Defending the Stalin Regime Is Indefensible — by Luca K

An outstanding comment by Luca K
in response to the Thomas Goodrich article,
German Victims : How the Allied Victors of WWII tortured and killed their German prisoners (Part 1 of 2)


Introductory note by Lasha Darkmoon

Stalin, Man of Steel: This is the man who (according to Solzhenitsyn) presided over the destruction of over 66 million of his own people from 1917 to 1953. He was responsible for the Red Terror, the Soviet gulags, the mass murder of millions of Russian peasants and the confiscation of their lands, the destruction of thousands of Christian churches, the torture of thousands of monks, priests and nuns, the mass starvation of 7-10 million Ukrainians in the man-made Holodomor famine, and, finally,  the rape of 2 million German women after WWII —rapes he could not possibly have been unaware of and which he made no steps to stop.

Anyone who defends Stalin and the unimaginably evil crimes he committed can only do so by shutting his eyes to the facts of history. How do you explain 66 million horrendous deaths under his watch when he was in total control? Only by pretending that the man was plunged in a long coma for over 30 years! 

Any defense of Stalin’s evil Jewish regime  is morally indefensible; it amounts to a defense of Talmudic supremacy and Jewish Communist totalitarianism  (LD)  


Dear Lasha,

This Alexander character is quite typical of many Russian nationalists.

Visit blogs like The Saker and others and you will see for yourself. Before I continue, a disclaimer; I admire Putin and fully support Russia in her struggle to defeat US attempts at encircling it or otherwise destabilizing the Russian Federation with views to break it up and/or park it in the US empire parking lot.

Having said that, WWII “history”, whether the anglo-american version or the Soviet flavor of it, is pure bunk. A bunch of self-serving lies by the victors. All Allied countries and particularly the US and the USSR, plus the anti-German war party in Britain(and to a less extent the French and useful idiot Poland) bear a lot of responsability, most of it, for the war. As for the “great Patriotic War”, well, it’s a convenient National myth that is used to unite Russians. I can understand that, all the victors do the same but it is still largely false. I want also to distinguish between the sacrifices made by the soviet soldiers and peoples from the horrific Stalinist regime that ruled them at the time.

There’s no lack of Western lefties/liberals parroting Stalinist propaganda either. This is the result of decades of Soviet propaganda now continued by the Russian government. Why? Because the narrative of the so called “Great patriotic War” serves as a building block for the new Russian Federation, a national myth – many countries have them – necessary to rally the Russian people around their country, identity, flag. Russia emerged weak after the break up of the Soviet Empire. It was brutally plundered by the Zamerican empire and those special interests which rule it. The country was deeply infiltrated by a 5th column(largely Jewish as israeli media admits), as some Russian refer to them, interested in parking the Russian Federation into the Zamerican empire.

Failing that, these special interests, led by the neocons want to encircle and break up the RF.

Thus, the great patriotic war mythology forms a cornerstone of Russian nationalism today, as it casts the Russian people in the role of “heroic liberators” providing them with an exaggerated, distorted and self-righteous self-image as heroes and main resisters against the evils of ‘Fascism’ during WWII. After all, so the propaganda line goes, they “saved the world” from the clutches of the “evil Nazi” cannibals who were “attempting to exterminate” the “inferior races” and take over the world. Strip the mythology, and what do they end up with? The truth. But the truth sucks, it ain’t cool. This is the reason behind Russia’s new legislation against ‘revising’ WWII history. No, I’m not talking about the holohoax, about the war itself. Just as with the holo, truth need not be shielded from scrutiny. Also most Soviet archives of the era remain closed. Why? The official BS-narrative does not have a leg to stand on. The first to realize that were the Russians themselves. Regarding Barbarossa, I wonder the fate of the many Russian historians who spearheaded, after the fall of the USSR, the research which has shown that the USSR was planning an attack on Germany but Hitler beat Stalin to it.

As D.W.Michaels wrote:

One of the earliest Russian revisionists of World War II history was Pyotr Grigorenko, a Soviet Army Major General and highly decorated war veteran who taught at the Frunze Military Academy.[…]he was the first leading Soviet figure to advance the revisionist arguments, which became well known during the 1980s and 1990s, on Stalin’s preparations for aggressive war against Germany. In an article submitted to a major Soviet journal (but rejected, and later published abroad), Grigorenko pointed out that Soviet military forces vastly outnumbered German forces in 1941. Just prior to the German attack on June 22, 1941, more than half of the Soviet forces were in the area near and west of Bialystok, that is, in an area deep in Polish occupied territory. “This deployment could only be justified” wrote Grigorenko, “if these troops were deploying for a surprise offensive. In the event of an enemy attack these troops would soon be encircled.”

Since the 90s, with the partial opening of Soviet archives(closed again), many Russian historians have refined the evidence for Stalin’s agressive aims. An incomplete list of such Russian historians/researchers:

Former Soviet intel officer ,Vladimir Bogdanovich Resun(Viktor Suvorow), Russian historian Dr. Mikhail Meltiukhov, V. A. Nevezhin, Colonel V. D. Danilov, Igor Bunich, Irina. V. Pavlova, V. L. Doroshenko, M.Solonin, Constantine Pleshakov, Dr.Alexander Pronin, Prof. Dr. Maria Litowskaja, Colonel Kiselev, Dr. Dschangir Nadschafow, faculty director of the Institute of General History of the Russian Academy of Sciences, etc.

Since the 1990s, many Western historians have reached similar conclusions. American Albert Weeks, Richard Raack, John Mosier, R.H.S. Stolfi. German and Austrian historians Dr.Joachim Hoffmann, Ernst Topitsch, Dr.Werner Maser, Fritz Becker, Dr.Walter Post, Dr.Max Klüver, Wolfgang Strauss, French Stéphane Courtois, etc.

The usual pathetic reply is to say this is all nazi, CIA or traitorous propaganda.

W.Strauss lists in his book ‘Unternehmen Barbarossa und der russische Historikerstreit’  (from a review of it by D.Michaels), the findings of several of these Russian researchers:

Major findings:

-Stalin wanted a general European war of exhaustion in which the USSR would intervene at the politically and militarily most expedient moment. Stalin’s main intention is seen in his speech to the Politburo of August 19, 1939.

-To ignite this, Stalin used the [August 1939] Soviet-German Non-Aggression Pact, which: a) provoked Hitler’s attack against Poland, and b) evoked the declarations of war against Germany by Britain and France. But not against the Soviet Union which also invaded Poland taking half of it.

-In the event Germany was defeated quickly by Britain and France, Stalin planned to “Sovietize” Germany and establish a “Communist government” there, but with the danger that the victorious capitalist powers would never permit a Communist Germany.

-In the event France was defeated quickly by Germany, Stalin planned the “Sovietization” of France. “A Communist revolution would seem inevitable, and we could take advantage of this for our own purposes by rushing to aid France and making her our ally. As a result of this, all the nations under the ‘protection’ of a victorious Germany would become our allies.”

-From the outset Stalin reckoned on a war with Germany, and the Soviet conquest of Germany. To this end, Stalin concentrated on the western border of the USSR operational offensive forces, which were five- to six-times stronger than the Wehrmacht with respect to tanks, aircraft and artillery.

-With respect to a war of aggression, on May 15, 1941, the Red Army’s Main Political Directorate instructed troop commanders that every war the USSR engaged in, whether defensive or offensive, would have the character of a “just war.”

-Troop contingents were to be brought up to full strength in all the western military districts; airfields and supply bases to support a forward-strategy were to be built directly behind the border; an attack force of 60 divisions was to be set up in the Ukraine and mountain divisions and a parachute corps were to be established for attack operations.

-The 16th, 19th, 21st, 22nd and 25th Soviet Armies were transferred from the interior to the western border, and deployed at take-off points for the planned offensive.

-In his speech of May 5, 1941, to graduate officers of the academies, Stalin said that war with Germany was inevitable, and characterized it as a war not only of a defensive nature but rather of an offensive nature.

In other words, Miss Lasha, your russian correspondent is misguided when he asks you for compassion for the millions of victims of the war, given that the USSR was on the verge of initiating a war on Germany.

Also, the trouble with the notion of the “peace loving” and “neutral” USSR is that it had already invaded Poland and Finland in 39, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Romania in 1940 and even after the German-Soviet war started they invaded Iran in August 1941(together with the brits if memory serves). During world war 2 Bulgaria was in a unique position amongst the European Axis countries in that it did not go to war against the USSR after June 22 1941. Hitler asked Boris III for military assistance but he refused. The Bulgarian monarch would not even allow a Waffen SS recruitment agency for individuals who wanted to enlist. In September 1944 after advancing through Romania to the Bulgarian frontier the Bulgarian government reminded the USSR that it was neutral in the nazi-soviet conflict. The Soviet army invaded anyway. If the Soviet Union didn’t want to conquer Europe then why did it invade Bulgaria when that country was not at war with it?
Japan and the USSR were signatories to a non aggression pact which the Japanese adhered to. But that didn’t stop the soviets from attacking the Japanese when it suited them after the war in Europe had ended.

So, Alexander, the blame for the millions of Soviet lives lost lie largely at the feet of your hero, Stalin, a mass murderer of Slavs(and other ethnic groups) in peace time, bTW. One can quibble about the exact numbers, which will probably never be known, but what is known, much of it from only partially opened Soviet archives, is horrible enough.

Before the war started, Hitlers concentration camp system had less than 30.000 people in it. The Gulag had already absorbed millions, not to mention the mass shootings, mass deportations, etc.

Interestingly, there is a new trend in modern Russia: To play down the atrocities of the Lenin/Stalin regimes, as much as possible.

After all, how does one go about the myths of the ‘great patriotic war’, if the Soviet regime itself was responsible, even in peacetime, for the deaths of so many of its own citizens?

Regarding the crimes of the Soviet armies as it advanced westwards, specifically rapes: The fact of the matter is that the Soviet troops even raped women from Soviet districts that were ‘liberated’ in 1944. This is well documented from Soviet sources. For example, General Petrov, commander of the 4th Ukrainian Front, reported the terrible crimes committed by his own men in the Crimea in June, 44. Not to mention mass shootings of alleged collaborators.
The book mentioned by Gian Franco is highly recommended and covers a lot of the crimes carried out by Soviet troops. I have to disagree that the soldiers who committed mass rapes were Jews and Asians, there is enough evidence that soldiers of various ethnic backgrounds, including Slavs, took part.

I’ll finish this long post – sorry for that – with something I wrote during a discussion on the Saker blog;

“When criticizing the notion of the so called ‘Great Patriotic War”, I wish to be very clear: By no means do I wish to disregard the suffering of the Soviet soldiers and civilians. Not at all. But, having studied the subject in detail – and continuing to study it –

I have come to the conclusion that Soviet citizens  were much more victims of the Stalinist regime than of Germany: first because, as I briefly explained in my previous post, Stalin was very much responsible for bringing about the titanic conflict with NS Germany.

Secondly, we need to examine, beyond the feel good myths of the war, how the Stalinist regime treated its own troops and civilians. It amounted to complete disdain for human life.

For example, we need to look at the role of the political commissars, of NKVD special units, of the dreaded ‘blocking units’, all in order to keep the red army in line. Why? Bc there was a clear tendency, among the troops, despite all the brainwashing propaganda of how the Finns or the germans tortured and murdered all pows(many believed it), of surrender and desertion. But why? Well, clearly a lot of the soldiers did not feel so enthusiastic about fighting for a regime which had killed and/or visited horrific sufferings on millions of people already before the war.

Many draconian orders were issued to deal with these ‘problems’.

One amongst thousands of such similar incidents was what the NKVD in the 264th infantry division  reported re the first battle of the 1060th infantry regiment. When the soldiers of the 4th company, 2nd Battalion failed in the attack, heavy MGs opened up on them from behind, killing ‘at least 60′.

The regime was so ruthless that Soviet airstrikes were carried out on overcrowded soviet pow camps. In the Soviet military, surrender was not allowed. Officers, if they surrendered, would be executed if taken back (or later repatriated) and their families arrested. Conscripts faced same fate but families ‘only’ lost state support. Many soviet soldiers who were captured, from lowly privates to Generals, expressed their great fear of the NKVD. It also terribly affected the performance of soviet forces. Major General Kirpichnikov stated that bc of the commissars they were totally stifled in their tactical creativeness and operational thinking.

This is also why Soviet troops were again and again, already since the winter war with Finland, sent to their almost certain deaths in frontal human wave assaults.

Despite all this terror, millions of Soviet soldiers surrendered or deserted.

This does not fit very well with a view of mass patriotism. Initially, soviet propaganda aimed at fighting for Stalin and Communism, as it was ineffective, this was later changed to defense of the motherland which proved much more effective. Still, terror appears to have remained the key component in keeping the red army fighting.

Soviet data shows that during the war, more than 1 million court martial trials were held and more than 158,000 soldiers were executed.

As Marshal Georgi Zhukov noted “In the Red Army, it takes a very brave man to be a coward.”

By comparison, the number of German soldiers executed in all fronts was minimal and there was no such terror apparatus despite strict discipline. This shows the German forces were much more motivated and cohesive.”

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    1. Some say Stalin was a kike who killed 66 million Christians. Others say Stalin was not a kike and only killed 9 to 12 million Christians. Whether or not Stalin was a kike, what’s there to like? Yikes!

  1. It’s a vagary of history that a Georgian, whose country is now at odds with Russia, should still be regarded as a hero in Russia. They’d be better off making heroes of Zhukov et al. If they want to have civilian heroes, how about Zhadanov, the commissar who defended Leningrad? I suppose the French are the same with Napoleon, a Corsican. How many Frenchmen did he kill in his wars of conquest?

    1. This phenomenon that a man from a region marginal to a country attains fame (or notority) in that country is not uncommon in history.
      The Macedonian Alexander the Great and Greece, the Corsican Napoleon and France, the Austrian Hitler and Germany and the Georgian Stalin and Russia come to mind. Perhaps there are more.

      As for Stalin, he was a monster, no matter how much he contributed to the industrialization of Russia and its “Great Patriotic War” against Germany. His paranoia towards his colleagues was so great that he killed almost all of them and for him massmurder was only a “statistic”.

      I understand that nations need a national myth to rally around, but Stalin as “icon” of such a myth for a resurgent Russia is a bad choise. Perhaps Peter The Great would be a better choise.

      1. @Franklin
        I have quite often come across your name trying to spread miss-info on many sites. In this case I would like to enlighten you, if it can help, that the idea of a country did not exist in the world for thousands of years. Rome was just another City state, Just like the Great Roman Empire run by Germans. On a top of that I would like to inform you that Alexander the Great was, unlike the rest of the Greek City states, a ruler of a whole Greek territory called Macedonia, no different than Thessaly, just below it, which had few kings.

        My regards,

  2. While it would be damn difficult to deny America’s culpability in the mentioned infamies – so would it likewise be for any here named in Luca’s documentary essay. He is a refreshingly great historian. I enjoyed the read!

    It would be silly to deny that we must all admit that an encouragement of vindication only inspires more infamies. As an American, I would have to admit that I would most definitely defend my land from physical invasion should I be able to confront such – and I would NOT blame ANYONE ELSE for doing the same for their own, native land REGARDLESS of my/their government’s past infamies against other nations. It is my duty. It is my place to do so – as it is every other man’s place and duty to defend his own. Neither I nor Alexander – nor anyone else now living – can help what we were told and misguided on in our formative years. BUT, it is NOW our responsibility to take more note of the increased information we are allowed to view through this ‘miracle’ of Internet – and employ it in our daily lives and the way we live them. (PRAY for DISCERNMENT!)

    Thank you for featuring this most informative piece from Luca K. It sounds about RIGHT. 🙂

  3. Let me reiterate myself:

    The fact of life is, Stalin is cherished by millions of Russians, pretty much like Putin nowadayas, in fact the latter if often compared to the former. Stalin is most definitely NOT responsible for the Red Terror. Quite the contrary, it is him who had all the Jewish perpetrators of this horrendous cirme, executed in what was later called the Great Purge.

    1. As to Solzhenitsyn, as far as I know, he is not very highly regarded by ordinary Russians; They say the single book (“200 years Together”) can’t possibly make up for his decades in the service of America, his treacherous slandering USSR in the Western press etc. They claim he only started to write about the Jews because his books would not sell otherwise in Russia. After he finally reemigrated back to Russia, he was deemed persona non grata. Western media like to use him as a chief demonizer of Stalin, but interestingly, they somehow never mention his anti-Jewish book, the last of his reportoir.

    2. @Stalin and the Great Purge – that is why he is so hated and demonized by Jews the world-over, perhaps even more so than Hitler himself.

      1. Stalin isn’t hated by Jews. When was the last time Jews made an anti-Stalin movie, or wrote an anti-Stalin book, or invoked Stalin in their speeches?

  4. We keep hearing about 25 million Russians killed in the war by the Nazis. Every time I hear that I think about the Katyn Forest Massacre. That was blamed on the Germans for decades. Since the fall of communism in Poland the world has found out the real culprits behind it. How many other Massacres are the Soviets also responsible for?

  5. Opportunists will change opinions depending on which direction the wind is blowing. Its not about doing the right thing or being the right man, but all about chasing those wonderful pavlovian rewards and conforming to whatever is most popular at the moment.

    A strong man of honor and integrity would have stood by his opinion, even when it became a difficult position to hold. If he was concerned about doing the right thing of course!

    1. Temba Nkosi,
      Thanks for that link, Chief. Very interesting. Hans Von Luck in his book “Panzer Commander”, mentions the respect with which the Russian Officers treated him, after he was captured. They even returned his Knight’s Cross which had been taken from him by a Russian soldier. From your name, I gather you are member of a warrior race. I once had a colleague of that race. Wonderful people.


    Yawnnn, here we have a hysterical Polish ‘nationalist’ type!
    These guys r really good at one thing; hate.
    The Russians, BTW, do not care much for u guys… after all, you types hate Russia almost as much as you hate Germany.
    Poland today continues to play the role of useful idiot(serving ZUSA against Russia), just as it was used to provoke WWII by Zusa, the war party in ZUK and the reluctant French. So sad. Some things apparently never change…

    Also, your posts are fairly illogical… you praise Poland about stopping the Bolshevik ‘hordes’ but idolize Stalin, who invaded Poland from the East and took more than half of it in 39 and then turned Poland, at the end of the war, against the will of most Poles, into a Soviet satellite?
    Not to mention your hero Stalin had thousands of Polish intelligentsia murdered, Katyn was only the tip of the iceberg… so your position comes out sorta Schizophrenic… or very suspicious…

    YOu seem very impressed by silly little things, such as Stalin being moderately well perceived in Russia these days… So what? Are you really that thick? Propaganda does wonders to people… Hell, you r a perfect example of propaganda’s outcome.

    Let’s not compare Putin to your hero, Stalin. Putin may be a ruthless man – a man in his position has to be – but he is no mass murderer. Stalin and his regime’s crimes are well documented by Soviet archives. We also do not need the Jews to account for the Stalinist regime crimes; After the Jewish presence was ‘downsized’, the regime continued to carry out terrible crimes. And while it is true that many Jews have no love for Stalin due to his turning on them, many of Stalins key apologists are Jews, even Israelis. Ever heard of Gabriel Gorodetsky?

    Solzhenitsyn did NOT provide services for Zamerica, unlike the Polish useful idiots to this day do. Telling the truth about the Stalin regime and the Gulag is not “treacherous slandering”.
    Only liars would call Solzhenitsyn a traitor to his country, something he never was.

    Regarding the invasion of Poland by Germany, Deepresource, in their sardonic manner, put it best( I’ll just add a few comments of my own in brackets):

    Poland [ GOALS ] – “Restore Polish greatness and expand at the cost of Germany“. Poland was the ‘useful idiot’ for the US and USSR to instigate WW2 in Europe, something the Russians are now hinting at, that that was indeed the case, without admitting their own considerable guilt in the sordid matter. Germany in 1939 had never any other intention than getting the 97% German town of Danzig back, at the time administered by the League of Nations as a result of Versailles, as well as acquire transport links to Eastern Prussia through the Polish Corridor. But land-locked Poland also openly wanted Danzig (and secretly Eastern Prussia, as well as cleansing Poland from Germans forced to live in Versailles Poland). Germany was willing to provide Poland with the right to use Danzig harbor facilities, but the Americans secretly told the Poles not to give in to any German demand, after the US had earlier pushed reluctant Britain[ not so reluctant, particularly the war mongers led by war criminal Churchill ] and France into a Polish war guarantee. The US told the Poles that they could do what they wanted, because the Allies would come to their aid regardless. It was a bald-faced lie, after the war Poland was happily handed over to the loving care of Stalin, but the Poles believed it, because they wanted to believe it. Once that fatal war guarantee was in place, all the US needed to do was to ensure that war between Poland and Germany would indeed break out, to initiate a grand scale European war, just like the US hopes to instigate a total war on European soil again today, this time between NATO and Russia. And again, Poland could be used again to stoke the flames of war[ together with the Ukrainians, the main useful idiots being used by the US to cause trouble for Russia ]. This time Poland does not want to steal German territory (it already has), but add Ukraine to its sphere of influence. Lvov was once a Polish town and even Kiev. In 1946, all the US and USSR needed to do was to organize a Stalinist show-trial in Nuremberg and with a filthy grin on their faces blame the Germans of ‘wanting to conquer the world’ and blame them for all sorts of atrocities, so the US and USSR for the eyes of the world could cover up the deception and provide themselves with moral patina to justify the consolidation of ill-gotten their European gains.[ world gains really ].

    NS Germany[ GOALS ] – “Prevent Bolshevik takeover and reverse Versailles by reuniting all German lands, regardless of what the rest of the world thinks“. The Versailles Treaty had pushed Germany into the abyss. There was a very real threat of Bolshevik takeover and communists and nationalists[ national socialists,i.e, nazis ] were fighting in the streets. In 1933 the nationalists had won and started to put the communist leadership in concentration camps (among them a lot of Jews), in perfect symmetry to what the communists in Russia had done earlier with the anti-communist opposition. The difference was the scale[ and lethality ]: in 1939 the German concentration camps harbored ca. 28,000 people, the Gulags in contrast millions. After 1933, the nationalist government embarked on a policy of bringing home all the German territories that once had been part of the German empire and/or actually wanted to return to the Reich: Rheinland, Saar, Austria (rump-Austria had requested in Versailles to merge with Germany but was refused. WW1 had been fought to destroy Germany, not to enlarge it with Austria), Suedetenland, Memel (just like Crimea volunteered to return to Russia in 2014). The last minor missing item on the German todo-list was Danzig and that was used by the US to get the war in Europe started, by secretly setting up the Poles against the Germans, let the situation escalate by falsely promising that the Allies would come to the aid of the Poles regardless what they would do (a bold-faced lie) and this indirectly encouraged the Poles to persecute the Germans, forced to live in Versailles-Poland, prompting the Germans to invade Poland to come to the aid of their beleaguered countrymen, after the Americans had pushed British and French into a Polish war guarantee first. Using that trick, the US could intentionally destroy Europe and divide the loot betweem themselves and the USSR and organize a show-trial in Nuremberg to falsify history and create the moral patina to justify the Anglo-Soviet actions.

    1. @LUKA C

      I see that you are strongly in the camp of the pious “Innocent Hitler” believers : Hitler only wanted the German territories back lost due to the Versailles treaty and his attack on the Soviet Union was only preventive and of course the Nazis behaved “honorably” in the East.

      But have you ever heard about the German idea of Lebensraum? For starters :

      from which the following quote :

      “…The Nazis supported territorial expansionism to gain Lebensraum as being a law of nature for all healthy and vigorous peoples of superior races to displace people of inferior races; especially if the people of a superior race were facing overpopulation in their given territories.[2]

      It was the stated policy of the Nazis to kill, deport, or enslave the Polish, Ukrainian, Russian, and other Slavic populations, whom they considered inferior, and to repopulate the land with Germanic people…”

      Look at the map in that article and ask yourself if a Lebensraum from Germany up to the Urals really only contained “lost German territories”.

      For more detailed information on the Lebensraum project, see :

      For information on the conduct of your “noble” Nazis in Poland, see :

      The Nazis also planned to steal food from the East to feed Germany and starve the “inferior” Slavs at the same time :

      Hitler also planned to completely destroy St. Petersburg, Moscow and Stalingrad.
      St. Petersburg is a cultural city with beautiful canals, buildings, palaces and musea, but the Führer wanted it to be destroyed. Moscow would be destroyed and covered by a lake.

      Himmler once called Hitler “greater than Genghis Khan”. I’m afraid he was right.

      1.” Oh yes, if the Jews do say so themselves. Jewish attempts at demonizing Hitler are so over the top, there is not the slightest chance of getting ANY balanced account about the German’s 1933 – 1945 era – from them or anyone remotely associated with them. After all, their entire existence is dependent on the Hollowhoax narration and the image of the diabolical, demonic Nadzee. Yet, even their most prolific lies are losing strength against the truth. Here is a six hour series on Hitler.

        No doubt the creators of this series are strongly in the camp of the pious “Innocent Hitler” believers, but watch it anyways and then discount the information presented. While the Jews continually whine and kevtch about their mythical six million victims, there is one glaring fact that cannot be denied, to wit, Hitler never murdered HIS OWN PEOPLE and he certainly never employed hideous methods like starvation for cold-blooded mass murder.

        Despite all the Jewish horror tales of Nadzee torture, nothing the Germans did in that regard ever came close to the mind-bending atrocities committed by the soviets. Spend a few hours reviewing the unbelievably sadistic torture methods used by the Soviet NKVD. The rat torture, so hideous Eric Blair used it in his book “1984” for shock value. Burying people alive and then digging them up – repeatedly, much like Jews did to their own people in Biblical times. Pulling out the end of a victim’s intestines and nailing it to a tree, before chasing the victim around the tree to unravel their intestines. And yet they have the chutzpa to claim Hitler and the Nadzees were evil and demonic?

        As I have written time and again, watch the Jew’s horror movies for a glimpse into the deepest, darkest, recesses of their mind. The only thing that exceeds their fantasy horror is their factual horror. After all who else would torture a toddler by slowly bleeding him to death before drinking his blood?

  7. For those who may want to understand how WWII came about, beyond propaganda:

    Who can read German, 2 very good and recent books come to mind:

    -Dr.Walter Post’s ‘Die Ursachen des Zweiten Weltkrieges’.
    -Gerd Schultze-Rhonhof’s “1939 – Der Krieg, der viele Väter hatte: Der lange Anlauf zum Zweiten Weltkrieg”.

    In English, I guess Patrick J. Buchanans ‘Churchill, Hitler, and “The Unnecessary War”‘.

    There is a German documentary, largely based on Rhonhof’s work, which has been dubbed into English;
    Hitler’s War – What the Historians Neglect to Mention

  8. Miss Lasha, I was caught by surprise to see my post published.
    I was flattered! Thank you.
    Thanks for the flowers lad, I must say I just happen to be an avid reader and a lot more curious than most, that’s all. I’m no historian… nor do I believe I’d like to be one… can you think of a field more politicized and prostituted? Sad really… Come to think of it, i can… ‘jornalism’. 😛
    Best regards

  9. MDP,
    I’d be curious as to your take on the Warsaw Uprising of 1944. The Russians were on the outskirts of Warsaw and broadcast to Poles to rise up. When they did so, they sat for still for 61 days, and allowed the Germans to concentrate their forces and suppress the uprising. It appears from all available evidence that Stalin did this deliberately with the aim of completing the diabolical “work” begun at Katyn. I first became aware of this in 1971, sitting next to senior SAAF general on an airforce flight from Pretoria to Mpacha in 1971. He had been a pilot in the South African Air Force back then airdropping supplies to Bor-Komorowski’s forces. He described the flights as the most dangerous and heart rending of his career. The Soviets wouldn’t even allow the Allied planes to refuel on Soviet airfields 5 minutes away from Warsaw!

    1. Well, first of all let me make this point — up until fairly recently, i.e. a few years back, I was horribly anti-Russian (and anti-Stalin, as naturally follows), as probably most ordinary Poles are (I mean those who aren’t indifferent to their country’s history, anyways), because they were carefully socio-engineered that way. Jewmerica wants Poles to hate Russians and vice versa. In their minds we are to be their main pawns against their worst (yet imagined) enemy, the Russian Federation. To be continued when I get back from work…

      1. Katyn, Warsaw Uprising ’44 and Poland’s subsequent subjugation to USSR being main reasons for this. However, during my BA and MA university course (history) I started to develop a less emotional and more rational (or ‘academic’ if you will) attitude towards various historical events, not least due to the fact that it was then when I began my journey with the “trutshseeker” movement and so the uni-course coincided with the concurrent ‘unofficial course’ in the politically-incorrect version of history, so I guess there was a kind of a synergy effect in this. Anyway, mainly due to websites as brilliant as I acquired – as said before – a new, proper stance on various events from the past. I learned that since1989 Poles (due to now-Jewmericanized educational system) have been purposefuly conditioned to behave like Pavlovian dogs to anything Russian. We were raised to think about history in a very unhealthy, ROMANTIC (i.e. emotional rather than rational) manner, we were learnt to be apologetic of all those untold numbers of XIX and XX century Polish – mainly failed – uprisings – the senseless blood-letting of the youngest and the fittest who were sent to death with no real chance of ever succeeding. I learned that there were various Jewish (jewified) 5th-column types in the XIX-century Polish insurrection movement, who would insist on such mindless policy. Let me give you an example of this from the January Uprising of 1863:
        These are the words of then-Warsaw mayor, Stefan Bobrowiecki:

        “By Inducing the uprising to which we’re now making preparations, we fulfill this duty believing that in order to crush our movement, not only will Russia have to destroy the country, it will have to spill a river of Polish blood – a river that for long years will become an obstacle to settling any compromise whatever with the invadors of our land”.

        Another good example is the jew Leopold Kronnenberg, a then media-mogul who through his press-industry conditioned Poles to think and act in this romantic irrational manner, to charge Russians no matter how outnumbered and unprepared they were, in order to cleanse the country of patriotic Polish elites so the Jews can then rule over the people as the Tsars deputies.

        To be continued…

      2. Of course, the same thing applies to the Warsaw Uprising ’44. What you @Felix adduce is the politically correct, obligatory (past 1989) mainstream version of the western media. I fact, virtually anything you guys present here on topics regarding former Soviet block is the outdated (but still valid in the West) version of the jewish-run mainstream media. I remember watching “documentaries” to this tune on say Discovery back in the late 1990s. And that is part and parcel for me being here, it’s part of my mission to educate you, because let’s face it, when it goes to history of former Soviet block, or anything not-western-European for that matter you Westerners tend to be ignorants. I don’t really blame you, I understand the handicaps, mainly the language barrier and the immense force of your brainwashing mainstream media propaganda. As a person from that part of the world, I’m here to tell you, that statistical Russian does not have very warm feelings towards persons like Solzhenitsyn or Suvorov (an “Ukrop” “Khohol” from west Ukraine actually, his real name being Rezun, and as such, traditionally hostile to Russians, and interestingly, of suspiciously semitic looks) who were both bought by CIA to spew anti-Russian propaganda. But if you prefer to have an Italian (? im guessing, Luca sounds italian to me) to be your “expert” on Slavic Europe, that’s up to you. After all, there are many deviations in this world.

        But anyway, getting back to the Warsaw Uprising – the fact of the matter is, and most of the reasonable Polish historians agree on this, this too was a senseless blood-letting of the finest of youth, the then-future elite. What they don’t tell you in your mainstream stories is that those supposedly brave soldiers (i dont neglect their personal virtues, it’s their leaders that are to blame) and their uprising caused Hitler to go nuts and furious and decided to level the whole capital to the ground, no civilians to be spared. As a result of this madness, you had “only” about 20.000 dead insurgents, but as much as 200.000 dead civilians killed by the german psychopaths like the mass murderer Dirlewanger, the Ukropian SS-Galizien and the likes.

        As to Stalin – despite that in fact there were hapless attempts by Polish units within the Red Army to cross the Vistula and help the Insurection, you can’r really expect Stalin to have let his forces enter the City which was not only full of Germans, but also of Polish Home Army (Armia Krajowa, by far the largest resistance movement in German-occupied Europe, totally overshadowing e.g. the boosted French resitance), OPENLY anti-Soviet. He could not have taken the risk of his soldiers being backstabbed by the Polish partisans in the middle of the fight with the Germans. The success of the whole Soviet push depended on it.

        Again, if you want to be realistic (and not emotional) about those matters and listen to facts rather than propaganda, the equation is obvious: whilst Stalin may not have been an angle, the facts are still that the Soviets (Jews in reality, e.g. the guy who was in charge of the Katyn massacre was Solomon Rafailovich Milstein) “only” murdered ca. 40.000 of Polish officers, policemen, generally inteligentsia members, while the Germans butchered around 3.000.000 of mainly Polish civilians in the mass shootings, so called “pacifications”, forced labour camps (through physical exhaustion and incuded illnesses) etc.

        Whilst Stalin took away nearly half of pre-war Polish territory (the Eeastern frontiers), he also gave Poland its former (so called Piast-) lands on the West, stolen by Prussia after 1772 in the course of the Partitions of Poland, in many cases well urbanized and industrialized. He established firm, secure borders on the banks of rivers Odra and Nysa Luzycka (Oder and Lausitz Neisse), which would stregthen Poland against the Germans, everlastingly pushing eastwards in their “Drang nach Osten” for “Lebensraum”.

        In fact, after the Stalinist era (during which Poland was run by the bloodthirsty Jews in charge of the Ministry of Public Security and its secret police, like Jakub Berman) Poland experienced the most fortunate period in its history, either economically, socially, even in terms of international sport events. During ca. 1956-1980 Poland was said to be world’s 10th (or so) economy. There was an abundance of state-owned enterprises, well-paid jobs etc. Now after the “fall of communism” and the subsequent introduction of devastating Chicago-school liberal capitalism, the economy is in ruins, most of the superbly functioning state-owned factories/ironworks/shipyards were sold to foreing investors for pennies, in majority of the cases, only to be demolished.

        One more thing about Stalin, I’m not insisting he was an angel. I’m only advocating a fair treatment and the application of the “Audiatur et altera pars” rule. I say there’s a lot of black-legend propaganda about him circulating in the West. Not to be groundless, there is e.g. no credible document, to the best of my knowledge, signed by Stalin that would call for the execution of the Polish POWs in Katyn etc. Except one recognizes as true forgeries like the Wannsee Protocol.

        There are many people like me, who evloved from utterly anti-Russian anti-communists easily falling for western-mainstream-media propaganda just a few years back, to the geopolitically aware researchers, to whom it’s not all that black & white as this buddy Luca and the media would like us to believe. If you want to grasp real history of this particular part of the world, instead of listening to self-ordained “experts” like Luca, go to the source. Listen to what Russians themselves actually have to say. (I’m sure there are EN translations on jewtube).

      3. MDP
        I would have to disagree with you on that, the Russians wouldn’t allow the Allied Air Forces to land and refuel at their air bases. They refused to send even a single plane to lay down marker flares. Some ally, indeed!

  10. A clear pdf of Lina’s ‘Architects of Deception’- Freemasonry on the cutting board laid.

    Michael Tsarion: Architects of Deception ….one of the most informative and revealing books on Freemasonry and secret societies by a committed and courageous researcher and personal friend… essential reading for those who passionately want to know how to combat and stop the onslaught of the nightmarish Orwellian “New World Order”.

    Juri Lina: People around the planet read ”Under the Sign of the Scorpion” and became curious about the background of inter/national freemasonry. They knew too little about the frightening history and essence of this secret society. …a comprehensive book about the dark history, ideology and activities of freemasonry was needed to act as a complement to ”Under the Sign of the Scorpion”.

    In short: JFK’s warning elaborated.


    I stopped reading your silly reply at “But have you ever heard about the German idea of Lebensraum?”

    Franklin, you simply DO NOT KNOW what you are talking about. Your premisses are false and obviously so are your conclusions. Thanks for all the wiki links though… not. You see, if you had provided a wiki link in regards to, say, the newest Ferrari model, that would have been fine.
    But politically charged historical events, even more so, NS Germany??
    Useless Frank… Better luck next time but for now, no cookies…

    Do I think Hitler was a winged angel? NO. Was he the monster he is painted to be? NO.
    Did the nazis never do wrong? They did. But so did everyone else. The war had many fathers but the key ones were ZUSA, USSR, ZUK(through its war party).
    Was the war against the USSR a ‘preventive’ war? The term does not really matter, preemptive, first strike, whatever. Germany attacked bc German intel picked up the huge military build up on its borders which could only mean one thing; a coming mega Soviet offensive.
    There are NO serious arguments against the wealth of facts and documentation that have been put forth by many historians, perhaps most of them, Russians. Germany had no choice.
    The German strike had NOTHING to do with any silly notion of ‘Lebensraum’.
    Did the Germans commit crimes on the Eastern Front? Certainly. But no more than the Soviets and very likely less.

    BTW Franklin, I was reading your comments re Nasrallah speech days ago and I was appalled.
    Your Knowledge of the situation in the ME is terrible and your logic absurd. Again, work from BS sources and you’ll reach wrong conclusions.
    Your list of to-do things re Palestine could easily have been written by a zionist.
    I will try to find time to dissect some of the NONSENSE you wrote in your posts re Nasrallahs speech.

    1. If you would have mustered the necessary courage to read the wikipedia articles you could have read quotes from Hitler’s Mein Kampf where he himself talks about Lebensraum for the German people in Europe.

      Even if Stalin had not planned an invasion of Germany, Hitler would still have invaded Russia for the realization of his Lebensraum Project. You don’t need to march all the way to Leningrad, Moscow or Stalingrad (let alone to destroy those cities) to defeat an army near Germany’s border. You can find quotes from Hitler’s Table Talk about his plans to destroy those cities in my comments on this article :

      As for my advice to the Palestinians to accept a two state solution, that is only based on realism and has nothing to do with sympathies or even historical justice. The Jews have settled in Palestine and the Palestinians have lost the battle against them. Acts of terrorism or firing rockets from Gaza will not change that. They can only choose between an unpleasant reality or a dream that will never come true but only will make their reality worse. But I am afraid fanatical emotional people are bad realists.

  12. One of the many Russian historians who have written articles and books debunking the feel good myths of the great patriotic war and of a peace loving USSR suddenly betrayed and attacked by nazi cannibals, is M.Solonin. He has a website and many of the articles have been translated into English.
    Read ‘Comrade Stalin’s Three Plans’, written in 2011:

    Another very good book I have read re Barbarossa and its reasons, available in English, is
    Suvorovs ‘The chief culprit: Stalin’s grand design to start world war II’.
    This one is much more recent(2008) than Suvorovs groundbreaking ‘Icebreaker’ and
    incorporates a lot of new research by himself and many other historians.

  13. Hello ESP

    I just catch up with the cordial exchange between Alexander and Lasha and with the very interesting commenting section. And the good comment by LucaK.

    Oncle Joe, a fascinating character, just like Bonaparte. From street thug to Tsar.

    Well, he was a bloody paranoid mass murdering tyrant, I won’t deny that, just like Ivan the Terrible he liked so much, with a dead count only exceeded by Mao le petit père des peuples.
    Except he was a special kind of “communist”, a national one, unlike Lenine and Trostky who were supposed to export the global communist revolution in Occidental Europe, with its leader in NY and London’s skyscrapers. The WWI and the absurd treaty of Versailles created all the economic preconditions for the revolution to happen in Germany with inflation, unemployment and mass poverty.
    « The fate of global revolution is played out in the West. Through the dead body of white Poland, the road leads to the embers of global blaze. On our bayonets we will bring happiness and peace to the workers of the world. To the west! »
    Order number 1423, July 1920, for the western troops signed by Toukhatchevski, Smilga, Unschlicht and Schwartz.
    Except Pilsudsky brilliantly defeated the Red Army in Varsaw, with the help of Stalin who disobeyed the order of Toukhatchevski. Maybe Poland saved Europe and Germany from the invasion of the Bolchies.

    After the suspicious death of Lenin, Trotsky, the real leader of the Revolution since day one and Kerensky, was supposed to succeed Lenin since he held all the threads of power. But he became ill at the decisive moment and Stalin, who would have been eliminated otherwise, hijacked the revolution with his Russian nationalism or pan-Russianism, starting the rise of the National-Communists in the Central Commitee, as opposed to the Internationalist-Communists of Trotsky, mostly Jews. After that, he consolidated his totalitarian power with the police bureaucratic omnipotent state he created with his feverish activity, and began to purge the Party of the Trotskyists with the help of the new aristocracy that emerged from the rest of nationalism that remained. Stalin killed the Revolution, using it for its services by representing the Russian imperialism, just like Bonaparte. Stalin was not really a communist, just an opportunist, who benefited from the events to take the power for himself.
    Therefore, he ruined the plan of world communist revolution, since he was reluctant to attack Poland and Weimar republic Germany, which had been created for an invasion. Consequently, the international bankers, seeing that they couldn’t overthrow Stalin, decided to finance Germany as the future aggressor state of URSS, for geographical and demographic reasons, just like they did to overthrow the Tsar and the Austrian empire with a war, the most effective way to achieve the Revolution according to the Leninist dogma. In this context, Hitler emerged and rallied the unemployed starving proletariat under the anti-communist program of the National Socialist revolution, while, according to the conditions created by the Versailles treaty, German workers should have made the triumph of the Communist revolution by rallying the International, the armed force of the International Bankers. That’s why they supported Germany first, Dawes and Young Plans imagined by Montagu Norman with the help of german financiers like Schacht to create the industrial cartels, IG Farben owned by Warburg, AEG the german twin of GE and Vereinigte Stahlwerke. And Hitler NSPD after 1929, who received vast amount of money from the Pilgrim society.
    But Hitler betrayed the Bankers by restoring an economic system where he took over for himself the privilege of manufacturing money and used it for the benefit of the State, eliminating unemployment. The bankers also realized that nationalism, an obstacle to world revolution, was still very present in Europe, like the cases of URSS and Germany had demonstrated. That’s why war in Europe was inevitable at this point. Potocky, the Polish ambassador in Washington, reported William Bullit words in November 1939 “ The war will last six years and will end by a complete disaster in Europe and with the triumph of communism”.
    The war started by the invasion of Poland by the socialisms, the last Christian bastion of the old order, after the German-Soviet Pact and its secret protocol, where Stalin and Molotov manipulated Hitler and Ribbentrop into invading Poland, as they knew that the Occidental democracies would never declare war to both Germany and URSS, the anglo-american elites reproducing the same maneuver than in 1914. The rest is the biggest butchery in the history of man, but the goals were accomplished, with the protection of the private money supply, the end/disgrace of nationalism, the complete destruction of Christianity in the political structures, the expansion of communism and the creation of the UN after the failure of the Société des Nations. WWII was just one step backward, two steps forward, the Fabian way.

    Stalin in all that did all he could to preserve his power by playing the occidental imperialisms against each others. He is the greatest realpolitical mind of the century, like it or not , understanding and anticipating the events. He turned URSS into the second dominant world power with the sacrifice of Russian population and the help of the USA, the best enemy money can buy, you are absolutely right Pat.
    He looks so satisfied of himself on the Yalta picture. And now he is absolutely diabolized in continental Europe by the ex-Trotskyists.
    I understand why the Russians nationalist like Alexander and Putin don’t want to smear his name since he extracted Russia from the messianic Talmudic world revolution to a national vision, with one-country socialism. He was a counter revolutionary. Like Putin who prevented the neo liberal looting revolution after Elstine, and who knows that the same Trotskyists responsible for the revolution in the name of Bolshevism are in control of the US congress with bribery and intimidation. I don’t blame him for not exposing Stalin for what he was and what he did, as we have the same phenomenon with Napoleon. How could he when you consider the sacrifices of the Russian population?
    “God threw the Hebrews out of Egypt, and Stalin threw them out of Komintern.”
    That’s a URSS joke, maybe that’s why i keep hearing “Stalin the anti-Semite…….”

    By the way, about “Poland the useful idiot”, I find it particularly misplaced, as Poland had this tendency to be the place where the interests of Germany and Russia seemed to magically converged, since the time of Catherine II and Frederic. Sorry, but atm, the useful idiot of world revolution in Europe is Germany, since the time of Weishaupt and still is through the European union, employing the cheap eastern labor force to bankrupt every European industries.
    And Hitler was the useful idiot of Stalin of course, but since he made him possible in the first place.

    1. to me, this is trustworthy stuff phil, stripped of mouth-foaming ideoemotional baggage that dogs so much of the thread, it sounds balanced and quite plausible.

      and because i judge you not to be a type that unscrupulously hunts for stink bomb links pretending to offer historical fact in order to suit some twisted, biased tale, i will take it as whole without peeking under the hood.

      i just saw the “ss goons rape hundred million russian women, men and livestock” a bit further down and i am not going to read those links either, for quite different reasons.

  14. It is my understanding that Stalin was a Martinist Rosicrucian Freemason. (Martinism was founded in 1754 by a Rosicrucian Spanish jew named Martines de Pasqually)

    As a mason at the head of the Freemason (i.e.; Pharisee banker) run Soviet Union in league with the British/American contingent, I think Stalin was in a situation where if he wanted to stay in power he would have to go along with the plan to goad Hitler into attacking Russia in 1941, thus springing the trap for a war against Germany they gambled on winning. Stalin was a Georgian, not a jew. But he WAS a mason, which is all that counts.

    Meanwhile, after winning in the West, it had become common military sense for Hitler to amass enough troops to cover the long borders of the Russian frontier. Planted faulty Intelligence convinced him of what was in actuality a Soviet feint to go on the Offensive, deceptively prompting him to get the jump. So began Barbarossa

    And while Hitler wasn’t a mason, it went with the territory of the position he was in to have been influenced by secret organizations like the Thule Society and the OTO. Along with the Theosophists and Anthroposophical Society of Steiner. But whatever useful info he took from them I don’t think detracted from, but probably bolstered him in his independently-minded mission to eviscerate the jewish tumor.

  15. For the pious members of the “Noble Hitler & Noble Nazis” Church, here is some disturbing information which will hopefully cause some cognitive dissonance in their prejudiced minds :

    Mass rapes[edit]

    Rapes were allowed in practice by the German military in eastern and southeastern Europe, while northern and western countries were relatively spared.[67][68] In Occupied Denmark, which initially agreed to collaborate with Nazi Germany, rapes were not widespread, and German officials promised to punish them.[67] By contrast thousands of Soviet female nurses, doctors and field medics fell victim to rape when captured, and were often murdered afterwards.[33] German soldiers used to brand the bodies of captured partisan women – and other women as well – with the words “Whore for Hitler’s troops” and rape them.[69] Following their capture some German soldiers vividly bragged about committing rape and rape-homicide.[70] In the Soviet Union alone an estimates regarding the rape of Soviet women by the Wehrmacht range up to 10,000,000 incidents, with between 750,000 and 1,000,000 children being born as a result.[71][72][73][74]

    Birgit Beck in her work Rape: The Military Trials of Sexual Crimes Committed by Soldiers in the Wehrmacht, 1939–1944 describes the leniency in punishing sex crimes by German authorities in the East, at the same time pointing out heavy punishments applied in the West.[75] If a soldier who committed a rape was subsequently convicted by a court-martial, he would usually be sentenced to four years in prison[76] The German penal code was also valid for soldiers in war.[77] but rapes were rarely prosecuted in practice and rapes by Germans of non-German women were not taken seriously, nor was it punishable by death, especially in the eastern European territories.[71]

    In Soviet Russia rapes were only a concern if they undermined military discipline.[75] The German military command viewed them as another method of crushing Soviet resistance.[71] Since 1941, rape was theoretically punishable with the death sentence; however, this only concerned the rape of German women and was intended to protect German communities.[71]

    In October 1940 the laws on rape were changed, making it a “petitioned crime” – that is a crime for which punishment had to be requested. Historian Christa Paul writes that this resulted in “a nearly complete absence of prosecution and punishment for rape”.[71] There were rape cases in the east where the perpetrators were sentenced if the rape was highly visible, damaging to the image of the German Army and the courts were willing to pass a condemning verdict against the accused.[71]

    According to the historian Regina Mühlhäuser the Wehrmacht also used sexual torture and undressing in numerous cases of interrogations.[78]

    Wehrmacht brothel system[edit]
    Main article: German military brothels in World War II

    Under the German occupation, a widespread system of sexual slavery (forced prostitution) was instituted.[71] The Wehrmacht also ran brothels where women were forced to work.[69][79] The reason for establishing these brothels was the German officials’ fear of venereal disease and onanism (masturbation). The Oberfeldarzt der Wehrmacht (Chief Field Doctor of the Wehrmacht) drew attention to “the danger of [the] spread of homosexualism”.[20][80]

    On May 3, 1941 the Foreign Ministry of the Polish Government in Exile issued a document describing the mass raids carried out in Polish cities with the aim of capturing young women, who were later forced to work in brothels attended by German officers and soldiers.[20]

    In the Soviet Union women were kidnapped by German forces for prostitution; one report by the International Military Tribunal stated that “in the city of Smolensk the German Command opened a brothel for officers in one of the hotels into which hundreds of women and girls were driven; they were mercilessly dragged down the street by their arms and hair.”[81]

    The Nuremberg trials did not prosecute anyone for rape or other sexual violence; rape was defined as a crime against humanity, but prosecution was not included because such crimes had “no nexus to war”.[71]

    Source :

    But there is an easy cop-out : Just say :”Oh but that is from Wikipedia. Wikipedia is controlled by Jews, therefore it is all a lie!”

    Right, continue singing hymns in your “Noble Hitler & Noble Nazis” Church!

    1. And yet, Franklin, what you’ve presented isn’t an offering of proof, and you have to know this.

      The fundamental thing you and others seem to forget is that the victors write the history. To them go the spoils of controlling the written word.

      1. @ BROWNHAWK

        Again, that doesn’t automatically mean that the losers are always right and the winners are always wrong.

      2. There’s no black and white automatic anything.

        Mix black and white and you get grey…the color of fog. Which by definition is hard to maneuver in

      3. B-Hawk –

        Ben Franklin on fog:

        “…like a man traveling in foggy weather, those at some distance before him on the road he sees wrapped up in the fog, as well as those behind him, and also the people in the fields on each side, but near him all appears clear, tho’ in truth he is as much in the fog as any of them.”

    2. btw, one of your references (just picked at random, Robert Nigel Gildea, reference #67 in that fabulous Wikipedia link, an expert on mass rapes of Russians by Germans) has also distinguished himself academically and financially by winning a prestigious Wolfson prize.

      The Wolfson History Prizes are literary awards given annually in the United Kingdom to promote and encourage standards of excellence in the writing of history for the general public. Prizes are given annually for two or three exceptional works published during the year

      The endowment of the Wolfson Foundation is £800 million and £32 million is awarded annually.
      The Foundation was established by and named after Sir Isaac Wolfson, Chairman of Great Universal Stores (GUS). His wife and his son Lord Wolfson, were the other Founder Trustees.

      Gildea was one of the 3 recipients that year.
      A pretty tidy sum, wouldn’t you say, for pleasing the Jew.

      I looked over the list of Wolfson Prize recipients and don’t see Faurisson anywhere, I guess he is not up to scratch, nor are any of david irving, Ursula Haverbeck and others i mentioned earlier.

      1. Isaac Wolfson, SirLord and a real good Jew, true and not counterfeit is a real bona fide philanthropist.

        and we all know what a jew philanthropist denotes, don’t we.
        (think George Soros, that Rabinovich guy who brought us femen and Pussy Riot and many others)

        a jew philanthropist distinguishes himself primarily by deep and abiding care for ALL of humanity, no distinction given to jew or goy, he loves them all equally and this is what Wolfson History Prize is for, bringing the True History to goy.
        It means a lot to SirLord isaac Wolfson to know that us goys understand history.
        Especially when he can turn the true history of 10 million rapes of buxom, squealing blond Russian girls, a la Sharapova by frothing Nazi thugs into a series of uplifting movies shot in Santa Monica back road trailers.

        education that is fun and profit, brought to you by Lina Wortmuller, fronted by a presumably goy academic whose credentials are beyond dispute, like some Nigel Gildea.

    1. For you Zen, or Franklin, or whomever, to refer to me or anyone else as a “pious Hitler worshipper” is irresponsible at best. To me it suggests lazy thinking that stems from an inadequate response to writing which reflects much thought.

      You talk about “cognitive dissonance”, Franklin? Are you in front of a mirror right about now?

      And in thoughtfully following up a previous post, my sense is that Hitler was too intelligent to follow the writings of Crowley and Blavatsky to the letter. To take a fool like Crowley literally with his dangerous “Do what thou will shall be the whole of the law” is to show yourself to be a totally immoral jackass which Hitler certainly was not (and my apologies to all jackasses – the biological ones I mean). Considering a general influence of the idea of the power of Will is something else entirely, and it can’t be presumed that Hitler’s application of it represented the lack of a moral compass.

      Insofar as the Theosophists are concerned, I would hope that der fuhrer didn’t take this nonsense of the existence of “ascended masters” seriously. Rather, I like to think that this notion was applied by him to achieve an “ascendency” of Man by attempting to remove that which seeks Man’s DESCENT – the jewish scourge.

  16. Sometimes comments on websites such as this one offer valuable lessons on how the human mind works (at least among many people).

    1) There is the phenomenon of “cognitive dissonance”. All men have some sort of worldview (German term : Weltanschauung) by which the world is given meaning. If new information is offered that threatens to undermine that worldview, then the new information is not pursued any further but is firmly rejected. Here are two recent examples :

    LUCA K : “…I stopped reading your silly reply at “But have you ever heard about the German idea of Lebensraum?…”

    LOBRO : “…i just saw the “ss goons rape hundred million russian women, men and livestock” a bit further down and i am not going to read those links either, for quite different reasons…”

    2) Then there is the almost universal phenomenon of black-and-white thinking. In every conflict there is supposed to be a “good” party and a “bad” party. For most people it is inconceivable that both parties could be a mixture of good and bad.

    Israelis are “bad”, therefore the Palestinians must be “good”.
    The Jews and the Allies were “bad”, therefore the Nazis must have been “good”.

    Try to criticize the “good” party and you will be accused of “treason” or “working for the other side”. The Second World War was a conflict between mixed good and bad and mixed good and bad, and so is the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

    1. Franklin –

      Just ignore all accusations, or put them to good use….. and keep commenting. No need to waste space.

      You accused me of believing rumors… AND that’s ok…. since everything stated here by ALL commenters is rumor and hearsay….. due to anonymity. And no one knows who is telling lies on the witness stands.

      Eyewitness testimony is not the best record either. Courts know that.

      So…. I keep posting rumors…. and my guesses.. fun.. 🙂

      You cannot know what I believe.

    2. Franklin, you certainly seem to be pro-Israel, anti- Palestine, and pro-jew, anti- nazi..

      1. @ INGRID B

        I just tried to explain the black-and-white thinking, saying that most conflicts are not between “good” and “bad” but between a mixture of good and bad and a mixture of good and bad (in whatever proprtion) and I said that if you criticize the “good” party you are suspected of “working for the other side” and lo and behold, you accuse me just of that!

      2. @Franklin, I wasn`t accusing you, of anything, merely saying how you come accross. You may be right, you probably are, but I refuse to believe that Palestine will not be liberated. I choose to believe, that one day, hopefully soon, Palestinian babies will not be burned alive by filthy jewish cockroaches, their four year old brothers and parents, badly burned, and young Palestinians shot to death on an almost daily basis. I also choose to believe, that one day, the collaborator Abbas, will pay for his years of betraying his country, and his people..

    3. Wrong or right,
      Franklin is polite,
      for which I will answer,
      as best I might

      you know the one about stones and glass houses, don’t you.
      so let’s compare the lengths of cognitive dissonances before i take a look at your link.
      (but beware, when i look at links, it is with care that inspector clouseau would envy)

      first, a brief diversion into the link theory.
      quality beats quantity and we have seen numerous breathless links to accounts exhaled on deathbed, by former tavistock operatives and so on.
      i will generally let them die in peace and finish their narrative before their maker.
      nor will i assiduously and credulously pursue links purporting to show hitler as teen prostitute (male) who also trained at tavistock, played chess with lenin in spare time (presumably when they tired of buggering each other) and then had eva braun (a bearded blond transvestite, no doubt) defecate on his chest for relaxation and asthma nasal spray.

      now, before i look into the link you provided, let me tell you a bit about mine.
      it is by robert faurisson, a celebrated french professor of revisionist history.
      why is his link beyond dispute?
      simply because he is one of the world’s most hated goys, very damaging and dangerous to jew who would gladly pay billion dollars to be rid of him in a way that doesn’t arise suspicion.
      he’s been canned by his department despite tenure, sued many times, arrested, hospitalized after beaten within an inch of his life by foxman’s activist goons … the list goes on and yet this brave, upright man stands by every word he ever said and wrote.
      he doesn’t deal in Fantasmagoria.
      because if the giant grinder of goy resistance found an iota of untruth in his public offerings, the fire would be burning brightly under the stake on which he would be vertically imapled after having skin flayed off him.
      believe it.

      so, my link cred is shielded by his.

      and when he brings evidence of german soldiers court-martialed and shot for mistreating civilians in occupied lands, THAT EVIDENCE STANDS.
      in particular, HERE you will find a case of a
      german soldier who merely stole money and valuables from ***JEWS*** and was tried, convinced and executed for it.
      get this

      The judgment, dated 11 April 1944, declared: ‘the fact that the violence in question was directed against Jews in no way excuses the perpetrators … the German reputation has thereby suffered.”

      Do you see this, Franklin?
      Any problems with it? Send your critique to jews and if proven right, they will make you an instant millionaire, hit a celebrity talk circuit at $25,000 a pop for the rest of your life.
      Because that multi-billion dollar machine is sniffing day and night (especially at night, digging through waste dumpsters in search of anything incriminating on Faurisson, Irving, Toben, Zundel, Ursula Haverbeck, Bradley Smith and others like them) and they pay well for stuff that holds up under scrutiny.

      take a good look at some other excerpts from that link, all of it properly sourced to original documents:

      1939-1940 –

      Two German soldiers were sentenced to death for the rape of two Jewesses.

      (Source: Interrogation of Field Marshal List, Centre de documentation juive contemporaine de Paris, fiche CCC VII / 41-44, p. 2599)

      So, tell me again about millions of raped RUSSIANS, given that Jews were rightfully considered principal enemies of The Reich and Germany.
      Does anyone still think that I suffer from cognitive disconnect?

      1941 –

      In Schitomir, a Polish town then under the jurisdiction of a Reichskommissariat, a Jewish couple went to the German authorities, to whom the wife spoke to accuse two German soldiers of having raped her. The battalion commander, Beck, ordered his men into three ranks for the woman to inspect. She was able to identify one of the rapists, who then informed on the other. Both were sentenced to death and executed.
      In the same city, a German soldier who cut off part of a Jew’s beard was arrested and held for three days.

      (Reference: K. Rückelein, from the city of Wachenroth, National Zeitung, 3 December 1999)

      Jeez, in 3 days, Jew’s beard regrew …

      And so on.

      And who am I to believe, a source as impeccable as Faurisson with enemies as implacable as Judea or some quick and dirty link by an equally shady author like the anti-muslim one that Dux provided yesterday (and which i torched to the ground after a 2-minute glance).

      So, I will look at your source, Franklin but I ask that you give the above some consideration.
      I don’t think it will have much effect on Dux, despite his advanced degree in history, willful blindness is more incapacitating than a physiological one.

      1. @ LOBRO

        “…why is his ( i.e. Faurisson’s) link beyond dispute?
        simply because he is one of the world’s most hated goys, very damaging and dangerous to jew who would gladly pay billion dollars to be rid of him in a way that doesn’t arise suspicion…”

        That is no proof at all. Jews hate people’s ideas because they are harmfull to their interests, not necessarily because they are true or not. If I would tell a Big Lie about the Jews I would be equally persecuted by them as if I would tell a Big Truth about them (nevertheless I do trust Faurisson).

        Generally the Nazis behaved decently in the West, but not so in the East.

        The Nazis stole on a grand scale from their victims, but punished severely individual soldiers who stole from the booty for themselves. The booty was destined for the Reich.

        If 3,5 million soldiers fathered 750,000 to 1 million children by rape during a 6 year’s war, then an estimated 10 million rapes is not an exaggeration.

        Neither of us has the time to study critically all the sources, but rest assured that in the war in the East war crimes were commited by the Nazis, as in any war in history.

      2. i will wind down my participation in this, with the following couple of remarks, after that – done.

        german miltary tribunals sentenced (as per available record) over 100 troops+COs to death for violations against civilians, including rape of jewesses in the central and eastern europe.
        judges have been demoted for leniency shown to offenders, a major camp commandant received a death sentence for mistreatment of jew inmates, this is all beyond dispute, properly documented and witnessed but no one wants to pay the slightest attention.

        what effect would that have had on any thinking of raping some woman out there, let alone 10 million rapes by 3.5 million soldiers?
        does that make any sense?
        might as well argue that john demjanjuk murdered thousands of jews, raped hundreds of jewesses, why not, you will never go to jail for promoting such tales.

        what other nation and army in history of warfare has similar record of governance?
        as far as i know, 2 us grunts were sentenced for a gang rape and murder of an iraqi girl in baghdad and that is it.
        and consider that the verdict was pronounced for murder, not rape alone, since a bunch of other gi’s were involved in rape but not in the final snuff act.
        she was held for a period of time and they were even charging passerby soldiers $50 a pop.
        and how long have invasions of iraq and afghanistan lasted so far and no end in sight, 12 years?

        by this yardstick, us army committed several billion rapes compared to those totally fictional 10 million in russia.
        and germans weren’t there for 6 years but what, maybe 3 or fewer before they got under severe pressure and were pushed back into retreat and mass surrender.

        i was in romania couple of years ago and spoke to locals who to a man told me that germans were real gentlemen, always paid for requisitioned material and left a wonderful impression, whereas they had to hide womenfolk under bales of hay and such when the red army advanced into the region.

        i can tell you that they had no love lost for russians at the time, yet were willing to listen to my arguments about how putin’s government and the politburo system of his offers a possible salvation from the chifoot (turkish slang for jew).

        to repeat: 10 million quoted figure makes absolutely no sense in light of faurisson documents, if true, he is a complete fake and liar and it is a miracle jews don’t go after him with hard, easily available facts but suffer his highly damaging revisions of told history, grinding teeth in impotent rage.

        did wehrmacht commit crimes and atrocities?
        of course, but on a limited, individual scale.
        show me the slightest documentary evidence of german high command instructing the troops that the rape clause has been relaxed on any of the multiple fronts.

        go to tanzania and ask the people what they think of the past german rule of their wonderfully skilled askari bush warriors and guerrilla fighters led by german officers who slept, ate and fought alongside their men like savannah born.

        fair is fair but it seems that most people are simply incapable of weighing evidence in a rational way, no wonder there are so precious few good judges on earth.
        they have no reason at all to lie.

        (quick aside: 10 million rapes resulted in 1 million out-of-wedlock births? so, for every 10 sessions, a kid … wonderful math, that)

      3. lobro make case to convince
        with words no meaning to mince
        its logic astute brilliance
        of narrative’s swayed dissonance

      4. lobro offer chief brownhawk heap many thanks, long may friendship run.

        my cerebral flywheel refuses to slow down in hurry when it gets rolling on one track.
        let’s get into the schitomir story of the raped+avenged jewess a bit more.
        (another aside: i once met a jew from schitomir and he said it was zhitomir, in ukraine, not poland and so many jews came out of there that russians called it zhidomir, “zhid” being “jew”.
        his name is/was, not sure if still alive, igor shafarevich, a famous mathematician and even more notorious for being a harsh critic of judea, an academic brother nathaniel, if you will, published numerous tracts attacking judaism, that was back in ’70s)

        so, imagine this wronged and violated jewess, her 9 inch mouth working and foaming in rage, walking to wehrmacht hq in zhitomir with her husband to denounce her rapists to the high command.

        what could have been going through her mind if the popular mythology had it that german army was egged onto mass rapes of the local populace, russians and jews alike, primarily jews, of course.
        are jews uninformed when it comes to their personal safety?
        got another acid hallucinatory fable to match that one?

        no, it is clear that jews, yes even jews, considered german authorities to be honorable and proud upholders of german law and reputation and they would go to any length to protect and maintain that reputation.

        red injun sees this clearly but white man, after a long fall from grace and drunk on judas kool aid does not.

      5. My red injun side seems to offer healthy perspective in schooling the white side of my father’s clan

  17. Interesting dialectics. Par la choque des opinions la verite se jete.

    Eustace Mullins is certainly another – to me- Herr Doktor in this whole
    dia/gnosis of the MIS Mountain of Images of Satanism in the Bilderberg cabal of the uber-rich who nobly target a 500 million population on planet earth.

    But I don’t share his analysis that the Zionists have the monopoly now since the remnants of Nazi allies that knew about the Nazi Zio connection before and during WWII, the higher-ups in the Nazi war machine were hanged after the Nurnberg trial. Also after the war the Nazi leg of the cabal marches forth in step with its Zion leg.

    Check this one out, Í don’t say I buy everything of this store/story

    Their take on Auschwitz is certainly not mine. The Nazi chemical drug and oil cartel BASF Bayer IG Farben are still going strong. In summary, Nazi and IG Farben men designed the European Commission as the “Politburo” of the Pharma Cartel’s postwar rule over Europe. The goal of the Pharma and Oil cartel: economic and political control from Lisbon to Sofia (and beyond). The ‘free’ West is ZioNazi Occupied Teritory. But ‘zot’ (insane, crazy in Dutch) it is.

    @ Franklin and all : The whole of life is and will remain a battlefield of g.e.k. (goed en kwaad) (Dutch gek= goed (good) en kwaad (evil, bad) / en=and as long as the Silence of Soul is not lived.

  18. What a great comment! There really is a hidden history to WWII. I read through the Darkmoon article on Hellstorm and couldn’t formulate what to write, partly because I don’t have a good grasp of what was going on during WWII.

    When I was in Russia I experienced Russian pride in their contribution to the “Great War.” Russians kept the German army from entering Moscow, preventing Hitler from taking the city. Russians starved and died by the millions during the siege of Leningrad. It does seem that Russians have this self-image as a people who cannot be conquered because they can endure so much. Stalin is still admired because he cared about Russian imperialism–greater Russia. But in fact Stalin was a coward. Stalin knew the German army was going to surround Leningrad (St. Petersburg) and was paralyzed by fear into doing nothing for days, resulting in the Siege. Visiting Russia gave me my first glimpse of World War II. For example, I didn’t know that Germany was nearly out of oil at the beginning of the War and part of the German strategy was to get to the Caspian Sea oil fields, which Russia prevented. I guess Americans aren’t suppose to know this because then they might ask the obvious question of how this fits in with the Holocaust story. Would a leader who was chronically short of fuel make it a priority to kill Jews, using precious fuel in crematoriums to dispose of the bodies? Basically the history of WWII is in shambles to the point where even formulating a question is difficult. What role did North Africa play in the War…it seemed so vital and yet the why eludes me. It is almost as if World War II took place in a boy’s bedroom floor with toy trucks and plastic figurines that move randomly around the carpet here and there and everywhere at the command of a ten year old acting out G.I. Joe stories in his pajamas.

    If we had known more of the history of the Communist coup in Russia would we have been better prepared to interpret Germany’s reaction to Jewish communists? Would the vigilantism of Slavic people on the Eastern front have made more sense when they joined the Nazis? Maybe the Americans wouldn’t have been so arrogant as to assume that they were in the right, that this was the “Good War.” If we had known about our atrocities against the Germans might we have as a people been able to prevent atrocities of the Cold War, or the wars fought to “remake the Middle East?” I still know very little about WWII, but I know enough now to at least say that we weren’t the “good guys.”

    1. Kapoore –

      Join the rest of us….

      No one knows for sure other than the Pharisee banker designers.

      One thing can be stated with great certainty… there are NO “good guys” in Pharisee bankers’ wars. Their intent is bad on all sides.

  19. Lobro and others who will suffer to read my idiotic Stalinian propaganda subliminal comment. It will be perfect under the Pharisee bankers wars comment of Pat.

    I don’t like books about war, since it has lost all “its charms” since Waterloo. But that’s modern atheist war, call it progress, total war, everybody is involved. You can easily measure the level of civilization with the way we are waring ourselves. I am more interested in diplomatic, economical and biographic books for the modern period. But since everybody gave an advice about war books, let me advise “Salammbo” about the Punic War, way better than this Bovary crap and with an atmosphere of WWII.

    About Stalin, I confess that I found him fascinating, especially how he evicted Trotsky and tracked him down, die motherfucker die, like they say in this metal Finn song. He was the only genuine proletarian of the Revolution, although he did not participate in 1917 and was well educated, the son of a drunken shoemaker who died in a brawl and of a very pious chamber maid, who wanted him to become a pope. He never persecuted Christian so that her mother could attend office (In the Gori region). De Gaulle said his favorite topic of conversation was Peter the Great. Maybe he just considered human lives as an abstraction to build his big industrial complexes instead of towns like Peter. Arf that’s all I can say in his defense, he was an inhuman bastard, but a titan. That’s why Putin is not smearing his name as there are numerous parallels between those two. Magnus, I have a speech of Putin who claimed that it was Poland that attacked Russia in 1920. If I could have your point of view.

    About history and WWII, the fake war between “national” socialism and “international” socialism, what i like about this version is that it makes the 1920 1941 events between the main protagonists, USA URSS Germany mostly, logical, otherwise they are not. Take those facts for example.

    The City granted a 6 million loan in pound sterling gold to Germany at the very time of Czechoslovakia invasion. The British government would declare in May 1939 that “she can’t give order to the BOE”. That’s in “tragedy and hope”, a very good book indeed Gilbert. (That’s the reason the Jews chose England, and the island safe context of course.)

    In Germany the Oppenheim bankers were amongst others, the main financial support of Hitler who declared them Honorary Aryan. They disposed at the Reichsbank of two offices and were the counselor of Schacht and of Kaltenbrunner, the philo-sovietic number 3 of SS. According to the acts of Nuremberg “promised land” trial, they controlled the confiscated deposit of the Jews after 1937. Their bank cashed, in 1936, 500 million marks after the confiscation of Jewish group Halevy. If a wandering Jew on this website would care to enlighten me about how the Jewish aristocrats were the guarantor of anti-Jewish legislation, and I am not talking about gazing people.

    The Bendix aviation, controlled by the Morgan Bank, provided through Siemens all the piloting systems and dashboards of German airplanes until 1940, shocking. The two main factories of tank and armored vehicles were realized by Opel, subsidiary of GM and Ford, while ITT, who controlled through AEG all German communications, would only end in 1944 to work for the Reich. Interestingly the Anglo-American civilian bombings on Dresde and Cologne (lovely cities still) sponsored by Tavistock Lewyn Churchill RAF US Strategic command, would not destroy in almost every cases, in the concerned sectors, the factories with Anglo-American capital. Even the bridges and the airport were not damaged, the only military targets. An allied study would evaluate at the end of the war that the losses of German industry didn’t exceed 12% of the Reich potential. 275 000 civils according to Geneva Red cross in 14 hours.

    “You were given the choice between war and dishonor. You chose dishonor and you will have war.” Churchill after the Pact of Munich.
    “Ah les cons, si ils savaient.” That’s Daladier, talking about the cheering crowd at the Paris airport (The morons, if they only knew).
    Truman “Let’s make the German and the Russian kill each other” or something like that, I don’t have the exact quote of this piece of crap. Nagasaki, despite Japan accepting the ultimatum before the bomb was dropped according to Truman, 100000 deaths in the biggest catholic city of Japan.
    Have you notice that D Day ,when GI were thrown on the beach like sitting ducks to invade Europe really, was the 6/06 of the sixth year of war? It’s satanic. I am kidding here, but who knows with the Kabalists. Enolagay? Pff it’s almost too big to be true. They even bombed my city of Caen and La Rochelle, and others allied towns. I think it was English payback for past invasions and piracy on trade. The sore loosers.

    “And the trio of Non Aryan will sing like a Reqiuem, a mix of La Marseillaise, of God Save the King and of The international, ending with a great ending, aggressive, fiery and militant, the Jewish hymn, EILI EILI” American Hebrew and Jewish tribune 3 june 1938. That’s wise, rabbi.

    That’s a pretty good 500 words summary of the war, with the different protagonists, if you add the percentages agreement between Churchill and Stalin in 1944, dividing Europe into zones of influence. Jackpot for Joseph and for USA. The US build Western Eurasian Wall is still standing, except we are on the other side with Stalinian police state and the bureaucratic Troika. I can’t remember the Russian who said, “we have lived in your future and you are not gonna like it”. Stalin was a visionary. He made 1984 happen.

    The rapes now and the article “who raped 2 million german”.
    Well, soldiers, because soldiers are rapists, the “winners” at least. The question should have been “Who haven’t raped German women?” German women were raped by members of the Russian, Polish, French and American forces during and at the end of World War II. During their flight to the West and the period of expulsions, German girls and women were also raped by Czechs, Serbians and Slovenians.
    Now if you consider the context of the Red Army composed of a mixture of different characters ethnies traditions, the violence of the fight on the eastern front, and the fact that they have previously raped Russian Polish girls on the way, it was pretty clear what would happen in defeated Germany with the women of “the master race”, propaganda or not.
    Who raped the Italian women? The French troop of Marechal Juin, even if it was mostly North African troops. They even raped children, men, priests and animals. There is a movie about this with Sofia Loren. (The most beautiful women in the world are from Southern Italia, it’s almost embarrassing for the others.)
    Who raped the French women? The GI, who raped indistinctly their “allies” and their “enemies” but they win the war and USA never recognized no allies.
    You ask for balance and you are right, but this article, atm, only fosters unnecessary hatred between Germans and Russians. Franklyn is right in his reply about seeing everything in black and white, but I read him struggling on the Occidental Observer. I don’t even care if German soldiers raped women in URSS, I know they didn’t in France. Maybe they were too busy fighting.
    I like this website because the balance is “in favor” of Germany while on my usual Italian, Spanish and French websites, it’s quite the opposite, but the consensus is reachable. But hey I am not giving any editorial advice, as the interaction that emerged was very instructive, especially between Alexander and Lasha. We all see WII from different perspectives, take the Croatians and the Serbs. But one thing we can all agree on, is that there is only “one group” which is bargaining its dead against money. So let’s laugh with the Italians.

    Some Italian jokers have requested for information at Yad Vashem concerning their grand-ma allegedly killed by gasing at Maifdanek. For that they filled out the official formulary and sent them there. After a time, the site presented that lady as a real victim of the holocaust with all the infos provided. Only problem, it’s an invented person with following identity:
    Name: Edith Frolla (anagram of Adolf Hitler)
    Date of Birth: April 20th 1889 (the same day as AH)
    Profession: painter
    Lived in Rome at 29 via della Lungara, which is the address of the Regina Coeli prison.
    The picture: it’s one of the most common picture of Magda Goebbels.
    I let you check the details on the website. That’s 6000001.

    La Shoa e una truffa. Even Primo Levy acknowledged it.


  20. Yankee versus Confederate.
    German versus Russian.
    Brother versus Brother.

    There can never be a cessation of hostilities as long as “goyim” continue to accept the bloodthirsty premises that emanate from their “chosen” overlords. What’s truly amazing is the extent to which even the most astute of “goyim” are buying into the war-mongering premises of the “chosenites.” It isn’t hard to understand why the German Army would launch Operation Barbarossa against the Soviet Union, clearly it was an act of self-defense. But what isn’t so clear (at least to myself) are the reasons that would compel the German Army into sending Rommel into North Africa. At any rate, the Germans were definitely the “good guys” in my book and it’s too damn bad that they lost the war.

  21. @ Uncle

    How come my post about WW2 Germany wasn’t put up on your commentary board? The “Germany Gets Carpet Bombed While Jews Are Safely Away In Camps” post. It wasn’t a long post. So that excuse is out. What excuse is it now? You always have a an issue with something or another, even if you have to go way out to very edge of a limb to find yourself some concocted bull-shit reason to censor my posts. Always something. fucktard. Yes, I’m calling you a fucktard, fucktard face.

    July 30, 2015 at 9:11 pm
    “If you would have mustered the necessary courage to read the wikipedia articles you
    could have read quotes from Hitler’s Mein Kampf where he himself talks
    about Lebensraum for the German people in Europe.”

    Gee, Frank, pretty original, as if I had never heard of the fact that Hitler talked about Lebensraum in Mein Kampf!
    Now, take my hand, so u don’t fall flat on your face, and see if u can get your little brain around the following facts;

    You see, the fact that Hitler, in the 1920s, when he was not even Germanys leader,
    wrote a book, talking about Lebensraum in Russia does not at all mean he was outlining an invasion of the USSR. He was rather suggesting that the lands then in troubled Russia, troubled bc of the Commie revolution, would be ideal for new Lebensraum.

    When Hitler wrote Mein Kampf he thought the new Soviet Union was about to come undone because it was largely led by Jews at that time and “the jew is no element of organization but a ferment of decomposition” (Hitler, Mein Kampf, p. 655).

    So Hitler believed he could take parts of the former Russian empire for German settlements without any war. This must be understood also in the context of Hitlers own traumatic experiences in WWI, which had recently ended when he began writing MK.
    I’m referring to the deadly naval blockade of Germany which lasted til 1919 and included foodstuffs, killing hundreds of thousands of Germans.

    Later the situation changed, Hitler came to power and as Germany’s leader he had to deal with the many pressing issues that afflicted the country. As the situation changes so does the politics. By 1941, the USSR was not about to fall apart as it had seemed to Hitler in the 20s, but very well consolidated and militarily powerful. As Suvorov put it, it had become a huge armed camp.

    Barbarossa, when it happened, had ZERO to do with any notion of Lebensraum in Russia and EVERYTHING to do with a rather desperate situation, the prospect of a 2 front war, since all attempts by the Hitler regime to negotiate a reasonable end to the war with perfidious Albion were rejected.
    Barbarossa was largely an improvisation set up hurriedly and with insufficient means and intended to preempt Stalin’s imminent and massive invasion.
    By taking out the Soviets it was believed Britain would finally be forced to come to the negotiating table.

    A well informed commentator at another forum put it best( I’ve edited it

    “The word “Lebensraum” is often misinterpretated. In January 1939, after
    uniting the Austrian, Sudenten and German brothers in a German Reich,
    Hitler said that the process of the formation of the German nation – the
    German “Lebensraum” – had reached its conclusion (see speech below).

    In 1938 and 1939 Hitler also offered to guarantee the Polish borders
    established at Versailles* and so proposed to renounce the lost German
    “Lebensraum” in Poland once and for all.
    Do “land-grabbers” planning wars for living space act that way?
    In Mein Kampf Hitler talked about potential “Lebensraum” in Russia.
    That’s true. But he wrote that because he thought that the Soviet
    Union was about to collapse and dissolve on its own (because the jews
    – leading Russia at that time – were a “ferment
    of decomposition” according to Hitler’s words).

    If that had happened, Germany and other big Powers would have
    seized parts of the dislocated Soviet cake. But that doesn’t mean
    that Hitler wanted a war for “Lebensraum” with the mighty Soviet
    Union 17 years AFTER writing Mein Kampf.

    *Adolf Hitler Speech – 1939.01.30

    « The fact is that the only real offer of security which Poland received
    in 1938 and 1939 emanated from Hitler. He offered to guarantee the
    boundaries laid down in the Versailles Treaty against every other country.
    Even the Weimar Republic had not for a moment taken this into consideration.
    Whatever one may think of Hitler’s government or foreign policy,
    no doubt exists on this point; his proposals to Poland in 1938/39 were
    reasonable and just and the most moderate of all which he made during the
    six years of his efforts to revise the Versailles Treaty by peaceful means. »
    – Professor Harry Elmer Barnes, prominent American historian.

    « Poland’s decision of August 30, 1939 that was the basis for general
    mobilization marked a turning point in the history of Europe.
    It forced Hitler to wage war at a time when he hoped to gain further
    unbloody victories. » – Kazimierz Sosnkowski, Polish General and Government
    -in-Exile’s commander-in-chief, August 31, 1943.

    “Of all the Germans, Believe it or not, Hitler is the most moderate as far
    as Danzig and the Corridor are concerned.” – Sir, Neville Henderson,
    British Ambassador to Berlin, 16th August, 1939.

    « The last thing Hitler wanted was to produce another great war.
    His people, and particularly his generals, were profoundly fearful of
    any such risk — the experiences of World War One had scarred their
    minds. » – Sir. Basil Liddell Hart, The History of the Second World War.

    « The state of German armament in 1939 gives the decisive proof that
    Hitler was not contemplating general war, and probably not intending war
    at all. » – Professor AJP Taylor, The Origins of the Second World War, p. 267.

    « Even in 1939 the German army was not equipped for a prolonged war;
    and in 1940 the German land forces were inferior to the French in
    everything except leadership. » – Professor AJP Taylor, The Origins of the Second World War, p. 104-5.

    The commentator adds:

    “Wouldn’t Hitler have stopped his repatriation operation of all ethnic
    Germans living outside the Reich’s borders (the “Heim Ins Reich” –
    Home in the Reich- operation) if he had been planning to populate
    those areas with Germans after victory?”


    Franklin adds this pearl:
    “You don’t need to march all the way to Leningrad, Moscow or Stalingrad
    (let alone to destroy those cities) to defeat an army near Germany’s border.”

    It’s a privilege to see your mind at work sir… 🙂
    This is one of the silliest comments I’ve read in a very long time.
    It shows one that you know nothing about WWII, Soviet military capabilities or military matters in general.
    LEARN how to walk first, before you try to run…

  23. The level of propaganda re NS Germany, Hitler, WWII is really bewildering.
    The Left has long maintained that Hitler was put into power by wealthy capitalists, bankers, etc. This narrative was constructed in the 1920s and ’30s by Communists and Leftists dominant in Germany, the West, and, of course, the Soviet Union, and promoted by academics and the media ever since.
    The narrative was challenged by Atlanta-born Yale University historian Henry Ashby Turner in his best-known book, “German Big Business and the Rise of Hitler” (New York: Oxford University Press, 1985.)
    It covers the period up to 1933, when Hitler reached power. The book rebuts the standard claim that German big business financed and promoted the attainment of power by Adolf Hitler. It demonstrates that the extent of big business support for Hitler and the Nazi Party has been greatly exaggerated, even falsified.
    Emil Kirdorf and Fritz Thyssen were the only captains of industry who actively supported the Nazis.
    Actual sources of financing for election campaigns and party activities came mostly from membership dues and contributions by small and medium-sized businesses. According to William L. Patch of Washington and Lee University, Turner’s conclusions “are now accepted by nearly all specialists in the field.”

  24. FRANKLIN RYCKAERT, re Palestine, spouts many well known Zionist falsehoods.
    If not a zionist himself, the alternative is worse; he is a zio useful idiot, eating zio propaganda and then repeating it at forums such as this, thinking himself a clever boy.

    Many other posters have already refuted his nonsense, so, for now, I’ll address 2 points;
    – unlike Franks BS, it has been determined by serious scholars, including Jewish ones, that it’s Israel which does not negotiage in good faith and does not want a 2 state solution.
    – It’s Israel, almost everytime which causes the ‘wars’ in Gaza.

    The book ‘Method and Madness: The Hidden Story of Israel’s Assaults on Gaza’, by Norman G. Finkelstein, a well known Jewish scholar (New York and London: OR Books, 2014), addresses these matters.

    Finkelstein writes in the preface that ‘a trio of themes form the connective tissue of the book’s narrative’. First, each attack on Gaza was preceded by a pattern of deliberate Israeli provocations leading to Hamas retaliation by means of largely ineffectual rockets, which Israel then exploited as a pretext. Second, in each case, Israel managed to evade accountability from the international community. Third, each massacre ended in a stalemate and the continuation of the siege of Gaza.

    Israel’s motivations have also remained consistent. Whereas Israel presents its offensives as reluctant responses to Palestinian aggression, the truth, Finkelstein argues, is precisely the opposite. Israel’s provocations and attacks typically follow Palestinian ‘peace offensives’—peace overtures that undermine Israel’s pretexts for rejecting a two-state solution and hence threaten it with the prospect of having to give up land in the West Bank. To forestall an unwelcome peace, Israel instigates a war and brands the Palestinians as ‘terrorists’ with whom no peace can be made. Finkelstein traces this pattern back to the 1982 war on Lebanon and takes the phrase ‘peace offensive’ from an Israeli analyst writing at the time. A second consistent objective behind Israel’s attacks on Gaza is to restore what Israel calls its ‘deterrence capability’ as the dominant power in the region. Finkelstein traces this policy back to the Six Day War. But whereas in 1967 Israel established deterrence by defeating the Arab world’s major military power, the enfeebled Israeli military of today must resort to Gaza as a demonstrative punching bag in lieu of taking on a more formidable enemy, such as Hezbollah.

    In fact, the Israeli sissy army did not do well against the palestinian militants in Gaza last time around either. In a few days worth of ground invasion(never going deep into Gaza for the israeli military estimated thousands of casualties if they pressed deeper and longer), the israeli sissies suffered some 540 military casualties. Wrote during the last war, former terrorist and now zio light and ‘peace activist’, Uri Avnery**:

    “AFTER 29 DAYS of fighting (until now), who has won?
    It is, of course, much too early to draw final conclusions. The ceasefire has blown up. It will take months and years to sum up all the consequences. But Israeli popular wisdom has already drawn its own conclusions: it is a draw.
    WHEN A guerrilla organization with at most 10,000 fighters achieves a draw with one of the mightiest armies in the world, equipped with the most ultra-modern weapons, that is by itself a kind of victory.
    Hamas has not only shown a lot of courage during the fighting, but also surprising ingenuity in preparing for this campaign. It is still standing upright.

    The Israeli army, on the other hand, has shown very little imagination. It was quite unprepared for the maze of tunnels.

    Indeed, as a commentator dared to write, the army has become a heavy, cumbersome, conservative machine. […] Its doctrine was, in essence, to pound the civilian population into submission, causing as much killing and destruction as possible, so as to deter the “resistance” as much and as long as possible. In Israel, the terrible pictures of death and destruction did not evoke compassion. On the contrary. People were proud of it.”

    ** Ain’t it interesting that a former terrorist – Avnery- who participated in the ethnic cleansing of Palestine is admired and respected today, lauded as a peace activist, even though he is still, in essense, a zionist? On the other hand one cannot even mention the name of David Duke, bc the man was once in the kkk, even though he never promoted violence or participated in acts of vionlence against anyone?

    1. once again, pleasure to read someone who above all, makes sense not only in particulars but in the way they fall into the overall picture.

      i do disagree with assessment of franklin though, he is fine, just kind of stuck in the maze of conflicting information as are so many others.

      yes, avnery has long been a suspect in my little bookie of gatekeepers.
      some are unintentional gatekeepers, some are professional and of those, avnery belongs in the latter category, alongside other such kabbalist outriders, like noam chomsky and amy goodman.
      others may be unwitting dupes, like ali abuminah.
      then there are calculating political kneegrabbers bending whichever way they smell money, like george galloway.
      quite the menagerie out there feeding off scraps from the big msm table.

    2. @ LUCA K

      “…unlike Franks BS, it has been determined by serious scholars, including Jewish ones, that it’s Israel which does not negotiage in good faith and does not want a 2 state solution.”

      If you had really read what I said you wouldn’t accuse me of “BS”. This is what I myself said :

      The Jews consider the West Bank (“Judea and Samaria”) as part of their ancestral homeland and are not really willing to give it up. Thus they keep the farce of “negotiations” going on, trying to buy time to steal more and more land and create “facts on the ground” by building more and more settlements. The Palestinians are driven into “Bantustans” and their lives are made so miserable that the Israelis hope they will eventually leave.

      But if both parties were reasonable then mutual recognition and a two-state solution would be the solution.

      From my comment, July 19, 2015 at 1:56 pm at:

      A two state solution is not a “just solution”, but under the given circumstances the best the Palestinians can get. Israeli politics is not a changeless monolithic block. It changes over time and can be influenced by the US. The Palestinians could have got already their state in 2000 at Camp David but Arafat foolishly thought he could get more by refusing it. Since then – and after a new intifada and numerous suicide attacks – Israel is reluctant to give them a state and it keeps the farce of “negotiations” going while building more and more settlements.

      The Palestinians still have not accepted the reality of the existence of Israel. That reality is not going away, not by prayer, not by demonstrations and not by “martyrdom” (read: terrorism).

      1. @Brownhawk, I agree.. As for Arafat refusing “the offer” at camp david, it was an insult, he was “offered” a miniscule portion of the land which belongs to his people..

      2. Ingrid

        I’m sure Franklin didn’t mean that literally. He probably meant not anytime soon. But it may be sooner than many people think. Lowlifes like Kissinger know how the game is played, and he didn’t see Israel lasting much longer, as of now.

        I think the whole scheme was concocted long ago, probably from deep inside the bowels of the planet long ago for what would become known as the fraudulent State of Israel to be just another pawn, albeit an important one that the whole game pivots around. But when the SHTF they’re bound to get caught in the crossfire.

        Jews and their sympathizers who are actually EMIGRATING there gotta have a secret death wish. Then again “death culture”* thy name is jew.

        *like from some mad scientist’s petri dish

    3. Luca –

      “..Israeli sissy army..”

      GREAT DESCRIPTION of the weak Pharisee cowards..!!

      The excuse used in the 1950s thru 1970s by the US Government’s Pharisee agents for giving Israel so damned much foreign aid in money, arms and planes was, in effect, this repeated rhetoric in all media:

      “Israel’s military is so strong, their air force so well trained and equipped, and their troops so fierce, the US will never have to fight in ANY part of the Mideast..!! Israel will do the fighting for the US, and our children will never have to fight there..!!”

      One of the reasons conservatives(my peers) hated JFK SO MUCH back then, was his “ADVANCED WEAPONS” sales to Israel. We ALL knew what the filthy Pharisee Jews did to the Arabs in Palestine:

      “In December 1962, President Kennedy hosted Israeli Foreign Minister Golda Meir at his family home in Palm Beach. Mrs. Meir opened their conversation by speaking of Jewish history and the threat of another Holocaust. The president responded with an effort at reassurance. “The United States,” he said, “has a special relationship with Israel really comparable to what it has with Britain over a wide range of issues.”1 Perhaps Kennedy was engaging in diplomatic flattery; he would go on to stress that America’s ties to the Arab world were of critical importance as well. Still, his words marked a landmark of sorts. The Eisenhower administration would not have used “special relationship” to describe its generally chilly ties with Israel. And Kennedy would inaugurate the sale of advanced weapons to Israel, an important early step in the development of a strategic relationship between the two countries.”

      1. Ha, Pat –

        I was only about two or three years old, at that time – but I remember reading something about it, later. (Time has a way of changing ALL of us, alas!)

        My first ‘lesson’ about politics was administered by my maternal grandfather on his front porch when my little cousins and me were shooting up some old ammo he brought out for us to target practice with. We were about 9,7, and 6 (myself the youngest) and he told us ‘Boys, there are three things wrong with this country – it’s the coons and the communists and the KENNEDYS.’ (He emphasized the Kennedys.)
        I suppose it was about the time Bobby had forced George Wallace to allow integration of schools, and it was just that TIME. Of course, I grew up to learn about the Fed and JFK’s opposition (Alan Greenspan was, at the time, an economist at Columbia – and staunchly OPPOSED to the Fed)(he and JFK were good friends), and JFK became one of my heroes of history. Like all these things discussed on this site: NONE of us was actually party to the motives – and hardly anyone alive today can be certain… It’s all ‘guesses’, Pat – but I think you guess fairly accurately! 🙂

  25. @LUCA K

    Christopher Bollyn – whom I consider to be the capo di tutti capi of 9-11 researchers- writes 7th june 2014:

    David Duke and YouTube Censorship: …I am posting the following email because it provides an important lesson in how censorship works on the Internet – in reality. It also gets into the subject of why David Duke, who presents himself as a critic of organized Zionism, completely ignores the evidence of Zionist involvement in the crime of the century: 9/11. How much sense does that make?….

    There is a positive article of CB on David Duke of an earlier date:

    Hollywood Basterds by David Duke:

    I go by the first article since that is of a more recent date. It could be that Duke has changed his view and now passes the obvious litmustest: 911sraeldidit!!

  26. Franklin wrote:
    “The Palestinians still have not accepted the reality of the existence of Israel.”

    As i have demonstrated, this is NOT TRUE. They have tried to negotiate numerous times.
    What you expect from the Palestinians however, is a bit too much. By ‘recognizing’ Israel, they would be legitimizing the zionists theft of almost all their land. That is not realistic.

    Former BBC M.East correspondent and author, Alan Hart, had this to say on this matter;

    In the name of pragmatism, willingness to “merely to recognise” Israel – meaning to accept and live in peace with an Israel inside its pre-June ’67 borders – has long been the formal Palestinian and all-Arab position. Why does it stop short of recognising Israel’s “right to exist”, and why, really, does it matter so much to Zionism that Palestinians recognise this right?

    The answer is in the following.

    According to history as written by the winner, Zionism, Israel was given its birth certificate and thus legitimacy by the UN Partition Resolution of 29 November 1947. This is propaganda nonsense.

    In the first place the UN without the consent of the majority of the people of Palestine did not have the right to decide to partition Palestine or assign any part of its territory to a minority of alien immigrants in order for them to establish a state of their own.
    Despite that, by the narrowest of margins, and only after a rigged vote, the UN General Assembly did pass a resolution to partition Palestine and create two states, one Arab, one Jewish, with Jerusalem not part of either. But the General Assembly resolution was only a proposal – meaning that it could have no effect, would not become policy, unless approved by the Security Council.
    The truth is that the General Assembly’s partition proposal never went to the Security Council for consideration. Why not? Because the U.S. knew that, if approved, it could only be implemented by force given the extent of Arab and other Muslim opposition to it; and President Truman was not prepared to use force to partition Palestine.
    So the partition plan was vitiated (became invalid) and the question of what the hell to do about Palestine – after Britain had made a mess of it and walked away, effectively surrendering to Zionist terrorism – was taken back to the General Assembly for more discussion. The option favoured and proposed by the U.S. was temporary UN Trusteeship. It was while the General Assembly was debating what do that Israel unilaterally declared itself to be in existence – actually in defiance of the will of the organised international community, including the Truman administration.
    The truth of the time was that the Zionist state, which came into being mainly as a consequence of pre-planned ethnic cleansing, had no right to exist and, more to the point, could have no right to exist UNLESS … Unless it was recognised and legitimized by those who were dispossessed of their land and their rights during the creation of the Zionist state. In international law only the Palestinians could give Israel the legitimacy it craved.

    And that legitimacy was the only thing the Zionists could not and cannot take from the Palestinians by force.

    1. My advice to the Palestinians to accept the two state solution is not based on the morality or legality of Israel’s existence at all (I already knew about Israel’s dubious “legality by UN decree”), but merely on the reality of the situation. The Palestinians can never succeed in driving the Jews out of Palestine and let all refugees and their first, second, and third (!) generation descendants “return to their homes”. The Jews have already settled their stolen land with 6 million of their own people, founded many cities and developed the country economically. Besides, they have one of the strongest armies in the world, with chemical, biological and nuclear weapons. Terrorist attacks by fanatic Palestinians are at most a nuisance, but no serious threat.

      A Palestinian state in Gaza, the West Bank (except the major Jewish settlements blocks, with compensatory territorial swaps) and East Jerusalem, was within reach of the Palestinians in 2000 at Camp David. That was the maximum Israel was prepared to give. The Palestinians refused and Israel is now no more prepared to give the same, let alone more. Accept reality and get something, or keep your “dream” and get nothing!
      Politics and indeed most of human history has little to do with “justice” but everything with power. Mature people understand that.

      1. @ Franklin

        Making a deal with liars and murders only benefits the liars and murders as history has proven repeatedly.

    July 19, 2015 at 1:56 pm

    “Nearly all countries of the world have been founded on conquered territory, if only you go back enough into history. For some relatively recent examples : the US, Canada, Australia and
    New Zealand, “stolen” by Europeans from Indians, Eskimos, Aborigines and Maoris respectively.[…]I am glad you are “morally outraged” by the Jewish conquest of
    Palestine. But lest you may seem selectively outraged, you should be so outraged at least by 99% of human history.”

    Is Frank correct about such aspects of human history?
    You know what has also been 99% of human history Frank?
    But it is no longer ok to do it, is it?
    Israel came into being at a time when there was a framework of
    international law which said it was no longer ok to wage wars
    of conquest and to ethnically cleanse people.
    Now, we can try to enforce such a framework or, we can keep
    going towards ZUSAs notion of might makes right and see
    where that leads us… perhaps towards a last World War.
    I’m of German origin(and Italian), and what happened
    to the ethnic Germans at the end of(and for quite some years after)
    WWII was a tragedy indeed and, ironically, took place roughly
    while the zionists were ethnically cleansing the Palestinians.
    While the cynical Allies carried out the execution of German officials
    for doing exactly what the Communists and the zio scum did
    to the Germans and Palestinians.

    However, although the scale of the German expulsion was much
    larger, given the number of ethnic Germans was much larger than
    that of Palestinians, the situation of the Palestinians is worse.

    First bc as many as 80% of palestinians were expelled. While the Germans
    who lived in Eastern Europe, the Balkans, made up a minority of
    all Germans.
    Second bc the germans had at least the rump Germany to go to
    (though many immigrated to ZUSA, Canada, Brazil,Argentina,Australia, etc)
    while the palestinians were left with basically nothing.
    One must understand that the palestinians are, by and large,
    a especific Levantine ethnic group. To say go live in Syria, Lebanon,
    etc, would be the same as expelling the germans from Germany and telling them
    to go live in France, since they r all europeans.

    Franklin’s proposal seems to be for all people in the region
    to roll over and die,i.e, accept zionist hegemony.
    Hegemony is what the zionists have been looking for. Not peace.
    When Frank says, why can’t they all be like Egypt and Jordan,
    in essence he is saying: ‘why can’t they all accept being
    puppet states, bc that is exactly what Egypt and Jordan are.

    As for a Palestinian rump state on 10% of the land that belonged
    to them, as I pointed out and gave sources for, it is ISRAEL which
    has been always sabotaging it.
    Same for the wars, almost on every case, it’s the israeli rats
    who start it, and when palestinian militants retaliate, then it is
    mark Zero in the zio owned presstitute media.

    The creation of the zio entity has just made organized jewry so
    much more troublesome and dangerous.
    The zionists are not just involved in all sorts of shady schemes
    in the middle east, they are also very much involved in the
    hostile actions against Russia.

    Zionists generally hate Russia bc Russia has blocked zio efforts against Syria and Iran,
    bc of the crackdown on many Jewish oligarchs and Russia’s attempt to return to more
    traditional values, as opposed to the ‘cosmopolitan’ values promoted by the tribe.

    We can see some of the tribe’s promoted “cosmopolitan’ values in action in Russia during a school performance. I’m no prude, but keep in mind the girls ARE UNDERAGE.

    We should not forget to thank Freud and his pals for all this!

      1. “working on her butt”, such ambition? Don`t these girls realize that they are probably storing up huge future health problems? As for the “father” and “brother” in the first video, they are guilty of exploitation..

    1. i am no prude either but this exposed the slime that passes for jewish “soul”.
      look at the faces on these girls, does even one show any enthusiasm for this abomination?

      and when they graduate, what will be their academic qualifications:
      “i majored in twerking at the b’nai brith noahide vocational institute and gave valedictory speech out of my ass”.

      i don’t even know what twerking means and don’t care to find out, maybe some feminists can explain.

      whatever luca said above about how only palestinians can sanction israel’s right to exist can be expanded to gentiles and jews at large.

    2. But lest you may seem selectively outraged, you should be so outraged at least by 99% of human history

      i suspect that 99% of historical misery has been instigated by 1% of life-forms masqueraded as humans.
      the selection process suggests itself right there.

      1. The great crimes of human history have indeed been instigated by a small psychopathic minority, but that minority could never succesfully operate without the assistance of many other socalled “ordinary” people. Ultimately humanity gets the leadership it deserves.

  28. In the interests of full disclosure I am a non European Muslim.

    I have to thank Lasha Darkmoon for publishing Luca K’s comment. I have read it and will read it again (Please God) to fully digest it. I also have to thank Luca K for his writing.

    I have often visited the Saker’s blog and have at times commented there. I have found it to provide great insight and analysis into what is happening in the world however one thing which I find disturbing was the continued (Soviet) propaganda regarding WW II. I do understand that the Russian state has to maintain and promote unity especially at times of difficulty even if it is on the basis of lies and war propaganda. I just hope the Russian state realizes one cannot build upon deception, just like a marriage will not be successful if based upon deception.

    I wish to ask Luca K where on the Saker’s website he has posted his comment?

    Also for those who are knowledgeable regarding “Law” – Does amassing a huge army on a border constitute a declaration of war or the like?
    If the USSR did amass a huge army on the border and from Luca K’s writing (although I have had not time to read the sources he has provided) it seems that the USSR did this. Does this mean that the “crime of aggressive war” falls upon the USSR and not N.S Germany?

  29. Hello T,

    Well, I remember I placed a few comments roughly around the time before V day, when the saker blog was promoting the ‘great patriotic war’ partyline like crazy.

    I agree with you that there are interesting articles, interviews, etc at the saker.
    Unfortunately, there is also a bit of crap. Gotta keep the BS detector on at all times.
    Basically just like everywhere you go looking for info.


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