My favorite Monty Python comic sketches (20-mins.)

These comic sketches are shown in increasing order of excellence, i.e.,  they get better as they go on, with the best one coming at the end. In my opinion, however, all of them are almost equally hilarious. Here you will see humor at its most juvenile and absurdist. Suitable for children, village idiots, and people who laugh when someone slips on a banana skin!  🙂   (LD)

COMIC SKETCH 1 . . . 4.17 minutes

COMIC SKETCH  2 . . . 4.58 minutes 

COMIC SKETCH 3 . . . 4.54 minutes

COMIC  SKETCH 4 . . . 4.56 mins.

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9 thoughts on “My favorite Monty Python comic sketches (20-mins.)

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