to White Nationalist struggle.

        So, now you know. Realpolitik. It’s how the world works. Have children? At work? You want them to keep their jobs and get promoted? So what chance do they have if they start blabbing, “No Holocaust! Six million Jews never died in gas chambers! Heil Hitler!”

        I tell you, buddy, your kids would be asked to clear their desks in five minutes!

        So give Alison a break, will ya? Keeping a low profile on the Holocaust allows a person of talent to help the anti-Zionist cause with one arm tied behind their backs. That’s why you should cut Galloway some slack also…. If nor Walt and Meersheimer. These guys have to pay lip service to the Holocaust in order to operate in the real world effectively. Otherwise they’re on the street corner, rubbing shoulders with the hobos.

      3. @ Darlington

        An excellent defense of Ms. Weir and others who pay lip service to the HOLOhoax. I was accused of being a Zionist troll for doing the same thing (paying lip service to the Jews’ Holocaust) in my video about the Chinese Holocaust, too. But I did it near the end of my 14-minute video… and only as a rhetorical device, i.e., to jerk the tears from the sheeple, as they say.

        Curiously, it is perfectly fine at DM to deny the Holohoax in Germany, but not the one in Japan…that is a BIG NO NO here, like saying the earth is flat, or something as silly as that. But the preposterous idea of 200,000 japs being instantaneously “vaporized” by a jew-conceived or rather a jew-concocted “atomic bomb” that exploded exactly 500 meters from the ground (LOL) is NOT silly at all here, but SACROSANCT!

        Speaking of The Occidental Observer, perhaps Kevin MacDonald should write a new book and call it “The Culture of Cuckolds” or Cucks for short? Lots of material for that book and there’s one born every minute.


        i liked the old lobro better…like, when he wrote like e.e. cummings…

        1. @ Justice For Chinese


          Curiously, it is perfectly fine at DM to deny the Holohoax in Germany, but not the one in Japan…that is a BIG NO NO here, like saying the earth is flat, or something as silly as that. But the preposterous idea of 200,000 japs being instantaneously “vaporized” by a jew-conceived or rather a jew-concocted “atomic bomb” that exploded exactly 500 meters from the ground (LOL) is NOT silly at all here, but SACROSANCT!”

          An excellent comment, JFC. But I want to correct you on one point. We at Admin don’t agree with you and Pat on the “No Nukes Ever” conspiracy theory. We are supported on this issue by some of the best posters here. These include Franklin Ryckaert, Luca K, and Felix. In fact, an overwhelming majority of posters here support our stance. You can hardly expect us to do a U-turn and say, “Sorry, we’re all wrong! No nukes exist! No nukes EVER existed!” We can’t do a complete U-turn, JFC, just to please you and Pat!

          Be grateful that you and Pat are given the freedom of the Comments section to make your views known. You have not been censored. We don’t censor conspiracy theories we disagree with. But for pragmatic reasons we don’t want our site to be taken over by obsessive-compulsives with an axe to grind on this and that conspiracy when the conspiracy being plugged is, stictly speaking, OFF-TOPIC.

          I think you are intelligent enough to understand this. We don’t mind people telling us, for example, that Hitler died in Argentina at the age of 90. Dublin Mick does this. We have not censored him. But we will delete his posts making this point if he keeps on AD NAUSEAM, in post after off-topic post, reiterating the same damn point and creating a DISTRACTION and DERAILING THE DISCUSSION.

          We allowed Pat and his supporters to introduce the TOTALLY OFF-TOPIC subject of the close genetic link between Jews and Japanese. Did we stop Pat and his fellow conspiracy kooks from belaboring this off-topic point? No, we didn’t! But we didn’t like him derailing the discussion and changing the subject to ANOTHER SUBJECT of his own choice! Trolls try to do that. Pat is NOT a troll, so he should resist the temptation of introducing off-topic subjects and derailing the discussion.

          Are we being needlessly censorious? No. Off-topic comments are welcome, but they should be kept for the end of the thread and not allowed to become the main focus of discussion. We are here to discuss the Jews. Not the moon landings! Not the takeover of Planet Earth by extra-terrestrials! Not the geocentric theory of the Universe with the earth being a flat disc placed on the back of a giant tortoise! By all means refer to these fascinating ideas if you wish, but DON’T MAKE A HABIT OF IT in post after post after post AD NAUSEAM! 🙂

          We once posted an article by Gideon Levy on the Israel-Palestine situation. Comment 1 was TOTALLY OFF-TOPIC. It was a 4,500 word article by Ellie K. Almost every single comment after that ignored the Gideon Levy article. No one said a word about the Palestinians! Ellie K had succeeded in derailing the entire disussion and taking over the entire thread. We let her. Hundreds of comments followed, ALL OFF-TOPIC.

          Is this the way to run a serious website? Obviously not! How would YOU like to write a serious article on China in which you discussed the Opium Wars, only to find 200 comments following which made NO REFERENCE TO CHINA, no reference to your brilliant article! Instead, every single comment discusses the takeover of Planet Earth by little green men from Outer Space!

          Is this the way to un a website? Obviously NOT! 🙂

      4. lobro, I’m with you all the way. I would rather sell apples to rich people in Pa. than betray, as our friend Pat would say; my own truth.

        That vilest of the vile six (6) million # etched on that sigil keystone holding up that hollowco$t black magic arch of lies, don’t fool me.
        Despite all the many (boatloads) faggy French waves of dismissal, I don’t believe nary a word of it. Honest!

  16. Ok, seeing the level of unhealthy emotionalism any mention of Ellie provokes, I will refrain from further mention of this combustive name.
    I brought her up as a counterexample to Avatar and also in relation to “Lima”, and that was all.
    Toby shouldn’t have published Lasha’s reaction, instead she could have warned me privately to stay away from topic.
    To me it seems like a crazy overreaction but then I don’t know the full background of just how much Lasha had to put up with, maybe not even so much from Ellie directly but some of the hangers-on who may be drawn to the name Rothschild like … like flies to custard or something, ahem.

    So, someone comes roaring out of woods and calls Lasha a “f***ing slut”, all in relation to this, to me totally murky set of circumstances.
    That crosses the line and I therefore apologize for having in all innocence set fire to this issue anew.

    I hear that Lasha is hospitalized after fall from an unruly, runaway horse.
    Very sorry to hear that.
    I hope his name is not Lobro.

    1. Lobro –

      I like you a lot for writing so an unlearned man like me can READ you 🙂 . Thanks! Anyhow, I doubt Lasha is pissed at you – she’s just being a pouty girl. She LERVES you. I know. Please don’t take it to heart, as we ALL derive much from your observations!

    2. ELLIE K writing as “Madame de Vendome”

      It’s astonishing, isn’t it, how the mere vibration of the delicate vocal chords, which produce a name, can cause even the best of men to grovel and apologize, even if the name which a man has uttered conjures up in the mind no offensiveness of any kind but only sweet memories and pleasant thoughts. I ascribe this strange phenomenon principally to the force of habit, ground and fortified daily by the threat of Christian conscience, which constantly menaces and reminds the pitiful possessor of it the dangers of error and the consequences of disobedience, a reminder which, being more contemptible than the Judaic race which spawned it, is the most perfect mind-control mechanism ever to be devised by the diabolic mind of man.

      Whatever has Ellie K., done to the fine Lobro to force him to cower like a woman, caught by her unsuspecting man in the act of infidelity, and ask for apology from her whose fairest treatment in life would be daily an hour of the most pleasurable sadistic torture? The fine strokes which Ellie once painted of him, were they more or less genuine? And the merits she ascribed to him, had here anyone ever before uttered them? Who here had been more civil to Lobro than Ellie? Did she not distinguish him above all the others? Did she not say of him that he possesses more brains and wit than the Court of Louis XIV once possessed flavour and art? Didn’t she hint that he is King and she not even a Queen when compared to him? Yes, all this she said, and yet our handsome little traitor quietly moved his pathetic little Christian mind to that black Judaic camp to which he ever so unconsciously belongs; and, apart from apologizing, whilst wiping his running child’s nose, promised never, ever again to utter her name, lest our Catholic Queen Epona is unnecessarily discomfited and made to feel uneasy. Hah! How reliable indeed is the friendship of our fellow man!

      But, what really constituted our little Lobro’s offence, one may rightly ask – for, Lobro has now been rendered irrevocably little, yes? Why, he spat at God and said the most terrible, terrible thing which the mouth of man can ever say: he said: ’’I MISS ELLIE!’’ What mortification and terror this name now here causes! Did you see that, you, dogs? Speaking of dogs, from both camps they reared their ugly heads. Catholic dogs, who never sound more ridiculous than when they bark, promised never again to return here if Ellie so much as passes by! Uncatholic and rich dogs, not to be outdone, threw their entire weight behind her, perplexing, no doubt, all the newcomers here as to how a single person like Ellie can cause so, so much heartache and discord, when from the very first day when she appeared here she strove for nothing more than to make her little input in the human society and warn man about the dangers of the evil Jews. That’s all.

      But, our pious Queen Epona, who appears to be somewhat unacquainted with the delicate art of mounting large pieces of meat between her delicate English thighs, objected to this, like all good ecclesiastics, and, concerned that her little Catholic brother, Lobro, may stray the more, the closer in proximity he got to Ellie, threatened instantaneous excommunication, however subtly, and at a stroke rendered grossly infantile one of the most sublimest geniuses ever to be encountered here; for, it is not Ellie’s but Mme Darkmoon’s execrations and imprecations that our klein little Lobro fears most, utterly oblivious to the honesty and love with which Ellie once painted his candid character portrait.

      And, I wonder, I really do, if Ellie would ever change anything if she were asked to paint her Lobro again? I dare say, NEVER! Remember: scrawny little characters like Lobro change, but not Ellie! Ellie was, is, and for ever will remain the same volcanic, tempestuous, darksome, and yet COSMOS-SHATTERINGLY TRUTHFUL, LOVING AND CANDID. Only, not changing does not mean not adding, for, I am certain that he now appears to Ellie different than he once did, and, as such, she may well speak of him now as Cardinal Mazarin once spoke of Cardinal Barillon after the two had parted company: ”From a distance he appears sufficiently innocuous and good as to make one want to share a dinner with him. But after a little prodding and threatening, he quickly reveals the weakness of his foundation, and is no better a friend to a man than a Jew is to mankind.”

      Don’t worry, friend Lobro, as Ellie will not force you to like her: love is a bit like money and hate: you either have it or you don’t. But know also that you are a petty little man, pettier in fact than Cardinal Barillon ever was, unfit for healthy intrigue and weak at the knees; for, if by turning your back on a genuine human being who once loved you at the first sign of someone else’s displeasure is how you seek approbation and favour in the world, know that to the former strokes with which Ellie once painted you, she is now at liberty to add a quick chiaroscuro around the miniscule chakra of your heart, and impress her formerly grand but now invisible little canvass by describing you as nothing more than a clever little talker, such as are found in the Ladies’ Salons here in Paris, who is a fair friend when the weather is fair, but who, at the very first sign of displeasure by his fellow Catholic sister turns into a pretty little lackey, falls down quickly on his weak knees, and penitently sings the melancholy Litany of Mother Mary, like a little baby. Lobro: in case you have forgotten: real men happen to have testicles! Have you testicles, Lobro?! Ah, but I seem to have quite forgotten, you see! A Dark Moon tends to spawn Black Phantoms! You are a phantom, aren’t you, little Lobro? Yes, you are. Little Lobro. Little, little Lobro.

      Evil Jews.

      Will return. Some day, one day, who knows, who really knows…
      Oh, and P.S.: Lobro, I beg of you: do not respond, and if you do, do not mention the name, ‘’Ellie,’’ or, ”I miss Ellie,” whatever you do, as bad things may happen to you, if not in this world, then certainly in the next.

      1. Will plunge into the comment when mentally composed for a long read, this is after just a quick overflight as if by a reading drone.

        Lasha says, sneaky, underhanded.
        Ellie says, little, little.

        I suppose that what sliver of silver lining there is is that I am just a little,little sneaky and underhanded.
        Not too much.

        Well, having been unceremoniously and publicly turfed out of both ladies’ affections, it gives me a bit of freedom too, doesn’t.
        No longer is there some sort of unspoken, dimly spied code and am I stuck between the hammer and anvil.

        A bit of loosely related advice, Ellie.
        You are an excellent writer, imo, and others beside me enjoy that style (some of course don’t but whoever tries being all things to all people ends up an outcast, little, little sneaky and underhanded).
        Were you to stick to impersonal topics discussed in this blog, you’d go a long ways and whip up the Alexa numbers into stratosphere, given your talent and erudition.
        Like I said, the circumstances of your birth are neither here nor there and only serve as a distraction and entertainment of evil, evil Jews and little, little gawkers.

        Enjoy the blog.

      2. Ellie –

        It is GOOD to know you are somewhere around! Whether you chastise, or not, your words are wonderful to read. I, for one, still love you as much as any corn-pone country boy could! 🙂

      3. addendum, should have been included in the previous but concentration wanders like a riderless horse.

        you are perfectly and democratically entitled to expressing whatever opinion of me is the flavor of the day, i am a big enough boy to submit to it without complaint, like a little, little boy.

        after all, looks like therealoriginaljoe (TROJ) had me pegged right off the bat, because between him, you and lasha, there is a convergence of opinion and i accept whatever fire is beneath the smoke, unaffected like all little creatures are by their littleness, like a mosquito that dodges between raindrops.

        nor will i pull one of those: “aw, you three are just different colored socks on the same puppet”, so popular with those who feel slighted in the least, whatever my faults, being unintentionally ludicrous is not one.

        I would only ask you one thing, a groveling favor, if you will.
        Say what you will about, for and against Lasha, but directly – if you must (I would quite prefer if you didn’t).
        But if you have any sway over the horde of your uncouth admirers, please muzzle them.
        They do much to bring you into surely undeserved disrepute, like a swarm of locusts and flying monkeys trailing some Disney witch.

        1. @ Lobro

          Lasha says I misunderstood what she said. She never used the words “sneaky” or “underhand” about you. Nor did she mention the words “veiled attack”. That was merely me putting a gloss on her words. I forget her exact words…I think she may have said you were “subconsciously piqued” about something. That’s about all.

      4. Toby,
        Whatever the case, I would rather not sync publicly, be they understandings or misunderstandings.
        A soap opera star was never high on my list of career choices.
        I can post my email address here in case she doesn’t have it but it should be readily accessible to you.

        I most certainly wasn’t piqued but being periodically and unjustly accused of backstabbing conduct does tend to rub the skin kind of raw.

        When I was little, my mom called me “her mimosa” and even though I hadn’t cried since age of 7 in second grade, I do chafe easily.

  17. Toby –

    I noticed you chastised me for mentioning ‘Khan’ in context of ‘gentleman’. I would have said ‘David’ (like my favorite horse, King David), but I know how sensitive you are to the notion of ‘David’, and confusing him with Jewry. Just got up. Some friends rode by last evening and we had much to drink… (Their horses behaved!) 🙂

    1. Genghis was the first leader in history to prohibit use of torture.

      We in the enlightened (gentlemanly) West still await this stage of progress …

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