Fake government and bogus media

 You have been misled, and it will cost you everything 

“The business of journalists is to destroy the truth.'”  —  John Swinton, 1880



Did you know that Six Jewish companies
own 96% of the world’s media?  (see here)

. . .  by John Kaminski

We have been made to believe things that are false, yet will fight to the death to defend our erroneous knowledge. The reason the world is about to be destroyed is because we have believed what we read in the newspapers.


We believed what we heard on television. We believed what we learned in school. Worst of all, we believed what our leaders told us, not knowing, until the very last minute, that they were not working for us, but for someone else, someone who strives mightily to remain behind a massive and impenetrable curtain of deceit.


We believed what our doctors told us without ever realizing that they had made a pact with the devil to make as much money as possible, no matter how much harm they caused because of the expensive medicines they peddled, many of which made us sicker instead of healthier, many of which killed people we knew and loved.


We believed what our preachers promised us, eternal safety at the end of our ride, when it turned out they were raping our children behind our backs. Almost worse than that, their cynical formulas for eternal life guaranteed permanent war against infidels who were preaching the same formulas in different languages in different lands. All were thrilled they could validate their phony professions by having an enemy they could do battle against, even though they knew their messages were essentially the same.


And we believed what our teachers taught us, not realizing that they themselves didn’t fully understand what they were teaching. Most of them were just happy to have a job, and they taught what they were told to teach pretty much without understanding what it actually was they were teaching.


For one thing, they didn’t understand that what they were teaching was exactly what the government wanted them to teach, and by believing in their government, they failed to understand that what the government wanted them to teach was what a small group of rich men decided it would be best to teach people to get them to fall into line and produce a stable, unthinking population, making them very receptive to going to war based on false information, wars that would not have happened were they taught the objective truth.


That many of these things they taught were false didn’t matter to the teachers, because they were simply glad to have a paying job. As a result, the vast majority of students who were taught these things grew up believing fallacies that duped them into ravaging the world on the basis of schemes they did not and still do not understand. The consensus mindset established by cynical governments and reinforced by compliant media has led us on the road to universal disaster.


Having been a paid journalist myself, I conclude that the destruction of the American intellect has been principally accomplished by the willing, treasonous complicity of the newspapers and their well-paid writers and editors, who rather than follow their consciences obeyed the orders of their profit-driven publishers and stockholders, orders which are never in the ultimate interests of the people they presume to serve, who are their readers.


And it is exactly here where we take the dark view of the human species, that its individuals are untrustworthy in all circumstances, and that anything they ever uttered about nobility, honor and loyalty can always be instantly eradicated by the promise of fabulous wealth or, for those who desire it, instant fame.


That everybody has their price seems to be the rule for the great majority, who would insist that anybody who will not accept that tainted price — who will stand firm on the principles of honor, decency and honesty — must be clinically insane. They make this judgment not realizing that the reverse is true, based on the reasoning that what you tell your own children, whom you love beyond measure, is what is really true.


And that message, which has been repeated by many famous moralists across time, is to treat people as you wish to be treated yourself, a piece of advice particularly out of style today, when stealing whatever you can get away with seems to be the order of the day.


Unfortunately, children learn from the behavior of the adults around them, not just the words they are told, which would be a big part of the reason why human society itself these days could be described as clinically insane, given the antics of the powers that be who have guided our social systems into a position somewhere between a plantation and a concentration camp. 


Most people today believe the only road to a happy and satisfying life is taking the bribe and committing the crime, because you know the cops and judges won’t come after you if they get their slice of the pie. Small wonder that they spin the lies and make the war, because that’s where the real money is.


I was discussing recently the regrettable action of the Irish, who voted to accept the abomination known as homosexual marriages, with my friend Tony, who is trying to organize the Celtic People’s Party in Ireland. We discussed ways of how to neutralize this worldwide movement of placing savages from Third World countries in well-established white countries as part of the worldwide Jewish destabilization program.


His emphasis in Ireland aims at establishing a new currency that would undermine the dominance of the euro, but I suggested what ordinary people could do against the all powerful public relations machine is to take aim at the cynical media, to protest the contrived blindness of our newspapers, which already have alienated a sizable percentage of people who now try to get their news from other sources, mostly on the internet.


In the same way Jewish interests put pressure on advertisers to withdraw their support for media outlets which actually try to report the truth about the creeping kosher takeover of the world, individual groups of citizens could organize massive boycotts of obviously Jewish propaganda outlets such as CNN or The New York Times to pressure them into furnishing reports that are more attuned to actual reality rather than the twisted Jewish version of it. Even better, if the boycott were big enough, would be to put them out of business for the dangerous liars they have been and continue to be.


The same is true about the vast majority of newspapers, and TV and radio stations throughout the United States. No local newspapers have ever told the truth about 9/11. They haven’t even produced a hint of a suggestion that someone other than unidentifiable Muslim terrorists were responsible for the events of that terrible day, and the endless string of needless wars and invasions that have followed, all based on the bogus information concocted by our Jewish dominated government and trumpeted constantly throughout the world by our Jewish owned newspapers and TV networks and stations.


The very mechanism of an advertising driven medium guarantees the corruption of that medium, which is glaringly reflected in selective accuracy and exclusion of important facts displayed by our media today, throughout the past, and on into the future.


The immortal words of journalist John Swinton have never been refuted, even though most people have never heard them and have no clue as to their veracity. Swinton was editor of The New York Times in the 1860s. But like all truly honest journalists, he left his lucrative paid employment in order to tell the actual truth. He made a famous speech in 1880 which is regularly quoted to this day.


There is no such thing, at this date of the world’s history, in America, as an independent press. You know it and I know it.


There is not one of you who dares to write your honest opinions, and if you did, you know beforehand that it would never appear in print. I am paid weekly for keeping my honest opinion out of the paper I am connected with. Others of you are paid similar salaries for similar things, and any of you who would be so foolish as to write honest opinions would be out on the streets looking for another job. If I allowed my honest opinions to appear in one issue of my paper, before twenty-four hours my occupation would be gone.


The business of the journalists is to destroy the truth, to lie outright, to pervert, to vilify, to fawn at the feet of mammon, and to sell his country and his race for his daily bread. You know it and I know it, and what folly is this toasting an independent press?


We are the tools and vassals of rich men behind the scenes. We are the jumping jacks, they pull the strings and we dance. Our talents, our possibilities and our lives are all the property of other men. We are intellectual prostitutes.


(Source: Labor’s Untold Story, by Richard O. Boyer and Herbert M. Morais, published by United Electrical, Radio & Machine Workers of America, NY, 1955/1979.)

 Examples of this infidelity to the truth and betrayal of their own stated mission by all levels of mainstream media are as numerous as grains of sand on the beach. The most obvious recent betrayal by omission are the total absence of relevant descriptions about what really happened in New York City on September 11, 2001.  


The whole world now knows that the colossal disaster was an inside job engineered by dual Israeli-American citizens in total control of the U.S. government. You only have to look at the list of recent and current presidential advisers — and determine their ethnicity — to ascertain that.


Yet not one single member of the mainstream American media has dared mention this obvious fact in the 14 years since it happened.


As a result, every political event since that terrible day has been polluted by this initial lie. Our very reality has been constructed on its false foundation, so that everything that comes out of the mouths of every politician is essentially irrelevant, because it is predicated on the absolute untruthfulness of this original fairy story.


Which means society as a whole is well into a psychotic break, where the official rhetoric that governs the world has drifted very far from the actual reality that has taken place, and most importantly, kept us on the brink of all-out war practically all over the world. 


As troops are being massed to further abuse the American public, and the invasions of foreign countries under false pretenses continue unabated, only a mass assault, a unanimous rejection, of the constant falsehoods perpetrated by America’s mainstream media, can begin to abate and delegitimize the phony narrative put forth by the president and his lackeys, and repeated ad nauseam by a corrupt press.


This isn’t the first time, of course, since a major trauma that ransacked the daily life of the whole world has been deliberately overlooked by the entire collection of mainstream media outlets.


Very few Americans realize this coverup of Jewish control of reality extends back to World War I, and maybe even the Civil War. There are so many quotes revealing that Jewish bankers and their multibillionaire puppetmasters have caused all the wars of the 20th century, and now, they continue to do so in the 21st.


You, and most of the American populace, know nothing about this by reading the U.S. mainstream newspapers.


You can see it vividly today, no matter where you turn. The greatest crime in American history was planned, executed and covered up by a nasty cabal of Jews, and what mainstream newspaper in America has ever mentioned that fact. Not a single one.


What is true of newspapers goes double for Hollywood. All these facile blockbusters never portray the truth, only what the Jews want you to believe. The recent “Zero Dark Thirty” portrayed the alleged raid that captured the alleged terrorist Osama bin Laden, a story which has now been savaged as preposterous by numerous writers throughout the alternative media. 


And no American movie has ever dared portray the Vietnam war as a Jewish plot to get U.S. military members hooked on heroin, which was the real purpose of that war, all part of the Jewish destabilization template.


The invasion of Iraq was about the oil, the war in Afghanistan was about controlling the heroin supply, and now the constant war against Syria is about installing an oil pipeline of benefit to Israel. Not a peep of any of this in mainstream media, nor will there ever be.


Organize and shut them down for the murderous liars they are. Put them out of business if you can. We will be that much closer to freedom if we can. And if we can’t, our days are numbered, and the number is not very big.






John Kaminski

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Most of his articles are featured here. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA. _____________________________________________________________________________ http://renegadetribune.com/author/kaminski/ http://300spartans.com.au/kaminski http://johnkaminski.info/ http://www.rudemacedon.ca/kaminski/kam-index.html http://web.archive.org/web/20040323232319/http://johnkaminski.com/

98 thoughts to “Fake government and bogus media”

  1. Excellent article! No one says it like Kaminski.

    If the goyim had had the slightest common sense, they would have made sure the Jews had not been allowed to take over Hollywood and the world’s media. Whoever owns the media owns the minds of the masses.

    Meet Mr Svengali, arch hypnotist, aka Lord Rothschild!

    1. @ John Kaminski
      Jews are basically entertainers. Their audience is the goyim who need entertainment. Hollywood and MSM are the stages where Jews make a goys life more pleasant. Admonishing entertainers of the hidden truths is not well. The audience which is 99.5 goyim is not interested in the truth—,they already know it. Paying the bills and holding your job is the only thing that basically counts. The rest is entertainment.

  2. Did you know that SIX Jewish companies own 96% of the world’s media?

    did i hear the word SIX?
    where did i hear that word before … 6, 96, 69 … yeah, how many porno kings rule the world of smut?

    and on the sixth day of hannuka, my true love gave to me, six, six-inch dildos, …

  3. “The invasion of Iraq was about the oil.”

    Not really, it was about wrecking a local power deemed dangerous to Israel. That mission has been accomplished. Now it’s the turn of Syria, all according to the Oded Yinon Plan which calls for the balkanization of all of Israel’s neighbors, leaving Israel as the sole regional power. The 9/11 false flag was the catalyst to this program.

    For the Oded Yinon Plan, see :


    Since the spread of the Internet the near total grip of the Jews on information is waning. It is only a matter of time before they will lose it altogether. How a growing informed public can eventually dislodge Jewish power from politics and finance also is anyone’s guess.

    1. The invasion of Iraq was about many things, including the oil. So many people look at one part of the elephant and say, “I know what the elephant looks like, it has two legs and a tail.” There are many angles we can look from to what is happening in this world today. The oil was one, wrecking a local power deemed dangerous to Israel was another. Making large amounts of money through the sale of arms was another. The list of reasons goes on. It’s that way with everything they do.

      1. The invasion of Iraq was NOT about oil. The American oil companies already owned the oil fields in Iraq*, so there was really no reason to go to war with Iraq to get the oil fields there, as American companies already owned the oil fields. If anything, the oil companies did NOT war in Iraq. War disrupts the flow of oil — the last thing oil companies want. The oil companies were NOT gung-ho for the Iraq war.

        The Americans always had good diplomatic relations with the Arab Middle Eastern countries, and the Arabs always respected Americans. it was Americans who did so much to turn the Middle East oil rich. Americans were always treated with the highest respect and hospitality in Arab lands — until that is, the USA decided to hitch its wagon to izzysmells. It’s been nothing but downhill since Israel arrived on the scene. The Iraq war was ALL about Israel and “eretz israel”, NOT oil. Ryckaert has THE CORRECT VIEW, and no amount of bullshit can change THE FACT the Iraq war was ALL about izzysmells.

        [ and yes, I know about the problem with arab pirates in the early 19th century. The USA put an end to that, and after that, the US and the Arab countries always had excellent diplomatic relations ; That is, until izzysmells showed up on the scene. ]

        *Legally, in a very technical legal sense, the Iraqis owned the oil fields, but the American oil companies still made plenty of money from the oil fields not to want to rock the boat. The American oil companies long ago figured out how to work and cooperate with the Arabs over the oil money issue. None of the wars in the ME have to do with the oil money arrangement. ALL the wars in the ME are ALL about the jews wanting a jew empire.

      2. Israel come first, the other deemed objectives were all the other birds that could be killed with that one stone.

      3. There are 8-17 ? ? million Jews, and each Jew should be appointed as mayor of one small town. That will ensure that all the Muslim, Christian, and Heathens will work for living wages. Union activity will be banned, but pay raises will be decided upon by the United Board Of Rabbis.(UBOR).

    2. Thanks for the reference, Franklin –

      From the article:
      “According to Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya in a 2011 Global Research article, The Yinon Plan was a continuation of Britain’s colonial design in the Middle East…”

      To me…. “Britain’s colonial design” = Rothschilds’ continuing design. From Walter in 1917 onward.

      The Balfour Declaration was made in a letter from Foreign Secretary Arthur James Balfour to Baron Rothschild (Walter Rothschild, 2nd Baron Rothschild), a leader of the British Jewish community, for transmission to the Zionist Federation of Great Britain and Ireland, a Zionist organization. The letter reflected the position of the British Cabinet, as agreed upon in a meeting on 31 October 1917. It further stated that the declaration is a sign of “sympathy with Jewish Zionist aspirations.”

  4. John Kaminski. Well done, a powerful and cogent piece of writing. Present company excepted, the cause of the accelerating degeneracy of the masses worldwide is television. The average person nowadays watches 6 to 8 hours a day. It is also well known amongst pediatricians that watching tv causes irreparable damage to the cortex. Young people, nowadays, have low attention spans, poor memory retention and, on the main, hold media manufactured opinions. People no longer read books, despite the fact that millions of free ebooks are available online. I make a habit of reading at least 3 to 4 books a week. Reading the printed word develops the power of one’s own imagination and I have found the mental pictures painted by my own visualisation of the written word to be far more satisfying than the images portrayed by some Jewish clown from Hollywood.
    Again, Dear Darkmooners some websites, where you may download edifying books and even up to date magazines to suit your taste. This is my life mission turning people into autodidacts through reading.
    http://www.libgen.org This site has over one million books, including novels by popular writers. Use firefox to download,sometimes google doesn’t work.
    Another site is http://www.ebook3000.com When downloading from this site use longfiles not onmirror.
    It’s a good idea to check this site every couple of days. It even has lots of gun magazines to suit Gilbert’s tastes.

    1. Felix,
      If you have four minutes, watch this model of propaganda for children. It is called “one day one question” and it is aired between two cartoons on public service television. It is in French but everyone could understand. Do you have that kind of programs in Anglo Saxon countries?
      My favorite episodes are “How countries fight against terrorism?” and “who is Putin?”
      It is not a fake.

      1. Phil
        Thank you for that. I don’t know if they have programs like that in the Anglo-Saxon countries, because I haven’t lived in one for many years. In Thailand they have “educational” cartoons, but mostly for teaching English. BTW, I didn’t live in a country with TV until 1973. In Australia, I lived in the outback, no TV, because no satellites to transmit. Telstar was only launched in 1965. In South Africa, no TV because it was deemed to be injurious to the mental health of the population.
        What I detest about TV news is that it comprises sound bites and lacks any nuance or balance. About the only thing it’s good for is broadcasting sports events.

  5. Julius Caesar shouted to his soldiers who were afraid of the feroucious Gauls, he branded the sword and said to them: where do you stand , are you leaving your general alone ? He was first among them PRIMUS INTER PARES. This is what we need, leaders, men of action. More and more people are awakening all over the world, and great man like john Kaminsky soon will have their say in this world . Many men know where is the truth, and many more will do. Soon a man will shout :where do you stand ? And the Hearth herself will wonder how great will be the response of her children. Faith is the strongest force.

  6. Media lies are told to satisfy the Goyim readership. Christ believing goys are 90% of consumers and advertisers know this to be a fact. But there are godless goys who are not naïve but understand human nature. Unfortunately their numbers are few. Speaking as an Ashkenazim tribesman, the US would become great again if godless goys ruled the nation.

    1. “…speaking as an Ashkenazi tribesman…”

      You mean Ashkenazi trollsman.

    2. are you trying to help us, polatnick?

      i have some doubts about you.
      either you are not who you say you are, ie, a jew, or
      there are dire rumblings coming out of trojan horse’s ass (“all vows” and all that jazz, done so memorably by al jolson in the “jazz singer”).

    3. MP,
      Some maybe Christ believing, but the Lord has nothing to do with their deception. The church in Amerika is largely deceived by idolatry and mammon among other vices. No where does The Christ command his followers to “Pledge Allegiance” to a country (America or the Unholy Land of israel – such allegiance belongs only to God. This is the Amero-Christians error and he has and
      Will continue to pay dearly for this blasphemy.

  7. godless “goys” have been ruling the USA for a long time now, Polratnick. godless goys are NOT the solution to our problems. Quite the opposite, godless goys are a big part of the problem. For example, Hagee makes a big stink about worshipping God, but he’s really a godless goy. Lots of Freemasons in the Christian churches pretending to be God-believing Christians, but are actually godless goys. For more info about the smirky faced janus faced godless goys in the Christian churches :


    [ of course, there’re a lot of jews pretending to be “Christians” in the Christian churches also. The jews infest everything, as DM’ers already know. ] The problem is them, jews, and the smirky faced godless goys who LUV them so much. “Our” Christian churches in the USA are controlled out of godless Tavistock, is what I think.

    1. Yep, even the Archbishop of Canterbury – no less- is one of those ‘misplaced’ Jews.

  8. Back in my biker days, clubs used to raise money with a Smash-The-Rice-Burner, one-dollar-a-hit event. A Honda or other Japanese bike would be set up so drunken party-goers could pay a dollar to smash a “Jap rice burner” with a 15lb sledge hammer. What America needs is a similar festive day called Death-To-Television day. The event should be held on a holiday weekend coinciding with some other Monday holiday, like MLK day. It should be a festive hoopla with lots of partying and large numbers of citizens taking out their anger on a TV in their front yard by smashing it with a sledge hammer. The key is to make a fun festival out of the event, somewhat like Guy Fawks day used to be in England where they would immolate effigies of Guy Fawks. Perhaps “V for Vendetta” masks could even be employed in the festivities. Why not make Death-To-TV one of the most celebrated events of the year? With the Jew’s naturally destructive nature projected and implanted into American youth, It should be little problem getting people to participate in the wanton destruction of television sets across the land.

    1. Am getting rid of my tv, but will get a local farmer to remove it, with other junk, wouldn`t want broken glass all over the lawn..

  9. Dear John Kaminski:
    Great article taken from The Rebel Website out of Australia. Great knowledge and truth, and yes we must fight to expose and spread the truth to wake people up. The Controllers (int’l jewry) know this too. Since they can not stop the flow of the truth via the Internet, unless they turn it off, they are doing the next best thing in terms of strategy. They need the Internet too to spread lies/deception and illusion. They want to transfer control of the Internet to the UN, which would turn the Internet into a Utility. Thus you have to pay to use it , but more aptly, pay to say/spread the truth. Corporations/Governments can afford this, but regular users cannot. Then you have the Googles/Youtubes of the world changing their user agreements against regular users or changing their Search algorithms such that truth is sent to oblivion and lies (their truth) is found on page 1. Good luck finding Darkmoon someday soon under those circumstances. Then you have people like Jim Stone from http://www.jimstoneonline.com or .is, showing that the NSA/CIA etc. are manipulating the Alexa numbers by getting trolls to program computers to visit websites to make it seem as if any website has traffic on it when it is just robot automated traffic directd by a computer. Thus making it seem like a popular website in America is being viewed by many people in America when in fact that is not the case. Then you have governments and alphabet agencies like NSA using trolls to monitor and misdirect comments or forums, so the debate gets hijacked. These are some of the new techniques in addition to the old DNS / DOS cyber attacks used to freeze out a website. I am sure the more computer savy readers could come up with other strategies to disinform or misdirect Internet activity and its web of websites. With such tools to keep the sheeple asleep and distracted, it is also becoming important to be able to use your brain and your spirituality through questioning, logic, reasoning and the scientific method to DISCERN the truth in all the lies. Without these skills, humanity is doomed. Which brings us to why the educational system is being undermined or setup under Common Core dictates to produce only Useful Idiots. To achieve this the Controllers have to remove the authority of adults/parents over children. So please be aware and stay on your toes to all these things to fight the lies surrounding us and our existence. For I know that one day soon, truth will be fought for to the point of death. I would rather die for the truth than a lie and Jesus did that some 2000 years ago. Thanks, Norbert.

    1. Norbert –

      “Great article taken from The Rebel Website out of Australia.”

      It is great.

      I saw where Kaminski is a featured writer on the Rebel site. It appears he ‘gives’ his articles, rather than their being ‘taken from’ the site.

      There are 19 pages of them, 15-20 per page. Great collection:

    2. “Great knowledge and truth, and yes we must fight to expose and spread the truth to wake people up.” I agree Norbert and the sooner the better, time is running out.

      David Cameron gave his closing speech at the 69th session of the United Nations General Assembly, Sept 2014. Cameron said Quote “The peddling of lies: that 9/11 was a Jewish plot or that the 7/7 London attacks were staged. The idea that Muslims are persecuted all over the world as a deliberate act of Western policy. The concept of an inevitable clash of civilisations. We must be clear: to defeat the ideology of extremism we need to deal with all forms of extremism – not just violent extremism. For governments, there are some obvious ways we can do this. We must ban preachers of hate from coming to our countries. We must proscribe organisations that incite terrorism against people at home and abroad. We must work together to take down illegal online material like the recent videos of ISIL murdering hostages. And we must stop the so called non-violent extremists from inciting hatred and intolerance in our schools, our universities and yes, even our prisons. Of course there are some who will argue that this is not compatible with free speech and intellectual inquiry.” 1984 is here and so are the THOUGHT POLICE.


    3. Discernment is actually a Divine gift. Otherwise, an egocentric guide to making errors.

      On 19 February 2015, I wrote as a “Reflection” what I believe may apply to Jim Stone –

      Some of the well-informed may be well-informed because of their Illuminati connections.

      There is a big difference between exposing evil and informing people of the world’s evil.

  10. Replace “Jewish” with Talmudic, “Jews” with counterfeit-Jews, and “Israel” with counterfeit-Israel to make it a fine article by removing the mask they hide behind.

    1. New Song :

      You yourself, New Song, being one of the jews in jew lasha’s jew acting troupe, your “replacing” is a total waste of time. Who can be bothered. I just call you “hebe”. I call your fellow jew acting troupe members “hebes”. Sometimes I call you a habiru, sometimes I call you a sheenie, sometimes I call you an izzy. But mostly, I prefer to call you and your fellow kikes, “hebes”. Sometimes I call you all “kikes”. How you all LUV to go around in circles. Desert habirus going around in circles in the deserts of Babylon.

  11. None of my bloodline tribe cohabits with Synagogue worshipers or has a visa to Israel. But we believe the Ashkenazim are natures chosen people and religions are a bunch of nonsense. Our bloodline would be joyful if the UN gifted us with a godless nation called Ashkenazia free of superstitious minds. There we would nest.
    Expulsion of Judaism will be the first step in the cleansing of Ashkenazia where the spoken language would be Yiddish
    Its location could be somewhere in Colorado, USA where the spaciousness is ideal for fencing off the property. Removal of the indigenous Indians and half breeds will be easy, they would be supplied free whiskey, meth, and then sent to NYC for rehabilitation. The white Coloradans would be needed for the purposes of breeding. Out sourcing the women for a few months to Coloradans and then bringing them back to a surrogate father is called Cuckoldry, it has proven to be the best method to support new children. Within a few years the Ashkenarians will have the highest IQs on the planet, and nukes to defend their Kibbutz. With enough shekels this dream can become a reality. Donations accepted.

    1. You’ll have to clean out Colorado of the smirking simian sheenie monkey jew “priest” population before you can colonize Colorado, Polratnick. Bring a lot of bananas, peanuts, and mangoes with you and maybe you can lure it and entice it out of the state and back to the Bronx Zoo from whence it originated.

    2. MP,
      Actually I was thinking of the South Pole. Not a land mass but you could still pitch a
      tent. Put your high IQ’s to work and start your own civilization where no one would bother you or want to have anything to do with you.
      Just think all the porno, child sacrifice, homo, bi, transgender, pedo, bestial sex you want (also rape). Now that would be a Talmudists (or Ashkenazi) Wet Dream.

      1. MP,
        Also, what is it with the UN “gifted” land? Why not over take the Unholy Land from the unworthy Talmudists ? Now that is a war I would support. I might even bring my lawn chair to watch.

  12. John Kaminski –

    When George Stimpson helped encourage Eustace Mullins to compile and write ‘Secrets of the Federal Reserve’, I believe it was because he, himself, wanted to ‘out’ his suspicions – but couldn’t. You are SPOT-ON, and I often pray for your protection (when I remember 🙂 ), and I honor you for your fearless distribution of your knowledge and learned demeanor. Not often do I distribut your essays because they are too full of ‘Jew this’ and ‘Jew that’. You are learning DIPLOMACY. Anyone with any sense can connect the dots.

    Thank you for sharing your erudite thoughts.

    1. I always keep barf bags handy when I read darkmoon — especially for those times Gilbert comes on stage to play the role of “Ashley Wilkes from Twelve Oaks”. Ever so genteel gentlemanly neighbor to Scarlett, Mrs. Meade, Mrs. Merriwether, Aunt Pittypat, and Prissy.

      1. When thinking about a jew homeland for the jews, my first thought is “Why don’t they just give the jews Florida for their jew homeland. The jews LUV Florida, the Southerners LUV the jews. Plus, that would put an end to the jews grasping for a Middle Eastern empire and the wars in the Middle East would end.”

        The only problem is : If they give the jews Florida, then the jews would start grasping to take over Bimini, Nassau, and The Bahamas, and the next thing you know, the jews will be dropping neutron bombs on the peoples who populate the islands. For the sake of their “eretz” Florida.

        @ Phil

        Excellent poem, Phil. You have real poetic talent. Plus, the poem is very thought provoking. Good rhyme and syntax and rhythm and very thought provoking…

      2. @Joe, by all accounts, they will soon be able to take over drought ridden California, of course they would have to steal their water, but they are practiced in that particular art..

  13. During the 1950s, I used to write a column (“American Dispatch”) for Sir Oswald Mosley’s fortnightly “Action.” Within a year’s time, I realised that my articles were composed to reflect the editor’s — Raven Thomson’s — views and “policy.” Needless to say, I HOPED that he (and Sir Oswald Mosley) were right, but I was sceptical of his conception of Europe a Nation. The point is not that “I was right!” — that would be mere B.S. — but that Goy journalists may often write what they believe is expected of them, even if they have misgivings about its intent, accuracy, or truth. In this way, our Jewish “friends” take full advantage of our (Aryan) fundamental TRUST in the integrity of others.

    1. Give the jews California for their jew homeland then, then the jews will go to war with Mexico, whether Mexico has water or not. The jews will start a war just for the hell of it. It’s about time for another war with Mexico anyhow. At least the jews are smart enough to know to build walls along their borders. And not half ass chain link fence “walls” either. Real walls.

      The “conservative” Republicans, The Right, want open borders and massive immigration for cheap labor. Somehow open borders is “good for the economy”. The Leftists, who supposedly hate the “conservative” Republican Right, incessantly and ardently encourage us to welcome diversity and the all the immigrants pouring into the USA, and constantly encourage us to support open borders and massive immigration. It’s somehow “good for our culture”.

      The Right : It’s good for the economy!

      The Left : it’s good for the culture!

      “Adios America!” : Ann Coulter is right on target this time. First mainstream book I actually want to buy and read in a long time.

  14. Fake Government? … “Government of the people, by the people … in a great Republic of the free!” ?????????
    A media that expresses the social reality and all the miniscule nuances of your great American way of life?????
    What happened to you Yankees? How did you lose your Republic? What causes your middle class, white women to fill the audiences of the dog-anus-licking Sara Silverstein and the pussy-licking Ms Degeneres? …. You are on the verge of total social dysfunctional and anarchy. … Washington’s nightmarish vision of the imprisoning RED cloud of Jewry has enveloped you all; turned you into obese bubbas and mental slatterns. You are more interested in bedding hill-billy whores in terry-towelling jump-suits and fantasizing about washed-out starlets than forming a viable resistance…. Your women are painted up whores in pants suits … Your men are 6 pack Family Men, with bubba brains and double chins. … You express yourselves like village idiots in these columns …. and you are the puppet-slaves dangling at the ends of the Jews’ puppet strings! …. Soon there will be no USA to blight the planet. …. John Kaminski’s advice is far too late! i.e. “Organize and shut them down for the murderous liars they are. Put them out of business if you can. We will be that much closer to freedom if we can. And if we can’t, our days are numbered, and the number is not very big.” … Village idiots are incapable of organization. … You are the dispensable pawns of Jewish “business.” …. Soon you will be put out of your miseries! …. And then the planet will have reason to mend itself. …. All the kindly Jews have ever wanted is to destroy the USA and turn it into a tourist mecca, Yankee free, for rich eco-tourists such as myself! …. Yellowstone is ready to blow and the San Andreas Fault will be stimulated via a series of neutron explosions. The scenario is prepared for total bedlam – mass raping, murdering, pilfering with stupid Yankee bubbas emptying their chambers on themselves. Your nigrahs will think they have found heaven as they swing their machetes at white bodies, accompanied by the enveloping sounds of their jungle, rappa beats! …. As per 9/11, the Jews will view the chaos “from a distance” and then they will move in for the great mopping up GENOCIDE of the remaining bubbas. … It is all part of YHWH’s plan!

  15. Example of ‘FAKE’ Government tactics, not covered by ‘BOGUS’ media:


    Waco, Texas – Earlier today(Jun 1, 2015), detainees in the Jack Harwell Detention Center in Waco were told that in exchange for bond reductions, they must sign a document stating the Waco police “had the right to arrest the inmate and that he/she will not file a lawsuit against McLennan County and/or the City of Waco.”

    On the two-week anniversary of the “shootout at high noon” at the Twin Peaks restaurant between motorcyclists and law enforcement officers, at least 170 people remain detained on $1 million bonds.


  16. Interesting latest news from Amsterdam.

    A big Amsterdam newspaper ‘Het Parool’ founded by the Dutch ’40 – ’45 resistance has published 29th May an article in which Christopher Bollyn who will speak 6-7 june at the Open Mind Conference – in the direct vicinity of the Amsterdam World Trade Center- in the ‘RIvierenbuurt’, the Rivers department, Old South Amsterdam where Anne F. and family lived before they went into hiding in the since ‘45 iconic Anne F. house of Holocaustianity. (dear j-thought police, writer of this comment uses this quote not CB; I know you know my id) – in the Amsterdam Canal centre -is called a ‘holocaust denier’ by its writer, a young female journalist with Moroccan roots.

    Het Parool sells in the weekend 80.000 copies.

    Bollyn phoned the paper and demanded a rectification yesterday. Which they did not do. The online version of the article which did not mention the holocaust denier issue was deleted – sorry, this page could not be found.

    9/11 Nestor Christopher Bollyn will sue the newspaper for defamation and writes:
    ….This is a particularly serious libel in that it is meant to incite hatred and violence against Bollyn when he comes to speak in Amsterdam at the OMC…


    1. i remember glancing at the in-flight mag of air canada plugging locations where it has landing rights.
      one title was: Amsterdam – the city of Anne Frank
      if it wasn’t for her, the city would dwindle into town, then village, hamlet and finally a ghost location.

      my flight was to Munchen – the city of Adolph Hitler but it wasn’t featured in that edition.

      time to visit my local Holocaust Denial Memorial, always a source of deep and mindful inspiration.

      1. well, that’s the official religion of netherlands.
        they are all muzzle’ems.

  17. LN, they might well be your “brothers and sisters from Third World countries”, and that’s only if you put a “Christian” spin on things (i.e. the dispersed “seeds of Abraham); but would you like your nation inundated with such savage riff-raff/flotsam and jetsam? ….. Aren’t you lousy Yankee nigrahs a good enough example? They are destroying the USA and turning it into nigrah-ville complete with rampant sex and crude jungle beats! My Yankee mate here in Oz told me that 40 years ago his First Airborne at Fort Bragg had a firm policy to NEVER admit nigrahs to their ranks because “they never could be trusted”! I would never trust a black, a Jew, an Arab, an eskimo, an Asian, etc, etc! … The Illuminati plan has always been to breed out the great WHITES via inter-breeding with vastly inferior, stone-age like peoples; esp those from nations where they have barely understood the invention of the wheel, let alone understood even the most basic of technological principles. Most of the Third World is inhabited by just-out-of-the-caves savages! You read the anthropologists such as Margaret Reed and learn the truth! …. Your average noble savage would willingly rape you whilst he is on drugs and listening to jungle beats. …. Islam is simply a Stone Age, voodoo culture of war and dissipation, accompanied by modern weapons of destruction. … The tribes of Islam have always been murdering and mutilating one another: Just look at what the Israeli-American backed Sunnis of Saudi Arabia are currently doing to the Muslim Shi’ites of the Arabian Peninsula! …. They want to murder all Shi’ites and rape every female over 12 years! …. History has proved that all these so-called Third World countries (some 98 of them) have NEVER been able to get their houses in order; always preferring sexually motivated savagery, mass fornication and political corruption over the British rule of law. …. And you won’t find any better on this planet than the Westminster system and its underlying principles of Common Law. …. It is just that the evil, hegemonic JEWS have now largely abandoned the great traditions of the WHITE Anglo-Saxons and brought in their hideous Talmudic/Protocols-driven rules and regulations upon the hosting White peoples. …. And the Third World savages they bring in to destroy our white nations are particularly amenable to accepting the violence-ridden regulations of the Babylonian Talmud! The savages have turned the voting process against the Anglo-Saxon! …. Grow up LN, or you will soon become a mud-covered yahoo, sweating it out and foraging for scraps with the rest of the savages! … We have no time for pseudo-Christian, multicultural-mixing-bowl tautologies! …. DEFEND WHITE CHRISTENDOM, NOW!!!!

    1. @LOBRO

      ….the official religion of the Netherlands…. muzzle’ems….. Btw an existing word for Muslim in Dutch is Muzelman

      And so is the JewSA.

      Ober, bitte ein Baader Meinhof Suppe……

      1. Now that you heard KAPOORE indulge in such vile racism, what happens next, Ingrid? Are you going to fall to pieces? Have a nervous breakdown? Adopt a precious negro child from Africa? Convert to Islam and walk around the rest of your life in a burqa?

        So you never heard KAPOORE indulge in such vile racism before, so what? I never heard you indulge in common sense before, not even for a minute. The sun will still rise tomorrow morning, Ingrid. No need to get your panties all tied up in knots.

      1. Sorry Lobro, you and Joe are just too obscure for me to understand. What does the vaccine scam have to do with a persons lack of racism?

      2. best to keep safe from the likes of joe and me, safety in distance, bushnell binoculars are good from the top of a land rover canopy.
        he is mercurial and i don’t know what that means.

        and just because i may enjoy fling of vile racism on a merry occasion doesn’t make me a vile racist.
        just like joe, whose vile racist urges are a bit more frequent than mine but he nevertheless is no vile racist.
        it’s the quiet, smiling ones who you should be worried about (the ones using smileys).

        oh yeah, and to answer your question: if you look up the name of the darkmoon article, it says: “fake government and bogus media”.
        predates the “vaccine” article by a day or so, which i didn’t know was in the pipeline, so i thought to regale KAPOORE (who may or may not be a vile racist, irrelevant) with the vaccine infographic, knowing she likes that stuff.
        and now, if you’ll excuse me, racism awaits.

  18. Sorry again Lobro, my daughter pointed out that you had nothing to do with the racist stuff.. Joe on the other hand, is still too obscure to figure out..

    1. i could explain part of joe’s obscurity but that would be vile.
      like writing an encyclopedic 8 page entry to explain a 1-line joke.

  19. Where’s Kapoore’s vile racist post?

    And Ingrid, the choice for one to like or dislike is theirs and theirs alone and no one to say otherwise, you do realise that don’t you?

    While the msm, academia and government continue to promote the ‘racist’ rhetoric, the immigrants who are piling into the west are destroying it and every last vestige of culture it has. I bet the Swedish women are just having a whale of time, being raped by Africans and Asians while Barbara Specter smirks in glee. And all those young girls in North England, abandoned by the police who never charged their captors (who forced them into prostitution), for fear of being branded evil ‘wacists’. Yes, they let their own people be raped, pimped and turned into drug addicts so as to not offend aliens to their lands, because they aren’t allowed to ‘offend’ immigrants.

    It’s kind of interesting Ingrid, but I hate to have to tell you that it was your vile, racist ancestors who fought against invaders and died doing so, in order to give you and preserve the culture you grew up in.

    And on a final note Ingrid, here in Dundee, although growing, there must be around 100 or so African origin people here within a population of 142,000, yet the city’s oldest school, the High School of Dundee which celebrated 750 years back in 1989, advertises itself with a black pupil on city advertisements. There is a collective agenda to utterly destroy the indigenous peoples of Europe, through the promotion of multicultural and multiracial societies. You won’t accept that Ingrid. You won’t accept that races are here for a reason, as well as borders, in order to separate them.

    1. Ingrid –
      Don’t fret. Don’t be deterred.

      I knew Harbinger would pick on you again… even though he said he would ignore you like would me. He even mentioned me in his comments a couple days ago. He likes the conflict. 🙂 or 🙁 …YOU decide.

    2. Harbinger, it might behove you, and Joe, to read, and understand, my comments, before going off on your respective rants. I stated that I had never known KAPOORE to indulge in vile racism, but you, Harbinger, in lockstep with the evil jews occupying Palestine, never miss an opportunity..

      1. I do understand, Ingrid :



      2. Ingrid,

        This is you, summing yourself up to the ‘T’.

        You continually attack the Joo, yet I don’t, blaming the ignorant whites for allowing their cultures and traditions to be destroyed y immigration.

        You call me a racist, trying to equate me with the Jews occupying Palestine, who actively enforce segregation of a land they’ve stolen, yet promote immigration takeover it in the west, when I oppose v=vehemently their actions in Palestine and their desires for outside.

        Ingrid, you continually fail to see that on your right hand you disagree with the Joo, yet support them in your left. You therefore are a walking enigma of self argument and nothing more.

        In other words Ingrid, you don’t know whether you’re coming or going and it’s that simple.


        I continue to ignore Pat, as learned as he may be, because he’s a cantankerous, argumentative, although incredibly knowledgeable, old coot, who has little respect for others who don’t run down the same railway track. You on the other hand are just deluded in your luvee reality, bong smoking hippy, dippy, view of reality.

      3. Well, Harb –

        “I continue to ignore Pat, as learned as he may be, because he’s a cantankerous, argumentative, although incredibly knowledgeable, old coot, who has little respect for others who don’t run down the same railway track.”

        I’ll own that 110%. That’s me, in a nutshell….
        ….. All 3 of my good friends – and all my ex-wives would agree. 🙂

  20. lemme try to give you my unformed, partly formed, malformed and deformed view on the subject ingrid, so the vileness never raises its reeking head again.

    were you a picky eater as a kid? i sure was.
    did your parents ever force you to eat disgusting food? it happened a few times with me, with disastrous results.
    let’s say that i had to put up with something absolutely revolting, like chicken_liver*, because my mom thought it would make me grow big, strong and successful in business scams.

    and i gagged on it, because by nature i hated meat and though i had nothing against chicken_liver* in places other than my mouth, i thought that the best place for it was inside chicken and i am sure the chicken agreed – because i also liked animals, including chickens, so long as they kept to themselves and i didn’t bother them.

    well, there you go, do you see the analogy?
    and if you, as a good and kind mom try to stuff chunks of fried chicken_liver* in my mouth and i spit it out, i am a vile racist.

    *footnote: fried chicken liver is a jew specialty, i can taste it as soon as i see barbara “culture respecter” specter.

    1. Yes Lobro, it’s official. You are a vile racist for not accepting what others want you to accept.
      Incidentally, when I was young, my old man used to belt me unless I finished everything on my plate, even if it made me vomit. Should that happen then I got no desert and was sent swiftly to bed.

      Love the chicken liver comment by the way and laughed at the “i am sure the chicken agreed” part.

    2. there you go harb.
      and now that you are grown up, barbara specter is like your old man in drag, shoving diversity down your throat, no one asks you whether it is palatable.

    3. So what you are saying in effect Lobro is, you`re jewish.. if so, it doesn`t change anything, I like you whatever you are, which is why I had difficulty believing you were joining in Max`s racist rant..

      1. The following is an excerpt from an article on The Truthseeker, something I`ve been saying all along:

        “The agenda should be obvious. As has always been the case, those within the governing centers and agencies of our country want to create division among the populace, because by doing so they can maintain control and give themselves a reason for their existence. If Blacks, Whites, Hispanics and Asians aren’t fighting with each other than they would very quickly turn their attention to the real problem – the puppeteers controlling the strings.”

      2. darn, you outed me, ingrid.
        joe will be ecstatic, buying a round of drinks while, “i am not ze schmuck”, veeps lobro.
        just goes to show you that you should never trust dialectic hegelianism.

        can we deconstruct this a bit, it would be fun if it wasn’t so boring.
        and hard.
        ever watched the original alice in wonderland animation, where mad hatter takes it upon himself to fix rabbit’s watch, proceeds to wash it in boiling tea, pours butter and marmalade on it and finally takes a big hammer to it, springs, dials, cogs and screws spraying all over?
        basically what you did to my obscurantism – thanks for fixing it.

        so, i produce an analogy with my dislike of enforced multi-kulti by way of some food that i hated and take fried chicken liver (the non-chicken ones are even worse, all bloody inside) for example of truly repugnant food and mention that btw, it is jew soul food.
        and this is proof of the kosher pudding – lobro is a jew.
        what kind of jew? well, for starters, a self hating jew because he hates chicken liver, because who else would ever hate chicken liver?
        which means he is a nice jew and although regulation jews are all very racist (ie, they hate humanity), lobro cannot be a racist like max.
        if lasha kicks me out of the blog, she can’t, nyah-nyah-nyah, because i am covered by the law of return (with interest).

        bonus point: max is not a racist, merely being obscure / ask joe (who will give you an obscure answer, which proves my point)

        umm, i see where your next argument is going (using the thruthseeker).

        so, does that mean that flooding all the previously white countries with unskilled and culturally hostile immigrants will threaten the jews because all these disparate groups without even the common language, all non-whites clamoring for social assistance and “affirmative action” will unite against the jew?

        maybe time to watch barbara lerner spectre in action.
        or co-tribesman, menachem rosensaft, another nice one (non-racist).

        shame on you maxy, why don’t you learn some tolerance from those two?

      3. Lobro`s mom feeds him fried chicken liver, Lobro stresses that: “fried chicken liver is a jew specialty”: so what`s a poor dumbed down, boring, anti racist supposed to deduce?

        @Harbinger, once again you deliberately distort my words, I equated you with the usurping tribe occupying Palestine BECAUSE Harbinger, you never miss an opportunity to distort, and misquote others, in order to bolster your “white” supremacist agenda.. btw Harb, with regard to your disrespectful asside, (too cowardly to say it to his face,) swipe at Pat, one day soon Harb, you too will be an old coot, the difference between you and Pat being, Harb, you will probably be alone..

      4. Interesting Ingrid….

        I distort your words to suit my agenda (and so to does Lobro)?

        No Ingrid, I don’t distort your words.

        You are a proponent of mass immigration.
        You are a proponent of the multiculturalisation of Europe.
        You are a proponent of the multitracialisation of Europe.
        And you attack those who disagree, condemning them as white supremacists, who do not wish to see this happen.
        I have no need to distort anything you write for it’s there for all people to see.
        Barbara Specter was brought into the conversation because she is an American Jewess, living in Sweden and behind its destruction. Your stance is no different to hers. You are either against multiracial and multicultural societies or you’re not and if you’re not then you’re drinking from the same cup as the Jew.

        Lobro tried to make a simple analogy with chicken liver to equate the forcing of eating chicken liver to the forcing of multiculturalism and multiracialism upon a people. He tried to simply state that it’s wrong to force anything on anyone and you couldn’t understand what he wrote.
        You continue to call people white supremacists, even when they are nothing of the such and this is why I dislike you Ingrid, because you would happily see everything that is Europe, its people and their respective cultures smashed into pieces, in order to help third worlders have a better life.

        And as for Pat, well, I do not engage with him in debate but even in mentioning him, I still praise his intellect, just not his personality. And yes, I too will get old and? He is old. He has accepted that. Unlike him though, I won’t be cantankerous. And unlike you Ingrid, I will continue to oppose the destruction OF ANY people and their culture, regardless of location.

      5. Harb –

        “I won’t be cantankerous.”

        If you spearhead enough efforts… and groups…. in the fire long enough… you might end up ‘singed on the edges’… differently from your expectations. I did. But, I chose the path.

        Hell… I was kicked out of the Tea Party in 2010..LOL..!!!
        They didn’t want to hear about Pharisee bankers who gained control of them through Dick Armey…!!

        That ‘boot’ was a badge of honor for me. 🙂

      6. Pat,

        I won’t be cantankerous because I accept what is. Unlike you (and many on this website), although seeing that the Phariseeic order is most certainly a problem, I see the biggest problem of western society is the European, as they are the willing shabbas goy implementing the desire of the Jew. This case is exemplified by the likes of Ingrid in my replies above (and Lobro’s below). Not only does she support the Jewish endeavours on the west but she throws their liberal slur words at those who oppose.

        I know that you cannot change another human being. They must do so themselves, therefore should I desire to from a collective, to ‘spearhead’ against the wicked machinations of Phariseeism, I know exactly what I’m getting myself into and would not expect to change the minds of anyone, only put the writing on the wall for them to read. I would not let it affect my mental and physical well being in the slightest.

        That said, of course, like anyone who has stepped through the looking glass, as all on this forum have, I am greatly concerned at what is happening, however, I cannot stop it. I do not get hot and flustered under the collar at not being able to either. I started my life at a and will finish at z. If others can see what I see, through conversation, before I kick the bucket good, but in Lobro fashion, I will never try to force chicken livers down their gullets and get frustrated when they refuse.

        Human nature is human nature and willful ignorance rides high within it. If people choose this and ignore reality then the prison they’ll inevitably step into will be through their own making and cannot ask for sympathy when the penny drops.

      7. Harb –

        Your choice is a good one. If it works for you.

        The numerous converts I have made along the way have made my efforts worthwhile. I always seek more.

        Many still call on me for advice…. on numerous subjects…. especially the CAFR…. they know I get to the point… facts.
        Some are major authors of articles on this and other sites.

        I will admit… if ADD/ADHD had bee invented when I was in grade school… I would have been placed on a Prozac constant I.V. drip 24/7… with a few Valium to boot. I got over 20 whippings from just one teacher in just one year… 5th grade. I carved her a walnut paddle in appreciation… at the end of the year. I could never be embarrassed. My butt was really sore most of my youth. Dad used a belt… big time. Mom used anything handy… the coat-hangers were thee worst….. and metal fly-swatters…. with rips in the metal cloth sticking out like needles. Grand-dad used a razor strap… and the hole in the end left blood blisters. When he hollered, I went rigid. He could outrun me. Lutheran Germans were like that.
        They made me ornery. Glad they did.

        BTW – I never intended to offend you here.

      8. Pat,

        You never offended me. You slightly annoyed me, which I translate not really to be an offence. I don’t get offended, just slightly peeved at times. I don’t want to go back and dwell on that part of history though thank you.

        You would have been diagnosed with ADHD. In fact any young man, full of the joys of life, climbing trees, playing sports, jumping around like a never ending box of self igniting firecrackers would have. Leon Eisenberg (no guesses as to what tribe he belongs to), the father of ADHD, on his death bed called it a fictitious disease, created to control children even more and ply them full of drugs.

        I was belted all the timed while young. If not by my dad, then by the numerous school teachers, who always had a belt in their top drawer. You weren’t sent to the headmaster, as the dastardly deed was carried out there and then, in front of the class. An utterly vile act and the reason I’m anti authoritarian.

  21. The joos are racist!! So the only way to defeat them is to be NON racist and LUV everybody — even LUV all the mohammedans and all the black Africans pouring into our formerly White countries! anyone who doesn’t LUV mohammedans and black African immigrants pouring into our formerly White countries are joos! U wouldn’t want anyone to think you’re a joo — so support UNLIMITED mohammedan and black African immigration into our formerly White Occidental countries! Don’t be a joo — be a mensch, Ooops, I mean be nice to everybody and be accepting of everyone of ALL races. The joos hate that! the joos hate it when you support unlimited mohammedan and African immigration into the West!

  22. Someday, some fine day in the morning with Blue Skies, MachtNichts the expert*, will explain to everyone THE TRUTH about the jew NWO : Namely, at some point in the 1920s-1940s timeline, probably early 1930s, that the mohammedans willingly sacrificed their “beloved” “precious” Palestine to the Jews and in exchange, the Mohammedans/ Moslems got EUROPE — and the Mohammedans/Moslems [ whatever you want to call ’em ] are very happy thank you with THE DEAL. The Mohammedans are just as good as the jews at crying crocodile tears. That’s why we call both jews and mohammedans habiru sagiz. [ Ishmael being Isaac’s elder brother and all that, moon bulls & red jew heifer “messiahs” and circumcision offerings to the ancient Egyptian “goddess” ISIS and that sort of habiru hallucinatory schizoid “religious” illusionary visions one sees in the desert between the long distances between caravan re-fueling oasis spots, going weeks without water. brain cells need H2O tu u know]

    * I don’t call MachtNichts “the expert” sarcastically. MachtNichts knows a lot about the Jew NWO DEAL whereby the Mohammedans/Moslems willingly sacrificed their “precious” “beloved” Palestine to the jews and in exchange, the Mohammedasn/Moslems get unlimited “rights” to flood into Europe [ for the benefit of and the fruition of the jew NWO]. MachtNichts knows a helluva lot more about THE DEAL than I do, but he always acts as if he doesn’t know anything about it, even though he knows a very good deal about THE DEAL, A lot more than I do.

    Many Moslem/Mohammedan leaders supported Hitler during WW2, and the Mohammedan/Moslem leaders fully well knew in real time that the European Jews Hitler was rounding up –they knew that the majority of the rounded up jews would eventually wind up in Palestine and they knew Palestine would eventually become jew Israel because of Hitler’s agenda. They knew it, they knew it in real time, and they supported IT. NO, there was no “holocaust” of 6 million jews — so don’t anyone try to twist my post all around to try to make it look I’m promoting the jew’s “holocaust” “narrative”. Although there was no holocaust, the jews in Europe were rounded up and put in the holding pens. The Moslem/Mohammedan Nazis fully well knew most of the Jews in the holding pens would eventually wind up in Palestine, whether Hitler won the war or not. [ The Palestinian advocates NEVER acknowledge any of this true history]. And the Palestinian advocates never cry about all the moslems and Christians their fellow moslems are killing in the ME.

    It doesn’t matter if you hate jews, like jews, or are not sure. Historical facts are historical facts, truth is truth, in spite of who we like, who we hate, who we’re not sure about. This post is NOT meant as an excuse for what the jews are doing to the Palestinians. The jews are going way overboard mistreating Palestinians. Yes, the jews are committing war crimes against the Palestinians.

    This post is meant to bring some balance to the discussion, historical facts, truth, and balance to the discussion. ‘Cause that’s the way I roll.

  23. Well yeah, you’ll get an obscure answer if you ask me a question. After all, I’m in a jew commie Siberian Spamblinka prison camp — can’t get any more obscure than that. Don’t like my obscure Spamblinka prison camp answers? Speak to Uncle about it, he’s the one who rendered me obscure, shipping me off to jew commie Siberia.

  24. Not very many comments coming in today, not as many as usual. I hope the huge gas station explosion in Accra didn’t have a delirious and detrimental effect on your DM office. I hope Fr. John and his fips are okay. I hope the firemen were able to contain the fire before it could spread to Stumble Inn, Ghana and your DM office. I hope none of Ingrid’s mandingos were lost to the fire . I disagree with Ingrid on most issues, but that doesn’t mean I want to see her be bereft of boyfriends. Likewise, I usually disagree with Fr. John, but that doesn’t mean I want to see fips’ spic chestnuts roasting on an open fire.

  25. btw Lobro, the point I was making with the truthseeker excerpt was the importance of unity, but Harbinger style, you twisted things to suit your agenda. I really don`t worry that much about the jews, or what effect “multi-culti” might be having on them. apologies if this is boring..

    1. ingrid, in all friendly and straightforward earnestness, for which i will pay the price of being drawn + quartered in joe’s poem.
      there is a tale in one of the european collections, whether by andersen or grimm bros, no longer sure.
      i think it is called the ice queen or something to the effect.

      it is about a girl who gets a shard of ice or glass from broken mirror (again uncertain, even as a kid i would focus on just the message) in her eye and from that point onwards, everything she sees is inverted.
      you may be suffering from a bit of the same vision problem, especially when it comes to this “racism” dogma and what you perceive to be harbinger’s heresy.
      i will not try to explain his stance because a) he is perfectly capable of presenting it himself and for me to try to clarify would be offensive, and b) he has already done so, all you need is get that shard out of your eye and reread them.

      but as another example of how you sadly misperceive this, let me go to my previous point of jews and multi-culti.
      ridiculously, you imagine that i am concerned with the
      effect of multi-culti on jews
      c’mon ingrid, call your daughter quick, we have an emergency situation here.

      in case she is unavailable, let me spell it out s l o w l y.
      1. jew’s age old dream is destruction of european society (some call it “white”, which presses your racism alarm bells)
      2. they’ve been working steadily, tirelessly, with absolute unyielding, single minded dedication at it since titus vespasian or earlier
      3. for better or for worse, the glue binding the european cultures is/was christianity, especially catholicism in mainland europe and its powerful linkage to landed gentry and feudal systems
      4. thus, jew has been poisoning this well, by infiltrating both and destroying them from within with notions of democracy, equality, revolutions of the proletariat and ideals of nationality (yes, nations is a wholly jew invention, just like communism that has now outlived its purpose as the kabbalah juggernaut marches forward to ultimate doomsday)
      5. for better or for worse, this decrepit european nationalism (again shortened to “white survival”) forms what are perceived as final street barricades by harbinger, with pretty good justification (and why it won’t work well in americas, where native cultures don’t exist, apart from extinct indian ones)
      6. JEW WILL DESTROY NATIONALISM, THE FINAL VESTIGE OF EUROPE THROUGH MULTICULTURALISM, AND WHOEVER OPPOSES IT IS BRANDED A RACIST (thru other, parallel tactics, mostly focused on women because of their inborn myopia, to wit: feminism, transgenderism, narcissism, self absorption, doubt, self denial, miscegenation, jew destroyed europe’s ability to replicate in sufficient numbers (birth rate exceeded by death rate))
      7. this same jew virulently opposes any other races gaining foothold in israel – please for your own sake, check those links that i provided and engage cognitive engine.
      this proves that jew is perfectly aware of the genocidal evil of multi-culti imposed on “whites”.

      hopefully this frustrating exercise won’t be required again.

      1. Lobro,

        If Ingrid doesn’t get it from your well explained reply she never will. She will just continue to call everyone a racist and white supremacist who opposes the destruction of their people and culture through multiculturalism, multiracialism and of course, mass immigration.

        And the fairytale you are looking for is The Snow Queen by none other than Hans Christian Andersen. It is a very good story.

  26. Ingrid :

    Why do ALL, and I do mean ALL, ALL the Palestinian advocates who don’t like jews and don’t like the jew NWO FULLY AND ARDENTLY SUPPORT the jews when it comes to the jew’s NWO plan to flood Europe with Mohammedans, niggers, and nigger Mohammedans? Dieudonne being NO exception to ALL. Dieudonne means “god given” in French. What kind of name is this? Answer : A concocted and phony name it is, truly. Most likely, the nigger moozlum’s arab jew bektashi handler/show business agent conjured-up the concocted name.

    Why is it okay for the Mohammedans and niggers to flood into White Europe, but it’s not okay for jews to flood into Palestine? Why is it not good when jews kill Palestinians but it’s okay when mohammedan jihadists kill Palestinian refugees living in various Middle Eastern countries? [ the Palestinian advocates never cry about that ].

    How come the Palestinian advocates NEVER confront the issue that shitloads of their Moslem/Mohammedan leaders willingly sacrificed Palestine to the jews — when their leadership ardently supported Hitler’s agenda , including the 1933 agreements to ship jews to Palestine ? If the mohammedans/moslems/niggers/nigger mohammedans can flood into White Europe and that’s okay by you, then why can’t the jews flood into Palestine? After all, you LUV multi-cultural/multi-religious/multi-racial countries/societies. You LUV to see countries flooded by racial/religious foreigners. So why shouldn’t the Palestinians enjoy what you yourself enjoy, foreigners flooding into your ancestral homeland of Norway? If it’s truly so wonderful, racial/religious foreigners pouring into a country and taking over, then why deny that wonderfulness to the Palestinians? You’re trying to deny the Palestinians something you think great and wonderful and you yourself greatly enjoy and find pleasure in and that’s like soooooooooooo wrong.

    If the Palestinian advocates don’t like jews and are truly opposed to the jew NWO, then why do ALL, and I do mean ALL, ALL the Palestinian advocates FULLY AND ARDENTLY ACTIVELY SUPPORT THE MAIN PILLAR OF THE JEW NWO FLOODING WHITE EUROPE AND THE WHOLE WHITE OCCIDENT WITH MOHAMMEDANS/MOSLEMS NIGGERS NIGGER MOHAMMEDANS?

    1. If the Palestinian advocates don’t like jews and are truly opposed to the jew NWO, then why do ALL, and I do mean ALL, ALL the Palestinian advocates FULLY AND ARDENTLY ACTIVELY SUPPORT THE MAIN PILLAR OF THE JEW NWO FLOODING WHITE EUROPE AND THE WHOLE WHITE OCCIDENT WITH MOHAMMEDANS/MOSLEMS NIGGERS NIGGER MOHAMMEDANS?

      I don’t.
      Ingrid and others may do, but I don’t.
      As a European I disagree vehemently in the displacing of people anywhere in this world. I have always opposed vigorously the creation of state of Israel and Britain had no right, whatsoever, to sign any agreement in the handing over, of a part of Palestine, to Ashkenazi Jews.

      As regards to America, it is a far different case to Europe. America is the epitome of a multicultural and multiracial society. Americans are defined not by race and ancestry, but instead by simply being born in the USA. They are, of course, trying to enforce this into Europe, so much so that I’ve had countless arguments with people, here in Scotland, who believe a Scot is one who is simply born in Scotland, which of course, were it true, would destroy the very concept of Scottishness. Simply put, if you are not of Scots/Picts ancestry who you are not Scottish. Sure, people may also say that VIking could also be added to that list, but in all reality, Scotland is so, after the people who gave it it’s name.

      So Joe, I support the Palestinian cause but I do not support the flooding of Europe with Africans or Asians, regardless of being displaced from their lands. i had no part in their displacement, because I am not only not a member of HM armed forces but I also do not vote, thereby excusing me of all war plans abroad.

      You generalise too much Joe. We are not all, thankfully, like Ingrid, the epitome of the liberal luvee, who wants to ship every non white into white lands, sit around a camp fire singing Koombaya cheering at the destruction of white culture and race. I support Palestine and I can’t speak for all, but I’m sure they also will agree when I state that Palestine holds the key to stopping the new world order from becoming reality, that is, through the destruction of the state of Israel and utter obliteration of Zionism.

  27. For una momento back to fake government and bogus media, this vid:

    Carl – Watergate- Bernstein exposes the Zionist Conspiracy


    While capo di tutti 911 capi CB (Christopher Bollyn) is called anti-semite and banned to speak -in Amsterdam- for doing the same in another free speech democracy of a Zionato country: Holland.

  28. Ingrid belongs over at Mark Glenn’s TUT where the Palestinian issue is used as an excuse to push and promote massive Mohammedan/Moslem/Black African immigration into White Western countries. I believe the TUT guidelines for commenting there is one must throw a keffiyah on one’s head while typing up one’s comment. And please wear a keffiyah at all times, when reading TUT, when commenting at TUT, when you go to your local supermarket, when you go to political rallies, when you go visit your grandmother for Christmas, when you go to church. Shukran.

    In TUT land every problem in the world is blamed on the White Race. The world would be a paradise without whitey — as the ANTI-Whites clamor to be in White countries taking advantage of all the things they can get of whitey.

    In TUT land, if — for example — a brown skinned Mexican spic here in the USA illegally attacks a Sikh from India living in the USA and who shouldn’t be in the this country in the first place just like the spic [ the Sikh is probably here illegally also, if not him, probably has quite a few relatives here illegally ] then it’s the fault of whitey the Sikh got attacked by the Mexican spic. A White hillbilly/redneck is the culprit, NOT the mex spic of course. in’shallah barack bashada !

  29. a poem.
    i can’t poemize but i can tell the good ones and this one is in ezra pound league.
    (courtesy of felix who sent me a link to a book by chesterton’s nephew called ‘new unhappy lords’)

    They have given us into the hand of new unhappy lords,
    Lords without anger and honour, who dare not carry their swords.
    They fight by shuffling papers; they have bright dead alien eyes;
    They look at our labour and laughter as a tired man looks at flies.
    And the load of their loveless pity is worse than the ancient wrongs,
    Their doors are shut in the evening; and they know no songs.

    G . K . C H E S T E R T O N , "The Secret People".

  30. I don’t understand why you can’t poemize, lobro, you of all people. I mean you’re absolutely excellent at manipulating words. You do it all the time in your non-fictional comments, in your prose comments, so really, it should be a cinch for you to poemize if you want to. Don’t underestimate your capability to manipulate and play with words, lobro. I, for one, never underestimate your ability to play word games, so you shouldn’t sell yourself short.

  31. A [*POEM*] ;

    ” lobro goes out on the town with his drinking buddies” :

    lobro is quite the little rascal,
    encouraging the moozlums,
    to go out drinking,
    when he fully well knows,
    it’s against Mohammed’s rules,
    lobro tries all he can
    to get the imams tipsy,
    I guess there’s not much else to do,
    when you’re stuck,
    in a hollow,
    all ’round you are steep steep Mountains,
    difficult to get to the next town,
    not much else to do,
    but start trouble.

  32. one bright noon, lobro can’t get out of bed,
    too much drinking left him brain dead,
    but fear not, who needs a mind,
    if he’s got a friend most kind,
    therealoriginaljoe who can poemize
    verses most absurd,
    and world’s affairs for him analyze,
    in a manner clear to the utmost turd,
    and ensure his place of honor hereupon,
    in the poets pantheon.
    so move over gilby, ellie is mine!
    might as well return and feed the swine.

    (wow, 5 grappas do da trick)

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