Faurisson’s Exposure of the Holocaust Hoax

Based on a 4500-word comment by political analyst Luca K 

This article consists mostly of important Faurisson quotations debunking the state-enforced conspiracy theory that 6 million Jews died in gas chambers on the orders of Hitler.

Pictures, captions and commentary by Lasha Darkmoon


—  In 1951 the Jew Léon Poliakov, who had been part of the French delegation at the Nuremberg trial (1945-1946), stated his conclusion that we had at our disposal an overabundance of documents for all points of the history of the Third Reich, with the exception of one point alone: the “campaign to exterminate the Jews”. For this, he wrote, “No document remains,perhaps none has ever existed” (Bréviaire de la haine, Paris, Calmann-Lévy, 1974 [1951], p. 171; English version: Harvest of Hate, New York, Holocaust Library, 1979, revised and expanded edition)\.

Faurisson says: There is here an extraordinary concession to the revisionist case. In effect, such a formidable criminal undertaking supposedly conceived, ordered, organised and perpetrated by the Germans would have necessitated an order, a plan, instructions, a budget, … Such an undertaking, carried out over several years on a whole continent and generating the death of millions of victims, would have left a flood of documentary evidence. Consequently, if we are told that there perhaps has never existed any such documentary evidence, it is because the crime in question was not perpetrated.

In the complete absence of documents, the historian has no longer anything to do but keep quiet. L. Poliakov made this concession in 1951, that is, fifty-five years ago. However, it must be noted that, from 1951 to 2006, his successors have equally failed to find the least documentary evidence for the Holocaust.

Occasionally, here and there, we have witnessed attempts at making us believe in such or such discovery but each time, as will be seen below, the “discoverers” and their publicists have had to drop their claim.


[2]  — In 1960 Martin Broszat, a member of the Institute of Contemporary History in Munich, wrote: “Neither at Dachau, nor at Bergen-Belsen, nor at Buchenwald were any Jews or other detainees gassed” (“Keine Vergasung in Dachau”, Die Zeit, August 19, 1960, p. 16)\.

Faurisson says: This sudden and unexplained concession is significant. At the Nuremberg trial the only homicidal gas chamber that the accusation ventured to show in a film had been that of Dachau, and the testimonies telling of alleged homicidal gassings in the three above-mentioned camps had been numerous. M. Broszat thus implicitly acknowledged that those testimonies were false. He did not tell us in what respect they were false. Nor did he tell us in what respect other such testimonies relating, for example, to Auschwitz, Majdanek, Treblinka, Sobibor or Belzec should, for their part, go on being deemed reliable.

In the 1980s, at Dachau, a sign indicated in five languages that the “gas chamber disguised as showers”, visited by the tourists, was “never used” as such. The revisionists had then asked in what respect the room could be termed a homicidal “gas chamber”, whereupon the Dachau Museum authorities took down the sign and replaced it with another on which, in German and English, can now be read:

“Gas chamber. This was the center of potential mass murder. The room was disguised as ‘showers’ and equipped with fake shower spouts to mislead the victims and prevent them from refusing to enter the room. During a period of 20 minutes up to 150 people at a time could be suffocated to death through prussic acid poison gas (Zyklon B).”

One will note the words “potential” and “could”, the choice of which attests to a fine bit of trickery: the information spawns in visitors’ minds the idea that the said “gas chamber” was effectively used for killing but, at the same time, it enables the museum to retort to revisionists: “We haven’t expressly said that this gas chamber was used for killing; we’ve merely said that it could be or could have been, at the time, used to kill a certain number of people”.

To conclude, in 1960 M. Broszat, without any explanation, decreed in a simple letter that no one had been gassed at Dachau; thenceforth, the Dachau Museum authorities, quite embarrassed, have tried, by means of assorted deceitful ploys varying over time, to fool their visitors into believing that, in this room, Jews had well and truly been gassed.



“The Dachau Museum authorities [still try] to fool their visitors
into believing that, in this room, Jews had well and truly been gassed.”
—  Robert Faurisson


– In 1968 the Jewish historian Olga Wormser-Migot, in her thesis on Le Système concentrationnaire nazi, 1933-1945, (Paris, Presses universitaires de France), gave an ample exposition of what she called “the problem of the gas chambers” (p. 541-544). She voiced her scepticism as to the worth of some well-known witnesses’ accounts attesting to the existence of gas chambers in camps such as Mauthausen or Ravensbrück. On Auschwitz-I she was categorical: that camp where, still today, tourists visit an alleged gas chamber was, in reality, “without any gas chamber” (p. 157)\.

Faurisson says: To bring their horrible charges of homicidal gassings against the defeated, the accusers have relied solely on testimonies and those testimonies have not been verified. Let us take note of the particular case of Auschwitz-I: it was thus 38 years ago that a Jewish historian had the courage to write that this camp was “without any gas chamber”; however, still today, in 2006, crowds of tourists there visit an enclosed space that the authorities dare to present, fallaciously, as a “gas chamber”. Here we see a practice of outright deceit.


– In 1961 Raul Hilberg, Jewish orthodox historian Number One, published the first edition of his major work, The Destruction of the European Jews, and it was in 1985 that he brought out the second edition, a profoundly revised and corrected version. The distance between the two is considerable and can only be explained by the succession of victories achieved in the meantime by the revisionists.

In the first edition the author had brazenly affirmed that “the destruction of the Jews of Europe” had been set off following two consecutive orders given by Hitler. He neither specified the date nor reproduced the wording thereof. Then he professed to explain in detail the political, administrative and bureaucratic process of that destruction; for example he went so far as to write that at Auschwitz the extermination of the Jews was organised by an office that was in charge of both the disinfection of clothing and the extermination of human beings (The Destruction of the European Jews, 1961, republished in 1979 by Quadrangle Books, Chicago, p. 177, 570).

However, in 1983, going back completely on that explanation, Hilberg suddenly proceeded to state that the business of “the destruction of the European Jews” had, after all, gone on without a plan, without any organisation, centralisation, project or budget, but altogether thanks to “an incredible meeting of minds, a consensus-mind reading by a far-flung bureaucracy” (Newsday, New York, February 23, 1983, p. II/3). He would confirm this explanation under oath at the first Zündel trial in Toronto on January 16, 1985 (verbatim transcript, p. 848); he would soon afterwards confirm it anew but with other words in the greatly revised version of his above-mentioned work (New York, Holmes & Meier, 1985, p. 53, 55, 62). He has just recently, in October 2006, confirmed it yet again in an interview given to Le Monde:

“There was no pre-established guiding plan. As for the question of the decision, it is in part unsolvable: no order signed by Hitler has ever been found, doubtless because no such document ever existed. I am persuaded that the bureaucracies moved through a sort of latent structure: each decision brings on another, then another, and so forth, even if it isn’t possible to foresee exactly the next step” (Le Monde des livres, October 20, 2006, p. 12).

Faurisson says: The Number One historian of the Jewish genocide, at a certain point, thus found himself so helpless that he suddenly proceeded to disown his first version and to explain a gigantic undertaking of collective murder as if it had all been carried out through something like the workings of the Holy Spirit.

In effect, since then he has evoked a “meeting of minds” within a bureaucracy, terming this meeting “incredible”. If it is “incredible” or unbelievable, why then should it be believed? Must one believe the unbelievable?

He also brings up “mind reading” and states it was performed by “consensus”, but this is a matter of pure intellectual speculation grounded in a belief in the supernatural. How can one believe in such a phenomenon, particularly within a vast bureaucratic structure and, still more particularly, within the bureaucracy of the Third Reich? It is worth noting that on R. Hilberg’s example the other official historians set about, in the 1980s and 1990s, abandoning history and lapsed into metaphysics and jargon.

They questioned themselves on the point of whether one should be “intentionalist” or “functionalist”: must it be supposed that the extermination of the Jews occurred subsequent to an “intent” (not yet proved) and in line with a concerted plan (not yet found), or instead had that extermination happened all by itself, spontaneously and through improvisation, without there being any formal intent and with no plan? This type of woolly controversy attests to the disarray of historians who, unable to provide evidence and real documents to back their case, are thus reduced to theorising in the void. At bottom, those on one side, the “intentionalists”, tell us: “There were necessarily an intent and a plan, which we haven’t yet found but which we shall perhaps indeed discover one day”, whereas the others affirm: “There is no need to go looking for evidence of an intent and a plan, for everything was able to occur without intent, without plan and without leaving any traces; such traces are not to be found because they have never existed.”


– In May 1986 in France, certain Jews, alarmed upon realising that they could not manage to answer the revisionists on the simple plane of reason, decided to take action with a view to obtaining a legal prohibition of revisionism. Chief amongst them were Georges Wellers and Pierre Vidal-Naquet, grouped, with their friends, round the country’s head rabbi René-Samuel Sirat (Bulletin quotidien de l’Agence télégraphique juive, June 1986, p. 1, 3). After four years, on July 13, 1990, they would get, thanks notably to Jewish former Prime Minister Laurent Fabius, then president of the National Assembly, a special law passed allowing for the punishment of any person who publicly made revisionist statements on the subject of the “extermination of the Jews”: up to a year’s imprisonment, a fine of €45,000 and still other sanctions. This recourse to force is a flagrant admission of weakness\.

Faurisson says:  G. Wellers and P. Vidal-Naquet were especially alarmed by the court decision of April 26, 1983 (see paragraph 8 above). The former wrote: “The court admitted that [Faurisson] was well documented, which is false. It is astonishing that the court should fall for that” (Le Droit de vivre, June-July 1987, p. 13). The latter wrote that the Paris Court of Appeal “recognised the seriousness of Faurisson’s work — which is quite outrageous — ¬and finally found him guilty only of having acted malevolently by summarising his theses as slogans” (Les Assassins de la mémoire, Paris, La Découverte, 1987, p. 182; here quoted the English translation: Assassins of Memory, New York, Columbia University Press, 1992).


– In August 1986 Michel de Boüard, himself deported during the war as a résistant, professor of history and Dean of letters at the University of Caen (Normandy), member of the Institut de France and former head of the Commission d’histoire de la déportation within the official Comité d’histoire de la deuxième guerre mondiale, declared that, all told, “the dossier is rotten”.

He specified that the dossier in question, that of the history of the German concentration camp system, was “rotten” due to, in his own words, “a huge amount of made-up stories, inaccuracies stubbornly repeated — particularly where numbers are concerned — amalgamations and generalisations”. Alluding to the revisionists’ studies, he added that there were “on the other side, very carefully done critical studies demonstrating the inanity of those exaggerations” (Ouest-France of August 2nd and 3rd, 1986, p. 6)\.

Faurisson says: Michel de Boüard was a professional historian, indeed the ablest French historian on the subject of the wartime deportations. Up to 1985 he defended the strictly orthodox and official position. Upon reading the revisionist Henri Roques’s doctoral thesis on the alleged testimony of SS man Kurt Gerstein, he saw his error. He honestly acknowledged it, going so far as to say that, if he hitherto personally upheld the existence of a gas chamber in the Mauthausen camp, he had done so wrongly, on the faith of what was said around him. (His untimely death in 1989 deprived the revisionist camp of an eminent personality who had resolved to publish a new work aiming to put historians on their guard against the official lies of Second World War history).


– In 1988 Arno Mayer, an American professor of Jewish origin teaching contemporary European history at Princeton University, wrote on the subject of the Nazi gas chambers: “Sources for the study of the gas chambers are at once rare and unreliable” (The “Final Solution” in History, New York, Pantheon Books, p. 362)\.

Faurisson says: Still today in, 2006, the greater public persist in believing that, as the media tirelessly suggest, the sources for the study of the gas chambers are innumerable and unquestionable. At the Sorbonne symposium of 1982, A. Mayer, like his friend Pierre Vidal-Naquet, could not find words harsh enough for the revisionists; however, six years later, here was an ultra-orthodox historian who had drawn considerably closer to the revisionists’ findings.


– In 1989 Swiss historian Philippe Burrin, laying down as a premise, without demonstration, the reality of Nazi gas chambers and Jewish genocide, attempted to determine at what date and by whom the decision to exterminate physically the Jews of Europe had been taken. He did not succeed any more than all his “intentionalist” or “functionalist” colleagues (Hitler et les juifs / Genèse d’un génocide, Paris, Seuil; English version: Hitler and the Jews: the Genesis of the Holocaust, London, Edward Arnold, 1994). He had to remark the absence of traces of the crime and note what he decided to call “the stubborn erasure of the trace of anyone’s passing through” (p. 9). He bemoaned “the large gaps in the documentation” and added: “There subsists no document bearing an extermination order signed by Hitler. […] In all likelihood, the orders were given verbally. […] here the traces are not only few and far between, but difficult to interpret” (p. 13)\.

Faurisson says: Here again is a professional historian who acknowledges that he can produce no documents in support of the official case. The greater public imagine that the traces of Hitler’s crime are many and unambiguous but the historian who has examined the relevant documentation has, for his part, found nothing but sparse semblances and “traces”, and wonders what interpretation to give to them.


– In 1992 Yehuda Bauer, professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, stated at an international conference on the genocide of the Jews held in London: “The public still repeats, time after time, the silly story that at Wannsee the extermination of the Jews was arrived at” (Jewish Telegraphic Agency release published as “Wannsee’s importance rejected”, Canadian Jewish News, January 30, 1992, p. 8).

Faurisson says: Apart from the fact that a careful reading of the “minutes” of the Berlin-Wannsee meeting of January 20, 1942 proves that the Germans envisaged a “territorial final solution [eine territoriale Endlösung] of the Jewish question” in a geographical space to be determined, Yehuda Bauer’s quite belated declaration confirms that this major point of the case alleging the extermination of the Jews is in fact worthless.

Let us add, in our turn, that the extermination of the Jews was decided on neither at Wannsee nor anywhere else; the expression “extermination camps” is but an invention of American war propaganda and there are examples proving that, during that war, the killing of a single Jewish man or woman exposed the perpetrator, whether soldier or civilian, member of the SS or not, to German military justice proceedings and the possibility of being shot by firing squad (in sixty years, never has a sole orthodox historian provided an explanation for such facts, revealed by the defence before the Nuremberg tribunal itself).


– In January 1995 French historian Eric Conan, co-author with Henry Rousso of Vichy, un passé qui ne passe pas (Paris, Gallimard, 2001 [1994, 1996]; English edition: Vichy: an ever-present past, Hanover, New Hampshire and London, University Press of New England, 1998), wrote that I had been right after all to certify, in the late 1970s, that the gas chamber thus far visited by millions of tourists at Auschwitz was completely fake. According to E. Conan, expressing himself in a leading French weekly:

Everything in it is false […]. In the late 1970s, Robert Faurisson exploited these falsifications all the better as the [Auschwitz] museum administration balked at acknowledging them”. Conan went on: “[Some people], like Théo Klein [former president of the CRIF, the ‘Representative Council of Jewish Institutions of France’], prefer to leave it in its present state, whilst explaining the misrepresentation to the public: ‘History is what it is; it suffices to tell it, even when it is not simple, rather than to add artifice to artifice’”.

Conan then related a staggering remark by Krystyna Oleksy, deputy director of the Auschwitz National Museum, who, for her part, could not find the resolve to explain the misrepresentation to the public. He wrote: “Krystyna Oleksy […] can’t bring herself to do so: ‘For the time being [the room designated as a gas chamber] is to be left “as is”, with nothing specified to the visitor. It’s too complicated. We’ll see to it later on’”(“Auschwitz: la mémoire du mal” [Auschwitz: the remembrance of evil], L’Express, January 19-25, 1995, p. 68)\.

Faurisson says:  This statement by a Polish official means, in plain language: we have lied, we are lying and, until further notice, we shall continue to lie.

In 2005 I asked E. Conan whether the Auschwitz Museum authorities had issued a denial or raised any protest against the statement that he, in 1995, had ascribed to K. Oleksy. His answer was that there had been neither denial nor protest. In 1996, this imposture and others as well concerning the Auschwitz-I camp were denounced by two Jewish authors, Robert Jan van Pelt and Deborah Dwork, in a work they produced together: Auschwitz, 1270 to the Present, Yale University Press, 443 p. Here is a sampling of their words in that regard: “postwar obfuscation”, “additions”, “deletions”, “suppression”, “reconstruction”, “largely a postwar reconstruction” (p. 363), “reconstructed”, “usurpation”, “re-created”, “four hatched openings in the roof, as if for pouring Zyklon B into the gas chamber below, were installed [after the war]” (p. 364), “ falsified”, “inexact”, “misinformation”, “inappropriate” (p. 367), “falsifying” (p. 369).

In 2001 the fallacious character of this Potemkin village gas chamber was also acknowledged in a French booklet accompanying two CD-Roms entitled Le Négationnisme; written by Jean-Marc Turine and Valérie Igounet, it was prefaced by Simone Veil (Radio France-INA, Vincennes, Frémeaux & Associés).


It is sobering to reflect that British historian David Irving was fined 30,000 marks ($21,000) for publicly stating what is now openly and authoritatively conceded: that the extermination gas chamber shown to tourists in Auschwitz was a mock-up or “dummy”. It had never gassed a single Jew. It had been built by the Russians after the war.

For decades, the authorities had deliberately lied to the public by pretending that this fake gas chamber was an authentic one.



For over 50 years, the staff at Auschwitz told visitors that the Auschwitz gas chamber (above) was original. Now it is officially admitted that the gas chamber is a reconstruction, i.e., a mock-up or fake. Yet the authorities at Auschwitz still cannot bear to tell the public this. The brazen lie that Jews actually died in this fake “gas chamber” is still being repeated to tourists today, especially to school children being shepherded round the premises by their Jewish tour guides. [LD]


– In 1996 the leftwing French historian Jacques Baynac, a staunch anti-revisionist since 1978, ended up admitting, after due consideration, that there was no evidence of the Nazi gas chambers’ existence. One could not fail to note, wrote Baynac, “the absence of documents, traces or other material evidence” (Le Nouveau Quotidien de Lausanne [Switzerland], September 2, 1996, p. 16, and September 3, 1996, p. 14). But he said that he carried on believing in the existence of those magical gas chambers\.

Faurisson says:  All in all, J. Baynac says: “There is no evidence but I believe”, whereas a revisionist thinks: “There is no evidence, therefore I refuse to believe and it is my duty to dispute.”


– In 2000, at the end of her book Histoire du négationnisme en France (Paris, Gallimard), Valérie Igounet published a long text by Jean-Claude Pressac at the end of which the latter, who had been one of the revisionists’ most determined opponents, signed a veritable act of surrender. In effect, taking up the words of professor Michel de Boüard, he stated that the dossier on the concentration camp system was “rotten”, and irremediably so. He wrote asking: “Can things be put back on an even keel?” and answered: “It is too late”.

He added: “The current form, albeit triumphant, of the presentation of the camp universe is doomed”. He finished by surmising that everything that had been invented around sufferings all too real was bound “for the rubbish bins of history” (p. 651-652).

In 1993-1994, that protégé of the French Jew Serge Klarsfeld and the American rabbi Michael Berenbaum, “Project Director” at the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, had been acclaimed worldwide as an extraordinary researcher who, in his book on Les Crématoires d’Auschwitz, la machinerie du meurtre de masse (Paris, CNRS éditions, 1993; English title: The Auschwitz Crematories. The Machinery of Mass Murder ), had, it appeared, felled the hydra of revisionism. Here, in V. Igounet’s book, he was seen signing his act of surrender.

Faurisson says: The greater public are kept in ignorance of a major fact: the man who had supposedly saved the day for History, who once was presented by the world press as an extraordinary researcher who had at last discovered the scientific proof of the Nazi gas chambers’ existence, ended up acknowledging his error. A few years later, not a single newspaper or magazine announced his death.


– In 2002, R. J. van Pelt, already mentioned, published The Case for Auschwitz. Evidence from the Irving Trial, Indiana University Press, XVIII-571 p.

Faurisson says:  As is widely known, David Irving, who at the very most is a semi-revisionist ill-acquainted with the revisionist argumentation, lost the libel suit he had recklessly brought against the Jewish-American academic Deborah Lipstadt. He tried clumsily to make the case — a perfectly right one, for that matter — that there had existed no homicidal gas chambers at Auschwitz. But he nonetheless scored an essential point and, if Justice Charles Gray and other judges after him had had more courage, that point would have enabled him to succeed in his claim. The argument was summed up in a four-word phrase that I first put forth in 1994: “No holes, no Holocaust”.

My reasoning behind it was as follows:


1. Auschwitz is at the centre of the “Holocaust”; 2. The great crematoria of Auschwitz-Birkenau, or Auschwitz-II, are at the centre of the vast Auschwitz complex; 3. At the heart of these crematoria there were, supposedly, one or several homicidal gas chambers; 4. At a single one of these crematoria (crematorium n° 2), although it is in ruins, is it today possible to go and examine the room said to have been a gas chamber; it is the presumed scene of the crime, itself presumed as well; 5. We are told that, in order to kill the Jewish detainees locked inside, an SS man, moving about on the concrete roof of the said gas chamber, poured Zyklon-B pellets through four regular openings situated in the roof; 6. However, one need only have eyes to realise that no such openings have ever existed there; 7. Therefore the crime cannot have been committed.

For R. J. van Pelt, testifying against Irving, it was near torture trying to find a reply to this argument. Justice Gray as well had to acknowledge “the apparent absence of evidence of holes” (p. 490 of the verbatim transcript) and, in a more general way, he conceded that “contemporaneous documents yield little clear evidence of the existence of gas chambers designed to kill humans” (p. 489; for more details one may consult pages 458-460, 466-467, 475-478 and 490-506).

In the text of his judgment, Charles Gray admitted surprise: “I have to confess that, in common I suspect with most other people, I had supposed that the evidence of mass extermination of Jews in the gas chambers at Auschwitz was compelling. I have, however, set aside this preconception when assessing the evidence adduced by the parties in these proceedings” (13.71).

Here the failure of the accusing historians is flagrant and Irving ought to have won his case thanks to that observation by a judge who was hostile towards him: the documents of the era furnish us with but decidedly little clear evidence of the Nazi gas chambers’ existence and thus of a German policy to exterminate the Jews. Is this not, after all — as we have seen above — what several Jewish historians had already concluded, beginning with Léon Poliakov in 1951?


– In 2004 French historian Florent Brayard published a work entitled La « solution finale de la question juive ». La technique, le temps et les catégories de la décision, Paris, Fayard, 640 p. In 2005, in a review of this book, the following three sentences could be read: “It is known that the Führer neither drafted nor signed any order to eliminate the Jews, that the decisions — for there were several — were taken in the secrecy of talks with Himmler, perhaps Heydrich and/orGöring. It is supposed that, rather than an explicit order, Hitler gave his consent to his interlocutors’ requests or projects. Perhaps he did not even put it into words, but made himself understood by a silence or an acquiescence” (Yves Ternon, Revue d’histoire de la Shoah, July-December 2005, p. 537)\.

Faurisson says:  At nearly every word, these sentences show that their author is reduced to adventurous speculations. When he dares to express, without the benefit of the least clue, the notion that Hitler “perhaps” made himself understood “by a silence or an acquiescence”, he is merely taking up the theory of the “nod” (the Führer’s mere nod!) first voiced by American professor Christopher Browning at the Zündel trial in Toronto in 1988. No academic of antirevisionist persuasion has shown himself to be more pitiful and foolish than that shabbos-goy. So true is it that, destroyed by the revisionist victories, the official case has ended up being emptied of all scientific content.


Lasha Darkmoon concludes:

Organized Jewry, having taken control of most of the Western world’s media and legislative institutes, has now succeeded in making it a crime to question the Holocaust in 16 countries: Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, and Switzerland.

Other countries are slowly being added to this ever growing list of sovereign states where free speech on the Holocaust is strictly forbidden. The narrative is in such tatters that the only way it can now be maintained is through intimidation and coercion.

In the Soviet Union in the 1920s, after the Jew-controlled Communist regime of Lenin and Stalin had established itself, it was a capital crime to own a copy of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. The day will probably come, in the foreseeable future, when revisionist historians like Faurisson will be put to death for questioning the Holocaust. 



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  1. A very cogent and powerful summation of the facts. Regarding David Irving, he is an excellent historian, but as he himself admits the “holocaust” bores him. Also he should never have brought the action, but having done so, he should never have represented himself. “He who represents himself, has a fool for counsel”! Another mistake was to agree to a trial without a jury. He waived that right. The British judiciary and legal profession are riddled with Freemasons and in a case of this nature it was impossible for Irving to get a fair hearing from someone who was most probably a Mason. Another factor was Lipstadt’s vast funding -$6 million, the corrupt witnesses for the defence paid vast sums of money to testify. The unfortunate David Irving didn’t stand a chance.

    1. All true Felix. It must be said that Irving NEVER wrote a single book on the holo and was only partially informed of revisionist arguments.
      He also distanced himself from the holocaust revisionists, not calling a single one of the best people to help him out during the trials.
      Big mistakes that cost him dearly.

    2. Yes, Irving was a fool to represent himself. However, I believe that he looked for legal help, but could not find a single lawyer/barrister/solicitor that was prepared to take on the case. That, in itself, is an indication of the control the Jews have over the legal system.

  2. Notice a bit of superficial similarity between Faurisson and Wiesel, they are also about the same age.

    Jews will use that last couple of shots for their purposes and Ellie Wiesel will reword



    (I swear by my photoshopped Birkenau tattoo that all vows, oaths, promises and anathemas …)

    1. Lobro,
      The first time I ever saw or heard of Eely Weasel was in the mid 80’s. He was in the White House entreating Reagan not to visit some cemetery in Bitburg, Germany, because 3 Waffen SS soldiers were buried there. His nauseating, pious and whining tone, given in that Transylvanian accent of his, instantly had me peg him as a shyster and holocaust profiteer. The creature reeked of fraud. When I saw him, it reminded me of a drunken evening I once had in the officer’s mess of Gurkha regiment, back in the 70’s. One British Officer told me he would have been proud to have served in the German army in WW2, because they were fine professional soldiers. He went on to say he couldn’t understand the fuss made over a few Jews.

      1. The two I have seen on some who were Polish Catholics were tatooed on the underside of their right wrists (but that doesn’t necessarily mean uniformity throughout the process).

  3. “the extermination gas chamber shown to tourists in Auschwitz was a mock-up or “dummy”. It had never gassed a single Jew. It had been built by the Russians after the war.” : question : why haven`t the Russians spoken out?

    1. @ Ingrid B

      why haven`t the Russians spoken out?

      Good question. I think the answer is this. The Soviet government was heavily complicit at that time in creating the Holocaust myth to start with. Stalin’s adminstration was packed with Jews who helped to foster that myth.

      Things changed only in the 1990s after the fall of Communism. But I don’t think Putin’s Russia is ready to speak out yet on the Holocaust or declare it a fake. For them to do that would be tantamount to admitting that they were themselves complicit in creating the greatest hoax of all time.

      Anti-Putin critics on this website are perfectly entitled to ask a simple question: if Putin is such a good guy, why doesn’t he come clean on the Holocaust? What is to stop him releasing this statement: “We Russians built the gas chamber at Auschwitz after the war. No Jews actually died in that gas chamber.”

      So what’s stopping Putin from speaking out?

      P.S. I am not anti-Putin, but I can’t help asking this logical question.

      1. There is no need for Putin to make any statements. After the USSR collapsed, the old Soviet archives were opened. It turned out to be a treasure trove for revisionists. The documentation exists in the Soviet archives if someone wants to look for it.

      2. The Jews are after Putin 24/7 as it is because of his heroic efforts to free poor Russia from these Satanics. They’re tryng to ruin his economy, drive down the price of oil, the whole Vulgar Vicky Nudleman Kagan led “Fuck the EU” Jewkraine coup, et al. Imagine how they would go ballistic if he exposed their core central pillar! L’Khrime!!!

        1. [OFF- TOPIC]

          If the White Race had listened to the Catholic Church, the very Church that United the White Race in the very first place, there would have been NO World War One, no massive killing fields of WW1, no Treaty of Versailles, no reparations forced on Germany, no Hitler angry about The Treaty of Versailles stepping into the picture. NO World War Two, yet another massive White Race Internecine War, like WW1 was also a massive White Race Internecine war. The situation in the Middle East today would be much different, much less war in the Middle East today [ the wars in the Middle East today a result of WW2 and WW1, especially WW1. ] The Catholic Church was OPPOSED to World War One.

          The Catholic Church that was OPPOSED to World War One was denied a seat at the League of Nations Treaty of Versailles talks. The Church had NO say there.

          However undermined, however usurped, whatever inroads “The Brotherhood of the Snake” made into The Church over the centuries ; Still, the Catholic Church was OPPOSED to World War One. I just want to mention that for all those who think the Catholic Church is the cause of all problems in the West. If the White Race had listened to the Catholic Church, there would have been NO WW1 and NO WW2. And the situation now in the Middle East would be a lot less tense, a lot less war, a lot less confusion and suffering. The situation in the Middle East today being caused in very large part by what happened during the World War One era. Again I repeat : the Catholic Church was opposed to World War One.

          To those who don’t like repetition : I repeat “The Catholic Church Was Opposed To World War One” because throughout the alternative media [ and the mainstream media as well ], the Catholic Church is repetitively blamed for most, of not all, of the problems in the West, if not all the problems in the world. The Catholic Church is certainly blamed for both World Wars, but it’s not exactly The Truth, not at all. Don’t like repetition? Go tell it to everyone online who blame the Catholic Church for the mess the White Race is in today. The mess the White Race is in today can be traced back to WW1 –> Yet, the Catholic Church was OPPOSED to World War One. Thank you, TROJ.

          Peace and Love and Good Vibrations to everyone!

      3. I believe that Puttin as a former KGB high ranking officer posted several years in “Socialist” Germany (DDR) and now as Russia´s head of State is perfectly aware of the manipulations which occurred at Nüremberg´s trial. As a Statesman who knows the importance of “State secrets” he has got an “ace” in hands against Israel and will use it only if and when necessary to protect his own interests…Same concerning the “moon landing hoax”…He sent lately a clear message to the U.S. administration who wanted to involve him in a supposed “corruption case” with Step Blatter, the former Chairman of FIFA ( the World Soccer Union) …He warned that if the US Justice would continue the threats, he would request the Russian Academy of Sciences to check the truth about the U.S moon landing of 1969….Since Puttin´s reaction, the U.S. Justice Department has turned extremely shy and the case seems suddenly “forgotten”…A blackmail can be easily neutralized if there is “substance” to do so…and the KGB archives are certainly full of “hot” secrets !

    2. Ingrid,
      as darlington wrote, the holohoax was largely ‘made in the USSR’.
      ALL alleged ‘death camps’ were liberated by the Soviets.
      The current Russian government uses the myths of the great patriotic war as a uniting national myth for the new RF, as i explained some time ago, and the holo atrocity tales feature into this notion of the Soviet Union as a force for good and freecdom.
      Speaking out would harm the ‘great patriotic war’ national myth, make people curious about just what other things are not true re the soviet participation in the war(many russian historians have already documented the soviet build up for an invasion of Germany), etc. It just is NOT in Russia’s interests.
      There are many others who profit from the holo tales, including the traitorous German political class of today.

      1. Darlington, Luca K, thanks for explaining. Personally I believe in Putin, who probably has to toe the diplomacy line, to a degree, but, didn`t he recently snub the holo-hoaxers, by not attending the most recent commemoration? It could have been down to sour grapes, but I have a feeling he has his own opinions about world affairs, and he has to be admired for his unconditional support for Crimea, Syria, and Iran..

      1. Yes, indeed, Vladimir Putin did state that the first Soviet gov’t was mostly Jewish … and, of course, the Jews went ballistic over this statement. Putin was merely telling the truth … Vladimir Ulianov aka Lenin was part Jewish … Leib Bronstein aka Leon Trotsky was totally Jewish … and the first Soviet Politburo consisted of only 13 Russians … all the rest were Jews.
        Estonian author/historian Juri Lina … in his book entitled “Under the Sign of the Scorpion” described the makeup of the Politburo under Lenin (97% Jewish) … and all of the Security Services … including the dreaded CHEKA … had Jews at the top posts.

  4. @Gilbert

    I don’t know about you, but my radar went up after hearing about the alleged shooting down in your neck of the woods last week. Notice how the alleged father of one of the alleged victims almost IMMEDIATELY went on national TV to start a gun control campaign.

    I know people grieve in different ways, but I said to my wife if that were OUR daughter that was really killed there’s no way I could have gone on TV like that. I would have been a total wreck.

    Something rotten in the State of Virginia. Smells like more serving of a nefarious agenda just like the hollow-hoax.

    1. You hear more about it happening HERE because it’s unusual in Virginia – and even more unusual given the particulars of the incident. The msm is to ultimately blame for all their hyping, nationwide, of ‘black lives matter’, etc., and their failure to expose the relative huge amount of black-on-white violent crime. The young woman commentator was an exceptional person, moreover; and her cameraman, too, seemed a very decent young man simply dedicated to his job. When the drums start beating long enough, the jungle starts bee-bopping out in even the most ‘civilized’ of darkies… 🙂

  5. I recall as a kid reading Time/Life’s WW2 history series. I recall reading the “meeting of the minds” claim in the book on the “holocaust” and thinking even then that it didn’t make sense, almost to the point of it seeming like an infantile way to try and explain something.

  6. The holocaust myth is just as believable as the tall tales found in the Old Testament. And interestingly enough, both were written by Jews who appear to have an in-born gift for inventing outlandish tales that only simple minded people take seriously.

    1. @Carroll Price, I think the problem lies in the fact that the sheer numbers of “simple minded people” far outweigh those able to see through the scam..

  7. Fine article, well written and supported, along with well informed comments and observations.

  8. And … Putin too makes holocaust denial punishable by 5 years in jail. He will probably roll right over and bring in US style Noahide Laws too, in preparation for extermination of HIS goyim as well, just to finish off the job his real masters started in Russia in 1917. Putin is a fake Christian and a traitor. When he says the holocaust is genuine, he is a fake, through and through. The cold war was a sham. It was just used by the Jews on both ‘sides’ as an excuse to build even more lethal nuclear weapons to exterminate all the goyim with.


  9. that’s right mothman. putin is just another 33 mason insider placed into a powerful position. otherwise we’d never have heard of him. him, and plenty of other so-called leaders, have all had plenty of time to denounce the whole stinking jew-ish conspiracy, certainly including all the fake history taught by their media. are we really going to use political correctness as the excuse for his reticence?

    also, it’s become way obvious to me that most people need to believe in the 6,000,000 fairy tale, especially the females. i think it’s got something to do with the whole victim complex. they identify with the jesus character the same way. though i did know a jewish woman who told me the holocaust was one of the biggest lies of all. once a myth becomes part of the culture nobody at the top of the pyramid is ever going to explain things otherwise. the power structure will cease to exist if the public all know the truth of everything; history and current events. now it’s just one big lie false flag crisis actor event right after another.

    if there were any jews murdered by the nazis it would have been the anti-zionist kind. there used to be plenty of those in the world. i understand ben gurion murdered several thousand genuine jews ( school children) in palestine after the zionists took over there. the zionists hate the real jews more than anything.

  10. A very well presented and documented article.

    I tend to use the simple approach.

    There is but one rational reason why investigating and documenting any history would be illegal. It’s a lie.

    There is but one rational reason why governments classify/hide their actions for 30 to 50 years or more. Their actions are immoral and/or criminal and would not support their current lies.

    No confessions are required to identify lies, just rational thought.

  11. One should also mention in this respect the video of David Cole’s eyeopening visit to Auschwitz. The administrator of Auschwitz openly confessed that its “gaschamber” was a reconstruction made after the war. But the guides never tell that to the awestruck visitors.


  12. Luca K is a puzzle. On the one hand, he can write such an assertive (and well-done!) article as this concerning the haulohoax, but, on the other hand dismiss as ‘kooky’ those who pose serious doubts about nuclear bomb propaganda. Actions speak volumes…

    1. To Gilbert Huntly:

      Luca K is not a “puzzle”. He is only a puzzle to you because you expect him to share your opinions on the non-existence of nuclear weapons. In order not to be a puzzle to you, must everyone share your opinions?

      I would remind you that Luca K’s common sense belief in the true existence of nuclear weapons is shared by an overwhelming majority of intelligent posters here, including Lasha Darkmoon and the administrators of this site.

      Does it “puzzle” you that you happen to be in a very small minority? 🙂

      1. No, it doesn’t puzzle me, at all, Darlington. I have always been an ‘exceptional’ boy, then man. The rest are mainly lemmings and fodder. Lasha Darkmoon is an ‘exceptional’ woman, and, accordingly, attracts exceptional readers. I hope you can fathom the observations.

  13. On the subject of criminalization of the holo-denial in Russia, here is what one of the original and unyielding revisionists in the field, Bradley Smith (think of him as the American version of Faurisson, also hounded by Jews legally and illegally), the founder of CODOH conference has to say:

    Very sadly, Russian leader Putin has signed into law a bill that outlaws “Holocaust denial.” I don’t mean to “beat a dead horse,” but as I pointed out in my Inconvenient History essay, “The Non-Jewish Stake in the Holocaust Mythology,” the Russian government has a vested interest in promoting the Holocaust ideology, and the latter will continue to survive and thrive as long as this is so. Although Russia supplies and backs Israel’s enemies, on the issue of the Holocaust mythology there is convergence of interests between International Jewish Zionism and Israel on the one hand, and the Russian government on the other hand.

    However, Russia’s outlawing of “Holocaust denial” may have a different effect upon those Eastern European peoples that are currently in conflict with Russia and who backed the Germans during WWII. Russia’s criminalization of Holocaust Revisionism could spark in these anti-Russian ethnic groups a renewed interest in debunking the Holocaust, as the latter may correctly see that the nefarious Holocaust ideology is simply an ideological weapon of their main enemy, the Russian government. So, why shouldn’t these anti-Russian ethnic groups debunk an ideology that is used against their people and count[r]y???

    But this explanation may be offensive to those who find common sense an offensive discipline.
    They will just go on cranking the same tune out of their organ grinder.

    1. Here is more on the subject and it all makes perfect geopolitical sense.
      Look at just this one example – the war in Donbas (Don river basin/Novorossya).
      The ugliest, most diseased jews in an endless gallery of ugly, diseased Jews, such as Victoria Nuland and ihor Kolomoisky are the ones backing politically, financially and materially the useful imbeciles who call themselves the Right Sector, ideologically verbally molded after a WW2 National Socialist movement of Stepan Bandera.
      You got that? Ultra Talmudists “supporting Nazis” against Russia.
      So, what the judoka does is beat them with their own stick of “Holocaust denial” and how are the behind the curtain Yids supposed to react, complain about “hate speech”?

      And there are other such aspects of the “converging interests” that Smith alluded to.
      The game is played to win, not grandstand, it ain’t Harlem Globetrotters versus the Generals.

      Side note: I didn’t even know that Putin made Solzhenitsyn’s Gulag Archipelago mandatory reading in Russian schools.
      Yeah, another proof that he is a 33 degree Mason.

    2. To Lobro

      A most illuminating comment. Luca K will be pleased with it. And I am pleased that I discovered this website by chance where so many important subjects are seriously discussed by men of high intellectual calibre like yourself.

      The quote you give by Bradley Smith tells us that Russia has criminalized Holocaust revisionism because “the Russian government has a vested interest in promoting the Holocaust ideology, and the latter will continue to survive and thrive as long as this is so.”

      OK, fine. Let’s accept that. Putin is backing the traditional Holohoax, probably knowing it to be a hoax, in Russia’s interests — because it has “a vested interest in promoting the Holocaust ideology.” This is where I confess I get a bit confused. So perhaps either you or Luca K will attempt to disperse my confusion.


      I just don’t see it. What does Russia have to gain by promoting this lie? Why not be like the other Eastern European countries and go for the truth, embarrassing the hell out of world Jewry?

      One simple explanation is that Russia is secretly controlled by Jews, including Putin. This would be a common sense explanation of why Russia backs the Holohoax. What do you think?

      1. To Lobro:

        “A most illuminating comment”. I was referring to your comment of 1.24 pm.

      2. Let’s assume that Putin is in fact controlled by the Kabbalist clique, as many suspect.
        (It is true that he can give mixed signals, it’s just that I see the preponderance of the correct ones on the side of actions rather than words)

        If so, why would he promote values traditionally adhered to by the ethnic Russians, their pre-bolshevik history, culture, religion …
        Let me list a few instances where his actions most definitely do not dovetail with the Kabbalist game plan of endless dumbing down of goy masses using various Frankfurt School stratagems.

        He declared that the Bolshevik coup in October 1907 was Jew instigated and controlled, that the majority of the commissars were Jews – what possible advantage do the the puppeteers pulling strings behind The Protocols gain from it?

        While Jew is wreaking havoc on the rest of the world by promoting toxic values of homosexual rights and even superiority (witness Obama, Harper, Cameron and the rest), Putin banned not homosexuality as such but its vulgar expression thru such stuff as Pride parades.
        Ask yourself who are the whip cracking owners of the troupe of circus beasts known as the Femen-Pussy Riot? Would you agree that it is the jew cabal that directs its every breath? (Easy to research, look up Vadim Rabinovich)
        And just who is their main target, if these rioting pussies are supposed to enlighten the benighted masses and morally elevate them into the realm of Noahide?
        Did not Russia quit the putrid Eurosong contest after Conchita Wurst’s victory? (another fabulous example of Frankfurt School’s work)

        On to the topic of hard boiled geopolitics.
        We don’t need to debate the fact, so clearly spelled out in the Clean Break occult document that lays our the specific plan of action and is the direct parent of the PNAC, 9-11, all the wars and mayhem that followed, the marching order being the total destruction, disintegration and fragmentation of all nations and societies that don’t obediently toe the Jew line, to wit:
        Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Pakistan, Iran, Sudan as well as the rising threats of resurgent Russia and economic might of China.
        Where the color revolutions (Arab Spring, etc) failed to deliver goods, it was by direct military action.

        When Putin handed off the rudder to that Jewish creep Medvedev, down went Libya, embargo was signed on against Iran, blocking the delivery of S-300 missile batteries, war on Syria started until it looked like a matter of days before Assad shared the fate of Gaddafi and Saddam.
        War on Russia starte with Kiev Maidan slaughter.

        And what?
        Syria is still around and strong, their S-300 bagged a Jew jet the other day, so no longer can the Israel pull aerial hot rod stunts at will, Iran has grown immeasurably stronger in the last 5-6 years, Ukraine collapsed into a total basket case, publicly hanging onto the necks of the West while Putin is laughing after hardly spending a ruble in that victory, Crimea safely back in Russia’s fold.
        The economic sanctions against Russia hurt but also pulled the country tighter together and in the end, the sanctions are hurting the mindless, cowardly shabbo-EU even more, the coalition teetering, Germany looking to jump the ship, not to mention Greece.

        So, tell me how all of the above fits seamlessly into the Protocols, how is their cause advanced.
        I do not see it at all.
        I see a real war on all fronts, not a Jew theater, their signals are too crude to fool me on that.

        And I sure as hell am not going to back whatever the prostituted West is gunning for – the ultimate victory of the Talmud plan laid down 2,000 years ago and pursued in a manner perfectly visible to any careful, independently minded observer.

      3. The Cause of the Protocols would only be advanced IF events were continued to be steered in their desired direction WITH its desired outcome

        Big word for one having only two letters – “if”.

      4. Thanks for the back-up Lobro. Putin is jew wise, but he keeps his cool, plays his hand with cards concealed. I like him, and want to believe he is “the goods”.. Whether, or not, he “delivers us from evil” is neither here nor there, as long as he stands four square behind the righteous..

        Read an article earlier, by Andre`Vltchek on Lebanon, which indicates it, too, is next in line for destruction, but Ali Riszk on Press TV, thinks it will survive, due to it`s ties with “the west”..

      5. To Lobro:

        This is an exceptionally fine comment and I thank you for taking the trouble to explain it all to me. I accept all you say about Putin being a bit of a “dark horse”, certainly a breath of fresh air to many people in Russia. Hence his popularity.

        For all our sakes I hope he is the genuine article. But we could be in for severe disillusionment.

        Basically, it appears to me that what you are saying is this: “This is not the right time for Putin to make any startling revelations about the Holocaust or to open up Soviet archives. He needs to lie low and bide his time. When the time is ripe, he will drop a few bombshells.”

      6. @Darlington

        The holohoax myth is useful to paint the German NS during WWII as worse than the devil. This in turn, connects to the real important myth for the present day Russian Federation; the cornerstone myth of the ‘great patriotic war’. The holohoax is useful to take attention away from the horrible Stalin regime and its crimes against the people of the Soviet Union, even during the war itself. The nazis must be painted in the worst possible light so the myth of the great patriotic war can survive, including the dumb story of a treacherous German surprise attack on the unsuspecting and ‘peace-loving’ USSR. This is why under Putin, free research into the Soviet-German war is also becoming off limits. Archives, which were partially opened after the fall of the SU have been closed again. Hundreds of thousands of top secret archival documents are sealed. I explain this in a comment I wrote here;

        We need to understand that the misuse of ‘history’ by the russians is something also done very extensively by the West, i.e, ZUSA, ZUK, France… it’s a sordid ‘war’ to control the narrative and shape minds. Like Orwell wrote: “He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.”

        With that being said, I support Putin and admire him.
        It’s not Russia which is trying to destroy national borders, international law, zones the world into military commands and mans over 750 military bases all over.
        It ain’t Russia that is pushing the Wolfowitz doctrine.
        Dr.Paul Craig Roberts writes:

        The Wolfowitz doctrine is the basis of US policy toward Russia (and China). The doctrine regards any power sufficiently strong to remain independent of Washington’s influence to be “hostile.” The doctrine states:

        “Our first objective is to prevent the re-emergence of a new rival, either on the territory of the former Soviet Union or elsewhere, that poses a threat on the order of that posed formerly by the Soviet Union. This is a dominant consideration underlying the new regional defense strategy and requires that we endeavor to prevent any hostile power from dominating a region whose resources would, under consolidated control, be sufficient to generate global power.”

        The Wolfowitz doctrine justifies Washington’s dominance of all regions. It is consistent with the neoconservative ideology of the US as the “indispensable” and “exceptional” country entitled to world hegemony.
        Russia and China are in the way of US world hegemony.

      7. I’m share your confusion on that point. If – as we are told by – Brother Nathanael et al., that Putin is a good Christian Orthodox, why the obfuscation on the Holocaust subject? I am sure that organised Jewry are in control of every country of any value in this World.

  14. Gilbert,
    You mentioned in a previous post that you don’t like posters casting aspersions on the US military. But isn’t this exactly what you doing now? Think about it for a moment. Do you honestly believe in your heart of hearts, that all the thousands of military personnel retired and serving in SAC, the Dolphin service of the navy, the army and on missile silos etcetera, are, or have been colluding in a cover up of such proportions? If nukes didn’t exist as Pat claims, as a former navy man, then why is he still alive? Surely, he would have met with an unfortunate accident for revealing such a “secret”? You are impugning the integrity of every American service man or woman who has served in the nuclear branches of the US military. Thousands of them!

    1. FELIX TO GILBERT HUNTLY: “Gilbert, You mentioned in a previous post that you don’t like posters casting aspersions on the US military. ”

      Gilbert can’t stand the truth. We have just had an article published on this site called “American War Crimes in Japan.” by Thomas Goodrich. It gives graphic details of the mass rape and murder of Japanese women by American occupation forces in Japan.

      So what does Gilbert want? Does he want to muzzle Thomas Goodrich with his meticulously documented research? To forbid Goodrich from revealing the grisly truth about American brutality in war-torn Japan? What exactly does Gilbert want: the truth or the sanatized truth, i.e., nice little lies showing American troops behaving nobly and honorably at all times?

      1. The ‘truth’ is, Darlington, that ANY soldiers confronted with their own, brutal destruction are very apt to get brutal, themselves. Most of you here have never engaged in mortal combat (neither have I on a national scale). The noise and fear and blood and confusion could certainly have impetus on a man’s darkest psyche. Considering that an army – especially an American army – is composed of soldiers from different breedings and manners, it is no wonder that some of them can be as brutal as any warrior from deepest, darkest Africa. Mortal combat has no ‘rules’. It ain’t a tea party.

      2. @ Gilbert Huntly

        The ‘truth’ is, Darlington, that ANY soldiers confronted with their own, brutal destruction are very apt to get brutal, themselves. Most of you here have never engaged in mortal combat (neither have I on a national scale). The noise and fear and blood and confusion could certainly have impetus on a man’s darkest psyche.

        This won’t do as as an excuse, Gilbert. You are quite correct in saying that the brutality of war will make soldiers “get brutal themselves.” But take yourself. Would the brutal circumstances of war drive you to the mass rape of hundreds of women one after another? Would you line up to be Number 20 in the gang-rape of a little girl aged 9?

        I don’t think so, Gilbert.

        This is what American soldiers did in Japan. And it’s what the Ruskies did in Germany.

    2. Not so, Felix. Just because a soldier is confronted with ”WARNING! NUCLEAR BOMB!” doesn’t necessarily mean that it IS a nuclear bomb. It is just a sign… The soldier ACCEPTS that it is such. My own father-in-law – a man who graduated in the top five of Annapolis, then got his doctorate in electrical engineering from M.I.T. – questioned the prolification of ‘nukes’, himself (among his close friends).

      There is no denying ‘depleted uranium’ projectiles and their insidious residue. Radiation IS a great killer. However, by token of that simple, well-established FACT, it is very useful in using as a point-of-observation in the contemplation of the question of whether-or-not nuclear BOMBS exist which can be propelled by ICBMs of which we need be in constant fear. FEAR is the ‘bomb’. Hell, I certainly couldn’t say for sure, one way or t’other, but I am CERTAINLY willing to entertain the prospect of it being a grand HOAX. (btw, I knew one of the crew of the Enola Gay before he passed away. He was an old, pompous country lawyer I didn’t like very well, but he DID tell me they ‘dropped’ it, and ‘flew the hell away’ as fast as they could. They were terrified of how they had been briefed.)

      1. Yes, I understand your point. However there are thousands of military personnel who have witnessed nuclear tests. Even on the Hiroshima mission the Enola Gay had 2 B-29s, The Great Artiste and The Necessary Evil, accompanying it. Their mission was to check the weather and film the event. I don’t fear nukes. Nukes are going to be the death of the Jews(and millions of others as well) They invented them and have merely created the means by which evil is going to be culled from humanity. There can be no other outcome. The Christian scriptures, Revelations in particular state this. So too, the Buddhist Pali Canon. Many of the Christian mystics predict it. If you are a Christian or someone who believes in a religion you should not fear nukes. Nuclear War is inevitable. To believe otherwise is to be unrealistic and to live in a fool’s paradise.

  15. Luca and Lasha – Great well written article.

    Even using the word, holocaust, is an example of a Pharisee lie….
    ……..since they claim gas chambers were used, and bodies buried.

    A ‘holocaust’ is the TOTAL destruction by FIRE. No need for graves.

    ‘Gassing’ is NO holocaust at all…!!

    Pharisees are eternal liars.

    1. Yes, I thought it was quite funny when Weasel swapped the word “crematoria” (fire) with “gas chambers” throughout “The Night”.
      It would be useful to obtain copies of both versions, before and after the Holobabble switched gears.

      Of course, the title will never change from Night to Day, because light and truth fires Jews like pork rind.

    2. Pat,

      I’ve been away, and I haven’t caught up with the debate regarding nuclear weapons.

      I always thought it was a matter of, not whether or not they exist, but the NUMBER of them in existence in the form of massive stockpiles, which seems most exorbitant and unlikely

      1. Jew-Pharisees like to create fear with ‘hell’…. ‘fire’…..’holocaust’…. ‘blasts’… ‘armageddo’… etc.


  16. Did 6 million Jew allegedly die in the Holocaust? No, because it was mathematically impossible. Please see the facts below :

    Based on the compilations by the American Jewish Committee and the Jewish Statistical Bureau of the Synagogue Council of America’s Director, Mr H.S Linfield, the total world Jewish population in 1938 was 15,748.091 and in 1948 it grew slightly to 15,753,638.

    And more interestingly, the Jewish population in EUROPE in 1938 was 8,039,608 and in 1948 it grew to 9,372,668 according to the above Jewish sources.

    See http://www.rense.com/general75/38.htm

    So please do the math and ask yourself where the 6 million Jews, who were allegedly killed in the Holocaust Nazi Germany came from. It was and is all a lie to squeeze more concision money from modern day Germany and US unbridled support for Israel where ironically over 90% of the population today are Ashkenazi Jews, who have no Hebrew DNA and are therefore not Semites.

    1. Great link, Chinook, I will make that photostat my phone’s wallpaper for instant display to Free-Speech-Deniers.

      What are they going to say, that Linfield, the chief statistician at Jewish Statistical Bureau of the Synagogue Council of America is an anti-semite?
      I suppose he is, because the truth is antisemitic by definition and has been since “time immemorial”, certainly Jesus picked up on the natural antagonism.

    2. You could also add the little matter that there were more Jews – in circulation – after the War (II) than before it in 1939…

  17. More preaching to the choir about Jew history and the usual hangers on which are all boring always chime in with their 2 cents worth.
    How about giving us a solution to the Jew problem if you are so smart?

    1. @ World Changer

      How about giving us a solution to the Jew problem if you are so smart?

      I don’t pretend to be smart, World Changer, but I know one solution that would work like a charm. I’m not gonna tell you what it is though. That’s my secret. 🙂

    2. how about increasing the choir?
      ask yourself honestly: would you really be a choir of one if no one else showed any interest?

      just about everyone would put their heads down and go about appointed tasks, tally mister, tally man, tally me banana.

      someday, the choir will be overwhelming enough to give jew the boot and no shabbo politician will dare raise a voice of protest, hell, they will lead the torch bearing peasants.

  18. It’s 2015 who cares to waste their time ranting & raving endless scrolling about atrocities! Live in the present & the present is no doubt, CONTINUING WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION,ALL KINDS OF VIOLENCE,MAYHEM,PRISONS,ect,ect,ect,
    Nothing will ever change to bring the
    human race a worldwide peace,you all have that reptilian part of your brains
    & that is assured mutual destruction
    Guaranteed till the end of time.

    1. @ His Royal Majesty Caesar….

      My sentiments exactly. According to “Veterans Today”, China has just been NUKED! (Whenever I hear the words “atomic bomb” and “nuclear weapons”, I can barely contain my laughter but will keep an open mind this time about “space-based kinetic weapons.” They’re really trying to sell this at VT. (wink)

      Here’s the link: http://www.veteranstoday.com/2015/08/30/was-china-nuked-today-part-2-may-you-live-in-interesting-times/

      Let the Games begin!

      1. Wiggins –
        “That site gets more like Infowars and Prisonplanet by the day.”

        That is because ALL three are FEAR sites.

        FEAR is always a hot topic on the web…. on all sites, especially at IW, PP and VT and other ‘commercial sites’ with ‘pay-per-click’ incomes and ads.
        Fear garners eyeballs for clicking and selling.

        NO ‘pay-per-click’ or ads here at DM. More substance.

      2. Pat,

        I was tempted to dish out $1200 for an ozone machine from Rense Radio when I still believed his weekly Monday night doomsday reports—now it its 3rd year—about the Pacific Ocean dying from Fuckashima radiation.

        I have read that Rense’s ex-wife says he really believes in UFOs, and so I will give him the benefit of the doubt regarding his sincere belief/ignorance about nukes and radiation… can’t say the same for the Fat Man, I’m afraid.

        IW and PP are now chock-a-bloc with schlock ads for jew snake oil elixirs.

        Fear/Problem — Solution/Snake Oil — $$$$$ Kaching at the cash register

  19. Lobro;
    Excellent points re Russia and the Ukrainian useful idiots.

    In this connection, i once tried pointing out on the Saker blog that those ‘ukronazis’ of his were a bit too kosher. No luck, had most comments deleted.
    Anyone who wants to make a point this day, drag in the ‘evil nazi cannibals’ in order to do so.
    Everyone does it and it works everytime, since 99.9% of mankind don’t know any better.

    For example, i wrote once(i think they deleted it) re the sakers hysterical talk about ‘Nazis’ taking over the Ukraine;

    “The main force behind the Urainian mess are the Neocons and their puppets in the Ukraine.
    These puppets, are, like the neocons, disproportionately Jewish.
    Even in your imagined ‘nazi’ groups, there is no lack of Jews or people connected to zionist/israeli interests. And I can easily prove that with quotes from israeli and/or jewish media.

    Furthermore, No real national socialist would want their country to lose its sovereignty by joining NATO/EU and its own identity by joining one of the most anti-traditionalist/nationalist organizations in the world, the bizarro EU.

    Neoconservatism is a Jewish political and intellectual movement.
    Main themes are Israel and ‘what’s good for the jews’.
    Anyone who has taken the time to study neoconservatism knows that it is a Jewish movement as this info has even reached mainstream with, for instance, neocon Jacob Heilbrunn’s book ‘They Knew They Were Right: The Rise of the Neocons’.
    It’s obvious that there is a strong Jewish influence in the West opposed to Russia, particularly noticeable among the Israel Lobby and the neocons.

    There are many reasons for this, certainly including Russia’s blocking the Zio-dominated West from destroying Iran and Syria at a time when Israel and the Israel Lobby are doing and have done all they can to promote open war with both.(the zionists are 100% behind the proxy war on Syria, where al-ciada/isis nutjobs have been recruited aand armed to tthe teeth).
    Another reason stems from Putin’s crackdown on the oligarchs — that small, overwhelmingly Jewish group of tycoons/gangsters that came to control and plunder the industrial base of the USSR during the ‘shift’ to disaster Capitalism.
    As prof.MacDonald has noted, Jewish hostility towards Russia stems from the fact that Russia under Vladimir Putin has proved to be far more nationalistic than is ‘good for the Jews or for Israel’. Even if it is still pretty damn good, and it is.”

    I pointed out to the saker:

    “Let’s have a look at the Jewish neocons at work re Russia:

    – Supported Georgia in the 2008 war and were enraged that Russia won.
    Neocons Max Boot and Charles Krauthammer called for various moves to isolate
    Russia from the West and from the international economic community.

    – have advocated massive US aid and alliances among Eastern European countries.

    – They supported the war that resulted in independence of Kosovo from Serbia,
    an ally of Russia.

    – They also support Chechen independence from Russia.

    – NATO membership for Eastern European countries formerly dominated by the
    USSR, and the aggressive US policy of providing missiles to Poland and
    the Czech Republic.

    – They are fully behind this whole mess in the Ukraine and the sanctions.

    But sure, let’s keep talking about ‘nazis’.”

    No go. They cannot let go of the nazi scarecrow!!

    1. Yes, Luca, I also have trouble reading Saker, too hysterically doctrinaire and parochially Slavophile/Eastern Orthodox in everything, hermetically shut to any reasonable objections or observations counter to his dogma.

      Take for example the Serbs, when they inherited the Yugoslav army control and used it to run amok all over the disintegrating country, the Ziowest stood by, fingers in anuses (anii?) and embargoed arms import on all sides “equally, lest there be added bloodshed”, thereby actually insuring maximum bloodshed which only stopped when all sides gained access to weapons.
      They they decided to bomb the stuffing out of Serbs but for entirely wrong reasons: to “liberate” Kosovo (ie, take over the massive mineral resources and nexus location in the crossroads of Euroasian mass and Middle East, also as the world’s biggest opium and heroin distribution operation, easy access to poisoning European youth).
      Because Kosovo is the real cradle of the Serbian nation, where their religion, culture and known history got start under the auspices of Byzantium.

      Typical Jew cookbook, any kind of equilibrium and stability is a threat to their parasitical cravings, just like a healthy herd of cows is anathema to vultures.

  20. Regarding the various assaults on Prof.Faurisson, it’s important to know that the effing french police knows who the jewish thugs are but never arrested anyone.
    The jews, being a race of cowards, enjoy ganging up on an old man and beating him half dead.
    Just like they enjoy killing palestinian women and children.
    But, faced with someone who fights back then it’s a different story altogether;
    This Hezbollah soldier describes, in an interview at the end of the 2006 war, the real nature of the Jewish sissy soldiers really well;
    @2:40, the soldier is interviewed

    1. 03:20

      “while the Israeli soldier, you can hear his screams from hundreds of meters away when he was targeted”

      What Hezbollah should do next time is tape them all and studio-mix them into rendition of hava nagila.

    2. @ Luca K

      Just to let you know the Faurisson article has been very popular. There’s been a huge surge in page views over the last two days. A 200% spike upwards.

      1. Thanks Mr.Admin,
        But the flowers must go to Prof.Faurisson, a very brave man who has paid a heavy price over denouncing the holocau$t for what it is; a HOAX.

  21. Just reading an article on The Truthseeker, about a book written by two British anti-zionists, now deceased. One was a former MP, who met with US ambassador Douglas, on the issue of admitting 100.000 jews to Palestine. The Brits were blackmailed. Here is an excerpt:

    [“By chance, Mayhew had to meet the US Ambassador, Lou Douglas, by himself. Douglas wanted British assent to admitting a hundred thousand Jewish refugees into Palestine immediately. Mayhew reiterated the government’s position – it was a prescription for war. Douglas then claimed that the President wanted it known that agreement on the intake would help him get the Marshall Aid appropriation through Congress.

    “In other words, we must do as the Zionists wished – or starve. Bevin surrendered – he had to – but he was understandably bitter and angry. He felt it outrageous that the United States, which had no responsibility for law and order in Palestine (and no intention of permitting massive Jewish immigration into the United States), should, from very questionable motives, impose an impossibly burdensome and dangerous task on Britain.”]

    Picked up on this snippet, which supports my theory that no other country wanted the jewish problem on their doorsteps:

    [the United States, which had no responsibility for law and order in Palestine (and no intention of permitting massive Jewish immigration into the United States),]

    1. @ Ingrid B

      An excellent comment, Ingrid. But this sentence of yours, while correct, can be misleading: “Picked up on this snippet, which supports my theory that no other country wanted the jewish problem on their doorsteps.”

      There is one country, apart from Israel, that has always been ready to open its doors to Jews in endless numbers : the United States.This wasn’t because ordinary American citizens were clamoring to have more Jews in their midst! It was because Jews had already seized hold of immigration policy in America, especially after 1965.

      Jews were allowed to swarm into America in successive waves of immigration. This was particularly heavy in the 1880s when Russian Jews poured into America after the assassination of Tsar Alexander II in 1881…for which the Jews were rightly blamed, resulting in pogroms for them in Russia. Huge numbers of Russian Jews were again made welcome in America after the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 which brought about the abolition of the Pale of Settlement where world Jewry resided in its highest concentration. Israel had yet to be invented, so the Jews naturally couldn’t take refuge there. Their favorite destination was America. America was to be the Jews’ new hunting ground.

      A look at Jewish world population statistics tells a remarkable story: (1) An almost identical number of Jews live in North America today as in Israel. (2) More Jews live OUTSIDE Israel than in Israel itself.

      Percentage of Jews living in Israel = 42.9%
      Percentage of Jews living in North America = 42.8%
      (US = 40.1% ; Canada = 2.7% = 42.8%)


      1. Could it be there are 10 times the number of so-called ‘Jews’ on this Earth than is generally accepted, and parroted. (the Mischling effect)
        Say 18 million and hear 18 million tens of thousands of times, and one actually starts to or wholly believes 18 million..

        The mantras..

        20 million Jews extant or is it 200 million?
        6 million dead Jews in WW2 or is it 60 thousand?

        20 million Russian Christians murdered or has it become 60 million, 100 million, 200 million?
        Round and round and round she goes and where she stops nobody knows. 500 million murdered Christians?
        Not at all unbelievable … if repeated ten thousands of times.

        10 million African slaves or is it 25 million, 50 million, soon to be 100 million?

        All this and much more, via, ‘repeat after me’

      2. Pat, I’ve been saying it for at least a decade.

        And between then and now, my suspicions have been enhanced exponentially..

      3. HP –
        It is the way.

        “Round and round and round she goes and where she stops nobody knows.”

        I have been claiming ‘guessing’ at best.. for over 4 decades.

        And recently enhanced also.

      4. (and no intention of permitting massive Jewish immigration into the United States),: things must have changed then LD..

      5. @Pat

        Here’s something you and others may find interesting.

        Masonry is a classic example of useful idiocy whose adherents think they are serving God’s purpose but are really being played for fools in perpetuating the work of total frauds.

        And here I’ll mention that I think certain historic personages like Ben Franklin and Tom Paine were ‘minos’ – masons in name only who were really spies that infiltrated various lodges.

        It’s said that the masonic operation stems from a dark practice called “massounic magic”, whose practitioners are referred to as the “masters of the Universe”, or the Theosophic “ascended masters”. The premise is that they are the usurpers responsible for a cosmological realignment which in effect has put Mankind on an ‘island’, marooned in a state of partial dis-connection from Divinity.

        But “no man(ifestation) is an island” per the Divine intent for Creation.

        “isle”: an island [< Lat. insula*]

        *"insulate": to detach; isolate

    2. I’ll leave it to the TWO jew bitches Lasha and Noor to present an article about the Veil of Mohammed. How the TWO jew bitches LERV the veil of the arab jew Mohammed. Does Ingrid wear a burqa when she goes out dining with her takfiri friends — “takfiri” = jews pretending to be Muslims. Ingrid calls jews pretending to be muslims, “the best American citizens”. She really gave herself away with that jew clue. Did Ingrid not think anyone would notice?

      1. Joe, I said no such thing, I have no idea what sort of citizens jews pretending to be muslims are. I think you must be confusing me with someone else, since you assume I have a blog, I don`t..

  22. There was no Holocaust there was no Nazi’s against Jews, there was no Jewish Gas Chambers. Camps had soccer fields, swimming pools, offices, hospitals, and pretty much what a College Campus would have.
    People got married, they drew art, they had Orchestras.
    Hitler never wanted war never started the war and tried to have peace. He KICKED JEWS OUT! that were destroying Germany then Saved Germany through National Socialism.

    Jews and there silly mad up BS! Oh poor me the Stupid Jew part of the Elders of Zion.

    Now Bolshivism that is what you need to remember there slaughter of some 20 million Christian Russians!
    Because what is this all about if not the Hate against the Orthodox Christians by the Silly Satan Jewery!

  23. Piece by piece like in a jigsaw puzzle the revisionist have reconstructed a picture that negates the standard Holocaust narrative. Different parts of the narrative have even been changed to fit indisputable revisionist facts such as the story of human fat made into soap. The revisionists have taught me to pay attention to anomalies–those parts of the story that clearly don’t fit. I now look for the elements in the photo or story that reveal fakery. It’s like a great detective story because just this one fact that doesn’t fit changes the entire interpretation.

    I hope Darkmoon is wrong that those who want to make history a system of infallible religious belief will win. The very core of freedom of speech is the right to have an alternative opinion and express it. This idea that the revisionists offend memory is ludicrous. It’s all that politically correct garbage that now seems to be floating downstream like pollution. Enough already!

  24. No one fooled the ‘Holocaust Industry’ than David Cole, the author of book ‘Republican Party Animal’.

    On February 17, 2015, he wrote: “I attempt to correct the historical record regarding the Holocaust, primarily by sniffing out and exposing fake artifacts and fraudulent or improperly-used documents.”

    “In no other field are fakes, frauds, and forgeries tolerated as they are in Holocaust history. And in no other field are the people who try to sort the fakes from the facts so ruthlessly attacked and in many countries imprisoned,” David Cole added.


  25. Hey Lobro,

    Again we can see the nature of the mighty idf and what they are really good for; Just a couple of days ago, during a palestinian protest in the occupied West bank, an idf hero tried to arrest an 11 year old palestinian boy who had his left arm in a cast… but the mother and sisters managed to fight him off and free the boy.

    On the other hand, during the last israeli attack on Gaza, despite all their numerical and firepower superiority, on the ground war, the israeli idf sissies did not do very well.
    What these punks enjoy doing is targeting civilians from thousands of feet up high with airstrikes and also long range artillery. The following vid shows a hamas attack on an israeli military post, using tunnels to cross into ‘israel'(whatever that means since the zio entity has no defined borders). The israeli media confirmed later that 5 idf punks were killed.
    At about 3:07, a hamas operative shows up close one israeli assault rifle taken from the dead.
    Enjoy( i did ):

    1. Thanks Luca,
      Enjoyed it (me too).

      They clubbed some squatter behind the gatehouse like a seal, while he squeals for mercy.
      A commenter named “Itai ben David” sounds pretty offended by the whole deal … my sincerest, kol nidre grade sympathies, Ithai, I do not share your pain.

      1. @ “Ingrid” :

        Well, you got so many names, personas, characters, handles, hydra heads, maybe the Google people got confused from all your hydra heads. It’s difficult to keep track of what snake is what snake when there’s so many snakes coiling about one another. Go tell Noor about your problems with Google. Noor works in Google Mountain View Corporate Headquarters, she can straighten out your Google email problems, Oh “Ingrid”. One hand washes the other and all that…. Watch out, though, Noor may try to throw a burqa over your beautiful curvaceous Viking Beauty figure and cover your gorgeous flowing Blonde locks.

    2. You guys have been posting a lot of YouTube videos that purportedly show how well the Palestinians are doing against the evil IDF. Listen, I am pro-Palestinian to the bone and I wish good luck to Hamas in their struggle for liberation. But it seems to me the videos you are so easily impressed by will have the opposite effect on most other people and actually make them sympathetic to the Israelis.

      At all times in these videos you will see the IDF soldiers behaving with remarkable restraint when confronted with Palestinian hysteria.

      These guys even smile indulgently and almost ruffle the hair affectionately of the Palestinian child screaming at them. So why are you guys so easily impressed?

      Can’t you see that these videos — posted on JEWISH YouTube! — could well be promotional material for the Israelis?

      Use your common sense, my friends. Just look at the “Palestinian” children in this video below. Do they look like Arabs to you? Not to me they don’t! Many of them have blonde hair! They could well be Israeli child actors!

      Sorry, I am not impressed and refuse to be taken in by promotional material like this! — this is Israeli propaganda that is aimed at creating SYMPATHY for the IDF!


  26. I don’t know if Darkmoon is familiar with the brave Alison Weir, if not Visit her very informative website at http://ifamericansknew.org/about_us/alisonweir.html

    She has an excellent book out and it’s quite cheap too:
    ‘Against Our Better Judgment: The Hidden History of How the U.S. Was Used to Create Israel’.

    “Few Americans today are aware that US support enabled the creation of modern Israel. Even fewer know that US politicians pushed this policy over the forceful objections of top diplomatic and military experts.”


  27. Resistance.. copied this from The Truthseeker.. I think it is probably a recruitment video by Hamas.. It is my belief, that if the youth in the West Bank were trained in combat, and armed, the situation might be more even, maybe that`s why a couple of resistance leaders were arrested in the WB yesterday:



    Listen, there ARE palestinians who have light hair. It’s more common that they have light eyes but a few, particularly as children, do have light hair. This is even more common in Lebanese and Syrians.
    There are even a few red heads.

    you wrote: “At all times in these videos you will see the IDF soldiers behaving with remarkable restraint when confronted with Palestinian hysteria.”

    Are you joking?
    That is really a bizarro comment. Remarkable restraint? Sure, sure.
    I’d like to see how you’d feel if such ‘remarkable restraint’ was applied on an 11 year old who happened to be your son or brother.
    To be sure, what we see in the vid i posted is small potatoes compared to the much worse stuff that idf sissies do to the palestinians on a regular basis, which include outright murder.
    From time to time they even murder or wound foreigners…
    Here an idf hero acting with ‘remarkable restraint’ towards US activist Rachel Corrie;

    She was pretty dead after so much restraint.

    BTW, for those who may think the raid on the idf is fake or something… it is not. Confirmed llater by israeli media.

    1. To Luca K:

      you wrote: “At all times in these videos you will see the IDF soldiers behaving with remarkable restraint when confronted with Palestinian hysteria.”

      Are you joking?
      That is really a bizarro comment. Remarkable restraint? Sure, sure.

      Restrain your anger, my friend. No point attacking one of your own admirers! I am only giving you my own feedback on some of those videos you posted. In one of them you see an IDF soldier being slapped continually by Palestinian women and children. Does he pull out his gun and shoot them? Does he smash in the teeth of the Palestinian child who is hitting him? Does he kick the shit out of any of the Palestinians?

      No, he does not!

      USE YOUR OWN EYES!!! 🙂

      I saw this video in the company of two young women friends who are pretty neutral on the Israel/Palestine situation. They saw that Israeli soldier being slapped and beaten for several minutes by Palestinians. The soldier just warded off the blows. Not once did he actually respond with a fist blow or a slap. He just took the blows, finally managing to make his escape.

      My two young friends commented on the fact that the Israeli soldier had been behaving with exemplary restraint. The Palestinian women and children were allowed to pummel him to their heart’s content. He did not respond with any blows of his own. Not once.

      Why don’t you use your own eyes, Luca? It was YOU who posted the video! Not me. 🙂

      1. Quite a correct attitude, Darlington.
        No need for knee jerk, blanket condemnation of Jews, only the 98% of them.
        If one in hundred happens to show a streak of decency, praising him only highlights the perdition of the rest.
        He is basically demonstrating how not to be a Jew.

    2. Of course there are dreadful videos showing Israeli brutality. Who does not sympathize with the horrendous murder of Rachel Corrie? But if you post videos in which all the violence appears to be coming from the Palestinian side, with the IDF soldiers simply cowering and flinching under the rain of blows, do not expect most people to sympathize with the Palestinians.

  29. Let’s hear what US Colonel Patrick Lang, a retired senior officer of U.S. Military Intelligence and U.S. Army Special Forces (The Green Berets) and Vietnam vet wrote about the IDF’s “remarkable restraint”;

    In Beit Suhur outside Bethlehem, I have seen IDF troops shoot at Palestinian Christian women hanging out laundry in their gardens. This was done with tank coaxial machine guns from within a bermed up dirt fort a couple of hundred yards away, and evidently just for the fun of it. In Bethlehem a lieutenant told me that he would have had his men shoot me in the street during a demonstration that I happened to get caught in, but that he had not because he thought I might not be a Palestinian and that if I were not the incident would have caused him some trouble. I have seen a lot of things like that. One might say that in war, s–t happens. That is true, but such behavior is indicative of an army that is not well disciplined and not a completely reliably instrument of state policy. In my travels in the west Bank in March of 2008, it was noticeable that the behavior towards Palestinian civilians of IDF troops at roadblocks was reminiscent of that of any group of post-adolescents given guns and allowed to bully the helpless in order to look tough for each other.

  30. @Darlington
    “IDF soldiers simply cowering and flinching under the rain of blows”

    Oh, poor thing… a rain of blows, really? Ok.
    What you have done is u have inverted things, misconstrued what the vid shows. The israeli goon ran after the boy, manhandled him and tried to take him into custody, while the boy and his family and others were protesting against ILLEGAL settlements built in the West Bank, which even the pathetic UN has condemned Israel for. They were trying to set the boy free and there was a little scuffle. Your portrayal of the goon as “cowering and flinching under the rain of blows” is pure nonsense and either you must have no clue as to what real violence looks like or you are just being disingenious. As to your 2 “neutral” friends; I’d like very much to see their reaction if the situation had involved an 11 year old jewish boy with one arm in a cast…
    BTW, do u have any idea of what often happens to boys that get detained by the israelis? I don’t think you do. The israelis are also aware of the fact that they are being filmed. Off camera they behave much worse.
    The context of this little incident is the most important thing to understand. Almost all Palestinian land has been stolen by the joos, palestinians have been living under occupation for decades and, as has been well documented, are subjected to all sorts of mistreatment, humiliation and murder at the hands of the zionists.
    What are they supposed to do, if they aren’t allowed to even protest?

    As to the hamas video, it shows combat, real violence between palestinian militiamen and idf soldiers. The context of the raid was the last israeli onslaught against the Gaza strip.
    I did not post it for the uninitiated who don’t know anything about – or don’t care – the israeli-palestinian situation.
    I posted it to mock the idf cowards. I do not apologize for it.
    As for jewtube, a lot of vids do get removed, channels get taken down, etc, but if it were as bad as you say it is, then all of David Dukes videos would have been deleted long ago.
    The video link to the idf goon scuffle with the palestinians has already been removed but it has gone viral and there r several copies; Here it is again in all its glory;
    It’s so funny when the girl and the women b*tch slap him and remove his ridiculous mask!

    1. There are those who are critical of Hamas and their “home made” rockets, saying things like, “they bring on israeli aggression”. Well, no-one needs to provoke these psychopaths, and any resistance in the face of such barbaric aggression, is worthy of the utmost respect..

    1. @ Ingrid B

      If your comment was in response to the article on feminism by Lasha Darkmoon published earlier today on this website, your comment disappeared for a good reason. The article itself was deleted. So naturally there was no place for your comment to go. Other people commenting on the article (Pat and Gilbert Huntly) also lost their comments because of the sudden disappearance of the article.

      The article was deleted because it was published prematurely, by accident. It wasn’t ready for publication, so it had to be withdrawn.

  31. It has always been about the control of currency, Lies and devastation, blood and conflict, power and appeasement. It has never been about advancement and improvement, but much rather control and ownership of the freedoms of the vast, appealing to the sense of injustices to same by the very people who control it.
    Every conflict has meaning in the narrative i have just mentioned. If you look at it from a different perspective, you will resolve the very meaning of the worlds problems. The very few have the advantage, as the masses do not use this deduction to arrive at truth. WW1 Germany and its economy and its encirclement. WW2 Germany’s ban on usury and its success. Iraq, oil switch to euro destabilization to the region threat to USD. Libya oil currency switch to gold dinar, African currency revolution – threat to USD . Syria – gas pipeline money power, funding – problems for US. Its all about control and ensuring the USA its allies and backers CONTROL currency and for this they will resort to anything

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