Bomb, Bomb Iran! — And Then Bomb, Bomb Russia!

No one has been held accountable for the war crimes committed in Iraq. Now the same group of warmongers who led the West into a war of aggression in Iraq are doing their best to find a pretext for bombing Iran — and then Russia. 

An edited abbreviation of this article by Bill Van Auken,
with pictures, captions and commentary by Lasha Darkmoon


[LD: In late 2002, Bolton lied to the BBC: “We are confident that Saddam Hussein has hidden weapons of mass destruction and production facilities in Iraq.” 

According to a 2013 study by the Costs of War Project at the Watson Institute for International Studies at Brown University, America’s wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have already cost the United States more than $4 trillion. These costs are likely to go through the roof if Iran is attacked next. (See The Reckless Man’s Case for Bombing Iran)

Paul Craig Roberts writes: “Bolton calls for the bombing of Iran….Of course, there is no evidence that Iran has a nuclear weapons program, but Bolton asserts it anyway. Moreover, Bolton manages to overlook that the agreement being worked out with Iran halts the Iranian enrichment program far below the level necessary for nuclear weapons. Bolton’s belief that Iran would be able to hide a weapons program if permitted to have nuclear energy is unsubstantiated. It is merely an implausible assertion.” (See here)  — LD]


The New York Times  last week published a prominent opinion piece entitled “To Stop Iran’s Bomb, Bomb Iran.”

The author was John R. Bolton, a former State Department official and, for a brief period, US ambassador to the United Nations, under the administration of George W. Bush. He became an influential figure in the administration after serving as a lawyer in the Bush campaign’s successful operation to steal the 2000 election by stopping the vote count in Florida.

Bolton, it must be said, has been calling for an immediate military attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities—by either Israel or the US, or both—for at least the last seven years. On each occasion, he has warned darkly that unless his prescription for intensive bombing followed by “regime change” was adopted within days, the world would face the threat of an Iranian nuclear attack.

Thursday’s column was no different. “President Obama’s approach on Iran has brought a bad situation to the brink of catastrophe,” Bolton writes. He is referring to the attempt by Washington, together with the other member nations of the UN Security Council plus Germany, to negotiate restrictions on a nuclear program that Iran insists is strictly for civilian purposes in return for easing punishing economic sanctions.

“Even absent palpable proof, like a nuclear test, Iran’s steady progress toward nuclear weapons has long been evident,” according to Bolton. Despite the lack of “palpable proof,” Bolton insists that Iran’s unwillingness to “negotiate away its nuclear program” and the inability of sanctions to “block its building of a broad and deep weapons infrastructure” constitute an “inescapable conclusion.”

He continues: “The inconvenient truth is that only military action like Israel’s 1981 attack on Saddam Hussein’s Osirak reactor in Iraq or its 2007 destruction of a Syrian reactor, designed and built by North Korea, can accomplish what is required. Time is terribly short, but a strike can still succeed.”

Bolton, who has made an entire career of suppressing “inconvenient truths,” allows that he would prefer an all-out US bombing campaign, but would accept a US-backed attack by Israel.

“The United States could do a thorough job of destruction, but Israel alone can do what’s necessary,” he writes. He adds that this military onslaught must be combined with US efforts “aimed at regime change in Tehran.”

What is involved here is an open appeal for the launching of a war of criminal aggression and incitement of mass murder. 

The question arises, why has he been given a forum in the editorial pages of the New York Times, the supposed newspaper of record and erstwhile voice of American liberalism?

The obvious answer is that any differences the Times editorial board—or for that matter the Obama administration—have with Bolton over Iran are of an entirely tactical character. All of them stand by the principle that US imperialism has the unique right to carry out unprovoked “preemptive” war anywhere on the planet where it perceives a potential challenge to its interests.

Not so long ago, Bolton, who personifies this arrogant and criminal policy, and the Times were on the same page politically and on essentially the very same lines he presents in his latest column on Iran.

In 2002, Bolton was Undersecretary of State for Arms Control and International Security and a point man in the Bush administration’s campaign to prepare a war of aggression against Iraq based upon the lies that Saddam Hussein was developing “weapons of mass destruction” and preparing to hand them over to Al Qaeda.

Bolton, described by one of his former colleagues at the State Department as “the quintessential kiss up, kick down kind of guy,” had been an advocate of aggression against Iraq at least since 1998, when he joined other right-wingers in signing an “Open letter to the president” demanding such a war.

In the run-up to war, he played a central role in manufacturing phony evidence of the existence of Iraqi WMD. This included the promotion of the crude forgeries indicating that Iraq was seeking to procure yellowcake (concentrated uranium) from Niger.

During this same period, the New York Times provided invaluable assistance to this propaganda campaign. Its senior correspondent Judith Miller was working in alliance with administration officials and right-wing think tanks to confirm and embellish upon the lies about WMD.

Thomas Friedman, the paper’s chief foreign affairs columnist, was churning out column after column justifying what he readily acknowledged was a “war of choice” against Iraq, justifying it in the name of democracy, human rights and oil.

judith_miller_jail[LD: Serial liar Judith Miller (pictured)  played a key role in promoting both US wars against Iraq while working for the mendacious NY Times. (See here)

NYT columnist Thomas Friedman, a neoconservative Jew like Miller, also had no moral scruples about lying to the NYT about Iraq’s imaginary weapons of mass destruction.  These Jewish hasbara merchants were therefore instrumental in causing the death of 1.5 million innocent Iraqis. 

“Without the support of the New York Times,” Paul Craig Roberts notes, “the neocons could not have got the Iraq War going. Now the New York Times, faithful to the neocons but faithless to the American people, is helping the neocons to get a war going with Iran and Russia.” — LD]


As the reputed newspaper “of record,” the New York Times set the tone for the rest of the corporate media, which together worked to overcome popular opposition to a war in the Middle East.

The results are well known.

The war claimed the lives of over a million Iraqis, devastated an entire society and threw the whole region into chaos. In the process, some 4,500 US troops lost their lives, tens of thousands more were maimed and wounded, and some $2 trillion was expended.

A dozen years later, the Obama administration has launched a new war in Iraq, supposedly to halt the advance of ISIS, a force that it effectively backed in the war for regime change in Syria.

No one has ever been held accountable for these war crimes; not Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Bolton and others who conspired to drag the American people into a war of aggression based upon lies. Nor have the mendacious editors of the New York Times who produced the propaganda that facilitated their conspiracy.

On the other hand, those who oppose war—from Private Chelsea Manning, who exposed war crimes in Iraq, to Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl, who was sickened by the atrocities carried out against the people of Afghanistan—are submitted to a media lynching and then given the full measure of “military justice.”

In publishing Bolton’s column, the New York Times is making sure that it burns no bridges to the most right-wing and sociopathic layers of the American ruling establishment. While it may differ with them now over an imminent bombing of Iran, future US wars—including against Russia or China, where the propaganda mills of the Times are grinding once again—will undoubtedly bring them back into sync.


“I have friends who are college presidents who still read and believe the New York Times. The wars with Iran and Russia that the New York Times is encouraging will be much more dangerous than the wars with Iraq and Afghanistan. Humanity might not survive them.”  
—  Paul Craig Roberts

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  1. I have a dream. In my dream I am a platoon training sergeant and in my platoon are all these back seat warriors, Bolton, Friedman, Cheney, et al. And I have them in my clutches for 1 year. Ooh, the fun of making them double march everywhere. The delight in administering pedagogical correction with my boot to their posteriors. The snap inspections of their Kit, any soiled or dirty items, making them eat it. Inspecting their bed and and surrounding area with a white glove; any dirt and the whole platoon gets punishment PT! Pushups with music(which consists of having to clap your hands on the upward push), bunny hops, jack knives. For musketry any infraction would incur leopard crawling around the the parade ground for a klick or so! Or perhaps a 10 or 15 km double march with rifles at high port i.e. held high above the head. Any ex-military out there have any further suggestions? I am sure after a bit of our special LD training they would lose their alacrity to send young men and women off to get killed!

    1. @Felix
      All good, but you left off the most important part. They have to be the first boots on the ground, right out front, in every conflict/war. All bright pink uniforms might be a good idea so that they are easily identified as being in their proper position.

      To completely round off the training process, they would need mandatory consumption of pork and shrimp in every meal, three times a day.

  2. War mongering should be a punishable crime. However I believe this time the usual psychopathic suspects will not have their wish fulfilled. A war with Iran would be devastating for the US and the US military and president know it. Obama has chosen for a diplomatic solution and that is going to happen, no matter how much the Jews and their shabbos goys yelp.

    1. @ LD

      If you were a lover of the TRUTH, you would be writing about USA’s “NEGOTIATIONS” with the iranian and Russian commercial, political and military Elite, for the proposed so called invasion.

      You really show total ignorance and plenty of prejudice if you don’t understand that without Iranian and/or Russian consent/agreement, NO invasion could take place.


      1. @Alberto
        Could you expand on this statement and give more specifics. Help me out on this I’m a thick paddy and to be quite frank not one of the brightest people on the planet. Why would the Iranian elite have to give permission to the USA to attack them? And who exactly are these elite Iranians and Russians? Do you have any names?

    2. @Franklin
      “War mongering should be a punishable crime.” It is and it’s called conspiracy to wage aggressive war. These were precedents set at the Nuremberg and Tokyo Tribunals after the war. However they were deeply flawed because they were based on Post Facto Laws! Take the case of Julius Streicher, he was convicted and hanged for crimes against humanity, even though he was a newspaper editor and had no role in the German government! He was hanged for inciting hatred against the Jews or crimes against humanity. Another point is that the defendants at Nuremberg were forbidden to present any “tu quoque” defence and even though the Katyn massacre was perpetrated by the Soviets, the assigned culpability for it on the Germans.
      So yes, Messrs. Bolton, Friedman and Ms. Judith Miller should be hanged. Unfortunately, the US has opted out of the International Criminal Court thus these vile specimens will have to await a higher tribunal.

      1. Streicher ran a private newspaper – it was nothing to do with the Goverment….

        In the prison’s gymnasium, three gallows were erected because the deaths were intended to be slow and torturous, perhaps in keeping with the Talmud-mandated fate of all real and imagined enemies of the Jews.

        Stag Magazine, (Vol. 3, No. 1, December 1946), reported that Woods was a Jew. He used a short rope that prevented instantaneous death from a broken neck, instead insuring a slow death by strangulation. He built the trap door too small so that their facial features would be mutilated during the fall. Woods would later boast to the U.S. Army’s Stars and Stripes newspaper that he enjoyed the task, saying that, “hanging those Nazis was the best thing I ever did.”

      2. @Wiggins
        Yes indeed, For all their faults the British had Albert Pierrepoint as their hangman and used the British Long Drop, which uses a simple formula of weight in lbs over 1000= drop in feet. Although Pierrepoint was the most well known exponent of the BLD, hanging about 600 people, he wasn’t the most prolific. The record I believe goes to a South African, Sergeant Barnard of the South African Police. During a 40 year career he hanged about 5,000. Of course, during the apartheid era they hanged about 160 people a year at Pretoria Central Prison and they could hang 8 at time. From sentence to the end of the Appeals process took about one year so they didn’t keep people hanging around in the CC(condemned Cell) for very long.

  3. The reference to Bolton and his ilk as being “right wing” makes me nauseous. There’s nothing right wing about any of them. What they all are is “Jew-wing”. We need to get rid of the dichotomy of left and right wing and start defining our “leaders” in more accurate terms. Though they may call themselves “liberal” or “conservative” or “left wing” or “right wing”… what they actually are is “Jew-wing”. They ALL suck up to AIPAC and Israel. We need a party which has as its main tenets: first, a return to a sound, debt-free monetary system, and second… concern ONLY for the interests of our country. It should be made illegal and treasonous to “lobby” for the interests of any foreign state (especially one with the hellacious history as the bastard state of Israhell).

    1. @ Joe

      We have another “Joe” posting on this site. To avoid confusion, could you find an alternative name?

    2. Joe, now you are onto my point that no smart-ass on this site ever supports me with:
      I’ve continuously said: “STOP writing your nonsensical comments using the JEWISH/MASS MEDIA dictionary!” However, the idiots keep calling all modern Jews “SEMITES”; they keep using the ridiculous, undefined terminology “NEO-CON”; and because of their heavily internalized, Marxist-leftist outlook on matters political, they like to falsely and spuriously throw about the terms RIGHT and LEFT.
      Like hippie undergrads, MOST of the moron posters (and article writing “experts”) still attribute ALL badness to the RIGHT. …… “THE RIGHT WING IS BAD, BAD, BAD!!!!!!!” – so they say.
      But none of the puffed-up Yankee morons have enough brains or integrity to listen to my truths about our highly JEWIFIED language. You will never get such a Yankee bigot as PAT-sy to listen to anything! Go back and study his crap and you will realize why I hate him!
      As I’ve continuously said, we NEED A NEW LANGUAGE and NEW DEFINITIONS. …. JEW-FREE DEFINITIONS! Not loaded as the Jews want them to be!
      Ironically and rather sadly, I await the Darkmoon Admin’s next use of the word SEMITE to describe ALL modern Jews! Thus the integrity of their writing is severely compromised! They will NOT listen!

      1. “You will never get such a Yankee bigot as PAT-sy to listen to anything! Go back and study his crap and you will realize why I hate him!”
        The hated one always wins..!!
        That bloated, blustering, bragging, boasting bag of rotund ‘Roo’ Bil-o-ney HATES me!!

        Success…. The Aussie is totally controlled and defeated by an old Yank….
        That was too easy, young-un’. Next….

      2. Ahh Spring, and for old and young men alike doth their fancy turn to all that’s fair….IN LOVE AND WAR!

        Max Bilney! A word to the wise. If you want to keep your privileged status as an honorary Chief of the Iroquois Nation under the Brownhawk Command then hear this! Do not be hoisted on your own dialectical petard by lending credibility to dunderheads like Dublinmick and recognize the greatness of the former German Fuhrer!

        While things went terribly wrong for Germany during the war, don’t think for a moment that Hitler was in cahoots with the enemy by harboring deliberate intentions of sabotaging the Fatherland to the point of causing another ignominious defeat on the battlefields of Europe! He knew full well of the necessity in playing a cat ‘n mouse game with the Zionists for reasons of pure political expediency AND survival! AS IS PUTIN NOW!!

        So Hitler played along. Ship all the jews to a designated area in Palestine for the purpose of creating a Jewish State of Israel? No problem! As you wish! Yet why is it so difficult for people to imagine that Hitler simply wanted to WIN THE WAR, and instead of going along with the Zionist plan, turn everything on its ear and create a new Pale of the Settlement?!

        The answer is obvious, Max. To the victor go the spoils, AND the writing of false narratives with their, wait for it….JEW DIALECTICS!!! AND THERE IS NO WISHY-WASHY, MAMBY-PAMBY GUESSWORK ABOUT ANY OF THIS!!

        Fast forward to today, and well, well, well. What have we here? Netanyahoo playing a similar role to Churchill warning about the danger of Hitler. Swap Germany for Iran, who are now allowed to pursue their nuclear technology ambitions with some equivalent of Neville Chamberlain’s “never to go to war with one another again” speech thrown into the equation. A feint of “appeasement” is established in the sleeping masses of the West to further the charade of its leaders being seen as benevolent and trusting in their desire to “avoid war at all costs”. Then they drop the hammer by goading Iran into war ala the German attack on Poland in 1939. “See World! Iran was never to be trusted!” A recurring m.o. of “why fix it if it ain’t broke” and Bibi, like Churchill before him is lauded as the most prescient one of all, blahblahblahblahblah!

        Oh how sweet would it be for the gallows at Nuremburg to be resurrected to hang the REAL criminals in this world!

  4. I don’t think there will be any confusion, Admin. I’m sure the other “Joe”‘s opinion will set him apart and identify him from me. I think your readers can figure out who’s who.

  5. When I was young we had a chant: liar, liar pants on fire, hanging from the telephone wire. It was slightly risqué for that era because of the word “pants” but it also captured the attitude of a puritanical society to a liar. Of course, we all lied a little bit here and there and waited in fear for divine retribution, but I could never have imagined the world we live in now, a world that is ruled by liars. Liars rule! No place do the lies flourish as much as in the disgusting New York Times that purports to speak for the intellectual classes of America in their now degraded state. The truth tellers are mocked, fired, and sometimes murdered for their efforts. Pieces of truth leak out all the time but one does grow weary of these liars because a courageous stand for truth is like nothing–the reason being that the liars have all the power and the truth tellers almost none. That is why I’m always a little shocked when one of the so called mainstream media “sell outs” speaks a word here and there of truth like recently with Jon Stewart. For a moment it’s almost as if the tide might have turned. Has it been nearly 20 years that they have gotten away with their murdering ways? Will they be able to continue to get their evil wars for their mysterious purposes? Let’s hope not! They are few although they have duped the masses… still they are few. And outside of the U.S. the tide does seem to be turning against them. The coalition of the willing may have faded. You can’t go off to war alone with your pants down and your lies showing. We do have to avoid Hillary, Jed, or Ted…and I’m not sure how we will do that.

  6. There is a solution to this situation. One might say, with understandable reservation, Iran should “fight fire with fire.” Those thinking this is yet another Jewish diversionary sham should begin relentlessly focusing on Israel’s nuclear capability, especially their nuclear arsenal and weapons development facility at Dimona. The cry should go out – until Israel disarms, other countries have every right to develop nuclear weapons for their defense against the Israeli threat. Iran should focus on the threat Israel poses to the Middle East peace with their extremely aggressive military posture, pointing out in big red letters that Israel is by far, the most heavily armed country in the region. Iran should flatly state, “Israel’s nuclear weapons presents a major threat, not only to Iran, but to the entire Middle East; therefore when Israel puts its nukes on the table will we discuss our nuclear program, until then we see no reason for any discussion.” Focus, focus, focus on Israel’s threat to Middle East peace with their nuclear weapons and advanced delivery systems; expose the real threat and listen to the hollow ring of the Jewish war monger chants in the ears of the world. Why this has yet to be done is a mystery to me.

    1. Also…………
      Some great news that I caught from last week… Every major news outlet around the planet has finally had to admit that Israel is indeed a nuclear weapons state, and even the US government finally came clean about this being a reality.. Now comes the fun part to this… The US is still tied to the Symington and Glenn agreements that were signed off back in 1977 that clearly state that the US government must NOT provide any funding to ANY nation that has nuclear weapons and has not signed off on the Nuclear non-proliferation treaties… Israel has both nuclear weapons and of course is not a signor of the NNPT…. This clearly means that every single dollar given to that criminal psychotic state since 1977 is Illegal…. It also means that all funding to that horrific lunatic asylum must be halted immediately… However, the US government is banking on the total ignorance of the American public, and the Jewish dominance of the federal government, to not act on these legal binding agreements… It seems that these psychos with their 300+ nuclear weapons will continue to bleed US taxpayers for decades to come, until the American people finally demand the laws be abided with…
      Over to you Mr President……………………………..

  7. Once upon a time in America, there were real men who — in return for our respect, and (of course) a few dollars — might have been persuaded to take creeps like Bolton, Graham, and McCain for a ride. Alas, those days are no more. So far from being “the land of the free and the home of the brave, USA has been reduced to the land of the kept and pasture of the sheep.

    1. Toshiyori,

      Your are talking about the country of my birth…get it right…


  8. An attack on Iran is just another way to destroy documents and artifacts which would negate the Pharisee/Jews’ claims of rights to Palestinian lands

    Of course, there is no evidence that Iran has a nuclear weapons program, but Bolton asserts it anyway. Moreover, Bolton manages to overlook that the agreement being worked out with Iran halts the Iranian enrichment program far below the level necessary for nuclear weapons. Bolton’s belief that Iran would be able to hide a weapons program if permitted to have nuclear energy is unsubstantiated. It is merely an implausible assertion.

  9. with regard to Voltaire’s, “the enemy of Mankind,” I penned the below a couple days ago. It is of the utmost importance to understand the Protestant connection to the Jews.

    Sent: Saturday, March 28, 2015 11:44 AM
    Subject: Fw: For G.O.P., Support for Israel Becomes New Litmus Test – (from fuk the Jews to total embrace)

    Times change department. from Slate:

    “And then there was Secretary of State James Baker’s infamous “fuck the Jews” remark. In a private conversation with a colleague about Israel, Baker reportedly uttered the vulgarity, noting that Jews “didn’t vote for us anyway.” This was more or less true—Bush got 27 percent of the Jewish vote, compared with 73 percent for Dukakis, in 1988. And thanks in part to Baker, it was even truer in 1992, when Bill Clinton got 78 percent of the Jewish vote and Bush got only 15 percent—the poorest showing by a Republican candidate since Barry Goldwater …”
    From this article: Bill Kristol, chief zion elder of The Weekly Standard “…. added that “the conservative belief in American exceptionalism is akin to Zionism.”

    This truth , as I keep on reminding folks and myself, goes back to the fundamental subversion of Protestantism by the Jews, with Calvin and Luther appropriating the Old Testament as a weapon against The Church. The Puritans , landing in New England, brought with them the Hebraizing tendency, and thought that Amerindians were one of the lost tribes of Israel. Puritans set up The City on a Hill, the New Jerusalem theocratic vision: a united religious and political realm.

    That fueled the American Exceptionalism ideology, aided by hostility to European Hellenism (from Matthew Arnold’s cultural archetypes: Hellenism vs. Hebraism) as well as the hubris of American Can Do know-nothingism, and too many years of freedom from war on our own soil and the consequent innocence of not knowing the shrieks and howls of dying men, women , and children …war is over there, not here.

    So, as the Zion Elders note, 9-11, if not changing everything, certainly rendered the GOP the Maximizer of Jewish Power.

    We were humbugged into believing we were bringing Democracy to the Arabs, by the neocons. Now we are just bringing Death to the Arabs.

    Think about a Republican victory in 2014. Death to Arabs, Russians, and anybody refusing the American Way.

    As much as I hate Billary, etc. the world and our country could be safer with her/him than with any GOP zombie.

    OBONGO brought us more racial polarization, a good thing, and more or less kept the Hebraizers in check. Billary or any other Demagogue would probably be about the same, because while Billary’s bucks come from the Jews and Liberal internationalizers, her constituents have little interest in war. Also, a Billary or Demagogue of any other type, would continue the unraveling of the Liberal Order. That too is Good. A GOP regime will mean more vigorous prosecution of War, which will slow the domestic political process, thus retarding the development of race realism in the White American psyche.

    The GOP is on a mission from G-d, the Old Testament God, not Christ. Zionism, by the way, historically is secular, not religious. However, as the great Israeli writer, Israel Shahak put it, the religious passes or osmoses (he was a chemist) into the political. Hence, Zionism , from an evolutionary psychology perspective, picks up the energy of nationalism, of the In-Group vs. the Outgroup, and the OT “Kill them all, even their little ones” mixes quickly with the biological imperative of survival. Survival then mixes with domination. Here we are folks.

    We are, from a psychological point of view, in a Crusade. America is God’s Chosen People, especially when racially mixed, a rainbow of Humanity. How can anybody disagree with us? And if they do, they will get a sharp reminder of who’s boss, for their own good. Will it be Jehovah , or Christ?

    Joe Webb

    1. Spot on Joe Webb,

      Let’s consider how the Liberal British Empire used the OT to justify his commercial and territorial expansion using a few quotes of some famous members of “the choosen people of liberty” be they puritain or loyalist, English or American. The theme is deshumanization of the Indians. That could also work for Irish, Black…..Iranian/Russian?

      Game plan. Deuteronomy 7:2
      “and when the LORD your God has delivered them over to you and you have defeated them, then you must destroy them totally. Make no treaty with them, and show them no mercy.”

      Francis Bacon.
      “The eradication of the foreign people is a good and right thing, commendable and divinely honourable”

      Benjamin Franklin Mémoirs:
      “if it be the Design of Providence to extirpate these Savages in order to make room for Cultivators of the Earth, it seems not improbable that Rum may be the appointed Means. It has already annihilated all the Tribes who for merly inhabited the Seacoast.”

      Edmund Burke The works. VOL III
      “Increase and multiply.”
      “endeavour to keep as a lair of wild beasts, that earth, which God, by an express charter, has given to the children of men”

      Egerton Ryerson The Loyalists of America and their Times (1880).
      ‘by an order which, we believe, has no parallel in the annals of any civilized nation, [Congress] commands the complete destruction of those people as a nation … including women and children’

      I really think that history is the last revolutionary science. So USA it’s time for a little exercise in self-criticism. Your liberalism ,as a philosophical position and ideology, has been bound up with the most illiberal of policies: slavery, colonialism, genocide, racism and snobbery. (Another good/evil masonic/talmudic dialectic). Your beloved liberty means the enslavement of the rest of the world. It lies on a pile of bodies.
      But as you would say, payback is a bitch and you are now being enslaved on the continent your fathers conquered (TJ again I like this quote). I won’t deny it i enjoy the irony of American working as wage slaves in Gulag for wealthy Chinese obese consumers. Like I enjoy it when Franklin and co’s used the Providence to justify their eugenics cleansing without knowing that a more sophisticated version of the OT, this curse of mankind, was already in motion to enslave and eradicate his fellow countrymen.

      There is a lot of pessimism about the possible insurrection of a decent class of Americans as the level of zombification seems prohibitive according to the other posters. But I still like to think such people exist. Decent people with automatic weapons and custom rifles. There is greatness in your young history. It is time to remember the words of Paine Jackson Lincoln Garfield Lindbergh …and what about Jennings Bryan.
      “Nation after nation, when at the zenith of its power, has proclaimed itself invincible because its army could shake the earth with its tread and its ships could fill the seas, but these nations are dead, and we must build upon a different foundation if we would avoid their fate.” True that.
      I was amazed when i studied the short American history by the quality of the public debate especially during the 19th century. You seemed to have reach at this particular time a pinnacle in term of global political consciousness (for the one blessed with liberty of course). A century later you have BUSH! And i have HOLLANDE, your chubby lackey!

      Why don’t you uproot yourself from the London Banking Cartel? It is only reposing on your military bullying. Nations of the world are ready to forgive the carnage, the deshumanization, the perverted subculture, the grotesque arrogance, the worthless $ Ponzi scheme if you were to prevent the advent of the Talmudic Orwellian NWO. Most of us are just decent people who won’t cash in on their dead and who would gladly acknowledge their own liabilities. It’s not your BOMBS/OGMS/DERIVATIVES that will destroy the world but your widespread INDIFFERENCE.

      A humble discontent European vassal.


  10. ZICKO MASS-KILLER PSYCHOS like Bolton will in the eternal get their come-uppance—-how many ordinary sinners will never humbly plead for forgiveness from the Lord to these puffed up puff vipers who have chosen Zatan?

  11. Good day eh! For the Joe’s out there: too many Joes spoil the pot/kitchen, so add a last name initial or something. I’m lucky, I’m not a Tom, Dick or a Harry. LOL! The article is too kind. It is preparing, via MSM NYT, the Western and American sheeple for war against Iran. It should just state that Israel is afraid that Iran will acquire nuclear weapons the same way Israel did, in secret and by deceit. How dare someone follow our MO. Thus Israel wants to maintain the nuclear weapon monopoly it has in the Middle East. Thus Zionism and its rule over American exceptionalism will continue. Now that Obama released the declassified nuclear secrets about Israel, the cat is out of the bag and the Middle East will be filled with nuclear weapons on all sides. Saudi Arabia and Iran, and all the others can buy the nukes from Pakistan and North Korea. Thus Albert Pikes’ letter to Mazzini with the 3 World Wars is coming true. WW3 will be Zionists/Israel vs. Middle East Islam/Muslims as Pike had written in 1871. Thus Illuminati-Jew planners sure can shape history according to their Satanic desires since they are everywhere, out in the open and behind the scenes. Thanks, Norbert.

    1. At most it will be a situation of MAD (Mutual Assured Destruction), which also prevented a direct confrontation between the US and the Soviet Union during the cold war. Contrary to Zionist propaganda, the Iranians and the Arabs are not insane. No Arab regime at present wants a conventional war with Israel because they know they will lose, and they understand full well that a nuclear confrontation with Israel would mean their own destruction. Don’t mistake the emotional shouting of slogans in the streets for the policy of the Arab or Iranian leaders.

  12. Everyone bitches and moans about Jews and what they do. No solutions are forthcoming except to preach to the choir. Meanwhile we are in a headlong plunge towards WWIII.
    Everyone wants an answer that is from inside the box. That has not worked nor will it ever.
    Kaminski recently asked where do you intend to reincarnate if Earth is destroyed. He apparently is so short sighted that he has never looked through a telescope or is in a state of denial about the myriad forms of intelligent life in the Universe which are in our skies visiting us at this very moment.
    Reincarnation and balancing of your accounts through karma is a fact of nature. It can be here or on other worlds light years away.
    Reincarnation and karma assure you cannot escape justice or reward in this conscious Universe.
    You want solutions to the evil in this world?

  13. Fellow Commentators:
    I found an article by James Petras on WUFYS: Wake Up From Your Slumber, that explains, logically, how and why Israel through American (Israel first) Bureaucrats is sabotaging the
    P5 + 1 Iran Nuclear Program negotiations. This fits in well with this article and Israel firsters pushing the Israeli agenda in America. Very timely indeed!

    Jewish/Zionist treachery exposed. Whether Americans wake up to this, including Christian Zionists, is another story. I fear it is over for America; the jewish power will destroy America and then the world. Thanks, Norbert.

  14. Caution: It is no crime to say or believe something.
    Crimes are acts, not thoughts or words spoken, at least in a free society. Neither are opinions. I believe war is an insane and criminal act against human beings. There are plenty of war criminals in America, the UK, and Israel that you all should go after. Forget Bolton and McCain they’re just demented men espousing their own insanity. Bush, Cheney, Blair, and hundreds more should be tried for war crimes against human beings and if convicted by the evidence of Truth should be condemened to death.

  15. Nobody lives forever. These Zionist schmucks and their goy puppets will find out what hell is.

  16. Major poll results indicate that over 95% of the USA’s so-called “Christians” lend their complete and utter support (unconditional) to the Israeli occupation of Palestine. Some of these (an estimated 30,000,000) are willing to describe themselves as “Christian-Zionists”. Christian-Zionists abound in your administration.
    I have explained in previous postings that the terminology “Christian-Zionists” is one of the greatest expressions of the Hegelian DIALECTIC in modern times. In effect, you have lunatic Goyim, who claim they are “Christians”, attempting to serve two opposite masters (Christ versus satanic-Jews [read Jesus’ New Testament]) at the same time. ….. Again, Doris Lessing’s theme that “we remain helpless and without real choice in the absence of definitions.” …. Yeah, you idiots, keep on calling modern Jews “Semites”! And call all the villains “right-wingers” and “neo-cons.” …. You utter fools! Mere children! (only one step up from the utter idiot Nancy, below!)
    So here, for your understanding, is the heart-felt pronouncement of a real-life American Christian-Zionist:
    Mrs. Nancy Olmi said the following, as recorded on the Bruce Feiler Internet Blog of 4 November, 2008:
    “More power to the chosen people! … Many Christians like me have an instinctive and holy love for the people of Israel. … I feel sorry for those who have hatred in their hearts for Jews. They should be eternally loved! … We live in a Judeo-Christian world, not a Muslim world or solely a Christian world. … What am I saying? I guess I am saying that Jews are my loving brothers and sisters of the Bible! They should be protected!”
    It is people like Nancy Olmi and the Rev Hagee who are dictating the current American SOCIAL REALITY – heavily under the direction of their ZIO-Jewish commanders, of course!
    What are you doing to kill this perception-deception that you live under; other than posting on this site?
    Also, Brownhawk: I support some of Dublinmick’s ideas (note: the word “some”) and I pointed out that Hitler utilized Jewish finance; but I did not, as you wrongly say, “recognize the greatness of the former German Fuhrer!” …. Once again, the word is “SOME”: Hitler’s Mein Kampf, as I have always maintained, contains many great TRUTHS about the Jewish pestilence that has captured our planet in its thrall! Try reading it! … In fact, shuv ya honorary chieftainship in a fitting orifice!
    Once again, I am pointing out the dangerous nature of posters who lack reading and comprehension skills; and there are many educated illiterates on this site who are fully schooled and brainwashed in the Jewish academic method. Hitler spent much time explaining how Jewish academics had destroyed all the truths of traditional Western scholarship with their diabolical “illogic” and lies! …. Also read Hitler on the true nature of Zionism! He was spot on! …. I find it a very trying task – this attempting to educate ye of the half-baked and frivolous! I also REALIZE I AM TALKING TO MANY VILE TROLLS ON THIS SITE! …. But John Kaminski once told me that EDUCATE we must, however dumb and blinkered your audience may appear! C’mon PAT-sy, find fault you moron! Give us some useless footnotes, you troll! Or is it ORC?

    1. Maximum Bil-o-ney –

      “C’mon PAT-sy, find fault you moron!”

      OK…gladly, thanks. You demand… I give.
      You said:
      “It is people like Nancy Olmi and the Rev Hagee who are dictating the current American SOCIAL REALITY”

      Here is MY ‘teaching moment for YOU…. so PAY ATTENTION.
      Aussies are more brain-dead than Americans… BY…letting a foreigner bring them their lies:

      John Hagee Ministries is in Canada on the Miracle Channel and CTS and can be seen in many places including Africa, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

      1. Pat,

        “Here is MY ‘teaching moment for YOU…. so PAY ATTENTION.
        Aussies are more brain-dead than Americans… BY…letting a foreigner bring them their lies:”

        Aussies ARE NOT more brain dead than Americans Pat. That’s just a blatant lie. When you take the average Australian/New Zealand individual, guarantee they have far more knowledge of not just world Geography, but what’s going on in this world.

        While the USA is a diverse country and there are many within (far larger number than Australians, simply due to population size) who are part of the truth movement, they still make up a tiny minority of the overall American population. When one takes Australians though and compares those who know what’s going on with Americans in the same boat, the ratio to overall Australian population is far higher than Americans to American population.

        While I have had the pleasure of meeting incredibly knowledgeable Americans, sadly I have met far more stupid and ignorant ones, who are far more concerned in watching Sports, Reality TV, worshiping Celebrity and believing what the msm tells them. Sadly Pat, Americans are the most ignorant people in any western nation per ratio of population to those who aren’t.

      2. That said Pat,

        The minority of people in the UK know what’s going on. There are more far more ignorant and stupid Britons than wise, knowledgeable and intelligent ones, so don’t think I’m picking on Americans. If I thought all Americans were I wouldn’t be liaising with you on LD. I’ve no time for ignorance and stupidity. I don’t suffer fools gladly.

      3. Harb –

        You stepped into the middle of a feud for over a year.

        You fell for it!! You dummy..!!

      4. Pat,

        Firstly I didn’t know of any feud.
        Secondly I don’t have the ability of Inter Sensory Perception that, if I had it, would be able to work over the internet.
        Thirdly regardless of your feud, you’re wrong.
        Fourthly, you are an incredibly rude, obstinate, arrogant and patronising individual I’ve had the misfortune of coming across. And I’ve come across quite a few. You may rule the roost here Pat, but guaranteed, were I ever to meet you in company I’d beat some manners and respect for others into you, because you are clearly bereft of any whatsoever. Your older age to me means nothing at all. I care not for your years wisdom for your attitude is really quite appalling to say the least.

      5. Harb –

        So, you and the Bil-o-ney get to rake me over the coals, along with your constant jabs at Americans.
        Bil-o-ney calls me a moron and You call me stupid and ignorant, and I call you a dummy…and I’m the bad guy. I’m not buying it.
        You are totally wrong.

      6. Pat,

        I have NEVER raked you over any hot coals. You can look back at all my replies to you and you will find I have shown you the utmost courtesy in every reply/post. Others will agree with me on that.

        I never called you stupid or ignorant in the slightest. If you care to look at what I’ve written:

        While I have had the pleasure of meeting incredibly knowledgeable Americans, sadly I have met far more stupid and ignorant ones, who are far more concerned in watching Sports, Reality TV, worshiping Celebrity and believing what the msm tells them”

        and in my following post:

        “……so don’t think I’m picking on Americans. If I thought all Americans were I wouldn’t be liaising with you on LD.

        And now you’re jumping to the gun and putting words into my mouth.

        You read only what you want to read in people’s replies Pat and for your years on this earth, I would really expect someone with a far better demeanour than you have. You are downright condescending towards others most of the time and although you certainly have a lot of knowledge to pass on to others, your manner is just so off putting, that I’m on the verge of just ignoring anything you might have to say.

        I’m not stating what I do, because of this reply, but more of the straw that broke the camel’s back situation. Since I’ve come back to LD, your courtesy towards me has been one of the utmost disrespect. I believe in freedom of speech, regardless, but you Pat have stepped over the line on more than one occasion. You need to sort your attitude out. I would have expected far more gallantry from yourself.

      7. Harb –

        I answer with small words in short sentences. Curt style. To the point. Military training shows..
        I never intended to offend you in any of my replies.

        In this recent unnecessary skirmish you just happened to get into my message berating the ‘Outback Outhouse Award’ winner for the most foul language on the site. But …he has cleaned it up a lot the last few months, since Ty left.
        Putting up with Pharisees for so many decades has siphoned out any gallantry I might have had.
        Sorry I hurt your feelings.

      8. Pat,

        I do not get offended. I am not like others are at the drop of a hat. I believe very much in free speech 100% all of the time. I may disagree with what you say but will always believe in your freedom to say it. However I also believe in criticism where necessary and reprimand if needs be and it is so in your case. Your military background may dictate how you reply, but you’re not in the military now, nor am I. Thankfully I realised at a young age that I would never kill another at the order of another. I would only do so through self defense and that would be in my country under invasion.

        I go by three things in life, taught to me, when I was little by one of my elders:

        1. Treat others the way you want to be treated yourself.
        2. Civility costs you nothing.
        3. It’s nice to be nice.

        You could learn from the above, even in your current age.

      9. Harb –
        You DID get offended. You wanted to be so nice to me…you would beat some respect into me.
        You need to be reprimanded here… and look in the mirror and tell yourself what you just stated to me.
        Deal with it.

      10. Pat,

        No, I DID not get offended. You again assume wrong.
        And you do not follow what I’ve stated so can take no moral highground whatsoever, moreso for the fact that I’ve never, nor would I ever join the armed forces, when here you are, someone who was ready to kill for the bankers and you lecture me on ‘beating’ another individual to drill in some respect?

        You are simply an obnoxious, obstinate, arrogant, disrespectful, patronizing and incredibly rude individual. Others may welcome what you have to say, but I no longer do.

        And I have just ‘dealt with it’.

      11. Harbinger, has anyone, other than me, ever told you that you sound a lot like Tyron?

      12. Ingrid,

        Since I’ve arrived back here, Pat has taken continuing cheap shots, which I’ve ignored up until now and because I defend myself against the cantankerous, old git, you call me someone by the name Tyron? Excuse me but is Pat, some form of Deity that I must get down on all fours and worship, daring never to answer back at his insults?
        Look Ingrid, ever since I posted about immigration, you seem to think I’m someone I’m not. Just because you want nothing more than the destruction of indigenous culture, others on here don’t and I’m presuming that Tyron also takes the same stance.

        What I find in occasions such as these is to accept that you and I don’t see eye to eye and it’s best that we avoid one another, as I will be doing with Pat.

        Thank you

      13. Harb –
        “Since I’ve arrived back here, Pat has taken continuing cheap shots, which I’ve ignored up until now and because I defend myself against the cantankerous, old git,…”

        First of all you – unless you are Aussie – you DID NOT defend yourself when I mentioned them to Max. You merely used it as a convenient excuse to attack me with personal derogatory insults for disagreeing with you.
        Now you use this comment by Ingrid as a platform to repeat your lies.

        Secondly, I would like to see a list of the so prevalent ‘continuing cheap shots’ that you claim occurred.

        You claimed you had ‘dealt with it,’ but that falls short of the mark as well.

        Admit it… It’s OK… You like the confrontations. 🙂

      14. @ Harbinger

        Don’t let Pat wind you up. He describes himself as a “gadfly”, taunting people for fun and because it makes him feel superior. He and I have had a few clashes but he no longer bothers me. I have acquired patience and longsuffering in my Zen monastery!

        The thing you have to remember about Pat is that he is remarkably well-informed about a multitude of subjects. He displays invaluable, almost encyclopaedic knowledge on many little-known and obscure topics. He knew Eustace Mullins and was Elizabeth Dilling’s secret admirer, helping her to wheel in the 30 volumes of the Soncino Talmud into court on a trolley! 🙂

        In my humble opinion, he is one of the star posters on this site.

        And yet, if truth be told, he has managed to piss off quite a few good posters who have left the site because of him. Don’t let him do that to you. We need you here, Harbinger. Your insights are valuable and we look forward to reading what you have to say.

        @ Pat

        Pat, you old son-of-a-gun, can’t you be more tactful and winning in your ways? Maybe an extra cup of green tea would help! 🙂

      15. Sard –

        All you say is plausible. I have licked my wounds …and you, yours…and waded on through the mud.

        You were probably shocked at my apology above – a first – seen here:
        April 2, 2015 at 1:21 am
        Harb –
        I answer with small words in short sentences. Curt style. To the point. Military training shows..
        I never intended to offend you in any of my replies.

        In this recent unnecessary skirmish you just happened to get into my message berating the ‘Outback Outhouse Award’ winner for the most foul language on the site. But …he has cleaned it up a lot the last few months, since Ty left.
        Putting up with Pharisees for so many decades has siphoned out any gallantry I might have had.
        Sorry I hurt your feelings.
        So… I backed off – apologized…and he continued to berate me and lecture me. He should have done what I did to Ellie…and said, “Veni, Vedi, Accepti.” (Accepi)
        Then Franklin corrected my spelling…which I thought was funny.
        But I believe he likes guessing as much as I do.

        Green tea all around… Have one Harb.. 😉

      16. @ Pat

        Pat, I know your heart is in the right place . . . but so is Harbie’s. He used to post on this site long before you got here. Then he went off in a huff and became a poster on one of Les Visible’s sites. Now he’s back again after a long absence.

        I guess it’s a clash of cultures, you being American and he being English.

        BTW, what became of Elizabeth Dilling in old age? How did she die? Did she have a happy end?

      17. Sard –

        It was Mullins who helped Dilling wheel the Talmud into Federal courthouse in 1944. I did not meet her until 1953, in a Lutheran church she visited regularly. She was a fireball all the way to the end. Married several times, due to her obsession with routing out communists. I believe she died of heart failure in her early 70s. Not sure. Her son was Kirkpatrick Dilling, a Chicago attorney, who represented the National Health Federation…and other very good causes.

      18. Sardonicus,

        It’s not really winding up, it’s just this continuing belittling behaviour that I’ve seen not just with myself but with others on this site also.

        You are correct, he does have a twisted demeanour and it is obvious that he gets a kick out of his belittling of others. I have never really cared for people who do such.

        You are also correct, his knowledge is by far superior to many on many subjects, but that does not give him any authority to act as he does.
        I’d rather look upon someone who is incredibly knowledgeable as a great individual, who hasn’t let it go to their head, than the opposite, which Pat, sadly is.

        We fell out over a very controversial topic. Regardless, we always debated with one another with the utmost respect towards one another. Since coming here, Pat hasn’t. I find that sad. There’s no one else on this forum who behaves as such.

        Bottom line, Pat should sit down one day and have a long talk with himself on why he feels he needs to behave in such a condescending manner as he does. I think his knowledge and understanding of reality has turned him into a bitter, old man. You don’t win any friends behaving as such and he does himself a far greater disservice than a service to himself in due process.

      19. Sard –

        “Then he went off in a huff and became a poster on one of Les Visible’s sites. Now he’s back again after a long absence.”

        I could understand Harb running off in a huff when he doesn’t get his way. At least I am not the only one he has had run-ins with. I hope he did not call you quite so many bad names.

        You don’t win any friends behaving as such and he does himself a far greater disservice than a service to himself in due process.

      20. Harbinger, I compare you to Tyron, not only because both of you are hung up on immigration, and the “sullying” of the “white race” but because both of you become, first defensive, then aggressive over percieved “insults”. You jumped in, in defence of Max, because of a misunderstanding. The “feud” between Max, and Pat is friendly. You said yourself that you and Pat had many civilized exchanges, it would be a shame to spoil that, because of a misunderstanding..

      21. “I could understand Harb running off in a huff when he doesn’t get his way.”

        No you couldn’t. You know nothing about me whatsoever. My posting on this site has been nothing but one of respect for my peers. Even when I had a disagreement with Sardonicus, I was still of complete respect for him in conversation.

        “At least I am not the only one he has had run-ins with. I hope he did not call you quite so many bad names.”

        You instigated the animosity, not me. From being here I see you contiunually wind people up. And now from what Sardonicus has stated “He describes himself as a “gadfly”……And yet, if truth be told, he has managed to piss off quite a few good posters who have left the site because of him.” then it’s obvious as to why I and others feel as they do towards you.

        “You don’t win any friends behaving as such and he does himself a far greater disservice than a service to himself in due process.”

        You are a vile, obnoxious, cantankerous, patronizing, condescending and bitter old man Pat. And you have the audacity to make out that I started this argument when you’ve been winding me up with your derogatory replies from day one.

        What a horrible human being you are.

      22. Well, Harb, I’m rude, while YOU often call for snipers to murder and assassinate people…. but stated you would never kill anyone yourself.
        You want others to do what you will not do.
        You state what provocateurs do.
        What a horrible human being you are.
        Here are your own pitiful words:
        April 1, 2015 at 9:25 pm
        John Bolton, et all are above the law. All western governments are ZOGs. Politicians have diplomatic immunity. They can call for invasions and massacres of nations and their people and be 100% immune from all prosecution against them. Of course this changes when they are dead, as we are now seeing in the UK when the police are going after dead politicians who were paedophiles.
        I’ve said it – BEFORE – that the only way these bastards will ever face justice is when they’re popped off by a SNIPER rifle.

        Justice in the west today, when it comes to politicians and establishment big wigs, will only be found through – ASSASSINATION.

      23. You are a moron Pat.

        Firstly, I never, would I ever, join any government armed forces and be a bitch of the bankers. You did. So you have no leg to stand on in this debate. You are a hypocrite of the highest order, a slave of the international bankers who would happily go off abroad and invade foreign lands.

        Secondly, I call for the murder of politicians, because without them, bankers cannot control the people as they do. Moreso, the death of Tony Blair, by a sniper would be hailed throughout the UK as justice. The same for other politicians as well.
        It’s only morons such as yourself who believe that justice will come in a court room when you are so stupid to realise it’s a controlled institution.
        And tell me, Mr X Armed forces murderer, how many people did you kill for the bankers eh?

        On the contrary f there came a time that I had to fight, I would. I wouldn’t think twice about it, but I would a free human being, not as someone belonging to a corporation not a mercenary, banker’s bitch assassin as you; a paid whore who killed for his money. I would defend this land ON THIS LAND, not travel the world as you did, a thug, imposing authority on people, in lands you had no right being in.

        And you call me horrible? You’re a hypocrite. You’re an agent provocateur on this website. I see just how you work. You bait people with your snidy remarks, goading them into a war on words. And yet still with the bitter, twisted, sadistic, manipulative, malicious, arrogant, old prick that you are, I would never call for you to be banned.

        From this reply onwards, you simply don’t exist. Your name and comments will simply be ignored. A truly vile man you are, utterly loathsome in every way possible.

      24. “You are a vile, obnoxious, cantankerous, patronizing, condescending and bitter old man Pat.” : Yep, just like Tyron.. and yes, Pat, Harbinger is too “noble” to do his own killing, he, like the Israelis, and Saudis, prefers that others do his killing for him..

      25. What are you Ingrid?
        Are you a groupie of Pat?
        What part of my reply did you miss that said:

        “On the contrary f there came a time that I had to fight, I would. I wouldn’t think twice about it, but I would a free human being, not as someone belonging to a corporation not a mercenary, banker’s bitch assassin as you; a paid whore who killed for his money.”

        You must have overlooked that Ingrid eh?
        You see, unlike Pat, I always asked questions when I was growing up. I didn’t go “Yes sir, no sir, how high would you like me to jump? What? You want me to kill that innocent man over there? Sure? I’ll have that done right away for you sir in a jiffy….” like Pat did, traveling the world as an armed forces thug for the good ole US of A.

        I would defend the land I live in Ingrid, tooth and nail if needs be, but I wouldn’t at the orders of some puppet in Whitehall. I would defend myself and my loved ones, in my land under attack.
        And what about you Ingrid? Would you do the same? Do you think that because I didn’t have the stupidity to sign my name on the dotted line, to become a private in the Armed Forces Corporation I’m less of a man, calling me a hypocrite, because unlike Pat I’ve not killed anyone yet? You think I’m a coward, because I call others to do what, you believe, I wouldn’t do? You have me wrong, completely wrong. My difference between Pat is, he’s been a puppet of the puppet politician whereas I haven’t.

        Like I said, in an earlier reply, you dislike me because I love my country, its culture and heritage. You don’t. You say you do, but anyone who allows it to become overrun with immigrants is a hater of their own people. What was it again, your lovely Ghanian neighbours, the ones who hopped, skipped and jumped over how many safe haven countries to get asylum? Yup, they certainly knew where to go didn’t they Ingrid? Benefits Britain, we’ll look after you, no problem.

        Because I had the ‘audacity’ to defend myself against the old tosser’s baiting and belittling you decide to jump on the bandwagon? Really?


      26. Ingrid,

        “Harbinger, I compare you to Tyron, not only because both of you are hung up on immigration, and the “sullying” of the “white race” but because both of you become, first defensive, then aggressive over percieved “insults”.”

        This is where I’m beginning to wonder if you are in fact Jewish, or a crypto Jew, simply because anyone with any love of their people and nationality knows that the major weapon Judaism is using is the destruction of indigenous peoples through mass immigration. If you love African people so much, why don’t you move to Africa? Why not be an immigrant over there? You want to obviosly see the destruction of the white peoples, which leads me to believe that you are very possibly an immigrant of non white origin, masquerading as someone with a Danish/Germanic name.

        “You jumped in, in defence of Max, because of a misunderstanding. The “feud” between Max, and Pat is friendly. You said yourself that you and Pat had many civilized exchanges, it would be a shame to spoil that, because of a misunderstanding..”

        I didn’t jump into anyone’s defense but at Pat’s ridiculing of Australians as brain dead. How was I supposed to know he was in a friendly banter with Max? Did he say so? Nope? He bit back after a very civil reply from myself. I have no desire whatsoever of not just debating with the old prick, but reading anything he has to write, starting with replies to these latter replies, if he cares too.
        And what do you mean it would be a shame? A shame to whom? To me? You’ve got to be kidding. The man’s a bitter old git, who has stated he likes winding people up and gets a kick out of it – ‘gadfly’ I believe is the definition.

        As for you Ingrid, well, not really much to write to you about or really interested in anything you have to state. Your hatred of white people is frankly sickening, attacking those who clearly see that through migration procreation alone in the UK from immigrants here from ’97 onwards, the UK will become one of the first European lands to have an indigenous minority. The fact that doesn’t concern you in the slightest and that you obviously openly welcome it by your attitude and love for foreigners, proves, overwhlmingly you’re obviously one of the tribe.

      27. Harb –

        You just do not quit.

        Thanks for proving me correct…again… still.

        Admit it… It’s OK… You like the confrontations. 🙂

    2. hey there maxy, the high society pipe layer, i suggest a small modification to the following line for everyone’s clarification

      lunatic Goyim, who claim they are “Christians”, attempting to serve two opposite masters (Christ versus satanic-Jews

      might stand the following revision

      lunatic Goyim, who claim they are “Christians”, attempting to serve two opposite masters (Christ versus Antichrist)

      and the fact that hitler did the finest analysis of the jew psyche and their ways and spoke the clearest truth about them totally demolishes the argument of some that he could have been their secret agent.
      rothschild’s agents mince words out of both sides of the mouth, just listen to noam chomsky, uri avnery or glenn greenwald.
      the fact that he masterminded a lost war against most of the industrialized, jew-owned world does not make him a jew agent, any less than christ’s death on the cross does not make him a jew agent (both can be termed as “losers” on that basis).
      and they did not lose completely, both showed that jews can be fought and the war won, if conducted properly.

      hitler’s biggest fault was his essential kind, trusting nature, thinking that all goys are of the like opinion, mistaking crypto-jews like churchill and roosevelt for aryans.

      putin will remedy this, inha’allah.

  17. @ Max
    Bloggers galore:
    Max, yes Hitler did indeed know the machinations of the jews and he tried to cooperate with the Zionists under the transfer agreement. But they made it difficult for him by the Zionist influence to close all global seaports except those in Palestine. Zionists wanted war and they got it. Also as for that 6 million jews murdered, if that were really true (not), then there would have been no European jews left to go to Palestine in 1946 onward. The 6 million number had already been used by Zionist befor WW1 and quoted in common newspapers from that time. As for Christian Zionists, even if you show them well written and well researched articles like the following link, they sabotage the article, as happened to me on Now The End Begins (NTEB). That website turned that article sent by me into garbage that made me look stupid and Anti-semitic, thus trying to ban and discredit me.
    The link is as follows:

    Joachim Hagopian uses George Carlin and the “American Dream – asleep to believe it” to make his point and explain the truth, even about Israel. But Christian Zionists are still duped and do NOT believe due to cognitive dissonnace. Their belief system would be shattered. Unless you can test and shatter your belief system to prove it, it is not worth anything. That’s my take and my testing of my beliefs and it has worked to confirm it rather than disprove it. Thus I believe what I believe: no alien deception or demonic entity will change it, to my death. Thanks, Norbert

    1. I’d like to express my humble opinion on the Hitler’s case.
      Let’s judge the tree by its fruit
      WWII has made the world democratic in perpetuity and this by decision of justice. From now on, a judicial precedent would pressure on any kind of national uprising. It is well explained in Bardèche book “Nuremberg or the Promising Land.”
      He is the major key in the demonization of the great idea of national socialism/fascism as theorized by George Valois and experienced for the first time with Mussolini. He betrayed the doctrine with his scientific/biologic/racialist vision of fascism and with the industrial/totalitarian camps of IBM tattooed slaves. Now anyone who reclaims right of the first occupant and attests such obvious things as national sovereignty and property of the land immediately offends a universal moral which denies the right for the people to apply their own laws. It’s not only the Germans that have been dispossessed, it is all of us.

      Don’t get me wrong, I did not say that he was ill-intentioned at the beginning. Like Mussolini who betrayed Ettore Ovazza and the liberal program of the school of Manchester, Hitler got away from the influence of high finance. He did certainly short-circuit the bankers swindle by implementing the economic principles of Gottfried Feder’s labor standard which resulted in quick prosperity.
      But he was outsmarted by the British/USA/Judea coalition who trapped Germany into their Venetian diplomacy and to inevitable GWII. Just like Guillem II before him. Hitler wasted the most glorious generation of German men, the Ernst Junger’s type, into fighting a chimeric war against a worldwide coalition. Just like Napoleon the fool and his Great Army, the third Reich would fall in Russia.
      I see the WWII as another great dialectic between financial based economy (UK USA) and industrial based economy (Krupp, Ford, Fiat Renault..). As finance and industry needed each other, the WWII was foremost a war about preeminence. Which one dominates the other? Take a look at Yalta. It’s obvious. The synthesis has been operated since throughout International institutions.

      By the way, he also achieved the Herculean task of making jews holy.
      Hell is paved with good intentions.

  18. @Norbert
    Very good points Norbert the courteous. Your are certainly one of the most polite posters on the board. Yes, international jewry wanted war and Hitler was not to blame. In fact he signed a non-aggression pact with Poland in 1934 and was quite prepared to enrol them in his anti-bolshevik crusade. However after the death of Pilsudski, the Polish leadership that assumed power were purblind, power drunk and proud and stupidly believed the promises of the plutocratic powers. Remember too, before Hitler came to power, the Weimar Republic after 1922 had co-operated with the USSR and even had a base at Lipetsk where they could test weapons. Thus when German-Soviet pact signed in August 1939 it was one of expediency by both sides.
    Even when Britain and France declared war on Germany, Hitler still attempted to make peace. Eventually he was forced to act to forestall the British in Norway and of course the 6 week campaign to remove France from the war is well known. He had no animus against the British Empire and was even prepared to offer Britain troops. In fact, in a meeting with Lord Halifax prior to the outbreak of war he had told to shoot Gandhi! Witness too the bizarre decision to allow the British to escape at Dunkirk by ordering a halt to the panzers.
    Let us now examine some more mistakes which led to Germany’s defeat.
    During the battle of Britain he allowed himself to be goaded by Churchill into bombing the cities. Prior to that the Luftwaffe were winning the Battle of Britain by concentrating their forces on British Airfields and had Britain on the ropes.
    Failing to defeat Britain in the Mediterranean, before attacking Russia. Only Admiral Raeder and Goering propounded this policy. If Germany had driven Britain from the Middle East they could have gained control of huge oil reserves instead of relying on the oil from Ploesti in Rumania.
    Most observers believe that Hitler was crazy to attack the USSR. However, Viktor Suvorov in recent books and videos on youtube postulates that Stalin was preparing to attack Germany. And certainly after the commencement of Barbarossa, when the scale of the Russian buildup was discovered, it is a credible assumption.
    During the invasion, Germany failed to follow the initial plan, which was capture Leningrad as a supply route by sea. In August they dithered, when they were in Smolensk. Instead of driving on to Moscow they diverted Guderian’s panzers south into the Ukraine. True they achieved a great tactical victory but by the time they returned to the attack on Moscow, Generals Mud and Winter intervened to prevent its capture.
    Germany of course made many other mistakes in Russia too numerous to list here.
    One little realized fact was that Germany had tons of Tabun and Sarin, which if Hitler had used would have stopped the D-day invasion in its tracks. Why didn’t he use them? Nobody knows! Perhaps because he was gassed in WW1. It does, however, further undermine the plausibility of a master plan to get rid of the by poison gas. They had Tabun and Sarin in massive quantities. Why use Zyklon-B when Sarin could have wiped out huge agglomerations of Jews in the Warsaw ghetto and so on?

  19. John Bolton, et all are above the law. All western governments are ZOGs. Politicians have diplomatic immunity. They can call for invasions and massacres of nations and their people and be 100% immune from all prosecution against them. Of course this changes when they are dead, as we are now seeing in the UK when the police are going after dead politicians who were paedophiles.

    I’ve said it before that the only way these bastards will ever face justice is when they’re popped off by a sniper rifle. There is no court in America, the UK or anywhere else in the west that will prosecute these individuals for war crimes.

    If I am attacked in the street in the UK and defend myself from attack, I don’t want to be there when the police come around and hopefully am not on CCTV. If I am around or caught on camera, then I’ll be arrested, imprisoned and charged with a breach of the peace. Yes, you heard that correctly, defending myself from attack, means that I’m fighting in the street, which is causing someone distress. The outcome is a £75 fine and or community service, or worse prison.
    If these politicians are responsible for the mass murder of people, they are hailed as saviours, write books, travel around the world giving seminars and of course, as with the UK, are given police protection, even when they’ve left office as Tony Blair is, all funded by the public taxpayer, let alone the fact that he’s a multi millionaire.

    If any of you truly believe that you can use the system to prosecute these people then think again. Any attempt at a citizen’s arrest will most probably be met with a beat down by their personal security and an ‘attempted assault’ crime being levied against you by the state thugs.
    Justice in the west today, when it comes to politicians and establishment big wigs, will only be found through assassination.

  20. Of course John Bolton et al are above the law (they created) which is why it was created so that they could be above it. Their law enslaves people, but not them/lawmakers. Less messy I would think and more efficient to end their law system rather than sniper attacks.

    Not an easy task in a nation not following God as a whole, showing no signs of doing so.

    If the people have lost a fear of God, then how could they expect it from their politicians.

    Hardly a day goes by that a person does not inform me about how they are “saved”. They may as well be counterfeit-jews claiming to be “chosen”. I really cannot see a difference between the two.

    1. “Of course John Bolton et al are above the law (they created) which is why it was created so that they could be above it. Their law enslaves people, but not them/lawmakers.”

      Erm…..that’s what I said.

    2. @New Song

      Unfortunately, thieves of material things and individual liberty normally never say they are sorry and stop unless they are forced to, key word is forced. Normally the force is violent revolt followed by a purge of the oppressors. Ghandi revolts are not the norm and it would most probably have been a violent revolt if the masses had been armed.

      I say this only to point out that the law system is so key to the oppression of the government that it will not pass without the entire government passing along with the government’s Jewish banker owners.

      The revolt will not be a Ghandi moment since the American public is the most heavily armed society in the history of the world.

      It appears to me that what the people of the USA lack is not the fear of God, they lack in loving God. Jesus taught that the first Commandment was to love God and that the second Commandment was to love your neighbor as yourself. If Americans actually practiced the first two commandments, the government would lose control without them even noticing that they had become useless and powerless. Jesus said most would not follow his teachings so we can skip the majority brainwashing.

      BTW, the second Commandment according to Jesus is not in the jewish Ten Commandments in Exodus. The Jews obviously took it out since the second Commandment according to the teaching of Jesus is the only way that a person can demonstrate their love for God. Since Jews, according to Jesus, do the lusts of their father, the devil, that explains why they took it out.

      It has been my experience that most “Christians” believe that the Mosaic law is really God’s law while ignoring that Jesus plainly refuted many of them. They are so stuck on their misconception that they refuse to acknowledge that Jesus said that the first two commandments were the law and the prophets. I think that is part of the reason why most “Christians” haul around the dirty blanket Old Testament which interferes with their ability to understand the simplicity of what Jesus taught.

      I am with you on those that claimed to be “saved.” They are just latter day Pharisees to be avoided. The disposition of the soul is God’s call only.

      1. Dear Ungenius,

        As much as I appreciate your reply, and I most certainly do find you genuine and helpful to the path that I’m on; I’m not about to trash the OT and I’ll tell you why. There are OT books that contain prophecy, but personally for me, my fondness is with The Law Books of Moses. Thank you for pointing out that The Commandment: Love your neighbor more than or as much as you love yourself; was (or it may have been) removed by the jews and /or counterfeit-jews. The Mosaic Laws are rather full of Love for mankind and that others cannot see what I see remains baffling. I do not agree that Jesus refuted any of the Mosaic Laws. He refuted the Talmud. Jesus definitely refuted how The Laws were being applied.

        Matthew 23:3 All therefore whatsoever they bid you observe [of God’s Law], [that] observe and do; but do not ye after their example; for they say, and do not (and make up their own laws against God’s Orders – Deut. 4:2).

        Matthew 23: 4 For they bind heavy burdens (the Talmud) and grievous to be borne, and lay [them] on men’s shoulders; but they [themselves] will not lift one of their fingers to remove them.

        Not expecting a Ghandi-like revolution to be successful (remains to be seen). I can hope. Armed to defend oneself for war is a good idea. Perhaps, America is the place to be, due to their determination to keep one of man’s God-given rights: which is for self-defence.

        I’d like to add that I’m not in disagreement with any part of your comment, but am prone to repeat what has been said to me, in a different manner, in order to process information. I hope that explanation is sufficient for Harbinger who said: “Erm …. that’s what I said”.

        New Song

  21. Norbert, Felix and Harbinger! I enjoy reading you three, as you have all hit the nail on the head, in your own ways.
    The Jewish pestilence has succeeded in emasculating Christianity! Once it was “hate and cuff a Jew”, now it is “love, love, love ’em”! …. Yanks are mainly like Mrs Nancy Olmi!
    Harbinger, my ongoing feud with Pat will end when I return to the USA for a short visit and chase him up! I intend to shove a pile of footnotes down his throat; and realize the fact that the Aussie soldier is known as “the best fighting man in the world.” I was in the military and I can tell you that, at 6 feet 4 inches tall and 107 kgs, I was in the middle-height grouping whilst on parade. And we hand grapple the Mossad style, as taught us by a former Israeli-Jew who is now a good Australian Christian.
    The USA is now on the very bottom of OPEC rankings (19th) re their children’s competence in literacy and numeracy skills, whereas Australia is in the top 5.
    In the USA last year. I thought I was walking around in an obese-bubba, dumbed-down, zombified, terror field. …. And THEIR WOMEN-FOLK! They are like giggling, pasty-faced, lipstick-red whores in high-heels. In every bar and diner I entered I was besieged by these garrulous, painted up creatures who wanted instant sex! Some, I suspected, were transvestites: as I saw many American men in dresses with badly applied rouge.
    And PAT-sy, take ya dress and make-up off and read Harbinger: “Aussies ARE NOT more brain dead than Americans Pat. That’s just a blatant lie. When you take the average Australian/New Zealand individual, guarantee they have far more knowledge of not just world Geography, but what’s going on in this world.”
    Yeah PAT-sy, down at my local RSL we blokes often talk about the Yankee cream-puffs we have encountered. When we go out on patrol we take 2 men, 2 bayonet-knives and a torch! You over-indulged cream-puffs take 10 men, AK47’s, rocket launchers, grenades, radios, pics of ya college sweet heart, 5 toilet rolls, 12 condoms, a bag of candy, several Bibles and hair- stylers! … You FAMILY GUY types are of the doomed!

    1. HA!!
      “…my ongoing feud with Pat will end when I return to the USA for a short visit and chase him up! I intend to shove a pile of footnotes down his throat; and realize the fact that the Aussie soldier is known as “the best fighting man in the world.” I was in the military and I can tell you that, at 6 feet 4 inches tall and 107 kgs..”

      That’s the biggest tube of ‘Roo” Bal-o-ney I ever heard of..!!
      I haven’t decided whether to slice you thick, thin or shaved… when I get out my samurai blade.
      It will be like Popeye cuttin’ Bluto into chunks of mincemeat on a platter.
      Caaaaan’t wait!!

  22. A good line New Song: “If the people have lost a fear of God, then how could they expect it from their politicians.”
    Over 2,000 years ago, the Jews or Iaoudea of Judaea displayed NO fear of their God, YHWH.
    They thus engaged in wholesale usury, gambling, whoring, killing, homosexuality, pedophilia, gluttony, studying porn on manuscripts and the inevitable masturbation. It was all FUN AND GAMES!
    They were very like MOST Americans today; as shown on your hideous TV sitcoms, movies, celeb gossip pages, and my personal experiences on visiting your sad and sorry shores. I see a lot of this in PAT-sy!
    Over 2.000 years ago, their God YHWH told them to either repent and end their evil ways; or he would “turn his face away from them”; which he then did! …. In effect, he told them to “get lost”; just as Ellie K did to Gilby!
    Then YHWH told them to watch out “for he who is to come.” (END OF OT)
    And who came? ….. Why, Jesus, of course! …. Lovely man! …. Very charismatic! … Good looking, too!
    Jesus said he had come with a new Commandment, which we should all be familiar with by now; unless you have been living in a cave or amongst savages.
    As I’ve said, Jesus displayed lots of TOUGH LOVE and upset tables and let doves loose, etc. I reckon he swore as well!
    He spent a lot of time telling all and sundry where the JEWS, that YHWH/God had “turned his face away from”, stood in the big picture: These unrepentant bastards would perish “in eternal flames” for not liking or recognizing him as God’s son. He literally swore at the stiff-necked “pricks” (biblical word, as is “Lasha”): I could quote about 200 lines of his utter condemnation of them!
    As I’ve said, today we LOVE, LOVE AND give unending LOVE to the the self-same pricks!
    Thus, you are correct for once New Song: We do NOT follow, hear or put into practice Jesus’ words to us and THEREFORE WE ARE LOST IN THE ABYSS OF THE DEVIL – just like being placed in a fat Jew’s orifice; or, like Sarah Silverstein, being told you have to lick a dog’s anus! I fear some of you would do the latter; so warped and Jewified you are in the JEWUNITED STATES! …. Go buy a mustard covered super-dog!

  23. There might be a light at the end of the tunnel. Russia and Iran claim to have a technology that incapacitates electronic systems on weapons of war such as jet aircraft and warships, and there is some compelling evidence of it’s effectiveness. Imagine being able to totally disable enemy warships at sea or fighter jets as they sit on a tarmac, or more spectacularly as they zero in on an attack.

    A short while back, an advanced US spy drone flying over Iran was brought down and now is in the possession of the Iranians. Apparently, they used this Magrav technology to bring it down. And last year, a Russian SU 24 jet fighter buzzed the USS Cook quite a few times while the destroyer’s electronics paralyzed were unable to do anything but sit in the water and look stupid. Now, add to the list the aircraft carrier, the USS Theodore Roosevelt, unable to do anything but flee to an unscheduled port call victimized by the same weapon. The French Navy possesses some form of the Magrav weapon and were able to get in close enough to “destroy” the very same carrier in wargames a couple weeks ago.

    In a open letter to Obama, the Iranian inventor of the technology said this:

    The aircraft carriers of the US will become nothing but floating bathtubs if our Magravs technology is used effectively, and the runways full of F16s and 18s and so on will be nothing but runway museums of iron birds, as these craft will not be able to fly if their electronic systems are once touched by Magravs space technology. These crafts and battleships would have to be rewired from A to Z before they could ever operate again.

    The funny thing is that this technology was invented by an Iranian. If it lives up to it’s advertized potential, the irony of it being an Iranian idea, is, well … delightful.

    The OP at this site contains all the pertinent information with many links to additional information.

    1. Hmmmm, Maybe this is why Israel is going ballistic over Iran. It’z not nuclear development, but the development of disabling technology that will neutralize their treasured “power of god,” a power the stupid goiym developed, manufactured and supplied to Israel. No doubt, as Iran continues such technology development, the worse it will get for Jews and their allied proxies.

      I suppose all that will be left now is for Israel is to deploy itz “Sampson Option.” But of course, as the rotund pastor Hagee tells everyone, Jesus wasn’t fashionably thin, he was anorexic! Wait, wrong page – I meant Hagee tells everyone first all the Jews have to return to Israel. Think of it, all the Jews return to Israel so they can blow themselves up! Fat chance.

      1. Good point Arch.

        My interaction with Pat on the matter of J-Bunker’s nuclear striking capacities has lead me to believe that IS has indeed the capacity to launch a preventive psychosis nuclear strike. But the launching technology could be soon obsolete as Dicarlo mentionned. What a delight and a relieve it would be if Iranian scientists were to outsmarted the nasty J-Bomb and the traitorous French nuclear cooperation.

        How the cornered Israeli beast will react to this evolution? Gee, that, on the other hand is a scary thought.

        By the way Arch, i recently discovered on this forum that you were/are the author of Conspiracy of Man. I came across this text while trying to find some intel about The Essenes. I have to say i read this work of yours straight through. And i urge readers of this forum to do the same.
        Truth is tax free as Arch has outstandingly shown us. At least something they won’t get.

        Thanks for your dedication.

      2. Phil –
        “But the launching technology could be soon obsolete as Dicarlo mentionned.”

        You may have swerved into another dilemma… for purveyors of nuke lies.

        Now the claimant of nuclear capabilities can us the new technology to not be able to use the phoney weapons they never had in the first place. The major powers are off the hook for the Missouri ‘show me’ crowd, who doubted the existence of nuke strike missiles and MIRVs all along.

    2. people whose brains have been pounded into obedient mush by the likes of bolton and his serpentine masters, have no concept of just how naturally bright, analytical and inventive are the artificially hated and despised persians (aryans), the inheritors of an ancient culture predating the hellenic one by millenia.

      i was once involved in a multi-center program that included staff and students from both caltech and stanford and many of the grads were iranian.
      i was told that for a number of years they cleaned up the top honors and a number of them were poached early by menlo park establishments.

      well, now due to the insane jew sanctions, that brain pipeline has been shut down.
      they let rivet-head bolton do their thinking.

      1. Lobro – agreed.
        The Iranians I have met have been smarter than the Jews I know.
        Their advances in math, speech and tech areas, including computers are no surprise to me.
        Iranians are ARYANS by language groups according to their own researchers.
        ARYANS are the self-designation of the peoples of Ancient India and Ancient Iran who spoke Aryan languages. Aryan is thus basically a linguistic concept, denoting the closely related Indo-Aryan and Iranian languages .

      1. That WOULD be nice.!!
        Imagine how much wealth it would rip away from the ‘Red-signers’ embedded so deeply in Europe’s castles, palaces and mansions….. causing a ‘domino effect’ around the globe.

    3. This is pretty intriguing stuff. Again I’m reminded of that movie from the 50’s, “The Day the Earth Stood Still” where a giant robot was programmed to shut down all the mechanical power on the planet. Everything – from the tiniest wristwatch to the most powerful weapons systems. Made 60 years ago and will it prove to be prophetic?

  24. I reread the Hitler’s comment that I have posted last night. What a sloppy writing. I felt embarrassed all morning so I have decided to develop my position on this preponderant issue. I will use the fate of two men in order to do this.

    I will post a video at the bottom for the hasty American public that will summarize my comment. I know some of you are not too fond of pompous and pointless French aristocratic references.

    +The first character is Hjalmar Schacht, the banker of the Reich. He has played a decisive role in the emergence of Germany’s economic boom thanks to his connections in high finance (see Sutton) and with the debt free money issued by the Central Bank. After the war he will be spared at Nuremberg despite being a key player in Nazi’s war machine. A lot of fine gentlemen wouldn’t have the same merciful treatment as many fine posters have perfectly established.
    But he was a good friend of Lord Montaigu (godfather of his granddaughter), JP Morgan, Theodore Roosvelt, Benjamin Strong… The Banking $ynergie$ (where you can also find a Bush, the Prescott one). He was also the main architect, with is 143 IQ, of the infamous BIS (Above BIS there is GOD) in unoccupied Switzerland. He will die at the age of 93 in Munich (tiens tiens) after a second career as a financial advisor for emerging countries. He surely was great at it, as he made the Reich emerged! I can hardly stand so much irony. I will take a smoke break.
    So I ask myself and you by the same occasion. Did Doktor Schacht loose the war? Did those fine gentlemen have ever loosed something in the last, mmm let’s see, XXXX years? The answer to that question lies again in TV shows. Take Game of thrones and the role of the Iron Bank. Never mind dragons or big bad dire wolves since I control the cash flow. Come on George your sick old twisted gay pervert, would you mind finishing the BOOK? And what about Bodie Brodus in David Simon ‘s TV Show the Wire “The game is RIGGED, man”. Can’t you hear McNulty, your catholic fool?
    But I disgress. Again.

    +The second character in my “dancing with Adolf” story is Louis Renault, the very respectable catholic French entrepreneur. For obvious reasons he supported Adolf and the Reich. As Ford did , by the way, before he would cowardly rejoined the winning/banking side of war.
    A long story short, he ended up his life in a prison cell where he was left to die by treacherous communist scums during the infamous Legal Purge where numerous French patriots were liquidated. They sure don’t teach that in French High School. He would be replaced later at the head of the newly nationalized “Régie Renault” by Pierre Dreyfus.

    I hope that you understand with those inverted destinies why I am so skeptical about Hitler. He was sure a great leader, orator and had much love for his people as Bodie would say. But he was a FOOL. Like Napoleon and Guillem II before him, he was outmaneuvered by the Venetians.
    He should have meditated on the wise words of Reinhold Wagner ,in his essay “King Edouard VII” of England, and have kept the Strasser brotherhood’s vision of national socialism. He could have also listened to the prophetic book of Jacques Bainville in ‘The political consequences of peace’ (you should read this one if you haven’t) instead of playing the racial card and referring to French people as bastards. Which we are by the way but it wasn’t very nice of him.
    The tragedy of it is that he almost won the war against all odds, like Napoleon before him. Think about the greatness of this people. Think about Ernst Junger. What a Waste!
    To conclude this French ironic parabola of Adolfo’s rotten fruits, with some Hollywood’s candies inserted for the American readers (I wonder is such a thing still exist), I would say that Adolf biggest legacy is the twisted Hegelian dialectic and the political correctness that have resulted from the rise and fall of the Third Reich like the self-appointed fascist Maurice Bardèche have demonstrated. And the Shoah myth of course.
    This morning I watched a video of an anti-war demonstration in Kiev where you could see old Ukrainians waving communist flags and shouting “fascists, murderers” to the Ukrainian young nationalist army. First, i laugh at the irony of it then it sickens me to me think about Nuland, Kolo and Poro.
    We are trapped in this post-Adolf era and in order to spiral out from it I think we should all stop to argue about whether Hitler was righteous or evil, good or bad. Only dishonest people reason in such terms. What about true or false?
    Acording to me, Hitler was an excessive fool who, despite is good intentions, overreached himself like countless historical figures before him. And like the cunning Charles de Talleyrand said “Everything excessive is insignificant”.
    This is a humble and reasonable way to address the Nazi period I like to think. It could be a great breakthrough when you consider the bitterness this issue is producing(?) even among conscious posters on this forum. But then again I’m French and i reason in an abstract sort of way.
    I realize it is a very long comment. I hope I have not disgraced myself this time with sloppy grammar and outlandish conjugation but in my defense it is easier to write during daylight with a clear mind.
    Thanks again to Mrs. LD for providing this forum.

    As promised for my US audience, the greatest American philosopher of the century will now share with you his knowledge. Don’t be fooled by his bad manners and unhealthy alimentation, he is wise. The truth in a nutshell as some would say.
    For the others, well-educated Europeans, I leave you with the simple words of Louis Ferdinand Destouches on the heaviness of men.


    1. Phil –
      Your presentation makes good points. We are all amateurs here. It is only a ‘comment section’ and will not be graded.
      Napoleon and Hitler did not have the advantage of the 100s of billion in opium and cocaine ‘debt’ on their ledgers to aid them as is available ‘off books’ to the militaries’ bankers today….in the China, Afghanistan and Colombia cartels. Just imagine the differences might have been. They were tied to industrial production money and artifacts owned mainly by the Vatican.

    1. I seriously doubt the existence of massive nuclear stockpiles. I’m guessing the truth is somewhere in the middle between none and multitudes. But isn’t it kind of a moot point?

      When the Enola Gay dropped its payload over Hiroshima it didn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that having only a handful of those badboys would be all it would take to keep all the dogs of war in the game. Now, are Iran and Russia being set up to be the fall guys?

      1. Pat – which is why we’re in agreement about the fallacy of massive stockpiles. It’s as if we’re supposed to believe that upon building the presumed first nuclear weapon at Alamogordo they could just keep crankin’ ’em out like on assembly lines after that. Absurd. My guess is that the monumental effort involving many people over a long period of time just to build TWO such bombs (Hiroshima and Nagasaki) would have to similarly apply to any construction of subsequent ones.

        It’s like 9/11 – the repercussions of that one event alone were sufficient to alter the collective psyche of the World and make it bend to the perpe-traitor’s ill will for a very long time to come.

      2. B-Hawk –

        I note a fallacy of any MOBILE nuke weapons stockpiling at all. I claim there are none. The emperor is naked.
        I will allow them nuke explosions using mechanisms requiring a space of a room sitting on a 120 sq foot slab or larger.
        Here is an official pic of Nagasaki explosion. The public was easily fooled by the obvious cut and pasting job of two separate explosion events back then. Many can do it easily at home on computers today:

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