China Vs USA: “A war without limits”

“War is inevitable.”
— Quote in a Chinese newspaper last week


Three days from now, on June 30,  a major new novel called Ghost Fleet will hit the book stands. It is authored jointly by Peter W. Singer and August Cole, both of them described by Kelley Vlahos in the American Conservative as “think tank denizens in the belly of the Beltway beast with a particular focus on future war technology.”

The interview below features author Peter Singer, a senior fellow at the New America Foundation who has been writing about America’s military industrial complex for many years and is widely regarded as an expert on the subject. “He was the first,” Kelley Vlahos tells us, “to take full measure of outsourcing war, capping it off with a seminal book on the private military industry in 2007. Today he focusses on cutting-edge robotics and unmanned military systems.”

The interview, while focussing on China, mentions Russia only briefly in the closing paragraphs. Surprisingly, Singer refers to Russia somewhat disparagingly as “China’s junior partner”—an assessment not everyone will agree with.  Especially in Russia. In any new war with China, now seen as inevitable, Russia will obviously play a major role as China’s ally.

America fears and resents China’s recent successes. It is clearly deeply concerned at China’s extraordinary resurgence and rise to world power status. China’s massive island building in the South China Sea has struck a raw nerve in the American psyche. How dare China extend its territory into the Pacific Ocean! The US has also done a wobbly over the possibility that Chinese hackers have ferreted out vitally important American military secrets in a suspected super hack.

“China’s meteoric rise has Washington worried” Mark Whitney notes in a major new article, “not because China is a threat to its neighbors or to US national security, but because China’s influence is expanding across the region…

This is why Washington is worried; it’s because China has transformed itself into an economic powerhouse that doesn’t conform to the neoliberal model of punitive austerity, pernicious privatization, and madcap asset inflation. China has slipped out of the empire’s orbit and charted its own course…

Having reduced the great American middle class to a lifeless, rotting corpse incapable of sustaining even meager demand or growth, US elites are packing the boats and heading for China, the shining corporate Valhalla on the hill.”

The current relationship between America and China is unprecedented in history. Never before have two nations been so interdependent. According to Whitney, the two countries are bound together in a complex web of economic and financial ties, including China’s massive holding of US debt which amounts to an eyewatering $1.3 trillion.

Paying off this massive debt is of course out of the question. It simply cannot be done, any more than Greece can pay off its debts to its European creditors. One way of settling the debt with China is to pick a quarrel with China and then find a pretext for attacking it, finally repudiating the unpayable debt on the spurious grounds that China owed America huge compensation in war damages.

The war drums are now beating loud and clear.

Writing in Foreign Policy magazine, Hillary Clinton notes pugnaciously: “The future of politics will be decided in Asia, not Afghanistan or Iraq, and the United States will be right at the center of the action.”

In a recent video interview with neocon Robert Kagan, Kurt M. Campbell, co-founder and former CEO of the Center for a New American Security, adopts the same belligerent tone:

“Most of the history of the 21 century is going to be in the Asia Pacific region. It is in our best national interest to show that we are going to play a central role in that drama just as we have in the 20th century. [There is bipartisan] recognition that our military presence is our ticket to the big game in the Asia Pacific.” 

There is no more room, it would seem, for diplomacy. All that is finished with. We are now in the jungle, where nature red in tooth and claw will have the final say.

Force will decide.

Let’s now cut to the chase: the interview with Singer. I have taken the liberty of editing this in the interests of brevity and concision. To Kelley Vlahos, for her original article in the American Conservative, full acknowledgements.

INTERVIEWER:  I’m reading your new novel Ghost Fleet and suddenly there are all these headlines about China building massive islands in the South China Sea and Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter calling on them to stop. Tensions seem to be ramping up and the headlines seem to be cuing the book.

PETER  W. SINGER:  After the fall of the Berlin Wall, and after 9/11, the mere idea of a war between great states went right off the table. It wasn’t even even thought about. It was then all about terrorism and insurgency. But now the risks of a big war between great states is back on the table. With Russia and China and the US,  you not only have a new arms race but a massive amount of tension and it is scary. I don’t think war is necessarily inevitable, but that phrase “War is inevitable” was used in a Chinese newspaper just last week.

INTERVIEWER:   The Navy especially has been talking about conflict with China for the last several years, in fact it seems to be what the military culture in Washington would prefer. As someone who works both in and outside the defense community here, were you in a sense reacting to that, or are you seeing something else?

SINGER:  I have a track record as a sort of trend spotter. Over a decade ago I was writing about the rise of the private military companies and—five years ago—the rise of the robots in war … This trend is one that I see as both real, but misunderstood. If you look at the raw data, China is clearly rising as an economic, political, and military great power, and we see that in everything from its economy moving towards the number one position in the world. Its military spending has essentially gone up by a greater percentage than anyone else’s in this period.

They built the most warships in 2013. The most warships in 2014. They are expected to build the most warships in 2015. And right now they are planning for the most warships in 2016 and 2017. You see the trend here?

But there is another trend, as these two great powers engage in an arms race. This added risk is revealed when you look at both China’s plans and US plans. Both militaries are gearing up for something. 

The problem is that both countries have the notion that any conflict would be “short” and “sharp” in their words and would work out for their side. There are great levels of overconfidence, both inside and outside of government. For example, recent polling in China reveals that 74 percent of the Chinese public thinks their military would beat the US in a war. This doesn’t just make war more likely … the fact is, both countries can’t be right! One of them has to be wrong. And one would of them would lose.

The difference of WWIII from WWII is this: the US would be competing against other countries that could have just as good military gear as the US does—or even better. That could be very challenging.

INTERVIEWER:  One of the most compelling themes here is that our own technology—the sophisticated weapons systems, ships, planes, drones, communications—can be turned on us so easily by an adversary.

SINGER:  The amazing networked communications, the command and control information domination that we have been able to put on the battlefield—these are strengths that could be turned into weaknesses. For example, we totally depend on GPS satellites. What happens when we don’t have access to that? This is something we need to consider.

We also have the “own goals” we might score on ourselves—an old soccer saying. We have spent trillions of dollars on weapons system that might not serve us in an actual great power war. We’ve bought weapons systems that we already know are riven with cyber vulnerabilities. Last year, for example, the Pentagon’s tester found 40 major programs had vulnerabilities. Similarly, we are in the middle of buying warships that in the words of the Navy’s own tester are “not survivable” in an actual battle. We’ve developed a plane that is supposed to be a generation ahead of anything out there. And yet we are seeing Chinese prototypes flying around that already look like their twin!

INTERVIEWER:   Speaking of scoring goals on ourselves, what does it mean when you are fielding fighter jets in which 78 percent of the microchips in it are made by the very people you are fighting—a point raised in your book?

SINGER:   78 percent is not a random number, by the way, it’s the exact number in the F-35 that we cite in the book from a DARPA presentation. The risk there is not just that someone cuts off your supply line, but you’ve opened yourself up to a new kind of hack, a “hardware hack,” where the other side can literally back vulnerabilities into your systems that you won’t know are there until they activate.

INTERVIEWER:  I’m no techno geek—and I don’t mean to insult you here—but how much of the technology in Ghost Fleet actually exists and how much is of the “Star Trek” order, i.e. fictional?

SINGER:  Our rule was that everything in the book had to be inspired from the real world—it had to be a technology that was already at the research and development phase. It may sound fiction but it’s all footnoted in the index. No Klingon power packs or teenage wizard wands!

INTERVIEWER:   Ghost Fleet is very Navy-centric. Why?

SINGER:  There is definitely a Navy theme at the center. That again reflects the real world. We envisioned what would be different about a war with China. This would involve something we haven’t seen since 1945: a war between really great powers. If you look at China, their military build-up has literally created a powerful, modern, and soon to be globe-spanning Navy. If you look at the next generation of our warships, where are we sending all of them? The Pacific. Like it or not, this is a reality. There’s an arms race in the Pacific. The US and the Chinese are locked in a looming Cold War. Just as we are talking right now, Foreign Policy magazine released an article describing the US/China predicament as ‘riding the tiger.’

INTERVIEWER:  All of this speculation about a US/China confrontation, is any part of you concerned that it merely whips up the war hawks and helps the Navy and defense industry justify expanding their budgets?

SINGER:   No, they don’t need my help in that!

INTERVIEWER:   I never asked you about Russia’s role in all of this. Why Russia, and how do you think real events shaped the US/China narrative in your book?

SINGER:   There is an ever closer alignment between Russia and China, and even more so after Ukraine further isolated Russia from the West. Indeed, in the last few months, Russia and China have signed over 30 major agreements on everything from energy to cybersecurity and done joint military exercises not just in the Pacific but also in the Mediterranean. The problem for Russia is that it is China’s junior partner, which is something Russia doesn’t want to admit.

INTERVIEWER:   Thank you for your time.

SINGER:   Thank you.

Lasha Darkmoon

Dr Lasha Darkmoon (b.1978) is an Anglo-American ex-academic with higher degrees in Classics whose political articles and poems have been translated into several languages. Most of her political essays can be found at The Occidental Observer and The TruthSeeker. Her own website,, is now within the top 1 percent of websites in the world according to the Alexa ranking system.

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  1. Funny, but I was talking to an ex US diplomat and member of the CFR just after 9/11 and she was very interested in the threat posed by China and I can remember plenty of US press stiring the pot of fear over China. So this ides peddled by Me Singer that no one was thinking about big REAL wars is just a sad propaganda joke.

    Putin has lectured widely about a multi polar world. Although these lectures have been ignored by the Western political classes and MSN, they are supported by China, India and many other BRIC nations and others who are affiliated to the BRIC camp.

    China and Russia can confidently say there will be war, because the US/UK want a uni polar world that has its front of office desk based in Washington and the CEO’s office based in London. The US and UK are totally bankrupt and their only ticket out of town is WW3. The sheeple of the West are no better informed than Russians were in the 50’s and 60’s.

  2. “And one of them would lose.” If nukes were used then both would lose. However, in a conventional war I don’t see how the US can win. For starters, they no longer have the skilled workforce or industrial capacity they had in World Wars I and II. Their latest state of the art fighter the F-35 is a piece of expensive junk designed by committee. If the excaudate Jewish simians that infest think-tankland in the US believe they can prevail against both Russia and China they belong in straitjackets in securely locked padded cells. Some of the greatest generals in history have opined that there are 2 countries one never attacks, Russia and China. I know this will be hard for the West to swallow, but we are no longer the good guys.

  3. Great article. The book will prove interesting, to say the least. Remember, though: The most effective tactic of domination – with the least cost in terms of bloodshed and hard asset destruction – is DECEIT. That tactic has been employed for decades by those who seek NWO, JWO, global hegemony – or anything else you want to call it. It is not only being fervently applied against Americans, but also against everyone else, including the Chinese people. The Masters of Deceit (a J.Edgar Hoover book) have no ‘patriotism’ to their countries of origin. It is, simply, a contest between Good and Evil – the players of which are largely deceived, themselves.

      Yiddishism is practiced by those born from a Jewess. The essence of Yiddishism is the struggle to enhance innate verbal and mathematical skills.
      Corrupt world leaders survive from inside information provided by Yidesses in exchange for Alpha goyim cum.
      Super hybrid Yids have taken control of the US money printing presses.

  4. hopefully, there is an unspoken yet very real facet in that when the shooting starts, the bead is drawn on the subhuman species whose very existence depends on warmongering, so that once they are taken out from the top down, it will be the final war because the satanic spark plug is silenced forever.


    1849: Gutle Schnaper, Mayer Amschel Rothschild’s wife dies. Before her death she would nonchalantly state, “If my sons did not want wars, there would be none.”

    if putin, xi and khamenei don’t take care of this business, then indeed they are “players” as pat calls them.

    1. You know lobro, if you don’t know what’s going on between China and the USA, it’s okay not to know, you don’t have to pretend to be an expert if you don’t know. You don’t have to opine. It’s okay. We’ll still love you even if you don’t know everything there is to know in the world power struggles between various countries. We won’t think you’re a kadokhes if you know bupkes about any NWO power struggle. No need to be a hok a chanik if you know bupkes. Pretending to know things you don’t know, you run the very high risk of looking like a moyshe kapoyer if front of everyone. Spare yourself the grief. Relax, we mir libe ir you even though you know bupkes.

  5. ALL wars today are ‘bankers’ wars.’ (lobro showed why)
    BUT…. contrary to this article…. ones with US, Russia and China will be wars WITH limits…
    ……. ‘LIMIT UP’ and ‘LIMIT DOWN’..!!

    There will be no shooting wars with US, Russia and China.

    Both Russia and China have succumbed to the same control methods used for economic control in US last century…. a major component being the establishment of stock markets in each country. The template has been set in place. No turning back. Greed and fear charge at full speed, headlong into total economic control.

    Pharisee bankers use the stock markets to control the economies as skillfully as a card sharp playing poker.

    That’s their game. They astounded Churchill with its display. One bell…. economic collapse.

    The ‘jabbering’ is for increasing fear…. the best motivator for market movements….. up or down…. winners either way with advanced forward looking electronic trading orders.

    Bells are still ringing in US…. and now…. Russia and China.

  6. I’ll have to read this novel…sounds interesting. I do know that the “Beltway” people including Kagan, Clinton, Council on Foreign Relations are not the entire voice of America. I read another article about what states people are leaving and number one on the list was New York, and number two was California. Supposedly people are leaving those states because of high taxes but where are they moving? They are moving away from the cultural “beltway” to the southern states like Texas. In other words they aren’t moving to those pretty states either along the Canadian border because those have become too colonized by “Beltway” politics.

    Now we are in the midst of the battle for California over a draconian vaccine bill and the “Beltway” mentality has more or less won unless the Governor restores the religious exemption at the last minute. Of course, right on cue the ultimate “beltway” mouthpiece, PBS, jumped in to support this bill that would make entering kindergarten the equivalent of entering the army in terms of required shots. That’s the beltway for you. They serve themselves and so maybe they are worried about the national debt that they created out of fake enemies to fight these bloody wars: Let them worry! Maybe America will end up moving in the direction of Greece because we have been so poorly served by these liars and thugs who pretend to represent us.

    Sometimes for laughs I watch the West Wing–that’s the old show that ran for about 7 years and is just one big, fat beltway cliché after another… What is so strange is that the characters in the show just run around and around doing nothing but primping up their image and blustering about being the number one power in the world. And now, guess what?, we aren’t the number one power anymore but there is a new kid on the block, or maybe lots of new kids if you include Singapore and Malaysia and maybe even Russia and Iran. In other words, there are countries that have kept better budgets and managed to escape wars and served their populations better. I would definitely include Germany on that list. Hmmm I read another story where the power elites are going to hole up in Germany when the s**t hits the fan…some little bucolic dream village so ancient it goes back to the teutonic tribes no doubt. And we’ll be moving into chaos like their sociological projects and game theory ideas see us doing. Well yes, and no. Remember game theory only works until someone figures out the game and well (yawn) I think they might have missed a few cues way back when and are not up to speed about what Americans think. Basically they dismiss us, you know. They have science in the pocket, the media in their pocket, the financial system in their pocket, and they want to have all children in their pocket as well. What control freaks! But they aren’t so smart after all because the paradigm shifted and they didn’t notice yet…like when someone discovered the sun is a star not a planet… NO… they were too busy going to their beltway cocktail parties and discussing their meaningless gibberish. Goodbye Beltway people! There is no need for a war with China if they snitch back an island or too… seriously. Wouldn’t a war sort of mess up your social datebooks?

  7. I can’t help but think about the greatest war treatise ever written by Sun Tzu, that our generals all claim to have read (and ignored). Seems to me the Vietnamese read their neighbors book as well. A 90 lb Indian brought the British empire to their knees and a nation of 90 lb Vietnamese did the same to the US.
    “If you know your enemy and not yourself, you will lose; if you know yourself and not your enemy, you will lose; if you know yourself and know your enemy , victory will be yours”.
    A 250 year old country could never stand against countries with a combined heritage and culture of 10,000 years. Just because the movers and shakers of the Western world are satanic does not mean they are bat-shit stupid. This is all mighty interesting but seriously?? these possible wars against Russia and China make for a good read and nothing more as far as I am concerned. It’ll never happen.

    1. It will happen I think , as the power of the Holy people be scattered or removed ! Daniel 12:7

    2. CINDY
      A flotilla is on its way to China filled with Yid insiders. Ahead is the greatest opportunity since the opening of the Western US to investors. Mandarin speaking Rabbis are leading the way ready to open synagogues and meeting halls. Communist leaders are ready to impregnate Jewesses, their Yiddles will be needed for answering the question of how to feed 1.3 billion hungry coolies.

    3. @Cindy, I`m inclined to agree. Read a recent interview with Putin, who clearly states that neither Russia, nor China, are interested in war, but in building alliances, and have done, in many parts of the world, including South America..

  8. Sad. Sad that the average idiot yank cannot grasp what has been done to this country and by whom. The “average Joe” seethes with frightened rage after reading things such as this and has no idea what to do so they hate the Chinese, hate the Russians and blindly “love” those responsible within their own “hallow’d halls. But do NOT try to make them see the truth of the matter for they will hate you more than those responsible, for they are “the chosen”, they are our beloved “leaders”. Bottom line? had this brand new oligarchy not betrayed their own and the globe this could not, (nor wouldn’t have NEEDED), to happen. When you crawl under the covers with demons you WILL feel the heat.

    Why hate the Chinese/Russians? They haven’t done a single thing but take advantage of fools/traitors within our borders for the good of their own. “For the good of their own”, wow, what a concept! When one looks at a world map one can see how the west is quite obviously poking the Russian Bear for their AIPAC/Central Bank masters. If Putin didn’t do the things necessary to protect his country and people he would be as treacherous/evil as the McCains/Bidens/ Liebermans in this nasty place.

    1. Correct Paschn –

      AND the same Rothschild led organization which controls USA… IS in control of China’s economy through it agents like Goldman, UBS and BOCI.

      Here is proof:

      – Bank of China IPO, Over $11 Billion –
      Issue Date May 23, 2006
      Proceeds (in millions) $11,186.40

      Sponsored by Investment Bankers Goldman Sachs & Co, BOCI Asia, UBS Investment Bank

      BOCI Asia
      BOC International Holdings Limited, which specializes in investment banking, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Bank of China Ltd. BOCI has created an organizational framework with an effective integrated management system. It has subsidiaries in New York, London, Hong Kong and Singapore, and a sales network covering most major Chinese cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chongqing.

      UBS Investment Bank

      1. PAT
        Americans with pensions can receive them in China. The pickings are good, one acre of land close to the Yangtze River costs as little as 200 USD, building the house can be completed with all utilities for as little as five thousand USD. Synagogue/social clubs can be built quickly for thousands of wealthy Yiddish members. Coolie labor is available, anti-Yid mentality is non-existent.

      2. Mel –

        Good info. That should garner many bible-thumpers. They are programmed in the pogroms… churches and schools… to love the chosens.
        I’ll spread the word. Get them out of here.

    2. On October 3, 2001, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon made an interesting comment to his cabinet. He said “We, the Jewish people, control America and the Americans know it. No American politician dares to speak against Israel. Enough said.

      1. Israeli power over the US is a joke. A blockade of two weeks would have the Zionists eating Matzos. A humane way of closing down Israel is to let the Atheists leave and the rest pray for peace.

  9. There is a genetic stimulated attraction towards China by the Yiddish tribe, their original homeland was oriental but due to better trading opportunities they drifted towards Western Europe. Much of the Yiddish wealth is now returning to their Asiatic roots helped by international investment brokers. There is no potential by investing in the US infrastructure or in ghetto upgradings.
    No oriental war is in the making since most wealthy Americans have built large homes and have huge investments in China. Talks of war are helping US arms manufacturers make big profits in Japan, Philippines and other fearful Asiatic economies. The wealth of “Yids without yarmulkes” has gone up fourfold in the last decade due Chinas growth.

    1. Sounds like the jew’s “Adam Kadmon” project is going swimmingly well. How much are the jews paying Maxie from Oz to impregnate yiddesses so the jews can improve their IQ ratings, not to mention improve upon their looks? No wonder Maxie has so much dough.

    2. Melvin;
      While I was working in Beijing back in 1997/8, I met a Jewish lady from NY who was teaching Western Theatre at the U of Beijing. She told me that before she arrived there, one of her aunts had expressed interest in her new position. “Ah – you’re going to China for a refresher course.” On questioning this remark, my friend was told “From where do you think the Jewish people learned about the miracle of compound interest and other financial matters? You think it was just the food?”

      1. @ Gerry

        Great anecdote. I hope to use it one day in a future essay or blog post. Similarly, in one of my essays a few months back, I argued:

        “If we equate capitalism with money, which is really fiat paper currency (i.e., paper notes with a monetary reserve as a warranty), then the Chinese invented capitalism and had a thriving “capitalistic economy” as early as the 10th century when paper currency was already widely accepted and used by the Chinese people. In fact, the rise of capitalism correlates directly with the rise of fiat paper currency, and in the West, this did not occur until the 19th century. But with Jews fully in control of the West by the 19th century, capitalism, like imperialism, only benefited the Jews and their minions. As is the wont of Jews, they never invent and only exploit. Everything they touch turns into gold for them and shit for everyone else, which is why the current Jewish system we have today really stinks to high heaven.”

        (last paragraph of my essay “Some call it Imperialism, I call it Judaism.”)

  10. We won’t know the truth of what’s going on between China and the USA until after lobro’s chop suey, won ton soup, chicken fried rice, and Chinese fortune cookies , order is delivered to his place from the local chinx take-out joint, and the chinx delivery boy fills lobro in on all the details and all the truth concerning what’s going on between China and the USA.

  11. I won’t know what to make of this USA versus China brouhaha until Henry Makow features on his Save The Males Manosphere blog of all Manosphere blogs ; On Monday, ” There’s Definitely Not Going To Be A War Between China and the USA” , then on the next day Tuesday, ” There’s Definitely Going To Be A War Between China and the USA” . On Weds, “There Might Maybe Be A War Between China and the USA, Might Maybe Not”.

  12. be advised that the same crowd of supercreeps in control of the usa are also in control of china, and russia. “the usa” in fact built “communist russia”, back in the fifties and sixties, at the same time the rothschilds were setting up their control system in china, which people call communism. but, you may have noticed, neither russia nor china ever evolved into the exemplary socialist workers’ paradise. what you’ve always had in both those places has been a pseudo communist – pseudo capitalist security state, and they’ve always been held under the iron hand of the global bankster cartel, which, in case anybody out there in dhs/nsa land doesn’t know it yet – is totally in cahoots with the vatican, the british monarchy-city of london and the pentagon. that’s who the three stars represent on the washington dc flag. if russia is now china’s junior partner – that means the ashkenazi bankster cartel have a little more control in china than they do in russia., which could mean putin is a genuine leader, like jfk, who is not one of them – but i doubt that. we’re dealing with a global security state power structure that has always used war to maintain its place at the peak. like the man said – most of the chips in the fighter jets come from china. and those are probably chinese, chinese knock-offs. it’s always been the same old story for the last several generations. the external threat has to be built into the public relations program in order for all those warmongering profiteers to keep their filthy rich existence justified. all the economic value has to be constantly drained off into dead-end military contracts to keep it from being reinvested into the place in the usa where the working class actually lives. there was never going to be any nuclear war with the russians and there is never going to be one with the chinese. a major global nuclear exchange is not survivable – for anybody. not even for those who have the bunkers built, which they will have to come out of someday. but – the need still exists for the psychopaths at the top of the global control pyramid to periodically get rid of millions among the lower classes. all war is class warfare, where the elites juxtapose the uninformed from different geographical locations against each other adversarially – because that’s how they suck out the money and stay in control. the chinese workers are not your enemy. your enemies are the people who are telling you there is some necessity for a war with china. and there may very well be some type of exchange – as “the who” put it “a limited front – it’s put on”. the next big event may give the american security state the chance to kick the big jade helm round-up into gear, where thousands of domestic “dissidents” will be made to disappear. the splc has its list of “domestic terrorists” all typed up already, has every jew/mason sheriffs department been informed of who is going to the “gray state” guillotine gulag? look at it this way – if it hadn’t been for all these big wars in the past, it would mean the pyramid power structure would have morphed into a different, more ameliorative shape by now, and the world might be being shared in peace by a much more enlightened human race, as the ecological paradise it once was. rather than entertaining this worn out world war program – shouldn’t we all be focusing on something better?

    1. Mussolini kicked Aleister Crowley out of Italy, so Mussolini wasn’t a total clown. I’m too busy at the present time rethinking Mussolini to speculate on what Hank Williams would say on Thurs or Fri. or any day, Pat. No, Ingrid, I don’t dislike Hank Williams. I like Hank Williams, Ingrid. And now that I know Mussolini kicked Crowley out of Italy, I’m starting to like Mussolini also. I’m rethinking my position on Mussolini.

      Well, at least now I know why Alex Jones’ Prison Planet jew troll acting troupe have such a deeply visceral negative reaction to Mussolini and to Italian Fascism. Mussolini kicked their wizard out of Italy. Oh boo hoo hoo hoo hoo…..

      1. Joe –

        I wanted to know what ‘Hank’ Makow would opine for the rest of the week, relaxing on Saturn-Day… his sabbath. The clip was a theme.

    2. B-Deer –

      I am waiting for Jade Helm with abated breath,

      I love parades, which is all anyone will really see.

    3. BarkingDeer. – bravo for hitting the tail on the jackasses. Americans, and far too much of the rest of the world were brought up on pablum, thinking pablum was more than swell, and 99% still happily eat pablum while they watch the world go round n round on their idiot boxes, never daring to read nor begin to understand. The wars have already been fought n won, and human beings lost. The jew masonic police n upper crust military are merely trying to maintain a reason for existing, and rounding up free thinkers puts us highest on their list. The Brotherhood of masonic jesuits and masonic bloodlines will drain us all cold and pale’r. God help us for we have shown we can’t get out of our own way.

    Yidsters are no longer posing as Bolshevik do gooders, they now have taken an inside position as puppeteers. Thousands of Yidsters are sitting in on US/Russian/China think tanks. They are calling the shots needed to balance world economies. Expansion of a Yids bank account and sex life is of ultimate importance. The history of morality has ended, pleasure and security is enough. Fortunately my position is secure and a Jewess is near.

  14. Study of history is useful. “Gold Warriors” by S. & P. Seagrave, shows the WW2 Japanese moving through China along the lines of: a Japanese military detachment shows up in a Chinese village, calls out the headman (‘mayor’) and publicly executes him with no trial or discussion. Village residents are told to bring all their accumulated wealth (Asians distrusted banks – wonder why) including jewelry, gold, silver, fine porcelain and other valuable antiques or join the late headman. By the time the Imperial forces reach the Philippines by way of SE Asia, the loot is considerable. All goes well for the wealthy of Japan until the US fixes the initially worse than useless Mark 4 torpedo. Then, the accumulated wealth of Asia is stuck in the Philippines where much of it remains buried today. The Japanese ruling class largely go unpunished, the money that did make it back lies in Imperial and other bank accounts (one alone is said to contain in excess of $500 billion) and priceless Korean and other porcelain, art, and antiques hoarded and occasionally gloated over in bank vaults in Tokyo. But the Chinese do not forget. Would you? Corrupt zionist mismanagement and sheer greed have given the Chinese the ability to square a long standing account. What do you think will happen? But only at the right moment with the right amount of assembled force. As the USA totters with $18 trillion of zionist federal reserve debt, that moment is not long off. You can fully expect the zionists to try to sell, trade, or give anything they have stolen from the USA to attempt a deal with China (or anyone else), which the Chinese will take and then destroy the zionist vermin anyway as a sanitary exercise. Biological and Nuclear deterrents may or may not be used, depending on how far the zionist mismanagement wrecks what is left of the five eyes in a vain attempt to control the political and social agenda. Salvation for the USA and Europe is still possible, but means utterly rejecting zionism and ALL that goes with it, embracing Russia as a genuine partner, which would restrain China – somewhat. For that to happen, the USA, UK, etc. probably need to collapse still further; then the corruption rooted out (militarily is probably the only option at this point) but the US military first needs to examine it’s infatuation and over reliance on exotic technology. After all, in the end, the Taliban are still there despite the TR-3B and whatever else was used in the vain attempt to get the Rockerfeller’s pipeline through Afghanistan.Presently, you can see zionist rats attempting to establish retreat positions in Patagonia and elsewhere. Do you think that will save them?

  15. I wouldn’t believe such scenario even Netanyahu had said that.

    These two idiots are professional Jewish propagandists who are linked with ‘Atlantic Council’, the ‘New America Foundation’, and several so-called “Jewish think tanks” working as Israeli advocacy groups. The ‘American Conservative’ is a neocon mouthpiece and part of Israel’s media lobby hiding behind the so-called “White Christian” flag.

    Even if American elect Abraham Foxman as president – he will never dare to start a war with China or Russia. America, China and Russia are modern-day colonial powers. Their agenda is the same, looting the resources of the so-called third world nations. Any nation which possesses a nuclear bomb, these three “world bully” will never attack it. North Korea, Pakistan and Israel are the living example.

    To find out the idiots at the New America Foundation – read its latest report released last week which claims that “White American are far greater threat to the country than Muslim Americans since 9/11.”

    This is one way of starting a “War of Civilization” between Christians and Muslims for the benefit of Israel. Just think about it.

    1. REHMAT
      There is a womb that will lead to human betterment, its owner is the Jewess. Most are willing to accept alpha goyin cum, the child has a 75% chance of being superior in verbal and mathematical aptitude. Two hundred thousand Jewesses are needed to save the nation, at the same time 50 million retarded breeders can be gassed painlessly.

  16. Babylonian the whore mother of all repugnant things on earth, traitors of the human race, traitors of humanity’ they have made alliances with Satan and its demons to completely loot confuse destroy entire planet earth’

    Babylonia empire of demonic diabolic liars, fraudsters, con cheaters, mass pickpockets, mass murderers, mass rapists’ using their printing presses to sell fake phony images of success while looted nations as Haiti, Palestine, Nepal, Mexico, Central America sell images of “overpopulation” while satanists aren’t part of the overpopulation!

    There is so much food on earth that could feed seven times the current population on earth! if people starve to death running away from their own countries, itsn’t because lack of food but lack of love from the present current usurpators who deeply hate humanity’

    Babylonian and dark allies do not love humanity, they seek humanity extintion, mass rapists of little childre, little children are the most vulnerable under these empire of demons to be sacrificed in Satanic Rituals as Monserrat in Spain where one millions people there have been eaten alive by Set, the gluttonous serpent from the serpent people’
    Mexico with three hundred thousand dead ones or useless eaters under Felipe Calderon Hinojosa, a Nazi , this is non including the dead ones under Enrique Pena Nieto another Nazi’

    The movie ET from 1982 it isn’t a movie, it s a demon disguised as ET! Aleyster Crowley and his babylonian sexual rituals opened the gates of hell or dimensional portals from darkest hollow earth, along with
    Jack Parsons, both were vital in opening dimensional portals since 1913!

    According to Alexander Backman (click English version) he says most of the people who disappear in this case Mexico the hated illegals which are the Centro Americans, in Tamaulipas, gov’t knows very very well that these et’s or demons transport themselves in flying saucers and lift these helpless people to be taken to their tunnels or volcanoes ( note that there is a lots of volcano activity lately especially from Popocatepetl) all these people who have dissapeared and official gov’t know very well it is these demons who take them to make experiments as clons, these demons can make one clon in one hour!

    Bush Jr, Obama are clons, Bush Jr has a machine attached on his back and Obama has a micro chip on his head’ HAVE U EVER SEEN OBAMA INTERACTING WITH CITIZENS OR BUSH JR? no, Y?

    Babylonian the whore have sold humanity to their dark allies for wealth money profits and fame! Babylonians would be very, very poor people without these demons!

    However these useless con cheaters diabolic liars aren’t happy! Observe Letizia of Spain and how skinny bonny she got! People think oh that is good to be skinny but she is bony! Letizia sacrificed her own sister Erika Rocasonalo for money power wealth status, her young sister was poisoned in front of her for spilling the beans about the human ritual satanic sacrifices the Spanish crown practices to worship the demons and Erika was aware of this because Letizia while she was having babylonian sex with Felipe he told her what the do in the darkness!

    This is why Letizia’s sister is dead as a punishment that if Letizia ever open her mouth she is going to be punished the same way’ ever since Erika’s death she got very, very skinny as punishment from the satanists that if she speaks her precious body will go to the coffin in this condition!

    She isn’t happy! the demons guarantee all the wealth however demons do not guarantee happiness, see Michaek Jackson or Bruce Jenner’

    Bruce Jenner is an example how brains damage babylonians are! empire of hermaphrodites, sociopaths, psychopaths!! So sad reality for them indeed!

    And this is a sweet revenge for all the poor people as the Haitianos, Palestinians, Americans who are already homeless, thanks to the most satanic terrorist organization on earth: THE CATHOLIC CHURCH WITH THE JESUITS, THE STAUNCHEST ENEMIES OF HUMANITY!

    Thomas More is the Saint of babylonians plutocrats canonized by the Vatican’ he was canonized by the Vatican because he was the bloodiest inquisidors during centuru XV ! He sent to prison to William Tyndale whose crime and sin was to translate the bible to English from Belgium!


    1. “There is so much food on earth that could feed seven times the current population on earth! if people starve to death running away from their own countries, itsn’t because lack of food but lack of love from the present current usurpators who deeply hate humanity’” : FLOR, you are absolutely correct..

  17. Darkmooners:
    I have been away for the past week or so and must return to the hospital Sunday night when my weekend pass expires. I will catch up on future articles in a week or 2. As for this article, it is all well and good, but why are we focusing on China vs. USA. The next economic collapse will lead to a global war, not just America/West/IMF-FED/NATO vs. China/Russia/BRICS/AIIB. The 21st century belongs to China, NOT! In all the fuss over China, China shows weak/bad economic numbers as well, as Tyler Durden and his can attest to. The whole world is going down. The question remains, what region can stand up first? Russia, China, America, European Union (EU), which one will it be? My money is one the EU. Fact wise it may not be possible, but I don’t need facts. History provides the answer. My reasoning is that since the NWO plan started in Europe with the Illuminati, Jesuits,Vatican/Pope, Fascism, Communism, Naziism, Rothschild Banksterism, and Zionism, in addition to ETs, brainwashing-mind control, it will end there as well in Europe. Since the Controllers fund and own both sides of this stage play script, Europe is key for 2 reasons: the Vatican City location (Rome) and the BIS in Switzerland. The Bank of England/City of London Square Mile, is just a branch of the BIS. So forget about it: all these events are being stage managed like a Shakespearan play and every major figure is just an actor on the stage. The key component is that those key actors (politicians), are most likely jewish in some form (real, crypto or fake). Many smart people try to say it is the Pope and his Jesuits that run this show, which maybe true, but others point out that jews in all their forms (as above) are actually the true Controllers. Just remember the real perpetrators, must hide behind other groups/factions to avoid detection. Avoid detection as Secret Societies like Knights of Malta, Black Nobility, Masons, Freemasons, and the Illuminati (jewish or otherwise). Really, all this fuss over a battle that is nothing more than the Hegelian dialectic. Through such a view, someone else besides America, Russia and China, will become the new global power. America, Russia, and China are not the choices. Africa and South America are not strong enough. That leaves only Europe. From this analysis, the events in Ukraine are made clear as to why things are happening. Ukraine and Syria are being used to change Europe to become the new global power. And also if the Pope exerts his influence over all the world, there are only 2 places he would rather be, Rome or Jerusalem. The Pope, the BIS, the EU ( as a model for new global governing systems) is all in Europe. After all isn’t that what the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) and NAFTA’s North American Union (NAU) are all about. The EU model is all in the name of eliminating Nation states and make everyone as One based on Continental divisions. Make everyone as One: sounds like Nimrod’s Tower of Babel with one language, which today is English. When you make the comparison of Nimrod and the Tower of Babel to today, don’t you think that we are at the end with 7 – 20 years left of this earthly existence. So don’t bore me with trivialities of China vs. USA, although the analysis is good. Keep up the good work, Darkmoon. Thanks, Norbert.

    1. Absolutely brilliant, Norbert! …. “So don’t bore me with trivialities of China vs. USA.” …. ‘Tis all part of the game, my dears! … Melvin and Norbert make more sense than most of you combined!

    2. Nimrod was Gilgamesh! Gilgamesh built Babel Tower the Stargate! Iraq war was to rescue the momified body of Gilgamesh, a giants one of five meter tall’ The German soldiers found the tomb or grave back in 2005 and was brought over to Dover OH’ What is the reason? probably babylonians, who are expert geneticist want to use his DNA to make clones only God knows’

      Current Babylonian empire of vampires always make wars in Iraq, Syria, because that is where their origins are and Iraq war was to find ancient technology of their Gods’ they also found the stargate and they went to guard it and cover the evidence, why?

      Planet earth are full of multidimensional portals as Tiwanaco Bolivia, Mountain Shasta in Ca, JUST YO MENTION FEW ONES’ BABYLONIANS WANT TO HIDE THE TRUTH THAT HUMAN BEINGS ARE MULTIDIMENSIONALS WE CAN TRAVEL TO THE PAST AND FUTURE’ Babylonians have manipulated human and animal DNA’ Before the flood, humanity used to live nearly thousand years! Our DNA has been manipulated to profit tremendously over the deaths of humanity with short life spans’

      Babylonians and their empire of addcitions want to avoid human connection to almighty universe in multidimensions! If humanity ever awake BABYLONIAN EMPIRE OF RAPINE WOULD COLLAPSE AND THIS IS WHAT FRIGHTENS THEM VERY VERY MUCH!

      Babylonians are The Jesuits, illuminazis, bankers, satanists, lodges, masons, oligarchs, plutocrats’


  18. Melvin Polterdick. you are by far my favorite comments’ person: I love it: “Expansion of a Yids bank account and sex life is of ultimate importance. The history of morality has ended, pleasure and security is enough. Fortunately my position is secure and a Jewess is near.”
    This is what I’ve been saying for over a year, mentioning all the Yidster sheilas I meet in rich, hotel lobbies, etc around the world. I go along with them to the extent that the “expansion of my bank accounts and sex life” has been greatly enhanced, not so much by mounting tired, old, Jewess lobby whores, but accessing, via their connections, the cream of the blonde and beautiful Goyim sheilas who are flocking to Yid-run bar, porno and brothel establishments. This is the good thing about mass unemployment in the WHITE nations – the chicks have to prostitute themselves to be able to pay their rent and buy drugs. Even in my favorite bordello country, Spain, prostitution has increased by 2,000%!
    And remember, as Melvin says: “a Jewess is near” for your pleasure! …. So what you might impregnate them, but you will have helped create the YID-SUPER RACE, which is now expanding into CHINK territory! …. LET PLEASURE BE THY GUIDE! Get your daughter to marry a YID!

  19. The future of mankind is a beautiful YID/CHINK/WHITE mix! ….. These will NOT be the fabled mulatto-coffee colored, hybrid-negro stock, as has been proposed. eg: The half-breed mulatto, Barack Obama, is already an anachronism and is the joke of the planet! His lervin partner, Michael, hardly hides her former grid-iron playing manliness! … A YID/WHITE /CHINK mix will produce the most beautiful person, with a dish-like face, blue eyes, mousy-colored hair, slightly bowed legs, largish nose and half wrap-around mouth! I’ve got several children whom I could point to as the prototype! But the intelligence quotient will average in the high 120’s! …. Unfortunately for the Negros, who have prospered in some Western nations (despite their 67 IQ points average), their future is bleak*, or good**, depending upon how you analyze the reality equation: They will be sent packing back to Darkest Africa, as no whitey, chink or jew in their right mind would want to breed with these jungle, gangsta-rappa lerving people. …. Bleak* = they will be macheted to death by the genuine African tribesmen, particularly the Zulus, who hate Yankee-blacks and everything they stand for! Besides, the half-breed Yankee-blacks beat them in basketball! …. Good** = As is happening now, the Yankee blacks can teach the African blacks to lerv gangsta-rap and Bob Marley and be genuine ass-holes, with a lerv for basketball and other games. …. The NEW, dished-faced, blue-eyed SUPER HUMAN will be good at everything; and so the planet will be saved and “Abraham’s seed” will have spread everywhere, as per biblical predictions; except for Darkest Africa where the Obummers, etc will be at home in the quarries of humanity, running amok with boom-boxes and machetes!

      Shrewd Jewesses crowd boat shows, they bump into wealthy goys about to buy million dollar yachts. Often they are invited to a hotel room for a night of pleasure and an invitation to a cruise in his new boat. She is sure to become pregnant after being used by at least ten of his pals while sailing for weeks to nowhere. The chances of her offspring having extraordinary verbal and mathematical talents is great.
      China is the new destination for ambitious Yids, they will be welcomed by the Chinks for the purpose of breeding.
      Yiddlings are being sold to Chinese government officials who raise them to manage their slave farms. Recent attention to the super Yid has started a breeding trend in China. The Jewess is reaping the rewards.

      1. Melvin Politedick, you are again correct: “Shrewd Jewesses crowd boat shows, they bump into wealthy goys about to buy million dollar yachts. …. She is sure to become pregnant after being used by at least ten of his pals while sailing for weeks to nowhere.” … Yes, I know this well, having been on many such yachts out of Monte Carlo and St Tropez, etc! … This is the upper level stratospheres of human society (life among the mega-rich Goys and Yids) that other posters, living in such as mountain log cabins and on the edges of the great, dumbed-down and stupefied unwashed, simply have no knowledge of whatsoever! ….. This is the WORLD TODAY, totally unfettered by the neurotic, religious claptrap of the ancient Arabs and one offering the rich and alive a full array of great pleasure and delights. I live the full spectrum of this life of the mighty and wield my Viking hammer like Thor of old; with true gay abandon; in the meantime, parting the red seas of the world’s most beautiful women, Goy or of the Chosen. >>>>And you are correct: “The Jewess is reaping the rewards.” …. The MATRIARCHY is ascendant …. the survival of the Pharisees, lately become the Illuminati, is assured worldwide for the next 100’s of years. That is what it is really all about!

      2. Infertile yids are adopting Chinese girls at an alarming rate. There is a sinister plan to make them prostitutes in order to corrupt Chinese Communist leaders and top bureaucrats. These Hebrew speaking Chinese prostitutes double as Israeli spies. China is the last frontier. Jewish hegemony is guaranteed. All resistance is futile. I am thinking of switching sides myself. A jewess with a big wrap-around-mouth is all I need and think about these days.

    1. noooo ingrid, pay attention to the content, not the sideshow.

      melvin is excellent and using some cool literary device that i, being only semiliterate cannot put a correct name to.
      melvin is like a court jester who speaks the uncomfortable and painful truth while the fools laugh uncomprehendingly.
      in fact, he speaks so much truth that he cannot possibly be a jew, they are not used to thinking outside their hellborn Law, whose first dictate is to lie.

      1. I occasionally manage to make a little sense of what Melvin is saying, but mostly it centres around jewish women, copulating with suits, in the vain hope, maybe 1 in 1000, of producing some sort of wizard/genius. Then there is Max, advocating a blend of white, yellow, and whatever colour yids/jews are, so, what will that do for the Bilney/Harbinger war for “white” supremacy?

      2. To Lobro –

        The only statement that you are correct about is: “melvin is like a court jester”.

        Satan who seems to be able to easily fool you, fancies dressing up as a “jester”. Melvin P. and Max B. speak uncomfortable and painful ‘lies’ while fools laugh. When an evil person exposes evil practices, it is not correct to refer to it as truth. What they are both doing is rubbing your nose in it. That you are amused is evil. Lobro, you may not be an evil person, but you are certainly in the camp of fools. Take off that ‘hat’ you are currently wearing, and stop trying so hard to impress. Under that ‘hat’ is a relatively nice person. Evidently, it is too late for them, but not you. Toby is another entertained fool, admittedly.

      3. @ New Song

        NEW SONG TO LOBRO: “The only statement that you are correct about is: “Melvin is like a court jester”. Lobro, you may not be an evil person, but you are certainly in the camp of fools. Take off that ‘hat’ you are currently wearing, and stop trying so hard to impress. Under that ‘hat’ is a relatively nice person. Evidently, it is too late for them, but not you. Toby is another entertained fool, admittedly.”

        I approve of your wise words, dear New Song. See my post above addressed to Melvin Polatnik and Toby. I, too, am appalled to see that highly intelligent posters like Lobro and Pat (both of whom I respect) have been seduced by this foul-mouthed Melvin PERVnik with his constant talk about “cum” and condoms and having his dick sucked.

        You are wrong in two respects though:

        (a) You are wrong to regard Pervnik as a “court jester” or entertaining clown. He is no such thing. You do him too much honor. Pervnik is just a dirty old man from Tel Aviv with a repertoire of smutty stories which he has made up.

        (b) You are also completely wrong to accuse Toby of being “entertained” by Pervnik. You have no proof of that.

        Toby, unlike Lobro and Max Bilney, has never commented on Pervnik’s posts or praised them. All he has done is NOT censor Pervnik’s posts. This does not mean Toby LIKES Pervnik or APPROVES of his posts.

        I have it on good authority that Toby is a most reluctant monitor and doesn’t even bother to read all the posts. So the site is largely unmonitored. You mustn’t blame Toby for what filthy-minded wankers like Pervnik and Bilney say. That is quite wrong and unchristian of you.

        In fact, New Song, if you check, you will actually see that Toby has recently begun to crack down hard on Pervnik by deleting 3-4 of his filthiest posts. One post by Pervnik about having his dick sucked off in a car by another male perv in an adjoining car at a traffic light, THAT POST HAS BEEN DELETED! I can no longer see it here.

        So please don’t make the horrible mistake of accusing Toby of being responsible for Pervnik’s disgusting mind filth.

  20. lobro you just made my point, when you say: “melvin is like a court jester who speaks the uncomfortable and painful truth while the fools laugh uncomprehendingly” .. …. I should know his style: I’ve been doing same since I got on this site! … i.e. Triple-reverse psychology, with a twist thrown in, plus a mixture of quixotic candor, combined with Jonathon Swift like parody of most posters’ stupid, inane ideas or miniscule impressions! …. It gets the point across eventually! And people remember it!
    Justice for the Chinese, yes marry a wrap-around-mouth Jewish whore; but find a sexy one who will pay you! …. “A Jewess with a big wrap-around-mouth is all I need and think about these days.” … I think about them too and can hardly wait to go to a boat show or a high class hotel’s lobby! … They are good value for the money and offer you the opportunity to assist with the creation of the YID SUPER RACE!
    Just read Phil’s comment on the previous article: Heavy stuff before he goes to his cloister in the Vatican and masturbates himself silly to the accompaniment of Miley Cyrus’s porno on his cell phone! …. Actually Phil, you are very bright! … That Ellie is one frustrated bitch, with deep, homosexual sublimations!

      Worlds record for turning out children is 67, unfortunately the most fertile Yidess can turn out only about 20 “hybrids” in child bearing years. Her slow thinkers are disemboweled by anti-Yid sentiment and seek Rabbinical support, her shrewdest Yids seek and find fame and fortune. Not all the Yidesses are high rollers, many wind up with a postal worker putz. The attractive ones wind up with a Bogart and the slick ones wind up with a Helmsley. The bad news is Yidesses are birthing only about two Yiddles , the good news is Chinese breeders are injecting Yidesses with fertility hormones, a top Yidess can now turn out two Yiddles every 14 months. Yiddles are being purchased by middlemen in NYC/Israel and FedEx to Beijing. The promising ones are trained to manage the economy or run slave labor farms.

      1. The attractive ones who wind up with an Episcopalian Bogart then get Holocausted by the Nazis in Hollywood, 🙁 . Bacall’s dream in life was to look like Golda Meir. What horrible suffering she went thru in ANTI-joo Hollywood — two or three people in the course of her career as leading lady told her “You don’t look jooish” — that really broke Bacall’s heart 🙁 because she always wanted to look stereotypical jooish. She was finally Holocausted in Nazi Hollywood when the NASA Nazis in Hollywood gave the part of Golda Meir to the NON jew and totally “shiksa” Ingrid Bergman. Bacall didn’t look jooish enough to play Golda Meir. Oh boo hoo hoo hoo hoo….. How Bacall suffered in Nazi Hollywood for being an attractive yiddess, The attractive yiddess was Holocausted in Nazi Hollywood, 🙁 . I know that’s true because that’s what she told Robert Osborne of TCM and Robert Osborne believed her, 🙂 .

      2. I had HER down as an Arsene Wenger lookalike….. 😉 Shergar would have been proud of those teeth though.

    2. There’s a lot of race mixing between NON jews and jews here in Florida where I’m at, and I don’t see any genius or even physical beauty being produced, just real low level criminal-minded ugly mulengeons with very low IQs — always looking out for a way to steal something from you one way or another. Lots of the so-called non jew “Whites” race mixing with jews are really mongrels, half-white/half-black, half-puerto-rican/half-white, half-white/half-injun, etc., etc.. They have no manners, no class, no grace. Nothing. Not pretty. Not safe either, you always gotta watch your back, always got to be on the look out for con artists and low level thieves and bullshit artists all the time. Not a very inspiring culture here, not at all.

      @ polatnick : I just moved to Florida from California [ though I’m from NYC originally ]. Anyway, I would like to go to the Ft. Lauderdale International Boat Show, but I don’t have the kind of money to afford to buy a yacht. Is it safe for me to go to the Boat Show? Or will the gold-digging yiddesses throw me off the dock into the water because I can’t afford a yacht? Or, will they stab me in the back, or what? Is it illegal in this jewed-out state of Florida to go to a Boat Show even though you can’t afford to actually to buy a yacht? Will they throw me in prison?

      [ Yes, I was stupid to move to Florida, I admit it. No need to dwell on it as I just admitted it ].

        Boat shows in Florida are open to all, most visitors are spectators or Yidesses looking for wealthy goyish cum. The Yidess will get angry if she finds out you are a poor slob after depositing your cum. Yidesses are college grads and will detect if you are too stupid to be wealthy.
        The mongrel mulatto`s you see in Florida rarely come from Jewesses. Miami is a shit hole where millions of sub-humans arrive from the Caribbean and Mexico and then move on.

  21. @ Monte, Lasha/Ellie K/Lucy, Uncle, Polatnick/Max/”Fr. John”, Ungenius, lobro, Madame Butterfly,/Ingrid/Cindy/RuthBernstein, Ungenius, Ryckeart, Rehmat, Winston, BarkingDeer/Brownhawk, Gerry, Elliot, Carl, Bob in DC, Flor, Phil/Pat/Gilby/ Justice for Chinese, Norbert, Paschn, Kapoore, Felix :

    May you all,

    ~ Lign In Drerd Un Bakn Beygl ~

    That’s Yiddish. I found the expression at a Yiddish website for Yiddish curses. Ask lobro for translation in Yiddish, as if you Darkmooners — ALL jews — need to have it put in English in order to know what it means, LOL.

    1. @ Joe

      25. “Lign in drerd un bakn beygl!”: A curse meaning “May you lie in the ground and bake bagels.” To explain, this curse means that you should burn in hell for all eternity and bake bagels that you may never eat.

      The German translation is almost identical : Liegen in der Erde und backen Bägel.

      Source : 61 Hilarious Yiddish Insults You Need To Know, at :

      1. @ Ryckaert :

        I understood the full meaning and the full implication of the Yiddish curse before I sent off my Yiddish curse post, Ryckaert. I fully well understood the meaning and the implication of the Yiddish curse, Ryckaert —-> That’s EXACTLY why I sent off the Yiddish curse post to all you Darkmoon jews — and ALL of you are jews, that’s for sure, and you all deserve the curse — that’s EXACTLY why I sent off the curse thru cyber-universe to you, Ryckaert, and to all your hebe cohorts. Why? Because I understood perfectly well the meaning and the implication of the Yiddish curse, Ryckaert.

        I’m quite capable of finding Yiddish curse websites on my own, Ryckaert. Your link is rather redundant to me. I find it redundant.But I’m not surprised, for jews are always redundant with the jew shit that comes outta your/their jew mouths, jew Ryckaert from Tavistock.

      2. I sometimes wonder if Joe is the only non jew round here.. According to Harbinger, I am not Scottish, so maybe I AM jewish, who knows..

      3. Ingrid –
        No need to wonder.
        Joe writes and speaks Yiddish all the time… and babbles and repeats numerous redundancies… practicing for head bobbing at the wall of wails…. “Yobeldy-yobeldy-gobeldy-goop.”
        Then… “LOL-LOL-LOL-LOL-LOL”… Very Yiddishly…

        …. ‘crypto’ at minimum… 🙂 🙂

    2. it would be an impoverished website without you joe spreading your unique brand of culture.

      i will let everyone else ponder on the spectacle of a gentle gentile joe teaching a bunch of ignorant jews yiddish.
      once you give me a passing grade in ysl (yiddish as second language), i will test the legal waters by demanding my right of return and the plot of land that goes with it.

      in fact, i will use my powers of twisting logic to prove that due to tectonic drift, what used to be the ancient and uberdeveloped kingdom of judah is now emiglia romana in italy and all the archeological monuments prove it and that mine is the prime vineyard, olive orchard and all the cheese yielding buffaloes on it.

      any dagoes (hope none related to you, wouldn’t that be tragic) making noise near the razor wire defensive perimeter will be shot on sight.

      (translated by yidex)

      1. “in fact, i will use my powers of twisting logic to prove that due to tectonic drift, what used to be the ancient and uberdeveloped kingdom of judah is now emiglia romana in italy and all the archeological monuments prove it and that mine is the prime vineyard, olive orchard and all the cheese yielding buffaloes on it.”

        Ready the jackhammer and dynamite…. 😉

        Here’s a big 1 for Joe.. 🙂

    3. @ TheRealOriginalJoe
      Thank you for that curse, but knowing German, I already knew what the curse meant once I read it. Just beware that the curse could come back and haunt you instead. I don’t want to get into name calling but will respect your views and opinions despite the error of your ways. So repent, accept the error of your ways, ask for forgiveness and seek Jesus as your Lord and Saviour. Whether you do it or not, I still love my brothers and sisters here at Darkmoon because most of us are awake and know what’s going on. I thank Darkmoon for people like Max, Gilbert, Lobro, Ryckaert, Pat and Ingrid B. I also welcome the new names I have seen. So Darkmoon, keep up the good work and articles and let us commentators decide its value and truth. However, anything that exposes the Jewish Money Power Talmudic Illuminati Satanic Sacrificial cult is best. Thanks, Norbert.

      1. Norbert, hope that your stay in hospital will be beneficial, and that you will be back with us soon.. God bedring, hope you understand Norske..

    4. @ TROJ

      I feel so special since you mentioned me twice in your curse. Fortunately, I know that curses are like a fart in a tornado, just an ineffective breeze of worthless words. A Yiddish curse would be even less impacting.

      I notice from your later comments that you are from NYC, moved to California, and then to Florida. All of these areas have high concentrations of jews and plenty of bagels. You must be trying to fit in better or maybe you already fit in perfectly.

  22. For readers who think this post is off topic, Ill just reference Edgar Cayce’s vision of a Russian factor in offering hope for the World. Less known is that he also spoke of China emerging as a source for a spiritual renaissance.

    Having said that, there is a theory of time ‘running out’, signalling an evolutionary change for the planet. This time phenomenon is called a “retrogression”. Some schools of thought say this will be heralded by a polar shift, which ties in with the mysterious Mayan calender-related “precession of the equinoxes”. Whatever the specifics, the bottom line is that there will be more light.

    To characterize Life as we’ve known it to be vampiric in nature is reflected by the day/night ratio, and the night time ain’t the right time. The very existence of a “dusk to dawn” reality indicates the enabling of the parasite.

    Excerpt from “Beyond the Crooked Pale”:

    “…The impostors had a great advantage. There was no precedent for those happy Beings (goy) to experience malevolence. No need for a safeguard of eternal vigilance. It was the Innocence. and the fruits were ripe for the picking. They would come up with a method of duplicity that marred an unspoiled realm, whose enactment has thrust a knife that slices through the continuum of true life.

    In an original setting of Creation, what the deceivers did as their first act of imposition is almost too startling to believe. In short, they would lure their prey into an invisible illusion, and paralyze them with the sting of a numbing intoxication. For malevolent Beings to do this meant they had to somehow ‘get their hands on them’ from their positions of estrangement. What was done created a method of “siphoning” by drawing off forces of Divine Light through a ‘spider’s tunnel’, and sending it to the obscurity of an odd assimilation, and It would prove to be a seamless effort. Call it the Original trespass.

    In those sublime places Beings were enjoying the handiwork of an ebullient Creation. It was always excellent weather for flying, with no sense of the entanglement that awaited. Once in the trap, an opiate of amnesia would mar their dreams for countless eons, marooned in the quarantine of a strange land.

    The Divine Light had become a beacon.”

  23. Yes lobro, of course, Darkmoon would be totally impoverished without me. You finally figured out The Correct View. Took you long enough, but you managed somehow to see The Light in spite of your many failings.

    ~ Videre Licet ~

  24. I welcome such a war. I want America, Britain, and Canada to be invaded and the Jewish communities exterminated at the hands of Chinese and Russian troops. If anyone is not aware by now, that is PRECISELY why I left Canada in 2010, to help target the vermin for liquidation when an equally powerful force has been organized to destroy the Jews in the West. I even posted it on my old website. For those not aware, both the Chinese and Russians are well aware of the Jewish role in organizing destruction, wars, and genocides throughout history. Therefore, they will very easily target the Jews for liquidation.

    The Jewish communities will not only be targeted in America, Britain, and Canada for liquidation, but Australia and the rest of the Western World as well.

    When that happens, my heart will be healed!

    Goodbye Jewry!!!
    Your Time Is Over Soon!

    Salman An-Noor Hossain

    1. P.S. I forgot to add, the kikes have now been recognized as being the perps behind most acts of terrorism worldwide as well.

      Salman Hossain

    2. Salman, the Lionheart, Greetings.
      It pleases me to no end to see you still in fighting form, the true legionary.

      1. Thnx Lobro…

        The Yids have been tryna grab me for the last 5 years, but as every one is becoming Jew Wise now worldwide, they don’t care any more.

        The Security Services in the country I am in support me and hate the Jews.

        Everywhere in the world, there is growing disgust and contempt of the Yids. When I tell my story to those around me, they provide me with absolute and unconditional support. So, regardless of the fact that the Kikes have me up on Interpol, no government is going to collaborate with them in sending me back for a trial in a Kangaroo court.

        Game’s Over For the Yids!


    3. In terms of saving your Muslim/Mohammedans from the ravages of war, wouldn’t it be more efficacious, get better results in terms of saving your Mohammedan countries from the ravages of war, if the Russians and Chinese invade Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, exterminate all the crypto jews in just said listed countries who are bankrolling ISIS? Also, wouldn’t it make more sense for the Russians and Chinese to invade Israel and exterminate the jews in Israel, as the Israeli Mossad is involved in ISIS up to their jew sheenie beanies ? [ the leader of ISIS is an arab jew, as of course everyone knows by now, especially a savvy musselman like you salmon] Also, wouldn’t it make sense , as the Russians and Chinese invade Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Egypt, and Israel, that the Russians and Chinese exterminate all the Muslims/Mohammedans who are members of ISIS? How come you want to exterminate the jews in the Occident, but not the jews in the Middle East and the Levant and North Africa who are the jews MOST RESPONSIBLE for ISIS which is tearing up your Muslim/Mohammedan countries? I mean, in California, I had a joo woman neighbor and we would sometimes bump into one another while walking our dogs around the block. Sometimes we would walk the dogs together for a block or two. Why exterminate her when she had/has nothing to do with starting ISIS and nothing to do with keeping ISIS going, no role in destroying your precious Mohammedan lands? Better to exterminate the jews most responsible for starting ISIS, yes? Answer : Yes, and those jews you want to exterminate are in Israel, Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Go tell the Russians and Chinese to exterminate the jews in said listed countries. The quicker you, the Russians, and the Chinese, exterminate the jews most responsible for starting ISIS — and those jews are in Israel, Turkey, Qatar, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia — the sooner you can save your precious beloved Mohammedan lands from the ravages of war.

      In closing, I do very much want to say, salmon, you ‘re a real asshole. You’re a real asshole and not even a good actor. You’re doing a real lousy job pretending to be a Muslim/Mohammedan, jew face. I was a better actor when I was in first grade and sTaRRed in my first grade stage production extravaganza “On The Good Ship Lollipop”. There’s more to good acting than simply throwing some schmattas on your head. Learn some technique. pleassssseeee.

      1. habibi, this is more than just Israel…

        jews and jew puppets in Canada, the UK, and the US have been impoverishing the third world for ages…and setting up puppets over there…the base of jewish power is in the diaspora…in the WEST…not in the Muslim lands..first get rid of the kikes in the developed world…and all the kikes and kike supporters in Muslim lands will fall like a bunch of cards…

        we won’t even need the Chinese and Russians to mop the floor for us…

        why don’t you get rid of the kikes in your midst that did 9-11, Oklahoma (where the killed babies in nurseries), 7-7, 3-11, Bali, first WTC, a whole host of terrorist atrocities. What? you think jew bags outside of israel weren’t involved? or are the only evil kikes infested in the holy land and the middle east? the kikes run America – officially the most powerful nation in the world – militarily at least…

        why don’t u get rid of your kikes that are causing problems for EVERY ONE…including the Chinese and the Russians which is PRECISELY WHY they will invade? why not eradicate all dem joo bags in your midst?

        why is genocide so difficult to carry out? why not use bio genetic weaponry -dontcha know yids dem got genetic diseases? would be easy to killem off by just pumping it into the water supply…

      2. nigga puhleaze….

        if u’re/ or were such a good actor…why dontcha go an join Shlomo Steinberg in Hollywood for a drag show so that u can get a multi million dollah contract yo?

  25. salman and noor :

    How come, if you two love your mohammedan people so much, how come you two don’t call for the elimination of the Sunni jihadists in the Middle East tripping over themselves to join ISIS and destroy your beloved Mohammedan Middle Eastern countries?

    Why blame only Christians and jews in North America and call for the elimination of jews and Christians in the USA and Canada when so many of your own fellow Mohammedans are involved in destroying your beloved Mohammedan countries?

    The Christians and jews in North America aren’t joining ISIS, but your fellow Mohammedans from all the Middle East Muslim countries and from all the Muslim countries from all over the world ARE!

    1. ‘Noor’ is not a Muslim.

      She’s a Canadian lady bloggist.

      Whose avatar wears a head scarf.

      1. @ Ruthie :

        Well, good for her, honey. Noor certainly got herself covered to protect herself from the Islamic jihadists in Canada, now that the Islamic jihadists in Canada want to wage Islamic jihad against Christians and jews [supposedly a jihad against jews *] in Canada. How convenient for the “Catholic” “Canadian” girl with an Islamic hajibe on her head.

        Funny that someone, a “Catholic” no less, who is supposedly against the Jew NWO would support Islamic Jihad against Christians , as that’s EXACTLY the MAIN PILLAR of the jew NWO.

        * The MAIN TARGET OF ISLAMIC JIHAD ARE CHRISTIANS AND CHRISTIANITY, NOT JEWS. The whole “jews are under threat from Islamic Jihadists is a giant circus side show, smoke-and-mirrors, giant distraction from THE FACT THE MAIN TARGET OF ISLAMIC JIHADISTS ARE CHRISTIANS AND CHRISTIANITY. Hajibe Noor fully well knows this, as hajibe Noor [ and her whole “jew-wise” “anti-jew” “alternative” media ] calls for even more Mohammedan/Muslim/BlackAfricanMuslim immigration into Europe and into the rest of the Occident — EXACTLY what the mainstream jew communist media advocates for, exactly what the jew NWO ilk wants.

    2. salman is the only one here whom i know personally (this is the one you meant, elka)
      while at xymphora, even before i met salman and the man_from_atlan, posters were scraeming abuse at salman for his very outspoken stand and called him a troll.
      but he wasn’t.
      he was the leader of some islamic students union at toronto york u, giving fiery speeches against jews and the threat they represent (salman, you still got that video posted at xymphora?) and before you know it, jew press was calling for his head, nat post and the sun in particular.
      i always defended salman, just like i defended you joe.
      when i returned from my africa trip in 2009, i was grabbed at lester pearson airport by csis because they hacked my email exchange with salman and they grilled me at immigration for over an hour, trying to weasel some incriminating evidence against salman, but i was steadfast because i spoke the truth, salman is no bloodthirsty killer, just a warrior against evil-evil-jew.
      i was even invited for a coffee by a very beautiful agent, tall, dark haired and quite bookish, in fact i imagine lasha to look a lot more like her than that one-eyed avatar (she should change it).
      maybe it was a low key honey trap.
      there she defended csis policies and claimed that they are not marching to jew’s script but simply trying to protect canadians and if some jews happen to be canadians and are threatened by salman, then it is the csis job to act.
      i told her it was bullshit, that she was either disingenuous or naive and hopefully on a learning curve.

      but the upshot is that as result of the jew led witch hunt, salman had to escape canada and is even today on the run.

      and joe, regarding your ISIS thing.
      i am surprised you don’t realize that ISIS IS-ISrael, pure and simple.
      witchdoctors of judea saw the huge success they had with contaminating protestants with zionism, hence ziochristians and expanded the method to include muslims by exploiting the sunni-shia schism, especially in the aftermath of taking down of saddam (sunni) and blaming it on shia treachery.
      they also took over al-qaeda entirely from its early days as an honest islamic guerilla movement in afghanistan, led by bin laden (also an honest warrior against godless ussr) and they allied themselves with native pushtun taliban.
      jew poison and of all the people i thought you were bright enough to spot it.

      blethering on about ISIS is like focusing on the tail end noisemaker of a rattlesnake about to strike you.


      but morans always prefer diversion, don’t they.

      1. @ lobro :

        Go tell the Mohammedans ISIS was started by the jews, and tell them to go immigrate to Israel, lobro, Go tell it to the Mohammedans and Muslims to stop immigrating to Europe and the USA because it was the jews who started ISIS. May they finally attack Israel and NOT Europe and the USA. Go direct your “jews started ISIS” to all the Mohammedans joining ISIS. I’m not the one joining ISIS, lobro, your buddy-buddy Mohammedans are. Tell your Muslim friends the head of ISIS is a Mossad jew and that ISIS is being bankrolled by the Mohammedan Saudis and Turkish and Egyptian Donmeh jews. So then when the Muslims get angry about ISIS they’ll take their Islamic frustrations with them when they immigrate to Israel, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey.

      2. @ lobro

        I hope Salman continues to write comments here. While I was posting at xymphora many years ago (under the name of ‘Xanadu’) Salman was on leave of absence. He had completely disappeared after some trouble he had had. What trouble I don’t know. Now he has resurfaced. I hope he hangs around, if only to give this site some balance and put the Muslim point of view.

      3. the word is getting out that the Yids have infiltrated and subverted and created Da’ish/ISIS…

        u don’t need to worry…

        ISIS is running outta volunteers now…

        its a hopeless cause for them…

        the only reason they stay afloat is because of America Israel Saudi and Turkey

        Xanadu, I had to stay out for a year cause my lawyers told me not to post whilst the OPP was “investigating” me for “hate crimes”…

        I personally never hung around any Jews in Canada….not my kinda crew…

      4. I have never screamed at Salman or called him a troll, but I did tease him a bit about the Bears and I did accuse him of being able to throw a dart at a Bangalore phone book and hit a Hindutva every time!

        Best of health to you, Salman!

      5. lobro, low brow… u should have told her – the csis broad…that jews can’t really be canadians…

        and real canadians can never be from the juden…

        oops…must have been stressed out with all her jibberish…

      6. thnx hp, lobro, xanadu, et. al….

        my main focus is a revolution to get rid of the yhids…and yes, such a revolution will indeed turn violent…

        since all the major CSIS heads are yids or yid pets

        and all the yid lobbies will have to be exterminated…yid orgs…

        that includes putting harper, mackey, and stockwell day on hit lists to execute…

        just like GWBush, and the entire PNAC crowd and the first Bush as well as Cheney…

        the hit list i have is long…but sending kikes to the wood chippers is the only option….

      7. Juden time is running out..and I say this with absolute confidence and conviction….

        as for ISIS, its easy to get seduced, i even thought these guys were for real when Mosul was captured by

        them and Albanian volunteers were threatening to conquer Jerusalem from the Yids…

      8. lobro bud, the CSIS lass that u met, was she flat chested?

        or big boobied?

        just wanted to know cause i was also grilled by CSIS too at the end of 2009

      9. sal, the girl, whose name i won’t reveal because she after all appeared kind and sympathetic to our cause without committing to it (that would have been pretty deadly for a csis employee) was maybe a shade under 6 feet (~180 cm), dark haired, serious looking and quite a good body but i wouldn’t call her buxom.

    3. yes, there are hundreds of thousands of deceived Muslims in the world that have joined ISIS…

      but lets not forget whose cattle got seduced first…

      idiot Muslims or idiot Christians,…

      how many hundreds of thousands of Christians joined the war against Iraq and Afghanistan and Somalia and


      sure, they got duped…but many of them thought they are going to jihad in Palestine and they will liberate Palestine …they ended up being cannon fodder for the jews

      lots of the jihadists that got seduced wanted to return home and many have stopped joining after reading that the kikes run the bogus caliphate…

      after all, millions of Sunni Muslims do yearn for a Caliphate that will protect their interests worldwide…and the yids saw that they could harness the potential and force of the Sunni Muslims…to being their mercenaries instead…

      1. Absolutely, been saying the same thing. Young Muslims have been deceived, but I think an awakening is taking place. I heard a Muslim guy earlier, on Press TV, referring to the saudis as jews, sooo, there you have it, jews running KSA, and Egypt, with proxies in Turkey, and Jordan. The March 14th are traitors, as is Mahmoud Abbas..
        I hope that resistance is growing, in the ME, and the west..
        Yes, I too like Salman, and hope he sticks around, we need his positivity..

      2. Ingrid –

        You have been saying that, and you have been beaten up here for doing so.

    4. TheRealOriginalJoe … you must be a fucking idiot not to realize that the Jewish media in the West is doing a PR campaign for Da’ish/ISIS – negative press is also good press… and jews and christians in Canada and the US and GB and Israel helped create ISIS/Daesh with the help of … Saudia and Turkey of course…

      and since the armies in the Global War on Terror weren’t conscripted…what made them choose to go on killing mission against sand niggers thousands of miles away? if they were seduced, what makes the Muslims less vulnerable? lemme tell u something, after Palestine is liberated, Europe is the next point of the Islamic Conquest…..if the Muslims actually get their act together… then it is possible…. but not until Israel is defeated…

      If Rome were to be invaded, then I would prefer indigenous European Muslims from the Balkans, Turkey, and Southern Russia (perhaps a few from North America) invading instead of darkies…cause the will to resist foreign races that invade is much greater than members of the same tribe even if they have a different religion…

      after Jerusalem and Tel Aviv-Haifa, it’s Rome, and then Paris on the Way to London….

      once France and the UK become Muslim….we will turn our sights on Canada and the US…that is if China and Russia doesn’t invade and GENOCIDE the Jews and Judeo Christians who serve and worship their Jew Masters … and MOST JEW SLAVES in Canada/USA are in fact stupid white people…. not chinks or the pakis or niggers or spics…

      in fact when I was in Canada, I would bash the Yids publicly, and it was only retarded white folks who would defend them….

      every normal Chinese person I have ever talked to hates Jews once you educate them, except for career whores…not just Andrew on this forum…

      same thing with Blacks and Hindus…

      Latinos are Catholics and they generally hate Yids…

      why do stupid white people hate the enemies of the Jews and not the Jews themselves?

      when Chinese troops do invade America, Canada, and the UK – and I want you to quote me on this – they will murder EVERY SINGLE man, woman, and children they can catch….they’ll literally pull the Jews and Judeo-Christians out of their synagogues and churches and masonic lodges in the streets..they will not want to deal with a resistance or insurgency in the near future…they won’t have time for local terrorists…they’ll exterminate by the millions and the terrorists that fight won’t have much a chance….

      so ya I do welcome a genocidal invasion by Chinese and Russian troops into America, Britain, Canada and the USA….whats so bad about that homey?

  26. The jews* in the “jew-wise” “anti-joo” “alternative” media reveal to us all the perfidious things jews have done throughout history, and still continue to do, they goad us on to hate jews. After we come to hate the jews, the jews in the “alternative” media then encourage us to take sides with Islam, even unto making an alliance with the Sunni jihadists. We are told that the Muslims, including the Sunni jihadists, hate the jews also for all the perfidious things the jews have done throughout history, and the jews continue to do. As the Muslims hate the jews like we hate the jews, then ipso facto us White Christians and the Muslims have a lot in common, are somehow natural allies in the shared struggle against the perfidious jews. One thing about all of this : ALL, and I do mean ALL, ALL the jews* in the “anti-jew_ “jew-wise” ‘alternative” media NEVER tell us that THE MAIN TARGET OF MUSLIM MOHAMMEDAN WRATH AND THE MAIN TARGET OF ISLAMIC JIAHD IS CHRISTIANITY AND CHRISTIANS [ especially WHITE CHRISTIANS], NOT, NOT, NOT jews. The jews* in the “anti-jew” “jew-wise” “alternative” media NEVER feature articles about the historical ALLIANCE BETWEEN the Jews and the Mohammedans and the truth that the Jew/Mohammedan historical ALLIANCE ALWAYS INVOLVED TARGETING CHRISTIANS, KILLING CHRISTIANS, GETTING RID OF CHRISTIANITY AS MUCH AS THE TWO COULD. The historical ALLIANCE BETWEEN JEW AND MOHAMMEDAN IS TOTALLY ABRIGDED in the “anti-jew’ “jew-wise” “alternative” media. ALWAYS ABRIDGED, TOTALLY LEFT OUT of the story, EXACTLY like it’s always left out of the mainstream media’s “narrative” of Jews and Mohammedans. Even the “most honest” jew in all of world history, the monkey jew nappy natty always ABRIDGES and Totally Leaves Out the part of the deep and abiding historical ALLIANCE BETWEEN JEWS AND MOHAMMEDANS. [ the monkey jew who was never baptized into the Christian faith, let alone is he a “Christian” “priest” of any kind, of any Christian church period. Of course, the other “honest” jew Makow will never tell his readers the truth about monkey jew play-pretend “Christian” “priest”, or the HISTORICAL ALLIANACE BETWEEN THE JEWS AND THE MOHAMMEDANS ]

    * When I say “jews” here, I mean ALL the jews in the “alternative” media pretending to be all types of “NON jews”, pretending to be “Catholics”, “Russian Orthodox”, “Protestant Christians from various and all denominations”, “Aggreived Red Skin Injuns”, and the all the ones pretending to be all various types of “Muslims” and “Mohammedans”, from “peace-loving Muslims” to “war-like Islamic Jihadist Muslims” , “Aryan Nazis”, Viking Blonde Warriors”, etc., etc., etc…… I also mean the jews in the “jew-wise” alternative media who don’t hide the fact they’re jews. They’re jews, they let you know it, they make a big stink about being “honest” jews, they too, ABRIDGE THE FACT OF THE HISTORICAL ALLIANACE BETWEEN THEIR JEW TRIBE AND THE MOHAMMEDANS. Abridging and truncating the truth is called LYING, it is NOT ” truth-loving, truth-seeking, truth-telling” — It’s CALLED LYING, LYING THROUGH THE DEVICE OF LIES BY OMMISSION. VERY MUCH SO.

    1. somehow i don’t think you got that quite right – somewhat right but not quite.
      jews historically played both sides and skimmed their pound of flesh off both.

      for example, i believe that venetian jews bankrolled crusades in palestine (can’t be bothered to provide references but feel free to look it up).
      the reason didn’t seem so much the land grab like today but destruction of byzant, their greatest, most focused and intelligent enemy ever.
      constantinople was the true rome, the heart of pure christianity and as such perfectly aware of jew’s treacherous disposition and thus kept them in check.
      no jew could ever aspire to any public office in byzantine empire, something they resented and worked tooth and nail against, not to mention that usury was strictly forbidden, so what’s a poor, poor jewie to do? rag trade doesn’t pave the way to nwo.
      first, the crusader hordes plundered byzant during the kingdom of jerusalem and its outlying satellites, antioch, acre and so on.
      the plunder naturally enriched the jew but more importantly opened the way for turkish conquest by fatally weakening the empire in 13th century (latin empire).
      it was the jew betrayal that opened the gates to mehmet II’s invaders.
      in gratitude, jew got into the ottoman’s inner circle ever since, witness the seat of the grand sanhedrin in the times of expulsion by isabella and ferdinand.
      yet it didn’t do turks any good, nor won them any loyalty by jews, who eventually (i see you are familiar with donmeh) corroded the ottoman empire just as badly as they corroded every host that gave them refuge, be it venice, holland, england, germany, america, russia, you name it.

      and this is what i am harping on continuously, joe.

      and no one is happier when mohammedans and christians go at each other, when catholics fight the protestants or both fight the orthodox or incinerate japan, china, …, yes, you name it.
      so why do you carry on endlessly about mohammedans?
      and avatar carries on endlessly about christians and blames them for his people’s misery, notwithstanding that christ was essentially a palestinian … essentially essene.

      200 million guns in the states and barely a handful of people who know how to aim.

      (yes, i agree about sunnis, i greatly prefer shias and respect them but having lived among NORMAL sunnis, in the balkans and india, i don’t tar them with the ISIS brush.
      those are deranged third gen immigrant kids as uprooted from their native soil as the american blacks are disconnected from true africa.
      c’mon joe, start using that head of yours otherwise you deserve good bitch slapping)

      1. If we are to NUKE and TOTALLY destroy the USA and Canada because the kwans and canucks are brainwashed puppets for the jews, wouldn’t it be logically consistent to NUKE and TOTALLY destroy the Sunni Islamic Jihadists as they too are brain washed puppets for the jews.

      2. TOTALLY destroy the Sunni Islamic Jihadists as they too are brain washed puppets for the jews.

        TOTALLY agree, joe.

        and no nukes needed, how do you nuke individual kwans?
        one or two judenfrei generations would breed them out of existence, meanwhile civic duty calls, picking up street litter and roadside trash, also after careless dog owners – kwan today, gone tomorrow.

      3. well I’m loosing muh patience…me want dem jooz and joo slavez eliminated from zee zoo.S.A and kanada…me can’t wait 2 or 3 generations lobro

        we want rid jews NOW!!!

      4. actually, Muslims need regime change in Saudia and Jordan ASAP!

        Those two Sunni Muslim countries run by secular elites are the SOLE reason that Israel is still in power!

      5. “actually, Muslims need regime change in Saudia and Jordan ASAP!” : Don`t forget Egypt, which is joined at the hip with the jewish state..

    2. Muslims crushed the Jews in Madina (especially the Rabbis and Bankers) after they organized a coalition (The Confederates – Chapter 33 of the Qur’an) of mostly pagan Arab tribes in Makkah and surrounding areas to invade and decimate the early Muslim population. The Prophet expelled the Bani Qurayza Jews as a result, executed the Jewish men who were of fighting age, and took their women as concubines and children as slaves as part of the war booty.

      After the Muslims crushed them in Arabia and expelled them from Khaibar, Umar Bin Al Khattab was able to capture Jerusalem and he banned Jews from going there. Not only that, the Muslims encountered Berber Jews, who they also crushed… Queen Kahina and her troops in the Maghreb.

      When the Yids in Europe saw that Prophet Muhammad and his Successor’s Armies were undefeatable – crushing the Romans, Persians, Egyptians all together, they helped facilitated the Islamic conquest of Spain which was bound to happen regardless.

      A Spanish Visigothic malcontent, I believe his name was Roderigo, converted to Islam and he called for the Muslims to help him seize the throne which he believed was usurped from his inheritance. Something to that extent. The Jews opened the gates of the Muslim conquerors in various cities since they had been rightfully kept under the boot by their Christian neighbours and the Polity for suppressing them. The kikes realized that if you can’t beat/defeat the Muslims, you might as well join them and subvert them from within.

      However, during the 7 century rule of the Iberian Peninsula by the Muslims, the Jews were never allowed to engaged in usury and private banking. It was declared har’am. When the Reconquista and Inquisition happened to get rid of the converseros and Marannos, these Heebs fled to Holland which granted them asylum and allowed them to engage in private banking. Under Islamic rule, the banks were nationalized and social credit was given by the State to entrepreneurs and scientists, craftsmen, etc. No usury, compound interest, or private banking. This all changed when the Yids left Spain and entered Belgium/Holland. You know what happened after that? The Anglo-Dutch East Indies and West Indies company. Jewish Bankers and private businessmen ran the stock of the various MNCs which were used to setup the colonial enterprise to impoverish the third world. India and China had a higher GDP than the UK or the US at that time. The kikes had taken over Holland/Belgium in the 17th century and England by the 18th Century instituting the British Pound as the world’s currency reserve. Jews have dominated Western Europe AFTER the Reconquista of Al Andalus, and to a lesser extent Eastern Europe after the rise of Bolshevism and the Communist Revolution. Muslims kept the excesses of Jewish power in check.

      Yes, Jews also often invited Turks to invade Orthodox Europe and conquer the Balkans, as far as Austria. However, under the Caliphate, the Jews had their influence in check even then. Why? Simple. No Usury, Private Banking, or Compound interest on loans. The destruction of the Caliphate happened in stages and mainly with the infiltration of Jews outside the Caliphate – namely Italy, Britain, and France.

      It all started with the English Revolution. So before anyone starts accusing Muslims of having collaborated with the Jews, then they should look at their own asses in the mirror and see how the collaboration of their respective countries/societies with the eternal jew has resulted in the catastrophe we have today.

      Muslims in Europe were not looked upon as religious enemies during the Middle Ages. But more so as a racial enemy. Islam was considered by those who studied the faith, to be a Middle Eastern-Central Asian version of Christianity (Arab, Kurdish, Persian, Turk) – a different strain of the same faith with similar doctrines. The animosities were mostly ethnic, tribal, and racial. Written documents refer to the conquerors of Spain as swarthy Moors, the Saracens conquering Southern Italy, and the Turks taking over Eastern Europe. Those more knowledgeable would call them “Ishmaelites”. Those engaged in false propaganda and psychological warfare would say the Muslims were heathens or idol worshipers that worshipped Diana and other pagan gods. Muslims were referred to as infidels because they didn’t worship the One True God.

      Regardless, the main animosity was ethnic, racial, and tribal more so than religious from the European perspective. It still is today. Thus, when the GWOT started, Xenophobia increased although the mention of European Muslims in the Balkans and Anatolia, Southern Russia, and North Africa didn’t do much to hinder the affects of Racism. Muslim organizations understood the affects of Xenophobia and Racism very well and played their cards very well – thus they began saying that “Islamophobia” is really racisim and xenophobia because if the Muslims in the West were mostly European – Albanian, Slavic, or Turkish – or Southern Russian or North African – and they could pass for Europeans, then the attack on religion wouldn’t be a racial issue.

      That’s the truth.

      1. “No Usury, Private Banking, or Compound interest on loans.”

        Take the above… and mortgages, and assigned debt on property… away from Pharisees and they lose power.

      2. But…. in keeping with this article… look at China. They are falling for the stock market ‘tricks’ and pension fund debts of Pharisees.
        – China drafts rules to give pension funds access to stock market –

        China is preparing to allow pension funds managed by local governments to invest in the stock market for the first time, potentially channeling hundreds of billions of yuan into the country’s sagging equity market.
        Beijing published draft rules on the proposed change late on Monday, hours after China’s stock markets had closed sharply despite surprise monetary easing moves by the central bank at the weekend.

      3. @ Salman Hossain

        Holy Fez, you really know your history and the kikes’, too. Yes, LD was right: what was sorely needed here was a Muslim perspective and voice which you now offer brilliantly… swimmingly… encyclopedia-ly.

      4. Salman, you should research the original Seljuk, of the Seljuk Turks who ruled before the Ottomans. It is said that he was educated by the Jewish rulers of Khazaria, at Atil, circa 1000 AD. Around this time the Khazarian Empire was destroyed by Sviatoslav I.

        Although their empire ceased to exist, Khazaria remained a state for a few more centuries – until the Mongol invasions. Typically, they eventually allied with the Mongols.

        “With Jews We Lose”

      5. Thanks Andrew! You been getting my emails?

        Bob in DC – what was the name of the Seljuk who was educated by the Jews?

        What was he educated in? Physics? Astronomy?

        I’ve had Jewish teachers and professors in Middle School and University in Toronto, Canada…but what is that supposed to mean? I’ve been more anti-Semitic after observing their deceptions and lies.

      6. Bob In DC…are you aware that during the rule of the Ottomans, jews were not allowed to get into medicine because …well u know the drill…they Yids wanted to setup Big Pharma but the Turkish Muslims weren’t too tolerant to that aspect of their scheming…

        sure, they egged on Muslims to conquer neighbouring Orthodox Christians we held them under the boots and didn’t let them infiltrate their societies…because that was a one up on their previous status in the social ladder…but so did rival Christian sects…namely the Roman Catholic Church….

        the Catholic Church collaborated the most with the Ottoman conquest …and the Yids egged on the Turks because they felt like they would be able to climb up the social ladder if the Turks took over…every sect/ethnic group was advancing their group interests…sometimes it co-incided…other times it did not…

      7. @ Salman

        1. Salman: Bob in DC – what was the name of the Seljuk who was educated by the Jews? What was he educated in?

        Although never ultimately reliable, I often start with Wikipedia (bold type means a link):

        “The Seljuq/Seljuk empire was founded by Tughril Beg (1016–63) in 1037. Tughril was raised by his grandfather, Seljuk-Beg, who was in a high position in the Oghuz Yabgu State. Seljuk gave his name to both the Seljuk empire and the Seljuk dynasty. The Seljuqs united…”

        “The apical ancestor of the Seljuqs was their beg, Seljuq, who was reputed to have served in the Khazar army, under whom, circa 950, they migrated to Khwarezm, near the city of Jend, where they converted to Islam.”

        [Note the timing: “Between 965 and 969, the Kievan Rus ruler Sviatoslav I of Kiev conquered the capital Atil and destroyed the Khazar state.”

        “The biblical names of his four sons — Mikâîl (Michael), Isrâîl (Israel), Mûsâ (Moses), and Yûnus (Jonah) — suggest previous acquaintance with either Khazar Judaism or Nestorian Christianity. According to some sources, Seljuk began his career as an officer in the Khazar army.”

        [Note the border with the Khazarian Kaganate. Of great interest, the kikejew controlled Wikipedia has removed all past direct references to “Khazarian Kaganate”, “Khazarian Empire”, etc. – even “Khazaria” !!!]

        2. Salman: “Bob In DC… are you aware that during the rule of the Ottomans, jews were not allowed to get into medicine because….”

        From no later than the forced conversion of Sabbatai Tzvi, the crypto-jew Dönmeh faction has been a powerful, occasionally dominant, force in Ottoman/Turkish politics. Being ‘converts’, they are allowed into all functions of Islamic governance and economy.

        My overall point is that kikejews have increasingly infiltrated nearly every important nexus of power in the formerly White West, and also much of the East, such that being common “Enemy No. 1”, they must be eliminated before any other significant problem can be resolved.

        Birobidjan, or nothing at all!

      8. thnx for the links, Bob In DC…

        never knew that Seljuk was possibly Jewish…

    3. TheRealOriginalJoe, the kikes play both sides against the Middle…so telling you to side with Islam and Sunni jihadists iswhat their members do…its called tribal opposition…some Jews hate multi culturalism…some openly support it…others support genociding millions of sand niggers whilst others support destroying the lives of white folks…which jews do u support?

      jews are jews and they ALL need to be exterminated no matter what!

      1. @ salmon

        That’s why I already miss Polatnick. That jew told it straight-up and didn’t play any stereotypical jew Janus-faced mind games on us. For all of Polatnick’s faults, one can’t truly say he wasn’t honest about his jew self and his jew agenda and jew goals. He revealed more truth about the jews in any one of posts than all the “jew-wise” ones here at DM reveal about the jews in a year put together. Including “jew-wise” you salmon, lox, cream cheese and a bagel.

      2. Great, now that we know salmon knows Seljuk was possibly jewish, we’re well on our way to defeating the juminati NWO!

      3. oy vey oy vey….

        pls do an SOS to the Chinese and Russkies to plan out the invasion…

      4. The old fashioned and traditional and true Catholic viewpoint is to keep the jews in the ghettoes, slap curfews on ’em, keep the jews at arm’s length, and keep the saracens OUT OF EUROPE PERIOD!! That’s the old-time traditional Catholic viewpoint and it also happens to be the only viewpoint that makes sense — if one is White, Caucasian, thank you very much.

        I like the alternative media for a few reasons, no reason to get into that now, the thing is : Nothing good is going to accrue to the White Race until the White Race en-masse returns Home to Her First Church, The One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ God, make The Church whole again ; And as a Race, march under One Banner, the Banner of Christ — Christendom — and then Launch Holy Roman Catholic Crusade against both jew and saracen. That’s THE ONLY solution for the White Race if the White Race wants to save Herself from the NWO. But that’s not going to happen — too much water under the historical bridge. Basically, in a nutshell, the White Race protested Itself out its own religious patrimony, heritage, culture, especially High Culture, it’s own Spiritual Heritage. Until that Spiritual heritage is reclaimed, honored, revered, nothing good is going to accrue to the White Race. The Protestant Reformation/Revolt a giant disaster for the White Race. How the Jews and the Mohammedans LERV the Protestant Reformation/Revolt. Many people don’t know this, the Protestant Reformation was influenced to a significant degree by Islam. Long story, Stay tuned for future posts about Islam + The Protestant Reformation. Melanchthon was a donmeh Jew. Luther, the “anti-jew” [ supposedly] , Luther’s cohort was the donmeh Jew Melanchthon. How they both LERVED Islam so much. [ I mention this for our Darkmoon’s Muslims, so that they may gloat [ I promised Uncle to be nice to DM’s Muslims, I wish now I hadn’t, but I already gave Uncle my word, and it’s too late to rescind my word ]. Though the Muslims here [ and the jews here, of course pretending to all various sorts of “non jews” as usual, *yawn*, as per the jew MO ] The Musloms and jews here at DM don’t need me to give them a history lesson on the Protestant Reformation — they already know about the Islamic influence in the Protestant Reformation, and they already know how much, how truly how much, the Jews helped the Mohammedans take over White Christian [ now erstwhile Christian] Europe.

        I like the alternative media for a few reasons, but I don’t fool myself. Nothing good is going to accrue to the White Race until the White Race returns back to Her first Church and marches again under the banner of Christendom. The word “Christendom” : Most Whites today don’t even know what it means, what it signifies. But our racial enemies the Jews and the Mohammedans do very well know what the word means and what it signifies. Our racial enemies have much better historical memory than us Whites, and that’s why us Whites are losing.

        Funny that the alternative media hates it so much when I mention THE ONLY REAL SOLUTION for the White Race to Save Herself from the NWO. How the “alternative” media, everywhere I go in the alternative media, hates it when I mention “CHRISTENDOM”. The hatred for Christendom in the alternative, or really so-called alternative media, is the same hatred as in the mainstream media/culture, the same hatred as the Jews have towards Christendom, the same hatred for Christendom the Muslims/Mohammedans flooding into Europe and all the White countries of the West have for Christendom.

        This has been a long-winded post. I got sidetracked along the way. I started out by wanting to say : all you jews and all you mohammedans can go fuck snakes and eels in the Dead Sea for all I give a shit. I got sidetracked. The post is a long post. Deal with it. I have to deal with all of your long posts. A long post to say : Go fuck your hydra-heads, each hydra head as janus faced as can be, fuck U and pretty much the whole “alternative” media you’re all part-and-parcel of. A media designed to get us all nowhere and keep us here in this dead end, this impasse in history, , all designed to keep the status quo as it is, while feigning to be opposed to the status quo. Stay tuned for soon-to-be-coming posts about how exactly the “alternative” media operates, its true goal and agenda, its true nature, its mendacity, its janus faced dissimulation. Dissimulation confuses and in the confusion, the status quo remains the status quo. “so mote it be”, as the Darkmooners say. And when they say “so mote it be” they are really saying “We LERV the status quo EXACTLY as it is”. Which means, of course, if one loves the present status quo then one loves the Jew Islamic Communist NWO. So when a DM’er says “so mote it be” , now you know what Darkmoon means by the expression so beloved by Darkmoon [ which feigns to be opposed to the NWO, lol ].

        1. @ TheRealOriginalJoe

          “This has been a long-winded post. I got sidetracked along the way.”

          You can say that again. It certainly was a long-winded post. Most of your posts are. And it is also true that in most of your posts you get “sidetracked.”

          Given that I am expected to monitor all your posts, and therefore read through them carefully, let me tell you that I am NOT WILLING TO READ through 20-30 of these long-winded posts every day! Still less am I willing to APPROVE 20-30 such posts. If I did, there would be a mass exodus of posters from this site. You would be the only one left here.

          In future, you are to submit A MAXIMUM OF SIX POSTS A DAY. Preferably short, on-topic, and polite. If you submit any more, I won’t read them. I will delete them unread. I will approve only the posts in which you make a valid point.

  27. P.S. I forgot to add that most of the Muslims expelled from the Iberian peninsula were indigenous Europeans who had converted. They were expelled to the Maghreb, Egypt, Libya, and Ottoman Turkey.

    Their descendants still reside in North Africa. Many North African Muslims look European today. They have brown/blonde/reddish hair, with blue/hazel/gray/green eyes

  28. The only way you can enforce –

    “No Usury, Private Banking, or Compound interest on loans.”

    “Take the above… and mortgages, and assigned debt on property… away from Pharisees and they lose power.”

    is to enforce The Torah and to learn The New Song.

  29. Bob In DC-the Seljuk u telling me about – was his name Alp Alparslan? The conquerer of Manzikert?

    1. My answer (above) is apparently under ‘moderation’ for the moment.

      (This is because you used more than THREE links. Toby)

  30. low brows…

    i think i met her as well…

    the CSIS chickita…did her name start with a D (not her cup size I know)?

    CSIS is infested with Jew bags at the top and especially in the counter terror departments…

    all the Alphabet soup agencies in America, Britain, and Canada need to be eradicated….

    everyone put on a hit list…

    and thrown from the CN tower….

    we need a real revolution bud…violent revolution that purges them joos and their pets from the west…

    9 mm shells need to fired their ways…

  31. @ salmon [ mahmoud ‘an noor can answer my question if they so wish, but of course only if ali baba and the 313 helper angels so wills it they should want to answer my question ] :

    How come the Palestinian advocates, including Mega Uber Palestinian advocate the “god given” “French” “comedienne”, how come ALL the Palestinian advocates ALWAYS imply they’re opposed to the JEW NWO, yet ALL the Palestinian advocates, including “THE” Mega-Uber “God-given” one, ALL the Palestinian advocates who always imply they’re against the JEW NWO ACTIVELY & ARDENTLY support THE MAIN PILLAR OF THE JEW NWO, namely the flooding of White Europe with Africans, Mohammedans, Muslims, Pakistanis, more Africans of the Mohammedan sort, more Muslims from all over the third world? And, how come the Palestinian advocates who are so concerned about Human Dignity and Peace NEVER protest the Islamic Rape Jihad in Europe, the Islamic Jihadist vandalizing of Catholic churches in Europe, the Islamic Jihadists in Europe throwing rocks at European Catholics entering and leaving Catholic churches in Europe, the many riots the Muslims/Mohammedans/Africans start in Europe [ mostly in France and in Sweden and England ] ; How come the Palestinian advocates are angry the Jews are taking over Palestinian areas in Israel/Palestine [ it’s wrong for people who are not indigenous to an area to take over land from the indigenous people] but they ardently and actively work towards the Mohammedan/Muslim/African takeover of White Europe ? : Yet, Whites are the indigenous ones in Europe and the Muslims/Mohammedans/Africans are NOT indigenous to Europe. Why is wonderful to the Palestinian advocates that NON indigenous are taking over indigenous White Europe but a great injustice when NON indigenous takeover Palestine? If the Palestinian advocates are opposed to the JEW NWO as they always imply, then why the “anti-jew-NWO” Palestinian advocates actively and ardently work to manifest THE MAIN PILLAR OF THE JEW NWO, the Mohammedan/African/Muslim NON Indigenous takeover of Europe which belongs to the Indigenous White Europeans? Also, how come so many in the “jew-wise” alternative media are so concerned about the NON Indigenous Jews taking over Palestine but actively support and do LOVE IT the Non Indigenous Mohammedans/Africans/Muslims are flooding into Europe taking Europe over, taking Europe from the INDIGENOUS White Europeans? Why would so many in the “jew-wise” alternative media support THE MAIN PILLAR OF THE JEW NWO, the NON Indigenous takeover of Indigenous White Europe by the NON Indigenous Mohammedans/Africans/Muslims? Also : How come, if the Muslims/Mohammedans didn’t want Jews in Palestine, and didn’t want Palestine to turn into Jew Israel, how come so many Muslim/Mohammedan leaders during the WW2 period fully and actively supported Hitler’s agenda of rounding up the Jews in Europe and shipping them to Palestine with the goal of turning Palestine into Jew Israel? Thank You, TROJ.

    1. @ Joe

      Please note that our new Muslim commenter is called SALMAN. Not SALMON, as you keep calling him. He is a human being, not a fish!

      1. toby,

        joe knows perfectly well Salman’s name, he just means to offend because being offensive is part of his daily metabolic requirement, like a multivitamin pill.

        that he continues to harangue someone who has openly and publicly defied the jew and paid a heavy personal price, just like arthur topham, who i don’t doubt joe would just lerv to vilify just as maliciously, speaks volumes about joe’s social usefulness.
        he is like serial arsonist who claims he is performing a public service and justifies his acts as testing whether structures are properly fireproofed.

        i will answer in a separate post some of the points he raised against muslims.

      2. If you don’t want me here at DM, Uncle, simply tell your buddy-buddy Alex Jones to let me back on Prison Planet, and then I won’t bother you so much. When I was at Prison Planet, I didn’t bother you so much [ at least I certainly hope I didn’t ] . And you could also tell all your other buddy-buddies in the alternative media to lift the ban they all got on me, then I wouldn’t spend so much time here at DM. End of the “TROJ” problem. I shall from henceforth and onwards refer to your Muslim buddy by the name he has chosen for himself, “Salman”. Everybody’s so sensitive around here, except all the sensitive ones treat me most harshly and most roughly, as if I don’t have sensitive feelings myself. It’s easy to be sensitive to one’s own feelings, the challenge is to cultivate some sensitivity for the feelings of others.

        1. @ TheRealOriginalJoe

          “If you don’t want me here at DM, Uncle, simply tell your buddy-buddy Alex Jones to let me back on Prison Planet, and then I won’t bother you so much.”

          It’s not that we don’t “want” you at Darkmoon just because I am forced to delete most of you comments. Today you sent in TWENTY comments. Some of them were extremely long. I have read shorter articles!

          If you expect me to plough through all these INTERMINABLE comments and post them all, you are sadly mistaken. Why should you hog the site and post 20 long comments a day when our best and most prolific posters don’t even post ONE-TENTH of your output?!? Do you want to dominate site, with every second post being yours?

          I am instructed to post no more than 3-4 of your posts per day. Preferably short, on-topic, and non-abusive. Today I have given you twice that number of posts. Be reasonable and post less. Get yourself a life outside of darkmoon. Go out and meet some people. Stop pounding your keyboard like a maniac every single second of the day.

          I am beginning to feel sorry for you, Joe, for appearing to have no other interests in life but churning out endless comments that no one can possibly have the time to read!

          Give me a break, will you, and post less! You are suffering from a strange new internet disease: an addiction to writing comments. I call it “commentitis”.

      3. Maybe Joe should find a nice jewess in his new neighbourhood, one with a dog, someone he can dog walk with..

    2. joe,

      maybe you could do some useful research and provide your own answer to your questions.
      that way it sticks in your memory better and you also feel like you actually accomplished something.

      start like this:
      what year was israel established as a state and admitted into the united nations, was it 1948?
      so, do some searching of how many muslim immigrants and refugees lived in europe prior to 1948.
      exclude parts formerly held by turks, because these were indigenous muslims.

      then try and figure out the reason for the massive influx of muslim immigrants and refugees after 1948, also do the same exercise for the so-called terror acts.

      do i need to continue or can you do something autonomously and come to your own unaided conclusion besides being randomly offensive?

      terrorism did not even merit a legitimate entry in the common vocabulary prior to 1946 king david hotel bombing in jerusalem.
      it was carried out by the future prime minister of israel, menachem begin led irgun gang dressed as muslims on orders of the future prime minister of israel, david ben gurion’s orders to direct blame on 19 flying jihadis destroying wtc palestinians.
      and the terror bomb started rolling, by murdering 50 or so british diplomats whose balfour resolution donated palestine to jews.
      a typical jew thank-you.

      next, take just one example, eg, iraq.
      lots of iraqis in europe suddenly, with stated goal of pissing you off, right?
      and how did they end up there and when?
      who exactly invaded and totaled their country, i don’t think it was jews, they merely called the shots remotely as always.

      but i thought you knew these things joe, if not, why not, after all you speak flawless yiddish and grew up with them as next door neighbor in brooklyn, right?
      why don’t you ask the jewess with whom you share daily dog walks, maybe she can elucidate you even better than i or salman.
      i am sure you never insult her, do you, so being all friendly and civil-like, feel free to ask her, i am sure she will answer you truthfully, because unlike janus faced darkmooners, jews and jewesses never lie.

      now, as for this last part, namely

      how come so many Muslim/Mohammedan leaders during the WW2 period fully and actively supported Hitler’s agenda of rounding up the Jews in Europe and shipping them to Palestine with the goal of turning Palestine into Jew Israel?

      this is brand new to me, i thank you for this wonderful new discovery.
      can you provide some references?
      not that i don’t trust you, it’s just that when i start telling everyone else about these exciting news, i may be challenged for some reputable bibliography on the subject.

      thank you.

      1. @ Uncle :

        Yes, I’ve always had “commentitis”. I don’t find the condition burdensome or onerous to bear, not at all. Now that I live in Florida, I have more commentitis than ever before. [ it’s horrible here. No wonder my fellow Floridian, Kaminski, has writing-one-article-after-another-article-itis ]. At least you get paid for your commentitis. So be grateful. I’m retired. I don’t care for golf. No body is paying me to opine.

        No, I really don’t want to dominate your Darkmoon. I just write in to provide some balance to what I read in the commentary threads. Balance is a good thing. I always send you a lot of posts so you can decide which ones you like and want to put up on your commentary board, which ones you don’t like and want to flush down the toilet. I’ve always been very considerate to you that way, giving you a choice.

        I would write a lot less posts per day if I could only trust you would feature the posts and not censor them. I have to send in a lot, this way at least some of ’em make the commentary board.

        So to recap : Yes, I have commentitis and that doesn’t bother me in the least bit, No, I do not want to dominate Darkmoon. I see how miserable you are running Darkmoon, the last thing I would want is to put myself in your lousy position, always complaining about your job, your duties, your heavy-duty responsibilities. Not my problem, and there’s really nothing I can do about it. I live in Florida, I got my own problems. See Kaminski for details about Florida problems. Good day, Sir.

      2. posted before, no one paid much attention
        Defiant of ISIL, Syrian Muslims Open Mosque Named After Virgin Mary

        In Islam, Mary is considered to be one of the most righteous, chaste and virtuous women, and is THE ONLY WOMAN TO BE MENTIONED BY NAME IN THE QURAN. As in the Christian faith, the Quran states that Jesus was born of virgin birth. While Islam does not consider Jesus or Mary to have been divine, Jesus is considered to be a messenger of God, and serves as one of the major prophets of Islam.

        meanwhile, every christian priest in palestine is being spat on on the street on everyday basis, churches defaced, crucifixion and virgin mary subject to vulgar insults on jew tv shows.

        and still zio-x-ians continue to worship jew and demonize the muslim.
        they are much worse than atheists, imo.

    3. u’re not very bright….

      the flooding of the third world with non-europe is jewish vengeance on europeans for sooo many expulsions throughout history…and its a racial war of course…

      some of the Muslims being flooded in are of the European race or European stock themselves…including those from North Africa/Middle East/Anatolia/the Balkans/Eastern Europe/ and Southern Russia…

      do you assign Muslims to a genetic group or a religious group? There are lots of White Muslims in Europe? You want them to go to? If all the Muslims flooding in were European, would that be fine then?

      if its racial…then u’ll have to accept the presence of Euro Muslims and if its cultural and religious….then you should be against the presence of all other religions except the dominant one…and especially against the Jewish religion….which is it?

      Muslim and ALL Third World nations are all destroyed wrecks… Jewish Usury is the driving force behind mass immigration from countries not yet destroyed by Jew wars….

      if Jewish Usury didn’t make them poor…they wouldn’t have to immigrate en masse…and many Europeans also welcome them and allowed them to stay….

      as for the assault on women and churches, it is done by criminal gangs who actually don’t follow their religion and are uprooted from it…i really don’t see how its a rape jihad or jihadist attack? u been swallowing the jew pill there bud… u already have enuff jew enemies…need Muslim ones as well?

      1. joe…lololol…


        love nurseries!!!

        now u can cum fishing for me!

      2. @ Salman, re. the flooding of the third world with non-europe is jewish vengeance.. Exactly, this was my argument with the likes of anti-immigrant Harbinger, who, instead of targeting the perps, found it easier to blame the victims..

        1. @ Ingrid B

          You are quite right. This is what I believe also. Both Europeans and Muslims are fellow-victims of international Jewry which has deliberately sought to swamp Europe with immigrants. That most of these refugees are Muslims is not surprising, given that the US and NATO (puppets of Jewry) have spent the last few years bombing the hell out of Muslim nations and creating a never-ending supply of Muslim refugees.

          As I have pointed out repeatedly, it is the REFUGEE CREATORS who are to blame — not the refugees.

          Most of the Muslim refugees in Europe are law-abiding citizens. Not all of them go around raping Scandinavian women and grooming under-age Britsh girls! Sure, they create problems by their failure to assimilate properly. But the good thing about these Muslim refugees is that they know instinctively that the Jews are their enemies. They know what the Jews are doing to their fellow Muslims in Palestine. They know that the Jews are committing systematic genocide in Palestine and are behind the bombing of other Muslim countries. They know that the most vocal advocates for the invasion of Iraq (and the death of over a million Iraqis) were Jewish American neoconservatives and Israel. And they also know that neocon Jews again, and Israel, are the ones who are now beating the war drums the loudest for an attack on Muslim Iran.

          The Jews in Europe are therefore getting a bit scared of the Muslims in their midst and are doing their best to create antagonism between Muslims and their White hosts. They are doing this by whipping up Islamophobia in the media which they own. They are doing their best, and succeeding, in demonizing Muslims.

          Any white Europeans who hate Muslims (like Harbinger does) are therefore doing exactly what the Jews want them to do. Harbinger is a typical victim of Jewish propaganda. The Jews have whipped up Islamophobia in Britain and Harbinger has been infected by this Islamophobia. Too bad he cannot see that he has been led by the nose into Islamophobia by the very Jews he claims to hate!

          I believe pretty much what Mark Glenn believes: that Muslims and Christians are natural allies and should work together in a political alliance against their common enemy: international Jewry.

          It is a total lie to say that all Muslims hate Christians and want to destroy them. A few extremists maybe, like Isis, but not all Muslims. The Quran is full of praise for Jesus Christ and his mother Mary. Unlike the Jewish Talmud that states quite categorically that Jesus Christ is being boiled in excrement in hell and that his mother Mary was a common prostitute.

      3. Lasha, Hi! “Muslims and Christians are natural allies and should work together in a political alliance against their common enemy: international Jewry.” : Exactly, but try telling that to Joe, who thinks that Muslims hate Catholics. The unfortunate thing is, that people like Joe, much as I like him, and there are many such as him, are too far gone in brainwashing, that it is impossible to educate them as to the truth..

      4. @ LD

        About 10-years ago I was involved a difference of opinion on Islam between a dear friend of mine and myself.

        My friend had fallen for the propaganda being pushed by the US government and the media after 9/11 that all Islamics enjoyed killing Christians and would do so at every opportunity. We had numerous debates, but propaganda and brainwashing are hard to defeat especially since my friend believed that she was half jewish since her dad was jewish. Since she was a Catholic, I used to irritate her by asking her which part of her was Catholic and which part was jewish. Although an exceptionally nice person, she was trapped by the lie that being jewish is genetic instead of a religious cult that can be practiced by any idiot.

        One day she called me and said that she had discovered where the oldest mosque in the USA was and that it had been there for over 150-years. She said that it was located about 25-miles from where she lived in Iowa.

        Taking advantage of her discovery, I asked her how in the world she managed to miss all the Christian bodies in the road when she was out and about. I also told her that I was surprised that there were any Christians left in Iowa. I asked her how the Islamics had missed killing her. Her response was dead silence. She had made my point with her discovery.

        She never admitted that my viewpoint was correct concerning Islam and Christians getting along together even though I had repeatedly told her that Christians, Islamics, and jews lived together peacefully in Palestine in 1900 before the jewish elite, jewish money power, started pushing jews into Palestine in large numbers for the later establishment of the jewish state of Israel.

        The sowing of religious tension between Christians and Islamics is the old jewish trick of lets you and him fight. The jews are still attempting to follow the Albert Pike plan. Radical Christians, radical Islamics, and people that are ignorant of real history are easy prey for jewish manipulation.

        1. @ Ungenius

          Well said, Ungenius! I agree with almost everything you say here except your belief that there is no genetic component to being Jewish. If there is no genetic component to being Jewish, and if simply holding to a particular set of beliefs and values makes you Jewish, then you and I could suddenly become “Jews” by adopting a Jewish mindset.The world is full of Shabbos goyim who think exactly like Jews, but this doesn’t make them “Jews”, does it?

          If there were no genetic component to Jewry, how do you explain Tay-Sachs disease? How explain the characteristic Jewish nose and wrap-around mouth that so many Jews have? How could simply belonging to a particular “cult” and holding to a particular set of beliefs make you prone to Tay-Sachs disease and give you a honky nose and wrap-around mouth?

          Do Eskimos end up with with flat noses just by having Eskimo thoughts and thinking a lot about igloos and polar bears? I don’t think so! It’s their genetic component that gives them their flat noses, not their igloo and polar bear preoccupations! 🙂

      5. @ LD

        It is simple. If being jewish is genetic, there can be no jews outside the genetic commonality. If being jewish is just religious, there can be wide varieties of genetics involved. Obviously, you cannot have it both ways.

        Below is what I wrote to a friend a few years ago on the topic of what a jew is which proves the paragraph above.

        To know that Jesus was not a Jew, being Jewish must be defined for what it really is, a religion called Judaism, not a race or a place of origin as indoctrination would lead us to believe.

        One of the characteristics of indoctrination is that the obvious goes unnoticed such as is the case with Jews today.  If being Jewish has to do with being a race with genetic commonality, why are there millions of black Jews in eastern Africa when those claiming to be Jews in Palestine are rather white?  At least you would expect there to be tons of mixed brown (black plus white equals brown) Jews all over this area, but there are only a few.  Obviously, Jewish is not genetic based on existing conditions today.

        Additionally, those black Jews in eastern Africa are not located in Palestine in the proximity of old Judaea so they can’t even be Judaeans.

        Let’s go back to the time of the Babylonian captivity as described in the book of Ester.  Ester 8:17 – “And in every province, and in every city, whithersoever the king’s commandment and his decree came, the Jews had joy and gladness, a feast and a good day. And many of the people of the land became Jews; for the fear of the Jews fell upon them.”  By the Jews’ own admission, becoming Jewish had nothing to do with genetics or location, just fear, so the Babylonians became practitioners of the religion of Judaism.

        What did Jesus have to say concerning the lack of genetics/race involving Judaism?  Matthew 23:15 –  Jesus said, “Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye compass (travel) sea and land to make one proselyte (convert), and when he is made, ye make him twofold more the child of hell than yourselves.”  The Pharisees were the public mouth pieces of Judaism and the scribes were the record keepers and teachers of Judaism.  They spread the doctrine of Judaism well outside of Judea.  Becoming a convert to Judaism did not require genetic modification, heredity, or location.

        Along those same lines of genetics/heredity, Jesus indicated that genetics/heredity did not apply to him in Matthew 22:41-46 concerning him being called the Son of David, “While the Pharisees were gathered together, Jesus asked them, Saying, What think ye of Christ? whose son is he? They say unto him, The Son of David.  He saith unto them, How then doth David in spirit call him Lord, saying, The LORD said unto my Lord, Sit thou on my right hand, till I make thine enemies thy footstool?  If David then call him Lord, how is he his son?  And no man was able to answer him a word, neither durst any man from that day forth ask him any more questions.”

        The Apostle Paul is an excellent example for the lack of genetics/heredity/race concerning being Jewish.  In Acts 9:1-2, On the road to Damascus, Saul, as a Jew, was persecuting Christians for the Jewish high priests in Jerusalem .   In 2 Corinthians 11:22-23, speaking of the Apostles, Paul said “Are they Hebrews? so am I.  Are they Israelites? so am I.  Are they the seed of Abraham? so am I.  Are they ministers of Christ? (I speak as a fool) I am more …”  Paul called the other Apostles and himself everything but a Jew.  Don’t you think that he would have mentioned being a Jew if it were applicable? On the road to Damascus Paul experienced only a conversion to the teachings of Jesus (Christianity), not a genetic modification.

        With this evidence from the scriptures, it is apparent that being a Jew has nothing to do with a race, heredity, genetics, or location.  Being a Jew only indicates that a person is a practitioner of the religion of Judaism.

        Today, unfortunately, the indoctrinated lie accepted as a fact that being Jewish is a race based on heredity serves as an almost inescapable trap that keeps the common Jews from finding salvation and acts as a severe stumbling block for millions of Judeo-Christians (an oxymoron) from understanding the true simplicity of Jesus’ teachings.

        In addition to what I wrote to my friend, recent genetic analysis proves that at least 85% of jews have genetic commonality as Kharzars who converted to judaism back in the 7th or 8th century (don’t remember exactly). That is the source of the noses, mouths, and diseases characteristic of the jews today.

        Again, you cannot have it both ways. Either being jewish is genetic or it’s obviously just a religion.

        Consequently, Jesus did not teach Judaism which is why he was crucified so Jesus was not Jewish.

        Sorry for the long post, but you did ask. 🙂

  32. David Axe writes that Both of these statements are true:

    1) China possesses a rapidly improving military that, in certain – LOCAL – or regional engagements, could match — and even defeat — U.S. forces in battle.

    2) In military terms, China is a paper dragon that, despite its apparent strength, is powerless to intervene in world events – FAR – from its shores.

    Seeing the distinction between these two ideas is the key to understanding China’s strategic aims, its military means and the threat, if any, that the country poses to its neighbors, the United States and the existing world order.

  33. Salman Hossain said in a comment above –

    “the Torah is also the f*****g problem…it says that u can exact usury upon gentiles but not upon fella yids….”. End of quote.

    You, Mr. Salman Hossain are absolutely wrong and you should not be calling others “not very bright” when you yourself exhibit qualities of egocentrism and a ‘know-it-all attitude’.

    The Law you are referring to is found in Deuteronomy 23:19-20

    23:19 Thou shalt not lend upon usury to thy brother; usury of money, usury of victuals, usury of any thing that is lent upon usury:
    23:20 Unto a stranger (foreigner – a non-Israelite) thou mayest lend upon usury; but unto thy brother thou shalt not lend upon usury: that the “I AM” thy God may bless thee in all that thou settest thine hand to in the land where thou goest to possess it.

    That particular Law is our PROTECTION from the counterfeit-jews / banksters. You are of the deceived and you profess to know what you are talking, but certainly you do NOT.

    THEY are the foreigners (occupying The Holy Land under a false claim to be the JEWS)! THEY are the “stranger”. I suggest you learn what an Israelite is, Mister Salman Hossain.

  34. Salman Hossain said in a comment above –

    “the Torah is also the f*****g problem…it says that u can exact usury upon gentiles but not upon fella yids….”. End of quote.

    You, Mr. Salman Hossain are absolutely wrong and you should not be calling others “not very bright” when you yourself exhibit qualities of egocentrism and a ‘know-it-all attitude’.

    The Law you are referring to is found in Deuteronomy 23:19-20

    23:19 Thou shalt not lend upon usury to thy brother; usury of money, usury of victuals, usury of any thing that is lent upon usury:
    23:20 Unto a stranger (foreigner – a non-Israelite) thou mayest lend upon usury; but unto thy brother thou shalt not lend upon usury: that the “I AM” thy God may bless thee in all that thou settest thine hand to in the land where thou goest to possess it.

    That particular Law is our PROTECTION from the counterfeit-jews / banksters. You are
    of the deceived and you profess to know what you are talking, but certainly you do NOT.

    THEY are the foreigners (occupying The Holy Land under a false claim to be the JEWS)!
    THEY are the “stranger”. I suggest you learn what an Israelite is, Mister Salman Hossain.

    1. Christian Identity again….

      oh boy….kikes use that verse to apply it to the non-kikes….

  35. Darkmooners: Hitler was right; so was McCarthy, Joe McCarthy that is.

    Did you know that China and America were the best of friends and allies during World War II? The Americans even made propaganda films to garner sympathy for China and to get Americans psychologically ready for war against the barbaric Japs. See this video:

    Today, however, America and Japan are the best of friends and it is the Chinese who are portrayed as the war-mongering barbarians in American propaganda and mainstream media. War’s a racket and Jews excel at it.

    In the late 1930s, the kikes backed Chiang kai-shek and the Chinese Republicans to fight the Japs in World War II, and then when the Japs were defeated, the kikes secretly backed Mao Tse-tung and the Communists to take over China and thereby starting the Cold War. This is called perpetual war for perpetual peace and one of the kikes’ most lucrative scams.

    America officially backed Chiang Kai-shek and the Chinese Republicans, but the kikes [Rothschild agents] in the US Government sabotaged the arms shipment to Chiang and secretly gave financial aid and arms to Mao and the Chinese Communists.

    Joe McCarthy was about to expose the kikes in the US State Department and this treasonous treachery. This was why he was demonized and why some say he was assassinated, though Eustace Mullins who knew McCarthy and worked as a researcher for him gave the kikes a pass on this one and said in one of his many videos on YouTube: ‘Joe was a really likable guy… a pussycat… and was simply worn out by what the Jews were doing to him.’ In other words, Joe was being McCarthy-ed by the Jews even before the term McCarthyism had been invented!

    @ PAT

    At the 5:30 and 5:49 minute mark of the above aforementioned video a mushroom cloud appears after a regular artillery or regular dynamite explosion — the kikes sliced it from the film but you can still see the ‘mushroom cloud’ forming. I thought ‘mushroom clouds’ only occur after an atomic bomb explosion? (wink)

  36. soros’s friendly advice to china
    break up partnership with russia or face world war three
    and of course, soros is rothschild’s top emissary, so it’s not just another new york times editorial.

    “there is a real danger that China will align itself with Russia politically and militarily, and then the threat of third world war becomes real, so it is worth trying.”

    1. of course george is referring to danger to you and me because he worries about our safety day and night.

      because he is a philanthropist and philanthropists just hate wars, always thinking about how to prevent them.

      this one has a particular focus on human rights and freedoms, thus open society foundation that brought prosperity and democracy to ukraine.

      1. @ Lobro

        On topic with sarcasm, yeah.

        Since the jews are notorious liars, bluffing is a necessary trait. Soros is definitely bluffing because he knows that China and Russia are holding all of the important cards in the global game.

        If China wanted to collapse the USA, all they would have to do is suspend exports to Walmart for 3-weeks. There would be massive riots in the streets of the USA along with starvation which would also occur in the event of a war with China. The USA home front would require immediate and massive attention from the government.

        A couple of other reasons for the bluff by Soros is that the Russian are about 10-years ahead of the USA in missile technology which is a primary part of any modern war. The interception of the asteroid over Russia by one of their ABM’s was impressive. Both China and Russia have nuke delivery capability via ICBM’s (missiles, see previous sentence). No one knows how many nukes that China has. I have seen estimates of 25,000. Obviously, not all are on ICBM’s. China has the ability to place, and probably has placed, numerous nukes within US/NATO via containerized freight shipments on super container ships. Currently, the USA only inspects 2% of incoming freight. Supposedly, all containers are checked for radiation, but proper shielding would nullify those efforts.

        Another reason that the bluff is on is that the US/NATO does not have the manufacturing infrastructure to wage a war with a significant military since the USA/NATO shipped all manufacturing to China or other eastern countries. There is no way to fight a war without adequate supplies for the military.

        There will be no WWIII. US/NATO knows they cannot win and China/Russia does not want a WWIII. Patience is a Chinese attribute and they know that the days are numbered for the West’s fraudulent financial system.

      2. i do hope you are 100% right, ungenius but am not quite going out on the limb until i see a bit more supporting evidence.

        at some point sino-rus r&d will substantially surpass the jew one, especially in the cyber department so that the jew satellites will be vulnerable to disabling strikes, eg, gps, without which their nato orcs are like a blind team in the world series.

        then it will be the final curtain for the jew who will be left twisting and groveling as miserably as only jew knows how, his ultimate line of defense, 15 million woody allens squealing for christian mercy and donations.
        it worked before and it should not work again, shame me twice and all that.
        he has worked guilt into a wmd, that’s his cryin’ samson option.

  37. “Putin Gobsmacks Uncle Sam … Again” : Guys, check out this article by Mike Whitney on The Truthseeker/CounterPunch..

    1. Ingrid –

      Oligarch Pharisee bankers win-win in petro-expansions and wars in Russia. They control both activities.

      The deal you mentioned was huge for Gazprom and Gazprombank.

      New York Mellon Bank controls much of the investments into Gazprom.

      Gazprom started its American trading in ADRs in 1996.

      In 2006 Putin attracted more investors like Mellon Bank New York, Goldman-Sachs and JP Morgan to own Gazprom.

      ADR stands for an American Depositary Receipt issued against Gazprom’s ordinary shares providing free floating of the Company’s shares in international stock markets. The Company’s ADRs are deposited with The Bank of New York Mellon. ADR affirms the ownership of Gazprom’s shares deposited with The Bank of New York Mellon. One ADR represents two shares of Gazprom. It is possible to convert Gazprom’s ordinary shares into ADRs and vice versa.

      Gazprom is one of the first Russian issuers of depositary receipts traded on the global stock market.

      Gazprom is the largest joint-stock company in Russia. Total number of the Company’s shareholders is over 500,000.

      In April 2006 a new ADR Program was launched – “the first level Program”. The Program provides for possible trading in receipts only on the over-the-counter market in the USA as well as enables private investors to become the owners of receipts.

      At present, Gazprom’s ADRs are listed on the London Stock Exchange, traded on the US over-the-counter stock market and on European stock exchanges, namely the Berlin and Frankfurt Stock Exchanges. As at the end of 2011, about 28.35 per cent of Gazprom’s shares were floating in the form of ADRs.

      As at the end of 2013 Gazprom’s market capitalization was USD 100.4 billion. That is down from the high of USD 330.9 billion in 2007. (See chart.)


      Gazprombank’s London IPO announcement.

      Gazprombank (Open Joint-Stock Company) is the third largest bank in the Russian Federation.

      The Bank’s principal business areas are corporate banking, retail banking, investment banking and depositary services. Its banking activities also include securities trading, foreign exchange operations, precious metals operations, clearing operations and settlement services.

      The Bank has a distribution network of 43 branches and over 300 banking outlets located throughout the Russian Federation, providing services to more than 45,000 corporate clients, including most of the largest Russian companies, and to more than 3 million individuals.

      GPB also has ownership interests in three other Russian banks. In addition Gazprombank is represented in the markets of Belarus, Armenia and Switzerland through ownership interests in local banks. Gazprombank also has representative offices in Mongolia, China and India. (Major BRICS countries)

      BRICS will be highly leveraged through New York… Heavily usurious.

  38. ‘Smartphones’ for China.. and India… key for control by bankers.

    Dr. Mark Mobius is on the leading edge in Ukraine, China and India. He provides the methods by which Franklin Templeton has $888 Billion in their management portfolio.

    He stated:
    “This year, you might title the theme song of the global markets: “All About Those [Central] Banks,” as monetary policy divergences have kept investors on alert and has heightened market volatility.”
    He also stated that Ukrainian companies are ripe for picking off now.
    (That would be due to the results of the planned military conflict by US oligarchs and Russian oligarchs…. The same for each getting orders from London.)

    “Meanwhile, a lessening in tensions over Ukraine could allow investor attention to focus on the attractive assets and LOW valuations available in the Russian market.”

    His special equity investment skills have been heavily concentrated in China for decades.

    “While volatility can cause many investors distress, we see it as opportunity to pick up shares of what we see as good-quality companies at attractive prices. In our view, stocks in many emerging markets are undervalued now (based on price-earnings and price-book values, and we believe there is still money in motion as central banks globally expand their balance sheets.

    “Additionally, the market for initial public offerings (IPOs) and secondary issues has been healthy in emerging markets and expanding potential opportunities; more than 30% of all IPOs globally in the past 10 years have been in emerging markets.

    “We also believe the growth of technology in emerging markets will encourage new investment opportunities. An increasing number of people, including those in emerging market economies, are moving from laptops to – SMARTPHONES – and huge sales of these products can be seen in emerging markets, particularly in China and India.”

  39. I have no doubt at all : Uncle will be around as long as Kissinger has been around, and not one day less than that. So will lobro…… lo lo lo lobro …… lo lo lo lobro……

  40. China Bankers/Brokers and USA Bankers are partnering… not going to war.

    Private equity-backed – Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) – are on the rise as leveraged investments require collateral.

    Rothschild controlled ‘usury firms’ like Blackstone ($300 billion managed) and Franklin Templeton ($890 billion managed) are cashing in buying Chinese property at a bargain.

    Bankers world-wide are positioning for implementation of BRICS usury system. Bankers are buying the training of Keynesian economists at China’s universities through GLOBALLY-FUNDED ‘funds’…. so Rhodes-Oxford-like.

    See how easily it is done:


    LONDON/HONG KONG July 3 (Reuters) – Blackstone Group LP has hired Liping Zhang as its chairman for Greater China as private-equity deals boom in the region, the U.S.-based firm said on Saturday, confirming an earlier Reuters story.

    Stephen A. Schwarzman, Blackstone co-founder and CEO, said Zhang’s appointment underscores the strategic importance of Greater China to Blackstone. Zhang has more than 30 years of financial industry experience, the statement added.

    Zhang, who mostly recently served as the co-chief executive officer for Greater China at Credit Suisse, will help Blackstone to expand its presence in the region, the statement added.

    Blackstone manages more than $300 billion globally and is one of the world’s biggest real estate investors.
    Zhang’s addition to Blackstone’s team comes at a time when private-equity-backed M&A in Asia ex-Japan surged about 58 percent to $42.2 billion in the first-half of 2015, according to Thomson Reuters data.

    That’s the best start to a year on record and China accounted for 71 percent of the deals, despite concerns about its slowing economy.

    **Schwarzman, a well regarded Wall Street dealmaker, is deepening his China ties and in 2013 donated – $100 MILLION – to a scholarship fund at Tsinghua University in 2013, in one of the largest – GLOBALLY – funded philanthropic project in country’s history.**

    Tsinghua University has trained many of China’s – TOP – technocrats….
    …. including President Xi Jinping.

  41. ‘GREAT FALL’ of China…. Blamed on Chinese Government as panic sets in:

    “Investors are fleeing anything associated with China,” Brendan Ahern, chief investment officer at Krane Fund Advisors LLC in New York, said by phone on Tuesday. “They don’t want to have anything related to China in their portfolio. Investors are reading the risks around China, and there is a spillover effect in the U.S.-listed stocks.”

    Investors Flee From All Things China..!! NO war with anyone..!!

    1. Pat,

      Same ol’ boo hoo from the usual suspects. Gordon Chang has been predicting the FALL of China since the early 2000s. There is a WAR going on right now, but it is a financial/currency war. Bloomberg is pure PSYOP, btw.

      1. “Bloomberg is pure PSYOP, btw.”

        Of course they are…. I’m glad you know it.

        Further… All news services are PSYOP….!!

        Fear sells… news and stocks. 🙂

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