EXCLUSIVE: Israeli Colonel Leading ISIL Terrorists Captured in Iraq

Sourced from Fars News Agency, Tehran
Identical report available on Syrianfreepressnetwork

We have no idea if this story is true or not. Readers are invited to make up their own minds. It has been sent to us by a reliable correspondent, however,  who vouches for its authenticity. If true, this story proves beyond any shadow of doubt that Israel is behind the most sinister and bloodthirsty terrorist organization in the world, known variously as ISIS, ISIL, Islamic State (IS), or Daesh. ( LD) 


Israeli Colonel Yusi Shahak of the Golani Brigade,
captured in Iraq by Iraqi forces along with several other ISIL terrorists

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iraqi security and popular forces have caught an Israeli colonel from Golani Brigade along with a number of ISIL terrorists, a commander disclosed on Thursday.”The security and popular forces have held captive an Israeli colonel,” a commander of Iraq’s popular mobilization forces said on Thursday.

“The Zionist officer is ranked colonel and had participated in the Takfiri ISIL group’s terrorist operations,” he added.

Noting that he was arrested along with a number of ISIL terrorists, the commander said, “The Israeli colonel’s name is Yusi Oulen Shahak and is ranked colonel in Golani Brigade of the Zionist regime’s army with the security and military code of Re34356578765az231434.”

He said that the relevant bodies are now interrogating the Israeli colonel to understand the reasons behind his fighting alongside the ISIL forces and the presence of other Zionist officers among ISIL terrorists.

The Iraqi security forces said the captured colonel has already made shocking confessions.


Several ISIL militants arrested in the last one year had already confessed that Israeli agents from Mossad and other Israeli espionage and intelligence bodies were present in the first wave of ISIL attacks on Iraq and capture of Mosul in Summer 2014, but no ranking Israeli agent had been arrested.

Political and military experts told FNA that the capture of the Israeli colonel will leave a grave impact on Iraq’s war strategy, including partnership with Israeli allies.

In a relevant development in July, Iraqi volunteer forces announced that they had shot down a drone that was spying on the Arab country’s security forces in the city of Fallujah, Western Iraq.

Iraq’s popular forces reported that they had brought down a hostile surveillance aircraft over the Southeastern Fallujah in Anbar Province.

They said that the wreckage of the ISIL’s spy drone carried ‘Israel-Made’ labels. This was not the first Israeli-made drone downed in Iraq. In August an Israeli Hermes drone was shot down in the vicinity of Baghdad Airport.

Could THIS man
have anything interesting to teach us about ISIS
and its secret agenda?


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  1. Well, one search for the arrest of Yusi Shahak and you’ll find many sources that have published this. There’s more reason for it to be true considering that ISIS is a wahabist organisation and we know the Saudi Royal family are Jews.

    1. @ Harbinger

      “One search for the arrest of Yusi Shahak and you’ll find many sources that have published this.”

      No mainstream sources though. Which means it’s accepted as true only by a small dissident minority.

      1. The ass-wipe for the jews Ashton Carter wants “boots on the ground” in Syria to fight to the death to protect Israel’s ISIS [ Israeli Secret Intelligence Service jews pretending to be “Muslims”]. American soldiers aren’t human beings, NO, they’re “boots”. ZOG calls its soldiers “boots”. LOL.

        Since the day of 911, and for 14 years, USrael has shouted at us at how important it is to go to Muslim countries and go to war against the ragheads. Now, all-of-a-sudden, Usrael is shouting “We must have boots on the ground to fight to the death to protect the ragheads!” After 14 years of shouting we must kill all the ragheads. Now Washington wants to risk World War Three fighting to the death to protect the very raghead Islamic Jihadist terrorists we were told were die-hard enemies of the USA. In the meantime, ass-wipe for the jews Ashton Carter fully well knows Israel Did 911, so does everyone else in Washington. And of course, Ashton knows ISIS is owned by Israel. We are, in effect, being asked as Americans to fight to the death to protect the very tribe, the very country, that attacked us on 911, Israel.

        I don’t think any people in the whole history of the world were ever so ardently determined to protect an enemy, fight to the death to protect an enemy, as Americans as a whole are so ardently determined to fight to the death to do Israel’s bidding, even though everyone in Washington knows Israel did 911. Israel attacked us on 911, now we’re being asked as Americans to risk starting a Third World War for the interests of the very country Israel that attacked us on 911 — and this after 14 years of being told the Muslims did 911 and we must kill as many Muslims as we can possibly kill.

        Now that it’s clear that ISIS is owned by Israel, we must risk Third World War to protect the jews of ISIS pretending to be “Muslims”. It’s really quite amazing. It’s amazing how quick the paradigm changed. If Americans buy into this new paradigm shift coming out of Washington, then I don’t know what.

        We’re told the USA is a Christian country, yet the ISIS we’re being told we must fight to the death to protect has as one of its Main Goals the complete slaughter and genocide of Christians in the Middle East. The die-hard Zionist “Christians” of America couldn’t give a shit. It’s not as if they don’t know, they do know that ISIS has as one of its main goals to slaughter and genocide the Christians of the Middle East, the “christian” Zionists of America don’t give a shit. Hagee doesn’t give a shit, Ashton Carter doesn’t give a shit. NONE of them give a shit. They don’t care innocent Muslims who had no part in 911 and never harmed the USA [ or their “precious” Israel] are getting killed by jew-owned ISIS, and they don’t care Christians who had no role in 911 and never harmed the USA or their “precious” Israel are getting killed by jew-owned ISIS Jihadists. And they have the nerve and the gall to smirk at us as they call themselves “Christians”. And they only care about endless war for the benefit of Israel, the very country that attacked us on 911, even it means WW3 and the destruction of the United States , for the USA is no position to win a World War , and everyone in Washington fully well knows it .

        May they all rot in Hell when they all do the world a favor and drop dead. Thank God for Putin.

      2. John,

        What msm source WOULD EVER publish this article, openly admitting to the public that an IDF Colonel, not a renegade, but still serving, was in charge of ISIS? Do you not think the public would start asking questions like “Could this be the reason then that ISIS has never launched an attack on Israel?” So as far as I’m concerned the story is predominantly legit. The only time I’d ever go to the msm to seek an honest story is to find out the [input favourite sports] scores or gossip on the latest, trending celebrity.


        I think you’re a wacko but hey, you’re right about so much stuff. On top of that dude, you’re funny as hell expressing it.

        “. The die-hard Zionist “Christians” of America couldn’t give a shit. It’s not as if they don’t know, they do know that ISIS has as one of its main goals to slaughter and genocide the Christians of the Middle East, the “christian” Zionists of America don’t give a shit”


        The leaders, YES, true, the pews don’t have a freanking clue hit they are starting to wake up.


      4. @ John W

        “One search for faked Holocaust and you’ll find many sources that have published this.”

        No mainstream sources though. Which means it’s accepted as true only by a small dissident minority.


        General principle: all “mainstream sources” are cooked up in the vat of Kol Nidrei, their sole purpose is to mislead and cosmetically jazz up the daily lie to appear as truth.
        The mainstream is a sewer from which the pigs trough is replenished, i would not seek sustenance there.

      5. Lobro,

        An acquaintance of mine the other day said the preposterous in line with John’s argument. We were discussing the German immigrant crisis and he said that Germany needs these migrants because they are short of workers and population, promoting the msm stance. I stated bull and said that there is a large number of people in Germany who are against the refugees arriving in Germany, protesting daily that the msm continues to ignore. He asked where my sources were from to which I replied from the alternative media. What he then said I couldn’t believe. According to him, if it were true that the majority of Germans opposed immigration it would have been reported by the msm, because they would make themselves look stupid by not reporting what was on the alternative media for all to see. In other words, this man, like the overwhelming majority of people in the west believe only what the msm tells them to believe, ergo, if it’s not in the msm it’s not true and if there are enough article on the alternative media to contradict the msm version they would HAVE to publish it. I told him there were mountains upon mountains of evidence about 9/11 being an inside job along with 7/7 and many others yet the msm has stood firmly by the official version, this in itself destroying your belief on the msm having to report what is on the msm. I told him specifically that the msm is NOT a transparent and impartial news source and quite the contrary. It is 100% controlled, taking its news directly from Rothschild owned Reuters.

        This is the mentality that we have to deal with Lobro. This man is nearly 60 and he’s pretty clued up on many aspects of his ‘working life’ and also believes he’s up to tune with ‘what’s really going on’ but clearly he isn’t.

      6. Harb, tell your friend to watch RT, which is almost mainstream, in the sense that it is perfectly tame and mainstream but (by all appearances) not Jew owned.

        They are showing enormous protests across Germany (eg, Pegido movement, daily demonstrations against refugees and Merkel in Dresden, Erfurt and other cities), in Austria and so on.
        And he can watch it with his own lying eyes, riot cops beating regular volk, big armored machines sweeping high pressure spray across them and so on.

        And it is all mainstream.

        So, consider the western mainstream.
        Here, I just looked at the Globe & Mail, Canada’s largest supposedly non-Jew owned paper (well, it is within Thomson dynasty, and they are registered shabbos), is there one single word about the tremendous turnaround in Syria engineered by Russian precision bombing campaign?
        Not one … so I guess it didn’t happen.

        Is there one word on how and why Iraq a) invites Russians to patrol its airspace and hit “The Caliphate”, and b) rejects any intervention by the US forces.
        Nope, it too didn’t happen.

        And don’t even get me started on the National Post, the voice of the synagogue that has muscled in so much that in many Canadian cities of the smaller size, it is the only one available and the CanWest cable provider, owned by the same Israel Asper empire has pushed CBC, the national network off the board.
        My brother has unplugged the cable from his family’s TV in Thunder Bay.
        On all Air Canada flights, the only paper distributed is National Post, it used to be exclusively Globe, then the choice of the two, now only Jew-news.

        What they say happened, happened.
        What they omit, didn’t.

        And the adoring morons swallow it lock, stock and barrel, all bow low to the Creator of Reality, the Almighty Jew.
        It seems that Jew’s ownership and control of Canada is even tighter than of the West Bank.

    2. I’ve no idea who controls the website, (link below) but this is relevant dated 22 February 2015.

      Iraqi MP: Israel’s Golani Brigade Training ISIL Commanders in Sinai.

      “Israel’s Golani Infantry Brigade is training the high ranks and commanders of the ISIL terrorist group in the Sinai for sabotage operations in Egypt, a senior Iraqi legislator revealed on Saturday. ”


      1. All of you need medicine for your obvious mental disorder. Since you believe this garbage on this german site let me tell you the truth. The Pope is a Jew and hitler was an Hasidic Jew. Mohamed was also a Jew and Moses was a Catholic. G-d was really David Duke, peace be with him.

    3. Condolences to the families of 224 Russian citizens for the deaths over the Sinai yesterday.
      I’m not a conspiracy nutcase, but surely other people can see this tradegy has the hallmarks of Israel all over it, especially if the story of the Isreali Golani Colonel is true. I wish I possessed the linguistic skills of other posters. I don’t. I do have an analytical mind which brings me to the conclusion that Israel brought down this plane.

      22 February 2015 Sputnik

      “A senior Iraqi legislator revealed that Israel’s Golani Infantry Brigade has trained the commanders of the ISIL terrorist group in the Sinai for sabotage operations in Egypt.

      The Islamic State deployed several brigades in the Sinai, whose commanders were trained by Israeli Golani Brigade and are now operating against Egypt said Wahhab al-Tayee, rapporteur of al-Sadeqoun parliamentary faction in Iraq.”

      Read more: http://sputniknews.com/middleeast/20150222/1018601902.html#ixzz3qF9Y6mKh

      1. red onions, me too, I kept thinking Sharm al Sheik = israelis. Maybe the Egyptians were stepping out of line..

        btw, will be interesting to see the results of the Turkish elections. Last I heard, Erdogan had blocked the roadways of those sympathetic to the opposition, making it impossible for them to vote..

      2. Ingrid. It may all be a game, but I don’t think the Egyptians were stepping out of line. Their Governments, recent past and present are Zionist/Jew controlled … probably ditto for Turkey, but I haven’t done much research in that area. The “Young Turks” are connected with the Muslim Brotherhood and are supposed to be crypto Jews like the Donmeh Royal House of Saud.

    4. You better hide. If my relatives find out you referred to them as Jews your balls will be cut off. I’m a distant cousin of the Royal Saudi family. They have a long reach.

  2. The map NuttyYahoo is holding in the photo above is one of the less generous interpretations of “Ersatz Israel.” Rabbinical corrections of what G_d really meant when he allegedly promised all the land from the Nile to the Euphrates to his “chosen” range from relatively modest real estate grants (such as the one above) to claims to the entire Arabian peninsula, including all of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, UAE, Yemen, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, and large chunks of Egypt and Iraq. Maps of the regions various “experts” have laid claim to can be found at: http://www.ahavat-israel.com/eretz/future

    Scroll down the page for different maps.

  3. Admin{s} –

    fwiw I’d like to see an article on the new Seth Rogen movie.


    I’d like to see people focus on the Scoffield Christians.

    imagine reconverting them to Christianity from Messianic Judaism

    Anyway, this movie is absolutely in your face with the anti-christian motiffs, like Seth is sick of having to hide his disdain for Christianity. I actually admire his brazenness.


    Mike K.

    p.s. just my opinion, but not something Kaminski should touch. Guy is counter-productive, at best, to waking people up. jmo.

  4. Since i have been called the ISIS spokesperson (something i am not nor am i a member, i am merely a simpathizer to the syrian people, my brothers)i guess one or two people are wondering what my opinion on this spectacular event is… I was called the same at twitter where my three years old account was blocked and 890 followers dissapeared. They say they are now ”reviewing the case“. The Search in google gave me about 20 sites posting these “news“ but no msm… And msm is important just to make it official . But on the third page when i was about to give up i found this by a jewish site ..-

    ” Rumors that a high-ranking IDF officer had been captured while working alongside Islamic State forces began circulating on the Internet last week, beginning on assorted websites dedicated almost solely to starting and perpetuating conspiracy theories and finally by the Iranian government’s official mouthpiece Fars news.

    An Israeli brigadier general or colonel — the reports vary — from the Golani Brigade named Yussi Elon Shahak was allegedly caught by Iraqi forces, the websites claim.

    “The Zionist officer is ranked colonel and had participated in the Takfiri ISIL group’s terrorist operations,” the Fars News Agency claimed an Iraqi commander said.

    The assertion was even backed up with a photograph of the offending officer and turned into a readily sharable graphic, which was promptly shared on Facebook and Twitter.

    Unfortunately, the photograph does not show a brigadier general or a colonel, the man in it is not named Yussi Shahak and all of the so-called proof offered falls apart almost immediately when held up to any level of scrutiny.

    While no discerning person could believe the bogus claim, for the sake of thoroughness The Times of Israel has broken down the allegation fact by fact for your enlightenment and entertainment:

    Look closely at this man, his name is Yussi Elon Shahak.

    No, it’s not. His name is Benny Gantz. He served as IDF Chief of the General Staff for four years from 2011-2015.

    He is Jewish Israeli officer.

    True! Benny Gantz is absolutely Israeli and Jewish. Though he left the IDF in February 2015, he is still considered a reserve officer.

    His rank is brigadier.

    Gantz has not been a brigadier general since 1998, when he rose to the rank to become the commander of the Etgar Division, a now defunct reservist unit that was a part of the IDF’s Northern Command until 2004.

    His military number is Re34356578765Az231434.

    No, it’s not. To speak nothing of the entirely unnecessary capitalization of the word number, this is simply the wrong format for Israeli army ID numbers. Every soldier does indeed get a “personal number,” as it’s called, but these are quite a bit shorter than the 21-digit alphanumeric sequence listed. IDF personal numbers are a mere seven digits long.

    He was captured by the Iraqi popular Army.

    Due to the somewhat haphazard capitalization of “Iraqi popular Army,” this is somewhat difficult to debunk. The Iraqi Popular Army (note the capitalization) dissolved in 1991 with the First Gulf War, however, perhaps the creator of this graphic was referring to some other military force that is currently all the rage among the residents of Iraq.

    He is commanding ISIS terrorists.

    Benny Gantz is currently acting as the chairman of a high-tech company called “Fifth Dimension,” which is developing advanced artificial intelligence. Just last month he even gave a speech in Washington, DC about Israeli national security.

    Some other websites carrying this story, including the official Iranian government mouthpiece Fars News, allege that the Israeli officer in question was a former Golani Brigade colonel, and not a brigadier general.

    Gantz, however, did not serve in Golani and a quick search through former commanders of the Golani Brigade shows that none of them are named Yussi Elon Shahak and almost all of the recent colonels from the infantry brigade are either still in the army in high-ranking and highly public capacities or are in equally public positions in civilian society. Or else they are well into their seventies and not likely to be dropping into war zones.

    This information is confirmed by the Foreign Affairs High Representative at the USA Parliament.

    This statement is wrong on two fronts:

    The United States has a congress, not a parliament. A parliament is by definition the leading governing body of a country, above the executive branch. In Israel, for example, the Knesset is a parliament, above the powers of the president. A congress, meanwhile, is on the same level as the executive. The two have distinct and separate legal powers.

    The United States government also does not have a position of Foreign Affairs High Representative, the European Union does. Their high representative is currently Frederica Mogherini.

    And confirmed by the Secretary General of the “DESI” European Department for Security and Information

    The European Department for Security and Information is not an official body in any European country. Its raison d’être appears to be the propagation of fantastic conspiracy theories.

    And confirmed by Ambassador Dr. Haissam Bou-Said.

    This man’s name can only be found on websites of the lowest repute. He has claimed to be an ambassador to multiple countries, including Liberia, Guinea-Bissau and Lebanon. His alleged medical degree comes from the Open International University of Alternative Medicine, a diploma mill, which for a small fee awards degrees for passing a single examination.

    Now think…Why is Israel behind IS?

    Considering the recent release of two videos by the Islamic State — one which applauded the stabbing attacks against Israeli civilians, police and soldiers and another, directly threatening Israelis that once IS terrorists begin operating in Israel “not one Jew will be left alive” — it is more than likely that Israel is not in fact behind the terror organization.”

    1. Gosh, the Jewish controlled “main stream media” and the Israeli press don’t confirm it, so it cannot be true!
      And ISIS is now threatening Israel like a real Islamic terrorist organization ( something they never did before until it was noticed in the alternative press) so it cannot work for Israel.
      Yeah we are really convinced by such arguments!

  5. First of all, Israel came out and corrected the erstwhile claim that Shahak was a brigadier general, said he was only a colonel.
    So, right off the bat, they acknowledge that there is one Yusi Oulen Shahak who is a commissioned officer of the Elite Child Killers.

    If they wanted to deny the report, all they’d have to do is produce Shahak in person and the story would instantly be debunked.
    They didn’t do that and to me, it is as good a confirmation as him shown to the cameras in Abu Ghraib, protecting his pistachios from snarling guard dogs.

    Next, consider this statement

    Political and military experts told FNA that the capture of the Israeli colonel will leave a grave impact on Iraq’s war strategy, including partnership with Israeli allies.

    And it just so happens that Iraqi government invited Russians to take over the anti-ISIS job and told Yanks to scram.
    What better pretext.
    In fact, it was most likely the Russian intel that told Iraqis where to go grab the Jew.

    Funny too, how Avatar goes into a defensive huddle when buddy is in trouble.

  6. Moreover, Joe quite accurately observed

    The ass-wipe for the jews Ashton Carter wants “boots on the ground” in Syria to fight to the death to protect Israel’s ISIS [ Israeli Secret Intelligence Service jews pretending to be “Muslims”].

    I think that this is exactly why boots are going on the ground, protective steel toe work boots so that Jews don’t stub their dainty painted toes on rough terrain like Shahak did who is now crying for his jew momma and her special hamantaschen in Abu Ghraib, dressed in orange jumpsuit, kneeling with wrists cuffed behind back, blindfolded as he jerks his head praying to six-eyed Moloch Rothschild for salvation.
    Life is tough without boots (“I cried that I had no boots until I met a man with no feet”).

    So Ashton Carter (who is a full fledged Jew by the way) is now assembling thousands of boots, aiming for a diversified balance, equal numbers of left Democrat and right Republican boots, women’s boots, queer boots, lesbian boots, they all go stomping in to shield the jew from nasty Russians, Iranians and Hezbollah.
    ISIS are expendable, there is always more retards ready to sign on for free rape and pillage, just like Ilya Ehrenburg’s rape squads marauding through Germany.
    Those were the prototype ISIS.

    1. There may not be many takfiris left in Iraq, or Syria. Here is what I said to Mike W in an e-mail:

      The downside to Russian success is the airlifting, by the saudis, of 1000 takfiri monsters, over to Yemen. A Yemeni recently interviewed by Press TV, said that they wished that Russia could come to their aid. Let`s hope they do, with a little help from Iran..

      I have been hearing experts say that the US/UK empire is on the point of collapse. If that were to happen, then the illegitimate “states”, of saudi arabia, and israel, would be abandoned, and surrounded by a multitude with genuine grievances..

      1. This is a good time for the “Palestinian” “avatar” who lives in Columbia to join Blackwater’s mercenary Columbian soldiers going to Yemen to fight on the side of the wahabbis of Saudi Arabia, considering how much the “Palestinian” “avatar” in Columbia just LERVS the salafist-wahabbi-jew ISIS/ISIL terrorists in Syria. Never mind the Saudi/Israeli backed terrorists would massacre each and every Palestinian if they could, the “avatar” of the “Palestinian” people supports the terrorist groups that would wipe-out the Palestinians if given half a chance. Blackwater is recruiting mercenaries in Columbia now and sending them to fight in Yemen on the side of the Saudi-Israeli backed terrorist groups. Perfect opportunity for the “Palestinian” “avatar” to show the world what he’s really made of, 😉 . “I LERV my Palestinian people, that’s why I support the terrorists who would wipe out my Palestinian people if given half a chance”. LOL. Plus, added bonus, the Columbian mercenaries going to Yemen to kill innocent Muslims aren’t White, they’re brown-skinned. It’s okay when brown skinned mercenaries kill innocent brown skinned people, no moral/ethical issues there. The “Palestinian” “avatar” would be in his element in Blackwater’s Columbian brigade!

  7. @ Lobro

    Good sound reasoning in both posts. All of the things occurring during the past few days are not coincidental.

    I noticed that Russia started bombing ISIS in the Golan Heights right at the Israeli border a couple of days ago. The Russian won’t have to make a special trip to ward off intrusive Israeli jets in the future. It is going to get much more difficult to get the damaged jewish ISIS agents to Israeli medical facilities.

  8. https://youtu.be/SWHadPZLgwY

    “You so called white people (nothing white about you red devils) need to study your history. You killed nations and stole everything that you have today because you were cave dwellers and not capable of creating anything on your own, but was given the gift to live by the sword, thus you will be lead into captivity and be killed by the sword. Revelation 13:10 He that leadeth into captivity shall go into captivity: he that killeth with the sword must be killed with the sword. Here is the patience and the faith of the saints.”

    Jacqueline Cuffee, Hebrew Israelite, YouTube

    1. Charles,

      Thanks for sharing this innocent testimony. A Lot of good stuff especially about “settlement” incentive.
      The ideological settlers deserve extra shekels for selflessness.

    2. @ Charlie. I don’t like the nice jewish American girl. I should listen to the whole video, but I won’t because she says at the outset we support NON-VIOLENT resistance to the occupation. So when IDF soldiers bomb the hell out of Gaza and use white phosphorous to burn them, the Gazans are supposed to just sit back and say please don’t kill us.

      1. you do not have to like her
        is she a liar
        you do not know
        you did not watch it
        is she a female mossad dick
        i do not think so

    3. Charles –

      Thanks for sharing. Pharisees use pretty young faces to sell their wares.

      The kid – girl – in the clip is just a young PR mouthpiece for the Pharisees. A reader.

      She said the Jews and Muslims have been fighting for thousands of years. Muslims have not been around that long.

      She deflected the war to just land rather than stating it is a war about land – AND – which laws will rule the land. Talmudic Law(Pharisaic) v Sharia Law(Caliphate).

      1. the information is good true and valid
        your view is discredit
        a postmodern lileth
        an attractive gordon duff or alex jones coinintelpro pharisees soros networks
        a nutty yahoo psy tavistock rabbi operation
        zionist flirty fishing
        she talks of cultural boycott of israel
        and much else
        that is good

  9. This morning Avast Antivirus has blocked the Darkmoon site for the first time. I had to manually disable the web shield.

    1. Red Onions,

      I am sorry to hear this and will ask our “Technical Support” man to investigate further. We have had a few email complaints last week from a regular commenter called “Barkingdeer”, located (he says) in California. He informs us that he has been denied all access to our website. However, we have had no complaints from our other California commenters, so we are not sure exactly what is going on. We’re hoping this is some kind of computer glitch or anomaly.

      Why they should bother with a relatively small and “moderate” website like ours is a mystery to me. Surely there are far more “dangerous” websites around? I mean, what are we saying here that other websites are not saying? Are we advocating “terrorism” or inciting people to violence? Certainly not! As far as we are concerned, we are engaging in no illegal activities. We are just exercising our rights to free speech.

      1. BTW, for what it is worth, we have received several emails recently from silent readers commending the high standard of comments on this site. The commentariat has gone from strength to strength, attracting some of the best minds on the internet. Maybe this is the reason we are now under threat.

      2. Toby, you are too modest.

        But as the latest hydra head of the serpent known as “Pat-JFC-Gilbert” I am not. Good morning to my 2 other halves — 2 older brothers from another mother. How y’all doing today? 🙂

    2. @Red Onions
      You might like to consider switching to 360 security antivirus. You can download it for free from the internet. It’s Chinese. I’ve been using it for years. China now has some of the best browsers and free cloud services. e.g. Baidu, browser. Tfolder 1 TB free cloud storage. Next year Tencent, should be in English gives 10 TB free storage.

        1. Email received today from writer Dick Eastman:

          Mozilla firefox browser and email crash after few seconds. Outlook Explorer I removed as was recommended for Windows XP users — I am effectively cut off from sources and receivers.

          I can email out with my outlook express but cannot receive.

          Dick Eastman

          TOBY: Lots of funny business going on………

      1. …. Tech Support

        It’s not blocking this evening. The last pop-up message read:

        “Avast Web Shield has blocked access to this page because the following certificate is invalid sni50141.cloudflaressl.com”

  10. Let me point out a couple of overlooked but important angles in all this.

    • First, by wiping out the ghouls of kabbalah (ISIS-ISIL-DAESH-etc) from infested territories, the EU members can rightfully repatriate hordes of deadbeats that ended up at their doorstep, which was undoubtedly part of the Oded Yinon / Clean Break plan, to wreak maximum damage to not just Middle East neighbors but the loathed white cultures of Europe (as per Coudenhove-Kalergi, Barbara Lerner Spectre, Bernard Henri-Levy and others). Another reason for the saurians to grind teeth and switch to lower ranking plans.
    • Secondly, Russia gains tremendous approval and trust at the direct expense of the Jew-SA, witness how not only did Iraq ask for Russian intervention but explicitly stated that any US intervention is not welcome, Ashton Carter can stay home and snort the boots. Could other invitations be far off, such as Sudan, Venezuela, who knows …
    • The future historians will appreciate what a massive rollback this was for the Redshield plague carriers, they went for Russia’s jugular and got their own squeezed worldwide instead.

    1. Good points Lobro however did you not mean Syria instead of Iraq that asked for Russian intervention and US help being most unwelcome?

      1. Lobro –
        Stale news….
        Using the ‘dreaded’ WSJ…. by proxy??? 🙂

        The Russia Insider paper states that they copied the article from…..
        the Wall Street Journal from more than…..
        THREE WEEKS AGO..!!

        “This article originally appeared in The Wall Street Journal”


        Iraqi Shiite Politicians Call for Russian Airstrikes on Islamic State
        An escalation by Moscow would heighten tensions with U.S.

        By Matt Bradley and Ghassan Adnan
        Updated Oct. 6, 2015 7:56 p.m. ET

        BAGHDAD—Iraqi Shiite lawmakers and militia leaders are urging Russia to launch airstrikes on Islamic State militants in their country, an escalation that would heighten tensions with Washington and increase risks of a clash between the two powers.

        At least Russia Insider article was without a fee. I like that.

      2. Phil –

        I could have sworn Afghans fought Russia… not that long ago..!!

        “Afghans Looks to Russia for Military Hardware – Margherita Stancati & Nathan Hodge, WSJ”

        The way I see it is that if Putin helps rid ME of ISIS problems he will be a hero and be able to usher in the Pharisee usury based – DEBT – system being used in Russia, and it would be seen as a good thing by the world today.

        If the US were to attempt it, it would be seen as ‘Imperialism’ and be bad.


        WSJ is ok for me. Lobro has a problem with its Jews… so, I tease him.

        I say… everything that does not come from ‘back-rooms’ and ‘board-rooms’ is rumor anyway, no matter the source.
        And just a very tiny bit of that type of info is ever known to those not in attendance.


        The other article states:
        The truth is out: money is just an IOU, and the banks are rolling in it
        “What this means is that the real limit on the amount of money in circulation is not how much the central bank is willing to lend, but how much government, firms, and ordinary citizens, are willing to borrow.”

        Yep…. More debt needed. Gear up military….. Munitions and equipment replacement by US companies in America or US companies in Russia or US companies in Syria or Iran… Bottom line… NYSE Pharisees and bankers still win.

      3. Phil …. The Guardian article says
        “If governments could print money themselves, they would surely put out too much of it, and the resulting inflation would throw the economy into chaos.”

        This may be the case, but with a responsible Government, who are not controlled by Jewish Bankers or Corporations, but truly have the interests of the people and the Nation at heart, there is no reason for chaos. Was there inflation & chaos when the British Government took control of sterling in 1914 with the Bradbury pound? I don’t think so.


      4. “Afghans Looks to Russia for Military Hardware – Margherita Stancati & Nathan Hodge, WSJ”

        The way I see it is that if Putin helps rid ME of ISIS problems he will be a hero and be able to usher in the Pharisee usury based – DEBT – system being used in Russia, and it would be seen as a good thing by the world today.

        If the US were to attempt it, it would be seen as ‘Imperialism’ and be bad.


        WSJ is ok for me. Lobro has a problem with its Jews… so, I tease him.

        I say… everything that does not come from ‘back-rooms’ and ‘board-rooms’ is rumor anyway, no matter the source.
        And just a very tiny bit of that type of info is ever known to those not in attendance.

        Pat, you are free to tease me all you want but I am pretty sure I already explained some of the rules of inference to aid in investigation and truth finding – not that you paid much attention.

        First, it was Afghans who asked Russia to step in, it was Syria who asked Russia to step in, it was Iraq who asked Russia to step in.
        Afghans didn’t ask USA to step in, Syria didn’t ask USA to step in, Iraq didn’t ask USA to step in.
        And your analysis?

        If the US were to attempt it, it would be seen as ‘Imperialism’ and be bad.

        Well, yes.
        Ever hosted a dinner party at your home by inviting some friends over?
        And if a guy with crowbar and sock over his head showed up uninvited,
        it would be seen as “break+enter” and be bad.
        If you don’t get the distinction, ask your wife to explain it, she is in charge of household after all.

        So, if the reason Rothschilds set up ISIS & Co was solely as pretext to bring in Putin & Co to destroy them as a marketing push for another Rothschild central bank, why didn’t they ask Americans to do that, clean out the IS-rats, restore water and electricity, a bit of infrastructure and stable government and they could have had their central banking ages ago.
        What do the infinitely devious and smart Rothschilds do instead?
        They utterly destroy the country, the economy is nonexistent, the people (central bank customers, remember?) escaping by canoes to become penniless refugees in Europe.
        So that Rothschild bank functions perfectly in a devastated desert.
        Hmm, why didn’t I think of that?

        As for Russian media copying content from WSJ, this too I explained earlier.
        Let’s say you and I are arguing over some claims (which for all I know, we may be).

        You suspect that I am making unverified statements, confabulating and so on and are stating the opposite.
        And then I say something that agrees with your point or even that yes, I lie when it suits me.
        Which among my statements become the most powerful points in your argument?

        Those that I already acknowledged as true, because how do I go back on them without confirming that I am a liar?

        When debating Holocaust with someone, do you you just state it didn’t happen or use claims made by Nadzees?
        (no sir, I didn’t commit the crime)
        Or do you perceive stuff said by Jews themselves as being much more powerful argument in your favor, eg, their own professional census data showing the same headcount before and after WW2, or the miracle of 6 million unchanged despite Auschwitz plaque swap that reduced the local count by 2.5 million alone.

        I am afraid that I will have to repeat this exercise in 3-4 months …

      5. “First, it was Afghans who asked Russia to step in, it was Syria who asked Russia to step in, it was Iraq who asked Russia to step in.
        Afghans didn’t ask USA to step in, Syria didn’t ask USA to step in, Iraq didn’t ask USA to step in.
        And your analysis?”

        Find the names of the agents in those countries who asked Putin to step in… and informed the media… and you will know who Rothschild paid to do so. And check Putin’s retirement trust account.

        “Everybody Knows the dice are loaded… Everybody Knows the fight was fixed.”

        “That’s how it goes….. Everybody Knows”….. EXCEPT Lobro. 🙂

        Pharisee Cohen told us how it goes…

      6. Pat,

        Find the names of the agents in those countries who asked Putin to step in… and informed the media… and you will know who Rothschild paid to do so. And check Putin’s retirement trust account.

        Again, a totally false, circular logic, like a police inspector wishing to pin crime on a randomly selected victim …
        easy, find the smoking gun in their possession and DNA evidence as well as timestamped video clip of the crime in progress with chosen “perp’s” face clearly shown at all times and ignore whatever supporting evidence or alibi they may have in their favor

        Hmm, I’ve seen it done … in the days and months after September 11, 2001.
        Are you a retired NIST commissioner by chance?
        Atta’s passport falling pristinely and conveniently into Giuliani’s outstretched hand while the black boxes are lost forever, dancing Jews, steel buildings totaled into dust due to a cigarette butt, Putin’s 200 billion stashed away (Jews got proof, I saw it on the Disney Channel), et cetera.
        Maybe Putin pulled off 9-11 at Rothschilds’ bidding, why not, he gotta earn his keep.

      7. and yes, Ingrid, thanks for the direction, it is a good one.

        Right from get-go, there is this line

        No one who’s been following events in Syria for the last three weeks should have any doubt about what’s really going on.

        he’s obviously never heard of Pat 😉

      8. RO,
        I agree with you.
        What you quote is one of the rationale used by fraudulent economics orthodox theory to withdraw sovereign states their prerogative to issue coins and to justify the establishment of private Central banks. The article doesn’t argue to the contrary and nothing is more false historically.

        Pat, you made your position about Russia/Putin very clear and many share your opinion in France, especially hardcore Marxists and eschatological Muslims/Catholics. Smiley face.

        You may not realize it but US and England still have decent papers, in term of geopolitics mostly, compared to the NATO peripheral states, if you read between the lines of course. But UE countries don’t write the script. The WSJ afghan article sounds like a “wake up pussies” scream.
        Msm here just readapt the propaganda according to how European politicians react to the decisions taken on the other side of the Atlantic. They should get their stories straight as it becomes more and more confusing for the educated readers, especially since Ukraine crisis.
        See the two faced Newsweeks in the nice Jewish girl powerpoint presentation.

        Have a nice weekend.

  11. It must be true! The MSM has ignored it and a Jewish paper has gone into “intellectual” contortions denying it. The “explanations” are on a par with the .22 bullet that killed Kennedy, the collapse of the WTC, or the so-called mistaken attack on the USS Liberty.

  12. Some commentators in the alternative media say Putin is owned-and-controlled by the Rothschilds. If true, then Putin is destroying the jew’s Islamic Jihadist ISIS/ISIL groups on the orders of the Rothschilds. So then the Rothschilds can’t be that bad, as they ordered their Putin to destroy Israel’s owned-and-controlled ISIS Jihadists going around killing Christians and Muslims. Though, those who say the Rothschilds own-and-control Putin have yet to explain how the Rothschilds who own Israel would order Putin to destroy ISIS/ISIL owned by the very Israel the Rothschilds own. Wouldn’t it have been a lot easier for the Rothschilds to just simply have ordered Netanyahu who the Rothschilds also own-and-control to recall the jew’s ISIS/ISIL back to Israel and that would have been the end of that. I mean if the Rothschilds, if they own Putin, and the Rothschilds also want to put an end to Israel’s ISIS/ISIL, and the Rothschilds also own and control Israel, which they most certainly do, then the Rothschilds, if they wanted to put an end to Israel’s ISIS/ISIL, they could have ended Israel’s ISIS/ISIL with one simple phone call to Netanyahu. That’s all the Rothschilds had to do, if the Rothschilds wanted to put an end to Israel’s ISIS/ISIL. In other words, I seriously question how much power the Rothschilds have over Putin. The ball is now on the side of the court of those who say Putin is owned and controlled by the Rothschilds.

      1. I took notice…

        Then…considered the source… after wading through the repetitive mud.

        Not much there for me. You can keep it. 🙂

  13. Why is it that even though all the western msm is entirely in Jew control, the ones in Canada don’t bother mentioning these important changes and events in Syria and Iraq, while WSJ (and possibly others in the US, especially the ones close to Beltway) go on about them at length?

    Because Canada is backwaters full of happily ignorant idiots (Machnichts, sorry but I am stating it from the jew’s perspective and it is at least to an extent true) who don’t need another spin for already scrambled brains.
    And the USA?
    The article is not meant for the masses who don’t read WSJ anyway, it is aimed at the goy elites, especially Obama, telling him, hey look, Russians are making you look like a faggot, OUR imperialism is humbled and laughed at, time to grow some and go at Russia, Iran and China full bore, let’s be men and start another world war.

    Because the top Jew rags like WSJ, Washington Post and New York Times are not read by the rabble but the rich goy Republicans and the brainwash op goes into action specifically for them.

  14. This story holds no water whatsoever ,it’s not logical
    it’s without doubt a disinformation propaganda parroted by mysterious sources which have zero creditably ,it’s a game which is hilarious and pathetic

    1. Yep…

      It is a typical London Pharisee Banker ‘promo’ using fear to sell military equipment and munitions.

      “Please, keep us safe..!!”

  15. I would imagine your Alex Jones is a complete wreck these days, what with Mighty Bear bombing so close to the border of his precious “JEWsus Was a JEW” Israel near the Golan Heights. Gee, I hope his “sacred” RED joo cow doesn’t graze for grass and chew on her own jew cow cud up on the Golan Heights. You never know, sometimes bombs go off-course, we know the Russians have real bad aim, what with those 4 Russian missiles meant for Syria but landing in Iran, Russia’s allies, lol. I bet your Alex Jones stays up all night praying the “Sacred” RED jew cow doesn’t get blown to bits and pieces by Russian Bear Bombs in “JEWsus Was A JEW” izzysmell’s “holy land”, 🙂 . “I’m against the New World Order, that’s why I just LERV my Scofield Bible, everyone needs to get one, read it, study it, contemplate it, worship it : You’re not a rebel against the NWO unless you worship The Holy and Blessed G-d Inspired-&-G-d-Given-Gift of The Scofield Bible, amen, 😉 ” Sure Emerick, whatever you say, lol.

  16. Pat can’t respond to my logical thinking because he’s TOO distraught right now, TOO distraught to think clearly, that’s because his hydra head genteel Southern gentleman Gilbert is TOO distraught over losing his beloved ISIS to Mighty Bear’s Bombs, TOO distraught to think clearly. I hope I’m not being repetitive, to be repetitive is the worst faux pas one can commit. A faux pas no Southern gentleman can forgive.

    Well, Putin eradicated Gilbert’s LERV ISIS in Syria, but that doesn’t mean Gilbert can not still compose love poems to ISIS. I mean the ISIS of November 22nd, 1963 is still alive and kicking, you can find that ISIS in Washington still, still to this very day, as the ilk who assassinated JFK in “Dea” “Ley” Plaza on November 22nd, 1963 are still around. “Dea” means “Goddess” and “Ley” means “Rule”, in other words “Rule by ISIS” . So The Assassination, the coup d’état, that placed ISIS the “goddess” as the ruler of the USA is still alive. Gilbert can always compose LERV poems to that ISIS who is still alive. No reason to get TOO overly distraught over losing “our” ISIS in Syria, “our” ISIS in Washington who assassinated JFK in ISIS Plaza in 1963 is still with us, 😉 .

    Side Note : One doesn’t really need any more info or proof to prove the jews assassinated JFK, as the ISIS in Syria is owned by jews, and JFK was assassinated in ISIS plaza in Dallas. That says a fuck of a lot right there. Actually, it says EVERYTHING right there. But you Darkmooners already know that. Especially your Wizard of Liber OZ Queen Elizabeth-The-First LERVIN’ jew Freemason big-shot owner-boss of Darkmoon. QE the first as you all know was called, in addition to “the faerie queen”, was called England’s “ISIS”. How you Darkmooners just LERV your ISIS goddesses, and how : How British Israel, no wonder you all do everything you can to promote, spread, and inculcate THE LYING MEME that serves British Israel THE MOST of all jew lies, “Jesus Was A Jew”.

    1. I did not know that QE the First was known as the Faerie Queen. But I do recall her being known as The Virgin Queen. An obvious unwarranted exaltation of her and a simultaneous degradation of Notre Dame.

  17. Last month, FBI arrested Joshua Ryne Goldberg aka Australi, an American Jew in Florida on Friday. He is accused of planning bombing on 9/11 anniversary, while pretending to be an Australian member of terrorist ISIS organization.

    The Zionist Jew ran a terrorist website, Australi Witness, calling for terrorist attacks in western countries to punish non-Muslims insulting Islam and waging wars on Muslim countries.

    A recent Australi Witness post said that he along with other fellow jihadis were planning terrorist attacks in Australia and United states. He even posted pictures of a bomb he was working on with “2-lb of explosive inside”.

    US Attorney Lee Bentley III, said Goldberg instructed a confidential source how to make a bomb similar to two used in the Boston Marathan bombing two years ago that killed three people and injured more than 260 others.

    Goldberg also claimed to be a friend of Australian Muslim lawyer and human rights activist Mariam Veiszadeh. Recently, he admitted he faked those claims to discredit both Mariam Veiszadeh and Amnesty International.


  18. Lobro –
    “and yes, Ingrid, thanks for the direction, it is a good one.”
    “Right from get-go, there is this line”
    No one who’s been following events in Syria for the last three weeks should have any doubt about what’s really going on.
    “he’s obviously never heard of Pat”

    AND what a shame it IS, too…!! 😉

    Putin can have his BOMBS… Pharisee Bankers will have their BONDS.

    Putin wins battles… Pharisee Bankers win WARS..!!

    The ‘real deal’ is coming when bankers buy Syria for pennies, like they did in US in 1929. And like they have been doing in Greece for 5 years.

    It is THEIR game… RIGGED for them to WIN..!! — Putin is helping his bosses there.

    Syrian Stock Exchange down 85% from 2011.

    Looks like 10 years, 2006-2016, will be alright for slashing $$ and scooping up businesses and properties..!!

    Damascus Stock Exchange was founded on October 1, 2006.
    The index value has dropped from 1724.49 points in 2011 to 258.88 points in June 2015.

    Facts of Damascus Securities Market:

    US dollar slowly replacing Syrian pound


    The state of the Syrian pound is worrying Syrians all over the country as it affects their daily lives. The relative stability of the pound’s value before the revolution was somewhat dependent on the performance of the Central Bank of Syria, which sought to use revenues from oil and raw materials exports, tourism revenues, private sector exports and remittances from expatriates, to pay for imports — whether paid for by the public or private sectors.

    Even middle-class merchants are dealing in dollars instead of the Syrian pound.
    This has weakened the pound’s role.

    The other crisis experienced by the Central Bank is its inability to print Syrian pounds — which used to be printed in Austria — due to EU sanctions. This led to the emergence of a new 500-pound note in 2014. The new note looks different from the old one. The new note was most probably printed in Russia. It has no real value because of the collapse of the Syrian economy.

    It seems that pumping the pound’s “Russian version” into the market is one of the factors that accelerated the pound’s deterioration.

    But since the new note can be distinguished from the “Austrian version,” the opposition forces have starting warning against its use. The Central Bank’s decision to continue injecting the “Russian version” may lead to two put prices for the exchange: a price for the Austrian version and a price for the Russian version. (diluting both)

    Joe can peek.

    1. I`m afraid I do not know what the hell is going on.. Here is something I sent round in an e-mail recently:

      For some weeks there have been reports of takfiri types, travelling through europe, together with genuine refugees. The takfiri types are described as single males, of military age, equipped with mobile phones, and atm cards, with access to substantial finances. These takfiri types have travelled through europe, together with genuine refugees, where borders were practically non existent. Now there are reliable reports, that some of these takfiri types, having been granted asylum, are residing in a small town, not too many miles from here, and, if they are in this small town, then they are probably esconsed in other towns, and cities, not just here in Norway, but in all of europe. The big question is WHY? Why are these “refugees”, from the attempted overthrow of the Assad regime, living at the european taxpayers expense, all accross europe?

      1. “I`m afraid I do not know what the hell is going on..” OK…. 😉


        Norway said they could:

        Ingrid, many commenters here already answered that for you…. It is to destroy white culture there.

        It is also to get populations up. More consumers on the dole…. will demand and support more liberals/communists.

        Wake up… Coffee’s ready.

      2. @Pat, genuine refugees are one thing, but if european governments are granting asylum to takfiris fleeing the mess they left behind in Syria, that is another. Is there a sinister purpose?

      3. Ingrid –

        “Is there a sinister purpose?”


        So… genocide is seriously ‘sinister’ to me, already, you know…

      4. @Pat, I`m not sure if you are deliberately misunderstanding what I`m trying to say. Maybe I should have said future sinister purpose..

  19. after pat scored a fine goal pointing out the russia insider article taken from the 3rd oct wsj , pat then scores an monumental own goal taking quotes from an article that describes the situation in syria as a revolution . and the same link also describes assads (overwhelmingly supported by the Syrian population ) government as a “regime” . pat gets substituted, never to kick a ball on this park again .bye pat

    1. AFrend –

      Your assessment would have been waaaay more impressive… had you gotten the dates correct.

      Let me know when you can discern between 3 Oct and 6 Oct.

      Til then…. I stay and play.

      Don’t schedule any events, yourself, for precision maneuvers. Dates matter. 🙂

  20. I am from Nigeria and I have learnt a lot from reading the articles on this site and the rigorous and stimulating comments that follow each article. The famed Nigerian playwright and Nobel laureate Wole Soyinka once said:the man dies in all who keep silent in the face of tyranny. Keep up the good work.

  21. funny . the russia insider date says oct 7 and updated . same as the wsj article says updated. trifles dude. back to my original points, neither a revolution nor regime, the manager wants to see you in his office buddy

    1. Yes… “trifles”…. ‘nits’ which you picked.

      “the manager wants to see you in his office buddy”

      I am glad. I need the manger to tell me why the US Dollar is replacing the Syrian Pound.
      I also need to know if the Damascus Stock prices are going to fall 100% from 2011. They are at 85% now.

      Putin is destroying infrastructure to be rebuilt by the likes of Halliburton, Cisco and Carlyle Group. Controlled(almost) demolitions being conducted now.
      Big investment opportunities soon.

      Franklin Templeton knows:

      1. The way I heard it, it was the US which was destroying Syrian infrastructure. Russia was destroying the takfiri strongholds..

      2. Yes, Ingrid. I heard that and more.

        According to some….
        Russia has good bombs. 🙂
        US has bad bombs. 🙁

        Basic point….
        Both are destroying buildings and infrastructures… which will be replaced…. creating DEBT. London’s Pharisee bankers win all-around.

        “Syria’s Ambassador to Russia Riad Haddad said in a recent interview that recent Russian strikes in Syria have taken out at least 40% ISIS infrastructure in one week.”


        BTW – “strongholds” includes buildings also…. takfiri or not…

  22. Pat is so knowledgeable about banking. Pat is so savvy about the world of banking. Pat is the kewl “anti-NWO” hipster no body can fool. Why can’t anyone fool Pat? Because Pat is so savvy about the world of banking. Though I do notice that “anti-NWO” Pat’s kewl, savvy, hipster knowledge about banking leads us to the very same place USrael ZOG NWO Jerusalem-Washington leads us to : To the conclusion Putin shouldn’t be in Syria “interfering” with USrael ZOG’s NWO “assets” in Syria [ and Iraq ], or anywhere period. Putin should mind his own business and leave USrael alone, leave USrael’s ISIS/ISIL/AL QAEDA alone. That’s where “anti-NWO” Pat’s kewl hipster knowledge about the world of banking and high finance leads us. Funny how the conclusion of the kewl “anti-NWO” hipster Pat leads us to the very same place/conclusion of the NWO ilk in Jerusalem/Washington.

    1. TROJ –

      I have said that Putin should be in Syria as his bosses order… increasing debt through US corporations in Russia… building vehicles, weapons and munitions for him to use there. That helps NY and London Stock Exchanges.

      You passed out… fallen and can’t get up. Get help. Call Chattahoochee for an ambulance….
      …. and get a jacketed ride for free….. 🙂

      Contact them here:

  23. and a quick google search reveals “us dollar replacing syrian pound” 1…thats “one” result .bye pat

    1. AFrend –

      Thanks for noticing that.
      Pharisee MSM would have run it on all their sites if it were not truth. They like BS.

      You showed the validity in the statement for me.
      I like the 3rd party confirmation.

      I will lead, as usual… You can keep following. No ‘app’ to download either. 🙂

    1. Lobro –

      I continue to tell you that he Pharisee London Bankers want to make Putin a HERO, so that they can use him to set up USURY in the Mid-East like it is in Russia.

      The only source for the 800,000 RUMOR is the Pharisee founded Sunday Express, an Entertainment & Celebrity Publication, much like the National Enquirer.

      Sunday Express is owned by Northern & Shell Media Group, owned by Pharisee Richard Desmond, a UK publisher and TV network owner on a lesser order of Pharisee Murdock.


      Today, The Northern & Shell Media Group owns four national newspaper titles – the Daily Express, Sunday Express, Daily Star and Daily Star Sunday – and celebrity magazines OK!, new! and Star, and is a 50% joint venture partner in the Irish Daily Star. In 2011 the company opened a state-of-the-art print plant in Luton, producing our portfolio of newspapers and magazines as well as providing third-party printing services.

      Richard Clive Desmond was born in Hampstead, London, into a Jewish family, the youngest of three children, and grew up in Edgware, in north west London.

      Desmond is the owner of Express Newspapers and founder of Northern & Shell, which publishes various celebrity magazines, such as OK! and New!, and British national newspapers Daily Star and Daily Express. Northern & Shell also owns Portland TV which, in turn, owns the adult TV channels Television X, Red Hot TV, and others.

      I will have to repeat this waaaay sooner than 3 or 4 months. 🙂

      1. I forgot to emphasize that the owner of your source is a Porn Peddler.


        Television X is the name of a series of adult television channels in the UK, produced by Portland TV, a subsidiary of Northern & Shell owned by Richard Desmond, the proprietor of the Daily Express. In 2009, a new logo was placed on all TVX channels; TVX, TVX amateur and TVX Brits replacing the old logo from 2003. in 2014 Television X announced that they had acquired the exclusive television rights to Down on Abby a PORN parody of Downton Abbey and would be airing one episode a week from April 5, 2014

        1. To : Pat, one can spell “Pat” “Prat” also, it’s a legitimate way to spell “pat’s” name, “prat” :

          When I read “prat” I figured AzenFrend was saying how you prattle on about bullshit, pat/prat. It was not a misspelling prat, you bullshit artist. At least you’re right about one thing, prat, it’s true, it “doesn’t matter what you think” prat. That’s cause you do nothing but prattle on about bullshit, prat. The thing is : You fully well know it’s bullshit before you even open your mouth, pat/prat, who loves to prattle on and on about things you fully well know are bullshit, prat/pat/prat-prat-prat-prattle-prattle-prattle-prat-pat-prat.

      2. Thanks TROJ –

        You reminded me to add this: 🙂 🙂

        No source is given for the claim 800,000 refugees have returned to Syria.

        The figure appears to have come from Sputnik News, a propaganda outfit owned by the Russian government, and set up late last year as a ‘rebranding’ of RIA Novosti for western audiences.
        As its general director Dmitry Kiselev says, Sputnik exists to ‘provide alternative interpretations’ of world events, with a name that ‘sounds familiar, warm, swift and romantic’ to western ears.

        Incidentally, 800,000 is the number of refugees Germany expects to receive this year.

        The Sputnik report claims Germany is engaged in a ‘propaganda war’ against Russia.

        Sputnik launched to news orbit: Russia’s new intl media to offer alternative standpoint


        Richard Desmond’s hometown’s landmark:


      3. @ Pat

        What you seem to be saying — and if you are saying this, I agree with you — is that the mainstream media are full of disinfo and nothing they say can be taken as the truth. You rubbish the Daily Express because it is owned by a disreputable pornographer. But why bother to do that when the other media outlets, such as the BBC and the Times (owned by Rupert Murdoch) are not one bit more trustworthy?

        They all lie. They all push the Holocaust and 9/11 myth. So all must be doubted and discounted.

        So what are you left with? The internet — which is a source of a thousand rumors and conspiracy theories.

        How can small websites like darkmoon know what the truth is when all they have to go on is the mainstream media and other unreliable internet sites?

        Where does the truth come FROM, Pat? Can you explain? You say: “The Daily Express gives no source.” But what source would satisfy you? NONE! Would you accept the NYT as a source? No, you woudn’t. Would you accept the word of David Cameron for the 800,000 figure? No, you wouldn’t.

        You are led into a reductio ad absurdum in which NO SOURCE can be trusted for ANYTHING! Ergo, your own beliefs can only be based on GUESSES of WHAT YOU WANT TO BELIEVE! Why do you believe, for example, that Putin is a bad guy and that there were no moon landings? Where are your sources, Pat?

        Aren’t they all just as unreliable as Richard Desmond’s Daily Express?

      4. Darlington –

        Thanks for the reply. You are correct… 100%.

        Go back and read my comments over the months. I have frustrated numerous folks by saying that all anyone has to go on – IN the blogosphere – is RUMORS and GUESSES. It is all based on beliefs. People hate me for that.

        AND – There has never been an objective history…. since it was recorded for a reason.

        My reference sources are no more valid than another’s references….

        The comment section is here for comments. Nothing more. Take ’em, or leave ’em.

        Good to go…. SO MOTE IT BE… (little Mason lingo there) 🙂

        BTW – since you asked… the LM door opening was smaller than a suited man with a backpack. See dimensions measured:

      5. Darlington –

        I was sent this today.

        Everything You Know Is Wrong: Even The Boston Tea Party

        Oct 31, 2015

        “What people call history is really myth. History is a tale told by bloody conquerors, failed novelists, and small town football coaches earning their keep in public schools. It’s a system of power. He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past. Court historians regard the myth as sacrosanct. They never question its veracity and are quick to deride anyone who voices doubt.”

        Further, let this sink in:
        “The Boston Tea Party was a protest against lower taxes. The ships weren’t even owned by the Crown. Like the tea they carried, the vessels were private property.”

      6. RE: “The Boston Tea Party was a protest against lower taxes. The ships weren’t even owned by the Crown. Like the tea they carried, the vessels were private property.”

        Were any of those ships by chance kosher? — like Abigal, Crown, Nassau, Four Sisters, Ann & Eliza, Prudent Betty, Hester, Elizabeth, Antigua, Betsy,Polly, White Horse, Expedition, Charlotte, Caracoa, etc., which also happened to be the names of ships which transported black slaves to America?


  24. yes indeed pat the one and only result is the same site that says “regime” and “revolition” do you honestly think your talking to idiots prat ?

    1. It does not matter what I ‘think’ at all.
      I have observed that “idiots” have tough time spelling three-letter words, such as ‘pat.’

      Bye, AzenFrend. 😉

  25. you didnt click on to the flattery ????? I was only imitating you getting my name wrong . ho boy!

  26. For what’s it worth, of course Pat will spin it his way, which is to present it as a Rothschild-Putin tango, so supernaturally subtle that only he in the entire world can detect it, but ***this*** speculates (using logic, which is a serious handicap to some) that Mossad took out that Russian Airbus over Sinai peninsula, that the black box has been recovered on the Egyptian side before the Israeli teams could hunt it down.
    And that for all of Avatarians squawking that they did it, it was much too sophisticated for ISIS cavemen, that the plane seemed to be carrying some quite important Russians and if the black box analysis implicates Mossad, it may well be the Sarajevo, 2015 moment that starts the Big War.
    All in order for the Rothschild banks to make another killing, right Pat?

    Except that Jews are going to pay the price this time, the turdheads will sit at home and watch dancing with the stars while the missiles are homing in, unaware of what is going on.
    But I am sure that once the gloves are off, there are people who know who is responsible and needs to share the pain of warmongering and profiteering.

    I only have one question: given how bestially dumbed down the 99% of US and western colonies rabble are, why the need for such sophistication for Putin’s role in the puppet show?
    As if the tiny minority of clear thinkers can be swayed or is worth bothering with.

    1. Your spin is ok Lobro –

      Mishaps bring investigations. Investigations bring facts for liability purposes.

      Some facts:
      Russia does NOT even make their own planes and jet engines.

      Airbus is a European company with headquarters in Leiden, Netherlands.

      The Airbus jet engines, the V2500, is made by International Aero Engines, controlled by Pratt&Whitney owned by UTC in Hartford, Connecticut.


      The Metrojet, legally incorporated as Kogalymavia, A321 aircraft involved in the accident in Egypt on Oct. 31 was powered by V2500 engines.


      1. FYI Pat, Russians make lots of jet engines that are way beyond the ability of Americans to even copy, it just happens that they use Airbus passenger jets.

        And by sheer coincidence, Airbus passenger jets use Airbus passenger jet engines.
        Or maybe it is some conspiracy to open yet another Rothschild central bank … something fishy here, ain’t it.

        So, how about you take a look at this one: Breakneck Speed: New Russian Jet Engine to Propel Aircraft to 9,000 Kmh.
        So Putin can load his shekels aboard a hyper fast jet and scram to safety in Brooklyn, right?
        Btw, this speed is over tenfold of what Airbus can achieve, don’t bet the farm and homestead on the wrong horse Pat, huh?

        Give us a long list of just what Pratt & Whitney do in spare time, do they play croquet or maybe lawn bowling?

        Next Russian secret project, make toilets that flush after they steal American Standard technology.

      2. Lobro –

        Nice try.

        Airbus 320 uses engines from Pratt & Whitney and CFM(GE owned):


        The A320neo “new engine option” is the latest of many product upgrades as Airbus continues to invest around 300 million euros a year in improvements for the A320 Family. The NEO incorporates many innovations, including latest generation engine choices – the PurePower PW1100G-JM from Pratt & Whitney and CFM International’s LEAP-1A –and large Sharklet wing-tip devices, which together deliver 15 percent in fuel savings upon service entry.

        Same for 321:


        V2500 is P&W’s. IAE is owned by P&W. CFM is owned by GE.

        The twin-engine A321 can be powered by either of two engine options: the CFM International CFM56 or International Aero Engines’ V2500. With a range of up to 4,000nm /7,400km.,

    2. @Lobro. Please get on the phone to Putin pronto. Tell him not to trust those IDF sons of bitches. Doesn’t he know this yet?

      Bomb on the plane like Lockerbie (justice still denied, Al-Meghrahi was innocent), brought down by the Golani Brigade in the Sinai or a Airbus faulty plane. My bet is 1 or 2.

      “An IDF spokesperson said Saturday that the army is coordinating with both Russia and Egypt to help locate the remnants of a Russian plane that crashed in the Sinai earlier in the day.

      The IDF sent out surveillance aircraft to comb the area where the plane is believed to have crash landed. The IDF added that it would be ready to offer further assistance to Russia and Egypt if necessary.”


      1. Talmudic Jews killing Goyim, false flag or a genuine faulty aircraft? What “mind fucks” they play.

        “The black boxes have not even been recovered yet and already the conspiracy theories are emerging from every quarter regarding the obvious act of terrorism which took down the Russian passenger jet. Each of the conspiracy theories do have one common denominator … or, more accurately, 3 co-conspirators —ISIS, Israel and The USA.

        Everything about this aerial takedown smacks of a highly coordinated missile attack or planted bomb plot. All of the circumstantial and anecdotal evidence points directly to one or the other. Even though ISIS has since claimed responsibility for a missile attack, that may be cover for a much more complex Zio-ISIS-American black operation.”


    3. I do not believe that jewish, pro-israel, al Sisi can be trusted..

      red onions, the Lockerbie plane crash just missed my relatives, who live just north of Lockerbie..

      1. Appeal by an Egyptian/American, tortured by the Egyptian regime, on behalf of the thousands who are being held, and tortured, in Egypt, to Cameron, on the upcoming “state” visit, by al Sisi, to the UK..


  27. Gee, let’s hate Putin for eradicating USrael ZOG’s jew-owned-and-controlled “Islamic” Jihadist mercenary armies [ full of jews top-to-bottom ] because the Russians don’t make their own planes and jet engines. Heck, let us hate ALL Russians and want to see Russia totally destroyed because the Russians don’t make their own planes and jet engines, lol. We don’t want to see Russia totally destroyed because the Russians are eradicating “our” jew-owned-and-controlled Al Qaeda and ISIS in Syria and Iraq, we want to see Russia destroyed because the Russians don’t make their own planes and jet engines, lol. I guess we should Nuke Tahiti also. The hula girls in Tahiti don’t make their own planes and jet engines either, lol. Does Israel make their own planes and jet engines? If not, we’ll have to NUKE Israel also, LMFAO at Pat!

  28. Personally, I think it all boils down to the “welly boot song” by non other than Billy Connoly:

    If it wasn`t for your wellies, where would you be?
    You`d be in the hospitsal, or infirmary,
    You would have a dose of the flu, or even plurisy,
    If you didn`t have your feet in your wellies..

    Wellies they are wonderfull
    wellies they are swell
    They keep out the water
    and they keep in the smell
    if you come into a room you cszn always tell
    if some bugger takes off hism wellies..

  29. latest in Panicking Jew department,
    Iran breaches the terms of unilateral treaty for technology non-proliferation!

    Wails Haaretz: Iran Closing Technology Gap With Israel, Military Intelligence Chief Warns

    The Military Intelligence chief said Israel and Iran are engaged in a technology war in which the Islamic Republic is rapidly narrowing the quality gap.

    Maj. Gen. Herzl Halevi, speaking at a closed lecture Thursday, added that if the ANXIETY generated by the videos of Palestinians stabbing Israelis on social media had existed in 1948, Israel would not have won the War of Independence. [Anxiety, Oh Horror, Horror]

    He also revealed that recently, MI abandoned an operation at the last minute because of a letter the corps received from a low-ranking officer in its 8200 signals intelligence unit. [More Anxiety, Yet More Horror, Horror]

    Halevi was speaking to a few dozen donors and faculty members of the College of Management at the Rothchild Bank in Tel Aviv.

    (I am quite sure Putin was in the audience, he has a penthouse apartment on top of the Rothschild Bank in Tel Aviv)

    So, what do you say to that, TelAvivatar, how is it possible that Iranians, who are mere SHIA Moozlems are rapidly catching up to Yiddishers, who as every Noahide knows maintain the sole possession of the world’s Absolute Genius roster, just look at the Nobels won by Jews against the ones by Iranians?
    How is it possible TelAvivatar, inquiring goy minds want to know, especially given the Yiddishers have open access to every bit of US technology they want?

    2+2=OyVey, nu?

  30. There is something to be said about Jew Anxiety, Jew Existential Angst.
    But what does it indicate?

    That the Satanic materialism/ atheism does not work as well as advertised.

    When your existence is limited and minutes numbered, every one is not only precious but also source of anxiety, because to them time is not money.

    Money, they can grow on Rothschild trees, that’s what usury is for but there is no payable interest on time, so they squat in panty soiled funk and chew nails to the quick as the clock ticks, grains of sand hiss down the hourglass waist and the sound of each grain slipping through hurts their large, Woody Allenesque ears, fat glasses fogging up with shticky tears.
    So, the hora dance goes on, rabbis holding hands as they circle and swirl around the inexorable, inevitable drain, chanting their witchcraft curses for naught.

    And the irony of it that they never seem to have caught onto is that they yammer on and on about how only Jew has soul, goy got none, so again 2+2 does not work out, because if so, whence this overpowering anxiety of the Chosen, while goyim generally don’t worry too much, it doesn’t compute, does it.

    Hey Jew, be anxious, be very, very anxious.

  31. this guy, Fred Reed kind of reminds me of Pat if his lightbulb ever went on, viz, he got weaned off ye olde anti-commie tit, the one that went dry decades ago.

    “China Sea Blues: A Thing Not to Do”

    1. “I will lead as usual … You can keep following. No ‘app’ to download either.”

      I was going to write up a psychological profile ala the Freud fraud, expert that I am :-), but couldn’t bring myself to being nasty to a single minded, nuclear engineer, friend of Mullins octogenarian who never concedes, stomping his feet, I am right, I am right, I am right exceptionalist American.


      1. MachtNichts –

        Thanks for noticing my lack of compromise…
        One should never compromise his principles, family or health.

        I gave up dancing decades ago. But, I saw you dancing there with your cult members. 🙂

    2. Lobro –

      Thanks. I’ll help Freddy… 🙂

      Fred forgot to mention Putin’s partnering with JP Morgan Co:

      JP Morgan Russian Securities (LSE: JRS) is a large British investment trust dedicated to investments in Russia. Established in 2002, the company is listed on the London Stock Exchange.
      The Chairman is Pamela Idelson Smith.

      JPMorgan Russian Securities plc is the ONLY investment trust providing pure exposure to the ongoing transformation of the Russian economy. The trust is managed by a dedicated team with first-hand knowledge of this complex market.


      He missed these UK trusts from the Pharisee London bankers also:

      JPMorgan American Investment Trust
      JPMorgan Asian Investment Trust
      JPMorgan Emerging Markets Investment Trust
      JPMorgan European Fledgling Investment Trust
      JPMorgan European Investment Trust
      JPMorgan Indian Investment Trust
      JPMorgan Japanese Investment Trust

      1. This London Pharisee banker has BRICS covered for sure:

        B – JPMorgan Brazil Investment Trust plc
        R – JPMorgan Russian Securities plc
        I – JPMorgan Indian Investment Trust plc
        C – JPMorgan Chinese Investment Trust plc
        S – JPMorgan Emerging Markets Investment Trust plc [emerging market specialists across Asia, Latin America, Eastern Europe and Africa.]


  32. And always remember the 7 P(ee)s, which are a staple of the construction industry for the sakes of safety:

    Prior proper planning prevents piss poor production.

    Although, it seems our friends have done a lot of planning through the protocols, the results are not what they are supposed to be. Someone, maybe unexpectedly, threw a wrench that is going to hit the right target. No wieseling out of it.

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