EXCLUSIVE : Russia threatens to shoot down Israeli jets over Syria

Are the Israelis trying to provoke WWIII? It looks like it. Maybe they want to force the US into taking reckless action on their behalf…

LiveLeak-dot-com-53f_1443836190-iaf-f-15-dt-14_1443836344.jpg.resizedEXCLUSIVE-Strategika 51: Six Russian fighter jets type Multirole Sukhoi SU – 30 SM have intercepted 4 Israeli McDonnell Douglas F-15’s fighter bombers attempting to infiltrate the Syrian coast. The Israeli F 15 warplanes have been flying over Syrian airspace for months and in particular the coast of Latakia, which is now the bridgehead of the Russian forces in Syria.

The Israeli jets would generally follow a fairly complex flight plan and approach Latakia from the sea.

On the night of 1 October 02, 2015, six Sukhoi SU-30 Russian SM fighters took off from the Syrian Hmimim airbase in the direction of Cyprus, before changing course and intercepting the four Israeli F-15 fighters off the coast of Syria, that were flying in attack formation.

Surprised by a situation as unexpected and probably not prepared for a dogfight with one of the best Russian multipurpose fighters, Israeli pilots have quickly turned back South at high speed over the Lebanon.

The Lebanese army has officially announced at 2313 Z (local time) that four “enemy aircraft” (Israeli) had crossed the airspace of the Lebanon.

This ‘incident’ between the Russian and Israeli combat aircraft struck with amazement the command of the Israeli air force, which has estimated that a possible dogfight between F-15 Israelis and the Russian Su-30 would have led to the destruction of the four aircraft Israelis.

Israel has strongly protested to Moscow of the incident but the Russians demanded explanations about the presence of Israeli military aircraft in full Syrian airspace.

This incident indicates that the protection of Syrian airspace is now under the protection of the Russian air weapon. It is a development that will cause much gnashing of teeth in Washington.

The incident has so far been ignored by major news agencies, but the mainstream media in the United States, Europe, Israel and the Arab world will no doubt redouble their efforts to demonize Russia and its support for the Syrian government.

Sourced from  Liveleak.com

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  1. Quite correct. I recall reading in the mainstream media back in the 90’s how the German Luftwaffe obtained a squadron of Mig-29s from former East Germany. In exercises with the USAF, using the Russian planes, the Luftwaffe won easily. The same applies today with the Indian Airforce in exercises with both the RAF and USAF. The Indians using Sukhoi’s win easily. Of course, corrupt the Anglo-American press and aviation magazines try to spin it differently. The British are particularly stupid; getting rid of the tried and tested Harrier for the F-35 crock of crap. Harold Wilson back in the 60’s scrapping the TSR-2, which was a plane way ahead of its time, in favour of good plane, the F-4 Phantom but the TSR-2 would have been better. There is one factor that Westerners do not understand about Russian military equipment; it functions in all types of weather. I recall a conversation I heard when I was a young boy, between my father and couple of German family friends, who had all fought on the Russian front. German tanks were technologically superior to Russian ones. However the Russian tanks would start in sub-zero weather at the first push of a button; the German usually not. The AK-47 is an ugly, rough and ready weapon, horrible sights and not as accurate as the M-14, but it will always fire and I have never known it to jam or have a stoppage. Fail to keep your gas regulator clean on an FN-7.62 or M-14 and it will jam. So Russian military equipment is designed to work in all weather, from -50C to + 60C.

    1. True that, Felix! I almost ALWAYS have an AK or an SKS thrown in the tractor cab or pickup cab when I’m working. While not as accurate as the M-14 or the FN (or as long-ranged or heavy), they’re handy and easy to carry – and tougher. Mud and dust and grime do not impede their function so easily, either. Adequate for all types of varmints, too – two-legged and four-legged. 🙂

      1. That’s very true,israel is mongering for World War 111,now that the Russians are there with Iran and Hizbullah to support Assad what option left for USA ?

      2. I think you guys are missing the Point, which is, The Jew Fuckers are pushing for another war, to instal their proxy banks in Syria, just like they did to Uraq & Libya, the “ONLY” person defending sovereignty is Putin, GET IT!

      3. @ Carbonscam. I hope you are right. But the Jury’s still out. Jews always back both sides.

        “Empire of the City” a book published in 1946 by E Knuth explains this.

      4. Carbonscam –
        RO –

        Putin helps bankers….. as Sputnik News reports…

        After the ‘controlled demolition’ called ‘pin-point bombing’ and “using PRECISE weaponry carried by Su-24, Su25, and Su-34 attack aircraft”… comes…

        “contracts for investment projects” for bankers to finance
        “contracts for investment projects” for bankers to finance
        MORE “contracts for investment projects” for bankers to finance.

        RUSSIA – PUTIN – Plans to REBUILD Syria From Ashes

        The German press reports on Russia’s long-term plans to help rebuild Syria after the end of the war there, including renewed – contracts for INVESTMENT projects – and a roadmap for a political resolution.

        Russia has a long-term plan to rebuild Syria after the terrorists there are defeated, which requires the involvement of other regional powers to ensure that the threat of terrorism is extinguished, Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten [DWN] reported on Saturday.

        “Russian President Vladimir Putin is pursuing a long-term strategy in the Middle East, according to which Syria’s traditional allies play an important role,” wrote DWN.


    2. There is no suggestion that Russia actually “threatened” to shoot down those four Israeli planes over Syria. The threat was implicit when they shooed the planes off. The Israeli intruders into Syrian air space knew they had no right to be there. Which is why they turned tail and fled before the Russians. Russia was saying to the Israelis in no uncertain terms: “Syria is now our protectorate. You are no longer free to fly your planes over Syria without the consent of President Assad and without Russian approval. KEEP OUT!”

      1. This has enormous consequences for the region. Since Syria has now effectively become a Russian protectorate, it follows logically that NO planes will henceforth be allowed to fly over Syrian air space without Assad’s consent and Russian approval. This will apply not only to Israeli planes but, by extension, to American planes, British planes and French planes. The distinction between the “good terrorists” (the so-called Syrian “rebels” backed by the West) and the “bad terrorists” and their affiliates (ISIS and their kind) will soon disappear.

        The Russian aim is to support the Assad regime. As such, all the Western-backed “rebel” forces in Syria will henceforth be regarded as deadly enemies of Syria and will be justifiably destroyed. Putin has every right to bomb the Muslim mercenaries on the American payroll. Anyone who is against Assad will be destroyed with full justification, for there is no proof whatever that Assad is the “war criminal” America and its vassal countries claims he is. He has yet to be tried and found guilty in an international court of law.

        Iranian forces and Hezbollah, moreover, have every right to enter Syria and protect it from its enemies — provided they do so with Assad’s permission and Russian approval. This is realpolitik. The US and its vassals have been checkmated.

      2. LD –
        “Putin has every right to bomb the Muslim mercenaries on the American payroll.”

        I never knew you were in favor of bombings. Too much collateral damage for me. I favor more selective means.

        I would like to know where the “payroll” originated… NM Rothschild’s subsidiary… the Bank of England, or NM Rothschild’s subsidiary…. the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

      3. @LD

        The US can now also forget about installing “no fly zones” above Syria, a trick that worked so well in Libya. We are living in interesting times!

      4. @LD, that`s the way I understood it, that Russia is acting legally, as opposed to the US/coalition. As many as 600 takfiris/rebels, good, or bad, have taken to their heels, as the israelis did in Lebanon, when “licked” by Hezbollah. Question is, where do they run to? If their paymasters no longer have use for them, I fear they are DEAD, or disowned.. I believe the Russians have plans to clean out the rats nests in Iraq also..

      5. YES!!!! Well said!! Same goes for “israel’s” bitch; the Zionist Occupied ‘United States”.

      6. LD
        October 4, 2015 at 2:16 pm
        “The Russian aim is to support the Assad regime.”

        Let’s hope that is truly the case.

        “Putin has every right to bomb the Muslim mercenaries on the American payroll.”

        Putin is bombing SYRIA under what appears to be the RIGHTEOUS PRETENSE of trying to oust a foreign-backed mercenary force that was introduced into the region for the purpose of destroying Syria so that Israel might enjoy some “lebensraum” that it doesn’t really need or perhaps because the jewish mindset is eternally bent on destroying anything that isn’t jewish, but the fact remains that RUSSIA IS STILL BOMBING SYRIA & in the absence of being granted access to up-to-date military intelligence (which none of us are privy to) it’s impossible to make an accurate assessment of what’s going on. Therefore we cannot be sure that Putin is actually doing what’s being alleged in the jewish-owned press. It MAY or it MAY NOT be true that Russia is coming to the defense of Syria & for all we know Putin could be working for the jews in Washington and is trying to oust the national government of Syria. In the end we can only hope that Putin is working against the jews and is trying to defend the nation of Syria.

        “Anyone who is against Assad will be destroyed with full justification, for there is no proof whatever that Assad is the “war criminal” America and its vassal countries claims he is. He has yet to be tried and found guilty in an international court of law.”

        Assad is to be admired for standing up against insurmountable odds. The empire is trying to rid the planet of nationalism and national autonomy. Assad is the latest “domino” in a long line of dominos. This entire process likely began in the Middle Ages when the Nobility was targeted because it was trying to protect the peasantry. Any leader of any country who wants the best for his nation, is going to face the wrath of the international jews.

      7. save the goyim,

        for all we know Putin could be working for the jews in Washington and is trying to oust the national government of Syria.

        try and put the following, verifiable statements together and see what shakes out.
        1. Assad was returned in the last open, fair (International observers endorse Syrian elections),
        2. As the rightful representative of Syrian nation (see above), Assad personally invited Russian military intervention to clean out the Jew taqfiri rats nest, which by all accounts (including Jews screaming blue murder) they are doing quite successfully.

        So, based on the above two points, how is it possible for Putin to be working for jews in Washington and (is) trying to oust the national government of Syria?
        … with Assad’s full and enthusiastic approval.

      8. Just heard that Gaza is under air attack again, wish the people of Gaza had anti-aircraft munitions..

        An Australian radio host, Igan, guesting on Press TV`s Top 5, said, again, that what is taking place in the ME region, is following exactly, the zio Oded Yinon plan for the jews greater israel..

    3. Felix –

      That sounds about right for the 90s. Here is more of some of the stories then.

      After the wall came down, Russia had to use those planes and weapons to buy milk… and food in 1993.

      After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia was struggling to pay the $100m it owed New Zealand for a range of imported dairy products.

      Missiles for milk: how Russia offered New Zealand military hardware to settle dairy bill

      Former PM Jim Bolger ‘absolutely stunned’ to be offered a nuclear sub and two MiGs in lieu of money.


      1. Pat,
        I wouldn’t put much credence in the Guardian. Those in the know in the UK realise it is a Jewish/ Mossad front newspaper I had a friend of mine, now deceased, who worked in Special Branch in Scotland Yard who clued me in years ago. In the UK/ British Commonwealth system of policing SB deal with political offences and will arrest spies for MI5 etc. This may surprise you but the terrorist group that made the most attempts on Margaret Thatcher was not the IRA, but the Animal Rights Militia. Yes, England has a terrorist group that will kill people to protect animals. What next? Plant rights?

      2. Your contempt of all things Russian is so transparent as to be pat-hetic.

        Any sort of reality that doesn’t suit you is just brushed off as non-existent.

        Russian air force in Syria?
        Just to destroy libraries containing documents incriminating Pharisees, that’s all.
        Russian jets chase off Israeli F-15’s?
        Not really, they were looking for cows on the ground with milking potential, satellite images analyzed to measure the girth of cow tits.
        Wonder how the Russians managed to get those jets off ground, given that inability to clear sufficient area for a soccer pitch.
        And so on, and on.
        With opposition like this, how can Jews ever lose in their pursuit of world domination?

        Those posts are worth bookmarking.

      3. Felix –

        I don’t put much credence in any written words.

        You must do your own research…. then have faith that your guess is correct. 🙂

        I have no proof that the article in question is false. Show me if you have it.

        Lobro –

        I am glad it is transparent. I have contempt for all welfare states of the US. That includes Russia since London and US bankers took it over in 1917.

      4. So why bother with any other news outlets if New York Times, Guardian, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal are so truthful and reliable?

      5. lobro –

        I told you before…

        You can use your sources of rumors and lies and guesses(opinions) all you wish.

        I’ll use mine.

        Notice, please… I NEVER complain and whine about YOUR sources… even when I disagree with their rumors and lies and guesses(opinions).

        You should get beyond attacking the messengers.

        Let me know when Putin releases that list of oil and LNG brokers he uses. 🙂

      6. Pat,
        “I have no proof that the article is false!” True, but I have read other articles in both the Guardian and the BBC that I know from personal knowledge of events to be totally false! And I first encountered such articles more than 40 years ago. Remember the previous thread on who the most influential people are? Well our “clever” “liberal” “honest” “intellectual” friends from the Guardian, BBC, the Economist and others are all part of the Rothschild controlled Chatham House. So I operate under a presumption that everything they publish is a lie or at the very least, a half truth. It’s like some of the presumptions you have in the drug laws, for example, where the burden of proof shifts from the prosecution to the defence. Everything they publish is lie until proven otherwise. It always amazes me the touching faith you Americans have in the honesty and integrity of the British media. If you hear someone talking with a British accent you believe them. I don’t have a British accent, but whenever I’ve visited the States you people gush and ooh and aah! “I just love your accent!”

      7. Talking about the BBC, post Saville, the British Buggering Corporation, Craig Murray former British Ambassador says their piece about a Chemical attack in Syria and blamed on Assad was faked and I agree 100% The BBC IMO has intelligence operatives working as “journalists”.


      8. Felix –

        “Everything they publish is lie until proven otherwise. It always amazes me the touching faith you Americans have in the honesty and integrity of the British media.”

        There is no need to be amazed at me THERE..!! My wife would tell you that you are mistaken also.

        I told you I take the writings of ALL others as being suspect of guesses and rumors and lies.
        I stated, “I don’t put much credence in any written words.”

        If you speak to me, please address me… not the “Americans”…. most of whom I would not allow in my yard. In fact, most Americans I see believe I am not one of them… and I’m glad of that.

        I told you before I was kicked out of the Boy Scouts 60+ years ago… and the Tea Party in 2010…. because I spoke about Pharisee dangers too much. 🙂

        Thanks for the admission:
        “I have no proof that the article is false!”

      9. Felix, your point as to the British accent is a good one.
        I think Mark Twain remarked upon this once or twice.

      10. @Pat, and all those who would demonize Putin`s Russia, have to realize, that Russia under Putin, is different to pre Putin Russia. I believe that, like “God”, (our dogs term for my son-in-law), Putin works in mysterious ways..

      11. That sounds like this bollix……………….

        “There are things we know that we know. There are known unknowns. That is to say there are things that we now know we don’t know. But there are also…..”

      12. You’re probably a good person and opinionated like me.
        I don’t care what anyone does, as long as they aren’t attacking US shores. My concern is the 18 trillion we owe. My concern is about the 35 IOU notes for every same ounce of gold in Ft Knox.
        Germany asked to just see their gold, and were fhown an IOU at the front door. If I were you, and you have a 401k you might ask someone knowledgeable how long or if you can even get your own money. Ask yourself why there’s 2 1/2 TRILLION American profit money overseas, that wasn’t taxed before it left the US. Hello

    4. Your comment led me to think of the attempt to assassinate Heydrich in Prague in WW2. The plan was perfectly executed and the assassins would have got away and never been found, but when they came to fire their sten gun, it jammed.Rubbish piece of kit. Luckily a grenade and the injury it caused did the trick after a septicaemia had set in and Heydrich died. But the fumbled attempt meant the assassins got holed up, instead of escaping and the Germans caught and killed them.

      1. The guys in the Korean War always liked Thompson Machine guns. In fact if you got one off the Chinese dead you had a trophy……what a sad life we lead. Blessings to All.

    5. Fascinating. I just watched this video a few days ago about the TSR-2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o53u0X0Ik0w. This is a classic example of behind the scenes manipulation of government weapons procurement. From the very beginning, the British government demanded a Soviet style centralization of aircraft manufacturers and oversight committees that hobbled progress on the program. This required more time, and as we all know, time IS money. This was the opposite of the independent contractor’s success that produced aircraft like Supermarine’s Spitfire.

      After a long drawn-out and convoluted development phase, just as the aircraft was approaching production, the project was summarily cancelled. The Brits sold thirty TSR-2s to the Australians who cancelled the order prior to production in favor of the equally plagued F-111. Their cancellation helped kill the program. As the video points out, while the development of this aircraft cost £200,000,000, the prototypes were eventually reduced to £50,000 of scrap. The mystery is why the order was given to destroy all the airframes and infrastructure, i.e. jigs, assemblies, tooling etc., built specifically for the TSR-2’s development. Big surprise that no one can pinpoint exactly who gave the order to destroy everything. I suspect the reason for the cancellation and destruction of the TSR-2 was the aircraft’s technology might have been sufficiently advanced to put Britain so far ahead of the Russian bogyman as to create a distinct imbalance in the much ballyhooed “military parity” between the opposing powers.

      From drawing board proposals to scrapping, the City of London’s Jew bankers profited exceedingly from loans they provided for the TSR-2 development. The world’s pursuit of weapons is insane and beyond normal comprehension. Spend some time looking through America’s weapons programs, like the missiles, e.g. “Snark”, “Bomark”, “Nike” (it was a missile before it was a sneaker), “Titan”, “Minuteman”, and “Atlas”. Many of these programs were scrapped after a decade or less of deployment. The Bomark missile program produced almost a thousand missiles, along with ancillary needs like bases, personnel, training and other support infrastructure, only to be scrapped little more than a decade later. However the scrapping process for the Bomark cost even more money due to the radioactive magnesium used in the airframe and accidents associated with the program.

      The world’s pursuit of death dealing machinery at the behest of the Jew bankers boggles the mind. Yet cuckservatives have both the ignorance and temerity to talk about how the social programs have destroyed the economy. Even official figures paint an almost equal amount of spending on military and social programs. BULLSHIT! The equality painted by official figures is a lie propagated to give the idiots identifying with the liberal/cuckservative labels justification for their alternative economic drum banging about their pet evils of government spending. The only thing the two have in common is both were intentionally designed to destroy people. One directly and one in a far more subtle manner.

      Take a look at the American nuclear submarine and aircraft programs. Most tellingly, take a look at the weapons “graveyards” around the world. Here is a video of the Kingman Arizona (now Davis-Mothan) scrapyard after WWII. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=scXCe1i_hJQ. This is but one tiny snapshot of one scrapyard. This one scrapyard has maintained a steady stream of aircraft scrapping since that movie was filmed. Today the Davis Mothan “bone yard” is filled with jet age aircraft. The last WWII-style destruction of aircraft came after SAC disbanded. In the same manner as the TSR-2, the American government rushed to cut up the B-52 fleet en masse. From first rivet to smelter, all these programs absorb time, money and effort like a dry sponge absorbs water. All this time money and effort wasted on better methods for killing people. Is it any wonder America has a 75 trillion dollar debt or that Britain is now a third world country? And what about the rest of the planet?

      All these weapons, all these efforts, were cold war, manipulated madness that directed an inconceivable amount of the planets time, effort and money on weapons development and implementation. Jewish wet dreams are civilization’s nightmares.

      “The Lebanese army has officially announced at 2313 Z (local time) that four “enemy aircraft” (Israeli) had crossed the airspace of the Lebanon.” – Enemy! It’z high time these mamzers were properly identified. So now that cowardly Jews have been driven off, whose “brave boys” might be called upon to put the wind up the Russians?

      1. “So now that cowardly Jews have been driven off, whose “brave boys” might be called upon to put the wind up the Russians?” : according to an item on Press TV, the Brits are gearing up for that job..

      2. @Justice For Chinese, re. the first video, of the so-called British soldiers, what a sick bunch of little poofters/faggots.. reminds me of a guy I talked to on webcam once, apologised for sitting in his dressing gown, I said that was OK, as long as he was comfortable. Then he asked if he could “do a twirl”. There didn`t seem to be much room, so I told him to be careful. He suddenly opened his robe, and was wearing some sort of red velvet pouch. I thought I was pretty broadminded, but I was shocked, and said so. He got offended, couldn`t see anything wrong with it..

        Yes, my money too, is on the Russians, Iranians, Hezbollah, the resistance in Palestine, in Syria, in Iraq and Yemen. On all those who are/have laid their lives on the line, to defend that which is theirs..

      3. @Felix, the military needs cannon fodder, and they don`t care what packaging the cannon fodder comes in. I could never understand why females would want to be in the military..

      4. Good point, Ingrid.
        Women are biologically too valuable to waste in the military. Women are just as courageous as men, but for any society to deploy women in combat indicates racial and biological degeneracy. This “feminization” of a traditional masculine role is one more Jewish nail being hammered into the Western coffin!

      5. http://fredoneverything.org/a-petticoat-military-comedy-in-uniform/

        “I don’t remember exactly when the campaign to put women in the combat forces began, but as years went by the push grew.” – Fred Reed

        It was Jewish soviet communist who made the first, large-scale, introduction of women into a modern fighting force. Under that farcical egalitarian system, Soviet women were the first to die as combatants in the same manner as their male counterparts. Of course, soviet Jews didn’t care a whit if shiksa goyim were killed as it just meant less goyim to murder in their gulag death camp system. It pretty much the same view Jews have today about Palestinian women – dead ones don’t reproduce. So kill a goyim women and its all to the plus for reducing the hated goyim population.

        As usual, Fred misses the plan. For him it’s just a bunch of “flacks” and “hacks” trying to progress their careers. Never does he ask who sets these absurd standards for the military and never does he name those who do. Well dear Fred, it’s not the “flacks”, “hacks”, generals or politicians; no sireee, it’z the guys who control the money and the media. It’s the top echelon of moneymen (no women allowed) who decide what military programs will be funded and which will be strangled and it’z the media who sets the fashions and standards for the culture. One might ask, why do they all march lockstep in support of these absurd military fantasies ~ er ~ policies?

        As I have long asked about the nation itself, If one wanted to intentionally destroy a dependable, aggressive, military fighting force without actually taking any chances in toe to toe combat, could they do any better job than what one sees in action today? There’s a clue Fred – a big fat clue.

    6. Along that vein, when a culture begins to rot from within, things other than morals, economy and family suffer. People who are NOT worthy of their “appointed” positions but are of the proper political or tribal affiliations acquire power then corrupt it. The same is true with technology etc. Consider Germany’s amazing success in all fields prior to the Bolsheviks pulling their US/British/French puppet strings. Because they were flush with competent “love my country and people” types they were able to do amazing things in an unbelievably short time. The west is slipping rapidly re: morals/ character and their awarding contracts to those “connected” rather than those capable will eventually remove them from “top spot”. Our defense budget will greatly exceed 600 billion annually but still they can show nothing of great quality. Basically, in my opinion, it’s because this rotting republic puts more stock in who you blow rather than what you know.

      1. Because they were flush with competent “love my country and people” types they were able to do amazing things in an unbelievably short time.

        Once again it’s the Tower of Babel story.

        There was once a great city built by an advanced culture. This culture was comprised of a homogeneous people, superior in their advancement over the more primitive cultures of the region. Their leader was a great and farsighted king named Nimrod who ruled justly over his people. Now the priests had come into this region, and feeling itself threatened by the advancing power of his great culture, opposed Nimrod’s rule. The priests feared the considerable benefits offered by Nimrod’s advanced culture would result in the loss of their own small following, who would abandon them in favor of the much greater comforts of Nimrod’s culture.

        The priests had worked for many years to gather followers to their God and now this advancing culture presented all the people of the region a new ruler in the form of a King. However, it was not just a matter of losing followers for by this time, the priests made their living by sacrifices demanded from their followers. Thus if the priests lost their followers, they would lose their means of sustenance as well.

        Normally the priests would have sent their small military force into the city to destroy it outright, but their small army was far too weak to stage an outright attack on Nimrod’s considerably larger forces, so they resorted to a cunning subterfuge to conquer the more powerful culture. Up to this point, people of that isolated region had only seen villages, but Nimrod’s city was greater in size and magnificence than any other seen up to that point. In fact, Babel was one of the very first cities of its kind.

        One day the high priest of the brotherhood and two lesser authorities gathered on a hillside not far outside Nimrod’s great city. For some time, the leader of the three watched the bustling city with measured intent before he spoke to the others.

        ‘Look at the effort that goes forth below. These are a dedicated people; such dedication could present a problem to our future.’

        The other kohein replied, ‘We have been watching them for quite some time and find they are of a unified people all of the same bloodline and therein lays real danger to our brotherhood for in this unified people lies great power. Their advancing culture with its wealth and religion threaten to attract our people to their city.’

        The other kohein then spoke, ‘What are we to do? If they continue their efforts, they will soon be so powerful that their mere presence will surely subsume our own people!’

        The leader spoke again, ‘They are too homogeneous and therein lays a danger to our power. They are all of the same bloodline and they all speak the same language. Worse, they build a magnificent temple, a ziggurat, that not only reaches to heaven, but greatly exceeds our efforts in all dimensions. Their religion grows among the people and the power and scope of their God has already surpassed ours. If this continues, we will soon lose our power over our people. This must be stopped; something must be done!’

        And something was done. The priests sent their angents far and wide, telling people of the wonders of Babel. A short time later, a growing influx of people from different cultures, speaking different languages, began to enter the city. The king had always maintained a cosmopolitan view of the world. He welcomed foreign visitors into his city and encouraged trade with other regions and their cultures.

        Because of his immense power, Nimrod never felt threatened by outsiders. As new inhabitants flooded into the city, a different element quietly followed their lead, promoting an ever greater invasion of outsiders into Babel. In a few years, the influx of foreign peoples soon confounded the city’s inhabitants with different languages and cultures. Among the confusion of these new people were angents of the priests who had stood on the hillside, but no one recognized them as such.

        These angents moved invisibly among the throng of invaders and soon began to speak honeyed words about the wondrous value of the new arrivals and how much they improved the city and its culture. They spoke of the evils of people being unified in their bloodline, expounding endlessly upon imaginary evils of cultural unity and homogeneity among the indigenous people. They promoted diversity and equality among all men.

        As the original inhabitants began to murmur with displeasure over the idea of equality, the angents spoke eloquently of justice for all, of love by the new arrivals for the indigenous culture whom they in turn accused of hatred. The angents convinced the king that ever-increasing trade with outsiders would contribute greatly to the growth of his power and wealth. They suggested erecting a beacon in front of the city. The light of this beacon would shine for a great distance, welcoming one and all into the city. The beacon was soon built and word went out to all, the city of Babel welcomed strangers, no matter their origin.

        Within a few short years, the angents had thoroughly ingratiated themselves among the original inhabitants, blending invisibly with the confused throng. In time, they became men of the law and leaders of the land. Then the angents began using their power to legislate laws against the original peoples who soon found themselves hounded and oppressed by the very invaders they had welcomed into their city. All the while they encouraged the invaders to preserve their foreign cultures and speak among themselves in their own language.

        Before long, the city’s commerce and infrastructure began dissolving as the disparate cultures intermingled and communication became increasingly difficult. Less skilled invaders took over the daily tasks required to run the city’s advanced technology of which they had little knowledge or skill. Many of those from the different cultures had profoundly different moral values and work ethics. Thus, while the original inhabitants had typically worked hard to build their city and nation, many of the new immigrants were lazy, often choosing to make their living off the efforts of the original inhabitants either by robbery or graft.

        But most insidious were the effect of the angent’s words on the women. The once beautiful and gentle women of the city became proud, spiteful and haughty, while many more were reduced to begging and prostitution. All the while, the angents sang the praises of intermarriage with the foreigners and from these marriages, the original stock of women frequently produced inferior offspring. These offspring were invariably more like the pernicious invaders than the original inhabitants. In time, the indigenous men of the city adopted the angent’s favorable attitudes towards graft and corruption. Instead of working together as they once did, they now spent their time trying to steal and cheat as much from everyone as possible, especially from their own kin.

        As the confusion of cultures grew, the corruption overwhelmed the people and their leaders. Many of the original inhabitants left, some departed the city in disgust while others fled in fear of their lives and the lives of their loved ones. In the end, the once magnificent city and its towering ziggurat collapsed into the timeless dust of eternity.

        At last the priests stood on the hill to survey the now deserted city. Dust blew through empty streets and wild dogs roamed the overgrown plazas looking for any remaining edible scraps of Nimrod’s once great civilization. His magnificent ziggurat lay in ruins, as the bricks were taken to build rude living quarters for the invaders that served to destroy the city and its culture.

        Surveying the ruins below, the high priest spoke once again to his associates standing on the hillside. ‘It is finished. Now that we have destroyed these people, the danger has passed. Let us now attend to our own people and elevate them to the status these people sought. Our angents learned many secrets from these people, secrets of their science and military technology. Let us now use that knowledge to advance our own military power and build our own cities and with this power we shall project our demands upon other peoples.'”

        Only this time National Socialists were Sodomized and Gomorrahed in the very worst of Jewish tradition. America and it’z western counterparts are next.

      2. @Arch Stanton, on reading this, I kept thinking, Nimrod=Iran, and priests=israeli jews, since they fear Iran`s influence, more than they fear Iran`s imagined nukes..

    7. The TSR-2 was a supersonic nuclear bomber not a fighter, we went for the F-111 instead (then decided to cancel that order too and just use our subs). The F-4 we used as a stop gap between the Lightning and the Tornado.

    8. Excellent observations, Felix.
      Another point about Russian aircraft and their sturdiness I’d like to point out; look at pictures of the landing gear of Russian aircraft and then look at Western aircraft. Russians designed their aircraft to operate from less than perfect runways. I remember reading of one type that allegedly could land in a pasture. No such capabilities with the spindly gear on Western planes. If the carrier or airfield the took off from is bombed, where are they going to land??

    9. Just to add that Russian technology has been ahead of the Pindosian one for decades as attested by the space race.
      Now, Russian fighters and other weapons keep an edge on F-22 (decomissioned with the honor of have never fought) and F-35 (meant to be another fiasco) and so on.
      Let alone older weaponry!

    1. Lobro!
      “Sword of David transforms into an umbrella!” Remember 1973, when Egypt had their airforce in ruins, because of Russian SAMs and they had crossed the canal and the Israelis were in full retreat. Golda Meir got on the phone to Nixon in that schmaltzy, “Polish” whine of hers, “Mr President we are losing!” Only the US going on full nuclear alert saved their “bacon”!

    2. LOL, Yes I can picture that perfectly haha, I couldn’t better it if I had all day. You know these critters as do I. We need not worry because so does the Russians, they haven’t been brainwashed like western countries after 80 odd years of Jew Hollywood propaganda.
      Russians are not reckless and certainly not cowardly. I am not in the least worried about Sampson, last I heard the Hippie had his hair cut. Those ugly bastards have even less heart for a real war than the pussies in the west, they rely on calling people names and having them buckle at the knee at the word racist. That sure don’t sound like Russians to me.

  2. I have to shake my head when I see the kids at DS touting Putin as some kind of savior. Previously they were psyched and triumphant about the potentials of ISIS. ISIS was going to invade Jerusalem! I maintain that Putin is a Zionist crony playing the role of the bad boy.

    Perhaps WWIII must soon begin as awareness of the truths behind the world’s gross abuses against all aspects of life is presently exploding. They may see a short window to make a major move.

    However, according to Brandon from Zion Crime Factory in a radio interview I’ll link below, the Jews are able to predict major events 30-40 years in advance. He provides extremely prophetic examples near the end of the interview. If that is true then they have much more control over world affairs than any of us realize. They literally are playing the world like a chess game.

    http://zioncrimefactory.com/jew-world-order (extremely extensive background)
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qeiEZYAOlXM (this interview with the ZCF boss blew me away)

    Both those links are outstanding introductions for those new to uncensored world politics. I found the interview so illuminating and worth my while that I watched all 1.25 hrs.

    45 years before the end of WWII you have a rabbi saying there are 6 million living, bleeding, suffering arguments in favor of Zionism. Consider that before Hitler the German Mark had sunk to one twenty BILLIONITH that of the British pound. (Thanks, enemies!) When Hitler straightened things out, kicking out the perpetrators, why they declared economic warfare.

    You want freedom from Jewish domination? Then you’re targeted to be completely wiped out, annihilated. If Putin isn’t a puppet has Russia got the military to take on the rest of the ZOG world?

    1. Putin could well turn into the ‘wake-up’ call we Americans need to rouse us from the Jew-induced trance some great men have warned us against for years (but it’d be best to exercise extreme caution in considering him the ‘savior of Christendom’…). Even if he ‘struck a deal’ with Obama, events could quickly morph into something else, entirely.

      1. Putin, apparently, met with Obama, recently, at the UN shindig, since then, things have changed in Syria..

    2. @BAXTER

      “…the Jews are able to predict major events 30-40 years in advance.”

      Nonsense, they were completely surprized by Sadat’s Yom Kippur attack in 1973.

      This is once more an example of the belief in the superintelligent, omnipotent Jews.
      Putin is outsmarting them.

      1. Amazing how many have been bam boozled into thinking that the Jew is unstoppable.
        It couldn’t be any better for them when we actually think of them as Gods who can make any thing happen. Well for me it is a matter of two possibillites. I. It is true which makes life unbearable and not worth living. Which automatically brings us to NO.2. It means we must end it for the sake of the unborn and take this blood sucking Vampire down with the rest of us.
        Who knows, we may get lucky, if not =nothing lost.

    3. Show us where the mighty yid foresaw the rise of internet.
      So you think that the Jew pilots turning tail and their diplomats screaming in protest is just window dressing?

    4. – Baxter. Thanks for the reminder about Zion Crime Factory. I first saw the article a few years back … and have often taken quotes from it. It’s truth. Today when I tried to copy part of it, I can’t. It’s never happened before. A box comes up “sorry for any inconvenience. Some features were disabled to prevent plagiarism”. Zion Crime Factory didn’t put in this prevention, I’m sure.

      No worries, I have the quote I was looking for saved on my PC.

      “Those of us who name Jews as the prime mover behind the New World Order — which we have dubbed the “Jew World Order” — are ruthlessly suppressed, censored, harassed, terrorized, arrested, imprisoned, and in some extreme cases even killed.

      “There is no “Jesuit Internet Defense League” that goes around trying to censor YouTube videos that are critical of the Jesuit Order and the Vatican; but there is a “Jewish Internet Defense Force”, a predatory gang of scheming Jews who relentlessly go around sabotaging blogs and websites critical of Jews, Israel or Zionism, and who are responsible for the removal of thousands of videos as well as the banishment of thousands of YouTube channels and users of other video sharing websites.

      The Vatican doesn’t have a paid army of internet trolls who roam around popular websites like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, posting comments glorifying the Vatican and smearing all critics of the Vatican as “anti-Catholic bigots”. But the Israeli government — and its vast network of Zionist lobby organizations like the World Jewish Congress, Anti-Defamation League and B’nai B’rith — has on its payroll thousands of Jew zealots called “Hasbara” roaming the net spewing pro-Zionist propaganda, attacking anyone critical of anything Jewish, Israeli or Zionist, as an “antisemite” and “fascist nazi”.

      It’s not Catholic Jesuits who are training their pupils to manipulate Wikipedia to favor their causes and ambitions, it’s Zionist Jews who are doing that. Doesn’t that tell you something? Only criminals attempting to evade exposure and censure would have to resort to such depraved, bottom-feeding behavior.”

      1. Here is another example… of Pharisee ‘editing’…

        Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, was caught on a hot mic telling German Chancellor Angela Merkel that Facebook was working on censoring negative comments about the wave of Syrian refugees entering Germany.

      2. ZCF, who is actually Brandon Martinez (who now is a bit different in his views on Hitler/WN than his ZCF persona), was writing on a site owned by the WN/Christian Identity Mike Delaney. ZCF had no time for christians and especially the CI people. This resulted in a falling out and Delaney took over ownership of ZCF’s material.

        you can still get some of his stuff via the wayback machine

        here are 2 links



        Brandon now appears on Press TV and is associated with Joshua Blakeney on this site:


      3. Brandon Martinez is an interesting character. Gloriously, thoroughly, utterly well informed — and is more than happy to share these realities exactly as he perceives them without any whitewashing. He seems so much better informed than many others. Clearly a genius.

    5. We all hope that Putin is the man we are led to believe him to be. Can Russia take on the world.? I don’t believe it will come to that and neither do the Jews who are responsible for this situation, they calculate that Russia is afraid of them as so many in the gutless west.
      We shall see how willing these piss weak creeps in Europe are to put their neck on the line in an all out war. Remember these are the same critters who wont lift their finger to stop an invasion of African retards who are perhaps less of a refugee than we are in our own countries or what USED to be our countries. We say what we think of immigration etc. and its off to jail. If our piss weak people wont fight to protect themselves even when they are constantly threatened with imprisonment for talking, then I don’t see these wimps going toe to toe on behalf of anyone. If I am wrong, then so be it, far better to go up in smoke fighting than to be constantly living like worms. We must never lose sight of this fundamental fact, as it is going now we stand to lose everything, and I mean just that.
      Not bloody bank accounts and mobile phones etc. but refugees in Europe itself. I suppose Israel will let them in.:))

  3. The excerpts from the Kremlin about the Putin/Netanyahu meeting are limiting. Key to me is the concern of Netanyahu (Terrorists “R” us). He’s worried about Israel’s northern borders, i.e. the disputed Golan Heights. Well he would be, because Jacob Rothschild and Rupert Murdoch, (Genie Oil) are working together as they always do (Jewish banking and Jewish media conglomerates). They are ILLEGALLY TAKING OIL from disputed territory, but the world and the UN allow them to rape again.


    1. As long as there is so much more wealth in the hands of Jews like the Rothschilds than in any other hands (Kaminiski estimates at least 500 trillion just to give you an idea of the extreme magnitude we’re talking about it), how really does the goyim stand any chance? As I suggested elsewhere, when you have so much money at the very top with a Talmudic Jewish family with a mission, isn’t it game over for the goyim? I don’t see how the Jewish Utopia/Dystopia, the Jewish World Order, is not 100% ensured by this point. The reason Jews comprise the majority of billionaires is because they receive access to enormous capital from the likes of the Rothschilds. It’s completely rigged. It’s completely out of hand. What could possibly come between the present and the prophecy of 2800 goy dog-slaves per Master Jew?

      In a radio interview I was listening to somewhere I jotted down: “He came so close in fact that both Jew houses, capitalism and communism, had to drop their facade. They like to pretend that they hate each other. They dropped their entire charade. The communists and the capitalists allied against Germany because the Third Reich was about to give the death blow to these people.”

      Was it really that close to Germany destroying this incredibly mighty Jewish power?

      1. There are things you can’t buy for money. Why can’t the Rothschilds with their unlimited amount of money not buy Russia and China to do their bidding? Or Iran, or Hizbollah, or Venezuela, or…or…?

      2. At the moment, all the (Talmudic) ‘power’ is dependent upon the ‘power grid’, which is unbelievably vulnerable. A set-back of that circumstance could upset all plans for any transitional takeover. An old-time set of feudal conditions could emerge, and the result would likely be a close repetition of the past thousand years (excluding the detritus of the past 100).

      3. Franklin –

        “Why can’t the Rothschilds with their unlimited amount of money not buy Russia and China to do their bidding? Or Iran, or Hizbollah, or Venezuela, or…or…?”

        They have already done those things to implement “their bidding.” The skirmishes are to keep people worried about outside threats, so the bankers can do as they wish internally… and profit from the military spending, and build banks and markets. Eric Blair, Orwell, exposed that theme.

        Here is proof of things going as planned, whether we complain or not:


        Orwell described a world divided into three constantly warring regions, Oceania, Eurasia and Eastasia. Although they were enemies of each other, their regimes were quite similar. All of them ruled their subjects mercilessly. There was no conflict over ideology or religion or disputed territory. They fought, not for conquest, but simply to wage perpetual war.

        The leaders of each region understood that their ability to keep their subjects from rebelling depended on having a dreaded enemy. It was only the fear of being conquered by such enemies that the people remained content to bear the burden of tyranny from their own leaders. It was an unspoken agreement between the heads of these states that they should wage perpetual war against each other, because it was in their mutual interest to do so.

      4. Franklin,
        As a matter of fact, when he is about to expire, any Rothschild cannot buy an additional breath, even were he to offer 500 trillion for it.

      5. I think you know the answer to that one. We only need look at what they used our peoples to do in Europe and started WW2. We almost became free but instead we await the knock on the door, an appropriate accident or heart attack. Maybe our nerve will break and some of us will shoot ourselves in the back of the head or tie our hands behind our back and stab ourselves to death.
        What we also must consider is, are we really that close to liberty.?

      6. A very insightful summation of the situation. I have often pondered these very same points. I have seen the Rothschild figure put at 650 trillion. People will often say how Bill Gates is one of the richest men in the world. My reply is Bill Gates can’t even shine the Rothschild shoes. And to think someone recently commented in regards to one of my posts: “It doesn’t have anything to do with economics per se, it has to do with expulsion.”

      7. @ Franklin Ryckaert

        “There are things you can’t buy for money. Why can’t the Rothschilds with their unlimited amount of money not buy Russia and China to do their bidding? Or Iran, or Hizbollah, or Venezuela, or…or…?”

        Who says they haven’t? A complete compendium of the evidence remains to be seen and I doubt that will happen until the Ash-can Nazis have been relegated to the ash can of history. Funny thing about these Ash-can Nazis, after sorting through the evidence of the Hollowhoax, no ashes and no cans were found, only Nazis.

  4. – Franklin “There are things you can’t buy for money. Why can’t the Rothschilds with their unlimited amount of money not buy Russia and China to do their bidding? Or Iran, or Hizbollah, or Venezuela, or…or…?”

    The Rothschild are doing their bidding. The Rothschild network is a diseased octopus with it’s fangs everywhere, like a water SNAKE, but it is hidden in the depths of the ocean from an unsuspecting public. Goldman Sachs is Rothschild. Do you think Jew MSM will highlight all it’s subsidiaries and disguised Corporations?

    Rothschild has taken over the weather channel in China & in North America – is there more geo-engineering, possibly like Fukushima on it’s way?

    NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–E.L. Rothschild LLC, a private investment company led by Chairman Sir Evelyn de Rothschild and CEO Lynn Forester de Rothschild, today announced the signing of a definitive agreement to acquire a 70% interest in Weather Central, LP (www.wxc.com). The world’s leading provider of interactive weather graphics and data services for television, web, and mobile, Weather Central’s highly accurate and personalized forecasting offers businesses and consumers a truly unique suite of science-driven weather information products. The company will continue to operate under CEO and founder, Terry Kelly, as well as current management. Financial terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

    1. I am afraid that never before in the history of the world has there been so much wealth concentrated in so few hands. The difference is just staggering between what they have at the top and what a common comfortably off multi-millionaire has, to say nothing of the vast majority who go to work just to keep the lights on. How at this point could anyone possibly defeat the Rothschilds and their agents? Very perceptive, Red Onions, to notice that Goldman and all the other big Jewish banks and investment houses and Jewish billionaires had and have direct access to Rothschilds’ endless capital. I am convinced there is a degree of nepotism that would totally amaze outsiders — I mean a degree completely beyond comprehension. I have every reason to believe Soros for example was directly funded by the Rothschilds. The list of people and entities therein connected would go on and on.

      Is this the beginning of the permanent world order? Remember that the Rothschild fortune began in earnest by funding and cutting funding to Napoleon, using insider knowledge to buy up the London bond market when priced for bankruptcy. Why was that blatant insider trading never reversed?

      Now what can the goyim reasonably do?

      Are nuclear weapons real? Was the Third Reich really on the verge of conquering world Jewry or did it just seem that way?

      I wonder how the world would be different if the money now in Jewish hands was in Gentile Christian hands. We have witnessed such an immense toll on the planet and all its life forms at the hands of these current masters. The suffering and death toll to humans in incalculable. Staggering too the pollution and damage to the planet as they try to suck up as quickly as possible all the resources and encouraged human populations to skyrocket to unprecedented heights. Monstrous the tortures inflicted on their subordinates in their communist lands; humbling to say the least the many hundreds of millions of murders.

      “I hope I live to see the day when people wake up to these SOBs and take vengeance on them in a way that will ensure that nothing like this ever, ever happens again in the hands of these scumbag thugs.” (Charles Giuliani)

      Maybe if Charles’ uploads to YouTube were getting at least 100,000 views each there would be some hope, but that video uploaded in 2012 has less than 5000 views. The situation is that the vast majority is too comfortably numb or distracted to care. When you have unlimited money you have everything at your disposal with which to anesthetize the mob — until you reach a stage in your plan when it doesn’t any longer what they know or how much they care. It’s simply too late. There is no going back. They is nothing they can do. Game over.

      The worst thing is that this same mob would laugh and call the rest of us conspiracy wackos or nut jobs or whatever else the Jews told them to call us.

      The elite Jews and their manipulative mad dog minion Jews played one heck of a game. Now it seems they deserve to rule over and terrorize the planet for all eternity. The used every dirty trick in the book, every heinous atrocity, every maniacal means of deception. And they won.

      1. Baxter. I believe that is the reality, we are already there. All the more reason to hope, wish and prey for an all out war, take these bastards with us. Amen.

  5. I say let the dogs fight… No one wants World War III except maybe the Israelis who have for decades been invading Syrian airspace as if it were part of their own territory. Now the Russians are going to call them out on it. Everything the Israelis do is reckless and provocative. I remember way back when it was Israel that lived in a “bad neighborhood,” but living next to Israel is about as bad as a neighbor gets. Fortunately, Obama (Oh bummer, Obomber) doesn’t love Israel as much as he claims he does. But yuck Joe Biden does and he might replace Hillary as the Democratic candidate. Joe Biden is “nice” they say, although he does seem kinda of a lech with young girls, but he also likes to grovel in front of Israel. Remember when he went over there and never got off his knees. They practically made him crawl to the Holocaust museum, showing remorse for his gentile status with floods of fake tears. If we elect Joe Biden we might have the first crying president.

    1. According to predictions, a fiscal crash is imminent, starting in the US. Unfortunately, it will not affect those who brought it about..

  6. I’m posting this, not having had enough time to read all the other comments so excuse me if I’m repeating what someone else has said. When I received this notification from ‘Lasha’, my immediate response was, ‘At last someone is standing up to these murderous, psychopathic and insane Jews (No, Not Israelis,’ Jews’!). It was like that moment when the school bully gets his comeuppance!. Then when I then read that they had fled, at the sight of an able opponent I felt a sense of, sounding pompous I know, but righteous indignation. They have had free rein to inflict unspeakable crimes against their neighbours for 70 years, all the while protected by their, bought and paid for American politicians. Like an American war Elephant ridden by it’s Yiddish mahout they have strode the middle east on it’s destructive path, whose plan was laid down in the Jewish Pnac document decades ago. It’s hoped that Russia is the saviour that remedies this insane western policy of world domination on behalf of Jewry, methinks not !.

    1. Putin has criminalized historical revisionism pertaining to the “holocaust” as well as defamation of bolshevik, communist, & Stalinist atrocities. Must be that damn nationalist “white pride” hubris again. Playing his part in securing the long-range ideological supremacy of the “holocaust”; the bastard child of the most murderous ideology in human history.

  7. http://www.veteranstoday.com/2015/09/30/israeli-russian-threat-hoax-pushes-world-to-brink-of-war/

    “I will keep using this line, “Never have so many owed so little to so few” as the public owes corporate media, nothing but a rotten corpse of what it once was, warts and all. Completely invented sources are used all the time, including low cost sloppy operatives, as shown with the reference to the Free Syrian Army positions in Syria mentioned below, when they disbanded and retreated into Turkey last February.

    You will not see any of these bogus stories today attacked by corporate media competitors, because they all do it and want to keep their readers dumb and happy, many of whom are focus groups looking for their daily ideological fix and could care less if the material is true or not. In that regard, our media is a representation of ourselves, too many of us I am afraid…”

  8. The first in line for war crimes prosecution are George Bush and Tony Blair. The Zionist criminals want to destabilise Syria as they have in all the other middle eastern countries. And then what will be their next move? I wonder if the immigrants now coming into Europe knew what was about to happen? Lets hope that with Russian support Syria can become stable and independent.
    I was surprised the other day by the news item on Russia Today of their air base actually in Syria, they obviously mean business.

    1. Hopefully we will witness a televised, public trial and hanging of those responsible for the crimes against humanity in the Middle East. I’m not sure there would be many politicians left in the US Congress, but who says that would be a bad thing?

  9. LOBRO
    “Your contempt of all things Russian is so transparent as to be pat-hetic.”

    Hahaha, good one! You have caught onto his tactics.
    It is all about misdirection, like a magic trick!

  10. This appears to be a fake story that showed up on infowars a couple days ago. The article even said it is unverified. Russia, Israel or any other sources are reporting it so it is conjured up.

    1. “This appears to be a fake story that showed up on infowars a couple days ago.”

      Maybe the story dismissed as “fake” is actually true. Which is why the hasbara agents need to step in and dismiss the true story as “fake”.

      It certainly looks better for Israel if Zionist agents can make you believe that the Russians did NOT make the cowardly Israelis turn tail and flee!

      Note also that one of the sites claiming that the story is a “fake” is Veterans Today, a site that specializes in spreading lies and disinfo. On its own admission, 40% of its articles are disinfo. So why believe VT when you know that almost half of its output is mendacious?

  11. My “tricks” are no match for ‘Putin Tricks’ for misdirection… from Gazprom site….

    Putin might have met with Netanyahu to give him $billions for more LNG.
    He already signed a 20 year contract which will be used to support Israel’s military in Syria:
    Gazprom Marketing & Trading Will Exclusively Offtake LNG From Tamar FLNG Project In Israel


    Gazprom Marketing & Trading Switzerland AG and Levant LNG Marketing Corporation, executed the Heads of Agreement (HOA), outlining the main terms of an exclusive offtake arrangement from Tamar floating LNG project for a 20 year period.

    The agreement follows an earlier Letter of Intent signed between the two parties in March 2012.

    In 2011 Gazprom Marketing & Trading Switzerland (GM&T’s Swiss affiliate) was established as a base for further development of oil, LPG and LNG trading.


    The Tamar gas field is a natural gas field in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Israel. The field is located in Israel’s exclusive economic zone, roughly 80 kilometres (50 mi) west of Haifa in waters 1,700 metres (5,600 ft) deep.

      1. I think you will find Tony Blair as the euphemistically named Middle East Peace Envoy shoe horned the theft from a country that has very little left to call itself a village.

  12. “In truth, the Hebraons had been the real dregs of society and outcasts of Earth Mankind, because they constantly incited fights and quarrels within the whole world, which is still maintained until the present. Peace on Earth will finally be then when, when this might-thirsty and murderous self- called Hebraon race-connection has become completely dissolved.”

    January 6, 1977

  13. It seems somebody is day dreaming. Israel and Russia are twin sisters. They will never fight each other.

    If one read Western history from some objective source, he will find out that behind the Soviet regime and Israel were the same anti-Gentile Jewish thugs. Israeli baby was breast-fed by Russian Jews to establish a “Socialist State” in Palestine modeled on Soviet Russia. The first president of Israel, Dr. Chaim Weisman, was president of Russian Socialist Party. However, the US beat Russia by recognizing Israeli state two hours ahead of the US. Later, Israeli leaders realized that with the help of 65 million Zionist Christians, they can suck more money from Washington than Moscow.

    Putin assured Netanyahu during their recent meeting in Moscow that Moscow will never allow Syria to attack Israel under any circumstances. He also assured his Jewish buddy that Assad has promised not to let Russian arms fall into Hizbullah hands.

    Traditionally, all Communist and Socialist (both anti-religion dogmas created by Zionist Jews) regimes have been pro-Israel. Russian influence in Syria is strategically important for anti-Zionist Islamist groups.

    “Despite Moscow’s longstanding support for Assad, relations between Russia and Israel have improved dramatically in recent years. More than 1 million former Soviet citizens now live in Israel (most support Netanyahu’s Likud and other Rightist parties), while Moscow and Jerusalem both view the spread of radical Islamism as a major security threat,” Says Jeffrey Mankoff, director at Washington-based Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), an Israeli advocacy group on September 21, 2015.


  14. LS…
    I like that ! Israëli arrogant basterd zionists on the run ! Keep running Bibi. Run, run, run !

  15. Israel is mongering for war a precursor to World War 111 ,now that the Russians Tehran and Hizbullah are their for Assad what option left to Americans?we now gonna see real war should Israel dared it again

  16. Nobody bitch slaps the Israeli Air Force and gets away with it, their talmudic religion teaches them that. Payback must be extracted by entitlement as the deceived children of their tin god jehovah, The Cruel & Unjust One. This is not some Hollywood Three Stooges short subject skit, it is really happening now because some people refuse to be the scum dog debt slave dragging their sorry ass over the surface of this World like it is just the natural way life is.

  17. I would expect the israeLITEs to run. After all, they are facing the Russians… real warriors… not unarmed Palestinian women, children, and old men. As I recall, they had to retreat from Lebanon a while ago because they couldn’t stand the heat of real combat – which is why they are using the US to fight their wars ( hey…why not? Gentiles are only animals).

    1. After failing to take the town from Hezbollah in the morning, IDF commanders decided to send in their elite Golani Brigade. In two hours in the afternoon, nine Golani Brigade soldiers were killed and 22 were wounded. Late in the afternoon, the IDF deployed its elite Paratroopers Brigade to Maroun al-Ras, where fighting with elements of the Nasr Brigade was in its third day


      Christian Singer Honors Hezbollah

  18. As a Canadian, I have been robbed of my country by the Royals, deceived and exploited by the media and propaganda that allowed the Jewish Zionists to come and plant their jewish neocon nazi puppet prime minister who in truth was given the magical power to elect himself into power, and as a result of this treasonous piece of manure, I’ve been stripped of my honor, my heart, my integrity and my pride as a neutral and welcoming country citizen. I was proud to be a Canadian and would have fought for freedom and human rights any day in any part of the world.
    Now, I no longer have a country, nor do I have any pride for all I have upon me is shame. I fight as an activist to try and wake up my fellow Canadians but so few are willing to rise up and do the right thing. I see my country drowning in innocent blood and the atrocities of funding and committing genocides, especially in support of the Saudi’s and Jews who are ruthlessly raping Palestine. Although we have sent many petitions to the Mafia government in control here, we get ignored and beaten if we manifest openly.
    For these reasons I have now turned away from this country in despair and disgrace. It is no longer a country but only a jail prison owned by a select few foreign corporations, mostly jewish and British.
    Yet as I walk away, I can see a country that seems to be what I represent inside. A country that has values and defends human rights. They have banned the GMO poisons I am forced to eat, they have come to the rescue of the world under the attack of US/Jewish/Saudi/zionist factions of Satan who were committing the most horendous atrocities imaginable against innocent People including children… even slaughtering children to push foreard their agendas, narratives and greed. Russia is a Messiah and I see Vladimir Putin as a soldier of Light. I will support Russia with all my heart and soul if it is truly doing this for the good of mankind and for the protection of humanity and a future for those who wish to be responsible for their actions and who agree to follow the right paths and the right morals. I dare believe in Putin because he is without a doubt, infinitely more trustworthy than any blood thirsty politician or leader of the western world. At least he tells the truth and does not fill everyone with lies and propaganda. I Now support Russia and hope it wins these wars. This for me is not treason to my country, but simply supporting those who represent my aspirations and my heart. Those who are the closest to being what I wanted as a Canadian before it was robbed and disgraced.
    Rick D. Canada

    1. Welcome, Richard. If it’s any consolation to you, there are quite a few disillusioned Canadians posting on this site. I have yet to meet a single Canadian who has a good word to say for Stephen Harper.

    2. As another Canadian, I understood every word you said and agree in totality.
      And as tragic and disgusting as the current situation is, resulting from a long downfall that began with Mulroney, a minor sidekick to Reagan and Thatcher, I am also glad that other Canadians share my assessment.
      It is in hearts and minds of such Canadians that Canada lives on and it is good to know that the contingent is growing.

      Jew will lose and it will be terminal, IT has long ago forfeited any consideration as a member of human species.
      And the ultimate battle will be done through Russia, the world’s last bastion of European, Christian people.

    3. How did “the Royals” rob you of your/my country? It was the NWO Trudeau that kicked started the globalist mass 3rd world immigration, homo worship, etc. through his insistence on having a constitution, which took away the powers of Parliament and gave them to the Supreme Court. Jews were all around Trudeau, Mulroney, Cretien, Martin, and Harper.

      The other party leaders are no different. They are all out to suck Israel’s d^$k.

    4. I have empathy with you Rick….. I think there is an awakening – Not the Barbara Lerner Specter awakening to suit her agenda; but, a White awakening of do or die.

    5. “I have been robbed of my country.”

      It never was your country. You were born to be used by your owners.

      For that matter it amazes me how many so-called wise, informed people don’t seem to understand that Putin too is controlled by the same owners. Divide and conquer is the most classic strategy there is. Napoleon was funded until he wasn’t. It’s likely as well they funded the early rise of the Third Reich. All facts point to that. From The Secret Covenant: “We will continue to prosper from their wars and their deaths.”

  19. Trophies Of War & Ribbons Of Euphoria

    In the Crucifixion of the Triple Flame,
    You are ( Thou art )
    Forever Risen,
    Forever Received,
    In Judgement,
    In Berserker Heaven.

  20. No one has mentioned the latest US atrocity, the fire bombing of a doctors without borders run hospital in Afghanistan, where patients were burned alive..

  21. Hope Israel enjoys their new neighbors courtesy of neo-con ‘strategy’. Is there any truth that China has offered assistance (soldiers) to the Syrian government ? I think I would like to name my first child Vladimir or Sukhoi .

  22. I saw on YouTube a Russian posting this:
    “Vitaly Dushko 2 days ago
    The same Z. shit is going on all over the world. Not only in US in all white countries. If US citizens don’t fight this I think no other white nation will. Here in Russia we have the same problem with immigration. Our capital is like 50% muslim now. And the jew media constantly say us that US is the enemy but our enemy is mr. Putin and his Jew band. All white nations have the same problems. We should overthrown our governments simultaneously, so it wouldn’t happen like with Germany back there. Respect for all white nationalist there in US. Now much depends on you.”

    It looks likely that the belief is misguided that Russians believe Putin is some kind of savior.

    1. anyone got contact details for these guys it would seem fsa is another langley mi6 myth.

      Moscow ready for contact with Free Syrian Army – FM Lavrov


      Russia is ready for contact with the Free Syrian Army, but it is now a ‘phantom,’ Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has said at a news conference following talks with his Laos counterpart in Moscow.
      “They tell us about the Free Syrian Army, but where is it? It remains a phantom group, nothing is known about it,” Lavrov said, adding that Russia has sent a request about the group to the United States.
      “We will be ready to establish contact with it if it’s really a capable military group of patriotic opposition consisting of Syrians. We do not hide this fact. But this structure is already a phantom. I have asked [State Secretary] John Kerry to provide us with information about the whereabouts of this Free Syrian Army and who commands it,” said Lavrov.

      “So far no one has told us where and how this Free Syrian Army operates or where and how other units of the so-called moderate opposition operate.”
      The minister also said that Moscow has asked the United States for details on the army.

      this is another classic

      Hamid Karzai says al-Qaeda is a ‘myth’

      1. Hamid Karzai was the UNOCAL liaison and representative in Afghanistan before the US invasion.

        UNOCAL needed the pipeline. The WTC attack allowed that to be accomplished. He became President.

        Karzai should know. He played a part.


        On February 12, 1998, John J. Maresca, vice president, international relations for UNOCAL oil company, testified before the US House of Representatives, Committee on International Relations. Maresca provided information to Congress on Central Asia oil and gas reserves and how they might shape US foreign policy. UNOCAL’s problem? As Maresca said: “How to get the region’s vast energy resources to the markets.” The oil reserves are in areas north of Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Russia. Routes for a pipeline were proposed that would transport oil on a 42-inch pipe southward thru Afghanistan for 1040 miles to the Pakistan coast. Such a pipeline would cost about $2.5 billion and carry about 1 million barrels of oil per day.

        Maresca told Congress then that: “It’s not going to be built until there is a single Afghan government. That’s the simple answer.”

    1. @ B.A. Fremaux-Soormally

      We’re hoping it isn’t a joke. With the Russians now safely ensconced in their Syrian base, a mere stone’s throw away from Israel, you can be pretty sure they have the capacity to wipe out Israel in less than a minute.

      This article, incidentally, has had a huge success: a 500 percent spike in reader figures overnight. (All due acknowledgements to Felix for forwarding the original report to Lasha.)

  23. In what sense is the “government of Assad” a legal government? Is it “government of the people, by the people, and government for the people”?

    Has Russia been authorized by the people of Syria as acting legally by means of a “Status of Forces” agreement?

    Apparently, the Russians though allied with various Syrian dictatorships going back to the Warsaw Pact, have not got any legal authority to be in Syria. That is, a legal authority that is legitimate…The only legitimacy recognized by the American people is a government of the people of Syria. Thus, with no Syrian government being in effect Syria is a territory in anarchy without a government. The Assad government is a sort of “king of shreds and patches”…

    1. The Syrian government of Bashar Al Assad was voted into power by the vast majority of the Syrian people, and is a damned sight more representative of the people than the US/UK/Canadian/French/Australian or German governments..

  24. Were Russia quietly to supply Syria with a few examples of her latest ground to air missiles and radar, it should be possible to thin out Israel’s pathetic air farce. Jews are by far the world’s most cowardly people (they muster the courage to attack only when the odds are overwhelmingly in their favour, and when no Jew is likely to suffer injury), ergo the loss of a few dozen bombers would prompt their complete and total withdrawal from the scene.

  25. The author of the following article


    is perplexed. With childish naiveté he exclaims: “NASA Is Amazing. Why Won’t Congress Properly Fund It?” It does not occur to him that the members of Congress know much more than he gives them credit for. Congress knows what NASA can do and what it cannot do. Congress knows perfectly well that NASA has never landed men on the Moon, it knows as well that all these talks about going to Mars is just that – talks.

    This brings me back to the myth of innovative and technological superiority of the capitalist West over the socialist Russia.

    Who was Wernher von Braun – a great rocket scientist or a snake oil salesman? Why at the apex of the Apollo program von Braun was dumped as used toilet paper? Because Hollywood “did” what von Braun failed to do – to beat the Russians in space race. So, Anglo-Saxons did what they do best – recruit traitors among the adversary and dump them after they served the purpose.

    See for yourself: Wernher von Braun – From Nazis to NASA


    1. Circassian

      The youtube video linked at the bottom is nothing but the basest, shameful Jew propaganda at its shittiest, 100% pure Spielberg job, direct from the Inglorious Basterds, Shoah, Yad Vashem Industrial Lie complex.

      You seem to be so bent on demonizing Germans that you are apt to lose balance at the slightest opportunity presented.
      No favors done to your Russian background when someone hears something as skewed and biased as this, I would expect Avatar to link to this video, not you.

      Just hear that bitch’s voice, pure venomous yenta, Barbara Lerner Spectre.

      1. Lobro,

        what you fail to notice is that the Nazis and the Germans are not the same thing to me as it seems to be to you. As ethnic entity, Germans are probably the best there is there in the entire Western world. It may come as a surprise to you but Russians, including myself, do not hate Germans – as does the rest of Europe, notwithstanding the scale of destruction Hitler’s Germany brought to Russia. Why is that? Because Russians do not equate Germans as a nation with the Nazis.

        If I am bent on demonizing anything it is the world of lies and those who gave us that world – the Anglo-Saxons (the British and the Americans) and not the Germans. Russians do not have any problems with the Germans, except perhaps the minor fact that, at the moment, Germany is a vassal of America and is not showing any will to free itself.

        It is amazing to me how you fail to understand that. You seem to be so bent on looking at the entire history of mankind from the magical, all explaining and all encompassing formula – Jews are to blame – you are guaranteed never to acquire balance to begin with.

        It is very convenient and cozy state of mind that does not require much thinking. However you are bound to be disappointed, I am afraid, for there is no magic formula that could release you from the hard labor and necessity of thinking.

      2. if that youtube video passes for

        hard labor and necessity of thinking

        then i indeed prefer to stay dumb.

        what you likewise don’t see is that your obsessive running down of NATIONAL SOCIALISTS is the exact mirror image of knee jerk condemnation of all things Russian (Putin, USSR, Stalin) by some of the regulars here who absolutely refuse to consider other possibilities, no matter how strongly they suggest themselves.

        i am sure you failed to notice that i am constantly challenged to battle their iron bound prejudices with facts and am getting quite tired of seeing those facts bounce off, ignored and unconsidered.

        there was once a poster by name gabreal jones, whose every single post was about how hitler was a teenage male prostitute who, along with lenin and stalin was educated at tavistock institute in london where they played chess together and how eva braun used to shit on his chest, thus her surname, “braun”.
        thank goodness we got rid of that imbecile hard and necessary thinker.

        And though you like to go to jew sources when berating hitler and NATIONAL SOCIALISTS, understand that the term “nazi” is likewise a jew invention.

        how would you like if everyone used “vodka snorters” every time they meant russians?

        And please don’t be snide when talking to me … “hard labor and necessity of thinking”.
        It will only breed ill will and response in kind.
        If you come on hot and heavy, preaching at everybody as if they were retards, expect the same in return.

      3. And yes, i do blame jews for just about everything that is wrong with the world today.
        And i got facts and evidence to back up just about all of it.

        Go on, call me out on whatever you want.

      4. Lobro, if your formula works for you then, perhaps, the best thing to do is to congratulate you with your finding and leave it at that.

    2. Circ –
      Lobro –

      von Braun….??

      WHERE WAS THIS on the Lunar Lander..???

      LIVE… Live TV broadcast signals had to travel 244,000 miles from the moon.

      Today they only have to travel 200 miles to a satellite for broadcasting… and miniaturization is everywhere.

      This is a 1999 model in operation 3 years ago….. the ones used in 1968 were much larger:


      Can’t run diesels in vacuum. No O2

      1. I am by no means promoting manned lunar landing as gospel truth, that is hardly any of my business either way.
        What I object to is your dogged and very public hostility to Hitler and the national Socialists, still the best plan for the salvation and preservation of Europe from jew’s clutches.

        It had two points of failure, first, to seriously try and make common cause with Stalin, despite ideological differences (not quite sure if that was a realistic possibility because i only dimly perceive Stalin’s mind) and secondly, that jews as a group had a much lesser mortality rate than every single European ethnic group – they were preserved in totality through the lager system and emigration elsewhere.

        But as for your persistent and unsupported demonization of the National Socialists,

        if your formula works for you then, perhaps, the best thing to do is to congratulate you with your finding and leave it at that.

      2. Lobro –

        Neither Stalin nor Hitler affect Putin’s profits today.

        US and German banks and corporations do:

        Alexey Miller moderates 32nd Meeting of EBC Presiding Committee and 18th Annual General Meeting of EBC

        Alexey Miller chairs European Business Congress Presiding Committee…..
        …..including such prominent corporations and banks as Gazprom, ExxonMobil, Daimler, Siemens, Shell, ConocoPhillips, Total, Deutsche Bank, Dresdner Bank, J. P. Morgan Bank International, Alcatel, Wintershall, Sergey Tazin, Executive Director of General Electric Oil&Gas in Russia and the CIS.

        Shell is in serious talks with Gazprom and other major oil and gas competitors as it seeks to expand yet further into the Russian market, its CEO Peter Voser said.

    3. Did you ever hear that NASA dumped Von Braun because in one of his books he accurately gave the true mid point between Earth and the Moon (which has very serious implications about the Moon’s real gravity)?

    4. For Gawd’s sake….Von Braun invented the V1’s and V2 rockets which were giving my family sleepless night’s in London during 1944/5. I remember after reading Norman Mailer’s “A Fire On The Moon” an intrepid reporter asking Herr Von Braun, was he sure the rocket was targeting the Moon….and, not London. 😉

    5. I keep coming back to the subject of Moon landing hoax again and again, not because I have an academic interest in the subject, but because understanding the genesis of this diabolic and monstrous lie is indispensable in understanding what is going on in the world today.

      The movie Capricorn One was shot not with the purpose of educating people by blowing the cover off the hoax. Quite the opposite, it’s message is transparent: If the Moon landing was a lie, the hoax of such proportions could not survive in democratic society, and it would be inevitably exposed to day light one way or the other. In other words, Capricorn One is a damage control project:


      Here is another very creative damage control initiative with a twist à la short story writer O. Henry at the end:


      1. @ Circassian

        You are a smart guy, Circassian. No doubt about that! But do try and concentrate on the burning issues and don’t let your mind be distracted by trivial “conspiracy theories” such as the moon landings. Even if no one ever landed on the moon, why work yourself into a froth about it? What does it matter?

        Surely there are more important things to think about?

        Hey bro, the Titanic is sinking! The ship is going under the waves! And here you are pointing out the dolphins in the distance, asking yourself: “Hmm, I wonder if those are dolphins or porpoises…?”

      2. Sard –

        I agree with Circassian there.

        Moon-hoax is every bit as important as the Syrian Russian plane rumors in the news today. Maybe even more important.

        The moon-hoax is a burning issue, on many levels. It proved they can use MSM and Hollywood studios to brainwash the people and EVEN accept the impossible as fact.

        The moon-hoax IS a burning issue. It is providing the reason for MORE debt for MORE control by Pharisee bankers…. by promoting spending for Mars landings. Most are already on-board with it today.

        And… acceptance of the moon-hoax was one of the first steps to world control.

        The Pharisees are wanting to be able to perfect their tech and illusions to the point of display of alien invasion from space with fake TV footage and holograms.

        They first realized its huge potential with Orson Welles’s ‘War of The Worlds’ and invasion from Mars…. JUST ON RADIO..!!
        Imagine it with TV faked footage… and holograms..!!

        Orson Welles causes a nationwide panic with his broadcast of “War of the Worlds” … and was not planned as a radio hoax for panic.


        Practice makes perfect…. for them.

      3. @ Pat

        You may have a point, Pat.

        I am not denying that the moon landings may be of tremendous importance in the scheme of things. So is the Big Bang and the theory of evolution. I am simply against the introduction of irrelevant topics as a way of derailing discussion.


      4. When we are talking about the Syrian situation, I don’t want to hear about the Big Bang or the theory of evolution. I guess you are smart enough to realize that, when we are discussing the situation in Syria, the last thing we want is for some smart ass to start talking about the Big Bang!

        The subject of the Moon Landings belongs in the same category of irrelevant topics as the Big Bang and the theory of evolution and the “Japs are the Jews of the Orient” conspiracy theory.

        I have told you this several times, but the penny just doesn’t seem to drop. You have an absolute flair for the TOTALLY IRRELEVANT AND OFF-TOPIC.

      5. Sard –

        Thanks for the acknowledgement of my point.

        To the rest I say..”So what???” There are numerous distractions here… and let go.

        One example:
        I never joined the long stringed discussions about ‘horseback riding’ just a few articles ago.
        I thought that was a “distraction”..!! 🙂

        One person’s distractions are another’s grave concerns… That “penny dropped” just fine.

      6. Sard

        It’s not really too much of a stretch to tie in seemingly disparate subjects to create a holistic picture of what we’re seeing play out

        Those holographic images of planes plowing into the WT towers and then the REAL fiery aftermath of what were probably perfectly timed remote-controlled explosions was a brilliant piece of deception

        Cheeky bastards

      7. @ Pat

        I never joined the long stringed discussions about ‘horseback riding’ just a few articles ago.
        I thought that was a “distraction”..!! 🙂

        Your argument cuts no ice with me. When Red Onions, a poster I hold in the highest respect, makes an off-topic comment asking for advice on what computer to buy, no one but a fool would scold her for going “off-topic”. This is because her off-topic comment is made with good intent and is confined to ONE thread.

        Your off-topic comments, on the other hand, are made (it seems) with malicious and malevolent intent to derail discussion and to get everyone to talk about a subject of YOUR choice. And you do the same thing obsessively, not just on ONE thread but on thread after thread after thread! With deliberate intent, it almost seems, to sabotage all sensible discussion on this website.

        This website is NOT about the moon landings, understand? It has never published a single article on this subject. So why do you keep banging on about this irrelevant topic non-stop?

        With “malicious and malevolent intent”? No, I take that back. I think you are suffering from some kind of psychological disturbance which makes it hard for you to distinguish between the relevant and irrelevant. So I feel pretty sorry for you. I am sure the administrators of this website are totally aware of your mental problems and will make allowances for you too. 🙂

      8. Sardonicus,

        You misjudge Pat. I don’t think he’s lost his marbles just because he can’t tell the difference between the relevant and irrelevant. I think he’s an idiot savant who thinks everything is equally relevant.

      9. Ingrid –

        When the beheadings were prolific a decade ago…..

        …. I saw wedding bands on the fingers of the fake hooded terrorists.

        CIA is not good at catching small details…. or making good – ACCURATE – films. 🙁

      10. It is a shame that neither Sardonicus nor Lobro has freaking idea how relevant the Moon landing lie is in the overall scheme of events unfolding before our very eyes.

        Brownhawk, Ingrid B, and even Pat are way ahead in this regard.

      11. @ Circassian

        “It is a shame that neither Sardonicus nor Lobro has freaking idea how relevant the Moon landing lie is in the overall scheme of events…”

        Maybe the moon landing conspiracy theory IS highly relevant “in the scheme of things”, but it is hardly relevant in the context of an article on the situation in Syria. Is it?

        What are we supposed to be discussing?

        Any idea?

      12. @ Circassian
        @ Pat

        Maybe it’s also HIGHLY relevant that “no nukes exist” (Pat), that the Japanese are really “the Jews of the Orient” (Pat), that Hitler escaped to Argentina and that Eva Braun just loved shitting on his chest (Dublinmick) … yes, I’m sure you and Pat would just love to obsess over these fascinating conspiracy theories ad nauseam, and at every opportunity, in order to derail all sensible discussion on this website and turn it into a talking shop for trivia.

        Next time this site publishes an article on the Holocaust or 9/11, I invite you to give us your highly “relevant” views on quantum physics!

        I can’t wait. 🙂

      13. @ Ingrid B

        All hoaxes are relevant…

        No, they are not. Hoaxes are only relevant in the context of hoaxes. When you go to your doctor for a check-up, you expect a check-up. You don’t want him to give you a lecture on hoaxes!

        If you’re worried about breast cancer, the last thing you want from Dr Pat is a lecture on the moon landings!

        But he’ll give it to you anyway, whether you like it or not! 🙂

      14. @Sardonicus

        Maybe it’s also HIGHLY relevant that “no nukes exist” (Pat), that the Japanese are really “the Jews of the Orient” (Pat), that Hitler escaped to Argentina and that Evan Braun just loved shitting on his chest (Dublinmick) … yes, I’m sure you and Pat would just love to obsess over these fascinating conspiracy theories ad nauseam

        How could you be sure that I “would just love to obsess over these fascinating conspiracy theories ad nauseam” when I have never wasted my time discussing the topics you have just mentioned – not once – much less initiating them?! Is it reasonable to be so unreasonable?

        Sardonicus, clearly, you are not a dumb person, so why do you choose to be so unreasonable, why do you resort to such arguments (if they can be called arguments at all)? Are you simply being offended here, or being dishonest? If you have been simply quick to take offence, I can understand that – we all are prone, to one degree or another, to be touchy when criticized. But being dishonest is something a decent man cannot afford without affecting adversely his reputation.

      15. Sard –

        ALL of my comments and opinions are ‘copyrighted’…

        when you copy them… get it RIGHT..!! 🙂

        I stated…
        ”Japanese Royalty may have Khazarian bloodlines.”

        August 21, 2015 at 11:00 pm
        JFC –
        Franklin –

        It seems Dr. Jenichiro Oyabe was quite a professional, not a hobbyist, with his research at colleges like Yale and Howard University.

        It turns out that there are some ancient connections between the Mid-Eastern and Khazarian and Japanese peoples, when DNA testing was used.

        Japanese Royalty may have Khazarian bloodlines.

        “The Aryan or Indo-Iranian landscape in Japan”
        Y-DNA D (with the YAP+ alleles) in great abundance among the Japanese. And they are found among the Arab Yemeni and Israeli Druids, in the Kalasha (who say they are descended from Alexander the Great, the Macedonian) who live in the Hindukush valley, as well as in tribal Yunnan along with Xinjiang, in the Southwest of China were the receiving point for many groups from the West.

        We also find among the Japanese royal and elite historical clans traces of N and Q and R1b1b haplogroups which may suggest a migratory history to some extent in common with Hunnic (Mongol-Turk?) lineages of the Ashina, Khazaria and Getae-Rajput peoples.


        Copyright 2015 😉

      16. ALL of my comments and opinions are ‘copyrighted’…
        when you copy them… get it RIGHT..!!

        This is the good-old Pat I like! Hopefully he won’t take the above copy-and-paste as an infringement of his ‘copyrighted’ comment.

      17. @ Circassian

        How could you be sure that I “would just love to obsess over these fascinating conspiracy theories ad nauseam” when I have never wasted my time discussing the topics you have just mentioned – not once – much less initiating them?! Is it reasonable to be so unreasonable?

        My apologies for lumping you into the same category as Pat. You are obviously not concerned with the promotion of all these off-topic conspiracy theories in the same obsessive way that Pat is. Nor do I deny that the moon landings “conspiracy theory” is an important topic. It certainly makes a big difference if the whole thing is a gigantic hoax.

        What I object to most strongly is that this topic should be regurgitated ad infinitum in thread after thread when the subject under discussion is something TOTALLY DIFFERENT!!!!!!!!!!

        I think you have the intelligence to understand that I have no objections per se to your posts on quantum physics. What you say there is of great interest. And what Lobro says is of great interest too. So I am NOT a stickler for “sticking to the point” at all times! I enjoy the occasional off-topic distraction.

        When LD mentions her horse-riding accident and we have half a dozen posts about horses, who could possibly object to this light-hearted exchange of ideas?

        The thing that all these off-topic posts have in common, including your comments on quantum physics, is this: they are friendly and entertaining attempts at discourse which are NOT MISCHIEVOUS AND MALEVOLENT ATTEMPTS TO DERAIL DISCUSSION, i.e., they are NOT deliberate DISTRACTION TACTICS.

        I fear that this is what Pat could be doing.

        He seems to be indulging in a kind of website sabotage of which the administrators here must now be totally aware. The only thing I am not sure of is his motivation for acting in this way. I hesitate to say it is “mischievous” and “malevolent” because I don’t think Pat is that kind of person.

        So what could it be? I prefer not to speculate . . .

      18. Shouldn’t we be talking about Syria and not about Pat?

        Why are we talking about Pat when we ought to be talking about Syria?

        Is it because Pat has nothing of significance to say about Syria and would prefer us all to talk about him?

      19. Sard –

        “So what could it be? I prefer not to speculate . . .”

        I can answer that… as I have before.

        I attempt to show that Pharisee Jews control through greed and fear.

        That’s it…. PERIOD…!!

        The means are the variables… many subjects.
        Hoaxes are one category.
        Corporations are another.
        Banks another.
        Religions another.
        Their LIES!!!
        ad nauseum…

        1. @ Pat
          @ Circassian

          Would it be too much to ask you two highly intelligent individuals to leave the moon landings question to one side, if only temporarily, and address one important issue that I would prefer you to address. It is the question of the authenticity of the story under discussion.

          According to the article, four Israeli planes suffered the ignominy of being caught by the Russians in Syrian air space and forced to “turn tail” and run back to Israel. In other words, Israel lost face. According to Israel Shamir and the Saker, this story is a fake. It never happened.

          What do you think? I would welcome your opinions, but please offer more than mere opinions, i.e., offer some evidence for what you think must have happened.

          Thank you,


      20. Many of us are guilty of off topic info. Personally I find much of it interesting, and, in my humble opinion, it makes this site unique. Not many of us however, are adept at wearing several faces, of hiding behind several personas..

  26. Here in Thailand, disrespect to the royals is a criminal offense and I heard the mindless kneejerkers, weaned on faux-democracy (DEMOCKERY is a better term) object in their snooty, superior way.

    Well, just think about it for half a minute.
    There is one, inviolable reference point, above any contaminated cultural goods Jew may import and he cannot do the usual holler of Antisemitism! because the law does not specifically apply to him (IT), so he is stuck.
    And all these numerous, opulent Buddhist shrines, temples, pagodas, sanctuaries, monasteries, retreats, schools, they are all covered by this law as well and cannot be rubbished nor infiltrated with view of infecting them with Judaic rot and decomposition.

    He (It) will forever remain on the outside looking in, unable to gnaw an entrance rathole.

    Indeed, this is what The Protocols gloat about, how Jew was able to infest and weaken from within the feudal system in Europe, through corruption, camouflage and intermarriage with the feebleminded aristocracy that had lost its way and warrior honor.
    Without that, no arbitrarily defined nation-states, no takeover of the maggot ridden carcass.

    1. In this way, the country’s monarch preempts “Hate Laws” for himself – and nobody else.

      Everywhere else it seems the Hate Laws serve the Jew – and nobody else.

      Therefore, the Hate Laws are a coronation proxy, identifying the supreme power of the land.

      1. Quite correct, Sardonicus. The King does rule. However having lived here for nearly 30 years I have found that I am quite free to criticise everyone else, even the ruling junta. I am free to express my views concerning Jews and their lackeys without any let or hindrance. During the time of so-called democracy here I expressed quite freely my admiration for Thailand’s greatest dictator, Sarit Thanarat. Usually to full approval from the older generation, who remember his rule with nostalgia. Everything was cheap, low inflation and law and order. A woman, laden with gold jewellery, could walk unmolested anywhere and at any hour of the day or night.
        The other day we encountered a young Spanish couple, obviously brainwashed, who reacted with horror when I expressed my admiration for Franco. However, when I explained one could purchase a litre of good wine more cheaply than Coca Cola, they changed their tune somewhat. A good wine 14 pesetas per litre, coke 19 pesetas.

      2. @ Felix

        Most people don’t understand that democracy is the tyranny of the Fourth Estate, i.e., the tyranny of those who own the mass media. In other words, our Western world is run by a small plutocratic elite who brainwash the masses into accepting and loving their servitude.

        A powerful king or dictator who looks after his subjects and makes them happy and content is infinitely preferable to a wretched democracy in which everyone is a miserable slave.

        In our western democracies, people are so brainwashed they don’t even know they are slaves. They don’t even know who to thank for their misery.


      3. “Democracy is a pathetic belief in the collective wisdom of individual ignorance.” – H. L. Mencken

      4. HP –

        “The state is really nothing more than that group of people who have been given the right to have a monopoly on the initiation of force to achieve their goals.“ – Murray Rothbard

      5. My personal favorite: ” We are a Republic not a Democracy. Democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on what’s for dinner”… Ben Franklin

      6. A powerful king or dictator who looks after his subjects and makes them happy and content is infinitely preferable to a wretched democracy in which everyone is a miserable slave.

        Try telling that to the great unwashed, Sard, who think that democracy is freedom to tattoo, wear gross messages on t-shirts, paint themselves like savages at NFL games, watch Rihanna smear her ass all over TV cameras and watch endless and endlessly vapid reality TV where goyim debase themselves, shiksas slobbering their unclean emotions for sneering nigs.
        Because all those pursuits may well have been considered antisocial and thus forbidden in the days of enlightened dictators and monarchs.

        And the Jew knows it well, all stated nice and clear in The Protocols.

      7. They say that you can take a horse to the water but you can’t make him drink.

        Well, the Jew took horse to the sewer and made him drink.

      8. “We are a Constitutional Republic. A Constitutional Republic is Jews telling you what’s for dinner.” – Ungenius, source – The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.

    1. That’s right, Mahmoud, let’s hear it from the REAL Palestinian, not that Mossad fake, Avatar.

  27. Bear him mad
    see red dragon
    blow hot smoke
    poor little brother
    him say no more
    watch from side
    go at eaglets
    come out dragon nest
    chase away in sky
    him stay little brother
    Hawk watch too
    him friend to bear
    rough up big eagle feather
    when time come

    1. @ Brownhawk

      Brownhawk him Big Injun Chief
      him sum up world situation
      in Hiawatha poetry verse
      make Longfellow big jealous.

      Brownhawk him say
      “I use laptop like tomahawk
      kill many bad jew
      decide world fate in wigwam!”

      Brownhawk seek pretty squaw
      for big powwow in teepee.

      “Minihaha where u b?
      Brownhawk go kill bison now
      easier with white man rifle
      no use bow and arrow no more
      me enlightened brave injun
      et cetera et cetera…”

      Adios, Brownhawk!

      1. haha

        Good one Sard, but Brownhawk just gettin warmed up. This one’s for Pat:

        What you say about the plan for perpetual war is well-founded as seen through the eyes of insiders like Orwell. However, this isn’t to say that all the players are fully on board with its machinations.

        Even if it were conceded that the protocolian blueprint for perpetual war called for a strong national leader like Putin to be important fot its maintainence, this doesn’t mean he isn’t seeing through the veil in understanding the ploys orchestrated from on high.

        What the Pharisee control is doing uses the same m.o. it did in the 20th century with Germany – TWICE no less. The difference between then and now is that for Putin it is more difficult than it was for Hitler in working with the enemy he would keep closer than he would his friends.

        But I’d say there’s something else at work here. Something that very few see, including men like Orwell, Huxley, Putin, Hitler, et al. It goes beyond a perpetuity of war in that there is an end-game that supersedes even the pharisee power.

        We lose sight of the pyramidal chain of command. Pharisees oversee keeping war perpetual, but as they’ve done so the stakes become greater through time in their global scope. All heading for what has to be a final reckoning envisioned by the REAL authors of the protocols.

        The hawk soars high
        panoramic sky
        see things to come
        heart’s beating drum
        to call the day
        when peace holds sway

      2. B-Hawk –

        “But I’d say there’s something else at work here.”

        Yep. So would I… known as ‘good business’… 🙂

        International UCC

        Just got this a while ago:

        This would be a good reason for Putin’s Gazprom to buy LNG from Israel…
        ….. and signed a 20 year ‘EXCLUSIVE’ contract… rather than attacking.

        Putin’s Gazprom Profits fell 70%..!!! in 2014.(see page 7)

        Putin needs to – BROKER – more LNG and oil to other countries to bring profits up.

        OAO Gazprom Annual Report 2014 (OAO = Joint Stock Company in Russia)


        ‘Fly’ over that a while. 😉

      3. B-Hawk –

        Neither wars nor sanctions can stop business. In fact, they increase business.

        Olivier Lazare – President and Country Chair – ‘Shell Russia’ – guaranteed it.

        Shell, Total to continue work in Russia, despite sanctions
        Published: 19 Sep, 2014


        The boss of Shell Russia and head of Total in Russia have said their companies will continue working in the country despite sanctions. It is a week since the EU and US announced another round that hit Moscow’s finance, energy and defense sectors.

        “Our strategy regarding Russia remains unchanged,” Shell’s Olivier Lazare said at the Sochi Business Forum, Reuters reported. “We want to continue our presence in Russia. Current business is not affected by sanctions.”

        France’s Total, which has a joint venture with major Russian oil company Lukoil, will also continue to work in Russia, the head of Total in Russia, Jacques De Boisseson, said in a statement.

        Last week:

        Royal Dutch Shell and France’s Total are the first foreign companies ever to win access to Iran’s retail energy market after getting permit for 200 service stations which they will set up across the energy-rich country.


        New licenses for another 100 Shell- and Total-branded service stations in Tehran and other cities were issued just recently, head of Iran’s filling stations union Bijan Haj Mohammadreza said on Friday, Press TV reported.

        The Anglo-Dutch and French companies were given green light for first 100 gas stations in Iran earlier this month, marking the first venture by foreign companies into the country’s downstream market.
        The National Iranian Oil Products Distribution Company (NIOPC) is the only name in the country’s retail business.

        As of 2010, Total is one of the world’s major oil companies, with over 96,000 employees and operates in more than 130 countries.

        In November 2012, Total announced it was selling its 20% stake and operating mandate in its Nigerian offshore project to a unit of China Petrochemical Corp for $2.5 billion.

        In 2013, Total started the operation at Kashagan with North Caspian Operating Company. It is the biggest discovery of oil reserves since 1968.

      4. Pat

        You have to know that’s not the “something else” I refer to. In keeping with the nature of the parasite, wouldn’t things reach a point where “doing business as business is done” will no longer satisfy it?

        Once it has all the marbles there’ll be no one left to play with. Then what?

  28. I sent this to Professor Israel Shamir. He hasn’t acknowledged and he ordinarily would have broken the story. Russia just had a weather related encroachment of their aircraft across the Turkish border yesterday. The ambassadors sorted it out promptly in a professional manner. I think that this story is bogus.

    1. @ Donald E. Pauly

      Hi Donald,

      Since posting this story yesterday, I have received emails from one or two respected political commentators who have cast doubts (like yourself) on the authenticity of this sensational report. Most prominent among these skeptics is the Saker who dismisses the story as “crap.” I would like to quote his entire email, sent to a third party and forwarded to me, but I can’t do this as I haven’t received the Saker’s permission to quote his email. Suffice it to say that the Saker believes the story is “absolutely” untrue and dismisses it as a “fake story.”

      However, the Saker fails to give any evidence for his belief. And it is hard evidence we are after. No one has yet proved conclusively that the report is untrue.

      The Israelis would certainly like us to believe that the story is a fake. If the story is true, after all, it makes Israel lose face, doesn’t it? So the report that the story is a fake could be a report put into circulation by the Israelis themselves as a face-saving device.

      1. Here is my exchange with my Nemesis Shamir. He is a self hating anti-Zionist Jew who is married to a Sand Negress. He frequently publishes news that you can’t get from either the Nazi press or Judenpresse. You can always take it to the bank with him. This settles the issue for me.

        Russia Today is covering the Syrian campaign in detail. Surely they would mention it as a lesson to all. There is real potential for a hair trigger shootdown here. Turkey complained when a Mig29 fire control radar locked on one of their F15 aircraft.

        ———- Forwarded message ———-
        From: israel shamir
        Date: Mon, Oct 5, 2015 at 5:31 PM
        Subject: Re: Is Your Judenfuhrer a Pussy? (TFW)
        To: “Donald E. Pauly”

        I also doubt it

        >On 5 October 2015 at 23:28, Donald E. Pauly wrote:
        >Looks like that this was a hoax.

        >>On Sun, Oct 4, 2015 at 7:40 AM, Donald E. Pauly wrote:

  29. Are the Israelis trying to provoke WWIII?

    I don’t think so. You can accuse Israelis of anything you want but not of stupidity. They know perfectly well, just like the Saudis do, that both Israel and Saudi Arabia will be dumped by their American friend – as Anglo-Saxons always do when time to save their own arse comes. That’s why Mideast countries are in a rush to get closer to Moscow.

    Wish you have seen that pathetic look in Netanyahu’s face at his recent meeting with Putin in Moscow!

    1. chinese justice i agree
      a lot wong with gordy duffer but mini nukes why not already?
      9 and 11 was a talmudick ritual was it not and magna bsp reconfigure lovely little dial down pentagon systems in dimona do they not.

      who nose what happened that day but i smell something kosher like the Sayeret Matka and aman units.

      maybe 911 was just a work of art shaped designed lights in the windows shaped charges.
      a bomb or bang thing.

      Thoughts on the WTC Artists

  30. “Surprised by a situation as unexpected and probably not prepared for a dogfight with one of the best Russian multipurpose fighters, Israeli pilots have quickly turned back South at high speed over the Lebanon” LOL….these dirtbags would prefer to strafe unarmed women and children and use Willy Peter without sanction from the people who are supposed to be upholding the joke known as the Geneva Convention and the Zionist run United Nations.

    1. Wiggins –
      It is funny stuff… They know we like war stories… Star-Wars even. Orange gorilla pilots.

      1. Wiggins –

        Yeah… because the sailors and even the captain was threatened with prison or worse if they talked about it. I was in the navy at the time… and it was so well kept secret, I never heard for several years. Nam theatrics and daily body-counts there overrode it.

      2. Hey ISISrael paid the U.S. 6 million in compensation. That was for a 40 million dollar ship!

    1. Thanks Charlie. I get that FALSE FLAG FEELING. I can see the front pages rushing out the Headline “Russia shoots down US aircraft”. I can hear the worldwide condemnations on all the News Channels.


      “What happens then? Well, with the previously discussed Russian naval campaign of Syria as a likely next step, and with both US and Russian warplanes already flying back and forth above Syria, and now both superpowers having a legitimate, if only in the eyes of their own media, justification to dispatch land troops, what was until now a mere proxy war is about to become full blown land combat on Syrian soil, one which will soon involve both Russian and US ground, sea and airborne forces.

      The last missing step will be when US cruisers, destroyers and/or battleships park next to the Syrian coastline, within earshot (and every other “shot”) away from comparable Russian warships. Keep tabs on the weekly US naval update, because once several US warships weigh anchor in the vicinity of Syria that will be the catalyst for the next and final escalation.

      At that point, the world will be one false flag away from what some could call another world war, only this time one launched not in Serbia but Syria.”

      1. false flags for zion oded yinon.
        false flag from the traitorious turkish dog erdogan
        from king salman or is it soloman the donmeh jewish ruler of mecca.
        false flag from rabbi end of time friends of bibi nuttyahoo.
        never forget the uss liberty.

        “Our race is the Master Race. We are divine gods on this planet. We are as different from the inferior races as they are from insects. In fact, compared to our race, other races are beasts and animals, cattle at best.

        “Other races are considered as human excrement. Our destiny is to rule over the inferior races. Our earthly kingdom will be ruled by our leader with a rod of iron.

        “The masses will lick our feet and serve us as our slaves.”

        — (Menachem Begin – Israeli Prime Minister 1977-1983)

      2. A Russian spokeswoman has denied that Russia is planning to send ground troops into Syria, and said that the air strikes will be for a limited period..

        @charles drake, re. “the donmeh jewish ruler of mecca.”, I`ve been wondering if the slaughter taking place in Yemen, and the tragedy at the Hajj, are part and parcel of the war on Islam..

      3. Maybe an all-out war is what the planet needs.

        From the New Scientist (need subscription to access, link useless)

        The site of the world’s worst nuclear accident is now a wildlife haven. The abundance of large animals around Chernobyl, such as deer, elk and wild boar, matches that of nature reserves in the region – and wolves are seven times as common.

        Some 116,000 people fled the radioactive fallout from the reactor after it exploded in 1986, and another 220,000 were resettled after that, vacating a zone covering some 4200 square kilometres split equally between Belarus and Ukraine.

        “Whatever negative effects there are from radiation, they are not as large as the negative effects of having people there,” says Jim Smith of the University of Portsmouth in the UK. “We’re not saying there weren’t radiological effects at all, but we can’t see effects on populations as a whole.”

      4. @ Red Onions

        The US only attacks rather defenseless countries and Russia is not defenseless, false flag or not.

        Putting enough US troops on the ground in Syria to be effective and survivable would be close to impossible since they would not have air cover. Currently, Russia has air power superiority in Syria. The US would have to defeat the Russian airpower to land troops which is another impossibility. To think that Russia appeared in Syria without bringing in S-400’s would be naive and there are no effective airpower defenses to an S-400.

        The Zerohedge article appears to be simple pie-in-the-sky fear mongering without basis. The West is going to have to just complain and produce propaganda because there is nothing else they can do besides just watch as they have been out smarted again.

  31. You just couldn’t make this up.

    “Lieutenant Shachar joined the IDF as a woman. Throughout his military service, he went through the unique and complicated process of changing his gender. Identifying himself as a man, he has become the first openly transgender officer in the IDF.

    His story of acceptance, patience and honesty is an inspiration to other transgender soldiers in the IDF and to anyone who believes that diversity and equality is possible anytime and anywhere, even in the military.”


    1. I once knew a girl who, years later, decided she wanted to be a guy. She had her breasts chopped off, then changed her mind..

  32. This face is a perfect reflection of what America is today:


    This old fart has forgotten to tell Obama in his advise how our American bro is to retaliate and ‘disarm’ “the Russian naval and air presences in Syria”.

    All America does is looking for someone to fight Russia for her – she is not capable of fighting anyone, and never was. US has trained Georgia for several years but it took Russia just one week to bring the tie-eater to his senses. It took twenty years or so to set Ukraine against Russia. When it didn’t work out as expected, the American friend dumped Ukr-Nazis like hot potatoes.

    The latest hope was to make mess out of the Middle East, arm desperate people and tell them where to look for Lebensraum for the Islamic Caliphate. This plan does not look like working too well either.

    What you gonna do next, mother f****rs?

    1. Old fox Brzezinski always hated Russia and never forgot his “Grand Chessboard”, but he is losing grip on reality. America simply cannot afford a direct confrontation with Russia. It will have to allow Russia to destroy its terrorists (sorry : “fighters for democracy”) in Syria. Putin is a better chessplayer than “Zbig”.

    2. @Circassian, the “Lebensraum for the Islamic Caliphate.” is the exact geographical location for greater israel, the poor deluded jihadis just haven`t figured that out..

  33. “EXCLUSIVE : Israel threatens to shoot down Russian jets over Syria”……………..
    it would make much more sense if the above article was titled as such.
    why? because the entity known as “Israel” is geographically closer to al sham, than Russia. So it would be russia threatening…
    but the writer – and the posters- in his and their enthusiasm at gang banging on isis (which more and more looks like the sole, authentic representative of all muslims, (except shias, of course) dont see that.
    But why doent Israel do that? Because russia is no threat to them… and neither is Israel to the vodka lovers whose ass is still sore from afghanistan.
    “Come down here and fight like a man, you coward”
    And “prepare bodybags in moscow, Zionist fuck, the black widows are visiting soon” would be yelling the Warriors…
    wide smile to the fans of the iranian “shia crescent Project” for its finito
    long live ISIS

    1. After having once again done your job for the Israeli Hasbara Department, take a break on the gay beach of Tel Aviv dear “Avatar” (< Avi Tar ?).

    2. contrast this sludge, transliterated from filthy hebrew, to mahmoud, the real Palestinian’s post.

      the difference in the tone is something jews can’t mimic, lacking receptors for decency.

    3. hey avi tar baby
      what der weather like in hell.

      here is a man few goy talk of
      a hero
      of hebrew satan history.
      a bloated god for insane zio asker nazi
      a killer rapist and later
      mossad induced
      brainless and dumb pineal gland ouzing out of ear.
      poor pineal  trying to run from a living corpse of zion
      silence comes in many forms
      shin bet death easy
      aman medicated coma  for years
      more complicated
      911 talmudick saturn ritual on this things watch
      tick tock
      tick tock
      Ariel Sharon’s Long Goodbye Part One

      1. A fine poem, Charlie, addressed to the deserving recipient.

        That’s one thing I will never have the aptitude for but appreciate the good effort when I see it.

  34. Umm…TPTB can make up ANYTHING they want to justify ANYTHING they want.

    Their control of the media allows them almost anything.

    Who would naysay them and be listened to?

    No one.


  35. Israel has no business being in there nor do the Americans without consent from Assad. Russia has been Syrian allies since the 40’s. US and Israel want Assad out so US can install second puppet government in there and control both Iraq and Syria. The amount of money and control to be made is staggering. Of course the largest natural gas deposit found in 2010 by Texas based Noble Energy Co in the Levant basin is a huge incentive for everyone. That basin covers a wide area that includes Syria, Greece, Turkey, Cypress, Northern Israel. US and Israel both want ISIS to succeed in Syria and overthrow Assad so ISIS is helped US and likely Israel. Of course different picture in Iraq where US is against ISIS but do not want anyone winning that war just yet , not until Syria is overthrown.

  36. Even to the question to the west from Putin “Differenciate between the thugs & the opposition” & a very good example is Libya caused by the west through deceit in the same way that the west have been channeling weapons to the thugs through the so called opposition for all the blood that is being spilled is upon America( for the very face of John Mc Cain\, the silverspoon fed one, reveals it) & the West indeed so by Zionism & to this Russia has called their Bluff. The modus operanda of America , the Biblical Beast now the ruler of Sodom even by the “Curse of the law” , is not concern for life, but to control the thugs, as was in Libya, & use them for their own Pride, presided over by the Biblical false Prophet “Freemasonry by Theosophy” Zech 5, in all wickedness.

  37. Even to the question to the west from Putin “Differenciate between the thugs & the opposition” in Syria, not forgetting what happened in Libya.

  38. LS…

    Yesterday Russia violated two seconds Turkey airspace… All the Western Cry-baby’s on hysterical alert !

  39. Putin’s actions should be against ISIS, of which the American people would gladly support in lieu of our ignorant government. However Assad is ALSO A KNOWN TERRORIST and Iran and Hezbollah are just as bad i say the US should attack Assad period and if Putin begins conflict then so be it. The American Air force can gladly counter any Russian War planes if needed. Facts are a stable elected government should be allowed to bloom and if Syria keeps on the path of terrorism after that juncture then i say nuke it and forget them!

    Russia has also been pushing our retard in charge, note they ATTACKED A FREE COUNTRY TOOK LAND AND MILITARY ASSETS AND BASES AS THEY DID IN POLAND AND EUROPE IN WW2 and as an American if i was in charge id call his damn bluff and back him down or fire his ass up one, Putin is a strong leader but also a bully who needs his ass kicked! Semper Fi. USMC Force Recon 05 Ret.

    1. @ MANGUS, you are just as bad as the US stooges, can`t tell your “good” terrorists from your “bad” terrorists..

    2. @MANGUS

      “…Facts are a stable elected government should be allowed to bloom and if Syria keeps on the path of terrorism after that juncture then i say nuke it and forget them!…”

      The real facts are :
      1) Bashar al Assad’s regime is a stable elected government.
      2) Syria is not “on the path of terrorism”, it is the victim of terrorism organized by Israel, the US, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States, who created the various “rebel” groups, al-Nusra and finally ISIS.
      3) Nuking a country is a demonic way of trying to solve its problems.

      BTW, Ret. means “retired” or “retarded”?

  40. Toby –

    “According to the article, four Israeli planes suffered the ignominy of being caught by the Russians in Syrian air space and forced to “turn tail” and run back to Israel. In other words, Israel lost face. According to Israel Shamir and the Saker, this story is a fake. It never happened.

    “What do you think?”
    Thanks for asking.

    I have no way of knowing either way.

    My best guess it is ‘spin’ to attract web patrons, manufactured from this report last week:

    “According to US officials, Russia recently moved fighter jets, artillery units, tanks and hundreds of troops to an airport in Syria’s western province of Latakia.”


    I welcome comments…. Either way.

      1. When I see the sheer patience, and precision of this tiny creature, I feel ashamed for having carelessly brushed away many cobwebs..

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