Evil Medical Monsters — John Kaminski

A review of “Birth Trauma, and the Dark Side of Modern Medicine : Exposing the Systematic Violence Against Women and Infants During Hospital Birth”, by Jeanice Barcelo, M.A.

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"Help, I'm going crazy!"
“Help, I’m going crazy!”

“If even one-tenth of this book review is true, it’s enough to start a revolution. I’m hoping it’s all a bad dream . . .  or that the author of the book being reviewed, Jeanice Barcelo, is a certified lunatic. I should like to add, however, that I have every reason to believe that this exceptionally well-researched book is a work of genius. Any woman contemplating childbirth owes it to herself and her child to read it — see here — and to read it quickly.” — Lasha Darkmoon.  

Is the world going mad and are people a lot more unhappy than they should be because of the barbaric way doctors treat mothers when they deliver their babies?

Jeanice Barcelo’s gut wrenching indictment of the way hospitals and doctors brutally manipulate pregnant mothers in Birth Trauma, and the Dark Side of Modern Medicine, Exposing the Systematic Violence Against Women and Infants During Hospital Birth insists this interference in the mother/child bond is a key element in the breakdown of human love worldwide.

The medical profession has its own rules about delivering babies, and the way Barcelo tells it, these methods not only create lasting scars in mothers, destroy many marriages and unnecessarily injure and kill children. They also leave a great uninvestigated tragedy of infants who do not properly bond with their mothers as a result of medical expedience more interested in profitable procedures than in healthy children.

Its effect on the world — but most especially on women and children, she insists — is catastrophic.

Ordinary readers, especially men brave enough to tackle the subject, will view with unadulterated horror the things that are done to babies in the name of keeping them healthy. Like screwing fetal heart monitors into their skulls. Or memory block drugs used for a variety of purposes including sexual molestation.

“Doctors don’t care if mom  and the baby are damaged”

Barcelo calls this birth trauma a hidden epidemic, and cites a 1995 study that determined 95 percent of all births in the U.S. were considered traumatic, 45% severely traumatic. The Centers for Disease Control, she says, are responsible for causing the deaths of thousands of unborn babies, because vaccinations cause a massive spike in fetal deaths.


An increasing number of birthing mothers recall their experiences as “birth rape”, and following the extreme level of abuse they receive in hospitals, post traumatic stress afflicts many of them.

The level of malfeasance Barcelo itemizes in her examples of women giving birth reveals a glossary of horrors facing every woman who plans to have her baby delivered in a hospital.

The most magic moment of every mother’s life is turned into a nightmare (see picture) by cash conscious doctors who misuse drugs not meant for childbirth to trigger induction — forcibly ejecting babies from the womb at the profound cost of severing the psychological bond between mother and child and predisposing that child to both afflictions and addictions later in life that need not otherwise occur.

The cost to society is extraordinary, tragic and mostly unacknowledged, the author stresses.

“The core of our pain starts at childbirth. It’s about our own mothers handing over their power” to a conscienceless machine that rings babies through a medical cash register which simply doesn’t treat them as the supremely sensitive and vulnerable human beings they are.

“They are birthing babies in violence and leaving infants alone at the gate in nurseries of horror, all done for power and gain.

“Knock ’em out and pull ’em out — it has all the elements of rape,” says Barcelo, who herself has experienced five traumatic pregnancies that provided her with firsthand knowledge of how this miracle of birth is turned into a nightmare by the heavy handed processes used in for-profit hospitals.

Central to the tragedy is the use of epidural drugs, which accelerate the birth process. These cut off mothers’ conscious contact with their babies and not only deprive them of the most special moments of their lives as mothers, but sabotage the bond with their child for life.

‘Pit to distress’

Barcelo cites two main drugs as the major culprits in ruining the birth experience: cytotec (an ulcer drug) and pitocin, neither of which are recommended for use in labor but are widely used to hasten the contrived necessity of Cesarean section surgeries.

“We have the highest C-Section rate in the world because these drugs cut off oxygen to the babies and disrupt bonding and breastfeeding. Both drugs are linked to oxycodone addiction late in life as well as autism.”

The use of pitocin, Barcelo explains, is often referred to as “pit to distress”, or to deliberately put the baby in danger to more quickly necessitate the C-section option, which many mothers describe as not giving birth at all, but to having their baby stolen from them.

Also hair trigger decisions to abandon efforts to keep babies alive in Barcelo’s experience are really often fictitious brain death diagnoses that enable lucrative organ harvesting.

And the damage is not only to mother and child, but also to fathers, as it was for one dad who “lost my connection to my wife that I never regained” for what was perceived as failure to protect his wife when doctors induced a C-section without parental permission. The PTSD that often comes with trauma not only afflicts babies and their mothers, but also distraught dads.

But the pain of accelerating the birth process is more than emotional, as the testimony of a mother who tried to give birth at home but was forced to call paramedics vividly attests. Doctors routinely inject paralytic drugs but often don’t use anesthetics on patients they don’t like in order to punish them for being recalcitrant.

One woman Barcelo quotes describes how she was given an incredibly painful C-section without anesthesia, but being paralyzed, was unable to protest.

“The torture of infants and mothers happens regularly,” Barcelo writes matter-of-factly.

Bowels of the technological underworld

Barcelo writes:

“Worst of all in the fact that C-sectioned babies often end up in neonatal intensive care units, and those born before 39 weeks are twice as likely as those born vaginally to be kept in a NICU due to respiratory distress. Once a baby ends up in the NICU, the possibility for healthy bonding is further degraded.

“NICUs are like the bowels of the technological underworld. They are places where infants are literally held captive for weeks and months, and subjected to all manner of painful and tortuous medical procedures, most of the time without being given any kind of pain relief whatsoever.”

Once a baby gets into an NICU, she is subjected to 14 to 21 invasive procedures per day, all without anesthesia, and the parents have no say over the treatment, nor can they remove their child from the NICU. The experience of pain, Barcelo writes, completely changes the wiring of the brain in adulthood.

The story of Andrew and his five months of torture plus his $100,000 medical bill that preceded his death will curl your toenails, guaranteed.

“Babies are being used for medical experiments,” Barcelo writes. One government study that included data from Wake Forest and Yale universities involved deliberately depriving babies of oxygen to observe the results, which very often was death.

Barcelo reserves special scorn for the use of ultrasound frequencies, which are extremely dangerous to babies. “To me,” Barcelo writes, “this indicates a distinct level of evil within the medical profession. It is a clear indication that they are willing and able to deliberately cause harm.”

The lie that babies don’t feel pain

Of all of the horrific descriptions Barcelo has put forth in her descriptions of the barbaric birth process, the one that rattled this reviewer the most was the widespread practice of medical procedures on babies based on the principle that babies do not feel pain.

A woman demanded to see hospital records after her son’s death in 1985. She said, ‘Somehow it was possible for professionals who perceived a baby as too fragile to tolerate general anesthesia to perceive that same infant as able to withstand open-chest surgery without pain relief. . . .’

At two weeks old, during his hour and half operation, Jeffrey had two holes cut on either side of his neck and one in his chest, he was cut from his breastbone around to his backbone, his flesh lifted aside, ribs pried apart, blood vessels tied off and lungs retreated, tissue stitched together and a ‘stab incision’ to secure chest tubes.

He died a few days later as a result of the shock that overwhelmed his entire system causing his brain to bleed and his organs to fail.

The hospital’s senior neonatologist responded to his mother’s inquiries by stating ‘it didn’t matter because he was a fetus,’ explaining that children less than 2 years of age do not feel pain . . .  

“Such is the arrogance and extreme insanity of esteemed members of the medical profession who have continued to insist for more than 100 years that babies do not feel pain,” Barcelo writes.


“Babies do not feel pain.”


She also is on top of the latest bogus claim by the CDC that infant circumcision will prevent HIV when an avalanche of medical research claims the opposite. Barcelo blames the CDC pronouncement on “a well orchestrated media campaign by the Jews” that enables doctors to continue the most common surgery in America be performed on babies without anesthesia.

Even disregarding the savage practice of Jewish rabbis, studies have shown that ordinary circumcision trauma lasts a lifetime.  (See here)

In addition, African countries have the highest rate of circumcision and the highest rate of HIV. And in Norway, the only country that records the circumcision status of rapists, the 2 percent of the population who are circumcised commit 80 percent of the rapes.

So how does the medical system do it?

How do they turn good and decent people into biological robots who parrot nonsense and can’t seem to think for themselves? The answer lies in the fact that the indoctrination process is set-up to systematically break down the morality and the will of medical students, and, if all goes according to plan, it will cause a split in their psyche that will result in dissociation and the assimilation of an alter personality that will be willing to conform to medical norms.

The horrors in these satanic birth factories seem to go on forever.

  • Cells from aborted babies are also  being used for “flavor enhancing research” by companies like Senomyx and residue from aborted babies can be found in products made by Pepsi, Nestle, Kraft, and Campbell, all of whom have hired Senomyx to do their “flavor enhancing research”.
  • Israel is on the cutting edge of this Luciferian technology and it is involved in something called “post mortem sperm retrieval,” which involves harvesting sperm from dead men.

And lastly, according to Dr. Paul Byrne, 80-year neonatologist exposing the dark side of organ donation: “brain death” is a completely fictitious diagnosis conjured up by the underworld demigods for purposes of finding a way to legalize the harvesting of organs while people are still very much alive.

Organ donation in the U.S. is an extremely dark business, with living people being wheeled into operating rooms and having their chests cleaved open and their organs removed one at a time at the hands of medical sadists.

The organ removal is done without anesthesia in the US, but with the victims instead being given paralysis drugs so that they cannot move or scream while they are being tortured and murdered by medical doctors.

“Many people now allege that the CDC’s real purpose is genocide and depopulation, and that vaccines are biological weapons purposefully being used to create mass sterilization, disease and death. These programs are being used to deliberately depopulate the Earth,” Barcelo insists, pointing out the chart on www.deagel.com that forecasts a drop in the US population from 316 million to 69 million by 2025.

Jeanice Barcelo comes through a tragic lineage of the haunted womb, from a mother and grandmother who never bonded with their children. In reporting that 75% of mothers have received an epidural during labor prior to birthing their children, she is in a sad majority of children who did not receive the love they should have when they first appeared in the world.

That means that three quarters of the children who are born in this country do not receive the optimum amount of love from their mothers that they rightfully should, and looking at the world around us, the sad result of that tragedy is all too clear.

after the operation



For more information about or to purchase a copy of Birth Trauma and the Dark Side of Modern Medicine, go to http://birthofanewearth.com.


John Kaminski

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Most of his articles are featured here. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA. _____________________________________________________________________________ http://renegadetribune.com/author/kaminski/ http://300spartans.com.au/kaminski http://johnkaminski.info/ http://www.rudemacedon.ca/kaminski/kam-index.html http://web.archive.org/web/20040323232319/http://johnkaminski.com/

24 thoughts to “Evil Medical Monsters — John Kaminski”

  1. As a mother and grandmother I’ve been through the whole in-hospital as well as out of hospital birth routine. Women have so little power when they are in labor and as new mothers that they are easy prey for the predatory medical establishment. Doctors love to undermine a woman’s natural instincts about her body and her baby. Before there were hospitals, or pediatricians there were mothers. Hundreds of thousands of years of survival of the species has depended solely on the mother’s instincts. A mother knows her baby. She can tell from her babies cry whether he is in pain, is hungry, or wants attention. A mother’s breast milk is uniquely suited to her baby, it is manufactured for that baby alone. The whole dance of the development involves an infant’s interaction with his mother from eye contact to the sound of her voice. Mother’s don’t need experts to tell them about their baby, it is the doctors that should be listening to the mothers. Maybe that is the whole problem. What would happen to this disgusting branch of medicine if mothers were to assert their evolutionary authority.

    Unfortunately lots of women have already been damaged by the time they give birth because gynecologists have performed so many biopsies on their cervixes that they have to have C sections. Get a bad pap; get a biopsy. Still, a mother and her baby will bond despite bad medical practices. Even if a baby keeps his working mom up all night to get in that bonding time, that is what the baby will do. The biological imperative for love trumps all.

    Hospitals are bad enough but the real menace are the pediatricians who get kick backs from the pharmaceutical companies for giving shots. Pediatricians and big pharm (that cannot be sued for injuries) are responsible for the autism epidemic. Mother’s of autistic children will tell you that their babies were fine until they took them for their “well baby visit.. ” The autism epidemic is being fought between mothers who know what happened to their babies and the CDC that wants to shut them up, shove them under the rug, make them to not exist. The survival of our country depends on mothers winning the autism war.

    1. ‘The survival of our country depends on mothers winning the autism war.’. Largely. That is why it is so important to copy and distribute Darkmoon’s ‘Shock Report…’ published a few days ago. I spent a large part of yesterday afternoon having it copied and bound for distribution.

      I married later than most, and my wife and I were in our early thirties when she had our first – and only – child. My wife was in ‘labor’ for 21 hours, at the hospital. Because we were affluent, she had a special ‘birthing room’ apart from the usual, but I could hear the pains and cries of women in the other part of the section when I stepped out. It was unsettling, to put it mildly. Anyhow, about five hours into our situation, the doctor suggested an epidural, and when we saw the size of the needle, I asked my wife to sit on my lap, arms around me, so I could hold very very tightly in case she flinched and it caused her to be paralyzed. THE DOCTOR THOUGHT IT WAS A GOOD IDEA. That emphasized, right then, how dangerous a procedure is that. After fifteen more hours (I was by my wife’s bed every minute of it), she gave birth, and the doctor (a friendly acquaintance) cussed when he asked for the forceps, and said ‘Dammit! Why can’t this damn hospital ever have-on-hand the tools I need?!’. The forceps looked like PUTTING IRONS. I wondered that it didn’t kill my wife, but our baby got out OK, thank God. (I prayed a lot about it.)

      It is a toss-up, sometimes, I suppose. Accidents CAN happen, anytime, anywhere. The good doctor’s wife became my daughter’s pediatrician, and SHE tended to agree with me about conventional medical practices. (My wife did NOT, and raising our daughter was a fight – but she came out pretty well, DESPITE her parents.)

  2. This HORROR is perpetrated on ‘humans’ from birth til death, yet the dumbed down sheeple laugh when I mention that humans have different levels of REPTILIAN DNA, and the DEMONS who run the world are REPTILIAN SHAPESHIFTERS!

    1. a figure of speech, jeanice, i know lasha all too well that she would never, ever refer to someone in this manner.

      she is merely saying that this stuff is so nightmarish that IF not true, it would make you a certified headcase – unfortunately, we in this forum know too much about what goes on in the noahide world headed down the final slaughterhouse chute to ever hope for such outcome.

      as if the jew didn’t tell us all this way in advance, but reading a few pages is too onerous a task when there is so much interesting filth on tv.

    2. Jeanice –

      I did not take it that you were any kind of lunatic at all.
      There is even more known only to ‘insiders’ of the professions. My son-in-law has been a nurse for 30 years. He has many tales.

    3. @ Jeanice Barcelo

      Sincere apologies for any offense given. But as my good friend Lobro has explained, I was speaking figuratively and in no way meant to suggest that you were a certified lunatic! However, in order to avoid possible misunderstandings, I have now added a couple of sentences to my ill-worded comment. I hope this emendation meets with your approval.



    4. Jeanice, surely you don’t jest.

      Reading “Programmed to Kill”, by David McGowan again, I just realize that the making of the serial killer is the same process as making a doctor. Gotcher blooding, gotcher medical experimentation that med students are always lining up for, gotcher splitting of personalities.

      I recommend you read that book and don’t be a stash with the parallels you find. I’ll be getting your book.

  3. Heart wrenching. Heart breaking. Anger fomenting.
    Thank you Ms. Darkmoon and Ms. Barcelo for alerting us to this godless enterprise. The transgressions of the Medical Profit Machine are many, but this one blew me away. I had no idea. Torture has sunk to a whole new level ( just when I thought it couldn’t go any lower), but that should not have surprised me in the aftermath of the Abortion Holocaust. When human beings are stripped of their unique dignity (the Imago Dei), they end up as “lab animals” for government “research” projects (e.g. MK-ULTRA, The Tuskegee Syphilis Experiments, etc.), and/or “product” to be marketed (e.g. slavery, organs) to the highest bidder. Soylent Green is here.
    For a number of years I have been musing about the promoted “advancements” in “medical science”. Technologies that seem to draw us farther away from what nature intended for human beings. Women have been having babies for thousands of years, and without doctors, hospitals, and equipment. Just a midwife, mother, or sisters there to give support and help. A reasonable person would allow nature to take its course. You’d think a physician would encourage this and only give needed support in the most natural way.

    But there is an agenda. Sort of an updated version of the Pharoah’s decree during the birth time of Moses, or Herod’s during the birth time of the Christ child. The eugenicists are busy. Reminds me of a poem:

    “Baby parts on sale today!”
    “Get’em here while you may!”
    “Baby parts…baby hearts…”
    “Baby lungs and livers too…”
    “All on sale and waiting for you!”

    “Oh… and we terminate little Babies too!”
    “Pay You? Hell no… we charge for that!”

    “Red and yellow, brown, black and white…”
    “They are precious in our sight…”
    “And they line our wallets too…”
    “Just spread your legs is all you do!”

    “Snip…clip…in the pan…”
    “Wham! Bam! Thank you ma’am!”
    ‘Freedom of choice…sure..sure…”
    “But it’s busine$$ too!”

      1. Jeanice,

        I did. Feel free to use it if you want to. I wrote it about ten years ago. The title is “Baby Parts”. Also, I missed a word on line ten. It should read “And they line our wallets nicely too…”

      2. Hmm … bit of a mix-up here! Reference is being made to two separate poems written by two separate poets! Both of them excellent, and both of them strikingly similar in being anti-abortionist.

        The poem in the comments section, called “Baby Parts”, is written by the poet commenter Leo. The poem in the link, called “Unborn child — murdered” is written by Lasha Darkmoon.

  4. There is a solution to natural child birth. It was re-discovered by a bunch of hippie Russians in the 70s or 80s. It’s called “Water Birth”. Mother giving birth naturally in water as the baby is already in water inside the mother! The video of the Russian woman who is spearheading this movement is called “Birth As We Know It”. Check it out!

  5. Great article and glad you are making people aware of what is going on in the medical industry. And hats off to Ms. Barcelo and her youtube videos.

    I think a lot depends on who is assisting in the birth. A friend who had a great midwife, birthed in a hospital and it was the most pleasant, warm experience for all. Baby was given to mom immediately to start bonding.

    Another friend gave birth at home. It was even more wonderful. Very quiet and peaceful. The midwife was seasoned/very experienced. No drugs were given. Midwife massaged the perinea area with Olive oil–no need for any cutting! She had some other wonderful techniques that helped mom greatly.

    I think there are times when medical intervention is needed in any medical situation. We can’t hold ourselves so high that we go to an extreme and miss out on blessings in disguise.

    I reckon though, the truth is, if one goes to a hospital you become a ward of the state.

  6. Deirdre,

    Well stated.

    My niece gave birth to a little girl about 3 years ago whose intestines formed on the outside of her body. The doctors put them back in her little body ( how they did it in such a tiny body?) There were no guarantees, and as I recall, the out look was grim.

    But God had other plans. We all prayed, and He had mercy on us. My niece wrote some very powerful and moving insights during that time which she shared over the internet that blessed family and friends. It was a powerful time.

    Today the little girl is a beautiful “naughty” joy to be around.

    My niece was later hired by that Medical Center (very impressed with her) as she was going to nursing school. Disillusioned with modern medicine, she quit her job, and decided not to become a nurse. She realized there were safer ways to treat children and others.

  7. One of the leading causes of death in the US is called iatrogenic, “a Greek term, meaning “brought forth by the healer”) is any consequence of medical treatment or advice to a patient.” Wikipedia
    If at all possible, in this later day of the beginning of the end of Western Civilization, avoid
    1. Doctors (But not NP’s)
    2. Lawyers
    3. Ministers. (Except Chuck Baldwin)
    And lead a happy life.
    I suppose it’s no secret that the leading causes of autisim is early infant vaccinations and maybe Monsanto’s Roundup in the environment.
    When was it that it dawned on Doctors to wash their hands before performing surgery?
    How many doctors get kickbacks from big phrama for pushing their poisons, ups sorry, drugs?
    Read “Doctor Mary’s Monkey” to get an understanding of the workings of the medical mind. http://www.trineday.com/paypal_store/product_pages/Dr_Mary.html
    DMM is one of the most important book published in the last 50 years.

  8. First things first. The indescribable something of an idea. A child under x years old cannot feel pain. A (mostly/partially) sane person must view another that holds this idea as a very, very, VERY SICK person. Whom most definitely requires immediate remedial attention before they destroy any more life. Shocking, to say the least.

    @Americans. I’m not finished with you all yet. You are freedom fighters! But I am most deeply disturbed with what I see happening to our children. You, your sons and daughters, are on the battlefields. Been on the battlefields. You are paying the ultimate sacrifice. We will never forget.

    Then, I am reminded of the words of Srila Prabhupada, “In this age the propensity for mercy is almost nil. Consequently there is always fighting and wars between men and nations.”

    To ALL the martyrs. Lest we forget.

    @anyone. Can tears ever be not genuine? Are actors that good?


    @hp. Is killing vegetables wrong? 🙂

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