When China Rises

The Chinese are outwitting the Jews.
They are playing the Jews at their own game and beating them.

. . . by Ungenius

86845f.pngMost of the Jewish gold lies hidden in Switzerland. For a couple of decades, the Swiss have been hard pressed to dig tunnels fast enough in solid granite to store the Jewish gold coming in.

There is no need to audit Fort Knox. The Jewish banksters know that there is hardly any gold left there. The Jewish banksters own and control the US government. So there will be no audit of the gold at Fort  Knox until after the shit hits the fan and the financial collapse of the near future is finally upon us.

The Chinese have been in the process of undermining the Jewish financial ponzi system in numerous ways since about 1987. In essence, they are out-jewing the jews.

The Chinese are using and storing gold that is 99.99% pure. Jewish gold is only 99.9% pure. When the Chinese and Russians are ready to collapse the Jewish ponzi scheme, the Jewish gold will be relatively worthless since it will not be pure enough to be considered real gold by the new Chinese standard.

In addition, the amount of gold in Chinese hands is growing by leaps and bounds because the Chinese are dumping dollars and exchanging their US dollars and US bonds for the deliberately low-priced Swiss Jew gold that is only 99.9% pure. Though less pure than Chinese gold, it is nevertheless valuable, just as the real estate and art treasures, which the Chinese are also acquiring relentlessly, is also valuable.

It will soon be riches to rags overnight for the jews. Heart breaking.


The way you can tell that the Big Collapse is coming is that the Chinese have shut down the “shadow” — i.e. unofficially Jewish — banking industry in China. Unlike the US, the Chinese government owns its central bank. This is only way to have legitimate banking.

The number of Chinese billionaires decreased by 50% during the past year. The Chinese stock market is escalating through the roof as all  the shadow bogus money is looking for a home to make more money. All stock markets are debt-based gambling casinos, which is why the bogus money goes there, just like in the western ponzi schemes.

When China gets ready to collapse the global Jewish ponzi scheme, all they have to do is close the Chinese stock market which is home to lots of Jewish ponzi money from around the world.

All the stock markets around the world will collapse, leaving China with the only real wealth: pure gold in vast quantities, real estate, and other physical assets such as diamonds, jewelry and works of art.

All the West will hold then, including the Jews of Wall Street and Zurich, will be worthless paper.

Game, set and match to the Chinese.

Unlike what we are led to believe, the Chinese are not stupid. They had a thriving culture for thousands of years before the Jews decided which cave to store their treasures in. They have a memory of living under the Jewish regime of Mao and the damage done to them in the Opium Wars. They have not been Communist since 1987.

The Chinese have only one political party, but so does the USA where that one party is known by two different names.

It is who owns the central bank that makes the crucial difference.

What is particularly refreshing about the scenario that is about to unfold is that the Jewish plan was to move their financial suction machine to China—that is, after they had finished sucking the rest of the world dry.

Ooops!—it so happened that a small group of Chinese farmers who got tired of starving in the 1970s made a secret pact among themselves that resulted in the fall of Mao’s Communist government. This dashed to pieces the Jewish plan to infiltrate, occupy and take over China, as they managed to do so successfully with Germany, Russia, and the United States.

We in the West have been the Jews’ victims. The astute Chinese, wily as foxes, have played the Jews at their own game and defeated them. The Chinese have being playing chess for a long, long time. They invented chess.

I just love it when an evil plan falls apart.

For more on China’s resurgence and Jewish influence in China ,
see Lasha Darkmoon’s China and the Jews

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  1. The Chinese are not stupid, but they wouldn’t be where they are today if Americans didn’t dismantle American industry and ship American industry to China en-masse. I guess the jews were in the forefront of the dismantling of American industry and moving it to China. Still, the fact remains, the majority of Americans who owned stocks in all the industries that were shipped to China didn’t protest at all the destruction of American industry. In fact, they loved it as long as their dividend checks kept rolling in.

    In this case, Chinese intelligence consists of saying “Yes, we will accept you Americans shipping your American industry to our China”.

    After fighting a proxy war with China in Vietnam, and after the US military won every major battle in Vietnam, the war was intentionally lost at the Paris Peace Talks, and very soon after that, Nixon opens up trade with China. “Opening up trade with China” is a euphemism for the dismantling American industry and moving it to China. In other words, the price of losing the Vietnam war was the dismantling of American industry and shipping US industry to China. The price of losing the Vietnam war was losing American industry to China.

    The great question of American history remains unanswered — indeed, the question is not even being asked, let alone being answered : Who exactly decided that the USA had to fight a proxy war with China to determine if US industry would stay in the US or be shipped to China en-masse? There really was no question that American industry belonged in the USA. The country where so much was invented. Yet, a war was fought to determine if American industry would stay in the USA or be handed over to China. Who decided a war had to be fought over this? Who decided the price of losing Vietnam was losing American industry to China? As far as I know, not one historian in the USA, or anywhere else, asks these questions. But the questions I ask are logical and pertinent.

    Losing Vietnam was a giant disaster for the USA. Yes, there was no good reason for the US to get involved in Vietnam — but NOT for the reasons the hippies and the “peaceniks” tell us. There was no good reason to fight a proxy war against China in Vietnam to determine who would get American industry. American industry was built in the USA by Americans. It was very much an integral feature of American heritage as so much was invented in the USA.

    Now, so many years after losing Vietnam during the Paris Peace talks, and it’s very obvious losing our American industry to China is a direct result of losing the Vietnam war, Americans still can’t figure it out. We get what we deserve for our stupidity — the stupidity and the blindness is willful.

    1. Yes, Joe your questions are indeed logical and pertinent! David Stockman posits the root of the problem to America entering WW1 on the side of Britain and France. They should have allowed to fight to a stalemate! Pat Buchanan, who once called your congress Israeli Occupied Territory, wrote a book called “The Unecessary War” which you can download from some of the websites I have provided in previous posts! He posits that THEY wished World War 2 upon the World. Remember Douglas Macarthur? Before his death in 1964, Loony Bins Johnson visited him and was told emphatically never to involve the US in a land war in Asia!
      But of course you know all this from reading the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion! I am sure know the acronym MICE coined by your FBI to explain the motivation as to why people betray their country. Money, Ideology, Compromise, Ego! One of those factors will explain why the leadership of your country betrayed you!

      1. Oops 2 typos, my apologies!
        1. Should have been allowed to fight
        2. I am sure you know!

    2. Not to mention the Golden Triangle


      fast forward to 2001

      In Afghan fields the poppies grow,
      between the crosses..
      row on row..

    3. Joe –
      “Who decided the price of losing Vietnam was losing American industry to China? As far as I know, not one historian in the USA, or anywhere else, asks these questions. But the questions I ask are logical and pertinent.”

      Yes, they ARE!!

      Whether it was John Beaty, Nord Davis, Sheldon Emry or Bertrand Comparet…I cannot rightly remember, but one of them or their contemporaries showed a UN document from the 50s or 60s that stated what you want to know. It HAS been addressed.
      The US was designated by the UN to become the distant future ‘breadbasket’ of the world. AND the ‘entertainment and vacation center’ of the world.
      You might want to search in that manner.
      Who was Nord Davis Jr?
      In 1972, we originated Operation Rolling Thunder, a private civilian operation designed to militarily close Haiphong Harbor in North Vietnam to prevent the enemy from getting its supplies. As a result of that- operation, and the ten day ultimatum Northpoint Teams gave to CINCPAC on April 28, 1972, President Nixon was forced to put a blockage around that harbor on May 8, 1972, to protect the supply lines to the Rockefeller EXXON refinery located there. As a direct result, and our Team Project goal, the Vietnam War had to be cycled down and stopped.
      He planned to bomb the dredge keeping the river navigable.

      1. @Pat
        The Haiphong Harbor was closed several times before 1972. It was closed when I was in Vietnam in 1967. Diplomatic negotiations reopened the harbor each time which was the dead give away that the war was not meant to be won. Fortunately, I left Vietnam just before the Tet Offensive. The Tet Offensive was made possible by reopening the harbor so that the North Vietnamese troops could be resupplied.

        The Vietnam War was just more deadly smoke that made up the fictitious Cold War justifying more military spending with the distant aim of establishing a global military to go with the planned global government. The bonuses were getting to actively test the military’s capabilities and the elimination of a lot of Goy.

        The USA, USSR, and PRC had common ownership, the jewish banking cartel. All the conflicts and standoffs were bogus with the true intent being as mentioned previously. Most everything was driven by the plan revealed by Albert Pike in 1873 to the a-hole in Italy that started the Mafia, I forget his name.

        The plan fell apart in 1987 when China basically told the the jewish banking cartel to take a hike. The USSR attempted to saber rattle China back onto the plantation, but China just put more troops on their border where the USSR was rattling.

        The plan fell apart again when Putin revealed that he was an Orthodox Christian after he was put in a position of power in Russia and stepped off of the banking cartel’s plantation. A couple of years ago, Russia crippled their cartel owned central bank by taking away the bank’s ability to set interest rates. Interest rates are now determined by the Russian government. When Russia nationalizes their central bank, the time of significant economic change will be very close. During the past year or so, there have been rumblings from within the Russian government to nationalize their central bank, but apparently the time is not right.

      2. @Ungenius

        The a-hole you are referring to is Giuseppe Mazzini.

        “The Third World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences caused by the “agentur” of the “Illuminati” between the political Zionists and the leaders of Islamic World. The war must be conducted in such a way that Islam (the Moslem Arabic World) and political Zionism (the State of Israel) mutually destroy each other. Meanwhile the other nations, once more divided on this issue will be constrained to fight to the point of complete physical, moral, spiritual and economical exhaustion…”

        It is a depressing document though. How did he know about fascism, nazism,bolchevism, zionism and Palestine in 1871?
        Couldn’t it be a huge Tavistock like manipulation in order to discourage anyone seeking the truth? A luciferian version of muslim predestination?
        So what? Eurasia and Oceania will nuke each other over the fate of Israel/Palestine/Middle East. It is written.
        If the antechrist has already arrived what is the point?
        Albert Pike’s road to nihilism.

        Thanks for the article and the quality of the debate.

      3. Ungenius –
        Phil –

        Thanks for the reply and dialogues. I am very familiar with all the remarks you made here.

        I have read much of Al Pike, Al Massey and Joe Mazzini. I subscribed for many years to David Smith and Ralph Epperson and Bill Still and Ed Griffin. I have met all of them personally, and scheduled lectures for Smith and Epperson in various cities. The largest one was for both of them combined in 1990. Over 1000 attended one day. We had to keep opening partitions. We ‘walked the walk.’ I sold many cases of Epperson’s New World Order:

        Another of his shows Masonry’s plot to destroy Christianity:

        Here is a good site on Mazzini:

        A famous boxer said, “Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face.”
        I say, “Everybody has a plan, then changes it.”

        I do not know ANY original plans of others, especially leaders, and certainly cannot predict how their plans will change in the future…..”written” or not. They don’t even know that.

        I am NOT convinced there are mobile nuke weapons anywhere in the world. I believe all government lie. I believe mobile nukes are government lies. I understand the physics. I am not impressed with their claims.

        The past is not the key to the present…..nor to the future. Nothing in history duplicates 100%.

      4. @ Phil

        “How did he know about fascism, nazism,bolchevism, zionism and Palestine in 1871?”

        That should make you conclude that the document is a later fabrication.

      5. @Franklin Ryckaert
        “How did he know about fascism, nazism,bolchevism, zionism and Palestine in 1871?”
        That should make you conclude that the document is a later fabrication.

        I have to agree. Still, a very interesting thread.

      6. That there are massive stockpiles of nuclear armaments ANYWHERE on the planet may be the greatest hoax of them all.

        Build a few and explode ’em here and there over the years and voila! A big lie to last a lifetime and keep the fear-train rolling along

      7. This just posted by Rothschild/Reuters.. is much more real than NUKE threats:

        Syria gets Russian arms under deals signed since conflict began: Assad

        MOSCOW (Reuters) –
        Russia is supplying weapons to Damascus under contracts signed since the conflict in Syria began in 2011, as well as under earlier deals, President Bashar al-Assad said.
        Assad’s comments, in an interview published by Russian government newspaper Rossiyskaya Gazeta on Monday, appeared to contradict Moscow’s line that any Russian arms supplies to Damascus were agreed before the conflict began.
        “There are contracts that had been sealed before the crisis started and were carried out during the crisis. There are other agreements on arms supplies and cooperation that were signed during the crisis and are being carried out now,” Assad said.

      8. Franklyn
        Pike clearly isn’t the author of the document and stating this as a fact is absurd . He couldn’t predict the result of the Civil War so how could he have possibly predicted with such accuracy the Middle East circa 2015? My point is I don’t really care if Pike wrote it or Carr or Rodriguez. Like I don’t care if it was a hologram on 9/11 or if Hitler was Staline’s buddy at Tavistock. The result is the same, bloodbath, chaos and global governance.
        And this is what Occult Societies and Mystical Orders have “prayed for” since the time of Ancient Egypt,to a gang of goat rustlers in Canaan, to los Alumbrados, to Weishaupt, to the Jacobins…
        ORDO AB CHAO is their philosophy and the Modus operandi is their twisted controlled opposition. The French Revolution is incomprehensible until you get that. The demagogic debate, the fake opposition between the Girondins and the Jacobins, the escalade in atrocity, the very masonic Dr Guillotin. Did you know that Philippe Egalité (Duc of Orléans yes he changed his name tiens tiens) was the main protagonist in the beheading of his cousin Louis XVI and the Grand master of the Grand Orient along with his secretary/brain Choderlos de Laclos “les liaisons dangereuses”? His regicide’s head would roll one year later. It’s all about égalité and liberté. Then Robespierre’s head and all the way to Waterloo with Napoleone. The Duc’s counterpart in the cosy lodges of London sure had a good laugh. As did Nathan Bauer at the stock exchange a week after Waterloo.
        The 14th of July is national day in France. The takeover of an empty prison by a horde of starving people armed by bankers. I wonder what funny story lies behind 4th of July. Independence from Great Britain. OK I get it.
        Balzac who was a martinist said “There are two histories: the official history, full of lies, the history “ad usum delphini” then the secret history, where the true causes of events are. A shameful history.”
        Oh he also said “Equality may perhaps be a right, but no power on earth can ever turn it into a fact.”
        You see Philippe (the Duc not me) thought he was God. He clearly wasn’t.

        I have a ivorian soccer buddy who claims that Francois Hollande is controlled by Illuminatis. It might seem absurd but his level of awareness is higher than my educated relatives who cherish Sarkozy. He also knows about Alassane Ouattara the mason and his lovely jewish wife Dominique.

        The document is a hoax, a practical joke probably wrote in the 20s. But he certainly have emerged from a fully aware mind. the protocols were not written by Terah or Abram or Ezra. Nevertheless they wouldn’t have denied the autorship. The same could be said about the creepy Pikkke prophecy.

        About nuclear weapons maybe some of you know this story. About the B29 which dropped the bomb on Iroshima : 29=number of awaiting the judgment, the matriculation of the plane was Enola Gay. Read it backwards. YA G ALONE=Yahweh is god alone. The same words than Elie on Mount Carmel. Sneaky sneaky.
        Maybe this is another hoax. But then someone said “Now i am become death, the destroyer of worlds” and commited suicide.

        The central of Dimona in israel is the exact replica of the central of Marcoule in France and it can produce a nice amount of plutonium. The french/israeli nuclear collaboration/theft is a disgrace that is fully documented despite the opposition of DeGaulle. Do they have the capacity to launch bomb ? Maybe with American missiles and german submarines they could give it a shot. May i suggest next Pourim?

        I will conclude this with an another recreation. Listen to Jacques Attali(B’nai Brith) the minister of economy in France since 1981. He said that we will have a one world government based in Jerusalem after or instead of WWIII for better or for worse.

        Sorry about the disgressions and the typos.


      9. @Phil

        This comment is out of sequence, but bare with it to the end where I have a couple of questions concerning sequence.

        Palestine (Palestina) was named by Roman Emperor Hadrian in the 2nd century AD so Albert Pike would have definitely known about Palestine. The Zionist propaganda about there not being a Palestine is just that, propaganda.

        As for all the other names of governments, the jews made them all up as needed or foreseen according to plan.

        If one backs up from the details and looks at the bigger picture, it becomes clear that the jews did not like monarchies, but preferred representative governments. The reason is simple. Every time that a monarch realized that the jews had looted them with usury and/or debt, they were banished, killed, or both. The jews knew from practical experience in England, that groups of representatives seldom agreed on anything especially if they were bribed to be in opposition to one another. In the Protocols, the jews referred to these groups of representatives as “talkies” for that reason.

        The Protocols also said that the jews would use constitutions and the positions of presidents to accomplish their control of government in addition to controlling finance and gold. They did just that.

        Since the Communist Manifesto was prior to Pike, he would have known about that as well. BTW, Marx stole the Manifesto from the original author, Clinton Roosevelt. The last name sure is familiar in American “history.”

        Since fascism is corporate control of government and corporations are financial entities based on creation by debt instruments commonly known as stocks, it is not farfetched to think that corporations are a creation of jewish debt and/or usury financial control. It is entirely possible that Pike, being the worlds highest ranking Freemason at the time, would have had the inside scoop on the jewish plan for world domination and the term fascism.

        The term zionist is merely the term that the jews use to describe their fantasy of world domination because they believe that they are God’s chosen to do so. Because Jesus did not deliver the jews the world on a silver platter, they crucified him, so the idea of Zion is certainly not new and Pike would have been aware of that for sure.

        As for the term Nazi, Eustace Mullins said that it was a combination of two abbreviations, NA for National Socialists and ZI for Zionists, but that would have been after Pike’s time. Personally, I think that the term Nazi comes from the end of the name for the current jews’ ancestry, Ashkenazi. Pike could have been the one to coin the phrase, Nazi.

        The plan to relocate jews to Palestine was the direct result of the first Zionist Congress in Switzerland in 1896 if I recall the date properly. It is entirely possible that the Zionist were working from Pike’s plan since he was a Luciferian, one of their kindred spirits so to speak.

        The other question is, how did Cardinal Caro y Rodriguez of Santiago, Chile know about WWII, Israel, and WWIII back in 1925 unless he had some sort of source? Maybe he was just prophetic which I doubt.

        Like the Protocols, any plan that has manifest itself is always claimed to be fraudulent by the establishment and the establishment has always been jewish for about the past 250-years in western societies.

        The only reason to ascertain the truth in history is to destroy the illusions so that room can be made in the mind for the truth. Unless the deception is put aside within a person, flushed from the mind, the truth will not be seen even if it hits someone and leaves tire tracks on therm. Been there, done that.

        One of the toughest thing I have ever done was to realize that I had spent 50-years living an illusion and then using the flush handle numerous times to make room for the truth. Only then did I realize that Jesus was correct when he said that the truth will set you free. His teaching are the truth which I have proven to myself many, many times. Real freedom does exist, but only in truth.

        BTW, the nukes are real. Plutonium is the only realistic reason to have a nuclear reactor since nuclear reactors are economically unjustifiable for any other reason. All other uses for nuclear reactors are just smoke cover for the real reason, plutonium source material.

        Off topic question concerning this website and comments. Why do some comments have a reply button and others don’t? I seems that selecting e-mail notification results in a reply button appearing on the comment. However, if I make a comment to another comment without leaving the website, I do not see the e-mail notification option and no reply button appears my posted comment. Can a reply to a comment that does not have a reply button be tagged to it somehow?

      10. Ungenius –

        You might want to do more research on the uses of ‘ALL’ nuclear reactors and how weapons grade plutonium is produced.

        The Soviets turned the Kara Sea into “an aquarium of radioactive junk” says Norway’s Bellona Foundation, an environmental watchdog based in Oslo. The seabed is littered with some 17,000 naval radioactive waste containers, 16 nuclear reactors and five complete nuclear submarines – one has both its reactors still fully fueled.

      11. Ungenius –

        Reactor-grade plutonium is found in spent nuclear fuel that a nuclear reactor has irradiated (burnup/burnt up) for YEARS before removal from the reactor, in contrast to the low burnup of weeks or months that is commonly required to produce weapons-grade plutonium, with the high time in the reactor, high burnup, of reactor-grade plutonium leading to transmutation of much of the fissile, relatively long half-life isotope Pu-239 into a number of OTHER isotopes of plutonium that are less fissile or more radioactive.

        Thermal-neutron reactors in today’s nuclear power stations can reuse reactor-grade plutonium only to a limited degree as MOX fuel, and only for a second cycle; fast-neutron reactors, of which there is less than a handful operating today, can use reactor-grade plutonium fuel as a means to reduce the transuranium content of spent nuclear fuel/nuclear waste.

      12. Pat,
        I won’t question your expertise on nuclear physics since i have absolutely none. I truly hope you are right and i don’t want to be dissmissed as a merchant of doom but France have develloped the bomb and have shared the result with Israel during the cooperation with socialist Guy Mocquet and Shimon Peres and with the repeated betrayal of arm manufacturer Serge Dassault AKA Bloch(he became a catholic during his deportation…) who will overlook the blocus during the six days wars in 1967 allowing Israel to crush Egypt.
        As i said it is fully documented in the following book The Two Bombs. no longer edited…

        Then consider this:
        Kennedy the Bomb the Lobby (great article in my opinion).
        French nuclear test
        The fate of Mordechai Vanunu
        The terrible french submarine.
        If you add the symbiotic relationship with USA, i feel that Israel is perfectly capable of at least triggering the escalade. They sure like to brag about preventive nuclear strike in their newspapers.
        But it is the diplomatic aspect of the question and maybe we are not talking about the same thing.

        could you syntethized your opinion on the issue of nuclear bomb?(or point me to a link that would)


      13. Just got round to reading this, due to being disconnected for a few days. This is, indeed, good news for a change. Haven`t read all the comments yet, but so far, haven`t even read a detractory word from Pat, which supports the “good news” feeling..

        PHIL says : “Did you know that Philippe Egalité (Duc of Orléans yes he changed his name tiens tiens) was the main protagonist in the beheading of his cousin Louis XVI ” : must have learned at the feet of Elizabeth 1st, who also had her cousin beheaded..

  2. China is also the biggest gold producer in the world and even the closest allies of the US are rushing to join the new Asia Investment Bank. They have also moved into Africa and Latin America in a very big way. While the US has been frittering away its resources in useless and futile wars, funding Israel while being spat in the face and treated with contempt by them; China has been concentrating on business and massive infrastructure projects. Not only in China but throughout ASEAN. As I mentioned in a previous post, the Chinese can be trusted. Witness their standing by Richard Nixon after his fall. They invited him to visit China, honoured and feted him, when his own country treated him like a pariah! If you are a “Pang Yao”, friend of the Chinese they will stick by you!
    Contrast this with deceitful and treacherous behaviour of the Jew led west! I will cite only a few examples.
    USA betrayed and abandoned:
    The Cubans in the Bay of Pigs, 1961
    The Kurds fighting against Saddam in the early 70’s
    Sirik Matak in Cambodia 1975
    The Montagnards in Laos the mid 70’s
    The Shah of Iran 1978
    South Africa in Angola in 1975-6
    The list goes on and on!
    Now Britain! She betrayed her kith and kin in the Commonwealth by joining the EU. These were the same people who stood by Britain in 2 world wars suffered untold casualties. Even India provided 2 million soldiers in World War 2. And what did Britain gain from joining the EU, nothing except higher food prices and an obscene VAT which is partially used to support these Jew loving ratbags in Brussels. I could give many more instances of British treachery!
    Now, back to China. Yes they have problems; environmental, population imbalances, a slowing economy etc.
    Countering that they are developing the best educational model in the world in Shanghai, which is actually based on the old model the city had in the 1920’s, when it was an international settlement! They hope to spread this model to the rest of China. Some people say China is slowing but I think they have taken a leaf from Hitler’s book and are realising that to maintain their economy they must adopt a massive program of public works. This is how Hitler got Germany back on its feet. When he came to power Germany had 6 million unemployed, by 1938 they had a labour shortage!
    A note of caution! Some of you may read financial analyses contrary to my views, but examine the source carefully! Remember most of the MSM is controlled by the Kosher Nostra, or Jewish financial Mafia of Wall Street and the City of London!

  3. As the Jew will tell you, never count your diamonds until they have passed the sphincter.

    The wild card in this “Chinese” plan is the massive numbers of nuclear weapons the US maintains. The Jew media has been steadily ramping up the animosity towards China fro the last twenty years. Even this article points out how the American economy was eviscerated by selling off its manufacturing base to China. If the sheeple can be fooled into lies like the Hollowhoax and the attack on the trade towers, how hard will it be to incite them to a war with the country that destroyed its economy?

    And that is exactly how the Jew media will portray the situation. Once again, It will be those crafty yellow bastards, the “gooks”, “slopes,” “chinks,” ” slant-eyed monkeys” that snuck up and on an unsuspecting America and stole its economic treasures. The cry will be raised, “It was the Chinese that ruined America, they must be destroyed!

    The Chinese will be assigned the blame and the stupid, American goyim will once again be assigned the role of righteous avenger for global democracy, protector of the greatest damned country in the world – the good old US of A! The stupid sheeple will turn out for this war like they turned out for the last football game, screaming, Hoo Haa! We’re numba one! We’re numba one!

    Never forget Jews are a people of hatred, a people of horror, a people of terror, a people of bloodshed, a people of war. They make their largest gains off wars created for that very purpose. The Jews
    fomented the last two global wars to serve their agenda. Jews are a race of psychopathic murderers, the people who came up with the “Sampson Option.” Their propaganda claptrap worked to drive America to war against America’s own racial kin, so how well might it work for a foreign country with no racial relation to people of European extraction?

    When it comes to developing new, innovative plans, the Jews have no imagination. After all, they’re still using the tired but true recipes from their original cookbook, the Torah. Research the WWII propaganda used to gin up animosity against the Japanese in the last war, or the propaganda used to gin up hatred for the Muslims; watch and see if the same old tired claptrap isn’t trotted out and rehashed to engender hatred towards the new enemy – China.

    Blair’s “1984” was not a book of fiction, it was a fictitious account of the Jew’s master plan. Watch for it its coming.

  4. Dear Ungenius:
    This article is correct in its information about how and why America will collapse and China will rise, but don’t be fouled. Even in China, due to the jewish diaspora, there are jews there. They are Kaifeng derived, crypto-jews. Jews (Banksters) that have taken chinese names. Thus even this supposed take over by China has a jewish Rothschild Bankster aspect. Just remember, that since the Rothschilds’ control world banking, they would not destroy one system (FED Petrodollar Ponzi scheme) without replacing it with something else (BRICS/Chinese Development Bank/AIIB), but still controlled by the BIS/Swiss Banking and its SDR scheme. All the machinations that you see concerning BRICS etc. are just theater to foul the masses into believing that there is hope and change coming. Hope and Change, where did we hear that before? Obama, and look at how that turned out. If you think otherwise, you are a fool. This Chinese rise is still a jewish controlled event, they just look chinese. The jews are the greatest actors, they can pretend to be anything. They are called crypto-jews for that reason. Let’s see, John Kerry, Gerneral Wesley Clark, Madeline Albright, Pope John Paul 2, Angela Merkel, Nicolas Sarkozy, Francoise Hollande, Jon Stewart, Bill Maher and Rupert Murdoch are just caucasoid examples. Chinese examples would be Li, Zhou. So cut the excrement that this rise of China is a Chinese/BRICS thing, it is still a Rothschild Zionist Bankster jewish thing. Besides, gold at 99.9% fine is still gold even if at 99.99%. What matters is the stamp. Germany’s gold that was repatriated was not German gold because it did not have the Reich stamp (Adler/eagle) on it. The FED has been stealing gold from elsewhere to give to the European countries (Ukrainian gold disappeared) because the FED /Fort Knox has none. The FED gold has been sold as paper gold/certificates. That paper is worthless. The physical precious metal and silver are what counts. Do not BS me anymore! Thanks, Norbert.

    1. Norbert –
      I agree. I wrote this last year:

      Who da Jews in China – – – –
      It is too late for China to be wary of Jews. They have been there for many centuries. They brought their drugs and international trade deals already. They caused the Opium Wars.

      The Jews are in the Chinese government.

      The Chinese banks, the largest in thee world, are members of global banking organizations controlled by Jews from London and Ireland. HSBC is controlled from London.

      Zionism is praised there!! The Chinese founder felt a connection to the plight(?) of Jews.

      Dr. Sun Yat-sen, founder of the Republic of China, held admirations for the Jewish people and Zionism, and saw parallels between the persecution of Jews and the domination of China by the Western powers. He stated, “Though their country was destroyed, the Jewish nation has existed to this day… [Zionism] is one of the greatest movements of the present time. All lovers of democracy cannot help but support wholeheartedly and welcome with enthusiasm the movement to restore your wonderful and historic nation, which has contributed so much to the civilization of the world and which rightfully deserve [sic] an honorable place in the family of nations.

      Various Jewish Chinese individuals worked in government service and owned big properties in China in the 17th century.

      Shanghai’s first wave of Jews came in the second half of the 19th century, many being Mizrahi Jews from Iraq. The first Jew who arrived there was Elias David Sassoon, who, about the year 1850, opened a branch in connection with his father’s Bombay house. Since that period Jews gradually migrated from India to Shanghai, most of them being engaged from Bombay as clerks by the firm of David Sassoon & Co. The community was composed mainly of “Asian,” (Sephardi) German, and Russian Jews, though there were a few of Austrian, French, and Italian origin among them. Jews took a considerable part in developing trade in China, and several served on the municipal councils, among them being Silas Aaron Hardoon, partner in the firm of E. D. Sassoon & Co., who served on the French and English councils at the same time. During the early days of Jewish settlement in Shanghai the trade in opium and Bombay cotton yarn was mainly in Jewish hands.

      Sinofication of yehudi names:
      During the Ming Dynasty (1368–1644), a Ming emperor conferred seven surnames upon the Jews, by which they are identifiable today: Ai (艾), Shi (石), Gao (高), Jin (金), Li (李), Zhang (張), and Zhao (趙); sinofications of the original seven Jewish clans’ family names: Ezra, Shimon, Cohen, Gilbert, Levy, Joshua, and Jonathan, respectively. Interestingly, two of these, Jin and Shi, are the equivalent of common Jewish names in the west: Gold and Stone.

      Jewish life in Shanghai had really taken off with the arrival of the British. Mizrahi Jews from the Middle East came as traders via India and Hong Kong and established some of the leading trading companies in the second half of the 19th century.

  5. “The Chinese are using and storing gold that is 99.99% pure. Jewish gold is only 99.9% pure. When the Chinese and Russians are ready to collapse the Jewish ponzi scheme, the Jewish gold will be relatively worthless since it will not be pure enough to be considered real gold by the new Chinese standard.

    In addition, the amount of gold in Chinese hands is growing by leaps and bounds because the Chinese are dumping dollars and exchanging their US dollars and US bonds for the deliberately low-priced Swiss Jew gold that is only 99.9% pure. Though less pure than Chinese gold, it is nevertheless valuable, just as the real estate and art treasures, which the Chinese are also acquiring relentlessly, is also valuable.

    He is talking from both sides of his mouth. Gold can always be purified. Not a very good article but the jest of it is right.

    It is said that China owns over 50% (some say 70%) shares of its central bank. Others say it is totally owned.

    But yes, the Chinese are awake (Currency Wars). I just pray they are awake and choose the right path and not follow their greed.

    FYI: The Indians invented chess and not the Chinese.

    1. FYI: The Indians invented chess and not the Chinese.

      ‘Ungenius’ is not to blame for saying that chess was invented in China. It was the editor of the article who added that sentence and must take full responsibility for any mistake.

      The editor believes that the predecessor of the game of chess may have been invented in India but that the game of chess as we know it today was invented in China. However, this is a minority viewpoint:

      “The history of chess spans over 1500 years. The earliest predecessor of the game probably originated in India, before the 6th century AD; a minority of historians believe the game originated in China.”


    2. Adam,

      Funny you mention this book as i have read it recently. The French version “La guerre des monnaies”. Only one newspaper made an article about it claiming “Finally, chinese are able to taste with antisemitism”. Priceless when one remembers the opium war.

      This book is just a more detailed and updated version of the Bill Still’s work The Money Masters. You can also feel the influence of Mullins ‘s Jekyll Island. So nothing new for the occidental reader.
      China is now aware that the USA is just a colony of the London -based banking cartel in spite of many warning from their beloved Founding Fathers.
      “If the American People allow private banks to control the issuance of their currency, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the People of all their Property until their Children will wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered. ”
      Deep stuff.

      China is now aware of the swindle. But they will not propose an alternative to the usury/unlimited growth system. They will form their own continental block with the SCO and the China ‘s SWIFT alternative creating an antagonism with the Oceanian block which unification will be drafted economically with TAFTA. Those blocks will be the architecture of the future global governance. And global chaos with scarcity. Can’t wait to see the Eurasian/BRICS bombs on London!

      PS Three posters have claimed that François Hollande is a Jew (One from the mouth of his alleged French lover Joelle) . He is not. He was raised in a catholic school in Rouen (where the English barbequed a famous virgin) from catholic parents, his father being a radical right nationalist. That being said you can argue like Celine that he is worst than a jew being a member of the Grand Orient.

      “À tout prendre je trouve que les Blums sont bien moins dangereux que les Daladiers. Le trèpe il est en confiance avec le genre Daladier, il se dit : « Au moins, celui-là, c’est un vrai Français ! » Voilà qui vous trompe !”
      A mason is no more French than syriaque, volapuque, or parpaillot ; he is a voluntary jew, a synthetic jew. Jew-ridden to the nucleus , he belongs only to Jews , body and soul.
      School for corpses.


      1. @PHIL
        “Synthetic Jew”; what an endearing term. I will be using that.

        China is now aware of the swindle. But they will not propose an alternative to the usury/unlimited growth system.

        That’s why war is inevitable.

    3. @Adam
      When I gave permission to the Admin to use my comment as an article, I told them that it was not of a quality that I would consider to be an article. That being said, I consider the editorial changes to be as acceptable as my original comment, not perfect, but good enough to create discussion. Based on the comments so far, a lot of pertinent info has been provided by those who have commented and worthy opinions have been expressed. The discussion is much more informative than the Madame Rothschild escapade. A tip of the hat to all those that have commented and the editorial staff.

      1. @Ungenius
        Point taken. The discussion thread has been rather interesting, so thank you for starting it.

        (I am also not a fan of Madame Rothschild long winded articles)

  6. According to the history which Menashe people say, they were exiled to Assyriain 722 B.C.E. with other Tribes of Israel. Assyria was later conquered byBabylon (607 B.C.E.), which was later conquered by Persia (457 B.C.E.), which was later conquered by Greece of Alexander the Great (331 B.C.E.), when the people of Menashe were deported from Persia to Afghanistan and other places.

    There Menashe tribe became shepherds and Idol worshipers. They were later conquered by Islam and forced to convert to Islam. Because of their speaking Hebrew they were called the Semitic speakers. Throughout this entire period they possessed a Hebrew Torah scroll which they guarded with their elders and their priest.

    Among them there were those who left Afghanistan and migrated eastward until they reached the area of the Tibetan-Chinese border. From there they continued into China following the Wei River until they reach the central China, near Kaifeng. They settled there at about 231 B.C.E..

    But the Chinese were cruel to them and made them as slaves. Some of them escaped and lived in caves in the mountainous areas called Shinlung, which became another name for the tribe of Menashe. They are also called the cave people or the mountain people.

    Menashe people lived in caves in poverty for about two generations but they still kept the Torah scroll with them. But they started to assimilate and have Chinese influences. Later they were banished from their cave area and went west through Thailand and eventually reached the area in Myanmar.
    In the mountainous area of northwest China, west of the Min River, near the border of Tibet, in Szechuan lives the ancient people called by the Chinese, Chiang or Chiang-Min, who numbers about 250 thousand people.

    In 1937, a book was published entitled, China’s First Missionaries, subtitled, Ancient Israelites, by Rev. Thomas Torrance, who was a missionary in this area of China and was the first to write about this tribe and what he believed to be their ancient roots of the Lost Tribes of Israel.

    According to the reports by Torrance, he believed that the customs, rituals, modes of thought, domestic and religious practices of the Israelites who were the contemporaries of Amos, Hosea and Elijah, were found within the Chiang people of northwestern China. Torrance was basically very impressed with the simple monotheism of this people in China in an area where the term God was not even known.

    The language of the Chiang tribe had been forgotten and they had also lost their ancient script. Today they speak Chinese.

    They themselves see themselves as immigrants from the west who reached this area after a journey of three years three months. The Chinese treated them as Barbarians, while Chiang people related to the Chinese as idol worshipers.

    Chiang Min people (Photo: Thomas Torrance in 1920’s)

    Hate and enmity existed between the Chinese and this tribe for a long time. They lived independently until the middle of the 18th century when they became part of the general population to earn more freedom. The religious pressure from the Chinese, the spread of Christianity, and the influence of intermarriage caused the Chiang tribe to generally and greatly give up their special monotheistic way of life.

    However it is still possible even today to learn about the past traditions of the Chiang tribe through their customs and their faith which they still keep. This tribe had been living a special Israeli way of life since the time of B.C.E..


    1. @Dublin

      Based on your thorough comment, you are obviously more interested in the tribe’s migration than me. It appears that the tribe lost it’s 868 BC lying record and became normal human again as Chinese which is a good thing.

      To validate your comment, I came across a missionary a couple of years ago that was working in the far northern area of Thailand close to the border of China, Laos, and Burma. The people he was working which did not have a written language and worked from oral history.

      In the course of his work, they revealed their creation story. It matched with the jewish myth in Genesis except when it came to the apple eating situation. Of course they had different names for the “primary” two which I forget. Their story said that Adam did not eat the apple, just Eve. Consequently, Eve had fruit stuck in her throat and was penalized by having to always tend the rice fields after they were ejected from paradise.

      The thing that struck me first was that theme of God created unequal souls along with the theme, “It’s not my fault, I have a penis so suffer woman.”

      Initially, I thought that the tribe had made it all the way to that area which you indicate is what happened. Then I thought that maybe the creation fantasy came to the tribe from the East which could explain some of what Isaiah was chastising the tribe of Judah about in his first couple of chapters.

      Looks like the creation Genesis fantasy did survive after all those years, but that appears to be all based on the missionary’s observation.

      Thanks for clearing that up for me.

  7. Interesting article and responses (as was LD’s ;China and The Jews”) .

    If the crypto Jewish / Zionist bankers and their collaborators have their hands in everything involving world banks and banks of major countries such as China and have for centuries (I would also suppose this to be true of Russia and India?) there probably is no real solution to the larger problem. The system would – as far as the larger “world stage” is concerned – appear to be “set” or corrupted beyond repair.

    As far as the US is concerned, maybe if the individual states created their own state banks (as in North Dakota) that might be a partial solution to real economic independence apart from the perverted world system. The idea being as Catherine Austin Fitts promotes to bank/invest/loan/borrow independently and locally which would cut out the major banking cabals.

    As far as warmongering is concerned as long as blind patriotism remains the state religion in the US (ironically a ” religion” that binds American atheists and American religionists together!) there will be no stopping it. The Chinese – like the phantom ” Islamists Terrorists” will be blamed like the Russians
    are now being ostracized for the events in the Ukraine as was the North Vietnamese. Americans need their bogeyman.

    1. Leo –
      You are correct about state banks.
      I guess you do not remember, maybe never knew, that there were more state banks and private banks and S&Ls than any others before the 70s. I had actual small passbooks for recording account activities.
      Every state had numerous state banks. I used them all the time.
      Bush boys’ Silverado in series with BCCI and the subsequent REIT programs and Pharisee scare tactics did away with them. Shut down.

      If we don’t know what happened to us recently, last 60 years, just imagine what we DON’T know…. about China’s banking over the last 400 years…and plans for the next century.

      We have NO clue at all.

      1. Pat,
        Interesting as usual and informative. Do not remember state banks, but remember the S and L scandal and that the US tax payer had to bail out the criminals who took advantage of the system. “Too Big To Fail” was a continuation of the crime with the same results for the US Tax Payer.

        What are your thoughts on credit unions as far as local banking is concerned?

  8. @ Pat
    @ Leo
    As your Catherine Austin Fitts promotes as local banking or the state banking S&L concept, this is what Hitler did to cut out the Rothschild Zionist Bankster cabal. When Hitler did that from 1933 – 1938, Germany prospered and broke out of the Depression. The only country to do so without war. The Banking cabal hated Germany and Hitler for breaking their scheme and thus declared war on Germany through their proxies of France, Great Britain and America. Though America came into WW2 later, 1942, it was still Rothschild Zionist Bankster cabal machinations ( Jew owned media) that made America (the government) switch from being neutral, while still supplying Britain, France and Russia against Germany and to eventually fighting Germany. At the same time American corporations were also duplicitious, ie. Ford, GM (Opel), Standard Oil, IBM, Coca Cola made profits from both sides in the war. After the war, American subsidiaries in Germany claimed war damages to compensate for their losses. Those Rothschild Zionist Bankster cabals and the corporations they own certainly weave a tangled web: one full of deception at every turn to destroy the goyim. Now China will be used as the next target once America is destroyed. Thanks, Norbert.

    1. ‘When Hitler did that from 1933 – 1938, Germany prospered and broke out of the Depression. The only country to do so without war. The Banking cabal hated Germany and Hitler for breaking their scheme and thus declared war on Germany through their proxies of France, Great Britain and America. ‘

      And Hitler built him some roads, put a chicken in every pot, gave them the volkswagon …. oh wait!

      This fairy tale has legs.

      The communism he is thought to have fought so valiantly against was awarded one half of Germany, the criminal mob still owns German industry and lifeblood, the Rothschild banks, I.G. Farben and most international banks who financed him to begin with were never bombed and are now doing splendidly. The Ford factories owned by Henry Ford, another iluminati member were also not bombed. The small band of writers who continue on as if Hitler was a hero, continue on for some reason unknown and inexplicable to me.

      Of course the Bolshevik revolution that had engulfed Russia was financed by the very same backers that brought Hitler to power.

      Were there indeed 150,000 Jewish officers in the Reich army and were Goebbels and others Jewish themselves? 5 major Jewish generals? In fact the children of Goebbels hold large stakes in BMW in Germany and are quite wealthy.

      In Namibia for instance skulls were sent back to Germany for scientific research and are still in the Medical History Museum of the Charite Hospital and at Freiburg University. A leading doctor in Namibia who worked on German genetic doctrine was a doctor Fisher, Who trained doctor Mengele. The first German governor of the colony was the father of Hitler’s deputy Herman Goering who also springs from a Jewish family.

      It all goes back to Disraeli who called for the unification of the German and Khazar elite to rule the world as mentioned in other places in this post. THE GAY FATHER OF NAZISM AND ZIONISM Things are moving along splendidly in this direction in the U.K.

      Hitler in fact received financing from no other than Prescott Bush, the Harriman Brothers, Rothschilds, Kuhn Loeb and other syndicates. In fact Prescott Bush of the Bush dynasty had his property seized under the trading with the enemy act. The Union Banking Corporation was taken over. The Rothschilds owned the newspapers in Germany at this time, they financed the American Rockefeller group and all news in Germany and the United States was controlled by them. If you think a penniless Austrian farm boy suddenly took them down, sit down and let your head clear a bit.

      The Russell Family of the Russell Trust, (wife of alleged Boston Bomber) have been prominent members of the Illuminati, the Masons, the Fabians, the Mormons, the Jehovah’s Witnesses, the Jesuits, the Royal Society, and the Media controlled by those of the New World Order, and a deputy chairman of the Federal Reserve. Typically they have been merchants and lawyers, with a fair share of them also as Christian heretics. It will be easier perhaps to illustrate how the Russells keep popping up in the New World Order story line by listing a good sampling of them. In fact the original Russell name was Roessel.

      And it grows more complex all the time. “CONFIRMED: Katherine Russell (alleged bomber’s wife) is granddaughter of Richard Warren Russell, Skull and Bones member and entrepreneur in the energy industry.” They said they did not know Tamerlan as well as they thought they did after Boston, but perhaps they did.
      In the book, The Truth Shall Set You Free along with endless other researchers and scholars, Adolf Hitler and the Nazis were created and funded by the Rothschild’s. “It was they who arranged for Hitler to come to power through the Illuminati secret societies in Germany like the Thule Society and the Vril Society which they created through their German networks; it was the Rothschild’s who funded Hitler through the Bank of England and other British and American sources like the Rothschild’s Kuhn, Loeb, bank which also funded the Russian Revolution.”

      It was just business, the fledgling khazar state needed reparations, now they need those diesel submarines that Germany furnishes.

      1. Yep, Ingrid. Lies everywhere.
        China is falling…NOT rising.
        They want to be in on the debt scam so bad, and nobody wants the Yuan.
        Gold will not help them….the Pharisees of the Orient.

  9. Norbert,

    I have often wondered how a supposedly bankrupted nation as Germany could have redeveloped its economy esp. under the unreasonable terms of the treaty of Versailles to become such a powerful nation, and rather quickley. I was aware of the treason of US companies and well as banks in supplying Hitler. Rothschild no doubt profitted handsomely as well during the war ( that is what they do best ). It goes to show you that corporations encourage war for profit and that the countless loss of lives are meaningless. Smedly Darlington Butler’s pamphlet “War Is A Rack” should be widely re-distributed around the world, esp. in the US. When the common folk refuse to fight wars for the evil rich things will change. When they realize that centralized governmental systems NEVER work for their best interests and walk away from them..things will change.

    As it is, everything from state to local governments, none profit organizations, etc. seek federal grants to fund pet projects or to just keep a float. US citizens depend on social security, welfare, disability handouts, Medicare, etc. to survive and/or supplement their income. The whole system is designed to instill dependency and subservience for the masses and at the same time to keep the profits rolling in for the corporations. IT will eventually fail and very soon. The US public is largely unprepared for the catastrophe that awaits them.
    Hopefully, China learn will from the destruction of the USA.

    1. Leo –
      You said: “IT will eventually fail and very soon.”

      My questions are not meant to be argumentative in any way.
      1-How do you ‘know’ “it will fail?”
      2-When is “very soon?”

      I heard it was going to fail in the 40s….and every year since, almost daily…from experts.
      We cannot use any other system as an example. None are relevant. All economic conditions are different today.

      1. Pat,

        I should be asking you about this. And you are right.

        Mine is a gut feeling:

        1. American debt is unsustainable as are the wars
        2. The executive branch of the fed gov is growing more idiotic, adverse, and dictatorial (false flags, military exercises, fema camps, executive orders, media control…)
        3. The stock market has been usually high…why?
        4. China becoming the new land of opportunity and buying gold with US dollars
        5. As China becomes the new economic darling… it will attract allies away from the US
        6. The impending war with Russia
        Maybe it will be the “slow burn” that Catherine Austin Fitts predicts ( and what we are experiencing right now).

        I get this ominous “feeling” that one day soon the dollar will breath its last, food shortages will be normative, the major cities will be in chaos, our allies will throw off their shackles, and military law will be an actuality of everyday life.

      2. Leo –

        “What are your thoughts on credit unions as far as local banking is concerned?”

        Local banking will make no difference until the debt system is done away with. Loaning America’s currency into existence through bonds and commercial banking is the problem.

    2. Leo –

      “What are your thoughts on credit unions as far as local banking is concerned?”

      Local banking will make no difference until the debt system is done away with. Loaning America’s currency into existence through bonds and commercial banking is the problem.

  10. @ Leo
    @ Pat
    The US will collapse very soon, during Obama’s remaining time in Office as President.Check out Jade Helm 15 for a sneek preview. Also each empire in world history goes through stages and the last stage before destruction is that the people are coerced, brutalized and manipulated to the point of submission. At the same time an empire’s external wars become unsustainable and the military infrastructure crumbles. America has bases around the world, the military is becoming a white elephant and the technology more important than the soldier. Look at the F35 jet fighter, an expensive piece of junk that could be defeated by an F4 phantom fighter fitted with more modern weapons. Look at the USS Donald Cook and USS Theodor Roosevelt, both neutralized by Russian electronic jamming technology, the Magrev, developed by an Iranian scientist. Obama because he is a closet communist refused the technology. Russia and China do not need help when they have a friend in the Whitehouse. Russia and China develop military hardware/software to benfit the military. The US and even UK develop military technology to benefit the Military Industrial complex, the corporations, on a gravy train of money printed out of thin air at taxpayer expense. As for Hitler and his success in 1933 – 1938, Hitler realized that neither true capitalism and true communism work, but something in between works, which was cooperation between workers, corporations and government, a sort of workers fascistic government nationalism. That model was used by Germany in the 1950’s, with western help (Marshal plan) to make Germany an Economic Miracle into the 1970’s. As for Corporations, Germany’s main corporations are mainly small and medium sized businesses that specialize in what they do and out compete everyone else. German quality of Goods before 1900 were a joke, the Brits laughed. After the 1900’s, the Brits were crying because German goods were superior to everyone else. America today has forgotten that drive for quality. However, sadly all products today are made to last only so long and then thrown away to encourage a consumer/production society. If you want to learn more about Hitler in an uncensored forum, go to Trutube.tv and check out the “Hitler was Right” blog and look for the title “Hitler, the greatest story never told”. You can find the video on Youtube but you must register yourself to view it because it is a censored video. Just remember, todays world events are not a coincidence, they are all a planned theater to propagandize the masses to accept their final fate. That fate is slaves to trans-national corporations that will be your government, economic system and your religion as well. The NWO of the final world empire of the AntiChrist. But will it be a German-led reformed EU with support from the Vatican or, the Pope OR will it be a jewish empire ruled from Jerusalem, Israel. The Bible offers both as possibilities. Thanks, Norbert.

    1. Sorry that link under Hitler was Right was: Hitler- What Historians never mention. That is another name for the same video. Thanks, Norbert.

  11. @Leo
    Good points, Leo! It used to said about America that, “They eat what they can and can what they can’t!” There are some very ominous signs that this blessing may not last! Firstly, bee colony collapse. How are plants going to be pollinated without bees? Secondly, the water shortages in the Western US, coupled with massive depletion of aquifers will soon lead to water rationing in California and other western states. In addition, due to fracking ground water is being ruined! The Jewish owned company, Monsanto, with its push for GMO’s is another factor in the destruction of US agriculture. Consider sun spot cycles, they were believed to be a factor in the dust bowl phenomenom of the 30’s with all the Okies moving West! Of course these problems are not only occurring in the US. Believe it or not, but 26 provinces in Thailand have recently been declared drought stricken! May I suggest you go to youtube and watch the film, “Blue Gold”! I think you can also download it if you have android and can get the app!

      1. One extra point I forgot to mention:

        7. The impending federal crack down of free information and expression on the internet ( the last frontier of freedom).

      2. Thanks, Leo –

        We have different views. That’s good. Healthy.
        1. I see no proof that American debt is unsustainable as are the wars. Add three more zeros to the debt and we would not know the difference….in this fiat phony system implemented world-wide.
        2. False flags and looney action in government have been around for centuries. The increase in observation is mainly due to increased communication. If you ever read any verbatim speeches of Congressmen 150 years ago you would know. See:

        3. The stock market has been undervalued for over two decades. Should be at 40,000+.
        4. China’s economy is collapsing. They are begging to be in the Reserve currency mix. Gold is no good when the price is ‘fixed’ in Rothschild’s bank in London every day.
        5. China is not the new economic darling. It is collapsing.
        6. There is NO impending war with Russia.
        7. The internet is a trap…profiling tool…NOT freedom at all. It is owned by the USG…DARPA and Rand Corp.

    1. Pat,

      Appreciate your response.

      Wow. The stock market comment really blew me away.

      Would love to hear your future predictions. Like where are we are headed as a country …economically, politically…etc.

      The internet comment doesn’t surprise me. A few years ago when I found out that FaceBook was a CIA con job, I got out of it. Had no idea about the whole system though, but it makes perfect sense. Do you think they have any regrets as more people have become aware and exit “the Matrix”?

      I will check out your links… what no abridge version? ;).

      1. Leo –

        If you can fully comprehend this man, you will be able to ‘guess’ about the future as well as I can. I have spoken with him numerous times since 1998.
        He tells that in 2000 the total World derivatives market was a big concern at $70 Trillion.
        BUT… in 2008 JP Morgan Chase had $80 Trillion derivatives themselves…!!


        His site:

  12. Most unless they are a software program have moved past the Hitlerian greatness dog and pony show. The FBI files have been opened.



    Recently released FBI documents are beginning to show that not only was Hitler and Eva Braun’s suicide faked, the infamous pair might have had help from the Swiss Director of the United States OSS himself, Allen Dulles.

    In one FBI document from Los Angles, it is revealed that the agency was well aware of a mysterious submarine making its way up the Argentinian coast dropping off high level Nazi officials. What is even more astonishing is the fact that the FBI knew he was in fact living in the foothills of the Andes.

    Perhaps the most damming evidence that Hitler did survive the fall of Germany lies in Russia. With the Soviet occupation of Germany, Hitler’s supposed remains were quickly hidden and sent off to Russia, never to be seen again. That is until 2009, when an archeologist from Connecticut State, Nicholas Bellatoni was allowed to perform DNA testing on one of the skull fragments recovered.

    What he discovered set off a reaction through the intelligence and scholarly communities. Not only did the DNA not match any recorded samples thought to be Hitler’s, they did not match Eva Braun’s familiar DNA either. So the question is, what did the Soviets discover in the bunker, and where is Hitler?

    Even former general and President Dwight D. Eisenhower wrote to Washington.

    It was not only General Eisenhower who was concerned over Hitler’s compete disappearance, Stalin also expressed his concerns. In 1945, the Stars and Stripes newspaper quoted then General Eisenhower as believing that the real possibility existed of Hitler living safely and comfortably in Argentina.

    In the, aforementioned, ‘agreement’ between the Soviets, the Western Powers and the Vatican, the ‘ascendancy’ of Hitler’s Daughter to power could not be achieved until the Vatican also brought to power a German Pope, and which was accomplished in 2005 following the death of Pope John Paul I, and which then brought to power the former German Nazi Joseph Ratzinger, and who was known as Pope Benedict XVI, and who assumed the Leadership of the Roman Church on April 20, 2005 following his election the previous day. (It goes without mentioning the significance of the present Nazi Pope taking power on the 116th birthday anniversary of Adolph Hitler.)

      1. And what is your source Brownback? If you possessed the power of reasoning it might be possible for you to understand the FBI has only released information that most scholars with an I.Q. above room temperature have known for decades.

        My sources are a library full of books that apparently you have not read or you are unable to read.

      2. dublinmick’s main source is dublinmick, whos says that anyone doubting his circular credit is stupid.

        yeah and try applying for a mortgage with a piece of paper that says “i, brownhawk guarantee brownhawk’s loan application for hundred million, payable in gold ingots”.

        and the “fbi source” isn’t.
        it is some redflagnews, whatever they are.

      3. On Dublinmick

        Some say Kaminski leaves us with a feeling of hopelessness and all is lost. If so, Kaminski has nothing on Dublinmick. If we’re ruled by Nefilim then there really is no hope at all. What’s the point of an alternative media if we’re ruled by extraterrestrial superior beings and we’re just slaves and will always be slaves? What’s the point if we qua humans have no powers to defeat the Nefilim?

        Dublinsmick source references are from his own websites. Dubs never tells us where exactly his info comes from. For example, how exactly does Dubby know the Nefilim are circumcised? How does Dubs know this?

        And why exactly do those who believe in Nefilim and Annunaki always put down Catholics who believe in Christ? Why is a belief in Christ stupid and atavistic, but a belief in Nefilim is somehow smart and savvy?

        And if it’s true the Nefilim are so powerfully superior to us humans, and us humans will always be their slaves, then why even bother pushing Hinduism on us as Dubby does all the time? What is it in Hinduism that can free us from Nefilim slavery? Answer : NOTHING. So Dubs is full of snake sh*t. Dubs is full of sh*t on every level.

        Dubs tells some truth now and then, and directly after telling some truth, he misdirects and misleads into “alternative” falsities.

        In the final analysis, Dubs is totally full of shit.

        1. I know from past experience that the arrival on the DM scene of other “Joes” means I’ll be on a train boxcar heading to a Siberian Spamblinka camp for an extended sentence. I got my bags packed. Gonna try to sneak my lap-top into the camp without the guards noticing.

          I would like, if I may, ask one more question before getting shipped off to Spamblinka, Siberia for good — or at least for a really long time. The question is based on Dubby’s premises.

          While encouraging us to reject Catholicism because Catholics are Nazis, Dubby simultaneously incessantly promotes the Nazi Savitri Devi’s Hinduism. If we are to reject Catholicism because the Catholics are Nazis, wouldn’t consistent logic call us to reject Dubby’s Nazi-Savitri-Devi-Hinduism? Nazism is imbued with Hindu concepts from the ontology, the metaphysics, right through to the eschatology. Read the Nazi Hindu Savitri Devi for details. I don’t know why I should reject Catholics because they’re Nazis while accepting the “religion” of the Nazi Savitri Devi.

          I figure I might as well ask now as I have nothing else to lose.It’s a long train haul to Siberia, plus I’ll be in the camp for a long time looks like. I guess I’ll have a lot of time to figure out the inconsistency of it all, if no one wishes to answer my question.

  13. The Chinese will finally outsmart the insidious, “ZIonist-Jews-come-Khazarians/Askenazis/pseudo-Semites” at their own game! …. THIS WILL BE THE END OF JEWISH POWER!
    Seeing you Yankees are too gutless to do it, the Chinese will do it gratis!
    “You’ll be sorry, you Jew-led Yankee, obese-bubbas, that you ever sold out your manufacturing industries to China!” …. Do you drive a San-Yong ute, Gilby?
    Should have fed them opium laced with crack-ice! But you can’t fool them!
    Watch out you mindless Yankees for the ultimate POWER equation of the new Asia-Pacific Development Bank, which Australia and Gt Brit are now joining – JEW FREE! I’m already a substantial account holder!
    A worldwide traveler, these days I spend much time in China, and know very well the Chinese mind; or at least, their BUSINESS mind! Marco Polo detailed the “Oriental Mind” in his notes. In effect, he learnt to outsmart them; as do I!
    Several modern writers have also covered this subject. I am mufti-lingual and speak and read Cantonese. I know the art of Cantonese love-making, etc. , but I will not detail this as I am cleaning up my act! I am establishing a new celibate kind of karma. I feel relaxed at the moment, sitting on a beach in Fiji, talking to a resident Chinese businessman! We are laughing about the joke known as the USA!
    The Chinese have long been known as the “Yellow Jews”; partly because of their financial/business acumen. Inadvertently, they play by Protocols’/Talmudic like RULES. In other words, they’ll do anything to hold the gold purse. Most DO NOT have the hang-ups of the toxic Abrahamic religions, so they won’t lay on their backs and let the Yankee-Jews run all over them; like a New Song would do and is doing.
    And yeah, China is the largest English-speaking nation on our planet; and now has the most $billionaires. They just lerv Australia and are buying up big in cosmopolitan properties and in Nth Queensland cattle stations. I’ve been making $squillions selling them run-down, drought prone properties, which my family company owns, on the western QLD desert/granite belt. Told ya I beat them at their own game!
    Might marry one, one day, as their women like my looks! But, will not tell you about what happened whilst I was in Beijing; other than to say my beautiful host cooked me up her dog for a grand, romantic dinner! It was a Maltese-Shitsu cross and quite tasty! She glazed Fido in some thick, yellow-like glue and cooked him over an open fire. I love glazed ducklings!

    1. @Max
      Yes, there is a lot potential in Australia in the Northern Territory, Gulf of Carpentaria region. So much water goes to waste during the 4 month wet season e.g. the East Alligator River is 3 times wider than the Thames during the Wet. In the Dry it’s a string of mud holes! BTW, Don’t ever go swimming in the sea during the Wet or the sea wasps will get you! The pain will kill you within several minutes! During the Dry it’s okay! Now back to water!
      If they could build a series of weirs you could retain a lot of the water that now flows out to sea!
      Most people from the Northern Hemisphere have no idea of the size of Australia! It’almost as big as the US with only 27 million people! I remember when I was living there they had Victoria River Downs cattle station, 12,000 square miles. I believe it’s broken into 3 now!

      1. Good stuff Felix and a great place is Humpty Doo, near Darwin!
        Was in Katherine, Northern Territory, during the 2006 floods and they said there was more water flowing down the northern rivers than the Amazon disperses in one year. The great Ord Dam scheme holds enough water to irrigate much of the Northern Territory; and the Chinese are buying into it.
        Meanwhile, I chuckle that the beautiful, leftist state of Jew-California is running dry. ….. Is this where ALL the human shit happens or not? …… Hopefully, this is the commencement of the total destruction of the United States of Jewdom and such useless, patriotic cruds as PAT-sy and the mindless – “I’ve got more gold than you, but I do nothing with it!” – Gilby. Why not shout yourself a beer Gilby, or take world trips like me? It will expand your decrepit horizons!
        These 2 Yankee zombies are always comparing in the “mines bigger than yours” sense. Mere children been let loose on the Internet! They need their mommies to tuck ’em into bed. Or did you get day release from your nursing home, Gilby?
        Good to see you back Dublinmick, but keep off the “cosmic convergence” for a while and keep to the facts, such as the Jew, Angie Merkel. Yes, she is Hitler’s daughter, or close relative! Hitler’s DNA has mysteriously disappeared!
        And yes, some of the planet’s mere 20,000,000 Jews have long penetrated China. ….. Is there any slimy crack or orifice these abominations unto hell don’t fill?
        So far, the new Asian Development bank has spurned the king-pin USA Jews like Janet Yellen and Timothy Geithner; and the Chinese boys are keeping their own Jews (very few in no) out of proceedings.
        So we are in for about 2 decades of a Protocols-like clash between the USA Jews and the Yellow Jews. I reckon the Chinese will win as the vile USA is on its last legs, for sure.
        Australia is very similar in some respects to the USA (our kids play African-American rappa filth; our little gals go pantiless like Gaga and Miley; and out TV shows Big Bang and the lesso bitch, Ellen Degenerate), but we keep our Jews in their place. We don’t need AK47’s and auto guns, as we, the public, have millions of semi-autos and electronic boomerangs that act like drones. Every time I see an Aussie Jew I laugh at him or her and tell ’em to get fucked! ….. We are a much healthier, open society and even our Jews like it that way! We are the greatest sportsmen on Earth and the most rugged, sort-after lovers. We (23.5 millions) currently have world champs in 13 different sports; whilst the USA (300 millions, plus) has 3 or 4! …. You Yanks are all drugged out on tranquillizers and coke! Or Jewish porn!
        In fact, it is upon Australia that the gods have smiled; and we will move with China into controlling a much more peaceful, Jew-free world. The future is Asia. We are entering the Asian century.
        Tyron P is correct about his theme that there has been a major attempt to get rid of the WHITEYS; but we are coming back. I have intricately studied the female Chinese body and they are porcelain WHITE; more so than even me who has fine Nordic features. Early colonists and British rip-off merchants (among them my ancestors) like to paint up the completely spurious picture of the YELLOW man! …. No, they are NOT yellow – but very white! ,,, And I like ’em! …. And “red Indians”? Is Brownhawk/Brownback RED? …. I’ll bet he is of a dusty brownish color and his hair jet black. There is a lot of Chinese-Mongol in these supposed red Indians. They came down via Alaska! Some of ’em have extended nasal cavities and wrap around mouths like Jews; but on the whole they are real nice.

    2. Max!
      I have tried dog. It tastes like mutton but I stopped eating it when I found out how it was killed. It has to beaten to death in a sack to enhance the tenderness. I detest cruelty to animals. A word of warning, dog meat contains some strange enzyme that if you eat green peas afterwards you can die! It is highly toxic! In fact as the Communists were moving south into Kwantung Province in 1949 it was the favourite way for wealthy Cantonese people to commit suicide. Another delectable Chinese dish is 3 meat soup; shark, chicken and cat! It’s not too bad actually! One Chinese dish I absolutely will not eat is monkey’s brain. Again because of cruelty! The unfortunate creature is alive with its shaven head sticking through a hole, the waiter will crack open the skull remove the cranium and pour boiling oil in to cook the brain. The diners will then dig in! Definitely not for me!

      1. Felix –

        The dog and monkey-brain scenario was described to me by my own father-in-law, who was Navy diplomatic envoy to the NV for a spell (he was Captain of a nuclear cruiser, at the time). He said he got all decked-out in his whites, put to shore, and had to sit around a table with the locals. A monkey’s head was thrust up through a hole, secured, then the top was lopped-off with a machete-type knife, upon which the diners dug-in with their chopsticks (he said he DID NOT). He said it made him want to fire his Tomahawk missiles – and I believed him.

        For the dogs, they squirted lighter-fluid on them, set them afire, and let them run around until they died. In the realm of ‘those who NEED killing’ – wouldn’t you say those are definitely CANDIDATES?? 🙂

      2. People who beat dogs, baby seals, etc. to death will burn in hell for this utter blasphemy to Creator, and I would gladly volunteer my services to Hades and grab a pitchfork to jab at them as they roll around on a roasting spit!

        And btw, this is no joking matter, Max, et al! My ancestors had utmost respect for the animals they killed, although I realize how that sounds foolish saying you respect something and then kill it. Myself, the only flesh I consume are creatures from the sea – there’s an ethereal quality about fish that almost seems like they’re not being killed. But that’s just me….for now anyway.

        “Deer, I am sorry to hurt you, but the people are hungry”
        Choctaw hunter’s prayer

      3. Yes, indeed Gilbert, it’s only a small minority of Chinese that indulge in this type of culinary practice. But yes I definitely agree. I will never countenance cruelty to animals and that includes Whaling and the wanton killing of porpoises in Japan. These creatures are highly intelligent and suffer just as much as we do!

    3. You really are a piece of work, Max.

      The most interesting man in the world (or so you would have us believe!) 😉

      1. @Brownhawk
        Yes, the San or Bushmen of the Kalahari do the same. They use a poison to slow the animal down and when it is down will apologize to it by saying they need their meat to live! They are wonderful trackers on a par with the Australian Aborigines. The Bushman use a bow and arrow, but the aborigines use a spear but its speed and range is enhanced by a woomera, a long stick with a protrusion which hooks into the back of the spear to give more leverage.

    4. In honor to Max’s virile prowess in the boardroom and in bed and in Chinese take-out joints, I shall bring my cute adorable friendly affectionate loyal whoodle dog to my local Chinese take-out place to be transformed into won ton soup — for Max’s dining pleasure. For all that Max does for us as he defeats ZOG on every battlefield!

      [ Personally, I think Max should hook-up and marry the Rothschild girl. They seem to be “soul mates”, as Rothschild girl sounds like a female version of The Mighty Max. But far be it from me a peasant to presume what’s best for the High & Mighty of the world. I apologize for stepping out of place, 🙂 ] I shall have my whoodle dog transformed into won ton soup pronto!

  14. The entire premise of this “article” is based on the “fact” that China is hoarding gold that is 99.99% pure vs. the Jews’ 99.9% pure???

    HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Does ungenius have omniscient x-ray vision to see all the gold that the Chinese have or the Jews???

    People need to read between the lines and ask some simple common sense questions even in the so-called “alternative media”!

  15. To keep up the “dog” theme, which started when I read the article about the Jewess, Sarah S.’s penchant for “licking dogs;’ anuses”, I like Dublinmick’s reference to the “Hitlerian greatness dog and pony show.”
    Hitler and Eva B were dog lovers and took their dogs for long walks in the Bavarian Alps. One book in my possession said that their “dog play” extended into their sexual sessions, but I won’t go into that! Most of Hitler’s landscape paintings (actually quite good!) included at least one dog. usually in the right, bottom corner!
    Of course, Hitler and his top boys and girls escaped the German destruction with the help of the West’s Jewish bankers and its kept politicians. And yes, the DNA in that bunker did not match either of them! (FACT!)
    And he had children, the oldest being a daughter. Some say, Angela Merkel may be related????? Take a good look at Angela’s face and imagine her with cross-over black hair and a Hitlerian moustache!
    And you can buy the progeny of Hitler’s 2 favorite dogs in Argentina. They are German Shepherd crosses! They are very territorial watchdogs!
    I have never been past the ante-room of the Vatican, but, needless to say, it is an entire labyrinthic (great new word) city in itself. It has gold and treasure rooms (or so I have been told by several pedophile priests) by the score and the most important art works of the Grand Masters. Most of the art you see in the Louvre is fake art, as my relatives in the European/British aristocracy (all one big family) and the Vatican hold the REAL stuff! Then there are the gay-boy rooms and “grab a nun” rooms. But, I am told, at night shadowy figures wander the corridors and exit into Rome via side doors. They wear swastikas and go to soccer games, brothels, casinos, etc. And yes, the Vatican was Hitler’s home, in which he set out his master plan for the planet.
    Trouble is, Hitler did not work the Chinese into his equation, because he was too Eurocentric. … Hence the CHINESE are about to take over, which might not be such a bad thing! I love Chinese food, women and their snappy, funny little dogs. They make for a good meal. Have you ridden a Chinese/Tibetan alpine pony?
    1.46 billion people can’t be wrong!

  16. Finally, re where all the gold is!!!!!! ….. As usual, let me inform you plebeians, who as PAT-sy says, “are only guessing.”
    David Chu: “HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Does ungenius have omniscient x-ray vision to see all the gold that the Chinese have or the Jews???”
    NOW FOR SOME TRUTH: Scientists have declared that ALL the gold so far found on our planet is less than it would take to fill 2 full-sized Olympic swimming pools. FACT! And did you know that stolen Inca gold makes up one half of one swimming pool?
    I can tell you for a fact that the Queen of England possesses the shallow end of one of those pools and the Vatican owns up to the 25 m mark.
    Jews, the traditional collectors of gold, own the rest of the first pool.
    The people of the planet own the shallow end of the second pool (with all their petty, useless trinkets); and China owns a little past the half-way/25 m mark.
    The remaining half is predominantly in the hands of rich people like me and Ellie K; and that is where it will remain; except I am buying up big.
    Numerologists the planet over know my real family name and know that we are immune unto any gold-digging charlatans that try to grace us.
    MONEY IS POWER over others; even over the Jews and Chinese.
    This is the “parallel universe” that none of you will ever enter or understand! Now I am getting serious! You do not exist in the SAME stratosphere, and that is all I will tell you!

    1. HaHa, Maxy. Who really GIVES A SHIT ‘who’ has ‘all the gold’? I have more than most of you, and it’s just parked in a vault – doing NOTHING. It took a well-tuned, Jew mind, to make the shit valuable in the FIRST PLACE. Before that, we of our kind were just warring factions, seeking allies with whom to squash our opponents/enemies. It was called ‘the aristocracy of military’. Taking its place is the aristocracy of money. The Jews figured out how to use our own lusts against us. The only way to diminish their power over you is to diminish your own LUSTS, Mr. Stupid-of-The-High-IQ. (Besides probably being able to whip your ass to bleed rivers, I can out-last you, you self-adoring fuck.)

      Ellie says that ‘money’ is her adoration. I remember my father often saying that while money will not ‘buy happiness’, it will buy a ‘better brand of misery’. WHO-THE-HELL wants to be miserable, at all??? ‘The Chinese’ are an avaricious people. Despite their wonderful, mechanical mimes of Western culture, they don’t trust each other enough to make a cohesive effort to rule. No worries.

  17. Read this article this morning found in a train: 618 – 907 China had a Golden Age during the Tang dynasty. Japan Korea took over the Chinese script, litt. The way of wriying the characters. But also copied the political organisation of the empire. China expert Roderick Mac Farquhar says the Chinese conviction that China is very exceptional (…Germany, the US writes the VK correspondent ) comes from this period……In 1793 a British envoy was negotiating in Being about the opening of an Embassy. He refused the required kowtow, a genuflection, that deep that the fronthead touches the ground. The emperor of China a country that was at that time a third of the total world economy, felt very offended. Then the British with their warships forced China into trading. For China this was the beginning of ‘hundred years of humiliation’. Macfaquar: The financial crisis and a strong leader as Xi accelerate the Chinese resurrection. Now China gets at last its genuflection that the west refused in 1793…..


    You’re right about the j-banksters behind these rising China masks. As was also the case with Mao and co. Rockefeller constructed nuclear power stations at fault lines in China as they did in the USA (Madrid fault line) and in Japan (Fukushima) So in case the Chinese get too smart they will be fukud. Hope the Chinese Dragon will avert this and throw the selfchosen teabags out. In 1793 these selfchosen Tbags were already ruling the british and let them rule the waves.

  18. The Chinese are philosemites. The Jews have been in China for centuries and have suffered no persecutions or “anti-Semitism.”

    The Chinese as the enemies of the Jews? Don’t count on it.

  19. Commentators:
    Thanks for putting things together through the discussion. So yes, jews are in China and are still the controllers. The Nazis did transfer to South America, Argentia mainly (Mengele and others) and North America (Operation Paperclip), with help from Prescott Bush, Dulles brothers (OSS to CIA). Then CIA led by George Bush Sr. (President # 41). Bush’s and John Kerry at Yale, Skull and Bones. Then now the Vatican with Pope Emmeritus Benedict XVI, Hitler youth, in the wings and Argentinian (Italian parents, probably secret fascists) Pope Francis, a Jesuit ( founded by crypto-jew Ignatius Loyola). So which Pope will be the real and true final False Prophet/Antichrist. We also know that Angela Merkel has a jewish background from her mother (real jewish line) and Francois Hollande, is a crypto-jew, pretending to be a Roman Catholic. Wait that is John Kerry’s MO too. And now just speculating, perhaps Putin is a crypto-jew as well pretending to be an Orthodox Christian to hoodwink the Russian people. Then the jews and crypto-jews in China. I believe the Rothschilds and their agents are everywhere and have all their bases covered. Then in the Middle East, Benjamin Netanyahu is a Zionist and a Nazi from Poland where they are Ashkenazim. Then the Saudi Royal family, being Wahhabi, are actually also secretly Jewish. Wahhabism and Talmudic Kabbalistic Pharisaism have the same religious practises. So Israel and Saudi Arabia are brothers/cousins in secret. There is speculation that former Eqyptian General now President Al-Sisi is also secretly a jew, crypto-jew muslim, from his mothers side. From fact and highly coincidental evidence, the jews and the Rothschild Zionist Nazi Banksters have all their bases coverd and can manipulate world events to foul the masses whether with frontmen or their advisors or behind the scenes.We here are not so easily fouled. Thanks for your thoughts, but I am sure the true picture is emerging. Thanks Darkmoon. Thanks everyone. When is the next article out? Thanks, Norbert.

  20. Yeah Max anybody should be able to see that Angie looks just like old dad. Give her a hair cut and slap a mustache on her and you have a dead ringer. She has those same Charlie Chaplin like mannerisms also and it is not very smart they say.

    In fact just like dad, she was all in on the smash Russia and give them more sanctions train until she realized most in Germany and throughout Europe were not as orgasmic as she at the sight of banderistas marching with torches at night all over the Ukraine and calling for an all out suicidal war against Russia. Angie is most likely too dumb to even realize the implications of such a thing.

    Angie is supposed to be the daughter of a Lutheran minister and jewish wife and was placed with them by the catholic church. Her husband stays so low key, the Germans call him the phantom of the opera.

    See pics of angie and dad.


  21. Norbert, you have hit the nail firmly on the head, when you state: “The Rothschilds and their agents are everywhere and have all their bases covered.” (Teaching point: No need to preface this with your “I believe” which is redundant!)
    As I wrote many moons ago (I’m an honorary chieftain, you know!), George Washington had nightmarish visions of an insidious, life-consuming RED cloud drifting ominously across the Atlantic to imprison his new nation “of the brave and free.” The other Founding Fathers issued similar warnings! …Have ya all read them?
    Needless to say, the RED cloud (Rothschild = red shield) arrived with a vengeance – hence the “United States of Jewdom” filled with soft, obese, dumbed-down/numbed-down Gilby and PAT-sy types! A nation of drugged-out, over-sexed cream puffs! Couldn’t wait, last year, to get out of the hell-hole! Ya call Gilby “free”? His gold is in Jewish banks and his very mind is Jew-infested!
    Another fact: Ellie Kleist/Knatsnelson is playing the supposed ant-Jew/”self-hating” side of the Jewish DIALECTIC to absolute perfection. She has sucked MOST of you into her web! Gilby is so entangled that he is like a fly mating on sticky wall-paper! I would wine and dine Ellie, but I would be wary of the follow-up and the wall paper!

    1. So does anyone have any other viable strategy to oppose these perverted, power hungry devils?
      Also, where is the best place to live under the present conditions?

      My strategy is noncooperation (as much as is possible), and exposing them publically every chance we get. I recently observed on Youtube david rockefeller and a rothschild verbally accosted by common people from the street. It wasn’t a pleasant experience for either subhuman. I am sure they will not let it happen again.
      so let us hear a few ideas on how to hurt them in the wallet, and in the public square.

      1. @Leo
        What the devils really want is your mind, heart, and soul, total control. Remember that Jesus said they do the lusts of their father, the devil. So, your plan is

      2. @Leo
        Your plan is a good one. What the devils want is everyone’s mind, heart, and soul, total control. Their power is illusion through deception. Spreading the truth is the devil’s worst enemy. The truth occurs to people normally on a one at a time basis and that is mostly what occurs at this site. The truth is like ants taking a grain of sand, one at a time, out from under a statue. Every removed grain of sand makes the statue less stable until enough is removed for it to fall. The propaganda that it takes a majority to effect change is simply not true and a way of discouraging people from spreading the truth.

        Study the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. They are quite empowering which provides as much safety as possible where ever you live. Don’t forget to acquire a “sword” since idiots/stooges have free will.

        As for the devils’ wallet, the Chinese have been working on that for about 25-years and they are making excellent progress with the assistance of Russia. As long as there is concentrated power any where, there will always be those that want to dismantle that power. That keeps the devils busy while the truth is spread.

  22. @ Max
    Thanks Max, I said the same thing about EK in the last rant being Controlled Opposition to be able to get her points under the radar in a controlled debate format. Thus you hate one side and like the other. For me, I don’t care because I will use the arguments on both sides to confirm my worldview. If other additional facts or perspectives are brought forth, I will check on them to see where and if they fit into that worldview. Employing the Hegelian dialectic method, the who benefits question, and the layers of the onion approaches to put the puzzle pieces together for the bigger picture. Just like now, the Germanwings 9525 flight and all the BS out there concerning the crash. Too many stories, too many contradictions. I believe that Andreas Lubitz was used by some intelligence service (probably CIA/MI5(6), MOSSAD) as a dupe/patsy where antidepressant drug use was planted in his life, just like the dumped girlfriend, his recent conversion to Islam. Perfect, a muslim terrorist suicides a whole plane full of people. My derrier! This background in his life is like the story of Lee Harvey Oswald with his background to be able to blame JFK’s assassination on everyone but the real killers, ie. inside job LBJ Bush CIA/Jewish mafia. This then reminds you of the Saudi patsies controlled by Israeli Mossad for 911 plus Israeli software and agents (Israeli owned Airport security) inside the unofficial US government/ military and FAA/FCC penetration by Israeli software not to mention the dual citizen Israeli-American Neoconservative bunch. In the Germanwings 9525 case the media removed mention of French jet fighters in the same area, possibility of remote control of the aircraft since A320’s have that feature like the Boing 757/767. Officials released the Voice Data Recorder info too soon ( like 9/11 flight 93 cell phone conversation from 30,000 ft – not available at the time, suggests scripted ground level cell phone calls). Now memory chips missing from Flight Data Recorder due to crash: ja sure and I’m Superman/Hercules. Someone removed those memory chips on purpose. The coverup is even worse than MH17 which has the western investigators trying to blame Russia for the crash. I have not considered any important passengers, but one passenger, Selke, worked on secret spy technology or something similar. So in the Germanwings 9525 case who benfits? I say America to get France and Germany back in the fold to support further sanctions against Russia and to have war in Ukraine. I just need to come up with the jewish/Zionist angle still besides Mossad. Check out Jimstonefreelance.com or is. Any plans on an article about Germanwings flight 9525 crash and its ramifications? Sorry about the rant, but MSM is full of BS to play on people and their minds. Thanks, Norbert.

    1. Norbert,

      I think you are right on. I don’t know much about this incident, but when my father told me about it, immediately the “False Flag” alarm rang in my brain. I tried to convince him…no go. He watches FOX…ugh!
      The brain washing over here is severe. You’d think at some point that Americans would see patterns… the single crazy shooter… etc.

    2. I saw similarities between the Germanwings flight 9525, and the Malaysian flight which disappeared, ie. erratic change of direction, and the fingerpointing at the pilot, who, by all accounts, was a decent guy..

  23. Pope “Leo”, you have obviously reconciled yourself to the futility of the current situation, re the Jewish hegemony of POWER.
    If you area Roman Catholic, as I suspect, try knocking on the back door of the Vatican and some delightful, gay and happy gents will be so happy to give you board and lodgings.
    But your questions are identical to what I read on this site nearly 12 months ago. i. e. = “So does anyone have any other viable strategy to oppose these perverted, power-hungry devils? Also, where is the best place to live under the present conditions?”
    After ALL the endless inquiry, academic folly, childish showmanship, feminist chattering, arrant stupidity, and plain, outright bubba ignorance and philistinism, these are the questions us so-called “Internet warriors” are always left with.
    TOTAL IMPOTENCE, that’s what I call it!
    The estimated 876,000,000 Goyim of the Western nations are simpering, mindless, essentially SCARED fools! They did not listen to such as Luther, Washington, Solzhenitsyn, Orwell, et al and are therefore slaves. Can you imagine PAT-sy listening to anyone, apart from his village idiot self! Gilby is a brutalized peasant who reckons his mica “fools gold” is real! …. No credibility and they are patriotic, Superbowl-type Yanks to boot!
    Ellie K, despite her RED-SHIELD bloodline, has more courage than any of you, excluding John Kaminski, Henry Makow and the elegant Ms. Darkmoon. Also, Tyron P is very brave pushing his JUST and PROPER whiteys’ cause! The white race is being dismantled by the Jews!
    I fight the Jews in business with a vengeance; and I never let the opportunity to cuff a Jew behind the ears pass!
    As I always conclude, there are only 3 alternatives available:
    1. The 876,000,000 Goyim of the Western nations reclaim Christendom; and as Dublinmick and I agree, get Jesus-TOUGH on these ass-hole “sons of the abomination.” As I’ve suggested, re-read your 285 pages of the rather short New Testament and listen to what Jesus is saying about the filthy Jews, usurers, fornicators and gamblers. Jesus said they will perish in flames for NOT believing in his Word! …. In other words, pacifist, sugar-lipped Christians like the scoundrel New Song have to stop loving-up to Jews and thinking God is going to arrive to set things right. Jesus, like Washington and Luther, gave clear commands. Start following them, like me!
    2. You seek a political solution outside your current political parties. Call it The American Independence Party! Let the red Indians join as well, as they scare the shit out of Jews!
    3. You martial your people and commence a violent insurrection-come War of Independence. This will necessitate the mass incarceration of all your fiendish Jews and their Goyim politicians. John McCain would be put on the rack and then water-boarded, prior to his being torn asunder by 2 red Indian ponies, ridden by Brownback/hawk and yours truly.
    Finally, where can you live? You would live in the huge peace and love camps of the ever-growing Resistance. I suggest these mega camp sites be set up in New England and in your northwest, where there is plenty of water and hiding spots. I’ll be flitting about the South Pacific islands on my yacht, chatting to the native chicks.

    1. Maximum ‘BULLY’ Bil-o-ney – More than 10 lbs ‘Roo’ baloney in 5 lb bag…

      Leo is trying to learn. Lay off the stupid verbal attacks towards him.

      Pick on ME… I like it …!!

    2. It does my heart good, Max, to hear you say how we red indians scare the shit out of jews. And as I’ve spoken of before, the “jews” (Tyron P. and I use these quotation marks for good reason) do the bidding of the Annunaki in manipulating the “goy” (i.e.; humans who haven’t sold their souls)

      Regarding Joe’s comment hypothesizing on everything being futile due to their ability to exact total control over human affairs, I would say the long train of tears called human history has been an Annunaki-staged production from Jump St. They may present a fierceness that can scare the bejesus out of you, but only if you aren’t seeing through the facade (as I sense Christ did in the wilderness)

      And for some comic relief, there’s an old shamanic story that tells of some of these Annunaki types being in reality fat, bloated toads with black magic powers to project countenances of fearsome looking reptoids. But master illusionists is all they are, cold-blooded cretins devoid of love. To be pitied, yet also to be destroyed when the goy take back their power.

      1. To many people with native backgrounds the reality of the Annunaki is a no-brainer. The truth of their genetic activities is however, complicated to say the least. To say they “made” Earthlings, or any other entities from WHEREVER (Venuslings?) needs elaboration. A better word would be “alter”, implying “re-made”.

        Given this premise, a distinction would have to be made between “will” and “free-will”. Being “re-made” implies that one’s will is not free. Only absent a genetic imposition would it be, and it is my contention that this genetic manipulation INFERS a corruption from which has been coined the term “human nature”. This in turn of course would suggest the manipulation having far-reaching consequences. We only THINK free-will is being demonstrated (treating symptoms) which in turn calls into play the great specter of “karma”.

        In this context, perhaps what is meant by Existence being under the influence of a pall (“pale”) can be better understood. It’s like we are all are own individual ‘software’ programs, but whose hard drive belongs to a master (“ascended master”, “theosophy”) genetic engineering firm. Kind of puts “the devil made me do it” in a whole new frame of reference – but of course never to suggest absolving one’s personal responsibility.

        We are living in a ‘time’ where “final judgement” really boils down to making personal decisions of ownership – “owning it”

  24. Max I gave you what I view as the only answer, a pole shift and a restart. The average American I see at the seven eleven doesn’t look like he is ready to “breathe free.” In fact MIT estimates claim 50% of American children will be autistic in a few years due to Monsanto and glyphosate.

    By the way most around here call it the jewnited states.

    I underestimated Norbert, he is laying it down solid here lately. (He has greatness written all over him.)

    Hard to see how anybody could throw their hat in with the vatican these days unless they are part of some peso network, or ready to march at night in the Ukraine, carrying torches.

  25. Norbert,
    Expect 4 or 5 more air crashes/disappearances in the next 12 months.
    It is the latest Illuminati-Jewish SCARE and FEAR tactic! ….. ALL PART OF THE ONGOING GAME!
    That is why I have taken back to sailing in my yacht. Takes a little longer, but they haven’t started destroying ocean-going vessels yet. But I know they soon will!
    Notice we are being told nothing about the black boxes and their content? Of course not!
    Like with the WTC buildings, check out how many Jews were on the doomed flights. Answer = zero!
    ‘Tis all part of the ongoing charade … just all a big game …… Jews baiting the hapless, mindless Goyim!
    HOW MUCH MORE CAN WE TAKE? Answer = We’ll keep on taking it because the Jews make great Hollywood/television fare out of it. Most of their latest movies/television series preempt all this anyway! WE GOYIM JUST LOVE THEIR TELEVISION SHOWS AND MOVIES!

  26. Dublinmick, the mindless fools of this site scoff at my simple solutions, but your “JEWNITED STATES” would make for a very subtle, meaningful tee-shirt caption. Would get people talking, which is what we need!

  27. Mad Max,

    Appreciate your thoughtful response (unnecessarily unfair to Pat and Gilbert though).

    I am an unaffiliated Christian, not a Roman Catholic or Protestant. But a real Believer none the less. (I did visit the Vatican a few years ago though…Hell of a museum).

    You are right about reading the NT and Listening to what Jesus said. The big mistake in American Evangelicalism is that they blindly worship the Jews and the UNHoly Land of OZ, and not Jesus. This will come back to haunt them.

    The political system is beyond repair. It is bogus. No third party has a chance to win unless the establishment chooses the candidate ( I would not doubt they are already working on it for a future election). I do not vote and refuse to participate in a fraud. You might call it a “protest non vote” and I encourage others to do the same.

    Your third point just may happen. My bet is in the South West and maybe Deep South. Texas will probably lead it.

    I doubt you’ll just be “chatting” with the native chicks.

    1. Leo –

      You said to Maximum ‘Roo’ Baloney:
      “response (unnecessarily unfair to Pat and Gilbert though).”

      ‘Fair’ is a place where pigs and ‘Roo’ Bil-o-ney are judged….

      Words don’t bother me. He has actually lightened up as of late.

      Thanks for the help.

  28. @ Max
    Thanks Maximillan! You are right and images of the Titanic come to mind. The Titanic sank to get rid of the Anglo-American caucasoid competition so the Rothschild Zionist Judentum could maintain their monopoly ( pun ?) over fiat currency. Hitler had the right idea but could not go far enough because Zionists needed to form a Jewish state (Israel) first. But watch there will be new Hitler that will arise in Europe. This new Hitler is Biblically called The AntiChrist. After his deception of benevolence and peace and solving the world’s problems he will turn on Christians and then on Jews, for the final solution. Max, Dublinmick, Leo, Pat, Gilbert, SPQR, and Franklyn keep the fires burning to expose the truth to use against the Khazarrian Mafia, the greatest deceivers/manipulators on earth. Afterall they convinced the Romans to crucify Jesus. As usual having someone else do their bidding. How typical and the usual MO. We need a new Seig Heil! Hail Victory!
    Or as Dr. Zola in Captain America: Winter Soldier said, ” Hail Hydra!” Thanks, Norbert.

    1. my hyper-religious catholic aunt is constantly on prowl for a channel showing mass (otherwise too immobilized to make it there on her own without me painfully agreeing to drive her on sundays).

      and the other day i just caught a caption that clearly says “pontius pilate murdered jesus”.

      yeah right.
      wonder who slaughtered all the civilians of gaza, was it filipinos or guatemalans?
      pope is trying to make up his mind, stay tuned for this sunday’s easter mass.

  29. I hear a lot about the destruction of America . What about the perfide Albion? You know the nation of shopkeepers. The mastermind of global subversion.
    Max the “aussie aussie aussie” aristocrat says “The Chinese have long been known as the “Yellow Jews””
    I say The English have long been known as the “White Jews”.
    I was in Bayeux last month where one can admire the tapestry of Queen Mathilde the wife of Guillaume le Conquérant also known as William the first French bastard king of England . I realized that I was witnessing a first tipping point in modern history. You know like Thomas Payne pamphlet.
    1st The great norman raiders descendants of Rollo invaded England in and crushed Harold at Hastings. Unfortunately they invited a group of Jewish merchant from Rouen to come along with their unorthodox commercial practices. They also bring with them the commune ley/ common law
    2nd The European coalition was defeated at Bouvines by Philippe Augustus and his son the future Saint Louis in 1214. Jean “without land” the king of England sailed pitifully back to the “seat of Mars” where he had to signed the Magna Carta, creating one of the most perfidious aristocracy ever. Jean is also the brother of Richard Lionheart who is buried in Anjou next to Alienor in his beloved France. You might recall Jean from Ridley Scott’s movie Robin Hood oi oi oi.
    3rd and last. 1640 1688 the English Civil War and The “Glorious revolution”. The Venitian monarchy in London and the creation of the first central bank will lead to the creation of the British/Israel imperialism ending up the magic period of King Henry I ‘s Tally Stick. Yes Gilbert you are right gold is USELESS.

    The joint venture British/Israel, GOLD choosen people, is well illustrated in Downtown Abbey by the marriage of flat broke aristocratic males. Exept for the lovely lady Rose of course who will not be able to pass on the jewish abracadabra to her progeny. I fear for her in next season.

    I would therefore call all the spiteful volunteers from India, China, South Africa, Ireland, Russia, USA, Germany and all the people that have been hit by the consequences of the Anglo/Israel debt empire to gather in Omaha and Utah Beach. We will remember on those sorrowfully places the perfidy of the Anglo/Israelite alliance by burning a giant statue of Edouard VII the great uncle of war. Then we will sail to the mouth of the Thames(maybe a quick gourmet break in Jersey for a little repetition) and to London where we will loot and burn the Square Mile, the Tavistock institute, the LSE, Chatham House/RIIA, Chelsea FC and all occult societies/ rosicrucian childbrothels. We will be joined in the process by the celtic tribes of Scotland who have not forgotten the Auld Alliance of 1295 and the English barbary.

    I wonder. Is baby George a Jew? He would look nice on the throne of Israel.


    1. Norbert –
      Good comments.
      Europe fell centuries ago. It is a ‘red ant bed’ full of Rothschilds. They are swarming the world from their home base…their mound in Europe.

      An interesting fact about gold. All the gold ever mined would comprise a cube 20 yards on each side.
      An ounce of gold would have to be valued at $500,000/ounce just to cover purchases equal to the world’s production capacities today. A gold based currency is not practical. That would mean the gold could be demanded, and it would be hoarded by the citizens.

    2. “Harold at Hastings.”: am reminded of the monologue by Edgar Marriot, and love the line, “as he sat with an eyeful of arrow, on his `orse, with his `awk on his hand”..

      and yes, baby George is a jew, both his mother, and grandmother, (Diana), are, and were, jewesses..

  30. I have a distinct feeling that after what is nominally referred to as human beings here, they will blow themselves up and all of the gold stored in those Swiss granite bunkers will be scooped up by the Annunaki. I mean after all if we are to believe the Sumerian accounts they came here to harvest gold. Sitchin says to seed their atmosphere, others say, like the Vedantic Mahabharata, they use in ships of space travel.

    In the final analysis, the earthling will have served his purpose, digging out the gold and the Nefilim will scour it up when the planet is destroyed by neanderthals. As we can see by one of my treatises here, certain segments of the Nefilim considered man a plague upon the planet even in olden days.

    They used genetic splicing, cloning and artificial insemination to produce us, the earthling. In fact the first Adam had a foreskin and the Nefilim did not. I think it is why jews are so adamant about circumcision. They want to be like the Gods.

    The age old plan will unfold, Nefilim get all of the gold.


    1. @Dublinmick
      Thank your lucky stars you are not a Xhosa! I had Xhosa colleague who told me about his circumcision passage to manhood! It’s done when you are 14 with no anesthetic. Groups of boys are lined up and the induna goes down the line using the same knife. You are not supposed to cry out or exhibit any sign of pain! He told me it was one of the most painful experiences of his life! OUCH!

  31. Chinese economy is NOT impressive.

    I just looked at the 2014 CAFR for Virginia.

    On page 99 it shows the profit savvy investors for the State of Virginia have almost NO faith in the Chinese Yuan.

    Over $2 Billion in the Euro and only $46 Thousand in Yuan.
    That is a ratio of over 40,000 to 1.
    And they have over $1.3 Billion in Japanese Yen.
    Then British Pound.
    Then Hong Kong Dollar.
    Then USD.

  32. @ Phil
    Howdy y’all:
    Actually there is evidence that Queen Victoria was convinced by those around her, the religious scholars and historians (BS artists) that their royal dynasty was descended from King David, that stone under the throne thing. I also have a website link:


    This link shows the feud between the false line of royalty, Saxe -Coburg-Gotha vs. the True Spencer/Stuart line of royalty. And yes, most of the British Royal family from Princess Diana’s descendents are jewish and thus circumsized. Remember Pricess Diana was used as a breeder to make the false royal line a legitimate one (Spencer/Stuart). But definitely Baby Prince George is circumsized. Great threads throughout on this topic concerning the Rise of China and their jewish manipulators. Thanks, Norbert.

    1. This is a horrible thing to say, but maybe Not- So- Great Britain needs a French Revolution ( extremely limited in scope of course).

    2. Thanks for the link Norbert.

      So it is even worse than it looks. Gee, I almost feel bad yet I usually relish on England’s misery like any decent French with basic historical knowledge would do.
      Once again playing the jewornotjew game, trying to discriminate the truth from falsehood (lobotomy scar?), I let myself go and embrace everything that suits me as truth. A magical power that I have discovered by observing a peculiar group of people specialized in self-justification.

      Charles(so british isn’t it) +Diana jew=William jew + Kate jew= George 100%kosher jew.

      Lord Grantham+ Lady Grantham jew= Lady Mary jew… You know where it goes from here. TV show can bring a lot of insight since truth has become a moment of falsehood. Does Jack BAUER have a red shield? i am pretty confident a link will be provided.

      I disgress but it makes perfect sense. Thanks to this goofy link and with my newly acquired cognitive skills I have seen 1000 years of occidental history defiled before my eyes. From Alfred the Great to George the Goldsmith, the protocols of England history.
      I feel oddly relieved that I don’t have to live under the unholy rule of Louis Suleyman Lazard XX.
      Is Juan Carlos a marrano? He sure likes to sacrifice elephants. Willem Alexander the Royal Dutch Shell? Philippe from Belgium and his precious diamonds? I put 666$ on Willem. For Alexander obviously (see the link) and for Amsterdam’s general atmosphere.
      Louis XIV was the last decent king in France. Do you know how the Sun King burned 6 millions of jews in 1683? They would get full reparation at Versailles’treaty 236 years later. That’s G_D’s honest truth. Anyone denying that simple fact is a stone cold anti-??????.Yeahhh I got the power.
      Monarchs were supposed to protect their people from usurping greed, to guarantee the natural order of things. Now they sell you 15£ Kate’s mugs, Pippa’s best recipes and diamond rings while bleeding you dry at the fuel pump. And Prince Andrew. Shocking I tell you. Absolutely shocking!

      Two questions:
      What is the general feeling in the UK about this if it has any credibility? Are the shopkeepers happy with the merger?

      We are impotent but we still have laughter. Increasingly, i have noticed that outlining a simple truth makes people laugh. And our masters absolutely hate it since they can control it.
      “If you want to tell people the truth, make them laugh, otherwise they’ll kill you.”
      Oscar Wilde
      Thank you for offering this platform where I can throw up my poltical incorrectness, this cancer that stricken us all.

      1. @phil
        He also said, “It is only by not paying one’s bills, that one can hope to live on in the memory of the commercial classes.”

      2. Felix,
        Thanks for the quote.
        Oscar Wilde is the perfect example of the puritanism hypocrisy. I always wonder how English people have tolerated the judicial harassment of such a free spirit. Your precious liberty is at the discretion of whom holds the unholy KJB. But he was way ahead of this time.
        The decay of lying. Deep stuff if you don’t mind the omnipresent gay atmosphere.
        “We have no sympathy at all with the moral indignation of our time against M. Zola. It is simply the
        indignation of Tartuffe on being exposed.”

        I will pay a visit to his sepulchre at Père Lachaise one day. Must be a spooky place.

  33. BOLTON: One of the nuttiest person ever in the Senate . Compared to the many , many others that have gone through here , ’tis a sad state of affairs …. What a blow to the Military , ‘ Bush is AWOL , McCain , a prisoner in the war bush escaped from . There is no logic left in the amerkan people or the veterans ….If jeb makes it , forget every thing about democracy .

    joe bell 80 yr. old Navy Vet . so FFF tired of these bas*****.

    1. Bush Number One and Bush Number Two ( excrementally speaking), Bolton, and all the rest of the Neo conVICTS are certifiable and should be committed to an institution for the criminally insane. This is the only time I would promote the use of psycho tropic drug therapy (and heavy doses at that).

      Jeb or no Jeb ( as horrible as the thought of another Bush as dictatorship) it doesn’t matter they own the next election (as they always do). Don’t vote. Be a protest non voter who will not vote until they stop rigging the elections.

  34. Shallow Max gives me an opportunity to explain why in fact I am not loving up to the Jews as he falsely claims. That I seek to differentiate between those calling themselves Jews (who are not racially jews [Judahites]) from the racial Jews is highly pertinent for the cause known as The Truth. Counterfeit-jews have no racial claim to the land they’re currently occupying. The Promised Land was GIVEN to Israelites (spiritually-speaking).

  35. Not so many comments today. Not anything close to the usual amounts of comments that come pouring in every day. Is it a jooish holiday? Who knows. Or, maybe it’s a hindoo holiday. Or, maybe it’s a chink holiday. Who knows.

  36. Chinese ‘ghost cities’ reflect its failing economy.
    One city abandoned – Workers were constructing dozens of skyscrapers on a piece of swampland inside a bend in the river, giving it an uncanny resemblance to the island of Manhattan. There were plans for a Lincoln Center, a Rockefeller center, and much more.
    Investors have pulled out. And a cluster of skyscrapers sit, half-finished – Manhattan on hold.
    And Ordos is in so much debt that it had to borrow tens of millions of dollars from a local developer just to pay the salaries for its city employees.

    1. I was in southern Ireland some years ago, and saw many half finished mansion type houses. Our host said that many had taken out loans, which they were unable to repay..

      1. @Ingrid
        Yes, indeed. It’s called “honey on the knife”. The shysters in the banks offer cheap loans and Joe and Jane Public in their mass, ovine stupidity lick it all up! It’s only when the blade cuts the tongue that they realise how stupid they have been. Unfortunately, most people see the world from a jingoistic perspective and cheer when their country is strong. When it is weak they will try to tear down and decry other countries.
        Thus we have the spectacle of the Central Banks inflating bubble after bubble. When one bubble bursts, they inflate another and so on ad nauseum. What’s even more asinine are the credulous fools that believe the rigged statistics. I believe Mark Twain was correct when he said, “there are lies, damn lies and statistics.”

      2. Shades of the American mortgage sickness. We – in the “Land Of The Free” – were socialized from birth to be consumer/ debt slaves and educated to believe that we were a free people. Edward Bernays is the real Father of the country.

    2. Pat,

      My father has related the same things about the economic condition of China.
      So who is the emerging star if there is one?

      1. Leo –
        Anywhere the bankers select.
        London, Vatican and DC/NYC will be in control for centuries to come… MY best guess.
        And it is going to difficult to beat the centuries of control from Europe. Maybe impossible. No avail anyway.

        THEY know exactly what they are doing. This game we have seen for only a few years…. 50 or so… is ‘old hat’ them. Experts run the show. We die off and their systems remain.

        Build yourself a solid family and good like-minded friends. Choose a belief system you can understand.
        There is NO such thing as a ‘self made’ man.

      2. And MY best guess is “for centuries to come” to be what they believe in their uber-arrogance.

  37. Pat,

    That makes a lot of sense. They manipulate (Libor Rate, price of gold, stock market) and so dominate by going contrary to what the “experts” promote publicly. This keeps them secure in their position. They aren’t ahead of the game… they own it. Thanks.

  38. Ungenius –

    From the article:
    “Most of the Jewish gold lies hidden in Switzerland. For a couple of decades, the Swiss have been hard pressed to dig tunnels fast enough in solid granite to store the Jewish gold coming in.”

    We know that all the gold ever mined would fill a cube 20 yards on a side. That is approximately 26 million pounds.
    I am curious…. as to how many pounds or tons or ounces in Switzerland belong to Jews.

    How much Jewish gold is in Switzerland?

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