America furious at Russia’s stunning successes in Syria

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Note. The English translation by Kristina Rus is defective in many places. This is a more polished version by Lasha Darkmoon in which the English translation of the original Russian article has been revised and sometimes paraphrased. For further corroboration of American fury at Russia’s successful airstrikes in Syria, see Russia will pay price for Syrian airstrikes, says US defence secretary. See also: The West Fears Russia’s Success in Syria — Not Its Failure


The more Russia looks good,
the more America looks bad

Russian operation in Syria started less than a week ago, but the first results are in. Losses of terrorists number in the thousands, infrastructure is destroyed, and in addition, Russia has shown the entire world who are the actual sponsors of global terrorism, say the experts to Накануне.RU.

The military operation of Russian troops in Syria against ISIL militants started less than a week ago. However, even in that short span of time, a number of landmark events have occurred. First of all, we are talking about a joint statement by the seven countries: France, Germany, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, the UK and the USA, that they are concerned about the strengthening of Russia in the region. A number of countries, primarily the USA, has made some pretty aggressive statements about the Russian mission in Syria.

Here is Russian military expert, Colonel Alexander Zhilin:

“It is too early to draw conclusions, but the emphasis is clear. Here’s the point: in fact, all the statements of the USA have confirmed that ISIL is a non-structural subdivision of that country, i.e., of the United States itself. This terrorist army was created in order to bypass resistance forces (particularly nuclear ones) in order to conduct operations in different parts of the globe. As soon as the Russian air force began to inflict serious blows, the Americans threw a tantrum fit. This is  because ISIL militants had appealed to them for help. When we intervened, US actions demonstrated who is providing “cover” for ISIL. 

Who needs this terrorist cancer?

The whole world saw for itself the face of the global sponsors of terrorism! They saw that a coalition led by the United States is a sham!”

Накануне.RU military expert, Colonel Alexander Zhilin.

LD:  The fact that the US and ISIL (or ISIS) have close ties, and that ISIL is in fact America’s own Frankenstein creation (as al-Qaeda was), is now a well known fact—as this picture illustrates:


Colonel Zhilin noted that, up to this point, ISIL’s advance in Iraq and Syria were due largely to the fact that no one put up any resistance whatever to the ISIL fighters. The ISIL terrorists had at their full disposal the advantages of American space, intelligence, and military-technical exploration. Even the official missions of the anti-ISIL coalition, led by America, resembled a simulation—a pretend attack—striking only at insignificant targets or at empty space in the desert. Amid last week’s events, for example, the efforts of the American pilots in the fight against terrorism was truly laughable. The raids managed to destroy two ISIL excavators!

Another reason for the aggressive reaction from the US to recent events in Syria was the unexpectedly high technical competence of the Russian units.

“I’ll give you one example,” the same military expert explained. “More than 50 aircraft were transported to Syria. More than 2000 people were transported in transport aircraft to Syria. And not one of the vaunted NATO radars in Turkey, Bulgaria or the other countries in the region were efficient enough to record all this activity! Today, the Americans can’t even see our guys working on the ground! We have developed such a system of technical cover—of invisibility, so to speak—that the Pentagon is going crazy! We can see them, but they can’t see us. It’s clear that all their plans have failed.”

Meanwhile, the pilots strictly follow the orders of President Putin and are answerable to him. While in New York, the Russian president proposed to divide the Middle Eastern sky into different sectors of control. The incident with the four Israeli planes, who were pushed out of the Russian sphere of control by Russian pilots, demonstrated this unambiguously.

“We Russians showed that we were serious,” Colonel Zhilin added. “That we mean business.   There is no perfidy here. We alerted everyone in advance what we were about to do. This included Netanyahu. And of course the America knew our intentions too. It seems to me that our “partners” think that Russia will wind snot on a fist. No, that time is over!

LD: “Wind snot on a fist” appears to be a Russian idiom equivalent to the English phrase “eat humble pie”. 

The high standard of the work done by our crews comes as a big surprise to the Americans. They are in shock at our sheer efficiency! A 500-kg bomb, released from a height of 5000 meters, flies smack into the window of a bunker. Straight on target. It’s inconceivable! I’d say we put up a pretty good show! Everything went like clockwork”

One of the results of this first week of bombings of the terrorist militants in Syria is that the world has been given a demonstration of Russia’s high-tech precision weaponry. Russia not only has the most advanced and sophisticated weapons, they also know how to use them professionally.

In regard to the losses of the militants, even the conservative figures given for such a short time are very impressive. Zhilin cited figures of the Israeli and American intelligence, comparing them to Russia’s own figures. According to these data, during the first five days of the operation more than 2,173 fighters were liquidated. Against the background of repeated statements by Barack Obama about the “inefficiency” of the Russian military intervention, these figures offer a stark contradiction. They may even be understated.

According to political analyst Professor Igor Panarin, by October 5,  the number of Islamic militants killed, wounded, missing and deserted amounts to 9,389 people. The expert also refers to the avalanche of deserters—roughly half the total number of those fighting— all of these deserters “fleeing to Iraq, Turkey and Jordan”.

Zhilin added: “The fact that they run in all directions showed one more thing: that they are not fighters for Islam. They are the usual smelly mercenaries who are fighting for money. People will die for faith, but for those who are fighting for money, it makes no sense to die.”

Among the destroyed infrastructure, Panarin named 13 command control posts, 10 ammunition depos, five training camps, five fuel depots, five communication nodes, disguised terrorist bases, the center of special training of militants, a field ammunition depot, and four mini-factories producing armaments. In addition, a number of armored vehicles and weapons systems were destroyed: 19 T-55 tanks, 19 BMP, 18 armored personnel carriers, four MLRS, three artillery guns, and 16 vehicles.

Another important point that should be emphasized is this. Western propaganda linked the first raid with the death of children and civilians. But Zhilin was quick to point out:

“Russia is the only country in the world whose soldiers are held responsible for military action while abroad. Means of objective control, i.e., devices installed on each aircraft, monitor the actions of our crews. These include the striking of targets. Our country is committed to this in principle—the scrupulous avoidance of collateral damage and the needless killing of civilians— while all the other countries, and this applies in particular to NATO and the United States, give their military a free hand to kill and maim civilians without discrimination. These scoundrels have no business to blame us for doing anything militarily, since they are guilty of the most unspeakable crimes themselves!”

LD: The US bombed a hospital run by Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) in Kunduz, Afghanistan, only last weekend, killing twelve doctors and nurses and at least 10 patients, including three children.  An additional 37 people were severely injured,  including 19 members of staff.


Russian source

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  1. Where are all the comments on any article? I posted the last comment three hours ago. Is it because it is the Sabbath and most commentators on DM are really jews? Food for thought.

  2. “Our country is committed to this in principle—the scrupulous avoidance of collateral damage and the needless killing of civilians— ”


    I would guess Colonel Zhilin is as truthful Under Putin as Colonel Ollie North(aka John Caffey in CIA speak) was under Reagan.

  3. If noble and good jews (and there are a few) reject the evil, supremacist Talmud, they would have to reject Judaism. They won’t do that.

  4. Quite frankly I have more faith in the veracity of the Russians, than the excaudate simians in charge of the Monkey’s Paradise,and their lesser baboon colonies, in Europe and elsewhere. Anyone with half a brain knows that the architects of the entire mess in the Middle East reside in Jewish think tanks in the USA.

    1. “Anyone with half a brain knows that the architects of the entire mess in the Middle East reside in Jewish think tanks in the USA.”

      ‘Half a brain’ yields stooges… Rush Limbaugh-types.

      I use my ‘whole brain’….. the Jew Pharisees do too in ‘think tanks.’

      Let’s encourage people with ‘whole brains’ to compete with their ‘think tanks.’

      They are not that smart… just cunning liars.

      Expose by name who is behind… and in the ‘military industrial complex’…. businesses profiting from mayhem.

      They cannot be beaten if they are not mentioned. Their secret to success all these centuries…. darkness… silence….. hidden..!!

      1. Very well put.

        Multiply the square root of treason/evil

        Times the arrogant ignorance of the “mutt” culture in this open sewer

        you’ll come up with the square root of a dying nation.

        Which equals a better life for the vast majority of people on this planet.

        Where Russia/Germany chaffed under the Synagogue, the west, (U.S. & Britain specifically), wallow in the filth. Isn’t it time the world was “cleansed” of this pariah erroneously dubbed “the chosen”?

      2. @ Pat. What’s going DOWN with Glencore these days. Glencore, formerly Marc Rich who wasn’t a mere Mossad Agent and multi-billionaire, he was up there with the elite jewish club, friends of Israeli Presidents and Prime Ministers. Ivan Glasenberg, the Glencore CEO is a close friend of the heir apparent Nathaniel Rothschild. Marc Rich ran a pipeline of oil from Iran to Israel. All in it together.

        3 days ago “Glencore’s $100 Billion ‘Gorilla’ Means Bad News for Banks.”

        Global financial firms’ estimated $100 billion or more exposure to Glencore Plc may draw more scrutiny as regulatory stress tests approach after the commodity giant’s stock plunge this year, according to Bank of America Corp.

        Bank shareholders and regulators may be concerned that Glencore’s debt and trade finance deals, of which a “significant majority” are unsecured, will reveal higher-than-expected risk and require more capital once the lenders are put through U.S. and U.K.

        Loans to the industry have come under scrutiny as the price of oil, copper and other commodities fell to the lowest in 16 years amid weakening demand from China. Glencore, the Swiss producer and trader of commodities led by billionaire Ivan Glasenberg, has pledged to cut debt by $10 billion and revealed more detail about its financing to mollify investors. On Dec. 1, the Bank of England releases its second round of stress tests, in which it has pledged to examine U.K. banks’ commodities exposure.

  5. LS…

    Schoeshineboy Hobama is losing his shine very quickly . If ever had any to start with.

    1. I think he would rather be playing golf than dealing with crises’ . Shame his Zio government have got him strung up like a Thanksgiving turkey….oh! and Oregon awaits him.

  6. Is there any more safe nation than the US repl.? Three oceans that make up naturally borders.
    What the heck is this NATION defending in the middle east but a looting range?

    1. Lobro, was unable to access.. I entered my e-mail address, but they wanted me to register with Google, and I don`t want to..

      1. Ingrid –

        It just showed the reason that Jew arms manufactures in Russia got “shakes”… shaking their purses when they get orders to ship more rockets and ammo.

        See Klimovskii Company.


        Russia sold weapons worth $10 billion in 2014, a 9% increase over the preceding year, says IHS Jane’s Annual Defence Budgets Review. However, Rosoboronexport says that in 2014 Russian arms exports were $3 billion higher than the figure published by IHS Jane’s. Against the background of what the United States achieved during this period, even this figure loses its impressiveness. In 2014, US arms manufacturers sold weapons worth $23.7 billion, racking up a 19% growth over the previous year. In other words, even if we make an adjustment, in terms of absolute value ​​(American weapons being more expensive), the growth of US sales dynamics are almost two times higher than that of Russia’s.

      2. @Pat, just left a comment on Press TV re. gun violence in the US, saying just that, that the US profits from both war, and gun violence. Apparently, weapons sales in the US have increased dramatically in recent years. How can those profiting from death live with themselves?

      3. Ingrid –

        Gun violence in US is not near what it was… especially in 1920s thru 70s.

        It is more reported these days. So, it looks worse.

        I am surprised how few there are in relation to 500 million guns in US.

        The MSM never reports on women’s lives saved with guns. That happens daily.

        Most women carried derringers in their purses for many decades in 19th and 20th centuries.

        Better to have one and not need it, than need one and not have it.

        Demonize the people… not the gun or knife or club or any inanimate object.

        Hospitals and Swimming pools – each – kill more children than guns do in US.

      4. Ingrid,
        i have no clue why your details would matter when accessing this site
        intifada-palestine is not a google property and you should be able to contact the site without applying for a google visa.
        The video shows 2 russian gun choppers making repeated passes at ultra-low height, say 10 feet above ground, strafing and nailing multiple ISIS targets.
        The show is breathtaking in displaying their virtuosity and accuracy and belies the claims of those dismissive of their military prowess – i haven’t seen anything like it yet, and they are bound to improve with experience.
        Just think that (the REAL) Palestinians are cheering on sidelines with joyful shouts of Allahu-Akbar instead of weeping, gnashing teeth in impotent frustration as ISIS is taken out with surgical precision, to Avatar’s grief.

        No wonder Jews are cowering back in their stolen sandlot and Americans screaming blue murder as instructed by Master Jew, who very clearly is not the only player at the chessboard, those who claim different are not even qualified for checkers game, maybe time to read the tic-tac-toe manual to get started.

        Let someone tell me, why would Jew, after all the trouble of inventing, training, equipping and sending tens of thousands of taqfiri mercs out in the field to accomplish the dissolution of Syria and Iran’s growing arc of power in Middle East all of a sudden wish to destroy their precious creation (ISIS) through Russian intervention?
        Just tell me this.
        Maybe Avatar could.

        Those whose brains are scrambled by over-exposure to Jew’s eggbeater are simply unable to do basic rithmetik and 2+2 is a Gordian knot beyond their abilities.
        They couldn’t tell the insurrection of Jesus apart from Mossad “art students” longhairs proliferating at their doorstep selling copies of Exodus.

        But hey, those who refuse to see are welcome to their crevices under the rock.
        Cows will come home and much contentedly while they babble on about on about dots swimming in their retinas.

      5. Lobro, thanks for the link, and the explanation. Someone had posted a link to a couple of these videos on another thread, but without explaining what was taking place, and, unless you know that, it just looks like helicopters flying around. It must give the Syrian forces on the ground a feeling of hope, a swelling of the chest, (I must admit to a little emotional swelling of my own). thanks again..

      6. @ Pat

        Hospitals and Swimming pools – each – kill more children than guns do in US.

        Well said, Pat! You have a point. A guy checks into a hospital to have his left eye operated on, in the hope of partially restoring his vision in that eye — and guess what? They operate on his right eye which has perfect vision, leaving him totally blind.

        As for swimming pools, I have to admit they’re pretty deadly. Every time I visit one, someone drowns. So far I’ve managed to escape by using my wits. Paddling in the shallow end, that’s my survival technique. 🙂

  7. Why does this confrontation leave me feeling queasy? Perhaps because this is the very kind of low level prelude that leads to all out war. In the same manner that the herd can only be pushed to consistently work six days a week before their productivity plummets, they can only be pushed so far to pursue the war aims of the elite. Historically, intense wars usually last around five years before the goyim herds finally tire of the horror and bloodshed Jews find so delightful. The next war will last about five minutes before the herds once again sicken of the conflict.

    1. It sounds as though the US is turning tail in the PG. Pulled out one of it`s warships, putting it down to “maintenance”..

  8. We can talk about this conflict as one between the US and Russia or between Obama and Putin, but may I draw attention to the fact that behind this conflict is in reality the Jew, since ISIS and all the other “rebel” groups in Syria are essentially creations by Israel with the purpose of the destabilization of Syria for Israel’s security interests? There is an essay by a certain Israeli named Oded Yinon who already in 1982 wrote about the desirability of the destabilization of the Islamic world from Morocco to Pakistan. Here is the part about Syria :

    “The Western front, which on the surface appears more problematic, is in fact less complicated than the Eastern front, in which most of the events that make the headlines have been taking place recently. Lebanon’s total dissolution into five provinces serves as a precendent for the entire Arab world including Egypt, Syria, Iraq and the Arabian peninsula and is already following that track. The dissolution of Syria and Iraq later on into ethnically or religiously unqiue areas such as in Lebanon, is Israel’s primary target on the Eastern front in the long run, while the dissolution of the military power of those states serves as the primary short term target. Syria will fall apart, in accordance with its ethnic and religious structure, into several states such as in present day Lebanon, so that there will be a Shi’ite Alawi state along its coast, a Sunni state in the Aleppo area, another Sunni state in Damascus hostile to its northern neighbor, and the Druzes who will set up a state, maybe even in our Golan, and certainly in the Hauran and in northern Jordan. This state of affairs will be the guarantee for peace and security in the area in the long run, and that aim is already within our reach today.”

    Source : A Strategy for Israel in the Nineteen Eighties, by Oded Yinon, originally in Hebrew in KIVUNIM (“Directions”) a journal for Judaism and Zionism, Issue Nr. 14, Winter 5742, February 1982.

    1. Your assessment, Franklin, must address, “what exactly is ‘Israel’ that goes beyond what is ‘jew’?”

      Otherwise, the bigger picture will never be seen

    2. ” our Golan”? I suppose possession, as they say, is nine tenths of the law..

      It has become apparent, that israel is hand and glove with the saudis in Yemen. They planned on transferring takfiris from Syria to Yemen, but Russia has scuppered their plans. If the Russia/Iran/Iraq/Syria coalition succeeds, the resistance in Yemen, and Palestine, will benefit. Inshaàllah!

  9. Just to show you all again that there is another level to consider; if “Jew” puppet Obama and DC/US Corp were really for the American people and against Russia taking the torch as world leader, then why pray tell has Obama given Jew controlled NSA millions of dollars to create back door’s to make it easier for any of America’s competitors or enemies to hack the American Government, Military and Corporation computers to steal our technology, gather intel etc?

    Obama was trained by the “Jews” KGB. His “Jew” handlers put him in power to give white,Christian America a living version of a 911 controlled demolition, but this time of the USA as a whole. This is being done to empower Eastern, BRICS nations toward the “Jews” genocide plot against whites/Europeans-Christians/nations- their controlled Armageddon.

    Don’t buy that? Ok, why has Jew controlled DC/US Corp made one “free trade” agreement after another (the latest TPP) which has decimated America’s business, manufacturing and infrastructure? Who actually believes that ANYONE could be so stupid as to sign a series of trade deals over the last 25 years straight, specifically designed to destroy American power and make poor and dependent the white/European stock in America, and this too as we are experiencing a genocidal invasion wave of foreign races who have nothing but a seething genocidal hatred for anything white/European, Christian?

    1. Here is another thing to consider. After the collapse of the Soviet Union it would have been totally in America’s and NATO’s interest to make it easy for Russia it be integrated into the West’s camp against the rise of the Yellow man. Instead, the “Jews” raped Russia, humiliated her which facilitated the rise of Putin.

      Putin, made all of the right moves to bring her back to be a World Power except of course persecuting white/Russian nationalists. One can argue that Putin needed to do so because the political ramifications would have been too great to welcome them with open arms while trying to appease the international “Jews” to bring Russia back to prominence. However, is there another reason for this?

      Now look at what Obama did when he came into power. Besides some of the things I listed above, he demanded that US military equipment be left behind in Iraq, equipment picked up and used by ISIS. Then “Jew” controlled DC/US and “Israel” organized the “Jew” take over in Ukraine giving excuse, or pushing Russia into China’s arms; a combo deadly to the west. Then Obama signs TTP which will put the screws to China pushing them toward Russia while putting the last nails in America’s economic coffin.

      After Jew controlled ISIS began attacking Syria, making major gains and to such an extent that it looked like Syria could fall completely, Russia is forced to take action outside of their borders for the first time in decades. For Syria to fall, to be destroyed, is not in the “Jews” interest, otherwise they would and told the Saudi’s to start using mini nukes on Syria like they have in Yemen.

      I believe the international “Jews” who control the money systems of all sides forced Russia into the region to give excuse for drastic measures in the region by America, UK Colonies and NATO. All of this is to set up America for a major military defeat in the region while prompting a response from Russia to strike both west (to secure their flank) and south so as to have a united front from Iran to Iraq to Turkey to Syria.

      If this happens down the road soon, and I think it will, Europe, America and “Israel” will also be forced into the region with all of their might to protect it’s interests and this is especially true if the “Jews” collapse the western economies by way of destroying the dollar as they unleash the millions of non white genocidal invaders against our native white populations. Such a response by the west would be in the “Jews” interest because we wouldn’t be as easily able to defend our native white populations in our home countries from their genocidal invading hordes. Such a response by the West in ME would also force China to strike west by way of the super highway they built that goes directly into Iraq so as to reenforce Russia.

      Now folks, you have Armageddon! You have another all out World War where neither West nor East can win, but will instead accomplish the complete destruction of all super powers except for “Israel” of course, because the “Jews” who control the west completely, will make sure that everyone else falls but them.

      There is a major window of opportunity however. If China and/or Russia completely purge international Jew influence before the all out fight happens in the ME, “Israel” will be forced to allow white western nations military’s inside of her borders which we could use to our benefit as we finally have the opportunity to arrest all of their criminals and take over their JWO Government, having our own version of the Nuremberg trials before the final showdown with the yellow man who’s in competition for control of the planet.

    2. @Tyron

      This is how I will clarify your position in our shared hope for readers to get the true picture:

      The overall plot is to enslave and wipe out the whole of humanity. That this would include all those who are viable in Christ is incidental to this aim, although that is the primary focus. However, none of this is to suggest that BRICS nations (mainly China and Russia) are being elicited as sole antagonists for this purpose in response to the agression from the West.

      The m.o. since time immemorial on this planet is to make humans turn on each other through the steady orchestration of steering events into place with the goal of reaching a desired outcome. Featured NOW by poking the Bear to cause a chain reaction. When you put the word “jew” in quotation marks, you are referring to a race of non-humans led by the engineers of the protocols doing the bidding.

      But in my view, any single World Govt. that results will be short-lived due to the onset of great Earth changes – the REAL 800 lb. gorilla in the room.

      1. Tyron

        I wrote this before reading your post of 10/11 which shows your own form of clarification of your previous post that I was responding to.

        Your assessment is well thought out, as I believe is mine in offering my own form of clarification

  10. Th entire WORLD has seen the horrible behavior of the un-civilized rulers of the so called free world, cannibles
    internal organs ?
    Maybe Obummer thinks these things will make the AFRICAN CANNABLES more acceptable as IMMIGRANTS to the civilized world another stupid idea from DC?

    This is ISRAEL at it’s BEST! Not the best DIPLOMACY for the USA.

  11. i don’t have to read the article to know the americans (jewish zionists etal) are furious at the russians because the americans want to see continued destabilization of the entire area, with more and more refugees pouring into europe, because they want that destabilized too. they consider any vestige of reliable demographic national ethnicity a problem (white people), so they’re mixing ethnicities, by force, in europe, which they’ve been doing in america for decades though the wide open borders. however, in the place they call israel it will remain clear that those so-called jews living there will never permit too much of that. israel will be for the jews only and they intend to control the world from there and their other strongholds. they don’t even want the black ethiopian jews. of course johhn (forbstein cohn) kerry and john (tribe of dan) mccain don’t like it.

    now, this doesn’t mean for sure that putin is not under their control too. i doubt very much that he isn’t, or that the global masonic conspiracy has no play here either. the purported adversity and increased tension between the east and west in this case could very well be part of a bigger plot, just as these deals always have been. if another flaming world war comes out of this i’m sure it will have been contrived and conducted by the global cabal of central banksters, munitions contractors, big religion and monarchy; just like the last two. and watch what happens to the price of oil then.

    also, it isn’t so much absolutely the case that the real americans (baby boomer generation) are totally stupid about every bit of this. i think many of those who have been around since before the vietnam war probably understand the scam well enough. but among those non-fox news observers who do understand it there are plenty who have given up completely on their own government. nobody in the usa expects to be represented, in government where the considerations might be above buying and selling whatever. it’s dysfunctional about any higher ethics. people have given up. now they’re just hiding and sliding as much as possible. but if this does blow all the way, this time i expect a full-on wave of domestic cleansing in the usa, where the new world order jade helm boys will jam on the gray state. maybe all those grateful deadheads who’ve been tuning themselves out will survive the big round-up as no big threat to the security state, but even so, they better be prepared to receive the call when they get the order to go operate the guillotine at the extermination center. at that point the full meaning of the cretin gwb’s statement about “you’re wither with us or you’re with the terrorists” will be made plain.

  12. Lasha, thank you for the news. Unfortunately, it’s just “surface talk”. The present historical events in Syria by Putin and Obama are but “moves on the chessboard” made by the same “chess master”. The “master” is calling “the shots” for both the Russians and the CIA. Israel, the USA corporation, Russia, and NATO countries are all controlled to make the moves. One must look at “who benefits” and why. The actions of Israel and the USA corporation are under the control of the Vatican. Have been for over 100 years. No “leader” of any country makes a move without the consent of the “black pope.” Israel and the USA corporation are but little children being told what to do my “mother”.

  13. james gets it.
    pat gets it.
    how about lasha?
    do you get it honey?
    does everybody in the nsa – intelligence community get it yet?
    i like mat daemon’s line in the bourne movie. “do you even know why you’re supposed to kill me”?

  14. Dr. Ashton Carter is a “Dog of Zionism”. He is trained to bark at anyone who spoils Israeli agenda.

    Dr. Ashton Carter’s ‘kosher credentials’ can be checked by the company he keeps. To name a few, Carter and Philip D. Zelikow, the ‘man behind 9/11’ penned an article in 1998, entitled Catastrophic Terrorism, for the Jewish-controlled CFR magazine. The article detailed America’s reaction to an event like 9/11, and its beneficiaries in the long run. Carter is a great admirer of Bush’s deputy defense secretary Paul Wolfowitz, a US-Israel citizen and supporter of Netanyahu’s racist Likud party. Carters’ close allies also includes John Bolton at the Jewish lobby group American Enterprise Institute (AEI), Dr. Anthony Cordesman, founder Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), a pro-Israel national security consulting group, and Sen. John McCain.

    Carter is known ‘hawkish’ when in comes to US foreign policy towards Iran, Syria, Somalia, Pakistan, N. Korea, China – and even Russia.

    During his 2013 visit to Israel, Carter told Jewish soldiers with the Oketz Canine Unit that “protecting America means protecting Israel.”

  15. How interesting to see the chess moves on the Middle East chess board.
    Back in the 1930’s there was another world leader, this time in Germany, whose rise to power, knowingly or unknowingly, was financed behind the scenes by the same money powers at work today. It has been said by some that the German leader broke from the money power and lead his people in a crusade to destroy Talmudic-communism, known as the USSR, in Russia. This could not be permitted by the money powers that financed the Bolshevik revolution that lead to the terror of the Soviet Union.
    Question: Will the current Russian leader take a page, if he hasn’t already, right out of the German’s leader’ play book of the 1930’s, and be the true leader of the Russian people and their allies and not a cringing sycophant like the “leaders’ of the NATO and the US?
    If, he is true to the interests of his people and the allies of his nation, then the world can expect for the money power to gather all their sycophants of the West and attack the Russian coalition resulting in the destruction of the West, most of the White race, and the rise of the Asiatic to world hegemony. And without the White race the world will descend into the darkest of dark ages and silence will envelope the world.

  16. Good for Russia. Remember what they did in 965 CE to the authentic homeland of these sick pathetic inbreeds. Don’t forget. The US of Gueverica: 100% Zionist property. Since 1784 to the date. 231 years and counting.

  17. Enter Putin wearing the white hat who with his gallant brigades manages to subdue the evil jihadis who love to chop off heads, crucify Christians, and line people against the wall to shoot them (hmm sort of remind you of the bad old commies doesn’t it?). He wipes the map clean. The only problem is that the real bad commies/ fake jihadis are out there still roaming the earth morally bankrupt and super ticked off so they get all their war ships together in the Baltic and decide to punish the gallant soldiers that the world has suddenly fallen in love with…only that doesn’t matter. You see even though the word “democracy” is one of their favorites, they could care less really about any world consensus. They aren’t about to share power with anyone and they really don’t like their plans disrupted. Those plans that are now at least 15 years old about remaking this and that and setting up the world empire to govern slaves subdued and half dead from poison vaccines. Please, Putin, watch your back!

  18. Jesuits are not Christian
    Kabbalistic Jews are not Israelites
    Israelites are not jews.
    Some Jews are talmudists, some are atheists, some believe in the teachings of the torah.
    Israelis are not Israelites.
    Catholics say they are Christian, when in fact they are pagans, worshiping the sun god.
    One cannot stamp a name on a Christian or a Jew and obtain the true meaning of either.
    Please dear readers know the pieces on the board.
    You will never know anything real until you know a pawn from a knight, from a bishop.

  19. REHMAT – The Pope lies. He’s a jesuit. Jesuits are the most depraved men on earth.
    Everyone on the planet should be required to read the jesuit’s oath.
    Frances is pure evil in a white uniform. No one can read the condition of another man’s soul. We can only track another man’s deeds. Evil is what evil does. Behind the facade of “looking good” for the masses of ignorant groupees, he is orchestrating WWIII. He will do it. It will happen.

  20. There are conflicting reports coming in of a Russian or Syrian aircraft having been shot down by Turkish jets. The Daily Mail and Express(the absolute lowest of the gutter press) are quoting social media. The “gentlemen” of the Anus Mundi must be getting desperate. First they report missiles going astray. Then on Sunday they concoct this “report”!

      1. Ingrid –

        Here is a good story I compiled to throw against the wall. 🙂

        The RED CIRCLE in the picture of where the incident was reported to have happened touches the USAF Base in Adana, Turkey, known as ‘INCIRLIK AIR BASE.’ It is huge, with over 5000 Airmen, and Diyarbakır Air Base may be reactivated farther inland.(

        It has been there for 70 years:
        “The decision to build the Incirlik Air Base was made during the Second Cairo Conference in December 1943, but construction works began after the end of the Second World War. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers began construction of the Incirlik Air Base in the spring of 1951. The U.S. Air Force initially planned to use the base as an emergency staging and recovery site for medium and heavy bombers. The Turkish General Staff and the U.S. Air Force signed a joint-use agreement for the new Air Base in December 1954. On 21 February 1955, the Air Base was officially named Adana Air Base, with the 7216th Air Base Squadron as the host unit. This Air Base was renamed the “Incirlik Air Base” on 28 February 1958.”

        **When you read the report below you will know what I mean by the bankers financing both sides.

        The US and Turkey use the same base for opposing purposes.

        “Turkish warplanes frequently use Incirlik. For the past two years, Turkish F-16s have been using it for air patrol missions.
        “US decision-makers see Turkey’s allowing Incirlik to be used by US warplanes for combat missions as a test of the country’s sincerity. The Turkish side hopes to use the US need for Incirlik as an ace in the hole in its clashes with the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) and in an effort to thwart progress in northern Syria by the US-supported Kurdish nationalist Democratic Union Party. But both the United States and Turkey are truly tired from the strategic haggling that has been going on for four months.
        “Although the United States says an agreement on Incirlik doesn’t mean supporting the Kurdish militias in Syria, Ankara doesn’t fully trust the United States.” (no shit?)

      2. Ingrid – I feel more details will help

        They have been given the green light to shoot down “hostile” Russian planes, not any Russian plane.
        Now, how do they assess when a plane is hostile? I suppose if the Russian has locked on to them, but given how jewish the British power has become in its mentality over the last 300 years, it could well be that any Russian plane will be deemed hostile, so your initial comment may well be what is intended.

      3. @Pat, if The Turkish General Staff and the U.S. Air Force signed a joint-use agreement for the new Air Base in December 1954, why did the US need to recently request Turkish permission to use the base?
        I`m kind of glad the yanks and turks don`t quite trust one another..

        @Taras Bulba, hostile Russian planes, friendly Russian planes, good terrorists, bad terrorists, who, in their right mind, could keep up with this stupid mind set?

        @Felix, yes, indeed, it should be interesting. Am keeping fingers, and toes, mentally crossed, for the success of the Russia coalition..

      4. “@Pat, if The Turkish General Staff and the U.S. Air Force signed a joint-use agreement for the new Air Base in December 1954, why did the US need to recently request Turkish permission to use the base?”

        Turkey still owns the base. USAF has to get certain actions cleared for ‘use.’

  21. @Ingrid
    That should be interesting. It looks like Arch Stanton is correct in his misgivings. This could escalate into a “Flash we’re ash” situation.

  22. one of the most astute writers in the blogosphere, Mike king has this for today

    It figures, doesn’t it.
    Too many good observations to pick out the best one, just read the whole thing.
    Still, the esophagus was working overtime to keep the contents down when I came across the infinitely repugnant person of Masha Gessen, of course she had to slither around the background.
    She matches Bernard Henri-Levy is slimeness and doesn’t mind letting it all hang out.

    Still, it shows once again what the Jew’s thoughts and fears are.

    1. And for those who require, or just plain want a little good news to help them through the day, there’s the Carny Queen Hillary’s nose dive into absurdity to enjoy.

      Just yesterday I was practically swooning at the perfect splendor contained in my poor man’s treasure (chocolate malted milkshake) whilst i was reading news of the Carny Queen’s latest crimes that we know of.
      I damn near choked in a fit of involuntary schadenfreude!

      Although it just might have been a little bit voluntary as well, because I was chuckling pretty good as I skipped to the loo to wash the froth from my face..

      1. Homer, what happened with the cackling, bugeyed baboonette?
        A bit out of touch here in la indochine … even tho there are tons of yanks in my hotel, all drinking beerlao and staring vapidly at the round-the-clock cnn news on the bar monitor, i can’t bear to watch it for even a minute.
        Fill me in, bro.

      2. The outing of a CIA agent and the overt disdain of much of the general public, her own hired helpers and even key elements of the M$M, makes for a real pick me up! According to insiders and outsiders, they are all awaiting her inevitable ‘meltdown.’

        Everything she says is heard as subterfuge if not outright lies.
        When the hoi polloi are laughing at you to your face, that’s no small force of nature, no manufactured and measured discourse or moment of discontent. It’s the real thing. Laughter is one of nature’s greatest antiseptics.

        Off the big radar screen, her email scheme is off the charts treason.
        Maintaining a ‘private’ (selectively) hackable email server, available to ‘prospective’ Clinton Foundation contributors/(hackers), is soon to be the coup de gras for her demonic aspirations. She’s the vilest demon of all the candidates. Even the little commie Jew, Sideshow Bernie, can’t match her personal putridity.

        Short of a bolt from on high, this is good news!
        Significant damage to the ‘two for one’ danse macabre special, (with Hillary we also get The Carny Prince Bill, redux), sparked a moment of relief, a sense of victory, a small but vital hope that all is not tainted.

      1. Trey Parker, Matt Stone, Matt Groening (his dad is named Homer) Mike Judge (i made him laugh) and Seth Macfarland should all be awarded Nobel Peace Prize over killers, liars, Dalai Lama rejects and blatant fakers. (duh)

      2. Henry K…. “Political satire became obsolete when Henry Kissinger was awarded the Nobel peace prize.” Tom Lehrer

    2. @ Lobro. Like the eurovision song contest, the Nobel prizes are a joke. It could be they meant something once..

      Just got a little positive feedback on Russia from Val Shadowhawk:

      Me: Another article on Press TV was about the Russians negotiating with the saudis. I suppose they know what they are doing, but I wouldn`t place any importance on al saud.. Yes, the Yemeni are deserving of the utmost respect..
      Val: Diplomacy is the best strategy here. And that what’s it takes. Russia will deal with them accordingly and do what is in the genuine best interest of not only Russia; but ALL of earthly humanity. Many folks are reticent to accept that just yet, but that is where it is.

      1. Houthis are some of the people most deserving of total respect, a ragtag band of rebels, poorly armed but of outstanding warrior spirit, they are giving the superbly armed saudi perverts a run for their money, basically like the hezbollah and jews.

        Avatar is sure to hate them, which is another confirmation and ringing endorsement.

        Actually, look across the big board, Houthis, Hezbollah, Novorossyans – all of the united by manly honor and courage, routing the foul and craven demons whipped out of their holes by the Jew.

        The spirit overcomes the shiny weapons, always did, always will.

        I am sure that Yanks would fight a lot harder if their home turf suffered invasion then if they are just cruising in their humvees and apaches, looking for easy rape and demolition.
        As it is, they are begging to lose and if it comes to the big showdown out East, i wouldn’t put a dime on them.
        Like i said, nothing personal, the same goes for bloated, chicken snipers from Canada.
        Easy kill at 2.5 km and they reap a harvest of medals and Playboy interviews.

      2. Just watched “The Monarchy” on Press TV. The foul Cameron was lying, as usual, about the “impawtance” of nuclear “prevention”, at a cost to the UK taxpayer of billions. His trained seals were, of course, applauding. Compared to this zionist blowhard, Corbyn sounds intelligent, and peaceful..

  23. Great article. I wonder if another reason the Americans might be concerned is that Europe might consider breaking loose from the USA; rejecting its role as an American vassal state. While the US media is flooded with articles on Putin’s actions, the liberal, anti-German, anti-Russian and pro-American magazine Der Spiegel (one of Germany’s biggest media outlets) has had very little to say on what Russia is doing. Could they be re-considering their normally blind support of the USA?

  24. China looks to be the wildcard

    A chain reaction which would begin in the ME will expose the BRICS “Alliance” as being the ‘AINO’ it really is (Alliance In Name Only)

    The West, China, and Russia will essentially be in opposition to each other pursuing their own self-interests, and where the whole cluster f**k ends in a stalemate.

    The dust settles to reveal the one-world govt. that humanity has been shanghaied into (talk about China, eh?)

    That’s the bad news

    The good news is that none of this will be overlooked by one angry Mother (Nature), in whose reality ANY of this is even possible. This will be her cue to go into dog mode and shake off all the pesty fleas (bipedal inhabitants). More dust settles. This time will be a world to exist on new terms –

    No Sumerian redux…

    “…but they don’t want things to get out of control in their plans for corralling humanity into concentrated areas; pales within a greater pale incorporated into one giant and oppressive system (Agenda-21)

    After that most recent major upheaval (the flood) the imps were able to regroup without going through the huge undertaking of starting human inhabitations over from scratch (from an area in the World called the “cradle of civilization”) It would be back to the drawing board, but by now their megalomania had reached fever pitch. In their delusion they believed themselves to be the authoritarians of Life, lording over everyone and everything. And the time had come for their latest plan of total planetary control,

    As always, they had plenty of minions, witting and otherwise, who were positioned in a pyramidal top -to- bottom “need to know only basis” in manipulating its counterfeit grids of authority. Getting them all on the same page wouldn’t be easy, but that didn’t stop them from trying.”

  25. war on terror. terror war on. all war is terrorism. anybody who takes part in it will soon find out, the usa is now a terror state, where the general public are all considered enemy combatants. unless local police resist being militarized and go back to the constitution we’re all going down the big sewer pipe from here.

    but more than just the contracts – the post 9-11 – ww3 scenario world is about protecting the controllers at the top of the pyramid, and probably ultimately about drastically reducing the human population. the ndaa is the ultimate proof of the consummation of dick cheney and donald rumsfeld’s old rex 84 program from the nixon years. anybody can be murdered by the state now, legally, with no paperwork or explanation. the queen’s firewall has been constructed between the people and the executive office, which by executive order “rules” usacorp in her stead. and even the us congress can’t get through it. as nancy pelosi said “we have to pass the bill so we can see what’s in it”. nothing can get through the us congress unless it is approved by the queen and the pope. and they originate a lot of it. the supreme court is full of security state agents.
    look at the long list of authors, film-makers and politicians who have been eliminated, died suddenly for some reason, because their work was threatening the real power structure. danny casolaro, a writer exposing the bush crime family. jim keith, another writer on the underground base complex and secret technology, who actually published danny casolaro’s book -“the octopus”, and now vincent bugliosi, the helter skelter prosecutor, who lately advocated prosecuting bush and cheney for their criminal conduct involving the iraq war. significant truthers are turning up dead everywhere. lots and lots of real doctors too. and as the security state becomes more paranoid the bar will be lowered on who among us are considered threats. everybody on this blog – who’s not a troll. but they need a major conflict to excuse a nationwide sweep of “dissidents and subversives – domestic terrorists”, since the sheepule will not be able to sleep through the big jade helm round-up coming up. the catalyst could be a nuke hit somewhere. a nuke hit would freak the entire country out well enough that the public would roll over for anything. is this where putin and ww3 comes in? maybe.

    1. Funny how everybody at Darkmoon is a world’s leading expert on world power politics, but not one of you Darkmoon world leading experts on world power politics ever foresaw that Putin would intervene in Syria, lol. Just an observation I just had to share, sayin’.

      Everyone knows how I LERV to share my thoughts with all of youse DM world leading experts in world power politics, and world leading experts on every subject under the Sun, Ooops, I mean world leading experts on world power politics and every subject under the black darkness of a dark moon, Ooops, I mean world leading experts on world power politics and every subject under the black darkness of THE BLACK DARKMOON.

      Yep, you all strangled the moon alright, all youse DM world leading experts on world power politics and every subject in the whole wide world.

      1. Unto The Papal Throne of The Mope Pope :

        Of course I know you always censored my posts, but still, you never censored my posts 100%. Pope Julian always censored my posts 100%. But lately, you have indeed been censoring my posts 100%, just like Pope Julian always censored my posts 100%.

        1. Joe,

          I’ve just published a post of yours. So what are you complaining about? I have to be selective in your case. I can’t approve of every single post you make. Especially obscene and totally off-topic rantings!

          I’ve already given you the formula: short, on-topic, polite. If you can do that, you’ll have no problems.

          Unfortunately, 90% of your posts are LONG, OFF-TOPIC, and EXTREMELY IMPOLITE!

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