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Any suggestions you may have for the improvement of this website will be more than welcome. While we are doing our best to make this site a forum for free speech, we are finding it very hard to do so when we are under constant attack by Zionist trolls and other dangerous ideological enemies posing as friends and well-wishers.

— John Scott Montecristo, Editor  

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  1. Dear John,
    You have a fabulous, very informative site, but I agree with you there are some problems. It is a sign of the times that the site is “under constant attack by Zionist trolls and other dangerous ideological enemies.”
    In Australia Larry Pickering’s Post is also under constant attack, especially since his 6 part series exposing the Halal food-labeling racket.
    I think every poster should be limited to a max. of 2 posts per day. (not too long, either & quotes of no more than 100 words.)
    I think people who are obviously trolls should be banned immediately.
    I am picking up many liars, giving disinformation or purposely being contrary.
    Anyone defending the great evil of Zionism should never be allowed to speak as they mock the concept of free speech. The evidence is in: THEY HAVE NO LEGITIMACY WHATSOEVER! They are conducting a genocide that has turned the Middle East into a cauldron of war and inhumanity to man.
    I think we should be given one last big effort from Ellie: Her attack upon her fellow Jews from an insider’s point of view.

    1. “We” especially appreciate reader comments about how their mango trees are doing. “We” especially like it when “our” readers write in and tell us about how wonderful life is when the mango trees are in bloom and all the sheilas are in their bikinis! And how the latest billion dollar deal with the Chinese went off without a hitch.

      “We” also want to hear from readers of any spider sightings. This is important so “we” can all be on the look out as “we” walk around with a can of Raid. “We” all need to protect ourselves in these troubled times.

      Off-topic comments will not be considered. “We” are a serious website. “We” don’t do trivia. “We” don’t play Trivial Pursuit here.

  2. Agree with Max Bilney. Found the witch-burning of Ellie savage. Article of her being a Zio troll was no way near convincing a proof of guilt. At best it sounded more like a complaint. Didn’t want to say anything then.
    As far as comments go, Max Bilney is right. Anyone threatening this site or talking crap or even sounding like a Zio should be banned. 100 words not enough. Maybe people have stories to tell. My two cents worth.

    1. agree with titus maximus regarding ellie.
      let’s assume for the sake of argument that ellie is a troll.
      but what a magnificent troll!
      erudite, vivacious, emotional, opinionated and ready to defend each opinion eloquently … what’s wrong with that?

      ok, some don’t like her florid literary style but some find it refreshingly archaic, where is the crime?

      the posts are exceedingly long (related to the style) but how often does she post, maybe once a week or less.

      what goes on in the murky background, private emails should remain private, unless lasha feels like she is being stalked, in which case there are other remedies than “and in the splendid auto da fe, wicked heretics were burnt” (quoting by heart from bros karamazov – the grand inquisitor).

      1/2 posters seem to like ellie, troll-or-no-troll (like i do) and the other 1/2 dislike her (like i don’t).

      she definitely gives the site an extra presence and a signature and the battle of the various divas populating the site are great, if occasional diversion, given that they are all very talented and classy, got me reaching for webster’s as soon as i spot them.

      keep ellie (even pat agrees and he’s got instincts of a bloodhound).

      1. That is correct lobro-
        I have always said…..”ban none”…not even the ‘EK entity.’ It is all good fodder.

        1. @ Pat
          @ Lobro

          EK has not been banned from posting on this website. She herself has indicated in a previous comment that she regards it as below her dignity to appear here as a mere commenter. She regards commenters as intellectual scum, as “rabble”, and prefers not to mingle with them.

          We must honor her wishes.

          P.S. Ooops!…I’ve just noticed another post by her under her new user name “Madame Bovary”. 🙂




        Although I have a natural disposition of supporting those whose reputations have been evilly chequered by the natural and profound malignity of those who know no better and have nothing better to do than to calumniate and defame others for the sheer pleasure of causing pain, I have in this instance so peculiar a disregard for the now-defunct Madame Kleist, that I should feel my own worth and reputation not a little diminished if this time I lend my support to the righteous dogs of the hound, and support them, as it were, in all their present and future commotions by which they loudly call for the permanent exclusion and dismemberment from the Kingdom that is Darkmoon of her who so flagrantly and shamelessly pretended to be better pleased with life than the rest of us, who insisted that her complexion is handsomer than ours, who cried that her writing excels that of any other, and who wantonly ejaculated the entirely unfounded wish that even her thoughts, which she never tired of exalting higher than the Heavens themselves, are finer and more elegant than are those of all of us put together.

        Friends, I most humbly beg that you give me a hearing, for though I, too, am descended form a high family, I intend to set my opinion here in the plainest language, and not encumber this space with such vertiginous vapour as that which for too long our ears had been forced to swallow and sniff from her whose type had better not have been.

        In the beginning, I, just like you, thought Madame Kleist handsome, pretty, charming, someone who was possessed of that certain something which I thought so very clearly distinguished her from the rest of us. But, as Time passed and more and more her veil of falsity was being removed by that death-defying taskmaster that is Truth, a different and clearer image of her was pressing the contours of Truth’s surface, and one which was beginning to turn into debit those very thoughts and elegancies which formerly had earned her so much credit.

        I do not believe that she was capable of reflection, just as to this day I do not believe the Archbishop of Paris when he ostensibly reflects and says weekly to the Catholics of France that, France first, the Holy Land second. An honest soul need not reiterate, and a candid mind need not press. Well, what had we from Madame Kleist, eh?! Constant reiteration! Endless imprecation! Unceasing conviction! Violent ejaculations! Impassioned tears! Why should we tolerate this? If Madame had wished to impress upon our minds nothing but the apprehension of the Hebrew danger which according to her so very much threatens the world, couldn’t she have gone through a safer, more acceptable, more palatable, and, to use her own words, more elegant a route than call our perennially innocent Jewish brothers and sisters dogs? filth? scum? cur? killers? butchers? demons? and evil?

        Years before I met my current love, Mademoiselle de Necker, who is the most charming creature in the world, I once met an Ecclesiast in Vaduz, who instilled in my heart nothing but that sincerity and love which alone a Jew possesses. He said to me, ” Look at our Jew, Madame, and ask yourself: what does he demand? Through whose mouth does God speak? And would we as Christians possess any foundations had it not been for them to so selflessly lay them for us?

        Then, as our poor and badly misinformed Madame Kleist still does not understand, I answered the man by telling him: What do they demand? Everything, including our blood! Through whose mouth does God speak? Through ours, and not theirs! And as to us possessing no foundations other than those which the Jew had so selflessly laid for us, I reminded the holy man to direct his mind to the fact that, it is not the foundations which the Jew had built for us and which we retain that ought to please him, but rather the ones which the Jew had destroyed and burnt down. Oh, if only you could have been there and seen how the old man moved at my words! He really moved! Words move, as do Jewish tears.

        Having received a consciousness of victory over him who apparently had made it his life’s duty to study and remember the elevated works of every elevated man who had once walked about the elevated plateaus of the earth and who never tired from proclaiming their most elevated of thoughts that Jews are good and not evil, I went back home, in Avenue Foch, in Paris, where I then lived, and where many years ago Jewish doctors had cured me of my countless illnesses, and wrote in my diary the following words in Latin: ”Drauci Abbe sui Ebrei pippinam,” which in English translates rather inelegantly as, ”Abbe sucks too much Jewish dick.” But after some time, and observing first-hand the kindness and love which the Jewish race possesses far more superabundantly than all the races of the world put together, a strange notion crept up in my now-confused mind. I asked myself: Could it be possible that the Jews are actually far more innocent of those crimes which we, the evil gentiles, have for upward of four-thousand years been imputing to them? Could it be possible that false glory and false modesty are actually qualities which define us and not them? And could it be possible, I further wondered, that the monsters, and the ogres, and the psychopathic killers who wreak so much death in the world then and now could actually be coming more from our ranks than from theirs?

        And strangely, at that very instant when I had posed myself those brooding questions, the answers started coming to me, one by one, and realized that yes, it is not hatred that defines the Jew but us, us whites, us French whites, us German whites, us American whites, and us English whites, for it is the Jewish loving heart that has taught our loveless hearts how to love; it is the Jewish soil which has spawned a Bach, a Locke, a Hume, and a Fibonacci; and Beatrice, too, really, was actually the lover not of an Italian but of a Jew called Dante, mistaken for an Alighieri, you see, only we, in our white, innate, blind jealousy and hatred of them had not only refused to see this, but to this day refuse to see it and admit it. And yes: false glory and false modesty, too, are actually qualities which define us and not the good Jews, because forgiveness and grace are their gifts which they bestowed on us and not we on them; and the glory of civilizations? – who has won it oftener and more in life than the good Jews? And evil? Evil?! My God! But who on earth but us cut and rolled the entrails of those 240,000 entirely innocent Cypriots? Who massacred the Cathars? And who killed that being that ought not to have even been touched? WE DID! EVIL WE! Not evil Jews, but evil we.

        And the longer I pondered on these thoughts most loving, the more I realized the depth of not only our depravity, but also of the unconscious projection which we have so mercilessly thrown against the good and innocent Jew, you know; and that the delusions of piety and faith and love are actually our delusions and not theirs, and we had only foisted it upon them simply and solely because we ourselves are dark, we ourselves are unloving and unloved, and because it made us in some measure believe that we would feel much better if we relieved our encumbrances of the soul by pinning the blame on the perennially blameless Jews that we had charged them of crimes most foul. Oh, how I realized then how wrong I had been all along about the good Jews! How terribly evil I felt myself to have been! Simply said, I instantaneously became a lover of the Jews and was no longer known as a hater of them.

        Well, Madame Kleist has failed to reform herself in this question. She remains an open, unashamed, and virulent hater of the good Jews. Moreover, the evil Madame, beautiful though she may be and languish though she did for decades without love, rolled in and placed all the Jews, WITHOUT EXCEPTION, in one and the same basket, and to this day calls all of them evil, including the little unborn ones. How despicable! How foul! How evil!

        Well, forgive me for saying this, but such evil ways of thinking contribute but little to unite in us our affection for her, and her bottomless treasury does nothing to alleviate us of the pain she has caused us and the good Jews. She may agreeably be surprised to know that indeed she does retain that exclusivity of which she never tired from remind us as being her birthright, only that is one exclusivity which the world of today strictly excludes; and though she may be possessed of the finest eyes of the world and the richest mouth in the planet, those eyes will never really sparkle, and that mouth will never truly speak unless she learns to see the Jews through the prism of everything that is good and lovely, and speaks of them in anything but in glowing and loving terms.

        No! Madame Kleist MUST NOT be reinstated! She must remain separated and segregated! She must remain shunned and quarantined and hated like the lepers of Verona and Abruzzo! And if anyone so much as voices a single syllable of support for her, may he be damned and burn in all the fires of all the Hells for all Eternity. Ellka is no more fashionable, and her vociferous and endless protestations that Jews are evil and wish to burn the world are nothing other than a sickness of the mind most elegantly concealed. A deep purse, admirable eyes, and a pretty mouth may make for a fine and expensive portrait, ma chère, but no crowns of yours can ever remit the sin you have committed, no eyes will ever make you see the pain you have caused, and no mouth shall ever speak well of you, for you have spoken what must remain unspoken, and you have seen what must remain unseen.

        May the good Jews whom you have dragged through the evil mud forgive you, Mme Kleist, for they alone are capable of forgiveness.

        Good Jews! Evil Ellie! Evil, evil Ellie!

        ”We have attempted more than several times to show the gentiles how good we are, my Rabbi, but to no avail.”
        ”Do not worry, my little Judah, for we shall show them how evil THEY are.”
        Rabbi Kletz, Bohemia, 1456.

        Madame Bovary
        Still madly in love with the youthful and inoffensive Mademoiselle de Necker. Love is all.
        (Evil Jews!)

        1. @ Ellie K

          So here you are again, now acting as a passionate advocate for the Jews, having spent the last year telling us how evil they were!

          Don’t you ever keep your promises? Here is what you said to me in a recent email:

          Tue 4/7/2015 2:00 PM

          “I promise never again to bother you, I really do, neither in the Comments section, nor by email.” (Your emphasis)

          I knew you wouldn’t be able to keep your promise. 🙂


        Dear Lobro,

        It is not in my nature to apologize, even when I am wrong, as all apologies carry with them a consciousness of guilt; but, seeing that I have now become seriously unwanted here, and that with the same vociferousness as when I first made my appearance, I wanted to leave… let us say, in less unpleasant terms, for, I figured, what use is fighting, when Love is the answer. See, I can speak plain English, after all!

        Anyway, earlier I had cast doubt in your hopes of future Rapture, and granted myself the freedom to record in this space a rather irreligious passage, by saying that I do not believe in Jesus Christ, that he is a fraud, and by calling him disrespectfully a bearded guru. I would like to apologize for this both to you and also to anyone else who is Christian on this site, but know also that you have analysed me most perfectly well, good man: I am opinionated, passionate, loud and irreverent. But I am so only because I very narrowly escaped from being drowned by that same race for whom we are meant constantly to feel sorry, and when I prayed and begged that my life be improved, never once did Christ answer me, and that for which I was begging was not money but simple breath. Surely, I thought, he would grant me at least the essence. He did not do this, and ever since I lose no breath for him. Why? Since then I have decided to be the most disobliging person on the face of the earth, and even when the sight of a Cathedral has an admirable effect on my mind I quickly forget it, and this not because it is lacking in Beauty and Power, but simply because for me it is utterly empty, it signifies nothing. In short, I have utterly lost faith in Jesus Christ, and no recounting of his ancient exemplary heroism will ever be able to move me, as when I asked to be moved by him, he refused to move himself for me. I believe I have good reason for losing faith in him. Still, I have retained a modicum of respect for what he stands, but only for what he stands, for I am not unaware of the fact that for many millions goodness itself is spoken through his name, and that many indeed would be lost if their thoughts of him abandoned them.

        My opinion of Christianity is this: it is Judaism in disguise. Pause for a moment, friend Lobro, and reflect on this one thought. And after you have reflected, ask yourself a very profound question: why is it that only the Christian lands have been and are being ravaged by the Jewish horde? Where are the Jewish massacres in Arabia? Where the Jewish genocides in Asia? And how come India records no mass murder by this Judaic killing machine in their lands? The answer, I hope, will not be long in coming. It is because only our Judeo-Christian lands adore the Jew! In our Judeo-Christian lands alone are his crimes excused! And only where we live can a Jew kill and be asked for forgiveness! And why? Because the Church knows that without the Jews, there would be no Church, and that a Christian can no more hate the Jew, than he can be made to hate his own parents.

        The anti-Semitism encountered on this site is actually quite bland in comparison to the Chinese and Middle-Eastern sites which I often visit, and this fact alone made me wonder: A Chinaman hating the Jew more than an American? an Englishman? a Finn? a land where no holocausts had ever taken place? How come, I asked, the thing is absurd?! But it is so, my dear Lobro friend, because your very own Holy book tells you that Jews are a holy nation, that salvation is to come only from them, and from the very earliest years of your lives you are taught to see the Jew not as an enemy but as your misguided little brother, you know, as someone who is always in need of a guide, because he is only four-thousand years young, you know, and together, hand in hand, must a Christian and a Jew walk through Life if they are both to see that final luminescence which is Eternity and live for ever after. RUBBISH!

        I have been to the convents of San Sebastian, and have seen with what fervour they speak of the Jews there. My God! I believe I would be excused in saying that they love the Jews more than they love their own selves and Jesus put together, and yet they’re all Catholic! I reminded the Abbess of a certain crime in that very city when the Spanish Communists had gouged out the eyes of nuns and priests; guess what she told me: ”Yes, but that’s only because they were Jews with no God or Religion!” And yet, when I pressed myself again and reminded her that that didn’t exactly prevent them from sparing all the Synagogues of Spain and Russia when burning and looting did it? her answer was as piquant as it was dumb: ”Yes, but that’s only because a Synagogue is too insignificant a structure when compared to a mighty Church!” Everywhere I travel I always meet with the same mind-numbing denial and idiocy! And everywhere the crimes of the Jews are lessened, and those of their own Christians are exaggerated. And why: because Christianity places a premium on Guilt, Lobro, on feeling unbelievably terrible and wretched about yourself; on top of that, it has exulted the Jew to the status of a god, and even if he rips out Christians’ loins and renders them dead, not his natural, diabolic devilishness is the cause, but his forgetfulness of God! In other words, Jews have become bad simply because they have forgotten how to be good!

        Where is the Christian Church’s yearly holocaust remembrance day of the Christian Russian dead? How come the name Kolyma fails to elicit an emotional response from Christians and yet the name Auschwitz never fails to bring a flood of tears? To which race did Carrier of Nantes belong when he split the Frenchmen and women in half before forcing them to marry each other in what has since become known as Noyades, or Barge Marriages? Why is that the Frenchmen and women do not weep for their dead French brothers and sisters but weep for the Jews? How come they are not remembered? And how is it that my own Germans, believe it or not, have become so callous and unthinking, as was demonstrated recently by Gottfried Wagner, the descendant of the great Richard Wagner, when he called our own people, ”A race that kills with a better relish and efficiency than any other, especially Jewish children!” Did he forget Dresden? Did the Frenchmen forget their Nantes? And the Russians, did they forget Tomsk, and Omsk, and Nizhny Novgorod, and Novosibirsk? No, none of these Christian peoples forgot their past, but they chose rather to remember more the Jew and his suffering than their own, for not only do all theses cities in one way or another commemorate more the Jewish holocaust than any one of their own, but their very own faith glorifies and makes the highest good that which is weak and wretched, by constantly concentrating on Guilt, on Sin, on Repentance, and on Forgiveness, utterly weak and effeminate qualities, only the Church, being the absolute master of the human soul, astonishingly cleverly inverts that Guilt and Sin, and instead unconsciously and yet willingly makes the victim feel sorry and pray for the salvation of the very race who had caused their suffering in the first place, and who had so thoroughly and for ever changed the landscapes of all those countries in which they had once gained a foothold, as to make one wonder if indeed Jews are human at all.

        How the Pope thunders come April the fifteenth each and every year! How the Patriarch weeps when he remembers the evil Nazis and their deeds! And how melancholically do Notre Dame’s bells peal on that sad day in April, when they remind every Frenchman and woman of the accounts they are yet to reckon with God for letting their Jewish brothers and sister suffer so, so terribly in the hands of the Germans! And why? Why? Because the Christian Church is a Jewish construct! Because their Messiah is a Jew! Because its apostles were all Jews! And because Hebrew is the first and not the second language in which the Bible was translated, and because Jesus will one day return not in Rome, nor in Paris, nor in Moscow but in Jerusalem, my dear Lobro, that’s why, in Jerusalem, the headquarters of the Jewish people and not of the American or the English people. You may not know this, but as a Christian there is as much a Jew in you as not, and, save the complete destruction of the Christian faith, unless you can thoroughly cleanse that faith of yours of every vestige of Jewishness and render it clean again, never will the Jew give you rest and peace, because the Jew is a parasite, and, like all parasites, it does not lodge itself in that body which will immediately reject it, but in that which cannot and which even welcomes it, and none welcome it like Christianity and those lands where Christianity reigns supreme. Facts are facts, my friend, and they tend to be impartial.

        As I said somewhere in my earlier posts, I no longer frequent those soul-dead Salons of Paris, as the atmosphere there is so stifling as to kill six-million people at once! But whenever I do, I am always met with some wealthy Jewess or another, their naturally unhandsome faces heavily augmented by that powder which they think makes women pretty but which I know it doesn’t; and whenever the subject of Religion or Piety comes up, I cannot begin to explain to you the scorn they pour on the Catholics of France, and, by extension, the whole of Christianity. A certain wealthy Jewish woman (not from Paris) recently said in my presence that she would love to see all the Christians buried alive!; and another said that if she had a magic wand, she would make every Church disappear! I didn’t say anything then, but as soon as I got home I uncorked a red, and began to wonder: why? Well, I hope I have supplied you the answer.

        I know the owners of this site will not appreciate hearing this, but I have already bid adieu to the person known as Lasha Darkmoon. The way she has attempted to foul me with her last post really leaves nothing to be desired on her part. And the picture of that hopeless prostitute as being me? That is tastelessness transmogrified ten-thousand-trillion fold! I have never given a single reason to be suspected as being a secret Jew, and anyone who can read breath will know that I have not only nothing but absolute hatred for them, but also that that hatred which I have expressed here cannot be feigned, as it is deep, and acting tends to be shallow and have a short life.

        I won’t post again here neither as Ellie K., nor as Madame Bovary, because I am now thoroughly persuaded that I am no longer wanted here. But I dare affirm one thing, friend Lobro, and that is that no one spoke it like me; no one thrashed the dark Hebrews with the same cutting brilliance as I did; and that no one knows them as I do, for unlike you, and all the rest of you, I am actually a survivor of their diabolic plots, and as such possess that rare knowledge of someone who has escaped their brutal clutches; and to be seized by the Jews and to escape them, is not only exceptionally rare, but it is also something one never forgets.

        I leave you with this maxim, my friend, you and Pat and all the rest of you good people, as I have actually read all your posts, especially yours, Lobro, beginning with your first one which you left in the article called, The Gybroch, on December 5, 2011, at 04:53 am, and in which you thanked a certain Yakob Klein for pointing you the way. Remember, this is Ellka speaking: ”Better to hate and to be pleasantly surprised, than to love unknowingly and be killed.”

        Yours, Ellie

        Oh, and as for her who thinks my serpentine thoughts pornographic and evil, here is something I came across recently, but a few insignificant stanzas, but ones which I thought may sound more palatable to her delicate taste:

        Her wings spread wide and up we flew
        Into the black abyss.
        Her grip was hard, her claws were cold,
        Her breath a leper’s kiss…

        And proffered the poisoned apples
        Of her breasts with silken sighs
        And turned on the pleasure fountains
        Between her feathered thighs…

        The Gybroch – Author Unknown, though it is said that she loves wigs!


        1. @ lobro

          Yes, Lobro, I agree: count me as that half who like Ellie. In the 11 months that I have been coming here, I have not been able to detect in her any diversionary tactics at all, as anyone who actually knows how to read will notice that she never tried in any way to soften our views and opinions of the Jews; quite the contrary, my knowledge and hatred of them has only increased. Fake anti-Semites always ultimately slip and reveal themselves glaringly for who they actually are, and as I have clearly demonstrated in my last post, this has not been the case at all with Ellie. At most, the doubting Thomases, who all along had their doubts about her but kept a lid on them, pounced on the possibility that she might indeed be a secret Jew, and since they wholeheartedly believe everything that Lasha says, jumped on the bandwagon and sealed her fate. I believe I have successfully refuted Lasha’s claim that Ellie is a secret Jew.

          As far as comments go, I don’t mind short or long comments, I only hate empty nothingnesses like, ”Yeah,” or ”Go dude!, or ”You da man,” or Original Joe’s stupid inanities, or, ”My c..k is this many inches big and I have this many wives, and I’m this handsome Nordic blond, etc.” I mean, what the hell is that supposed to mean! Empty nothing. So yes, monitor and censor comments, but only delete what is not worth reading at all and put such posters on permanent watch. Also, ADMIN should make it known to posters that if they don’t agree with the views of Lasha, they must put forward reasons why they don’t agree, and not just say, ”Lasha, this is crap, or you don’t know what you’re talking about. John Kaminski cops a lot of flak, and more often than not those who disagree with him have nothing better to say. If you disagree, tell us why. And bring back Ellie K! More Lashas and more beauty is what this world needs, and no one in the 11 months that I have been coming here has provided this site with more of it and more beautifully so than Ellie did. Lasha Darkmoon has made a grave error of judgement.


      4. TOBY: Madame Butterfly is technically a “banned poster”. but I am letting this through because it is is not abusive. It also says what most posters here believe to be the truth. (Except for the last paragraph of course).

        @ Ellie K

        Not being a red-blooded male like Lobro or Max Bilney, and not being a lesbian either, I am indifferent to your imaginary female charms, dear Madame Rothschild. Frankly, I think Lasha Darkmoon’s outing of you as a fake was an unforgettable tour de force. Never have I seen anyone so thoroughly and justifiably taken down a peg as you!

        You were revealed in your true colors as a liar, a cheat, a pornographer, and a Zionist troll in league with the foul-mouthed Aavi Kastner — the Jew who was sending Ms Darkmoon the most vicious hate mail. You were clearly in cahoots with Kastner in his campaign of hate mail against the very woman who had published so many of your articles and whom you had cruelly deceived. You despicable two-faced traitor!

        What, pray tell, have you contributed to this site? Nothing but distraction and disinfo and trivia. Darkmoon has been severely criticized by most of the posters here for publishing your tedious pseudo-antisemitic ravings. As far as I can see, you have only one supporter here: Lobro. And he supports you only because you continue to mock and revile Lasha Darkmoon, the lady who befriended you and gave you a break.

        I wonder what makes Lobro so unmistakably hostile to Lasha Darkmoon when he pretends on the surface to be her friend? I am beginning to suspect that Lobro is a Zionist plant. He is the last person anyone would suspect of being a government agent.

      5. @ Madame Butterfly

        “I wonder what makes Lobro so unmistakably hostile to Lasha Darkmoon when he pretends on the surface to be her friend? I am beginning to suspect that Lobro is a Zionist plant. He is the last person anyone would suspect of being a government agent.”

        I’m not surprised Admin have placed you on the Banned List if you can make silly comments like this. However, there is truth in the phrase “You cannot serve God and Mammon.” Nor can you profess to be a friend of Lasha Darkmoon if you keep springing to the defense of Lasha’s sworn enemy, Ellie K.

        Lobro is guilty of a conflict of interest. He likes God as well as Mammon. He likes Lasha as well as Lasha’s most outspoken enemy.

        How do you do it, Lobro?

  3. Any website administrator worth his salt would step in here and give Gilbert a good talking to. “If I wanted to kill you…,” he says to me in one of his posts. Just detestable.

    Yet Uncle lets it stand.

    How spineless. How low class. Low class on Gilbert’s part for saying it, and low class on Uncle’s part for allowing it.

    The fish rots from the head.

    1. I guess Gilbert is going to show up any minute now to tell me how stupid I am. That his comment about “killing” was not addressed to me but to Max, and “don’t you know how to read, you stupid moron”.

      I guess I’ll never be smart enough to figure out how to write a post to Darkmoon in such a way as to preclude the Darkmoon script writers in Lasha’s office from ADDING and subtracting from my comments.

      Gilbert will show up pretending he doesn’t know his cohorts in Lasha’s office ADDED the words, ” he says to me in one of his posts” and will go on and on about how stupid I am.

      But I’m not surprised, for the Darkmoon administration has always taken great liberties in editing my posts, either subtracting words, sentences, whole paragraphs ; And sometimes, like today, ADDING words, putting words in my mouth. Yet another desperate Darkmoon attempt to try to make me look stupid : A dream and a goal of the Darkmoon script writers that still to this day alludes the slithering hydra-headed chameleon snakes.

      Keep trying to make me look stupid, I get a kick out of it. You’ll never succeed in making me look stupid, you will always fall flat on your janus-faces in your desperate attempts. I find it humorous. I take it with aplomb. I continue to stand proudly aloof from you Darkmoon hydra-heads as I stand in The Light of Videre Licet.

    2. Yes, I agree, Joe. That was in poor taste, and I apologize to Darkmoon Site for it. The Internet is no place for such candor, and this site is no place for you to invite such scorn as you try to invite – nor for me to convey. The line between ‘free speech’ and ‘reckless diatribe’ is quite grey, and I can suggest no guidelines other than using common sense.

      Whether it is because I am ‘plowing the lower forty’ – or doing something else nearby my abode – I find relaxing breaks, here, visiting and commenting. It is a luxury for me, and this is a one-of-a-kind Internet site. I have tried to remove myself ‘from the maddening crowd’, but seem to have a nagging to visit. I have learned a lot from all of you. Education never ceases (for better or worse), then we die and forget it all.

      1. you da man, gilby.
        i commend you on having the spine to retract something spoken in uncontrollable anger, through the clenched teeth like charlton heston because maxy got seriously under your skin – the second time you lost control (previously you said something about tracking him a s a fleeing refugee in the swamps).

        i think it comes from the worship of violence for its own sake, deeply ingrained in american male psyche and you are a decent soul that has unfortunately been infected by this childhood disease.
        part and parcel of this unholy complex is the light triggered readiness to jump on the slightest provocation or to manufacture one where it doesn’t exist – again, i detect the subtle hand of the dealer – jews invented psychology for this and other hidden purposes, not the dr phil show about sobbing housewives.

        it may also be the reason both joe and maxy needle you so mercilessly – think about it.
        so be who you truly are, not what some retarded rambo alter ego whispers in your ear.

        as for the editorial policy regarding the comments filter, having some exposure to trolls helps immunize the reader so that they can be spotted more readily for what they are.
        anyone can claim whatever they want, the verdict of the assembled jury hinges on the quality of supporting arguments – so let’s educate the jury, ie, the readers.

        trolls should only be banned after they become painfully repetitive, annoying and plug the monitors with useless and disgusting filler.

        i truly think that an essential component of this blog’s roaring success, which also attracts the faithful following of trolls, is the wild variety of commenters and their ongoing battles.
        it used to be the feature of otherwise excellent sites like xymphora which for some mysterious reason lost that vitality of commentariat.

  4. My honest advice to you is to shut down your website. ASAP. This is the only way you can “improve it.”

    Let’s face it, what advice can you give someone suffering from a really bad terminal disease who asks you, “How can I improve my life?” The only honest answer you can give him is, “I suggest euthanasia.”

    All these earnest articles Darkmoon keeps churning out telling us how bad the Jews are, it’s all a lot of hot air. Of no cosmic importance. No one in the big outside world is reading her crap. They are reading the New York Times and listening to Fox News and munching hamburgers and humping each other. Birth, copulation and death: that’s what life’s all about.

    As for the stupid commenters, no one is reading their comments except themselves and a handful of antisemitic morons here and there. No one is paying attention. They might as well be blowing soap bubbles.

    Darkmoon’s poems? A tragic waste of time and energy. The ephemeral productions of a sick mind full of dark broodings and obsessions and leading to a dead end.

    Actually, in a godless world such as the one in which we find ourselves hopelessly trapped, the only logical way we can improve our condition is suicide.

    Many distinguished philosophers, from Gautama Buddha and the Ancient Greeks to Schopenhauer and Sartre, have stated that Non-Being is better than Being. The best possible thing that could happen to anyone, one great Greek philosopher observed, is never to have been born. I agree with that dismal sentiment. The human situation is beyond repair.

    To sum up: settle your affairs, wind up your website, and head for Dignitas in Switzerland and ask for euthanasia.

    It’s the only way to go.

    1. how about opening a jewthanasia shop zaky, i hear there are some cheap locations somewhat to the north in a country of poland, complete facilities never been used.

      1. I hear it was the berries. With spas, and swimming pools, fine cuisine, doggie day-care centers……the WORKS!

    2. Wacky Zaky Zionist Fiend,

      You love suicide when it is applied to Anti Zionists, but Zac old boy the right word is in the Palestinian genocide.

      How much do they pay you to invade Darkmoon’s site? I know you don’t do this for love of OZ.

  5. Perhaps posters should be enjoined to exercise a modicum of courtesy. Continuous and repetitive references to fecal matter should be discouraged as well as repetitive assertions. Friendly badinage should be encouraged as well as ice-breaking witticisms and pithy comments.

    1. Any Darkmoon reader wishing to comment should be required to check-in at a world’s leading mental hospital and undergo a total lobrotomy. Then we’d all be wise and witty — and all the comments would be of the sort most pithy! Friendly badinage is where it’s at. Life is but a badminton game!

      Personally, I always found Darkmoon to be very entertaining and I wouldn’t change anything.

      1. TROJ,
        See you can be poetic, original and witty when you put your mind to it! Well done!

  6. Monty –

    Things are fine here….. with just a few exceptions now and then.
    I would recommend you post a list of prohibited words and delete posts containing them until they stop.

    We are on our own…but you ‘own’ the zone.

    Please do not change the freedom you have allowed, other than the words which you can list.

    1. I agree.. TheRealOriginalJoe used to annoy me, as did Harbinger, but I think the site would be boring without them.. Joe is pretty intelligent, honest, and hillarious at times..

      Harbinger has a hang up about immigrants, Pakis have been a part of Scottish society for most of my life, but he too is honest, and interesting..

  7. Lasha, Toby, JSM,

    This site attracts good posters and I enjoy reading very much what they have to write. And yes, there are many Zionist trolls, that will frustrate many but I simply ignore them and what they have to write. Should I wish, I will engage in truth ending their falsehoods. Do not ban them. Allow them the freedom of liberty, the same freedom they are rapidly trying to take away from us non Jews. Let them see through our humanity why they easily fail as human beings. Once you start banning people here and there out of frustration, you become no different to your enemy.

    1. @Harbinger
      “Once you start banning people here and there out of frustration, you become no different to your enemy.”

      What you said is a fact and I completely agree. That being said, I would like to add that you should not fix what is not broken. No one forces anyone to read anything. Everyone reads every comment voluntarily. Once a person identifies a commenter that is offensive, simply stop reading their comments by skipping over them.

      It would be nice if those commenting would use some common courtesy toward others, but there are those that did not pay attention when their mother was trying to teach manners. To try to police infantile outbursts is a futile job. If their mother was not successful, an administrator will not be successful either. I assume the administrators have something better to do than play babysitter.

      To attempt to limit the number of posts will limit debate. Debates are informative.

      The 1,000 word limit that is not enforced is okay. Most seem to honor it and those posts much longer than 1,000 words are probably not read very much making them of little consequence. Space is cheap.

      Trolls are one of the penalties of having a website that is popular and above the norm. Trolls are really a compliment for doing what’s right.

      Threats of physical harm to others is totally unnecessary and have no place anywhere except maybe a bar room. Is it worth the effort of the admin to stay vigilant to delete them? No. Physical threats are made in the virtual world because the person making them is too much of a coward to make them in the real world, in person.

      Again, I would not fix what is not broken, but you guys own the show.

  8. Yeah sure, Darkmoon never censors reader’s comments. It always those #^^&&**##@@!!!! SPAM people and of course Darkmoon has no control over that, lol.

  9. also, this “thumbs up-down” gimmick … superfluous.
    it reminds me too much of jew echo chamber, so apparent on tv (to which i have been painfully exposed this year), used to manipulate sheeple’s opinion.

    even as a kid, i instinctively shied away from tv, never watched the damn thing, except sesame street and toby the train engine narrated by ringo starr when my kid was little.

    i always detested the invention of canned laughter and can say that the practice of artificially inflating and controlling response has grown exponentially in recent times, no doubt coupled with reciprocal stupefaction of the viewers.

    so, watching something like american idol (what an abysmally retarded title!), all one hears is incessant screaming, ever increasing in pitch and volume, worse than those bird nesting colonies in south seas and other rocky nowheres … many years ago, i sailed past fogo island off the north coast of newfoundland, maybe 30 miles away you could hear the things screeching like the souls of the damned (a pretty jewish sound, i would say).

    so i would get rid of those jew thumbs or else i will sic gilby with his bowie knife to chop them off.

    1. Ditto on thumbs.
      Removing them may clear up some viewing compatibility problems that arose on the initiation.

    2. Dammit, Lobro! 🙂
      Don’t ‘sic Gilby’ on anything (especially in consideration of your genteel comment, above!).
      You are right, you know – I often SPOIL for a fight – just for the sport of it. It’s the way I was raised, and the way I was groomed – except my mother had me reading and reciting poetry when she put me to bed at night. Recon Marines were often my baby-sitters until I took it upon myself to work and learn as much as I could at the age of 12. My father encouraged it, and I did not disappoint. College was just a ‘time out’ for me. There were no wars to go into, and I declined my appointments to Annapolis or West Point (I had my choice). Now, I am trying to recover my stamina and health, with a ‘time-out’ from the decades I crammed into single years. I am recovering – and discovering much to which I never gave thought. I am very fortunate, and thankful that God has seen fit to spare me from greater harm. Take it easy on me, please. I’m TRYING to be a good man. 🙂

      1. gilby, it’d be thumbs up to you, except that they violate my religious beliefs.

        trying to be a better man means that you are no worse today than you were yesterday and yesterday you were quite ok.

      2. All in fun, Gil.

        I too have been spared the worst of things, save for the occasional “half-breed” comments that came my way back in the day for which would prompt a swift beating from moi to give the rascals pause over considering such stupid moves in the future. The next “half-breed” to hear such disrespectful utterances from these fools may not be so sparing in their retaliation, if you get my drift.

        That being said, my tomahawk is ready and willing to have at those ubiquitous thumbs! 😉

    3. You wouldn`t like it here in wintertime, it`s dark, and a colony of heron sound like something from the deepest depths..

  10. Dear John:
    Thank you for this website. However, it seems that only really awake people frequent it or internet trolls/schills. Those trolls counter the message of the truth shown here. Perhaps it is time to have comments go through moderation by a moderator like yourself, Lasha or one of the various alternate administrators, who have popped up in recent articles, ie. Madame Rothschild – Bogus Zionist. Maybe that moderator should look for the signs of the internet trolls/Zionist trolls/schills by their tools. We all know that governments, the military, CIA/NSA and vested interests like the Googles/Facebooks all do these things and use those tools. Only the sheeple are naive regarding this, because they are too caught up in the delusion that is presented to them and are comfortable with it because they know nothing else. This website shows and exposes the alternative and the reality. Perhaps guidelines/troll tool identifiers like the following are needed to weed those out trolls. recently published a troll tool kit guide: check out the link.

    If we do NOT fight these parasites, then Net Neutrality and Googles’ own revised truth (lie)
    algorythm will send truther sites like this to search oblivion in the far reaches of bottomless pit pages of infinity, never to be found. Thus Darkmoon will not appear on page 1 but on page 100 or worse. Thanks, Norbert.

    1. Norbert –

      I read that link. Using it as a gauge…. the only comments that would pass inspection..
      ……. would be on the order of: “I agree totally.”
      All others would be an argument or a distraction.

  11. I hesitate to make any recommendations as to improving Darkmoon, as I like to think Lasha is smart enough to realize she needs a total wardrobe makeover. It would do her a world of good. Until such day Lasha wakes up and realizes she desperately needs a total wardrobe makeover — Maybe in the meantime she should consider a clear plastic shower curtain to throw over her head, instead of the blue plastic shower curtain she loves to throw on her head and cover one eye, effectively blocking out the vision in one eye. If she just got herself a clear plastic shower curtain to throw on her head, then she would still be “fashion forward”, lol, and she would still be able to drape the shower curtain over her face and cover one eye — AND — actually be able to see out of the eye. It’s easier to see thru clear plastic than blue plastic ; Normally, that would go without saying, but this is Darkmoon and well, you know….. Short of an extreme wardrobe makeover, I think a clear plastic shower curtain would make a lot more sense. Maybe she would spot the trolls more easily if she had both eyes open. Plus she wouldn’t have to worry about bumping into the furniture and even worse, possibly tripping over the dog. I would hate to see a dog get hurt because of all the bullshit here at Darkmoon.

  12. look at the bright side, trolls boost alexa numbers, not to mention responses to trolls.

    i guess the only consolation to trolls is that snakes cannot shoot themselves in foot.

  13. As tempting as it would be to ban Zio-trolls, for the sake of free speech, I urge you to let them rant.

    They’re usually easy to spot and skip or if you’re needing some self-flagellation, then read and puke.

    But as long as they don’t urge physical violence upon the site or readers or don’t engage in porno, I say let them rant.

  14. If it’s true about Ellie being a troll then I feel a bit silly. But those long sentences are amazing. And what about the laughter his/her posts created? Must be useful for something in the big scheme of things. And anyway, that’s only one poster. Call me naive, but I wouldn’t be able to tell a troll from a ‘not a troll’ to save my life! Should I just suspect everyone? The info on this site covers a huge range of topics (the health tips are very useful, green tea is good). I have nothing against cr*p jokes either, in fact, I’ve got pretty used to them. Occasionally they are even quite funny. Mostly not though. I take this opportunity to point out to any readers who were wondering, ie. me, that this troll thing came up after a period of time in which I have made no posts, and therefore I am most probably not a troll. Phew. I think goats are pretty cool, anyway. They make good lawnmowers and are fun to play with. Mr. Huntly, do you have fun goats on your farm? …oh yeah, trolls and what to do about them. Why not modify the voting thing to ‘troll’ or ‘not troll’? The thumb thing is a bit tacky, really, like it’s some sort of popularity contest. Like we really care who gets most votes. Yeah…
    Hope everyone had a good Easter holiday. Best wishes to all, even trolls, Space. 🙂

    PS. Has anyone been counting the votes? Do we know who got most? Admin? Anyone? Will there be some sort of prize? Not that that’s important…

    Was one more thing. I know this dude who reckons himself a poet. I promised him I’d post one of his short poems for constructive criticism…

    Life like a dwarf very
    short like a tui can you
    jump over the house
    like a puppet.

    Ah, yeah… too deep for me. Reminds me of Syd Barrett a bit, seems to have some sort of even rythm. Comments, anyone?

  15. ADM,

    I would not ban them if you could segregated them from the rest of us to their own little shill page. Sort of a surrogate “Zio-Land” where they could find purpose and meaning in their own private “Zhill Hell”. They can rant and rave against the Goy, trade favorite recipes from their Talmud Kook book, and plot their next terrorist strike against the informed at will.

    Now that has to be appealing to them, and at the same time defends free speech, and keeps the comments section open to honest and intelligent discussion, and debate.

    “Zhill Hell” could also serve as a sort of “Purgatory” in which to cast regular commentators like TheRealOriginalJoe when they misbehave. After a few weeks of suffering in ZHIll Hell, they would be allowed back into Darkmoon commentator’s paradise with a clean slate.

    Just a thought.

  16. I suggest a complete overhaul of the site. What you need is a message board that would require participants to register for an account. And it would be most helpful to have a board that allows for easy quoting of other posters. As things are, they are a mess. If you don’t check in at the right time, you might miss some very good or interesting posts. As it stands now, recent comments is limited to 10.

    Also it is quite common for folks to comment on something way up stream, and unless you want to waste all day going through the entire haystack upon every visit, you may not know that anyone ever responded to you. Or that something interesting was stated.

    The current application you use, WordPress I believe it to be, would be fine for about 20 to 25 comments. Some topics here receive comments into the hundreds very quickly. And a more ordered board might also help to keep things more even and cool. Of course that assumes that logic and a train of thought is desired over a free for all.

    Some posters take much time to write very good posts with great precision. To use a painting analogy they are Van Gogh or Monet. However, this board due to its limitations, becomes a canvas resembling the splashing of paint. The Van Gogh’s and the Monet’s then get covered over in this Jackson Pollack atmosphere.

    So get a board that allows for the traffic this site generates and the ability to see the flow of conversation in an intelligent manner. Forget all the bells and whistles. We don’t need silly avatars, but a basic board that allows for looking up posters previous comments, responding to others and facilitating a logic flow of opinions would be greatly appreciated.

    1. some good suggestions here … in my firefox browser, most of the right side margin is fat and empty, it could easily show the greatly expanded “recent comments” section, it could also have a rollover button at the bottom for pagination.
      the “recommended reading” is probably not essential, you already have the “articles” on the topmost tab.

      i think i have seen a wordpress site with a proper search window that digs back into the blog’s history … not familiar with what wordpress offers but a slightly more sophisticated search option would come in great where there might be 3 fields, for poster, date range and some phrase.
      it would make a short work of a number of disputes of the “i said, you said” nature.

      and get a truer avatar, lasha, that new-ageist one is a bit hokey, like i said before, repossess ellie’s if necessary since we all know it does not correspond to her self depiction.

  17. Well guess what, LEO? You’re right [ kinda ]. It does sort of appeal to me to have my own page here at DM. I bet within two weeks of having my own page, I get more readers than Darkmoon’s central page. I do, however, have three requirements that first must be met before agreeing to your proposal, LEO :

    1 : I stipulate Alexa be notified of my separate page, so the Alexa people can track the numbers . So we can see who gets the most readers.

    2 : AND I stipulate most adamantly that Lasha and her Uncle and whoever else works in the Darkmoon office NOT censor any of my posts to the separate page. [ as they always censor so many of my posts, the censorship has been going on for years ].

    3 : The separate page be named “Joe’s Videre Licet Page”.

    Thank you for your concern and your proposal to improve Darkmoon, LEO. DM sure does need improving, doesn’t it. Allowing me to opine without interference, without censorship, without any hassles, would greatly improve Darkmoon. Excellent proposal, LEO. If my stipulations are met, I’m all for it.

    1. Weird and wonderful, FC. Even considering the background story of that song, I wouldn’t mind dancing to my life off of this doomed planet. Show me the way. The Jews can have it, they have almost destroyed everything anyways. Good luck for their future. They will find out it doesn’t pay to play the victim and lash out at everyone else in contrived anguish. In the end no one will be left to serve them.

  18. I tend to agree with Ellie Knatsnelson that most (she says “all”) posters are “intellectual scum, a rabble, and I would prefer not to mingle with them.” That is her choice! Why should she pretend she likes grubby peasants, dirt farmers, ne’er-do-wells, failed personalities and such for your benefits? (That is Communism – “We are all equal” … That is a Jewish lie! …. Jews, themselves, think they are the superior ones; and given the realities of our planet’s current POWER spectrum, they are telling the truth. 20 million of them control the other 6.9 billions!)
    Ellie, with good reason, does not wish to be a MERE poster! She wants her essays published as the principal article and in this she is justified. Her style, in the traditional, elaborate German manner, can be a little tedious, but it is full of class. And she presents word pictures full of brilliant messages. I did not like her calling Lasha a lesbian “dominatrix” and other nasties; unless, of course, she knows a lot more about Lasha than we are party to….. But, if I am hearing the truth, poor Ellie is partnered up with a licentious dilettante stalker! She would be better living in Gilby’s log cabin! …. Only kidding, Gilby!
    And “class” is what, in the long run is what it is all about! Ellie has plenty of this commodity.
    I cannot really be serious on this site, even though I humorously expose many truths, because I feel like Ellie: I am writing for the down and out, riff-raff of the Internet – including a peasant farmer, senile old men, Roman Catholics, dyke feminists, habitual masturbators, drunkards, paranoid trolls, the unemployed, the poverty stricken, hysterical pseudo-intellectuals and such.
    So, as I said, give Ellie one more blast in her role as a feature writer; and accept money from her for the maintenance of the site. Then we should vote with thumbs up etc, whether we want more of her – perhaps even a photo shoot. She has much money; and you don’t have to then feel obligated to her; as only people willing to be slaves ARE slaves.
    Finally, is she as beautiful as some people have intimated? If she was an ugly old crone/shrew I would not have the slightest interest in her welfare, as ugly people are not worth listening to; as usually they are ugly inside and out! Hence Baudelaire’s beautiful people in the coke chamber! Hence my predilection for beautiful women.

  19. Norbert I’m familiar with the Globalresearch “troll tool kit guide.”
    Yeah it works, as you compile a compendium of their language and apply it to an ACME Co computer filter system (only US$674). You also allow the filter to conduct a search into their phraseology and sentence structure, grammar, etc. …. I used it on the last 3 feature articles, on some 237 posters, and came up with only 3 non-trolls, namely yours truly in Australia, Gilby in a log cabin and David Chu on a Chinese junk.
    That ZAK bloke came out on top of the troll list!
    So I suggest an honesty thing where TROLLS are asked to commence their posts with a capital T.

    1. Hahaha, Max!

      Is that the same ACME sysyem that Wil E. Coyote used on that roadrunner troll?


    2. Maximum Bil-o-ney – ‘Thunda from Fomunda’ at 170 kg and 107 IQ —–

      From your favorite ‘Arch-Troll’…. some footnotes about Aussie Pharisees you will just love:

      Australian Pharisee lawyer, Josh Bornstein, says Palestine must be destroyed. He gets the authority from the TALMUD, divine law of Pharisees.

      TIMES OF ISRAEL (Apr 9, 2015):

      Recently, I have begun to intensely study the Talmud, and it has proven to be a very spiritually enlightening experience. The Talmud has much to teach us about God, Jews, Israel, and daily life. “It’s a central pillar for understanding anything about Judaism, more than the Bible,” says Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz, one of the world’s best known Talmudical scholars. “The Talmud is not a divine gift given to people. The Jewish people created it. But on the other hand, it created the Jewish people. In so many ways, we’re Talmudic Jews, whether we believe in it or not.”

      As the Jewish state, Israel’s Jewish essence must be felt in every single aspect of Israeli life. The Talmud is the divine law of the Jewish people, so it’s essential that it also be the law of Israel – the Jewish state. Regardless of one’s feelings about Netanyahu, his commitment to following Talmudic law and cementing Israel’s Jewish status is truly something to be admired.

      Whenever I’m asked how many “Palestinians” Israel has killed, I know the answer instantly: not nearly enough. Until there is not a single “Palestinian” left breathing, that answer will remain the same. “Palestinians” are a plague upon Israeli civilisation, and they’re a plague that needs to be wiped out. My friends, the time to kill “Palestinians” is long overdue. Grab your weapon today and let’s take out this “Palestinian” scum. The “Palestinians” are parasites and pigs. It’s time to take the pigs to the slaughter. Death to all “Palestinians” and death to anyone who stands in the way of the Jews.

      1. Yes, we think we have problems with a few trolls, no-one can possibly know the hell it must be, to be a Palestinian..

      2. The Pharisees, today’s Jews, are pathetic murderers.

        The rabbi says they were created by the Talmud:
        “The Talmud is not a divine gift given to people. The Jewish people created it. But on the other hand, it created the Jewish people. In so many ways, we’re Talmudic Jews, whether we believe in it or not.”

        Talmud created the Jewish people.

      3. perfect, pat.
        no one can sum up jews like jews.

        we can rant and rave about the ‘evil jew’ all we want and it all pales beside the real artifact, like seeing the skeleton of a rapacious dinosaur in a science museum and coming face to face with the real deal.

        the scariest counterexample we can offer is the infinite emptiness and stupidity beyond measure as exemplified by foul janet o’mara, if she is indeed a gentile – sure hope not.
        she is the manure in which the jew blooms best.

      4. @ lobro

        “the scariest counterexample we can offer is the infinite emptiness and stupidity beyond measure as exemplified by foul janet o’mara, if she is indeed a gentile – sure hope not. she is the manure in which the jew blooms best.”

        i take exception to this horroble personal remark. it is a fowl ad hominim attack on a female poster by a man who is obviously a crazy woman hater. i wont ask this man to apologize cause i know i’m only gonna get more abuse from this anti-feminist male chauvinist neanderthal man.

        admin, set your house in order please, abuse is not acceptable and is loosing you posters.

      5. Shut up, you idiot, you are letting our sex down with your stupid comments and orthographic howlers. Back to school, birdbrain!

      6. orthographic howlers caught neither by ornithological brain nor the howler monkey … mebbe she need do doo digilance since the spellchecker’s iq greatly exceeds her own.

      7. @ madame butterfly

        why are you so rude to me, madame butterfly? i thought we were on the same side. you realize that in attacking me you have given assistance to the male enemy? you have not only betrayed the sisterhood but been guilty of gender disloyalty.

        this fellow lobro needs to be put in his place, cant you see that? he is a bigot, a chauvinist, and a horroble member of the hated patriarchy who would like to keep all us wommin in chains.

      8. @ Pat
        Yes I saw that same article featured on for April 9 with a screenshot from The Times of Israel, to prove it is real and is genuine. Judaism and Zionism as one like the 2 sised of a coin. Interestingly, Dr. David Duke is an addendum for the article with more references to the satanic nature of the Talmud. Darkmoon should use that article to prove the goals of Jews/Zionists/Israel. Although most of us here already know them. Darkmoon should preach to the unconverted. We can NOT say we did not warn them. But I pity Christian Zionists the most because they should know better. Thanks, Norbert.

      9. Janet O’Mara, Janet O’Mara, Janet O’Mara…
        “It is a fowl ad hominem attack on a female poster by a man who is obviously a crazy women hater.” !!!
        I see the ‘fowl’ thing has already been done so I won’t make any jokes about that, and obviously I’m not gonna be asking if you are a Canadian chick, BUT, calling lobro a “crazy women hater”? Hmmm… if you’ve been reading lobro’s posts you should be able to tell that the only things he appears to hate are Jews and capital letters (he’s not that keen on too many commas, either), and if you were looking for a target to rage against about sexism you should be directing your attention to Max, although I do not recommend it… oh, hang on, I see what’s going on here!!! That’s so cute! You actually really like him, don’t you? And your posts are the equivalent of the ol’ turn my head in a faux disgusted swish that makes me look like some sort of shampoo advert so as to get his attention sorta thing… Ahhhh… Oh, now I’m imposing. I’ll leave you two alone, eh? Oh, the weird and wonderful machinations of love! btw, what’s your star sign, religious persuasion, favourite color, music, food and books? (just tryin’ ta help ya out a bit there, Lobro, not tryin’ ta embarrass ya or nuthin’.)

        @Sardonicus. See that? You know, sometimes you have to be a bit sneaky to get the info, rather than being all interrogative like. That’s cool, don’t mention it. With any luck he’ll play along…

        @Ingrid B. re. my mates ‘poem’. “nada”. Oh. Well he may be a bit dissappointed to hear that. Um, what about a longer word that he can’t work out whether it’s a good or a bad one. Tactful like. Anyway, irrespective of your opinion, the dude is pretty amazing and keeps dozens of these things in his memory, most if which are much longer. Maybe I’ll get and post a slightly longer one so that you are able to see the rhythm thing that I was mentioning. Oh, yeah, and no offense like, but do you actually know anything about poetry? I mean, you’re not Gilbert Huntly, whom I was hoping would analyze and constructively criticize this ‘poem’ using big posh arty words.

      10. Space Lizard, I know nothing about poetry as such, I only know what I like. Same with music, I play what I like. I wrote some verses a number of years ago, mostly directed at children, had them published as something to give to my then, future, grandchildren. I now have two, but they are still a little young to understand. I`d like to read another of your friends poems, to give him a fair go.. btw. you are another I wouldn`t want to see banned, a little bit wacky, but nice with it, and very perceptive..

      11. Ingrid B. I understand, thanks. I’m much the same. It is all a bit subjective after all, isn’t it. And I’ve been asked to put the authors name on. Clayton (real name) wrote the above ‘Life is very short…’ poem. Also, thank you for your compliments and kind words. I can’t imagine why I would get banned, as I never write the words “nigger”, “kike” and “wog”.

  20. Let your conscience (inner voice of good) guide you. If you’re wrong, and let the other voice guide you (bad choice), then suffer the consequences. Isn’t that what life is about? Exercising our ability to choose (free will) that which is beneficial / good versus harmful.

    The Ellie K. series was vile. It did not bring out the good in people. Evil/bad is incapable of doing that. Moderating does not seem easy. Pray and meditation should be a part of it.

    Good wishes.

  21. In the immortal words of Sri Adi Shankaracharya, the greatest of the great Advaitans..

    “Worship Govinda, Worship Govinda, Worship Govinda. Oh fool! Rules of Grammar will not save you at the time of your death”
    Bhaja Govindam

  22. A lot of stuff here, how can I hope to give an answer each point deserves in one go, not only to Ellie but also Mme Butterfly, Sard and also Marcus.
    Sorry in advance for combo of brevity cum fatuousness and outright omissions of valid or forceful points.

    On Ellie’s existential doubt (Eli, Eli, why did you abandon Ellie?)

    Ellie: while commiserating somewhat regarding the unresponsive gods, whether due to uncaring omnipotence or powerless love, I actually wrote at some length in response to an earlier objection you raised, I think prefaced with title: “why interventionist god is a happy impossibility” or something like that.

    He has dealt himself out of the game, simple as that, in order to give us freedom of choice, the other option being a perfectly mechanical, homogenized and pasteurized biomass such as may be grown in bio-lab of the future to provide us with essential sustenance, a cosmic soylent-green production facility. And where would that leave us: “Allow me to introduce myself, Lobro, the electrolyte number 4”.

    My advice is to quit the futility of searching for the intervention from the divine dimension and find the way to deal with the fact that this world is quite incapable of organized physical connection with it. I know that it is especially hard for you, being Ellie, an imperious hotbed of passion, quick to anger and accusation of betrayal when things don’t go as planned so that when Jesus does not click heels and salute on command, he is instantly demoted to a bearded guru seducing Western chicks in his California hillside ashram.

    Struggle all you want but I tell you, you won’t win. You must change the angle of attack – however, I will mostly desist from going there at this time, I am afraid everyone’s path is only wide enough to accommodate one single pilgrim, the bigger the crowd, the more obviously glaring the failure – and two is a crowd.

    Christianity is a joke, I quite agree with you there, as is every other organized religion apart from Judaism which is nothing but a Mafia blueprint and highly effective due to its very limited goals: steal all the wealth and the best shiksas, turn the rest into petfood. And yet, there might be nuggets worth keeping in this steaming pile of refuse, where the pious are nothing but little furry animals, huddling and praying for salvation from themselves.

    So what else is there, apart from Money. Atheism is the remaining religious option, built on blind faith just like the rest.
    In the Church of Atheism, the presiding priest opens the atheist bible and intones weightily: “It is what it is”. Because the world cannot possibly have a reason or design, just roll with the punch, struggle if of active nature, despair into your beer otherwise.

    A couple of more observations before turning to others.

    Revelations seem like the reverse of the Protocols coin, a very interesting duality of seemingly prescient pronouncements, but I cannot in good faith accept them just based on the track record because the fundamental randomness cannot possibly offer a guarantee of future success for either set of complementing predictions.

    As for despair of the faithful, consider the case of a wonderful old man I met, the bishop of Havana, Alfredo Petit, much beloved of all Cubanos and considered a holy man. My host, a childhood friend of his confided in me that the Monsignor had lost his faith and was in a perpetually deep depression, which a casual observer wouldn’t spot, since he went about performing his duties of guiding the flock – where? quite diligently, with good cheer and humor. I had a lively exchange with him, along with excellent Santiago rum and my customary cigar – I wish him a long life and a manly struggle with Doubt.
    In its ancient wisdom, still resident somewhere beneath the catacombs, the Vatican decreed that as part of beatification process, the loss of faith and subsequent despair is actually counted in favor of the applicant.
    Think about that Ellie, hope it helps.

    I also suspect that there are random singularities allowing (or forcing) the rare contact between the divine and secular, leaving impregnable puzzles for us.
    Lasha knows about my fascination with various little rags and cloths said to have been in contact with Jesus on his trip to the cross, the sudorium of Veronica, the Shroud of Turin and others, there was apparently the most venerated of all kept in the church of Notre Dame and lost during the Jacobin revolution, likely stolen by Jews and in possession of your distant diabolical relatives, maybe this Julius for fun and occult entertainment, the ultimate Piss Christ.
    For over 30 years I tried to answer the puzzle of the Shroud of Turin and came up empty handed, no closer now than at the start, in fact, more stumped than ever. The only ones with answers are the dimwits, the quicker and more definite the answer, the greater the ignorance and superficiality. As for me, I just don’t know, simple as that. I think this fall, it will be open briefly for public viewing, why don’t you go there for a gander, it might allay your ferment a bit.

    If I had to choose among all the improbable versions of mythological narratives, it is that in the experimental, omnipotent phase god thrashed the rebellious devil and demoted him to the minor leagues with radically different game rules, namely the randomness (truly, the law of entropy rules the world), where he is pitted against a weaker and stupider opponent, namely us, the gentiles. The game is not over, even though we are decidedly behind.

    Next, answer to madam Butterfly, Marcus and Sardonicus and whoever grits teeth in the wings at my character failings.

    1. Sometimes it feels interminable, lobro, but remember, this “lifetime” is only a flicker. One flapping of a brownhawk’s wing 😉

      1. Besides, correcting these celestial errors takes time. And when I say “take” I mean that 2-ways

        One, is per our common understanding of time passing. “Over time”, or whatever way to put it

        Two, is “time being taken”, which is to signify “time” as an actual Being that is taken back to the Divine fold, so to speak, which goes hand in hand with the experience of Life being re-oriented where “matter” exists as an orientation of Spirit, and not in its present exclusively physical form

        More to come in an upcoming post

  23. pushing on with multiplicity of comments addressed at me.
    marcus, you are so close to ellie that your support may count against her because people will immediately accuse you of puppetry, so best to desist, however well meaning.
    i am on record of having criticized almost everyone here at one time or another, so that makes me somewhat of a non-puppet, although on several occasions i was bundled into lasha’s puppet bin.

    madam butterfly: no hard feelings but you are fundamentally wrong on this occasion.
    i commend you on defending lasha’s perceived turf and interests but it is entirely unnecessary and she knows it perfectly well.
    in all the blog-years, i have ever met one single poster in person and that was salman hossein almost ten years ago, the crazy brave little warrior with oversized heart for whom i will always have great affection even when he is ideologically wrong (eg, unreasoned suspicion of the shia faction and iran).

    i doubt that i will ever meet someone else from here (one possible exception) and almost certainly never lasha, ellie, ruth or yourself.
    so why would i act a raging beachmaster defending his female collection from depredations of gilby and max and when i speak up in favor of ellie, i am automatically stabbing lasha in the back?
    you women see soap opera in every soap bubble no matter how ephemeral.
    leave the harlequin romance where they belong, at the airport bookstores.
    lasha doesn’t need constant affirmation of my friendship, that would only weaken the link.
    i will take both her and ellie to task when the time comes, have no fear of that and the same applies to you, ruth, mme bovary or whoever else.
    the fact that i act like a gent is a matter of choice and upbringing, just like with gilby, we are old school.
    so don’t push me on that issue, mme b, see how ruth is keeping quiet, because when my flak jacket of civility is punctured i can and do go nuclear.

    sard, you’ve been listening to all of above, right?
    so let’s leave it at that, sweep it out of the temple precinct.

    1. Since I picked up on your love for poetry, Lobro 🙂 and the Russian language here is one to remember:

      Ochi Chernye
      Dark eyes …
      Dark eyes, burning eyes
      How I love you, How I fear you
      Verily, I saw you at a sinister hour
      Dark eyes, flaming eyes
      They implore me into faraway lands
      Where love reigns, where piece reigns
      Where there is no suffering, where war is forbidden
      If I hadn’t met you, I wouldn’t be suffering so
      I would have lived my life smiling
      You have ruined me, dark eyes
      You have taken away my happiness forever.

      Sung by Hans-Rolf Rippert aka Ivan Rebroff, a German apparently with Russian-Jewish background. Maybe it helps you from going nuclear. Besides there is an uncanny resemblance to the two veiled, one-eyed ladies on this site. Enjoy with a Cuban cigar.

      1. i always liked rebroff’s bass fit to shake andreas fault loose, didn’t know about tribal roots.
        well, one jew worth keeping, another was dieter fischer-diskau, the master of schubert’s lieder.
        thanks, machtnichts.

    2. “…i can and do go nuclear.”

      And all this time….you claimed no expertise there?

      (C’mon…you expected as much.)

  24. To All

    For crying out loud! Must I always return to set the record straight concerning authentic Christianity and the Great Apostasy? Must I always return and violate my self imposed protest of this site?

    For the record, I think you treated Ellie horribly.

    I also think you treated me and some others horribly.

    Furthermore, I think all of the “Jews” are responsible and that all are evil (just like all individuals and races have evil in them to different degrees). Every single “Jew” on the planet is engaged in ethnic and spiritual identity theft in the VERY LEAST. So yes, the main problem in the world is all “Jews” who partake in the greatest ethnic and spiritual fraud that made possible the greatest mass murders and property thefts the world has ever, or will ever know.

    If “Jews” want to know how to come clean, maybe even being saved and not destroyed, ask me. I have some suggestions, but I ain’t suicidal so I won’t hold my breath.

    For the record, I also think you have the right to publish or not anything you wish in accord with property rights.

    However, exorcising that right doesn’t automatically make you right. It’s not a shield against hypocrisy.

    Remember this!

    NONE OF YOU can or will overcome the present “Jewish” matrix without:

    1. Belief/faith in the authentic Jesus Christ (white Man)
    2. Understanding the difference between modern “Christianity” (which is indeed Jewish, Ellie) and authentic Christianity (which is paleo, white exclusive, allowing non whites/Europeans to learn by emulation of authentic Israelite believers if they so wish).

    Why? Because understanding and embodying these things, these qualities, is the ONLY THING opposing the “Jews” on all levels as they oppose us both on ethnic grounds as well as spiritual grounds.

    DNA/Spirit is particularly exclusive to every single race of the human races on the planet, and since we see that natural culture (cultural/ethnic identity) is derived from this internal source and that this source trumps the external programming tools/centers the “Jews” use to brainwash, trick and subdue you, it should be beyond question that this source (ethnic/spiritual/cultural internal identity) is the key to overcoming the “Jew”.

    My major dispute with this site is that it has enforced Jewish cultural “norm” oppressing those who are the “Jews” number one enemy. As they speak about “free speech” here they enforce the opposite. They do this by opposing authentic Christian norms such as those who espouse patriarchy, the non equality of the sexes, races, nations, belief systems- actions (cultures-religions). Basically this site enforces cultural Marxist norms by discriminating against those who refuse to back down in the face of those of the Jewish protected classes (non whites/Europeans, heterosexuals, Male Supremacists).

    Maybe you can explain to everyone how one can oppose the “Jews” while facilitating their ethnic and cultural goals in a real-time manner?

    If this is reversed. I’ll come back as a regular poster but not until then.

    My only real dispute with Ellie that I think makes such an obviously beautiful and talented writer less beautiful in my eyes is her disdain for the source of all truth, correctness, righteousness, real love as well as justified hate. She either does this knowingly or doesn’t not realizing the difference between impostor “Jews-Israeites” and authentic Israel-Judah ethnic tribes and nations. Maybe she doesn’t understand the difference between Apostasy and real Christianity, but either way this is Ellie’s major flaw.

    Here are the FACTS, the TRUTH.

    The ONLY path to victory is giving support to the remnant of Jesus Christ and his people of the white/European race(s) who are the authentic Shemites of Eber and Egyptian lineage known as the stock of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob’s loins (12 tribes-nations of Israel-Judah).

    Why? It’s because these people are destined to win the controversy of Zion completely turning this evil Jewish global matrix on it’s head. This will be realized in the very end we take over the impostor’s JWO out of “Israel” placing Christ’s millennial Kingdom with he himself ruling it on top,

    Think on these things, people.

    1. Not one of you people can produce ANY evidence to disprove not only the original Greek Narrative of the scriptures but also the mountains of evidence that show beyond any shadow of any doubt that white/European peoples are the ethnically authentic Israelites-Judaites of biblical fame.

    Even tho this is the truth, not one of you take this impervious position (save maybe Max) even in light of the following that everyone here is in agreement on.

    2. The undeniable evidence that the “Jews” are ethnic and spiritual impostors of Esau (Sephardic) and Ashkenaz (of Japeth and not Shem) and they base their entire justification to take Palestine and rule the world based on this lie.

    If those who oppose me are right on the ethnic and spiritual/cultural identity issues in contention between the “Jews” and whites-authentic Christians (which is called the controversy of Zion), they wouldn’t ban the evidence, mock it without reason or opposing evidence while enforcing Jewish Marxist norms. They also would wish to have a public debate on the topic to prove they are right and people like me are wrong.


    But we know that won’t happen, don’t we…..

    What do you think? Should I hold my breath on this question/offer too?

    Regards, Ty

  25. I agree, Parsons. I’ve been coming here (as a reader, not as a commenter) since January 2014 and I am yet to see more beautiful writing than Ellie’s. She was all class, I mean, totally class. Maybe that’s why she got the boot. Tried leaving a couple of good comments on Jews and their ways but no show.

    I agree totally with your Belief/faith in the authentic Jesus Christ (white Man). It’s the only way to go, and if the atheists and Jew lovers don’t like it, too bad. And yes, no one can deny the fact Jews are ethnic and spiritual impostors of Esau (Sephardic) and Ashkenaz (of Japeth and not Shem), but it’s not only Palestine that they want but the world.

    1. I am yet to see more beautiful writing than Ellie’s. She was all class, I mean, totally class. Maybe that’s why she got the boot.

      Ellie has not been given the boot. She is perfectly free to contribute comments to this website. It is Ellie herself who has sworn to have nothing more to do with this website or Lasha Darkmoon. We must respect her wishes.

      Ellie is also perfectly free to send her articles to other websites. If they are as “classy” as you say they are, she ought to have no problem getting them published.


        From: Aa Kk [mailto:[email protected]]
        Sent: Wednesday, April 15, 2015 5:46 AM
        To: [email protected]
        Subject: Mission accomplished

        Ha ha ha! I told you I would eventually succeed in splitting you two bitches apart, didn’t I? That’s all I really wanted, Lesbo! No more Nazi slut spreading anti-semitic lies in a Jew-hating Christian lesbian website! In a fight against the gentiles, it’s not the manner of fighting that counts but only winning. I consider my mission accomplished, and as such intend to leave you alone. If the Nazi slut appears again there, new and more efficient methods will be devised to root her out. YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO HOST HITLERITE SCUM THERE! AND YOU WILL DO AS YOU ARE TOLD! Our wishes and not yours will be carried out!

        Aavi Kastner

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