Familiar killers eager to start World War 3

Americans remain hypnotized by fraudulent TV ‘authorities’

Human society must be liberated from Jewish control — or perish!

Disabuse yourself of the notion that America is not controlled by Jews. It has been been — completely and ruthlessly — for the past century or more.

Prior to World War 1 the Jews enlisted the help of Theodore Roosevelt to split the Republican vote and get “the Peace President” Woodrow Wilson elected, who soon thereafter declared war on Germany, resulting in 17 million dead.

Prior to World War 2 the Jews faced the greatest threat to their worldwide financial hegemony after Adolf Hitler had evicted central bankers from Germany. Fortunately for the Jews they already had a Jewish Communist sympathizer in the White House who overrode the widespread peace sentiment in both America and Europe and created the worst war in human history, 80 million dead.

In both these cases it was Jewish control of media that turned a peace loving populace into dutiful soldiers who sacrificed their lives in wars that never needed to be fought.

Today we have presidents and presidential candidates surrounded by Jewish handlers and choking on Jewish lies. But the deciding factor is media, which limit what can be discussed. Since the foul media apparatus in the so-called free world is wholly run by Jews, we have no prospective presidential candidate who opposes the suicidal course of the American war machine as it ravages country after country at the behest of its Jewish masters.

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John Kaminski

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Most of his articles are featured here. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA. _____________________________________________________________________________ http://renegadetribune.com/author/kaminski/ http://300spartans.com.au/kaminski http://johnkaminski.info/ http://www.rudemacedon.ca/kaminski/kam-index.html http://web.archive.org/web/20040323232319/http://johnkaminski.com/

56 thoughts to “Familiar killers eager to start World War 3”

  1. ADMIN TOBY: This 2000-word comment was submitted yesterday but had to be deleted because of one extremely dangerous paragraph advocating illegal activity. The inflammatory paragraph in question has been removed. The rest of the comment is unedited and exactly as the writer wrote it.

    Ellie K says: . . . And so, the weapons of war are again being arrayed, side by side, one against the other, as in all the previous wars, and man, being the dispensable material that he is, and the credulous religious nothing that he has always been, now begins anew to weigh in his shallow Christian mind which of the two human demons he will choose, which of the two mankind’s liberators to back and to join, rallying to his weighty idea as many of his human fellows as he possibly can, one a brother, another a friend, since one side must of necessity be good, and the other side must perforce be bad, just like his fellow men before his time thought, and after his time will of necessity think, and yet again with time must naturally choose, while across the azure Mediterranean, in the offensive black lands of the Hebrew curs, in which no flower grows, the Jews, being far more evil than good, and more unloved than loved, encourage man , however subtly, and however invisibly, to enter into their diabolic measures, willingly or not, today a little, tomorrow some more, without so much as feeling that they are being forced or pushed into them, like a love affair, in which the lovers feel not the invisible force that is steering them, and the powerful instinct that has drawn them, and present to his mind one mighty man from the lands of the Rus, and another mighty man from those of the free, without unnecessarily perplexing his gentile dispensable mind to the impossibility of vincibleness, and the pointless wastefulness which such an arranged conflict may bring, and since this time, this war, Jew says, and man believes, has been sanctified by Reason, and justified by necessity, the mother of all promptings, and thus to remain irresolute and unchoosing, now when the time to be resolute and to choose has come, would betray a lack of character, and knowledge of affairs, forgetting all the while – man’s defining trait – that behind every single calamity which has befallen man, both before his time and in his time, the black dead hand of the Jew is behind, assisted, it is true, by this Cardinal’s or that, but none the less, a Jewish affair through and through.

    Why is man dog, I wonder? In fact, let me simplify my question, as I have just remembered that my audience is Catholic: man, why IS he? For what, for example? I mean, if we listen to Aristotle, a man’s brain is useless, if present but not fully operative. What makes you think that a Putin will fix and settle the world’s sick affairs? Knowledge? Insight? Information? Instinct? No! None of these! HOPE! that’s what, only you don’t know that of all the greatest falsifiers of Truth, none is more convincing than Hope, and to enter a war prompted by hope, is no less dangerous than entering into a business transaction convinced and persuaded by a Jewish promise of profit and success! Dog man.

    If I may remind the long-dead Catholic heads – long-dead, for it is said that the moment a man embraces anything Jewish, is the moment he dies – if I may remind them that, not too long ago, dog-forgetting man, your Putin pummelled Grozny to dust so very definitively, and flattened their earth so very deliciously, that when my company and I came across frozen dead children corpses in the thickest imaginable mud in some nondescript field and attempted to move them so as to give them a slightly more humane and softer permanent plot of land, their fathers and mothers begged us not to move them, because, they said, the Russians had shelled their cemeteries too, and since they knew that they had already hit that place where their children lay dead, they might not hit it again, and thus will not twice mangle that which had once already been shot through and mowed down. And pregnant mothers – who here knows how many of them perished from the glistening Christian Russian shells?

    My friend, La Rochefoucauld, said that living in times when most of our fellow men are stupid and immoral may not be as bad as it first appears, as it takes but a little effort to be good, and even littler to be smart. Nice one! How much longer, then, must I distinguish myself here, I wonder? Haven’t I assassinated you long enough with my beautiful shards of Intelligence? When will you learn, O Catholic man!, O Jew!, when will you learn that there never has been, nor will there ever be, three, or four, or five, or fifty-thousand camps warring against each other, nor a trillion bullets fired against each other, but only ever two: the camp of your elder brothers, the evil Jews, and that of humanity!

    In a way I forgive you – one must always be indulgent towards the Catholics, you know, as there are only so many losses that their souls can take – but the fact of the matter is, that from the smallest idea, to the most complex and complicated plot, all these current happenings in the Middle-East and elsewhere abroad have been pre-arranged, like the cutter at the block long pre-arranges the act of execution, by the Jews, in Tel Aviv, in concert with ALL the main heads of the parties currently making noise, and this not because I say so, but because that’s how it is; and that each and every movement that they make, though ostensibly adversarial, but in fact is not, has been finely polished by those whose job it is to make certain that that they are not easily discovered, whilst on the other hand, the ‘’honest’’ media feeds dog man now this story, now this event, and man believes, because man is stupid dog, but Ellka is not, because she is a clever and cool cat.

    Once you understand that the fourteen-thousand-five-hundred wars that have been waged on this sad earth have always been arranged and waged by the demonic entities known to us as the Jews against man, you tend to become a little learned, if you know what I mean, and are no longer receptive and easily-moulded just because the rest of humanity sways to this side or to that. Pick an epoch, and I shall name you the players. Ukraine, currently: Poroshenko, Yatsenyuk, Getzman, R___, und Kolomoyskyi – all Jews! Germany, 1939: Warburg, Schacht, Kogan, R___: all Jews! Russia, 1917: Kaganovich, Bronstein, Schiff, Perle, R___: all Jews! Germany: 1914: Hoechst, Schiff, Grubber, R___: all Jews! Germany, 1848: Levin, Paschkall, Gretz, R___: all Jews! And how, I wonder, how did our men of yester-day think just before the hostilities broke in each and all of these respective countries? Why, they thought that they were being threatened by their neighbours, and that time had come to choose! Choose, man, choose quickly, they said, and let us stab our fellow man in the loins, and do him in for all eternity! No! I was wrong! I was extremely wrong! Man is not dog, because even when most erring, he cannot be one! Man is simply thoughtless, but even this is to underdescribe him, as thoughtless does not mean without thoughts, but only with less thoughts than are needed, just as stainless steel still rusts, only less so. No! I here propose to redefine man, and have elected to call him vacant, empty, stupefied, and utterly and completely unknowing in the ways of the Jews and the world.

    Currently, man thinks that Putin is the Saviour, not knowing that the moment Mister Putin has impressed the cattle minds with his public appearance, he immediately jumps on the phone and inquiries with the master R___’s: ‘’So, sir, how was I? Convincing enough?,’’ and probably flies off to Rambouillet for a nice joint foie de gras, or a succulent Coquilles Saint-Jacques, just as in communistic times people risked life and limb to so much as cross the border in their own country, as in Germany, whilst their respective leaders, who outwardly were the most insanely murderous enemies of each other, were jet setting now from this country into that, now from that into this, like Honecker, who had left a recorded radio message for his Germans to remind them how insanely hard he is fighting to prevent the American Westerners from infiltrating his beloved Germany, but who at the same time was actually in New York, busy and violently fucking young American boys to death, supplied him by your Catholic elder brothers, the Jews. Always the same, my good, fellow human friends, always, always the same.

    Always remember something that the perennially hated Ellka tells you: in the Colosseum that is the world stage, by which I mean politics, and geopolitics, and finance and all the rest of them, particularly when the major players are involved and when life-changing decisions are about to be played out, NOTHING EVER HAPPENS THAT HAS NOT PREVIOUSLY BEEN ARRANGED; and the fallacies, which in this, Darkmoon case, the others are innocently proclaiming and unknowingly pushing, namely, that the nation of Russia is the enemy of America, and that of America is of Germany, would be most easily dispelled were it not rooted in your thorough lack of knowledge of the evil Jews and their ways.

    Jew is waging war! Jew is planning some more war! Jew alone will benefit from war! Jew arms! Jew supplies! Jew finances! Jew informs and Jew disinforms! In fact, you may put it as a rule that will never deceive, that all wars, without exception, have been the doings of the Jews, by the Jews, for the Jews, the only difference being, that it has been the gentiles and not the Jews who have been doing the fighting and the dying.

    I have taken painful and extreme precautions this time not to spit at that instrument of torture, which even grown men tie around their neck, the Catholic Cross, that mind-controlling symbol in front of which the vomit-inducing Phils of France pray for the salvation of their demon brother Jews. Speaking of demons, this Phil says is from France, but I don’t believe him, because never once has he mentioned in his mangled writings the facts that it was the Jews who had raped France, and how his dear Notre Dame was only spared because of the stupendous but necessary and beautiful lie of a certain rich Aristocratic German, who had warned and yet tricked the murderous Jewish revolutionaries not to so much as approach, let alone deposit, the dynamite within the bowels of that church, as it contained cholera-infected patients, who had been brought in from what is now the Salpetriere, something which every Parisian knows! And besides, there is something automatic about this Phil, something mechanic, certainly something unpleasant, which is how I know that he is not French, though I have no doubt that he is poor, a sufficient punishment, in my opinion, because long-lasting, since those born and reared in the beautiful lands of the French grow up to be creatures of elegance, and impeccable erudition, like me, something which my experience can instantaneously detect, and the lack of which Phil’s mind unmistakably reflects. But, then again, as my housekeeper brilliantly and often says to me: ‘’Ellie: stop torturing yourself about the Catholics, for, the highest proof that God is hourly punishing them, is the fact that he has given them a Jewish mind!’’ Do you see now what I mean by French elegance?



    1. Ellie, you took a shine to Pat and are trying to rub up against him 🙂

      Because you echo his sentiments exactly, including your picking on Catholics while leaving the Protestants out, maybe because they aren’t religious?

      Once Pat learns English from you, you’d be a formidable pair, a good cop (him, coz he never loses his cool) and you, a scary cop (because you always lose your cool).

      As for French, I propose an online duel with outmanned, outwomanned and out-gunned Phil entirely in French.

      I will referee, as the acknowledged master of the idiom, even help with American words that have no French equivalent, like untahpranoor.

      1. Lobro –

        Pay attention… Stop making things up.

        I am critical about those who believe ANY books are the ‘words of god’… especially the christian bibles. It is insanity.

        I really have to wonder about the Koran. It’s supposed author could not read or write. SO… he could not proofread it himself before publishing…. or after the Pharisee-Jews at Random House published it for him.

        It could have stated the opposite and he would not know. “Holy crap..!!”

        You can “rub” the ‘EK entity’… I’ll pass. 🙂

      2. No offence meant, Pat, just ribbing Ellie goodnaturatedly.
        To me, she is no more an entity than you or anyone here, we are all a collection of disembodied entities hiding from NSA ghostbusters.

        As for my making things up, the tendency grows with exposure to Jew sources.
        Had you not pulled me up short, for which I am grateful, I may have escalated to the point of accusing Putin of hiding $200 billion in Swiss accounts and siring a string of illegitimate children, known to nobody but Jews 😉

        Anyway, I like the “entity” however much she stamps her dainty foot in rage without noticing that the britches may slide down.




      ALL THE WAY FROM THE EGYPTIAN EMPIRE WHOSE Pharaohs weren’t human beings but ROBOTS!!!
















      IF THE NEPHILIM’s sarcophagus are ever opened in front of ZIO TV’




      1. Quit yelling already; everyone here reads silently. You might want to turn off Alex Jones and David Icke and put your tinfoil hat back on; I think those cosmic rays are getting to you.

    3. Ma chère Locuste,

      C’est trop d’honneur que vous faites à un simple roturier comme moi.

      No, that’s rude, when in Rome, do as the Romans do. You are right Ellie, my English is mechanic, cold, corporate and it’s always a struggle for my Latin mind to formulate ideas. Every time I read my posts afterwards, I always feel a bit embarrassed as, like Boileau used to say, what is clearly thought out is clearly expressed, a gift you clearly possess and share with many others on this forum, in English at least. I speak English like a Spanish cow, no better proof of my Frenchness. My name is Philippe by the way, enchanté. My birthplace is Morbihan. You? Alsace maybe.

      As for your usual anti-catholic/evil jew/money rules logorrhea, from my national perspective, it’s just another talented bit of sophistry, deceitful in its insidious and subtle reasoning, mais mauvais sang ne saurait mentir, our national atavism and class interest are never far away.

      Catholicism, the only worthy nuance in your essay, has always been incompatible with the modern rational liberal spirit inspired by two centuries of enlightment. The freemasonic revolutionary bourgeoisie, the urban Third Estate, composed by judges, lawyers, clerks, liberal clergymen, merchants and their fortune based on movables, knew they had to kill God first, so that they could replace the old catholic already degenerated hereditary nobility, which has forgotten that duties precede rights, philosophizing in the Parisian swamps, lounges, dinners, Philippe Egalité’s whorehouses, masonic lodges, about the greatness of Greek democracy and Roman republic, killing itself in the process .

      « Il y a des lois fondamentales qu’on ne peut changer ; en les violant, on ébranle tous les fondements de la terre. C’est alors que les nations semblent chanceler comme troublées et prises de vin, ainsi que parlent les prophètes. L’esprit de vertige les possède et leur chute est inévitable : parce que les peuples ont violé les lois, changé le droit public, et rompu les pactes les plus solennels. »
      Bossuet. At least, Russian leaders know that.

      As for the Jews, you give them too much credit, like the Prince of Hesse. The Girondins decided to declare war to Europe, for very material reasons, but always under the banner of freedom, freedom to get rich with legal thievery. The declaration of human rights, the rights of egoistic man separated from his fellow men and from the community, that prefigures the post Nuremberg universal version of 1948, was the Jews Trojan horse exported in the rest of Europe by the French army up to Waterloo, everybody got out, another German, von Blucher this time, has just made Rothschild rich again. But you know all that, the revolution was just a relocation of wealth and political power, un grand déménagement. I am sure your family widely benefited from it.

      Two historical facts are juxtaposed at the beginning of the French revolution. The Christ is rejected as the cornerstone of society in the header of the declaration, while at the same time, the jews are being admitted in society as citizens with equal rights, under the same declaration, after a long and stormy debate in the Constituante that ended in 1791, while the protestants, the actors and the executioners were granted equal rights in 1789. Über die bürgerliche Verbesserung der Juden. I know about von Dohm, Medelssohn the jewish Socrates and the enlightened jewish circles in Germany.

      Madame Elisabeth would declare afterwards:
      «L’Assemblée a mis hier le comble à toutes ses sottises et ses irréligions en donnant aux juifs le droit d’être admis à tous les emplois. Je ne puis te rendre combien je suis en colère de ce décret. Mais Dieu a ses jours de vengeance, et s’Il souffre longtemps le mal, Il ne le punit pourtant pas avec moins de force»
      That’s French elegance, of which you are just a cheap copy, like the Republic and the French monarchy.

      And here you are, two hundred years later, fighting a rearguard action, still shooting at the Catholic ambulance, manipulated then abandoned by the political power while destroyed from within before being finally achieved with the Vatican II theological submission.

      Pretty pathetic, like shouting evil jew while at the same time glorifying money, the secularized god of the jews, now god of the world.
      Doesn’t all this sound contradictory?

      “The contradiction that exists between the practical political power of the Jew and his political rights is the contradiction between politics and the power of money in general. Although theoretically the former is superior to the latter, in actual fact politics has become the serf of financial power.”

      “God laughs at men who complain of the consequences while cherishing the causes”. I will never blame jews for being better capitalist than me. I will wait for an eventual errore judaico encyclical to pray for “my demon brother jew”, sounds a lot like Vatican II hogwash. And for you, as it must be uncomfortable to be part of this mongrelized aristocracy of money, “ni féodal, ni juif, ni bourgeois, ni prolétaire” like Kalergi wrote in his Praktischer Idealismus. Do you have this book amongst the hundred thousand in your private library?

      As for the historical references, they are either threadbare or evasive. Why don’t you tell us more about this German aristocrat who saved Notre Dame? In exchange I could write an essay about the arrest of Baron Louis in Vienna by the Nazis, a myth killer for both parties.

      “since those born and reared in the beautiful lands of the French grow up to be creatures of elegance, and impeccable erudition” Ahaha, this idealization of French people is priceless, especially after the evening I just spend in Paris, but you are right about the lands.

      By the way Madame du Barry, we say “foie gras”, not “foie de gras”, another gross mistake amongst others. Damned, I feel I’ve just wasted one hour and a half over an internet troll.

      I have my disagreement with Pat, but he has nothing in common with this perfidious character.

      That’s a thousand, now straight to bed to sober up, kick off at nine with my poor friends.

      Don’t feel bad Ellie, like La Rochefoucauld used to say
      L’humilité n’est souvent qu’une feinte soumission, dont on se sert pour soumettre les autres.

      Sans rancune.

      1. Excellent comment, Phil, even the French parts which I will take trouble to translate later.
        As a kid growing up in Ontario, we referred to our French as frogs, even tho the Quebecois are not known for frogocide, but how can street rabble pass up an opportunity to insult a visible or hearable group?

        I don’t care whether Ellie is a halfbreed Rothschild, a wannabe French or a full-time poseur, apart from procuring for me a fine cigar stolen from Daddy’s imperial desk, something to show to kids in my coming dotage.

        I find her greatly entertaining whether as entity or in flesh, I am sure the latter option delivers more punch … we’ll that’s a foregone conclusion.

      2. No congratulations, it will only add fuel to the fire and I have my share of useless ego fights in the real world. This poster is entertaining, but she offers nothing but void and I have this feeling that behind her extreme, misplaced hatred for anything jewish, her real agenda is too badmouth the catholic church in the process.
        Like Avatar, the media caricature of Palestinians wishing for a NY times sunistan and who is clearly after the white man, racializing everything even Islam, while living the occidental life in South America. A fraud.

        Btw, there is Irish Micky Ward from white trashed Lowell, Massachussets and good piece by M. Kaminsky.

      3. That’s ok, Phil, I am on her shit list already, so swapping a smaller bucket for a bigger one doesn’t change things qualitatively.
        I seem to recall when she spoke of Jesus in quite devotional terms but it looks like the fallout with Lasha who is profoundly Catholic, meant that Jesus was swept into trash as part of reorganization, like the new CEO firing or demoting a bunch of middle managers whose loyalty is questionable.

        She doesn’t shine for analytical contribution but that comes with premenopausal surf and turf, later on they all sail into smoother waters of advancing age.

        Some of the vignettes she offered I value quite highly for sharpening my focus, e.g., 2 Bolshevik yids bantering about the complete wipeout of the gentile Russian intelligentsia shortly after 1917.
        I never caught the tiniest whiff of anything useful from Avatar.

        And let’s face it, many here have trouble with Christ image as a peacenik and I consider this a valid concern and am forever trying to blame it some obscure translation error.
        No use pretending the problem isn’t there.
        For the moment, I am setting it aside but if I ever met him in person, I would blurt out the question about cheeks before the intros were over.

        But that’s me, no one gets away on strength of family connection, be it the Rothschilds or merely the God.

      4. Phil –

        I followed Irish Micky Ward all through his career. One of my favorites.
        His famous left hooks to the livers of opponents were amazingly precise and deadly. They made a movie of him.

        Gatti could take it, but lost a decision to Ward, because of this round – “Round 9” – “Round of the century”:


      5. Speaking of Irish boxers, I just learned that Tyson Fury beat Klitschko for the WBA, WBO and IBF world heavyweight championship. Fury is the first “Brit” to hold the world heavyweight title(s) since Bob Fitzsimmons in 1899. As I don’t watch Talmud vision anymore I found out via the Daily Stormer site for this pro-White story naturally. http://www.dailystormer.com/new-heavyweight-boxing-champ-speaks-up-for-british-people/

        No doubt jews-news passed over this pro-White sports story quickly. Had the boxers vying for the heavyweight titles been Black, jews-news would have been over this story like flies on shit. The last Great White Hope has arrived to zero fanfare. In fact, Fury is smeared as a “racists” in jews-news for speaking out against the foreign invasion of his native England and Ireland.

        For boxing fans at DM:
        Here’s a digital simulation of the fight between the two that erroneously gives the win to Klitschko. I’ve never seen Klitschko move so quickly as he does in the simulation, which should be the clue to its bogus KO-win for (in real life) the dim-witted and slow-moving Khazar. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sjah17k2Bx4

      6. Of course I am well aware of Ward and his wars with Gatti who was Montreal based.
        Montreal is also home to the battling Hilton family that produced at least 3 welterweight championship quality brothers but all wound up in jail or destroyed by drug abuse.
        David Lemieux today would be the champ if not for one-in-a-century Gennady Golovkin.
        I am not saying that America was totally bereft of white talent, only that they defeated themselves through terrible, Jew-inspired and mediated doubt, which I also used to explain other, larger and more important failures.

        Back to the sweet science, there were Ray Boom-Boom Mancini, Kelly Pavlik, first lost his mojo after killing someone in ring, second drowned it in alcohol.
        One of the great talents and a true White Hope was Gerry Cooney out of Boston but he lost to Holmes (who, btw, is as fine human as anyone would wish to meet) because he didn’t have a fighter’s heart and a terrible corner.
        He coulda, shoulda … one of those.

        Montreal is one of the greatest fighting towns, they just love their boys, win or lose.
        If only that spirit extended elsewhere in N America …

      7. Lobro –

        I watched Mancini’s fight with Deuk Koo Kim, as it aired live in early 80s…. great fighting period then.

        “If only that spirit extended elsewhere in N America …” is to say you have lived in every town in N America… and know there is no spirit anywhere but Montreal… Whew..!!

        Tell that to a rodeo crew in Texas… and you’ll have no problem getting knocked out quickly. I have witnessed it.

        I just watched Saturday… Adrian Granadas, a Latino from Chicago….. He TKO’d Imam…who was undefeated. It was a “tune-up” fight for Imam to fight for the championship. Granadas threw over 100 punches in each of several middle rounds, after being knocked down in round one. He just would not quit… like a buzz-saw… He stopped Imam in 8. It was the best fight I have seen in years.


      8. Pat,

        I did hear of Ward through the movie, can’t say i am a boxing fan, especially with all the unbalanced rigged fights we have today.
        Thanks for the link, this Gatti guy knew how to take a punch. Just watched the fight until the end. The referee had guts too.

      9. HP, I know George and one of his surviving sons was my son’s phys ed teacher at the Western Tech.

        pay attention … stop making things up 😉
        America is more than the 50 States, more than double.
        If my hometown, Toronto, is on some other continent, I guess I fell asleep in geography class.
        Moreover, if the Texas rodeo crew are properly representative of the USA at large, why don’t the rest of them show their mettle and independence from Jew?
        As it happens, no country on Earth is more in S+M bondage to Jew.
        Was I talking of some Presidio rodeo crew in my comment?
        As for them knocking me out, I guess they have a chance if:
        there are lots of them, and/or,
        he is 40 years younger and 40 pounds heavier and has iron jaw.
        Doesn’t prove any debating points though.

      10. Lobro –

        Pay even closer attention… You lost your place again. 🙂

        “If only that spirit extended elsewhere in N America …”

        You did not say America or USA… you said N America and that is Canada, USA and Mexico.

        That is a lot of “elsewhere” cities – other than Montreal – to live in your limited time here so far…. to know the “spirit” of ALL the places in N America.

        Your ‘made up’ claims fell short also.

    4. Learning to speak french is like love , it is best learned when still a child .
      Quote by ” Shrimpie ” MacClare , Marquess of Flintshire , Downton Abbey.

  2. Prior to World War 2 the Jews faced the greatest threat to their worldwide financial hegemony after Adolf Hitler had evicted central bankers from Germany.


    There is the widespread notion that Hitler was fighting the Money Power and that he was a problem for the Bankers because he created a Usury free economy. But there was no Usury free Third Reich economy. The German taxpayer continued to pay interest over the substantial national debt and commercial banking received interest for its fractional reserve banking based loans, which to a large extent financed the war.


      1. @ Red Onions

        Yes, I’ve seen this documentary. People make no mistake, Hitler was yet another agent of the International Jewry. He played to lose. His mission was to inflate German nationalism to the max and throw it in the fire. He played his role perfectly. I’d say he is the best actor the world has ever seen.

        And talking about Hitler is worth mentioning his modern equivalent – Putin. Sadly, he is the exact copy of Hitler with similar mission and unfortunately I fear the execution of his mission will be similar too.

        Putin plays Emmanuel Goldstein in our modern Orwelian world. He is best friends with Russia’s main Rabbi – Berel Lazar.

      2. @ Krum and Red Onions,

        About Adolf Hitler; I can insert hundreds of links here that claim and ‘document’ he was a JEW agent or the opposite. But I’m not going to since this would be useless. Because on the net you can find any answer to any question about any subject that suits your conviction. I’ll tell you this though; any source that so much as even hints as Hitler being a JEW agent is either cointell or clueless and the people who believe this are brainless. No offence, seriously. Only don’t believe just about anything anybody publishes online.

        Good night.

      3. @ 1138

        The links on the internet only serve as basis for a logical analysis. So any person capable of following a scientific inquiry of Hitler’s policies will inevitably start to see a certain pattern emerging.

        The main argument is that Hitler never abolished usury as promised in his pre-election campaign. How can one expect to fight the International Jewry without eliminating their main weapon?

        What’s more, he borrowed the idea about getting rid of the usury (from Gottfried Feder) to get into power but once he was in he not only continued with the Weimar’s banking system but also replaced Feder with Hjalmar Schacht who was friends with the BoE chairman Montague Norman. Which is why Schacht was acquitted at Neurenberg, where the Soviets wanted a conviction while the British made sure he was released.

        Did you know that the The Bank for International Settlements used to be THE Nazi bank in Switzerland and now it is the World’s Central Bank?

        Plus during the war, Hitler did a lot of ‘mistakes’ contrary to the advises of his own generals which costed him the war. For example, during Operation Typhoon Walther von Brauchitsch, Commander-in-Chief of the Army, supported a direct thrust to Moscow, a view also shared by most within the German high command. But Hitler overruled his generals in favour of pocketing the Soviet forces around Kiev in the south.

        And it’s not just that, there many more other questions which remain unanswered, such as:

        Why Hitler never sealed the Mediterranean at Gibraltar; and why the Spanish dictator Franco remained neutral, despite the huge debt he owed the Nazis from the Civil War?

        Why I.G. Farben headquarters in Frankfurt was never bombed. This became CIA headquarters?

        Why the Bank of England rewarded Hitler for taking Prague by giving him the Czech gold reserves held in London?

        He could have enlisted millions of Slavs (and even many Jews) in overcoming Communist Russia. Instead, he made them implacable enemies willing to fight to the death.


        Because he played to lose.

        p.s. Who’s brainless now?

    1. No, it is not a good comment, even if true, something I haven’t looked into and maybe never will, because I am getting seriously nauseated by second guessing based on rear view mirror foresight: Hitler was a Jew because he lost the war – bravo, what depth of insight, what breadth of vision!
      And he borrowed to finance war, what better proof, when all he had to do was lie down and let the Jew walk and shit all over him and his beloved people, like Yeltsin did – proof that Gorbachev and Yeltsin did the best for Russia, unlike traitor Putin, who is spending to get ready for war.

      I suppose that if you live in a rough neighborhood with every chance that your house will be broken into and family violated and you buy a gun on credit, you are a Jew by above reasoning.

      I’ve carried this argument so often over the past few years that I get physically sick to my stomach of having to endlessly repeat it to people who only see the reality through Nintendo prism.

      Enough, can’t be bothered, stupidity is not just a human right but a prized virtue in Jew World.

      1. You have provided no evidences refuting my claim.

        Whether Hitler was a real Jew, I don’t know, but whether he was their agent (consciously or unconsciously) is without a doubt. Are you familiar with Martin Bormann and his influence on Hitler?

        Hitler did not have to overstretch the German economy and army by going full on all fronts to defend his house. Germany was already resurrected from the ashes, why did he threw it in the fire? He implemented some really good policies – on family, sports, public holidays, racial purity, etc but the heavy push for rearmament bankrupted the country economically and the war, morally.

        I can understand why people would struggle with this notion but if it goes out in public domain it would be biggest blow to the International Jewry. They took a huge gamble but it could turn out to be their Achilles’ heel.

      2. ” stupidity is not just a human right but a prized virtue in Jew World.”

        Lobro simpel but great closure,

        These Hitler haters are jew handlers or jews.

      3. @ GILBERT
        Name calling is all you can do, obviously. Have you got any real arguments against? Guess not. If all of the anti-Zionist opposition is like you, it is no wonder we’re being lead by the nose.

        If this site’s owners wish I could submit an article presenting the case and we can have a meaningful discussion instead of this childish name calling. As I’m no less disappointed about these facts but they are the facts. Whats more, they only demonstrate the deviousness and ingenuity of the enemy we’re dealing with.

        It is no surprise that they try to conceal the real history of WW2 because the implications could be devastating for their cause. Exposing these lies is the only way for us to win.

      4. @ Lobro “No, it is not a good comment, even if true, something I haven’t looked into and maybe never will, because I am getting seriously nauseated by second guessing based on rear view mirror foresight: Hitler was a Jew because he lost the war – bravo, what depth of insight, what breadth of vision!”

        I’m surprised by your reaction. In my opinion you post the most excellent comments exposing the Jew World Order. Neither Krum or I said Hitler was a Jew. The info I posted said Hitler was financed by American Jewish Banks, most probably the Rothschild Octopus, before and during WW2 and I don’t know why you wouldn’t want to look into this.

        Krum says: “Hjalmar Schacht who was friends with the BoE chairman Montague Norman. Which is why Schacht was acquitted at Neurenberg, where the Soviets wanted a conviction while the British made sure he was released.

        Did you know that the The Bank for International Settlements used to be THE Nazi bank in Switzerland and now it is the World’s Central Bank?”

        Norman was also so close to the Schacht family that he was godfather to one of Schacht’s grandchildren. Why didn’t Hitler dismiss Schacht before 1943?

        Here is Norman’s (Governor of the BOE) hatred for the Goyim:

        “Capital must protect itself in every possible way, both by combination and legislation. Debts must be collected, mortgages foreclosed as rapidly as possible.

        “When, through process of law, the common people lose their homes, they will become more docile and more easily governed through the strong arm of the government applied by a central power of wealth under leading financiers.

        “These truths are well known among our principal men, who are now engaged in forming an imperialism to govern the world. By dividing the voter through the political party system, we can get them to expend their energies in fighting for questions of no importance.

        “It is thus, by discrete action, we can secure for ourselves that which has been so well planned and so successfully accomplished.”

        @ Gilbert. Hitler hater? I hate all psychopathic leaders including Churchill, Bush, Blair, Cameron, Hussein, Obama, Pol Pot … the list is endless.

        BANKING WITH HITLER (BBC Timewatch Documentary 1998)


      5. Also some facts about Norman’s involvement with the Nazis are even publicly available through Wikipedia …

        Norman knowingly authorized the transfer of Czech gold from Czechoslovakia’s No. 2 account with the Bank for International Settlements to the No. 17 account, which Norman was aware was managed by the German Reichsbank. Within ten days the money had been transferred to other accounts. In the fall of 1939, two months after the outbreak of World War II, Norman again supported transfers of Czech gold to Hitler’s Germany. On this occasion His Majesty’s Government intervened to block Norman’s initiative. He retired from the bank in 1944.



        It turns out that for some people the fact that Hitler banked with the Jews has nothing to do with the credibility of his alleged fight against the World Jewry and its current expression the Bolshevism. Funny that, huh?

        But I can understand why some people would find it hard to let go of their heroes but it’s part of growing up and maturing. Exactly like children have to one day discover that Father Christmas does not exist.

      6. Savitri Devi, for all of her intelligence, had her head up her asshole dedicated to Kali. Well, she was intelligent, that can’t be denied. She was certainly intelligent enough to get out of Europe immediately after her avatar-hero-god Hitler took the Volkswagon driver’s seat. She was smart enough to figure out how to have all kinds of excuses as to why she couldn’t be in Germany or anywhere in Europe during the War which ripped Europe apart, the conflagration we call World War Two. She was smart enough to figure out all kinds of excuses as to why she had to stay in India far away from The Conflagration in Europe, and smart enough to figure-out she didn’t need any more excuses to stay in India after the War in Europe was over — and tour the ruins of a destroyed Society and Culture. How she LERVED and Worshipped Kali, Hindu “goddess” of mass human sacrifice to the satanic “god-gods-goddesses” of War. How she got-off touring a Europe ripped-apart and destroyed and in ruins.

      7. Where’s my comment about Savitri Devi? Or, is not “permissible”, lol, to make any negative critique of Devi?

        [TOBY: Didn’t you just see it?]

        Did I, lol, blaspheme? Is Kali’s panties all bunched up in knots over my negative critique of Savitri? Did my comment interfere with the Cosmic Universal Life Force? Far be it from me to hold Lasha back from jumping into the Ganges with the dead rotting corpses of gurus and dogs and far be it from me to blaspheme against anyone’s Sacred cows, 🙂 .

    2. Hi Krum, I am assuming you are German. I think the real victims of WW2 were the German people, and the victors were the Jews.

      Regarding Hitler; he seems to have deteriorated mentally, (he definitely had Parkinsons) but we don’t need to think he secretly worked for the Jews. He made some very bad decisions, which were probably due to a combination of mental deterioration and hubris. If he had stopped after the seizure of the Sudetenland he would have been hailed as a great man, but, like Napoleon, he went too far.

      1. @ JOHN KIRBY

        Hi John Kirby. No, I’m not German although I admire their past legacy and I feel ashamed when I see what they have become after the WW2.

        On Hitler, yes he was mentally unstable, it’s evident in his hysterical speeches and his paranoia. It takes such a person though to carry on the greatest hoax in history – Nazi Germany. The evidence about his double play is overwhelming and it has to be brought to light as it could be our strongest weapon against the World Jewry.

        As for the downfall of Napoleon, it was not because of he was over ambitious but because his logistics supplies were sabotaged by the usual suspects. There’s a good article on the subject – http://www.lovethetruth.com/books/pawns/04.htm

  3. I basically agree with John Kaminski on Jewish control, which is now spread to every nook and cranny of American society in the form of neo-liberalism. You cannot believe anything that comes out of the mainstream media. For example, this immigrant crisis of 600,000 or so Syrian refugees that has been broadcast for weeks in all networks, newspapers, and Facebook among the neo-liberals, has to be some kind of tool for manipulation. I say this because if the powers that be had wanted to plunk 600,000 Syrians into the country they would have done it without fanfare overnight. Instead it has become this giant media campaign.

    At the end of the Cold War everyone on one side or the other moved to L.A. When the Shah fell 600,000 Persians moved into L.A. OVERNIGHT. Literally overnight every apartment in Santa Monica was bought and filled up with Persians. Two million people moved in from Central America in a period of several years. Once you could cruise the lights from one end of the city to the other and suddenly every street was gridlock. The infrastructure could barely accommodate the millions of new people who moved in. The government makes commitments to whole groups of people without considering where they might live or how the society will manage. When the Vietnamese moved into South Central it destroyed whole neighborhoods of the Black community… the same happened when millions of Latin Americans came. My kids were raised in a city where the schools were filled with people who couldn’t speak English. Basically this so called immigrant crisis is media manipulation…not that there isn’t an immigrant crisis, there is.. but it has been going on forever. Why suddenly all the media coverage? It serves the purpose of the neo-liberals, which is to demonize certain sections of the society for being intolerant or whatever. The whole media narrative has the same taste, the same disgusting sauce on every morsel of news and if the sauce disgusts you, well too bad. Give me back another era… I want to go back to the early 60s before the Kennedy assassination when we had a much freer society.

      1. Pat. Sadly, I disagree. In another 80 years I do not think we will look back on this as being the good times. In 80 years…ha!!… as I see it in another 40 years humanity will be GONE! We will have made plain our complete inability to reveal our sole purpose for being here on earth…to tend and keep this garden. Soon most of humanity will be slaughtered and the few who remain will be enslaved by the Jew, by Esau’s spawn. Will the earth remain to be inhabited by other creatures more able do “their Father’s Work”…revealing Heaven on Earth? Or will the earth subsist as the barren rock of a failed star, like Mars? Or will it remain simply as an addition to the asteroid belt, caused by humanity’s earlier failure choosing to worship its mind, devoid of and in denial of its Spiritual source? Time will tell.

  4. John Kaminski as Republican Presidential candidate. He has the courage to state the truth, that America has been hi-jacked by the Jews, and it goes back at least to the early 20th century.

    Until the internet made information much more easily available I would never have known that 90% of the Bolshevik leadership were Jews, and that they murdered or starved to death millions of Russians. Solzhenitsyn reckons over 50 million died BFEORE WW2. Nobody, nobody in the media mentions what was the greatest crime of the 20th century, but we get the Holocaust ad nauseum, 24/7. The greatest power the Jews have is their control of the media, and they must be trying to close sites like this, because, as somebody once said, “The truth shall set you free” and the Jews fear the rapidly spreading truth.

    Good for you John Kaminski.

    1. “they murdered or starved to death millions of Russians. ”

      Including the Tsar and his young family, murdered by five Jews

  5. ISIS Oil Trade Full Frontal: “Raqqa’s Rockefellers”, Bilal Erdogan, KRG Crude, And The Israel Connection


    erdogans jewish son is the oil man for israhell

    Here are the oil tankers belonging to BMZ Group:

    – Mecid Aslanov

    – Begim Aslanova

    – Poet Qabil

    – Turketer 81

    – Armada Breeze

    – Shovket Alekperova

    ………………………………..Use ‘Marinetraffic’ to track them ………….


  6. @Krum;

    You stated;

    “Why I.G. Farben headquarters in Frankfurt was never bombed. This became CIA headquarters?”

    I can offer two possible reasons. One is that I.G. Farben was partially controlled/owned by foreign companies here in the US, and there was exchanging of information between it and its affiliates in the US (and no doubt, this info was passed on to the US War Department). Where I read this I cannot recall, but I have a lot of info stored on my hard drive and it will take a while for me to find the link to the source – so I am offering that up as “from memory” at this point. The other POSSIBILITY (caps for emphasis, not for “shouting”) is that I.G. Farben was the place where Sarin gas was discovered in 1938 and produced by I.G. Farben and might have been stored there. Bombing it would not have been wise, since even the Jews do not control which direction the wind will blow. Though Sarin was produced in quantity for the military, Hitler refused to employ it when his generals asked him to do so, even at the end when the Bolsheviks were marching on Berlin.

    1. “Though Sarin was produced in quantity for the military, Hitler refused to employ it when his generals asked him to do so, even at the end when the Bolsheviks were marching on Berlin.”

      WOW! That says it all.

    2. @GEORGE

      You wrote: Though Sarin was produced in quantity for the military, Hitler refused to employ it when his generals asked him to do so, even at the end when the Bolsheviks were marching on Berlin.


      Hitler wanted Germans to fight and he wouldn’t have minded if every last German died fighting the “enemy”.

  7. Kaminski says “In both these cases it was Jewish control of media that turned a peace loving populace into dutiful soldiers who sacrificed their lives in wars that never needed to be fought.”

    I some respects, the jewish media are more powerful than the jewish banks because they deceive and cheat the Goyim, as per the Talmud. The unenlightened populaces give support to their criminal Governments for death and destruction. Soldiers are no more than paid assassins, like mercenaries, whether they know it or not.

    “Silent weapons for quiet wars” highlights the jewish social engineering agenda, without naming the jew. Some people say it’s a fake document, like the Protocols, but I don’t think so.


    With this jewish social engineering in mind, just take a look at the Daily Telegraph front page yesterday. A broadsheet puts on it’s front page “Sales to last until Christmas”. Consumerism equals more DEBT for jewish bankers. Under that title they say 50% of Labour MP’s will support Cameron’s motion for the RAF to kill Syrians. Hollande has asked all MP’s to support the motion in the wake of the Paris attacks. Next to this story there is an over the top Nationalistic picture of people in red white and blue … hair, union jack masks and papers saying Brits supporting tennis players in the Davis Cup. The sports pages are at the back, not the front page. This is subtle jewish social engineering/propaganda … war and Nationalistic pride, side by side.


    1. Eustace Mullins handed me a copy of SWFQW in early 90s. It is interesting. Reliable or not, I have viewed events through that prism ever since.
      It could be an invention. Things do happen as described in the paper. It was first distributed by “The Informer”… a mystery man who was a friend of Mark Koernke, aka.. “Mark from Michigan.”

      In 1991 Russian flag was changed back to to red-white-blue like USA and British flags.

      Pharisee Bankers must like that mix.

    2. Ah you’ve gotta love it! Fighting more yewish wars and working day after day to sustain the yewish economy. What a good herd of dumb, stupid cattle.

  8. Posted the following on a previous thread.. there is follow up:

    Apparently two young males, with baltic, Russia sounding accents, have turned up here, a small community, right in the middle of Norway. People are, naturally, worried, since no-one knows anything about them, and, unlike previous refugees, no-one was informed as to who they are, or where they came from. It would be interesting to know, whether, or not, they are Chechyen, since the terrorists operating in Syria changed recently, from having Muslim accents, to having more Baltic, Russian sounding accents, which is why Russia got worried, and became involved, due to a perceived threat to Russia. It must be remembered, that Norway does have a border with Russia..

    Listened to a rhree way podcast in the night, which is posted on Mami`s Shit, the host is called Jules, the guests are called JJink, and Brandon Turbeville. The latter knows his onions, and says that infiltration of Russia, by Chechyen terrorists and their ilk, has already begun through the Ukraine..

    I want to thank whoever it was who directed me to Mami`s website, can`t remember if it was Wiggins, or red onions, but there is a lot of good stuff there..

  9. Mr. Kamanski and I have been on the same wavelength for some time, but this piece is truly ironic. I recently made the following comment on another website before I read this piece. This is what happens when people refuse to wear tinfoil hats; those Venusian broadcasts about Jews come in much more clearly.
    Does anyone remember the nuclear clock and its seconds-to-midnight countdown? The sight of that clock was a remarkable terror weapon. Despite the fact it was superficially purported to help disarmament, it instead kept the gullible goyim’s nose to the grindstone to stop the communist dominoes from spilling across the free world.

    However, like many other things of the late twentieth century, the nuclear clock today has all but disappeared from public note; despite the fact the world is probably closer to a nuclear war than most are aware. If one studies the historical events of wars over the last two hundred years, one finds all the beginning markers of those war eras being displayed today by both major and minor powers.

    Will mankind be so stupid as to once again be drawn into a global conflict though false flags, hollow propaganda, and inane slogans?

    Today the cold war nuclear terror is all but forgotten, it shouldn’t be. However, there is a way to revisit the cold chills of “duck and cover” – which meant for most of us hiding under a desk and waiting for the flash. Just take a stroll though any of the dystopian role-playing games like “Fallout Three” for a somewhat lighthearted look at what the aftermath of such a war might look like. Take a look – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uxSdbSNckTQ – Think hard about your future.

    There is no longer room for both war and humanity to remain on this planet. One of them must go – and one of them will.

    The sinking of the battleship Main fomented the Spanish American war.

    Assassination of a minor royalty figure, Arch Duke Ferdinand, began WWI.

    The sinking of the steamship liner Lusitania brought America into that war.

    A minor treaty was invoked to begin WWII. Britain’s flimsy alliance with Poland provided the excuse for Britain to declare war, after Germany took back the Polish region ceded by the Versailles Treaty. Yet the British never declared war on the Soviet terror marching in from the East at the very same time.

    America was brought into that war after its political subterfuge of depriving the Japanese of critical resources. This led to the attack on Pearl Harbor. It is now recognized that Roosevelt had full knowledge of the impending attack and as well as the track of the Japanese fleet. Only outmoded “capital ships” were sacrificed in the attack. The new, and most critical weapons of the dawning air age, the aircraft carrier, were all safely away from Hawaii at the time of the attack.

    Immediately after WWII came the cold war, a point where wartime production continued into peacetime conditions. This war technology footing resulted in over fifty years of nuclear testing, dusting the entire planet with radioactive fallout. If the cold war proved anything conclusively, it was that humans could survive the fallout after effects of a nuclear war.

    Then came Korea, America’s first attempt at stopping the Red chimera in South East Asia. After that, Vietnam, a war that began with yet another false flag attack, this time on the destroyer USS Turner Joy.

    Then came the war in Iraq brought on by a false flag terror attack on the New York Trade Towers. The war that began in Iraq continues to this day and its base is broadening daily.

    The lion’s share of the world’s oil, and that of the highest quality, flows from Near East oil fields. As the old TV show song said, “black gold, Texas tea”. Whoever controls the entire Near East oil region will dominate that number one global resource – black gold. They will call the shots to whom and how much of this critical resource will be allocated.

    While everyone focuses on Russia and America drawing near a confrontation, the Israeli nuclear wild card is studiously ignored. However, considering the Jews vast arsenal of nuclear weapons and the delivery systems to deploy them, it takes little imagination to understand how they might wind up bristling or even using their nukes at some point to take control of the entire Near East, a region they view as “Eretz Yisrael”.

    Think about it. Think hard about it. Are you willing to allow, or worse, support the system of greed that is about to turn the world into real world Fallout Three game?

  10. Here we go again… the man (Arch Stanton) who astutely told us the Cold War was a Jewish shell game is now telling us the jews have the power to nuke us all in the coming WW3. No one except Zio-Christians are looking forward to their “Raptures”. For someone who dismisses The Bible as jewish propaganda, why do you believe in their Armageddon and their Jewish End Times?

    The central narrative of the Cold War was the threat of Nuclear War and the annihilation of mankind (i.e., Armageddon). You, yourself, have stated the Cold War was fake. If the Cold War was fake, how can Nukes be real? Or are you arguing: just because they lied about atomic bombs doesn’t mean they are lying now about nukes? WTC!? What the CUCK!?

    Today we call them Hoaxes. Was Hiroshima and Nagasaki the mother and father of all Hoaxes? They precede even the greatest hoax of the 20th century known as the Jewish Holocaust ™.

    Jim Fetzer has a new book called “Nobody Died at Sandy Hook”. Although I have no desire to write a book exposing the Atom Bomb Hoax, if I did, I would call it “The Grass is always Greener after an Atomic Holocaust.” For the literal-minded masses who don’t understand irony or satire, I would attach this subtitle: “Atomic Bombs only vaporize people, not grass.”


    1. JFC –

      And…. They cannot ever have WW3…. once they have WW3 they could not scare us that much with WW4…

      No worry… just another WW…. 🙂

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