America’s Self-Destruction

An edited abridgement by Lasha Darkmoon of Dmitry Orlov’s America’s Achilles Heel

File photo of Russian President Putin making a speech during the Victory Parade on Moscow's Red SquareLast Saturday, a massive Victory Parade was held in Moscow commemorating the 70-year anniversary of the surrender of Nazi Germany to the Red Army and the erection of the Soviet flag atop the Reichstag in Berlin.

There were a few unusual aspects to this parade, which I would like to point out, because they conflict with the western official propaganda narrative.

First, it wasn’t just Russian troops that marched in the parade: the troops of 10 other nations took part in it, including the Chinese honor guard and a contingent of Grenadiers from India. Dignitaries from these nations were present in the stands, and the Chinese President Xi Jinping and his wife were seated next to President Vladimir Putin, who, in his speech at the start of the parade, warned against attempts to create a unipolar world—sharp words aimed squarely at the United States and its western allies.

Second, a look at the military hardware that rolled through Red Square or flew over it would indicate that, short of an outright nuclear mutual self-annihilation, there isn’t much that the US military could throw at Russia that Russia couldn’t neutralize.

It would appear that American attempts to isolate Russia have resulted in the exact opposite: if 10 nations, among them the world’s largest economy, comprising some 3 billion people, are willing to set aside their differences and stand shoulder to shoulder with the Russians to counter American attempts at global dominance, then clearly the American plan isn’t going to work at all.

One small detail about the parade is stunning: Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, a Tuvan Buddhist and one of the most respected Russian leaders, who presided over the Emergencies Ministry prior to becoming the Defense Minister, did something none of his predecessors ever did: at the beginning of the ceremony, he made the sign of the cross, in the Russian Orthodox manner. This simple gesture transformed the parade from a display of military pomp to a sacred ritual.

Then followed the slow march with two flags side by side: the Russian flag, and the Soviet flag that flew on top of the Reichstag in Berlin on Victory Day 70 years ago. The march was accompanied by a popular World War II song? Its title? “The Sacred War.” The message is clear: the Russian military, and the Russian people, have put themselves in God’s hands, to do God’s work, to once again sacrifice themselves to save the world from the ravages of an evil empire.

Similar processions took place in many cities throughout Russia, and the total number of participants is estimated at around 4 million. Western press either panned it or billed it as an attempt by Putin to whip up anti-western sentiment. If you think about it just a tiny bit, nothing on this scale could be contrived artificially, and the thought that millions of people would prostitute their dead for propaganda purposes is, frankly, both cynical and insulting.


Instead of collapsing quietly, the US has decided to pick a fight with Russia. It appears to have already lost the fight, but a question remains: How many more countries will the US manage to destroy before the reality of its inevitable defeat and disintegration finally catches up with it?

As Putin said last summer when speaking at the Seliger youth forum, “I get the feeling that no matter what the Americans touch, they end up with Libya or Iraq.”

Indeed, the Americans have been on a tear, destroying one country after another. Iraq has been dismembered, Libya is a no-go zone, Syria is a humanitarian disaster, Egypt is a military dictatorship executing a program of mass imprisonment. The latest fiasco is Yemen, where the pro-American government was recently overthrown.

But it was the previous American foreign policy fiasco, in the Ukraine, which prompted the Russians, along with the Chinese, to signal that the US has taken a step too far, and that all further steps will result in automatic escalation.

The Russian plan, along with China, India, and much of the rest of the world, is to prepare for war with the US, but to do everything possible to avoid it. Time is on their side, because with each passing day they become stronger, while America grows weaker.

While this process runs its course, America might “touch” a few more countries, turning them into a Libya or an Iraq. Is Greece next on the list? What about throwing under the bus the Baltic states — Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania — which are now NATO members, i.e., sacrificial lambs?

There is no question that the Americans will continue to try to create mischief around the world, “touching” vulnerable, exploitable countries, for as long as they can.

But there is another question that deserves to be asked: Do the Americans “touch” themselves? Because if they do, then the next candidate for extreme makeover into a bombed-out wasteland might be the United States itself.

Let’s consider this option.


As the events in Ferguson, and more recently in Baltimore, have indicated, the tensions between African-Americans and the police have escalated to a point where explosions become likely. The American “war on drugs” has been essentially a war on young black (and Latino) men; about a third of young blacks are behind bars. They also run a high risk of being shot by the police.

Given the gradually collapsing economy—close to 100 million working-age Americans are unemployed—it would seem that for an ever-increasing chunk of the population cooperating with the authorities is no longer a useful strategy: you get locked up or killed anyway.

The swift introduction of the military might seem a bit odd, considering that most police departments, even small-town ones, have been heavily militarized in recent years, and even the security people at some school districts now have military vehicles and machine guns. But the progression is a natural one. On the one hand, when people who habitually resort to brute force find that it isn’t working, they naturally assume that this is because they aren’t using enough of it. On the other hand, if the criminal justice system is already a travesty and a shambles, then why not just cut through the red tape and impose martial law?

There is an awful lot of weapons of all sorts in the US already, and more will come in all the time as the US is forced to close overseas military bases due to lack of funds. And this military hardware will probably get used. It will be used because it there. And it will be used in the stupidest possible way: shooting one’s own people.

Bad things happen to militaries when they are ordered to shoot their own people. It is one thing to shoot at “towel-heads” in a far-away land; it is quite another to be ordered to shoot at somebody who could be your own brother down the street from where you grew up. Such orders result in “fragging” — i.e. shooting your own officers — by refusing to follow orders and by opting for the other side.

And that’s where things get interesting. Because, you see, if you shoot at, imprison, and otherwise abuse a defenseless civilian population long enough, what you get in response is an armed insurgency. The place insurgencies are easiest to organize is in prison. Having a third of young American blacks locked up gives them all the opportunity they need to organize an effective insurgency.

To be effective, an insurgency needs lots of weapons. Here, again, there is a procedure for acquiring military technology that has become almost routine. What weapons are being used by ISIS? Why, of course, American ones, which the Americans provided to the regime in Baghdad, and which ISIS took as trophies when the Iraqi army refused to fight and ran away. And what weapons are being used by the Houthi rebels in Yemen? Why, of course, the American ones, which the Americans provided to the now overthrown pro-American regime there. And what are some of the weapons being used by the Syrian regime of Bashar Assad? Why, of course, American ones, sold to them by the Ukrainian government, which got them from the Americans.

There is a pattern here: it seems that whenever Americans arm, train and equip an army, that army stands a really big chance of simply melting away, with the weapons falling into the hands of those who want to use them against American interests. It is hard to see why this same pattern wouldn’t hold once the US places much of itself under military occupation.

And that’s where things get really interesting: a well-armed, well-organized insurgency composed of thoroughly radicalized, outraged people who have absolutely nothing to lose and are fighting for their home turf and their families against a demoralized, defeated US military that has failed spectacularly in every country it has tried recently to subdue.

The US might get to bomb a few more countries before this scenario unfolds, but it seems likely that — unless total war against Russia and China breaks out — that eventually the US will turn on itself and begin attacking its own people.

When that happens, all those countries whose troops marched through Red Square last Saturday won’t have America to kick around any more.

America will have self-destructed.

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  1. I hope the American people wake up before it’s too late and realise the mess their Jewish led government has created for them. Many, including some posters on this board, have a visceral fear of all things Russian. As I have previously stated my father fought on the German side in World War 2. Being a paratrooper he fought in nearly every theatre of operations, including the Russian front. He and every family friend of ours who had fought in Russia expressed nothing but admiration for the Russian soldier and people. Even the great Otto Skorzeny dedicated his memoirs to the common Russian and German soldier. So it is imperative that we bide our time and as the wise Ungenius says, judge the Russians by their fruits. Should anyone wish to download Skorzeny’s memoirs, one may do so here.

    1. “I hope the American people wake up before it’s too late and realise the mess their Jewish led government has created for them.”

      I do too.

      1. Without Jewish management in the US there really would be a mess. Millions who are dependent on government handouts would kill one another if the checks stopped. Those who think they are better manager than Jews are living in a fantasy. Ask any goyish business man who he prefers to manage his money and his answer is Jews.

      2. @ Melvin Polatnik


        Why are you being so unpleasant?

        Say something nice about the goyim.

        Or I will think you are a philosemite.

    2. I’m sure General Patton knew your father as a ‘Spartan’…..he – unfortunately upset the XZ><?….. and was offed. God bless them all who tried…………

    3. Felix –

      People do not go to war. Government agents do.
      Russian people are not feared by anyone I have read here.

    4. It is the shrewd Jew whose superior talents have glued the American nation together. Without him 100 million non-whites would be breaking into homes for food and shelter. The goy establishment has turned to the shrewd Jew to help defend the nation and make one million elite Americans the managers of the worlds economy. Shrewdness is not a dirty word it is a rare talent. Without any god only the Shrewd can lead us out of chaos.

      1. It is the shrewd Jew whose superior talents have glued the American nation together…. The goy establishment has turned to the shrewd Jew to help defend the nation,,,, Without any god only the Shrewd can lead us out of chaos.

        Sounds good, Melvin. Even superficially quite plausible. Until you realize that the Jews are the Chaos Creators. You are not delivering us Utopia on a silver platter, as you seem to be assuming. On the contrary, you are dishing up dystopia. Whatever you Jews touch, you make it worse — not better.

        You had your chance in Russia when you overthrew the Tsar. Did you usher in a brave new world? Did you produce Utopia? No, you created the Red Terror and were responsible for the deaths of over 100 million people in the Soviet Union, China and South East Asia. You brought death and misery to millions.

        You destroyed Germany and the German people, manufacturing a bogus Holocaust of 6 million Jews in the process. You are holding America together? Who are you kidding? Just take a look at America! It’s a hell hole. 100 million Americans are unemployed. The rest are killing foreigners in far-flung places or jerking off over Jew-produced porn.

        You Jews have much to answer for. Listen Melvin, give me Utopia and I will become a philosemite! If you Jews are hated, it’s because you Jews are fucking up the world.

  2. I hate to say but, maybe God is really dissatisfied with Zionist Christian America which has declared herself to be the lackey of the ‘chosen people’ and the false Israël!

    Russia, after 70 years of atheistic rule – pressed upon her by the same ‘chosen people’ – has freed herself and has returned to God and God´s law and look at her now!

    Americans should be really afraid of all these black and latin inmates, because when the time is there, they will be freed and sent upon the white Americans, their minds full of Hollywood/Music-Industry fed hatred of white European Americans. This is what the Bolshevists have done in Russia last century. They opened the prisons to let frustrated and cynical inmates roam the cities.

    Apart from the good news from Russia, there are more signs that maybe, maybe things will change for the better of mankind. Pope Frances declared Palestine a State! And last week he spoke to young people and said that there are very powerfull people who don’t want peace because they earn lots of money from war. So, maybe this pope is not as bad as I had thought; I will give him the benefit of the doubt.

    I am sure ‘the chosenites’ don’t like this and that is okay with me.

  3. Dear Darkmoon Admin:
    Good post of an excellent article with pertinent and valid arguments about what awaits America. However, do not lose sight of the real goal or endgame which is best summarized by researcher John Little and his website, where this link is from and is called the “Controlled Demolition” of America and the world. The controlled demolition aspect is a play on the nature of the building collapses on 9/11 in New York’s WTC. Here is the link: The link goes over each aspect of this controlled demolition from economic, political and military, including civil unrest, terrorism and cyber-attacks on financial areas. As for the comments so far, yes the German and Russian soldiers were great soldiers, but it was Russia’s leadership of Stalin and his jewish stooges that were criminal. Stalin and his jewish stooges made the Russian soldiers commit horrendous acts against other Eastern Europeans and German-speaking peoples and German citizens especially. These jewish stooges wanted to destroy Germanic peoples by raping females age 8 to 80 repeatedly. They also starved, shot and burned German soldiers that were in retreat. Once Germany under Hitler was defeated from the time of the German loss on the Russian front, int’l jewry wanted to annihilate the German people to extinction. The western allies did this too after the war was over by starving German soldiers in the POW camps by getting around the Geneva Convention and declaring the German Soldiers as “Enemy combatants”. Much the same symantics is used today to keep Muslim terrorists, dissenters and conspiracy theory people like us in camps like Gitmo. As for the Pope, yes he sounds like a great guy by seeking justice for Palestinians and the underdog. Who doesn’t love the underdog? Pope Francis because he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing or as true Bible-believing Christians would call him, the False Prophet. The Pope’s interest in Israel and the plight of the Palestinians is that the papacy/Vatican want to take over Jerusalem. In this way the Vatican can declare Jerusalem as the capital of the religious world and the Pope would rule from there. In doing so, the Pope believes he will bring about Christ’s return for his millenial reign on earth. However, because the pope is the False Prophet, it is actually the reign of the AntiChrist that is being brought about. Commenter “My Two Cents” should check out website – to learn more about the evil nature of Pope Francis. Afterall, Pope Francis has said many stupid things: atheists can go to heaven; accept and do not judge homosexuals; and finally if extraterrestrials (ET) come to earth, he would baptize them into the faith. Keep in mind most true Christians would consider ET to be a Satanic demon/devil and that non-believers (atheists) can not get to heaven unless they accept Jesus Christ first. So is Pope Francis really such a great guy or is he a propaganda puppet pushed on us by the int’l jewry controlled MSM? Finally, as all the actors perform their parts on this worldly stage of int’l jewry, Henry Makow has a post today, May 14, 2015, that goes over the illegal alien agenda in America but also shows the playbook approach to illegals/multi-kulti as used by his jewish illuminati: Thanks, Norbert.

    1. @Norbert

      The moon of pope Francis has his dark sides. That he was a nightclub bouncer in Buenos Aires makes him a rather normal man but he and his predecessor Benedict are said to be masonic and part of a pedophile cult that dates back to 1700.

      Yet some light of THAT what IS REAL seems to be dawning in one of the 3 city states from which the dark cabal is strangling the world and Isra(h)ell is not amused by it.

  4. Babylonian the Whore the harlot, The Great, mother of all repugnant things on earth!

    Confucius wisely said: if you want to define the future, study the past!

    Babylonian the whore are stupid, irrationals, inefficient, hideously unfair, brutally wasteful, they have corrupted families, schools, education, customs, and FOREMOST THE YOUTH! Russian leaders, BRICS leaders are example of smart tough, intelligent strong males and hope warriors’ this is what Babylonians empire of vampires and rapine fears the most; strong tough honest honorable warriors’ US MEXICO CANADA, The West are being pushed so hideously to be homosexuals, by this empire of hermaphrodites and androgynous soulless beings who have completely totally absolutely ruined The West’

    The West is already a decaying dying civilization, thank to Hellywood’ Hellywood is the closest place to hell with Elizabeth Bathori’s sons and daugthers bathing in blood and flesh as in the movie’ Jupiter by the Wachowski Brothers’ The Wachoski brothers are hermaphrodites one them is Lana Turner currently a females, past was males’ This what torment the most to Babylonians, raped and tortured at childhood to be hierarchy slaves’ yes they are also hierarchy slaves to Satan and Demons’ Satan exists it is a parasite that lives in blood and flesh’

    Hypogeum in Spain it is the darkest hollow earth in these dark place there are demons , they have been living there for over four thousand years’ SOURCES HUMANSAREFREE.COM

    It is not the US who wants war it is Babylonian the whore because if there is no wars , they will be destroyed otherwise humans beings will be destroyed!!!

    There will always be peace love harmony wellness beauty and foremost, truth on earth! as the truth would destroy this satanic system of megatrilliond dollars and vaticans, lodges, monarchies, plutocrats, oligarchies and all worshippers of the occult are deeply afraid’ yes they are more afraid and frightened that people think’ because if system collapses then humanity will be free on earth!!

  5. while sympathizing with americans fearful for the future of their families and homesteads, the disappearance of this singularly hostile and destructive empire won’t cause any massive tear flows anywhere else, except in israel.

    of much greater interest is what happens to jews next, because it may well be the time that the boom is lowered on the venomous lifeform.
    i just don’t see them being able to wield the kind of leverage they do in americanada and england today, where the ruling dynasties are intermarried with jews and also on the wrong end of the blackmail hook, since by definition, anyone entering politics must be heavily compromised in larry silversteins pedophile whorehouses or worse.

    jews are not running this scam nor have the overwhelming domination of the media with which to intimidate the prospective rebels in countries like russia, china or india.
    and the authorities there seem quite jew wise and ready to deal with them on different terms than has been the case in the anglo countries.

    israel’s samson option shouldn’t scare anyone, because if anyone fears it the most, it is jews themselves, for all their alternatively crying victim or puffing out as suicidal samsons, they are neither.

    a jew is craven above all, his cowardice only matched by his cruelty and avarice, so he will backpedal furiously to save his greasy yarmulked scalp, begging, wheedling, cajoling, lubavitchers swearing everlasting loyalty to mom russia, no we nebba heard of kol nodre massa, we go back to shtetl and pale of settlements right now, yowsa birobidjan yevreska oblast such a nice place.
    i would say no, delenda est iudea.

    rabbis should be either put to sword or neutered and sent to live out their miserable lives on some g-dforsaken island like south georgia (where shackleton’s expedition survivors eked out an existence for a while, let rabbis bleed each other into matzo dough), all of their books and texts burned, holo-memorials, synagogues, community centers razed, all of their movies zapped, no assembly rights beyond strict family confines, no summer camps, yeshivas, no nothing.
    compulsory education for all children and adults to learn the full truth of this death cult.
    massive tribunals worldwide to determine guilt and punishment for criminals in high places, jews and their shabbo servitors.
    otherwise we just drive the contagion underground to bide its time for renewed assault on our survival and well-being.

    and i am all in favor of every country having potential to seriously damage any outside attacker.
    good fences make good neighbors.

    and yes, pope frank seems like a more normal kind of guy, his face seems less grotesque and decrepit than the previous couple of vatican bosses.

    1. Cheering time,

      you should do a stand-up show in LA or Broadway, like the very funny Seinfield or the very charimastic Seth Rogen, as I think, the subtle goyish humor might make a strong come back in a near future.

      Otherwise, controlled demolition, that’s the plan, like controlled creation was the plan, Norbert said it all. USrael against Europe and Orient, the Venetian Banking Crown will keep score, like they ever did. Even the Qatari are buying french fighter aircrafts and the Saudis seem to change sides. In Kumanavo Macedonia ,a couple of days, a coup d’etat, sponsored by CIA with the help of their muslims Albanese/Kosovo UCK buddies as manpower, was aborted. Again, after January, the South turkish stream gaz pipeline, from Russia to Orban’s Hungary via Tsipras Greece, Serbia and Austria, is the target as they try to cut Europe from Russia. And it’s not only the US but England with Royal BP, Royal Dutch Shell and Germany, i don’t know. Putin is trying to bankrupt USA by seducing everybody with his cheap, convenient dollar-free energy. How smart! Hippon. I won’t quote Jens Stoltenberg, the secretary of NATO about Macedonia. The same thing is happening in Venezuela and South America where Putin is moondining everybody. Germany is a recalcitrant broad, but will be seduced by mass gas deliveries and the rest of Europe will follow. A big nice happy christian family with Pope Francis, the SSLazio/Rosario Central fan. That’s a good sign even if he spends to many time in synagogues.
      What will the Brits do? Whistle, like nothing ever hapened.
      The Jews? Straight outta Compton to the Kazharian nest, while USA will suffer a massive scale Baltimore pentagonal riot.
      At the news, there was a story in USA about supermarket regulations. You can’t skateboard, dogs are not allowed, but you can carry an automatic weapon on your shoulder, like this guy who was buying milk. Very scary for the European audience.
      The sweet dream is becoming a nightmare. Beyonce told us.

    2. Powerful Jews are not rabbinical students, but believers only in the blessings of Mother Nature. Ashkenazim advise Obama and Putin because they are the chosen people not by Moses but by the Atheist elite. March your retards and supermarket looters into FEMA camps and let the Ashkenazim manage the worlds affairs.

  6. Dear Ms Lasha Darkmoon,

    Thank you for this timely article. Martial Law in America seems imminent as JADE HELM 15 is already well under way, despite the official lie that it doesn’t start until July 15. Numerous reports in the alternative Media with videos on Youtube confirm this.

    Insofar as joos run Amerika, JADE HELM 15 must be regarded as a MOSSAD military drill (a massive one, the biggest one to date since the Boston Bombing Hoax on April 15, 2013) for the imposition of Martial Law; only a fool or joo shill would argue otherwise. I hope I’m wrong that this is not a drill but the real McCoy, but I’m rarely wrong though. (wink here)

    FYI, I spent the better part of last night reading Ms. Katsnelson’s highly provocative essay, “The Death Camps to Come” from last summer. Yes, you are right, it will become a cult classic, along with the equally provocative comments by Darkmooners, too.

    One comment by Pat struck me like a thunderclap:

    “Jews will never herd goyim ..CUSTOMERS.. into camps, unless it is a Walmart. They are addicted to money… the ‘money-changers’ come to mind.”

    Gordon Duff, the frontman aka “Editor-in-chief” for Veterans Today (VT) made an off-handed remark to Dr. Jim Fetzer once…that Fetzer never forgot and recently recounted: “When they close down the Walmarts, that’s the time to really worry.”

    Fetzer, along with 5 regular contributors, Dean Henderson, Stew Webb, to mention 2 of the more prominent ones, are no longer at VT, which they believe is a limited hangout. The problem started precisely over articles about Jade Helm 15, which Duff heavily undercut with ad hominem attacks on otherwise reasonable articles by regular and respected VT contributors.

    In the past 4 weeks, Duff has published at least 3 “satirical spoofs” to debunk Jade Helm 15 (he doth protest too much me thinks) which will only confirm what most of us Darkmooners already suspect it to be: ‘The Death Camps, they are a com’ng to a Walmart near you.’ On a literary note, Duff’s satires are American funny-ha-ha satires (or they attempt to be), unlike the splendid Swiftian one by Ms Katsnelson. Ellie, je t’adore. (devil face here)

    As most Darkmooners already know or ought to know, 5 Walmarts (maybe more that we have not been told about) mysteriously closed down a couple of months ago due to “plumbing problems.”

    “Will these massive stores soon be used as ‘food distribution centers’ and to house the headquarters of invading troops from China, here to disarm Americans one by one as promised by Michelle Obama to the Chinese prior to Obama leaving the White House?” was a question one astute blogger asked. No, it wasn’t Scott Roberts, though he will be happy to know that he was 100% correct in thinking that we will finally be invaded by the Chinese. LOL.

    Anyway, more food for thought for Darkmooners; literally, as the sheeple blithely enter the Walmarts thinking they will be fed, not knowing they will be the food. Pat, as usual, you were right even when you were wrong.

    1. @Justice for Chinese

      From your comment, you don’t sound like a person who is seeking Justice for Chinese or seeking justice for humanity. You sound more like a trouble maker who is pushing the Zionist fear mongering agenda worldwide.

      I remember I once read one of your comments that you would like to translate some of Ms. Darkmoon’s articles into Chinese, because you think you are good at Chinese language. I hope you don’t put a spin and misrepresent her fine articles.

      Zionist Jew Michael Savage once in his radio broadcast mentioned that America was in great danger because Hezbollah terrorists would invade America via Mexico.

      Similarly, you suggested here in your comment that Chinese troops will come out from Walmart “Distribution Centers” to take over America. Only fools will believe in such ludicrous Zionist propaganda.

      Mr. Justice for Chinese, in my opinion, you are not a Chinese, you are a Zionist agent who has studied Chinese in order to infiltrate and subvert Chinese communities to push your diabolical Int’l Zionist Criminal Network agenda on China.

      Mr. Justice for Chinese, you can not fool a real Chinese, I can see through your veil. You and your tribesmen’s diabolical world conquest plan will fail miserably.

      1. @ Jin

        Oy Vey, I have been outed. LOL. (LOL = laugh out loud)

        ““Will these massive stores soon be used as ‘food distribution centers’ and to house the headquarters of invading troops from China, here to disarm Americans one by one as promised by Michelle Obama to the Chinese prior to Obama leaving the White House?” was a question one astute blogger asked. No, it wasn’t Scott Roberts, though he will be happy to know that he was 100% correct in thinking that we will finally be invaded by the Chinese. LOL.”

        Jin, did you not see “LOL” to denote my disbelief and sarcasm?

    2. About twenty years ago, when I was still in the secondary fiber business (recyclable paper) I visited several WalMart distribution centers about their corrugated discards…

      Anyhow, I noted even then the buffer zones, military-formatted security approach, and strategic layout of these behemoths. Even then, I had been to the old Amtrack facility in Johnston, Pennsylvania, which was being seemingly outfitted for large-scale incarceration/processing of prisoners – which had been shown to me by someone who had been an action officer at the Pentagon. The ‘Ten Regions’ of the united States had already been long-before mapped-out, and all one has to do today is note the continual designation of ‘regions’ of industry, recreation, or scenic note. Where this is leading is, still, a ‘guess’ – but if it LOOKS like shit, and SMELLS like shit – chances are it IS shit. 🙂

      The history of Wal-Mart arouses noting of unusual financing and government concessions, especially considering its historic relationship with China trade and COSCO. It is exemplar of how the government of the united States – ‘United States’ corporation – has been broken into subsidiaries worldwide.

  7. “America will have self-destructed.”This is the logical outcome of America’s mad policy abroad and at home. But will the “Masters” be affected? I doubt it.

      1. Sure,the int’l Jewry, as NORBERT call them.But their turn will ultimately come with the return of Jesus.

  8. “My 2 Cents”, is a village idiot optimist; perhaps a Catholic, Jew-affiliated: The fool states with troll-like regression: “Maybe things will change for the better of mankind. Pope Frances declared Palestine a State!”
    Oh yeah mate! Which tiny part of the original land surface known loosely as Palestine is left for the Palestinians to call a state? See the maps David Icke regularly puts out: The Israelis have gobbled up over 85% already!
    Who is going to give them back a land proportion equivalent to their proportion of the population; inc all the Palestinians the JEWS have forced onto other nations and turned, as Weizmann said, “into the dust and waste of the desert”?
    Don’t expect anything from the UN, as it has allowed the Israeli colonization to go ahead full stem! The UN has allowed the GENOCIDE to continue!
    I have no tolerance for you naive innocents who enter my business; as you know NOTHING; and are stretching your 102 point IQ’s to the limit! Do some research and reading before you open your uneducated orifice!

    1. @ Max Bilney

      Is there any need to call My Two Cents a “village idiot” for his/her innocuous comment that the Pope was to be commended for recognizing the state of Palestine?

      My Two Cents is suggesting, correctly, that this is a good start and that it requires some courage for the Pope to step out of line and recognize Palestine as a state when not a single world leader has the guts to make a similar gesture.

      Never mind that there is not much of Palestine left. That is not the issue. Maybe one day the entire country will revert to the Arabs as the Jews are sent on their travels again.

  9. Dmitry Orlov never mentioned the ones pulling levers behind the curtains…. Pharisee bankers, HQ in London.

    He also hedged his bet by implying Russia and China might go at each other.

    I can make ‘guesses’ like that.

    1. He also hedged his bet by implying Russia and China might go at each other.

      You are lying as usual. At no point did the writer of the article imply that “Russia and China might go at each other.” Where did he imply that?

      1. MB –

        “The US might get to bomb a few more countries before this scenario unfolds, but it seems likely that — unless total war against Russia and China breaks out — that eventually the US will turn on itself and begin attacking its own people.”

      2. @ Pat

        Your comprehension skills, I regret to say, are zero. Nowhere in this sentence you quote is the writer implying that “Russia and China may go at each other”:

        “The US might get to bomb a few more countries before this scenario unfolds, but it seems likely that — unless total war against Russia and China breaks out — that eventually the US will turn on itself and begin attacking its own people.”

        “Unless total war against Russia and China breaks out” does NOT mean war BETWEEN Russia and China (“Russia and China going at each other”). It means total war against RUSSIA AND CHINA BY THE UNITED STATES!!!

      3. MB –

        This is fun MB. I like you chasing me.

        I always had to chase butterflies around the yard.
        But… I must be sweeter now. You are chasing… ME. 🙂

        Remember NO mistakes means NO initiative…. To err is human.

        Keep the punches coming. I like being hit by a butterfly.

        You might want to take the advice you gave Ruth when you were swatting at Pat and Lobro a few weeks back.
        Madame Butterfly
        March 2, 2015 at 4:46 pm

        @ Ruth Bernstein
        @ Lobro
        His [Pat’s] only answer to valid criticism is to prescribe green tea.
        My advice to you, Ruth, is to leave this website. You will make no headway here. It’s a pity that Lobro should gang up with this “Christ-hating Useful Idiot for the Jews” against you. You attacked him once (Lobro). This is his revenge. He never forgives a slight. He even refers to your “hole,” treating you like a cheap whore. Salvage your dignity, Ruth, and leave this site to these foul-mouthed and disrespectful men.

        HEY, MB….which word is “FOUL MOUTHED”…’green’…or ‘tea’…????

    2. ok, maybe time to cut ole pat a bit of slack, he ain’t that bad a dude, just sometimes puts his head down and goes charging blindly at the red cloth, especially if the fabric is of sino-russian manufacture.

      but in one respect, he is within his rights – more or less.

      “jesus is a fictional character”.

      let’s show jesus some respect, sard, ruth and madame butterfly, by not according him the shoah treatment.

      jesus represents the truth above all, right? at least that is what i think.

      therefore, he can and should be questioned as a physical, historical entity, if he is true, he will weather the onslaught and emerge stronger.
      he should not be turned into a dogma or a money printer like shoah charade.
      that is so jewish, or as mr potluck (forget exact spelling) would say, this is so shrewd.

      like the goldmans, whose son was shafted by oj simpson, when the family stood in courtroom, hugging, faces contorted by judaic grief (never waste grief in private, it ain’t shrewd), weeping profusely enough to flood the tigris, euphrates and all the rivers of babylon in between, they also managed to between outbursts ask about the resale value of oj’s gold rolex.
      oh my, just so shroood.

      so let’s not lump jesus with shoaed goldmans, sachs and the rest of the shrewdies, because real or not, jesus was never shrewd, he didn’t say, “be ye lurking like alligators and shrewd as vultures”.

      jesus is an act of private faith, not public melodrama, so let’s keep it that way.
      pat is perfectly welcome to doubt his historicity because none of us can prove it otherwise.
      maybe i can but even if i could, i wouldn’t want to, because for jesus to accrue following based solely on his physical presence, movie star good looks and a bag of party tricks is to defeat the purpose and is in fact the proof of antichrist.

      besides, i suspect that ole pat has actually done his homework, read lots and lots of stuff on jesus and his times, read almost as much as eustace mullins.

      but … you can bring the horse to the library water but you can’t make him think drink.
      helsinki declaration of human rights and all that …

      1. “sometimes puts his head down and goes charging blindly at the red cloth, especially if the fabric is of sino-russian manufacture.”
        – Shoah nuff…. proudly.

        “i suspect that ole pat has actually done his homework, read lots and lots of stuff on jesus and his times, read almost as much as eustace mullins.”
        – Shaoh nuff, again. Catechism was brutal. Mostly because I had water-skiing instructions to give…. at a famous local resort.

        See… you CAN forgive slights. Hell, what’s not to like in the locker room? It’s just a damned good old-fashioned argument, anyway….. without the torture of towel-poppings. I was a good shot there. Sometimes drew blood. Bofus. 🙂

  10. @ Still
    Yes its either the general term of int’l jewry or the specific factional version that describes the octopusses tentacles: Rothschild Zionist Nazi Talmudic Kabballistic Pharisaical Jesuit Illuminati Khazarian Mafia Banksters OR Jewish Money Power. To the sheeple the term int’l jewry is only the tip of the iceberg and is offensive by being racist and antisemitic, but is a term sheeple understand better due to lack of comprehension compared to all the tentacles exposed by the specific factional version, which implies those jews (and crypto-jews) are everywhere and have their fingers in many pots like too many cooks in the kitchen. And this Darkmooners know to be true. Thanks, Norbert.

  11. Picture the scene……
    You’re in a bar having a drink, minding your own business when a man comes up to you and says go and kill that man over there. You’d obviously be thinking “who, what, where, why?” and refuse, but in reality this is what every dumb moron, who joins the forces does, he goes and kills the man over there at the say so of another man. This is what armed forces are and more importantly the western armed forces.

    And ask yourself another question; “Those people picking the fights what happens to them?” Well of course, nothing. The agitators, continue agitating, causing assault, rape, plunder and murder in far away lands and instead of being punished, achieve positions higher up in office within the government they work for.

    Will America self destruct? It already is. It started self destructing a long time ago. It started self destructing when it brought non European immigrants over from Africa. It started self destructing when it allowed the Jew authority over them via the msm, academia, government, judiciary and banking. Martial law and the chaos that will ensue will be the swan song of America’s self destruction, but it won’t be alone. I should imagine that Europe will either be, already have or will soon be doing exactly the same.

    I read a brilliant article by Les Visible the other day which sums up America, but of course not all Americans, as this website and his proves:

    American Stupid LTD, Accept no Substitute.

  12. If people are going to rave on about ‘jewish led governments’ and all their evil – let’s also rave on about other Jewish led monsters: multiculturalism, feminism, the promotion of race mixing which equals genocide of the European people etc etc. that being said – as an Orthodox Christian I say God bless the Russian people who have been shockingly brutalised by the Jewish led Bolsheviks who continue to seek the destruction of EUROPEAN peoples the world over. And they have many allies in the so called ‘nationalist’ movements no doubt – including those who post on these websites. Clearly showing a serious mental defect amongst particular individuals.

    1. And they have many allies in the so called ‘nationalist’ movements no doubt – including those who post on these websites. Clearly showing a serious mental defect amongst particular individuals.

      Who do you have in mind, Vicki?

      1. she doesn’t have to name anyone in particular sard.
        but both of us have seen posts by contributors disoriented by their particular ethnicity and its local gravitational pull so that their primary political urge is to hate russia and all things russian, tending to blame russia when it was the stalking horse for the usual deviant.
        for the most part, east european slavs hate russia with reckless abandon, to the point of happily aligning with jews if they naively believe that it will help them get back at russians.

        in that they are like avatar, a palestinian who hates shia people (iran mostly), usa and americans with like fervor to the point of co-banding with the mossad creation of islamic caliphate in vain hope that he can hurt his perceived enemies, never understanding that the Enemy is One and Only.

        and it was ever thus and always will be until his final obliteration.

        no need to name names.

      2. Lobro,

        The bottom line is that you’re either one who’s for the rights of indigenous people, culture and nation or you’re not, that is being a globalist.
        This is very black and white.
        The plan is a homogeneous, one race, one religion, one bank and a one government world. Now you either agree with this or you don’t. Sadly, in order to destroy those who disagree with internationalism (communism) they labelled them as ‘haters’. The mantra went in the context of “If you believe in the rights of the indigenous people it therefore means that you hate those not of your ilk.” Therefore the ‘offended’ culture was born who rather than upset the feelings of economic migrants into their lands, they prefer to lose their culture and nationality and everything that makes them unique.

        I do not hate anyone. I’ll repeat that. I DO NOT HATE ANYONE, regardless of their race or religion. I however realised a long time ago that if you flood a country with non indigenous then you instantly create a threat to that culture and nation. It’s common sense and people have been protecting their cultures and people for millennia. It’s only since the end of WWII that everything drastically changed.
        You cannot have a world government when you still have people who do not want it and choose to remain free of global control.

        You know I’m very uneasy with this whole Russia situation. You know that I know there is a global agenda for the depopulation of the planet. A war with Russia and China would greatly bring this into fruition. You like to see Putin as one who is fighting against globalism, whereas I see him, as the politician he is, one who may very well be simply following the plan. You and I do not know the truth. We can only speculate on Putin, for only he (and if he is working for anyone, those too) know the truth.
        As I said, the jury is still out on Putin and Russia. In my heart of hearts, I want to believe that he’s one of the good guys. The thing is I don’t know…..

  13. The people of America are cursed because they failed (as Israelites under God) to be a demonstration to the rest of the world as a true God-fearing/worshipping/loving nation.

    They (many of them) believe God serves them, and not the other way around. They are a nation of spoiled, immature souls who are on the brink of a rude, dreadful awakening.

    I do not mean to single-out America. Britain / The British Common-Wealth are included.

  14. Misinformation seems to being running rampant on this topic.

    The author doesn’t really know what “fragging” means. It is not shooting your commanding officer, it is rolling a fragmentation grenade into his sleeping quarters which means you usually get more than one at a time. Training people to kill without remorse has always resulted in the occasional shooting of a commanding officer for as long as there has been guns. It has happened in all wars. “Fragging” was particular to the Vietnam War that was really a troop revolt leading to the withdrawal of American troops from Vietnam. “Fragging” also resulted in the elimination of the military draft and the establishment of the all volunteer military. The government learned their lesson and have not forgotten it which is why there has not been a draft since the Vietnam War.

    The author has apparently not kept up with the record number of arms and ammo acquisitions by the American public during the past 8 to 9 years. The American public is far from being an unarmed civilian population as the author seems to think. Instead, the American population is the most heavily armed population in the history of mankind replacing Russia prior to the jewish revolution. The jews conned the Russian out of their guns before they commenced the slaughter. Americans have proven more than once just recently, that they will not give up their weapons because of some horrific false flag operation. Instead, they buy even more and more. The jewish money power and their stooge government would already have declared marshall law and began taking up weapons if they thought they could get away with it.

    As for the fear mongering about Jade Helm, the last place that the idiots in charge would consider taking up weapons and rounding up people would be in the southern USA which is where most of the operations are to take place. Way too many heavily armed Southerners still remember the Civil War and would not just lie down and take it like portions of the northeastern USA would do. According to reliable sources, to remain nameless, you could lump about 75% of the police forces into that same category of Southerners contrary to what the author indicates.

    For those that think that the Chinese or Russians would help the USA conquer the population, you are in booga-booga fantasy land. They are way smarter that that. Both these countries know that it is not the American people that they have to worry about, it’s the government that reigns over the American people. If the Chinese were really about acquisition of additional territory, they would invade a neighbor rather than a country an ocean away. The Chinese have enough troops to conquer Korea, North and South, with sticks if they wanted to. If the Chinese or Russians are involved, they will supply arms to the American people to get the job so they do not have to.

    As for being afraid of the US military, the number of man-on-man rapes during the past few years within the US military is staggering. Men more concerned about putting their member into another man won’t stand a chance against a man defending his relatives and community. Based on the number of pink guns sold lately, there a lots of women that will be just as deadly as men when it comes to resisting. Even if a small fraction of the civilian population actively resists the US military, the military is way out numbered and, consequently, out gunned and that is considering only the arms that the government knows about.

    The author incorrectly assumes that civilian resistance will be organized. He is incorrect which is why the government will lose. Playing a man by his own rules by organizing ensures defeat. Guerrilla warfare is not organized and lasts until the organized force is exterminated because there is no one for the organized aggressor to negotiate with or surrender to. This is the reason why Iraq was neutralized and why Afghanistan has not been.

    Apparently the author does not realize that the Ferguson and Baltimore events were Soros funded and fueled unrests. The great racial hatred that the author describes is more propaganda than factual. Race baiting by the media and the government, both jewish lying sources, proves it or they would not be promoting it. There are lots of integrated neighborhoods in the USA that get along quite well together.

    Rather than continuing this long post with other points of misinformation provided by the author, American will not be destructed as the author says. If pushed too far, America will be reborn free of the jewish money power after the purge that Lobro fantasizes about so well.

    1. money quote in an otherwise fine post

      For those that think that the Chinese or Russians would help the USA conquer the population, you are in booga-booga fantasy land. They are way smarter that that. Both these countries know that it is not the American people that they have to worry about, it’s the government that reigns over the American people.

      so happy that i don’t have to pound that blindingly obvious point home.

      americans have only one great enemy – their own shabbo government, which has been put in place for only one reason – to oppress and suppress americans.

      people have only one great enemy – the unpeople, who have been cloned in the labs of hell for only one reason – to corrupt the morals and character of men.

      1. Don’t stop ‘pounding,’ lobro.
        And….. I will keep stating what I told Felix in my first comment here…. and I am glad Ungenius re-stated it for us…..
        May 15, 2015 at 12:20 am
        Felix –
        People do not go to war. Government agents do.
        Russian people are not feared by anyone I have read here.

        For those who might have missed it…..
        People do not go to war. Government agents do.

      2. @ lobro

        “. . . the unpeople, who have been cloned in the labs of hell for only one reason — to corrupt the morals and character of men.”

        A totally brilliant phrase! I hope you don’t mind if I steal it . . . ?

  15. The writer in this piece writes ‘a Sacred War’….. ‘to once again sacrifice themselves to save the world from the ravages of an evil empire.” !!! Hahahaha. Does this clown actually believe that rubbish?? What melodramatic drivel peculiarly entertained by THIS site – which offered us the particulars of Soviet atrocities so emphatically. ‘Russian and Soviet [flag] marching side by side’ ??!! If there ARE any ‘nukes’, it’s time to USE them!

    1. Hahahaha

      gilbert, feel free to laugh and ridicule.

      all the american dead in ww2 total 400,000.
      american flag is obligatory in every lapel and sports jersey 70 years later, endless military bands, honor guard, saluting until cows come home.
      ever seen a football player without star+stripes stuck to his helmet?
      me neither.
      such a holy sacrifice, let’s not make fun of it, y’hear joe?

      ussr war dead, 26,000,000 by the latest estimate of which 1/2 are soldiers fallen in battle.
      germany lost ww2 for one reason and one reason only – ussr.
      check their battle losses, where did they happen.
      and they have no right to solemn grief, oh no, those dirty, benighted russkies.

      150 years ago ford built a tractor factory there, did you know that?

      and oh yes, the count of those killed in the last century by the brave gi’s of these united states stands at something like 200 million in something like 100 countries.
      just don’t call it an evil empire because it was all done in self defense (by the department of defense, which proves it).
      let’s all laugh again, as joe would say, LOL, LOL, in fact ROFLMAO.

      one thing is not too clear to me, though.
      for a country that glorifies killing (it suffices to read the lyrics of the national anthem), with military honors dime a dozen, displayed at every used car lot, every walmart, every kfc stand and strip mall, stadiums named soldier field in every 2-horse town, victory parades and monuments galore … just which victory are they celebrating?

      some victory that doesn’t have russians fighting and dying in their stead, like maybe korea, vietnam, libya, syria, iraq, nicaragua, el salvador, panama, afghanistan, kosovo, sorry, did i miss some glory there?
      like saving the world from the existential threat of grenada (that was in a nick of time, day before rastafarian mushrooms, ehem, clouds opened up over philly, kansas city and american heartland).

      i guess i haven’t been to the states in over 2 years because i don’t remember seeing any such monuments, except maybe in las vegas and disneyland, honoring the killbill crew.

      guys, laugh at russkies at your risk, because when russia fights for its homeland, it is for keeps.

      america has yet to fight a single defensive war, all of them have been wars of greed and plunder, all against hugely inferior enemies and yet what do they have to show for it?

      i don’t have a dog in this fight, have zero russian blood in my family, if anything, because most of it is on austro-hungarian side, i should detest russians with passion.
      yet i give credit where it’s due and withhold it where unmerited.

      1. Lobro –

        “150 years ago ford built a tractor factory there, did you know that?”

        I have posted that several times. Ruskies salary demands were non-existent. Ford liked the cheap labor there.
        Ford had to grunt an apology to Pharisees, for writing his book, The International Jew, to build his plants there.

      2. Don’t know where you two get the ‘150 years’… Henry Ford didn’t introduce his first Model T until 1908.

        Anyhow, as you said, Lobro, you don’t have a dog in this fight; so, are you writing in your slimy, lower-case format to hedge your choice of which side you’ll waffle to when raw aggression is established?? Your verbosity and lack of punctuation bespeaks lack of backbone to me (not that I give a damn, anyway). Say what you mean, precisely, Mr. Mathematician. Would you revel in seeing America destroyed by Putin & Co,? Do you really BELIEVE the American people have not been truly targeted, like the Catholic Church and other Christian denominations?? A lot of us Americans are getting sick and tired of the rest of you lacklusters willowing and wallowing in your condemnation of us, equating us with the government which has been commandeered BY THE SAME ELEMENTS which have commandeered your own – Russia included. (There’s no difference between parading and flag-waving and war-craving bravado. In their deception, the Russian and Americans have, both, been hoodwinked. Chinese, too.)

      3. Gilbert –

        It was to draw attention. Just divide by 2 = proper quotient = 1929.

        As you know… the Russians were not brought up in the woods with 10 rifles to choose from as were Americans like Audie Murphy. Soo… they were really bad shots… and resulted in the demise of 26,000,000.

        ‘One bullet-one kill’ = GI Joes = 400,000…. fighting in SEVERAL theaters….. WITHOUT the benefit of ‘home-field’ advantages… which Ruskies had..!!

      4. are you writing in your slimy, lower-case format to hedge your choice of which side you’ll waffle to when raw aggression is established?? Your verbosity and lack of punctuation bespeaks lack of backbone to me (not that I give a damn, anyway)


        A lot of us Americans are getting sick and tired of the rest of you lacklusters willowing and wallowing in your condemnation of us

        You want backbone, Mr American Hero?

        You want punctuation, Mr American Poet Warrior Philosopher?

        You want it short and between the eyes, Mr American Farmer who feeds the starving world?

        Study: U.S. regime has killed 20-30 million people since World War Two



        Because killing and fighting are two different things, one is the preserve of psycho and the other of warrior.
        backbone enough for you?
        short and to the point enough for you?
        punctuation to your liking?

        And don’t go around crowing about “A lot of us Americans” this and that when in all the world, no one licks Jews like Americans do, which is why Jews prefer to mount and ride you to any other shabbo steed.
        Either say “Just a few of us Americans” or get on with showing some fight against those who you know oppress you.
        Or will you blame us lacklusters for being more thoroughly brainwashed than any other nation in the world?

        Until you clean your own house, all the rest of us lacklusters ask is to be left alone, Yankee Go Home And Stay Home, because you are simultaneously xenophobic and aggressively invading and occupying what is not yours.

        don’t believe me?

        ask russia.
        ask philippines.
        ask pakistan.
        ask iran.
        ask china.
        ask germany.

        in fact, do a goodwill world tour and ask people whether they appreciate american corporate and military presence.
        how many nations registered in the un, 150?
        you will get 149 “No’s”, israel excepted.
        this is the true meaning of “lacklusters wallowing”, so go and work on your vaunted luster.

      5. @ Gilbert Huntly

        I feel sorry for you, Gilbert. You couldn’t be having much luck with the ladies recently. Tell me, are your erectile dysfunction problems really getting you down that much? Can’t get it up any more, is that it?

        Never mind! You can always compensate for your poor sexual performance with the ladies — assuming they let you get within 10 feet of their pussies — by taking pot shots at Lobro for using small case letters!

        Nothing like making an ass of yourself, is there?

      6. @LOBRO, APPLAUSE..

        and as usual, madam b, brings a brilliant, bold, statement down to her own level, by mention of private parts, and things sexual..

      7. @ Ingrid B

        . . . “and as usual, madam b, brings a brilliant, bold, statement down to her own level, by mention of private parts, and things sexual.”

        Now that Ingrid has attacked me, I have no option but to commit suicide. Naughty Ingrid. Instead of sticking up for the female sex, she jumps on the male chauvinist bandwagon and tears to pieces a struggling artist of the oppressed gender. So cruel. Maybe there’s something in the Norwegian air that turns nice Scottish ladies into horrid misogynists.

        Anyway, Ingrid is right. I have let the side down by mentioning sexual parts. That was wrong of me. However, I repeat. Flor is an acquired taste. Her comments are crazy. She belongs in Spamblinka along with Crazy Joe and Tyron Parsons.

        If was Tyron Parsons, you remember, who mentioned my vagina in the most unflattering terms. I have never forgiven him for that slur. My vagina is fine. No need to refer to it in that way. And yet here he is still posting, the male chauvinist pig, unpunished by Admin while my own harmless posts are being censored.

        Talking of censorship, I don’t think Uncle Toby is doing a very good job as monitor. He should be replaced at once. Let’s have Lucy back. Lucy would not tolerate these constant negative references to the female pudenda that such psychopaths like Tyron Parsons is allowed to get away with.

        If this comment is deleted, I will take action. I won’t say what I will do, but Admin won’t like it. My revenge will be swift and deadly.

      8. couple of things to mention, got a big soccer game that the locals are taking me to, must find a bicycle helmet to protect myself from flying objects other than huntly’s potshots.

        first, when americans do conspiracy, they remind me of someone showing off his backflip, except in his eagerness he does an extra half turn and lands on his head.
        thus, americans have forever been morbidly fascinated by the notion of invading russians, chinese and assorted extraterrestrials, lots of hollywood movies testify to that.
        and i find it here too.

        a nation that has never in its entire history been attacked from outside.

        a nation that throughout its history attacked practically every other nation on earth.

        a nation convulsed by paranoid hallucinations of russian and chinese troops marching down the main street, saddam’s and osama’s nuke mushrooms blotting out the sunlight coast to coast.

        is it any wonder that i am attacked as a peddler of foreign influence, “hoping that the russians invade and defeat us of a”.

        in the same breath that gilbert claims he and other americans are victims of own government and therefore we should take it easy on america, he states quite forcefully that it would never occur to him to prefer a foreign leader calling the shots.

        well … if the foreign leaders are so much worse, how come their countries cause so much less destruction (maybe time for a geopolitical metrics of gvp, “genocided victims per person”)?
        any idea?

        i would in fact say the exact opposite, namely that every other foreign leader should be greatly preferred to their own.
        as a canadian, i would happily trade harper for the president of angola, for example, a blind date with democracy.
        but don’t tell that to someone who wraps himself in stars and stripes not realizing that the other side is six pointed star of david rothschild.

        (and yeah, pat, i agree that henry ford was a great and good man and a worthy export, i got zilch against him, hope that both he and russians prospered by mutual collaboration)

      9. Gilby’s verdict on Lobro:

        Lobro is a bad man . . . cos he don’t love American serial killers and capital letters . . . like honest injun yankee farmer poets with honest injun horseshit on their boots! 🙂

      10. Seriously though, Gilby has all the conventional brainwashing on patriotism. Because he’s American, he thinks he owes it to America to be “patriotic” and stick up for Americans no matter what their country does. “My country, right or wrong!” That’s Gilby’s naive philosophy in a nutshell.

        Nope, Gilby is wrong. Patriotism sucks. It is no virtue to love your country when your country has become evil and satanic and bombs the hell out of innocent people all over the world.

        When America becomes the personification of Evil, that’s the time all good Americans need to stand up and say, “I am no longer willing to fight and die for America!”

      11. Madame B.

        “My country right or wrong” is not GH’s position. He knows perfectly well how wrong America has been, as do I. This is not the “America” he talks about fighting for.

        Big difference between fighting for freedom and fighting for the travesty this country has become

      12. @ Brownhawk

        “My country right or wrong” is not GH’s position. He knows perfectly well how wrong America has been, as do I. This is not the “America” he talks about fighting for.Big difference between fighting for freedom and fighting for the travesty this country has become,

        Yes, I accept what you say. Gilby loves the *true* America and disassociates himself from the travesty America has become under the Jews. On the other hand, he has a soft spot for Jews — especially sexy Jewesses — and has said so several times.

        This is beside the point, Brownhawk. Whatever Gilby’s admirable views, he has crossed a red line by dissing Lobro and referring to him as a “limp dick” without giving a single valid reason for his spiteful outburst.

        Lobro happens to be one of the top commenters on this website, and this straw-sucking hillbilly poetaster needs to get off his high tractor and stop acting like a turnip head.

      13. @Gilbert H.

        I know you know that as Americans we have to look at things with brutal honesty. The harsh reality is that this country never really got off the ground as a land of the free after stealing the home of the braves.

        The best hope was initially sparked by men like the great Onondaga leader Canasatego who envisioned what settings of true freedom should look like. But the best thing that DID end up happening here was a reactionary act amending what was an onerous con-stitution in the FIRST place – the Bill of Rights. Although crucially necessary, given the reality of a Statist document having been formulated as the “law of the land”, these were “rights” which implied lending credibility to a government that had no RIGHT to exist as it was FORMED.

        Now we’re on the brink of catastrophe, and the need is to fight the GOOD fight, probably something akin to the French and Indian War IMO, ultimately WIN, and start the new nation-building from scratch. The template for living in freedom has already been made in getting it right this time, and to do that we need look no farther than the example set by the Iroquois Confederation.


        “We are a powerful confederacy,” the Onondaga leader Canasatego had advised colonial officials back in 1744, “and by your observing the same methods our wise forefathers have taken, you will acquire fresh strength and power.” The words prompted a bright young journalist named Benjamin Franklin to make a study of the Iroquois system. Franklin discovered a fine working example of represenative democracy, with an unwritten constitution that spelled out checks and balances, rules of procedure, limits of power, and a stress on individual freedom. Deeply impressed, Franklin drew up a scheme, called the Albany Plan, for joining the 13 colonies into a similar confederation.

        Franklin’s proposal languished for several decades. Then, at Philadelphia, the delegates turned to its provisions; much of the final Constitution thus came to reflect Iroquois ideals*

        * Just not like they should have in keeping the European influence largely out of it.

      14. Your a fiery one, Madame.

        But boys will be boys sometimes at the expense of men being men. It just goes with the male territory.

        I have every confidence that the two will remain friends in this unusual cyber environment, of which our ancestors wouldn’t believe it if you told ’em

        You can’t make it up


    @all the JC (non)believers here at DM

    Was Pope Francis’ move signing a Treaty with a Palestinian State wednesday 13th of May the day before the Ascension day actually a reason to be cheerful? Or was it a political move in the direction of (Eretz) Israel.?

    Google: Bergoglio and Skorka

    Former Archbishop Bergoglio of Buenos Aires is firm friends with Argentinian
    rabbi Skorka- see:

    JC the Jewish Chronicle on line:

    Pope Francis in his former incarnation as Bergoglio was a bouncer in a nightclub and he and his predecessor with the wrong red shoes are said to be masons and members of a several centuries old pedofile ring.
    Btw Muslims have as I see it the right view on the historical person of JC.

    To John Kaminski JC is a jew fairy tale. Then why have these Talmud circus clowns JC pictured in a boiling mixture of excreement? Etc.

    According to the Koran JC did not die on the cross. His inner circle brought him to India, Where he lived between 11-30 years. He studied the teaching of His Father as some verse in the Bible mentions. Kashmir.where according to Osho aka as Bhagwan, who visited Pahalgam – village of the shepherd- where JC entered the silent phase of his existence.

    Google Holger Kersten Jesus lived in India.

    Google: the Resurrection of the Christ within by Yogananda.

    Rome amputated this element in JC’s life, an early political move by these priests to keep the early JC clan under control.. (and concerning the afterlife: the doctrine of reincarnation– doctrine, is gravitation a doctrine?) that JC taught as well.

    Good weekend.

    1. I wonder if even 5% of the big new Christian and other (haha) High Brahmans sincerely believe Jesus as avatara?

  17. “To die for an idea; it is unquestionably noble. But how much nobler it would be if men died for ideas that were true!’

  18. Was Pope Francis’ latest move of signing a Treaty with a Palestinian State wednesday 13th of May the day before the Ascension day a reason to be cheerful? Or was it a political move in the direction of (Eretz) Israel?

    Has there be an Ascension of JC anyway at that day?

    Muslims are taught by their Koran that JC did not die on the cross. His disciples brought him to India, He lived already before in India between age 11-30.

    Enlightened Master Osho visited Pahalgam – village of the Sheperd- in Kashmir where Jesus lived after his crucifixion. He reached the age of 112.

    Rome amputated these essential inner and outer elements of the Life and Teachings of Jesus to keep the people of that time and place and 2000 years after under control.

    Buenos Aires’ Archbishop Bergoglio now Papa di Roma Francis was a nightclub bouncer.

    Pope F. – who is in bed with his homeland rabbi Skorka – and his German predecessor with the wrong red shoes are Masons and members of a centuries old pedofile ring.

    These priests/popes are no knowers/experiencers of God (as JC wanted people to be) but politicians.

    Google tips:

    holger kersten jesus lived in india.

    the resurrection of the christ within yogananda


    John Kaminski is regarded as a good writer but by not recognising the historic authenticity of Jesus he and his camp are the direct cause of the giant Menorah in front of the White House or better said the direct cause of the title of his article: America’s Self Destruction.

    1. Sorry Kaminski I just see now that he is not the author of this article is Dimitri so&so…..I must have been sleeping not enough.

      A little dum, stupid – een beetje dom-as the Argentinian Junta Bitch Maxima said of her husband Willem Alexander the new Dutch King, when he made some mistake in public.

      But the comment is a reaction @Norbert and several others here who raised pope Francis who really sells the wrong dope. As Rome did most of the time anyway. And since Kaminski’s dish is often served here the PS (pretty stupid) is nevertheless OK > IMO

    1. Thanks, SPQR –

      The whimpering cry-babies are ‘on the run’ even as far away as Russia… with an ocean between, it seems.

      Americans are so weak… but the Russians cry like children.

      Go figger….
      Up to 1,000 neo-Nazi organizations are legally operating in the United States, Russian Foreign Ministry’s Human Rights Ombudsman Konstantin Dolgov said Wednesday.

      MOSCOW, May 13 (Sputnik) — He stressed that the number of such extremist organizations could increase in the future, warning that the trend could SOON…. become “political mainstream.”

  19. My mates, lobro and Gilby are arguing above, which is highly productive stuff; and I notice an admirable toughness appearing in Gilby. And then, Pat probably correctly says both Russia and the USA are controlled by stinking Jews. ….. Who is correct? … My view is that the USA is a fully Jewified nation, where most so-called Christians have been fully Judaized the traditional Pharisaic way. You are the modern Sodom & Gomorrah, with MIley Cyrus and the kabbalisic Madonna strutting around and some whore like Beyonce admitting she is a member of the Illuminati. Your televiewers Parade the heinous, fithy, lying, porno world that the Jews have created for you and your governments and academia are totally Jewified and corrupt. Your nation is filth, inhabited by brain-dead bubbas and whores who have internalized the Frontier Spirit myths about firing your silly, moron ways out of trouble. And who is going to dispatch the first head-honcho Jew who has turned you into a nation of slimy automatons? …. And Yes, the Jewish oligarchs remain big POWER holders in Russia, even though the Orthodox Christian, MR Putin, has steadily challenged their POWER equation; and has sent some packing to Siberia along with their filthy, open-orificed, Pussy Riot whores.
    I would rather Putin any day over your Jewish puppet, the filthy, mulatto, homosexual Obama. So, on this one I agree with lobro. …. In fact, in the coming war of Armageddon (as per the utter crap in Revelation) the European POWER of the BEAST, will defeat Islam, and then be conquered by the great Eastern POWER, out of ASIAchin. …. Then Asiachin will join with the previously neutral Russia and enter the Jewified USA and hunt out the Jews and the Jew lovers. This means the ASIACHINRUS power will exterminate over 200 million Yankee bubbas and whores, including the inbred, fornicating, Deliverance-type, hill-billies with their squirrel and pea-shooting rifles, which will be a good thing.
    Then the POWER of ASIACHIN will retreat to its natural demographic area, under CHINA-JAP rule and Putin’s able successor will declare himself the ruler of RUSAMERICA, which will include a sweep of land from Petersburg down to southern Chile. …. This will be a WHITEYS’ dominant monoculture with Orthodox Christianity, which reviles Jews (who won’t be around anyway, as they will be extinct!) …. Madonna, Beyonce, Miley, etc, will be told to go down on the RUS troops in their 1,000’s and then they will be re-educated in homes for the criminally insane, which will be located in former hill-billy country; in the vicinity of Gilby’s farm.

    1. Sounds like maybe a plausible scenario, matey, but it sure-as-hell won’t be accomplished by limp-dicks like Lobro, or hot slits like that Madame Butterfly (who’d probably be a good lay, talking dirty and all…). (I sort of LIKE it when the girls talk dirty to me, don’t you?) 🙂

      Just ‘holding’ my own ground, Max. A man has to do that if he is to call himself a ‘man’. The Jew will play out his hand, eventually. Meanwhile, Disneyland USA is, still, a FINE place to live! 🙂

      1. @ Gilbert Huntly

        “Sounds like maybe a plausible scenario, matey, but it sure-as-hell won’t be accomplished by limp-dicks like Lobro, or hot slits like that Madame Butterfly (who’d probably be a good lay, talking dirty and all…). (I sort of LIKE it when the girls talk dirty to me, don’t you?)”

        A low-quality comment by a low-quality commenter who is capable only of locker-room talk. Lobro happens to be one of the high-quality commenters on this site. He never fails to say something of interest and his knowledge of Jews and the world situation is impressive. By calling him a “limp dick” you show not only your basic stupidity and tendency to hooliganism but your jealousy also.

        Cowboy, go shoot yourself.

    2. and to think i stood up for the cardboard marlborough man when joe needled him so skillfully.
      just don’t spend too much time thinking about other men’s dicks, lest yours betray you.

      c’mon, give us another of those memorable poems that turned joe green with envy, something like this

      “oh translucent moon, shining upon the awesome peaks of my home range,
      my love prepares my coffee, wrapped in fresh terry cloth robe,
      she and the family bible ready for some humpin’ and thumpin’,
      but first i must hunt max/lobro in the swamps, naked but for my bowie knife.”

      1. That sounds like fun, Lobro – but, at LEAST allow me to wear some shorts so you and Maxy won’t feel TOO defeated. I strive to be sthenthitive to the feelingsth of others. (Ask your princess in Cyberland!) 🙂

        Brownhawk – Thanks. It seems I got carried away and violated the pecking order in this make-believe world (from which I DO derive a great deal of insight and edification – from both Lobro and his Princess of The Many Names). I am grateful for being allowed to visit their world, and apologize for having offended them. My bad. 🙁

  20. Thousands of Jews are needed by Obama and Putin to manage their economies. Leading corporations in both nations have Jews in the upper echelons, without them profits would disappear. The goyish elite respects and loves their Jews because of their astute talents and shrewdness. But the hater does not understand how the goy entrepreneur hires only Jews as managers. Most goys are dumb as a rock.

    1. Gilbert’s latest comment is The Clue! Which hydra head of lobro’s hydra headed princess will now appear on stage? The audience awaits transfixed and mesmerized with bated breathe. Will the next hydra headed jewess be The Queen of Sheba the audience has been waiting for for so long sitting on the edge of their seats in agitated anticipation???!!!

  21. @ Lobro

    Lobro, greetings to my fellow Canuck,

    I’m a newbie here, used to visit intermittently but now almost on a daily basis, so not quiet up to speed on who’s who and who’s joo. Just discovered that you’re Canadian and wanted to give you a shout.

    Pat is Pat and Max is Max but could Max also be Ellie? Both Max and Ellie are very entertaining with similar writing styles. Is Ellie now Madame Butterfly? Very confusing for a newbie moonie wannbie.

    Did not learn of the falling out between Lasha and Ellie until yesterday. As far as that goes I think Kipling’s phrase best sums it up, I paraphrase of course: Lasha is Lasha and Ellie is Ellie and the twain shall never meet.

    Your description of “Americans” was bang on, and could have been a description of the Pharisee joos…about them being pathologically paranoid and clinically insane in the way they killed and maimed millions and bombed countries to smithereens in their unholy Talmudic doctrine of “preemptive strike”… which is why we have the fake nuke threat, as Pat would concur.

    Ever wonder why “Nukes” never prevented a war but perversely started all the wars in the past 3 decades? We destroyed Iraq under the pretense that Saddam’s WMDs was a threat to world peace, remember? and now the latest threat to world peace is Iran’s “nuclear program.” Joe, LOL.

    We’ve all heard about Delenda est Carthago; how about Delenga est Jewmerica? Maybe the pending civil and or race war in the Jewnited Snakes of America is a good thing, after all. As SPQR has said about Putin, I would also say the same for Obama, the joo “shitskin” ain’t no friend of yours (or we, the people, and world peace) either.

    Best, and have a great weekend. Cloudy and a bit nippy here in Vancouver.

    1. “….. which is why we have the fake nuke threat, as Pat would concur.”

      Yep. The nuclear physics and physical requirements do not line up to produce the desired/claimed results.
      That goes especially for MIRV missiles.
      “Samson Option’ falls into same category as ‘chosen’…. all fabricated…. just like their ‘debt note’ systems. Just like 911 lies of ‘neoCON-men.’

      See ‘rinky-dink’ models the Pharisees, like Oppenheimer, used as proof…. they showed these effects in ‘movie houses’ in Movietone News clips, all through the 1950s. We held ‘get under your desk’ drills… even in high school. Big joke now… HA!!

      Another site:

  22. WHAT GILBERT SAID!!! ( how telling!)

    P.S. – Though Gilbert’s comment barely scratches the surface in regards to how deep the hydra headed dark Jew dark moon snake pit –how endlessly deep is the hydra headed Jew snake shit pit they call dark moon. And what an appropriate name for this shithole and how deeply involved is the hydra headed Jew Gilby in the whole Jew charade website so cleverly subtly named after the hebe kabballah “goddess” Lilith.

  23. I still highly suspect lobro’s princess of many names is Madjewess/Shelley Rubin. That would include of course our girl in the blue plastic shower curtain on her head. Shower curtain burqa LOL LOL LOL…..

    1. No, Joe. I, myself, am beginning to suspect it might be just a blue terry-cloth bath towel wrapped around her head AFTER showering (but, of course, that might be just my dumb American goy hillbilly/cowboy imagination flirting with fantasy.) (and, btw, which HEAD is it???).

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