Arrogance and the dreadful future



A world with no future — only lies, swindles and endless murder. Life is cheap and getting cheaper by the minute. You have no solution to what is going on in the world. Everyone is trapped in economic quicksand. The hideous sound of panic in your brain as you try to calculate what will happen in the days to come prevents coherent thinking. This is what the so-called governments want to happen. As long as people remain blind to the ugly fictions being imposed on us, there’s no way to stop them.

It becomes essential to see behind the scenes, but the government and the media that have merged into the same entity and conspire to keep people blind effectively block that view.

It has become impossible to contemplate a fruitful future. All but the moneyed elite are being shortchanged. Call it the art of the 21st century — taking the bribe and screwing people, participating in the mass deception, burying the actual truth deeper and deeper with each fabricated atrocity, with each totalitarian new law that lessens our realistic chances for survival and contentment.

The power brokers wanted to pass a bill ending free government in the United States, so they staged an apparent mass murder in a South Carolina church to fog the media mirror with smoky emotion, steal the headlines and pass the bill giving corporations the upper hand over duly elected governmental bodies. The bill passed. Only business really counts. Sure they lie, but everybody knows by now there’s no money in the truth. There’s only the cash to pay people to make sure they keep their mouths shut.

Why the families of those South Carolina victims received millions of dollars tells a story we have heard before.

FEAR THE GOVERNMENT! Feed the beast! You will whether you want to or not, for you are its food. And at this late date, nobody can stop the process. You can’t stop it until everybody stops it. But far too many are afraid not to believe the lies, so nobody’s going to stop it until its far too late. It already it far too late. And nobody is stopping the process. Everybody is going along with the unseen plan to radically reduce the population, hoping that somehow they will be included in the rich man’s dream and not the poor man’s dread.

This Jade Helm exercise supposedly being a temporary practice exercise implementing a heavy handed police state in eight states is being put in place for when the banks fail and chaos follows, so the U.S. Army Police Force will already be in place to scoop up the indigent and the hungry.

It is not a temporary measure. It is the new configuration of U.S. police, eager to treat American citizens like Arab terrorists, an attitude they were taught in Israel. Most people will give thanks for their captivity. It will seem like they’re being rescued, but they will not be returning to the lives they previously had. Those lives will be gone. And their lives will be gone, if they are sick, or have committed a crime, or have been too free with their criticisms of the government.

They will not be going on to their new lives, as citizens of the new nation. There will only be room for those on the same page as the tyrants, who don’t have much to say about the larger issues. This process will enable a significant population reduction. As you scurry through the woods like escaped convicts, there will be no way to avoid the great dragnet. Eventually, your stomach will turn you in.

Of course, there is even a deeper reason for Jade Helm. Beyond the collapse of the economic system and the supply system which will lead to mass starvation, is the actual collapse of the biosphere, in which firestorms sweep the planet and the air becomes impossible to breathe. All plant life will die off followed eventually by most animal life, many informed scientists insist.

Only the special rich people living underground will survive for awhile. Needless to say, some kind of authority will be necessary to attempt to bring some organization to a collapsing society and a disintegrating species. Maybe that’s why the cops are killing everyone in sight now.

Whine as you might, dear American, you don’t really know either genuine horror or despair. Not yet, anyway. Nor do you realize you are responsible for the horror and despair that by your ignorance and indifference you have inflicted on people you never knew. Although we as a species own the collective blame for a planet murdered by delusions and misperceptions, we as individuals can’t be blamed for every individual tragedy on the face of the Earth. But these incomprehensible events give us a stunning preview of what our future very likely will be like.

In an impoverished province of southwestern China on the evening of June 9, four young children were found dead, apparent suicides from drinking pesticide, having been left to fend for themselves, possibly for more than a year, by their migrant parents who had gone elsewhere to look for work. <

According to China Youth Daily, the eldest child, the 13-year-old boy named Zhang Qigang, was found sprawled outside the family home by a passerby at 11 p.m., having drunk a substantial quantity of pesticide. The three younger girls were found inside the house. They were taken to hospital and subsequently pronounced dead.

The abandoned children had been subsisting on ground corn flour from the previous year’s crop. According to official census figures, at least 61 million children have been “left behind” by parents who had to migrate to larger cities in search of work. The figure represents some 22 percent of children nationwide in China. In rural areas, it is estimated at around one in three.

You could call these kids victims of the bottom line. Children committing suicide is the future we face, not only in China, but throughout the world, as the wall-to-wall horror and despair in our faces may not be hidden from our children. The thing parents always forget that their children are not only smarter than they are, but more perceptive as well.

Rue the day when our children must become ruthless savages to survive.

We whine about the deprivations we endure, but they are nothing compared to the agonies of the majority of people on the planet. In some faraway places such as China, we may disclaim responsibility for the horror, but in other places with the same kind of events, we may not. Exactly a year ago, singer/record producer Brian Eno, speaking at the National Demonstration for Gaza in London, read his letter to America, titled “WHY? I just don’t get it.”

Dear All of You,

I sense I’m breaking an unspoken rule with this letter, but I can’t keep quiet any more.

Today I saw a picture of a weeping Palestinian man holding a plastic carrier bag of meat. It was his son. He’d been shredded (the hospital’s word) by an Israeli missile attack – apparently using their fab new weapon, flechette bombs. You probably know what those are – hundreds of small steel darts packed around explosive which tear the flesh off humans. The boy was Mohammed Khalaf al-Nawasra. He was 4 years old.

I suddenly found myself thinking that it could have been one of my kids in that bag, and that thought upset me more than anything has for a long time.

Then I read that the UN had said that Israel might be guilty of war crimes in Gaza, and they wanted to launch a commission into that. America won’t sign up to it.

Would you say that America, if it ever had one, had long ago lost its conscience?

All our modern technological advancements have done nothing but bring us misery and heartlessness. All of our contemporary social theories have left us amputated from our families, isolated from everyone and at the cruel mercy of the state.

Consensual reality keeps being bombarded by the contrived rhythms of history. These fictions, written by the victors, make it harder and harder to discern the true forces of control, and with each new fiction imposed upon the public — say, the Charleston church massacre — it becomes more difficult to return focus to the hidden hand behind all these public events, which is what we must do if we are ever to escape the sadistic plans that those with more money than we can even imagine have for us.


Reminiscent of the societal divide of H.G. Wells’s futuristic novel The Time Machine, today’s society has broken down into two groups — those with money and power and those who do not. There is no morality in this divide, only the ruthlessness of those keeping the books and the frustrated terror of those with no access to affluence.

Those who riot play right into the hands of those who control the guns, enabling them to more easily reduce the population.

Our government pretends now to be elevating the have-nots, but as with the previous programs of affirmative action and hire the handicapped, this is not the case. Obama’s opening the gates for an avalanche of immigration merely dilutes the personal power of existing American citizens, lowering the level of independence of everyone to be efficiently controlled by a government solely interested in regimentation and control and not at all concerned with independence, liberation or personal freedom.

Under the guise of assisting the public during its coming time of duress, the Jade Helm exercise is clearly about weeding out those deemed undesirable by a government that seeks a population of politically correct robots willing to assist in the lies that are told. There is no shortage of greedy lackeys willing to take the apparent short term bribes and rewards in exchange for their freedom, which is why we have a corrupt field of candidates for president eager to enforce this artificial reality and get paid obscene amounts of money to endorse the lies.

And that shrinking segment of the population who seek freedom and liberty, who refuse to go to sleep and instead examine the scary secrets behind world events, are in deep, deep trouble.

In these diminishing fateful hours before a crash that will dwarf all previous social disasters, we still have a chance to replace the criminals who plan on exterminating us. Will we dislodge these vermin who regard us cattle, or like so many inept defectives before us, will we sleep the sleep of the ages?

The only rational solution to this all-out slide into totalitarianism is for all public officials and elected representatives to resign immediately. As that will not happen, the slide will continue, the free country will pass into history, and most of us will not survive.

John Kaminski

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Most of his articles are featured here. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA. _____________________________________________________________________________

92 thoughts to “Arrogance and the dreadful future”

  1. Well done, Kaminski! Bull’s eye as usual.

    So what’s the solution, eh?

    Birobidjan? The South Pole? A couple of well-placed nukes?


  2. Now that the old 60s radicals are in power in Washington, they’re no longer anti-war. Now that Uncle Sam’s military encourages liberated women, gays and lesbians, blacks, minorities of all stripes, even illegal aliens, vehement anti-Christians, and all manner of liberated types, to volunteer for the U.S. military, the liberated ones are tripping over themselves to celebrate Uncle Sam’s war machine and Jewed-Out Empire. Not only aren’t the big shot 60s radicals in Washington and in the state capitals anti-war anymore, either are the every day liberated American leftists anti-war anymore.

    And what happened to the jew “voices of peace” ? We heard so much from them in the 60s. Now that all the wars Uncle Sam is fighting is for jew eretz Israel Empire, no more jew “voices of peace”. Now, only jews calling for even more war, now that the wars are all about what they see as being to their benefit and their benefit alone. That’s how phony-faced, Janus-faced the 60s radicals are/were, and always will be. Now, total silence from Jane Fonda, Jerry Brown, and their ilk.

    Another dynamic here : Now that the US military is raced-mixed, mixed-race, includes women and gays and lesbians, even allows Satanists to join and volunteer, now that Christian prayers are outlawed in the US military, the leftists can no longer blame White men for the killing, so now they’re okay with the killing, as long as the “liberated” ones are doing the killing. And all the minorities in the US military, by the way, are killing brown and black peoples around the world, now it’s A Okay to kill browns and blacks as long as the “liberated” ones are doing the killing — they still of course much rather kill White Christian Americans. That will be coming soon enough to a USA near you. [ The “liberated” ones never complained that Uncle Sam killed millions and millions of White Europeans during WW2, and never cried about Dresden, never cried about the firebombing and carpet-bombing of so many White European cities, Never.]

    1. I sent in, I Fed-Ex’ed, lol, a 40 volume set of encyclopedias for Uncle to “moderate” and “monitor”, that’s why it’s taking so long to get my comment on the commentary board. “Oy vey and oy gevalt, all that reading TROJ makes me du, I don’t know what tu du” as Uncle stuffs a bagel with lox and cream cheese in his mouth.

      1. Joe,

        I don’t have time to wade through your encyclopaedic output every day. It is physically impossible. Ease off, will ya! I just checked in and there were TEN long comments from you. Too much! What do you think I am? A reading machine?

        Please be reasonable and try not to post more comments than the average poster. At this rate, you will soon be soon taking over the website.

    2. Joe –

      “…they still of course much rather kill White Christian Americans. That will be coming soon enough to a USA near you.”

      They will get to heaven quicker than going from death in old age and diseases.

      No one gets out alive. No squealing needed.

  3. Thanks for this well written article—–

    “’s society has broken down into two groups — those with money and power and those who do not(have any).”

    That has always been the case… and will never change in ‘civilized’ societies which use paper currencies.

    1. Or maybe paper’s got nuthin to do with it. Meaning those with evil intentions will always find a way to exact evil, and get everyone to fall for some ruse or another.

      If the World pulls out of this fiasco, on the other side of it will be one where money has been rendered obsolete.

      I used to think it was LOVE of money being the root of evil. Now I see money in and of itself as the problem.

      Evil is the seed
      Money is the root
      The World its corrupted bloom

      Maybe an understanding of “currency” will have evolved to a reality reflecting this definition:

      currency: common acceptance; prevalence

      Call it a wampum state of mind 🙂

      1. B-Hawk –

        OK. My revision:

        “That has always been the case… and will never change in ‘civilized’ societies which use WAMPUM for currencies.” 😉

        Food is the best currency for starving people. Water is the best currency for those dying from thirst.

        Fiat = Fraud potential

      2. fiat: an arbitrary order or decree

        There’s no more potential for fraud than is conveyed by that definition.

    2. That is overly ripe and dysfunctional propaganda . Most people by far have some money and some power ; and instead of the grossly over-simplified haves and haves-much-more fragments , there actually are several dozen conflicting ( against the others )fragmentations of the 99% haves as a result of divide and conquer political tactics financed by the 1% haves-much-more .

      1. Correct…. Mister Slave –

        ALL opinions…. guesses – like yours and mine – are ‘dysfunctional propaganda’ to someone.

  4. Excellent observations Joe! There is no geographic escape from the hell homo baboonicus has created on Planet Earth. There is only one way out for humanity; flee to your religion. If you are a Muslim flee unto Allah, a Christian run to Christ, a Hindu turn to Krishna and a Buddhist seek refuge in the Buddha. If none of the above, then you better start looking for God ASAP! As Krishna states in the Bhagavad Gita those that do not fight will be made to fight.

    1. @ Felix

      Good advice. I would add for Christians that they must acquire a weapon. Jesus told his disciples, those that follow his sayings, to get a sword. Obviously, Jesus did not say that so that they could keep their fingernails clean. At the time, a sword was the most effective weapon for personal defense. Today, the sword Jesus instructed to acquire would be something like an AK, AR, 308, etc.

  5. The gays and lesbians overwhelmingly want Hillary the mega warmonger as president. The gays and lesbians today who happened to be around in the 60s were overwhelmingly ANTI-WAR. Now that they got want they want — now that they’re legally and culturally “liberated” — they couldn’t care less about Washington waging war around the world. They’re no longer Anti-War, not at all. The gays and lesbians in the 60s were also OPPOSED to marriage, they said back then that marriage is oppressive, Victorian, repressive, and set out to do all that they could to undermine and destroy the “Victorian” institution of Marriage. Now they’re all for the “Victorian” institution of Marriage.

    The blacks and the white liberals were ANTI-WAR back in the 60s, they were horrified and appalled the White Man was killing NON Whites. Now that the US military actively recruits and honors blacks, now that we have a black president, the blacks couldn’t care less the US military is killing NON Whites. They don’t even care the US military is killing blacks in Africa.

    The white liberals were ANTI War in the 60s, they were horrified innocent people, innocent NON Whites, were being killed by Uncle Sam. Now that the wars in the Middle East are ALL about eretz Israel, the white liberals who were so horrified that the NON White Vietnamese were getting killed by the US military, now that the wars are all about what’s good for the Jews, the white liberals couldn’t care less Uncle Sam is playing a giant role in killing NON White Palestinians.

  6. Humanity is facing a formidable enemy, Satan and Demons’ Humanity isn’t facing a battle between men to men but for the survival and competition between Babylonian the whore empire of vampires and demons’

    Humanity must awake their consciousness ‘ there are six thousand years of lies since the last flood where human and animal DNA got manipulated to turn humanity into commodity merchandise to be disposed at will by the most vicious killers and predators humanity have ever seen on earth’

    However there also higher beings that has been helping humanity to fight these vicious bloody predators , otherwise humanity would had been wiped off the earth!

    Humanity has been lied cheated conned and this is something must be acknowledged and admitted ‘ Tricked and conned in every aspect a human being can be denied to the point human beings are like little helpless children’ archeology, historically, politically’

    Babylonians are becoming more and more vicious because they know, the sheeple are sleeping but they aren’t stupid’ sooner or later the truth will unmask this satanic system of plundering ‘

    Babylonians are also very frightened of goys because if goys awake, where are they going to go?

    The ET’S which are demons have been controlling humanity along with the reptilians’ Babylonians have sold humanity to these demons in exchange of technology, very deadly technology because certainly Babylonians aren’t smart they are mentally damaged as we can see Bruce Jenner’

    It isn’t humanity’s fault if they aren’t fighting back, since no one is telling them the truth all the way since this serpent people were kicked out from the paradise and they have been so restless ever since then’

  7. Kaminski wrote – “ today’s society has broken down into two groups — those with money and power and those who do not.” End of quote.

    I see it more as two groups: those fighting on the side of God and those against The Lord.

    I’ve shared the solution here, and often, with explanations making it easier to understand. So has “Ungenius” in part, but his ideas are naïve against counterfeit-jews refusing to use the Good-natured Laws of Jesus whose Laws are lived from a personal level from within.

    The solution is to end all man-made legislation because it is unLawful. The ONLY Law that is Law is The Law from God (The Torah) based on the Ten Commandments. Period.

    1. It is a deadly battle for good and evil!

      It is a battle for human souls and Satan’

      Planet earth has thirty six millions years and there are thirty six thousand years of sacred knowledge of life!!

      People do not know that planet earth is a sacred library of human DNA , animals and plants on earth and that sacred library of knowledge is inside of a pyramid in Uxmal Quintanaroo Mexico’

      Bush Jr. was there and average people aren’t allowed to go inside of the pyramid at all!

      It is a fight for human souls and Babylonians are demons , indeed, they along with the reptilians transport souls in spaceships along with human flesh, souls are encapsulated in small bowls like coffee cups to other dimensions!

      There was a spaceship that landed in Madagascar with 1 800 coward reptilians’ these reptilians do not give the face they r very cowards, this was in 1998′

      The battle for good and evil is only going to become worst because there are already six battle fought on the outer space, three wars were won by the lights and three by the darkness’

      This seventh battle is going to be fought on earth where the demons the reptilians and annunakkies will fight to death , they will be using very deadly high tech and humanity won’t be able to defend themselves because in reality Enlil is the one that controls planet earth, air, sea and ground is not going to give up easily on earth!

      This statement may sound like a fantasy but it isn’t ‘ humanity must hold hands and look up the universe, always look at the universe and ask for a shower of love, wellness, happiness, truth’

      Because indeed this battle is really serious and people aren’t aware, busy with economic crashes that these empire of demons provoke in the first place to enslave humanity and they must be destroyed and they will be destroyed’

      It is a matter of time, but the battle will be deadly, very deadly and yes hope people awake in love peace harmony wellness and truth on earth and the almighty universe’


    2. @ New Song

      Moving a mountain, calming the wind, stopping lightning, healing the sick, raising the dead, casting out devils, and expanding your food supply using one of God’s laws, the word, according to Jesus are naive, only internal, and weaker than the laws in the Torah? Surely, you jest or you have been eating way too many bagels.

      BIG TIP – THE ULTIMATE DEFENSE: When confronted with evil armed people intent on killing you, simply say, out loud, volume counts, with conviction, the faith of a mustard seed, “Jesus, dissolve my enemy’s weapons.” All of your enemy’s weapons, guns, knives, bombs, etc., will dissolve. If your enemy is so dumb as to continue with their bare hands to kill you, that is when you will need the sword/AK-47 that Jesus told his disciples, those that follow his sayings, to acquire. If this sounds too simple and outlandish to accept, then you will most likely die at the hands of your enemy, many millions already have. Ignorance of God’s law, the word, can be quite terminal.

    3. New Song
      July 1, 2015 at 12:20 am
      “The solution is to end all man-made legislation because it is unLawful. The ONLY Law that is Law is The Law from God (The Torah) based on the Ten Commandments.”

      According to torah law as recorded in the book of Deuteronomy, we are supposed to stone women to death for adultery. Jesus disobeyed the torah law when he stepped in between a “righteous” mob and a woman who under torah law was supposed to suffer death by stoning. So where do you stand …. with the “righteous mob” or with Jesus ?? Your messages would be more persuasive if you were talking to a different group. Jesus was leading us by example. Jesus disobeyed the rigid sabbath laws of the torah. Jesus was showing us that it’s safe to disregard these useless and anachronistic laws !! If the solution to our problems lies in strict obedience to the legalisms of the torah then we ought to be living in a paradise right now under the international rule of the jewish rabbinical councils of Israel. The rabbis are strict adherents of the torah and according to the jewish rabbis the torah says that Israel must exterminate the “other” in accordance with the dictatorial dictates of the jewish torah god. Is this what you want, “New Song” ??? Do you mean that you want to ethnically cleanse the middle east of all goyim, so that the genetic descendants of Abraham can live in a world without gentiles ??

      1. The torah forbids eating pork and fish without scales and a slew of other things. Jesus made a departure from the legalisms of the jewish torah, as illustrated by the following verse.

        Matthew 15:11
        King James Version (KJV)

        11 Not that which goeth into the mouth defileth a man; but that which cometh out of the mouth, this defileth a man.

        At a time when all of our greatest problems center on the problem of unlimited jewish tribal rule and jewish war-mongering and the jewish desire to exterminate the entire human race in accordance with the torah and a host of other more esoteric jewish writings, this one particular message poster (“New Song”) comes along and wants even more strict and widespread adherence to torah, which if put into practice can only translate into more “willy peter” getting dropped on goyim and even more jewish power over the hapless non-jews.

      2. To “Save The Goyim” –

        You have not understood my message, but that is okay. After thousands of years of their lies (really Satan’s lies), it is perfectly understandable that it is not easily understandable.

        The Adulterous Woman story did not appear in the original New Testament. It is possible that it never occurred. If it happened, then it could not have been as it is written because Jesus came to uphold The Law (and said so). “Fulfill” in Matthew 5:17 translated from the Greek “pleroo” means to fully preach. If it happened, Jesus is reported to have said “Go and sin no more” not everybody go out and do it, as has happened because of that story. It could only have been a permissible act of compassion because the woman was truly repentant and because her husband begged for her to be spared and did not want to press charges against her, otherwise Jesus could not have pardoned her. There can be absolutely no remission of sins without true and complete repentance.

        The counterfeit-jewish rabbinical council of counterfeit-Israel IS NOT following The Torah. I’d like to add that since the coming of Jesus 2000 years ago, animal substitute sacrifice and the priesthood (with the exception of Christ Jesus) has been/was abolished.

        As far as the dietary Laws, certainly they do not compare to the weightier issues before us that the banksters are burdening the people with such as debt, war, disease and hate.

      3. New Song
        July 1, 2015 at 11:30 pm
        “To “Save The Goyim” –
        “You have not understood my message, but that is okay. After thousands of years of their lies (really Satan’s lies), it is perfectly understandable that it is not easily understandable.”

        The jewish torah is easy enough to understand ….. all that’s necessary in order to comprehend the torah is for one to sit down and read what it says. It seems that we have this enormous disagreement going on because where you see the torah as the “solution” to the problems that are facing the non-Jewish part of the human race, I see the torah as the VERY SOURCE of those problems. Your side appears to be winning, unfortunately, and the human race appears to be dying off slowly along with the life-sustaining planet that you believe was created by God, and all because of what it says in various man-created books – and here I am referring to various passages that were interpolated into the New Testament by the rabbinical ebionites regarding “end times” prophecy, which is basically a self-fulfilling prophecy that the “chosenites” are bringing into reality, thanks to a combination of their impressive level of technological cunning along with their absolute disrespect not only for life on earth but also for the earth itself, which they paradoxically believe was created by the Creator. The book(s) have laid down a time-table for destruction and the “chosenites” are scrambling to meet it, with the end result being “chemtrails” and wars and “geo-engineering,” etc.

      4. @STG

        New Song doesn’t go into specifics, but I think what she (he?) is saying is that the true Torah was commandeered.

        My own sense is that those rabbis who promote this psychosis are hybrids, which is to say Nephilim descendants having human and reptoid heredity.

        A school of thought suggests that like the protocols, the Annunaki have their clawprints all over the OT. So it would stand to reason that psychotic rabbis would fall in line with a blasphemous rendering of Torah.

      5. New Song

        Maybe this will give you some understanding.

        Isaiah 3:19
        ‘The shew of their countenance doth witness against them, and they declare their sin as Sodom, they hide it not. Woe unto their soul! For they have rewarded evil unto themselves.’

        After that last article about the liberated faggots, it should be perfectly clear that that the perverts are witnessing against themselves, boastfully. They’re the only witnesses to it. …. and the secrets will be shouted from the rooftops… by THEMSELVES.

        For the jews to witness against “the whore” would have required witnessing against themselves. When Yahshua wrote the names of the other half of that sin in the sand, they vanished. They wanted her stoned to death with no witnesses, only accusations as jews love to pervert the law which is what the Talmud is. Yahshua was practicing the law: 2 witnesses are required and she wasn’t even asked to witness against herself nor were they.

        You see something comparable in NUM 5:31. The Levitical Priests don’t ask her if she did that. The neighbor that she’s suspected of playing ‘hide the salami’ with isn’t asked, either. And, it’s not a capital offense to do that with your neighbor who, by law, is to be your racial kinsmen. Adultery is the capital offense. That’s adulterating the seed of Adam. The accused whore did that too and the law protected her. If she had given birth to a jew freak of nature, other laws would have applied.

        He didn’t rescind any laws when He did that.

    4. How many more people are going to be killed in order to enforce your ” ONLY Law ” ?

  8. Thankyou John, I previously read you on Rebel of Oz! ….Great stuff and THE NEAR FUTURE, if we cannot do something about it! …. There is a growing resistance*, as more and more people are talking about the JEWISH POWER and its over-riding body, the dreaded Illuminati; but still basically silent and far from the tipping point! … I can only hope the Anglo-Saxon spirit will eventually emerge and sweep away the satanic POWER! …. TRUE Christians these days are as rare as hen’s teeth, most being hypnotized by the mandates of the Jewish World Order regime of PC, but when they finally realize they have been totally duped by the Jewish fiends of the Illuminati, they could become the POWER of the tipping point. …. Christians MUST stop making a mockery of their leader Jesus and listen to his warnings! … PS: *The fact that 91% of USA citizens would vote for a Jewish President seems contradictory to all this! Perhaps Congress will post another executive order, aided by their Supreme Court and appoint Bibi Netanyahu to the role of US President! He might as well be: THEY POWER EVERYTHING ELSE IN THE USA! And Australia!

  9. Thank you for writing this elegant essay, Mr. Kaminski.
    Someone mentioned to me the other day that she had a ‘feeling of impending doom’. I used to have – but I now realize that things must play-out as going, so all I can do is wait and watch – and get stronger and healthier. Also, I STRONGLY recommend considering Felix’s advice, above.
    Because I am Christian, I know that I must curb my lusts and pleasures, and concentrate on being a decent example to others, by doing my best to abide by the Laws which Jesus did not ‘refute’ – but came to fulfill (described somewhat by New Song, above). ‘Murder’ and ‘killing’ are NOT the same – and all would better understand their duties and power and potential for fighting Evil IF they understand just that one Truth. Read 91 Psalms.
    This Saxon is learning to hate.

    1. Extremely well put, Gilbert! ….. You and I have some very positive similarities. …. I have decided to change my life and seek to be a really good person. Gone are my ruthless, womanizing and money-scrambling ways. I have become wiser! I am back forever to my commune and my partners and our many children. …. How TRUE are your words to me: “Because I am Christian, I know that I must curb my lusts and pleasures, and concentrate on being a decent example to others, by doing my best to abide by the Laws which Jesus did not ‘refute’ – but came to fulfill ….” ….. Seriously, I have become a sort of philanthropist and am doing such things as taking out my handicapped neighbors to social activities, running a friendship group, giving copious amounts of my wealth to good charities and trying to get all the pseudo-Christian-pro-Zios I meet to THINK! … The 267 pages of my rather old, family New Testament tell a very simple story about human decency and telling the truth. We can all embrace that and try to do “on Earth as it is in Jesus’ and His Father’s Heaven.” … It is interesting that in my field, quantum physics, scientists are talking about all matter existing as multi-faceted holograms in which there are many parallel universes of matter and light configurations; how all matter is perceived as light; and that the universe has a collective, interdependent MIND. …. This MIND can manifest itself in both negative and positive impulses – It is just that our satanist Illuminati has gravitated towards a LIFE-SCHEMA that is filled with NEGATIVE impulses; resulting in the current criminal cabal/mafia that has THE POWER over our planet. In effect, their negativity has taken over central control of the current earthly mind manifestation; and we are seeing their red lights of the bordellos and the red blood of constant genocides. …. Most of us think like dirty Jews and love such as the evil, feminist, transgender individual, Ellen Degeneres, who is masqueraded out of Jewish-Hollywood as NORMALITY; like sodomistic “sex.” …. These atheistic, pleasure lovers DENY everything Jesus Christ stood for, because in their superficial realm of their immediate light absorption, and their seeing this world as ephemeral, easily-discarded light impulses, they think DEATH is final! ….. Karl MARX said death is all we have; all we long for! ….. Quantum Physics says “the life of matter” is never FINIT, and your atoms, expressed, as part of the collective universal mind, will exist forever. …. Everyone’s CHOICE is simple = Train your mind to get with the the LIGHT of POSITIVITY – the YANG which is bright, shining, masculine and positive; and reject the YIN, or that which negative, dark and feminine. ….. JEWISH/MARXIST/Illuminati DEATH THEORY is essentially matriarchal and plain EVIL! ….. The Jews use porn and its million or so established porn actress Goyims to pollute the world. …. As Malcolm Muggeridge said: “Sexual fantasy is the FANTASY that is being used to destroy us”; and doesn’t Melvin know this!

  10. New Song makes the point: “The solution is to end all man-made legislation because it is unLawful. The ONLY Law that is Law is The Law from God (The Torah) based on the Ten Commandments. Period.” ….
    Here, then, is the LAW from God: I am the LORD thy God: 1. Thou shalt have no other gods ….. 2. No graven images or likenesses ….. 3. Not take the LORD’s name in vain ….. 4. Remember the sabbath day ….. 5. Honor thy father and thy mother ….. 6. Thou shalt not kill ….. 7. Thou shalt not commit adultery….. 8. Thou shalt not steal ….. 9. Thou shalt not bear false witness ….. 10. Thou shalt not covet ….
    In common lexicon we have: 1. Only believe in the Holy Trinity of Father, Son and the Holy Ghost. (as per the “fulfilled” gospels) ….. 2. Don’t display Buddhist flags, Virgin Mary pictures, rosary beeds, photos of the pope, Hells Angels’ colors, Gay stickers, Playboy pages, Nazi stickers, Stars of David, etc … 3. Stop saying, as in all the Hollywood movies: “Oh, my god!” Don’t watch the American Pie series or any Jewish sitcoms!…. 4. Observe the 7th day which is Saturday and NOT the pagan “god of the sun”, Sunday. …. 5. Love and respect your parents and be ready to give forgiveness. ….. 6. Don’t be involved in KILLING anyone directly or indirectly – do not participate inadvertently in the ongoing Jewish genocide in the Middle East; and refuse to engage in bankers’ and politicians’ wars. …. 7. Sleep with your partner of the opposite sex (how about marrying her/them, in my case? Group marriage! Jesus did not say I could not have a number of female partners, or so my new priest tells me! ) but don’t screw around like I used to, as late as 2 days ago. …. 8. Indirectly or directly don’t take other people’s things and covet them as yours’ …. 9. Don’t get people into trouble by telling lies. …. 10. Don’t covet anything including your neighbor’s wife, as I used to despicably do when I was a sinner.
    Finally, read the sub-regulations of the LAW and observe them: No more crustaceans, “creepy things”, pigs, certain fowls of the air, don’t lay down and cuddle members of the same gender, don’t gluttonise yotrself at that fake Christmas time! , etc. …. And, love thy God and your neighbour with all your heart! …. Gee, I feel much better now that I am reborn! …. Now I’ve got to risk imprisonment by calling Zionists ass-holes and fighting against the legalization of buggery in Australia. I am dead serious! …. PS: Waterboard human scum and LAW breakers, but ya don’t have to KILL them! You are allowed to incapacitate them, though; as long as you don’t kill them! ….. My aborigine friends got around their “don’t kill” bit by “pointing the bone”! Having the bone pointed at you means you are of the living dead! A walking zombie! …. Jesus said to throw the Temple Jews in “the burning lake of fire.” …. Jesus was God’s temporary earthly emissary and he spoke for GOD! … The Pope is an evil anachronism who believes in man-made global warming!

    1. The Jews hated Jesus with a vengeance and that’s why they petitioned the Roman authorities to have him crucified !! Left to their own devices the Romans would not have crucified Jesus, so the Roman authorities were acting under the influence of jewish pressure to have Jesus murdered. Why did the Jews hate Jesus so much that they wanted to have him killed ?? THEY HATED JESUS BECAUSE JESUS WAS DELIVERING A MESSAGE THAT REPRESENTED A TOTAL DEPARTURE FROM THE LEGALISMS OF TORAH AND THE PHARISEES. Jesus was preaching a universal message that included even the homeless and the downtrodden and the outcasts of society such as the Samaritans. The Jewish religion is so fundamentally at odds with the teachings of Jesus on so many levels and in such a profound way that the jewish authorities finally decided that it was necessary to undermine the New Faith after they put Jesus to death on the Cross for speaking Universal Truth. And how did the jewish authorities undermine the Christian Faith ?? They did it slowly and methodically over the course of many centuries, a) by putting “conversos” in positions of power and b) by commissioning “ebionites” to edit the New Testament.


        This is why William Tyndale was burned alive in Europe in century XV, Before William died he said: OH GOD , OPEN THE EYES OF ENGLAND!!!






  11. Sorry, but I have a point of clarification regarding my immediately previous posting: It is fair enough, as New Song says, to accept the LAW as laid down in the Old Testament and/or Torah. ….. But Jesus brought to us the “fulfillment” of the LAW; or as it is spoken about in St. Matthew, 19:28, “the regeneration when the Son of Man shall sit in the throne of his glory…. “…. THIS IS THE TRUE FULFILLMENT OF Judaism; as it emerged from Terah’s time. (explained in Genesis) …. Jesus introduced his New Covenant to love thy neighbour, “the field is the world; the good seed are the children of the kingdom; but the tares (Temple Jews) are the children of the wicked one.” (Mat. 13:38) …. It is still the SAME today – the “tares” are the wicked ones and all those who embrace wickedness. We spend every day talking about the wicked ones, and sometimes I call it the Illuminati; sometimes the dual-citizen genocidal fiends of Israel and New York, etc. …. ISIS is also wicked as are all jihaadist murderers and any others who use their religion/s to justify KILLING others! …. Any person, Lasha, New Song, Gilbert alike, who says they are CHRISTIAN, has to accept Christ’s words, as uttered by Saint John: “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God …. but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ.” (John 1:1 and 17) The TRUTH can ONLY come by Christ! …. PS: Jesus said that anything He provides is “good” food, including edible crustaceans and such as protein filled cockroaches and bugs; plus bacon, etc. …. Jews and Muslims contradict Christ by refusing certain foods! But what is new? How dare the Pope claim he is God’s intermediary? How dare Papal encylicals satae that the super important Pope should never donate Bodily organs as he has to be fully intact to meet Jesus! HERESY!!!! PPS: Jesus explained the BLACK HEART of the TEMPLE Jews, in Mat 16:34: “For out of the heart proceed evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, blasphemies.” …. From today my HEART is clean and I obey Jesus! No more of this fornication! …. Now direct me towards the evil black heart ones and I will conflict with them; and join with Jesus in defeating them once and for all!

    1. Max is sounding more and more like “Fr. John”. Well more correctly, Max sounds like “Fr. John” on meth. Gee. I hope “Fr. John’s” spic arab jew marrano low-level thug & street criminal lover boy homo husband didn’t get “Fr. John” hooked on meth.

  12. Max –

    Agreed with just about everything you say, here (including the case for multiple wives – IF you can afford to care for them, and can keep them in harmony with each other), except I do NOT agree with your contention about killing. For instance, Jesus reputedly said ‘He is who without sin cast the first stone.’ (John 8:7)

    Jesus did NOT say ‘You cannot kill her’. He simply qualified the killer by warning against hypocrisy. ‘Hypocrisy’ is often mentioned in Scripture. (I would NEVER ‘stone’ someone for adultery, because I have committed it, myself.) However, I would very readily and quickly pursue the demise of someone who bodily threatened me, or mine, or my country. I have never idly threatened anybody, invaded anyone’s country, or condoned my own government in such affairs if I did not think it was for good reason (which certainly hasn’t occurred since Jefferson sent the Marines to discipline the conduct of the Muslim pirates along the coast of North Africa). Those who threaten me, or mine, or my country in the
    capacity of long-term social planning or political sculduggery are, also, no better than rats to
    me – and their killing would not be something I would mourn or feel guilt over – no matter their color or creed. (I DO, however, understand the anger carried by many whose countries and people OUR government has unrighteously invaded and murdered. They have a very legitimate protest, and I cannot hate them for pursuing justice.)

    The Word is real. Some men receive it as ‘Christians’, and some men receive it as something
    else. In essence, it is, simply, TRUTH.

    1. Acts 2:38 reads that unless we repent, and be baptized, we might suffer the end described at Revelation 21:8. It is VERY important to be able to distinguish between ‘murder’ and righteous killing. It is, also, very important to understand that God has His agents in ALL camps.

    2. Polygamy has a very baneful and negative effect on a society that practices polygamy. In polygamous societies, the men with the most money get most of the women, which leaves a large population of bachelors without women, without families. The working-class men in polygamous societies are left on the sidelines without any respect from the society, the people, that brought them into the world. They are outcasts in a sense. The bachelors, no family, no prestige, looked down upon as second or third rate citizens, are very ripe for any one who comes around and promises them camaraderie , acceptance, respect, a pat on the back. The bachelors are very ripe for any warlord who comes around who wants to start trouble. The bachelors find respect, acceptance, camaraderie, with the warlord, the bachelors have no loyalty to the society they were born into because they were cast aside not being able to afford to have more than one wife. Very ripe for any warlord who comes around. That is the Achilles Heel of polygamous societies.

      I know today is a day to celebrate Mohammedanism here at DM for whatever reasons DM has , but does that mean we must all stop thinking clearly?

      1. “The Baneful Effects Of Polygamy on A Society That Practices Polygamy” ;

        Part ‘ithnaan :

        In polygamous societies, the women, qua women, gravitate to the men with the most money. Leaving many working-class men without women, without families, without children. In polygamous societies, the penchant of many women, many women are like this, polygamy plays upon the women’s sense that she is complete once she has a child or children. Many women really don’t men around, they want a child or children, and once they have children, they rather be with their children and really NOT have a man around. Polygamy plays on this trait in women. If a woman shares a husband with many other women, the less time she has to spend with the husband. This breaks down the bonds between men and women, there’s no incentive for women to rise above their limits, their selfish psychology , and no incentive for men to rise above their limits, their male selfishness. Or, more correctly, the only way for a man to rise above his limits is to make a lot of money ; But in polygamous societies, as money is concentrated in so few hands, and working class men are pretty much outcasts, practically the only way for a working class man to make the money required to have a wife or wives is to become a gonoff. A gonoff warlord. [ this of course only increase male selfishness, and only reinforces the women’s desire for men with money, which reinforces female selfishness]. Polygamy basically increase selfishness in human nature, plays upon innate human selfishness we all have inherently, encouraging us to even more selfishness, as if we don’t have enough innate selfishness as it is. We should encourage even more selfishness. [ and the crime that goes hand-in-hand with selfishness at the same rate UP as selfishness in the society goes UP. ] Polygamy is for a society of warlords and mishpucka gangsters, basically.

        Polygamy has quite a few insidious harmful effects on a society that practices polygamy.

      2. You make some interesting and valid points, here, Joe. I can only suggest that whereas our ‘culture’ and ‘society’ has become overstuffed with vainity, mediocrity, and shallow values, you’re probably more right than wrong. Believe me: A LOT of women have bemoaned to me their displeasure with the ‘new liberation’ burdens set upon them. Now, there are more ‘single’ mothers than ever – and more sexual perversions openly practiced by both men and women as a result of the same. How might it stop?? I don’t know – but polygamy is SMALL POTATOES by comparison.

        When I consider ‘polygamy’, I consider it as a condition wherein a mother gradually acquires ‘sister wives’ to share the chores of a conventional home and/or enterprise. I have even had well-spoken, well-educated women confide in me their fantasy of being in such status (with me as their husband). 🙂

        Of course, any man I know – including myself – would rather have just ONE true love, but most of us never find her. More and more, the possibility of ever meeting such-a-one diminishes with age and culture. We are NOT civilized. We are becoming techno barbarians. ‘Divorce’ is an INDUSTRY brought into prominence by over-expectations and under-achievements. Marriage is solidified by sense of duty, honor, and security.
        Women seem to be able to more comfortably confide amongst their own sex, anyway. Why make them sneak around to do it?

  13. Censorship has come to roost on Darkmoon’s site. She won’t even send her blog to my email subscription so afraid of the truth is she.
    Jews have finally reached this site. Much bitching and moaning but when it comes to offering a solution it is censored just like the Jews do.

    1. @ World Changer

      We don’t send out every article to our subscription list. Most articles are published here without being sent out to our List.

    2. Gosh, how repressive & oppressive it must be for all the women in NON polygamous societies : Women in NON polygamous societies have to “sneak around” in order to confide in other women, LOL. Here in the NON polygamous West, before the 60s Cultural Revolution, women never confided in other women, they weren’t allowed to confide with other women. They weren’t allowed to talk to one another. Women were never allowed to be friends with one another, LOL. Sounds like someone slipped something into your mint julep, Gilby. Whatever it was that was slipped into your mint julep has brought the comedienne out in you. That’s the ticket, Gilby, get in touch with your inner comedienne! I trust you will be as excellent a stand-up comedienne as you are a poet.

  14. Off topic, but I’m curious anyway about following :

    I’m wondering if the Jews as a whole are keeping with their traditional Judaic funeral and burial rites? I know that many Christians now, maybe even most — at least most of the Christians or so-called Christians I know — many Christians, at least here in the States and probably in the rest of the Occident, have rejected the traditional funeral burial rites of Christianity and are opting for hindoo cremation [ which I find disgusting to-the-extreme, but that’s out of the scope of this post ].

    I ask here at DM because so many here are so “jew-wise” and the “jew-wise” ones keep up daily, some even keep hourly tabs on the jews, with what the jews are up to. Again, this is off-topic, but I felt like going off-topic and it’s my kwan snivel right to do my own thing. It’s in The Constitution so go tell it to the Founding Fathers if you’re peeved I went off-topic. Thank you, TROJ.

    1. All the “jew-wise” ones here at Darkmoon who keep tabs on the jews every day day-in and day-out, know everything there is to know about jews, Heck, some Darkmooners keep hourly tabs as to what the jews are doing and what’s going in the world of jews worldwide and constantly update us on what the jews are up to, and yet no one can answer my simple staright-forward question about a basic matter concerning jews. LOL. What a bunch of phonies all you Darkmooners are.

  15. Date: July 1
    All site updates will be in this mail window over the next few days.

    Remove you from your home, take you to the FEMA camp and in the morning there is a foreclosure sign in the front yard, no questions asked, the perfect ruse. At least a few of the empty “forclosed” houses may be empty for an entirely different reason . . . . . . stated quite clearly with the following:

    WARNING: There is a HUGE problem with the 4th of July weekend
    Ok, so I admit it. I held off on saying this to avoid being a chicken little. But I have to say something now, there is a huge convergence of events that look very suspicious.
    First of all we all know there is Jade Helm going on, but now there is a new twist that is absolutely ominous for the future of America – The FBI is going to be setting up command and control centers around the country SPECIFICALLY FOR THE 4TH OF JULY to “handle a terror attack” And the kicker? After the 4th of July, these so called “holiday weekend command and control centers” will remain in place PERMANENTLY.
    Now, there is even more – the MSM is trumpeting all over the place that there is likely to be an ISIS attack over the 4th of July, right when the FBI is doing a huge power grab right when the psy ops team is in the south burning churches right when Obama banned the confederate flag right after they ran an obviously fake staged drill false flag terror attack that may have involved handing a patsy real bullets instead of paint balls and they offed a black senator RIGHT WHEN SO CALLED ISIS (er, eh, Israel) is launching a huge offensive against Egypt that has been enough to get Egypt to mobilize its entire military and move it to the Sinai. And what is even more stupid? All this happened when the supposed “star of Bethlehem” made its first appearance since the time of Christ. Enough of a convergence of events for ya?

    But it could be stupid to add all these things together, right? Well, perhaps NO. Because remember back in 2001? Right before 911, the media was screaming that there was going to be an Islamic terror attack, and our own military kept saying back that NO, there was not because there was absolutely no intelligence indicating that the Muslims were up to anything at all. But the military was looking the wrong way. All the while they were being chided into looking at Muslims, Israel was arranging the attack they were going to pin on Muslims with their complicit MSM playing the advocate, and Israel went right ahead and did it, right on their own schedule. So the ominous aspect of all of this is that this time around, just like on 911, the media itself is saying there is likely to be a terror attack over the 4th, right when the FBI is setting up “temporary” command and control centers to handle this that they have already admitted are not going to be temporary.

    But the story gets even freakier – there is VERY STRONG evidence the Fema camps are already loaded with hundreds of thousands of people. What is that evidence? The disappearing homeless, which now are estimated to be well over 200,000 missing that vanished without explanation and without a trace as well as countless “foreclosed” homes that are now sitting vacant everywhere. Were all of them really “foreclosed” or is there a bigger story?
    When I looked into this homeless situation, where they are suddenly vanishing from large areas, it seems this has been going on for a while. However, it has escalated enormously over the past few weeks, where they are simply not anywhere to be seen in many areas of the major cities. And HOW could these homeless be used? Well, there are a couple ways –
    First of all let me state the obvious – the police, judges, prison system etc in America are not operating under the rule of law, and not even the color of law. They stopped updating America’s prison stats in 1998 because they looked too bad, and have published lies ever since. In 1998, America had 7 million people officially in prison, with about 15 million in the system but not “officially” detained (these would be people on parole or probation or house arrest) and despite huge expansions in the prison system since, and huge stories of overcrowding despite the huge expansions, they still claim only 7 million people detained and I call BULLSHIT on that number. The real number is probably somewhere between 12 and 15 million. You cannot have huge expansions over 17 years and subsequent overcrowding and stay at 7 million, that is for sure.

    Even at 7 million, America already had the largest prison system in the world, dwarfing China’s by far, despite China being “communist” using “prison labor” and having 5 times the population to draw prisoners from. Anyway, my point is this: Now America’s prison system is SO HUGE it could soak up millions of homeless people and vanish them without procedure and without a trace. But I suspect this is not what is going on with the homeless. After all, they would be in there with people who are accounted for, and when the accounted for people are released, they would talk. So mixing of those two groups could blow the entire scam wide open. SO, What do I think is going on with them? Where they really vanished to?

    Fema camps. The secret bases. What better pool of people could there possibly be to draw from for Jade Helm police state practice sessions than the homeless? They are completely detached from family, could have died in a dog attack anyway, and are still Americans available in huge numbers to stuff detention centers full of, – are completely innocent in most cases –

    Folks, I believe the recently vanishing homeless have been taken and put in detention centers as part of the Jade Helm exercise.
    Consider this: During the police state crackdown, they are going to be rounding up and detaining huge numbers of completely innocent people. Because they are innocent of all wrongdoing (other than holding on to patriotism) they will have a completely different mindset than people who actually did something wrong to be detained for. So there will be behavior variables that there has never been practice or training for. To get a pool of people who will be most similar to completely average law abiding Americans to practice with, the homeless are the best way to do it and keep it all secret. When practice is over, they can just be killed because their families are out of touch with them anyway and no serious questions will be asked. And if serious questions ever do get asked by a particular family, the NSA will nail the “trouble makers” and kill them in a remote car crash or send someone to do it . . . . secrecy will be maintained
    And so now, more so than any other time by far, we have a swirling whirlpool of filth represented by all that is going on, YES, I THINK THIS IS THE FINAL HOUR, and if the Confederate flag can be banned overnight without a court hearing, without a decision by Congress, without the consent of the people, America is proven Communist and gathering up and disposing of the homeless who were destroyed by the system is something Communists do. Another turd in the evidence pool.

    It all fits

    People need to realize something – Your favorite fishing hole is not America. The mountains, the plains, the fields, the secret path, the street lights, and all other things you can go out and see with your eyes ARE NOT AMERICA. They simply occupy the space where America once was. America is and always was the Constitution and the government’s will to follow it. Kansas is not in America anymore, and it certainly did not land in OZ.
    When they come for you, They will know how to handle you because they already practiced on Americans via the homeless everyone forgot about. And when they come for you, it will be under the guise of fighting terror, and they will strip America away piece by piece and no one will speak up, they will fill the detention centers and there will be no judge, no rule of law, no ethics, just a computer program making decisions based upon input variables and neighbors thinking they are better than you because it was YOU that got taken away and there was a reason . . . . . until they get taken away . . . . . and all I can say is do not go down without a fight even if you think you are the only one fighting.

    Even if nothing happens over the 4th, the above still holds true 100 percent, the disappearance of many of the homeless around the country sews this one up in a body bag. Those people went somewhere. The attempted end of America is no longer a theory.
    Remove you from your home, take you to the FEMA camp and in the morning there is a foreclosure sign in the front yard, no questions asked, the perfect ruse. All the empty “forclosed” houses may be empty for an entirely different reason . . . . . .

  16. “Remove you from your home, take you to the FEMA camp and in the morning there is a foreclosure sign in the front yard, no questions asked, the perfect ruse. At least a few of the empty “forclosed” houses may be empty for an entirely different reason . . . . . . ”

    What happens to ‘renters’ who have no mortgage foreclosures….just free food… at the picnic.. with fireworks at 9pm…?? 🙂

    1. I despise “FEAR PORN”. Here’s a suggestion: You should too! Be active, not reactive!

      1. @ Truth

        I despise fear porn as well. There is an ocean of fear porn on the net with many authors and trolls apparently making a living with it working for those that want to maintain or increase their power.

        Most people do not seem to understand that fear porn is designed to induce fear in the mind so that obvious evidence is ignored along with rational thought resulting in acceptance of a lie as fact for control purposes. The primary lie is that we are suppose to fear the jewish bankster stooge governments and do as they say. The reality is that the jewish banksters and their stooge governments fear that the people will ignore them and do what is right rendering them powerless followed by a serious house cleaning.

        Jesus repeatedly said to fear not. It would be nice if people would spend some time figuring out why Jesus kept saying it.

  17. In a way, Kansas did wind up in OZ, so did all the other states land in OZ. See Max, our very own Wizard of Liber OZ for details. Our 007 man!

  18. Gilbert, you are correct in stating such as: “I would very readily and quickly pursue the demise of someone who bodily threatened me, or mine, or my country. I have never idly threatened anybody, invaded anyone’s country, or condoned my own government in such affairs if I did not think it was for good reason (which certainly hasn’t occurred since Jefferson sent the Marines to discipline the conduct of the Muslim pirates along the coast of North Africa).” …. I guess anyone of us who had to confront a cold-blooded, murderer rapist who had just mutilated our wife and daughter would be hard put not to shoot the monster down. …. I would do anything to protect my partners and children from anyone who invaded our commune. My father felt the same as he headed to New Guinea to fight against the Japanese who were already starting to invade Australia; remembering that the Japanese fleet that invaded Pearl Harbor sailed immediately across the Pacific, added more ships, etc, and then launched an attack on Darwin. … If God thinks this is wrong, then so be it! …. As for the hideous Jewish genocide of the Palestinian people and their tearing down of Christian churches and crosses, I would volunteer to hang the lot of these Jewish monsters. … As Save the Goyim says so well: “The Jewish religion is so fundamentally at odds with the teachings of Jesus on so many levels and in such a profound way that the jewish authorities finally decided that it was necessary to undermine the New Faith after they put Jesus to death on the Cross for speaking Universal Truth.” …. The so-called “JEWISH RELIGION” is genocidal death theory!

  19. The problem at hand, the one that enslaves the people, are the “elite” that are ruling the people, making wars, making-up laws, so that, they can do whatever, but not Lawfully. The Torah is death to THEM. The Torah is our protection against THEM – counterfeits.

    1. New Song,

      It has been argued by some that the elite Japs who rule Japan are Torah Jews… their wars against China and later against America were known among the Japanese military high command as holy and ethnic wars against sub-humans, much like what Jews in Israel think of Palestinians today.

      Have you seen the 1970 film “Tora, Tora, Tora”? about the Japanese sneak attack on Pearl Harbor in which 2,403 American servicemen were murdered and 1,178 were wounded, along with untold hundreds of civilians who also died or were injured?

      Many people misunderstood “Tora, Tora, Tora!” (Japanese, “Tiger, Tiger, Tiger!”) as a battle cry. It was not. “Banzai!” was their battle cry. “Tora, Tora, Tora” was the coded message of the radio signal which indicated that the Pearl Harbor attack had been a complete success in catching the enemy goyim unawares.

      Tora me once, shame on you. Tora me twice, shame on me.

      1. The Jap attack on Pearl Harbor may have been a surprise to the Goyim in Hawaii, but was certainly was no surprise to Rosenvelt and the gaggle of Jews running Washington at the time. Hell, they still run Washington.

      2. JFC –

        I was stationed at Ford Island at Pearl Harbor while the movie was filmed there in 1968.

        The main Admin Headquarters Building with wide steps and polished entry-way was actually a barracks. The sailors living there had to use the side entrances on each end of the building.

        The battleship scenes were platform mock-ups. The explosions and fires took place on a 1/10th scale mock-up in the water in front of the barracks…. on ‘battleship row’ there. Amazing.

        The stunt-men were constantly joking and sparring and practicing. They were funny… and tough. One was hospitalized when a coconut fell from a tree along the sidewalk and hit his head.

        The rows of US planes were individual faked cardboard paintings, including the wings, which did not protrude at all. Flat paintings. I could not tell it until I walked within 50 ft or so…. over by the hangars, behind the barracks. That was the biggest surprise for me. Only 4 or 5 planes were real and moved.

        The hundreds of explosions, fires and shootings were impressive.

        It felt very eerie, dreadful, watching the full formation of 50 or so real planes flying overhead.. BUT, especially the diving and buzzing by the Jap ”zero’ planes….. just a few feet above us…. strafing and dive-bombing at us.

        The funniest thing was the torpedoes dropped from the Jap planes were wooden and painted gray… and bobbed back to the surface within a few seconds after hitting the water. The film editors immediately substitute a cut-away of the same ‘hot-running’ one in the movie.

        It was fun to see how movies are faked…. The memories were serious. The Arizona Memorial was just a few yards away… as we passed it twice every day on the Halawa Landing Ferry. Fuel oil drops still came to the surface then.

        FDR was a traitor.

    2. The label “Torah Jew” is an oxymoron unless one is actually a Jew (Judahite) following The Torah, because most of the people today called Jews are neither Jews nor are they following The Torah. They are following either a revised version (like many christians do with the NT) or follow the Talmud / totally bastardized.

  20. The Uyghurs are a perfect example of how Intel agencies often use ethnic minorities especially in the 3rd world to fracture society. With genuine historical or imagined grievances such people are all too easy targets for professional Anglo Zionist agent provocateurs and trained subversives.Think of those perpetually fighting Caucasoid Neanderthals the Dagestanis and Chechens and their long running blood feud with Moscow.

  21. I could not agree more with John Kaminski: “As that will not happen, the slide will continue, the free country will pass into history, and most of us will not survive.” ….. I can see it all around me, but few can open up their eyes to see it! …. The television blares it out every night, but few can comprehend what they are really seeing. …. The masses are caught up in the phantasmagoria, superstitions and incantations of the BEAST’s way of death. Women dance along with Ellen Degeneres and believe in every version of her New Age offerings! She is the New Goddess! …. Satanism now reins supreme and has become the norm. A loaded Supreme Court takes away everything that is good and decent about marriage and the nuclear family and no one cares! …. People everywhere have been brutalized, thinking, as John says, that the government and such fake devils as Obama really care about the mass’s welfare. They don’t! ….. I see you being enslaved before my eyes! …. Perhaps enslavement and death is all you are really worth! …. Once upon a time a brave person could be heard and followed, but today the politicians and media have the people so anesthetized that no one cares any more. …. The HELLMAKERS ride over us with their waves of lies, corruption and filth and we care not a whimper. …. Most of us are no longer fit for freedom. … We have lost what it takes too survive. …. In 2 decades time a New World of pure satanism will be fully predominant and most of you will be long dead! …. This is happening NOW, but no one cares! …. Benjamin Netanyahu seems a fit president for the times; or maybe it will be yet another Bush or Clinton!

    1. Max –

      You are right. Considering the concept of ‘Private Property’, it has actually almost become a burden to ‘own’ land and capital equipment (production machinery) – especially in America. Times and chance have done more to create the new ‘billionaires’ than any savvy or industriousness they possess. Many ‘billionaires’ have acquired that status by simply having the ready cash or credit to ‘relieve’ the tired and worn-out harder working people of the fruits of their labor. They can retain accountants and lawyers to watch and execute, while relatively ‘poor’, independent businessmen and working class cannot. (A man has to sleep sometimes – or just throw up his hands in despair and let the jackels steal his labor and property. It goes on every day, 24/7.)

      Before it ever gets ‘better’, we WILL revert to more basic savagery. Most of you on here will understand the correlation and direction. It bolsters the July 1 comment by ‘World Changer’ (above), and this Kaminski essay. (We’re now ‘techno savages’ – but getting closer to reverting to ‘basic’ savage status every day.)

      1. It has led the world to ‘corporatocracy’, in the interim stage toward more basic savagery. Keep your powder dry! What has been shall be, again; and there is nothing new under the sun. (Where have I heard THAT, before…?? 🙁 )

  22. How true is this comment from the Rebel of Oz regarding the fact that MOST Christians are pro modern Israel; most Christians surveyed think Jews are religious people who have been victimized throughout the ages; 91% of the USA’s population would not object to having a Jewish President; and the majority of USA Christian taxpayers have no problems with the countless $billions that go directly to Israel ????????
    R of O: “The Christian religion turns free-willed creatures capable of critical thinking and common sense into pathetically gullible and obedient sheep. It’s a form of lobotomy that only benefits the Jewified “ruling elite”. Its effect on humans is worse than even the worst of the worst illegal drugs. It should therefore be made equally illegal and be fought against with all available means.”
    CLEARLY ANY RESISTANCE TO THE JEWISH POWER, still has a long, long way to go! ….. But I think this no longer matters as we have run out of time, as will become more than obvious over the next 2 years! …. JEWISH POWER IS NOW INVINCIBLE for at least the next half millennium! …. Welcome to the New World!

    1. Zionists control opinion polls as well as the MSM . That 91% is likely a fictitious poll result intended to mislead the nonjew american majority into accepting a zionist president .

      1. Americans have been voting for Zionist presidents for a really long time, masterslave. At this point, does it really matter if the Zionist president is a jew or a non jew? What’s the difference if both are Zionists? At this point, the really truthful thing is to have an obviously jew president who admits to be being a jew. It’s not pretty, but it would be more truthful than having yet another non jew front man for the jews. Like Reagan for example. And also so many others of course.

      2. @ therealoriginaljoe : The problem with having zio-jew rulers of 97% nonjew majorities involves the issue of jewish biological supremacy in combination with talmudia which virtually requires enslavement//oppression of nonjews . Otherwise , you are probably correct about having zio-jews fully exposed and not merely hidden as our actual masters . Apparantly , when God created gentiles he made most of them a-day-late-and-a-dollar-short with regard to political intelligence .

    1. “Ten Commandments removed…”

      About time…!! Good first step. Remove the Pharisee installed laws everywhere…!!

      1. But Pat, isn’t the removal of the Ten Commandments tied-into the latest Yankee attempt to remove the Confederate Flag from your beloved South? The answer is : YES. The two are tied together, the very same ilk that wants to get rid of the Ten Commandments also want to get rid of the Confederate Flag. The removal of the Confederate Flag and the removal of the Ten Commandments goes hand-in-hand together. Do you think Robert E. Lee or any of the other Southern heroes of the South would support the removal of the Ten Commandments from the South?

  23. If they were to be replaced with something else, Pat – what would YOU propose in their place?

      1. Does that mean ‘NOT PUBLIC PROPERTY’ or just ‘STAY OFF THE LAWN’ ?

      2. Thanks for asking… 😉

        More to the point:

        What is TRESPASS?

        Any misfeasance or act of one man whereby another is injuriously treated or damnified. 3 Bl. Comm. 208.

        An injury or misfeasance to the person, property, or rights of another person, done with force and violence, either actual or implied in law. See Grunson v. State, 89 Ind. 530, 46 Am. Rep. 178; Southern Ity. Co. v. Harden, 101 Ga. 203, 28 S. E. 847; Blood v. Kemp, 4 Pick. (Mass.) 173; Toledo, etc., R. Co. v. McLaughlin, 03 111. 391; Agnew v. Jones, 74 Miss. 347, 23 South. 25; Hill v. Kimball. 70 Tex. 210, 13 S. W. 59, 7 L. R. A. 618.

        In the strictest sense, an entry on another’s ground, without a lawful authority, and doing some damage, however inconsiderable, to his real property. 3 Bl. Comm. 209.

        **Trespass, in its most comprehensive sense, signifies – ANY – transgression or offense against the law of nature, of society, or of the country in which we live; and this, whether it relates to a man’s person or to his property.**

        In its more limited and ordinary sense, it signifies an injury committed with violence, and this violence may be either actual or implied; and the law will imply violence though none is actually used, when the injury is of a direct and immediate kind, and committed on the person or tangible and corporeal property of the plaintiff. Of actual violence, an assault and battery is an instance; of implied, a peaceable but wrongful entry upon a person’s land. Brown.

        In practice. A form of action, at the common law, which lies for redress in the shape of money damages for – ANY – unlawful injury done to the plaintiff, in respect either to his person, property, or rights, by the immediate force and violence of the defendant.

        Law Dictionary: What is TRESPASS? definition of TRESPASS (Black’s Law Dictionary)

      3. Remember… the rules of “TRESPASSES” were important enough to be placed in many versions of “The Lord’s Prayer” in the 15th century.

      4. You must ask yourself… “Are debts trespasses??” “Is usury a trespass??”

        Some versions of the Lord’s Prayer use ‘debts’ in place of ‘trespasses.’

    1. Well Pat, yeah, I guess Lee didn’t get very far with the Ten Commandments, Lee lost obviously, but your fellow Southerners who didn’t give a damn for the Ten Commandments — like the ones who attacked New Ulm, Minnesota, 1862 — they didn’t win the war for your precious Dixieland either. Maybe the new Muslim immigrants settling in the South will help you all to think clearly. After all, Muslims have discernment, which is more than I can say for you online Southerners, you all.

    2. @ Gilbert

      I’m not Pat, but if it were up to me, I would replace the jewish 10 commandments with the 7 Christian Commandments according to Jesus.

      1. So now ‘Ungenius’ refers to the Ten Commandments as “jewish”. You still do not know what an Israelite is, or you refuse to know. Is it a coincidence that “Disingenuous” seeks to establish seven commandments? There were seven commandments in “Animal Farm”.

        ‘Ungenius’ is proving himself to be increasingly disingenuous. Only on a confused site as darkmoon, where counterfeit-jews are not exposed as counterfeits, are you not unanimously shunned.

      2. New Schlong, piss off!

        You are becoming a bit of a bore. We are not under an obligation to accept your definition of what a “Jew” is.

        If you don’t like what Ungenius has to say about Jews, and if you are foolish enough to blame this website — “confused site as Darkmoon” — for publishing the opinions of one its numerous commenters, then you really are a stupid woman.

        “This website accepts no responsibility for the opinions expressed in its Comments section; nor does it accept responsibility for the views expressed by any of its article writers, with the single exception of Lasha Darkmoon.”

        So why are you blaming this website for the views of one its commenters?

      3. Next you will be blaming the Darkmoon site for the views expressed by Polatnik and Crazy Joe. Grow up and get a brain. Better still, get a life.

        I notice nothing the evil Jews do seems to concern you in the slightest way. You have yet to make a single intelligent comment on Israel, the Palestinians, the Holocaust, Russia, Putin, 9/11, or any of the other subjects of vital importance that concern most people on this site. I find that strange.

        The only thing that concerns you is the definition of the word “Jew” — a definition which you insist only you happen to know. Everyone else is using the word wrongly. Big deal!

        Go take your petty little obsessions elsewhere. Children are dying in Palestine and THE JEWS ARE KILLING THEM! So FUCK YOU AND YOUR DEFINITIONS OF WHAT A JEW IS AND WHAT A JEW IS NOT!!!!!!!!!!

        Moronic troll, PISS OFF!

        1. Madame Butterfly,

          Please moderate your language. Or I may have to take action against you.

  24. The Ten Commandments didn’t originate from the Pharisees. The only thing about the Ten Commandments that is pharisaical in nature is how the meaning of the Seventh Commandment “Thou shall not commit adultery” was purposely “morphed” from the original meaning THOU SHALL NOT RACE MIX into don’t cheat on your spouses. The cheating on your spouses thing is covered in other areas of religious axiology. Including the Tenth Commandment, Thou Shall Not Covet.

    1. C’mon, ‘TRO Joe’…

      The whole ‘Moses Entity’ and story of stone tablets is a Pharisaic myth.

      “TRO Moses’ guy…. had a Dell laptop and and ‘TRO GHW Bush’ gave him a memory stick full of CIA docs.

      “So Mote It Be.”

  25. Deut. 31:19 Now therefore write ye this “Song” for you, and teach it the children of Israel: put it in their mouths, that this “Song” (Covenant) may be a witness for Me against the children of Israel.
    31:20 For when I shall have brought them into the land which I sware unto their fathers, that floweth with milk and honey; and they shall have eaten and filled themselves, and waxen fat; then will they turn unto other gods, and serve them, and provoke Me, and break My Covenant.
    31:21 And it shall come to pass, when many evils and troubles are befallen them, that this “Song” (Covenant) shall testify against them as a witness; for it shall not be forgotten out of the mouths of their seed: for I know their imagination which they go about, even now, before I have brought them into the land which I sware [unto their fathers to give them].
    31:22 Moses therefore wrote this “Song” (Covenant) the same day, and taught it the children of Israel. – The Song of Moses.

    Later, The Song of The Lamb –

    I’d like to say to ‘Ungenius’; who says, with the two Great Laws of the NT, he raises the dead, heals, and also says he affects weather patterns; that those effects are materialistic. Though spiritually-sourced, they can be dangerous if not in accord with The Will of God.

    However, a witness for The Torah may bring the spiritually dead back from death to life. It is not bodies I seek to raise, but rather the souls; so that, their spiritual eyes might open; for it is God Who is Master over all life and death. He heals and He wounds. Deut. 32:39.

    My presence here is explained in Deuteronomy, chap.13, v.19 in regards to “a witness”. It should be apparent that it is a matter of life or death (both physically and spiritually).

    1. The “New song” is the same (old) song. (sama/psalm)
      Singing/chanting/praying God’s Holy names (harinam sankirtan).

      Christ’s Father Krishna/Krista/Crishna, the person Christ talked of endlessly, prayed to endlessly and bragged about endlessly, said it Himself –
      (“Of the Vedas I am the Sāma-veda”)

      “Both the name Crishna and the general outline of his story are long anterior to the birth of our Savior [Jesus Christ]; and this we know, not on the presumed antiquity of the Hindoo records alone. Both Arrian and Strabo assert that the God Crishna was anciently worshiped at Mathura, on the river Jumna, where he is worshiped at this day. But the emblems and attributes essential to this deity are also transplanted into the mythology of the West.”

      Christianity and the
      Vedic Teachings Within It

      1. Yes, HP –

        Self-induced programming through repetition. Been around since man was invented. Good for business also… Reap rewards physically and spiritually….and financially…. can feed yourself, no dole.

        THE ‘Newer Song’ is called Psycho Cybernetics.

        Psycho-Cybernetics is a self-help book, written by Maxwell Maltz in 1960 and published by the non-profit Psycho-Cybernetics Foundation. Motivational and self-help experts in personal development, including Zig Ziglar, Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy have based their techniques on Maxwell Maltz. Many of the psychological methods of training elite athletes are based on the concepts in Psycho-Cybernetics as well.

        The book combines the cognitive behavioral technique of teaching an individual how to regulate self-concept developed by Prescott Lecky with the cybernetics of Norbert Wiener and John von Neumann.

        The book defines the mind-body connection as the core in succeeding in attaining personal goals.

        Another…. Hill’s.

  26. Think Populism! Think Nationalism.! You can build them yourself, in your back yard or you neighborhood, from stuff you have lying around!

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