Canadians asked: Whose side are you on: Israel or Palestine (6 min. video)

JSM:  We post this 6-minute video as a follow-up to the previous piece on Arthur Topham.  Arthur is trying to educate Canadians like this in the ways of  Zionism, but it seems they are past all hope. Unless of course the interviewer here has gone out of his way to select the dumbest Canadians he could find . . . 🙂

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  1. My impression is that people most of all prefer ease and convenience. In most societies it’s just easier to be pro-Zionist and “philosemitic”. It’s also more rewarding financially.

  2. Outside Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal, it’s a mental shithole.
    Wichita Falls is a center of enlightenment by comparison.
    Poor Arthur, he should apply for asylum in Moscow or Tehran as a victim of satanic persecution.

  3. “Random” interviews are like reality TV and surveys, none are real and all are agenda driven. Only an an idiot would answer questions like these when asked by a total stranger holding a microphone and/or camera which is exactly what occurred.

  4. Now, now lobro, Arthur hails from outside any urban area and so do I. We live just 100 km apart in an area of BC that beats the metropolises anytime, people and nature wise. The mental shit-holes in Canada are the big cities like Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Vancouver. Especially in light of jew concentration. That is also where you will find all the rats like Richard Warman, Harry Abrams or Ezra Levant. Never mind that they are multi-culti too.

    And don’t tell me people outside of Zagreb or Sarajevo are all bright lights.

    1. No offense meant, Machtnichts.
      My comment reflects the observation that people of nonconformist nature tend to gravitate toward larger population centers in order to escape ostracism by the herd.

      Steppenwolves like Topham, you and me don’t really need the comfort of the like minded crowd anymore.
      I certainly don’t, the necessary critical thinking mass is self contained within the enclosure of my skull.

      But were I a teen, being stuck in someplace like Cochrane, Ontario would make glue sniffing a viable option.

      1. Someone/some entity is violating emails, on a grand scale, too. I go into my own, sometimes, and find I have ‘sent’ messages and forwards I have NOT sent, to those to whom I have not or would not include. Many are being intentionally misconstrued or misrepresented. For myself, I avoid emailing almost everyone, and only ‘respond’ to direct communications from known senders. The Internet is a ‘crowd’, too – and full of dangers.

      2. I know, just seemed so out of character. Forget the like minded crowd. Consensus is for the jews. An impossible equality to achieve, unless you quit thinking. If, according to your observations, nonconformists try to hide in cities they are not what they claim to be. I haven’t met one yet. But then, I also have become sort of a hermit, wary of the blah, blah, blah of every day life.

        And you must know that the glue sniffing is mostly occurring on Indian reserves. I suspect living in Cochrane, ON, or Cochrane, AB, is peanuts compared to being stuck in a ghetto run by corrupt Indian chiefs.

  5. LS…
    Israël is stolen land. The USA is stolen land. Canada is stolen land. The natives are murdered and it is going on untill the present day. On and on and on.

    1. Yes…. fact…. Purpose of wars. Get land and control people through finances.

      All land is stolen land….. when claimed by another.

      Britain, France, US, Russia, China, Germany…et al… same-same.

      Iceland not so much an invader….. just an invadee… 🙂

  6. I believe Canadians have been lead way passed complacency and right into the lap of apathy….and that most suffer from “Fluoride Syndrome.”….. been dumbed down to the place of “I don’t care” …. !!!
    “Good little slaves don’t make any waves…!!!”
    Truly sad….when you try and get them AWAKE and that is what you hear ” I don’t care about that” “why do you concern yourself with those things” sad very sad ….!!!
    —fellow Canuck with eyes wide open—
    Wake up Canada to the reality of your slavery….!!!

  7. As a Canadian I’m cringing in shame. Many Canadians set themselves above Americans but they are just as ill informed, apathetic and dumb. If it all comes crashing down on their empty heads great! Karma come home to roost! Unfortunately it’ll come down on my head as well being in the general vicinity which is why I hold them in total contempt, they’re the real enemy. Easier to scapegoat “niggers, muslims, pakis & chinks” than take responsibility.

    1. The first to have blown the Zio-Christians out of water was a little known and much ignored man in antiquity by name of Jesus Christ.

      1. @ Lobro

        Yep, and it’s all explained in the four Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John which Zionist Christians apparently avoid like the plague.

  8. As I laboriously type this out on my highly hostile tablet that insists on auto-correcting and auto-filling my input, I am struck by the thought that maybe Moses had the same problem with his tablet and ended up with scrambled dog’s breakfast instead of proper commandments.

  9. Embarrassing; so many soulless foreign state-nationals. Open the stargate and deport these globo-trotskyist impostors back to their homelands.

  10. I suspect that the number of un-committed and pro-Israel comments is more in connection with people not wanting to end up, like Arthur Topham, in front of a Star Chamber court being accused of Auntie Shemitism.

    1. Art got his stolen computer back… just one week before his trial…

      Nice of them….

      See pic…

      QUESNEL, B.C.:- After 1248 days of holding on to my computers the Crown finally released them to me today just days prior to my upcoming trial on October 26th, 2015.

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