Jewish doctor says: ‘Rape White women and create half-breeds!’

Translated by Steeve Goode,
with brief notes by Lasha Darkmoon

Disclaimer. We have no idea if this article is genuine or not. Let the reader decide. We received it in an email from John Kaminski who in turn got it from his correspondent Raymond Goodwin. Goodwin heads his widely circulated email  “Psychotic Plan for White Genocide — Rape Rightwing Women And Breed Mixed Kids, Says French Doctor.”

The advice to rape White women apparently comes from a French Jew named Thierry Lecoquierre, a medical doctor from Le Havre in Upper Normandy. It was apparently published in a Jewish-run publication called Nouve L’obs

I apologize in advance if this article turns out to be a fake. My trusted correspondent Felix Dean, a veteran poster on the Darkmoon site under another name, advises me to post it “without hesitation.” So I accept his challenge. (LD)

From Raymond Goodwin’s introduction:

A Jewish-run publication in France publishes a doctor’s article calling for the rape and forcible impregnation of White nationalist French girls. This is war, white men and women. You must awaken, because the perpetrators of European genocide will use the vilest means.

Soviet propagandist Ilya Ehrenburg called for this same thing, inflaming the brutes of the Red Army to rape and kill German girls, and they did exactly that. Two million women and little girls were raped, many to death, at the hands of these foul creatures, the evil of whom cannot be spoken in human tongue. This same vile pornographic sadism lives on in the wicked man below, whose very eyes betray the evil that lies within. God help us! Retour des Croisades! Battre! Battre! pour les femmes de France, pour les femmes de l’Europe!” 


Lecoquierre is featured on the left

Rape “right-wing” females
to create “multicolored descendants”, says French Doctor

by Steeve Goode

In the blog section of French media outlet, Nouve L’obs, a doctor wrote that any woman who votes for Front National (French anti-mass immigration party) has a “reptilian brain” and should be raped and impregnated to produce “multicolored descendants.”

Thierry Lecoquierre, a Medical Doctor from Le Havre in Upper Normandy, has been reported to the Council of Doctors for his article, which has now been deleted from the website.

His article titled “Impregnate the female of the National Front” says this:

“Right wing women do not appear less mammal than other women, even if they have a bigger than average reptilian brain. As any woman, it is subject to hormonal moods. With a feature that ethnology confirms to us: she gets especially wet for rough men.

These female FN sympathizers certainly offer us a means to beat them. As each right-wing female appreciates the military and the macho and loathes feminist ideas, let’s play her game. Let’s take her at her own game, let’s take her and f*** her.

Since they give us the recipes for crossbreeding their pale race, use it against her side. Let’s sexually overcome these stupid right wing females, for the survival of a smiling humanity. Because they are stupid and easily tricked, like game going to the hunter, things should be easier. Let’s create a curly descent (not German mind you!) let’s curlify this “other-hating” frightened France.”

Refusing the advances of family planning, every pregnancy will result in a little half-breed or a mongrel, an artist that tomorrow she will eventually like.

Blacks, Negroes, gooks, Jews, leftists, gypsies, disabled, Freemasons and even my gay friends in solidarity: bring up your hard d**ks! Let our consciences sleep under the pillow, and jump on the right-wing pussies offered — unfortunately sometimes pretty!  Hail to a vast altruistic copulation! Provide multicolored descendants to the sinking country of France.

“With one goal: kill right-wing poison in the egg.”

As of yet, there has been no reaction from French authorities to this shockingly anti-White article.

While most anti-Whites prefer to take a more subtle approach using code words like “diversity”, Lecoquierre is very blatant in saying what he wants: White genocide in France.



“Blacks, Negroes, gooks, Jews . . .
bring up your hard d**ks! . . .
kill this right-wing poison in the egg!” 


LD: The same article in the original French can be read here. I have checked to see if the obscenities in the English version correspond to the French slang in the original. They do. Thus the English phrase “bring up your hard d**ks” seems a fair enough translation of the French “Haut les queues!” — “Up with your d**ks!”   The word “queue” in French has many different meanings, including “tail” and “penis”. (See here)

In case you think no Jew would recklessly call for the mass rape of White women, think again. Stalin’s propaganda minister, the Jew Ilya Ehrenberg, openly called for the mass rape of German women in WWII. This led to the rape and torture of 2 million German women under the most horrendous circumstances. Here is another prominent  Jew calling for the mass rape, mutilation and burning alive of White women and children. (LD)

173 thoughts to “Jewish doctor says: ‘Rape White women and create half-breeds!’”

  1. If this is true, then guaranteed nothing will happen to the doctor.
    If however this was a white doctor (Christian/atheist) and he said this about blacks, Asians, Oriental, Jews etc, then he’d be struck off allowing to practice and most possibly prosecuted for hate speech/inciting violence towards a minority.

      1. I normally agree with the articles on your site.
        You don’t know if this article is genuine, Yet you use it to inflame your readers. Disgusting!

        1. Only Krum and you appear to be “inflamed”. The rest of our readers seem pretty cool and unconcerned. After all, our disclaimer has given you the opportunity of rejecting the article as false if you don’t like what it says.

          On the other hand, if it’s true, being “inflamed” is the right response. How can it be “disgusting” to be inflamed by a shocking truth?

      2. Mike,

        Why get yourself in a tizz? When I see something I don’t want to read I ignore it. Just because I don’t want to entertain it doesn’t mean others don’t as well. As I do with some posters on here, I ignore them.

        Whatever anyone’s website chooses to publish is entirely their choice and their right.

        This world is going down the pan with all this ridicule and social, justice warrrior-ing. It’s not inflaming anyone. The only people on here who are inflamed is the usual bunch of people who get their knickers in a twist annoyed about everything. They stress themselves out way too much and are a couple of beats away from a heart attack.

    1. I should further add though that white women don’t need to be raped to produce mixed offspring. Statistics prove overwhelmingly that women (and men) who live in cities, where there are large numbers of non indigenous, mate with them. So technically speaking miscegenation is already happening in great numbers, especially in France and the UK. Those behind immigration knew that this was the only way they would ever mix the races.

      Here is the UK, we now have Blacks who identify themselves as English, Scottish, Irish and Welsh. This of course is an impossibility but it’s the further push towards destroying the concept of nation and the creation of the globalist state.

      But as to the article being true or not what does it matter when miscegenation has already been promoted from up high? Remember when Sarkozy called for racial mixing in France? He said “It is not a choice but an obligation”.
      This summed up the insane madness of the Caucasian peoples in France who continued to elect Sarkozy, after he essentially called for their genocide. This is the ignorance and stupidity of white people. Tell me, how many African, Asian or Oriental leaders of their country would survive if they did the same thing?

      As I said, forget the Jews in all of this. The biggest threat, far more than Jewry, to white people is their very own race.

      1. RE: “As I said, forget the Jews in all of this. The biggest threat, far more than Jewry, to white people is their very own race.”

        You are overly harsh on Whites and on the indigenous. I am not. The indigenous Whites didn’t have a choice or vote on mass immigration. They were lied to and hoodwinked by their jew-owned and jew-controlled politicians, though many of these politicians have jew blood and should be considered as aliens. Winston Churchill is a prime example. His mother was a kike which makes him technically 100% kikejew. Ironically, many British Nationalists blame Churchill for losing the British Empire, which jew-wise Nationalists laugh at because they know the British Empire was JEWISH!

        BTW, kikejews have also infiltrated China. There are as many as 200,000 Africans in Guangzhou, China. They are there supposedly for “trade” but the real agenda as most of us here know is ethnic chaos and miscegenation. Do I blame the Chinese people for this wicked scheme or do I blame the jews? I seriously doubt regular Chinese people had any say or vote on this matter and hence I put no blame on them for somethng totally out of their control. However, and justly so, I put the blame squarely and entirely on the kikejews, for they are the corruptors and the masterminds of all things evil. EVIL JEWS!

        ‘Chocolate city’ China Guangzhou:

      2. wasn`t it Idi Amin who claimed the title of “King of Scotland”? Such people are obviously nutjobs..

    2. The sad truth is that these male turd world democrats that are so enriching to European culture don’t need any prompting from the good doctor.

    3. Jews are special, prosecutions for hate speech are out of the question. Speaking of, this wacko doctor should get together with Debbie Schulz, what a great pair they’d be! Sacre bleu! Where’s Julius Streicher when you need him?

  2. If you’d like to see the reaction, (inaction?), of denizens of the dying U.S., read the replies from same after I post this, (along with the article about white genocide quotes made by the chosen), @ . one – political – plaza – .com. You will see a vicious idiot attack by run-of-the-mill U.S. men/women (supposedly). Hopelessly/mindlessly in love with “the chosen”. Remove the hyphens to achieve the proper URL

  3. Lecoquierre will hit the lucrative speaking circuit while Art Topham gets an additional 5 years without parole for publishing a satire titled
    German doctor says: ‘Rape Jewish women and create half-goyim!’

    It doesn’t take a brilliant legal mind to separate freedom of speech from hate speech.

  4. It is real and he has been detained for questioning. He claims it was meant as “irony” or something like that. I just imagined him being sodomized to death a la Ghadaffy and it made me feel a little better.

  5. Is there a play on words in the surname Lecoquierre, i.e., le coq……the cock which errs or misses the point?

    Copy of the french publication’s disgusting article is needed.

  6. Uh. . .ever hear of a thing called ‘abortion’? Sounds like chicks should also start taking martial arts classes or carrying some nasty weapons in areas. Hey! Look up what Tura Satana did. She was gang raped as a kid, turned into a martial arts expert, and beat the holy crap out of all her attackers.

    1. reminds me of the movie with jodi foster where she and her husband took their dog for a walk, dog got away, they went looking for the dog and some bad ass pos took dog. they tried to get him back from said thugs and got the shit beat out of them and the husband died. foster was in hospital for a long time.
      got out, went home, got weapons started stalking scum bags and killing them. got a lead on her dog and the scum bags from a piece of jewelry they stole from her and pawned. she ended up killing them and got her dog back and with the help of a cop, she avoided any criminal charges. riveting flick but don’t remember the name of it.

    2. I had a friend in Scotland, who`se son was being bullied. She sent him to martial arts classes, and it only took one move for the bullying to stop..

  7. I read a book in the 50s which documented from Senate Hearings that Jew Gen Eisenhauer ordered black troops to rape white Germans. I cannot recall the book.

    Having that knowledge, as time on earth counts only when memory holds up….
    …… I did find this:

    According to testimony given in the United States Senate on July 17, 1945, when the colonial French troops under Eisenhower’s command, presumably mostly Africans, entered the German city of Stuttgart, they herded German women into the subways and raped some two thousand of them. In Stuttgart alone, troops under Eisenhower’s command raped more women in one week than troops under German command raped in all of France for four entire years.

    Berlin had become a city virtually without men. Out of a civilian population of 2,700,000, 2,000,000 were women. It is small wonder that the fear of sexual attack raced through the city like a plague. Doctors were besieged by patients seeking information on the quickest way to commit suicide, and poison was in great demand.

    No one will ever know how many women were raped, but doctors’ estimates run as high as 100,000 for the city of Berlin alone, their ages ranging from 10 to 70.


    [JFC should like JFG] 😉

    1. Re: [JFC should like JFG] ?

      Yep. Wayne Pronte is about an hours’ drive from me here in metro-Vancouver and I’ve been meaning to contact him for a meet-and-greet and to talk shop.

      FYI, the present kike template of death and destruction and war was first tested and perfected in China 200 years ago and, in my humble opinion, must be studied more carefully by all Nationalists. What the kikes did to Germany during and after WWII was exactly what they did to China during and after the Opium Wars in the early and mid-19th Century. The irony is that Germany was one of the All-lies that attacked China, along with Russia, and look how the kikes paid them back for their services. Both of those countries were destroyed in the 20th Century, with tens of millions of their citizens dying in the two World Wars and in the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917.

      Regarding the Jewish penchant for black-on-white rape and miscegenation as Race War, it predates Ike the Kike in 1945:

      In Mein Kampf, Hitler described children resulting from marriages to African occupation soldiers as a contamination of the white race “by Negro blood on the Rhine in the heart of Europe.”[5] He thought that “Jews were responsible for bringing Negroes into the Rhineland, with the ultimate idea of bastardizing the white race which they hate and thus lowering its cultural and political level so that the Jew might dominate.”[6] He also implied that this was a plot on the part of the French, since the population of France was being increasingly “negrified”.[7]

      In hindsight, Hitler was right, bang on! as we say in Canada.

      1. Someone, forget who, told of French “soldiers”, who rape little African kids, in exchange for a bottle of water..

  8. Who says that this evil man is a Jew? I can’t find his name on the Consolidated Jewish Surname Index, Avotaynu. Anyway, a typical Jewish name it is not. It is even not clear what his name means. There is a French word coquerie, meaning “caboose” or “ship’s kitchen”. Le coquierre then could mean “the ship’s cook”, but you don’t find that word in the dictionary. If it really means that, it is not a very likely Jewish name derived from a profession.

    Judging from his phenotype, he could be Jewish, but you can say that of many Frenchmen, especially from southern France, where the racial type is Mediterranean.

    So let’s not jump to the conclusion that this man is a Jew. He could very well be an evil Gentile, who has interiorized the Jewish genocidal agenda to the point of being suicidal.

    Anyway, he is a pathetic excuse for a human being. I bet under the current regime of inverted values and double standards, he’ll get away with it.

    1. Lecoquierre is a common name in my departement of Manche, where most of the people only see jews on TV, too rural, zero synagogue.

  9. As I mentioned above, this article really means nothing when it comes to the homogenization of Europe and destruction of the white peoples. The migration into Europe after the banker created WW2, for the sole purpose of bringing in a foreign workforce to drive down wages and create civil unrest, not forgetting future intermixing of peoples has already done most of the damage. Why people are complaining about this sudden exodus from Africa, after Gaddafi’s Libya was conveniently destroyed is beyond me. Cities in the west have already turned into immigration destinations, where ghettos are created. Only in the west do cities not represent that country and its peoples. Why there is shock about this article is also beyond me. Forget about the rape, it’s the end product that’s the main purpose behind this that is important. Genocide through miscegenation is the goal. I suggest anyone go to London in England and see what multiculturalism has done to the whites. They speak Jafaican and have no love for their own country, nation and people. They dress like American gang bangers and behave no differently to them. This is a direct result of being a minority amongst the non white peoples in London who now make up the majority.

  10. This doctor has not learned the language of political correctness, which demands that no words with negative connotations be used. “Illegal aliens” becomes “undocumented citizens”; “rape” is “coercion-enhanced impregnation” and “rape victim” becomes “involuntary sperm receptacle”. There, isn’t everything nice-nice?

  11. The insignificant feminist Dr Coq on darkmoon compared to Ehrenburg. This text is disgusting but Charliesque and the translation is overblown. “Haut les queues” is a word play for “Haut les coeurs” for example or battons-la de nos verges. Prenons-la au mot, prenons-la tout cour is just another bad pun, no f… no rape.
    Dr Coq is no jew, just a republican leftist who hates others for their ideas. That’s what leftist republicans do. He just tried to be a smart ass with his text full of puns that immediately backfired at him. He was quickly withdrawn from L’Obs website but the FN used it, c’est de bonne guerre, to show how much those people are intolerant. He said it was merely ironic.
    You’ll notice the special treatment for Jews. He did call the arabs goofs, bougnoules and should have used youpin to be fair with the pejorative connotation. Double standards, what you gonna do.

    But I wonder about the self-injured teacher who claimed he was attacked by ISIS with a cutter at 7 PM in the school. This guy triggered a media panic. I let you know if he is indeed a jewboy.

    1. @ Phil

      Gook (/ˈɡuːk/ or /ˈɡʊk/) is a derogatory term for Asians. It was originally predominantly used by the US military during war time, especially during the Korean and Vietnam wars.[1]

      The term he used in English is “gooks”. I know there are a lot of Vietnamese people in Paris because Vietnam or Indochine was once a French colony.

      However, I have since learned that the term he used in French is “bougnoule” which is a slur on Arabs; not on Asians. Can you confirm this? If so, I think it was rather racist of the doctor to leave out the Yellows in his rape fantasy of Whites.

      I wish to lodge a complaint with the proper Jewish Authorities. We are bad ass Buddhists and we won’t be excluded!

      1. Franklyn,
        I confirm bougnoules is for Arabs, people from North Africa, ragheads as they said in Irak.
        He did forget the yellows, the gooks, from Nam or Cambodia, but most of them, men and women alike, are already providing multicolored descendants. No community demands from these discrete people, they have naturally mixed.

  12. LBJ’s (not so) Great Society accelerated the inevitable bastardization of America .. pedal to the metal.

    The ripened fruits can be witnessed in every metropolis, city, town and village across the looted plain.

    1. HP,

      But America was set up to be the test bed for multicultural and multiracial societies, just as Russia was for communism before it was unleashed upon the rest of the world. Had America not wanted this it would have repatriated all slaves, so as to not have the situation it has today. It would have done the same with the Asians and Orientals too.
      If you look at the Sub Saharan Slave Trade, the African men and women did not mix and were separated, thus no offspring, unlike in the USA. Had they done so and comparing the birth rate with American’s blacks, because there were so many taken over to the Islamic lands, you’d be looking at a black population within of some 3 billion! More slaves died en route during the Sub Saharan Slave Trade than the collective number of slaves within the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade I believe!

      1. Well if it were ‘set up’ to be, then it took a while because up until the 60’s and 70’s, race mixing was highly frowned upon. Despite laws, posturing, etc., it was a big no-no. There’s an entire subsection of Americana which reflects this. Truth be known .. still does.

        Not only that, but, truth be known, again, this applies to pretty much everyone..

        And the ‘G’ is for get lost

  13. Holy guacamole! This doctor is an evil man who should be arrested and charged with various crimes. If this story is turned to be true, Dr. Lasha should receive an award for an excellent piece of investigative journalism.

    1. @Mahmoud El-Yousseph,

      How about throwing a shoe at Trump who offended your religious sensitivities so much? Are you sure you have felt offended by the guy, brother?

      1. are you trying to be a smart ass, dude? Besides, you are off topic!

        Just pointing out that you leave the impression of a fake Muslim. Nothing personal, brother, I just detest phonies. As far as I am concerned, exposing the deception is the most important issue here. I can’t go off topic with that!

        Justice for Chinese Muslims

      2. @ Franklin. Al-Qaradawi has long had a prominent role within the intellectual leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood. Some people say there are crypto jews working for the Muslim Brotherhood, according to the ADL

        “Latest Anti-Semitic Conspiracy Theory in Middle East Claims Muslim Brotherhood Secretly Allied With Jews

        New York, NY, February 1, 2013 … Amid the protests and violence that have roiled Egypt in the past few days, a bizarre new anti-Semitic and anti-Jewish conspiracy theory has emerged claiming that the Muslim Brotherhood is tainted by a secret allegiance to Jews and Israel.

        The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) said of this latest anti-Semitic conspiracy theory to emerge from the Middle East: “It would seem that no allegation made against Jews and Israel is too absurd when it is used to discredit others.”

        Earlier today, protestors in Port Said, Egypt were shown in a television broadcast chanting “Khaibar, Khaiber, oh Jews, the Brothers (Muslim Brotherhood) are the Jews.”

        Additionally, Dubai Police Chief Dahi Khalfan, in his Twitter campaign against the Muslim Brotherhood, has recently attempted to discredit the Brotherhood by alleging a nefarious allegiance to Israel and Jews.

        “It would seem that no allegation made against the Jews and Israel is too absurd when it is used to stigmatize and discredit others in the Arab world,” said Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director. “

      3. Circassian .please don’t bother what his name mustaphee he seems ultra sensitive
        you seems to posses an ultra nose to sniff out the phonies,,and i don’t mean it in a bad way
        he sound very simpleton ,I could go on and on to expose his fakeness but hell
        Toby will flag the post as a violation of his article 6 ,is it the number 6 or what 🙂

      4. red onions
        the true godfathers of modern day so called political Islamic movements are the Zionists
        Arab people understand this very well.
        in 1928 the Muslim brotherhood movement was established in Egypt
        the brain child of the Arab office(colonial zio intel) in Cairo
        few years before that the Indian office(colonial zio intel) in Basra,Iraq helped in establishing the Brothers Armed Gangs aka The Wahhabis to tame and neutralize the Arab tribes in the Arabian najd and hijaz to pave the ground for the establishment of what we know now as the Kingdom of Saudi.
        it’s worthy to know that wahhabi cult is an extreme and alien to the essence of Islamic teachings which is a typical middle of road school of thoughts
        no wonder that the monsters barbarians isis animals adopt wahhabi cult teachings and Muslims at large are their victims
        all Murderous conspiracy roads leads to the Zio-JewIslamo Maniac beasts

      5. @Red Onions

        Whether al-Qaradawi and the Muslim Brotherhood are controlled by crypto-Jews or not, the death penalty for apostasy in Islam is as old as Islam itself. That is in no way a “slander by evil Jews”.

        Here are some excerpts from the answer to the question “Why is the apostate to be executed in Islam?” on the Islamic website Islam Question and Answer ( :

        “…If a Muslim apostatizes and meets the conditions of apostasy – i.e., he is of sound mind, an adult and does that of his own free will – then his blood may be shed with impunity. He is to be executed by the Muslim ruler or by his deputy – such as the qaadi or judge, and he is not to not be washed (after death, in preparation for burial), the funeral prayer is not to be offered for him and he is not to be buried with the Muslims.”

        “…The evidence that the apostate is to be executed is the words of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him): “Whoever changes his religion, execute him.” (Narrated by al-Bukhaari, 2794). What is meant by religion here is Islam (i.e., whoever changes from Islam to another religion)…”

        “…Thus it will be clear to you that execution of the apostate is something that is commanded by Allaah, when he commanded us to obey the Messenger (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him)…”

        As I said, in this respect Islam is similar to the Mafia.

      6. Exposing deception is the most important topic here?
        First of all, Mahmoud has been both posting and publishing here and elsewhere for years and never sounded a false note, one of the finest.
        His track record on Palestinian and Islamic issues
        speaks for itself.

        But since the subject of deception is so dear to your heart, it seems to occupy all your waking and maybe sleeping hours as well, let’s take a look at your record.

        I cannot recall you ever making a positive, constructive comment about anyone here, even though you slimily refer to everyone as “brother”, all the while oozing malice.

        Nor can I ever recall you referencing anything relating to the topic under discussion though you had no problem digging out a link where I referred to Franklin as Jew.

        You can be counted on to smear and libel, guaranteed without evidence, usually as some sort of “hunch”, all the best authors, so Lasha is a shithouse attendant, Art Topham is homosexual pimp and ignoramus, Mahmoud is fake – but a brother nevertheless, huh?
        And you are quick to confirm that Jews are not a global problem, Hitler and Germans are.
        Or that Putin doesn’t give a damn about non-Russians, yet I posted a link where he stated in no uncertain terms that he considers Russia to be the global defender of Christianity.

        Keep going, looking good, non-brother, it is an honor to be slandered by you.

      7. I guess there will always be people who cannot tolerate quality in others because it reminds them of their own shortcomings.


      8. Lobro,

        ” …….. people who cannot tolerate quality in others because it reminds them of their own shortcomings.”

        Yes, also the nr1 property of Jew.

  14. Ilya the Soviet Jew is named after the “dragon” Ilyanka…Ilya the Naga/serpent of Hittite myth and Hobbit fame. It originates from the Yuezhi tribes of Mixed-race nomadic Central Asian peoples including the “Yoni” Jonah tribe and the Yadu Judah tribe. Ilya is the Valley the mlved to from their previous location: the Wei River Valley. With a king named Yu the Great. YuWei. Ilya is Ulli the Archer…Illi ad…He is Yahweh.

  15. Subjugation
    genome turnstile
    whos real half breed
    human reptile

    Many are culled
    jew is chosen
    herd the cattle
    task of goyin’

    yet holding pen
    not exclusive
    few and gentile
    all inclusive

    gene extortion
    warden turnkey
    Pale designer

  16. So you were not sure if it’s true but you still decided to publish it?!

    Jewish bankers love simple anti-Semites because you transform a legitimate political and economic grievance into a racial one that easily can be dismissed as “hatred.”

    1. Define “anti-semite.” Pointing out facts and separating Illusion of Media from the reality is self-preservation and that is what the offenders fear most. The cattle refusing the “nudge.”

        1. @ Krum

          “What facts? The author of the article admits: We have no idea if this article is genuine or not.”

          That’s not true. The author of the article, Steeve Goode, said no such thing. It was Lasha Darkmoon who said that in her introductory disclaimer.

    2. @ Krum

      “So you were not sure if it’s true but you still decided to publish it?!

      That’s right. And with a strong disclaimer that we weren’t sure if it was true. We also took advice before we published it and were told by two trusted correspondents to go ahead. One of them happens to be a veteran poster on his site who told us to post it “without hesitation.”

      Do you have a problem with that?

      1. @ Ryan

        Many thanks for confirming the authenticity of the article we published. This more or less wraps it up. My distinguished correspondent Felix Dean (doubling as a humble poster on this site) has been totally vindicated in his belief that the article was genuine and not a fake. Felix, a big thank you! 🙂

        (BTW, “Felix Dean” is not the poster known as “Felix” on this site. That’s a different Felix.)

        1. If Lasha should be rewarded if it turns out to be true, should we punish her if it turns out to be false? It seems to me Lasha left shitloads of clues to let us know its false.

          TOBY: The authenticity of the article has just been proved conclusively by Ryan. So Lasha is totally in the clear. She did the right thing to publish the article. We have received tons of emails confirming that there’s nothing “fake” about the article. I understand that Marine Le Pen has just given a speech in France denouncing this French Jewish doctor for saying White women should be mass raped by blacks, Jews and Muslims so as to produce a miscegnated French population. Yes, so it’s all 100 genuine.

        2. This story LD has posted is ABSOLUTELY TRUE! Have NO DOUBT about it! During WW2 the Russians were told to rape all the german women even the children, they wanted to destroy the german race and the anglo saxon heritage, the plan for uk after the war was gentler: fill the UK with foreigners and let nature take its course. And within 100 years we would not exist. It was seen as the jewish master stroke to pit two anglo saxon races against each other to kill each other off, as pointed out in the broadcasts by William Joyce.

          Remember kozminski the jewish jack the ripper killer chose anglo saxon women, and Dr Shipman the jewish mass killer murdered elderly english women and as they died he made them change their wills and raped them and stole their jewellery, his wife Priscilla said all goyim own is ours anyway and refused to return what was stolen, The day before Shipman’s birthday in prison, the warders left in a bunch of queers who raped Shipman and they ignored his screams, he hung himself next day. My husband was an authority on all this. He was on the inside and knew many things the public don’t know.

          BTW the policy in palestine now is shoot the women and if you can shoot a pregnat women in the stomach, its called a two for one shot, and entitles you to a special badge on your arm.

          after WW1 there was a surplus of women with no chance of ever getting a partner, with the vast numbers of men killed, jews saw these women as pointless women: fatherless, brotherless and husbandless. Jews called these women in documents “superfluous women” and “useless eaters”. We are about to experience several culls of white people by Bio=lytton laboratories, the jew pharmaceutical firm.

      2. Thierry Lecoquierre blog before it was closed from He might have other things on his blog as well:

        Another website reporting on it:

        If there are any French readers drop the links here. When modern day ‘liberallism’ is shown up to be entirely illiberal then their minions will blabber “fake, fake, fake” etc.

        Mr Lecoquierre just spoke too early; crossbreeding through coercive means will be an open academic discussion in 20 years time due to the political current of ‘liberalism’. ‘Liberalism’, liberating what?

    3. legitimate political and economic grievance

      is of secondary significance to the moral one and as such, Jew is primarily defined by immorality.

      That he was able to shapeshift not only himself but the language of discourse to recast himself as an unfairly maligned racial entity, perpetually harried by inferiors, because what kind of Jew would he be if in the same breath as squealing bias and discrimination, he didn’t trumpet his innate and divinely ordained superiority, testifies to our bottomless gullibility and inability to keep the eye on the ball.

      Focusing on political and economic grievances is like blaming the rapist’s lack of condom while ignoring the act.

    4. All the same, when the “female reptilian brain” keeps surfacing as topic, I wonder if there is more to it than a cheap shot.

      During my time in Sarajevo, more than one young guy complained that the women there go to pieces over African imports and in fact, the more degenerate, the better, so that a good looking Negro like Michael Jordan is eschewed in favor of some slopeheaded primate with protruding snout, recessed eye sockets, banana lips as more desirable, intellect is a disqualifying handicap.

      Are we supposed to emulate the type to level the playing field, when out East, we are the flagship of creation, Asian women wouldn’t be caught dead next to a negro, dust masks go up at the sight of him.

      Trust the Jew to identify the Achilles heel in a previously functioning society and exploit it towards its demise. Certainly, it seems that a number of white women bought into the programme.

      My son’s best friend has a black girlfriend and claims she is more cultured, modest and appreciative of white guys, saying that a number of better quality black women share that assessment and despise the backdrop of troglodyte traits that define a stereotype “N**ger”.
      Again the Jew accomplished killing 2 birds with 1 stone, rendering both the African and European races dysfunctional, while setting them against each other.

      Phil should be able to confirm how in Paris, the hottest selling item is some toxic product snapped up by Africans as soon as it arrives in stores that bleaches their skin white.
      Personal anecdote: when 2 months ago I crossed into Cambodia, some local girl sidled up to me and aligned her forearm next to mine and exclaimed, look my skin is whiter than yours! Of course they don’t go out without parasol, wide brimmed hat and often mask and long sleeves in 35C heat and 100% humidity, while whites roast themselves crisp on the beaches.

      What were we talking about? Yeah, the reptilian brain …

      1. I confirm, those little African beauty shops/exotic fruits/telecom.. are sprouting up around rue de Poulet, with KFCs. The Nubians princesses and their West Indies cousins, although both claim they have nothing in common, also spend a lot of time to straighten their curly hair or is it freezy, see Dr Coq nazi pun about the curly Fritz. And it’s painfull, or was, I lost track, maybe some new chemicals.

        You are right about “exotic” women wherever they come from, forming couples with white dudes, but I found the contrary is not true, or at least in the long run, maybe that’s what the Doc is implying.

        But they are way more successful in school and they are accepted in night clubs while their frustrated brothers get a no-go from big black bouncers, except when they have cash money.
        A lot of good materials for Jihad amongst those boys. evil jew, trois pierres d’un coup. How do you put a smiley face?

      2. : – )
        (remove spaces and get a smiley … there is a URL that gives you tons more as English devolves back to pictograms and hieroglyphics)

      3. Phil –

        There is no space between colon and parenthesis, and put space at end of sentence before placing colon, like starting a new sentence.

        smile…. : + ) = 🙂

        wink…. ; + ) = 😉

        frown… : + ( = 🙁

      4. Lobro,

        “Phil should be able to confirm how in Paris, the hottest selling item is some toxic product snapped up by Africans as soon as it arrives in stores that bleaches their skin white.”

        This situation is a direct result of an alien race being a minority within another. Blacks women lighten their skin to be more appealing to not only white men, but black also. There are more financially secure white men than blacks in the west and they are far easier to control than black men. Black men also prefer lighter coloured black women.

        It’s programming. They watch and read the msm from a young age and black women therefore wish to become white. They partner with white men and have children because they are not as dark skinned as them. There is a hell of a lot of insane prejudice within black women to their own race. It’s quite sad really. Rarely will you see dark black women in fashion magazines and film. Most have bleached their skin or they use mixed race women. It’s programming people to all be the same – mocha coloured.

        Who’s on of the most popular black music artists at the moment? Niki Minaj – she wears a paroxide blonde weave/straightened her hair and died it. She’s had nose surgery to remove the negro nose. She’s had fake breast implants and buttock too.

        Black women want to be white. It’s that simple. They are being programmed to believe that unless you are mixed race colour you won’t get a job and you won’t succeed. It sends the message out – do I want my children to be in the same position as me? Better have children to white men.

      5. Phil,

        I would disagree. She looks like a super freak, but certainly a woman albeit with enhanced breasts and buttocks. She’s a beta kitten, a programmed mouthpiece of the elite. She’s a zombie, dead inside.

  17. Btw: Yoni are aka Huns. Yahweh is “Sauron” Lord of the Rings”: the chariot sun god Asur holding the ring that can summon demons…the Asura…Asher tribe Assyrians…a Yuezhi Jewish tribe. The Ugyhurs are the mixed race Ogurs and the Orcs are the Orkan subset of Ugyhurs…all of them Hurrians. Turks and Yues…Jews. Tolkien knew!

    1. A long time ago in a galaxy far far away.

      A civil war has raged. The new government in power has forbidden the practice of the ancient religion under the threat of death, dismantling the ancient order of wises who are forced to go in exile.
      Folded in a secret base, rebel fighters have won their first victory against the Empire of evil, awakening the populace. Despite a disadvantage in terms of number, the band of rebels, helped by an all mighty and omnipresent force which links all forms of life, remains the last hope to restore peace and balance between good and baaaad in the universe.

      Happy Chanukah from JJ Abrams you dumb bubbas.

      Don’t forget to follow the new adventure of Luke Skywalker the chosen one, after the Téchouva of his father, and his interstellar merry band of Yéhoudi Maccabees, Master Yoddish the green Chomsky, Hanoukah Solo and many more good stuffs.
      And remember, waterwalking is lame.

      1. Phil … why were the Star Wars films released in the order 4,5,6 and then 1,2,3

        Because in charge of planning, Yoda was.

  18. A Turkish MP claimed Erdogan has a plan to relocate the mixed-race Turkish Ugyhurs to northern Syria after they expell Assad. He is of Aryan tribe descent through the Persians…the Iranians which means Aryans. This is the original land of the Arya…the “aeraters” that invented the plow. Explaining the hatred for Iranians from Tel-Aviv.

    1. Interesting historical linkage, farang, read all of your posts.
      “Farang” means foreigner (or is it White) out where I am, in the Far, Far East.

      So Assad and presumably the Alawites have Persian, Shiite roots?
      Sure helps clarify things as to what lies behind all of this murder charade with Donmehc cutouts , KSA (aside: one of kosher stamps I’ve seen says KSA), Qatar, Turkey, UAE, Bahrain.

      At the huge risk of pissing off my “brother psychotherapist”, I will spell it out,

      Aside #2: while urging the lesser breeds to maximally provoke the Bear into WW3 that would result in all that lovely, radioactive meat for the Judaic vultures to pick off the bones, Israel is making all these friendly overtures to Putin, yeah, it’s ok to fly over our territory to hit those wicked ISIS, go right ahead, ain’t we bruthas?
      Explanation: as I keep saying, if it comes to all out Armageddon, Putin would be horribly remiss not to destroy the war mongers responsible for the catastrophe befalling the goyim, so the serpent is hedging its bets as best it can.

      1. Lobro,
        Farang can also be a guava in Thailand. Thus you have “Farang eats farang” in Thai. Most Thais don’t pronounce it correctly. They say falang. So when they call me a falang I correct them, which produces a laugh. I think the origin of the word comes from India, ferengi or Frank. Most speakers of the Sino Tibetan languages have trouble with their “r’s”. Try getting them to say, Round the rugged rocks, the ragged rascal ran!

      2. Elmer Fudd would say it like this:

        “Wound the wugged wocks the wascawy wabbits wan”…..and he likes to eat fawangs.

      1. This Khazarian Mafia Blood Feud against Russia was also accompanied by a blood feud against Persia for helping Russia destroy Khazaria in about 1020 AD.

        Their revenge hard on ensures long memories for real or imagined wrongs.

      2. Nice research work by Mike Harris

        Well worth following up with this info to keep everything fresh in maintaining a proper perspective on things.

  19. “Half breeds” ??? Now there is the pot calling the kettle black. Maybe the doctor needs to read Arthur Koestler’s “The Thirteenth Tribe” before accusing others of being “half breeds”. Almost the entire population of Israel is made up of “half breeds”, much to their chagrin I am sure.

  20. Why is this news? Saachi & Saachi & tge entire jew advertising industry have been propagating the rqpe / miscegenation of White Women for the last 63 years!

    1. @ Circassian, I find it ironic that you are accusing me of being phony, yet you are writing under a fake name. At least one of us two have the courage, and it is not you by any means.

  21. From what I have seen and heard from first hand accounts non white invaders will not have to rape many white women the white women might rape them. German and most slav women drool over negroid rope head animals. my friend just got back from Holland and said 80% of those under 30 are mulattos. Danish women who are radical feminists and hate their own men sexually attack sub human afreakans as they arrive their

    1. The other night, for dinner company, I had a younger, beautiful, white (28 year-old) lady with whom I discussed this very topic (as it seems to be rampant here in USA, too). She agrees with me that ‘white boys’ seem to have become ‘less manly’ due to effeminized influences upon them. Many of them, having been spoiled and babied – and addicted to digital games and media – are largely non-assertive and not dependable or capable in times of adversity and trouble. Women can’t rely on them for security, or a feeling of protection. Many of them don’t even know how to change a flat tire on the cars their mommies and daddys bought them :)! They seem to need Viagra, and don’t have any instinct for loving a girlfriend. (Of course, that leaves the pickings better for older bucks such as myself, but the caveat is we’re also somewhat reluctant to procreate any more!).

      1. come on Gil that slut is full of sheet. women are gonna rely on rope head baboons for security?? you got to be kidding they will leave them way before the mulatto is born. these white man hating tattooed sperm bank women have been crusading to feminize men

      2. Gilbert,

        Having researched extensively on why women are the way that they are today, I can safely say that young men today, in general are probably more masculine than they ever have been. Sure, there are more homosexuals, bisexuals, metrosexuals in this world but within the straight community you’ll find most men are very much into UFC. Now how much more masculine can you get?

        What this woman isn’t telling you is that she wants it all. She wants the man with the good job, the car, the fancy apartment, the holidays abroad, the meals out, the child and of course the big paycheck through divorce.
        Now let’s also look at what happens with the woman who finds a man that she doesn’t marry. The first thing she sets about doing is changing the man into what she wants him to be. And once that’s done he’s no longer the man that she was attracted to. In other words, she breaks the legs of the donkey and then leaves it because it can’t carry the load anymore.

        I’d like to also tell you of the badboys, a few of whom are friends of mine. They cheat on their partners and yet their partners stay with them. Others don’t have girlfriends, they simply go out and have sex with 3+ women every week. One of my friends must have been with half of my city and they all come up and chat to him wanting some more. The saying is very true – treat ’em mean and keep ’em keen. This is what the young girls want. They want the excitement of the bad boys in their lives. They want to be on the edge all the time. They have their careers, their finainces, their nights out with the girls……and when they hit the mid 30’s, they start panicking as body clock is telling them that child creating time is coming to a close. So they look for the ‘good guys’ whom they’ve been avoiding all their lives. They seek the man who’s going to be a good father and will treat them like ‘princesses’.

        We have never lived in a time where women have complete control over men. We live in an incredibly sexist society in favour of women. We have stupid situations where if two people end up in bed together, both drunk, the man is guilty of rape because he’s taken advantage of a woman. Canada is leading the way with feminism and rape culture.

        What this woman isn’t telling you is that men are going their own way (MGTOW). They can’t find the good men, not because they’re effeminate, but because the men aren’t really interested. They’d rather play video games, watch UFC, go out with their mates and get drunk and end up in a strip club to go home and watch porn. They are no longer seeing longevity in a relationship with women. They see the divorce rate is 75%+ brought about by women. They are seeing friends having their partners leave them with their children….they are simply waking up to the fact that relationships today, that is man and woman, are simply not worth their time. It’s why the stripbars and escort industries are so high because men see that as a far better alternative than the emotional train ride, ending in a trainwreck with a partner.

        However, all that said, there are those lucky men and women who do find long lasting love but it’s a dying scenario in the west. Feminism has utterly smashed reality as it was planned too.

        Men are just waking up to the simple fact that the cards are stacked against them in a relationship and a marriage and are opting out. It’s called the ‘sexodus’ and it’s happening right now. Women are chasing men away from themselves. Their insane list of ‘wants’ from men, the threat of false rape accusations against men around every corner, bias family courts…….who in their right mind would want that? My friend has just won a 3 year court battle against a woman who falsely accused him of rape. It nearly destroyed him. Men are opting out Gilbert and rightly so.

      3. Well, I am a baby boom generation female and you know what, I went for the traditional man who would take responsability and marry me and what did I find? Men who wanted the sex without the engagement! I remember being called “moralistic”, “bigot”, “a nun”, “outdated old fashioned” and even a “crypto lesbian” haha, because I didn’t go to bed with every male interested in me.

        It was the baby boom generation male who ran for the goodies Cultural Marxism brought them: Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll!! So, don’t blame the younger generation males. They have been introduced in a life style that originated with the baby boom generation.

      4. Let`s see now Harb, according to you, your mates sleep around, spend a lot of time together watching footie, and knocking back beer, they go to strip clubs, then home to sit alone, wanking to porn, and it`s women`s fault? What a sad bunch of losers most guys are these days..

        Things must have changed, it was always my experience that abused women had to leave their homes, taking their kids with them, to live in shelters, whilst the abuser sat again, in the family home, with all the family possessions, and most refused to take responsibility for their kids..

        Yes Harb, there are two sides to every story..

        btw guys, check out the headline on the truthseeker, about a saudi millionair, cleared of raping a teenager, by claiming that “he “tripped .. and fell … and may have accidentally penetrated her” …

    2. Mil-Dot,

      “German and most slav women drool over negroid rope head animals. my friend just got back from Holland and said 80% of those under 30 are mulattos.”


      There is mixing going on, yes. But on a small scale and it will remain that way. People have a preference to their own race when it comes to creating a family. For women it’s usually white trash that is breeding with negroid types. You do see a lot of non white races mixing. And when yoy walk around in the largest cities you would get the wrong impression because there the majority is already non white. However, having said that, there is reason to worry. The tipping point lies already far behind us I’m afraid. Non whites have more offspring than whites. That is the real culprit.

      1. I have had many college guys work for me and all of them told me that the best looking smartest girls from well to do families go with the negroes more then any other class of girls. also these guys would go to the islands for vacation big strong good looking white kids and they said being white they could only get the leftover white girls if any being most went with the jungle savages who would wait at the airport for them. so I do not know what you are talking about.

  22. don’t forget to hate Muslims now. you people are so brainwashed by zionist media.
    I am going to wait for some hasbara troll to answer this post and claim to be white or from EU and expose the evil of islam for the goyim sheeple.

  23. imagine if a Muslim doctor said this, it would be 24/7 on TV. If a black doctor said this it would be 24/7, if an asian doctor said this it would be 24/7 on TV….. not only jews rape white women en mass but they are selling them in israel as sex slaves. Israel is the world center of white female trafficking and children trafficking for sex. Jews control pornography in the world, they almost have it by 100%. they caught jews in eastern europe making snuff movies with little children.

    1. Not only that, they are in the traffic of organs. They do not like us, but they steal organs from their enemies, that is the joke of the year, bunch of demonic people, they should find another planet to be in it. The Planet of Apes for example.

      1. ANNONYMOUS,

        “… they should find another planet to be in it. The Planet of Apes for example.”

        They know that themselves so they’re working on it. Soon the white countries will be transformed into that.

      2. I`ve often wondered, if jew has non jew organs transplanted onto, or into jew, does that not weaken jews claim to jewishness?

        Yes, lots of young, shot Palestinians are probably becoming organ donors..

    2. @ SAM

      “…imagine if a Muslim doctor said this…”

      That has already happened, not by a doctor but by an imam from no other place than the al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem . See article Mail Online, 18 September, 2015 :

      Imam tells Muslim migrants to ‘breed children’ with Europeans to ‘conquer their countries’ and vows : ‘We will trample them underfoot, Allah willing’.

      For the video :


      1. The imam can say that because he knows the stupid white women will gleefully mate with sub humans to help genocide the whites. The main problem whites have is that half the whites hate whites MORE then the non whites hate whites and the non whites really hate whites

      2. @ Frank, Keep in mind, MEMRI is an organization that is well known for its anti- Arab and anti- Muslim reporting. It is founded and operated by a former Israeli military intelligence officer. According to a recent article published in the British Guardian newspaper, MEMRI reporting is slanted toward Israel and it disseminates information that defames Arabs and Muslims. Citing MEMRI as a reference on Arab/Muslim issues is like consulting the late Hugo Chavez of Venezuela about a documentary on the U.S.A. I listened to the speech in Arabic and it does smell fishy and suspicious to me. Just like the source of the clip.

    3. Sam,

      “…… not only jews rape white women en mass but they are selling them in israel as sex slaves. Israel is the world center of white female trafficking and children trafficking for sex. Jews control pornography in the world, they almost have it by 100%. they caught jews in eastern europe making snuff movies with little children.”

      Yes, Sam. Tell us something we don’t know.

  24. Everyone should ignore comments they don’t like, as the rubble proves it’s the healthiest mindset to have.

  25. The question is not did an individual Jew make this abhorrent statement, the question is, does this accurately describe the Jew’s collective agenda for western civilization? The fact that such a statement could be considered even a remotely valid possibility, should be more than enough reason to fully expunge that element from western civilization.

    That said, consider the following:

    “The Wright R-2600 Cyclone, designed and produced by the Curtiss-Wright Aeronautical Corporation, was a 14-cylinder, double-row, air-cooled radial engine. It was more famously known for the smaller aircraft it powered, rather than the larger craft. It was used in a variety of famous aircraft that included the Boeing 314, Curtiss SB2C Helldiver, Grumman TBF Avenger, Douglas A-20, Martin PBM Mariner, and North American B-25. Work began on the engine September 23, 1936 under the company’s specification #439 and production began in 1938.

    “During early development, it was plagued with problems and came under much scrutiny from the Truman Committee. In an Additional Report of the Special Committee Investigating the National Defense Program on aircraft, the committee found that there was widespread production of substandard and defective material. During an investigation of the Lockland Plant in Ohio, it was found there was falsification of tests and forging of inspection reports among many complaints. More than 25% of the engines tested, failed during a 3-hour test run. The incident was the inspiration for a play by Arthur Miller’s “All My Sons” in which a father, who produces faulty aircraft parts, contributes to the death of 21 P-40 pilots and even his own son.”

    “Other problems included carburetor trouble and high oil consumption from ring wear and cylinder wall pitting. The problem got so bad that some thought it was sabotage and the FBI was called in, but they found no wrong doing. Pratt & Whitney had a similar problem where bearing surfaces were eroding away. The problem with the Pratt engines was finally isolated to acid buildup in the lubricating oil and the oil formulation was changed. Wright also used reformulated oil and its problems were corrected and the R-2600 went onto become a much improved engine.”


    Odd isn’t it? Despite the FACT the committee found widespread production of substandard and defective material, and despite the investigation of the Lockland Plant in Ohio, finding falsification of tests and forging of inspection reports, and despite the FACT that more than 25% of the engines tested, failed during a 3-hour test run, the FBI found no wrong doing! Ultimately, these FACTS led to the conclusion the problems were not due to any intentional sabotage or intentional defrauding of the government with the use of substandard materials, no it wasn’t anybody’s fault, the engine problems were merely due to an oversight in the refining process.

    Now boys and girls, I bet you cannot guess what tribe has been at the forefront of selling substandard material and military equipment since the she-wolf suckled Romulus and Remus, but can you guess who has long suffered the fatal consequences of such deceptive business practices? Well, leave it to a Jew like Aurthur Miller to step right up and point the finger at the murdered victim while screaming “Guilty! Guilty! GUILTY!”

    Shazzam Moshe! Are these goyim as dumb as rocks or what?

    1. My fathers brother was a Navy pilot during WW II. He and his co-pilot crashed and burned in San Jose , Ca. USA in 1945. He would fly from Monterey , Ca. to his uncles house in San Jose where he would come in loud and low and make the house and everybody else’s house rattle and shake. On last time the engine quit a few miles away and that was the end of that. I believe he flew the Avenger torpedo bomber.

  26. The Most Respected Holy Christian Father,

    A candid epistolary relationship has this advantage over all the others, namely, that in writing, one cannot see the corresponding faces blush. As I enjoyed and accepted your cutting words to me better and sweeter than those fake Christian English ones which seemingly millennia ago reached me from that paltry little isle called England from the hand of a terribly lonely and visibly unloved subject of yours, I thought it fair that I compose a quick riposte to you, unadorned and unbeautified, on the condition, of course, that you read it carefully and with great animadversion, and that without so much as entertaining a single flickering hope that you shall engage your Jewish mind in promoting its message to your long-Judaized Christian flock. Speaking of flock, I wonder to what else does this almost tangible noun apply, eh? Why, to sheep, of course!

    Although I said I enjoyed your nocturnal apparition to me better and sweeter than any other I had before, I must tell you that, it takes no great sophistication of mind, nor nobility of soul, such as I possess and you do not, to perceive in your powerful words a certain kind of sharp indecency and moral turpitude unbecoming of a man of faith, not to say of a personage of so great an Eminence as you, particularly when you called me a Jewish whore; but, then again, I quickly reminded myself that to be a Jew, like you, and not like me, no great application of any part of oneself is required: so long as a man simply and so much as enters into the thought current of the Jew, he becomes one, in which case nothing is forbidden, and anything goes, like you with me. But, as the saying goes, Ego te absolve!

    You begin your carefully-embroidered thoughts to me by reminding yourself of a truth which I have ejaculated a thousand times before, namely, that man is born free and yet everywhere he is in chains. This is correct, but this is not a mere opinion but a hard and undeniable fact. You know, I recently was at your Jewish Headquarters, down there in the Vatican, and it is that experience which prompted me to remind you of Rousseau’s remark, though again I should like to remind you that, in reading what I have to say, you do not do so in haste, as my white, German hands, Holy Father, unlike your sullied Jewish ones, are capable of effecting the most intricate elegancies and memorably gorgeous sophistications imaginable, so much so in fact, that even your grand otium cum dignitate Jewish mind could never so much as hope to imagine, let alone emulate. What to do, eh! Not without reason do they call me here, ‘’Evil Ellie.’’ Perhaps they are right.

    Unlike your soul-marred, though outwardly indescribably handsome, Italians, who approach Michelangelo’s Pieta there where you reside in a mode of utter surrender and total reverence, I recently got nearer to Him, Yeshua the Great, and that with a certain kind of diffidence, almost embarrassment, though I assure you this not because of some natural modesty or repressed shyness on my part, but rather because I had forcibly allotted myself some time to spend in the company of the hopeless and the forlorn, such as compose your loving Christian, library-burning, Hypatia-killing, Jewish Army: I believe that my material wealth and intellectual knowledge of just about everything under the blue cupola of the sky entitles me to assume a certain air of… how shall I put it… ‘’likeable arrogance,’’ and therefore a marble representation, though exquisitely carved, of a suffering Jesus, can be no more a hindrance to my feeling of superiority over the other hopeless Christian mortals who had come there to pray, than can the sight of a Holocaust survivor be to the feeling of immense JOY! Oh, happy joy!: will you again return in my lifetime? And so, I shall now proceed to give you what I hope to be a most satisfactory account of my recent experience, satisfactory, that is, from my standpoint, as really I was immensely satisfied with what I saw and experienced.

    Pieta, Holy Father, as you know, is an astonishing work of Art. If it were in a man’s power energetically to enter into the wondrously elegant and deep marble stabbings of Signor Buonarroti, one would no longer be viewing his productions as an outward expression or representation of an idea or a feeling; he would become them! Everywhere effusive and suffusive elegance proclaims itself! Everywhere beauty, everywhere style, everywhere thought, everywhere power. So much so in fact, that if one knew how to look and feel, one would be overcome with the deepest of shames for not having converted earlier!

    A carefully-folded shroud hanging heart-breakingly bloodied across His gentle, inoffensive loins. His dead, soft finger, unconsciously but meaningfully enfolding Mary’s live crimsoned dress. Her lap, bearing happily and effortlessly two-thousand years of heavy history on it, no more weaker or fatigued than the fittest and healthiest of human bodies. And yet, the closer I got to the carving, and the longer and deeper I scrutinized its elegant white Italian contours, the more and more did that part of the unconscious knowledge which was hidden to the rest of the soul-dead Judeo/Christian congregation seek my urgent and conscious attention.

    ‘’Look you here, Ellka,’’ it was saying to me, ‘’and after that, look some more around – but HONESTLY. What do you see? Gorgeous brilliance? Unexampled skill? Interminably long and rich history? Perhaps. But, what is the ESSENCE of that which you are seeing? What is the kernel? the gist? the very, very seed of these fabulous artistic profusions? Around you, is it the energy of life, or of death that you feel? Go nearer to Him again – go, go, do not be afraid: He may pierce the eyes of others, but this time I want YOU to pierce HIS. Ask Him: ‘‘’Mister Yeshua, You, who are?’‘’ ‘’No. ask Him this:’’ ‘’’Why are You? Yes, You: why are You? For what? For what, for example, does Your undying representation exist? Why do You fill space? How come Time contains no broken memory of You alone? Why are You, and only You, held so inexpressibly reverently? Where, for example, in the dead You life? May I have some, please? Come, now: of You it has been said that You are like a candle: you can light a thousand other candles without diminishing any of Your own light. Sorry? What is that You just said?: ‘’I have spat at you a trillion times?’’ Correct, I have. But, why should that hinder Your amelioration of my soul? It may well be that I have come to You to repent, you know, to become better. Yeshua: there are ten-thousand-trillion souls out there who swear with the graves of their mothers that there isn’t anything You can’t do in this world. I have mingled with a great many of them here just so I could get nearer to You, and be happy as they are. Or, perhaps, my dear Yeshua, You are here just to dazzle, you know, to astonish and impress – I almost said, may You forgive me – to depress! Me, I must first be undeceived, you say? Fine. Undeceive me, then! Come on! Here is my unguarded heart right in front of You! Play with it! Rip it open! Cut it live – who cares! It’s been cut, and raped, and torn open ten-hundred-thousand-billion-trillion times before; one more deep loving incision from You will not kill it, I assure You. But, then again, maybe You are not at all, eh! Maybe You appear to be simply and solely because Jewish soul-dealers have made it their business to make You do what they themselves could not! Ah, that’s it! I got it now, I really have! Because every time I see You, I never leave You without inhibiting at least some traces of Jewishness in me, some recurrent loss, some personal loss, some deep loss, the reality of which never can undeceive me, because You merely promise, whereas the pain with which You leave me is real. One real pain of mine is realer to me than a million Yous and promises of Yours – did You know that? What pain did You suffer, eh? What, crucifixion? Pfhhh! But the man like You who is crucified and dies no longer feels it; it is those like me who are crucified and continue to live that feel it! You, suffered? No, we do, Mister, we do. We suffer, because at the cost of enriching You, we have impoverished ourselves! We suffer, because in us we see more You than we! Who are You to be more me than me? Did You request politely that You establish Yourself at every juncture of the world and of every psyche? Or, did You come flaming torch in hand and flay alive all those who would but not accept You? They say that You are perfect, but I don’t believe it, because the perfect is deathless, like the Cosmic Consciousness. That You occupy deathlessly the very, very depths of billions of souls means little or nothing to me: after all, the Jews used to sacrifice their little ones to Moloch, and that with the same exact conviction and belief that he was perfect and good, and that what they were doing was noble and holy – and yet, count the babe corpses which the Jewish god swallowed, and even if You were to count in the increments of ten-thousand, You would still be here two-thousand years later – still counting. You came into this world, or so the Jewish soul-dealers tell us, to fulfill a promise. Very well: we heard it and believed it, but where is its fulfillment? If You promised peace in this world, how come the evil Jews are still around? If I am not mistaken, it was the Jews that stabbed You and not the Irish, and yet, of the two, who perished the more? Why, then, won’t You strike them dead?

    You don’t want to make enemies, You say? But, my dear Fellow, half the world is already against You, beginning and ending with Your loving Jews! My books say that, moral duty requires one to strike dead those who endanger us. Had You actually done so, even the most barbaric of tribes would have heard of You and Your deeds, and not merely half the unlearned world. You know, even the most lenient and loving of judges in the world would deem the Jews, all of them, unfathomably evil: how come You alone are preserving them? What? So they can kill some more? Oh, Yeshua, Yeshua! My good, bloodied Yeshua! I could go on for ever, and ever, and ever, picking holes at You, but I won’t, because one thing I have noticed in life, is that the oftener You are stabbed, the oftener and the more miraculously do you manage to survive. Who deathless? You? MOST ABSOLUTELY! Only, remember this: if it is You whom countless millions of believers have rendered undying, in Your name also has been secured the deathlessness of the Jews; their hourly-caused terror and filth, black, deep depravities which not only threaten to suffocate man, but soon enough may well do. You tell us that we must love the Jews, whereas the Jews hourly tell each other that they must hate You. Why don’t You be a jealous god for a change eh?, and let us see where that takes us; and, if that doesn’t work, don’t you think it’s high time anyway that we removed your glistening bust to the Great Hall of Fame, and secured You a spot in the company of countless other Oriental gods that have been but no longer are? Because, my dearest, dearest Yeshua, if two-thousand years of praying to You has brought us very much of nothing, have we no right to invent ourselves a new god? a fairer god? one who protects the innocent and strikes dead the guilty: Your dear brothers, the evil Jews?’’

    And so, Mister Pope, Holy Father (not), as you can see, such and the like were the questions which I put to your mangled Jesus. Oh, poor soul! Such hideous mortifications He has suffered; so very little love from the evil, demon me He has received! I very much doubt that another head would have had the same courage and intelligence to ask Him such bleeding – if you know what I mean? – questions as I did; because, as you yourself said the other night, we may all look the same, but inwardly some of us are entirely different. And so, I don’t presume that everyone else possesses the same quantity and the nature of knowledge that I possess, not to mention the hideously offensive and utterly, utterly disrespectful mouth as I do; but, if I have been candid with my thoughts about that famous personage which you revere the most, know also that I am being equally candid when I tell you that, the religion which you represent is the most stupendous, most fabulous, and most unbelievable fraud ever to be perpetrated against man on earth; and that, whilst with time the memory of Jesus will be part-pitied, half-questioned, and fully forgotten, that of you, Mister Jewish Pope, will positively be spat upon. Now, Holy Father, the protector of the Jews: bring your wan Jewish face nearer to mine, as I wish to impress it with my spit. SPIT!

    Evil Ellie. Evil, pure, black, filthy rich Ellie. Just evil. No, better still: SOUL-DEAD ELLIE! Time to kill me, Mme Darkmoon’s Jesuistic, mercenary, loving army!

    ‘Perhaps, Mother, it is impossible to demand that others become as perfect as we, since not everything that is acquirable is actually possible of being acquired. Perhaps improvement and betterment really is an idea, just like you said to me in your last letter, as mourning is for the dead, which the wise old Indians mark with thoughtful drums and happy chanting, and we, ‘’the more superior and wealthy Aristocrats’’ with black sadness and heavy Christian tears. Perhaps what causes us the greatest pleasure, to others causes great pain. But of one thing I am certain, my dearest of all loves in the Universe: that, if only Truth were presented to even the dullest and thickest of minds, dead indeed would be he who would not at least partly feel its wonderful effects; for, it is not the natural stupidity and credulity of man that has brought the world to such a sorry religious pass, but the willful concealment of Truth by those religious masters of man who desperately wish that he remain tied to them for ever, like the hideous Jewish soul-parasite with whom you long ago have become naively but painfully entangled. You may think that by confessing to me that you are indeed tied you are implying a faint consciousness of weakness, you know, like the deft picker of pockets, who implies a faint consciousness of crime by giving his innocent audience an unasked-for example of the slick dexterousness of his fingers around another’s pockets, something which, in your case, I must say Fate has not at all justly proportioned according to your true and unbelievably good deserts, though it has much to the visible, but never shameful, loss of your former breathtaking German beauty – for you are beautiful, you know that, don’t you? But, then again, my friend, for the great religious masses of the world, is being tied itself not an idea? A dog tied from birth does not hate the chain with the equal vehemence as the one which is tied in mid-age, you know; and vile grossness, such as we always and unfailingly see in our Jewish relations, when uncompared to your stunning Aryan beauty, sees nothing vile in itself. See, then, that in the difficult hours ahead you do not pray and do not so much as touch a Bible, whether Jewish or Christian, but instead stain your papers and write to me at once, for, not only do those corpse-like tomes fill the mind with empty knowledge, but it is through prayer and hoping that the cunning demon Jewish god creates an unseen field and imperceptibly penetrates the conscience, never, my darling Mother, never again to leave it. You died once when I was born. Do you wish to die again now that I am alive?’

    Ellie K.: Memoirs, ‘’Red Shield, Silver Bullet,’’ excerpt from, Chapter XIII, ‘’ Letters to my Mother,’’ Letter CX, paragraph IV, page 377. This book will be published for the pleasure of my friends’ eyes only. Lobro and Gilbert, my two and only loving friends here, openly supportive of me from day one, will get a free copy, with two-hundred euros enclosed. As indeed will the Christian Ty. The rest of you will not.

      1. Another two or three sentences and Ellie would have had written a complete 19th century type novel, 19th century novels are usually, OH, about 1,298 pages long at least.

    1. My dearest Ellie,

      It is certainly a treat to be named, along with Lobro, in such fashion! If I were to try and articulate in words the understanding I believe I have for your expression, I am afraid I would betray my own humility. While I doubt the brilliant Lobro will be so considerate to your readers, I at least wager that you can count on him to share my sentiments 🙂 . We’d love to read your book – and I doubt either of us needs your euros – but however will we provide you our mailing addresses for book delivery (I would, of course, desire an autographed copy, signature-penned by your own, beautiful hand)?? You are too generous, dear lady! (Which reminds me to ask of you – as a token of your generosity – to reexamine your sentiments concerning our beloved Lasha.)

      1. @ Gilbert Huntly

        “Which reminds me to ask of you – as a token of your generosity – to reexamine your sentiments concerning our beloved Lasha.”


        You have probably noticed that Ellie seldom writes a comment without indulging in her favorite pastime of “Lasha-bashing.” As monitor of this site, I could easily delete these offensive posts. But I don’t. This is for three reasons. Firstly, Ellie is a force of nature, a unique phenomenon with a unique style, and censoring her would be fundamentally wrong. Secondly, TROJ has said far worse things about Lasha than Ellie has, so why should Ellie be censored for her relatively restrained attacks and TROJ given free rein? Thirdly, Lasha has always had a soft spot for Ellie, an instinctive attraction as if to a kindred spirit, so she has told me to do my best to approve Ellie’s comments and give her a platform here.

      2. Thank you for your kind words, Gilbert, thank you very much indeed. Believe me: it’s not often that I thank people; usually, it’s people that thank me. As for your wish that I rebuild bridges with the you-know-who, my answer is: JAMAIS! Do not be deceived! Mme Darkmoon only comes across as sweet, kind-hearted, inoffensive and nice; inwardly, she is the most efficient, cold-blooded, and supremely elegant killer of soul! Would you like to know how Lasha kills, Gilbert, would you? I shall tell you! She kills without so much as touching you, that’s how. In all the histories of the world, I have never come across another human being like her.

        Ages ago, when I had the most desperate, and I mean DE-SPE-RA-TE, need for her, I used to write her eight-page long affectionate and painfully candid emails; would you like to know how long she wrote back to me? FOUR-HUNDRED WORDS! FOUR-HUNDRED WORDS, GILBY, FOUR-HUNDRED, NOT FOUR-THOUSAND! I mean, here I am, churning out billions and billions of paragraphs, each and every one of them more elaborate and thoughtful than the ones preceding them, and all she could muster is FOUR-HUNDRED BARELY AUDIBLE WORDS! I mean, come on! Which is why I have never bothered to write back to her. Ask her, if you don’t believe me. No! With me, Lasha has lost someone special, but the loss is entirely hers, of course, and not mine, for it is she who has uncovered the hideous suggestibility of her naïve mind by listening to that equally hideous Jew, Phil, and not me. And what do the Jews do best, Gilby? They deceive, that’s what! Me, I never believe anyone when they tell me anything about another person, particularly if I can hear that person’s voice, as Lasha has heard mine.

        Lasha has had ample opportunity to test me: FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE, GILBERT, I EVEN GAVE HER MY HOME ADDRESS, something which I never do! Fois gras, or fois de gras, or foise des grasses? Big fucking deal! It just shows how unacquainted with Kluge’s Second Hidden Law they all are! Perhaps I was trying to say something, as I am quite certain I wrote that soon after the Paris false-flag attacks. Stupid animals! The world contains so many stupid animals!

        So, my friend, let her suffer! Being lonely, unloved, depressed and Christian, she should be thoroughly acquainted with loss, if you know what I mean. And besides, I have already poisoned Lasha with an Aqua Tofana a million, trillion times in my mind, although, I must most reluctantly admit, never without preparing beforehand and keeping close to me a good dose of antidote, you know, just in case she really goes off! Because, that’s how I feel towards her, Gilbert, unlike anyone else I have ever felt for before: I would love to see her writhe in the most unimaginably excruciating pain, pain so great and agonizing in fact, as TO FORCE HER TO LOVE ME.

        But, you know what the Christians are like: you can never force them to do anything; they are the toughest, most unmoving and single-minded lot in the Universe. Which is why I wanted to kill her: she is tougher than me, more determined than me, and does not, unlike the wretched me, confess her desperate need for people, for companionship, for love, for attention: in short, Lasha Darkmoon, by rejecting me, has made it plain to me that she can do without me, whereas I, in confessing my need for her, have made it known to her that I can’t do without her.

        And who really has come out the worse from all this? Why, a young and handsome English cousin, that’s who: full of ambition, full of hopes, full of dreams. Gilbert, I hope I am struck dead tomorrow if I am lying to you, but everything, AND I MEAN EVERYTHING, had been so very carefully and feelingly prepared: a seven-page carefully hand-written letter, in which I had said far more things than I ever could online; a Cartier silk envelope, so she could tell that I thought her special; a blood-red wax seal, with the elegant EK monogram heavily imprinted upon it, so she could see that it was personal; happy money, energetically infused with positive thoughts, something I rarely ever do, as a small gesture of good luck for the receiver with the hope that it be spent well; two photographs, so she could see that she was not communicating with a phantom, like the Jew, Phil; a sprinkled scent, subtly spread across the pages, so that she doesn’t receive just ink but my perfume, too – all this I did, and what does your loving, tender, kind, Christian Lasha do? Why, she writes a stupid, so, so stupid prostitute article about me, performing somersaults in the back seat of a car! Silly goose! Silly, thoughtless goose!

        You know, I might be the most potty-mouthed, most Judaic mass-murderer in the world, but one thing I am not and never have been, is false. I will never, not ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, NOT EVER, renege on my wish and offer to help her: JAMAIS!, only this time, it is she who must express a need for me and not me of her. Until such time as that, almost every night must Lasha be killed, and tortured, and flayed alive, until, that is, I no longer even want to kill her, just as now I no longer feel the need for her.

        But, don’t worry, Gilby, as I wouldn’t torture her so I could kill her, only so I could impress her with brutal force for her stubborn refusal to be impressed by me with money and love. After that, I would discard her, JUST AS SHE HAS DISCARDED ME!

        No one fucking believes me, Gilbert, that’s my most furious and personal problem, no one, no one, no one, save those who know me, of course. Do you now see why I think that people should be bought and sold like cattle, in no way different than in the way in which a cattle farmer buys and sells his stock? Deal with your ‘’lovely’’ Lasha on personal basis, my good American soul-friend, as I once did, and soon enough you will see what I mean: complete and total superficiality; the most stale and uninteresting personality you will ever come across; and a voice, a frequency and energy colder and more frigid than the deadest of Jewish corpses. She knows this to be true – don’t you, you lonely and eternally loveless Madame? Yeshua hates liars.

        Yours – as in yours, GILBERT, and not Lasha’s,


      3. @ Ellie K

        One thing is certain: this is a pretty unique website. On no other comparable site would a comment like this be published — totally off-topic but nevertheless so very interesting to read! Almost like a novel. I can well understand, Miss Ellie, why Lasha has published so many of your articles and regards you, it seems, with a certain affection. However, I am not so sure her affection will survive your latest waspish attack on her.

        I think this concluding comment of yours is particularly hurtful, and Lasha is likely to shed bitter tears of anguish when she reads it. This is the ultimate dagger in the back:

        “. . . [Lasha has] a complete and total superficiality; the most stale and uninteresting personality you will ever come across; and a voice, a frequency and energy colder and more frigid than the deadest of Jewish corpses. She knows this to be true – don’t you, you lonely and eternally loveless Madame?”

        Oh, how cruel and cutting that is, Ellie!

        And yet, can you explain something? If Lasha is indeed “the most stale and uninteresting personality you will ever come across”, why are you so obsessed with her? Why have you wasted so much time on her? Why have you written to her so many times pouring out your heart to her? Why are you so angry and upset that she has “rejected” you” Why do you write: “[I want] TO FORCE HER TO LOVE ME.”

        Ellie, you are inconsistent! Buck up your ideas! You can’t have it both ways! If Lasha is such a silly goose with a “stale and uninteresting personality”, why would you want her to love you and feel so sad she has “rejected” you?

        I don’t think Lasha has “rejected” you, Ellie. Not really. She has already made it clear she has a soft spot for you. Maybe the real reason for her apparent coldness is that she is a shy, retiring person who feels in awe at your great wealth and patrician grandeur. You move in higher circles, out of her reach, and I think she must be acutely aware of this fact — like a beggar girl in rags blushing at the approach of a grande dame or highborn lady on horseback.

        Yes, she probably feels you are out of her league.

      4. It continues to amaze me the complete lack of respect some people have for others. You are writing on Lasha’s website and you [Ellie] and TROJ do your utmost to castigate, pillory and insult her.

        I really haven’t a clue what’s going in with TROJ, just as I haven’t with Ellie either. TROJ comes out with moments of brilliance, but most of the time it’s just ranting and raving about whatever. Ellie on the other hand, while certainly one with a good command of the written word, tends to come across as one, big, melodrama, like the actors in Blackadder the Third’s Sense and Senility.

        Get a grip the pair of you.

        And Joe, you’re a one to talk about post length. I’m sure you write just as much as Ellie does, but she does it in one long post whereas you in umpteen that get refused by admin, because of your post restriction 🙂

      5. reexamine your sentiments concerning our beloved Lasha.

        Yes, yes, I concur absolutely.
        I can think of better enemies than Lasha. In fact, it’s not possible without a generous drop of LSD to imagine Lasha as any sort of credible enemy. Even when dressed up in blue veil, prowling around seraglio with a curved dagger, looking for the takfiri Sultan Erdogan.

      6. @ PAT

        Darlington…. it IS a novel she is writing. ?

        Let’s hope it ain’t War and Peace. 🙂

    2. Ellie, much appreciated.
      you are an ongoing project, so keep swinging at the fences.
      But first and foremost, you have kindness in you and absence of wickedness, malice and nefarious agenda.
      That alone is the saving grace of prime import, however hotheaded your temper may be.
      If you manage to finish your book and send it to me, it would be my pleasure and honor to read it out here in paganland.
      And if I discover a 200 Euro note inside, I will instantly purchase a way above my paygrade bottle of red (not of Rothschild vintage, whatever discount the baron offers), drink it by myself and with every glass, a toast to the author.

      But even without any of that, Sieg Heil, Fraulein Kleist, may you find that elusive peace that even the Pieta fails to deliver (I suspect that Michelangelo was infected with that pre-Protestant spirit much in vogue at the court of Lodovico Medici, what with Pico della Mirandola’s Kabbalist leanings and all, every self respecting Renaissance artist taking a shot at representing the Annihilation of Amalek, and so forth).
      Better a long road than deep freeze that traps the multitudes.

      And don’t take Phil too unkindly, him a good dude at heart, just like meek and wise Roman, another steadfast RC.

      1. @ JUSTICE FOR CHINESE, I bet you would not have give a rat if the two alleged perpetrators were Christians, Jews or a devil worshippers. BTW, why only the age of the two teenagers is mentioned but not the gay man?

    3. Mary Magdalene by Rossetti 1877

      The Passion of Youth :

      The Compassion of Reciprocation :×361.jpg

      Some day soon now Ellie , you will receive a big smacking kiss that leaves a permanent Sigil on your brow :

      Big Basin Redwood State Park
      Santa Cruz County , Ca. USA
      July 7 , 1977

      Please send gjetost cheese

  27. It’s obvious that Ellie K is a gifted writer and I could sense that she is very sensitive
    and her heart was broken and she yearn for a healing.
    she has a feeling of betrayal from someone she deeply loves

  28. psychology is my hobby
    Ellie K is skillful artist ,she is uniquely in love as I predicted
    Dragon is psychic as hell

  29. @Ellie K.

    That last comment is the damnedest thing this old boy has ever read, dear lady! You outdo yourself with melancholy. It’s hard for me to imagine the voice of Lasha you describe (I’ve never heard it – so cannot evaluate it), but am truly sorry for your experience. I, myself, once imagined her to be the kind of wonderful woman I, too, could love. Now, your description has caused my imagination to somewhat wander (which doesn’t take a lot of coaxing, believe me!). Nevertheless, she should be absolutely COMMENDED for the conversation she inspires, and I’d be forever in her debt if she would provide me with your mailing address, as I have provided her with my own – which she may give you any time she wishes. (No, I do not know – and have not experienced – her hand writing or voice, as you have, dear Ellie; but I would like very much to experience YOURS. I think you and I would enjoy each others company – at least for awhile, until you tired of my simple and rustic ways.) (Maybe you could teach me better!).

    1. My dear Poet Lover Gilbert,

      Our young and inoffensive Englishman, Mister Toby, recently said something most important, namely, that I am a force of nature, as impossible of being repressed as he is ever of liking me, though what he forgot to add, is the fact that I am undyingly memorable, supremely elegant and painfully candid, notwithstanding the unmasked and recurrent aversion which I alone help bring to the surface of his and Madame’s unmistakably jealous readers. There are people in this life by whom it is sweet to be hated.

      Whether it is by error, or stupid design, or lack of self-knowledge that you acquired a most hideous, gross and costly habit of deprecating yourself in front of me and of other readers each and every time you write here, is something I cannot say, though if I were you I would never again tell another how simple, how unworthy and how untalented you are; for, of such worthless common parts are the vast majority of men composed, that the grossest mistake one can ever commit in life is showing them one’s weakness, as everything and everyone will knock against it. Probatum est! Therefore, I hope never again to hear it come out from your sweet mouth the belief of how much more superior I am to you, for in conversation between two human souls, it is not eloquence that counts but honesty, and of this latter you very evidently have a superabundance.

      That you are a peasant, of that I am now thoroughly convinced; but, then again, what makes for a peasant? I am a peasant, as for the great majority of time I live not in the gorgeous Paris but in the country, with muddy boots and sweaty garments; the only characteristics that give me away to a stranger are my excessively polished speech, and an unmistakably haughty look, the former of which I have learned in the best of Le Havre and English schools, and the latter of which I have unwillingly inherited, but am happy to keep it. But I should happily and at any hour of the night exchange my brilliant speech for your unalloyed simplicity and honesty, as, again, in a good and warm company, speech is only between men what the starter motor is to a car: a mere device that only helps ignite some parts of the vehicle; after that, it is human breath that takes over and carries the intimate and affectionate parties to their intended destination: LOVE.

      Let me ask you this, though, as this forum, without the deep, DESTRUCTIBLE, original and unique infusion from me becomes so repetitious in same-old, same-old comments as to render itself stale, hence my standing out way above everyone else in it: what is this thing we call LOVE? I mean, people talk often about it – don’t they? – and there is hardly a young mouth to be found on the terrestrial earth that goes through life without mentioning it at least once in their lives. A man speaks of LOVE for his lady; you speak of LOVE for your Jesus; and I speak of LOVE of my money: but, are we referring to the one and the same phenomenon? or, are all these feelings but different manifestations of the same phenomenon? like the deafening noise is a manifestation of electrostatic charge in the skies, or a mathematical equation is a manifestation of a combination of intricate numbers, or outward power is a manifestation of inward will? For, you see, my dear Gilbert, unless a man is able to pierce through and get to the bottom of things, all he will ever see in this miserable and brutish life of his is but manifestations and not the real things, and if we ourselves wish to be looked upon by them as bigger, better, and truly more superior beings, we cannot prance in life by merely showing this different quality, or that different trait, but knowledge of life and of men so very profoundly deep, as to, yes, make them fall in LOVE with us. ‘’Show me how much you know,’’ Socrates is purported to have said, ‘’and I’ll show you how much I love you.’’ Good man.

      Epictetus tells us that LOVE can even be engendered in men by their vices, and I say, far, far better and infinitely more elegantly and originally than him, that LOVE which a whore causes in her Jewish whoremaster can be even more powerful and enduring than all the other loves! But, again, are these LOVES real LOVES? or, are they but mere alloys pretending to be LOVES? like a troupe of trained Jewish actors who alloy with each other in order to fool us and create a fake Jewish reality? Are you fake, Gilbert? Because if you are, like someone else I know, I assure you that no matter how well you adorn and beautify your bucolic character, sooner or later Mother Time shall uncover it for me, and the intensity and passion with which I will now hate you, will be far greater and more powerful than that with which I formerly esteemed and admired you. Even a god can be fooled, but never a demon!

      Me, I hate fake people, for, in my opinion nothing disgraces and disqualifies a man more in the eyes of a good company than pretension. A man here sees another man shine there, and off he goes, believing and willing to illumine others with a borrowed sheen. The moon does this, lighting up the dark sky with the Sun’s borrowed light, tricking children in believing that it possesses its own source of illumination. In this respect, perhaps we shouldn’t hate Darkmoon as much, for it at least has made it plain to anyone who is willing to but look that it has no light of its own, that it can illumine no solitary path of the traveller, and that if a man is convinced that in its company he shall find warmth and light, he will soon find himself in the position of the drunkard who vomits at the curb of a street, hideously disabused from his former beautiful notion that that which he had happily ingested would actually do him good. O, Gilbert! Who is fooled the most in life? He who is willing to believe, my man, that’s who!

      And so, my friend, don’t LOVE me, but keep aiming your sweet heart at that religious LOVE of yours, for surely a LOVE which occupies our imagination is sweeter and of a more lovable character than that which occupies our real space. For, wealthy people like me are vicious animals, who are only looked upon as great by other people in the imagination only, for even the most candid imagination at times permits of falsification, whereas Reality is murderously unforgiving. Look at me. The reality is that here everyone hates me, even if when I speak things I do so with the minutest attention and the most sublime perfection, like now. In fact, so considerate am I, that I never ‘’send’’ anything before it has been thoroughly checked and over-checked, just so the delicate eyes of the mases here will not be impressed with unlettered thoughts and vulgar feelings, such as are uttered by just about everyone else here, save Lobro and you, of course. Speaking of which, have you ever come across another man here with a sublimer wit and more elastic of tongues than him? I haven’t. And yet – returning to me now, as it’s all about me – people are more willing to remember those quiet indiscretions I may have occasionally ejaculated, than to forgive themselves those hideous foulnesses which they have openly proclaimed against me. I tell you, Gilbert: it is only in the imagination that man is good, for once you get nearer to him and see his realer nature, he will debase you at best, and kill you at worst. Perhaps Darkmoon is not as evil as we formerly thought it, eh? It makes no false promises, it sends no fake beacons, it gives no borrowed light, it issues no threats, and it emits no LOVE: JUST BEAUTIFUL LIFELESS, LOVELESS DEATH. Do you believe there is a secret connection between a person’s name and their personality? I do. Listen to this: JEWS! Didn’t the ear just hurt?

      Therefore, there, Gilbert. I hope I have pleased immensely your heart with my thoughts. Good night, my friend of the earth, and the lover in my imagination, and remember Evil Ellie’s words: ‘’In life, it is better if our mind fails us than our heart.’’ Someone’s empty heart here should know what I mean.

      E, for Elegance!

      1. @ Ellie K

        Well said, Ellie! You write like an angel. If only you would condescend to comment more often on this site! Shorter posts though, because we are having conversations here and by definition a “conversation” is an exchange of short snippets of dialogue and must exclude epic speeches that go on for 2000 words!

        I am not saying your rhetorical extravaganzas are in any way tedious. Quite the contrary! It’s like listening to Beethovens’ Ninth Symphony every time you fire off a post! But come, do try harder to relate to the peasants by partaking in sprightly dialogue in relatively short sentences and refraining from epic speeches with sentences that qualify for the Guinness Book of Records for the “Longest Sentence Ever Written.” 🙂

        Fact is, we need an intelligent woman on this site to cure my friend Harbinger of his misogyny. The current batch of women who infest this site, I regret to say, only help to promote misogyny because they are so horrible. They only have to open their mouths to evoke in the average man a seething misogyny. I have had to struggle really hard to resist this slide into woman hatred and have only managed to do so by reflecting that good women, intelligent women, honest women, do actually exist in isolated pockets of this world, though finding them is not easy.

        Remember Diogenes? How he would roam the streets of ancient Athens with a lantern in broad daylight, looking in vain for an honest man. This is what men are reduced to nowadays in their search for a suitable female companion. Finding a good woman is well night impossible. Just as junk food is universal and the masses are forced to eat it, junk women are now the norm. Canned women. Plastic women. Reduced rate women. Bargain basement women. The only thing that makes them edible is artificial flavourings like monosodium glutamate. They are dishes, these women, full of chemical toxins. Nice to eat. But they give you cancer in the end.

  30. as I understand from Ellie K last comment
    that the handwriting letter is Ellie’s
    ” a seven-page carefully hand-written letter, in which I had said far more things than I ever could online; a Cartier silk envelope, so she could tell that I thought her special; a blood-red wax seal, with the elegant EK monogram heavily imprinted upon it, so she could see that it was personal; happy money, energetically infused with positive thoughts, something I rarely ever do, as a small gesture of good luck for the receiver with the hope that it be spent well; two photographs, so she could see that she was not communicating with a phantom, ”
    in my own humble opinion , I think Ellie K is a honey trap no more and no less
    a trade mark of a very sophisticated and very professional Sayanim squad at the service of the tribe.
    it seems that someone made the tribe mad and fuming 😉

  31. Dear Darlington,

    I have always viewed with particular admiration and even pleasure that species of men capable of drawing conclusions when not so much as a hint of it has been dropped by the speaker, though sadly for you I happily do not include you in that class, since all the answers to your questions have amply and beforehand been supplied by me to you, IF ONLY YOU KNEW HOW TO READ!

    I don’t know how many springs you have in your head, Darlington, but that the vast majority of them are inoperative, I have absolutely no doubt. You, Darlington – oh, the name!, the name!, – you obviously have no idea what the difference between owning and possessing is, do you? Money I have aplenty, but that is a mere possession; but to actually own something, there is very little that I can call mine, save my animals, so long as they live, that is.

    Chief of those things which I desperately wanted to be mine, was Friendship, a warm contact with another human which I knew would specially gratify those parts of me which I know money cannot. Cleverly, you make it sound as if you people alone are unhappy, and me alone happy! Well, I believe that the beautiful English tongue supplies us with the answer to precisely such belief as yours: LE BULLSHIT!

    Constant belittling, offending without reason, threats made in the tenderest and acutest moments, swearing without any regard to the presence of others, evil depriving of the most needy emotional necessities, virtual imprisonment in the brightest and happiest of Springs, cursing in front of the mother – these, Darlington, did you or Lasha grow up with any of these? Honest now, yes? And now, tell me this: which of these soul injuries can money ever put aright, eh? I can understand an inconsiderate expression, or an action by another which may result unwillingly in some detriment or another to me – fair enough! But, to be openly unwanted in your own family? To be told, when your heart hurts, ‘’Here, here is some money; that will cure it!’’ Oh, Darlington, may (not) the worst misfortune befall you in life, but may you never be neglected when you have a need for love and friendship the most.

    For this reason do I insist that you DO NOT view me as more privileged than you, as in better off, but rather as someone who is MERELY infinitely richer in money, that’s all. I haven’t your ambitions, since there is nothing in life I have not got, but I did think that in Lasha I discovered an ear that would listen, you know, an intimacy which I hoped with time I would possess exclusively, jealously, passionately, eternally.

    But it seems to me now that, the longer I carried on the correspondence with YOUR GREATLY AND EASILY OFFENDED MADAME LASHA, the more I discovered ONLY the outlines of her character, you know, like Goya’s Dona Isabel de Porcel, whom one can view, and view, and view, and never so much as feel, let alone know, who she is? what she is thinking? does she love? does she not love? etc.

    And therefore, pry and pry though I might have, the most I was able to reap from her was but POLITE INATTENTION – YES, DARLINGTON, PRECISELY THE KIND OF INATTENTION FROM WHICH I WAS DESPERATELY SEEKING TO ESCAPE!

    Do you now understand? WRONG WAY, THEN! GO BACK!

    I don’t mind buying love, because I know that, provided a genuine person makes contact with me, soon the desire for riches is exchanged for a wish to be with me, my person, my personality. In this case I would consider love to be a sound investment, and so yes, I admit, I did try to buy Lasha, but I do not think my idea is so unpardonable and gross if considered from the viewpoint I have just elucidated.

    But sadly, it seems that you are short of an ear, and so I cannot listen for you.

    You say, ‘’Lasha is poor.’’ Very well: she had the opportunity to enrich herself. You say, ‘’If that is so, how come you refused to meet her?’’ Again, very well: but, again, she now knows where I live. But, live or not live, it was her article about me that seriously wounded me, and it’s the height of cynicism, strange, strange Darlington that you are, that you would find more fault in one sentence of mine about the cold Lasha, and yet not make a single sound about the evil falsities which she published about me in that hideous article of hers!

    How come? Oh, but I seem to have forgotten: ‘’Right or wrong, mine Christian brother is always right’’ – right? Wrong!

    You say that Lasha still views me with affection. Perhaps. But, what other views about me does she keep secret? One cannot judge another, O young and forever-hoping Christian, based merely on what one can see; one must prick and prod for those things in another which displease them most about another. Therefore, it is not the evil me, Darlington, who broke this “friendship”, but the grey personality known as Lasha.

    I haven’t the slightest guilt in my conscience if she is treated for the rest of her life with precisely those negligences, those hideous inattentions, and those same cheap Jewish pretences with which I myself grew up, and with which for a long time afterwards I had to live, though everything around me glistened, and everything was made of Jewish stolen money.

    Don’t feel for Lasha, trust me, learn from my mistake: for, a man who withholds his voice when another is desperate to hear it, is no better than a sailor who raises his rope when another is drowning. Too deep for you, Herr Darlington? Thought so.


    1. Songs Of Passionate Flame & Streams Of Compassion

      See me , Feel me , Touch me , Heal me,

      Listening to you I get the music
      Gazing at you I get the heat
      Following you I climb the mountain
      I get excitement at your feet

      Right behind you I see the millions
      On you I see the glory
      From you I get opinions
      From you I get the story

      The Who , Listening To You . Pete Townsend , 1969 .

  32. Ha-ha! Ellie’s good. She’s too damn good. Wouldn’t be surprised if she actually is who she claims to be. Something about her…

    1. Yes to all that.
      And totally consistent from day one, impossible for anyone, sayan, Satan or the third party to impersonate if this is not their character.

      Although she’s got Lasha very wrong, unfortunately.
      I know Lasha very well, I would say 10 years and she is indeed far from grey or emotionally stunted.
      Just a pathologically private, retiring and socially cautious individual.

      Ellie, blinded by her own pain, simply cannot perceive Lasha’s own because it is manifested differently.

      I liked Ellie’s character in the very first posting when I actually thought it was a man, tho a somewhat effeminate one, under the handle Katznelson.
      What was the sympathy trigger? When she cut it short in order to let the cat in thru the back door to be fed.
      And I don’t even like cats! 🙂 I am a dog man, all the way.
      I thought, here is some Jewboy but know what, he seems alright.

      1. Thank you LOBRO for coming to rescue! I almost posted a message asking, where are the good American? You are and always were the voice of reason on Darkmoon. Even though I am not so often here like I used to be, Just remember me when see comments from Ingrid, Felix or Ruth.

    2. The ‘EK Entity’ might have missed the true ‘calling’…
      ….. writing as well as most with a PhD schooled in the classics.

      Certainly inimitable. 😉

      1. I think Pat’s suggestion is the most likely scenario. This is all an Unpublished Novel being written by Ellie. It’s an experimental novel in process. And the people who are responding to Ellie here (e.g., Gilbert and Lobro) are her unpaid collaborators who will feature one day in this novel under their own pen names. Their fame is guaranteed!

        And if ever Ellie’s sensational novel (“Madame Rothschild vs.the Antisemites”) gets into the New York Times bestseller list, Lasha Darkmoon becomes the villain of the piece, a kind of Lady Dracula figure, and the Darkmoon site shoots up in Alexa! Hey Ellie, thanks! 🙂

        Can’t see why a Rothschild worth billions of dollars should bother writing articles and comments for the Darkmoon website when she could buy up Rense and VT and ten other major websites for peanuts. 🙂

  33. gilberts wasting his time letching after ellie. i think ellies bisexual or lesbian and she has the hots for lasha. stark raving obvious.

    or more likely ellies pretending to have the hots for lasha cause shes honeytrap sayan and hoping lasha is lesbian and will take the bait. but lasha aint biting thats for sure!

    maybe lashas straight or shes just a frigid iceberg like lobro says. who knows.

    1. maybe lashas straight or shes just a frigid iceberg like lobro says

      I said??? WTF …
      I imagine that majority (50%+) of icebergs are frigid, but none are named Lasha to the best of my knowledge.
      Though damn straight that Lasha is straight. Damn straight.

      Thread unraveling like a Mandelbrot fractal boundary, tried to be a peacekeeper but can’t keep pieces, like Mickey Mouse the sorcerer’s aprentice in Disney’s Fantasia.

      My next comment takes me back to serious matters, truth, Jews, mayhem and realpolitik … oops, close to bedtime, mom complaining.

  34. to Ellie K
    Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.
    Dalai Lama
    Old friends pass away, new friends appear. It is just like the days. An old day passes, a new day arrives. The important thing is to make it meaningful: a meaningful friend – or a meaningful day.
    Dalai Lama
    Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them.
    Dalai Lama
    Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive.
    Dalai Lama
    We can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves.
    Dalai Lama
    There is no need for temples, no need for complicated philosophies. My brain and my heart are my temples; my philosophy is kindness.
    Dalai Lama
    Too much self-centered attitude, you see, brings, you see, isolation. Result: loneliness, fear, anger. The extreme self-centered attitude is the source of suffering.
    Dalai Lama
    Sometimes one creates a dynamic impression by saying something, and sometimes one creates as significant an impression by remaining silent.
    Dalai Lama
    When you practice gratefulness, there is a sense of respect toward others.
    Dalai Lama
    Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.
    Dalai Lama
    My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness.
    Dalai Lama

  35. A JCREW wrote me — this –

    “Good morning Mr know it all. Now I am awake I can respond to your ridiculous messages. Simply how the fuck would you know if I had lost any sensation in my cock. Go fuck off with your ideas and knowing everything Funny I get feeling you’re just jealous of the fact I’m hung and I get to have her as my partner. Whereas you’re an old man and are still seeking a partner. I am a sadist and more dom than you could understand. Your ideas seem to be born of racism and hatred that someone could be better than you. Your opinions are yours and you’re welcome to them but keep the fuck off our profile.”

    Key word : Sadist

  36. Yes, the lady speaking is correct. The Vatican was taken under control in the second half of the 19th century by the impostors. As for Mr. Bergoglio he is just an Italian blood born pretending to be an Argentino. Remember his birth there was like all others: just a geographical accident. Your parents DNA will be always there. Yes, they migrated there in 1929. Kind of running away from Mussolini. And keeping with Italians whose last names end with the letter I. No surprise. Indeed his mother last name is Sívori. Go figure Ellie is right. He is 50% Ashkenazi. This mother genetic side only thing that counts, which is the same for this subspecies pseudo ethnic group
    makes me laugh. Quite a pathetic primitive notion. Happened with the aborigines natives from the Caribbean islands, the northern section of South America and in Central America. The Chieftain aka Cacique could only be succeeded by his nephew. In other words the son of his sister. I kind of have an idea as to why that was all about. Removing clothes back then was easier than today. I think in those times there was no need to. The perverts Spanish conquistadors had a PhD on it.

    1. The name Sivori doesn’t occur on the Consolidated Jewish Surname Index, Avotaynu, and the Pope’s mother doesn’t look Jewish at all :

      Nearly half the population of Argentina descends from Italian immigrants. Why Pope Bergoglio should be “less Argentinian” because he is of Italian descent escapes me.

      This Pope is a Marxist and he promotes the New World Order, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that he is a Jew. Like I said to Carlos Porter : not all Jews are bad, and not all bad men are Jews.

  37. [According to, Lecoquierre is very possibly a Jewish name. Just enter it in the little box]

    [There is also a pun on “verge”, which means both penis and rod]

    My translation:

    The Frontist female appears to be no less a mammal than other women, although we know her to be provided with a brain more reptilian than the average. Like any other woman, she is subject to hormonal humours. With a particularity which has been confirmed by ethologists [scientists engaged in the study of animal behaviour]: they get particularly “wet” in front of a brutish man who degrades her.
    The female FN sympathizer assuredly offers us rods/penises with which to be beaten [sic] [nous offre des verges pour se fair battre]. Since she loves jackboots and machismo, but hates feminist ideas, let’s play her game: let’s beat her with our penises… [sic] Let’s take her at her word, let’s take her, that’s all. Since she gives us the recipe for the miscegenation of the blue Marine, let’s use her against her [own] camp. Let’s master the brainless little female Frontists sexually, let’s make them pregnant without hesitation, for the survival of a smiling humanity. Since they are stupid and easily fall flat when faced with complicated arguments, like woodcocks attracted by the trigger of the hunter in combat uniform, things ought to be easy. Let’s manufacture frizzy [crépu or curled] progeny for her (I was going to say frisé [=nigger, somebody with frizzy hair], but I got scared!) for the extreme right, let’s curl [crépir] the hair bun of a “France for the French” terrorised by differences.
    Rejecting [all] the progress made in family planning, every pregnancy will uncork a little half-breed or a bastard, an artist of tomorrow, whom she will in fact end up adopting.
    Blacks, niggers [nègres], bougnoules [offensive term for Arabs], Jews, leftists, romanos [slang for gypsies], gypsies, the handicapped, Freemasons and even our gay friends in a spirit of solidarity: up with your cocks! Let’s leave our consciences under the pillow, and crack down hard on the rump that’s offered us (which is sometimes quite pretty, alas!) in a vast altruistic copulation. Let us ensure a multi-coloured progeny to this country which is sinking.
    With one single objective: to drown the poison in the egg.

    [The fact that he uses all this racial invective and knows — or thinks — he can get away with it is more proof that he’s a Jew. If you said “bougnoule” you’d find yourself in court]

    This isn’t a new idea, it dates back to Patrice Lumumba, Leroy Jones, Eldridge Cleaver, and Haitians and Africans generally. It’s why Lumumba was killed.

    1. @ Carlos Porter

      In my comment of December 16 above I said I couldn’t find the name Lecoquierre on the Consolidated Jewish Surname Index, Avotaynu. I took a look again, and there is no name even remotely resembling Lecoquierre.

      And PHIL, who is apparently a Frenchman himself, remarks on my comment :

      “…Lecoquierre is a common name in my departement of Manche, where most of the people only see jews on TV, too rural, zero synagogue…”

      Until we have solid proof to the contrary, we should assume that this man is not a Jew. Not all Jews are bad, and not all bad men are Jews.

      1. Searching for surname LECOQUIERREwith soundex code 851900.
        Soundex Name Databases
        851900 LAQUEUR JKOUV [Jewish data bank]
        851900 LECUYER KZ
        851900 LICHEYER A

        “Not all Jews is bad” is like saying “not all rattlesnakes bite you”. They don’t, but they’re still rattlesnakes. You sound like a liberal.

        American driver’s license are also in Soundex. This means the number more or less matches your name.

      2. Not all Jews are bad

        You are so right, Franklin, there could be up to 1/2 million “not bad” Jews in the world, so let’s look at the bright side.

        A survey by the Israel Democracy Institute found that 95 percent of Israeli Jews think the operation in Gaza is just, and 4 of 5 oppose a unilateral withdrawal. Just 4 percent said the Israeli military has used excessive force

        So what you do, is whenever among Jews, mentally count them, like 1, 2, 3, …, 19 and the 20th may not be bad.
        Because the other 19 are most definitely bad, on par with Ted Bundy, a bad goy.

        NB: Jews conducted that survey among themselves, it wasn’t Julius Streicher of Der Sturmer, who made that priceless documentary, Der Ewige Jude and was hanged for telling the truth.
        Was Mr Porter nearby, I believe so and was so revolted by “good Jews” that the smell of their goodness remained in his nostrils forever.

      3. Let’s look at it another way, Franklin, this should be an eye opener.
        But with enough time and resources, the authors concluded that at least 4.1 percent of death row inmates would have been exonerated.

        Whoa, Franklin, we should all feel safer among the death row inmates than among Jews, because Jews have a higher rate of homicidal psychopaths than the death row cohort.
        To rephrase your statement: Not all death row inmates are bad.
        Agreed, saying anything against them constitutes hate speech.

        Thanks for goading me into this bit of research, quite enlightening.

        Additionally … our society thinks that a 4%+ miscarriage of justice is acceptable, so why not extend that criterion?
        Oh, they are chosen

      4. Hmm, why not pursue this a bit further, I can’t stop the train of thought once it gathers steam.
        Those death row guys, how many come from terribly disadvantaged backgrounds, poverty, abuse, gangs, illiteracy, orphans, substance abuse, fetal alcohol syndrome, mental retardation, mental illness … compare that with Jews, growing up in wealth, safety, privilege, education, plus supposedly the world’s highest IQ.

        And yet … need more proof of Satan breathing down our necks?

      5. @ Carlos W. Porter

        That is not convincing. The “le” in Lecoquierre is obviouisly the masculine definite article in French, which occurs also in such common French names as Leclerc (“the clerk”). There is a French word coquerie, meaning “caboose”. Lecoquierre could mean the cook of a caboose.

        Laqueur is obviously derived from the French laque, “lac” and would mean someone who paints with lac.

        There is no sound-similarity between Lecoquierre and Laquer if only because of the extra syllable “co” in the first name.

        Lecuyer and Licheyer are not even remotely similar to Lecoqierre.

        As for the “not all Jews are bad” idea, there are no categorical characteristics of human groups, only differences in the frequency of characteristics. Therefore not all Jews are bad, not all Negroes are stupid, not all Muslims are violent (and not all anti-Semites are prejudiced).

      6. @Lobro

        Are you prepared to extend the same reasoning to Muslims ? (“not all Muslims are violent, but…”).

      7. Franklin,

        Are you prepared to extend the same reasoning to Muslims ? (“not all Muslims are violent, but…)


        Extend it to Muslims, to Russians, Japanese, Brazilians, Dutch … to everyone.
        This is precisely my point.
        It is this obscure concept called Justice.

        So, let’s look at the percentages, rates and proportions, what epidemiology calls risk ratios.

        Trump wants to ban immigration from Muslim countries because in his own words, one out of hundred Muslims may be a security risk and this is unacceptable, therefore the remaining 99 percent of good Muslims must be tarred with the same brush and penalized.

        And you blightely build your anti-Muslim case on those proportions, attacking Islam while protecting Jews, where the good : bad ratio is the exact inverse.

        Yes? Want to continue discussion?

      8. @ Lobro

        I don’t “protect the jews”, I consider them to be a risk group, just like the Muslims and I want both groups to be removed from our Lebensraum

      9. A laudable goal if modified in a transparent way, so that ANY identifiable group, however defined, comprising more than X% risk subjects is to be removed, X to be determined thru discussion and popular referendum, let the ax fall where it may, e.g., Jesuits, LGBT, blacks, diddling uncles, hobos … pay custody fee to Russia for locking them into Birobidjan, electrified fence, guard towers, the works.

        No need to identify anyone in advance, a set of criteria can be developed so that the decision is made automatically.
        Who knows, Muslims may remain yet and move into neighborhoods vacated by departing Ziochristians. 😉

      10. You have to wonder about Ryckæert, supposed to be learned, and intelligent, anti-jew, but just about every post he makes, is a childish attempt at demonization of Muslims, or pro-Muslims.. Check out the link he posted in reply to Mahmoud in an earlier thread..

        1. Easy. It means a rural area of America where there are no Jews and consequently no synagogue … and where the only Jews known to the local hillbillies are the Jews they see on TV.

  38. If you want to say that Soundex is an extremely unreliable method for determining whether an individual is Jewish or not, I would agree with you.

    The most we can say is that LAQUEUR and various derivatives or variants thereof are often adopted by French Jews (such as Walter LAQUEUR, the historian).

    So: the proposition is: you wait for proof he IS Jewish, and I’ll wait for proof he ISN’T.

    Look at his face, the way he writes. You want to bet? I’ll give you odds, 25-1. You wanna bet?

    Let’s be honest, when you’re walking down the street late at night, and you’re approached by a group of 5 or 6 jive talkin’, cool walkin’ niggahs fum da hood, dig, fingah poppin’, an’ foot hoppin’, what do you tell yourself?

    “Not ALL Negroes are muggers, not ALL Negroes rape, torture, sodomize and murder whites? Whew! No worries! Is THAT a load off my mind?”

    Or do you get scared as hell (unless you’re packing heat, that is, and probably even then) and look for just about any way out of there, even if it means climbing up a fire escape?

    Let’s not be such hypocrites. Life is a poker game. Do you draw to every inside straight you’re dealt?

  39. Ingrid :

    It’s definitely within the realm of possibility, Ingrid, for one to be BOTH anti-jew AND anti-muslim. As the Jews and the Mohammedans/Muslims always had an historical alliance, with the Main Goal to turn the West Islamic, I would say those who are BOTH anti-jew AND anti-muslim are really the Most Intelligent ones. In addition, Mohammed himself was a jew, an arab jew. So really, if one is ANTI-jew, then it makes perfect logical sense to also be ANTI-muslim , as Mohammed was a jew. Being ANTI-jew ipso facto means one is ANTI-muslim as Mohammed was an jew. Being anti-muslim is natural to true and real ANTI-Semites as Judaism and Islam have so much in common. I can’t get into all the things Jews and Muslims have in common, it would be a Very Very Long Post indeed. How jew ZOG is drooling to flood the USA with arab jew Mohammed’s Muslims. Muslims are basically jews with a different name, two cousins, and it’s in the blood/DNA. Judaism and Islam, two hydra heads of the very same slithering hydra snake body that slithered out of Hell itself. True ANTI-Jews are also ANTI-Muslims.

    I thought you were leaving us for good? What happened to that?

  40. @Ryckaert 22.12/15 12:56
    The reason for the Soundex system is that Jewish names are always being transmuted back and forth through different alphabets and languages, for example, Russian, Yiddish, Polish, German, plus Americanized Jewish names, mistakes made by immigration officials, etc., so there are dozens of variants on every Jewish name, and fake American, Irish (“Kerry” or “Conrad” for “Cohen”), French names, etc., commonly used by Jews.
    If it looks like a rattlesnake, rattles like a rattlesnake, slithers like a rattlesnake, and bites like a rattlesnake, I don’t care if its name is McGillicuddy.
    I don’t know where you think you learned French, but there are no “cabooses” on European freight trains and never were. They hang a red lantern on the last car and call it the “wagon de queue”. “Coq” means “rooster”. “Cook” is “chef” or “cuisinier”.

  41. Thanks to Ryckaerts and Phil who fought the good fight.

    I had read the story beforehand in French sources. The doctor exists, the text he wrote exists, too. The doctor’s intention may have been playful (but you can of course answer that there are things one doesn’t play with, and the aggressiveness behind the text was genuine). The journal can hardly be made responsible because the text was written by a blogger and eliminated within 24 hours.

    But now the most important point: The French sources don’t maintain anywhere that the doctor is a Jew. He definitely has no strong Jewish identity (you can see that from his blog). He may or may not be an “implicit Jew” with typical leanings for leftism and sexual fantasies, but as the saying goes “that’s neither here nor there”. After so much years of Jewish influence there are a lot of goyim who have the same preferences for leftism and sexual fantasies.

    And under these conditions, L.D. could not, in good faith, choose the headline: “Jewish doctor says” (I see that the link to this site says “French doctor”). It’s worse than a crime, it’s a gaffe.

    1. Since they give us the recipes for crossbreeding THEIR PALE RACE, use it against HER side.

      So based on his quote, what is HIS race?
      If he considered himself white, the term should have been OUR RACE.
      Note that Jews don’t consider themselves white.
      And of he himself was white, that would exclude him from the raping posse and orgy.
      And he definitely wants to be dealt in, as per

      let’s (let US) take her and f*** her

      In short: he wants white women impregnated by rapists from non white races and considers himself fully qualified for the job.
      What is he?

    2. @Stogumber
      So mistakenly calling someone a Jew is “worse than a crime” (I quote) … worse than mass rape or murder perhaps? This is Jewish logic if I ever heard any.

  42. This is sickening if true, I don’t know! All good people Latin, black and white must unite against evil being targeted to any man, woman, child or a specific group of people against their free will!

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