Empire of Chaos Preparing For More Fireworks in 2016

By Pepe Escobar


In his seminal ‘Fall of Rome: And the End of Civilization,’ Bryan Ward-Perkins writes, “Romans before the fall were as certain as we are today that their world would continue forever… They were wrong. We would be wise not to repeat their complacency.”

The Empire of Chaos, today, is not about complacency. It’s about hubris – and fear. Ever since the start of the Cold War the crucial question has been who would control the great trading networks of Eurasia – or the “heartland”, according to Sir Halford John Mackinder (1861–1947), the father of geopolitics.

We could say that for the Empire of Chaos, the game really started with the CIA-backed coup in Iran in 1953, when the US finally encountered, face to face, that famed Eurasia crisscrossed for centuries by the Silk Road(s), and set out to conquer them all.

Only six decades later, it’s clear there won’t be an American Silk Road in the 21st century, but rather, just like its ancient predecessor, a Chinese one. Beijing’s push for what it calls “One Belt, One Road” is inbuilt in the 21st century conflict between the declining empire and Eurasia integration. Key subplots include perennial NATO expansion and the empire’s obsession in creating a war zone out of the South China Sea.

As the Beijing-Moscow strategic partnership analyses it, the oligarchic elites who really run the Empire of Chaos are bent on the encirclement of Eurasia – considering they may be largely excluded from an integration process based on trade, commerce and advanced communication links.

Beijing and Moscow clearly identify provocation after provocation, coupled with relentless demonization. But they won’t be trapped, as they’re both playing a very long game.

Russian President Vladimir Putin diplomatically insists on treating the West as “partners”. But he knows, and those in the know in China also know, these are not really “partners”. Not after NATO’s 78-day bombing of Belgrade in 1999. Not after the purposeful bombing of the Chinese Embassy. Not after non-stop NATO expansionism. Not after a second Kosovo in the form of an illegal coup in Kiev. Not after the crashing of the oil price by Gulf petrodollar US clients. Not after the Wall Street-engineered crashing of the ruble. Not after US and EU sanctions. Not after the smashing of Chinese A shares by US proxies on Wall Street. Not after non-stop saber rattling in the South China Sea. Not after the shooting down of the Su-24.

It’s only a thread away

A quick rewind to the run-up towards the downing of the Su-24 is enlightening. Obama met Putin. Immediately afterwards Putin met Khamenei. Sultan Erdogan had to be alarmed; a serious Russian-Iranian alliance was graphically announced in Teheran. That was only a day before the downing of the Su-24.

France’s Hollande met Obama. But then Hollande met Putin. Erdogan was under the illusion he fabricated the perfect pretext for a NATO war, to be launched following Article 5 of the NATO Charter. Not by accident failed state Ukraine was the only country to endorse – in haste – the downing of the Su-24. Yet NATO itself recoiled – somewhat in horror; the empire was not ready for nuclear war.

At least not yet. Napoleon knew history turns on a slender thread. As much as Cold War 2.0 remains in effect we were, and will remain, just a thread away from nuclear war.

Whatever happens in the so-called Syrian peace process the proxy war between Washington and Moscow will continue. Hubristic US Think-Tank Land  can’t see it any other way.

For Exceptionalist neocons and neoliberalcons alike, the only digestible endgame is a partition of Syria. The Erdogan system would gobble up the north. Israel would gobble up the oil-rich Golan Heights. And House of Saud proxies would gobble up the eastern desert.

Russia literally bombed all these elaborate plans to ashes because the next step after partition would feature Ankara, Riyadh – and a “leading from behind” Washington – pushing a Jihadi Highway all the way north to the Caucasus as well as Central Asia and Xinjiang (there are already at least 300 Uyghurs fighting for ISIS/ISIL/Daesh.) When all else fails, nothing like a Jihadi Highway plunged as a dagger in the body of Eurasia integration.

In the Chinese front, whatever “creative” provocations the Empire of Chaos may come up with, they won’t derail Beijing’s aims in the South China Sea – that vast basin crammed with unexplored oil and gas wealth and prime naval highway to and from China. Beijing is inevitably configuring itself by 2020 as a formidable haiyang qiangguo – a naval power.

Washington may supply $250 million in military “aid” to Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia for the next two years, but that’s mostly irrelevant. Whatever “creative” imperial ideas would have to take into account, for instance, the DF-21D “carrier killer” ballistic missile, with a 2,500 km range and capable of carrying a nuclear warhead.

On the economic front, Washington-Beijing will remain prime proxy war territory. Washington pushes the TPP – or NATO on trade pivoting to Asia? It’s still a Sisyphean task, because the 12 member nations need to ratify it, not least the US featuring an extremely hostile Congress.

Against this American one-trick pony, Xi Jinping, for his part, is deploying a complex three-pronged strategy; China’s own counterpunch to the TPP, the Free Trade Area of the Asia-Pacific (FTAAP); the immensely ambitious “One Belt, One Road”; and the means to finance a tsunami of projects, the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) – the Chinese counter-punch to the World Bank and the US-Japan-controlled Asian Development Bank (ADB).

For Southeast Asia, for instance, the numbers tell the story. Last year, China was the top ASEAN partner, to the tune of $367 billion. This will grow exponentially with One Belt, One Road – which will absorb $200 billion in Chinese investment up to 2018.

Heart of Darkness – revisited

Prospects for Europe are nothing but bleak. French-Iranian researcher Farhad Khosrokhavar has been one of the few who identified the crux of the problem. A jihadi reserve army across Europe will continue to feed on batallions of excluded youth in poor inner cities. There is no evidence EU neoliberalcons will be fostering sound socio-economic policies to extract these alienated masses from the ghettos, employing new forms of socialization.

So the escape route will continue to be a virus-like version of Salafi-jihadism, sold by wily, PR-savvy profiteers as a symbol of resistance; the only counter-ideology available on the market. Khosrokhavar defined it as the neo-umma – an “effervescent community that never existed historically”, but now openly inviting any young European, Muslim or otherwise, afflicted by an identity crisis.

In parallel, on our way into a full 15 years of the endless neocon war against independent states in the Middle East, the Pentagon will be turbo-charging an unlimited expansion of some of its existing bases – from Djibouti in the Horn of Africa to Irbil in Iraqi Kurdistan – into “hubs”.

From sub-Saharan Africa to Southwest Asia, expect a hub boom, all of them merrily hosting Special Forces; the operation was described by Pentagon supremo Ash “Empire of Whining” Carter as “essential”; “Because we cannot predict the future, these regional nodes – from Moron, Spain to Jalalabad, Afghanistan – will provide forward presence to respond to a range of crises, terrorist and other kinds. These will enable unilateral crisis response, counter-terror operations, or strikes on high-value targets.”

It’s all here: unilateral Exceptionalistan in action against anyone who dares to defy imperial diktats.

From Ukraine to Syria, and all across MENA (Middle East and North Africa), the proxy war between Washington and Moscow, with higher and higher stakes, won’t abate. Imperial despair over the irreversible Chinese ascent also won’t abate. As the New Great Game picks up speed, and Russia supplies Eurasian powers Iran, China and India with missile defense systems beyond anything the West has, get used to the new normal; Cold War 2.0 between Washington and Beijing-Moscow.

I leave you with Joseph Conrad, writing in Heart of Darkness:

“There is a taint of death, a flavor or mortality in lies….To tear treasure out of the bowels of the land was their desire, with no more moral purpose at the back of it than there is in burglars breaking into a safe….We could not understand because we were too far and could not remember, because we were traveling in the night of first ages, of those ages that are gone, leaving hardly a sign – and no memories…”

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  1. As usual our Brazilian friend, Pepe, succinctly puts his finger on all the salient points of the geopolitical shenanigans of the evil empire and its European puppet states. Economically the US is in deep fertilizer: 51% of workers earning less than $30,000 per year, myriads of homeless, hunger and increased levels of poverty, deepening debt, a rapidly disappearing middle class, student debt levels on the increase and so on! According to Shadowstats real unemployment is 23% and annual inflation is at least 10%. So the US PTB distract their ignorant, illiterate and semi-literate population by foreign adventurism. In 1964, before his death, Douglas MacArthur told LBJ (Looney Bins Johnson) never involve the US in a land war in Asia. Of course after that LBJ ups the ante in Vietnam. After that in the 21st Century, the “intellectual” Jewish morons involve the US in unending war in West Asia! Duh!
    Meanwhile, Russia and China continue to increase their gold holdings, while decreasing their holdings of treasury bills. The Yuan is now an international currency and already Russia and other countries are floating loans in it and using it in trade transactions. No wonder the Judea-Masonic Empire is terrified.

    1. No wonder the Judea-Masonic Empire is terrified.

      I wish they were a bit more terrified, but there are no signs of any diminution of hubris. The strutting neocon monkeys are still strutting all over the place and beating their Judeo-Masonic breasts. I’d like to see them pack up their military bases all over the world, return home en masse, and help rebuild America. The rich bastards in Wall Street need their balls cutting off. And the starving poor need a roof over their heads and food in their bellies. A fairer distribution of wealth, that’s what is needed.

      1. “Judea-Masonic” ? Leave the Masons out of it. Talmudic Jewstalmudicjewstalmudicjestalmudicjewstalmudicjewsalmudicjews……………

      2. Glad someone else picked up on that,
        Judeo-Masonic boils down to just Judeo.
        Rattlesnakes and skinks are not in the same league.

        I find it unfortunate that so many people believe that piling up Dilution Factors gives them air of erudition and gravitas, when in fact, all it does is provide the Jew with another place to hide, another stalking horse, another bag of squid ink, him gleefully disappearing in the police lineup of usual and minor suspects, putting on his harmless Woody Allen act.
        Masons, Jesuits, Hitler, Putin, the Royals, Vatican, WASP elite, Islam, Sicilian Mafia, Yellow Hordes, all convenient invisibility cloaks for Jew.
        Why do him a big favor, unpaid to add insult to injury?

        Karen understands: it is Jew, Jew, Jew, Der Ewige Jude.
        (Circassian, for example, either doesn’t understand or doesn’t want to understand and accused me of psychosis, obsessional delusion and mental instability)

    2. Felix –

      China is decreasing purchases of gold and increasing sales of gold.

      Gold doesn’t pay interest. Bonds do.

      The US is raising interest rates. That takes away from ALL bullion price increases.

      Gold is expected to be around $950 by end of 2016.

      China will lose money on the holdings.

      Pharisee-Jew Bankers and Brokers in London know to sell gold to China when prices are high… and buy it back from China when prices are low.

      China loses. 🙂

      1. I am no gold bug and my understanding of economics follows my interest, which is unenthusiastic.
        However, it is not a trivial subject, so every once in a while I must pay attention.

        This is my crude, Jackson Pollock style picture.
        Rothschilds either have most of world’s gold that’s already dug up but even if they don’t, everybody thinks they do, so that even this belief gives them control of gold price.

        Here is how I would establish the lower bound for gold valuation.
        1. Work out the UPPER bound on all the world’s gold (+platinum + silver +
        palladium, etc, the expensive metals that can be used as a monetary stuff)
        2. Compile a list of non-perishable, non-depreciating goods, basically the real estate.
        Make the ones in group 1 equivalent to the group 2.
        In other words, what’s the Earth worth?
        It is worth the sum of all the precious metals.
        And then assign some number to that, say a quadrillion (1,000 trillion? Whatever)
        And then print money the sum of which equals that number, call It §.
        What is an ounce of gold worth?
        (Roughly, you get the idea) §/total_wt_gold

        There, it takes the speculation out of the economy, except the seasonal gamble based on weather, crop yield, bugs, etc, which is what the futures market was created for.

        Of course, the actual amount of Rothschild gold is the cockroach in the ointment.
        This uncertainty is worth more to the witch doctors than the gold itself.
        I have no doubt that Sino-Rus statisticians and geologists are putting their heads together to get some ball park figure.
        My pretty safe guess is that if you add up all the Earth’s gold (oz) and multiply it by $1,000, it wouldn’t represent 0.1% of the petrobucks floating out there.
        Meaning that gold is probably a good buy, especially in these highly unstable, uncertain times when YOU JUST KNOW that Jew is planning to yank that rug real hard.
        Maybe all those bling laden nigs aren’t as dumb as they look 🙂

        Next lesson in lobronomics:
        How to tell when your shopping cart is full.

      2. Dear ‘Jackson’ – 🙂

        What is an ounce of gold worth?

        Easy answer….
        What someone is willing to pay.

        In many parts of world… Gold necklaces and bracelets are made of links for easy removal for trade.

      3. Kingdom for a horse! Any horse …
        When I was in Sarajevo, I heard wartime tales of deprivation whereby the UN “peacekeepers” would trade a kilo of sugar or flour for a solid gold florin (or whatever it was called, the antique coin from AustroHungarian times).
        I was told that the worst, most rapacious were Ukrainian soldiers, so when Ukraine took a dive into the latrine, the Bosnians cheered.
        But there you go, many guys literally put their lives on the line to risk buying a carton of smokes at some checkpoint with the snipers just waiting for a chance to take a potshot.
        Still, I am talking global economy, not the Bosnian ant farm 🙂
        Those guys are tough, believe me, they will survive no matter what.
        Radioactive pasta? Great, I love spicy food.

      4. Pat,

        Dream on. China doesn’t lose, US is.

        China doesn’t offload their gold, they’re buying cheap as the paper gold price is based on future contracts and is being manipulated down 24/7 by your LPB’s COMEX. They are losing their physical gold, and it’s heading east because the Chinese want delivery. You see, they aren’t stupid.

        Ironically that’s why central banks are also buying like crazy.

      5. Pat,
        I beg to differ. Although the Shanghai Gold Exchange is selling gold, that is to private buyers. Many governments seeing the writing on the wall are slowly stockpiling gold. For every ounce of physical gold there are over 300 ounces of “paper” gold i.e. not real gold. The Fed and J.P. Morgan have been manipulating the gold price for years. Last month, alone, Russia added 22 tons. The Germans tried to get the 1,500 tons of gold they had on deposit at the Fed and were told no! They weren’t even allowed to see it. It’s the same with silver. Try buying physical gold or silver bullion and you will see you have to pay a premium.
        Also, Europe and the States, now have bail-in programs. When, not if, the next derivative crash occurs, anyone in the US and Europe can say adios to most of their deposits. One can see this by the hysterical war on cash being waged in most of the so-called Free World. In the US one reads daily of poor innocents having their cash confiscated by the police. Even if they aren’t convicted of a crime, the cash is never returned. If I were a young American or European, I’d get the hell out and go and live in a sane part of the world.

      6. Felix –

        Thanks for sharing your guesses on gold. Everybody owns at least one. I enjoy the stories.

        I have been trading silver since 1965 and gold since 1975. I am familiar with all you mentioned…. and much, much more. Hell, I used believe Don McAlvany in 70s and 80s, and Jim Sinclair and the like in the 80s and 90s. Toss in Celente and Schiff… etc. I left all ten dozen and more such salesmen in the 20th century. Most are Jews. Sinclair admitted he is a Seligman. So, I don’t tout their ‘fear-porn’ guesses either.
        Mc Alvany: https://mcalvany.com/
        Sinclair: http://www.jsmineset.com/

        I said ‘guesses’ because we all rely on ‘reporters’ and ‘releases’ and ‘announcements’ and we do not inspect the Chinese and Russian warehouses to see the growth of their reserves. You really cannot say for sure how much Russia shipped in, any more than you could know how much I bought 30 years ago or this month.

        I do not guess about any kind of huge crash. It has been predicted since 1960. If it is really drastic, then food is a better stockpile than metals anyway. Except maybe for….. lead(Pb). 🙂

        HAVE THIS….

        Sinclair interviewed:

        I have no worry about gold now because I know how
        things end in the market even before they begin. I am
        the son of one of the world’s greatest traders, Bertram
        J. Seligman
        , who like, Jesse Livermore, always knew
        what was over the horizon.

        I do not pretend to have all the talent of those market
        giants but just some of it. Goldman Sachs, Solomon
        Brothers, Lehman Brothers, and Bache were a few of
        the firms started by my family. All this appears in a
        book called “Our Crowd.”

        Although Bertram Seligman was my father, James
        Sinclair (from my mother) has been my name since
        birth. If it had been possible, I would have changed
        my surname back to my father’s prior to entering
        my career.

    3. @ Felix

      You said, “Meanwhile, Russia and China continue to increase their gold holdings, while decreasing their holdings of treasury bills.”

      You are correct based on everything that I read on the issue. Some folks mistakenly think that the Shanghai Gold Exchange selling gold is the Chinese government selling gold. The reality is that the Chinese government is the biggest customer taking physical delivery of gold from the Shanghai Gold Exchange.

  2. The West (namely, America) can be plunged into the heart of darkness by an attack against our “power grid”. Relative to a (perhaps fantastical and unrealistic) nuclear assault, it would be relatively uncomplicated (read “simple”), and therefore very appealing to the jihadist mentality. THERE is where it can be expected to happen – not from Russia or any other potential and misconstrued aggressor. The idea of another “cold war” is nothing more than a sensational marketing scam based on Fear & Greed (proven very successful in promoting debt and dominion).

    1. with all the so callerd and misnamed muslim suicide bombings, amelika would have had all the destruction or soem of it allready besides fbi foot booglurs and scrtatchit bombers, sic,just driving around any major city are targets that can be disblerd from the reeways, electrical ,water, and god knows ,it hasnt happened yet because governments are allways the source of all terror, mslims do not sicide bomb, they are tricked into appearting to be do by guerss who? neon noodle,!!!!israel snipes amelikan sojerz , they love killing dem and then watching dem take it out on the directed source such dumoos never eva learn. allways an israeli attac hed to melikan units like in red artmy the political commisar ,the rted army regulars loved it when the germens cerased to exidst them.it will be a blood bath bt better that than giving up like a fool to the slaughter hgouse as solyenetskin sed, and then they banned his book in amelka oh the hrrort, now if the big wave displacemntg from the idslands in atlantic volcano landslide it will take out new york and florida will be overun that takes care of most jews eastside then hollywood will be so fun with nuts running all over the place no oner will be safe in a synagog. with n o whites left except the mioldy jews who will be reasonable fascimile.

  3. This article has appeared before on Information Clearing House, on which I found following comments :

    · 3 days ago
    Pepe Escobar is a brilliant man, but he has missed the main issue: Jews. Your reaction is normal and common: you’re just a fellow, but the day men like Pepe Escobar will understand that hell on earth is jewish, that will be it; to late for humanity.

    +30Jenny G’s avatar
    Jenny G · 3 days ago
    ” agenda of blaming everything on the Jews. ”

    Pretty much everything can be blamed on the jews! They have been run out of every country on the planet. They are universally hated wherever they go and wherever they exist! There must be a reason!

    For more comments on the theme of the Jews as the real power behind the “Empire of Chaos”, go to : http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article43813.htm

  4. One other point. The US and their lickspittles in Europe have absolutely no idea how hated they are by the majority of human beings on this planet. I honestly believe that many people would applaud the nuclear incineration of those little continents! Unfortunately, I would not as I have many friends and relatives living there.
    But looking at it from the perspective of reaping what you have sown, i.e. Karma! Can there be any other outcome? Since the end of World War Two there have been 248 wars. The Judeo-Masonic Empire starting over 200 of them and killing more than 30 million people. Remember Jesus, “Those that live by the sword will die by the sword!” But I suppose if one lives in an exceptional country (A queen I sit) then I guess divine law doesn’t apply!

  5. “Empire of Chaos Preparing For More Fireworks in 2016”

    Sure…. The old infrastructures of ‘Muslim-Land’ will not support current technological requirements for the ‘Usury-Bizznezz.’

    And camel paths are not suitable for driving Corvettes and Mustangs at 100 mph.

    Pepe wrote, “…oligarchic elites who really run the Empire of Chaos…”

    Yep. I have said that for many decades. I call them Pharisee-Jew Bankers of London. I get hate mail.

    Pepe claimed, “As much as Cold War 2.0 remains in effect we were, and will remain, just a thread away from nuclear war.”

    No, Pepe. Cold Wars ALWAYS bring huge profits through the acceptance of higher prices. And Cold Wars increase jobs, especially for the US lobbyists hired by the Russian Government and businesses. U.S. sanctions against Russia are becoming a boon for Washington’s lobbyists:

    Russian paid US lobbyists might say, “Cold Wars… been berra berra good… to me.”
    That would be in lieu of SNL’s Garrett Morris doing Chico Escuela’s, “Baseball… been berra berra good… to me.”

    Pepe relayed that… “Russian President Vladimir Putin diplomatically insists on treating the West as“partners”.

    Of course he does. Putin knows the Pharisee-Jew Bankers of London controlling the USA also control Russia, and have since 1917. Pepe already showed that as he wrote, “…oligarchic elites who really run the Empire of Chaos…”

    Pepe should keep in mind that The Romans, Sir Halford John Mackinder, Napoleon and ALL those other players and reporters of ‘chaos-past’… never had a cell phone, Twitter account, FaceBook page or a blog-site. They never heard EF Hutton speak either. The results would have been very different.


    Chaos??? Sure…. The best tool..!! I see great and brilliant plans for ‘business sculpting’ by the pathetic killers of cultures. Pharisee-Jew Bankers of London.

    Bomb the herd along… to Europe.

    Since the ‘USA-esque’ schools, colleges, stock markets, central banks, corporate structures and other ‘institutions of usury studies and practices’ do not exist to a sufficient degree where Muslims abound, the Muslims are being moved to the ‘USURY TRAINING GROUNDS’ of Western cultures. On the job training(OJT) will abound. That’s the quickest way to bring the Muslims ALL THE WAY into the 21st century. Waiting to conduct the training in their lands would take decades. Thousands of ‘usury system operators’ are needed… SOON..!!

    The ‘One-sided Student Exchange Programs’ of today are sorely needed, sooner, rather than later. That’s how I would term the result of the massive refugee resettlement into Europe. Only one side brings the students of all ages, but especially the young men, wanting….. faster cars, younger women, older whiskey and …. MORE DEBT(money)..!! (Thanks to Tom T. for the hint.) Umm-mmm-mmm… If Mohammad only knew.

    The Pharisee-Jew oligarchs must have the highly re-programmed… trained and competitive and greedy and new-car-owning and ‘titty-bar’ carousing and bisexual and homosexual Muslim ‘usury-slaves’ to operate and grow the present and MAINLY future establishments, in places where those conditions have never existed.

    Stock market do better when the grunts know how it works. The Middle Easterners are very very highly intelligent. So they ARE easily led by logical schemes to get more of what they want. They are really good, students, technicians and businessmen here in America. I have known quite a few. They snap to profits… FAST..!! They all want nice new cars.

      1. Lamborghinis!

        Yess. Weakness abounds…

        My Chinese friend, born in China, got an inheritance north of $20 million 20 years ago… for himself and sister in California.

        His very first purchase was two Lamborghinis..! One for himself and one for his wife.

        He probably has ‘spare parts’ sources also. 🙂

    1. “the Muslims are being moved to the ‘USURY TRAINING GROUNDS’ of Western cultures.”
      Pat, you are wrong on this one.

      I think back to 1971, you do remember the “oil crisis” … The housing market here in Belgium was on the ground and you could buy a home for little money. Especially the older houses with two floors in the cities were really cheap, for reasons of expensive heating at that moment.

      I was just married and wanted a loan to buy a house, the interest rate was 12.5 percentage. I decided not to buy a house and to pay for it twice, once to the owner and once the Jewish banker.

      You also know that i 1971 was a peak year for immigration of muslim sand beetles mainly Moroccan in Belgium and Europe … Moroccan and Turks bought at that time whole streets in old residential areas, full of beautiful old houses, they borrowed money through an Islamic banking and paying NO interest. In this country a muslim buy’s for 150000 Euro and have to pay mimimuum 200 euro a month for as long as he lives, if he die the loan goes on to his eldest son and he goes on with the monthly payment. As long as the loan isn’t paid off, the house remains property of the bank.

      Stupid hardworking Belgians were paying 12.5 percentage.
      I’ve always thought that the “oil crisis” of 1971 was really a hoax of the jew to anchor here in Belgium and Europe the Muslims. And do not forget: jews and muslimd work very close together to finish us off and that is the only reason for the invasion of these days, 70 percent of the invaders are young men or are they soldiers for allah?



      1. Thanks Gilbert –

        I am familiar with these issues. I bought my second home in 1971.

        The oil crisis was a scheme for raising petroleum products prices in the US. The price of gasoline in US was $0.09/liter..!! Today, it is still just $0.45/liter where I live, while most EU countries pay over twice the US price for gasoline. Hong Kong pays almost $2.00/liter.

        I did not read much in the links that was unknown to me, or that would change my guesses about the future.

        My definition of usury is the original one… any fees added to a loan. A loan “usage” fee. That includes flat fees, simple interest, and compound interest.

        Muslims pay fees added to loans, they just don’t call it usury. 🙂

        I guess that, like other humans, Muslims will fall prey to greed and fear. The same greed and fear fueling all markets around the world.

        From your link:

        Even Muslims are concerned:

        “Muslim and financial leaders agree that it’s not just a personal or religious issue; it’s also a community and economic concern. They say a lack of acceptable financing has slowed Islamic entrepreneurial efforts and stunted business expansion in the Twin Cities. Some say the void has prevented Muslims from expanding their wealth, which has lessened their economic impact on the region.”

        Many have ALREADY given in:

        “Many Muslims in Minnesota have no choice but to get a traditional bank loan. We all do it out of need.(greed and fear) This is the system. I can’t change it overnight, but this is a start.”

        Notice the Muslims don’t like interest.. but don’t refuse GRANTS…GIFTS… HANDOUTS taken from others by force…. through taxes:

        “Bevins believes a legislative amendment may be proposed next year. In the meantime, the Neighborhood Development Center last month received a $100,000 grant from the Minneapolis Foundation for Reba Free and hopes to receive money from several other sources, Temali said.”

      2. @ Gilbert

        “I’ve always thought that the “oil crisis” of 1971 was really a hoax of the jew to anchor here in Belgium and Europe the Muslims.”

        F. William Engdahl, a writer featured here regularly, has debunked the Peak Oil Crisis in a seminal book called Myths, Lies and Oil Wars.

        I recently commented on this JEW FRAUD: https://www.darkmoon.me/2015/27241/#comment-913662

        Evil jew Henry Kissinger says: “Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people.” Mazel Tov!

  6. “Obama met Putin. Immediately afterwards Putin met Khamenei. Sultan Erdogan had to be alarmed; a serious Russian-Iranian alliance was graphically announced in Teheran. That was only a day before the downing of the Su-24.”

    In a world of adults, America has a stupid, Negro chil’ representing American interest. While this remains completely invisible to the gullible American sheeple, rest assured it is not lost on the global leaders America’s lil’ Negro must deal with. Non-Judeaized global leaders are well aware they are talking to an idiot mouthpiece purposely put in place to represent the real psychopathic Jewish power behind the scenes.

    Having a child-like idiot, recently descended from savage African tribes, deal with these leaders is obviously the Jew’s slap in the face to the rest of the civilized world’s leaders. No doubt, every astute person is well aware of this fact. One only has to look at Africa’s leaders to understand how the world views what is laughingly called “black leadership.”

    Chinese interests moving to that continent view the indigenous natives as simpletons, easily bought off with a few shiny toys. However, this should come as no great surprise considering this is exactly the same way Jewish interest view the “schwartzer”.

    Consider for a moment how much easier it is for Jews to access the valuable African resources now that the white man has been effectively eliminated from the market picture. A few whores, a little bling, and presto, the cobalt, diamond, bauxite, platinum, and of course most importantly for Jews the gold mines, are all theirs. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mineral_industry_of_Africa.

    So how might the Chinese leaders feel about dealing with the same African mentality representing the largest nuclear power on the planet? The statement is quite clear, “We elite Jews are an exalted race apart! Our status is so elevated, it is beneath us to personally address those beneath us. Instead we send simpletons, court jesters, and clowns to relay our interests and intent to those lesser beasts created in man’s image.” Is not the Jew’s slap in the face obvious?

    The only reason the world has not arrived at an impasse that has led to war is due to nuclear weapons. While Jews finally have their greasy fingers on God’s hot button, it is obvious one flinch and the entire game is over – for virtually all mankind.

    No doubt you have heard talk about the underground bases and the plans for the “government” (meaning elite Jew bankers and friends) to survive the Jew’s looming nuclear holocaust. Personally, I cannot image a more appropriate ending to the world than having all the elite Jews in the world scurry to their underground shelters to survive the nuclear war, while civilization is wiped out. One cannot even imagine what these Jews will be like after a few centuries of living underground like rats.

    Should these psychopaths actually have the chutzpah to start a third world war, as I watch the mushroom clouds bloom into a nuclear winter, my last thoughts about my death will be aligned with the mad Jewess Madeleine Albright – “I think, uh, we think it was worth it.”

    In an old Manhattan penthouse covered in vines, lived twelve psychopathic Jews in two straight lines. With their finger on the button the little Jews said, “we think it’s worth it, if you are all dead . . .”

    Then again I find things like the following and wonder how I could be so crass – http://lessonswithmylittleones.blogspot.com/2012/04/madeline_14.html

    1. “Having a child-like idiot, recently descended from savage African tribes, deal with these leaders is obviously the Jew’s slap in the face to the rest of the civilized world’s leaders.”

      Yep – –

      That paves the way for a woman. “The smartest woman in the world.”

      It is especially the case when running against the intentionally outrageous and play-acting clown, who has supported Democrats all his life.

    2. @ Arch Stanton

      Using the jewish definition of themselves via genetics, Obongo is half jewish since his mother was. He was raised by his jewish grand parents, his mother’s parents. Even if his genetics is ignored, he is still jewish based on his fruit, no pun intended.

      So, it’s really a double slap.

  7. this site is troll site like no other run by demented charlatans and cowards
    intellectual zombies and cowards only publish what suits their sick egos
    never publish any comments which expose their true evil nature
    you will be exposed in every website from now on wicked witch

  8. Hello from finland! These lusiferian put their satanic symbols here too! Sick fucks!! In sweden its much bad within church guys!! This country is too fuck up! Only 1% if that much know what here is goin on?? Their brain is fuck up badly!! This country is fully under banksters jewish fucks!! Here is our president with jewish hat in synagogue!! And rape statistics are growing quicly and these muslims and niggers the freemason keep taking them here to make chaos!!

    http://www.kolumbus.fi/~kj2731/kirkot/espoo_leppavaara2.htm Church


    Here is our piece of shit jewish ass liking president!!

    Good sight you have lasha darkmoon! Have reading long time! But i think that putin is puppet not against jewish!!


    Rabbis from across the former Soviet Union and Israel gathered in the city of Saratov 450 miles southeast of Moscow to celebrate the opening of one of Russia’s largest synagogues.

    3 important questions:

    1. Why putin dont quit or ban freemason lodges in russia like hitler did????

    2.3. Why russian chief rabbi says putin is good for russia jews and give lisence to built satanic synagoues????

  9. Pepe, amigo, nunca habrá paz en este planeta mientras Palestina este ocupada, agabish? … Back to motorhead now

  10. Avatar the everlasting Palestinian hasbara working as international broker for the tribes of judas
    mashmolikh hasbarat shmukh akrota

  11. Hi ya Yankees living in the empire of the doomed.
    Nina Sidorova put it most clearly: “The diabolical elite who illegitimately rule the illegitimized dual nation of USrael created, recruit, fund, arm, train, and direct ISIS. Americans will oppose USrael’s perpetration of Middle East terroristic slaughter when Israeli Army terrorists kick in their doors — Americans’ doors.”
    And every one of you who scribal on this website will be among the first to have your doors kicked in. I can guarantee that! And such as Orijjoe will be dragged out squealing like a little gal.
    USrael is a Jewish colony. It is filled with mediocre citizens who are bubba monsters, sex addicts and gluttons. I am sitting pretty in St Petersburg, surrounded by absolute wealth and beauty.
    Ya filthy USA is doomed! Go watch Big Bang Theory or sniff Miley Cyrus’s panties!

    1. While I hate to agree with you, Max, you are RIGHT. My own family is wealthy and “patriotic”, but entirely incognizant of the true situation, and any time I mention how much our government is tied into the drug and usury business, I am responded to like some kind of traitor! I reckon we’ll all find out better, soon enough…

      1. Poor Gilbert Huntly never cut the apron strings.

        If you’re ever in Australia, watch out for flying sperm from Max Spillseed and be ready to duck. Be careful what you touch too.

  12. America is still the best hope for western civilization. It has been led astray, away from the Constitution, by the Jewish Lobby/Network. This has been going on fo over 100 years. Amercan domestic and foreign policy has been to favor Jews and Israel. Recent wars have ruined Israel’s neighbors, and now a Jewish clique has sprung a coup d’etat in the Ukrane and the elected President is holed up in Russia while the western media vilify him.

    How far do Jews want to extend Israel’s defensible space? Is their target Rusia? If a war in the region breaks out it will be American boys sacrificed, not Jews. It could certainly go nuclear, in which case nothing is safe. Aircraft carriers would be sitting ducks.

    I sense that things are changing. On the internet I for one have found out the role of Jews in the main events of the past 100 years, and it certainly makes the Jewish holier-than-thou attitude seem phony. They have lied their way thru history and now comes the truth, and it is gaining ground. A full open discussion is needed, without Jewish censorship. The role of the Jewish Bolsheviks’ slaughter of millions of Russians. Read Solszhenitsyn. The origins of the Federal Reserve, America being dragged into WW1 and WW2, the subjugation of the Palestinian people, 911 and the destruction of the people’s Constituional rights with the Patriot act and the DHS, the recent ruin of near east countries, all should be open to discussion.without fear of the Jewish Lobby.

    That is why I am optimistic about America.

    1. Good going, John..!!

      “America is still the best hope for western civilization.”

      YESSSS…!! It ain’t up to Europe. They were led to failure many centuries ago. It spread to the Americas.

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