3 thoughts to “Edgar Allen Poe’s ‘The Raven’, read by Christopher Lee (12 mins.)”

  1. He only lived 40 years. I have always been curious what might have come from him had he lived 40 more.

    On composing compelling literature and poetry…. such that it affects mental visions, such as Poe did in the 19th century…

    …. this man lived only 66 years and changed 20th century cultures, not for the better:

    Philosopher Theodor Adorno wrote the Beatles Songs.

    Theodor W. Adorno (Tavistock Institute) was the brains behind the ‘Beatles’ as he held the rights to the music and eventually his estate sold those rights to Michael Jackson.

    Adorno a classical musician wrote their music and it was all filtered down through Paul who could not read a note of music by the way. In fact the only half way real musician in the band was George Harrison.

    John was a poet who could strum a few chords and Ringo a hack drummer at best. George often wondered why they never wanted to use his songs.

    The Beatles were introduced to the public as a means to spread youth culture which led to the spreading of the ‘New Age’ culture and this was all geared to setting up a nihilistic culture that is all to present today. It’s called divide and conquer but this gets into a whole different ‘Pandora’s Box’ if you will.

    Things are not what they seem.

    Adorno pic at Tavistock:


    Oh and as an aside, Paul ended up being Knighted, and you don’t get Knighted unless you have done as you were told and made your masters proud.


    1. George Harrison (Hari’s son)..

      “I was pretty sure he was just a gardener,” Dhani said, noting his father often spent 12 hours a day nurturing plants on his estate grounds.”
      As he grew wearier of the cacophony of rock instruments, the screams of fans and the details of the music business, he retreated further into the garden, even proclaiming himself a gardener (as opposed to a musician) in his autobiography I Me Mine, named after one of his Beatles songs.

      “George aspired to leave his body in a conscious manner and that was a goal of his life, you know. That is the whole point of meditation, the whole point of spiritual practice,” says Olivia. “He used to say: ‘You can’t just remember God at the end of your life.’ The thing that you remember most in your life is what you are going to remember when you die and he said to me: ‘I don’t want to be thinking, did I put the cat out?’ ”

      “During his last days, Krishna devotees were by his side and he left his body to the sounds of the Hare Krishna mantra,”

      OM HARE OM

  2. Though this is so much a famous poem, it should not be considered as great an accomplishment for Poe as his ‘Annabel Lee’, which is symmetrically perfect – and maybe the most grim, most beautiful love poem ever composed. The loss of one’s “one true love” is the primer and purpose of these compositions.

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