Amor del tempo che fu [*translation*]

by Gian Franco:
an Italian translation
of Gilbert Huntly’s poem Long Ago Love

Clovis Trouille, The Kiss of the Confessor


Amor dei passati secoli
Questo corpo dall’anima di remoti tempi
Rinato nell’attual e moderno evo
Il mio desiderio per te rimane
E’ ancora te che amo.

Il fu passato
Non ha indebolito la brama
Di beate notti passate tra tue braccia;
Per giorni cavalcammo insieme su dolci prati
Lasciando che il Sole svanisse
E nascondesse il suo volto.

Ora sento te
Mezzo mondo la fuori
Invita nuovamente al bramato incontro
Del nostro estasi d’amore;
Quì decisa io rimango
Fino al tuo arrivo.

Amor del tempo che fu
Quando ti rivedrò?
In quale nuova vita e in quali evi fin da ora?
Una volta ancor vivremo, una volta ancor ameremo,
Una volta ancor ritroverem il perduto bacio
Del tempo che fu.

13 thoughts to “Amor del tempo che fu [*translation*]”

  1. This is a brilliant translation of Gilbert Huntly’s moving poem. The Italian has its own beautiful resonances and takes the poem to new heights, helping to clarify some of the ambiguities in the original English version.

    Gilbert, I am madly in love with you because of this poem and declare my eternal devotion! Unfortunately, I am already married to the perfect man, so there’ s no way I can be unfaithful except in imagination. Too bad.

    Perhaps in another life, riding through fair fields, I will meet thee, O Troubadour of the Wild West! 🙂

  2. Yes, Italian is definitely a romance language. I understand a smattering of the language from my love of Opera. My favourites are the Mozart operas, The Marriage of Figaro, Don Giovanni! I would love to hear Pavarotti recite this poem in Italian. Although being a man I worship the Divas, who are actually Devas, goddesses! Barbara Bonney, Cecilia Bartoli and Kiri Te Kanawa! Adoramus Te!

    1. Me, too, Felix! I can read it, a little bit (because I had to take a lot of Latin), and I LOVE the opera, Don Giovanni. I have a few Pavoratti CDs, but he is morte, too bad… I am happy that Madam Butterfly likes this piece. Her husband is quite fortunate to have such a wife who loves him.
      My southern accent sounds strange when I speak French, too – so it’s better that I just listen!

      1. Gilbert, I love the Southern accent! In fact back in 1968 when I was in South Africa I was cheering the ticket of George Wallace and Curtis LeMay to win the presidential election! Nixon seemed a bit too liberal for my liking! However I have mellowed somewhat in the intervening years. Being a Catholic you no doubt love the masses when they are sung in Latin! The Coronation and Great masses by Mozart are my favourites.
        Although I am a Buddhist, I can certainly appreciate the beauty and love of God they express! You might like to read some of the books by the late Malachi Martin, who was personal secretary to Pope John, the 23rd. He really destroyed the Catholic Church! Getting rid of the Tridentine Mass and the like! Vatican and Windswept House are novels, but they definitely show an insider’s knowledge of the workings of the Church! He has written other books
        and are available for download at or! Malachi had a yearning for the pre-reform church.

  3. “It was no dream! I still hear my beloved’s voice deep inside my soul. In his eyes, I saw the light of the truly blessed. Oh, warriors of the Holy Cross, hurry to win your sacred victory!”

    From my favorite opera, Verdi’s ” I Lombardi alla Prima Crociata”* :

    Pavarotti & Flanagan, Act IV/ Scene 1, of “I Lombardi” :

    * I risk being thrown into Eternal anathema sit Spamblinka by certain various pilpul types with Old Testaments stuck-up hard in their anal cavities for this , but I take the risk because the opera is so transcendently beautiful, so uplifting, sublime even.

    Jews, Mohammedans, and Protestants of the Old Testament variety, of course — what else is new — have “issues” with this opera, like the 3 have “issues” with so many things, so many “issues” too numerous to count within reason. This is not surprising, as a good deal of Protestantism is infused with Islamic falsities. The Protestants rejected the Incarnational Faith, the Sacramental Faith, for a hodgepodge alchemical fusion of Islamo-Jew-Talmud-Kabbalah falsities. The White Race now is paying dearly for the Protestant Reformation, a “reformation” so infused with jew and islamo “religious” ideas.

    I’m sure Lasha won’t mind me saying this, and I’m sure she’ll appreciate the video selection from “I Lombardi alla Prima Crociata”, as Lasha is a “Catholic”, lol. Certain themes in Act IV of the opera echo the sentiments in Gilbert’s poem, so my video selection is not off-topic [ though my tangent about jews, mohammedans, and protestants and the protestant reformation is off-topic, that is true. I stray nonetheless. I stray with fore-thought and for reasons of my own, and of course I consider my reasons for straying legitimate. Inquiries as for my reasons for straying are welcome, and I will respond to any and all inquiries in good faith, as I always do. ]

    @ Felix

    Pavarotti passed-away in Sept. of 2007. You say you would like to hear Pavarotti recite Gilbert’s poem as if Pavarotti is still with us. He is not. You must know that already, following the world of opera as you do. Study your English verb tenses, then get back to us. Thank you.

    1. Yes, Joe! I stand corrected! But I actually meant his shade! I believe one just transitions when one supposedly dies!
      You seem to be a devout Catholic! Listen to some of Mozart’s Sacred Music! I go into ecstasy when I hear Barbara Bonney singing the Kyrie Eleison from “Wolfies” great mass!

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  5. I guess the Italian language has some beauty to it, maybe sometimes it sounds kinda beautiful, but I don’t go over board extolling the beauty of the Italian language — if indeed Italian has any beauty to it — That’s cause Italian is a bastardization of Latin and we all know how fiddling around with Latin annoys Ryckaert so. The Italians should be shot en-masse for bastardizing Latin. How many glorious Spring days did Ryckaert as a boy so devoted to the Sacred language of the Catholicism spend in his room doing his Latin homework diligently studying Latin declensions for The June Finals? Answer : 666 million glorious days of Spring holed-up in his room studying his declensions for The June Finals.

    I used to just hate it when I made an error in my declensions. My Catholic school Latin professors would jump down my throat. Not fun. It’s was so difficult for me to stay in my room on glorious Spring days when I wanted to be outside, but I had to stay in my room and study those damn declensions for the June final. It was challenging in all kinds of ways I have to say.

    Ryckaert must be made of stern stuff. A regular Mother Superior of the old school, lol. A real stickler for proper Latin usage. I’m sure “Catholic” Lasha insists on perfect Latin usage, devoted “Catholic” she is in her mohammedan get-up and at a time the mohammedans are waging jihad against whatever remains of Catholic Europe.

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  7. Sergio Leone could make a Spaghetti Western with Eastwood from it.
    Sly Stallone could mumble it around to Adrian.

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