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  1. Thank you for that Doctor Lasha! Churchill was a thoroughly evil man. I certainly would not like to have his karmic debt. In addition to the terror bombing of civilians, Churchill also had a major role in the 1943 famine in Bengal in which an estimated 3 million died. He even refused the entry of US ships bringing famine relief. One can download the book Churchill’s Secret War from gen.lib.rus.ec Lest we forget Churchill also received large amounts of money from Jewish groups prior to the War. Dresden was a real holocaust, being consumed by fire. However real holocaust deniers such as Richard Evans put the number of dead at 26,000! Why is it that every mass killing of people, other than Jews, is downplayed?

    1. I had read that Churchill had actually forced Hitler’s hand to bomb England. While the piggish leader was safely in his bunker, his countrymen were being terrorized.

      Also, I recall a major concern of his, during the War when millions were doing without and many were dying, was that the flow of bourbon(?) would not be hindered from Canada. The pervert actually wrote this in a letter to a Canadian official. He was a devil to say the least.

      1. In May 1940, Dunkirk, the biggest Churchill defeat of the lot. It wasn’t a victory. It wasn’t a triumph. Nothing for the British to be proud of. Dunkirk? If you look at the Dunkirk files in the British archives now, you will find, too, you’re given only photocopies of the premier files on Dunkirk with mysterious blank pages inserted. And you think, at first, how nice of them to put these blank pages in to keep the documents apart. Not so. The blank pages are the ones that you really want to be seeing. In some cases, of course, the blank pages are genuinely censored with intelligence matters. But the other blank pages are letters between Churchill and the French Prime Minister, Paul Reynaud, which revealed the ugly truth that Churchill, himself, gave the secret order to Lord Gort, the British General in command of the British expeditionary force at Dunkirk, “Withdraw, fall back,” or as Churchill put it, “Advance to the coast.” That was Churchill’s wording. “And you are forbidden to tell any of your neighboring allies that you are pulling out. The French and the Belgians were left in the dark that we were pulling out.

        I think it’s the most despicable action that any British commander could have been ordered to carry out, to pull out and not tell either his allies on his left and right flanks that he was pulling out at Dunkirk. The reason I knew this is because, although the blanks are in the British files, I got permission from the French Prime Minister Paul Reynaud’s widow. His widow is still alive. A dear old lady about 95, living in Paris. And guiding her trembling hand, I managed to get her to sign a document releasing to me all the Prime Minister’s files in the French National Archives in Paris. And there are documents, the originals of the documents which we’re not allowed to see in London. and there we know the ugly truth about that other great Churchill triumph, the retreat to Dunkirk. If peace had broken out in June of 1940, Churchill would have been finished. No brass statue in Parliament Square for Mr. Winston Churchill. He would have been consigned to the dustbin of oblivion, forgotten for all time and good riddance I say, because the British Empire would have been preserved. We would, by now, have been the most powerful race — can we dare use the word, the British race, the most powerful race on Earth.

  2. Why is it that every mass killing of people, other than Jews, is downplayed?
    because it is written up by jews like evans.
    don’t be fooled by the name, he out-evils the Evil One Himself, the obscene heart of talmud beats in him.

    nothing a jew loves better than to aggrandize his invented suffering and losses (oy vey, i only flipped the house i repossessed from a starving widow and children for triple the price, woe unto me the poor little mensch) while making light of true misery he created (says larry silverman: so what if a few thousand of my goy livestock perished, i had them insured and i made sure they were kept warm to the end, i am such a philathropist i would do it again in a heartbeat, send in the pussy riot to keep the survivors entertained).

  3. @ Felix

    And the Anglos in England and the Anglos in America have the nerve to make jokes about the animals barely being able to live with the Sicilians, and this after what the Anglos in England and the Anglos in America did to Dresden and did to the rest of Germany, carpet-bombing a civilian population with the goal of Genocide. [ All the Italian port cities from Genoa to Palermo were bombed also by the Americans and the English — though not as intensely as the allies bombed Germany ; Still, the allies bombed plenty of NON military targets in Italy — and the bombing of civilian targets, hospitals, schools, churches, water works, etc. etc. was done on purpose they bombed many civilians in Italy, the “great” and the “brave” English and Americans.

    Total warfare — the outright slaughtering of civilians — is originally from ancient Babylon [ and the jungles of Africa] . It was brought back into the modern world by the Anglo American Yankees during the American War Between The States. Total warfare is niggerish and jooish. [ niggerish and jewish being redundant synonyms, as the two have so much in common and how the hebes LUV ‘their” darkies to no-end-of-it ].

    Speaking of animals and people living together : The animals in Dresden, the dogs, the cats, etc., weren’t able to live with the Germans either — the dogs and cats and other animals in Dresden were also firebombed. For all their faults, the Sicilians never firebombed the poor animals living amongst them. Nor did the Sicilians ever firebomb human civilian populations en-masse, speaking of all things animal, all things jooish and niggerish and animal-like. The allies in another example of niggerish-jewish mentality, unleashed their nigger animals on Germany, on Italy, and on Northern France. The Sicilians didn’t do it, the vaunted Anglos of England and of America did. No wonder the animals prefer to live with the Anglos rather than live with the Sicilians, the Anglos give the animals free reign to do as the animals please.

    My apologies to the animal kingdom, for it’s a bit unfair to call what the Allies did to Dresden and the rest of Germany [ and parts of Italy and parts of France ] “animal-like”, for the animals aren’t that murderous, not even close. So it’s a bit of a misnomer to use that expression. I use the expression just because….. but don’t get me wrong ; I really like the animals, I really do.

    1. Joe! I take your point! I had relatives who fought on both sides in WW2. My father was a German paratrooper and fought all over; Rotterdam, Crete, El Alamein, Italy, Ukraine and Brest! I had a South African Uncle who fought in Abyssinia, North Africa and Italy! In fact at the battle of el Alamein they may have faced each other. In Italy my uncle was in the 6th South African Armoured which was attached to the US 5th Army! So yes, WW2 was a most useless war: Goy killing Goy!

    2. Quite right and always remember: A dog is the only creature on Earth that loves you more than he loves himself.

    1. SPQR,

      I’m seeing a sizable increase of the jew wise who are FINALLY taking the last step and realizing we have no other choice but to kill them all off.

      We are making progress.

      1. I’m very pessimistic about the ability of Aryans to deal with Jews. For all the bravado of NS Germany and all of their correct condemnations of the Jewish race, they still didn’t get it. They put the Jews into cushy camps and fed them and clothed them while their cousins in Moscow, London, and New York sent their minions into Germany to slaughter, rape, and plunder. And still the German generals refused to follow Hitler’s order to have all Bolshevik commissars executed upon capture. Fucking unbelievable.

        Quoting L.F. Celine:

        To the people a Jew “is a man like any other”…that’s enough of an explanation for them 100 percent of the time… The physical and moral characteristics of the Jew, his infinite arsenal of ruses, surreptitions, and fawnings, and his delirious cupidity…his prodigious treachery…his implacable racism…his ineffable
        power of lying, absolutely spontaneously, monstrous in its effrontery…the Aryan puts up with
        them in every instance…will submit to them wholeheartedly, will dissolve, will founder, will
        die without wondering for even one wee instant just what is happening to him…what’s going
        on? …what’s that strange music?… He’ll die just as he had lived, forever deceived,
        cuckolded down to the gut. He’ll act wholly and with all his flesh…spirit and carcass for the
        prosperity and greater glory of his most intractable, most voracious, most debilitating parasite:
        the Jew! and will never [”/128] even realize it; out of every twenty sous that we spend, fifteen
        go to Jewish financiers. Even the mortal remains of the Aryan, again as always, serve towards
        the greater glory of the Jews, in propaganda.

        He knew what the score was. Unfortunately his fellow French were too stupid to listen.

        1. @ SPQR

          Great quote from Celine. Thanks! Pity Celine’s book hasn’t been properly translated into English and exists only in this mangled form… interspersed with these frequent dots everywhere.

      2. yes lonnie, spqr has a telling point.
        detesting jews in one’s privacy is only admitting defeat.

        i say and have said previously that there must be a critical goy mass willing to speak openly and plan action.
        one venue is in countries where such freedom exists, such as iran and syria and to a lesser degree russia, yet russia has the power to actually pose a serious threat.
        they must train special squads that, just like mossad does its hunting in secret, can hunt down the worst of the worst and show by example that we are not powerless bovines lining up for the sausage factory.
        second one, and again i am hopeful, is that the higher quality officer cadres as well as rank and file in our own militaries start waking up and linking into surreptitious networks, even contacting their international comrades to finally take down the disease of the solar system.

        otherwise let’s all sing kumbaya and await divine providence which is surely coming – or your church donation money back!

      3. Sardonicus: The translation isn’t mangled, that was just Celine’s style. He used lots of ellipses in his writings.

  4. It makes me sick to see pictures of Dresden, Hiroshima or Vietnam.
    I even find tears rolling down my cheeks when I see pro Jewish movies like “the pianist”. But then my hate overpowers me and tells me (yes, it speaks to me) “those are movies made by them, idiot, they own Hollywood” but one is human.
    My hatred is an impediment to my happiness which I desperately seek, but then again, I am a Palestinian and joy is strictly forbidden to us, by Allah himself.
    Who is doing all this to us humans after all that has happened, and why are fighter planes and all other weapon factories still open, is beyond my comprehension.
    I could say something like “Tel Aviv should burn” but I have children and I just couldn’t picture this happening to them too.
    I used to wish that!
    The complete annihilation of the Jews, even their little children who scared, would be hiding under the beds. Muslim warriors grabbing them and throwing up in the air and receiving them on their long swords as they come down! Laughing hysterically like their pilots do every time they come back from a Gaza raid, on a school filled with girls probably!
    I did feel that way after every massacre the Jews committed and still do, against us.
    But odium is just overwhelming and hard to carry on ones shoulders and I know that if I free myself from it I will be happy but I would still feel like an egoist in regards to my people suffering in Gaza and elsewhere.
    So I have to choose between an egotistic self centered happiness here in the west and the adherence to my identity..
    This constant cauldron I live in makes me realize that I am screwed forever, and its scary.
    I am scared of myself, mostly.

    1. and that`s the difference, between us, and them. I have always admired the healthy attitude of the Palestinians, their determination not to let the horror inflicted on them, destroy their dignity..
      Dresden then, Gaza now, RAF, IOF, USair force, what is there to be proud of? absolutely nothing..
      re. our thoughts, deeds, words, read an article on The Truthseeker which is a warning of things to come, and which are developing fast, here is a paragraph:
      “When American forces pursue ISIS into Syria, Putin will respond in force. Putin has previously threatened to nuke the United States if it invaded Syria in violation of international law. Syria is critical to the Russians on a number of fronts. For a complete explanation of the dynamics related to Putin’s threat and the Federal Reserve’s overt strategy to invade Iran and how Syria factors into this equation, please click here. This is the beginning of World War III.”

  5. “In addition to the terror bombing of civilians, Churchill also had a major role in the 1943 famine in Bengal in which an estimated 3 million died.”

    Rabbi Bilney is undoubtedly to chime in by saying that 3 MILLION DEAD MUST BE A GOOD THING insofar as it helps to alleviate the strain on resources that results from overpopulation.

  6. Rabbi Bilney is undoubtedly going to chime in by saying that 3 MILLION DEAD MUST BE A GOOD THING insofar as it helps to alleviate the strain on resources that results from overpopulation.

  7. Watch it !!
    Let it make you angry!!

    Let it fuel your rage to want to kill off these f*****s. Don’t act on it……..yet.

    Controlled rage.

  8. It appears that Winston Churchill was evil to the core, and surrounded by people equally evil, or too cowardly to put a bullet in his brain while they had the chance. Much like Dubya, Obama etc. Is there no one willing to attack the White House? It can’t be that difficult to storm the place and lynch the criminals. Where is the police force in America? Why aren’t they arresting and prosecuting the current batch of war criminals? The fact that some evil person writes a law saying that it is okay to be evil does not mean the law should be followed. It is only a piece of paper, after all. Where are the soldiers of America? You still have guns. Why are the soldiers not protecting America? Why are the National Guard not rounding up the traitors in the American govermment and putting them on trial in a peoples court? How is it that so many Americans, with guns, can be aware of their governments criminal and inhuman behaviour and not forcibly remove them from power? They must know that their criminally evil government is leading the world into another global war. Why are Americans with guns not storming the ‘fed’ and all he banks and removing the executives from their positions? The banks only have small security teams, after all, and the security guards would probably not want to risk their lives when confronted with an army of patriotic Americans. Ditto for the secret service protecting the President and the rest of the executive. Why is the ‘Congress’ able to carry on meeting in safety? Why don’t teams of armed patriotic Americans just storm the place and start executing the dual-citizen traitors on site? It isn’t surrounded with tanks or anything. Why aren’t the offices of the media outlets being stormed and burnt to the ground? How is it possible that thousands and thousands of armed patriotic Americans from the ‘land of the free’ and ‘the home of the brave’ can just not do all this. It does not make any sense. After all, the ‘brain-washed zombified masses’, as they are frequently referred to on this site, will not do anything to stop any sort of insurrection. They will just keep doing what they are told. The media will also say what they are told to say if staring down the barrel of patriotic American’s guns anyway. Everyone knows you take the propaganda outlets immediately the revolution begins. How long will it take for Americans to take control of their nation and, in the process, save the rest of the world from the continued slaughter perpetrated by the criminally evil regime currently in power?

    1. Where is the police force in America? Why aren’t they arresting and prosecuting the current batch of war criminals?

      i thought the answer is obvious.
      because of their job description: “to serve and protect” (hint: not you).

    2. I’ve concluded that the 2nd Amendment ersatz patriots will endure any insult or action of the USSA police state as long as they get their “allowance” from Washington. Should federal gunmen waste their friends and family, — they may briefly complain, but will accept the matter as necessary to protect their socialist security. There will be no citizen’s actions to derail the leviathan in Washington until, and only if, a million or more men of valor, — like the late Gordon Kahl — can be found and motivated to liberate this blighted nation from it’s enemies. This is not likely to happen. Robert E. Lee, in his letter to Lord Acton (December 15, 1866), predicted that the concentration of powers in the central government (once reserved to the states) — would invariably lead to the ruin of this nation, — that the central government of the United States would become aggressive abroad and despotic at home.

  9. Does anyone know if American historian Thomas Goodrich has a position at ANY college or university. If he did I would bet he doesn’t now after writing his seminal book “Hellstorm”.
    The Native got a copy when it was first published and Mr. Goodrich even signed it.
    No unlike Trineday the most courageous publisher on the planet, Trineday.com, Goodrich is one courageous author. He was the narrator of this video.

  10. I forgot how many millions christians did the socialist nazis help bolshvik jews hepl murder

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