Hip hip hurray! — Gay Marriage Now Legal All Over America!

by Pandora Pushkin


The US Supreme Court has ruled that same-sex marriage is now legal across the United States. In a historic 5-4 decision, Justice Anthony Kennedy ruled that marriage is a constitutional right for all. President Barack Obama said the decision was a “big step” toward equality. Writing on Twitter, Obama said: “Gay and lesbian couples now have the right to marry, just like anyone else. Love wins!”

It is unclear how quickly marriage licences will be issued in states where gay unions were previously banned. Before the ruling, same sex couples could marry in 37 states in addition to Washington DC. Gay rights supporters took to the streets to celebrate the decision outside the court after the ruling was announced. Hundreds of people had camped out the night before awaiting the landmark decision.

Gay supporter Jon Dawson, 45, said: “We have waited for this day for decades. For too long America has let its prejudices rule. It doesn’t matter what sex you are if two people love each other. This is a great day in American history and long overdue.”

However, many Christian conservatives attacked the ruling.

“We must resist and reject this out-of-control act of unconstitutional judicial tyranny,” said Mike Huckabee, Republican presidential candidate and former Arkansas governor.

President Obama was joined by other Democrats in celebrating the historic decision to let gays marry in all 50 states. Presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton, rumored to be a closet lesbian, was particularly delighted. “Proud to celebrate a historic victory for marriage equality,” she tweeted.


HILLARY CLINTON: “I am proud to celebrate this historic victory!”

Meanwhile, the US Embassy in Tel Aviv broke new ground and raised quite a few eyebrows by flying the rainbow-colored gay pride flag below the Stars and Stripes in a show of support for the city’s Gay Pride week (see here) and in solidarity with the jubilant gay community throughout the world, celebrating its recent triumph in America.

President Obama, who is said to have frequented gay bath houses at one time and been a cocaine-snorting gay hustler, was reportedly cockahoop with delight at the way things had turned out.


BARRACK OBAMA:  “Love wins!”

In response to a question whether there were any plans in the pipeline to criminalize heterosexuality and make marriage between straight couples illegal, a White House spokesperson declined to comment.

I  phoned the Pope yesterday, in a desperate attempt to obtain clarification over this thorny issue. Unfortunately, I got the wrong number and was put through to an English gentleman called Lord Janner. “Sorry, I can’t speak to you!” he snapped. “I’ve just lost my marbles!” — and slammed the phone down on me.

In the background, I could hear a couple of boys tittering . . .

Whew, it’s been a hectic week!

‘Pandora Pushkin’ is an alternative pen name for Lasha Darkmoon when writing in a satirical vein. 

187 thoughts to “Hip hip hurray! — Gay Marriage Now Legal All Over America!”

  1. We all knew this would happen as part of the Jews’ ultimate plan! … Meanwhile, Jewesses are grabbing up the sperm of all the best of the Whites and the Chinese as a precursor to banning heterosexual marriage. … In future all children will be born to the state via artificial impregnation, as per the Illuminati’s and Marx’s original planning. …. Justice for the Chinese is very sensible in courting a Jewess as his progeny will be the favored/chosen ones. …. And all the time the plumbing of the physical act is forgotten, even amongst those in the churches. … What is really human about one man sticking his erect penis into the grubby tail-pie of another man? At least 2,078 known harmful bacterias can be found in the human ass-hole. And its one membrane is easily torn and easily attracts diseases. And what is really human about a lesbian performing cunnilingus or strapping on a false penis and sliding it into her partner’s vagina? Do their hideous carnal acts breed children? …. Barack Obama is a known homosexual and will be outed as yet another of the Illuminati elite whose real agenda is mass pedophilia. … I have 2 homosexual water-buffalo on my farm deep in the Daintree rainforest; and to see them engaging in their version of sex is putrid! The pain they suffer is amazing, yet they keep doing it! They have been rightly rejected by the rest of the herd! … In future, only homosexual couples will be able to adopt YID SUPER RACE children!

    1. Yes, it’s very obvious and palpable, isn’t it, all the Qabalah alchemist wizards of Liber Oz in the “alternative” media are broken-up over the latest USA Supreme Court decision. And to think, the “alternative” media Qabalah alchemist wizards of Liber Oz are what we’re expected to believe are the “conservatives” of the “alternative” media. The only thing they’re interested in conserving is the jew’s Qabalah [ and talmud ]. They especially LERV conserving the Liber Oz from the Qabalah. Is that not so, Max from OZ ? Aleister Crowley just LERVED your Liber Oz. Is that not so, Max from OZ?

      ~ there’s a land that I heard of once….. in a jew Qabalah wizard alchemist book …. and all the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true In Toto ~

    2. The queers deserve this decision. It will kill them. Smart Court… Supreme Court. Mostly Pharisees.

      1. Yes, Pat!! The bastards DESERVE what WILL BECOME, for them, another tightening of the noose of The System.

        I just received a message from one of my sisters that her son (my nephew) – who is a first year law student at one of the ‘Top Ten’ – has made Law Review. I intend to suggest to him that a new ‘field of law’ has just been born! I will call it ‘Fag Dissolution’ (divorce between ‘gays’, or ‘gay divorce’). Since a lot of these queers seem fairly affluent, it should be a very LUCRATIVE legal specialty! 🙂

      2. PAT
        Faggot issues make good reading.
        Protect your money, thats all that counts

    3. “Do their hideous carnal acts breed children? ” : NO, they don`t, and children injected into such relationships must be “infected”. .

      My step father, a shepherd, had three working dogs. The youngest was queer, constantly humping the old dog, poor old sod..

      “In future, only homosexual couples will be able to adopt YID SUPER RACE children!” : poor kids, children should be allowed to be children, to develop naturally, in the good old-fashioned way..

      1. You have just got to look at the sad and bewildered faces of Elton John and David Furnish’s surrogate children. As they say, every picture tells a story.

      2. INGRID B
        “In future, only homosexual couples will be able to adopt YID SUPER RACE children!” : poor kids, children should be allowed to be children, to develop naturally, in the good old-fashioned way..
        Yid super race children are MISCHLING. They need no support to grow up to be happy millionaires.
        Those who need supportive parents will also need welfare.

      3. Very few people know the following. It very quickly went down the memory hole. It was hardly reported in the mainstream media [ though it was reported for awhile, not much emphasis was put on it though, but still at least it was reported, then the story disappeared altogether.] The story disappeared because of pressure gay radicals put on the mainstream news.

        When the AIDS crisis first hit , I think it was in 1981, gay men were abandoning gays with AIDS in droves. They were scared. The FIRST group to come around to offer a hand of assistance and help, and solace, and medical care, were CATHOLIC nuns.

        It was only after the Catholic nuns stepped in to help did gay men realize they needed to ban together and help also. It was Catholic nuns who had the courage and the empathy and the sympathy to help when no one, not even gays, were helping when AIDS first hit the scene.

        Now, the gays do nothing but mock Catholicism, mock Catholic nuns, mock everything about Catholicism. It’s truly disgusting, the lack of gratitude and vehemence of their disdain and scorn for Catholic nuns when it was Catholic nuns who were to the first to help the gays when AIDS hit the scene. The Catholic nuns reached out a hand when the gays themselves were abandoning one another in droves.

        The story is now difficult to find, even in the alternative media. For another view on AIDS, from a leading researcher of HIV AIDS :

        Search Term :

        “Doctor Duesberg + AIDS”

        [ That “Reverend Phelps” of Westboro “church” : he and his “congregants” went around throwing rocks at and cursing at mourners of funerals of gay men who had died : The Westboro church was started by wealthy jew homosexuals in NYC. It’s purpose was that the “Christians” would behave so abominably that most people would start supporting gays, that’s how disgusting their behavior was, the Westboro boys. No one had ever heard of protestors going to funerals and burials and throwing rocks and cursing at the mourners before Westboro. No one in their right mind wanted to be associated with that. People started feeling sorry for what the mourners had to go through, they started slowly supporting the gays and the gay agenda. Westboro was/is a deep cover operation actually working to advance the gay agenda. ]

  2. Another triumph for the Jew World Order, intent on destroying normal human relationships ! And of course done in a sneaky way via the Supreme Court. I wonder what the outcome would have been if a nation wide referendum would have been held. But of course in a Judeocracy the will of the people doesn’t count.
    Sic regnat Iudaeus.

    1. Gee, I certainly do hope the post I sent you earlier today about gays and Catholic nuns and all that doesn’t in any way interfere with any sort of DM agenda DM may have vis-à-vis gays and lesbians, That would be awful and far be it from me to throw a wrench into any sort of DM agenda may have concerning gays and lesbians. I did, however, try my best this time not to type out a 40 volume set of encyclopedias for Uncle to have to wade through. So maybe I do deserve some credit after all. Like my post should rightfully be up on the commentary board by now. Or, do we have to wait for lobroyim to stop having a baby bubala temper tantrum before Uncle can put up my post? I think so. Looks that’s way from here where I’m at.

  3. Incog Man, as usual tells us the TRUTH: “Filthy Jews, before our eyes, they are turning the America of our forefathers into a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah. … They are destroying the White race and Christianity. Because of the corrupt media hiding the true unnatural nature of sicko faggotry for PC, most Whites out there have little idea of just how sick gays can really be. They are always portrayed as nice, lovable, maybe harmlessly effeminate. I beg to differ strongly. All kinds of nasty, depraved acts fills the minds of these real-life demons. Filthy public sex, drug addiction, S&M, bestiality, buggery of the innocent — the perverts openly celebrate the depths of their perversions.”
    Yeah Missy Hillary and the cigar-dildo wielding, blue dress cumming, Billy-boy are ya typical Marxist-Progressive, Jew-lovers who claim this is a “victory for humanity.” … I’ll tell my 2 homosexual water buffaloes and move them to my best paddock!

    1. On this Sunday morning, I await with bated breathe for Incog’s Most Valuable Player on the Incog Hockey Team from Valhalla itself , the toughest most macho roughest hardest-hitting, I eagerly await for NorthernTruthseeker’s Sunday rant. Considering the Supreme Court pro gay marriage ruling, today’s rant is going to be a real doozy alright. I bet NTS has at least 12 Stanley Cups in his man cave. I bet it’s sog’s job to dust them off and polish ’em every once in awhile, I would imagine. One can only imagine and one can only guess, what goes on behind the scenes of the stage production writ-large on cyber universe we call the “jew-wise” “alternative” media.

      Yid faggots are the best of the bunch. You won`t see them in bathhouses or in public bathrooms, they are swanky and upper crust. I would rather roommate with a Yid faggot than a broke goyim who might rob me.

  4. So, perverts who commit the abominable crime of buggery can wed. Disgusting! I have a friend of mine, one of the top colorectal surgeons in Thailand, who was at one time at the Mayo clinic in Minnesota. He likens sodomy to using a straw to drink through one’s nose. The anus is for defecation only. Using it for sex causes tremendous physical harm, anal warts, damaged sphincter muscles resulting in loose bowels etc. An abomination indeed!

    1. Even more so when sodomites, (Mandelslime), stick little furry animals up their jacksies….

    2. FELIX
      Those that commit buggery enjoy themselves. When was the last time you got laid? Years?

      1. MELVIN
        “When was the last time you got laid?”
        Actually, quite recently. And judging by the inordinate time you spend posting on this board, more often than you. Although from the parlance of your posts, I believe you are the onanite in the ditty of the link below. http://www.hymnsandarias.com/harlot.html

  5. And Jew Hollywood loves homosexuality….. brainwashing the dumbed down citizens worldwide week in, week out. “America has gone to hell already! The feminist rebels and lesbians were all clapping on THE VIEW. The audience were all clapping… HURRAY!!!… Matt Damon (age 40) and Michael Douglas (age 66) are going to take their clothes off and have homosexual sex together in the upcoming (already expected to be of blockbuster status) movie, LIBERACE.”

    (The Jew) “Michael Douglas will star as an oversexed gay man playing the title role in Steven Soderbergh’s film, Liberace. Michael Douglas stars opposite Matt Damon as Liberace’s homo lover, Scott Thorson. Leave it to Hollywood to make a tribute movie honoring a flaming, God-hating, homosexual who plays more than the piano. Sodom and Gomorrah were decent places to live in comparison to the cesspool of iniquity in America today. The average person has been completely DESENSITIZED to sin by the television (or better said, HELL-I-VISION!!!)”


      The Goyim love perversion, they are Hollywood’s avid audience.
      If the Goyim wanted family oriented movies, the Yids would produce them.
      The Yids are entertainers, and the Goyim buy the tickets.

  6. They are not ‘gay’ at all. They are ‘queer.’

    I don’t care if faggots marry each other… LESS CHANCE of producing more of them.

    ANYWAY… a marriage license is ONLY a permission…..
    ….. by governments to….. MIX RACES…!!

    Follow the thread in Blacks Law Dictionary:
    Marriage License – “Permission to intermarry.”
    Intermarry – “See miscegenation.”
    Miscegenation – “Race mixing.”

    1. PAT
      Faggots getting married is new age, some are now able to adopt a few children. Incest is possible but it has been going on forever. Some Jewesses dislike alpha Caucasian cum and have preferred alpha cum from black guys. The children are certain to be mulatto, but their shrewdness has not been generally tested. A laboratory mixing of Jewess eggs and alpha goyish cum was being performed by the Nazi Joseph Mengeles when the war ended. Russian scientists are in possession of his work and it is rumored that most oligarchs are laboratory born Yiddish hybrids.

      1. Mel –

        It’s about as ‘new age’ as Caligula screwing his sister in 1AD. It was thought he married his horse.

        It has been going on since dicks were invented for men.

        I lived in Honolulu in the 60s… the trannies and dragsters hung out on Hotel St and each had to wear a 3 inch button… “I Am A Boy’ on their dresses.

        You ain’t seen nothin’ til ya seen North Beach in San Fran in the 60s. Whew..!!
        And don’t pick up your wallet if dropped in Key West…. kick it to Miami first.
        Same goes for Provincetown, Mass…. ‘P-Town.’ The bar to avoid there is “Spank Your Monkey,”

        They turn good places into AIDS pools.

      2. Let them do as they please to one another, but let them leave little kids, and animals, out of it..

    2. Good note, Pat! The ‘civil’ nature of a marriage contract could, in those terms, be amongst the evidentiary pleas in a motion-for-divorce. Brilliant!! 🙂

  7. jews throw shit against wall and goys rush to call it art and discuss heatedly while jew eats their lunch.

    they are masters at creating issues out of non-issues by identifying fault-lines and hammering the chisel into them, widening cracks until all the attention is diverteddiversion diversity, anyone?

    abortion, human rights, women rights, homosexual rights, black rights followed by shrill insistence on “affirmative action” (what ain’t affirmative action is hate speech, 2nd holocaust coming soon).
    Et cetera, and so on.

    the war against european christianity is fought on 2 fronts: making christians and white people hopelessly stupid and blind to reality of having their heads pushed into the swirling toilet and creating the spectacle of rainbow colored bullshit that is absolutely devoid of meaning.
    what do i care if queers are marrying, even in some church? i either skip that particular church or all the churches altogether.
    but if they insist on blocking my street with naked partying while black troglodytes are selected ahead of my deserving kid into an elite school, then it is time for rebellion.
    but not against the bling wearing primate or revolting drag queens but against the ewige puppeteer, always behind the scenes, always plotting the next 2-3 moves ahead to extend and multiply the universal misery that is his lifejuice.
    tighten the noose on him and the show comes to a grinding and well deserved end.

    i think that the ecosystem can survive the loss of one particular species.
    let’s call it counterfeit species in a nod to new song.

  8. I like this decision. It removes the perverts’ major platform.
    Wind for sails died down. So will money donations.
    Have to give more blow jobs to survive… and receive more beatings…. and deaths.

    ‘Mean streets’ are calling….. louder.

  9. Gay pride has brought to the forefront the issue of sexual desire. It awakens men and women to become more appealing to one another. Auto sales are now booming along with cosmetic purchases, we all want to look our best. Those that are not getting laid will buy a toupee and ladies will get some silicone pumped into their breasts. The puppeteers will laugh on the way to the banks.

  10. Dear Pandora (aka Lasha):
    Thanks for the humour! But seriously, now the Jewish plan is in another aspect of our lives and will divide us along religious rites and teachings lines. Again these idiots push for something that is against God’s Natural Law. Marriage is between one man and one woman, for the purpose of Love and procreation (having children). Any other form of marriage is a way to guarantee the reduction and destruction of a population. And gays and lesbians are willing participants in this scheme leading to their own demise. And that is the part that the Jewish Illuminati will not tell them about. Boy, oi vey, they love to sell you the rope that you hang yourself with, with their approval. Gays and lesbians do Not even realize they are being used for their own destruction as well as humanity’s downfall to the Jewish Power Illuminati. In this scheme, the rest of us are next, whether Conspiracy Theorist, Christian, Muslim, Black, or Hispanic. We are all next. Finally, one day soon, there will be a new Satirical Book of Wisdom (similar to the Bible) that will feature the characters of Adam and Steve and their family tree, will be available at outlets near you. I am sure Jehovah Witnesses, Mormons and Druids would enjoy it. America is now the Weimar Republic of its time, and will be destroyed like Sodom and Gomorrah was. North America will not be happy when that day comes. Thanks, Norbert.

    1. Marriage is man’s invention. So is reincarnation.

      Luke 20:

      34And Jesus answering said unto them, The children of this world marry, and are given in marriage: 35But they which shall be accounted worthy to obtain that world, and the resurrection from the dead, neither marry, nor are given in marriage: 36Neither can they die any more: for they are equal unto the angels; and are the children of God, being the children of the resurrection


      1. @ Pat

        I am surprised that you would quote Jesus. I am not surprised that you would quote Jesus out of context which is misleading. Jesus is speaking of those that qualify for resurrection meaning that their is no marriage in heaven after resurrection. Whether the term marriage or commitment is used, there would be Commandment in Exodus and confirmed by Jesus concerning not committing adultery if marriage/commitment were not expected as a norm by God.

      2. Ungenius –

        I would be even more surprised than you if I had actually had the ability to quote Jesus.

        I merely copied what a 15th century scribe of James I &VI translated from other translations of scrolls.

        It IS amazing that no one reads those words in the same manner. Various denominations are formed from the differences.

    2. Yeah Norbert, “Adam and Steve”! Why not? …. And Steve eats the forbidden apple and they start to sin. …. And buggery becomes the normal sex act. … But procreation does not occur until a strange mutation in the womb of Steve (too much cum inserted) sees the production of the very first universal, female embryo. …. And then the first sheila is born and some of the queers want to root her. …. And then another sheila child is born and the queers sexually assault her… and thus was born GENDER, with many of the former queers becoming pussy-chases rather than strict tail-pipers. …. And then the church appeared and said marriage between a bloke and a sheila is the path to procreation and the means of spreading Adam and Steve’s seeds around the planet; and then it becomes “the seed of Abraham” …. And then black people emerge out of Lake Victoria and miscegenation commences …. And in the Middle East, Arabs evolve with big noses; and out of their progeny comes a wanton, wrap-around-mouth sheila with a long nose; who becomes the matriarch of Jewry. The first whore on the planet! … And all Adam and Steve wanted to do was to be left alone to enjoy their short, buggery-filled lives! …. Today in the USA, Adam and Steve can get married, and yeah folks, if they break up after engaging in a homosexual “ring a ring a rosie” party, they will have to pay the Jewish law firms big money to seek dissolution. Yeah, they are now the legitimate part of a stinking, Illuminati-run SYSTEM! …. $$$$$$’s my dears! …. The Taliban stones tail-pipers; although I have heard that in their top ranks many of the imams lerv boys! … Jewish porn movies, out of LA, always have the sheilas being shafted in all 3 holes, and many of these sheilas no longer have any sphincter muscles to hold the shit in – hence they wear adult nappies. One old gay man I saw on the beach at Cape Tribulation had an arse that literally fell open like a mineshaft as he bent over on the naked beach. His children and his partner Fred were naked and had many red whelps around their anuses!

      1. “The Taliban stones tail-pipers” : That`s mild, compared to what is done to them in some arab countries..

      2. MAX BILNEY
        My lady friend has a destroyed sphincter from black dudes, but it is a plus. Easy to get into and easy to clean. She has a bag on her side where the shit enters. Its a throw away bag.

      3. @ lobro

        Melvin Polatnik says: “My lady friend has a destroyed sphincter from black dudes, but it is a plus. Easy to get into and easy to clean. She has a bag on her side where the shit enters. It’s a throw away bag.”


        This is the man you defend. “Leave him alone,” you say.

        So what is it about this pervert Polatnik that you so admire, pray tell. Is it the image of the destroyed sphincter? Or the shit entering the throwaway bag? Or is it the black dude sodomizing a woman?

        I wouldn’t like to meet you. You have a taste for evil and filth. You are no longer the man I thought you were. You seem to love paddling in the mind sewer that Polatnik provides for you.

        @ Max Bilney

        I ask you the same question. If you can spare a moment from masturbating over Miley Cyrus, whom you seem to mention in almost every post of yours in a sexual context, please let me know if you think your scurrilous and filthy-minded comments are likely to improve the reputation of this website.

        I ask Lobro the same question.

    3. NORBERT
      Low IQ and religious nut jobs will lose their jobs and pensions. They will sleep in church basements and under thruway bridges until diseases overcome them. Let them eat their bibles and one another.

  11. Hitler’s big mistake was to overlook the breeding potential of the Yidess. He thought a super human would be created by breeding Olympic winners. But his dream ended when dumb goyim with muscles was produced. Another mistake was to kick out Yiddish scientists and financial wizards, he was left with only crypto-Yids against London and US Super Yids. Max Born the Yiddish Noble Prize winning Physicist would have developed a Nazi nuclear bomb, but he was expelled by Hitler. It has now been accepted by the super powers, no nation can remain strong without the Yidess and her Yiddles.

    1. And any Yidess will gladly watch as the rabbi ‘diddles the Yiddles’ on the kitchen table…. before 3 years, for girls, of course.

      1. PAT
        Recently I bitch slapped a guy I met in the park, he said that:
        ” The family that fucks together stays together”
        I immediately bitch slapped him as he ran out of the park.
        The family is sacred, there cannot be any faggotry or
        Incest. It is illegal for even mature family members to wed, but the laws are changing.
        A 61 year old father wanted to marry his 30 year old son, but it is still illegal.

      2. @ Melvin Polatnik

        You get full marks for inventiveness. All your scabrous little stories involving cum and condoms and being sucked off by guys in cars are probably all made up to give this website a reputation for scurrility. I agree with New Song that you are a dirty old man, as perverted as they come, doubtless operating out of Tel Aviv.

        I am sad to see the intelligent poster Pat actually communicating with you and sinking to your rat-sewer level. I expected more from him. I am also amazed to see my favorite poster Lobro give you the time of day and appear to think the sun shines out of your malodrorous asshole.

        @ Toby

        Keep your eye on this guy, Melvin PERVNIK. If Max Bilney thinks he’s great, that tells you something. It’s two wankers praising each other — two degenerates sucking each other’s dicks.

        I don’t often agree with New Song, but I think she is right to experience revulsion in the presence of these semen-soaked wankers, Bilney and Pervnik, who are attempting to take over this site and infect everyone else with their mind-polluting filth.

        Time you cleaned out the Augean stables, Toby. Can’t you see these foul-mouth fap artists are trolls?

      3. MB –

        Thanks for noticing.

        I was using Mel’s style to point out that any of us can stoop to ‘high-school’ trash-talk, and ‘sailor-salutations.’ Been there…got the shirts and caps… Left it decades ago.

        See how easy it is to write like a rabbi..!! 🙂 🙂

    2. Hitler was a Zionist. He kicked out the Jew physicists so that they could build an atom bomb and destroy Germany with it. Hitler should have statues in his image all over Israel. Why did he not send these dangerous Jews to the Concentration Camps instead?

      My comments about the need by Jewesses for Apha goyim cum is exaggerated, they are basically searching for goyim money and dates. The cum is just a side interest.

      1. Screwing Jewish women is a great way of pissing off their males. There was an article on ynetnews which consisted solely of some ugly male Jew complaining about Jewish women dating White men and other non-Jews.

        Just don’t marry one or breed with one. Mischlings can be just as bad as full-blooded yids.

  12. Incest is trendy, but it should be done among adult family members. I attended a freak show at a friends home. This 42 year old women was having anal sex with her 20 year old son. The father was masturbating.
    I walked out because it was disgusting.

    1. @ lobro

      Melvin Polatnik says: “Incest is trendy, but it should be done among adult family members. I attended a freak show at a friend’s home. This 42 year old women was having anal sex with her 20 year old son. The father was masturbating.”

      This is the sexual pervert you defend. “Leave Melvin alone,” you say.

      So what is it about this pervert Polatnik that you so admire, pray tell. Are you turned on by incest? Does the idea of a 42-year-old woman having anal sex with her 20-year-old son help to give you an erection? Do you enjoy the mental image of a father masturbating over his wife having anal sex with his own son?

      I wouldn’t like to meet you. Because if you can defend this kind of off-topic mind filth that is now filling up the comments section here, you must either have taste for these vile perversions yourself or hate everything Lasha Darkmoon stands for — i.e. honor and decency and a genuine attempt to arrive at the truth over many complex issues.

      This site is doing its best NOT to become a sewer! Why are you promoting mental sewage by acting as Polatnik’s defender and promoter?

      @ Toby

      Do something about these filthy pervs and their defenders. Or soon you will have no one left posting on your site but Polatnik the Perv, Bilney the 10-inch cocksman, and Lobro the Locker Room Boy.

      1. people tend to focus on whatever breeds obsession in their minds.
        i simply did not see the paragraph you quoted … wonder why.
        maybe by analogous process you will never see this post either, fine by me.

        the older i get, the more i am thankful for the gift of dyslexia.

      2. in fact, here is an example of what i mean.
        i think that the last time max provided his metrics with particular mention of 10 inches must have been a year ago, maybe more.
        Meanwhile, you must have referred to it half a dozen times since, the only reason i am even aware of issue is because you keep “stoking” it.
        what does it say?
        that whether you speak of it in righteous indignation or tones of hushed reverence, it is something that plays havoc with your imagination, whereas to me it is entirely irrelevant.
        now as to whether you would like to meet me or prefer max or neither, it is neither here nor there.
        after all, i seem to recall you mentioning that you are married, hence madame and not mademoiselle.

        anyway, feel free to kick out melvin, i don’t care, i think he made the important point.
        likewise feel free to kick out max and even me, open the breathing space for serious posters with brand new themes to enlighten and elevate you further along the path to self realization so you don’t end up getting stuck at the first 10 inches of the magical voyage.

        You will make any man lose his erection with your chastising. Men love raunchy women who have no inhibitions. That is only one reason the Jewess is worshipped. It is true that my comments are filthy but they are meant to awaken jaded perverts.

        YES I am a perv and have done disgusting stuff in the bedroom, but I can go outward with interesting insights. This website is basically anti-Yid and so am I in moderation.

        Blacks can whip white asses, but there are minor exceptions. The spics are the only ones who can match blacks in ferocity, they both keep their distance. Yids are no match for blacks or spics in street fighting, but they outdistance them in college exams.
        Excuse my epitaphs but I hate censorship.

      6. @ lobro

        anyway, feel free to kick out melvin, i don’t care, i think he made the important point.
        likewise feel free to kick out max and even me, open the breathing space for serious posters with brand new themes to enlighten and elevate you further along the path to self realization so you don’t end up getting stuck at the first 10 inches of the magical voyage.

        Point 1. I am in no position to “kick out” anyone. Since I have been exiled to Spamblinka, along with Joe. Most of my posts are either blocked or deleted.

        Point 2. I have no wish to see you banned from posting here, since you are undoubtedly the best poster on this site. Nor do you indulge in any obsceneties yourself, unlike Polatnik and Bilney. Your only fault, in my eyes, is that you defend these pervs. 95% of your posts are serious and on-topic.

        Point 3. You demean yourself by suggesting that I am hung up on Max’s 10-inch prick. I am not. That’s a blow beneath the belt. You should apologize.

        Point 4. I am not interested in self-realization. I am an alcoholic. That is all I have realized. When I have drunk myself into a stupor, that is when I achieve self-realization.

        Point 5. Stop quarreling with Pat. You are wasting your time and energy. He is remarkably well-informed and is an excellent poster. You will not get him to change his mind. Befriend him. Don’t attack him.

        Point 6. Use your influence to get me out of Spamblinka and I will owe you one. It is most unfair that I am treated like this. What have I done to deserve Spamblinka? It only makes me drink more…

        It is so

    2. SPQR
      There are 20 million Mischlings in the US and they are bad news. The half Yid has the best bloodlines of the Goy and Yid.
      I observed the progress of my childhood Mischling pals, they are now millionaires. One owns a billion dollar NYC construction company. They all started out as poor Brooklyn boys.

  13. Wandering Yidesses usually have 3-4 Yiddles, she being very selective they will be intelligent as well as shrewd. Dumb goyim will have to sit back and curse as their money pours into the pockets of the Yids.
    It is ironic that Alpha goyim cum was the foundation of the Yids success.

  14. As you said Melvin Polterdick, “Max Bilney: My comments about the need by Jewesses for Apha goyim cum is exaggerated, they are basically searching for goyim money and dates. The cum is just a side interest.” … Oh, thanks for the clarification you supercilious, patronizing, troll dick!
    Of course I knew that is what you meant and I have played along with you for fun, but how about you get rid of the “cum” bit and say truthfully that there are a lot of Jewish women out there chasing old money Goyim aristocrats, such as me, for part of their money and status. I knock them back all the time and they are a joke among the rich and famous! …. And don’t try to one-up me, you evil Jewish bastard! …. And never you mind, Queen Elizabeth, bless her heart (“God save the Queen” ) is very aware of how parasitical Jews have moved into her court; just like you are attempting to subvert this site with your crap! She is still trying to work out a way of ridding her palace of them! …. Australian-Goyim billionaire, Jamie Packer, has a regular entourage of Jewish whores who follow him around and willingly accept his sperm. Maria Carey is a temporary diversion and he still has his Jewess (jodie Meares) with him. … So Melvin, the Yid, we are tired of your “CUM-JEWESS” BIT! …. Try another line my subversive, evil Yiddish boy!

    1. Max Bilney
      College educated Yidesses want to habitat among upscale goyim. She wants to distance herself from the Yiddish ghetto. The wealthy goyim have a mannerism inherited from the founding fathers. She instinctively can spot a poor bred slob even in the dark.

      Her long history will supply answers to the magical allure of the Yidess. Even Hitler was entrapped by Eva Braun who was later discovered to be a Yidess. My further commentaries will unfold the nature of the golden Yidess.

  15. Max and polatnick are pretty much ripping apart any shred of believability Darkmoon has, or perhaps it’s more correct to say 🙁 “had”. Uncle is a real push-over mope to allow this, but that’s Uncle for you. He’d rather kick back and be a lazy couch potato than save Darkmoon’s integrity as a viable website for those of us who have some brains. It’s no skin off my nose if Darkmoon is rendered tattered and shattered and totally useless, one would think Monte, Lasha, Lucy, and Uncle, “The Family” would want to do something to save Darkmoon from the two usurping overbearing imperious arrogant vandals. But no. If Lasha and her family don’t care, then I don’t care. I shall continue to enjoy the show as polatnick and Max rip Darkmoon to pieces, turning DM into a website for meth heads, 🙂 , And what a show it is!

      No sense rushing to jump ship, I will provide better anti-Yid material. Yid history is very interesting but bible garbage is shielding the truth.

      Polatnick can revive your needy Website with his depth of esoteric knowledge. Melvin is not only anti-Yid but is not fond of humanity in general. It is wrong to make personal attacks on public figures, I don’t do that.

  16. Dr. William L. Pierce once said:

    “I’ve talked about homosexuality on these broadcasts, but I haven’t gotten into the
    subject in depth because it’s such an unpleasant one. And more than that, it’s difficult to convey
    my full meaning when I say that homosexuality is something which should be abhorrent to every
    spiritually healthy person. There is a tendency on the part of many well-meaning persons — not
    liberals, but persons who are a bit naive and a bit too trusting — to be taken in by the campaign of
    the Jewish media and our current government and the liberal establishment to portray
    homosexuals as essentially normal people who just happen to have a different sexual orientation.
    The fact is that homosexuality is a disease of the soul. There is no such thing as a “normal”
    homosexual. Homosexuality colors a person’s entire outlook, his entire attitude toward life,

    toward himself and the world around him. Many homosexuals are pretty skillful at covering this
    up, at pretending to be just like everyone else except in the privacy of their bedrooms. But they
    aren’t like healthy people at all, either in the bedroom or out of the bedroom. They are sick and
    tortured souls. They are truly depraved.

    And so is the entire Jewified modern-day Sodom and Gomorrah USA.

    1. And so is the entire Jewified modern-day Sodom and Gomorrah USA.

      That’s excessive Phil.

  17. The only way to make the general public wake up to what their Jewish/Progressive/Marxist Supreme Court has done in legitimating GAY MARRIAGES is to show a couple of men engaged in the act of buggery. …. Could Darkmoon post such a video for worldwide distribution? (I would also like to see a video of Sarah Silverstein licking a dog’s anus and a couple of lessos making out!) …. How filthy it would be, with their rimming of each other, swallowing copious amounts of cum and watching them in joyful pain as their sphincters are blasted. … And then look at their faces after the average 35 minutes ACT! … They are soulless and empty; they know what they do is wrong; and they take their smouldering guilt out on all around them. …. My great grandfather from London (bless his soul and wealth) tells me that on the WWI troop ships, homosexuals were regularly thrown to the sharks as they had a history of cavorting with the enemy and sneaking out of the trenches at night to have doggies in no-man’s land. …. I have watched them “copulate” on the nude beach near Noosa, Queensland , Australia. Even the pretty starlets I am usually with cannot believe the inherent filth in their arse-popping acts! …. It forces me to retreat to my Porsche and go through the gymnastics of having normal intercourse with the beauties on the front, lay-back seat; which is a gymnastics feat in itself given my height and the interior size of my sports car. … It is up to the true Christian church to protest loudly and refuse to wed these poo-stabbers in their churches. Let’s see what happens! … Of course our corrupted churches will acquiesce with the supreme Court’s ruling, filled as it is with the death beetles and homosexual/pedophlie priests and general clergy. … Let us see what al papa, the pope says, as he is God’s right hand man! …. Yeah, the Vatican is full of pedophiles and poofs! Just watch the little boys being passed in and out the back gate! … GET REAL you POSTERS OF voluminous CRAP!

  18. I forgot to ask for more pics, or, preferably, a video of that left wing, Israeli chick pooping on various flags! … That has stuck in my mind and I could use it as a cover photo for the my newest book! …. Unfortunately, I cannot supply my real name as the f***g Jews are after me; and so many chicks have paternity suit summonses to deliver on my person. … These days I am permanently in disguise as, in real life, I stand out from the great, unwashed masses like a solitary brick shit-house!

  19. Melvin’s comments are just ugly. Admin, why do you continue to allow him? He spam festers all the threads. There’s the possibility of ignoring people you don’t like to read, and then there is simply a doofus who constantly stains your Web site.

    1. He had a post, with pic, on aangirfan, and it isn`t just his comments that are ugly. He looks like Woody, (Allen, not woodpecker)..

      1. Ingrid B
        You are most likely an ugly Goyim that hides her face. Post your pic or stop badmouthing my looks.

    2. LSPM
      You are not interesting but an angry ????? Lets read something creative, I hear silence.

  20. The real issue is not gay marriage. The real issue is that government is involved in a religious act called marriage. There is no legitimate reason why any government should be issuing permission slips, licenses, for people to perform a religious act. Government issued marriage licenses are a relatively new intrusion into the lives of people. Mankind appeared to do pretty well for the vast majority of its existent without a government marriage license. If the jews were not running governments and their associated legal systems, the “legal need” for government marriage licenses would be unnecessary.

    1. Exactly, if two people want to be together, they don`t need a piece of paper. I have heard arguments both for, and against marriage. Some couples find they are better off financially if they don`t marry..

      1. INGRID B
        Elderly SS recipients make out better being single, marriage can cause a reduction in benefits.

    1. More on the off topic matter of circumcision :

      Premises then a question. The premises are truthful, fact-based, so the question that naturally flows from the fact-based, truthful premises is a legitimate question, logically legitimate :

      A : It’s a religious requirement in Judaism and Mohammedanism to circumcise the boys [ In Islam, they also sexually mutilate the girls as well, it’s a religious requirement ]

      B : Circumcision started in ancient Egypt and is a religious sacrifice and offering to the ancient Egyptian “goddess” ISIS

      C : Circumcision is NOT a religious requirement in Catholicism

      D : Many people say Catholicism is derived from the ancient Egyptian religion. Many people say it, many experts or so-called experts claim Catholicism is derived from the ancient religion of Egypt.

      E : Again, circumcision is NOT a religious requirement in Catholicism

      F : Again, circumcision is a religious requirement in Judaism and in Islam

      G : Same people as those in “D” never say that Judaism and Mohammedanism is derived from the ancient religion of ancient Egypt. They just say Catholicism is derived from the ancient Egyptian religion. They always focus on Catholicism.

      Question based on the factual , truthful premises :

      If Catholicism is derived from the ancient Egyptian religion, then how is it the Catholics don’t , as in DO NOT, Catholicism does NOT require sexually mutilation as a religious sacrifice and an offering to the ancient Egyptian “goddess” ISIS, but Judaism and Islam that are [ supposedly ] NOT based on the ancient Egyptian religion DO REQUIRE A RELIGIOUS sexual mutilation sacrifice and offering to the ancient Egyptian “goddess” ISIS?

    2. LEON
      Any law prohibiting circumcision in the US will cause riots by Yids and Muslims. But it is wrong to mutilate a child. I have sued my parents for mutilating me as a non-consenting child. They settled out of court.

  21. @mme butterfly, ingrid, newsong, lspm and others who besides being unduly offended by mel also cannot see why in fact i see his comments as serving a useful function.

    the downfall of this world can be viewed as a secondary Expulsion or expulsion from a secondary eden, which is this earth, described by essene jesus as the Great Mother.
    this expulsion is engendered by unholy union of vice and stupidity, which is to say jews’ vice and goyim’s stupidity, with very few exceptions to the general rule that hell is like a sinkhole into which the sinners are drained as if by natural inclination, jews being a catalyst that aids and speeds up the process.

    melvin’s message is singularly uncharitable to both the goyim and the jews, graphically (sometimes a bit too graphically for some ladylike noses) depicting the process in which 2 sides are to be blamed.
    and in fact, if jews are born into the devil’s bondage, their escape route is that much more arduous (per ardua ad astra) than ours and therefore, our guilt that much more pronounced.

    now, whether polatnick’s organ grinder is simply meant to offend us or he rides some weird satire is irrelevant to me, the effect hould be edifying to the ignorant.

    and yes, max employes a somewhat parallel vehicle, the difference between the two being that max goes after identifiable individuals and his intent is quite clear whereas polatnik’s is more obscure and impersonal.

    i certainly find them both more entertaining and more topical than endless sermonizing on the Law of God which we are to obey and keep noses to the grindstone (is this why jews have big noses, ie, never seen a grindstone?), which i reject as moronically wrong and ineffective at any rate.
    because a single god that lays down some unexplained and unexplainable set of laws enforced by fear of eternal punishment is a peculiarity of jew kowtowing to his demon demiurge and as such of no interest to me and in direct opposition to the ministry of jesus, the only true reference if you need one.

    so leave melvin alone, my only minor issue is that he gets repetitive but his posts are quite short and maybe only endless repetition drills thru some thick skulls.

      1. Congratulations to “intellectual” “doctor” Lasha and her “intellectual” family, Monte, Lucy, Uncle. By allowing Polatnick and Max to monopolize Darkmoon for so long, you have just made Incogman’s website look like the epitome of erudite learnedness, urbane sophistication and class.

        I hope Uncle isn’t doing anything stupid, like meth for example. Darkmoon is sure devolving into a website for meth heads.

        1. @ Joe

          Your previous much longer comment about how this site was being taken over by perverted kooks such as Melvin Polatnik and Max Bilney, and how I must be a brain-dead moron for not monitoring their comments more carefully, made me sit up and think. Unfortunately, in attempting to approve the comment I deleted it permanently by mistake.

          If you still have the comment, send it in again and I will post it.

          1. @ Melvin Polatnik

            The comment you made below is one I decided earlier on to delete. This is because we are doing our best to build up a respectable readership and avoid the sleazy and pornographic. My niece Lasha Darkmoon happens to be a Christian. She has a genuine love of honor and decency, though this fact appears to be lost on people like you and those with an appetite for the kind of unclean mental imagery you provide.

            I should like to hear from Lobro and Max Bilney why they are so anxious to read the kind of comment you provide below:

            Gay marriage is basically a media event, guys and gals have been doing what is comfortable for decades. What is interesting is the phenomena that takes place often. Many unemployed white guys are dressing up as gals and turning tricks.

            I ran into one guy while waiting for a traffic light to change. This He/She pointed to an open mouth and asked to come in, for the price of 20 bucks I received an excellent BJ [blowjob]. I noticed a large Adam’s apple and said “You are a guy.” He confessed and told me he was unemployed and rather than lose his rental he decided to become a hooker.

            I shook his hand and said that I admired his choice and passed him another 20 bucks for another BJ [blowjob].

            Standing on principle is juvenile. Bills have to be paid. Hopefully I’ll never have to put on ladies’ clothes and suck for 20 bucks, but if necessary I will do it.”

            I’d like to know what Lobro and Max Bilney think so admirable about the above comment and the pervert who wrote it — for that is what he is and has to be — a pervert who likes himself being sucked off by another man at a traffic light, twice in a row, for forty dollars.

      2. Shouldn’t it be you’re giving your platonic love to Lobro, Max? By giving lobro your heterosexual love, you are in effect telling us lobro is really a woman. Or, perhaps you’re the woman and lobro’s The Man! Which is it?

        lo lo lo lo lobro…. lo lo lo lo lobro….

    1. Yes, well, at least we can say that we have seen into some very devious, and murky, depths.. I don`t pretend to know what the hell Melvin is talking about most of the time, kept wondering if I was missing something, but hey! if Melvin and Max turn one another on, who am I to complain, and, as you say Lobro, they can be entertaining, if you`re not a saint, or a prude..

      1. Yes well, it’s also true that one can be a NON-saint and a NON-prude and still think Polatnick and Max are nauseating in-the-extreme. Saints and prudes don’t care for Polatnick and Max, but that doesn’t mean, it does NOT necessarily follow that NON saints and NON prudes want to hear the sh*t that incessantly comes out of their TWO mouths. Again, if Lasha and “The Family” want to see Darkmoon devolve into a website for meth heads, that’s their business. It’s their website, they have a right to do what they please with it. It’s no skin off my nose if DM turns into a website for drunks and drug addicts. In a way, it’s a hoot, 🙂 .

      2. @ Ingrid

        I am glad to hear that you are not a prude.

        Like Lobro, you obviously enjoy reading off-topic comments about women being sodomized by negroes and losing control of their spincter muscles. The broad-minded, sophisticated Ingrid! How she must love reading, in her “non-prudish” way, like the obviously intelligent but spiritually sick Lobro, about men being sucked off by other men at traffic lights for 40 bucks!

        Please let me know if you guys think this is a porn site.

      3. TOBY
        Modern Yidesses are seldom interested in guys from their own breed. They prefer alpha goyim whom they meet in high priced bars, industrial expositions, and boat shows. The Yidess is educated and can discuss any subject in clarity, she is no prude and often holds under her arm the latest best seller concerning bondage. Very few Goys can resist her almost magical allure.

      4. INGRID B
        I like to talk dirty to highlight a point. But there are important words that need no porn for insights.
        Anti-Yid subjects are complex and are of worldly concern. I am not a Zionist and wish Yids would never have left Poland or Russia. Anti-Yid feelings are basically without foundation. Evil exists everywhere and should not be focused on only one group.

      5. @Madame Butterfly, is this payback? I`m not the one who is hung up on Max`s dick, you are, also, I don`t feel the need to punctuate my comments with the F word, therefore, the question becomes, which of us is less/least prudish.. btw, sphincter has an h

      6. @ Ingrid B

        btw, sphincter has an h

        Ever heard of a typo? Obviously not. Unfortunately for you, you pathetic apology for a woman, I have referred to the sphincter muscles in OTHER posts with an ‘h’. Correctly. So your spelling lesson is wasted on me, you disagreeable little nitpicker.

        See here:

        June 29, 2015 at 9:51 am

        @ lobro

        Melvin Polatnik says: “My lady friend has a destroyed sphincter from black dudes, but it is a plus. Easy to get into and easy to clean. She has a bag on her side where the shit enters. It’s a throw away bag.”


        This is the man you defend. “Leave him alone,” you say.

        So what is it about this pervert Polatnik that you so admire, pray tell. Is it the image of the destroyed sphincter? Or the shit entering the throwaway bag? Or is it the black dude sodomizing a woman?

        I guess you and Lobro need to get together. You can then suck his dick to your heart’s content, which you evidently would like to do! Though I doubt it will be the magnificent ten-inch specimen sported by your hero Max Bilney! 🙂

        If I am a “prude” for not wanting to read about blow jobs and “cum” and semen-filled condoms and shit in throaway bags and “destroyed sphincter muscles from black dudes” (Polatnik), what does that make YOU for expressing a desire to read about such distasteful and disgusting things?

        I will tell you what that makes you, Ingrid: for having an appetite for such filth and for using the word “prude” to insult people like me who rightly object to these mind-polluting obscenities. . . It makes you a filthy-minded bitch on heat, a prurient little whore.

        I have nothing more to say to you, you degenerate dimwit. Throw yourself in the nearest fjord and drown!

      7. Left a response to Madame B`s typical, rather colourful attack @8.18pm, which hasn`t appeared. Never mind, on reflection, I think the woman has personal issues she has to deal with, however, that said, that particular post was pretty disgusting from someone who professes to be offended by the comments of others, and it makes me curious as to how much worse the comment which was deleted must have been..

        1. @ Ingrid B

          “Left a response to Madame B`s typical, rather colourful attack @8.18pm, which hasn`t appeared.”

          Your post probably found its way into the SPAM box and was accidentally deleted along with all the other spam. The reason for this: Madame Butterfly, like TheRealOriginalJoe, is technically speaking a BANNED poster, so if you refer to either of these individuals by name, your post will itself end up in the spam box. This is a feature of WordPress that is beyond our control. Apologies for the inconvenience.

        2. @ Ingrid B

          The second comment was equally disgusting but it didn’t say anything new, so it was deleted to spare your feelings. MB won’t be posting again for a long time because she has checked into a private addiction clinic for alcoholics. Her posts are probably written under the influence of alcohol, so maybe one should make allowances for her.

      8. @Toby, I am glad madame B is getting help, she said herself that she was an alcoholic, as was the woman who instigated a witch hunt against me at my former workplace. If you have contact with this woman, tell her, no hard feelings, and to get well, and thankyou for caring.. Ingrid B..

        1. @ Ingrid

          I am sure Madame B will be reading your kind and forgiving words and regretting deeply the way she spoke to you. The cyber world is a world of shadows and it is advisable to remember this and not get too emotional about being actors in a play within a play within a play.

          Maybe Lobro and Pat would do well to remember this and stop punching the shadows on the wall. 🙂

    2. Lobro –

      That is the most hilarious and convoluted defense I have EVER read here….!! 🙂 🙂

      BUT… If Mel and Max had mentioned Putin…. you would call them evil….. and go off into a double-posted 500 word diatribe about how they promote the same ideas as those in MSM who hate Putin. Heaven help them if they ever used Bloomberg, NYT or Wiki…. or any other site you dislike…!!! HA!!!

      You would more than likely attack Mel and Max as you attack me …. JUST for giving an opposing opinion… an opposing guess….. using no explicit coarse or nasty gutter language to show hypocrisy.

      And people attack me for having the audacity to argue with the great lobro…???
      Where are the defenders, now….. defenders of porn, you have always blamed on Jews before..??

      BUT… now you can blame it ALL on dyslexia..!! That’s your safe harbor for screw-ups. 🙂

      Again… YOU are hilarious.. 🙂 🙂

      1. PAT
        Putin and Obama are both media manipulated puppets, we all know that.
        There are no major world issues. Yids are living in comfort. If the Yids money supply is disturbed all hell will break loose.

      2. Got a problem with Polatnick and Max, Ingrid and Madame Butterfly Kabuki gurl? Why don’t you TWO gurlzzz go tell it to Lasha. She’s the one who sticks her head out from behind the shower curtain and plays Peek-A-Boo-I-See-You-But-You-Can’t-See-The-All-of-Me-But-I-Might-Come-Out-Of-The-Shower-Any-Minute-Now-And-Do-An-Exotic-Erotic-Gypsy-Belly-Dance-Routine-For-You-Boys. So of course it’s going to attract 13 year old hard-up frustrated masturbatory boys.

    3. LOBRO
      Five hundred years ago there existed in Euro/Asia a rabble of Yiddish speakers led by Rabbis. The females were hookers and the men were pimps and rag traders. The rabble would have never survived if not for the hookers who were shrewd, intelligent, and possessed an unusually tight cunt. Evolution was at work among the hookers and those without these qualities died.
      The above history gives you a few insights of why the Yidess is successful as a huntress. Thousand of wealthy Goys have married her and raised countless shrewd Mischlings.

      1. ok melvin, i buy most of your narrative in the above post.
        except the tightness, not if the size of their mouths is any indication,

        in future, if you would abstain from excessive references to various residents of human underwear, it would improve your own chances of survival here, so show us some of that vaunted shrewdness.

        if you are indeed a jew (yid) then you are a weird one because you seem to despise them just as much as goys, eg, “a rabble of Yiddish speakers led by Rabbis. The females were hookers and the men were pimps”.
        and this is something i’ve been trying to make the rest of the commentariat aware of, namely it takes two to tango, don’t it.
        their unwavering focus on the underwear denizens only confirms this nasty duality.

    4. LOBRO

      “endless sermonizing on the Law of God” Can be nauseating to an unbeliever or godless Yid as myself. The quickest way to lose viewers is to constantly quote the bible. I have run across a few bible thumpers and they appear lobotomized. My constant pleading to make them trash their bibles were futile. Some loud bible thumpers are Pedophilles in disguise in attempts to gain entrance to Kiddie parks. Most people are SHIT in protest.

    5. To Lobro –

      Perhaps, it is too late for you. If the two evil “jesters” can share their filth here, then I see no reason why I cannot re-post one of my comments again right here, as below –

      Satan who seems to be able to easily fool you, fancies dressing up as a “jester”. Melvin P. and Max B. speak uncomfortable and painful ‘lies’ while fools laugh. When an evil person exposes evil practices, it is not correct to refer to it as truth. What they are both doing is rubbing your nose in it. That you are amused is evil. Lobro, you may not be an evil person, but you are certainly in the camp of fools. Take off that ‘hat’ you are currently wearing, and stop trying so hard to impress. Under that ‘hat’ is a relatively nice person. Evidently, it is too late for them, but not you.

  22. And so we talk about poo-stabbers and cunnilingus-oriented females, and thus waste our time on the outer-peripheral trivialities of the Illuminati-Jewish program for humanity. …. It is the SAME program that the man Jesus saw with his sense of crystalline purity. He warned YOU and so did many others! …. It’s called DEATH THEORY! YOU ignored them! Most of you court the dark! Your daughters buy black cars! …. Your sons look into Miley Cyrus’s black hole! ……. And thus we have another “Jesus” – another brilliant frustrated one in the truthsayer extraordinaire, John Kaminski. He will be dead very soon! Nuclear isotopes will be placed in his milk! Been done many times! I know this for a fact! …. Or a car accident can be easily arranged! …. In fact, I risk my own life talking to you! … You do not know the threats I face! …. I Am a viking hero, BUT YOU DO NOT KNOW THIS! …. I hope my IT man remains steadfast and does not dob me in! …. On my Oz website, Rebel of Oz (I thank the brilliant doctor and my mate in the hat, with a mc name) John Kaminski makes us aware of reality: “Although we as a species own the collective blame for a planet murdered by delusions and misconceptions, …. All of our contemporary social theories have left us amputated from our families, isolated from everyone and at the cruel mercy of the state. …. The hideous sound of panic in your brain as you try to calculate what will happen in the days to come prevents coherent thinking. This is what the so-called governments want to happen.” …. WE ARE JUST ABOUT FUCKED! …. We are the living dead! ZOMBIES! …. We all have “hideous sound of panic in our brains” (except for Melvin, who accepts reality and the JEWISH world of instant PLEASURE!) as we know the Illuminati now controls everything, bar Gilby’s log cabin. But I have suspicions about what his hill-billy doc is doing to his mind! She is Illuminati! Gilby is it really worth a root? …. I sense the “panic” in all your writings and note that the magnificent Lasha says she is “dying”. …. Most of the best will soon be dead, as you are being poisoned as you read! Most of you will acquire cancer in the year! ….. It is planned that soon most of us will die!!!!! … I know it will commence in the USA! … John K speaks like I have told you, when he says: “As you scurry through the woods like escaped convicts, there will be no way to avoid the great dragnet. Eventually, your stomach will turn you in.” ….. Yes, as I said, the USA, post-human-inhabitants, will be the world wildlife park for the rich; and such as I will pay to hunt down the feral hill-billies hiding in the mountains and the nigrahs hiding in the Everglades. … If I meet Gilby I will sadly stare him in the eyes and shoot him with my $15,655 elephant gun! He will feel no pain! …… Darlings, its called SPORT! …. I have to stay true to my aristocratic, monied forebears! …. It is how I will survive what is soon to commence! Queen Elizabeth will remain resplendent! Bless her loving heart! …. She and the Windsors are the ultimate survivors, whom the Jewish predators look up to! Fortunately, I am part of their entourage. I am seen as a dilettante and womanizing fool; for such is my guise! “SUCH IS LIFE!” …. Be like “Justice for the Chinese” and be ready to change sides! …. Take on a Jewish countenance and spend money like water! Big note yourself! Take a Jewish, wrap-around-mouth whore into your household! … Go to international boat shows and big-note yourself! Go to St Tropez and court a rich widow! Drive her Lamborghini! Skipper her yacht! … Get a multiplicity of disguises! … Bear gold pieces for exchange! …. At least pretend you are a JEW! … I AM A SURVIVOR! …. I ENJOY LIFE! … I am the way, the truth and the life! … Life will go on, post-GOYIM!

    1. @ Uncle :

      The sun will still rise in the morning after this dark dark darkmoon night is over, whether I retype my “deleted” post or not. I don’t have the required patience to re-type anything. Who can be bothered.

  23. origjoe, I cannot help it, but via family love , I love my Queen! …. I have been to Buckingham Palace this week and I can assure you she is shocked by Lord Jenner! … Whilst, to you, she may be “the queen of the faeries”, I can assure you she does not like homosexuals, although she is an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer and does have lesbian and man-shooting employees. … That is the current way of the world and you had better accept that 23.1% of human beings are being born as homosexuals, or so my alchemists at Piccadilly Circus tell me! … It’s all in the chemtrails that our jets are putting in ya drinkin’ water (sorry I lapse into Cockney). … Do you have Man-love tendencies? This would not surprise me as I have profiled you and put you through my computer!

    1. I was referring the Queen Elizabeth the First, Max. She was/still is, the faeirie queen of all faerie queens. Not Elizabeth the Second, though I heard her mother was quite the fag hag. You would know better. I was talking about Queen Elizabeth the First, Max, and her Qabalah alchemist court wizards Rabbi Loew, John Dee, Sir Francis Bacon, et. al., Max. But you already fully well know who I was referring to, Max.

      You needn’t worry your head over me, my MAX-imum “Majesty”, I was tired of life the day I was born, for I never had, lol, never had any desire whatsoever to visit London, your hinnyness.

  24. I reckon ‘they’ must be counting gay marriage as having a useful divide and distraction amongst the scant but potentially explosive opposition to their ways. I can understand my fellow Christians linking their traditional reading of the Bible to speculation this ruling might have in humanities downfall but come on… What is going to happen? Well according to ‘Time’, reposted on Infowars, ‘No, the sky is not falling — not yet, anyway — but with the Supreme Court ruling constitutionalizing same-sex marriage, the ground under our feet has shifted tectonically.’
    Come of it. Sex is an issue that will be exploited and has importance in the battle (written and discussed with insight on this site) but the overwhelming reaction above… lacks weight and is just rude and silly.

  25. Yids are gone from Brooklyn along with most of the white Goyim. Lower elements of strange blacks have filled the spaces along with Caribbean’s. Asian ladies are lugging fruit in plastic bags on the busses. Not dangerous for me because I live among the last remaining white Catholic families.

  26. Toby

    sure, go ahead and kick him off, he does seem to be insistent on overstepping limits.
    and like i said, he already made his point multiple times.
    he never tires of highlighting the fact that it is the group responsible for the european contribution to civilization and culture that is the most bent on self humiliation and self destruction.
    he kind of reminds me of that movie with liza minelli and michael york about putrid decadence in weimar republic as the national socialists are starting to organize resistance.
    i think this is an important point that everyone overlooks in their rush to prudence.

    as for you pat, let me tell you that i do skip over numerous polatnicks offerings when the content is merely visually offensive and does not identify yet another weakness in goy.
    i have no trouble skipping over such posts, they are quite short and one can instantly register what’s in them.

    but you, on the other hand, with incessant references to JEW sources to support your all out attack on russia, putin, china and the brics, draw my attention a lot more quickly.
    because i believe that contrary to what severely myopic american chauvinists and exceptionalists think, the only consistent and credible opposition to jew, with results to prove not just vapid yammer, are the very targets of your attacks.
    so, i will comment on your posts with a lot more passion, anger and disappointment than polatnicks often meaningless blabber.

    have a nice day, all, lots of work ahead with all that lint collected in navels.

    1. lobro –

      Your dyslexia precedes you… 🙂

      You have told us you use ‘Jew sources’ because they are the most valuable in pointing out their goals. They know best.

      You even gave Haaretz and Jerusalem Post as examples of sites you read and use.

      I said before… and again… your ‘waffling’ posts are comical…… 🙂

      1. you seem not to understand the basics of a logical debate.


        everybody except you knows that jews hate russia, putin, china and iran, therefore they will do their utmost in their total chokehold on western media to blacken russia, putin, china and iran at every opportunity and when i dig up a set of circumstances where they inadvertently provide support to russia, putin, china and iran, it is counted as a great bonus to my position.

        like the jewish almanac that shows the same number of worldwide jews in 1940 as in 1949.
        i would prefer to use their own number that condemns their argument to hitler’s supporters showing the exact same numbers.

        i doubt very much that the above is clear to you …

        what you are doing by using jew sources to give credence to your (and jews’) position is like using jew sources to argue that holocaust happened.

        still not clear?

        ok. never will be, so keep laughing at the perceived comedy, i see a different comical aspect.

      2. Be careful, Pat… Too much truth about lobro seems indigestible for this site (even though he DOES come up with some brilliant observations, from time-to-time!)

        Bilney is most colorful, interesting (and NOT stupid, either). I relish the opportunity for him to hunt me in the mountains, and we’d make GREAT sport of it, indeed! 🙂
        Fifteen thousand dollar ‘elephant’ rifles, though, are not impressive trophies for me. One of my great uncles hunted big game all over the world (GE bought a few of his very significant inventions, which afforded him the fun), and, when I was a baby, he named me in his will to the tune of several Holland & Holland ‘double’ rifles now valued at over $250K. They are well-cared for. (The only one I ever fire, though, is the .375 H&H magnum.) (I think you might consider it worthy of your class, Max, if I shot you with that one 🙂 )

        Anyhow, I am pretty disgusted with America, too. Last evening, I ventured into a convenience store to buy coffee and a pastry. Inside, was a ‘tattooed’ white family – father, mother, one teenage son, and a daughter and little son about six or seven – ALL of whom were sporting many tatooes and piercings. They appeared to be WHITE, and could of perhaps won a contest for an illustrative picture beside a dictionary definition of ‘white trash’. (I’ll take a good nigrah or Latino ANY DAY over these scum.)
        It’s pervasive, now – everywhere. Of course, London was that way BACK IN THE EIGHTIES. See how far they’ve sunken… Now, the Jews/commie agents and libtards want OUR guns, too. I know of a few they are NOT getting, and I sincerely hope enough decent Americans exist to cause them to drown in their blood – along with their pervert brethren.

      3. I know, lobro –

        You have a very convenient “selective dyslexia”… You turn it on when needing an excuse for your mistakes… and conveniently turn it off for “logical(to you) debate.”

        Really funny dyslexic young man… aka…’waffling’ young man, you are…. 🙂


        ALL government leaders are liars. That includes your ‘hallowed’ Putin.

    2. LOBRO
      Oppositions to Yids just creates their importance. Those that desire to increase their wealth search for Yiddish management. Enlightened folks do not want a Goy bible thumper or a hypocritical Christian investment broker managing their money. Dirty wisdom is needed, and the Yid has it.

    3. @ Toby

      Re: Complaints about Polatnick

      I am not offended by his posts, as I do not take them seriously. If he is a court jester, as Lobro believes, he is a vulgar one indeed. That cannot be avoided because he is a yid, though Loboro believes he is not a yid. Moreover, I regard this site less as a Court than as a Couch…a psychiatrist’s couch. Dr. Darkmoon is our psychoanalyst. From this point of view, Polatnick’s peculiar jooish obsession and propensity for poo and all thing pooish and can be better understood as a personification of Alexander Portnoy, if not as a parody of Portnoy… a fictional jooish character and pervert in Portnoy’s Complaint by Philip Roth. Roth: “the permissive conventions of the patient-analyst situation,” which would “permit me to bring into my fiction the sort of intimate, shameful detail, and coarse, abusive language that […] in another fictional environment would have struck me as pornographic, exhibitionistic, and nothing but obscene. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Portnoy%27s_Complaint

      “[Philip Roth’s] profile rose significantly in 1969 after the publication of the controversial Portnoy’s Complaint, the humorous and sexually explicit psychoanalytical monologue of “a lust-ridden, mother-addicted young Jewish bachelor,” filled with “intimate, shameful detail, and coarse, abusive language.”[3][5] — Wikipedia


      Of course, I could be totally wrong and Mel is just a disgusting dirty old man from Tel Aviv as, I think, Mme Butterfly or Ingrid B. has remarked.

        French anti-Yid feelings cannot be any worse than those in NYC. But there are sinister groups terrorizing the French Yids, Netanyahu wants them to jump ship and emigrate. My guess is that sinister Gelt is coming from Israel, and they could use an influx of five hundred thousand wealthy French Yids. But It would be best if all the Yids in Israel jumped ship and went back to Poland and Russia.
        Let Netanyahu and the Sephardic pray by the wailing wall themselves.

  27. Praise Hitler for getting me some work. He prompted talented Yids to emigrate to NYC and create the greatest rag distributing center in the world. That’s where I got my first job. But the remaining unemployed Yids were an eyesore, Hitler got them jobs in work camps with decent living conditions. Their tragic outcome will be explored in further commentaries.

  28. You have a great site and I hope the people who visit have enough common sense to ignore stupidity by certain individuals. Some Muslims might be perverted but they keep it behind closed doors or for when there married. Has anyone ever told these people never to kiss and tell. This whole thing stinks of Ellie K or Ellie May with a Jethro De Bodine education. There Is the path to enlightenment or the path to self destruction the choice is theirs but if you have nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all. Everyone Is entitled to there opinion but maybe penthouse Is more suitable for their writing style ,but they have ethics as well. May the blue protect you and yours from evil and negative energy.

    1. EW
      “but if you have nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all.”
      I like to say things that are not nice like SHIT and PISS, your censorship gets me tired.
      There is no road to enlightenment, most have the wisdom to stay right here in their stink.
      I am an advocate of absolute sexual freedom.
      Let the orgy be never ending and let cum flow like the great Mississippi.

  29. Polatnick missed his true calling. He really ought to be The Director of the Housewives “reality” teevee shows. Giving the gold digging housewives pointers and tips on how to be even more self-centered, rude, crude, crass, low-class, grasping, money-grubbing, back-stabbing, obnoxious, dirty-mouthed, low IQ twats with no manners, or any true style, no charm, no grace, just a giant sense of entitlement none of them, no, not one, deserves in the least bit.

  30. Yid writers often speak about perversions and their readers imagine the Yids are marvels in the bedroom, but that is far from the truth. Many Yids are erectile dysfunctional and the Yidesses perform best in search of husbands. The goyish guys are hot and ready and have few hang-ups. The Goyesses love martinis and will do it all when drunk.
    There are many reasons to be anti-Yid, but not because of them being wild in bed.

  31. One thing I have learned since “waking up” is that jews have a penchant for continually describing, and having a fascination for, certain bodily functions concerning waste, sexual emissions, etc. A good method to use in order to identify, (the way to spot), a “jew” is by the language that they use pertaining to these human functions. Wake up, I read you deceivers !

    1. TRUTH
      YIds write books and have bills to pay. If using the words SIIIT and PISS causes the Goyim to buy 100 million of their books, who loves SHIT and PISS??

  32. Fact 3 – Homosexual marriage is not a civil rights issue

    Defining marriage as the union of a man and a woman would not deny homosexuals the basic civil rights accorded other citizens. Nowhere in the Bill of Rights or in any legislation proceeding from it are homosexuals excluded from the rights enjoyed by all citizens–including the right to marry. However, no citizen has the unrestricted right to marry whomever they want. A person cannot marry a child, a close blood relative, two or more spouses, or the husband or wife of another person. Such restrictions are based upon the accumulated wisdom not only of Western civilization but also of societies and cultures around the world for millennia.


    1. KALIF
      The word MARRIAGE is a concept that is causing conflict and should be ended. The word CONTRACT makes sense. This HOLY bullcrap is causing the world misery. I despise all superstitious god worshippers and their hypocrisies.
      People are self seeking tricksters. Stop blaming the Yids for corruption.

      1. Melvin you are free not to marry, you can live with whoever you like and in any manner you want and no one has the right to interfere into your affairs, not even the Church.

        However if you want the society to be aware of your union and accord to your union and its offsprings specific inviolable rights then you have to register this fact with the society in the form of a contract of marriage with your spouse so that this fact has some legal standing. This is neccessary in the form not only of mundane things such as inheritance but also in extreme instances such as murder. If you had happened to murder someone who was screwing your wife then the court will consider your case differently than say if you had murdered someone else who was screwing your girlfriend.

        And lastly:
        On Marriage
        Then Almitra spoke again and said, “And what of Marriage, master?”
        And he answered saying:
        You were born together, and together you shall be forevermore.
        You shall be together when white wings of death scatter your days.
        Aye, you shall be together even in the silent memory of God.
        But let there be spaces in your togetherness,
        And let the winds of the heavens dance between you.
        Love one another but make not a bond of love:
        Let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your souls.
        Fill each other’s cup but drink not from one cup.
        Give one another of your bread but eat not from the same loaf.
        Sing and dance together and be joyous, but let each one of you be alone,
        Even as the strings of a lute are alone though they quiver with the same music.
        Give your hearts, but not into each other’s keeping.
        For only the hand of Life can contain your hearts.
        And stand together, yet not too near together:
        For the pillars of the temple stand apart,
        And the oak tree and the cypress grow not in each other’s shadow.
        The Prophet – Khalil Gibran


    “[ In Islam, they also sexually mutilate the girls as well, it’s a religious requirement ]”

    This statement is untrue Sir. Islam does not endorse female circumcision in the Quran.
    Take for instance the Arab Gulf countries, which are a 100% Islamic and you have less incidence of this practice than African countries,
    the following illustration will help you:

    Female genital mutilation is an African practice, not Islamic, and if an Islamic African country practices it then it is due to its traditonal heritage not religious obligation. Ethiopia is almost equally divided between Muslims and Coptic Christians yet the incidence is far higher than say Yemen which again is almost 100% Islamic.

    “The practice varies with religion, with reported prevalence rates of 20% for Christian and 15% of Muslim women.” (Tanzania)

    1. @ Kalif :

      Point well taken, but still, your point doesn’t change the fact Islam and Judaism which supposedly are not derived from the ancient religion of Egypt which required sexual mutilation [ circumcision] as an offering to ISIS ; Both Islam and Judaism require a religious circumcision [ sexual mutilation] ; While so many “experts” tell us Catholicism is derived from the ancient Egyptian religion which required a religious sexual mutilation to ISIS [ circumcision ], yet Catholicism does NOT require a religious circumcision [ sexual mutilation] to ISIS or to any other ancient Egyptian “goddess”, or any other “goddess” or “god”.

      You conveniently by-passed my MAIN POINT, “Kalif”. How convenient for you, “Kalif”, u jew with a schmatta on your head pretending to be a “Muslim”. schmatta is jew-talk for “rag” for those who may not know.

      1. Joe, personally I do not approve of circumcision because I believe that we humans do not need to improve on God’s work and as such I do not have tatoos on my body and only wear simple clothers. If there is any merit on circumcision then it must be for simple hygienic reasons. As a side thought I wonder if Jesus (Peace) was circumcised due to Abrahamic tradition.

        As for your MAIN POINT I am sorry I couldn’t make it out, you seem to be flailing in all directions.

        As for me being a Jew, (Yawwwn), no I am not. I am a non practicing Muslim married to an Orthodox Christian. I hope this may help to re-orient you a bit.

      2. And by the way this Supreme Court decision to legalize same-sex ‘marriage’ has nothing whatsoever to do with Marriage nor with rights but it has everything to do with polarizing the American society and cause a schism and confusion as a precursor to Civil War v2.0.

        For what better divisive issue is there that can split a society right in its guts ?

  34. Call Gilby Wilkes the Southern gentleman and invite him over to your place, Mel. He’ll drop everything he’s doing and run over to your place and he’ll make sure you have a bowel movement, Mel. He’s doing a make-over of the ole plantation Twelve Oaks and is looking to save money. Make-overs can be expensive. Why pay full price for a bagel with lox and cream cheese when you can get a bagel with lox and cream cheese second-hand for free, is the way Gilby thinks.

  35. Dogans and Yides and Goyim kids I hope you all have the GSTM-1 gene since your shakers and money makers who live off the misery of other people.

  36. I entered this site out of curiosity and there have been posts attemping to hook me up with some name called “Max”.
    I stand alone and am not associated with anybody on this site.

  37. Oh boy, what a thread. I shriek with laughter, although Melvin could be nauseous with the excessive redundancy of its cum fiesta shit bags posts, like The Eleven Thousand Rods of Appolinaire. The BJ post, on the other hand, it’s a classic, that’s neoliberalism for dummy, the struggle for life. Attali, the alleged socialist, has a concept called resigning/resigned, stating that poor unemployed people must find a way to make themselves useful for rich people, otherwise… He also said that unproductive seniors after 65 should be euthanazied (he is 82). Do you agree Melvin? I like the part when you said you hate censorship. Imagine 1/6 of the French Jews 1% doing it on a national scale. That’s not shrewd, especially when you consider how dumb and arrogant they have become.
    Max, are you spying on me? I confess, I have a sweet spot for Miley, or a wrecking ball if you prefer, can’t wait for the sex tape. Interesting what you said about your buffalos, I heard bisons have a tendency to bugger each other. The dolphins have nasal and anal sexual intercourses when bonobos would pretty much bugger everything that looks like another bonobo. I had a female dog who liked to climb on other dogs, even males. Too bad there is no such thing as a canine strap on dildo, there might be a commercial niche for some shrewd Yids, but I digress.

    A crucial topic, gay wedding, especially when the Greeks are about to bugger everybody with their debt, I don’t blame them, somebody has to do it and since the Greeks were the first one to address homosexuality via mythology and pretty much invented sodomy, they have the required skills. And Valls who said that there is “a War for Civilization”. Against the Muslims, of course, not gay wedding type legislation. I think I heard that before, W maybe. Terrorist attacks are very practical, especially when we were talking about NSA spying its “allies”, but the Washington Post warned us.

    “And of every living thing of all flesh, two of every sort shalt thou bring into the ark, to keep them alive with thee; they shall be male and female.”
    No gay animals allowed on the Arch according to the OT.

    “And He answered and said to them, “Have you not read that He who made them at the beginning ‘made them male and female,’and said, ‘For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh’? So then, they are no longer two but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let not man separate.”
    That’s pretty clear also in the NT.

    In the other Phil post, “They are sick and tortured souls. They are truly depraved”.

    That’s excessive like Felix and the abominable crime of buggery. I see homosexuality as an alternative lifestyle based on abnormal sexuality that should always remain in the private sphere, like it has ever been. Maybe it has something to do with hyper sexuality, but since it pretty much exist from time immemorial, you can’t blame it on modernity. However, promoting it as a normal sexuality is very perverse and it has created mass protest two years ago when “le marriage pour tous”, civil mostly, or religious in the case of the French protestant church, was implemented, although ten years earlier, after the PACS, legislators told us that it would never come to that.
    It should be noted that it concerns only a minority of Gays, mostly sexually bored urban individualist Bourgeois searching for fiscal equality, acting like spoiled child to the point of jeopardizing the foundations of a sane society, with the support of masonry, leftists too happy to show us how progressive they are , the European courts for human rights and organized Jewry, of course, always on the frontline against minority discrimination and for rights equality, but always societal and only between goys.
    When you consider the jurisprudence it has opened, the pretext of love, I can’t see no reasons why zoophiles couldn’t marry their pets, furry or not, or brothers and sisters, or Max marrying all his sheilas or the most attractive daughters, no you wouldn’t do like Woody Allen marrying his daughter, adopted certes but come on.
    In the French civil code or penal code, the love concept is not included in the wedding definition, but nevermind, it’s good since it has created more entropy, distraction from other subjects, for a legislation concerning only 0.005% of the population, another law that has nothing to do with reality.
    That being said it felt good to see millions of people striking out of common sense, from every social class and political sides, to protest against this perverse attack on traditional family and children, like Miley from Disney, the gays being just an alibi. The family is the only fundamental structure unfettered to the market as it is based on love for the children, especially from the mother, and the ultimate goal is the generalization of adoption with gestational surrogacy, an underground market that is slowly emerging in poor countries and soon in occident, it’s already in Spain, but Pierre Bergé told us that “like men who are selling their arms for a salary, women should sell their wombs for procreation”, another socialist advocating the merchandization of everything. But since the project of globalization is satanic, based on the revolt against tradition and permanent profanation, it’s not surprising.

    The media coverage of the event was interesting, this was basically the message.

    If you are against gay marriage you are a macho, racist, homophobic….
    Vaginal coitus is from extreme right wing and oppressive while sodomy is from left and progressive.
    Adults are oppressing their children by forcing them to become heterosexual; the gender theory is never far.
    Abnormality of homosexuality is an oppressive theological doctrine, no comment on this one.
    And I barely exaggerate.

    It was also presented as a reactionary Catholic movement, although there were a vast numbers of Muslims, Protestants, Atheist and even Jews (even Simone Veil, Felix) . But the law passed anyway, as it was defended by a Black woman and a Franco-Moroccan woman minister very practical to prevent criticism and very perverse. The funny thing is that Black people, especially from West Indies, and Muslims are very homophobic, but since they suffer the discrimination of the White Christian man, they have a derogation.

    Max, this is my point about Christianity and I am not a practicing Catholic only cultural, but any subject is good to mock, accuse or degrade the image of the Catholic Church in every media support. And I am talking of the community of believers, not about the Vatican, which is indeed now the Whore of Babylone, a bunch of free masons, diplomats and bankers who have completely forsaken the spiritual fight and the traditional doctrine for material comfort, they are too greasy, yielding to the judeo protestant winners of WWII and adapting the theology to the political context of universal brotherhood, nohaism which is a Catholicism of Israel according to Rabbi Benamozegh and Talmudic globalism. So now, the Jews are not considered as the deicide people anymore, but our big brothers in the divine, since they have suffer much, it’s a clear submission to people who are denying Jesus by considering Catholicism as a polytheist idolatry that needs to be framed.
    That being said, the institution remains, like Elizabeth maybe and there is some resistance in the hierarchy. Ratzinger tried to lift the excommunication of Williamson and others form Holy Pius X brotherhood and resisted to the attack on the gold stock before he was forced to resign after the global pedophilia campaign and financial fraud allegations launched by JP Morgan. Christ’s vicar on earth sacked by Mastercard and VISA. The Vatican payments terminals were reopened the day after, that’s the Vatican nothing more, for now. Pope Francis refused a month ago the appointment of the French ambassador because he is gay. He was highly criticized in the press.

    What were the probabilities of this to happening the night of Benoit XVI resignation? Try this with your high IQ.

    1. I once attended a party at the home of immigrants from Chile. The coordinator for immigrants was there, pontificating about “the normal”. I asked him “who decides?” He looked puzzled, so I asked, “who decides what is normal?” He thought for a moment, then said, “the majority”. So, there you have it. The majority, in this instance, being controlled government..

  38. Deer Melvin Polkadick, you state: “I am a confessed pervert and chronic masteurbator.” (your spelling, not mine) That should be your final word on this site! …. Or, could you write a short piece about your social life in Tel Aviv. Just interested, after my horrific experiences in a downtown bar.

  39. There are now 25 million Mischling living in the US and their number is increasing exponentially.
    The anti-Yid low achievers can look in awe but cannot stop Mischling wealth accumulation. Many of the Mischling are government leaders and they all support the Yidocracy.

  40. Yidesses have the best verbal and mathematical skills in the world, most are PHDs and some worth millions. Only a major league broker or tycoon can talk to them for more than a few minutes. Imposters beware they will check you out by intelius before you can bed them. Con men or drifters buzz off.

  41. In the world where I live and move and have my being, everyone is ecstatic about this Decision, which to my mind is obfuscated in the language of legalese so I’m not sure what it was about–I guess the Supreme Court trumped the rights of the states here. I was barely paying attention, though, because other things seemed more pressing and so when I routinely visited my Facebook page and encountered all these striped and faded pictures I thought my computer had done something strange with the photography. Several hours later I realized that those faded out striped pictures were really rainbows. The rainbow now belongs to gays like the word gay does. Now no one in their right mind would quote poems that praise the springtime as gay. And we have no word to replace gay, or for that matter queer which was the first to go. Now we have lost the word “rainbow.” A whole generation of children will probably associate the rainbow with gay pride, not with God’s post flood promise to Noah . Still, I guess I’m indifferent. I’m all for individual rights, but I can’t even say that this Decision is about individual rights. I’m not sure what it is about and how the rainbow comes into the picture. I think if you rain bowed your Facebook page what it really means is that you are incredibly passionate about your liberal identity. Oh and people in addition to putting the rainbow stripes also posted their wedding pictures. OK I get it. I guess that means on the upside that no man can be fired from a job if he is married to another man, but I’m actually not sure about that. I guess now “gay married” people can get pre-nup agreements, get legally divorced and remarry. Now gay marriages will probably count in the broad spectrum of marriages in the United States…wow suddenly the marriage rate shot up. In some ways, though, (I would only voice this on such a site as this) it doesn’t feel quite serious…like so much in the gay world it seems boyish and pretend. (Why do bathing suit parades come to mind?) Like now they can stop pretending they are married and really be married, I guess. But isn’t “gay sex” super promiscuous by nature? I mean there is a different biological thing going on. OK…the old gay guys who are low “t” are probably going to settle down to comfortable old married people but young brides and grooms still have those issues, don’t they? I don’t know and you know what: I don’t care.

  42. I loved the joke wedding illegality heterosexual … 😀
    I’m laughing so far! 🙂

    But I’m always thinking …
    Will always be correct to refer to all Jews as criminals (and this happens not only in this site, but in almost all forums commenting the current global Marxist conjecture and politically-correct abominable of the Frankfurt School, Gransci and Luckas … They look like a gang of Nosferatu) ?!
    Not only are the Khazars (false Jews) the real criminals ?! The origin of everything is not that tribe ?!
    I still do not understand the mechanism altogether … But I feel that something is missing in this story, as I understand it, it began to take shape during the preparations for the French Revolution …

    OBS. Sorry grammar mistakes, I do not even know how to write in English, unfortunately … I’m using Google-translator …;-)

  43. @ Admin

    I am quite proficient at ignoring some commenters like Melvin Polatnick, but any newcomers to Darkmoon do not know who to ignore so they will potentially read most all of the comments. With a total of 52 posts by Melvin, some just verbal porn, on this gay marriage article alone, any newcomer will assume the worst about Darkmoon and probably not visit again. With that number of posts, Melvin establishes the assumed tone for Darkmoon to be sex to newcomers. The truth suffers.

    Melvin is destroying Darkmoon. Melvin is posting very short comments that most people will read unlike Ellie’s 1,000 word sentences that most people will lose patience with and ignore. Melvin is being clever with the attack on Darkmoon.

    Two truths apply. You are judged by the company you keep and bad news travels 14 times faster than good news.

    For the continued success of Darkmoon spreading decent debate and truth, it should be time to address Melvin’s deliberate and malicious attack on Darkmoon.

    1. @ Ungenius

      Thank you for these wise words. I had reached precisely the same conclusion as you but was not in a position to take remedial action of any kind. I don’t have the power to block posters. This is the monitor’s job.

      I hope Uncle Toby will read and consider your post carefully and do what needs to be done.

  44. TOBY


    he has gone past expiry date and became a highly polarizing element recently.
    he seems oblivious to the fact and refuses to modify/moderate his modus operandi.
    i don’t care if he is a professional troll out of jew colony in middle east or elsewhere so long as he doesn’t damage the thread beyond repair as seems to be the case here.
    the fact that he riddles the thread with a stream of short messages that are difficult to skip unless the reader is poking the posters’ links on the right sidebar (like i do, choosing whom i want to read) and that the messages are highly repetitive bear hallmarks of a planned campaign.

    i never read the retch-inducing stuff of his quoted by mme butterfly and don’t care whether anyone believes me or not, like i said, i have the ability to instantly tune out stuff that is of no interest and care even less whether pat believes me (who with insistent yammering about “waffling” seems to want to create a one-man echo chamber to establish it as a fact, despite never providing a direct reply to my message about rules of rational debate, which i will not endlessly repeat – not my way).

    but – melvin should be commended for having raised a highly interesting and highly plausible theory and for this i am thankful and was prepared to defend his residence here, provided he civilized his conduct.

    that the primary advantage of jew over goy is SHREWDNESS, and
    jew obtained this evolutionary inside track by pimping jewesses to wealthy goys who exhibit business acumen, ie, inborn characteristics of SHREWDNESS.
    this may explain why jewishness is determined through matriarchy.

    note that this is well worth considering within the set of theories about the phenomenon of jewishness.
    moreover, melvin with considerable honesty distinguishes between shrewdness and intelligence (which jews constantly harp on without any rationale) and furthermore, his term is YID not JEW, ie, he equally honestly acknowledges that “jew” is a sneaky linguistic misnomer because the tribe is purely asiatic, in fact, turkic/semi-mongoloid.

    in summary, melvin contributed more useful insight than majority of the posters here and unlike the majority of the posters here confined himself to impersonal messages, if they were disgusting at times, they weren’t ad hominem which is a favorite tool around here.

    this is why i supported melvin in the past but now say, thank you for this insight, time to hit the road.

    1. @ lobro

      I agree with everything you say here. Toby probably recognizes, as you do, that Polatnik has provided many penetrating insights into the nature of jewishness, especially his idea of “shrewdness” and business acumen. Banning a poster who is so obviously intelligent is not an easy task, but I think in this particular case it has to be done for all the reasons set out by ‘Ungenius’. The sheer filthiness of Polatnik’s mind, and indeed his very admission of being a sexual pervert, makes it impossible for him to continue posting here. In addition, he has given grave offense to our female readers who are complaining that this site is becoming far worse than a male locker room — that it is now, thanks to Polatnik and the sheer proliferation of his obscenities in post after post, beginning to resemble a mental sewer. I have therefore given instructions to Toby to pull the plug on Polatnik.

      1. Monty –
        I have seen Mel’s comments on AFP. They do not allow the language he uses here.

        Mel’s first two quotes on DM in May established his nature here:

        melvin polatnick
        May 18, 2015 at 3:15 am
        There is no way to end the desire of many men to suck a dick. Even under harsh Muslim law the desire still exists. There are two ways to deal with this lust, hide it or welcome the practice in every sphere of life.
        melvin polatnick
        May 19, 2015 at 4:17 am
        In my day they called gay lovers :ass hole buddies: and nothing more was said about it. But today they are bringing religion into it and negative sayings of Jesus, Paul, and other bible quotes. In my opinion let them suck dick and leave them live happily without harassment.

    2. lobro –

      “…and care even less whether pat believes me (who with insistent yammering about “waffling” seems to want to create a one-man echo chamber to establish it as a fact, despite never providing a direct reply to my message about rules of rational debate, which i will not endlessly repeat – not my way).”

      If that were truly the case – YOU would not have needed to mention ME – in this instance. NOT at all.

      You need to get that dyslexia fixed. It is confusing you… There was no need to attack me here, while criticizing Melvin. There is NO rationale there, using your own “one-man echo chamber” techniques as well.

      1. pat, this is what i said

        i have the ability to instantly tune out stuff that is of no interest and care even less whether pat believes me

        and then felt parenthetically compelled to enlarge upon it a bit.

        your alternatively making fun of and belittling my well diagnosed dyslexia would be on par with my denigrating your shakes (eg, “sometimes they keep your message brief, sometimes they don’t”).
        and you did so repeatedly, whereas i, never.

        and you still haven’t acknowledged having understood my “jew source” point.
        i guess you never will, maybe due to dyslexia.

      2. lobro –
        YOU NEVER?????

        Like you… I ” felt parenthetically compelled to enlarge upon it a bit” also…. as I was replying to the “one-man echo chamber” used by you….. repeatedly falling back on dyslexia.

        You “echo” your dyslexia when handy to make excuses for failings. So, it is fair game for commenters to mention it as often as you do.

        Feel free to attack any short-comings you believe me to possess. I can handle them.

        I perfectly understand your Jew source point….. the ones you use… as well as ones I use… many times one in the same.

      3. failings?

        like not having read the juicy bits in melvin’s posts is now proof of failings?
        who should i apologize to, you or melvin?

      4. Lobro –

        “who should i apologize to, you or melvin?”

        Maybe apologize to yourself. The failings I mentioned were the ones you stated were caused by dyslexia. Things you say you missed….. in numerous places over times past. Caused you to “be wrong when right”..”right when wrong”…etc.

        BTW – re: Jew source and other articles… Often you have showed disgust with my findings of polar opposite points you made by using the words from the same exact articles you used. Your “echo” was: “You would,” or “predictable..”

        Funny stuff.. 🙂

    3. Melvin’s insight(knowledge) as to the far greater number of Jews/Mischlings than is assumed, primarily due to the unceasing parroting by practically every (haha) expert, intellectual and retard of the 1% or 2% of a given nation being Jews meme, along with the utter absurdity of a 0.2% Jewish world population, renders almost every strategy and reactionary planning a self deluding mirage.

      Myself, being poorly schooled and intellectually mediocre, has difficulty expressing 1+1=2 as anything else. So perhaps my above attempt at defining Melvin’s ultimate message needs condensing.

      So, condensed and construed for the least among us, myself included.
      In one sentence..

      There are TEN TIMES as many Jews/Mischlings as is reported, discussed and assumed.

  45. I can’t believe some of the stupid comments here. Marriage lost its meaning a long time in the west when it was reduced to an individual act based on wishy washy notions of ‘love’. Marriage is a ‘communal’ act – part of one’s cultural/ethnic and racial heritage. I really see no difference between miscgenation and ‘gay’ marriage and I am not alone on that fact It is just as perverted and the european partner is literally committing genocide against his own kind which really makes no sense! Once marriage became an individual act (I will marry whoever I love) and no longer a communal that affects the person’s community – then this paved the way for ‘gay’ marriage because it reduced marriage to ‘love’ and only ‘love’. I’m a Greek woman and when I see a Greek man with an oriental or a Greek woman with a negro – to me they are tratiors to their people and have committed an abomination In fact, they are worse than gays and lesbians. It’s not because I’m ‘racist’ but because I am normal

  46. Now gays and lesbians can drink at the job without getting in trouble. That is sperm juice of course.

  47. G’day, Pilgrims,
    The US Supreme Court decision is not about love or “marriage equality”. It is actually about forcing society to bless sodomy and Lesbianism and to give homosexuals the legal right to obtain exclusive, state mandated, custody of children which their unions cannot produce.

    Ironically though, getting US governments to issue a marriage ‘licence” formally approving one’s “marriage”, inserts a third party into an otherwise private contract between consenting adults.Thereafter the government controls the rights of the parties to the “union” and “owns” the children (however acquired) thereof, if any. Why anyone would clamour for this loss of sovereignty in such a fundamental matter is a mystery to me. Presumably, the only tangible benefit of a marriage licence for homosexuals is that they can then legally acquire custody of children.
    Peace and Blessings,

  48. Even satan wasn’t Gay, he chose to approach naked Eve instead of naked Adam.

  49. For those who haven’t heard, Washington State recently passed two laws.

    They legalized gay marriage and legalized marijuana.

    The fact that gay marriage and marijuana were legalized on the same day makes perfect Biblical sense.

    Leviticus 20:13 says:

    “If a man lies with another man they should be stoned.”

    Apparently we just hadn’t interpreted it correctly before!

  50. Two longtime friends (a man and a woman) recently tried to convince me that there is nothing wrong with homo sex because it feels just as good as hetero sex, so why be a bigot. SUDDENLY, I understood the next step in the Homo Agenda: all people will be required to openly engage in homosexual activities. Those who do not will be blackballed. They will be socially ostracized, persecuted at school, and they will never get a decent job.

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