Emergency Alert! — YouTube to ban all Dr David Duke’s videos!

Emergency Alert!
— How You Can Help Save My YouTube Channel and Videos!

david duke banned

Letter by Dr David Duke

Dear Friend,

This is the most important letter I have ever sent to you! The Zionists have launched an all-out, brutal effort to wipe out my powerful, world-changing Videos and Youtube Channel.

Without your help – we will lose our greatest tool to expose & depose these tyrants!

Yesterday —  they began their attack by banning my video previewing my very soon to be published — world-changing new book — The Illustrated Protocols of Zion.

Then they immediately removed 7 more of my powerful videos and stop any new uploads!

YouTube then sent me notice that my video channel and all my videos:

“… the David Duke Channel will be terminated in ten days.”

The Jewish extremists are in a hateful rage about my new book — even before its release! They desperately want to keep people from reading my amazing book, and to kill my videos, — the most powerful tools on Earth that expose their crimes against Europeans and all humanity.

They are livid with hatred and rage over the fact that over 90 percent of my millions of  viewers rate my videos “thumbs up!  They are determined to wage all out war against me.

The first time the Zionists tried to terminate my Youtube site they claimed my videos were “hate speech” that violated “community values.’ A heroic effort by my most generous and dedicated supporters, expending both time and money — won! — My videos were ruled not “hate speech” and restored. The truth is that over 90 percent of people simply recognize the truth when they hear it expressed as clearly and effectively as I do!

The Zio-haters are relentless. Failing to silence me with “hateful lies alleging hate,” they now  try bogus copyright claims to close my channel and ban my videos. But,  under “fair use” I have every right to excerpt broadcasts to expose media bias and use public domain material.

So, now I am in the fight of my life to save my videos and channel – so that you and millions of others can use them to help wake up our friends and families. Without your immediate, most generous support, we cannot win this “David and Goliath” battle.

I have already contacted lawyers, including those who helped me win my last battles against both copyright charges and YouTube takedowns. Unfortunately, great legal help and other costs are enormously expensive. Effective alternatives and strategies to YouTube also demand a lot of money and effort. We must now upgrade our own video server.  I will outline my plans and strategies on the next page! Please make a gift and give me your heartfelt commitment to support me in this fight to save my videos which are so critical for our survival and freedom.

Please give your generous support and action, because without your help we will lose our most powerful weapon for our freedom and heritage! 


Dr. David Duke

Here’s the link to Save our Youtube Channel:

SAVE Dr. Duke’s YouTube Channel and Videos HERE!

28 thoughts to “Emergency Alert! — YouTube to ban all Dr David Duke’s videos!”

  1. Dear Darkmoon/Bloggers:
    In addition to his efforts, Dr. David Duke needs to do what others are doing: 1.) transfer his material offshore to a country like Iceland (.is); Jim Stone of Jimstonefreelance.com is doing this to avoid FCC/Internet gatekeeper interference: 2.) put the material on sites like Trutube.com. Our fight against Zionists must continue. Thanks, Norbert.

  2. For those of you who want Dr. Duke’s postal mailing location, go into his ‘contacts’ site, and request it. (I already have obtained it, just now, but do not wish to post it on this site, for reasons which should be obvious.) (I only use a credit card for pay-at-pump gasoline, as I do not fly commercial, anymore, nor have to rent cars, anymore.)

    As long as there are casinos, ‘organized’ crime, AND unorganized crime – there will be CASH! 🙂

  3. “I have already contacted lawyers, including those who helped me win my last battles against both copyright charges and YouTube takedowns.”

    Who are these ‘good’ lawyers? Others may need them.

  4. Dr. Duke’s ‘My Awakening’ was mine, too. May God help him as He has until now. Amen.

  5. David Duke never says anything anywhere without asking for money and I have heard many claim him to be controlled opposition. It’s sad to see Lasha lending her name and credibility to the Duke psyop. But such is the price for being high society, eh Lash?
    Yes, the world will survive if we don’t feed Duke money to fight you-tube- and let’s be clear, why is it that all you freedom fighters need to be so dependent on Jews to get your message out? Can you not see that it will never get out on Jew Tube. By the way Tru- Tube is in all likelihood the way the Jews separate the Jew aware dissent from the ppl that believe in blood drinking lizzards. The important thing is the A. Jones crowd is not supposed to interact with the Jew-aware crowd.
    Duke sells fighting the JWO like Jack Lelane sells the amazing juicer. If we want a goy society, you need to start acting like Goy, not mimicking Jews

  6. If Duke were any threat to the Pharisees he would be treated like Julius Streicher, and would not need money for lawyers.

    Who are those ‘good’ lawyers, helping him? Maybe SPLC crowd.

  7. My problem with DD, is that not once have I ever heard him mention Rothschild or any of his ilk. Not once have I heard him speak out against the imprisonment of holocaust revisionists. Not once have I heard him question the many disconnects associated with the holocaust. Not once have I heard him speak out about the new world order. Not once have I heard him question 9/11 & 7/7 being done by the US, UK secret services, with government complicity along with Mossad. So until I hear DD speak out about that, maybe then will I consider supporting his Jew Tube website, that I incidentally never watch.

    1. You know, Harbinger, the good doctor and his hairpiece can fend for themselves. As much as he might be revered in certain circles, he surely doesn’t have my support. I think he is a fake.

      1. He seems to be the American equivalent of George Galloway, just with the white nationalism Galloway doesn’t agree with. I don’t really think he’s a man of his salt, as he avoids many important facts about reality.

    2. Well, that is not true. I am listening and watching his video on 9/11 and Mossad complicity ( right now) so why do you lie about this? Comments that you make like this are very misleading.

  8. Be careful about donating as his donation page isn’t secured. It does not have that locked padlock icon, which means its not safe to expose your CC number.

  9. Bloggers:
    You are all correct. Each different faction of the Globalist elite pretend to be competing against each other, but secretly work together when the endgame is the same. Each faction emphasiizes the others as the culprit of the NWO. In this way they use the Hegelian dialectic to divide and conquer. They also use the Controlled Opposition aspect for the same end. Confusion brings division brings conquest. The GMO labelling debate, headed by people that actually had interests in Biotech concerns (government or corporations) is an example. The safest claim one can make is that you know who controls things when you can not critize them or do not go to jail (fines only), ie. Jews or Banksters or multinational corporations. But the root of all of these are the Secret Societies that the groups are in, which ultimately leads to Occultism/Satanism. Thus any event of the past, present and future must be analyzed by the Hegelian dialectic, Layers of the Onion and Controlled opposition perspectives. Having a Biblical understanding and asking Who benefits, also helps. Don’t knock it – it works! In this world, most of us truther/ conspiracy theorist types know not to believe the MSM – TV, Radio, Newsprint, as well as Hollywood and the main internet technology companies. I wish I had a dagger/cross to put into Dracula’s heart. Thanks, Norbert.

    1. Norbert,

      We all have a Cross to impale Dracula’s heart. But it only works if we pick it up and carry it first.

      Nice post by the way. With all the fighting around here I wanted to let you know I’m not giving you a shot or anything.

  10. Jesus loves you David
    ‘First they came for …David Duke. And I did not speak out’
    Must pray and…

  11. The one salient characteristic of the Jews is that they never miss whatever opportunity to suck money out of the goyim. Remember Larry Silverstein…

  12. “The Jewish extremists are in a hateful rage about my new book — even before its release! ”

    Wow! How smart is DD! With this 3 in 1 formula, he might publicize his book (sell it virtually) ,get money from it before and after its release!
    They are unrivaled when it comes to money matters.

  13. Was not David Duke at one time connected to the KKK? Isn’t he a white supremacist? The KKK murdered people simply for the color of their skin and called them “niggers”.

    1. The KKK maintained order in the war-torn South after the Civil War. The first klan was disbanded in 1872. In 1915 the second klan was born and it operated until 1944, when it dissolved. Since 1944 there have been many organizations calling themselves the “klan,” one of which was founded by Duke himself. However, the actual KKK hasn’t been around since 1944.

  14. Jewish Lobby’s problem with Dr. David Duke is not that later was a member of anti-Black KKK. The real problem is David Duke’s attending the Tehran Holocaust Conference along with six European rabbis. In his speech at the conference Duke said that Islamic regime in Tehran has provided an example how to stand up to the ‘Jewish power’.

    Many Jews not only funded KKK but held high positions in the so-called ‘antisemite’ group.

    Very few brainwashed American racists know that one of the co-founders of KKK was Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest (Jewish) of Confederate army, famous for killing hundreds of Black Union soldiers who’d already surrendered. A Florida (Jacksonville) school is named after this Jew hero. KKK have had also many Jewish members and Grand Dragons like Daniel Burros who was a leading member of KKK for many years, saying: “kill, kill, kill” until his skull-cap got blown-up showing him to be a racist Zionist Jew. The other notable Jew was Jordan Gollub, Grand Wizard in Mississippi.


  15. I’d look some proof of Forrest’s supposed Jewish ancestry.

    As for the Fort Pillow massacre, Forrest informed the Union jackals that if they didn’t surrender, he’d fuck their shit up, and he did.

  16. 3/21/2015
    I listened to a reent audio of Jim & Joe Rizoli internet radio, What is Truth?,
    and they said that YouTube is going to close their YouTube site for having content critical of Jewish power. They also mentioned that this month the state of MA legislature passed a resolution supporting the notion of making criticism of Jewish-Power [my term] illegal and New Jersey, [the state where FBI operation Big Rig 2 arrested 44 all or almost Jews in government and 5 rabbis for laundering money from black market organ trafficking and where a presumably blackmailed governor or homosexual persuasion appointed a mossad agent [whom he first “encountered” on a free trip to Israel],to be head of New Jersey state homeland security agency- has introduced a bill that if passed would make criticism of Jewish-power a criminal offense; just at it was in the USSR from as soon as the Bolsheviks were handed the reins of power.
    I think it is strategically wise for anyone who wishes to be able to bring his message to Europe in person to stay clear of the Holohoax quicksand. Duke’s niche is the preservation and defense of WHite people from the Judaic onslaught. The Holohoax is important but it does not need DD nor should it be a Shibboleth to exclude truth seekers and tellers by other putative truth seekers.

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