Bhaja Govindam — Video (16 mins.)


Shankara (c.788—c.820 CE) is among the most highly revered sages of India, ranking second only to Gautama Buddha in his influence. He represents  the flowering of the Vedanta school of Hindu philosophy, the last of six schools which developed from extremely ancient foundations. His system of thought is known as advaita, or nondualism. Its central theme is an examination of the relation between Brahman, the divine power of the cosmos, and atman, the individual human self.

Anyone who is interested in quantum physics would do well to study Vedanta, for the two are closely connected, though the motive force behind each discipline is quite different. Quantum physics is primarily  concerned with the quest for Ultimate Reality, whereas Vedanta, like Buddhism, is more concerned with the moral perfection of man and the cessation of suffering. 

One of Shankara’s  greatest hymns, featured here in this 16-minute devotional video, is the Bhaja GovindamFor a complete transcript of the hymn in Sanskrit with an English translation, together with a brief account of the life and teachings of Shankara by Srila Prabhupada, click here.  [LD]


For the devotees of Vedanta and my dearest Sushila long dead

Another version with English subtitles (11 minutes) :

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  1. Homer,

    This is for you.

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

    Let’s enjoy a little rest from our daily concerns and fix our minds for a moment on the things that matter.

    1. Just listened to the video, it`s lovely. I`m afraid the closest I have come to reading of the east, was when I was young, and read “The Mountain is Young” by a lady called Han Su Yin..

      It`s a shame that people like save the goyim, and the jewess with the Irish name, feel they have to try to bring something beautiful down to their level..

  2. Darkmoon is unfit to lecture us on religion. She is a fake. How can she claim to be a Christian and at the same time sing the praises of a heathen religion like Hinduism with its elephant gods, its eight-armed goddesses, and its pornographic sculptures at Khajuraho?

    If she isn’t writing articles about pornography, she is comparing Vedanta to quantum physics! What an insult to physics and to Western man and all he stands for.

    1. STG –

      Think about what you’re saying. What was offered, here, was nothing but TRUTH. It takes a lot of ‘living’ to appreciate it – and maybe you haven’t yet achieved the downsides deep enough to understand. May you never (but maybe you should). I got a lot out of it, myself.

      Diversions like this make this are REDEMPTIONS from the mundane noise of contemporary politics and livelihoods. Appreciate it.

    2. @ save the goyim

      i agree with this perceptive comment and i would like to explain what i think is going on here on this bigoted website.

      lasha darkmoon is basically a very devious and cunning person, an anti-jewish person who is trying to hide her character failings by pretending she is a very pious and religeous person. this doesnt work, cause most religeous persons only have one religion and not two or more.

      how can she be a christian if she is worshiping in hindu temples where there is pornographic sculptures? that’s hypocricy. you cant worship jesus christ and pagan idols at the same time, its rubbish and it proves darkmoon is a fake.

      i always said so, and you are right save the goyim to point out this simple fact.

      and now people will attack me, especially that horroble lobro and that mad max bilney character for stating the obvious. honestly i dont know what the monitor is doing letting these people abuse me. i only dropped in here by mistake and the only reason i am still posting is to defend my honor, i dont think its right or couragaeous to run away if your honor is being attacked, cause you have to stand and fight, or else your lost.

      1. Janet –

        Don’t let us get to ya… just fire back….
        Most is sarcasm…. and locker-room jousting…
        Hell… I could whip Max and Lobro together with both hands in my jacket pockets. If Gil helps a little…

    3. Divine is so much bigger than to be contained into one system. The idea that it could be is so absurd.

      Thank you for posting this. M.S. Subbulakshmi and Kishori Amonkar just drip with devotion in their ragas. They are a healing tonic for us.

  3. It’s good to take a break from mundane concerns and seek solace in the eternal verities. I can’t remember the teacher who said it, but he said there were 2 types of people in this world. Bees and flies! The Bee will constantly seek out the pure nectar of spirituality, whereas the fly seeks out both nectar and foul dirty things. Alas, I am still a fly! Thanks LD for putting this up!

  4. Anyone who has had to meet payroll, run a complicated business, fought, politicized – or just been subjected to having to meet schedules and deadlines – should appreciate this tangent to the Darkmoon site. All the angst to which most of you (and myself) have been subjected – as well as the talmudic garbage complained of and cited, here – should be able to find pleasant diversion in this piece.

    A couple of days ago, I had decided I wouldn’t bother posting any comments, here, anymore, because of the rudeness encountered and its effect on my temper. (Doesn’t mean I don’t visit and READ, though.) This article should inspire only peaceful contemplation – not negative feedback.

    1. @ Gilbert Huntly

      “A couple of days ago, I had decided I wouldn’t bother posting any comments, here, anymore, because of the rudeness encountered and its effect on my temper.”

      Yes, there are quite a few rude and unpleasant people here, but none of these has attacked you. The only person who has “attacked” you is Mad Max, but an attack from Maxy is a back-handed compliment. His attacks are a form of badinage or teasing and you ought to be flattered that he singles you out.

      Be grateful that you have yet to experience an attack from the *real* terrors. I won’t mention their names. Too risky!

      Keep posting, dear Gilby. Your posts often make my day because of their courtesy and kindness. All that farm work has helped to give you a sunny disposition and a healthy attitude to life.

      1. Thank you, Ruth. Good to get back on here and read your comment. I have been doing laundry, cleaning house, etc., and had listened, again, to these recitations (I only know what they say because I read the translations, earlier). Now I’m going outside to mow grass awhile – but I’ll be thinking about the peaceful wisdoms read here.

        I am now understanding Max – and enjoy his badinage. He’d be a good ‘matey’ if I knew him – and I I have NO DOUBT he is very, very smart and well-read. 🙂 My temper comes from never having been accustomed to putting up with rudeness – and people who are so bold as to be rude in person. It takes some getting used to not being able to give them a good ‘thumping’. 🙂

  5. Lasha, thanks for this translation. It is refreshing to find Shankaracharya on your site.

    Another one of his great poems, Nirvana shatakam, was composed in similar circumstances, to answer the question of a passing sadhu, who are you? Pure non-dualism. On Youtube at:

  6. Is it really that difficult to look upon Buddha with suspicion?

    The central theme is suffering. Dark priests relished in the suffering of Christ. This much is certain AFAIC. That humanity suffers is certain to ALL. But for suffering to be the central component of a religion MUST consider that a great “cottage industry” has been built around Buddhism which has evolved to there having become a RATIONALIZATION due to the FACT that yes, we indeed suffer, But this rationalization has lent CREDIBILITY to experiencing it in the name of overcoming suffering as an exercise in purifying the soul

    That this is poppycock, too, is certain

    1. We’ve got it all backwards, friends. Your soul, at the inception of its creation WAS pure. THEN came the corruption from which has precipitated the need to “back out of it”, as it were. While striving for perfection is a sacred duty, never for a moment think that being in an initial state of impurity, and then moving in a position of THAT is a prerequisite for your existence.

      This is a lie, plain and simple, and yet another one fostered by their Father.

      And lying deep, deeper, deepest through the sediments of captured “time”.

  7. Someday Lasha will make the Big Decision and decide if she’s really a Hindu or a Mohammedan.

    1. i suggest you take some uppers to keep you awake till then joe, so you can inform us which flavor of evil lasha chose.

      not to mention the choice of shower curtain head rag, pink or turquoise, made in china or philippines.

      i will sleep soundly knowing that your vigilance will not let the world slide into perdition.

      1. Heck, Lobro, since the Aryan/Viking “god” from Valhalla Max showed up here at DM, I’ve been way too busy being vigilant over my dog so he doesn’t slide into a platter of Poo Poo Foo Foo to have any time or energy left over to save the world from sliding into perdition. Poo Poo Foo Foo is some sort of “delicious” Chinese canine “culinary” “delight”. See Max The Viking for the recipe.

        Now I know why the Vikings took their Norwegian Elkhunds along with them on those long sea journeys.

  8. Janet O’Mara, you say you got onto this site by accident and that now you are only defending your “honor.”
    Darling, from what I’ve read you ain’t got no honor to protect!
    I’ll bet you are one of those “Christians” who takes a bit on the side!
    You say of our beautiful, endlessly intelligent Lasha: “she is basically a very devious and cunning person, an anti-jewish person…”
    AND then you attack the very people who are trying to advise and help you: “people attack me, especially that horroble lobro and that mad max bilney character for stating the obvious. honestly i dont know what the monitor is doing letting these people abuse me.”
    I’m sure lobro is laughing at you, as I am! …. Lasha is probably praying for your sick soul!
    Again Darling, you need lots of abuse, but if you want to get away from it all you could help Gilby out on his farm in the mountains. You both seem simple, redneck types: EG: Gilby: “I’ll just have to go down to my back paddocks and do some plowing and hump some sheep!” …. Janet my Dear, you could be the honorary sheepie! Think of it! ….. Romance and lots of lervin’ is in the offer……

  9. Janet O’Mara
    I am still waiting for a reply to my post to you on a previous thread. You accuse this website of being “bigoted”. Surely you mean the posters on this site. You proclaim your desire to be treated as an intellectual equal, but all you offer are empty assertions that we are Nazis and bigots. So please adduce some facts and reasons to support your repetitive assertions. I , and my fellow bigots, would be absolutely fascinated to know what makes you “tick”.
    We are, by nature, curious and as we are so far removed from the way “normal” people perceive the world, we would be grateful if you could help us understand our shortcomings.
    BTW, From your name you appear to be Irish. Why is a nice colleen like you defending Jews?

  10. Felix, Janet O’Mara sounds Irish; and yes she is probably a “Colleen.”
    Trouble is, I was in Ireland last year and chased a lot of “Colleens” around my ancestors’ hometown, Kilrush.
    (I have Viking genes in my DNA because they raped all the wanton sheilas around Kilrush and Limerick. Hence I’m tall, blue eyed, rugged; with an Irish temper!)
    Met 5 or 6 at the great pub/with music, down near the water’s edge. I play the whistle and guitar and get the chicks/Colleens after me in droves. Nothing can stop me with half-doz pints in me! Nuthin’!!!
    Bedded a couple and got promises from several, but what bitches they proved to be! Only after the Guinness (free from me) and my money! Great in bed though – Celtic uncivilized and most animal-like.
    It is like the rascally “Colleen” in many Irish songs: Pure naughty, evil.
    It’s like the line I sing in Whisky in the Jar: ” But the devil take the woman; for they never can be easy”, even though she “swore she’d ne’er betray me!” .
    But I don’t think our Janet has enough brains to be a true Colleen! She sounds more like an inter-bred Dublin-ish, Anglified peasant, holding rosary beeds in her sweaty, frustrated hands!

    1. One small post from Max Bilney, one giant leap for spirituality. How did you manage to associate Adi Shankara with your flirts and booze in Irish pubs? Yes, I know, your IQ of 170.

      1. @Max
        You right, she’s probably not, Max
        Remember what Lord Chesterfield had to say on the subject of sex!
        “The position is ridiculous, the pleasure momentary and the expense damnable!”

  11. This Bhaja Govindam — Video rocks! … Especially the second stanza where the flute, percussion and the sitar really take over and the tempo increases. I know a sheila that even belly-dances to the beat!
    I played it several times and then copied it onto my sound/audio system, complete with Powerpoint pictorials. One of my teenage sons asked if he could take excerpts to place as the musical breaks in his latest hip-hop/rappa rubbish. I let him do it! Sounds OK!
    I used my Irish whistle and then guitar to join in on the divine chants, aka the Beatles. Came up with 2 great songs already. Easy to place a lead guitar backing in.
    This Braman sounds like God – the divine POWER of the universe or cosmos. Yeah, every civilization has had a braman (Sorry Brahman) of sorts; especially the monotheistic faiths. And let’s be honest, Christianity & Judaism originated in India and where the current Pakistan lies. It then went to Egypt and then to the Jewish scribes, who changed the story and came up with a lot of CHOSEN crapology!
    Notice how this Indian spiritual stuff tries to make you feel sorry for wealthy people like me and Ellie K? Eg “A rich man fears even his own son!” What rot, as their are 1,000’s of very happy Hindu millionaires! Who do you think funds the Bollywood movies = Jews and Hindus!
    Yep, been to India/Pakistan many times and lerv the pale-cast northern Indian women and the Pakistani females. Look at their beauty in Bollywood movies which I adore. I have even painted my house (or 1 of ’em) in Bollywood Jade, by British Paints. (which I have shares in) Try it! Very relaxing! Great karma!
    I don’t really like mixing with the lower castes and the lepers. They say in India that the blacker you are the lower your caste. Hence, India sent a lot of their “blacks” to Fiji!

  12. Hello,
    Thank you for sharing this article. It reminds me of this quote by Hubert Reeves.

    Man is the most insane species. He worships an invisible God and destroys a visible Nature. Unaware that this Nature that he has been destroying is this God he’s worshiping.

    Have a nice d/e/n.

    1. They both worship Sun gods. Sun is the same. Art of Sun is the same.

      Hindu – Surya, “the Supreme Light”, also known as Aditya, Bhanu or Ravi, is the chief solar deity in Hinduism and generally refers to the Sun.

      Babylonian – Nimrod, the sun god was the father via a special ray of the sun.

  13. Greek Orthodoxes celebrate Easter today. So, from the outposts of the Western Empire (StarWars theme please), Happy Easter to you all.

  14. The cat’s out of the bag. (Mad) Max Bilney sounds like he is Mel Gibson, an actor cast out of Hollywood for his condemnation of Jews. They are counterfeit-Jews, Mel. When are you going to get it?! You have a problem, dear man. I hope your life straightens out.

    They (counterfeit-Jews) may have cast you out, but I see a man (you) with potential, who is simply misguided. Be a “Braveheart”, Mel. Help The Good, showing you are not done.

    What you are doing here on Darkmoon is piddly and a sign of a man who seems defeated. There so much more you can do. You know that, and most importantly, God Knows that.

    1. Mel was born in Peekskill, New York, and moved with his parents to Sydney when he was 12 years old.
      I spoke with his dad, Hutton, about 15-18 years ago. He is REALLY an expletive generator. And funny. A Mensa member.
      He was really irate about Pharisees taking over the Catholic Church…HIS church…he said.
      He said he moved his family to Australia to keep Mel out of Viet Nam war. Money earned on Jeopardy afforded that.

    2. Poor Max needs to come to terms with himself about fantasizing about women he has never had. And sheep – Has he had all he ever wanted? Yes? No? ForGET sheep, Maxy! You can do so much BETTER with Shetland mares, or donkeys (especially considering your mental and physical dimensions!). You’re a good ‘matey’, old bloke, and I’d never steer you wrong. 🙂

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