Child suspended from school for saying ‘Merry Christmas’ To Teacher

By Renee Johnson

8 year old Samantha Dawson from San Fransisco, California was suspended from school simply for saying, “Merry Christmas”.


‘They kicked me out of school for saying ‘Merry Christmas’. — It’s not fair!” 

San Francisco, CA — The ‘war on Christmas’ continues as a simple well-wishing of ‘Merry Christmas’ has led to big trouble for one third-grade San Francisco girl this week.

Samantha Dawson, an 8-year-old student at Westview Elementary School in San Francisco, CA., was in the school cafeteria Tuesday eating with friends when she was taken to the principal’s office and given a week-long suspension. Her punishment was consequence for saying ‘Merry Christmas’ to her homeroom teacher earlier that day.

Dawson’s teacher, 37-year-old Paul Horner who is an outspoken Atheist, was offended at the students display of Christmas spirit and had staff suspend the young girl for the rest of the week.

“I say ‘Merry Christmas’ to everyone,” the young girl told CBS News. “I didn’t think it would cause so much trouble just for saying a couple little words.”

The girl’s mother, Laura Dawson, 41, was fuming over the issue.

“I’m not happy . . . “


 “You don’t traumatize a child who loves to go to school, who wanted to be early every day to school, you don’t make her cry, just for wishing someone Merry Christmas,” she told reporters, holding back tears. “You just don’t do it.”



‘How dare you wish me Merry Christmas!’

Reporters spoke with Mr Horner as he was leaving from school yesterday.

“I warned the children not to bring religion into my classroom,” Horner said. “Maybe Samantha will listen to adults next time.”

At the time of this press release, Westview Elementary School officials declined to comment, though this was posted on the school’s website:

“Once again we had to suspend a student, 3rd grader Samantha Dawson, because she said “Merry Christmas” to her homeroom teacher, who is a proud atheist.”

PLEASE, let’s learn from this horrible act and not let the the holiday spirit be ruined by the few that confuse church and state.

Happy Holidays everyone!!!


“Why did God make atheist teachers? — It’s not fair!”

Pictures and captions added by LC Darkmoon

Update. We have been told that this article is a fake and that different versions of it have been circulating on the internet for years: one in which it is the teacher who is the atheist and gets a pupil suspended for wishing him “Merry Christmas”, and another version in which the roles are reversed and the teacher is suspended for wishing an atheist pupil “Merry Christmas.” Both versions of the story are now available on the Truthseeker website. Though the article can no longer be regarded as kosher, we intend to leave it as published here. Let it be regarded as an amusing satirical spoof. (JSM)  

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  1. Someday maybe the White Race will struggle for a “Separation of Synagogue and State” and a “Separation of Freemason Temple and State” the way the White Race was always so intent on making sure to achieve a “Separation of Church and State”. The future of the White Race is in Orthodox Christian Russia.

    May Putin and Peace Prevail On Earth!

  2. Hopefully, this bit of news is a JOKE (even though not very funny). Unfortunately, it is believable, given the current state of society. (The pictures of that cute little girl are CLASSIC!)

    1. It is an oft-repeated joke. See my comment below. I have been duped before by these posts that are almost too juicy to be true, and usually are. The one that bit me worst was the fake report on Netanyahu’s psychiatrist committing suicide. OMG the quotes were sooo juicy and a year later… A YEAR!…. I found it was a hoax. We all get fooled…

      1. As a consolation prize, here is a true funny story about Netanyahu :

        “…Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s adopted dog Kaiya lost her holiday spirit Wednesday night at a Hanukkah lighting for Likud members at the Prime Minister’s Residence in Jerusalem.

        The pup unexpectedly bit MK Sharren Haskel during the ceremony before sinking her teeth into Or Alon, the husband of Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely.

        Both required medical attention as a result of the bite wounds.

        One party guest told Maariv that the dog probably bit Haskel out of panic over the large mass of people gathered at the residence.

        While Netanyahu accompanied Haskel to receive treatment, Hotovely’s husband, despite being warned not to, began petting Kaiya, only to find himself attacked.

        He was treated by three paramedics at the residence.

        The Netanyahus adopted Kaiya in July, after the Prime Minister’s son, Avner, pleaded with his parents to save the life of the “gentle” ten-year-old dog who was about to be put down…”

        Source : Arutz Sheva, December 10, 2015.

      2. @nooralhaqiqa
        don’t feel bad about that story , it was a gift from someones maybe I guess ,the Israeli opposition side,the web had a field day with it,it served a good purpose and it made laughs all over the web ,in this world of conspiracies and conflicts People need a rest sometimes with comedy to smile and laugh ,the quote from that psychiatrist’s story which made me laugh the most is this
        “Bibi came by at three for his afternoon session. At four he refused to leave and claimed my house was actually his. Then he locked me in the basement overnight while he lavishly entertained his friends upstairs. When I tried to escape, he called me a terrorist and put me in shackles. I begged for mercy, but he said he could hardly grant it to someone who didn’t even exist.”


  3. Happy Holidays everyone!!!


    There is only one holiday on account of which I wish happiness to all celebrants.

    After that I used up my entire holiday stash of goodwill, and even if I hadn’t, I’d toss the rest away to pigeons and raccoons rather than contaminate it with those whose very existence is predicated on brewing vile potions and spells against humanity.

    Wish them well to your detriment, it is like cursing your own family.

  4. Christmas is so yesterday! Bring on Hanukkah, so say the ZOG Governments.

    “The chief rabbi of the Netherlands lit what he said is Europe’s largest kosher menorah, which was built for the Jewish community by Zionist Christians.

    Rabbi Binyomin Jacobs lit the second candle of Hanukkah on menorah opposite town hall in the southern city of Maastricht on Tuesday, he wrote in a blog post for the Dutch Jewish news site

    Measuring over 36 feet in height, the menorah was so big Jacobs had to be lifted onto it on a crane.

    The menorah, designed according to halakha, or Jewish Orthodox law, was built in 2013 with funding and work of Christians for Israel, a group which was founded in the 1970s and whose international headquarters is in Nijkerk near Amsterdam. The menorah, which was built by a member of that organization in the north of the Netherlands, was transported from Nijkerk to Maastricht for the ceremony, which drew a crowd of 1,000, including representatives from the Christian and Muslim faith communities, Jacobs wrote.

    In London, 7,000 people on Tuesday joined Mayor Boris Johnson for a Hanukkah candle lighting at Trafalgar Square — an annual event titled Chanukah in the Square.

    On Wednesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin lit Hannukkah candles at his office during a meeting with Berel Lazar, one of the country’s two chief rabbis.

    In Paris, thousands gathered on Tuesday at the Synagogue de la Victoire, or Grand Synagogue, for a commemorative concert in memory of the victims of last year’s attacks on the Hyper Cacher kosher shop and the Charlie Hebdo attack. Nachum Segal, the American radio DJ, led the event, which featured life performances the Israeli singer Yehoram Gaon and Uziah Tzadok.”

    Read more:

  5. The smarter kids in public schools now know that all they have to do to add a week to their holiday season break is say “Merry Christmas” to a teacher or school official, and just like that they can add an extra week to their holiday break. One more week of vacation time, how kewl is that !!! I’m sure a lot of kids have figured that out by now, 🙂 .

  6. If this story is true (and we all know that the net is the world’s biggest rumor mill ), then I wonder if that teacher would have been so quick to have a Jewish child suspended for wishing her a happy hannukah.

  7. Visiting Drudge this morning I saw an image of the earth as a circle on a page. Once you see these things you can’t un-see them. The headline being something about bringing back the earth from the brink.

    What would happen if you were in a round room and they told you there was a penny in the corner? What if that is exactly is what is happening? That 99.999999% of the world is engaged in finding that non-existent penny in that non-existent corner? That is exactly what is going on. And that is why it is hopeless.

    I think I am going to start to rewrite the Psalms. This line came to me this morning as I was pouring my first cup of coffee. For once I will base it on the KJV as it better conveys my thought.

    Yea, though I walk through the valley of the RETARDS, I will fear no evil.

    It’s a lonely existence, being able to see things as I’m sure many of you feel from time to time. Even in the 5th grade I knew the Church was BS and something did not compute. I made my mother remove me from Catechism. Who knew at that time that the problem was a bunch of homosexual predator priests? But I could feel that something wasn’t right. I sensed it.

    Living in the suburbs was such a bore. The only thing that saved me during my teenage years in the ’70s was playing in a rock and roll band, smoking dope, and not applying myself in school. Even though I was once tested and learned my IQ to be in the 135 range. I didn’t realize that basically makes me a genius. But I’m not near Mensa material. Of course I did not realize that I was Socially Engineered into suburbia. Another thing that helped me was spending a couple of weeks every summer back in the old neighborhood in Chicago at Grandma’s house where I learned the value of sitting on the stoop. Thank God Grandma allowed the kids in the neighborhood to sit on her stoop. So I learned to talk with others. Although these people would have been looked down on by the snooty rich kids who were my peers in suburbia. But the difference was the older kids and young adults I sat on the stoop with were actually real. Yes, that’s the problem. The robotic Stepford Wives are not just the wives. Everyone has been alchemically changed in order to secure their daily bread.

    Either way, the only way you will correct anything is to sell the sheep an entire new paradigm. You have to start with first things. For instance, even if it is true that we live on a ball that is hurtling through space, you have to convince them that it is flat and at rest. Then you can actually work on them to bring their ideas in line to your point of view. Anything short of that is a mere stroke session.

    So keep on chattering and having fun. But I think it is time for me to go into full on, all out Jonathon Swift mode and just treat the entire farcical pantomime as it is. The only thing left to do is have a good laugh about it all.

    1. “…Even though I was once tested and learned my IQ to be in the 135 range. I didn’t realize that basically makes me a genius. But I’m not near Mensa material…”

      Genius begins at IQ 140. You can become a member of Mensa already with an IQ of 130.

      1. I was once tested at over 145 for IQ, but then I was told they mixed up my results with some fella named “Obama”, turned out I only have an 85 IQ – but now that I am older it’s probably less. However, I am told I qualify for membership in the Densa society anyway.

      2. I believe that since the Mensa is defined to be the upper 2.5% of the population, whose average is defined as 100, and with standard deviation of 15, anyone scoring 132 and over will fall into the Mensa category (I checked the math a while ago and am speaking from memory, maybe 2.5% should be 5%).
        And by the symmetry of the “bell curve”, the heavy retards will click below 68 (“aw, shit, I just missed out on 69”)

        As to the JESUS THE JEW meme.
        Explain to this retard the meaning of the following:
        John 7:1,

        “After this Jesus stayed in Galilee; for He could not walk in Judea, because the Jews sought to kill him.”

        I am clueless as to how it goes with Jesus the Jew, maybe something to do with Holocaust Denial?

      3. @Lobro

        For all the answers to the question in which sense the term “the Jews” is used in the Gospel of John, go to :

        In John 4:9 the Samaritan woman calls Jesus a Jew :

        “…Then saith the woman of Samaria unto him, How is it that thou, being a Jew, askest drink of me, which am a woman of Samaria? for the Jews have no dealings with the Samaritans…”

        In John 4:22 Jesus says that “salvation is of the Jews” :

        “…Ye worship ye know not what : we know what we worship : for salvation is of the Jews…”

      4. @ Arch Stanton

        “However, I am told I qualify for membership in the Densa society anyway.”

        As Chairman of the Densa Society, I’d like to welcome you as an honorary new member. We’re always looking for new blood. Unfortunately, there are too many smart people around and so our numbers have been rapidly diminishing. At this rate, we’ll soon be extinct.

    2. “Even in the 5th grade I knew the Church was BS and something did not compute. I made my mother remove me from Catechism.”

      This gives me a chuckle. I got kicked out of Lutheran Catechism class for “asking too many questions.” Took about three sessions. What’s funny is now I have too many answers.

      Classic Catechism starters for inquisitive youth:

      – If God is all-knowing and all-seeing, if God is all that omnipotent, why didn’t he know Adam was hiding-out in the Garden?

      – Why didn’t God know about Satan BEFORE Eve snitched on him?

      – Why didn’t God know Eve ate the fruit before she ate it?

      – Can knowledge really be fruit from a tree?

      – How do you suddenly wake up to being naked?

      1. Arch –

        I got the full dose of Lutheran Catechism in my early teens.

        Benefit and biggest attraction was Betty Jane…. and our hitting the communion wine stock together. She answered most of my questions, a good source for ‘higher’ education. 😉

  8. Merry Christmas to each and everyone who read this comment
    Jesus Christ Peace be upon him have special place inside my heart for eternity
    and my love and respect for Christianity and Christians have no limit
    through Jesus life and message , sacrifices and struggles ..I learned the true meaning to have the will and resolve to be free to break the chains and be free from the money changers and the deceivers to one day..Palestinians and Palestine , …Jesus Christ’s Homeland ….The Prince of Peace…to be Free ….,Free at Last …..Amen

      1. May somebody finally identify who or what this “God” is.

        God has so many faces who could possibly recognize him if they saw him walking down the street?

        Are we talking YHVH the Gardener? Jesus the Christ? The Elohim? Vishnu, Krishna or Zippity-Do?

        If God is really willing to bless me, then why did he send me here?

        I think I met God once. Turns out he’s a sterno bum on 42nd Street.

        Sorry, I got carried away with the Catechism comment.

    1. @ Abdul
      @ Missingarib

      You are blessed. Be thankful and Merry Christmas.

      @ Arch Stanton

      You said, “May somebody finally identify who or what this “God” is.”

      Matthew 6:9 (KJV) – Jesus said, “After this manner therefore pray ye: Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name.” (The first line of the Lord’s Prayer)

      Per Jesus, God’s name is obviously Father. All the other names are jewish misinformation, misdirection, and lies from the jewish fantasy known as the Old Testament. Jesus taught that the only other usage of father is small letter referring to your daddy. The Catholic Church violates this teaching by referring to priests as Father. Maybe it’s small letter. Either way, it’s contrary to what Jesus taught.

      1. Yes, yes, that is what the Christians always say, but other religions invariably see it differently. How then may we discern whom has the real answer? How does Jesus know god is a guy? Sounds like the gender framing that would be required by a rigidly patriarchal society like first century Judea.

        How much traction would Jesus’ message have got with the heavily patriarchal Temple system had he preached about “Mother God” to the masses? After all, women in that society were mere chattel owned by their husbands.

        Divorce for a male in that culture was little more than dashing off a note saying – “We’re through! Don’t let the door hit you in the Tuchas baby!” Suffice to say, it was a bit more problematical for a woman to “file” for divorce.

        I’m thinking if “God” made man in “his” image, then “he” probably did the same with everything else in the universe; it’s probably all an image, or reflection, of the ineffable. I’m thinking if God had an ego like man and “he” really wanted to point to a more impressive image of “his” reflection “he” might use VY Canis Majoris or maybe an entire crab nebula to reflect his creative efforts instead of a nanoscopic slime mold covering a dying dust speck in a forgotten corner of the universe. – But that’s just me.

      2. Prabhupada: The name of God is Christ. That Christ is another form of pronouncing Krsta. And Krsta is another form of pronouncing Krsna. Therefore God’s name is Krsna. So Christ said to glorify the name of God, but somebody says in Christian that there is no name of God. Why?

        Pater Emmanuel: We have name of God.

        Prabhupada: Yes. What is that?

        Pater Emmanuel: We talk God, “Father,” or “our Father.”

        Prabhupada: No, “Father…” Just like your son may call you, “Father,” but you have got a name also, “Mr. such and such.” My son, your son, everyone’s son calls his father, “father.” But the father has a name also. Similarly, God is the general name, but still, He has got a particular name. And that name is Krsna. And that is accepted by Jesus. Jesus the Christ or Jesus the son of Christ or Krsna. And he identified himself as the son of God. Therefore the name of God is… Either you call Krsta or Krsna or Christo, it doesn’t matter. The name of God is Krsna or Krsta.

      3. ‘Ungenius’, it is you (and a majority of others) who is contrary to the Teachings of Jesus.

        Woe to those separating the Old Covenant from the New Covenant to corrupt The Word.

        Exodus 3:14 And God said unto Moses, I AM THAT I AM: and He said, Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, “I AM” hath sent me unto you.

        God’s Name is obviously “I AM”. No-one in the entire universe can say they are THAT!

        “I AM” said which days to “rest”. Xmas was not one of them. The so-called Christians who are deceived, say it is a day for The Lord when it is a day for the lord of darkness.

        Secondly, “Father” is a title and not a name. “Father” is used to describe the relationship.

        Matthew 23:9 And call no [man] your father upon the earth: for one is your Father, which is in heaven.
        23:10 Neither be ye called masters: for one is your Master, [even] Christ.

      4. @ Jew Song

        So you believe that Jesus was not being serious in Matthew 15:4 when he said, “For God commanded, saying, Honour thy father and mother: and, He that curseth father or mother, let him die the death.” If Jesus had said sperm donor, you might stand a chance of being correct. Clearly, Jesus is referring to not calling anyone on earth your father as God in Matthew 23:9 which is clarified in verse 10 concerning the term Master.

        In John 8:58, Jesus did say that he was I AM. So based on your logic with the Old Testament, Jesus is God. That being the case, there definitely is no reason to consider the Old Testament for anything other than a jewish confusion fantasy since I AM, Jesus, told us what to do in the Gospels.

        Again, it is a blessing to disagree with you since your solution is returning to the jewish fantasy of the Mosaic Law which Jesus turned on its head numerous times. If we could just find some “real jews,” according to you everything would be all better.

    1. Thanks for being the voice of reason. The Truthseeker website is carrying both versions today (12-12-15).

      To the administrator: I submitted a comment noting the two different versions, then noticed the comment above, so I deleted mine. Please leave it in the trash.

    2. Speaking of “alternative versions”, the very same “alternative” media characters who always present the Sheikh Imran Hosein to us are the very same “alternative” media characters who don’t want us to vote for Trump because Trump does NOT want Muslims immigrating to the West, including the USA. Like Trump, the Sheikh Imran Hosein does NOT want Muslims immigrating to the USA either –> Trump and the Sheikh Imran Hosein have that in common –> BOTH of them do NOT want Muslims immigrating to the USA. So the “alternative” media characters who always present the Sheikh Imran Hosein to us because the “alternative” media characters who present The Sheikh Imran Hosein to us LERV the Sheikh Imran Hosein , who doesn’t want Muslims immigrating into the USA ; You know, one would think such “alternative” media characters would also LERV Trump, as Trump’s viewpoint concerning Muslim immigration to the USA is THE EXACT SAME viewpoint as that of the Sheikh Imran Hosein who, like Trump, does NOT want Muslims immigrating to the USA. Trump has the same viewpoint as the “alternative” media’s all-time favorite, the Sheikh Imran Hosein, so right there is a Perfect Reason to vote for Trump, considering we all LERV the “alternative” media and the “alternative” media’s all-time favorite the Sheikh Imran Hosein does NOT want Muslims immigrating to the USA. So Trump, it turns out, is The Only Presidential Candidate who has The Same ViewPoint concerning the Muslim immigration issue as Noor’s and Mark Glenn’s all-time favorite Muslim, The Sheikh Imran Hosein!! 🙂 .

      1. Darn Brilliant. Laughing aloud.

        But it all comes down to motivation as to whether it is moral ~ even if the end result is the same.

        Each man holds this line but for different reasons.

        Luckily, they agree.

        Have you pointed this out to MG yet? I imagine he might smile.

    3. @The Light of The Truth
      Cyberspace has become a fertile space for rumors,deceit ,deceptions ,disinformation and websites acting as cover and fronts for every alphabet in every continent…. in other words
      it’s a jungle,even search engines have been manipulated to give false and twisted results.furthermore academia and historic facts have been reversed to serve it’s masters
      we need to have the 6th and beyond senses to navigate this mysterious world to seek the truth…The Truth Shall Set You Free

      1. @ Noor :

        No, I haven’t pointed it out to MG, nor do I plan to point it out to MG. The habiru is incorrigible, habirus always are. Maybe I’ll point it out to MG the day Trump wins The Election, 😉 . Putin is doing the moral thing and eradicating ISIS so the Muslims MG loves so much can live in peace again. Trump does not want USrael ZOG to interfere in Putin’s moral quest to save a Mulsim land from destruction. The only presidential candidate who does not want to see a Muslim nation destroyed, that’s Morality. I’m sure you would agree, Noor. I’m sure MG would agree also, except he banned me from TUT. That’s how habirus are.

        ALL the other presidential candidates want USrael to go on destroying Muslim lands, to go on and destroy as many Muslim lands as possible, the more Muslim lands destroyed, the better, which will cause a World War with Russia, while ZOG brings in Muslims in large numbers from Muslim lands they just destroyed into the USA, then that will result in the USA being destroyed [ the USA is NOT in any position to win a World War, it’s too weak domestically to win a World War : ZOG Washington knows it ]. At that point, all the Muslims who immigrated here will also be destroyed when the USA is destroyed : That’s Immoral.

      2. @Joe, am with you bro, have been waiting for over a year, for MG to answer a perfectly reasonable query in an e-mail..

  9. Could we PLEASE have a flood of Merry Christmas cards mailed to this ‘man’?

    Westview Elementary School
    Attention: Mr. Paul Horner
    5 Lenox Way,
    San Francisco CA 94127

    I’m just licking my envelope closed right now…
    Merry Christmas everyone!


    It is unfortunate that a child was punished like that, and she meant well.

    I will not be surprised if this Horner man is Jewish.

    Many “atheists” are closet Judaists.

    But, in any case, see:

    See the book about how the Jewsus myth was invented:

    What I hate most about Jewsus is not that he did not exist, but that he was “Jew” (if he existed). because the term “Jew” connotes the most repulsive and disgusting barbarians and savages, the pimps and the whores, the alienists and the criminals.

    1. Those ideas of “Acharya” D.M. Murdock are full of inaccuracies. Most scholars nowadays are convinced that the Buddha and Jesus were real historical personalities, though of course their stories have been embellished by myths and legends.

      Jesus was born a Jew, but had none of the negative character qualities of Jews, in fact he was in all respects their opposite. The Jews hate him, but don’t say that he never existed.

      1. Yes franko boy they dont say that he didnt exist yet they call mary a prostitute ..that according to the book (the talmud) that you keep under your mattress next to your made in israel mulatto dildo, right boy?
        Please check and see if i got any typos up there, little boy

    2. From my ebook>”…those who have perpetrated this con (the mythology of Christianity) want humanity to be yet further deceived thinking Christ himself was a hoax, that He never even existed. Satan certainly is clever, yet, I ask, if Christ were a hoax, why were all His disciples hunted down and murdered? Why were their voices silenced while Paul, coached by unseen “adjusters”, was able to carefully tend to the genesis of what has become the widely accepted mythology known as Christianity? Why do satanic Jews today, as throughout the last 2,000 years, continue to mock Him and condemn Him to boil in steaming excrement forever? Purim celebrations posted on Youtube provide endless footage representative of the ongoing Jewish attack on Jesus the Christ. Would such passionate, focused abuse continue for two thousand years, for no reason? Certainly not. Jesus stood up to the satanists of His time, to the scribes and Pharisees, the Levites, the Mosaists, the money changers. He called them liars, thieves, sinners … and as he proceeded with these brave deeds, he sought to inspire sleeping humanity to join Him, saying, “And greater works than these shall ye do also.”

      1. Why? Because we have been brainwashed since early childhood to seek the confusion of complexity and ignore the obvious.

        What is the link to your e-book?

      2. That’s it, I always say, let Jew be your guide to truth, an inverted prism, because in unswervingly toiling in bondage to Lie, he helps you arrive at Truth by process of elimination, in absence of a more direct way.
        If ever you find yourself in agreement with him, beware, because something is wrong in your picture.
        New Song, with her JahJah blether should watch out, though I am sure she means well.
        I was present when my wife was in labor, so when she broke H2O, I solemnly baptized it Emmanuel … oops, the learning curve was not done yet, I was stuck at Ye Olde Testament stage.

        Arch, to some extent you mix up unrelated concepts as well, analogous to when the mindless rabble take it for granted that porno-clown Einstein represents the pinnacle of scientific achievement.

        I don’t have a clue of what God looks like, did he shave that day or is a female squid.
        After all, octopuses and squids are among the most intelligent creatures on the planet, so why shouldn’t God look like them. And they taste wonderful, to my eternal shame, making me feel like a cannibal, which is why I generally avoid eating them.

        As for Jesus, whatever his bag of magical stunts, it doesn’t sway me a bit, neither I nor Devil are impressed, what I do is pay attention to is what Jesus the Man said.
        And that’s all.

        All that stuff about God being like this or that, left hand of God, right hand of God, what am I, a palm reader?
        If he is so simple that we can reverse engineer him, and we can’t even figure out whether nukes exist or if the moon shot was faked, sorry, deal me out of discussion, I must take the dog out for dump.

        If I call him as HE, the big bearded, musclebound dude, that’s the choice of my imagination and no one can deny me that right.
        Maybe tomorrow I will get bored of that image and picture him as a flower bedecked VW Beetle.

        Bottom line, all these debates are bullshit, the only thing I know is he is not some Jew JahJah Torah baby eater.
        Good enough for me.

        As for “he doesn’t exist” I will take your word for it after you have done the thorough search of the universe and whatever is outside.
        Especially the Outside.

    3. “Jew-Hova” = the bloodthirsty god of the old testament. I wish that somebody could explain why LD appears to be such a loyal fan of this monstrosity and why she simply CANNOT utter a cross word about the jewish god as he is portrayed in the old testament. You can postulate that Jesus and Jehovah are related to each other somehow or in some mysterious way. It just seems improbable. Nor does it follow that Jesus and Yahweh must be related to each other simply because they occupy two distinct parts of the same bound volume of books. Just look at how very different they are …. Jesus on the one hand is very decent and kind, while Yahweh on other hand is the exact polar opposite of Jesus.

      Yahweh is utterly dogmatic and ruthless and egotistical.

      Yahweh certainly has a place in his heart, but only for his small band of “chosen.”

      Jesus has a place in His heart for everyone.

      Yahweh is exceedingly small-minded and “tribal” in scope.

      Jesus is Universal.

      Yahweh says: “You must kill the ‘other’ and you must be afraid of Me, for I am a jealous god.”

      Yahweh is the Anti-Jesus.

      The question is, why do folks who think of themselves as being ‘Christian’ worship a deity with a message that’s diametrically opposed to the teachings of Jesus ??

      1. @ Save The Goyim

        To add to my previous post to David Thatcher, it is hard to overcome early childhood brainwashing and indoctrination that continues through life until something inside of you almost screams for truth. I think that lots of people have slight flashes questioning their brainwashing, but until a person really wants to know the truth about why things are the way they are, those flashes get ignored by distractions. It was that way with me most of my life and every time I think that I am different, I discover that I’m not that different than everyone else.

        Once the why of things becomes a burning desire, a person will spend the time to investigate to determine the basis for what’s going on. Once the source of the problem is identified, the next logical step is to determine the solution which is where the questioning of religious doctrine/brainwashing starts to seriously occur. Praying for the truth is the best thing to do at that point. Contradictions and confusion then begin to be replaced by simple truths at a rate equal to a person’s ability to take it. Everything begins to look different, simple, and starts to make more sense. The truth of Jesus’ teachings becomes the round hole and the bogus square pegs just do not fit anymore. Most of the Old Testament can be recognized as a square peg.

        Unfortunately for many, once the source of the problem is identified, solutions are attempted within the same parameters as the problem. I tried it myself, but being exceptionally hardheaded/determined, I kept seeking a solution until it was revealed to me to be the teachings of Jesus. Initially, the revelation of the solution came in the form of thoughts and was finally confirmed by a messenger in the form of a very brief encounter with a stranger in a parking lot. Had that encounter happened before it did, I would not have been ready to receive it.

        As to why the jews had Jehovah, Yahweh, and whatever else they call their God of destruction, the answer is simple. If you are going to claim to be superior to all other humans, your fantasy religion must have an a-hole for a God that condones your superiority while condemning all others as inferior. The devil fits the bill regardless of what the jews decided to call their god.

        In a conversation I had with Brother Nathanael, he summed it up quite well. He said that the problem with the jews is that they accepted the temptation of ruling over the world from the devil that Jesus rejected. Jesus knew that the temptation was a lie, but the jews weren’t and aren’t that smart. Since it’s a lie, the jews won’t ever accomplish it.

  11. Oh samantha samantha just run to your new president and complain to him just say something like
    “Oh donald oh donald dear president what am i, is it true that that man that came 2015 years ago was a sorcerer, a liar and his mother a prostitute?”
    What would his answer be?
    “Well, samantha, i dont know, i wasnt there at the time, i am a faithless man who only only cares about money and, here is the twist, the ones who deny him his holiness are the ones who got plenty of what i like most, so screw him and screw these holidays”
    Wake up samantha

  12. Since the religion is study of ineffable, unprovable, intangible, non-material, transcendent and so on, beyond the reach of scientific, empirical inquiry, Atheism qualifies as religion, precisely like Holocaust does.

    Because I am spooked by Jews, out of fear more than respect, I always say Happy Holocaust when I come across a Jew because I know they celebrate it every day.

    1. @ Lobro

      That’s good. Quite creative. Thanks for the chuckle, but I’ll stick to Merry Christmas because it pisses them off so much.

  13. Hey samantha if you come here here is what i got to say to ya little girl


    “Where Is The Love?”

    What’s wrong with the world, mama
    People livin’ like they ain’t got no mamas
    I think the whole world addicted to the drama
    Only attracted to things that’ll bring you trauma

    Overseas, yeah, we try to stop terrorism
    But we still got terrorists here livin’
    In the USA, the big CIA
    The Bloods and The Crips and the KKK

    But if you only have love for your own race
    Then you only leave space to discriminate
    And to discriminate only generates hate
    And when you hate then you’re bound to get irate, yeah

    Madness is what you demonstrate
    And that’s exactly how anger works and operates
    Man, you gotta have love just to set it straight
    Take control of your mind and meditate
    Let your soul gravitate to the love, y’all, y’all

    People killin’, people dyin’
    Children hurt and you hear them cryin’
    Can you practice what you preach?
    Or would you turn the other cheek?

    Father, Father, Father help us
    Send some guidance from above
    ‘Cause people got me, got me questionin’
    Where is the love (Love)

    Where is the love (The love)
    Where is the love (The love)
    Where is the love, the love, the love

    It just ain’t the same, old ways have changed
    New days are strange, is the world insane?
    If love and peace are so strong
    Why are there pieces of love that don’t belong?

    Nations droppin’ bombs
    Chemical gasses fillin’ lungs of little ones
    With ongoin’ sufferin’ as the youth die young
    So ask yourself is the lovin’ really gone

    So I could ask myself really what is goin’ wrong
    In this world that we livin’ in people keep on givin’ in
    Makin’ wrong decisions, only visions of them dividends
    Not respectin’ each other, deny thy brother
    A war is goin’ on but the reason’s undercover

    The truth is kept secret, it’s swept under the rug
    If you never know truth then you never know love
    Where’s the love, y’all, come on (I don’t know)
    Where’s the truth, y’all, come on (I don’t know)
    Where’s the love, y’all

    People killin’, people dyin’
    Children hurt and you hear them cryin’
    Can you practice what you preach?
    Or would you turn the other cheek?

    Father, Father, Father help us
    Send some guidance from above
    ‘Cause people got me, got me questionin’
    Where is the love (Love)

    Where is the love (The love)?
    Where is the love (The love)?
    Where is the love (The love)?
    Where is the love (The love)?
    Where is the love (The love)?
    Where is the love (The love)?
    Where is the love, the love, the love?

    I feel the weight of the world on my shoulder
    As I’m gettin’ older, y’all, people gets colder
    Most of us only care about money makin’
    Selfishness got us followin’ the wrong direction

    Wrong information always shown by the media
    Negative images is the main criteria
    Infecting the young minds faster than bacteria
    Kids wanna act like what they see in the cinema

    Yo’, whatever happened to the values of humanity
    Whatever happened to the fairness and equality
    Instead of spreading love we’re spreading animosity
    Lack of understanding, leading us away from unity

    That’s the reason why sometimes I’m feelin’ under
    That’s the reason why sometimes I’m feelin’ down
    There’s no wonder why sometimes I’m feelin’ under
    Gotta keep my faith alive ’til love is found
    Now ask yourself

    Where is the love?
    Where is the love?
    Where is the love?
    Where is the love?

    Father, Father, Father, help us
    Send some guidance from above
    ‘Cause people got me, got me questionin’
    Where is the love?

    Sing with me y’all:
    One world, one world (We only got)
    One world, one world (That’s all we got)
    One world, one world
    And something’s wrong with it (Yeah)
    Something’s wrong with it (Yeah)
    Something’s wrong with the wo-wo-world, yeah
    We only got
    (One world, one world)
    That’s all we got
    (One world, one world)
    Bye samantha i wish for a good future for you

  14. What is intelligence? Everyone who took IQ tests won’t fail to notice that these tests are basically hinged on the understanding of intelligence as a measure of one’s ability (a) to detect patterns, and (b) exercise basic Boolean logic.

    However, this is a very simplistic, very defective and very limited understanding of what intelligence is. Intelligence is much more than that. Have you ever seen an IQ test that measures the ability to detect the cause-effect relationships between events in nature and in human relations? But this ability to see the cause-effect relationships in correct order is way more important than the aspects (a) and (b) of intelligence mentioned above.

    Still more important and way more powerful sign of intelligence is the ability to invent. But this ability to invent is simply cannot be captured by any IQ tests. Then, there is another dimension to intelligence which is even harder to measure – the artistic one.

    But let us not to digress, let’s stick to the most simplistic aspect of intelligence – the ability to detect patterns. In IQ tests, the attempt to capture this ability usually comes in the form of a question like (see, for example, Mensa IQ Test): Which one of the following N items is least like the other N-1 items?

    Now, let us take the N commenters of the post 8-Year-Old Suspended For Saying ‘Merry Christmas’ To Teacher. Which commenter is least like the other N-1?

    Ask the same question applied to the post War Is On The Horizon: Is It Too Late To Stop It?

    Now compare the names of the two commenters you got from answering the above two questions, and see if you can detect something in common in these names?

    Good luck!

    1. Circ- Easy problem to solve.

      I found them easily. I found the common quality in their names.

      Both were fabrications… constructions…. ‘strawmen.’

      They also shared the common view that Putin was liked by ALL Russians.

      That means both were badly mistaken.

      Many Russians hate Putin for offering to bring in the hordes of Chinese in TRADE-OFF for GAS SALES pipelines…. For the benefit of London Pharisee-Jew Bankers.

      There will soon be over a BILLION mouths for Russians to feed…!!

      The Iron Silk Road will bring them EVEN to Moscow…. Fast.

      No fear of few thousand musselmen… much fear of BILLION starving coolies already ravaging Russia’s eastern areas.

      Those who hate Putin say.. “DEADLY FRIEND – CHINA.”
      Смертельный друг – Китай
      Deadly Friend – China

      Russians see future ravaged Russian land(5:00) and Putin smiling about the deals with China(10:40).

      Chinese are ruthless and Russians know it:
      Prominent Chinese tycoon, Billionaire, Guo Guangchang, missing
      Dec 11, 2015

      There has been no official word on Guo’s detention, but the speculation is that Guo has been detained for a corruption investigation, and political analysts note the pattern has been public disappearance occurring before an official announcement.

      There are musselmen mouths to the south… coolie mouths to the east….. converging… sad shape for Russia.


      One more common thread….

      Both of the names do not admit…

      Russians need US to help build Russia’s industry and military more than ever.

      1. Thanks for taking my IQ Test, Pat.

        The highest score is 3, because the test is comprised of 3 questions, while the lowest is 0, naturally. I am sorry, Pat, but you hit the rock bottom. However, I am sure your poor performance was not due to your low intelligence but because you, most probably, have interpreted IQ to mean Intractability Quotient rather than Intelligence Quotient.

        The correct answers in my mini IQ Test are:

        (1) NOORALHAQIQA . She was the only commenter who “Just being the voice of reason here” identified – directly and unequivocally – the post in question as “too juicy to be true”.

        (2) ABDUL. The only commenter who was disgusted by vicious attack unleashed on RO and, in addition, had the courage to come to her defense, as true gentleman. And he did it admirably, i.e. openly, reservedly, and in good taste:

        I’ll be honest here
        I like Lasha’s poems and her views expressed in her writings ,that is the only reason i keep visiting this site .
        I never liked administrators or moderators and Toby of this site is no exception
        I seen some comment from someone called madame ….unbelievable words spoken like a real madame of a sea port house of the oldest profession.
        guess what from few comments i read ,i am a fan of red onions,I salute you Lady.

        (3) Both names have in common a Muslim ring to it.

      2. Pat,

        I’ve noticed that this is the 3rd time you’ve posted the Yellow Peril meme in as many days. I did not bite the 1st or 2nd time, but, as they say, the 3rd time’s the charm.

        Origins of the Yellow Peril Meme:

        In the late 19th century, Chinese immigration to the United States, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada sparked a racist backlash against people who were willing to work hard for less than whites, and who were so different in appearance, language and culture from whites. In 1870, the French writer Ernest Renan warned of the danger from the East to the West, though in this case Renan primarily meant Russia.[5] In the 1870s, working-class whites in California demanded that the U.S government stop the immigration of “filthy yellow hordes” from China who were supposedly responsible for the economic depression by taking away jobs from white Americans.[1] Horace Greeley, the editor of the New-York Tribune newspaper wrote in an editorial in support of Chinese exclusion that: “The Chinese are uncivilized, unclean, and filthy beyond all conception without any of the higher domestic or social relations; lustful and sensual in their dispositions; every female is a prostitute of the basest order”.[1] Widespread dislike of the Chinese led to the Los Angeles pogrom in 1871 where 18 Chinese immigrants were killed by a white mob. Denis Kearney, the Irish-born leader of the Workingmen’s Party of California gained popularity in the 1870s-80s with his slogan: “The Chinese Must Go!”[6] The pressure to ban Chinese immigration led to the U.S. Congress passing the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882.[1]

        Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany coined the phrase “Yellow Peril” (German: gelbe Gefahr) in September 1895.[7] The Kaiser, under the influence of the anti-Asian diplomat Max von Brandt had come to see China as a rightful area for Germany to colonize and Japan, which had just defeated China in the First Sino-Japanese War (1894–95), and had made major gains at the expense of China as a serious rival for dividing up the spoils of China.[8] In the Triple Intervention of April 1895, Germany together with France and Russia had presented a diplomatic note to Japan forcing the Japanese to give up most of their gains in China.[8] To justify the intervention, Wilhelm was from April 1895 onwards talking obsessively of the dangers posed by the “yellow race” to the peoples of Europe.[8]

        In coining the phrase Yellow Peril, Wilhelm had formalized a term for racist fears about Asians that had been common in the West since the mid-19th century, especially from 1870 onwards.[5] The Kaiser had an illustration of this title — depicting the Archangel Michael as an allegorical Germany leading the European powers against an “Asiatic threat” represented by a golden Buddha — hung in all ships of the Hamburg America Line.[5] It was ostensibly designed by the Kaiser himself.[9] The British historian John Röhl described Wilhelm’s sketch which inspired the Yellow Peril painting as portraying European nations as “…prehistoric warrior-goddesses being led by the Archangel Michael against the “yellow peril” (represented by a Buddha) from the East”.[10][11] The painting was inspired by a dream that Wilhelm had, which Wilhelm took to be a prophecy of the coming, apocalyptic great “race war” between Europe and Asia which would decide the future of the 20th century.[10]

        Wilhelm was a fanatical white supremacist who loathed Asian peoples, believed that it was only a time before a “race war” began, and was an extremely egotistical man who saw himself as the natural leader of the “white race” in the coming war against the “yellow peril”.[12] The Reich’s claim for leadership in the coming “race war” was emphasized by portraying Germany as the Archangel Michael, whom the Book of Revelation prophesised would lead the armies of God into battle against the armies of the Anti-Christ at the battle of Armageddon.[13] The fact that the other European nations were portrayed as women together with the caption calling on Europeans to defend their “dearest goods” was an elaborate sexual pun on the part of the Kaiser; in 19th Germany, the phrase “dearest goods” was slang for the female sexual organs.[13] The painting’s message was an extremely crude call to protect the vaginas of European women from being “defiled” by sex with Asian men. After his dream, Wilhelm drew a sketch and then had his court painter Hermann Knackfuss turned it into the Yellow Peril painting.[5] Wilhelm was so impressed that he sent copies of it out as his Christmas presents in 1895.[5] The former Chancellor Bismarck received the painting as a present from the Kaiser, and though he did not quite understand what the painting was supposed to be about, he hung up in a prominent place at his estate.[5] The painting was very popular in its day, and was reprinted in the New York Times in 1898 under the title The Yellow Peril.[5]

        The Qing dynasty forced Russia to hand over disputed territory in the Treaty of Saint Petersburg (1881), in what was widely seen by the west as a diplomatic victory for the Qing. Russia acknowledged that Qing China potentially posed a serious military threat.[14] Mass media in the west during this era portrayed China as a rising military power due to its modernization programs and as a major threat to the western world, invoking fears that China would successfully conquer western colonies like Australia.[15]

      3. JFC –


        It seems those Germans fear everyone not ‘white’…..
        ….. or pinkish..’ruddy’… ‘reddy’…. 🙂

        My point posting it was because Chinese of all colors can walk into Russia and even Germany. They do now cross into Russia.

        I never mentioned ‘Red Peril’ since I do not see the ‘peril’ but the obvious sheer numbers are way larger than musselmen numbers.

        I do not fear them taking over Russia… Russians might, though. Just wait when the trains are completed. All the way to London. WHEW..!!

        Rus-ians… ‘reds’ will be like the ‘redskins’ of N America… gone to reservations…. Just have a few casinos. HA!!!

        One of my closest friends is full blood Chinese. Family name of Auyang. His grandfather was Chang’s top general, and former mayor of Canton before Mao. Everything is all competition in his world…. even at 78 yrs. Good businessman.

      4. Pat,

        Speaking of Auyangs…

        My aunt (my father’s sister) married an Owyang (a variant spelling of Auyang). Her father-in-law, Chi Owyang, was the Singapore Ambassador to Thailand from 1974 to 1988. He died at the age of 91, just 9 months after retiring from active service and was given a State funeral — a rare tribute indeed for a mere Ambassador.

      5. JFC,

        There is a yellow peril. The Chinese are buying up every Bar/Tabac/PMU in Paris and in other big cities, waiting for further expansion. Always the same modus operandi, the two parents who barely speak French selling the tobacco and cooking, while their perfectly educated kids with French names take care of the bar and gambling. I have a little late night talk with one of the kid once but the sneaky bastard wouldn’t want to tell me where the money was coming from, as the business license is very expensive.
        I am scared JFC, the yellow mob is invading us. Look at the French minister of culture, Fleur Pellerin.
        She doesn’t read but she do count.
        Smart businessmen indeed those grapefruit faces, good money to be made in gambling/taxing the poors, in time of crisis and unemployment.

      6. @Phil

        Phil, could you enlighten us about the contemporary French politics.

        We know that our stupid Ukrainian brothers are infected with deadly disease – the ill-placed belief that they will be OK as long as they stick with the Americans and serve the new master as willing whores.

        But how come that the politically savvy and sophisticated French do not understand that if they want to survive as a nation of French people they have to recover France from English domination, as it was understood even by a peasant Jeanne d’Arc?

        Why don’t you support your new Jeanne d’Arcs – the beautiful aunt Marine Le Pen and her no less beautiful niece Marion:

        French far-right fails to win a single region in elections

      7. Circassian,

        Thanks for the snide comment and for rubbing salt in the wound. “the politically savvy and sophisticated French” You sound like Ellie. French people are veals that still have a very confortable life.

        Well, thought I was clear last week with the triangular routine and the sparrow scarecrow strategy masking the real debate between pro and anti EU, sovereignist and globalist. As expected, Le Front Républicain, LRPS read l’herpès as Philippot the gay nationalist candidate calls them, won all the regions in second round, showing us one more time how occidental democracy is a scam.

        Let’s take the south east region of my once beloved city of Marseille where the young Marion, the best shot of victory for ethnic reasons (with Philippot) , was opposed to the Republican Estrozizi, le motodidacte, who was once a FN supporter and also minister of industry sic.

        The Socialist party has decided to withdraw its list after the first round, a scandal, and asked its charlie electors, or what’s left of it, to vote for Estrozizi. The semite community vote also played his part and a lot of french muslims went voting for the second round, hand in hand with their jewish cousins, for different reasons, mosques grants, family allowances and drug trafficking maybe. Sad thing to see my muslim compratiots voting for ultra-zionist Estrozizi. What’s wrong with the catholic Marion who wants to protect Syria? A lot of fine muslims in Front National. Didn’t muslims like Jesus? This word is taboo in france. Do you know that three days after the attacks the government decided to withdraw Christmas Crèche from city halls? Religious entropy.

        Add the soccer game in the afternoon, the absentionists, the division between nationalists and a week of smearing fear campaign with “threat of civil war”, “the darkest hours”, “your money will disappear», «let’s knock up front national females for the survival of a smiling mankind” and you have the triumph of democratic values.

        Marion alone 45.2%. Estrozizi and co. 54.8%.

        That might be the score in 2017 for the presidential, if it ever comes to that, Marine against, let’s see, Juppé, Erdogan’s buddy or good old Sarkozy.

        As for Jeanne D’Arc, a majority of french people just don’t know about her or see her as some kind of catholic urban legend.
        In occident we suffer from self-hatred, not for us, but for our ancestors, an hatred skillfully maintained by history program, media and movies. Well this is very misplaced since we are just a bunch of monkeys with I phones.
        Front National rally last year in front of Jeanne statue.
        That’s historical entropy, I spare you the journalist comments.

        Is there some kind of diaspora investment policy in China?
        That would be a smart way to recycle worthless dollars, or to launder gambling crime money. C’est le jeu ma bonne Lucette.

      8. Phil, thanks for the update.

        I had a hunch that “French people … still have a very comfortable life” might have something to do with it.

        Unfortunately, cold plus hunger is nearly the most effective and quick way to bring people to their senses.

        As we rude Rus say: The puppy will learn how to swim but not before he gets water in his butt.

      9. JFC –
        Phil –

        “Is there some kind of diaspora investment policy in China?”

        ALL investments are in Pharisee-Jew pockets…. globally.

        Pharisee-Jew bankers in control of all markets and in charge of China’s currency are driving it lower every day.

        Properties will be sold for cheap. The cycle up and sold.

        Asian stocks and emerging markets had come under pressure after the People’s Bank of China continued to guide its currency lower, setting the yuan/dollar official midpoint at its weakest since July 2011.
        Zhou Hao, economist at Commerzbank in Singapore, said that offshore traders, who are more inclined to trade derivatives, were rapidly unloading yuan positions in reaction to the central bank’s behavior in the onshore market, specifically its decision to steadily lower its daily midpoint guidance rate.

        China’s yuan closed down against the dollar for the fifth session on Thursday while the offshore market accelerated away from the onshore rate, putting the Chinese central bank’s ability to hold the exchange rate stable in question.

    2. Both were fabrications… constructions…. ‘strawmen.’
      They also shared the common view that Putin was liked by ALL Russians.
      That means both were badly mistaken.
      Many Russians hate Putin for offering to bring in the hordes of Chinese

      Quite right, Pat: overwhelming majority of 10 percent DOES NOT approve of Putin

      89.9 percent of Russians approved of Putin

      Yeah, all of us who thought that Putin was well liked by all Russians were badly mistaken, I mean, really BADLY, almost 10%, including Jews, Tatars, Chechens and other minorities who make up 19% (that is nineteen, one-nine) of the total population.
      When I’m fact MANY Russians HATE Putin.

      Shall we play with numbers a bit?
      Scenario 1: 10% of Russians do not approve of Putin (which is not the same as hating, e.g., if I don’t approve of your comment doesn’t mean that I hate you). But that means that 20% of non-ethnic Russians ALL approve of Putin and they are almost exclusively Muslim (Sunni, right Circ?), meaning that 100% of Sunnis in Russia approve of Putin in general and of his bombing ISIS in particular (I guess that the ones that disapprove are already with ISIS)
      Scenario 2: that 10% disapproval contingent is entirely made up of disaffected minorities, Ukrainians, Muslims and Jews. Which means that even in this event, fully 50% of such minorities still approve of the job Putin is doing after more than a decade of botching things badly in your opinion – can you name ANY American president with a 50% approval rating after even 1 year in office? (And remember, we are talking about ethnic minority, all of whom should be naturally hostile to Putin)
      And this still leaves ethnic Russians, who as per this scenario give Putin a 100% vote of confidence – oops.

      Aside: If I ever had to take on a business partner, my choice would be a Chinese one, after an impeccable experience with a previous one.
      In Canada, we are “swamped by Yellow Hordes”, there are towns around Toronto where the shopping mall signs are exclusively in Chinese, every single business Chinese owned, e.g., Markham, Ontario (other locations are Indian run, e.g., Bramalea or Agincourt).
      And guess what? I’ve never heard a word of complaint about them.
      We don’t “feed the Yellow Hordes”, they feed themselves and many of us, I suspect.
      Downtown is packed with panhandlers, destitute, homeless, junkies, rubbies, bums, hobos, unemployed hookers, runaway kids … any of them Oriental or Indian?
      In all my years I have yet to see one.
      So, they are perfectly ok in a big, highly multi ethnic town like Toronto, when I remember the ghoulish Anglo-Protestant food of my childhood, I gag, mummified roast beef, boiled potatoes, scalloped carrots – ouch!
      And today, even in my peregrinations I am jaded, I go: “good stuff but we got the same back home”.
      All things can be right if done right.

      Of course, Toronto never had any culture 50 or more years ago, unless you think Ulster Orangemen and Lord’s Day when cinemas must shut down constitute culture, so almost any change results in improvement.
      The stupidest thing is to generalize about this stuff, it must be considered on a case by case basis.

      1. Quite right, Lobro –

        “89.9 percent of Russians approved of Putin”

        They polled only white belt judokas.

        I had a Chinese business partner… great business… did well for 20 years.

  15. This website needs to do a check up on its sources. Something about this story smelled funny and a cursory check on the internet shows that there are two stories circulating about this incident; one in which the ‘child’ is suspended for saying merry Christmas, one in which the teacher is fired for saying merry christmas to the child. Darkmoon, i’m beginning to wonder if you’re not a troll site.

    ADMIN (TOBY): Well then, if you think this is a “troll site”, stay away! We are not exactly soliciting your rude and discourteous comments. Consider the possibility that we posted this story in good faith because it was sent to us by a correspondent we trusted. We were also unaware that there there were two separate versions of the story.

    1. perhaps ya should be more wary of yer correspondents. Some of them might not be friends. Posts like this, so easily debunked, discredit your message.

      1. Point taken. The respected Noor has already told us politely that the article is a fake and we are quite happy to accept her verdict. Your own hostile comments (“discredited website”, “troll activities”) add nothing to the debate and simply reflect you own psychological problems.

        We have added this afterword to the article and this should suffice to meet with your exacting standards of excellence:

        Update. We have been told that this article is a fake and that different versions of it have been circulating on the internet for years: one in which it is the teacher who is the atheist and gets a pupil suspended for wishing him “Merry Christmas”, and another version in which the roles are reversed and the teacher is suspended for wishing an atheist pupil “Merry Christmas.” Both versions of the story are now available on the Truthseeker website. Though the article can no longer be regarded as kosher, we intend to leave it as published here. Let it be regarded as an amusing satirical spoof. (JSM)

        1. @ Admin Toby

          I don’t know why all of youse “alternative” media types are making such a brouhaha over the issue if this article is fake or not. I don’t know why all of you “alternative” media types care, I mean, after all, your “alternative” media is full of fake articles, and fake articles in your “alternative” media was never an issue before.

          All of you “alternative” media types just LERV ALL of your LIES OF OMISSION. LIES of OMISSION are still LIES, and it’s called LYING, you lying bastards!

          You can all eat Putin’s Bear Shit this Christmas for all I give a shit, including your “respected” Noor. What a fuckin’ fake and phony she is, more of a fake and phony then your fake and phony “Lasha”, and that’s saying a fuck of a lot.

      1. i fully agree that we all make mistakes and life goes on; the end of the world is not brought about by a foolish post. But there is nothing funny about the subject. ‘Rude and discourteous’ for callin this out, no.

    2. ADMIN (for “Aodh Mor MacRaynall
      I did a search ,it shows nothing
      anyway..this site is weird ,i am telling you
      i am out of here for good.

    3. Maybe that teary eyed picture is not of Samantha Dawson but of Paul Horner after he got fired for being an atheist.
      You know, parallel worlds and all that, they intersect at some San Francisco school.

  16. At least this one is not a hoax, where
    ISIS (and I assume, Avi, the prototype Palestinian) wish us all a Merry Christmas … or is it Chanukah.
    Two Million Syrian Christian Population Being Exterminated by ISIL
    (It’s time the West joins Russia in protecting Christians in the Middle East)

    But hold on a minute, this site is INTIFADA-PALESTINE!?
    Does it mean they are fake Palestinians, because the only real heh-heh, Palestinian is Avi, who hates whites, Shias, Putin, basically, whoever Jews hate, Avi hates too and thus, every real Palestinian should follow suit.
    So, the fact that INTIFADA-PALESTINIAN is defensive of Syrian Christians is indicative of the fact that they are fake – if you don’t follow Talmud, you are fake, just ask BHL the world’s greatest philosopher, with sexiest looks, most expensive silk shirts open to reveal chest, because he, the Kabbalist sage, also hates whites, Christians, Shias , Assad, Gaddafi and prosperous Libya (scratch that, problem solved), Putin.

    Perhaps it took a ruthless tyrant to keep the peace at times. And certainly Assad is a ruthless one. (Witness his torturing Al Qaeda “suspects” for George Bush.) But at least in Syria there was a stable peace between Christians and Muslims under Assad’s secular dictatorship, as evidenced by the fact that Syria boasted no less than 1.8 million Christians before the Arab Spring began in 2011. Yes, Christians lived in peace and safety.

    This is a matter of historical fact. And it is rooted in a once powerful movement, called Arab nationalism, which once included the likes of Gamal Abdel Nasser of Egypt. As the name applies, the unifying concept behind this nationalist movement that emerged in many Middle East countries after WWII was that all religious groups should be protected and respected (even as taught by the Koran) such that people of all faiths would come to see themselves as proud and equal members of their shared motherland: be they Syrians or Egyptians. For only then–as one united nation–could they throw off colonial rule.

    Yeah, ISIS wishes all Christians a Merry one.

  17. Intelligence, entropy, belief in God … Interesting subjects to debate.

    What believing in God amounts to? What is belief? Definition of ‘belief’ by Webster:

    conviction of the truth of some statement or the reality of some being or phenomenon especially when based on examination of evidence

    If we apply this definition of ‘belief’ to the expression ‘belief in God’ we get something that has … atheistic overtones:

    belief in God = conviction of the reality of God based on examination of evidence

    So, if Webster fails us in defining adequately the meaning of the human concept of ‘belief in God’, we are justified in seeking a better definition. Here is my understanding of it:

    Belief in God is a Healthy Reverence for the Unknowable.

    Belief in God comes to a human being as the result of losing his arrogance and dawning on him how small, limited, and helpless he is.

    The fascinating paradox of this epiphany is: After this realization, the human becomes as big and powerful as the Universe itself by simply dissolving in that Universe.

    That’s where the power of Muslims, and all other true believers for that matter, is coming from. The true believer cannot be defeated for the Universe cannot be undone.

    1. The musselmen are weak and follow the words of a guy who could NOT read and could NOT write… an illiterate.
      Therefore….. he could not even PROOFREAD the words the scribes put into his books.
      He knew nothing about that which they wrote down for him. He was easily duped.

      “True believers” are nonexistent….. if they ‘believe’ the koran.

      The garbage heaps of history are full of musselmen empires. Jefferson whipped them into shape and made them sign away their rights in 1799.

    2. The ‘powerful’ musselmen are being shut down in France.

      France to Shut Down up to 160 Mosques

      Raids reveal large stashes of weapons and ammunition

      PARIS ( – In the wake of the November 13 Paris terrorist attacks that claimed more than 130 lives, the French government is ordering up to 160 mosques to be shut down in the coming months. Raids have revealed large stashes of weapons and ammunition.

      The government’s emergency powers grant it the right to take this extraordinary measure, and mosques that are unlicensed or have a history of “preaching hatred” are being singled out.

      One of France’s chief imams, Hassan El Alaoui, said last Wednesday, “According to official figures and our discussions with the interior ministry, between 100 and 160 more mosques will be closed because they are run illegally without proper licenses, they preach hatred, or use takfiri speech.” Takfiri speech involves sectarian slurs leveled by one Muslim against fellow Muslims.

      “This kind of speech shouldn’t even be allowed in Islamic countries, let alone secure countries like France,” El Alaoui said.

  18. In the central Piazza Barberini of Rome , right in front of the fountain of Triton by Bernini, stands a 5 meter tall monumental rubbish jewish candelabre celebrating Hannukah. This abominion is paid by the council of Rome, as an homenage to our no so hidden rulers, while the symbols of Christianity are removed from the schools and public offices no to offend “minorities”. Europeans are confused and divided, easily manipulated by cultural distorters who alter our enviroment without almost opposition. Philosofical discussions of the nature of Christianity won’t help , because it is clear that more we are uncertain of what we are, and more our enemies have an easy job of engineering our lives for their purpose. Jesus Christ was a jew ? I doubt. Was he sent there to expose the root of all evil ? I believe so. Responsabilty is always individual after all , and since we have free will, we are able to choice beetween good and evil. They twist the logic ? We observe the laws of nature ! They invert reality ? We look at facts ! They spread vices and pervertions? We have self esteem and discipline ! And we give them a chance . Brother Nathanel , Gilad Atzmon, the great Bobby Fisher took it and reject that evil creed, like they did many sodiers of jewish descent who choosed to fight for Germany in ww2. Merry Christmas to you whom with I am honoured to share some thougts , and may God bless all the men and women of good will.

    1. @The Roman

      Jesus Christ was a jew ? I doubt. Was he sent there to expose the root of all evil ? I believe so. Responsabilty is always individual after all , and since we have free will, we are able to choice beetween good and evil. They twist the logic ? We observe the laws of nature ! They invert reality ? We look at facts ! They spread vices and pervertions? We have self esteem and discipline ! And we give them a chance . Brother Nathanel , Gilad Atzmon, the great Bobby Fisher took it and reject that evil creed, like they did many sodiers of jewish descent who choosed to fight for Germany in ww2.

      I will start analyzing this gibberish by giving you the benefit of the doubt: I will assume that you honestly believe in what you are saying here, rather than presume that you deliberately obfuscating things.

      Who are ‘we’? And who are ‘they’? First you have to make up your mind: Who the rulers are and who the bitching party is. From what you are saying it follows: It is you – the romans, so to speak – who are the slaves to “no so hidden rulers”. If so, then you cannot “give them a chance”: bitching servants don’t give a chance to their rulers – they obey.

      Then, if you are the bitching party, how can you claim that you “have self-esteem and discipline”. You gave a chance to Bobby Fisher and he took the chance you have graciously offered him? What a f*cking arrogance!

      Your magnanimous offer (to your masters?!) were taken, evidently, also by some of more reasonable of them: “like they did many soldiers of jewish descent who choosed to fight for Germany in ww2”? What about the soldiers of Russian descent who fought against Germany in ww2, saving in the process, not only the world, but the Germans themselves from mass madness foisted upon that great nation by the Brits with the sole purpose of unleashing and pointing this insane drive towards the East?

      Just like the mass madness we are witnessing today with horror in Ukraine foisted upon our brothers by the Americans – the heirs of the Brits – with the sole purpose of unleashing and pointing this mass insanity towards the East.

      “They twist the logic?” Who is twisting the logic here, ‘you’ or ‘they’?

  19. How come so many in the “alternative” media who push Hinduism on us, and all of them also support massive Muslim immigration into the USA, how come these types NEVER get appalled and horrified and deeply indignant that the Muslims have always historically and even today wage Islamic Jihad against Hinduism and against the Hindu people of India –> The way these very same “alternative” media types are just appalled, appalled I tell ‘ya, appalled, horrified, and deeply indignant, the Catholics way back when launched Catholic Crusade against the Islamic Jihadists who were always waging Islamic Jihad against White, Christian Europe and for centuries before the Catholic Crusades were Launched threw White, Christian Europeans into jew-arab-mohammedan chattel slavery? How come, those who love Hinduism so much and simultaneously love Muslims so much, are never indignant or even the least bit bothered the Muslims always waged Jihad against the Hundus they love so much? Heck, they never even mention The Fact the Muslims they love always waged/still wage Jihad against the Hindus they love.

    How come so many in the “alternative” media who are always so deeply indignant the Catholics Launched Catholic Crusade against the Muslims NEVER mention THE FACT that for centuries before the Catholics launched Catholic Crusade against the Muslims the Muslims would raid White Christian Europe and take White Christian Europeans and throw them into arab-jew-mohammdan chattel salvery? These types are NEVER indignant in the least bit the Muslims for centuries waged Islamic Jihad against White Christian Europe and threw White Christian Europeans into jew-arab-mohammedan chattel slaery, but they are deeply indignant the White Christian Europeans launched Catholic Crusade against the Muslims and put an end to the Muslims waging Islamic Jihad against White Christian Europeans. How come these types NEVER mention the Muslims threw black Africans into chattel salvery, so many of these “alternative” media types who love Muslims so much also make such a big stink about how they love blacks.

    How come the section of the “alternative” media Darkmoon is part-and-parcel of is so dissimulating, so cognitive-dissonant-inculcating, so full of shit?

    It’s a good thing ZOG isn’t right now waging war in India, then that would result in millions of Hindu war refugees, and that would result in the millions of Hindu war refugees coming to the USA, then the Muslim war refugees would be waging Islamic jihad against the Hindu war refugees in the USA, and then “Catholic” Noor who LERVS the Muslims who always and up to this day wage Islamic Jiahd against the Hindus, and “Catholic” Lasha who LERVS the Hindus who are always the victims of the Muslims Noor LERVS so much, Heck, that would be one hell of a cat fight, the two “catlicks”, one a Hindu and the other a moozlum at each other’s throats, scratching each other’s eyes out. Go easy on Hindu Lasha, Muslim Noor, Lasha only has One Eye.

    How come Noor, Lasha, Mark Glenn, so many others in the ‘alternative” media who are so appalled at the possibility Washington won’t let Muslim war “refugees” into the USA are NEVER appalled Washington has an Official ZOG Policy to BAN Christian war refugees from entering the USA. How come Ashleigh Banfield is NOT appalled about the BAN on Christian war refugees from immigrating here to the USA? How come the “alternative” media, like the MSM Asleigh Banfield, isn’t deeply indignant ZOG Washington BANS Christian war refugees from immigrating to the USA, the way all of them are deeply indignant at the very remote possibility Washington might some day Ban Muslims from immigrating to the USA? How come the proponents of Muslim immigration don’t care that ZOG will NOT be vetting the Muslim immigrants to determine which ones are peace loving and which ones are Jihadists? AND how come these types NEVER advocate for the persecuted Christians in the Middle East, so the persecuted Christians will be allowed in the United States? How come they only advocate for Muslims, and at a time ZOG Washington owns Islamic Jiahdist groups and at a time ZOG Washington has NO plans to stop the warmongering Islamic Jiahdists from entering the USA. All of a sudden, when it comes to the Muslim immigration issue, all the savvy “alternative” media types totally forget ZOG owns the Islamic Jihadist groups and totally feign to pretend they don’t know the Islamic Jihadists on ZOG’s payroll will be entering into the USA, hiding behind the so-called peace loving Muslims. In the meantime, very same “alternative” media types NEVER advocate for the Christians in the Middle East, yet, if anyone in the Middle East are peace loving, it’s the Christians in the Middle East, yet the so-called peace loving “alternative” media NEVER advocates for the peace loving Christians of the Middle East to immigrate to the USA, they advocate instead for Muslim immigration, yet they fully well know Muslim immigration at this time means lots and lots of ZOG’s Islamic Jihadists on ZOG’s payroll will be entering into the USA. Your “alternative” media is most dissimulating and I find you all to be putrid and disgusting.

  20. Circassian
    They rule upon us in Italy ,like they rule upon everyone else in the western world. They run media and education, so they can shape public opinion and culture. Francis Parker Jockey was the first to use the term culture distorters, term which I think describe perfectly their way to dominate us. I have no doubt your remarks toward my previous comment were motivated by a purely materialistical view of everything I mentioned. Of course I was referring at religious identity, and beeing a Christian I observe the commandament of giving a chance to repent to even the worst of the sinners,. If this mean being arrogant , well ,probably I am . Concerning self esteem and discipline they can coexist even in captivity and in hard times ,and you can see it in Russia, a country you love and I highly respect, where many honest and thrutful men faced persecution ,imprisonement and death ,not to bent to Bolshevism. Once you criticized me for having cited Solgenytsin as an important contributor for the reconstruction of Russian morality, minimizing his role. The man stayed the same in the bad times as in the time of glory and celebration, he said the truth , showing himself and the world what self esteem means. Wherevere I can learn something , I am ready to do it, and maybe I can learn from you too, since your knowledge of Russia is probably much greater than mine. So please , do not be so hostile with me , I just wished you a merry Christmas after all. And God bless mother Russia.

  21. @ The Roman :

    This is a bit off topic, but I have to ask anyway [ but it does involve a NWO matter, so it’s not entirely off-topic.]. As you live in Rome, The Roman, did you happen to drop by the Vatican last week to watch the NWO Light Show “Pope” Francis put on? It was quite the show, wasn’t it? What is your opinion of the recent NWO Light Show NWO Jesuit poop bektashi boy put on?

  22. Joe
    I didn’t watch this show, a couple of pictures were more than enough for me . Everything that comes from the Vatican stinks, and that since a long time . I read a bit about it and I came to the conclusion that vatican has been taken over with the second vatican concilium in 1963. You probably know that the first thing that Bergoglio did after being elected pope ,was to call the rabbi of Rome as a sort of blessing by our ” elder brothers” like nowadays are defined by the church those who once were called the perfidious Christ deniers. Maybe this man is the false prophet of the last days, for sure he does not testify the word of Christ. As you rightly point, he is a nwo agent, and a powerful one I am afraid. We live in tough times , may God give us strenght and wisdom.

    1. @ The Roman

      I am certainly no expert on the Catholic Church, but it appears that the Catholic Church was compromised well before Vatican II. Vatican II looks like the cherry on top of the sundae.

      If the author Andrew Hitchcock is correct, the Rothschilds took over the treasury of the Vatican in 1823. He who controls the money, rules. Even before that in the Middle Ages, there were jewish Popes. I suspect that the Roman Catholic Church was corrupted as far back as the Great Schism of 1049AD when the Roman Catholic Church split from the Byzantine Orthodox Christian Empire.

      In actuality, corruption of the Roman Catholic Church does not matter as long as the people involved with the church know and practice the teachings of Jesus. No one needs to have the permission of the church to be a true follower of Jesus. There is no group salvation, just individual salvation which is available to anyone regardless of organizational affiliation or the lack thereof.

      Again, have a Merry Christmas.

  23. The article is very real:

    Here is what my nephew (precocious 12 year old) comes home TODAY complaining about!!!

    ‘In my class, our English teacher drew a menorah on the board to celebrate the different holidays of December and one of our Jewish classmates (the only Jewish person in our grade and perhaps school) decided to draw one candle for every day of Hanukkah. I don’t like this, but I guess its fine (no religious discrimination and bla bla bla), but what I’m extremely mad about is what happened next. A few other Christian students and I suggested a Christmas countdown, but our teacher said no and said we are only allowed to do a “Holiday” countdown. (angry) Then, today after Hanukkah ended (happy) (finally) he still wouldn’t let us do it and suggested we draw something about Quanzaa (who even celebrates Quanzaa! (headbang) )

    He gave the excuse that we drew Christmas lights last week. First of all, Christmas lights are not Christmas, they represent all of the other fake Christmases everyone else like athiests celebrate who don’t even know what Christmas actually is! Second of all, all of the other stupid holidays are either over or after Christmas! Why can’t we draw anything for Christmas! And our teacher isn’t even religious! (facepalm) This is stupid.’

    Its worse than stupid son, but that;s a good start!!

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