Big Pharma as Organized Crime (video)

Introduced by Felix Dean
(no relation to the ‘Felix’ posting on this website) 

downloadPeter Gøtzsche (pictured) cannot be dismissed as just another conspiracy theorist or a cargo cultist as the mainstream dismissal industry that passes itself off as the guardian of the First Amendment would like to do.

His CV marks him as a heavy hitter in the fields of medical research with over 450 peer reviewed articles listed in the SCOPUS database, over 30,000 citations, regular contributor to the most prestigious medical journals like JAMA, New England Journal of Medicine, BMJ and Lancet.

So when he willingly sacrifices his future career by going out on the limb saying that the prescription and non-prescription drugs are the third leading cause of mortality after heart disease and cancer, way ahead of wars and other forms of violence and accuses Big Pharma of having rigorously fulfilled the legal definition of organized crime, it is time to pay attention.

He even goes so far as to link it with the shadowy plans for massive reduction of the world’s population.

One can rightfully ask who these players behind the scenes are, e.g., in the USA where over 200,000 people a year are killed by direct application of drugs, half by strictly following the “correct” guidelines and the other half by doctors’ misinterpretation of the wildly confusing prescribing rules.

Which American, apart from the most depraved death row inmates, would knowingly participate in the annual genocide of his compatriots? The question begs an answer: are they indeed Americans? See this 8-minute video for an introduction to this topic.

8-minute video . . . 

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    1. Why don’t you flutter to Egypt, Butterfly, and join Hitler’s Nazi-Islamic-Hindoo Muslim Brotherhood or the other Hitler-type Nazi-Islamic-Hindoo Brotherhood named in Honor to the Goddess of ancient Egypt, ISIS? It would give your life direction and meaning, an Ascended Spiritual calling and vocation Unto Savitri Devi’s hindoo Kali in Cosmic Oneness With The Universal Moon Goddess, and would give you tons of brownie points for your next earthly reincarnation. May all of your earthly reincarnations be interesting earthly reincarnations. There’d be no need for alcohol, drugs, legal and/or illegal, and your Heart Will Fly Away …… oh elusive butterfly of Luhv,

    2. Madame Butterfly,
      You should most definitely give up Prozac. Take up Anapanasati, which is concentrating your mind at the nostrils and following the breath as you inhale and exhale. Don’t force anything, if you find your mind jumping about like a monkey tied to a stick,gently bring it back to the point at the nostrils. BTW, you don’t have to sit in a lotus, or half lotus posture, but your back must be straight and the body relaxed. Practice for about 10 to 15 minutes, twice a day. LET GO, DON’T FORCE ANYTHING!

  1. Common dialogue in medical profession:
    Question: “What do you suggest we do..??”
    Answer: “I’m not sure. Just WAG it..!! We’ll see what happens..!! If it works, we’ll keep doing it.”

    “WAG” stands for WILD-ASS GUESS.

    ALL professionals are ‘guessing’ much of the time. That applies most to the medical field… They are “Practicing” their ‘guesses’… diagnoses. They ‘WAG’ it. MANY people die because of it.

    We can ‘WAG’ ourselves… at home. For free.

    1. Pat,

      I hope you don’t mind if I ask you a somewhat personal question. The question is well-meant and is not intended to be rude or intrusive in any way. The question is this:

      I understand you are suffering from Parkinson’s disease. I also understand that the medication prescribed for this disease increases the amount of dopamine in the brain. I am told that one of the side effects of Parkinson’s disease medication (excess quantities of dopamine) is to act as an aphrodisiac and get people sexually fired up.

      Tell me, do you have a problem in this area?

      (Please disregard this question if you think it’s too personal!)

      1. I take no Rx medications. So, I am no help there.
        The ‘guessers’ have wanted me to try their stuff by the dozens, but they are just ‘practicing’… so, I ignore them. The possible permanent side effects are worse than the condition….. even death in many cases.

        I give in to orthopedics and other surgeries only when absolutely necessary.

        I’ll go when it is time.

      2. Thanks, Pat.

        It takes a lot of courage to refuse all prescription medicines. I know someone who refused to go on steroids for some kind of neuromuscular disease supposedly caused by a virus. He stuck it out for roughly 15 months and the disease gradually got better on its own. He is now free of all symptoms. He just dosed himself with fish oil. A large tablespoon a day.

        I knew a woman who took aspirin and paracetemol for a toothache she had after an extraction. She ended up with chronic migraines, pounding headaches all day long every day that went on for MONTHS — long after her toothache was over. So she kept on taking the aspirin and paracetemol to dull the pain of her headaches.

        Eventually her doctor diagnosed the cause of her migraines: the painkillers themselves!

        She was told to STOP all the aspirin and paracetemol. At once. It would be tough at first. But she would recover eventually once the painkillers had worked their way through her system. I think it took about 3-4 months before her headaches cleared up completely.

        She now avoids aspirin and paracetemol like the plague. If she gets any pain for whatever reason, she just grins and bears it. And lets nature take its course.

      3. @ Pat

        We do have something in common. I take no Big Pharma produced medications whether prescribed or over the counter.

        @ Madame Butterfly

        All painkillers are bad news because they interfere with the normal communication between the brain, the control center, and the part of the body that needs body resources summoned by the brain to correct a problem. Consequently, painkillers always make the problem worse. There are hundreds of natural things to aid the body in self healing and reducing pain from common raisins to Pau d’Arcon tea.

        Depression is easy to solve. There is no way to be sincerely thankful to God and be depressed at the same time. No chemicals needed.

      4. The key to pain relief is increased oxygen.

        Rinse and brush everyday with hydrogen peroxide for tooth pain.

        Alcohol starves the body of oxygen. Bad spiral of events there. Women’s livers and kidneys affected worse than men.
        Just stop it.
        When the urge to drink comes on… gargle with hydrogen peroxide.
        H2O2 is water with extra oxygen.

        Drink lots of tea. Green and black. Both contain oxygen carriers. Sweeten if you need to. Coffee ok also.

      5. @ Pat

        “The key to pain relief is increased oxygen…”

        In that case, I’d advise lots of exercise and fresh air. Walks by the sea (guess ozone is even better than oxygen?). Sleep with window open. Drink a lot of water (preferably H202) and green tea. Maybe do some deep breathing exercises.

        (BTW, I’m not an alcoholic. I barely touch the stuff. Maybe a glass of wine once or twice a week)

        I do have a problem though with early morning cramps which my friends tell me is caused by dehydration because I don’t drink enough. My cramps have recently stopped because I now make a point of drinking more water. No soft drinks for me. I cut up a lemon and squeeze juice of one-quarter of said lemon into pint of water. Makes a refreshing drink. No need for sugar or sweetener.

        Trouble is I’m a bit worried about chewing gum because it’s got aspartame in it. Not that I use it much. Only 1 stick a day at the very most.

      6. MB –

        Good plans. Yoga is great. Walk in bare feet. Use H2O2 externally.

        Rule for proper hydration: Drink half your body weight in ounces of water per day. So 130 lbs = 65 ounces of water a day… half gallon(64 oz) = 8 eight ounce glasses. Or 4 pints.

        Lack of water causes leukemia, which is excess leukocytes, white blood cells. Increase water rids it.

      7. BTW, I’m not an alcoholic. I barely touch the stuff.

        BTW, I hate butterflies. I shoot them on sight.

        you’re full of surprises madam, i must reevaluate … mental wheels spinning and whirring …

    2. Pat,

      I refuse to take medication as well. I use a form of frequency medicine as a preventative which does no harm. I also prefer natural alternatives like alpha lipoic acid which is documented to cure poisoned livers.
      One drug I would use for its fantasic properties is LDN (low dose naltrexone). It is virtually harmless and is efficacious in a number of difficult cancers like brain tumors and pancreatic cancer as well. Many neurological diseases such as multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease respond very well too. It doesn’t get much press because it is very inexpensive. You might want to check it out.

  2. Psychiatry: An Industry of Death (full version)
    Only one major minus in this vid: Jews were also behind it in the Nazi era. The Nazi-Zio connection is not made.

    Psychiatric institutions, mossads- I think everyone here knows Mossad litt. means i n s t i t u t e- are definitely todays gulags, in which you receive ‘treatment’ and finally are ‘disappeared’.

    Here is a good article (read for whites, non-jews):

  3. A very appropriate and timely warning about the evils of big Pharma and medical corruption. It never ceases to amaze me the dread so many people, have nowadays, of death. I regularly practise Buddhist meditation on death in order to realise the impermanence of the physical body. Sooner or later all of us are most likely going to end up on a mortuary slab. I can see the pathologist as he speaks into the mike, “Well nourished Caucasian male, aged…?
    One reason big pharma and the corrupt medical industry continue their quackery is because people allow them to do so.

    1. Been following a documentary about Muslim outlook on death, which says that we inhabit two bodies, one visible, the other not. When we die, we go from one world to the next, leaving our physical body behind. Our other body is lighter, and more beautiful. This makes death seem ethereal, not scary at all. I only hope I`m re-united with those I care for..
      Just waiting for nasty remarks from Joe..

    1. @ Justice For Chinese

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      1. If you refer by name to a poster who is being permanently monitored (like TheRealOriginalJoe), then your own post will go for monitoring.
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      1. On second thoughts, I’m not sure why your post ended up in spam. Because you didn’t refer to any banned poster. Your referred to Magnus Dux Polonorum, and he has NOT been banned. He is free to say what he wants.

      2. Uncle ,

        And you couldn’t rescue any of my excellently intelligent, cogent, always-fact-based-on-Truth posts I sent you today , and now languish in Spam [ as usual ], while you were in your Spam folder “rescuing” the chink’s “ah so, me so mistreated by the white devils me so aggrieved and angree chink” posts?

        1. You are posting too much, Joe. And your posts go on far too long. If I approved all your posts, you would be the most prolific poster here and the site would empty as everyone jumped ship.So we need to ration you. You are acceptable only in small doses. We have received numerous complaints about you: that you are causing disruption and introducing a note of vaudeville and frivolity into a serious site by your constant off-topic loquacity. These are justifiable complaints. We have to pay attention to them.

          I’m giving it to you straight. Be grateful we post you at all. Remember, you have been banned almost everywhere else.

      3. @ Toby

        Thanks for your reply and the rescue. You’re doing a great job. If it were up to me, I would give you a medal, not the least for putting up with so much nonsense and abuse from dirty nasty kikes like OJ. God bless you.

  4. Simply put, everything that is organized to the big stage is a crime against mankind from Big Pharma, to Big Government, to Big Religion, etc. All “Bigs” have greed and the lust for power in common. The greed motive fits perfectly into the “Biggest” of “Bigs,” banking, a jewish tradition.

    Anyone that takes anything that Big Pharma produces is insane or brainwashed. For millions of years before Big Pharma raised it ugly head about 150 years ago, mankind used God provided solutions to disease that worked. The Chinese are still known for their success in practicing natural medicine and have been doing so effectively for thousands of years. A Chinese herbalist provides much better results than anything Big Pharma produces at a much more affordable price.

    There is no sound reason to support the Big Pharma mafia that spawned the modern medicine mafia.

    1. actually, the big pharma is a spawn of medical mafia which is spawn of judaism, which is spawn of satan.
      consider the letter by the grand sanhedrin of constantinople to rabbi chemor who asked for guidance upon the isabella and ferdinand’s edict of expulsion.

      3. As for what you say about making attempts on your lives: make your sons doctors and apothecaries, that they may take away Christians’ lives.

      and it has always been thus, eg, the “doctor’s plot” in ussr that succeeded in assassinating joseph stalin and almost enthroned lavrenti beria at the head of politburo.

      1. @ lobro

        Lobro left us yesterday sad and tired. I’m afraid he didn’t get a good night’s rest. A pray that Lobro will finally get a good night’s rest [ without Big Pharma sleeping pills of course]. Do they have Big Pharma sleeping pills in the Balkans where you live 6 months of the year and in Southeast Asia where you live the other 6 months in the year, Lobro? Poor Lobro in the Balkans and in Indonesia, two takfiri Islamic Jihadist tumultuous hot spots, Lobro lives in the middle of two takfiri Islamic Jihadists hot-spots. Lobro winters 6 months a year in one takfiri Jihadist part of the world, and then Lobro hops on a plane to go out of his way to summer 6 months a year in yet another takfiri Jihadist part of the world. Takfiris are fake Muslims. Takfiris come from the Sunni branch of Islam. Lobro doesn’t like fake takfiri Jihadist Muslims. Poor Lobro is stuck in two areas of the world with a lot of takfiri Muslims Lobro doesn’t like too much. Perhaps you should move to Iran, Lobro, with the real Muslims, the Shia, no? I mean, I would be sad and tired also if I were to all the time follow the takfiris fake Sunni Islamic Jihadists Muslims back and forth from the Balkans to Indonesia and back and forth again all-the-time [ and in-between have to fly to Toronto, Canada — to the local Balkan and Southeast Asia local public library — to do Talmudic research for Lasha. ] Sounds exhausting. Lobro’s tired. Perhaps this will help Lobro get the kind of rest he needs to recharge his Everlast batteries. A pray for rest for Lobro :

    2. Ungenius –

      Good point:
      “Simply put, everything that is organized to the big stage is a crime against mankind from Big Pharma, to Big Government, to Big Religion, etc. All “Bigs” have greed and the lust for power in common. The greed motive fits perfectly into the “Biggest” of “Bigs,” banking, a jewish tradition.”

      I agree 100%…. “EVERYTHING that is organized to the big stage”… YEP.

      And that is THE VERY reason I am NOT fooled by the nuclear weapons lies…. pushed by the LIAR Einstein’s Pharisee ‘techno-LIARS’… using Hollywood film stunts and tricks and editing. All fraud for $$$$ and control.

      Proof and evidence do not match the claims.
      Stop believing the GOVERNMENT LIES.

    3. I might not be able to submit a poem entry. My schedule is getting more filled-up all the time.

  5. @ Gilbert Huntly

    My biggest concern here is Gilby. Poor Gilby. He’ll never have his Luhv Lasha. Lasha will never slip her Sacred veil off for Gilby [ or anyone for that matter, THE Veil Is Sacred!!! The Sacred Veil must NEVER come off!!! ]. I always worry that the pain, the heartache that gnaws away at Gilby’s very being, may be TOO much for our delicate sensitive poet, and he may succumb to Big Pharma type allurements. Maybe even little pharma type allurements from Gilby’s local Southern mulengeon-hillbilly low-level drug dealers in Asswipe, Alabama, a suburb of Black Leech Creek Hollow Gulch. Judah Benjamin’s Southern Knights of the Golden Circle jew slave/opium Empire Alabama is where CIA MENA has an important office and distribution warehouses. And the Southerners have the gall to complain about new joisey and new yawk. I never hear any Southerners cry, bitch, moan, and complain about William Walker. Anyway, never mind, that’s not important. What’s important is keeping Gilby from going off the deep-end from all the heartache Lasha inflicts on the delicate poetic heart of Gilby. I worry for our delicately sensitive poet. He will never rip that Sacred veil which separates Gilby from Xanadu Shangri-La la la la land. He will never rip that Sacred veil that leads to Paradisiacal Heavenly Bliss :


  6. Funny how Uncle will NEVER correct even the smallest typo — not even for the benefit of all the readers…. One minute or less to correct a simple typo for the benefit of all the DM readers, Uncle won’t lift a finger to correct the simple typo, “I’m busy, I don’t have the time”, lol . Darkmoon is a joke.


    The age of fear – psychiatry’s reign of terror.

    These vids are produced by CCHR a Scientology front group. Posted yesterday a comment on a S.logy related site which said to my amazement:…. in the US alone there are more deaths due to psychiatric medications than 911 done by Muslims…. When my corrective comment was removed I reacted with Why? This shows that you are in the grip of the same satanic jews behind psychiatry! They pulled the plug. But not throwing the baby away with the washing water this vid provides a lot of good info.

    I myself ended up for a few hours for the first time in a psychiatric isolation cell in September 2012 after the US consulate in Benghazi, Libya was attacked. Had not yet reached my system this news.. Had shouted certain phrases with content to a row of waiting people in front of the US consulate in Amsterdam. Not to the amusement of the authorities: helicopters, cops in cars on motorbikes…..We live in the EU, in the European Soviet Union I countered the cops in the police office. After the door was locked I heard their conversation, they agreed with me….isola not so bella….I was alerted.

    In retrospect 2014 I could label as unavoidable personal research of the satanic dirty tricks applied in the multitrillion industry of death of psychiatry. Went through it all and survived increasingly higher doses of whatever poison by injection, frequencies, electronic tattoos you name it.

    @ LOBRO Psychiatry run by the satanic jews is a major set of strangling tentacles of the Rothschild octopus. Not only of the so called ‘Christian’ ‘free west’ which is entirely Zion Occupied Territory. But Japan, China ZOT as well….the shrinks of the s.o.s. synagogue of satan, it is a world thing as we know this satanic jew world order.

    Speaking from personal experience: went in ’14 head deep in to the swamp filled with Talmud mud. Prayed, meditated phoenixed my way out of this morass. A foster son of Jacob Rothschild who spent his youth as a foster kid in another satanic bloodline family in the Netherl. had to target me in various ways via an implanted highly sophisticated chip. JR – as I call him met several times on the subtler planes- is nearing the exit of his life (not for the first time that I saw him doing it, but that is a different story) and guess what, he wants to quite Zionism/Satanism etc. but not all of his herd has heard him or wonder if they heard him correctly. Trouble at the satanic apex which of course is not the apex of the pyramid of Existence.

    Enfin. These Jews and their useful cq useless fools should be in jail. In the hereafter they’ll be in hell. JR and his fosterson &co know that.

    That’s the impersonal Karmic (action-re-action-re-action) Law in the uni-verse and the hereafter run by Love.

    @FELIX Sogyal Rinpoche, OK. As you will know it is all about raising the Kundalini, inward and upward via the spine’s middle channel.

    @TROJ As the Bible says somewhere: Let your Eye be Single and your body will be filled with Light

    1. thanks for comment, zen.
      and if (and when) you run into a crazy fella in ams’dam that goes by handle of gabreal jones, say hi.

      he is no bad dude, just had his brains scrambled into incomprehensible slush by henry makow anti-hitlerite over-the-counter meds.
      if he can cold turkey his way out, he’d be okay here.
      not saying everyone has to fall prostrate before hitler shrine, just keep it rational is all …

      by the way, psychocultism that started with freud is an unbelievable rabbit pulled out of magic yarmulke, such stuff was totally unheard of heretofore and suddenly it is in the exalted realm of sciences.

      of course people were crazy before that to various degrees, depending on both the subject and observer, eg, most would agree that joe is crazy but none of his multiple personalities would second that assessment and they may in fact be more numerous, so that by democratic process he wins, ie, is quite normal.

      but it goes to show that jews are inventing and perverting reality before our wide open, unseeing eyes.

      if that ain’t magic, what is? we all saw with own unseeing eyes how it rained dead jews for months on end until the stagnum magicae iudaeam filled to the 6 million brim and though we all clapped and sang hosannas, none of us applauded the very magic of it.

      it is because of psychology-psychiatry, the deep, deep magic that amschel bauer brought forth into the world after birthing it in his kabbalist red shield hovel in frankfurt.

      smirk on (not zen, directed to everyone in general), at your peril.

  8. REMOVE FEAR…!! Help yourself..!!

    Hydrogen Peroxide occurs naturally… even in every cell of the body. For that reason…
    It cannot be patented..!!

    That’s why it remains hidden… IN PLAIN VIEW… No profit there.

    In 1880s H2O2 wiped out diphtheria… says Journal of AMA

    J.A.M.A. 259 (9): 1279 (4 March 1988):
    “Peroxide of Hydrogen as a Remedial Agent”
    (Reprint, “JAMA 100 Years Ago”)

    I have the original publication from JAMA… and hundreds of document collected since 1988.

    Stop Aging or Slow the Process, How Exercise With Oxygen Therapy (EWOT) Can Help, by William Campbell Douglass.
    Hydrogen Peroxide & Ozone, by Conrad LeBeau
    Oxygen Healing Therapies: For Optimum Health & Vitality, by Nathaniel Altman
    OXYGEN, OXYGEN, OXYGEN, by Kurt W. Donsbach D.C., N.D., PhD.
    The Un-Medical Medical Miracle, by Elizabeth Baker, M.A.

    Hydrogen Peroxide Therapies:

    Bio-oxidative therapies have many different components. Of central importance is hydrogen peroxide. Naturally occurring hydrogen peroxideis used by our immune system to oxidize foreign invaders(phagocytosis); parasites, viruses, bacteria, yeast/fungus. “…The cells in your body that fight infection, called granulocytes, produce hydrogen peroxide as a first line of defense against every single type of invading organism – parasites, viruses, bacteria and yeast. No other chemical compound comes even close to hydrogen peroxide in its importance to life on this earth….”’

    In fact, both ozone and vitamin C lead to the internal production of hydrogen peroxide and this is part of their efficacy to stimulate our healing process. In the presence of catalase hydrogen peroxide is broken down into water and oxygen. This is the familiar bubbling response that one sees when they put hydrogen peroxide on an open wound to cleanse it.

    Some links:

  9. Fighting big pharmaceuticals is like the unreachable goal, the unfightable fight, the victory that eludes us again and again because as Peter Gotzsche said, almost no one is independent of the need for money. Perhaps this is the mouth of the dragon because Eustice Mullins had insight all those years ago and George Orwell also saw that we would be conquered with injections. So.. we in America are being conquered and it’s hard to fight it politically because the politicians are Bought–there is a documentary out called Bought that covers some of the basics of the battle. We are being poisoned slowly. For example, the aluminum hydroxide, an adjuvant in many vaccines, is shot into the muscle but is carried by immune cells to the lymph nodes, the spleen, and eventually the brain. It is the aluminum in the HPV vaccine that is crippling so many young women. Researchers have found it in the spinal column, in breast tissue (where it might cause breast cancer), and in sperm. No one knows what it does to a fertilized egg but there is the possibility that we are being poisoned even at the level of conception.

    Fortunately, a growing number of scientists and doctors are switching over to our side and there is a scientific revolution that will lead eventually to a paradigm shift in medical practice. The media, on the other hand, has taken the side of Big Pharma and is calling to jail parents who don’t comply with medical requirement, plus they fill the airways with constant barrage of banal editorials filled with misinformation, such as vaccines are safe and effective. (Hmm read the package insert, lady) Children are sometimes taken away from parents for refusing to drug their children. In California it’s no secret we are moving into a medical tyranny and it doesn’t seem that anyone can stop it. The next battleground are the courts….we’ll see how that goes. The sad fact is that these drugs and vaccines are not only lethal but they don’t work. The bugs have outsmarted the vaccines leading to variant stains of viruses and bacterium. The whooping cough vaccine is spreading the disease, and yet daycare workers may soon required to have the vaccine, making babies more at risk for catching whooping cough, not less. Why the politicians keep mandating these useless vaccines to children and now to adults is incomprehensible until you look at the money being handed out to politicians in the tens of thousands of dollars–and the FBI and the state Attorney General won’t prosecute these crimes. That is why I say it is the unfightable fight, the unreachable goal. In the end one day the lies will erode away, exposing the level of corruption.

    1. Kapoore –

      You stated the facts. Correct.


      People are lazy. Just want benefits without the consequences.

      Home-schooling and/or moving are just two of the answers. It takes action.

    2. George Orwell also saw that we would be conquered with injections

      and before him there were the protocols, discovered in 1884, published in 1905
      from #10, paragraph 19:

      But you yourselves perfectly well know that to produce the possibility of the expression of such wishes by all the nations it is indispensable to stir up the people’s relations with their governments in all countries so as utterly to exhaust humanity with dissension, hatred, struggle, envy and even to use torture, starvation, the INOCULATION OF DISEASE and want, so that the goyim see no other course open to them than to take refuge in our complete sovereignty in money and in all else.

      (could something that clairvoyant be a dumb forgery fake?)

      even a jew is amazed at their prophetic accuracy

  10. Dammit! It’s those Muslim owned big pharmaceutical companies that are behind this terrible situation. If they get their way, Sharia law will force everyone to take their drugs! They are all guilty, they are all evil, there is not one worth preserving! I’ll bet not even fifty, not even forty, not even thirty, not even twenty, not even ten worthy Muslims can be found. Therefore, they must all be killed if the sacred Homeland is to be preserved! Send another million troops to the Middle East, so what if it costs billions of dollars a day. Some might think this is crazy, but I know many who will say: “I – uh, we – think it’s worth it!”

    1. @ Arch Stanton

      Thanks for the laugh, Still chuckling. Unfortunately, there are people that would take what you wrote as the truth.

  11. Darkmoon should be very happy that Big Pharma exists. I mean, one has to be on drugs to buy the sh*t one comes across here where it’s always dark dark dark night under Lilith’s Qabalah moon. The more drug addicts, the better. Then Darkmoon can bullshit more people around and they won’t even notice the bullshit here at DM. So one would think DM would appreciate Big Pharma and Big Pharma’s Huxley’s SOMA and a stoned population. Really.

  12. Big Pharma + Big Government + The AMA+ the Medical Insurance Cabal = the Great and Quiet American Genocide. Aided and abetted by the American Media. Americans clamor for affordable healthcare when they should be demanding protection from it.

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