Anti-Semitism Rears Its Ugly Head At Sydney Airport (3 short videos)

“Antisemitism among baggage handlers at Sydney Airport has plunged to new lows. Jewish passengers are no longer safe from persecution at the hands of Hitlerite airport officials who are treating Jews in an absolutely shocking and discriminatory way. I was myself subjected to a volley of foul abuse from goyim passengers just because I jumped the queue in an attempt to get ahead of other inferior-status gentile travelers on a lower spiritual plane.”

— Seymour Zak, in a private email to Lasha Darkmoon

We take these complaints seriously. Here are three short videos demonstrating Mr Zak’s point. Total length: 19 minutes. Please watch these videos carefully and in future be more sensitive around Jews.

— Editor John Scott Montecristo


A nice Jewish guy at Sydney airport is hassled by airport officials for smuggling  illegal weapons into the country (8-minute video):

A  nice Jewish couple from New York are ill-treated at Sydney airport for smuggling in prohibited food items in their baggage (4-minute video) :

A nice Israeli Jew is ticked off at Sydney airport by insensitive baggage handlers just because he has a severe attitude problem  (7 minute video):

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  1. Probably lobro went thru the Sydney airport. If anyone can arouse anti jew feelings, it’s lobro. What was Zak and lobro doing in Australia? Visiting Max?

    1. overpowering nostalgia, huh? you can take joe out of flatbush but you can’t take flatbush out of joe.

      seeing realoriginaljews behave like realoriginaljews sure gives you a hardon for some antisocial behavior of your own, doesn’t it josephus.

      why don’t you walk your circumcised dog with your nice next door yenta neighbor and calm down a bit, wipe the spittle off your face before gumming up the keyboard for good?

  2. ADMIN (Toby): Another off-topic comment from “Lucy Perle”, Secretary General and Commissar of the Ellie K Fan Club. They never give up, these trolls! What is to prevent Ellie K submitting her brilliant articles to other websites? We are not stopping her!


    Booo! Lasha Darkmoon, booo! booo! booo! If indeed it is true that you are withholding Ellie K’s articles from us readers, one big booo to you! Just because you own an insignificant little wordpress out there in cyberspace, does not mean that you can arrogate to yourself the power of judgement over your readers! It’s your readers who judge the articles and not you.

    And besides, Ellie K is a hundred times more erudite and eloquent than the common every-day crap you publish there, so unless you two have had a tiff, there is no point in you complaining about the Jewish-controlled MSM censorship when you yourself are doing EXACTLY the same.

    You need a mirror that helps you look inwards, that’s what you need, although I very much doubt that you could hold it long enough without cracking it!

    You, and not the likes of Ellie K and John Kaminski, are the reason why I refuse to post at your crappy website.

    VAL (Very Angry Lady)

    1. @Norbert

      Totally correct you are, Norbert! My father is a Diplomat, currently stationed, of all places, in Tel Aviv, and he told us that the controlled demolition of the USA has been in the cards ever since the PNAC (Project for the New American Century) document surfaced. And part of this process is futile wars in places like Ukraine and Syria, wars which even a schoolboy will tell you are simply unwinnable! But it won’t happen as you say socially; social chaos will be a consequence of the collapse. The first stage, as I said, is a depletion of the US war machine, a process already begun; the actual collapse will be financial, and this is where Russia and China will come into play. I could tell you a lot, lot more, believe me, and that by way of facts too, only I have an incurable distaste for all people who think themselves smarter and better and more judicious than everyone else without actually being able to prove it, like Lasha Darkmoon, for whom I have only one word: FIE!

      1. @ Lasha Darkmoon

        At least have the decency to post my entire email and not only what suits you, you stunted little Zio-troll! I believe I said something important to your poster Norbert, unless, that is, you don’t want your Jewish Neocon buddies to be portrayed in a bad light, and let the white people learn the true reasons and causes of the impending collapse! Peter Wright was my mother’s first cousin, and if you knew who he was, you can just imagine the kind of things he taught us about the Zionist operatives like you. You can’t fool me, as I am not your Lobro!

        For a brief, very, very brief moment I actually believed you when you published the now thoroughly discredited ”Madame Rothschild: A Case of Bogus Anti-Semitism,” only I quickly learned from a trusted source in Dublin that that was not at all the case; that you had in fact made up the whole story yourself in your now self-confessed tortured imagination so as to appear more sensational; that Ellie K had in fact offered you in good faith heaps of money, as indeed she had to the Jobik and the Marie Le Pen lot; that the Hollywood Kastner story was as pathetic as it was untrue; and that the REAL reason you had cut-off EK was simply because your Tel Avivian handlers had finally come to realize that she was too well connected to be allowed to speak openly.

        Only, two things I cannot for the life of me understand: why would someone like her choose an insignificant and unimportant little you as the conduit for her message? And also, why would you, being a stunted little Zio-shill, not actually take the money and keep her ”baited”, since, if I am not mistaken, thievery and deception are the chief characteristics that distinguish your warped little Jewish race, aren’t they?

        But, as they say, keep a tryin’, as the world does indeed contain more dolts and blockheads than oceans contain salt. Pfh!

        1. ELLIE K, writing as “Madame Zeiss-Couhverde-Dubois”: 🙂

          Dear Ms Lucy Perle,

          Thank you for the kind words. I must say that they gave me a great deal of satisfaction in hearing them, since this part of the website is known as a cadaverous Zionistic ring, murderously unfriendly to any one who so much as refuses to toe the sadistic Darkmoon line. In my opinion, there is more nobility in you than in the entire Darkmoon universe multiplied by six-million, since their hearts and minds tend to operate backwards, and anything that works backwards, is bound to terminate in nothingness!

          I am entirely of your opinion that I never should have written to Mme Darkmoon, as I, too, have come to learn that, one cannot hope ever to succeed there where distrust and jealousy abound. They say that fools are apt to believe that they are right, whereas the wise know that they are not.

          It is always nice to see people who are prepossessed in one’s favour, particularly in a toxic place such as this, where hatred and prejudices are so very easily contracted, though attempts are always and quickly made to substitute them for veiled criticism, such as one sees in those soul-dead Jewish theatres, where what is false passes for what is real, as if one can easily and quickly give contempt and rancour the sweet colour of approbation and commendation. Nice, too, it is to witness the ornaments of one’s eloquence and erudition be so selflessly and loudly praised, as there is no feeling better and more humane in life than the knowledge that we have left a good impression in others. Sadly, though, the young-in-mind Mme Darkmoon does not understand this, just as she does not understand the other subtleties of aristocratic human relations, as I once sent her Brahms’ Second Symphony as a gesture of subtle Love, only to quickly learn that she was mentally and spiritually unfit to recognize its deeper and underlying loving purpose. No wonder, then, that she so lamentably and spiritedly countenances that which a mind like mine would instantaneously banish! Am I not justified to think myself superior to her? Speak.

          For the record, Ms Perle, if I may, without derailing myself, Mme Lasha Darkmoon has not received one euro from me, even if I very nearly underwent a heart operation in trying to convince her to accept my offers of money! She and her nebulous troupe of parochial plaisantines may think her stance principled and honest, as well as courageous and smart, but in instances like this I always side with Vergilius, since it has to do with money, who, despite his glaring impecuniousness, was at least sufficiently learned in the ways of the world to ejaculate this one eternal truth: ”Money? Why, it is a god on earth to men!”

          Don’t get me wrong, my dear Lucy, as I would rather die than see any harm come to Mme Darkmoon, only if I could I really would tear her apart, you know, sinew by sinew, globule by globule, nail by nail, limb by limb, and this not so as to stifle her self-confessed and perfectly satisfactory impecunious existence, but rather so as to put her back together according to my idea of how Lasha ought to be constructed, as people of money really are mini-gods on earth, and, as such, who’s to stop them from arrogating to themselves the power to reconstruct other people?! No one, that’s who!

          The wicked R___’s do this all the time, and from my earliest years I have learned from them that, whether it be in common every-day difficulties concerning temporal matters, or whether it be in the deadly chasms which perversities of taste create between one man and another, man must be remade if he is to survive, only what gives this otherwise unbelievably noble idea the distinct irradiation of evil, is the manner in which they have set about in accomplishing it, something which I could never countenance, save, that is, WITH LASHA!

          Now, this idea of brake-making may seem barbarous at first, and not at all in keeping with the Christian principles of how one man ought to treat another; but I have learned also from the candid words of Bartolomé de las Casas, who, in his heart-breaking accounts shows us how, before the loving Christians dispached their hapless Indians, they always prefaced their butcheries with the assurance that it is for their own good; that after they are torn to pieces, true Love will enter their hearts; and that it was God and none other that threw them in their way, since he knew that life without God can no more easily be excused than candidness can be excused without honesty! Again, lest I am misunderstood, I still think Mme Darkmoon a thoroughly tragic person, better fit for wearing eternally on her loveless face the melancholy mask of Dionysus than the azzure Hijab which she currently sports; only, I am also of the opinion that the evil Jews will grow a heart before she so much as learns to see who her friends really are, and, as such, and in my always unerring opinion, since I cannot possibly err, I would rather be damned by hearing the whole world in chorus tell me how unlikable I am than how blind, as those who truly know life and man as I do will tell you that, of all the organs which make up man, the eyes are the last to suffer from a faulty vision!

          In my opinion, Mme Darkmoon ought to engage her solitary and manifestly loveless mind with the composition of a booklet, you know – I say a booklet and not a book, as a book is too ambitious a project for her, and as such it may permanently impair her glorious function of Literary Critic! – and one which she may aptly entitle, ”How to Achieve Poverty and yet Remain Blissful!” Her esteemed Coleridge once attempted a similar admirable idea, but the cunning me better comprehends money, hence the motto in my study, lovingly carved by me, which hourly reminds me that,

          Up there, God may knit His gorgeous plan,
          But here, on Earth, money makes man!
          You may work and you may plod,
          But money, money, is a man’s only God!

          Anyway, I must end now, before the Darkmoon pack of wolves and wolverines hone in on me for that sweet kill which they so earnestly seek each and every time I make a brief appearance here, and, in the equal measure as the evil Jews tear their collective minds apart, tear mine also to pieces, and turn me, too, into that human refuse which that warped Judeo/Cosmic excrescence that is Jews are so very fond of eating!

          Suffice to say that, I now have a new audience, my dear Lucy, composed solely of me, and that twice daily I engage myself in one of the strangest and yet the smartest games I have ever devised and played in my leisurely time. I have two email accounts, one an encrypted mail service from Switzerland, and the other a Hotmail, from the former of which I write to myself the most castigating and destructive thoughts and opinions, such as could only have been found in the now-lost Tragedy of Hortius, or the dirty Judaic Talmud, with the view, of course, of so thoroughly and utterly destroying myself, as to make it virtually impossible for me to so much as remember who I once was; and from the latter email of which I swiftly, almost instantaneously, respond most lovingly and thoughtfully to the very same me which but a moment earlier had sought my crushing death, just as I am doing now with you, my dear Lucy, and thus engage myself in one of those strange and yet delicate intimacies, well-known to the refined French minds, but sadly unknown to the inelegant and unimaginative closed minds of the likes of Mme Darkmoon, and ones which I know that only a complex mind like mine can devise and enjoy, wherewith I play and learn, weep and smile, teach and take stock, and hate as well as love, since if there exists at least one thing which life has taught me, apart from the fact that money alone is god, it is this: it is futile to seek love and lessons from others, before we learn to cultivate a deep love of learning and of love of and from ourselves! Wordsworth, though his recollection of life was imperfect, and his Poetry follows the school of the English and not of the superior French, always agreed with this, as indeed did the perspicacious and corpulent Hume and Chamfort, but not Carlyle or Goethe, nor, for that matter, did Blake or Tacitus. Never liked these last specimens!

          As I always say my dear: the world has only one enemy, and that enemy is the EVIL JEWS!

          Madame Zeiss-Couhlverde-Dubois

          1. Thank you, Ellie. You make some excellent points. I am sorry to have fallen short of your expectations.

      2. @ Ellie K

        Is “Lucy Perle” your latest sockpuppet? This is so sad. Your anger and bitterness appear to know no bounds. And all because you can’t get your articles published on this website.

        You make no sense, dear lady. If Lasha is an evil Zio-troll working for Tel Aviv, as you have just stated above, why are you so anxious to get your anti-Jewish articles published on such a disreputable website?

      3. To the LD hater –

        Your claims are ridiculous.

        It doesn’t matter if your mother’s father or mother were a monkey’s uncle or aunt, or had a nephew called Peter in counterintelligence. COINTEL officers do not explain the facts to family members. They only give false info if any.
        They do not want their families compromised….. knowing dangerous info spread about… in RUMOR, when drunk and bragging, as you do here…. could get all hurt. That would include himself.

        So, what he stated, if it happened at all, could be the reverse of the actual plans.

        Nothing for me to buy here, especially your trashing the site and LD.

        I hope you are more angry. Go get a Pharisee by the neck.

      4. Felix –

        Thanks for pointing that out.
        The left-wing impaled McCarthy at every turn… especially after his death. Still do.

    2. Why doesn’t the “erudite and eloquent” Ellie K publish her own blog instead of trying to parasite onto Dark Moon?

      Go ahead and publish the blog address here and then see how many hits you get.

      Till then, STFU!

  3. The name Lucy Perle sounds like a Country-Western singer from down South. “Lucy Perle’s goin’ to be performin’ at the Grand Ole Opry this Saturday, that’s what the paper says, the gal finally made the big time” . Is Lucy related to Gilbert? A cousin perhaps?

    1. Joe –
      She is not a ‘Pearl.’ You let her off too lightly.

      The last name is spelled the same as Richard Perle. He is a Pharisee liar and Director of Jerusalem Post while holding office in US Government. Perle acquired the nickname “The Prince of Darkness.” As a neocon charter member to PNAC, he was one of the ‘pushers’ of invasion of Iraq in 2003.
      A Jew’s Jew, he is high on the list of the driving forces of Zionism.

      In 1978, while working with the Senate Armed Services Committee, Perle was – caught – in a security breach by CIA director Stansfield Turner.

      He was a head of Hollinger, which owned Jerusalem Post, after Pharisee Conrad Black stepped down and went to jail for embezzlement.

      Richard Norman Perle (born September 16, 1941) is an American political advisor, consultant, and lobbyist who began his career in government as a senior staff member to Senator Henry “Scoop” Jackson on the Senate Armed Services Committee in the 1970s. Later he was heavily involved with the Reagan administration and served as the assistant Secretary of Defense and also worked on the Defense Policy Board Advisory Committee from 1987 to 2004. He was Chairman of the Board in 2001 under the Bush Administration but eventually resigned in 2003 due to conflict of interests.

      He is a member of several think-tanks including the Hudson Institute, the Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP) Board of Advisors, the Center for Security Policy (CSP), the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research (as a resident fellow), the neoconservative Project for the New American Century (PNAC), and the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA).
      He is a member of the – Steering Committee – of the Bilderberg Group. He is also a patron of the Henry Jackson Society.
      Perle has written extensively on a number of issues. His cited research interests including defense, national security, and the Middle East. Aside from these engagements, Perle is the former co-chairman and director of Hollinger, Inc., a partner of Trireme Partners and a non-executive director of Autonomy Corporation.

      Perle has served as a Director of Hollinger International since June 1994. He is also Co-Chairman of Hollinger Digital Inc. and a Director of Jerusalem Post, both of which are subsidiaries of the company. He has served as a director of GeoBiotics.

      On August 31, 2004, a special committee of the Board of Directors investigating the alleged misconduct of the controlling shareholders of Hollinger International submitted the 512-page Breeden Report to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). In the report, Perle is singled out as having breached his fiduciary responsibilities as a company director by authorizing several controversial transactions which diverted the company’s net profit from the shareholders to the accounts of various executives. Perle received over $3 million in bonuses on top of his salary, bringing the total to $5.4 million, and the investigating committee called for him to return the money.

      SENDER: Dr J. Ewett
      EMAIL ADDRESS: jewett128
      Subject: Shalom!


      Shalom, brother.

      I have noticed you have a large quantity of anti-semitic articles, and I am very much offended! We Jews have never conspired against humanity! Not even once! Especially not right now! And even more specifically not America!

      How could we be from another world, when our anatomy is so similar?
      Your logic is clearly flawed, and it would be the best for both of us if you stopped posting these articles.

      If you were to continue posting these articles, you might have an accident involving your ability to walk!

      You know too much,

      Dr. J. Ewett

  4. Australian Aboriginal Jew? That is a first. What about Aboriginal Palestinians?

  5. @ Lucy Perle


    Ms Perle,

    You have a Jewish name . . . and you sound very much like Ellie K herself . . . except you seem to have mastered the art of the shorter sentence! Congratulations.

    Why all this fuss about Ellie K’s unpublished articles? You know the score. lady. We all do. The articles were rejected. That happens all the time. Millions of aspiring writers get rejections. Some get rejections because their articles are lousy. Sub-standard. I’m not saying Ellie K’s articles were lousy or sub-standard. Heaven forbid! I haven’t read her rejected articles, so I am in no position to form a judgement.

    Maybe Ellie K’s articles were turned down because they were TOO DANGEROUS to publish. Wasn’t there something about “legal advice” being taken? If I’m not mistaken, Admin was advised NOT to publish Ellie’s articles for legal reasons. Let’s be fair, Lucy. Does it make sense to go against legal advice? I don’t think so!

    I wrote to Lasha recently, asking her if she had forgiven Ellie K for ganging up against her with the Jew Aavi Kastner who was sending Lasha the most disgusting hate mail. Lasha told me she was quite fond of Ellie in spite of Ellie’s bad behavior and would like to see Ellie’s essays published on this website. “But I don’t own this site,” she said. “I have no control over what gets published here. Many of my own articles lie languishing in drafts, unpublished for over 1-2 years. My best love poems have even been deleted because they were judged to be too offensive. So what am I to do?”

    Ellie K should try to understand that Lasha, in spite of all appearances to the contrary, actually likes Ellie and believes in her unique talents.

    1. Rubbish Sardo! Either the money Ellie promised Lasha never arrived, or it arrived but was not the amount promised, or the controlled Jewish opposition that is Darkmoon Enterprise decided to stifle Ellie K once and for all, as I cannot see how someone can write beautifully one day and yet be sub-standard the next. Also, silly Sardo, how can you say that Lasha has forgiven Ellie for ganging up against her with Aavi Kastner when it was LASHA HERSELF who told us that Aavi Kastner and Ellie K were one and the same person?! Think Sardo, think!

      ADMIN (TOBY):



    2. @ Sardonicus


      Yes, Sardonicus, only you have just made a mistake which has uncovered you and not me: ONLY ADMIN’S AND SARDONICUS’ POSTS HAVE NO REPLY BUTTON, a mistake which makes YOU and NOT me the one and the same ”person”: Lasha Darkmoon! Ha-ha-ha! Keep a tryin’ Lasha – ooops, I meant to say Sardonicus!

      ADMIN (TOBY): The ‘Reply’ button doesn’t work like that, Lucy. (Or is it Ellie?) MOST posters don’t have a “REPLY” sign after their names if they are all responding to an original post. Only the original poster has the “Reply” sign after his/her name. Learn how WordPress works before you make such silly mistakes again!

      1. if i may be she-devil’s advocate, this naivety also proves that whatever entity ellie’s admirers represent, they can’t be mossad trolls or pros in any sense of the word.

        i see it as a battle of the queens such as hornet queens where one decided to forcibly invade the turf of another and was evicted after much carnage, emotional and otherwise.

        afaiac, unfortunate that so much bad blood exists and further exhibits of hostility will be responded to in kind

  6. The core of the Jewish mentality is ARROGANCE. These videos prove that once again.

      1. Yes but that is secondary. In the first place they are ARROGANT, therefore they claim the whole earth as their possession, because YAHWEH has given it to them.

        Their claim that their “Holocaust” suffering is unique and should not be compared to that of others betrays the same ARROGANCE.

        Have you ever met a “modest” Jew?

      2. @Franklin
        Their claim that their “Holocaust” suffering is unique and should not be compared to that of others betrays the same ARROGANCE.

        It is unique! It’s a complete lie.

      3. C’mon Franklin, your good self is proof of arrogance sans covetousness.
        You too Pat!

      4. HP –

        Thanks. Correct. Agreed.

        All weblog site builders and commenters on weblogs are arrogant to varying degrees. If not…. they would read and go along without commenting.
        They and I feel the possession of an opinion/guess which needs to be seen.
        A good thing. It is akin to owners of newspaper and letters to editors.

        You, too, HP! Good thing.

  7. The Jews have been banished from umpteen countries for millenia and never once have they asked why. These videos are similar to the obnoxious behaviour I have witnessed from Jews around the world. Send them all to Kerguelen.

  8. that red haired “aboriginal” rabbi who jumped to the head of the queue should be investigated a bit further.
    why would he be arriving from some petah tikva yeshiva with baggage full of infested australian leaves, roots and fruit?

    i bet that there are bio-warfare labs in israel where they induce disease into plant material to be distributed to countries selected for environmental catastrophe.

    he sure looked like an aboriginal khazar to me …

    1. i would not bet the farm that zak is an actual jew, more like a crypto-goy if there is such a thing.

      the yeshiva degenerate sure looked like a real deal, you can spot him from a satellite even without the skullcap.
      a red haired mongoloid as likable as an hiv+ turd, down with a disease worse than any of the confiscated material.

      one unmentioned aspect i enjoyed seeing is the unspoken revulsion of the sidney immigration workers.

      1. The workers looked like they were feeling they could handle 6 million more if needed. I liked it when the one told him to go to his room…. like a 4 year old. “Take your cart with ya.”

        Big fat black folks at TSA in US might have tazed his Jew ass.

    2. Yes Lobro!

      That was the most shocking thing to me. Bringing sick leaves into the country. Imagine the disaster it could have originated. Australia´s eucalyptus forests destroyed by a perverted man. I could cry just thinking at the koala´s being robbed of their food!!

      It is so evil and so sick! Who in heaven´s name wants to destroy God´s Creation?? I can only think of the devil himself.

  9. Until almost every evil jew is dead, western white peoples and many others will be killed off by the bankers and their backers.

  10. Thanks for the reporting of this criminal behaviour, and the means which the Zionist media attempt to sway public opinion away from the truth. The rules are for everyone else it seems.

  11. The aboriginal jew (lol) is mentally ill, probably the product of inbreeding. The old couple are just typical nasty Russian kikes. The guy in the first video is probably a jew, but some people are saying he’s Lebanese.

    1. the guy in the first video is a complete jew, by looks and behavior, bluffing and blustering until cornered, then he becomes a pussy like all of them.
      hilarious too, when he is leaving, mumbling how his lawyer is going to crush them – as typical as it gets, no other group acts like that.
      this is what samson option is all about, legal nukes.

      if zaky submitted these in mock outrage, it is almost a smoking gun that he is not a jew, because they sure as hell present jews as only superficially resembling human beings.
      consider his closing line in email to lasha:

      I was myself subjected to a volley of foul abuse from goyim passengers just because I jumped the queue in an attempt to get ahead of other inferior-status gentile travelers on a lower spiritual plane

      yeah zaky, pretend to be serious to others but i can see you trying to stifle a guffaw (flying on spiritual planes, are you)
      a bit surprised others haven’t caught onto the satire.
      (moreover, i think plutonick is another one like that)

      1. I saw the last two videos on TheRightStuff just a couple days ago. It was especially telling how those Jews were bringing infested food into the country. Probably another case of them poisoning the proverbial well: introduce hostile insects into Australia and watch them ravage the vegetation. There isn’t much that Jews don’t poison.

        I didn’t see the first one. The guy in that probably is a Jew… the nose gives it away, as well as the arrogance. Israelis like him aren’t too different from Arabs though. I’m just surprised that he didn’t play the Jew card.

      2. what i cannot understand is the conduct of the border service when they realized the organic matter carried disease that could potentially wipe out uniquely antipodean flora and wildlife that depends on it for sustenance, instant and irrecoverable calamity.

        i guess jews see it as instant gratification, such as a real&#0153 holocaust&#0153 of 15+ million dead/count’em&#0153 jews might appear to someone who has had to put up with them all his life.

        but apart from all that, what the border protection guys should have done was to hang onto the jew until the nature of the disease was determined.

        why is this crucial?

        because if the disease already exists in the outback bush, then no big deal, like bringing sand to the beach.
        but if it is a brand new form of a plague with potential to devastate the ecosystem, then clearly it is undeclared war by jews on Australia, carefully conceived and carried out with likelihood of many agents bringing it in at various points of entry.

        at which point, the red haired khazar abo should have been subjected to the most gruesome torture until he spills the beans on the entire program and moreover, all jews entering australia, especially from israel should likewise face inquisition star chamber with sspx priests in audience as the torturer applies his craft.
        all jews present in australia quarantined in desert, fed subsistence diet of fiddlebacks, centipedes, rattlesnakes and cane toads until declared free of judaic disease by a qualified pre-novo ordo exorcist.

      3. what i cannot understand is the conduct of the border service when they realized the organic matter carried disease that could potentially wipe out uniquely antipodean flora and wildlife that depends on it for sustenance, instant and irrecoverable calamity.

        i guess jews see it as instant gratification, because they see us as we should see them, a natural enemy whose demise is to jew’s clear advantage.

        but apart from all that, what the border protection guys should have done was to hang onto the jew until the nature of the disease was determined.

        why is this crucial?

        because if the disease already exists in the outback bush, then no big deal, like bringing sand to the beach.
        but if it is a brand new form of plague with potential to devastate the ecosystem, then clearly it is undeclared war by jews on australia, carefully conceived and carried out with likelihood of many agents bringing it in at various points of entry.

        at which point, the red haired khazar abo should have been subjected to the most gruesome torture until he spills the beans on the entire program and moreover, all jews entering australia, especially from israel should likewise face inquisition star chamber with sspx priests in audience as the torturer applies his information extraction craft.

    2. Ok,

      I’m not being mean here but let me point out a couple things about this term the “The aboriginal jew”.

      First, aboriginals are the lowest of the low IQ people on the planet. Something like 60 IQ. Koko the Gorilla even out did their IQ by some 15 points. It’s simply a fact folks which is proven by the endless Aussie Public Service Announcements reminding them not to sleep in the middle of the road or they might get run over by a car. Chew on that one for a moment.

      And while contemplating this ethnic fact remember that the “Jew’s” IQ (although void of spiritual understanding/IQ) are among the highest on the planet as a group, so no matter how you shake it or bake it, no “Jew” has Abo in them and if they do to any real degree, they sure as hell wouldn’t allowed into “Israel” as a “real Jew”.

      Abo’s have extra privileges in Australia that the “Jews” covet and its for this and other reasons like the “Jews” constantly pretending to be Abos to direct the Abos to attack white/Aussie-believers, that they pretend to be of those who are probably the most unfortunate race on the planet.

      If a “Jew” claimed to another” Jew” (being straight faced and truthful) that he was an Abo, the “Jews” would shun that person from the group. If a “Jew” was pretending to be Abo for some nefarious reason, he would be welcomed with open arms.

      “Jews” use this same ploy with Whites all the time. When it’s toward their advantage and against the white man, they say they are “white”. When they need to deflect attention from the fact they are constantly agitating all other races against whites, they also claim falsely to be whites. Only when “Jews” are being directly exposed as a separate ethnic entity they are do they fall back on the “I’m a “Jew” canard and even then, they refuse to give which definition they are standing under so as to make it impossible to nailed them down and attacked.

      Always in war mode these imposters.

      This is one of the major reasons why the identity fraud the “Jews” are using against authentic Israel/Judah must be exposed for what it is and this is also why we as whites/Europeans- believers must reclaim our true ethnic identity. For without doing BOTH (exposing the imposters and claiming our true identity as Israel/Judah 12 tribes) we won’t be able to make a lawful claim to the second law of return under common/natural/Christian law) which is imperative if we are to take over the legal fiction called “Israel”, depose the impostors, planting I AM/Jesus’ Kingdom on it’s ashes.

      1. That jew probably enters every country claiming to be a descendant of the original populace. He enters America as a Cherokee Indian, he goes to Japan and claims he’s Ainu, and he enters Egypt claiming to be a descendant of Ramses.

  12. Send Max over to the airport in Sydney, Australia. He’ll solve the jew problem at the airport in about, Oh, in about 5 minutes. He’ll lob a Molotov cocktail into the terminal and put an end to the jew problem in Australia once and for all. ALL Australians will RISE UP and overthrow their jew Zionist loving government, if only Max would throw a Molotov cocktail into the Sydney airport terminal building!!! COME ON MAX! WE KNOW YOU CAN DO IT!!!!

  13. Darkmooners:
    Cut this crap! These videos are of the same type that we see here in Canada concerning our Canadian Border Services Agency and its employees at airports and border crosiings. The program is called “Border Security”, and is on cable TV. This program like these videos, is a programming tool for predictive programming and brainwashing to get you used to the idea of being manipulated, watched and under serveillance in our current Police States the world over and subject to abuse whether warrented or not. That is what the TSA and security at NFL football games in America is all about. In that regard I or these agents/employees do NOT care who you are, jew, gentile, male, female, young or old, christian, judaic or muslim, etc.. So even if these videos show jews being interrogated, they accomplish 2 things: 1.) get humanity used to abuse by authority figures, and 2.) reminds humanity of the treatment of jews in the Holohoax to gain sympathy for jews and at the same time feed feelings of anti-semitism by jews and coming from the goyim. If you do not understand this perhaps you should watch videos featuring Norman Finkelstein or Gilad Atzmon videos or Gilad Atzmon’s website . Watch and read these 2 men to understand how common regular jews are used by Elitist jews (Talmudic Rothschild Pharisees or even crypto-jews or real jews vs. fake jews) to even begin to understand this technique. This is why jews the world over, but especially in Israel say that men like Norman Finkelstein and Gilad Atzmon are “Self-haters or Jew-haters”. Fortunately, this line of reasoning and labelling does not make any sense when these men were born jewish and want to speak the truth. The ultimate example I can give of the use of common regular jews by the Elitist jews (aka Zionists) is the situation the Zionists created in Nazi Germany to get common jews to migrate to Palestine to form Israel, which led to the Holocaust myth. Those Concentration camps were Labor camps which had soccer fields, swimming pools, dance and music recittal halls. Zyklon B was not used to gas people to death but as a de-lousing agent to stop the spread of Typhus by insects. The Zionist propaganda campaign did not work no matter how hard/bad the situation they made for the jews. Common regular jews did not want to leave the culture of Europe for a worthless lump of sand in the Palestinian desert. The Zionists had to make the Holocaust myth as bad as possible to foul common regular jews to go to Israel. In fact those people were even paid/bribed to go to Israel. So concerning this article and the videos, please do NOT speak out of both sides of your mouth, or have your cake and eat it too. Stick to alternative media ideas of truth and its quest. People like Norman Finkelstein and Gilad Atzmon have taught me well, but my emotions or the feelings you try to generate in your followers does sometimes get the better of us, in order to trick us. As for Lucy Perle and her comment directed at me, the sequence of events is not important. The endgame goals to be achieved is the important point. Those being: America’s fall, alternative structures forming that are really the same as the old (some disguise), and more control, manipulation for total enslavement for the formation of One World Government, One World Economic System and One World Religion. And of course the situation will be so bad, that the sheeple will actually welcome their own further enslavement under the Beast, his system and his mark. These are the kernels of wisdom to take away from this article and the videos. Whether the victims are jewish or not is irrelevant, because those victims are actually all of humanity. That is the sad part for we are nothing but cattle to TPTB. I just wish the admin agents and their aliases would stop using my comments for or against me. I just want the truth , but will shift it out here at Darkmoon if I have to. To allow me to do that is the best service Darkmoon can provide, for the truth will set you free, whereas its obfuscation will imprison you. Just what TPTB want. So literally, the search for truth is to the death. And whether I die knowing the truth or believing in lies/deception, is the difference between Heaven or Hell, not just for me but for each and everyone. PS: No anti-semitism intended, for the truth is not anti-semitic. For each nation is both good and bad, but when criticizing Israel or Jews is made into Hate Law punishable by imprisonment or death, then something is wrong or int’l jewry is protecting/hiding something. Darkmooners know what that is and know this as fact. Thanks, Norbert.

    1. Norbert –

      “Cut this crap!”

      Good advice. I took the bait, knowing better.

      Thanks for the reminder. I needed it.

      1. Pat,

        This was satire; Norbert didn’t get it. Crappy satire maybe, but British satire (humour) has never been ha-ha funny the way North Americans think it is. Did you not read the satirical disclaimer. There have been quite a few disclaimers lately.

        “We take these complaints seriously. Here are three short videos demonstrating Mr Zak’s point. Total length: 19 minutes. Please watch these videos carefully and in future be more sensitive around Jews.” — Editor John Scott Montecristo

        Maybe Norbert was being satirical and I didn’t get it. I’m never quite sure with him. Shalom.

  14. “Shalom,brother…If you were to continue posting these articles, you might have an accident involving your ability to walk!”
    What a brotherhood, Dr. Jekyll !

  15. Darkmooners:
    In my efforts to cut this crap, I found a post by an outspoken critic of Israel and Benjamin Netanyahu and his name is Pastor Chuck Baldwin. This man is not afraid to call a spade a spade. Pastor Baldwin exposes something about Bibi that the MSM would rather not discuss and also shows how Americans are being conditioned to love authority. Darkmooners of the anti-Talmud, anti-Pharisee bend would love this article by Pastor Baldwin. Here is the link:
    A Man’s Enemies Are The Men Of His Own House
    As A Fellow Pastor, I Am Outraged!
    Anyone that shows Benjamin Netanyahu for what he really is, must be awake and considered a friend. I am not going all religious on Darkmooners, but love truthers with a good proper religious orientation, such as Pastor Chuck Baldwin has. Thanks, Norbert.

  16. Hi, here is a bit about an Aussie aboriginal Jew that I included in one of my best-seller books, here in Oz:
    “Michael featured on the popular Australian television series, Border Security, of November 15, 2006. On reading the following story, question yourself about the subject of “race” or “races” and about the descriptor “Semitic.” … This is one confused story, but it proves my point par excellence. … And no one, not even Isi Liebler, can deny Michael his right to call himself a “Jew.” … Border Security, featured a man called Michael, who referred to himself as an “indigenous Australian Jew.” Presumably, this meant that he defined himself as an “indigenous Australian” who happened to practice the religion of “Judaism.” (Some months after this show SBS television featured the story of a Sudanese man who had become a Jew, living in Israel) … Certainly Michael’s outward appearance, including his Shabbat hat, yarmulke and facial hair, gave the impression of distinct Jewish identity. He certainly didn’t look Amish or Buddhist; in fact, the casual onlooker would have had great difficulty identifying any traits of an Australian indigenous person in the person of Michael. … I apologise here for any unintended insult of the man, but if his name happened to be “Vorchheimer” and he was the victim of an assault by an Ocean Grove footballer, I’m sure the mass media would have utilised its favourite epithet “racism”, whether they knew his ancestry or not! Such is the pernicious nature of the whole debate. … The storyline proceeded thus: Australian Customs’ officials were in the process of questioning Michael about a cache of “suspicious looking seeds” that they had found in his luggage. Michael admitted that he had obtained the seeds overseas, but stressed that he had “no case to answer for” in trying to “import” them into Australia. He explained that this was because Australian customs’ laws reflected the “whiteman’s judicial system” and therefore “did not apply to him as an aboriginal person of Australia.” … In terms of explanation, Michael said that “his people” had been victims of “genocidal actions committed by white settlers” and, therefore, their laws did not apply to him. (He also claimed he had a “legal background”) … Michael then suggested that he could set his own laws, and under these laws he was allowed to bring the prohibited seeds into Australia. (Note: I have used the words “his own laws” to differentiate from possible tribal laws.) … I have already met several educated, liberal-left-minded people who agreed wholeheartedly with Michael’s stance, and felt that Michael was under no obligation to the laws that applied to the non-indigenous community. This is similar to Germaine Greer’s argument that a “council of tribal elders should govern Australia”, complete with their tribal laws. … It is a fact that many left-liberal academics support the implementation of “tribal laws” in the Northern Territory. Mad Max worked as a teacher in the Northern Territory in 2006 and noted their clamouring for tribal law. I guess this is why he has kept on record the scenario of an aboriginal elder being allowed to use a rifle to punish a tribal member who had raped one of the tribe’s women. Perhaps a spear would have been more appropriate. But, perhaps, it is not right for me to have an opinion on this matter; after all I observed that indigenous people are permitted to hunt in some National Parks with high-powered rifles. … Getting back to our main story, Michael’s profile suggested an interesting conundrum, in terms of our media’s constant harping upon the existence of a Jewish “race”, and apparently, an “Australian Aborigine race” to boot. … According to a South Australian court ruling, which is often used as a yardstick for a person’s level of “aboriginality”, one can qualify as an “aboriginal person of Australia” with just “one-in-sixteen-parts indigenous blood” in your veins. We are conveniently told to forget about the other fifteen parts! … I have met “white people” who qualify as Australian indigenous persons, because they had a great grandparent who was part aboriginal. I witnessed that great financial advantages accrue once you’ve been accepted as an “aborigine”, including Abstudy and cheap housing loans. … Michael also described himself as “Jewish”, and as I’ve said, certainly looked the part. Hence, one could only expect our mass media to conclude that any derision of his “Jewish” status is “racist” and/or “anti-Semitic”, aka Vorchheimer. Many academics would agree with this assessment, as many newspaper cuttings in my vertical file testify. … Hence, it follows that Michael’s claims of discrimination against him, came with the force of a double-whammy as far as the issue of “racism” is concerned. He actually has the legitimate power to simultaneously enforce both racial and religious vilification laws, as well as the added bonus of being able to represent two “races.” … And it gets even more nonsensical (Is this what Hitler referred to as pure “illogic”?) if you consider that the obvious European/Caucasian parts of his genetic make-up could theoretically lead to him conclude that he represents three or even five “races.” … Imagine the legal conundrum! “I am Caucasian, Negroid, Jewish, Irish and Indigenous!” (And Australia’s fastest man, Patrick Johnson, only says he is from Australian indigenous and Irish ancestry!) … It is to Michael’s credit that not once did he play what could have been a guaranteed winning hand – that of insisting upon the popular “anti-Semitic” line! Fortunately “anti-Semitism” was kept out of this program. … So there you have it: In a little over one thousand words I have proved that Australian lawmakers are perverted, misguided and corrupt. Their definition of “race” is obtuse, convoluted and wrong! … As for our media, it is, as always, beneath contempt! The law continues to be an ass, if not down-right criminal in its intent!” … So there!

    1. Max –

      Along the same lines….
      ‘Semitic’ in my personal leather-bound copy of Webster’s 1850 Edition. Published by G&C Merriam, Springfield , Mass. 1452 pages.

      -Semetic. See Shemitic.
      -Shemitic. Pertaining to Shem, the son of Noah. The Shemitic languages are the Chaldee, Syriac, Arabic, Hebrew, Samaritan, Ethiopian and Old Phoenician.

      -Shemitism. The systems or peculiar forms of the Shemitic languages.

      Neither anti-Shemitism nor antiShemitism were listed as a word there in 1850.

      ‘Antiseptic’ was there, then ‘Antislavery.’ Nothing in between.

      1. Pat

        Who published and still publishes those dictionaries?

        Nuff said…..

      2. Ty –

        Thanks for the question:
        “Who published and still publishes those dictionaries?”

        Specifically, George and Charles Merriam of Springfield, Massachusetts … IN 1850. They were sons of Dan Merriam.

        As far as “still publishes,” I cannot say. I do submit that today’s owners were not alive, and had no control, in 1850.

        If your question was not just a rhetorical one, here are two links so you can see for yourself.

        Merriam is a Saxon name, from Merryham. ‘Merry Ham’ is ‘Happy Home.’

        The American roots started in 1638 in Concord, Massachusetts, when the sons of William Merriam emigrated from Kent, England. The family were hard-working stone masons for a time spanning more than 400 years. They were a “distinctly middle class family.”

        Below is the Merriam(Meryhm) Genealogy from 1295 to1900. Surnames (family corporate names) of “families not noble” were not kept in records before 1295 in England.

        Printers in America in 1850:

        Way more than “nuff said.” 🙂

      3. Pat,

        You said….

        “Neither anti-Shemitism nor antiShemitism were listed as a word there in 1850.”

        That is because in that particular publishing house Anglo Saxons ran it then, but look at what happens only 10 years later…

        The Encyclopedia Judaica 1971, Volume 10:23 proclaims “The Jews began to call themselves Hebrews and Israelis in 1860”

        And then of course we have the other admissions from authoritative “Jewish” sources as to their mass identity fraud:

        1925 Encyclopedia Judaica states “Edom (Esau) is modern Jewry”

        The 1980 Jewish Almanac p.3 states “strictly speaking it is incorrect to call an ancient Israelite a Jew or to call a contemporary Jew an Israelite or a Hebrew


        Now lets look at what Merriam’s definition of the word anti Semitism means today.

        “: hatred of Jewish people”

        So, do you honestly think that Anglo Saxons still run Merriam and if so, does it really matter in light of their previous definitions for anti-shemitism and how they define the word today and all of this regardless of the “Jews” own identity fraud admissions?

        So again, nuff said….

      4. Ty –

        Glad to help you.

        My point IS… Pharisees invented the word ‘anti-semitism’ since 1850. ‘Semitism’ was not even a word then.

        Again, more than ’nuff said.’

      5. Pat


        So, since Merriam “invented” the word “anti-semitism 10 years before the beginning of the biggest fraud (out doing even the holohoax) on the planet, that somehow this validates what? what’s your f’n point? The only thing it validates is that the term as a racial construct was invented, defined and then applied knowingly to the wrong people as proved above.

        NUFF F’N SAID DUDE….

        Yet, I know how your reply with obfuscate the crap even more to the average readers. That sir is pretty much a given when it comes to our true ethnic identity.

      6. Ty-

        Thanks for allowing me to help you further, and to be less obfuscating to you. You really need the help.

        BUT…since you missed it, a very few others might have also.

        I thought what I stated was very clear. Objective.

        Your claim that I stated:
        “…. Merriam “invented” the word “anti-semitism…”

        I did not state that Merriam Publishers invented the word ‘anti-semitism’. I stated that the word was NOT in their dictionary in 1850. That was my point. And you missed it. Obfuscated to you, and by you.

        I don’t know which Pharisee invented the word sometime after 1850.

        WAY MORE THAN ‘NUFF SAID’… DUDE…. again.

      7. Pat,

        I swear, sometimes you can be the most hardheaded son of a b-tch on here.

        Your original post’s point was that Merriam didn’t list the word “anti semitism” in 1850 but did list Semite as one being of the line of Shem and that this somehow means what? That the Pharisee’s invented it? Do you have proof of that? I concede it’s most probable but there are bigger fish to fry.

        I originally believed that Merriam was controlled by the “Jews” back then but you showed me otherwise, yet my more important point was that the constant changing of definitions as a way to control society can be laid at the feet of the “Jews” in the publishing houses . You see, the “Jews” know that white peoples are from the line of Shem thus in concocting the notion of “anti semitism” and then marrying it to their identify fraud as Israelites and Judaites starting in 1860 (the year we lost our lawful Governments) they could pretend to be that to which they are not while being actual anti semities (bigots) against the true peoples of Shem (whites/Europeans-believers).

        I also showed it doesn’t matter if Merriam is controlled by the “Jews” today because by claiming now that anti semitism equates to “hating Jews” in light of the “Jews” own admissions of not being Shemites, Hebrews, Israelites or Judaites, that they have proved themselves to be lock step in league with the “Jews”.

        In typical fashion, you completely ignore this OBVIOUS point and make a new post now claiming that I am ignoring your point that the word wasn’t even used in 1850 and that the Pharisees invented it since 1850 and that somehow this means what?– that the bigotry associated with the term has no validity?

        It has validity. The “Jews” gave it validity by murdering off some 500 million of us true Semites of Israel/Judah since 1860.

        Now, I admit I accidentally misquoted you but that isn’t the point Pat. The point is that Merriam is in league with the “Jews” identity fraud today and that the identity they stole from us is key toward turning the world right side up again. But you won’t recognize that. Hell no! Anything to do with our truthful identity is an areas for you to attack or deflect from.

        Now I don’t need to say “nuff said” again because my point is solid and true for anyone to clearly see.

      8. Ty –

        “I swear, sometimes you can be the most hardheaded son of a b-tch on here.”

        You got that right.!! It is called determination. Just the way I want to be known.

        I am proud of the badge. Thanks.

        I won’t stoop to name-calling… If you cannot follow…. take some of Evelyn Wood’s courses. 🙂

  17. All of the above comments indicate a well-orchestrated, venomous troll attack! They are getting desperate and are very worried. They know that they are heading for early eradication. …. I think the beautiful Ellie K is the catalyst. Then you have the sub-trolls like origjoe and some other scum. Let them show their hideous venom as a reminder of what we are up against and then discard them. … Lasha and Monty you should take big $$$$$’s from Ellie and publish say 2 of her essays. …. She delights in playing reverse psychology, so simply read her semantics and fine word-smithery and then reverse everything she says. …. Meanwhile I journey far and wide, taking on many beautiful lovers and never missing the opportunity to solidly cuff a Jew around the ears.

    1. I’d pay good money to watch Max fetch a four penny one to some ‘front wheel’s’ earhole. 😉

  18. @Lucy (sic)
    Perhaps, being a Jew yourself, you could enlighten us as to why so many Jews throughout history have been traitors to countries that have given them refuge? In 637 the Jews betrayed the Byzantines holding Jerusalem to the Muslim imvaders. Ever since, Jews have betrayed, and continue to betray, countries that have sheltered them. The USA is the most egregious case, as Jews have succeeded in subverting almost the entire country, culturally, economically, ideologically and politically to the Talmudic cult. In effect the US is a Jewish State existing only to further the nefarious aims of holocaustianity and International Jewry. In fact I would go so far as to say the average, gormless and brainwashed Anglo-Saxon is a de facto Jew.

  19. I always get angry going through security checks at airports. I ask the stooges if they are aware who the real, state sponsored terrorists are. They stand at attention, and look at me with stony expressions. Once I was travelling from a to c, with a change of flights at b. The bottle of water I bought at a, was confiscated at b. After that I asked cabin crew for drinks of water..

  20. Ingrid, I couldn’t agree more. Back in the good old days, before the era of cheap air travel, most people went by ship. Back in 1967, I sailed from Sydney to Durban. It took 16 days. Also flying in the 50’s and 60’s was wonderful; no security checks and one could go up to the flight deck if you so requested . Nowadays, flying is so boring. There are far too many riff raff and other undesirables flying. That’s why I doubt, I will ever see Europe or North America again. It’s not worth the trouble. One solution is to discourage the animal masses from travelling by making it too expensive for them to fly, like it was in the 50’s and 60’s.

  21. Well the first man was either drunk or on some class A’s and the last one either had a mental illness or was high on class A’s too. Both utterly obnoxious people. When he started going on about being an Aboriginal, I nearly spilled my coffee from laughing so much. Notice how he got the ‘extermination’ in about the other half of his heritage, instead of the ones in the holocaust™?
    This is why people hate the Jews as they’re taught from a young age to look down on non Jews. These people were just vile.

  22. Ms. “Darkmoon” has written that Judaism is “a problem without a solution.” Toshiyori does not agree. The Jewish problem can be painlessly solved through mass sterilization. Science and technology can and MUST provide a chemical, bacteriological, or radiological technique which will totally eliminate the reproductive capacity of all Jewish people. Ideally, any such system could be employed without the subjects’ awareness. Thus, however exasperating the Jew may be today, by 2115 the problem will have ceased to torment us. Given only the will to act, this CAN be accomplished!

    1. The Jews form no biological unity (there is no “Jewish race”), therefore biological weapons that affect them all cannot be developed.

      Besides, stealth programs of sterilization are always discovered before they can be completed. That happened even in Israel itself, where the government tried to sterilize by stealth Ethiopian-Jewish women by administering Depo-Provera, socalled for “health” purposes. The plot was discovered by Israeli social workers and had to be stopped. (see : )

      I’m afraid there is no easy solution to the problem of “Satan’s Chosen People”.

    2. You don’t need to sterilize Jews, for Judaism is not biological, but educational. All you have to do is stop teaching people Judaism, because this Jewish ‘ethnicity’ crap is just that. People aren’t born Christians, they’re baptized. The same with all other religions. Just as Jews fool people about the reality they live in and history, they try also with the ‘Jewish identity’.

      Toshiyori, if you took the children of Jewish parents, infants and put them on an island with other children, not Jews, typical Jewish behaviour would never happen because they have not been brainwashed from young to be the ethnocentric, supremacist, arseholes, they would become, when older, if so. If, from a young age you are continually told that you are God’s chosen, that you’re different to all others, that you’re superior to all others and part of a group that will always support you from the evil people who holocausted your ancestors in WW2 and kicked them out of every land for jealousy and hatred, then you would behave as Jews do.

      Like I said, it’s not genetic, not in the slightest. Judaism is a religion and nothing more. The sooner people see this the better and then maybe more of their falsehoods can be seen for what they truly are.

      1. @Harbinger

        Great example and you are absolutely correct. Brainwashing works which is why they use it. Very few escape brainwashing from infancy. Even the jews who claim to reject Judaism are still burdened with remnants of the brainwashing. Unfortunately, the brainwashing will continue because Judaism provides that false specialness above their fellowman that justifies the evil they embrace while ignoring the Second Commandment of “Love thy neighbour as thy self.”

        To eliminate the teachings of Judaism would be the same as eliminating Satan, Judaism’s source. It appears to me that the only thing we can do is to eliminate the Satanic Judaism influence in our own lives, help others to do the same, and stop supporting their deceptions as much as possible.

    3. bacillum askhenazium would suffice while the biologists work on sephardium strain (a geneticist at johns-hopkins proved that ashkenazis are very close to certain hillbilly tribes in the caucasus, ie, khazar strain, i can look up the original peer reviewed article for which the author was roundly pilloried despite being a jew himself).

      falashas and other minor variants can be reabsorbed into the fuzzywuzzy gene pool without much danger to the world at large.

      the devil would skulk off to his underground labs to plot revenge for this unforeseen development.
      he would have a hard time conceiving something more disgustingly effective than jews.

      it’s worth a try, time better spent than watching the x-factor where goy talent is metricized according to their ability to amuse the jew, “pleez let me be your shiksa, my rates are cheap!”

      1. what the abo khazar is doing to native flora is the exact analogue of what his master satan did to humanity: introduced an artificially conceived strain of great toxicity for god’s creation.

        if we cannot protect the nature’s species, we don’t deserve protection for ourselves.

        1. @ lobro

          LOBRO SAID in private email: “Well, it is an interesting mental exercise to work out just what percentage of world’s problems would disappear with Jews.”

          MY RESPONSE:

          If it could be proved that all Jews were incorrigibly evil and all non-Jews absolutely perfect, then the obvious solution to the world’s problems is the mass extermination of the Jews!

          Unfortunately, the major premise is flawed. For a start, assuming a total Jewish world population of 20 million people and a total world population of 7 billion people, I am willing to bet that there are far more incorrigibly evil non-Jews around than Jews. This is not a philosemitic statement. It is a fact.

          Draw up a list of the 100 most evil people in history and I guarantee you that most of the names on that list would be the names of non-Jews. Genghiz Khan wasn’t Jewish… nor was Nero or Caligula… nor was Ivan the Terrible … nor was Vlad the Impaler (aka Dracula)… nor was Countess Bathory of Hungary … nor were history’s most prolific serial killers. The number of evil Jews constitute a miniscule proportion of the whole.

          The mass extermination of Jews as a prescription for Utopia is therefore an extremely dumb idea. 🙂

      2. lasha, i hope that this engenders some insight.
        there are several parallel tracks to be pursued.

        who are the verifiable mass killers on geopolitical scale,

        who is responsible for and how many victims due to non-military forms of genocide, eg, planned famine, disease, drugs, societal disintegration,

        who were the ideological and intellectual masterminds of destruction of nations over the centuries,

        given the propensity for sowing death and misery, what are the metrics on per capita basis, eg,


        this is the crucial question to be answered lasha.
        what is the ratio, if it is 1 or less, your final answer of

        The mass extermination of Jews as a prescription for Utopia is therefore an extremely dumb idea

        is absolutely correct.

        but what if the answer is “>1”, even considerably greater than 1, like maybe 10 or more?
        in other words, 20 million jews as a self-aware group resulted through their conscious actions in premature deaths of more than 200 million gentiles, without even bothering with other forms of incalculable damage.

        shall we have a go at trying to answer that question?

      3. @ LD

        RE: Genghis Khan

        Genghis (Kohn?) crypto-joo or not, was definitely backed by joos…his invasion and conquest of Europe (the HELLSTORM MAXIMUS of its day) was financed and masterminded by the same tribe who gave us World Wars 1 and 2, HELLSTORM, Korean War, Vietnam War, Iraq/Iran War, Afghanistan War, War on Drugs, War on Poverty, War on Terrorism, War on Palestinians, World War 3 with Russia & China coming soon…my research on Kublai Khan, his son, and the Mongol Conquest of China (Yuan Dynasty 1215-1294) inevitably and inexorably leads me to believe this… an essay I might write one day for the enlightenment of sinologists and the Chinese literati, or what’s left of it.

        As for the other goy mass murderers on your list, I know too little or next to nothing about them to offer any insights, but Joos are, as Maxy quite rightly if not so impolitely pointed out below (he’s a real dinkum Aussie; forgive him his ill manners to my lady), are almost without fail, 110% the “hidden hands of POWER.” This includes Communism and MAO of course in China and in the larger geo-political chess game of world domination, specifically in the Asian context, Japan (Japanese Militarism) was/is nothing more than a jooish front/smokescreen or jooish hokum and bunkum, not unlike ISIS in the Middle-east right now, in my learned opinion. *:"> blushing

      4. JFC –

        What say you on this? Jew-Pharisee media lies?

        – The state of journalism in China, 25 years after Tiananmen –

        (Paul Mooney is an American freelance journalist who reported on Asia for 28 years, the last 18 from Beijing. In 2013 he was denied a visa to report in China.)

        “On the afternoon of December 24, popular Chinese author Hao Qun, writing under the pen name Murong Xuecun, blogged that the average lifespan of a microblog account in China is now just about 10 hours. Exactly 26 minutes and 17 seconds later, censors had already wiped the posting from the Internet.

        “The speed with which posts are deleted is just one indicator of the Chinese government’s ability to muzzle freedom of expression, a trend that has sharply worsened in the year since President Xi Jinping came to power in November 2012. Xi took office at a time when people were becoming dissatisfied with the state of society and hopeful for political reform. Instead, the opposite has happened, with crackdowns on Chinese and foreign journalists becoming more frequent and online censorship increasing. People need to be on guard against “Western anti-China forces,” Xi warned in a speech in August, that “constantly strive in vain to use the Internet to overwhelm China.” “The new administration thinks the Internet is especially a threat to the regime,” says Michael Anti, a Chinese journalist and blogger. “That’s the reason they’ve cracked down more than ever before.” Foreign journalists face various forms of government intimidation, harassment, surveillance, a barrage of malware attacks, and in recent years visa intimidation

        “Journalists at Southern Weekly, one of China’s most daring newspapers, went on strike in 2013 after state censors spiked a New Year’s editorial calling for China to respect constitutional rights, replacing it with platitudes about the Communist Party’s unique role in “the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.” In December, some two dozen journalists from The New York Times and Bloomberg News waited anxiously to see if their journalist visas would be renewed while their news organizations scrambled to draw up contingency plans to cover China from Taiwan and Hong Kong. The journalist cards needed to obtain visas came in the final days of the year, but the message was clear: China is willing to deal harshly with any foreign reporters who cross it.

        “Some of the country’s most prominent journalists and writers have now silenced themselves, and some have even left the country. China once had a blossoming corps of investigative journalists who did groundbreaking stories, but many of them gave up their profession under pressure, with some leaving journalism to turn to other careers.”

    4. Well, that is what they wanted to do to the Germans, so, fair is fair.

      “Germany Must Perish!” : Theodore Kaufman : Free Download …

      I might add that Arthur Topham wrote “Israel Must Perish” as a counter balance and is now awaiting incarceration for so called ‘hate crimes’ in Communist Canada……

  23. Toshiyori is always on the ball! … He says: “The Jewish problem can be painlessly solved through mass sterilization.” … I fully support this idea, rather than a pogrom-ic eradication tactic. This will also get rid of that toxic of all toxic religions, Judaism. … Accordingly the Old Testament MUST be proscribed, collected and destroyed forever. …. So-called “Christians” can still have their worthwhile New Testament which is all about rebelling, teaching, learning, treating others as yourself, loving, being fair and telling the absolute TRUTH, as per “the way and the life.” …. Doubters should read the mere 250 of Jesus’ New Testament to Mankind and admire its innate simplicity of message and great common-sense. It should NEVER have been combined with the diabolical scrolls of the Torah/Babylonian ancients, which are a sadistic hotch-potch of crappy tribal stories, filled with violence, sacrifices of blood and the inevitable fornication and porn! … Once the Jewish MONEY and faked religious MATRIX is destroyed, such absolute brainwashed morons as the 45,000,000 Christian-Zios in the USA can be rounded up and re-educated; or sent to permanent prison farms in northern Alaska. … In the USA, 6 million Jews should not present a problem regarding the sterilisation of these beastly, insidious people. …. In reality, less than 4 million would have to be vasectomized/tube-tied, as many of the remaining 2 million are too old to get it up, are gay, mentally insane, impotent, etc. … Origjoe would probably feel a lot less aggressive if he were castrated and turned into a eunuch! Ditto for such as Rahm Emanuel, Timothy Geithner, etc! …. I believe the job could be done in a few months; especially if we utilise intelligent, meticulous Japanese people to do the operations. … And in 30 years there will be no Jewish problem – esp after Israel’s Jews are rounded up and sterilized. … This will be a Save the WHITES initiative backed by my many Asian friends, whom, by the way, are often more white than us whiteys! Open your eyes and admire the porcelain whiteness of many of the beautiful Chinese, Japanese and Thai women, etc. I love touching them all over and feeling their softness and sensitivity. They are not the YELLOW PERIL, which was a false Jewish word construct! … And leave the Muslims alone to sort out their own problems! Let them control their oil deposits and you might find that the cost of filling your tank drops significantly once the scumbag Jewish middle-men are out of the picture.

  24. LD you are obviously fairly short on the grey matter! …. You say: The number of evil Jews constitute a miniscule proportion of the whole” of the mass murderers, megalomaniacs, etc. …. Haven’t you read of the “hidden hands of POWER”? The “hidden hands” have always been the Jews who mastermind everything. …. Look, you are so brain deficient I cannot be bothered explaining to such an idiot as you! …. Grow up, you child!~ Or better still disappear you Jewish troll! …. It is regressive morons such as you who demean and pilfer this great, informative site!

    1. Max,

      I think you’re well out of order calling Lasha a Jewish troll and to patronize her, calling her a child. I will always believe 100% in the freedom of expression, but I think respect should be shown here for the many brilliant articles Lasha has written us.

      More so you quote Lasha with:

      The number of evil Jews constitute a miniscule proportion of the whole” of the mass murderers, megalomaniacs, etc.

      She is very correct. Ask yourself a question: “How many goyim have killed goyim in the last 2000 years, compared to Jews killing Goyim?”

      You see Max, the bottom line is a simple one. People come on this website screaming hatred of Jews left, right and centre and while they are an unsavoury bunch, the ‘top’ bods may give the orders, but it’s the wilfully ignorant, complacent and obedient goyim who go off on wars to kill people they don’t know and who have never caused them any problems, on the say so of another whom they don’t know either.
      It is interesting but they talk of serial killers and the demonisation of them afterwards, yet the armed forces personnel they welcome home as heroes. It’s ok if your government tells you to kill, but not ok for you to do so of your own freewill. Disconnects, hello?

      And lastly Max, I know some Jews and they are not the Jews whom you come on here and demonise. One’s an artist and a lovely one at that, not an artist but a really nice woman and the other is a young lad, who mountainbikes all over the place and isn’t interested in anything you speak of, let alone politics or Judaism. You think that we should just secretly sterilize him?
      One thing I loathe about those ‘Jews’ in charge is the secrecy. The poisoning of our food and water. The creation of deadly vaccines. The contracts for the big pharma, oil and communications in the lands they’ve invaded. You would think that by acting like they, doing covert operations it will make us better than them? We would be hypocrites, nothing more. Judaism is the problem not the man/woman who becomes a Jew by following its teachings.

      1. harb, just a question, maybe you know the answer because i don’t.

        what came first, judaism or the jews?

        does anyone think it’s a trite question and if so, why.

      2. Lobro,

        That’s a good question, one I can’t answer but will look into.

    2. @ Max Bilney

      Go fuck yourself, Mr Ten Incher! Cruel and sadistic cunts like you need your balls cut off and rammed down your evil throats. Rot in hell, wanker!

      1. Madame Butterfly –

        Max is BRILLIANT. He is, of course, comical – but that MEASURES his brilliance among his riotous behavior. Certainly you understand.

      2. @ Gilbert Huntly

        I know Max is brilliant. But many serial killers are brilliant too.

        I am sorry I can’t say more but my comments are being censored.

      3. I am sorry you did not see fit to publish my entire post, Uncle. Please understand it was in ernest…

        1. Gilbert,

          I think I know what you were saying, but for your own sake I advise more tact and discretion. Your comment could cause embarrassment in certain quarters. So please be careful what you say.

        1. @ Gilbert Huntly

          Gilby, let me tell you this. Lasha honestly believes that America is being slowly destroyed and that people like you and Pat, Eustace Mullins and Ezra Pound, are its pride and glory . . . 🙂

          No, I’m not kidding. You are doing your best in your own way, Lasha truly believes, to rescue your beloved country from the clutches of its deadly enemies. She sincerely hopes, and I hope so too, that people like you and Pat, spiritual descendants of Mullins and Pound, will follow in the footsteps of the great Americans who founded your country.

          We hope that you somehow manage to take your country back from the “alien Entity” into whose evil hands it has fallen. You should never have trusted these snakes in the grass or allowed yourselves to be suckered by them. You were too kind and trusting, not knowing that the sweetmeats being offered you by these seducers had been laced with arsenic and cyanide. You should never have handed them Hollywood on a platter or allowed the media to fall into their reptilian clutches.

          If revolution and civil war are on the way, let’s only hope that the “Architects of Evil” — Lasha’s memorable phrase — are finally rooted out and destroyed.

      4. jews came first, lobro, then their jewism followed, as their jewism is in their jew blood. The talmud is but a reflection of what’s in their jew blood. Most jews don’t even read the talmud, they don’t have to read the talmud to know how to act like jews — for it’s in the blood. jews came first. lobro, then their Talmud. Their Talmud just codifies what came first — their jew blood inherently and intrinsically full of snake shit. Really lobro, you should know this already.

  25. Ok, let’s not disturb pacifist jew’s well deserved life of leisure on the deck of his 50 meter yacht parked off Virgin Gorda, on cellphone to his accountant for the panama registered porno production and distribution company, while surrounded by pussy riot applicants as they vie for his attention, their mouths suggestively curved in “O” shape.

    He is clearly not doing any harm compared to the commandant of Teresienstadt camp where jews and others are fixing army boots for reuse on the Eastern front.
    He (the dread Nazi) definitely deserves hanging as well as any German within a thousand mile radius for silently condoning such atrocity.

    But consider this (maybe not so) hypothetical arrangement:


    It leads to widespread conflagration between Russia and its allies, China and Iran on one side and the forces of NATO led by brain-dead America on the other, resulting in maybe 100 million dead.

    Zero dead Jews, naturally, who after hoovering up the leftover material wealth, financial, resources, land, industrial, arts, buildings and so forth, end up claiming, naturally, that they and only they, to the exclusion of everybody else, suffered horrible iniquity and the world owes them, big time, for centuries to come.

    And when the shabbo historians tally up the butcher’s bill, Vlad Putin and the leaders of China and Iran, the usual islamofascists, will be holding the bag as the “history’s greatest mass murders”, and how they refused to listen to the saintly voice of reason and mercy of Victoria Nudelman.

    (Speaking of emperor Nero, could it be that his persecution of Christians was also directed by Jews? Just a hunch)

    1. ADMIN (Toby) : I emailed Lasha and asked, “Do you have any objections if I publish this cruel attack on you by Crazy Joe?” Her response: “Personally, I couldn’t care less. But maybe it will upset Lobro, since he is attacked also. Publish and be damned!”

      Your one-eyed “Catholic”* niece lasha can go fuck herself onstage with her “sacred” blue veil during a gypsy belly dancing nightclub act in Istanbul for all I give a f*ckin’ flyin shit on a ali baba magic carpet ride to “Catholic”* lobro’s Balkan hills surrounded by muezzins in minarets of the mosques that dot lobro’s countryside.

      * Extremely disgruntled “Catholics” naturally. So disgruntled they walk around with mohammedan rags on their heads. And so disgruntled they promote mohammedanism, that is, when they’re not promoting hindooism. TWO jackasses. Is Lasha lobro’s mommy? It sounds like it most of the time.

      1. Joe –

        Everyone is guessing… just like you.

        You are still guessing Reagan was in office when he had been out for almost 3 years when Noahide was passed in 1991…!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

      2. @toby,
        no problem with me.

        but it is soooo cruel to call joe crazy, so very unchristian-like, in fact downright un-catholic.

        take it from joe, who far from being crazy, never tires of saying what a proper catholic he is, knows his catechism and history of roman church inside out.

        so when he says

        Your one-eyed “Catholic”* niece lasha can go FUCK herself onstage with her “sacred” blue veil during a gypsy belly dancing nightclub act in Istanbul for all I give a F*CKIN’ FLYIN SHIT on a ali baba magic carpet ride to “Catholic”* lobro’s Balkan hills surrounded by muezzins in minarets of the mosques that dot lobro’s countryside,

        doesn’t it remind you powerfully of the sermon on the mount?
        (and thanks for using that asterisk, such polite manners indicative of proper italian catholic upbringing, mama mia, don’t you miss those sunday family dinners, i am sure you just got off one now)
        therefore i suggest we henceforth call joe, formerly-known-as-crazy, oops, realoriginaljoe, joe with soul of a poet and skills to match, he of pristine conscience, are you ready:

        so let’s not be cruel to cra i mean realcatholicjoe, he like so many steadfast men of christ has suffered enough in the cruel darkmoon arena, crucified in all his meekness and humility, never cursing the beasts that tear chunks out of him.

        let the jews read joe’s posts and comments and learn how a true catholic comports himself with grace and dignity.

        a truer exemplar of decency, kindness, humility, tolerance and poetic talent to boot has never adorned these pages.
        if only lasha could learn something from joe (and hopefully pass it on to her uncomprehending sockpuppet)

      3. hey rc-joe,
        i hope to see one of your inimitably vulgar posts when i return in the morning.
        don’t disappoint us joe, lest a newcomer to the blog think you are normal.
        normalcy does not become you joe, so don’t let us down, ok?

        otherwise we’ll suspect you joined assholes anonym*us (see, i use *s judiciously too, soon i’ll be punctuating almost on par with you) and are getting all kinds of sage but ultimately failing advice.
        because i seriously doubt that you are c*rable.

        and if lasha is my mommy, i wonder who might be yours, would it be Karen-Tyrannosaurus, Karen-T for short?
        tell her not to forget to wash your bib, it is soaked with spittle and green bile, none of it due to pathological envy, what joe envious? impossible, of what, who could possibly be a better poet or a better anything than joe.

      4. i think your parents trained the dog to walk you every day so you can shit on the neighbor’s lawn.

        because your trailer park (a gated one, because your father is a millionaire) doesn’t have an ordinance requiring dogs to scoop after the owners poop.

        when that doesn’t happen, we can expect to see it splattered here.

      5. Thanks to Lobro, and Joe, for making me laugh. There is so little to laugh about these days. Joe is an enigma, perfectly lucid, and fairly polite most of the time, then, wham! he has sudden outbursts of vitriol, I suppose there is a reason, but, if that can be tolerated, or ignored, Joe, on the whole, is OK, and I think it`s nice that he has the chance to interact here..

    1. Seems to me Arizona and South Carolina lead the country in hate. They’re the ones who keep voting for McCain and Graham. Yes, California is up there also — but not for the reasons SPLC says. California belongs up there because Californians keep voting for Boxer and Feinstein.

      [ Of course, the SPLC doesn’t record all the horrific crimes the niggers commit against us White Americans. ]

    2. I’m not guessing anything, Pat. Stop hassling me. You fully well know Reagan signed the jew’s Noahide Proclamation. The Proclamation wasn’t signing the jew’s Noahide laws into the body of American law per se. But it was a very significant first step to the signing of the jew’s COMMUNIST noahide laws into the body of American law. Reagan signed THE PROCLAMATION. That can not be denied — at least not without using the device of mendacity — and you know it, Pat.

      From the horse’s mouth, Reagan and THE jew noahide law PROCLAMATION :

      If link doesn’t work, use the Search Term :

      ” Reagan + Education Day” to access website/article. Even if the link works , use Search Term for even more websites/articles. Also :

      “Reagan + Noahide Laws”

      “Reagan + Education Day + Noahide Laws”

      I ain’t guessing anything, Pat — and you fully well know IT.

  26. It would appear “They Who Must Be Obeyed” have pulled another bomb threat stunt in Switzerland to get the FIFA to cancel a vote to have them suspended from International Football (Soccer), after the execution of two Palestinian players by the IDF.

  27. Darkmooners:
    This may have been satire, but the reality is that such a fate awaits us all under an int’l jewry Police State world, where they will cattle-prod you to death through any orifice on your body. Sexual orifices and excrementary ones preferred. And if you didn’t get enough on Putin, communism, Russia today and America then with his article on Henry Klein will put the pieces of the puzzle together for us. That is if we already didn’t know. Then again the best sources are always jews ratting on the Elitist jews. Thanks, Norbert.

  28. @pat (responding to j4c)

    People need to be on guard against “Western anti-China forces,” Xi warned in a speech in August, that “constantly strive in vain to use the Internet to overwhelm China.”

    and this proves china’s abject failure as democracy and slide into dictatorship?
    while the masses clamor enthusiastically for george soros’ open society, the upraised-fist-otpor™ sign, a happy, peaceful (until idf rooftop goy-hunters go to work, only a brief pain for the lasting gain, ask yanukovich) and colorful revolution to make the one-world safe for the kids, such sexy stuff … is it sexy or pornographic, hm.

    Xi is clearly in dire need of regime change via hillary’s also trademarked stick-up-rectum™.
    bad china, baaad.
    aren’t we lucky to have such alert democracy watchdogs reporting to us.

    1. cryptome is such a crystal clear limited hangout monger, a cia company thru and thru.

      very tech savvy, never harassed (there actually may be an occasional hitch just for appearances sake), even asking for donations to preserve that impoverished-but-honest glenn greenwald storefront.

      when it comes to nailing the jew, they got yesteryear’s news, all ready, my, look at rachel corrie, such ineptitude on part of the dozer driver, borders on criminal negligence!

      smell test failure.

      1. Lobro,

        Pat doesn’t quite get it, I don’t think. Yes, there is censorship in China, but only of jooish troublemakers (i.e., so called dissident bloggers and freelance “journalists” which has always been a code word for spies and infiltrators: Intelligence 101).

        You can criticize the Chinese Authorities up to a degree in China and you can even criticize joos to all your heart’s content. My Chinese “Justice For Chinese” site was not banned in China but my English site was banned here, as is my Facebook account, which was shut down 10 days ago. I’m still getting the runaround about my ID, which FB already has the last time they shut down my account last October.

        Again, I reiterate and restate, the 64 thousand dollar question remains unanswered because if joos already control the world, how come joos are having such a difficult time getting a visa into their own jooish middle kingdom? Why can’t they start World War 3 already? Oy Vey, the shekels, the shekels, vee aren’t raking in enough shekels!

    2. @ Pat

      Question from Pat:
      “What say you on this? Jew-Pharisee media lies? – The state of journalism in China, 25 years after Tiananmen –
      (Paul Mooney is an American freelance journalist who reported on Asia for 28 years, the last 18 from Beijing. In 2013 he was denied a visa to report in China.)”

      Answer to Pat:
      Yep. Every damn lie in that jooish article was true. What say yee now, brown cow?

      1. JFC –

        I say… from what I have read and been told by friends who have been there… Beijing this year… it was true.
        But lobro guesses it is a bunch of dis-info put out by cryptome.

      2. even apart from cryptome, just listen to that diction, straight from when they were reporting the same “repression of young, progressive bloggers” in places like tehran, moscow, damascus … only the places and names are swapped, the hurt-liberal language remains.

        this is the somewhat new cyberwarfare but is in fact adaptation of the methods for fomenting social unrest and resentment against authority that jew perfected way back and explained in detail in the protocols.

        i don’t feel like digging up and quoting those articles again but may well feel moved to, if for no reason but to refresh memory.
        reading the protocols teaches you more about mass psychology and how to isolate the human weakness, vanity and artificially induced anger and take advantage of it than a phd in the field.

      3. Lobro,

        Pat doesn’t quite get it, I don’t think. Yes, there is censorship in China, but only of jooish troublemakers (i.e., so-called dissident bloggers and freelance “journalists” which has always been a code word for spies and infiltrators: Intelligence 101).

        You can criticize the Chinese Authorities up to a degree in China and you can even criticize joos to your heart’s content. My Chinese “Justice For Chinese” site was not banned in China but my English site was banned here, as is my Facebook account, which was shut down 10 days ago. I’m still getting the runaround about my ID, which FB already has the last time they shut down my account last October.

        Again, I reiterate and restate, the 64 thousand dollar question remains unanswered because if joos already control the world, how come joos are having such a difficult time getting a visa into their own jooish middle kingdom? Why can’t they start World War 3 already? Oy Vey, the shekels, the shekels! How much shekels we are losing because the damn chinks don’t cooperate.

      4. yes, j4c, these are all perfectly valid questions with a simple, straightforward answer.

        but it seems that sometimes conspirologists get bewitched by own magical fumes and what is straightforward is rejected for some convoluted theory, occam’s razor be damned, why let logic spoil the fancy architecture, where the infallible enemy has projected everything couple of centuries ahead at least and everything in the solar system is just an elaborate kabuki theater.

        they are omniscient and omnipotent but being nice, shy jews, they don’t want to hurt our feelings by showing their true power.

        so, one side has the job of seeing their grand schemes go up the pipe, while the winner’s patient, quiet moves have all been choreographed to whatever end we morons cannot forsee.
        as plutonik would say, jews are just so much smarter and shrewder than we could ever possibly imagine and we should quit bitching and just stand back and applaud the cirque de soleil stunts.
        logic is pedestrian, for goys, inaccessible magic is the province of the jew.

        right plutonik trismegistus?

      5. JFC –

        “Pat doesn’t quite get it, I don’t think.”

        If that means I ‘do not understand’… you are totally correct.
        I do NOT understand how you folks in/from Canada can believe what officials in Communist China portray.

        Please lump me in with ‘Tail-gunner Joe’ McCarthy. Communists in Red China’s government and everywhere else are not to be trusted. I am as guilty as he was.

      6. If that means I ‘do not understand’… you are totally correct.
        I do NOT understand how you folks in/from Canada can believe what officials in Communist China portray.
        Please lump me in with ‘Tail-gunner Joe’ McCarthy. Communists in Red China’s government and everywhere else are not to be trusted. I am as guilty as he was.

        by that measure, you should equally hate hawaiian natives and new zealand maoris because 300 years ago they were a bunch of cannibals.
        and we don’t support cannibals do we?

        americans are cruel savages not just to others but to their own people, look what they are doing to poor women in salem witch trials, which is why i would never go to massachusets with its burning stakes and bloodthirsty cheering peasants and townsfolk of boston.
        and mongolia, ready to brutalize world, raze europe to the cinder blocks with its wild hordes led by genghis.
        shucks, is there anyplace on earth that is not ruled by absolutely insane psychopaths?

        iceland, norway, sweden, denmark are the worst of the lot, their ships raiding the coasts of british isles, killing, plundering, raping and burning their way to infamy every couple of years, i am sure there will be some this summer.

        i join you and the tailgunner in denouncing these inhuman regimes, pat.

      7. lobro-

        Nice try, but NO Cuban cigar for you..

        Hawaiian cannibals and invaders from the ice and tundras are not a threat today. It is an amusing guess on history you recite.

        Pharisee invented Communists ARE still a threat today. They use different labels, such as neocons, socialists, progressives, party leaders, union leaders, ombudsmen, arbitrators, compromisers, financiers, brokers, CORE members, Agenda 21 pushers, UN agents, Congressmen, Governors, Presidents…etc.
        That’s part of the very same bunch which have been problems for the LAST 200 years. The fighting Irishman, McCarthy, attacked THEM, and died at 48 in Bethesda for doing it.
        Their attacks on freedom and property are way worse than the “ship-raiding” savages you mentioned.
        But, you know that.

        C’mon aboard, lobro…. You can take turns in the turret with me n’ Joe. Take out some Pharisee Communists. But, don’t hurt the Hawaiian cannibals lurking at Makaha Beach or Sandy Beach… or on the Pali or Waikiki. You might hit Max on his vacation.

  29. Hello ESP,

    “Then again the best sources are always jews ratting on the Elitist jews.”

    Thanks for the comment Norbert. I agree with everything you said except maybe for Putin; Gilad Atzmon made a great conference in France, where he is still tolerated even if he is a self-hating jew, nobody is perfect. I heard recently his concert in Manchester has been cancelled due to the pressure of the lobby that doesn’t exist. If you are a self hating jew, you are not allowed to play the clarinet. This is Judaism, a sect, you are right Harbinger, where Jews are brainwashed from day one and where breaking the veil of tribal solidarity has vital consequences.
    Let’s make it simple. There is a Jewish cognitive economic elite, the international Bankers, let’s call them Rotschild and Co like Pat and his most appreciated accuracy. Melvin is right; these people don’t follow the Talmud as they follow the Kabbalah. The Kabbalistic/numerological world view animates the Capitalism. The substance of this world is purely quantitative. Mathematics is God’s language and numerical values surpass ethical values. The Kabbalistic spheres ,in NY and London, see a perfect continuity between this mysticism and the most despicable financial capitalism, the great cosmic market where everything can be sold and bought, speculation being a prayer for them. Blankfein said he was doing the work of God and Christine Lagarde, the fool, like to talk about numerology in IMF press conference with her “Magical number 7”.
    These elite, and the money they manage to extract from the system by accumulating illegitimate interest since our leaders have decided to create private central banks, is funding the cognitive “religious” elite, the rabbis, which are using the Talmud to micromanage every aspect of the common Jews life in order to breed loyal lawyers, journalists, politicians etc.

    The chicken or the egg, now, with another Jew.

    Pre JC Judaism gave birth to Christianity which gave birth to modern Talmudic post JC Judaism and Islam. So Judaism came first and then the people converted themselves to Judaism at the crossroads of agrarian empires where it was very practical for trade and for the management of circulatory values, money. The social function made the Jew but since they have reached the throne of Mars and converted British aristocracy, the registrations are now closed except for a few chosen ones like Jean Sarkozy.
    Judaism has nothing to do with race and religious conversions happened both ways throughout history. According to Marx, who was as much a Marxist as Calvin was a Christian, Judaism must be understood as a commercial contract between the Jews, a bloody one for the males, and the great contractor, God or Moloch or YHWH, I still don’t know. Marx said it all in the first radical text he wrote “On the Jewish Question”.
    “What, in itself, was the basis of the Jewish religion? Practical need, egoism.
    The monotheism of the Jew, therefore, is in reality the polytheism of the many needs, a polytheism which makes even the lavatory an object of divine law. Practical need, egoism, is the principle of civil society, and as such appears in pure form as soon as civil society has fully given birth to the political state. The god of practical need and self-interest is money.”
    “Money is the jealous god of Israel, in face of which no other god may exist. Money degrades all the gods of man – and turns them into commodities. Money is the universal self-established value of all things. It has, therefore, robbed the whole world – both the world of men and nature – of its specific value. Money is the estranged essence of man’s work and man’s existence, and this alien essence dominates him, and he worships it.
    The god of the Jews has become secularized and has become the god of the world. The bill of exchange is the real god of the Jew. His god is only an illusory bill of exchange…” SIC.
    “The chimerical nationality of the Jew is the nationality of the merchant, of the man of money in general.
    The groundless law of the Jew is only a religious caricature of groundless morality and right in general, of the purely formal rites with which the world of self-interest surrounds itself.”

    EK is right, like Heinrich Heine, “money is the God of our time and Rothschild is his prophet”. Heine was familiar to the Baron James. He used to visit him in his Lafitte Street’s office where he enjoyed the spectacle of “people who bend over backwards in front of him”, like Louis Philippe. Wagner said something like that” It is regrettable that M de Rothschild was too keen-witted to make himself King of the Jews, preferring, on the contrary, as is well known, to remain “Jew of the Kings”.” The invisible hand, always. Except now, they are physically protected by a cohort of unconscious servants and are immunized against criticisms by the Shoah.
    Celine wrote:
    “La Guardia, Israelite mayor of New York, wrote: “A slave could be freed, never a servant”. One needs to know his classics.”
    Our servitude is voluntary because people in Occident cherish the same God than the Jews. We are basically jews in occident, not only Anglo-saxons even if they are far ahead from the rest of us, except we don’t have the same cognitive educational skills and the tribalism based on fear numbing to succeed like them in collecting money.

    I will end up with Marx:
    “The social emancipation of the Jew is the emancipation of society from Judaism.
    Once society has succeeded in abolishing the empirical essence of Judaism – huckstering and its preconditions – the Jew will have become impossible, because his consciousness no longer has an object, because the subjective basis of Judaism, practical need, has been humanized, and because the conflict between man’s individual-sensuous existence and his species-existence has been abolished.”
    – huckstering and its preconditions- that is usury in the first instance. After that Judaism will “dissolve itself like a light vapor in the fresh air of society” and we will never hear again of the evil koalas’s killers.

    I wish you all well.

    1. The news from the Middle East today is that USrael is using neutron bombs on Yemen. Neutron bombs are a type of Atomic/Nuclear bombs, Pat. What say you, Pat, about USrael using Atomic/Nuclear Neutron bombs [ “which don’t exist” ] lol ? Or, is USrael dropping water balloons on Yemen and the enemies of USrael are spreading disinformation by insisting Atomic/Nuclear/Neutron bombs exist, lol?

      Husband : Honey, this here website I’m reading says the USrael is using Atomic/Nuclear Neutron bombs on Yemen. That’s awful.

      Wife : That’s a lie. There’s no such thing as Atomic/Nuclear weapons. I know that’s true because I read Darkmoon every day.

      Husband : Well, that Lasha is awfully sexy, she’s one steaming red hot chick, so it’s probably true there’s no such thing as Atomic/Nuclear weapons. I wish you would go get belly dancing lessons, honey. Lasha’s HOT! I always wanted a HOT gypsy belly dancer from a foreign exotic country, a country like Turkey for example.

      Wife : Yeah well, that Pat is THE sexiest man I ever met! Compared to Pat, you’re a wimp and a failure, a loser, and you entirely boring in bed. Plus, you’re a total asshole if you think Atomic/Nuclear weapons exist, shithead. I married a jerk. I should have married someone smart and sexy like Pat. Heck, I should have married Pat. He’s so sexy. Smart is Sexy!

      1. Joe –

        Why… thank you, sweetie pie. There is no one I would rather have in opposition. That is validation in the extreme.!!
        You made my year… Here are two… JUST for you. 🙂 🙂

        Remember them on your next trip to the moon. 🙂 🙂

  30. Judaism is not the problem, nor are jews per se bad. The former is the organized religion, different than, but as wrong as your everyday christian’s beliefs and jews (racial jews) are less in number than racial Israelites, naturally, because the jews were comprised from two tribes, whereas the Israelites were comprised from ten tribes. Lasha brings forth the term: “non-Jew” which comprises Israelites, those not a Judahite, and including everyone else. That is what a “non-Jew” is, regardless what Lasha may mean. Lasha does a disservice in using the term “non-Jew” which implies ‘EVERYONE ELSE’ and in doing that blends the Israelites in the category with EVERYONE ELSE. Is that a good idea? I’m afraid not. It hides the Israelites who were God’s chosen and are required to demonstrate that spiritually (thus race as an issue is limited in that respect). Dear Lasha you should not be hiding the “Tree” (Israelites) in the woods. Still in the dark Ms. Lasha?

    Jew: Judahite. Counterfeit-jew: Ashkenazi and Idumeans who are technically “non-jew”. “Non-jew” is one of those seemingly innocent terms that are very misleading and wrong for the reasons explained and its ambiguity and maybe why Max commented so unkindly.

    1. She – like most of the rest of us – is simply playing the hand she was dealt. None of us (even Ellie or Max) can enforce comprehensive exclusion of ‘all things bad’ in our lives. Her ability to deduce, articulate, and be heard/read MUST, still, originate from a perspective peculiar to herself, and she alone. Unless one has been totally ISOLATED and INDOCTRINATED by a certain ‘ism’, anyone with any critical thinking abilities can see things from other perspectives – but can never be more than one place at the same time.

      I met a man at a gun show last year who described to me his first encounter with ‘hard-core’ Jews: He said he’d been working deliveries for an electric supply company when he was in college. He had to make a delivery to a ‘Jewish’ elementary school – specifically to a classroom situation. The teacher, a young, blonde, pretty woman, led her classroom to TURN THEIR BACKS on him, arms folded (and not speaking) while she POINTED to the place he was to lay down his package. He is of Irish decent, and was treated like a cur dog BY YOUNG CHILDREN WHO WERE BEING INDOCTRINATED. If I had not had the benefit of exposure to this site – and, fortunately, to Eustace Mullins – I would have found it very hard to believe. I, myself, have never been confronted by such.

      What I am trying to relate, here, is that IT IS HARD to hold someone to a rigid standard unless you KNOW they have been thoroughly indoctrinated into it. I venture to guess there is an internal ‘rebellion’ of sorts even among the minions of Jewry. Let Henry Makow say what he says, and thank him; let Brother Nathaniel, too, – and always pray for
      DISCERNMENT. I believe Lasha’s ‘non-Jew’ is a term which is not too-inclusive for HER purposes, or for the intent of educating others. We ‘Israelites’ need no introductions (or SHOULDN’T, anyway…). You cannot unchoose what God has chosen, or undo what He has done – but we sure-as-hell can piss Him off!! (and we have, it seems). 🙁

    2. The Good News is that we are Israelites. I do not think it is something to be quiet about.

      Matthew 5:48 Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven IS perfect.

  31. There’s some sort of “Draw Mohammed” rally in Arizona. Biker groups are going to show up. The bikers — most likely from Christian backgrounds a long time ago — they think they’re going to protest Islam out of existence the way they and their Existentialist ilk protested Christianity/European heritage-culture out of existence, LOL LOL LOL. They have no problem with open borders and massive third world immigration into America, for the most part they support it, but they also want the new third world immigrants to be exactly like them and protest their own third world religions/cultures out of existence like the White Race protested itself out of a religion/culture, LOL LOL LOL.

    Closing the border, stopping Islamic immigration into the USA, AND Stop making war against the Muslim/Arab world requires TOO much common sense, I suppose.

  32. I can understand the Jew passenger’s anger at the custom officials – after all was entering an Israeli colony. Can you imagine such a Muslim “terrorist” treatment given to an Israeli “terrorist” at the New York Airport?

    Former Australian foreign minister Robert John (Bob) Carr in his book ‘Diary of a Foreign Minister‘ claims that Australia’s foreign policy is controlled by pro-Israel Jewish lobby groups.

    Bob Carr has produced text messages between him and former prime minister Julia Gillard. “The public has to know how foreign policy gets made, especially when it appears the prime minister is being heavily lobbied by one interest group with a stake in the Middle East (Israel),” said Carr.

  33. @ Gilbert H.
    I think Gilbert said it best, that we should be thankful for the likes of Henry Makow, Brother Nathanael, Gilad Atzmon, Norman Finkelstein, Arthur Topham and even Noam Chomsky. They help expose the truth, even if it is in a Controlled Opposition sort of way sometimes like Noam Chomsky. Then take what you know and what they teach or expose, and use DISCERNMENT to filter out the clutter. And of course this is where Lasha Darkmoon comes in, for she and this site provide that same service. I just have a hard time reading subtle satire and find it easier to spot when it is blatant or when it is on TV. Must be those hard Prussian serious soldier roots that inhibits it. Or was it like what some people say that Germans have no sense of humour, oh those Sausage-eaters/krauts. But perhaps the best explanation I can give is that the jewish controlled Entertainment industry uses entertainment/comedy/humour to implant programming/brainswashing into us for their purpose. Comedy/humour is one of the best ways to break down a persons barriers and defense mechanisms. And for that reason I am suspicious of Hollywood. George Carlin’s comedy and his 3 minute video/rant about bankers/jews owning you is the best example. Most people would have thought his rant was just funny and went over their heads. He spoke the truth but most people just laughed it off. But because George Carlin exposed the truth and was famous, he was most likely killed off by the dreadful few (jew). Since I am a humour neophite or like the 7 dwarfs (I owe, I owe, off to work I go) maybe Lasha has to resort to her poems to show me humour. Oh, please don’t! I enjoy the banter as much as the next person, but when we go about talking about body parts and bodily functions ad nauseum, I get turned off. But if you feel the need, perhaps a big red flag should be waved in front of this bull (me). Otherwise, Darkmoon keep up the good work and let us DISCERN the truth together. Everyone that has contributed by articles, posts and comments has helped me immeasurably, but I got here with certain knowledge already, that you all help sift and refine to that complete picture. Thanks, one and all, Darkmoon provides many forms of relief from little gray cells to human generated rocket fuel. But cerebral and spiritual enlightenment are on the top of the list. Thanks, Norbert.

    1. Henry Makow, Brother Nathanael, Gilad Atzmon, Norman Finkelstein, Arthur Topham and even Noam Chomsky

      of the 6 of the above personages, only 2 denied holocaust narrative outright: bro nathaniel and topham.

      and yet, they speak the truth – sometimes but putin is supposed to be rothschilds’ water boy.
      sorry norbert, i know you are a fine man of cloth and i wish there were many more like you but i don’t get your anti-putin stance, given the praise of the above bunch (to repeat, i support topham 100% and bro nathaniel at least 90%).
      chomsky is in the council of the learned elders, a fully fledged and certified kabbalist witchdoctor, i’d trust him like i’d trust kissinger (who also speaks carefully selected truths on occasion).

      1. Completely agree Lobro.
        I remember when I was younger (and dumber) I read alot of Chomsky. My brother pointed me towards him and I thought I’d struck a gold mine. It was only until I was older that I learned of ‘gatekeepers’ and their disinformation mixed in with the truths. Chomsky is a liberal and yes, one in the council of the learned elders, there’s no doubt about that. You always tend to find that those who question the holocaust are left alone, because out of all they promote, there is nothing more damaging to Jewry than the exposure of their holocaust lie.

        Look at Topham, currently being hounded by the Canadian authorities.
        Here in the UK Gilad Atzmon (who is questioning the holocaust unlike what you believe) has had a few of his Jazz performances pulled because Jews have warned of violence in the establishments he’s allowed to play in and yet you hear (obviously) nothing in the msm about this, but should a Muslim try the same? He’s also a supporter of Mbala Mbala Dieudonné as well as other holocaust ‘deniers’ so to speak.

        From his article Truth, History and Integrity by Gilad Atzmon

        It Doesn’t make sense

        It took me years to accept that the Holocaust narrative, in its current form, doesn’t make any historical sense. Here is just one little anecdote to elaborate on:

        If, for instance, the Nazis wanted the Jews out of their Reich (Judenrein – free of Jews), or even dead, as the Zionist narrative insists, how come they marched hundreds of thousands of them back into the Reich at the end of the war? I have been concerned with this simple question for more than a while. I eventually launched into an historical research of the topic and happened to learn from Israeli holocaust historian professor Israel Gutman that Jewish prisoners actually joined the march voluntarily. Here is a testimony taken from Gutman’s book

        “One of my friends and relatives in the camp came to me on the night of the evacuation and offered a common hiding place somewhere on the way from the camp to the factory. …The intention was to leave the camp with one of the convoys and to escape near the gate, using the darkness we thought to go a little far from the camp. The temptation was very strong. And yet, after I considered it all I then decided to join (the march) with all the other inmates and to share their fate “ (Israel Gutman [editor], People and Ashes: Book Auschwitz – Birkenau, Merhavia 1957).

        I am left puzzled here, if the Nazis ran a death factory in Auschwitz-Birkenau, why would the Jewish prisoners join them at the end of the war? Why didn’t the Jews wait for their Red liberators?

        I think that 65 years after the liberation of Auschwitz, we must be entitled to start to ask the necessary questions. We should ask for some conclusive historical evidence and arguments rather than follow a religious narrative that is sustained by political pressure and laws. We should strip the holocaust of its Judeo-centric exceptional status and treat it as an historical chapter that belongs to a certain time and place

        65 years after the liberation of Auschwitz we should reclaim our history and ask why? Why were the Jews hated? Why did European people stand up against their next door neighbours? Why are the Jews hated in the Middle East, surely they had a chance to open a new page in their troubled history? If they genuinely planned to do so, as the early Zionists claimed, why did they fail? Why did America tighten its immigration laws amid the growing danger to European Jews? We should also ask for what purpose do the holocaust denial laws serve? What is the holocaust religion there to conceal? As long as we fail to ask questions, we will be subjected to Zionists and their Neocons agents’ plots. We will continue killing in the name of Jewish suffering. We will maintain our complicity in Western imperialist crimes against humanity.

        It won’t be long before he sees that it’s all one lie, especially in his anti Zionist stance and support of Palestine.

      2. @ Lobro
        Yes, I know that those persons are setup in degrees/scales of truth, where some are more truthful than others. I too would trust Arthur Topham, Brother Nathanael and Henry Makow more than Chomsky. The point is to sort out the wheat and the chaffe in their statements. Gilad Atzmon and Norman Finkelstein are good strategy analysts on jewish issues or jewish tools. There is only one entity that has 100% accuracy on the absolute truth and that is God/Jesus Christ himself. Even a vile person like Pamela Geller says some truth, but her purpose for using the truth is to promote hatred towards Islam/Muslims and promote strife/riots and division despite promoting freedom of speech and other ammendment rights. Pamela Geller is also a Zionist, which speaks volumes. We just have to use that DISCERNMENT to find that truth in this age of lies and deception. Just like recently I tried to show Christian Zionists what Israel/Mossad is doing in the Middle East through its proxy ISIS. To convince them of this truth, I had to use their hatred or knowledge of Obama’s evil nature to read and article that had the headline – “26 things Obama does not want you to know about ISIS”. Because Christian Zionists hate Obama, they would love to know Obama’s secrets and thus find out that ISIS is also an Israeli Mossad operation, with pictures and all. Hopefully open Christian Zionists would learn the truth about Israel and use discernment to learn the truth. As for Putin, whether good or bad, he is being used by int’l jewry just like the rest of them. Otherwise thanks for making me clarify my comment, fellow Darkmoon brother. Darkmooners are the DISCERNING kind and are not easily fooled. Thanks, Norbert.

      3. @norbert,

        Because Christian Zionists hate Obama (…)

        i always find that the most interesting stuff hides in the murky bottom of the swamp.

        given that obama was wholly manufactured on the shabbo assembly line, the sausage output of the agroprocessor kosher slaughterhouse as it were and that ziochristians worship zion much in excess and to the detriment of the man jews killed, a man named christ, whom these zxians may have heard of but never shown any interest in, why do they hate obama so much?

        after all, it only takes a single word, a single crack of the judaic whip for them to instantly line up and sing hosannas to obama.

        consider that as soon as obama entered politics, he was a made protege of zion, the die was cast that he would be president at such and such juncture, he was groomed past every single obstacle and blair hull, the demagogic illinois governor who led obama by what, 10 points? in the senatorial race was torpedoed days before election by his court sealed divorce settlement being leaked to fully ready media.

        so what gives? that’s the question.

        and i think that there may be a secret undercurrent to it all, that obama may be fighting a rearguard action against jews, whom he knows so well that he came to “love” them as all those in prolonged, close contact come to “love” jews.
        i am thinking of couple of lasha’s articles back where the writer claims that boris yeltsin also fought this rearguard action, also while kowtowing publicly to jew, because it was the only realistic battle left for him to fight and win, anything above that level would have instantly incinerated him, so all he did was to open the door for putin, the counter-assassin.

        ojala! that obama may be doing such a service to the nation, in which case the history may yet show him to be a true american hero president, on par with jfk and nixon.
        they all did bad stuff but the fact that the stuff was less bad than the jews insisted on marks them as heroes of resistance, the alternative would have been someone like mccain, a walking kosher stamped vagina, that presses whatever button has “destruction of goyim” on it.

        i believe that the resistance must start off in these surreptitious ways rather than heroic manifestos, street barricades on fire and grandstanding but futile acts.
        grandstanding is for hollywood, that is to say, for losers, just like gandhi’s “civic disobedience” was for losers, that scenario too was written by jews, for jews long time before, when the decision was made at rothschild-montefiore-sassoon family dinner to dismember the brit empire and reassemble it elsewhere.

        just a thought.

  34. I just emailed my attorney and asked him what’s the legal difference between a president who signs a proclamation and a president who signs a law. I asked my attorney if this is not the same thing — in Spirit is it not the same thing?

    My attorney replied it is indeed the same thing In Spirit and In Truth — he went on to say proclamations are ALWAYS precursors to the law that will be signed very soon after the Official Proclamation is signed — in this case the Official Proclamation signed by Reagan.

    1. Bush signed the LAW… PL102-14.. Public Law 102-14. March 20, 1991.

      Ambulance chasers don’t know much about Congressional procedures and form. They know… “Here my wreck.. Here my check.”

      This is a JOINT Resolution. And has a whole lot more VERY specific ‘whereases.’ Then signed into Law. PL102-14

      One Hundred Second Congress of the United States of America
      Begun and held at the City of Washington on Thursday, the third day of January,
      one thousand nine hundred and ninety-one

      Joint Resolution
      To designate March 26, 1991, as `Education Day, U.S.A.’.

      Whereas Congress recognizes the historical tradition of ethical values and principles which are the basis of civilized society and upon which our great Nation was founded;

      Whereas these ethical values and principles have been the bedrock of society from the dawn of civilization, when they were known as the Seven Noahide Laws;

      Whereas without these ethical values and principles the edifice of civilization stands in serious peril of returning to chaos;

      Whereas society is profoundly concerned with the recent weakening of these principles that has resulted in crises that beleaguer and threaten the fabric of civilized society;

      Whereas the justified preoccupation with these crises must not let the citizens of this Nation lose sight of their responsibility to transmit these historical ethical values from our distinguished past to the generations of the future;

      Whereas the Lubavitch movement has fostered and promoted these ethical values and principles throughout the world;

      Whereas Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, leader of the Lubavitch movement, is universally respected and revered and his eighty-ninth birthday falls on March 26, 1991;

      Whereas in tribute to this great spiritual leader, `the rebbe’, this, his ninetieth year will be seen as one of `education and giving’, the year in which we turn to education and charity to return the world to the moral and ethical values contained in the Seven Noahide Laws; and

      Whereas this will be reflected in an international scroll of honor signed by the President of the United States and other heads of state: Now, therefore, be it

      Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That March 26, 1991, the start of the ninetieth year of Rabbi Menachem Schneerson, leader of the worldwide Lubavitch movement, is designated as `Education Day, U.S.A.’. The President is requested to issue a proclamation calling upon the people of the United States to observe such day with appropriate ceremonies and activities.
      Speaker of the – House of Representatives.
      Vice President of the United States and
      President of the – Senate.

  35. gilby’s comment

    He said he’d been working deliveries for an electric supply company when he was in college. He had to make a delivery to a ‘Jewish’ elementary school – specifically to a classroom situation. The teacher, a young, blonde, pretty woman, led her classroom to TURN THEIR BACKS on him, arms folded (and not speaking) while she POINTED to the place he was to lay down his package. He is of Irish decent, and was treated like a cur dog BY YOUNG CHILDREN WHO WERE BEING INDOCTRINATED.

    let me explain why it is wrong, misleading and damaging to let them off the hook on account of all-inclusive INDOCTRINATION appeal, why this shouldn’t be ‘get out of jail free‘ card, like a temporary insanity plea after which they just blithely go back to committing their beloved atrocities.
    i even recall some jew writer, israel zwingzwang(? or some such unholy name) explain this meme in some detail back in 1920s.
    first of all, many of us undergo ‘indoctrination’ in our youth, only to turn against it, sometimes with vengeance, more often with disgusted apathy and scorn.
    look at the lapsed and very skeptical catholics here, like lasha, orig-joe and myself, not one a blind follower of the current vatican rules, look at harbinger and ingrid and many others who walked away and found their own path.
    i would say that a good 70% of gentiles were able to shed the effects of much vaunted INDOCTRINATION, be it religious or political or philosophical.

    secondly and of much greater importance and interest.
    back to that weird sounding question, which came first, judaism or jews.

    judaism in its basic manifestation, ie, torah-talmud-kabbalah is an incredibly intricate system of infinitely hateful, occult deviancy of parasitic sadism and maximal malice against benefactor.
    it is as successful, fanatical, persistent and unyielding as it is intricate, creeping inexorably from strength to strength over millennia, never satisfied, unrelenting to whatever black finish line it worships.

    right from the start, from deutoronomy and leviticus, its stated goal, contemptuous of any morality, of inflicting maximal pain, death, destruction and misery on everybody outside the diabolical circle was made clear, everything subsequent were just clarification, refinements, adjustment and fine tuning.
    this wasn’t just a band of cutthroat mafiosi.
    there was some elemental force of otherworldly malice and profound intelligence, impossible for illiterate cattle thieves that never won a single organized skirmish against an armed enemy.

    i just don’t see this emerging miraculously from the “protozoic slime”, like these half baked theories of the beginning of life on earth.

    almost as if one intelligence sparked the creation of dna strands and subsequently, the human cognition and another, its destruction a petri dish of morality.

  36. blue skies, warm weather in my balkan corner, so i feel like some blue skying myself.

    supposedly, jesus said: forgive them lord for they know not what they do.

    maybe he did, maybe he didn’t but for the moment i assume that he did indeed say that.
    what a strange, and if true, revealing thing to say.
    as if god is so stupid that he is unaware of this basic fact.
    maybe it really is so, a clueless creator that the believing beseech and appeal to endlessly and uselessly.

    as quantum mechanics explains, the world is just a vessel buzzing with waves of infinite potential, going everywhere and nowhere until conscious perception solidifies them into a measurable state.
    this is the most essential statement of the scattering theory (math part of qm).

    let’s attempt a bit of translation into theological speak.

    god’s status is timeless continuum, an endless nirvana, being-not-being indistinguishable and unaware of itself, simpering angel smiles flickering on and off like an electrical storm.

    but he loosened an arrow of time (why? always another question), a one-way flight within this vessel of potential and as it rips thru the nirvanic fields, it creates a solid world, entirely unpredictable in its outcomes, god as clueless as can be.

    so he sends a probe into this messy world of time and the probe assumes a human form and is named jesus, whose task is to report back to god, like an exploring astronaut.
    he salutes and briefs the boss: forgive them because they know not what they do.

    but do they do, stuff solidifies and s*** happens.

    because as that arrow of entropy took off, there was a seed of intelligent malice that came into being, seed of parasitic rot within god’s apple and it is the true ruler of this world of solids.
    maybe the biblical narrative of endtimes and what happens when, rather than if, is omniscient but because god is far from omniscient, in fact he is nilscient, i kind of doubt that cayce and bibles really got their stuff together, maybe close but no cigar?

    don’t bet the farm on the biblical revelations, i think that it is shirking our job and we, the humans have a job to do first – what humans there are among us.
    (the sharpest of rabbis sense this as well which is why they want to write the script beyond hollywood and say that g-d stands on hind legs when reading talmud)

    1. You made good points Lobro like all the others of course,

      I don’t have time for a long disjointed comment, kick off at three.
      Since self-hating jews have been mentioned along the thread, just consider this two interventions.

      Gilad Atzmon, about the Jewish cognitive elite and how they have married money with intelligence for 1500 years.
      This is what Melvin is trying to say, I think.
      From 5 to 30.

      Roger Dommergue Pollaco de Menasce who has an interesting theory about circumcision on the eighth day and the consequences it might have on little Jewboys brain development. Maybe you already know this video. If you don’t, you should hear what he has to say about the Shoah.

      Chomsky said ““Goebbels was in favor of free speech for views he liked. So was Stalin. If you’re really in favor of free speech, then you’re in favor of freedom of speech for precisely the views you despise. Otherwise, you’re not in favor of free speech.” All right Noam, i am with you on that and so is Harbinger, i think. Now, apply that to the stalino-orwellian genocide denial laws in Occident. The smartest intellectual in the world, huh. I am sure he still believe that Saddam and Bin Ladin pulled 9 /11. I prefer “the Bubbas” who think South Korea is Australia.

      “In addition, the Father judges no one. Instead, he has given the Son absolute authority to judge,”
      This is confusing.

      Have a nice day.

      1. Of course Phil,

        I am with you. Freedom of speech is sacrosanct. It has not limitations, for if it did it wouldn’t be called freedom of speech. Our fools in the UK continually promote ‘freedom of speech’ followed by the ‘but’, of course, such as “Freedom of speech does not give one the freedom to shout fire in an open theatre” not realising that any restriction on anything removes its freedom instantly. Then again Phil, this is what they want you to believe, that freedom has its limitations in order to make obedient slaves of you. “War is peace, ignorance is strength and all that. The control of language is the easiest way to control people as you know.

  37. Phil, I went to Catholic school and I’m confused too. I don’t understand why the online Nazis hate Catholicism and the Catholic Church so much. Considering the Catholics started Nazism and the Catholic Church put Hitler into power, one would think the online Nazis would at least now and then have some good things to say about Catholicism and the Catholic Church — considering it was the Catholics who started Nazism and the Catholic Church put the Nazis beloved avatar Hero Hitler into power. But NO, the online Nazis do nothing but heap disdain and scorn and hatred on the very religion and the very Church which started Nazism and the very religion and Church which put their beloved Hitler Hero into power. Can you explain this? Isn’t it strange? One would think the online Nazis would at least occasionally say something good about the Church which put their beloved Hitler into power. But they never do. Why not? The online Nazis only have horrible things to say about the religion and the Church which put their beloved avatar Hitler into power. Odd, isn’t it? I brought this matter up with Dublinsmick also. Dubby’s Think Tank is still working on trying to find a viable answer to explain the remarkable glaring discrepancy.

    1. Joe,

      I just saw your comment. That wasn’t my intention to mistake the words of the Bible for pilpul. I wasn’t raised in the Catholic faith, like the large majority of people in my generation since the generation of my parents, the Charlies, decided that cultural catholicism was enough for them, meaning christenings, weddings, funerals and that’s it, to please grandma and grandpa. I read the NT for the first time 3 years ago, and i am struggling on my own to make sense out of it, especially the dogmas as i find it hard to grow old without any transcendence. I shouldn’t quote the Bible thoughtlessly but your explanation on the passage is making a lot of sense and i thank you for that.
      Another thing Joe, if i may, you have a conflicting approach in your interaction with other posters, like it’s you against the world. I won’t quote the Bible but this Russian proverb.
      “Making friends is an occupation of peasants while making ennemies is an occupation of aristocrats”
      Are you an aristocrat Joe?

      But i am new here ,with no background, and i still enjoy your ‘cats and dogs’ trash talking with Lobro.

      Have a nice day.

      1. I never mentioned anything about cats, Phil. I’m the one who talks about canines and the proper care of one’s canine companions. ” dog companion” is the politically correct term for a dog who is also one’s pet. lobro is the one fixated on felines. But that understandable : A mouse has to be fixated on cats all the time to make sure it always knows where the cats are, so the mouse can hide in a safe place so the cats can’t turn the cute little mouse into a cat kibble and bits meal. lobro is always very alert.

        My dog doesn’t care for cats and has no patience for them. Neither cats nor mice does my dog tolerate. My dog is also absolutely excellent in spotting snakes and totally avoiding the slithering things. My dog is a shepherd dog, he leads the sheep to safety and to repose, to the verdant pasture alongside the babbling brook of cold clean refreshing pure sacred healing water does my dog lead the sheep.

        See lobro if you have any questions about cat behavior. He knows all about catty behavior.

        Making enemies is not my goal, if that’s going to be our definition of aristocracy. I don’t set out to make enemies. Though if enemies do come around, I’m quite capable of eliminating them with quick dispatch.

        See Gilbert if you have questions about what’s it’s like to be to the manor born.

        May you experience fleeting glimpses of Transcendence in your dotage. Transcendence in this Vale of Tears is always fleeting, if one experiences it at all. A glimpse of Transcendence is a glimpse into Eternity.

        ~ vigilate et orate ~

  38. In his first book, “The Track of the Jew,” Dr. Alfred Rosenberg showed that Jewish behaviour — characterised by intense loathing of Goyim — has remained unchanged for millennia. The “gentlemen” in these videos are simply typical Kikes. The world will never be safe until they are deprived of access to wealth, and are totally isolated from the balance of humanity.

    1. Toshiyori,

      You think no assimilation would ever be possible and i respect that opinion. Me, i think it is excessive but history seems to go your way, except maybe in Iran! For now, at least.
      I read somewhere Rosenberg always wondered why Spinoza had so much influence on Goethe who admired his work. So i checked Spinoza and i realized the Jews are the most intolerant people on earth who have never hesitated to excommunicate the “self-haters”, like the two gentlemen i mentioned above. But maybe it was in a kike’s book. That’s the problem with little jews, they think they are circles although in reality they are triangles and not the spiked part.

      have a nice day.

    2. Toshiyori –

      Thanks for your mentioning the book. I was unfamiliar with it.

      Amazon allows an insightful description, worth noting:

      (emphasis mine)
      “Translated with an Introduction and Notes by Alexander Jacob. This classic study of the Jews, written when Rosenberg was only twenty-six years old, is based on an astonishingly wide range of historical sources and marked by the clearest understanding of the essential spiritual and intellectual differences between the Jews and the Europeans.Tracing the history of the Jews in Europe from the Middle Ages to the Russian Revolution, it reveals the frighteningly ruthless manner in which the Jews, always a state within any state, gradually succeeded in destroying all the European empires in their aim of establishing a Zionist world-republic.In the final analysis, the real danger of such a world-republic (which continues today under the guise of globalism) is seen to be that, by violently undermining the spiritual cultural foundations of the European states, it subjects the European peoples to a – DESPOTISM – whose intellectual aridity and – OBSCENITY – are plainly revealed in the – TALMUD.”

      On the same page on Amazon is:
      “Jewish-Run Concentration Camps in the Soviet Union”

      “An anti-Communist book from 1937 which revealed that Communist Jews were the commandants of 11 out of the 12 main Stalinist-era Gulags, or concentration camps, including the camp system directors Matvei Berman and Hershel Jehuda. Ultimately, some 14 million people would be detained in the 53 camps which operated from 1934 to 1953. According to official Soviet data, some 1,053,829 people died in the camps from various causes.”

      The modern-day Russian industrial cities of the Arctic, such as Norilsk, Vorkuta, and Magadan, were originally Gulags.

      Contents Introduction to the 2011 edition by Francis Dupont ;

      Introduction to the 1999 Edition by – Dr. E.R. Fields – (one of my favorite people)

      Chapter One: The Jewish Terror Grips Russia;
      Chapter Two: The Origin of the Compulsion Workers;
      Chapter Three: The Cry for Redemption of the Exiles;
      Chapter Four: The Division of the Compulsion Workers;
      Chapter Five: The Construction of the Stalin White Sea Canal.

  39. did you know that hitler loved dogs and hated cats while lenin, the history’s preeminent shabbo goy of all times loved cats?

    just a germination of an idea and a suspicion after reading this article about a parasite that messes up the mouse’s brain to the point where it is sexually attracted to the smell of cat’s urine and loses fear of cats, eventually costing it its life.
    i guess the bug cycles back and forth between cat droppings and mouse digestive system, ensuring steady supply of mice to the cat but the ultimate winner is the parasite.
    now the theory is being tested that cat owners are just as affected, in yet unknown ways.
    ask lenin.
    ask hitler who hated them all and trusted his trusty german shepherd.
    ask all these shiksas, besotted by their cats, meowing while watching jewess oprah shows.

    hey girls and shabbos,
    are you sexually attracted by smell of jew urine?
    if so, do not seek help of a jew doctor or jew psychotherapist.

    an added hunch tells me that cat lovers may also be more inclined to weep over spileberg anne frank pornos.
    worth testing epidemiologically.

    1. Interesting theory Lobro,

      Let me try to relate it to my own perspective as i have always been surrounded by our four legged friends. There are two types of cats.
      The first one is a hunter, feed himself on his own by hunting then go back to the base for a little comfort, a nice place to rest and bitting your foot. You mostly find those cats in rural area. That being said I always wonder why they take so much pleasure in tormenting their prey.
      The second one is a lazy useless bastard, but good looking, who don’t give a flat f++k about you and who just wait to be fed with expensive supermarket patés by sleeping all day and playing with toys bought in Ikea. The seductive indoor city cat.
      Maybe this could be applied to the kikes and the spikes. And to the goys maybe.
      But I still prefer dogs, more loyal. Cats ,what you gonna do about them, they just don’t care. But i don’t mind them.
      Gee, I am late.

    2. Cats will eat their master’s dead body.
      Dogs will starve lying alongside their master’s dead body.
      I prefer dogs.

    3. @ lobro

      You have suddenly developed a remarkable aversion toward cat lovers that I find very strange! I myself don’t feel very comfortable in the presence of cats and much prefer dogs, as you know. However, the equation “DOG LOVERS, GOOD; CAT LOVERS, BAD” cannot be taken seriously. After all, our mutual friend Fritz (the xymphora poster) adored cats, didn’t he? And Fritz was a good guy. And there is one dog lover I don’t think you would get on with very well if you met her. She actually breeds dogs. Her name is Karen.

      1. well, i have generally observed that cat people are more passive, inclined to pointless tolerance, people like cloistered monks and fritz is such a type, although highly aware of jews and perverted history.

        dog people are more aggressive, right or wrong, which means sometimes wrong, as the case might be of karent and her puppy.
        whether she raises aggressive dogs, i don’t know, but she sure raised j0* hyperaggressive in that he attacks and bites without any provocation.

        but what the hell, still better than cats.

        as for the interesting phil-joe exchange, i have made friends and i have made enemies, so i don’t know whether i was manor born or manure born, maybe somewhere in between.

        certainly jesus wasn’t manor born.

        and i always hated cats, the only known animal that takes sadistic pleasure in infinite torture of the helpless innocents, baby birds and the like.
        i have seen results, blood spattered everywhere, eyeballs hanging out, feet pulled off and the thing still alive.
        hitler would not approve, lenin did.

        (come to think of it, i am pretty sure i saw a picture of pamela geller lounging with a cat, sharing their stink)

        1. @ lobro

          Yes, I agree with you that cats can be pretty cruel creatures. I’ve never known a compassionate cat. Hence the phrase “cat-and-mouse games.” My lawn is littered with the corpses of dead sparrows, all the handiwork of sadistic local cats.

  40. Well, I’m glad to hear Karen does something. She always comes across as if she does nothing but watch ME teevee all day. Watching Andy Griffith reruns eternally immersed in Mayberry. I bet she breeds Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dogs — the Dog of The South!

    ~ dawg, dawg of The South, I watch Andy Griffith reruns and I shut my mouth! ~

  41. Make sure to always have plenty of water with you this Ramadan when you go to Mecca later this month, lobro. The temps are going to reach 141 degrees, 141 degrees on the kwan scale of measuring scorching heat. Make sure your pets have plenty of water TOO. Try to avoid Yemen this Ramadan season. Your fellow rag heads in Saudi Arabia are dropping Neutron bombs on your fellow rag heads in Yemen. Happy Holidays!

  42. For all of lobro’s faults, we all have faults, we just don’t have as many faults as lobro, but still, we all have faults, at least lobro doesn’t torture the poor dogs and cats to death to wind up in some chink foo foo poo poo poodle woodle chop suey pot like Max does. The poor tortured cats wind up in the egg rolls I guess. Max LERVS this “cuisine”. This is what I call a real fault. [ the chinks are also known to eat human fetuses that have been aborted.]

  43. Hello ESP,

    Much has been said on this topic, or maybe I am day dreaming. I thank you Ellie for that, and the people in charge, whatever their intentions are.

    I never wrote this poem or fable, which is more appropriated. I have zero poetic skills, except enjoying the Venetian Lord Byron when I am sitting on the Throne of Mars in the morning, once in a while.
    But I had a lot of fun translating this piece by Jean Anouilh, another unknown genius. If we had any guts we would put him in “Le Panthéon” instead of Jean Zay, who might be a rat. I won’t translate his ungrateful poem about the French flag. This Hollande is a disgrace, the Raft of the Medusa, that’s the Socialist government. The end is near.
    To combine business with pleasure, or, joindre l’utile à l’agréable as we say in France, you see, ESP are mistaking the business with the useful and the pleasure with the pleasant, Tian. The French version is better, just like the fable; I hope I didn’t disgrace the original piece. Since you enjoy the first one let me try to humor you with this one, just the beginning and a small part. This one is called “The Trial”, oh yeah.

    A rat commando into enemy territory
    Found a cat that was sleepy.
    He had, by mistake, lapped up a sleeping drug.
    ……… three pages later

    We turned to the Rhinoceros.
    “Gentlemen, he said, with a curious thin voice-
    Unexpected in such a massive body-
    Gentlemen, it’s been ages,
    From a speculative point of view,
    That I am studying the judiciary-
    To relax a little my spirit from the important
    Cases, from which I insure the litigations.
    If you wouldn’t mind, gentlemen,
    Leaving the historical part
    That made us going Crazy Horse…-tourner en bourrique.
    (The donkey at those words looked outraged.)
    Your trial is not well under way.
    You accuse the cat, here present, of eating
    A large numbers of your congeners.
    First where are the bodies?”

    “The bodies are in the cat!-
    Cried out in chorus the rats-
    And we can show you the widows”…

    The end, sorry, too bad there is a great lion in this fable, if you know what I mean.

    The last sentence is really funny, it goes like this in French “On peut vous montrer les veuves” veuves is for preuves, proofs. I know you will get it.
    My comments are light Joe, please don’t use them for you doggy dog fights and to settle old mimetic rivalry. The Russian proverb was not an absolute truth and you use it on Gilbert. You are an American pit-bull, Joe, just like in this ‘Joe’ movie with Nicolas Cage. You should watch this one, if you haven’t. But I enjoy your parabola on dogs and cats as I am sure Lobro did.
    Shabbo dogs, Shabbo cats, Shabbo bears… That’s funny, the official interviewer of the president/ director of France Television is called Arlette Chabot, I may have found the French version of Chabot goy.
    When I feel angry about what happened in Russia, and I’ve watched this Juri Luna documentary, I think about Dostovyesky, the Karazamov brothers, Notes for Underground and this peculiar Russian character. He warned the Russian about the Jews, skin them alive, as I recall. I am sure there were a lot of shabbo dogs helping the Reds, they couldn’t have gain total control of such a land without the support of huge manpower and bureaucracy. In the French revolution, even is the time scale is incomparable, awful atrocities were committed up to cannibalism or republican trousers with human skins, just like the lamps. A famous historian said he has studied the Revolution and the Terror all of his life and, at the end, he stil wasn’t able to make any sense out of it. The Russian version was hardcore but “humans do things without purpose, and this is what determines human history”. A Russian could say that, wikipédia did.
    . …….No lenine, no trotsky ,no staline, no hitler and maybe no putin. How to deal with this mess? It must be a real headache, even for Vlad. Occident should help him by addressing this funny trial of the promised land that I was mentioning above and maybe we could go backwards in history, peacefully, like it was implied by Soljénitsyne in “the mistake of occident” written when he was in Vermont, if I recall. I can’t find it in English, too bad.
    I was 17 in 9/11, I didn’t assist the morbid evolution of the world like most of you have. I am from the TV generation, except I watched Sesame Street picsou and sports instead of Xmen and mangas. And you Joe, where were you in 9/11? This Alan Jackson song was a killer hit. Me, it made me want to puke.

    Ellie, this one is for you. Whatever version suits you best.
    The oak and the reed.
    “I am still an oak” Priceless.
    “Until finally it uprooted the poor Oak
    Whose head had been in the heavens
    And roots among the dead folk.”
    You see i prefer Jean Anouilh version. More simple, you know.
    Sans rancune, madame.

    I hope I haven’t offended anyone.
    I wish you all well.

    1. @ Phil

      I was at Petco in Peoria on 9/11. The day before 9/11 the cat got into the goldfish bowl and ate my cute little goldfish. His name was Wilby. No, not the cat, the cute little lost goldfish was Wilby. The cat’s name was Natasha. I was at Petco in Peoria looking to adopt a cute little goldfish. I named the new one Nibbly. How he loved to nibble on his goldfish food flakes. Alas, Nibbly passed away, though thankfully he left us peacefully, naturally. I’m in the market for another goldfish. Probably will be getting one in a day or two. Trying to think up a name for the next one before I actually adopt it.

      ~ donner sa langue au chat ~ is all I have to say at the present time.

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