Helterskelter to World War Three

This fact-filled article (source) is well worth studying carefully  because it gives us an overall perspective of the criminality of the American government as it plunges the world ever closer to WWIII.

Slightly abridged, with pictures and captions by Lasha Darkmoon


This week I was invited to address an important conference of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow. Scholars from Russia and from around the world, Russian government officials, and the Russian people seek an answer as to why Washington destroyed during the past year the friendly relations between America and Russia that President Reagan and President Gorbachev succeeded in establishing.

All of Russia is distressed that Washington alone has destroyed the trust between the two major nuclear powers that had been created during the Reagan-Gorbachev era, trust that had removed the threat of nuclear armageddon.

Russians at every level are astonished at the virulent propaganda and lies constantly issuing from Washington and the Western media. Washington’s gratuitous demonization of the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, has rallied the Russian people behind him. Putin has the highest approval rating ever achieved by any leader in my lifetime.

Washington’s reckless and irresponsible destruction of the trust achieved by Reagan and Gorbachev has resurrected the possibility of nuclear war from the grave in which Reagan and Gorbachev buried it. Again, as during the Cold War the specter of nuclear armageddon stalks the earth.

Why did Washington revive the threat of world annihilation?

Why is this threat to all of humanity supported by the majority of the US Congress, by the entirety of the presstitute media, and by academics and think-tank inhabitants in the US, such as Motyl and Weiss, about whom I wrote recently?

It was my task to answer this question for the conference.

You can read my February 25 and February 26 addresses below. But first you should understand what nuclear war means. You can gain that understanding here.

The Threat Posed to International Relations By The Neoconservative Ideology of American Hegemony

Address to the 70th Anniversary of the Yalta Conference, Hosted by Institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences and Moscow State Institute of International Relations, Moscow, February 25, 2015, Hon. Paul Craig Roberts


What I propose to you is that the current difficulties in the international order are unrelated to Yalta and its consequences, but have their origin in the rise of the neoconservative ideology in the post-Soviet era and its influence on Washington’s foreign policy.

The collapse of the Soviet Union removed the only constraint on Washington’s power to act unilaterally abroad. At that time China’s rise was estimated to require a half century. Suddenly the United States found itself to be the Uni-power, the “world’s only superpower.” Neoconservatives proclaimed “the end of history.”

By the “end of history” neoconservatives mean that the competition between socio-economic-political systems is at an end. History has chosen “American Democratic-Capitalism.” It is Washington’s responsibility to exercise the hegemony over the world given to Washington by History and to bring the world in line with History’s choice of American democratic-capitalism.

In other words, Marx has been proven wrong. The future does not belong to the proletariat but to Washington.

The neoconservative ideology raises the United States to the unique status of being “the exceptional country,” and the American people acquire exalted status as “the indispensable people.”

If a country is “the exceptional country,” it means that all other countries are unexceptional. If a people are “indispensable,” it means other peoples are dispensable.

We have seen this attitude at work in Washington’s 14 years of wars of aggression in the Middle East. These wars have left countries destroyed and millions of people dead, maimed, and displaced. Yet Washington continues to speak of its commitment to protect smaller countries from the aggression of larger countries. The explanation for this hypocrisy is that Washington does not regard Washington’s aggression as aggression, but as History’s purpose.

We have also seen this attitude at work in Washington’s disdain for Russia’s national interests and in Washington’s propagandistic response to Russian diplomacy.

The neoconservative ideology requires that Washington maintain its Uni-power status, because this status is necessary for Washington’s hegemony and History’s purpose.

WOLFOWITZ: "FUCK YOU!" To Al Franken who had asked him, "Dr Wolfowitz. Hey, the Clinton military did a great job in Iraq, didn't it?"
WOLFOWITZ: “Fuck you!”
To Al Franken at the White House who had asked him, “Dr Wolfowitz, hey, the Clinton military did a great job in Iraq, didn’t it?”

The neoconservative doctrine of US world supremacy is most clearly and concisely stated by Paul Wolfowitz (pictured, a leading neoconservative who has held many high positions: Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, Director of Policy Planning US Department of State, Assistant Secretary of State, Ambassador to Indonesia, Undersecretary of Defense for Policy, Deputy Secretary of Defense, President of the World Bank.

In 1992 Paul Wolfowitz stated the neoconservative doctrine of American world supremacy:

“Our first objective is to prevent the re-emergence of a new rival, either on the territory of the former Soviet Union or elsewhere, that poses a threat on the order of that posed formerly by the Soviet Union. This is a dominant consideration underlying the new regional defense strategy and requires that we endeavor to prevent any hostile power from dominating a region whose resources would, under consolidated control, be sufficient to generate global power.”

For clarification, a “hostile power” is a country with an independent policy (Russia, China, Iran, and formerly Saddam Hussein, Gaddafi, Assad).

This bold statement struck the traditional American foreign policy establishment as a declaration of American Imperialism. The document was rewritten in order to soften and disguise the blatant assertion of supremacy without changing the intent. These documents are available online, and you can examine them at your convenience.

Softening the language allowed the neoconservatives to rise to foreign policy dominance. The neoconservatives are responsible for the Clinton regime’s attacks on Yugoslavia and Serbia.

Neoconservatives, especially Paul Wolfowitz, are responsible for the George W. Bush regime’s invasion of Iraq. The neoconservatives are responsible for the overthrow and murder of Gaddafi in Libya, the assault on Syria, the propaganda against Iran, the drone attacks on Pakistan and Yemen, the color revolutions in former Soviet Republics, the coup in Ukraine, and the demonization of Vladimir Putin.

A number of thoughtful Americans suspect that the neoconservatives are responsible for 9/11, as that event gave the neoconservatives the “New Pearl Harbor” that their position papers said was necessary in order to launch their wars for hegemony in the Middle East. 9/11 led directly and instantly to the invasion of Afghanistan, where Washington has been fighting since 2001. Neoconservatives controlled all the important government positions necessary for a “false flag” attack.

Neoconservative Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland (pictured below), who is married to another neoconservative, Robert Kagan, implemented and oversaw Washington’s coup in Ukraine and chose the new government.


The neoconservatives are highly organized and networked, well-financed, supported by the print and TV media, and backed by the US military/security complex and the Israel Lobby. There is no countervailing power to their influence on US foreign power.

The neoconservative doctrine goes beyond the Brzezinski doctrine, which dissented from Detente and provocatively supported dissidents inside the Soviet empire. Despite its provocative character, the Brzezinski doctrine remained a doctrine of Great Power politics and containment. It is not a doctrine of US world hegemony.


While the neoconservatives were preoccupied for a decade with their wars in the Middle East, creating a US Africa Command, organizing color revolutions, exiting disarmament treaties, surrounding Russia with military bases, and “pivoting to Asia” to surround China with new air and naval bases, Vladimir Putin led Russia back to economic and military competence and successfully asserted an independent Russian foreign policy.

When Russian diplomacy blocked Washington’s planned invasion of Syria and Washington’s planned bombing of Iran, the neoconservatives realized that they had failed the “first objective” of the Wolfowitz Doctrine and had allowed “the re-emergence of a new rival . . . on the territory of the former Soviet Union” with the power to block unilateral action by Washington.

The attack on Russia began. Washington had spent $5 billion over a decade creating non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Ukraine and cultivating Ukrainian politicians. The NGOs were called into the streets. The extreme nationalists or nazi elements were used to introduce violence, and the elected democratic government was overthrown.

The intercepted conversation between Victoria Nuland and the US ambassador in Kiev, in which the two Washington operatives choose the members of the new Ukrainian government, is well known.

If the information that has recently come to me from Armenia and Kyrgyzstan is correct, Washington has financed NGOs and is cultivating politicians in Armenia and the former Soviet Central Asian Republics. If the information is correct, Russia can expect more “color revolutions” or coups in other former territories of the Soviet Union. Perhaps China faces a similar threat in Uyghurstan.

The conflict in Ukraine is often called a “civil war.” This is incorrect. A civil war is when two sides fight for the control of the government. The break-away republics in eastern and southern Ukraine are fighting a war of secession.

Washington would have been happy to use its coup in Ukraine to evict Russia from its Black Sea naval base as this would have been a strategic military achievement. However, Washington is pleased that the “Ukraine crisis” that Washington orchestrated has resulted in the demonization of Vladimir Putin, thus permitting economic sanctions that have disrupted Russia’s economic and political relations with Europe. The sanctions have kept Europe in Washington’s orbit.

Washington has no interest in resolving the Ukrainian situation. The situation can be resolved diplomatically only if Europe can achieve sufficient sovereignty over its foreign policy to act in Europe’s interest instead of Washington’s interest.

The neoconservative doctrine of US world hegemony is a threat to the sovereignty of every country. The doctrine requires subservience to Washington’s leadership and to Washington’s purposes. Independent governments are targeted for destabilization. The Obama regime overthrew the reformist government in Honduras and currently is at work destabilizing Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, and Argentina, and most likely also Armenia and the former Central Asian Soviet Republics.

Yalta and its consequences have to do with Great Power rivalries. But in the neoconservative doctrine, there is only one Great Power–the Uni-power. There are no others, and no others are to be permitted

Therefore, unless a modern foreign policy arises in Washington and displaces the neoconservatives, the future is one of conflict.


It would be a strategic error to dismiss the neoconservative ideology as unrealistic. The doctrine is unrealistic, but it is also the guiding force of US foreign policy and is capable of producing a world war.

In their conflict with Washington’s hegemony, Russia and China are disadvantaged. The success of American propaganda during the Cold War, the large differences between living standards in the US and those in communist lands, overt communist political oppression, at times brutal, and the Soviet collapse created in the minds of many people nonexistent virtues for the United States. As English is the world language and the Western media is cooperative, Washington is able to control explanations regardless of the facts. The ability of Washington to be the aggressor and to blame the victim encourages Washington’s march to more aggression.

This concludes my remarks. Tomorrow I will address whether there are domestic political restraints or economic restraints on the neoconservative ideology.

Paul Craig Roberts, Address to the 70th Anniversary of the Yalta Conference, Moscow, February 26, 2015



At the plenary session yesterday I addressed the threat that the neoconservative ideology poses to international relations. In this closing session I address whether there are any internal restraints on this policy from the US population and whether there are economic restraints.

Just as 9/11 served to launch Washington’s wars for hegemony in the Middle East, 9/11 served to create the American police state. The Constitution and the civil liberties it protects quickly fell to the accumulation of power in the executive branch that a state of war permitted.

New laws, some clearly pre-prepared such as the PATRIOT Act, executive orders, presidential directives, and Department of Justice memos created an executive authority unaccountable to the US Constitution and to domestic and international law.

Suddenly Americans could be detained indefinitely without cause presented to a court. Habeas corpus, a constitutional protection which prohibits any such detention, has been set aside.

Suddenly people could be tortured into confessions in violation of the right against self-incrimination and in violation of domestic and international laws against torture.

Suddenly Americans and Washington’s closest allies could be spied on indiscriminately without the need of warrants demonstrating cause.

The Obama regime added to the Bush regime’s transgressions the assertion of the right of the executive branch to assassinate US citizens without due process of law.

The police state was organized under a massive new Department of Homeland Security. Almost immediately whistleblower protections, freedom of the press and speech, and protest rights were attacked and reduced.

It was not long before the director of Homeland Security declared that the department’s focus has shifted from Muslim terrorists to “domestic extremists,” an undefined category. Anyone can be swept into this category. Homes of war protesters were raided and grand juries were convened to investigate the protesters.

Americans of Arab descent who donated to charities–even charities on the State Department’s approved list–that aided Palestinian children were arrested and sentenced to prison for “providing material support to terrorism.”

All of this and more, including police brutality, has had a chilling effect on protests against the wars and the loss of civil liberty. The rising protests from the American population and from soldiers themselves that eventually forced Washington to end the Vietnam War have been prevented in the 21st century by the erosion of rights, intimidation, loss of mobility (no-fly list), job dismissal, and other heavy-handed actions inconsistent with a government accountable to law and to the people.

In an important sense, the US has emerged from the “war on terror” as an executive branch dictatorship unconstrained by the media and barely, if at all, constrained by Congress and the federal courts. The lawlessness of the executive branch has spread into governments of Washington’s vassal states and into the Federal Reserve, the International Monetary Fund, and the European Central Bank, all of which violate their charters and operate outside their legal powers.

Jobs offshoring destroyed the American industrial and manufacturing unions. Their demise and the current attack on the public employee unions has left the Democratic Party financially dependent on the same organized private interest groups as the Republicans.

Both parties now report to the same interest groups. Wall Street, the military/security complex, the Israel Lobby, agribusiness, and the extractive industries (oil, mining, timber) control the government regardless of the party in power. These powerful interests all have a stake in American hegemony.

The message is that the constellation of forces preclude internal political change.

Hegemony’s Archilles heel is the US economy. The fairy tale of American economic recovery supports America’s image as the safe haven, an image that keeps the dollar’s value up, the stock market up, and interest rates down. However, there is no economic information that supports this fairy tale.

Real median household income has not grown for years and is below the levels of the early 1970s. There has been no growth in real retail sales for six years. The labor force is shrinking. The labor force participation rate has declined since 2007 as has the civilian employment to population ratio. The 5.7 percent reported unemployment rate is achieved by not counting discouraged workers as part of the work force. (A discouraged worker is a person who is unable to find a job and has given up looking.)

A second official unemployment rate, which counts short-term (less than one year) discouraged workers and is seldom reported, stands at 11.2 percent. The US government stopped including long-term discouraged workers (discouraged for more than one year) in 1994.

If the long-term discouraged are counted, the current unemployment rate in the US stands at 23.2 percent.


The offshoring of American manufacturing and professional service jobs such as software engineering and Information Technology has decimated the middle class. The middle class has not found jobs with incomes comparable to those moved abroad. The labor cost savings from offshoring the jobs to Asia has boosted corporate profits, the performance bonuses of executives and capital gains of shareholders.

Thus all income and wealth gains are concentrated in a few hands at the top of the income distribution. The number of billionaires grows as destitution reaches from the lower economic class into the middle class. American university graduates unable to find jobs return to their childhood rooms in their parents’ homes and work as waitresses and bartenders in part-time jobs that will not support an independent existence.

How long can fairy tales and political acts keep the US house of cards standing? A rigged stock market. A rigged interest rate. A rigged dollar exchange value, a rigged and suppressed gold price. The current Western financial system rests on world support for the US dollar and on nothing more.

The problem with neoliberal economics, which pervades all countries, even Russia and China, is that neoliberal economics is a tool of American economic imperialism, as is Globalism. As long as countries targeted by Washington for destabilization support and cling to the American doctrines that enable the destabilization, the targets are defenseless.

If Russia, China, and the BRICS Bank were willing to finance Greece, Italy, and Spain, perhaps those countries could be separated from the EU and NATO. The unraveling of Washington’s empire would begin.



No one provokes me with impunity

Paul Craig Roberts

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and associate editor of the Wall Street Journal. He was columnist for Business Week, Scripps Howard News Service, and Creators Syndicate. He has had many university appointments. His internet columns have attracted a worldwide following. Roberts’ latest books are The Failure of Laissez Faire Capitalism and Economic Dissolution of the West and How America Was Lost.

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  1. “Russians at every level are astonished at the virulent propaganda and lies constantly issuing from Washington and the Western media. Washington’s gratuitous demonization of the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, has rallied the Russian people behind him. Putin has the highest approval rating ever achieved by any leader in my lifetime.”

    Now change the words Russian with German and Vladimir Putin with Adolf Hitler.

    1. Well said, Harbinger!

      It is often said that the world would have been a better place if Germany had won WWII. The corollary follows: if WWIII now breaks out between the US and Russia, Russia had better win. A victory for a the US, a criminal police state nation dominated by Jews, would mean slavery and misery for all those left behind to endure such a world.

      Good luck, Vlad! We need you to rescue us from a Jew-controlled mafia state America!

      1. Sardonicus,

        “It is often said that the world would have been a better place if Germany had won WWII.”

        Overwhelmingly so. Let’s look at how the world would be today:

        1. No western owned ZOG, msm, academia, arts and judiciary.
        2. No promotion of homoexuality, transgenderism, LGBT, LGBT marriages, LGBT education in schools and indoctrination of the sexual agenda. No feminism, courtesy of Lesbian, misandrist Jewesses. No corrupt courts. No destruction of the family unit. No free trade…..
        3. No holocaust, or should I say, exposure to the lie that is the holocaust ergo –
        4. No Israhell and persecution of the Palestinian people.
        5. No Korea and Vietnam as there would have been no Gulf of Tonkin incident.
        6. No USS Liberty attack.
        7. No 6-day war.
        8. No election of homosexual, paedophile Edward Heath in 1969, which resulted in Britain going into the EEC, which effectively destroyed its trade and opened the doors to immigration. No Race Acts and Hate speech legislation which effectively resulted in the hamstringing of indigenous fight back against immigration into the UK. Enoch Powell would have become prime minister leading to successive nationalist prime ministers as no Jews to control government as I believe the Rothschilds would have been removed from power along with the Royal family who would have been seen as traitors and committing treason. The UK population would today be around 52 million, as the 63million today is predominantly the result of mass migration since 1997.
        9. No Iraq in 95 as there would have been no Saddam for starters, a puppet of the west.
        10. No Bosnia and invasion of Eastern Europe as Germany would have taken back her lands stolen after the Treaty of Versailles. No Jews to cause trouble there simply as they have constantly been doing.
        11. No 9/11, meaning no invasion of Afghanistan, meaning no western control of opium. No invasion of Iraq, Libya and Syria. No anti terrorism legislation destroying our liberty.
        12. No 7/7 and anti liberty, terrorism legislation in the UK and Europe.
        13. No continuing world psy ops in the USA and the West – Boston bombing, Sandy Hook etc.
        14. No current problems with radical Islam as it wouldn’t have been created by the west.
        15. No problems in the Ukraine and Arab springs.
        16. The list goes on….

        Quite a lot when you think about it and just think of all the lives that would have been saved? And that list is just a spur of the moment, ‘off the top of my head’ reply. There is most certainly far more people can attribute to how different the world would be if Germany had won the war.

      2. “9. No Iraq in 95 as there would have been no Saddam for starters, a puppet of the west.”

        Should read ’85’. Excuse me.

      3. @ Harbinger

        Keep posting, Harbinger. This 16-point summary of what the world would be like today if Germany had won WWII is one of the most outstanding contributions to this website that I have ever read. I can detect from your style and spelling that you are English, as I am. I am so glad to find that a fellow countryman of mine has been able to see through and reject all the trash served up to a brainwashed public by the BBC and the British newspapers.

      4. Seriously…!!

        Russian government and all its oil production was taken over by Jews in 1917.
        Since then being against the Russian government – IS – opposing Jew control of that government and Jew bankers’ control of its oil production.

        Someone….. please TELL ME where I am wrong.

        If I am wrong….tell me when the Jew bankers gave it ALL up.

      5. Pat,

        “If I am wrong….tell me when the Jew bankers gave it ALL up.”

        I presume you’re replying to my reply to Sardonicus yes?
        My point is that regardless when the Jews took control of the west (my guess is during the ‘Glorious Revolution of 1649) the victory by Germany would have seen the instant end of Jewish control in the West. The Frankfurt School of Marxist Theorists who fled to the west in 1933 when Hitler came to power, would have been extinguished, unable to spread their hatred. The teachings of Freud and Bernays would have been expunged. The Rothschild Banking Criminal Cabal would have been destroyed and the people would be taught to realise just what Jewry was all about. Germany winning the war would have been the world’s D-Day victory over Judaism.

      6. Harbinger –
        Thanks for the reply.. Please read my statement again.

        I was speaking of Russia.

        When did the Jew bankers give back their control of Russia and resources there?

      7. Pat,

        But your reply is irrelevant regarding Russia and Jewish control over it in 1917, in relation to my answer on a German victory. A victory in WWII by Germany would mean victory over not just the US, UK & Europe, but Russia as well. This would ultimately spell the end of Jewish supremacy, ALL over the world as like the Marxist School of Frankfurt theorists, hunted down by Stalin, the Rothschilds, Rothsteins, Goldsteins et all would be driven from power, their assets seized and most probably exiled to Madagascar with nothing but the clothes on their back and shoes on their feet.
        This exile after Germany’s victory would trump every exile of the Jews, the world has ever known. This therefore answers the question ‘How different would the world be had Germany won the war’

        However, I presume that you are replying to Sardonicus’ statement of wanting Russia to defeat the US.
        I will remain silent on this, because regarding Putin, the jury is still out. I am still not certain whether Putin is one of the good guys as he could very well be doing a great job of ‘good cop’ to the west’s ‘bad cop’. We are yet to see what will happen. My belief is war, as is planned and more fooling of the public by world Jewry.

      8. Harbinger –
        My question is not about Germany or WWII.

        Jew bankers got control of Russia in 1917.
        When did they release that control?

        If you don’t know, please say that….it’s alright with me.

        Just to make it easier to answer… I claim they never did. Too much oil involved in the #1 oil producer in the world.

      9. Pat,

        “My question is not about Germany or WWII.”

        However, you did reply to my reply on “What would have happened had Germany won the War?” If you hadn’t I apologise, but because of the layout of the reply directories, it is very hard to see whom you’re replying to, once the ‘reply’ button disappears, especially when you do not address your reply to your chosen poster.

        So I will now allow Sardonicus to reply to you, seeing as I now know that you were addressing he and not I.

      10. Franklin Ryckaert,

        I tend to stay away from anything written in the Jew disinfo website Wikipedia. I suggest you do the same. After all it still maintains the holocaust happened amongst other lies.

    2. the comparison goes further: look at who opposes him with hateful passion, domestically and internationally – jews.
      judea declares war on russia (and all their allies).

      moreover, just as with hitler, contrary to the standard rule of western politics, that after the first sexy blush of electioneering, the populace’s assessment of the leader tanks and never bounces over his tenure as people find out more and more about his true demonic, corrupted self, in this case, voters appreciation in fact climbs to ever higher levels because people can perceive and appreciate true patriotism and care for the nation.
      the detractors are free to yap like spayed bitches and are laughed at because they cannot cause any harm, which is why boris nemtsov was ritually sacrificed by cia-mossad in order to generate some short lived outrage in the befuddled west, knowing that it would be hardly noticed in russia.

      false flag/day to keep msm wheels spinning.

      1. Lobro,

        As we’ve spoken in the past, my views on Putin are mixed. I think my answers will be questioned should there be a conflict with Iran, although a conflict with Russia first seems to be very much on the cards. There is also the possibility that Putin is merely playing along with the ‘grand plan’. I know you are a staunch Putin supporter and I respect that, but I just always have problems with people in positions of power and as you know, politicians, government and the state.

    3. Exactly. If anyone anywhere is “astonished” by what’s going on today, it’s because they don’t know much about actual history nor do they know much about the Jew.

      “For months now the struggle against Germany [Russia, Iraq, etc.] is waged by each Jewish community, at each conference, in all our syndicates, and by each Jew all over the world. There is reason to believe that our part in this struggle has general value. We will trigger a spiritual and material war of all the world against Germany’s [Russia’s, Iraq’s, etc.] ambitions to become once again a great nation, to recover lost territories and colonies. But our Jewish interests demand the complete destruction of Germany [Russia, Iraq, etc.]. Collectively and individually, the German [Russian, Iraqi, etc.] nation is a threat to us Jews.” — Vladimir Jabotinsky (founder of the Jewish terrorist group, Irgun Zvai Leumi) in Mascha Rjetsch, January, 1934 (also quoted in “Histoire de l’Arme’e Allemande” by Jacques Benoist–Mechin, Vol. IV, p. 303).

  2. “Neoconservatives, especially Paul Wolfowitz, are responsible for the George W. Bush regime’s invasion of Iraq. The neoconservatives are responsible for the overthrow and murder of Gaddafi in Libya, the assault on Syria, the propaganda against Iran, the drone attacks on Pakistan and Yemen, the color revolutions in former Soviet Republics, the coup in Ukraine, and the demonization of Vladimir Putin.

    A number of thoughtful Americans suspect that the neoconservatives are responsible for 9/11, as that event gave the neoconservatives the “New Pearl Harbor” that their position papers said was necessary in order to launch their wars for hegemony in the Middle East. 9/11 led directly and instantly to the invasion of Afghanistan, where Washington has been fighting since 2001. Neoconservatives controlled all the important government positions necessary for a “false flag” attack.”

    It shows the complete partiality of the western media as it continues to blame Islam for the problems in this world. The recent spate of invasions in this world has clearly been from the western, ZOG, although I will say through orders from ‘daddy Israel’ the Rothschild banking cabal themselves and their German Royal family of Saxe-Coburg Gotha.

    And rightfully so Americans are seeing 9/11 for what it was – (a missile, not) a plane, attack on the World Trade Centre, with television companies in complete collusion with fancy video editing software to boot! The lie of 9/11 must be continually promoted. Like the lie that is the holocaust, created to protect slimy Jewish parasites and the state of Israel, while demonising a whole German people (AND OUR BRETHREN), 9/11 protects the unlawful invasion of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, soon to be Iran and Russia, protects the spate of anti liberty legislation in the US & Europe and were it (and the holocaust) to be found out to be the lie it is, the fallback on the conspirators, would be so colossal, it would make Nuremberg and the guillotine execution of Frenchmen in 1789 onwards, look like a children’s tea party.

    My question is: “Will the majority of Americans see reality for what it is before the DHS starts whacking them or will the continuing agenda of our Jewish slavers be fulfilled?”

    I like Ron Paul, I won’t deny that, but I’m always very cautious of statesmen who hit the nail on the head but leave out Jewish involvement – David Duke & George Galloway spring to mind.

  3. I travelled on the trans-Siberian back in 1976. I spent about 26 days in total in the then USSR. The system I hated, but the people were wonderful. Please be aware that Russians are probably the most educated people on earth, more than 50% have received a tertiary education. Years of Jewish/Communist oppression have also made them immune to government BS. I was reading a book the Intourist had handed out by Brezhnev “Our Course Peace and Socialism,” one of the Russians in carriage pointed to the book and then to his head to indicate that I was insane for reading it. He was friendly about it, not hostile. Another point that impressed me was the tour guides were very proud of the renovation work on the beautiful onion domed churches. So even back then there seemed to be the glimmerings of spirituality in the country. Alexander Solzhenitsyn, before his death spoke out about the Jewish menace and I believe he wrote a book on the subject. I have read all his other works.
    There seems to be something of a spiritual revival in Russia and this can be seen in the Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church putting pressure on Putin to help the Syrian Christians. No other country to my knowledge has expressed any concern for the Christians. Look who is behind this demonisation of Russia- Neo-Con Jews! They want the dunb stupid Goyim to kill each other so they can take over. Oh, they already have.,

    1. Felix,

      “Alexander Solzhenitsyn, before his death spoke out about the Jewish menace and I believe he wrote a book on the subject. I have read all his other works.”

      He most certainly did it was called Two Hundred Years Together and is the world’s most banned book.

    2. @ Felix

      “Another point that impressed me was the tour guides were very proud of the renovation work on the beautiful onion domed churches. So even back then there seemed to be the glimmerings of spirituality in the country.”

      This burgeoning spirituality among the Russian masses has grown even more obvious in recent years and there has also been a cult of the murdered Tsar Nicholas II and his family, all slaughtered by Jews on the express orders of Lenin — himself partly Jewish.

      Don’t miss this brilliant article which tells it all like it is:

      WE ARE ALL RUSSIANS NOW, edited by Lasha Darkmoon

    3. Felix, let me quote Rabbi Reichorn, from 1859: “Wars are the Jews’ harvest, for with them, we wipe out the Christians and get control of their gold. We have already killed 100 million of them. We shall drive the Christians into war by exploiting their national vanity and stupidity. They will then massacre each other, this giving room for our own people.” The 100 million that he boasted about was before the Jewish takeover called the Russian revolution, before WWI, and WWII.

  4. @Harbinger! The Jews have such a grip on the media and on the minds of academics as well, that people are terrified of being thought anti-semitic. Luckily in Thailand when I teach law courses to my students I am assidious in teaching the massive genocides in Asia, Africa( King Leopold in the Congo 8 to 12 million). I am able to stress to my students the utter selfishness and narcissism of the Jews in promoting “THE ONE TRUE HOLOCAUST” which no one is allowed to deny on pain of imprisonment. I also have many Cambodian and Chinese students, they really did have genocides and they tell me about their experiences.
    In the west, the diabolical invention of Political Correctness has turned most of the people into cowards. Look at Oliver Stone forced to make abject apologies to THEM for daring to suggest that Russia lost more people in world war 2 than THEM. i recall reading somewhere a couple of years ago that according to KGB records 11 million Germans died in Europe between 1945 and 1950.

    1. Felix,

      “I am able to stress to my students the utter selfishness and narcissism of the Jews in promoting “THE ONE TRUE HOLOCAUST” which no one is allowed to deny on pain of imprisonment. I also have many Cambodian and Chinese students, they really did have genocides and they tell me about their experiences.”

      Of course. Pol Pot springs to mind and in China it’s something like 65 million, both attributed to Jewish communism. The holocaust is now a religion. We forget not only of the atrocities mentioned, but ignore the death toll from WW2, some nearly 50 million people. The Holocaust takes precedence with the mighty 6 million, proven to be fake many times over with current official stats at 3 million!!

      As for death tolls. Germany lost over 8million (est.) between 1940 – 45. Russia 20 million (est.). The allied forces lost just under 20 million. So Oliver Stone, according to estimated totals would be correct. If you add KGB figures of German deaths up to 1950 after WW2 the figure would be just under 20 million.

      Estimated War Dead WWII

      The thing is that is you add the collective deaths under communism it paints a horrific picture:

      Communist Body Count

      Total death toll is estimated at 149 million. China’s around 73million and Russia 58million. However, that said Alexander Solzhenitsyn believes the death toll in Russia was far more:

      “Alexander Solzhenitsyn used more or less the same statistical methods as Conquest. But by using these pseudo-scientific methods on the basis of different premises, he arrived at even more extreme conclusions. Solzhenitsyn accepted Conquest’s estimate of 6 million deaths arising from the famine of 1932-33. Nevertheless, as far as the purges of 1936-39 were concerned, he believed that at least 1 million people died each year. Solzhenitsyn sums up by telling us that from the collectivisation of agriculture to the death of Stalin in 1953, the communists killed 66 million people in the Soviet Union. On top of that he holds the Soviet government responsible for the death of the 44 million Russians he claims were killed in the Second World War. Solzhenitsyn’s conclusion is that `110 million Russians fell, victims of socialism’. As far as prisoners were concerned, Solzhenitsyn tells us that the number of people in labour camps in 1953 was 25 million.”

      i believe the true figures of deaths attributed to communism are fudged, for obvious reasons. I’m more likely inclined to believe Alexander Solzhenitsyn.

      1. @Sardonicus
        Yes, Solzhenitsyn was meticulous in his methodology. Nothing annoys me more than the “Guardian Liberal” type that plays down any left wing mass murder i.e. Franco was an evil fascist but the Republicans were matyred saints.

      2. Erm…. nope, not Sardonicus, Felix, but Harbinger. The spelling of my pseudonym kind of gave it away.

  5. WW-3. WW-3. PCR has been suggesting WW-3 for several decades. Evidently he missed it….. It was known as the ‘conflict’ in Korea or another in Viet Nam. Neither were ‘declared’ wars.
    I see the next ‘conflict’ as WW-6 or so.

    Leaders use words in their favor.
    Lincoln always referred to the Civil War as the ‘rebellion’ so he could use the wording in the US Constitution to deny habeas corpus.

    I still do not understand why a country that cannot feed its people properly, and has such a low life expectancy, has been raised to such heights… Russia. And the KGB trained leader, selected by Jew bankers, is a hero.

    Jew bankerss are making the world run backwards….. as usual.

  6. @Pat. You have a point but why are the Jews so intent on destroying the US? And the living standards of Americans is much lower than theb50’s or 60’s! Probably when you were growing up, only one member of the family needed to work. It was the same for my parents. The US has the largest prison population on earth. China has fewer people in prison with 4 times the population. The reason for the low life expectancy in Russian men is the fact they drink so much. I have never seen so much drunkeness in my life. People passed drunk in the morning. I was so glad to get out of Russia to give my kidneys a rest. I didn’t touch a drink for weeks after.

    1. Felix,

      “….but why are the Jews so intent on destroying the US?”

      Jewry is intent on destroying the white peoples of this world. It wants to destroy 93% of the world’s population bringing it to under 500 million people. It hates whites for seeing them in their true light and they see us a threat to their survival and control of the world. We must be removed.
      The US, will destroy itself in its war against Islam along with the west. Once that’s done the Jew will move to China and start the process all over again, it started with the British during its civil war of 1649. The British Empire was a Jewish started moving into a Rothschild Empire.

      This is what Abe Foxman of the ADL said in a speech on August 25th, 1998, New York (Per ‘The National Observer’ via a document from Abe Foxman’s [Jew A.D.L. president of USA] office.) I’m not sure of the legitimacy, but I wouldn’t put it past Foxman, a rampant Zionist and hater of goyim.

      “Gentlemen. Welcome to the Second Centennial Meeting of the Learned of Elders of Zion.

      We have achieved all of the objectives expressed at our first meeting 100 years ago. We control governments.
      We have created dissension among our enemies and made them kill each other. We have effectively silenced criticism of our affairs and we are the richest race of men on this earth.

      Many of you are very busy men. Let us get to the crux of the matter. As masters of business, politics, law and most importantly . . . media, we are ready to implement our most important and ambitious program.
      One that will finally and totally remove from existence the impediments of our absolute control of this earth.

      I speak OF THE DEATH OF THE WHITE RACE. The complete removal of all means of reproduction of the so-called Aryan race. Men, we now control the destiny of this race. It is now time to make sure the White race becomes extinct through miscegenation and having a virtually zero birth rate.

      We have all enjoyed the vision repeated all over this world every day of THE LAST WHITE CHILDREN playing with little dark children and knowing that they are being set-up for their eventual destruction. We can ruin THE ANCIENT PURE BLOODLINE OF AN ARYAN CHILD by convincing him or her of the altruism of begetting interracial children. We must expose the race mixing of the urban centers to the suburbs and rural areas of this country. More aggressive programs to integrate these areas are now underway through HUD.

      It is worth any price to annihilate the next generation of White children.
      We want every White father to feel the sting of having their children marry colored mates and produce biracial children. We must use our power to discourage White men and women who still persist in getting together from producing more pure White children. They will be ostracized by not becoming part of the New Society of all races. This will dissuade most of them. We will deal with the less cooperative goyim by murder and imprisonment.

      Finally, we will SEE THE END OF THIS WHITE RACE. Impressionable White children will have their minds molded into the agents of their own destruction. Already, our efforts have succeeded in making the “men” of this race grovel at our feet. Men, you and your ancestors have worked hard to make sure we would have the power to hold the destiny of this race in our hands. Now we have it. Perish Aryan Goyim (cattle)!” [Applause]
      End of speech.

      This above speech not only shows just how politically correct the west is, but how much control Jewry has of its establishments, that Abe Foxman can say this, not one msm outlet covers this and no recriminations brought against him unlike those who speak out against Jewry.

      You will also enjoy what Jews have said and again no recrimination by any establishments whatsoever. Now imagine had a white man said anything similar about Jewery?

      1. As I said, I’m not sure of the Abe Foxman comment legitimacy above. I’ve done a search for ‘National Observer’ and I’ve found three, two are no longer operating. One was from the UK that ended at the latter part of the 19 century. Another was in the US which ended in 1977. And another currently is ongoing in Australia and started in 1999. I haven’t checked all of the back articles, but it does seem to be a very politically incorrect in its views and I know there is certainly a big truth/anti Zionist following there.

        The National Observer Online

    2. Felix and Harbinger –

      Harbinger answered a different question…one you did not ask. He answered “why Jews are wanting to get rid of white people.” My answer to that question is a bit more specific.
      The Jews want people who will produce, consume AND OBEY. Whites will NOT obey authorities like other races.
      Jews do not want Christians around either, because their savior is one person and a ‘personal’ individual savior…not a ‘groupie’ savior. Again…not a group religion, per se….and that promotes individual freedoms. Bad for a boss.

      Jews are not destroying the US as such…they are preparing the re-inhabiting of it with those who will produce, consume and OBEY. It may take 100 years…but they have been at it for thousands…already.

      Jews destroy freedom. Always.

      I do not put much stock in the Georgia Guidestones’ warnings, paid for by RC Christian in 1979. Fear promotes spending.

      1. Pat,

        I know that you don’t hold faith in the Georgia guidestones, but I think they make lot of sense, not in their ‘commandments’ but in their predictive programming. They make people think that the world is far too heavily populated. Take for example a good friend of mine, sadly a Guardian reader, but nonetheless, a lovely man who believes in the overpopulation rhetoric. To destroy his argument I simply stated “They promote this agenda by simply showing images of overpopulated cities in India, Asia, Africa and South America, most notably “Karachi, Delhi, Shanghai, Beijing, Lagos and Sao Paulo.

        The Jewish population is 14million give or take. It roughly makes up around 0.3% of the world’s population. I agree that they want people who will consume and obey and that the European peoples have always been rebels to authoritarianism, but it’s far easier to control 486 million people compared to an ever increasing 7+billion isn’t it Pat? And would it not be better to remove the whites completely and thus destroy any rebellion against their rule? Miscegenation is how they’ll do it, as they won’t belong to an individual culture, but a globalist uniculture which destroyed in individual culture through multiculture.

        I think Jews are very much destroying the US population. If they have no plans, why the 1.6 million rounds of hollow point ammunition for the DHS? Why the wars in the middle east using the US military as the primary attack bulldog? Although Jewry’s most powerful tool, the American population is also its most powerful adversary should they wake up. This is why, I believe, once the body bags start piling up, of dead US forces personnel, the people will forgo political correctness and start looking to the alternative media to give them answers, they’re not getting from government and the msm. This is why the US is trying to reel in the internet ISPs to their total control. An American population that wakes up will smash Jewry and Zionism and not think twice about it.

      2. “The Jewish population is 14million give or take. It roughly makes up around 0.3% of the world’s population.”

        Sorry should read 0.03%. Excuse me. It’s a new keyboard with very heavy springs. I just need to use it more, or get a softer keyboard.

      3. @Pat
        I get what you are saying but to me it seems illogical! If you want people to consume you must give them a wage that is commensurate with that goal. Since 1974, real wages have declined. Remember Henry Ford when he opened his first assembly line paid his workers $5 per day. Back in those days $1 was worth 1/20 of ounce of gold. When Henry Ford was asked why he paid his workers so much he said he wanted them to buy his cars. How can people produce and consume, if they are being rendered homeless and driven into poverty? I am sure you will agree that the employment statistics from the Government are BS and the real unemployment is more than 22%!

      4. Felix & Pat,

        The future that the Jew sees for the west is one comparable to that of Winston Smith and his comrades in Orwell’s 1984. Go back and read it, as well as the ‘ramblings’ of Pygmallion author, the mad, George Bernard Shaw, founder of the Fabian Society. There is very little consuming done in 1984. The workers work to sustain Plato’s ‘guardian’ class, as portrayed by O’Brien.
        The guardian class, is there to govern control all, while everyone else is there to slave for the guardian class and keep them in their lavish lifestyles.
        There is no need for consumerism, because the guardians see the profane (everyone who isn’t a guardian) purely as their chattel. Chattel don’t consume in their eyes.

        So both of you, I believe, are not seeing that a future society will not have consumers. The ‘needs of the many will NOT outweigh the needs of the few’. Future societies will be brought up to revere and worship the guardians as Gods, just as those in ancient Rome and Greece did. Their very purpose in life will be there to serve, to give and not to want for themselves. If you indoctrinate one generation into believing this, then it’s easy to indoctrinate those who follow. Future population won’t have liberty. They won’t have any freedoms or rights. They will reproduce for the sole purpose of the continuation of serving the elites, who they see as ‘God’s chosen’ on earth. Remember that they will manipulate history and most certainly remove dictionaries and limit speech. So if people don’t know what liberty, rights and freedoms are, why would they desire it?

        We’re talking about the COMPLETE manipulation of all life on earth by the ruling class. It’s that simple. The profane will consume, only enough to sustain their existence, but anything other than food and water will be made for the guardian class, with no wage, as that will probably be removed from the dictionary as well, replaced with a new definition of produce – “to provide for your guardians in honour of their allowing of you to serve them.”

        This is what hell looks like – being a slave and not realising what slavery is.

      5. Yes, Harbinger! Mark of the Beast! Soon everyone will have to be implanted with micro-chips! Which is something Orwell didn’t envisage. Of course this will be explained away as all for our own good! Sweden is well on the way to abolishing cash transactions. Still a long way to go in Thailand! Notice how the media, IMF et al extol the virtues of paying taxes. The very thing the Protocols of Zion see as furthering the destruction of society. My wife owns land in Thailand and in a previous government, before the coup, a minister was talking about introducing a land tax. However they are now talking about an inheritance tax.
        Perhaps one way to starve the beast as you say is civil disobedience as per Thoreau i.e tax resistance.
        Another evil device are these trade agreements by stealth. The Trans Pacific Partnership. I believe the THEY are pushing a similar swindle between the EU and North America. You might like to check out FATCA which will no doubt lead to GATCA!
        BTW. Please excuse any typos. I use a tablet and only use a computer at work.

      6. Harbinger –

        Thanks, again, for the reply.

        Without going into great detail, the circulating debt is their means of control of the slaves, like me. That system was never so broadly and effectively used before 1913. Silver certificates were finally pulled out of circulation in 1964. The syatem did not gain full prominence until 1971.

        This debt-slavery-fiat-currency system was not in use, effectively, in the times of Ford, nor in WWI or WWII. Past economic models do not apply anymore. They make new rules as they go.

        Consumerism is very necessary for control of the slaves, even if supported through welfare and relief programs. Without increased spending….the system fails. That’s where BRICS and other inventions will help the expansion of debt.

    3. @ Harbinger

      14 million of 7 billion is 0,2% and DHS has 1,6 billion hollow point rounds, 5 for every American. I think this small minority of utterly destructive parasites has by now outlived its welcome on our planet.

      1. Yes Franklin, I really cocked up on the figures in my reply. And you are right, they have most certainly outlived their welcome on the planet, there’s no denying that.

      2. Who’s to say the quoted website is right? 1 million is 0,001% of a billion, not 0,1%. 14 million is 0,014% of a billion, and 0,002% of 7 billion.

      3. 1 million is 0,001% of a billion. 14 million is 0,014% of a billion, and 0,002% of 7 billion. Put it in the calculator.

      4. John –

        Toby is correct. You are mistaken.
        Your math is correct but not complete to be expressed as a percentage.
        ‘Per’ means divide.
        ‘Cent’ means 100.
        ‘PerCent’ means divided by 100.
        You must divide your CORRECT resultant ‘quotient’ by 100 to get the applicable %.
        There are two – 2 – zeros in 100.
        Chop off two zeros to the right of the decimal point….and you have it. (0.2%)

        MPH – miles ‘per’ hour… Miles ‘divided by’ hours.

      5. A cop was gonna give me a ticket for speeding.
        Said the speed limit is 50 mph and you were driving 65 mph

        I told him I only planned on driving for half an hour..

  7. I have spoken with former prisoners about this…..and learned….US has such a large prison population because so many like it there. There are more conveniences in prison than in most countries. They have drugs, cell phones, alcohol, sex…and color TV. The lifestyle is the envy of billions of people.
    BUT…no one wants to be in a Chinese prison, or Mexican, or any other….which is the way it should be.

    Hell… the average US prisoner has it better than the average Russian worker in Siberia. And won’t freeze or starve.

    The US LAND AREA was designated many decades ago to have two major roles in the world:

    1-Breadbasket of World by major industry. (Means little industry and mining.)
    2-R&R and Entertainment center…playground for the World. (Inhabitant free areas.)

    Then the military is to be the World police force.

    Just that easy when one sees the plan.

    1. @ Pat

      I have spoken with former prisoners about this…..and learned….US has such a large prison population because so many like it there. There are more conveniences in prison than in most countries. They have drugs, cell phones, alcohol, sex…and color TV. The lifestyle is the envy of billions of people. BUT…no one wants to be in a Chinese prison, or Mexican, or any other….which is the way it should be.

      I’m glad you said this . . . because it makes me think that with almost every comment you make you sound more and more like a Jew, or an agent for the Jews or, at the very least, a Useful Idiot for the Jews.

      I have read lots about American prisons in the alternative media and in every single article the American prison system is shown to be deplorable. Here you are daring to suggest that American prisons are holiday camps and that prisoners are only too happy to go to prison. Frankly, you annoy me. There simply has to something wrong with you. Young males are habitually raped in prison. It is a horrible experience. You think young men are lining up to enjoy a cushee life in prison having black penises thrust up their anuses?

      As for your idea that Christ is a fictional character, that too is a Jewish idea. It is constantly put forward by Jews. Thank you for being a spokesman for the Jews. That you should actually believe that the Sermon on the Mount, so pure and noble in its sentiments, was written by some hoaxing Jew or Roman charlatan tells me that you are either a knave or a fool.

      I agree with Sardonicus and Dr David Green that this site would be better off without you. Your comments certainly need monitoring for offensiveness. Almost every comment you make is a comment that a Jew would like to hear. Even reading them makes me feel contaminated.

      1. Ruth –

        Sardonicus apologized.
        Dr Green misdiagnosed Sardonicus. I did not..and suggested green tea to aid him with his obvious ‘out-of-sorts’ problem.

        You could use some green tea today. 😉

        1. @ Pat

          I guess I need green tea too, do I? I think Ruth has a point. Your posts are becoming increasingly offensive and push the Jewish line on several issues. If it were not so, how would you account for so many people attacking you — Sardonicus, Dr David Green, Ruth Bernstein? And all the others complaining to us about you in private emails?

          Are you seriously suggesting all these people are in need of green tea? 🙂

      2. @ Ruth Bernstein

        We have recently been receiving several complaints about the poster you name, with information leading us to suspect that he could well have Zionist connections. It is undeniable that many of his recent comments would delight the heart of any Christ-hating Jew, particularly his attempt to disparage and belittle Christianity. This he does by his constant assertion that Christ is a fictional character. He never attempts to provide the slightest evidence for this assertion — apart from links to Jewish conspiracy sites which put forward these infantile offbeat views.

        I could just as easily attempt to prove that the earth is flat by constantly asserting that this is so — and by offering as “proof” a link to a couple of flat-earther websites run by loonies.

        Having said this, we don’t mind Jews and crypto-Jews posting on this website. So if Pat wishes to continue to push a pro-Jewish line on this website, he is welcome to do so.

      3. Toby –

        Whoever made that claim is way, way off base. I would like for you to e-mail me the proof you have.

        Jews eat sleep and breathe. So do you and I, as do we all here.
        Would that make all of us Jews, because we all do some things Jews do?

        What is puzzling to me is that people have called all of you in admin, and even Lasha, all sorts of filthy names…and called this a Jew site… because filthy subjects in articles are common. BUT there is never a word of reprimand this great.

        Now you can see why the great patriot, Thomas Paine, had only six at his funeral. He said things unpopular to most. The biggest crooks have the biggest funerals. Mine will be small, I hope.

        Everyone can use green tea, my good fellow.

        1. Pat,

          Don’t worry about this. Just continue as before. You have your supporters, you have your attackers. We all do. I hate doing this job and am eagerly awaiting a replacement.

          You mention Thomas Payne. He is your big hero. He pushes deism. This is often confused with theism. Deism is unpopular with theists as well as with believers in God because it is often confused with atheism. So if you are a deist, like your hero Payne, you believe in a God but not in organized religion. That’s fine.

          As I say, you seem to be a devout disciple of Thomas Payne. If so, I can well understand why many people see you as thoroughly “Jewified” in your general attitudes. For all Payne’s ideas are the attitudes of the Enlightenment that most liberal Jews would endorse.

          Thus Payne backed the French Revolution and therefore was an enemy of the ancien regime: an enemy of royalty, nobility and the Catholic Church. Hence Payne was also an enemy of “traditional values”. Jews were behind the French Revolution. We all know this. The Revolution gave them their emancipation in France in 1791. Jews would therefore have been behind your hero Thomas Payne, not only because he was a liberal and a supporter of the French Revolution but because he was a hater of traditional values and Christianity in all its forms.

          So you see, Pat, in supporting Thomas Payne and his ideas, you are most definitely supporting a man whom the Jews would have loved: a liberal, a supporter of their Revolution, and a hater of the traditional values that are espoused by Christianity.

          In this sense, Ruth Bernstein would be quite justified in regarding you as “Jewified” without you being aware of it. Come, be honest. The world is full of Jews who can be called “deists”. These are all the Jews who flirt with Buddhism: a religion compatible with atheism in which there may or may not be a God. In any case, a vague, amorphous God who is found only in the laws of nature.

      4. Thanks, Toby…

        It is very amusing…all of this… between total strangers.

        I was hated by Catholics in high school because I told all the Jews in school I hated them. 🙂

        Two of my dad’s best friends were Elizabeth Dilling and Gerald Winrod… the two biggest Jew haters I ever knew. (Since I have mentioned this before on this site…some Jews may be complaining to you for that but hiding it.) Both were put on trial for sedition…calling FDR’s cabinet Jew communists.

        Eustace Mullins and I were friends.

        Jews hate me…and I’m glad of that.

        I hope you stay longer.

        1. Pat

          If you are an honest supporter of Elizabeth Dilling, then you have my full support. However, I seriously doubt that Dilling would ever have espoused the view that Christ was a fictional character. Years go I used to subscribe to an American magazine called “The Nation.” I knew it was run by Jews but they all seemed like good Jews with their hearts in the right place. I was comparing them of course to the mainstream media, ny only other source of information at the time, since this was before I got the internet.

          Well, I noticed in the advertising section of “The Nation” this ad appearing week after week:

          JESUS A FICTIONAL CHARACTER! Read all about it! Send for our booklet. $10 only!

          I made enquiries and discovered that the people behind this booklet were ALL JEWS. Their motive behind selling this book was a purely malevolent one. It was not to make money but to undermine Christianity. Yes, it shook my own Christianity to think I could be paying homage to a Man God who had never existed but had been “invented” by others.

          I ordered the booklet and read it. I dismissed it at once as worthless trash. None of it added up. It was a booklet designed to DECEIVE simple folk — folk without any education. It was also designed for intellectuals like yourself who WANTED to believe its central message. (If you believe that crap, it’s because you WANT to believe it! OK, similarly, I may believe in Christ’s reality because I too WANT to believe it.)

          However, I stopped subscribing to “The Nation” after that. Partly because of these scheming and malevolent Jews who were knowingly selling a book they knew to be pernicious and dangerous to Christians like myself.

          There was another reason. One week, to my astonishment, a book was advertised that was written by some famous French author telling the truth about the foundation of Israel in 1948, all about Deir Yassin and so on. It was obviously anti-Zionist. I thought to myself: “How come this magazine is advertising a book that is saying bad things about Israel and giving some really incriminating details?” I needn’t have wondered. Letters of complaint by Jews had been sent to the editors of “The Nation” and the ad was suddenly pulled. Withdrawn. It was there for ONE week only, that’s all!

          Meanwhile, the ad promoting the $10 booklet stating that Christ was a fictional character went on being published by this Jew rag, week after week after week after week. For all I know, the booklet is still being promoted on “The Nation.”

          Now you know why I don’t like you promoting these Jew ideas on this site, Pat. Ask yourself CUI BONO? Who benefits from promoting this pernicious idea of Christ as a fictional character?

          Above all, the Jews benefit.

          1. @ Toby : TO PAT: “If you are an honest supporter of Elizabeth Dilling, then you have my full support.”

            Why believe him? He could be lying through his back teeth. Ask him for PROOF that he and his dad were big buddies with Elizabeh Dilling and Eustace Mullins. Seems to me he’s just showing off. Next he’ll be telling us his family is descended from Napoleon. 🙂

            1. Ruth,

              Pat has my full support. So do you. I see Pat as a remarkably well-informed poster who, like all of us, would rather be loved than hated. It is not in his own interests to get himself disliked, is it?

              More than one poster, however, has noticed that Pat promotes ideas on this site that Jews would love to see promoted. Chief among these is his idee fixe that Christ is a fictional character. This is a Jew idea pure and simple, invented by Jews and spread by Jews. It is designed to undermine Christianity. It is clearly an insult to the world’s 2.1 billion Christians.

              If Pat cannot see that, his critics certainly can.

      5. Ruth Bernstein –

        Pat makes me THINK about things. What is wrong with that?? Although he cannot make me ‘unthink’ my resolve that Jesus is wisdom incarnate (Jesus personifies the ideal in man, and many scholarly individuals have scrutinized and upheld His divinity), nowhere do I read that Jesus forbade critical thinking. In fact, Pat’s constant, critical thought ENHANCES my own faith in that my nature seeks comfort and security in SOMETHING (and I’m GLAD I have God! 🙂 ).

        For any whose faith may seem to doubt eternal and comprehensive Wisdom, one can read the Tao of Lao Tsu, or Hesse’s portrayal of Siddartha, and perceive the universal correlation of the teachings of Jesus Christ as they effect ALL of us – ‘For there is no respect of persons with God.’ (Paul’s letter to the Romans 2:11, et.seq.)

        If Pat blasphemes, he will bury HIMSELF. Meanwhile, he offers us some very good perspective and insight into matters!

        1. @ Gilbert Huntley

          Pat can scream his head off here as much as he likes. No one seems to be stopping him. If you want to show your own support for him, you too are welcome to do a jig on the table and proclaim “Long live Pat!”

          As long as you don’t try and stop ME from speaking MY mind and telling Pat what a JEWIFIED ASSHOLE I think he is. Why should Pat and you have all the “free speech” and I have none?

      6. @Ruth Bernstein
        You are taking Pat to task, thereby sharpening your faith. BTW, I am glad you mentioned the Sermon on the Mount. However it does far more than express noble sentiments. It expresses spiritual laws that are eternal and immutable. I admit I didn’t understand them until I studied Hinduism and Buddhism. I was brought up with no religion. I have never been baptized. My mother was an atheist. Jesus when he delivered the Sermon was not speaking in platitudes. By following the injunctions, especially “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall know God” it is possible to realise God in the very here and now! However before you do so, read the the Apocrypha’s book of Jesus son of Sirach. The first couple of chapters mention that if you want to walk in the ways of Wisdom you will be tested. Remember all the great mystics in history of undergone purification before achieving there goal. Salvation is not some wishy washy creed for wimps!
        Good luck! And remember don’t get angry with Pat, but continue to remonstrate with him as a good Christian!

        1. @ Felix
          @ Pat

          FELIX: “Good luck! And remember don’t get angry with Pat, but continue to remonstrate with him as a good Christian!”

          Thanks for your kind words and encouragement, dear Felix, but I need to point out two things. First, I am not a good Christian but an exceptionally bad one, though I am trying my best to live a clean and honorable life. Second, I am not “angry” with Pat. My feelings toward this unattractive individual are a mixture of pity and contempt.

          I won’t make the mistake of calling him a Jew. His comments are too anti-Semitic for that. I see him rather as a genuine anti-Semite who acts, without knowing it, as a Useful Idiot for the Jews. We all know that for the last 2000 years the Jews have hated Christianity and have tried unceasingly to destroy it. Pat does precisely the same thing by promoting the idea that Jesus is a fictional character, a conspiracy theory invented by malevolent Jews to undermine Christianity.

          I despise the man even more for not having the intellectual honesty to admit this: that he has jumped into bed with the Jews in his Christ disparagement, his Christ contempt, and his Christ hatred.

          Any man who hates Christ and seeks to dishonor him, as Pat does, deserves the utmost contempt. Here is a man who on one day is telling you that Christ is a fictional character and that the New Testament is a fake book concocted by Josephus the Jew and a bunch of Romans like Calpurnius Piso and Pliny the Younger. On the next day he is quoting Christ from the Sermon on the Mount APPROVINGLY (!!!), telling you how the true Christian enters his chamber and prays quietly and modestly in the privacy of his house, whereas the “hypocrites” stand on the street corners parading their virtues!

          Yes, on Monday he quotes from Christ’s Sermon on the Mount approvingly — on Tuesday he is telling you that the man who said those noble words never existed! Nor does this intellectual vomit bucket bother to explain to you how a bunch of rogues and charlatans in Ancient Rome are capable of writing the Sermon on the Mount and think up the noblest sentiments ever expressed by man.

          His only answer to valid criticism is to prescribe green tea.

          1. @ Ruth Bernstein
            @ Lobro

            His [Pat’s] only answer to valid criticism is to prescribe green tea.

            My advice to you, Ruth, is to leave this website. You will make no headway here. It’s a pity that Lobro should gang up with this “Christ-hating Useful Idiot for the Jews” against you. You attacked him once (Lobro). This is his revenge. He never forgives a slight. He even refers to your “hole,” treating you like a cheap whore. Salvage your dignity, Ruth, and leave this site to these foul-mouthed and disrespectful men.

    2. Hell… the average US prisoner has it better than the average Russian worker in Siberia. And won’t freeze or starve.

      weren’t you telling us about having heard from prisoners themselves how they do slave labor in private prison sweatshops for $2/day and how they get terrible whippings for disobedience?

      the above statement is so transparently malicious that in a twisted way it amounts to praise of putin and russians.

      as for how an average worker fares in siberia, i suspect that he fares quite well indeed, because what is to stop him from migrating to warmer and sunnier parts?
      do you have any data to support this outrageous claim?

      otherwise it looks and smells like an agenda …

      1. here, even the new york times, the mouthpiece of the elders of zion paint a kinder picture of life in siberia than you do.
        here is an photo-article by a jewess on the subject.
        at no point is life in american prisons favorably compared to that in siberia.

      2. BTW lobro –

        You just did not quite understand my previous sarcasm….
        Those who know me better do.
        I’m wrong when right ….and right when wrong. Remember 😉

      3. ok pat, i think i am starting to get it, like driving on the left side of the road.

        i think that ruth should try to work around that too.
        for someone taking a christo-skeptic pose, you sure know a deal more about the man and the literature he spawned than i ever will.

        i would prefer to learn at ruth’s feet but am afraid my non-christian eyes would rove the wrong way and i would come away deeper in hole (oops) than at outset.

      4. @Lobro
        Following your dialogue reminded me of a story, probably apocryphal, I heard when I was in HK. It is alleged that the Japanese Commandant made this speech to the Allied POWs in the Shamshuipo Camp in 1943.
        “You prisoners think that I know f##k nothing, but I tell you I know f##k all!”

  8. Neither Paul Craig Roberts or Rand Paul have the guts to say the word “JEW”.
    All Anti-Jew bloggers go on and on about what Jews (Khazars etc.) have done, are doing or will do but they never come up with any solution except kill ’em all and then they never have the guts to do that themselves. They think that by virtue of writing these blogs that some great wellspring of grass roots will assemble on the Village Green and go off to round up the Jews. American people do not have the idealistic mindset of the Germans in this regard and they have been perpetually hamstrung by having a Jew as their messiah which has failed miserably for hundreds of years. Proof is in the pudding.
    You are not the body you currently inhabit. Reincarnation is what happens and all things are balanced over many lives whether it be human or other manifestations in the Universe. Man is not the most evolved being by any stretch.
    Extraterrestrials patrol our skies this very moment and no matter what their orientation they take a dim view of man laying to waste all life forms because of their ignorance of how life works and what their destiny is.
    Extraterrestrials are very telepathic and their technology is millions of years beyond any Hollywood Sci-Fi movie.
    There will come a time of separation of the good and just from the evil and ignorance plaguing this world.
    Those far in advance of us can separate men as well as a farmer separates cows from sheep.
    Renounce superstition and religion and tyranny over your mind.

  9. Prisons in US are best in the world….BUT… a British recidivist explains…..

    Even in Britain – Prison life ‘better than the streets’

    “Gets free clean clothes when he walks in the gate.”

    “I feel whatever’s going on in prison, which is a LOT OF GOOD STUFF, there’s a LOT of things to learn in prison, a LOT of courses – but when you leave the prison gate, if you’ve got nowhere to live with £46 in your pocket, doesn’t matter what you’ve learned in prison, what you’ve trained for,” Mr Norman told that Today programme’s John Humphrys.

    “The support has got to come from the gate, other than that you will go back to prison. Most of the regime that’s been set out by the minister is already there anyway, so I can’t really see what difference it’s all going to make, ” he added.

    1. What you say is true, Pat. [As I have told you] I put-up the property and the money to ‘write bonds’ back in the early nineties. Besides being a scrap broker/processor, I was a ‘professional’ (private, as opposed to corporate) bail bondsman. During that activity (I became a favorite of certain elements entangled by the ‘system’), I encountered injustices HARD TO FATHOM. Being empathetic, I became an advocate-of-sorts for people obviously raped by ‘The System’. Some judges became friends/some hated me. Likewise, many lawyers. Eventually, along with other matters, it became more than I could do or afford, and I let my license expire. Likewise, I cashed-out what was left of my ‘recycling’ corporation. I now reside in the mountains, a farmhand for my family, and can somewhat ‘watch’ this shit come apart…


      1. Gil –

        I remember your comment from a few months back….because it is a big problem in the US.

        One fellow I know who got caught up in the system learned judo, yoga and got most of a college degree in federal prison in Pensacola. He told me there were many there who committed crimes to get there for a while, for training and….to make criminal connections to use when they got out.

        The ‘diesel’ program spreads the money around from facility to facility, even if they just check in for a day the facility gets paid for several days. A racket. Judges own stock in jails.

        Alternative media sites go way overboard to sell fear by garnering eyeballs. There ARE problems with gangs in some prisons, but a lot of them can be avoided if the inmates keep low.

        1. @ Pat

          Well, this seems like an excellent comment to me. And extremely well-informed, too, giving inside information about the seamy side of life in American prisons. I can’t see how any of your “enemies” could possibly object to this comment. 🙂

      2. Yes, I know ALL ABOUT the ‘diesel system’, Pat, and about many of the self-serving, self-righteous sonsofbitches who own and promote it. They’re nouveau-riches scum. A lawyer and a judge who saw it MY way were ostracized from the court system by the Masonic brotherhood therein involved. I know. (Some of them are not so tight-lipped as many on here imagine). They tell me things. (Sometimes it pays to have friends in low places! 🙂 🙂 )

      3. It`s true. A number of years ago, in a cop shop in Inverness, I talked to a young guy who had just been re-arrested, having confessed to a crime he didn`t commit, because he preferred being “inside”..

  10. Here is a quote off the site RealJewNews:

    “Jews are fundamentaly liars. They lie mercilessly even to themselves.

    Jews lie about everything. Meaning by everything literally “every single thing”. You can’t have a simple truth from a Jew. Even or the most insignificant thing.

    I guess there must be some psychiatric, anthropological and sociological explanations for that lying compulsive behavior.

    There’s no more racist and disgusting slogan than “the chosen people.” It looks like derived from that slogan, they are taught and trained in the synagogues not to try and do anything but oppress peoples. For that purpose they lie again and again.

    Jews give God a bad name”

  11. The problem is war is not only “thinkable” but considered “winable” as well. Fifty Years of cold-war weapons testing, over two thousand tests, has conclusively proven the resiliency of the human organism to withstand the onslaught of nuclear explosions.

    What is being overlooked is the ultimate horror of any war. Nukes however, expand the horror exponentially. When a population forgets what all out war means against a equal and determined power means to their personal future, then history will repeat itself. Since the beginning of the twentieth century, America has been carefully conditioned to accept as normal a constant state of war conducted at various levels.

    Only fools, naves and Jews have the bravado to talk about war as some distant event to be technically evaluated and pursued. No doubt, those with such temerity will sing a far different tune should they survive a nearby nuclear explosion.

    Modern warfare is truly unthinkable, every sane individual should question anyone and everyone who think such thoughts and support such actions. The British movie “Threads” is an excellent film that captures the aftermath for those “lucky” enough to survive a nuclear exchange. The most interesting thing about the movie is it extrapolates events that will occur 50 years or more past the initial exchange. Thus one can see what a post war civilization will look like many years after the thinkable war is fought.

    The movie used to be available on YouTube. Apparently, the Jewish money gouls have decided enforce their profiteering rights to the film and have now had all the copies removed from YouTube. It is worth getting a copy and watching so the future of western civilization can be pondered.

  12. I have warned readers about our reliance upon the language dictated by the hegemonic, all-powerful JEWISH/ILLUMINATI MATRIX!
    For example, our stupidity in referring to all modern, mixed-race Jews as SEMITES; as in “Anti-Semites.”
    Again, I remind you of Doris Lessing’s conclusion (and Orwell’s) that without clear definitions “we remain helpless and without choice.”
    “NEO-CONSERVATIVES” is another such MATRIX-created terminology.
    In the one breath, above, Paul Craig Roberts labels principal figures on both the RED and BLUE sides as NEO-CONSERVATIVES. But Obama and the Clintons do not pretend they are conservatives. They are unabashed Progressive-Marxists! ‘
    Bill Clinton took his 1960’s “free love” training into the Oval Office and ejaculated all over Monica’s lovely blue dress and used cigars as dildos! The LEFT loves him!
    Most of the Jews in Congress are Marxist-Zionist Progressives. Just as are there Hollywood counterparts!
    Once again, you are being sucked into the vortex of their diabolical vortex!
    Are you listening Mr Roberts?
    You are limiting the identity of our enemy to “CONSERVATIVES”, as in the sixties!
    Get your OWN terminology, that embraces both the reds and the blues.
    Boehner is as much a murdering Jewish-controlled proxy and puppet as Obama or the lovely “Benghazi” Hillary or Ms Feinstein!
    Do you understand, ye of the chem-trail sedated?
    We just cannot get away from the old 1960’s LEFTIST tenet that: CONSERVATIVES ARE INNATELY BAD AND CAUSE ALL THE STRIFE!
    We have to do much better! (which is why my 170 plus IQ counts in advising you bubbas!)

    1. I meant “abyss of their diabolical vortex”!
      Is Bono a “neo-conservative”? … Is Alec Baldwin? … Is the filthy slut Madonna a neo-conservative?
      …. Is Nancy Pelosi a neo-conservative? … Is Pink a neo-conservative? …. Is Sarah DOGSANUS a NC?
      Its the left-wingers who are calling and singing the MATRIX’s tunes!
      It is the LEFT who have destroyed traditional Western scholarship and replaced it with Marxist-Hegelian dialecticism and illogic! (Hitler said the latter!)

      1. @ Bob in DC

        I find David Duke’s term “Jewish supremacists” better, because that is what Jews really are : supremacists. They can adopt any “ideology” if that suits their purpose. They can even adopt two “contradictory” ideologies at the same time, for example liberalism and conservatism, if only it promotes their supremacist agenda.

  13. There is more to all of this. Also, this piece by PCR is more restrained than usual, and I can only pick at his allegations that Venezuela, etc, are targeted by the US. Venezuela does not need to be targeted by anybody, since it is destroying itself with its majority third world population winning elections. It is great to have around, sorta like Cuba as the communist failure, manifest. Since Cuba may be gone as a great display of communist failure, then Venezuela takes its place.

    What people, including myself until recently, do not understand is America’s Puritan roots and their consequent Old Testament based Righteousness-know-it-all zeal for setting everybody “free”, whatever than means. It used to be God, but now , aside from the Christian fundamentalist/zionists, it is “Democracy.”

    While most Americans are not very interested and are steadily losing interest, ever since the Vietnam War (which was perhaps the first failed-war for bringing democracy to the natives)
    put Doubt into the American electorate, we are less and less enthusiastic about bring democracy to the natives. Who then IS in favor of this? … two categories of Democratic Imperialists, Jews and Liberal Internationalists mostly interested in Money.

    However, contrary to popular misconception, Jews are more interested in Power than in Money. Thus, in our time, say after 1950, Jews realized that their communism was a lost cause, so they shifted to the project of a new Republican century, by gutting any kind of semi, at least, genuine conservatism (religion, history, family, race, and money , small m) and replacing Republican Party conventions with
    the Straussian and Neo-Conservative dogmas of National Power, Imperialism for Democracy, Equality!, and One Worldism.

    This was a 100% Jewish adventure. The primary target for achieving this “intellectual hegemony” was the Repugnican Party, since the Demogogic Party was already sufficiently Internationalist and Interventionist (from Teddy Roosevelt’s Rough Riders, to Wilson’s war to end all wars, to the Democratic Party Cold Warriors who gave us Vietnam) and already controlled by jews anyway. The Repugnican Party was transformed, starting with the National Review and the race traitor Bill Buckley who signed on to the Jewish Power, firing anyone who did not salute the Israeli flag….like Joe Sobran, Pat Buchanan, Paul Gottfriend, etc. and embrace Equality Now!, racially speaking. Then the other Jew rags like Commentary spurted up like mushrooms, feeding on the carcass of the Old Republic, harassed unto death by Protestant Save -Everybody Ahabism either my Missionaries or Marines, sent anywhere per the fit of Righteousness of the moment as well as the profit motive.

    So What? Pogo’s insight, “I have the met the enemy and he is us.”…that is, it is our pathological and promiscuous Altruism as Whites morphed into strident Do-Goodism aided and abetted by Jewish opportunism, that explains our national behavior today. Of course, this is a relative elite matter, not the average guy and gal. Our elites are liberals, of both political parties, who champion Equality Now! for everybody, or at least those who stand in the way of DEMOCRACY, meaning the rule of money, and equal consumers, and anything-goes from sex to Lifestyle, as long as it is individualist, anti-intellectual, or better, non-intellectual, and very stupid.

    Stupidity cannot differentiate, cannot discriminate, cannot see what is right in front of it. So, folks, it is not just the Jews, it is our history of hebraized Protestant Intolerance of genuine difference. Our way or the highway, or better, Bombs-away. The Jew laughs all the way home…israel. perfect fit of Zionist Elders, who proclaim universal democracy for the world but Israel is removed from the equation of Equality and Internationalism. It is all blood and soil for Jews, and racial chaos for the rest of us.

    Joe WEbb

    1. An excellent explanation Joe Webb!
      Take in his TRUTH, bubbas!
      “The perfect fit of Zionist Elders, who proclaim universal democracy for the world but Israel is removed from the equation of Equality and Internationalism. It is all blood and soil for Jews, and racial chaos for the rest of us.”
      As head honcho, Australian Zionist and “MULTICULTURALISM” commissar, Isi Liebler, said: “Israel is for us Jews and will never accept multiculturalism, diversity and universalism.”
      Isi now lives in a palatial mansion in the blue-chip area of Tel Aviv! (Arab-Semite FREE!)
      Communist man-hater, the Leftist Germaine Greer, lives in an expensive manor house in the English countryside.
      Pink shops at Versace and wears $5,000 dresses!

  14. Toby –

    I walk in lock-step with no other beings…real or invented. Not Paine, Dilling, Winrod or Mullins. All of them are dead and can no longer learn. I can…. and do. I am NOT lead by anyone.

    Think about this. I initially commented on PCR’s article and Felix asked me a question. I answered it for him.
    Then an entity butted in and made a fool of itself by mentioning male sex organs and rape using foul language aimed at me, offering some alternative media opinions.
    Then – way too many of the comments became about me, because of an entity with a different opinion than mine.

    Now…THAT’S FUNNY… 🙂

  15. Neocon is not a “Zionist”… It is a JEW….. Plain and simple…

    I for one am sick of this constant differentiation between Jew and Zionist… They both worship the same evil corrupt psychotic books, the Torah and Talmud… Both think they are superior to all of mankind and want all of us as their slaves for eternity… They both worship Israel and will sell their host nations down the river for the glory and the “good” of that filthy disgusting state…. Both are traitors to the host nations they infest….

    So again, why call them Zionists… They are Jews….

    1. I am not so sure that ALL those who are Jews support Zionism, and/or follow the teachings of the Talmud. Even the Talmud speaks very harshly about Jews who are out side of the group nor a part from it. Bro. Nathanael Kapner, a Greek Orthodox convert from Judaism, speaks harshly about the Jews, Zionists, and Izrael. he is a good guy. Anna Baltzer is Jewish and is an advocate for the Palestinians as is Academic Norman Finkelstein.

      I refuse to lump the innocent with the guilty. Zionists are evil, but so is all extremism that is fueled by blind rage and hatred. I want nothing to do with it.

    2. Indeed.
      Call it like it is.
      Until we all grow a pair and stop being controlled by our conditioning and call it like it is we shall never be free from their grip.
      It’s the JEWS! It’s the Jews! And their CRYPTO JEW FRIENDS who are possibly even worse.
      Understand why:

  16. It’s all one big act. Both sides are controlled by the same Jews. The “stupid Goyim” need to be sold on a war before it can be declared and somebody has to be the “bad guy” (actually, the Jew-run media on both sides put forth a great deal of effort into demonizing the other).

    Who’s “side” are you on? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ZIsZaiDTeI

    1. Scott –

      You see it. I see it. Russia and US are controlled by the same people of the last 98 years.
      Jew bankers.

      1. Either way expect limited nuclear strikes to reduce the population of the US and Russia. It has been said that Izrael has planted nuclear devices in some areas in the US as well.

      2. Anything is possible.
        If the strikes are to be limited….there is no need for nukes.

      3. Spot on Pat! “Russia and US are controlled by the same people of the last 98 years. Jew bankers.”
        Always the bottom line: The JEWS control the public purse and therefore have all the worldly POWER $$$money can buy!
        ITS all about the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$’s. …. It has little or nothing to do with religion.
        eg: The other day a fella was caught in outer Kiev with handfuls of newly printed USA FED money! He was buying into both sides! Check the reports.
        And most of us have a price!
        I don’t, because I am a rich dilettante of the old-monied class!
        I buy my freedom and women wherever I travel on our planet. Currently in South Africa.

      4. Yes…MAX… Their God is money..!!

        They even build HOLO-HOAX museums in CUBA….. 🙂
        I would not be surprised if the Jews build one in N Korea..

  17. It is in the best interest of the Zionist secular Judeo-Christian alliance to plan for WW3, because according to them, only after Armageddon can the Jewish Messiah return. But what they fail to realise is the False Messiah (Dajjal or Anti-Christ) will instead appear and these fools will follow him instead of the real Messiah (Isa). Expect the world to be in further turmoil when the USA will no longer be the ruling state of the world to be replaced with this False Messiah who will rule the world from Israel.

    1. All war is based on deception. While people wait for tanks, troops & jets to appear as “War”— WW III is in progress– The U.S. is a host nation for the Zionist Jews, who are using our military to depopulate the Muslim world, while they loot and destroy our nation, from within— always using goyim to kill goyim. Since 9-11, 80.000 NYC residents have come down with radiation cancers. Deepwater Horizon Oil Slick was no accident (HAARP). And a few weeks before Fukushima, Japan came out in favor of a Palestinian State.–Fukushima will depopulate the Globe, a fact, that
      proves, by it’s opposite, that faith is stronger than knowledge– for we can know the facts but JUST CANNOT BELIEVE IT!

  18. A few disjointed remarks as I laboriously type into the hated phone, glasses forgotten at home.

    Joe Webb: what you are saying about Venezuela and Cuba is typical American jingoistic nonsense. I visited both countries, admittedly Venezuela before Chavez and found the overall level of human joy, peace and interaction much higher than in USA with its bone – deep anger, suspicion, malice and ever present menace of unaccountable violence that many Americans consider a point of pride – witness the Jew accolades to American Sniper.
    Yeah, murdering unknown people in their own country at over a mile away is a supremely heroic act worthy of collective chest thumping.
    Meanwhile, why not check the facts of how ordinary Venezuelans lived and prospered afte Chavez expropriated national resources away from Jews for the benefit of citizens.
    Or maybe you will tell us how Libyans and Iraqis are overjoyed at their newly acquired liberties after Jew takeover.
    I was in Cuba at least half a dozen times and can tell you that people complain openly and vocally about everything, starting with economy, incompetence and patronage but also are a hell of a lot better informed about wider issues of true history, be it 911 or false flags, world war ii or the Protocols.
    And guess what.
    Castro can walk down the street accompanied by just couple of nurses and bodyguards and people clap and cheer and greet him like a friend.
    This after almost 60 years of unremitting hardship.
    Because they fully know the reason why.
    Whatever mistakes the rulers made, Fidel had the balls to admit but they pale in comparison to the malevolence of the enemies of humanity.

    One thing more.
    People complain about Roberts, Putin, Paul and such not going out on the limb and talking freely about Jew and his age old perfidy.
    Sure and modern day general should lead his army into the battlefield riding a white charger.
    Victory guaranteed.
    The only question is, whose victory.

  19. None of the Cubans or Cuban refugees I have ever spoken with over the last 30 years are planning to take life raft trips back to Cuba. Many are still trying to get to Florida any way they can…even swim. One business and judo friend of mine was on the Mariel. He was on the Cuban Olympic team, special treatment, and had it better than most, and still wanted to escape.

    Looks like the Stockholm syndrome could be renamed Havana Syndrome. Castro eliminated dissidents right away.

    1. spoken from ignorance, pat, with all due respect.
      you’ve never been there and seen and interacted with locals who live there.
      after all, there are dissidents living right there in havana and i have spoken with some of them, including the bishop of havana, msgr alfredo petit.
      yes, there may have been a number of them eliminated in the early history but they were the bearers of the colored revolution, just like the one in ukraine.
      insha’allah that putin had destroyed them right off the bat, thousands of innocent lives would have been spared today, the likes of yatseniuk, rabinovich, taruta, kolomoisky … the list goes on.
      as it is, there are no jews in cuba, although lately the snakes have been trying to swarm into it to reclaim possessions they stole previously but were unable to take with them – the right of jew return.

      and by the way: any cuban w/o criminal record is free to obtain a passport and travel wherever he wishes, the only restriction being on those with specialized skills such as doctors on whom the state has spent so much time and money to educate at their expense, so what should they do, allow americans to make free use of it?
      the problem is that due to american pressure, not many countries are willing to offer them visa, 5000 euro bail for those wishing to go to eu.
      but free to go to nicaragua, venezuela, haiti, angola, russia … all countries where jews don’t hold sway.

      the greatest cuban boxer of all times, the 3 time olympic champion, felix savon, whom i met in his modest little bungalow told me that he was offered $10 million by don king to fight muhamad ali back in the day.
      he had the permission to go but never to return and he rejected the offer.
      “what is $10 million compared to 11 million cubans who love me?” was his answer.
      not an american sentiment, is it.

      1. “…there are no Jews in Cuba…”

        There are still some 500 Jews in Cuba.


        As for Jewish business interests on Cuba : former Israeli politician and intelligence officer Rafi Eitan owns a large citrus plantation and other business on the island and he has even built a Holocaust Memorial.

        “In 1992, Eitan was approached in order to bid on a contract for an agricultural deal in Cuba, which involved the cultivation of the largest citrus grove cooperative on the island. After winning the bid, Eitan built a partnership with four other international entrepreneurs to run the deal. The company BM Group was incorporated in Panama, and traded with Israeli suppliers.

        Due to the success of the venture and the connections acquired, BM also won the contract to build the world trade center in Havana, and a Holocaust Memorial at the center of the Old City of Habana. Recently, GBM was awarded the “Medal for Agricultural Work” by the Cuban government.
        In addition to this deal, BM has started expanding its business deals to the rest of Latin America. It runs various agricultural projects in the Dominican Republic, among others.”

        Source : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rafi-Eitan

        It seems there is literally no country on this planet that is really Judenrein.

      2. Lobro –

        I am ignorant of a lot of things. Ignorance can be reversed with examination.
        You seem to be ‘ignorant’ about Jews in Cuba. You said “there are no Jews in Cuba.” That claim is not correct.
        You saw a boxer but missed the synagogues and holo-hoax museums in Cuba.

        Castro brothers are in control of every building in Cuba. Castro has allowed several holo-hoax memorials to be built demonizing Hitler.

        In Havana, the synagogue Templo Sefaradi keeps holo-hoax memories alive….and ties them directly to Cuba. In Santa Clara there is a memorial in the Jewish cemetery there.

        In Havana, the holo-hoax exhibit at Templo Sefaradi, is in one of Havana’s synagogues.

        See Holocaust Memorial pics:

        Castro has built….
        The newest holo-hoax memorial in the Western hemisphere.!!

      3. lobro –

        BTW….. I have been to Cuba three times. I HAVE spoken with locals there.

        I told you….like most here…..’You do not know me.”

        1. @ Pat

          TO LOBRO: I told you….like most here…..’You do not know me.”

          Who the fuck wants to know you? You come across as a most unattractive individual, a Christ-hating Useful Idiot for the Jews — so the less people get to “know” you the better in my humble opinion!

          Lobro may be technically wrong about Cuba, but so what? The general point he was making is that Jewish influence in Cuba is negligible. I have been to Cuba myself and I back him up on that.

          If there are Jews in Cuba — and there are apparently 400 according to Jew-owned (!!!) Wikipedia which Franklin Ryckaert is happy to quote again! — the Jews are hardly noticeable. Low profile. Ordinary Cubans are not aware of them. Israelis and American Jews are not allowed to buy property in Cuba and rent it out at exorbitant rents to poor Cubans. No Jews in Cuba as Slum Landlords! These slimy bastards, if they exist in Cuba, skulk in the back alleys and keep their ugly faces away from the populace. That’s what Lobro meant by saying “There are no Jews in Cuba.”

          Trust the pedantic Ryckaert to pounce on Lobro for a technical error and for speaking figuratvely! And trust you to try and put Lobro down again, jealous of his supremacy on this website and envious of his outstanding posts. Yuck, you make me sick!

          Green tea? Forget it.

      4. Castro favored Jews. Castro also studied in Jesuit schools in Oriente and in Havana, Cuba.

        The only business Castro left in private hands in all of Cuba was the KOSHER butcher shop in Havana, and though he nationalized all public religious institutions, he allowed the Albert Einstein School to continue its classes on Jewish history, Hebrew, and Yiddish.


      5. @ Ruth Bernstein

        Fidel Castro himself is of Jewish descent :

        “Fidel Castro was born to Ángel Castro y Argiz and María Luisa Argota in 13 August 1926 at Birán, Cuba. The family of his father was from Galicia, in the north-west of Spain, who arrived in the late 19th century as a soldier during the revolt in Cuba against Spain and was later an owner of a sugar cane farm. In his adult life, Fidel Castro confided in Ricardo Wolf, a Jewish industrialist who financed Castro’s usurpation of the Batista government, that he was of Marrano Jewish ancestry[1] In a 1997 article about Madeleine Albright published in the New York Times, there is mention of Fidel Castro also having a “Jewish background”.[10]

        Indeed, the de Castro’s were a powerful Sephardi family, some of whom claimed to “convert” to Christianity. Trading with the Enemy, a book by American author Tom Miller confirms the story and claims “Fidel Castro thinks he’s Jewish”.[1] In an interview with fellow Marxist, Frei Betto, Castro is quoted as claiming of his childhood; “I remained unbaptized and I remember that people called me a Jew. They used to say, “he’s a Jew”. I was four or five and was already being criticized, for people saying I was a Jew”.

        So not only is Castro of Jewish descent, even his “revolution” was financed by a Jew!

        Source : Metapedia, Fidel Castro.

        As for the historicity of Jesus, there are no other sources about him than the four Gospels themselves, and those are clearly Church propaganda. It is not clear what is fact and what is fiction in them. The final word about this matter has already been said by Albert Schweitzer in his book The Quest of the Historical Jesus.

        1. @ Franklin Ryckaert

          Thank you for your quotes about Castro. These come as an eyeopener to me. I guess I need to overhaul my opinions radically.

          May I ask your opinion on one point? Is it true, in your view, that the Jews and the Jesuit Order are in bed together? I hear from another source that Christianity’s greatest asset in its age-old war against the Jews has been the Jesuits.

        2. @ Franklin Ryckaert


          Permit me to remind you of the of the letter written to the Grand Sanhedrin of Constantinople by the Chief Rabbi of Spain, Chermor in 1492 on the Spanish Inquisition:

          “” Beloved brethren in Moses, we have received your letter in which you tell us of the anxieties and misfortunes which you are enduring. We are pierced by as great pain to hear it as yourselves. The advice of the Grand Satraps and Rabbis is the following:

          1. As for what you say that the King of Spain obliges you to become Christians: do it, since you cannot do otherwise.
          2. As for what you say about the command to despoil you of your property: make your sons merchants that they may despoil, little by little, the Christians of theirs.
          3. As for what you say about making attempts on your lives: make your sons doctors and apothecaries, that they may take away Christians’ lives.
          4. As for what you say of their destroying your synagogues: make your sons canons and clerics in order that they may destroy their churches.
          5. As for the many other vexations you complain of: arrange that your sons become advocates and lawyers, and see that they always mix in affairs of State, that by putting Christians under your yoke you may dominate the world and be avenged on them.
          6. Do not swerve from this order that we give you, because you will find by experience that, humiliated as you are, you will reach the actuality of power.

          ———— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— —-
          The reply is found in the sixteenth century Spanish book, La Silva Curiosa, by Julio-Iniguez de Medrano (Paris, Orry, 1608), on pages 156 and 157, with the following explanation: “This letter following was found in the archives of Toledo by the Hermit of Salamanca, (while) searching the ancient records of the kingdoms of Spain; and, as it is expressive and remarkable, I wish to write it here.” — vide, photostat facing page 80. ~ The above was quoted from Waters Flowing Eastward by Paquita de Shishmareff, pp. 73-74″

          Points 1 and 4 are particularly appealing. Consider that the Jesuit order was founded less than 50 years later. They Jesuits are a Jewish order

          It was the Jesuit order that removed Bishop Williamson, of the Society of St. Pius X from his position when he questioned the holocaust?

          Jews control the Jesuits

          The bottom line Franklin, is that the Vatican is one of the three ‘sees’ that the Jews control, this one in particular being religion. The other two ‘sees’ are of course London (finance) and Washington DC (military). All have the freemason control symbol of the obelisk within their grounds, representing the lost secret of Freemasony (knowledge) that represents the missing penis of Osiris, which Isis could not find when she put him back together.

          I’m sorry to say, but the Vatican, that is the head of the catholic church is the ‘bum boy’ of Jewry, as practised by a number of their order on young children.

          I am a deist. I do not follow religion, because this, like the msm, politics, academia, judiciary, military and the arts, is merely another establishment that the Jews control, through their war of deception against the oh so ignorant goyim. The foxes invaded the religious hen house a loooooooooong time ago. Do you not wonder why they pass their acceptance of homosexual clergy and marriage within the church if otherwise? There you have the ‘proof in the pudding’.

          Agree and disagree all you will, but you have to accept the simple fact that your bastion of Christ, was conquered along time ago by its enemy and people are still to ignorant to believe otherwise, especially fervent, religious zealots.

      6. @ Ruth Bernstein

        There are rumors that the founder of the Jesuits Ingatius de Loyola and the first six other Jesuits were crypto-Jews themselves. Fact is that in the beginning many conversos joined the order, but since 1593 people of Jewish or Muslim descent were banned :

        “Although in the first 30 years of the existence of the Society of Jesus there were many Jesuit conversos (Catholic-convert Jews),[59] an anti-converso faction led to the Decree de genere (1593), which proclaimed that either Jewish or Muslim ancestry, no matter how distant, was an insurmountable impediment for admission to the Society of Jesus.[60] The 16th-century Decree de genere remained in exclusive force until the 20th century, when it was repealed in 1946.” Source : Wikipedia, Society of Jesus.

        The society was mainly founded to combat the Reformation and strengthen the church. I can’t discern any secret Jewish agenda in their activities.

        1. “The Society [of Jesus] was mainly founded to combat the Reformation and strengthen the church. I can’t discern any secret Jewish agenda in their activities.”

          That is reassuring. The fact that the Jesuits should ban Jews from their order in 1593 indicates that they were anxious to avoid the infiltration and corruption of their order by Jews. I have known a few Jesuits personally and I can vouch for their complete integrity. One of Lasha’s favorite poets (and mine) is a Jesuit priest: Gerald Manley Hopkins.

      7. Jewish Penetration of Vatican City
        Vatican JewishPaper Shows Judiazation of Catholicism

        The Vatican in 1993 agreed to have diplomatic ties with Israel, a landmark in John Paul’s papacy.
        The last Vatican document of landmark proportions on Jewish relations was a 1965 statement that came out of the Second Vatican Council under Paul VI and said the Jews cannot be collectively blamed for the crucifixion of Jesus.

        Vatican IS a ZOG.

  20. The entity formerly called U.S.A. no longer exists. It has morphed into Israel’s Golem: A mindless giant consisting of mire and filth, completely controlled by the “Learned Elders of Zion.” But — note well — however terrifying such a monstrosity, its feet of clay render it vulnerable. Millions of fools, waving little American flags and chanting “USA, USA, USA!” will not suffice to save it from the coming storm.

    1. Alas, Toshiyori, I fear you are right! Instead of being a light unto all nations, the Jews are a blight! The entire premise of Judaism is predicated on a Chosen people in an eternal Israel. And according to the Talmud it is permissible to commit any crime to futher that goal! You know as well as I, that nothing on this earth is eternal in 50,000 years from now there will be a huge sea where Israel now stands as the tectonic plates drift apart!

    2. A beautifully described TRUTH, Toshiyori!
      “Israel’s Golem: A mindless giant consisting of mire and filth, completely controlled by the ‘Learned Elders of Zion’.”

    3. @ Toshiyori

      Well said, Toshi! Lasha Darkmoon has often referred scathingly to America as “New Zion.” The US is more than just an “Israeli colony”, as Lasha called it in one of her older articles (“America Vanquished”), it has now become JEWLAND — a country run BY Jews FOR JEWS.

      The bulk of the population, the goyim, have been reduced to the status of SLAVES in what was formerly their own country. What is needed in America now is a Slave Revolt. And this time it is the Masters, not the Slaves, who need to be crucified!

      1. Correct Sard –

        We are slaves to the debt in circulation.

        We were warned… “don’t borrow or lend”.. “usury is punishable by death”

  21. The simple thing is that the Jews need to be removed from ALL positions of power.

    They are guests in our lands and they are also the overwhelming minority. If they give the argument of “anti semite, haters, racists” etc, they can all be countered simply with – ‘the needs of the many vastly outweigh the needs of the few and under Jewish authority, your belief and governance has been quite the opposite. It is Jewry who has purposefully brainwashed the majority into accepting the minority first over the majority.

    Figures would be produced to show just how much control Jewry has of all establishments. This will ultimately show the incredibly disproportionate ratio, of Jewish power compared to their size, proving overwhelmingly that it very much is about ‘jobs for the boys’ and discrimination over the majority in favour of the minority.

    1. Harbinger –

      Your allusion to ‘the needs of the many…’ smacks of George Orwell’s ANIMAL FARM. In consideration of context, here, it seems too ‘Bolshevikky’ to be a solution. 🙂
      If some damn Jews can accomplish so much with so few (especially the captivity of America, which most of you on this site seem to both hate and envy – indicting ALL Americans), I think it’s about time everyone gave careful attention and study to their TACTICS rather than merely vocalize antipathy. HOW DO THE JEW(s) DO IT???! (other than with the money)

      Some of you converse about moving from place-to-place, lauding the pleasures and peace sought by ex-pats for decades; but, to me, that is NOT a ‘solution’. It is an avoidance, and is waaay too ‘wandering’ and similar to the Wandering J(Who?)… Take a stand! Study TACTICS instead of TRAITS. (I’m sure Lobro, et.al., can spot a Jew a mile away – but that really doesn’t help the matter, does it?) I am a hunter, and. I am a VERY good hunter of men. When I have occasion to go after somebody, I study his/her psyche and habits. What makes ‘The Jew’ tick?? What makes him happy? How could we ever reconcile our differences? These are things to address rather than constant confrontation. (As much as some of you seem to hate America, I wonder if all Americans might-as-well go along with the Zionist agenda and FULL SPEED AHEAD, DAMN THE TORPEDOS! 🙂 )

      I visit this site for edification AND entertainment – and because Lasha has graciously expressed an interest in some of my poetry, too (and she very dependably witholds the
      publication of my ‘passport name’). But it’s getting rather tiring to always encounter hatred for America and all things American.

      1. Gilbert,

        “HOW DO THE JEW(s) DO IT???! (other than with the money)”

        It’s called deception. Honest people are always beaten by it, because it’s playing a game with rules, that your opponent continually changes to benefit themselves over their opponent.

      2. Yes Sardonicus,

        What I should have mentioned in point 2 (and I realised after I’d posted it) was to mention that Germany would have met up with the Marxist School Critical Theorists who left Frankfurt in 1933 and fled Hitler’s Germany and wiped them out as all the points mentioned are predominantly their doing. Ironically it was Stalin who wiped out a few of them.

  22. what will you do when the moment arrives. the moment will arrive. every soul knows this..consciously or unconsciously..

    This is a divine play and souls are acting via their bodies. the play is about to come to its conclusion again with a big.bang. this term..big.bang has been heard of by all here i am sure. one must prepare ones self for this moment. one must prepare the mind. intellect and body. one must make effort to take their mind and intellect beyond matter because..matter does not matter. matter is useful but it is not important. the moments ahead will be testing in the extreme..

    This is the darkest night of the soul. but the day is coming..it always returns after night

    We are divine beings who have adopted the human body of matter to experience through. but we have forgotten who we truly are. we have falling into a spiritual sleep and become enslaved to matter. now we must awaken for it is time to return to our home of light beyond the sun. moon and stars. the body will not go there. no bodies can go there. only souls can go there. this is where the one remembered as God resides without a body. his form is Light as is yours and mine. we are zero points of divine light and we reside at the center of the forehead between the two human eyes. we are..the third iye

    What is ahead will happen..must happen. for this is an eternal cycle. there is no beginning or end only ignorance and truth. light and dark. forgetting and remembering. heaven and hell. now hell must be transformed with a big.bang for heaven to return like night and day..

    Peace .

    1. Iyou –

      I like your analogy. You seem to have a grasp on our situation. 🙂

  23. Malady summarizes my point about providing clear and precise definitions in a JEWISH-MATRIX FREE environment:
    “It’s the JEWS! It’s the Jews! And their CRYPTO JEW FRIENDS who are possibly even worse.”
    As I keep warning, “you communicate through your LANGUAGE.” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    If you are reliant upon THEIR heavily impregnated, brainwashing, MATRIX lexicon, as in unwittingly calling ALL Jews “SEMITES” or calling all the real bad-asses “NEO-CONS”, then your WORD is severely compromised.
    You have effectively accepted your fate as a Winston-like, slave-like, zombified, bubba! … Eat a super-dog covered in mustard! ….. Dance the lezzo dance with Ellen Degeneres! …. Stick up the Obama poster that says “HOPE”!
    Yes, whilst ALL Jews are NOT Zionists engaged in the Palestinian genocide, or causing all the wars” (Mel Gibson) – take , for example, the True Torah Jews Against Zionism – it would be safe to say, as another comments’ person alluded to, that over 95% of the planet’s 20,000,000 Jews are solidly supportive of Israel and its expansion.
    So let us make it, as Malady says: “It’s the JEWS! It’s the Jews! And their CRYPTO JEW FRIENDS!” As in Lasha’s “JEWS RULE.”
    ITS SO SIMPLE: Yellen, Frank, Emanuel, Netanyahu, Greenspan, Cohen/s, Axelrod, Feinstein, etc, are YOUR diabolical JEWS and Obama, Clinton/s, Pelosi, Kerry, Boehner, etc are your CRYPTO-JEWS!
    Re: the POWER bequeathed by $$$$$$$$$$$$”S:
    There can be NO CHANGE in the current situation until the control of the FEDERAL RESERVE is wrested from the Jews! This requires MAJOR political action now!
    Surely, with a little education/knowledge the USA people can be made to see that the FED is JEWISH owned and controlled – unaudited and filling voluminous Jewish pockets? (Most of it then being laundered in Israel and elsewhere, such as the Ukraine to buy into a Jew-war)
    The West’s problem sticks out like a heavily bandaged sore thumb: Too many JEWS in ALL significant areas of control; esp the money and foreign policy areas.
    Australia’s retiring Foreign MInister, Bob Carr: ” Australia’s foreign policy is controlled by the Zionist lobby.”
    He SHOULD have said, “controlled by JEWS”!!!!!

  24. Wrote the above about language and our need to be clear and tidy and switched over to Vets Today:
    Oh no, someone is referring to our enemy as the “Khazarian-Mafia”!
    How do we provide any education/learning to our first time readers around the world when we keep switching terms?
    What typical 18 year old would have any idea as to what is meant by the terminology KHAZARIAN-MAFIA????????
    i.e. One minute it is ZIONISTS, the next NEO-CONS, and now KHAZARIAN-MAFIA! etc, etc.
    Many writers are too scared to say the word JEW, which is exactly what the controlling matrix teaches them!
    Malady: “It’s the JEWS! It’s the Jews! And their CRYPTO JEW FRIENDS.”
    JEWS have imprisoned us in their filth, just as Jesus, Luther, Solzhenitsyn, Tolkien, Hitler, et al WARNED!!!!!!!

    1. @ Max Bilney

      Wrote the above about language and our need to be clear and tidy and switched over to Vets Today: Oh no, someone is referring to our enemy as the “Khazarian-Mafia”!

      Why “switch over” to VT if their writers use the language you object to? The phrase “Khazarian Mafia” which you rightly question was invented by VT writer Preston James. He is the same character who tells readers on VT that all our governments have been taken over by extraterrestrials from Outer Space! 🙂

      I believe he has received special intelligence that some of these aliens live in the center of the Hollow Earth! 🙂

    (From Max ******* PhD; in an Australian university)
    You state: “Why ‘switch over’ to VT if their writers use the language you object to?”
    Did I say “their writers”? …. No, you did!
    You are imagining things, which is Jewish-learned fake scholarship! Very untidy! Messy!
    You are being unnecessarily aggressive! Feminist leanings? No boyfriend? Need one?
    I’ll answer you with my consummate, lateral-thinking, super-intelligence, of over 170 IQ points: (Just as I would answer one of my pimpled, empty-headed undergraduates):
    “Children read and take in absolutely everything available to you – forever sifting, discriminating and cataloguing the masses of information available to you. Learn, as Merlin said to young Arthur, “Why the dog’s tail wags and who is wagging it.” … Do not limit yourself to single sources. Compare. Decide on the basis of knowledge.”
    And little Miss Butterfly, just because you have doubts about Mr James, does not mean that you disregard all other VT writers; as you would not disregard David Icke, Henry Makow, and Truthseekers.
    Fly into the air Miss Butterfly and find a brain! Grow up!
    I love reading Preston James PhD!

  26. Interesting. Right away I’m surprised that the neo-con Khazar and Goy auxiliary elements, with all the money at their disposal have a foul mouth guttersnipe like Wolfowitz as their front figure. What a waste of a Cornell education, but then Cornell like many places often makes highly questionable choices in pursuit of funds. Look at functional illiterate George W. Bush at Yale. The inescapable fact is there’s a growing schism between the neo-cons and reality, though it may be argued that when Wolfowitz proposed paying for the invasion of Iraq with Iraqi oil money the detachment from the real world was there all along. Nuland and Mr. Kagan plotted the Ukraine fiasco for years only to have the situation blow all kinds of offal right in their faces on a continuing and growing basis. Now the chickenhawks think they are the material to take on Russia (and China). No sane country would let a conflict of this kind leave a single square inch of stolen Palestinian land unirradiated for the next 10,000 years in the very first salvos with the accompanying butchering of diaspora khazar populations worldwide, which is why we find khazar elements attempting to establish themselves in Patagonia, Canada, Australia, and elsewhere. There are sane members of the US national security state who told these animals “no” to an invasion of Iran. It really is time to get rid of these creatures both in the US and and the other four eyes by whatever means necessary.

    1. Hear! Hear! Winston. One must also look at who is buying up land in Paraguay! The Bush family! I suggest you download the film “Blue Gold” from youtube. It states that the 3 richest countries regarding fresh water in 50 years from now will be Canada, Russia and Brazil( because of the Amazon and also sitting on the richest aquifer on earth) Paraguay also sits on the same aquifer. I honestly cannot see the Western US being tenable within the next 10 years or other parts as well, if they continue raping the environment with GMO’S fracking and the like.
      None of the BRILLIANT scientists can explain bee colony collapse. So yes, the architects of the mess will flee to the Southern Hemisphere!

      1. Thanks for the lead. The Ogalala Aquifer is going fast, and fracking in CA (and elsewhere) seems to have permanently poisoned a huge amount of scarce potable water. The ongoing mess from Fukushima should alert everyone what life might look like only with 100’s of broken reactors spewing out poison. Running off to Paraguay and Argentina (Hank Paulson) may not offer salvation; South American countries are very good at appropriating assets whenever it suits them (it certainly would suit me just fine in these cases). The best solution would be for the adults in the National security business to get rid of all these self appointed experts and put in some intelligent leadership.

  27. Ruth Bernstein, I like your line: “First, I am not a good Christian but an exceptionally bad one, though I am trying my best to live a clean and honorable life..”
    Ruth, keep away from that nice man lobro and his “hole” talk! Watch if he gets on his knees, unless you like this sort of thing!
    Yeah, just like me!
    I tell you all my anecdotes, because they are a bit like the Barabbas story: THEY HAVE THEMES! LIKE PARABLES!
    I’m a self-confessed womanizer and dilettante of the old money school, but, “I am not a good Christian, but an exceptionally bad one, though I am trying my best to live a clean and honorable life.” Like Jesus, I hate the f**^**$$** JEWS!
    I read somewhere that Jesus was followed around by an entourage of thousands wherever he went. I also read that lots of ’em were sheilas. You can’t tell me there was not a bit of hanky-panky going on? And how many MARYS did Jesus have? …. And “Simon the Canaanite” loved the ladies, I’m told!
    If I was in the “multitudes:” I would have been a “bad Christian”, only in the sense that I can’t reject the sheilas advances on my person. The ladies lerv me! I love their soft skin and bumps! That’s the way I like it!
    But I have asked for forgiveness and the priest said it is okay – I mean my predilection with the ladies.
    In the rest of my life I am a good boy; and I always pay the sheilas or reward them handsomely.
    Like Jesus, who let a prostitute wash his feet, I get sheilas to lick my toes and hop in the bath with me. I love bubble baths!
    Ain’t I nice? …. I always come out clean! … “Like a virgin!” (Madonna)

    1. Mad Max,

      You dishonor the Lord. If He and his disciples committed “hanky panky” as you state, Jesus’ enemies – and they were many and powerful – would have pointed this out and would have gladly “stoned him” per the Law. Christianity would have gone nowhere fast. Often the Christ challenged his adversaries to point out his sins, but they walked away speechless.

      Secondly, Jesus did not hate the Jews. He tried to bring them to repentance – like he does to ALL OF US – EVEN NOW! He hated their sins with a perfect hatred. While hanging naked on the cross, bleeding profusely, and in tremendous agony – he forgave them for their stupid, wicked, and shameful act.

      Do not dishonor HIM with careless and irreverent statements.

      1. Oh Leo, your lack of a sense of humor and your maniacal semantics!
        I am sick of talking to the brainwashed and blinkered among you!
        You are basically another humorless “wowser”, as we call them in OZ!
        If you knew better you would know I was referring to latter-day descriptions, movies etc. that try to say Jesus was a married man and had kids, etc. I was engaging in parody!
        And then to prove you are a mind-blown zombie of the Jewish educational establishment, you engage in the perfect Jewish-Marxist-Hegelian DIALECTICS: i. e. Saying one thing and then contradicting the same thing to “win” (in your twisted mind) a tenuous point!
        Here are your lunatic words:
        “Jesus did not hate the Jews. He tried to bring them to repentance – like he does to ALL OF US – EVEN NOW! He hated their sins with a perfect hatred. i.e. “HATE, HATED, HATRED”!!!!!!
        Depends what you mean by “HATE” mate! Define your words you oaf!
        “Ye who reject me will die in hell-fires …. O generation of vipers ….. ye shall receive the greater damnation … ye are of all uncleanliness …. ye killed the prophets …. your cups are full of extortion and excess …. ye sons of the abomination, etc”
        I do not think Jesus liked the human excreta he met in the Temple. This is so close to HATE! Loathing perhaps!
        Anyway his mission FAILED, as the JEWS now run the planet and most “Christians” are Christian-ZIOS or pro-Israel! That is the TRUTH! You cannot deny!
        Leo, how about I call you “a viper, whose cup is full of extortions”?
        You’d say, I’m trying to help you! … I’d say you are an ass-hole!
        Grow up man-child!

      2. There’s nothing wrong with ‘remembering your place’ in the pecking-order, Max. 🙂
        I think that is what Leo was aiming to point out – and I agree with him. Be careful…
        (I agree with you about fun and fornicating, btw. I indulge myself, on occasion, but I don’t get too carried-away with it, anymore. It’s safer staying SINGLE. 🙂 )

      3. @ Leo

        Mad Max: You dishonor the Lord. If He and his disciples committed “hanky panky” as you state, Jesus’ enemies would have pointed this out and would have gladly “stoned him” [to death] per the Law….Christianity would have gone nowhere fast…. Do not dishonor HIM with careless and irreverent statements.


        What can you expect from a degenerate Jew, or a Jewified gentile, who has infiltrated this website and brags about the size of his cock? The best thing you can do is to ignore him. See Ruth Bernstein’s excellent post putting this entertaining (but not very bright) Judaic clown in his place.

    2. @ Max Bilney

      I read somewhere that Jesus was followed around by an entourage of thousands wherever he went. I also read that lots of ‘em were sheilas. You can’t tell me there was not a bit of hanky-panky going on? And how many MARYS did Jesus have?

      “I read somewhere…” you begin your little foray into Christ belittlement, making us assume that your source would have to be an impeccable one. Tell me, you charming Jew-engendered braggart, why do you accept everything you read?

      I note that you enjoy reading Preston James, precisely the same VT writer who invented the phrase “Khazarian mafia”, the phrase you objected to as unacceptable. “I lerv Preston James!” you tell us. Brilliant! I’m pleased to hear that you adore the vapid inanities of this entertaining nutcase!

      “Dr” Preston James, as Madame Butterfly has pointed out, is the screwball on VT who claims that aliens from Outer Space have taken over our earthly governments and are hiding out right now in the center of the earth. 🙂

      Well, Mr Ten Inch Cock, I am so pleased to hear that you admire this lunatic! Because it makes it all the easier for me to ridicule and reject your infantile picture of Christ as a rampant womanizer (like yourself), surrounded by sexy “sheilas” and assorted female groupies! I guess you would be one of those Jewified Australians who enjoyed the movie “The Last Temptation of Christ” which sees Christ as a lady’s man, subject to sexual temptations and only too happy to yield to them like you.

      By all means continue to amuse us on this website, dear Antipodean Degenerate, but do not expect us to take you seriously. 🙂

    3. “But I have asked for forgiveness and the priest said it is okay” : reminds me of the tale of the Irish girl who was to marry, and asked the priest what colour dress she should wear, he said, “If you have never sinned, you wear white, if you have sinned you wear blue.” The girl thought for a moment, then announced that she would wear white, “with little blue dots”..

  28. I appreciate your dedication to informing your readers “the Truth of the Matter”.
    In the interest of telling the Truth I submit the following:
    We Americans are not part of the UNITED STATES Corporation that is headquartered in
    Washington D.C. This corporation is not the American government. The American people have been sold and bought a pack of lies for the past 260 years. The UNITED STATES does not represent the will of the American people.
    The perpetrators of death and destruction of human beings since the UNITED STATES wasformed in early 1780’s are evil men and women who will stop at nothing to take over controlof the World’s natural resources. Human beings be damned to death.
    Please do not refer to this corporation as American, it is not. It is The British East India Company with a new name. Every reader should research the origins of the so-called “American Revolution” of the late 1770’s to early 1780’s. It was a scam to install the British East Company as the ruler of the land called America. Look at the flag of the BEIC and the so-called “Betsy Ross flag”. They swapped the Union Jack for 13 stars. We Americans are slaves on the plantation. Black, White, Red, and Yellow slaves to the Venetians who own “the company.” For your own sakes – read history. The Venetians have been in charge for a very long time.

    1. That’s about as accurate an assessment as I’ve read, here, James. Thank you.

    2. Oh James, James, James, James! …. Oh, he that is so blind!
      What, have all the nut-jobs been let loose on this site at the same time? The sky is surely falling in!
      No its not the Jews, its not the Khazars, its not the Zionists, NO: IT’S the VENETIANS!!!!!!!!!
      I know where you are coming from in distant history my lad, but it is NOT the Venetians TODAY!
      Those Italians are sinking under the sea and love to ride the canals in gondolas. They are bankrupt!
      Yeah, the Venetian Jewish quarters were good with their money abacuses, but it was soon moved to the City of London and into the web of the European aristocracy; of which I am one.
      My great, great,great grandfather was a sea captain for the British East India Company. He was so good at rounding the Horn that they knighted him; and he then married into royalty. I am good at producing a horn, but, I must confess, I very much live on his legacy. My real name opens doors everywhere in Europe; and more than a few legs. I will give you a hint: My Christian name is Maxwellton.
      You are just trying to be a first-class, obfuscating smart-ass!
      It is the JEWS!
      PS: James, you are correct in stating, “We Americans are slaves on the plantation.” Of course you obese, dumbed-down, weak-chinned bubbas are! … You are a nation of 350 million idiots (as Mark Twain observed about Americans) run by about 45,000 MASTER RACE JEWS!

    3. James –

      From my research…there are many facts to support your claims. Venetian Jews have been embedded all throughout Europe…..and beyond.

      Families of the ‘Merchants of Venice’ are some of the same Jew families which held shares as the Committee of 300, including Rothschilds.

      The empires of mercantile parasitism – banking – spread from Venice and elsewhere outward through Europe, and further refined banking practices in Amsterdam.

      The Dutch East India Company in Amsterdam. … It is often considered to have been the first multinational corporation in the world and it was the first company to offer stocks. The 300 families who owned the stocks were the Committee of 300.

      The Dutch Company was established in 1602, when the States General of the Netherlands granted it a 21-year monopoly to carry out trade activities in Asia. It was a powerful company, possessing quasi-governmental powers, including the ability to wage war, imprison and execute convicts, negotiate treaties, strike its own coins, and establish colonies.

      BTW – All the Americas are Christian countries…the Discovery Doctrines of the 14th and 15th centuries claimed them as such. Those claims still are intact. The Popes’ rings are kissed by all American leaders.

  29. So sorry for too many submissions, Will shut down for a while.
    Was in a good mood today as just bedded my new chick. Taking her to my church this Sunday and she can meet my priest. He said, “Bring your ladies in and I will cleanse their souls.” Yeah, he’s going to do the same to them as he does to me. … In other words, LERV ON!

  30. @Ruth
    I noticed your discussion on the Jesuits. You might like to read the book by the lateMalachi Martin “The Jesuits: The betrayal of the Roman Catholic Church”. Malachi was personal secretary to Pope John 23rd and wrote with an insiders knowledge of the Church. He also wrote 2 novels “Vatican” and “Windswept House” you can download them from gen.lib.rus.ec or en.bookfi.org. In some countries the forces of evil block those sites, in which use a proxy site!

  31. ma’am butterfly

    if ruth is offended by my admittedly somewhat crude pun, take into account the following points:
    – she and i go some ways back and have had similar exchanges without ill feelings,
    – if she is offended, let her state so herself and i will respectfully apologize and back off,
    – this matronly reproach coming from someone who at one time regaled the commentariat with fairly detailed depiction of her own charms (in reply to tyrone parsons, remember?) and moreover, if i recall rightly, a married woman to boot, is puzzling to say the least.

    but further to all, the increasing spitefulness and rush to offence is becoming wearying to me and i will gladly take a sabbatical.
    i am not here to wallow in bitchiness and if it is the main attraction (hopefully temporary), let me step aside and conserve my energy.

    (speaking of pat, i am not his ally or anyone else’s, i don’t need a protective clan … if pat explained that i erred in judging his post, i acknowledge it and move on … at least this is how gentile-men do it)

    1. @ Lobro

      Everything you say is correct. I bow my head in shame and admit to a temporary lapse into “bitchiness”. The main question darling is whether I like you or not and whether I trust you or not. If the answer to this question is “Yes”, you will forgive me my bad manners.

      The answer is YES. Most emphatically Yes! So please don’t stomp off in disgust . . . because if you do, I will miss you badly.

      Madame Butterfly
      (with skyblue parasol)

      1. @Max Bilney
        @Madame Butterfly
        Things seem to be getting a bit heavy between the 3 of you! Lets lighten the air with a Jewish Joke!
        How was copper wire discovered?
        Answer: A penny fell between 2 jews!

  32. Leo –

    My question to you has absolutely nothing to do with Max… but the LAW.

    What LAW were you referencing when you wrote this:
    “……..You dishonor the Lord. If He and his disciples committed “hanky panky” as you state, Jesus’ enemies – and they were many and powerful – would have pointed this out and would have gladly “stoned him” per the Law.”

    Which LAW?

    1. Pat,

      I stand corrected. I need to spend time in the OT Law. By OT standards he would have had to marry the virgin, or pay the required amount to her father if he did not want to give his daughter to him. If the woman was married, he could be stoned along with the woman for adultery (if caught in the act).

      Anyway, the enemies of Christ would have used this issue to destroy his ministry.

      They referred to him as a drunk and a glutton because he associated with social outcasts such as tax collectors. They were unscrupulous.

      1. Oh yeah Leo!!!!!!
        Pat asks you which “LAW” you condemn me under for suggesting that among the multitudes of men and women who followed Jesus around there was a bit of unmarried sexual activity going on!
        (“Oh no”, says Leo, “They were all pure, virginal and didn’t have sexual attractions and urges! …By OT standards he would have had to marry the virgin … They’d have been stoned.”); and then you admit that you have fabricated absolute CRAP to criticize me:
        “I stand corrected. I need to spend time in the OT Law.”
        i.e. Leo can’t state his LAW!!!!!!!!!
        So you are judging me by Old Testament Law are you Leo? And you know nothing about it! So typical of the half-cocked plebeians who inhabit this site~! … Its like dealing with a lot of babies!
        Leo, I follow the New Law/New Covenant of Jesus Christ; and pay no attention to the Old Law which the Jews have always corrupted and destroyed. Christians SHOULD follow the New Covenant. (WANT ME TO QUOTE WHERE IT SAYS THIS IN JESUS’ OWN WORDS?)
        Under Jesus’ Law I would NOT be “stoned” for having sex with a non-virgin; as would members of Christian congregations all around the planet who are currently indulging in non-married sexual relations, NOT BE STONED. (Are you and the moron Dr Green trying to say it is not happening? Unmarried sex between Christians? )
        Do you understand now, you DANGEROUS bigot? …. No, I don’t think a person with a limited brain like yours and Green’s ever will!
        Yes, like Miss Butterfly and her brainless forays, you my small-brained one, “stand to be corrected”, which is what I am attempting to do with all you zombified, dumbed-down morons who are still trying to understand the world through your Jewish MATRIX brainwashing: I AM CORRECTING YOU, setting you straight!
        But none of you have enough intelligence or knowledge to understand this!
        I like correcting brain-dead morons like Dr. David Green, who has a Jewish name and is a dead-set troll on this site. And Greeny boy I AM NOT A JEW; and none of my ancestry ever were! We are old money, ancient English aristocracy and I have the family trees to prove it! My surname (which I will not disclose) is one of ancient English greatness. The BILNEY I use in these columns is a reference to my ancestor, Thomas Bilney of Cambridge/Norfolk who is recognized as the Father of the English Reformation.

  33. “When did the Jew bankers give back their control of Russia and resources there?”

    Stalin turned on the Jews when they became ideologically conflicted after Israel was created. He purged them from positions of power.

    1. Thanks Harold –

      I was referencing Jew Bankers… not Jew politicians and office-holders.

      The Jew Bankers never left.

  34. Felix – Thanks.

    I realize Putin failed to support a couple oligarchs who defied him. The majority remain and they control business there….especially GAZPROM…much of which is foreign Jew owned.

    The Jew Bankers remain.

    The Jew run oil companies remain.

    Rehmat mentioned this:
    “There are many pro-Putin Jewish oligarchs in Russia, some of whom have been blacklisted by Barack Ben Obama. For example, Yuri Kovalchuck, reportedly Putin’s personal banker, Vladimir Yakunin, head of Russian Railways, billionaires Boris Rotenberg and his older brother Arkady, Vladislav Yuryevich Surkov, former Russian deputy prime minister, Sergey Yurievich Glazyev, Putin’s aide and author of 40 books, Leonid Eduardovich Slutskii, member of the State Duma of Russia, Professor Andrey A. Klishas (Moscow University), Ukraine-born Valentina Ivanovna Matviyenko, the highest-ranking female politician in Russia, and former governor of Saint Petersburg and the current Chairman of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation, Dmitryi Olegovich Rogozin, former Russian ambassador at NATO and Yelena Mizulina, a member of the Communist Party.”

    Putin’s views are aligned with Bush’s and the Jew bankers. New ‘Oil and Money’ World Order.

    From the video:

    He wants to fight the ghosts of ‘terrorism’ just like Bush started. (numerous places)
    He said he would continue to support Bush’s work in the Middle East. (7:20)
    He supports decisions of the UN. (10:41)
    Who are the Russian oligarchs?
    by Marc Sollinger
    Thursday, March 13, 2014 – 05:48

    Russian Oligarchs are everywhere. Whether they’re losing billions in Sochi investments, escaping sanctions over the Ukranian occupation, or fearing a new front in the crisis, they seem to pop up like boogeymen whenever the media talks about Russia. But who exactly are these shadowy figures? To put it simply, they’re extremely wealthy men that wield an incredible amount of influence in Russian politics. Think the Koch brothers or George Soros multiplied by a thousand. To understand anything about Russia, you have to understand the oligarchs. Here are six of the most prominent:

    Alisher Usmanov
    The richest man in Russia and the 40th richest person in the world, Alisher Usmanov started in the metal industry, but now has interests in telecommunications, media, and sports. Last year, he invested about $100 million in Apple. The former fencing champion spent six years in an Uzbeki jail on fraud and extortion charges, but was eventually cleared by a Soviet court. Usmanov is close with Putin, firing managers of a magazine he owned after it printed ‘anti-Putin’ photos. Last July, he was given the Order for Service to the Fatherland, Russia’s highest civil award.

    Oleg Deripaska
    Oleg Deripaska spent $1 billion of his own money to fund the Sochi Olympics, but he’s best known to western audiences for the $15,000 he spent to construct a dog shelter and save some of Sochi’s strays. That good publicity is something of a rarity for aluminum magnate Deripaska, as he was embroiled in ‘yachtgate’, when two prominent British politicians boarded a yacht he owned. He also lost a fair amount of his fortune when the great recession hit and the aluminum market collapsed. Nevertheless, he remains a favorite of Putin, and he’s still worth $6.5 billion, which is nothing to sneeze at.

    Mikhail Prokorov
    Mikhail Prokorov owns the Brooklyn Nets, rapped on Russian TV, and has backflipped on a jet ski. If that weren’t exciting enough, he’s even criticized Vladimir Putin. In public. Although Prokorov got rich through metals, his current concern is politics. He ran as an independent candidate against Putin in the 2012 election, and he’s now building a political party called ‘The Civic Platform’. Although he only got 8% of the vote two years ago, he intends to expand ‘The Civic Platform’ until it’s ready to face Putin’s ‘United Russia’ party.

    Roman Abramovich
    An oil tycoon, former governor, and owner of the world’s largest yacht, Roman Abramovich is one of Putin’s closest allies. He also happens to be the 137th richest person in the world. Not just a businessman, Abramovich was governor, then Duma chairman of Chutokta, an icy province in Russia’s far east. At times controversial, Abramovich had a major falling out with former bussiness-partner and Putin king-maker Boris Berezovsky, who committed suicide after his $5 billion lawsuit against Abramovich was unsuccessful.

    Leonid Mikhelson
    Leonid Mikhelson sold his Soviet car in order to take part in the first rounds of Russia’s privatization. He’s now CEO of Novatek, one of Russia’s largest natural gas producers, and his fortune is estimated at $15.6 billion. Mikhelson is also one of the most important players in the art world, running the V-A-C foundation, which promotes Russian art. And who does he want to eventually run the foundation after him? Why, his daughter Victoria, who, perhaps not coincidentally, the foundation is named after. Not bad for an art history student at NYU.

    Mikhail Khodorkovsky
    Perhaps the most well known oligarch isn’t really an oligarch at all, as he’s only worth $170 million. Before he spent more than a decade in prison on charges of tax evasion and fraud, Mikhail Khodorkovsky was the richest man in Russia. Like so many other oligarchs, he made his fortune when the Soviet Union privatized its resources, tying himself in to the country’s controversial move to a non-communist economy. But after supporting Putin’s liberal opposition, Khodorkovsky found himself in jail, on what his lawyers contended were trumped charges. Ten years later, in what was widely seen as a move to improve Russia’s image before the Sochi games, Putin pardoned him. Khodorkovsky declared that he would no longer be involved in Russian politics, but on March 10th, he addressed a crowd of protesters in Kiev, railing against the Russian government. As for what’s next for one of the most famous (former) Russian oligarchs, only time will tell.

    Featured in: Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday, March 13, 2014

      1. Glad to help, Felix.

        Few know of PSA.

        Product Sharing Agreements(PSA) are contracts which control oil production ownership in Russia. That has been the case for many decades. The people get nothing. Foreigners get the profits…while paying NO expenses. Russia’s government pays all expenses.

        Exxon gets more than most. See the report prepared by Central Bank of Russia:


        People still get nothing because…. Russia now has to shoulder the production expenses…. and no profit is seen. People lose.

        “In the 1990s, ALL Russian laws, including tax laws, were written on the back of foreign grants.”(0:30 and at 0:58)

        “Americans had written our laws for us, including oil.”(1:10)

        Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uutj9dX_6r0

        Product Sharing Agreement (2:19 and 2:30 and 3:58 and much more at 6:30)

        Who created Russian laws during the 1990s?
        -American had written our laws for us.
        What was the Product Sharing Agreement?
        Why was Russia losing its own oil and its income?
        -The losses amounted to 2/3 of the annual budget of Russia.

      2. Felix.
        Product Sharing Agreements(PSA) ….. Should be Production instead of Product…hurried.

  35. @Pat
    As you say people don’t know anything about you. But you seem to have travelled or maybe you still do so?
    Does FATCA affect you personally? I have American friends here in Thailand and they have great difficulty opening
    off-shore bank accounts in Singapore due to the fact that the banks don’t want the hassle of dealing with that idiotic law. Even non-US spouses of Americans are affected!

    1. Felix –
      I have traveled extensively, but no more. Seen enough already.
      FATCA never has, and never will affect me.
      Your friends need to set up trusts. The secret is to own nothing, yet manage everything.
      No one owns anything, anyway. They manage stuff, at best….. for only a few decades.

      There are no moving vans following the hearse. 😉

      1. Nope…
        VW will do. Owned by same company.
        Due to bankruptcy caused by the energy crisis in the early ’70s, Lamborghini was sold and owned by a number of companies, including Chrysler and current owner Audi AG, which itself is owned by the Volkswagen Group.

    1. Ah yeah, I take it that that is somewhat of a rhetorical question, possibly even meant to be a joke, or maybe just a very concise comment to the above article. But I’ll bite. Answer – The Jews. Oh yeah, IMO.

    2. Wilson –
      I am guessing…..
      The original title to the land of the US, DISCOVERED, is in Europe. The titles may be held by the Vatican, by the issue of DISCOVERY. Spain and Portugal have traded their holdings through swaps, sales and treaties.

      Some pertinent facts of the issues:

      Green Cross – a device of the admirals. (Gorby,1992, founded the Green Cross International-Switzerland)


      The same morning Columbus landed, richly clad, and bearing the royal banner of Spain. He was accompanied by the brothers Pinzon, bearing banners of the Green Cross (a device of the admirals), and by great part of the crew. When they all had “given thanks to God, kneeling upon the shore, and kissed the ground with tears of joy, for the great mercy received”, the admiral named the island, and took solemn possession of it for their Catholic MAJESTIES of Castile and Leon. At the same time such of the crews as had shown themselves doubtful and mutinous sought his pardon weeping, and prostrated themselves at his feet.

      ‘DON’ was conferred on Columbus… He was…. ‘Don’ Christopher Columbus, Govenour.

      The court was at Barcelona; and to there, after despatching a letter announcing his arrival, Columbus proceeded in person. He entered the city in a sort of triumphal procession, was received by their majesties in full court, and, seated in their presence, related the story of his wanderings, exhibiting the “rich and strange” spoils of the new-found lands — the gold, the cotton, the parrots, the curious arms, the mysterious plants, the unknown birds and beasts, and the Indians he had brought with him for baptism. All his honors and privileges were confirmed to him; the title of Don was conferred on himself and his brothers; he rode at the king’s bridle; he was served and saluted as a grandee of Spain. A new and magnificent scutcheon was also blazoned for him (4th May 1493), whereon the royal castle and lion of Castile and Leon were combined with the five anchors of his own coat of arms. Nor were their Catholic highnesses less busy on their own account than on that of their servant. On the 3rd and 4th of May Pope Alexander VI granted bulls confirming to the crowns of Castile and Leon all the lands DISCOVERED, or to be DISCOVERED, west of a line of demarcation drawn 100 leagues west of the Azores, on the same terms as those on which the Portuguese held their colonies along the African coast. A new expedition was got in readiness with all possible despatch, to secure and extend the discoveries already made.

      Privileges and Prerogatives Granted by Their Catholic Majesties to Christopher Columbus: 1492

      That you, Christopher Columbus, after discovering and conquering the said Islands and Continent in the said ocean, or any of them, shall be our Admiral of the said Islands and Continent you shall so discover and conquer; and that you be our Admiral, Vice-Roy, and Governour in them, and that for the future, you may call and stile yourself, D. Christopher Columbus, (D for Don)and that your sons and successors in the said employment, may call themselves Dons, Admirals, Vice-Roys, and Governours of them; and that you may exercise the office of Admiral, with the charge of Vice-Roy and Governour of the said Islands and Continent

      1. Extra credit….

        Green Cross International – Organization of ‘Admiralty.’ 😉

        On 6 June 1992, six months after leaving office, the Rio Earth Summit civil society delegates appealed to Mikhail Gorbachev to create and launch Green Cross International. At the same time, Swiss National Council parliamentarian Roland Wiederkehr, founded a “World Green Cross” with the same objective. The organizations merged in 1993 to form Green Cross International.

        The first Green Cross National Organizations (GCNOs) formally joined GCI in The Hague, The Netherlands, in the Spring of 1994. These included Japan (President Shoo Iwasaki), The Netherlands (President Awraham Soetendorp), the Russian Federation (President Nikita Moiseev), Switzerland (President Donald Hess), and the United States (President Diane Meyer Simon).

        Green Cross International enjoys consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council, and United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. GCI is an admitted observer organization with the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Conference of the Parties to the UN Convention to Combat Desertification.  It also cooperates directly with the UNEP/OCHA Environmental Emergencies Section, UN-HABITAT and other international organizations.

        Today, the Green Cross network operates in more than 30 countries.


        Members include:
        David Suzuki
        Robert Redford
        Ted Turner
        Yevgeny Velikhov
        Victor Danilov-Danilyan
        Ruud Lubbers

        Leonardo DiCaprio….Australia:
        In 1998, the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation was launched and has actively fostered awareness of environmental issues through participation with a range of organistaions including Global Green, USA, the American affiliate of Green Cross international.
        DiCaprio now sits on the board of Global Green

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