Holocaust Blackmail

. . . by Lasha Darkmoon

It all boils down to this: Jews are demanding never-ending financial reparations from Germany for inherited “Holocaust trauma”. How much longer will Germany be a cash cow for the Jews? Will the remote descendants of today’s “Holocaust survivors” still be demanding money from Germany 100 years from now? How much longer is this racket going to go on?angryjew1


“Jewish activists in Scotland,” the Guardian reports, “have started a campaign to support the grandchildren of Holocaust survivors across the world, saying the trauma of the extermination camps continues to haunt the descendants of those who suffered there.”

Dan Glass, 29, from London, said he heard constant tales of the Holocaust as he grew up, which have deeply affected him into adulthood:

“All four of my grandparents narrowly avoided the gas chambers in Auschwitz and countless of their friends met with this fate. For my father it was a daily conversation in my teens and early 20s and even though I very profoundly understood his pain, one day I had to say to him, ‘Dad, I can’t talk about this anymore.’ My father had a whole wall of books on the subject of the Holocaust – it was all he wanted to talk about, but it was so harrowing for me.”


“All my dad talked about to me was the Holocaust!
It was so harrowing for me! “

Let’s scrutinize Mr Glass’s first point and see if it makes any sense. Note his claim that all four of his grandparents “narrowly avoided the gas chambers.” Let’s give Mr Glass the benefit of the doubt. Let’s not ask him any embarrassing questions, such as: (1) “Can you show me a single authentic gas chamber anywhere in the world?” Or (2):  “Can you explain how the Pyramids, built more than 2000 years before the birth of Christ, are still standing as proof that they were once built, whereas there is not a single authentic Holocaust gas chamber in existence today as proof that gas chambers ever existed?” Or (3):  “Are you aware that the gas chamber at Auschwitz, which you claim your grandparents narrowly escaped, is a fake copy built after the war?”

We will spare Mr Glass these acutely embarrassing questions.

Instead, we will concentrate on another important point which appears to have escaped Mr Glass’s attention completely. It is not clear how Mr Glass can claim to have been traumatized by an event that ALMOST occurred to his four grandparents over 70 years ago. He needs to explain this, just as you and I would need to explain how we had been traumatized by an automobile accident that never took place in which our grandparents were ALMOST killed by a car as they were crossing the road.

If you happen to be a young woman anxious to make a bit of easy money, I don’t think you would have a leg to stand on if you were to claim that you were seriously traumatized by reading your grandmother’s diary in which she writes: “I was almost raped at a party in 1943.” Even if your granny had been actually raped, you wouldn’t stand a chance of receiving a penny in compensation for this historical tragedy. So what chance do you have of cashing in on your granny’s troubles if all you can claim is that the was ALMOST raped?

Not much, in my honest opinion.

Still, Mr Glass has that quality we call “chutzpah”, and he is hoping that Germany will buy his story and award him a handsome allowance for life on the strength of his grandparents’ alleged near-death experiences over 70 years ago.


Don Glass, a British Jew—pictured here—began interviewing the children and grandchildren of other Holocaust survivors, initially for an academic thesis. He began with the hypothesis that the world was swarming with people just like himself, all traumatized by events that almost took place to remote ancestors 70 years ago.  Sure enough, his suspicions were confirmed. Almost every Jew he spoke to claimed to be pretty traumatized, and none of them were at all averse to receiving financial compensation from Germany for their dreadful sufferings.  He soon realized, the Guardian tells us, that “he was not alone in being scarred by the traumatic pasts of his relatives.”

“I have been privileged to hear so many stories from young people who should now be able to live with joy – but their lives are damaged and they weren’t even there,” Glass points out gloomily.

Glass adds that other grandchildren of survivors have experienced clinical depression, anxiety, addiction and eating disorders, which they blame on the impact of their families constantly retelling stories of the horrific events their relatives endured.

A young woman from London told Glass of how her grandmother, who was in the Dutch resistance, avoided starvation at times by digging up flower bulbs and sucking out the nutrients. The woman later developed anorexia and believes it was related to the war stories that had been passed down the line and never processed.

According to all these accounts, gathered almost exclusively by Jews claiming to be traumatized and transmitted to the Guardian  newspaper:

“Trauma research about the impact of the Holocaust on subsequent generations varies; some studies conclude there is no effect of trauma two generations on, while others claim that breast milk of survivors was affected by stress hormones that impacted on the physiology of the next generation.”


‘Our babies are being poisoned by our breast milk because of stress hormones due to the Holocaust! We demand compensation from Germany for inherited trauma!’

How strange. Their babies are being poisoned by their breast milk. The obvious solution to that problem is to give up breastfeeding, right? But no, they refuse to do that, apparently determined to transmit stress hormones to their children in perpetuity. It really does defy comprehension.

Jewish (and non-Jewish?) workers in the field of epigenetics are now claiming that “the intergenerational effects of the Holocaust are very pronounced and that the atrocities altered the DNA of victims’ descendants, so that they have different stress hormone profiles to their peers.”

Psychologist Ruth Barnett, whose Jewish father fled Germany for Shanghai, narrowly escaping the Holocaust, says she has witnessed inherited trauma in some of her clients. “Constantly talking about events like the gas chambers to grandchildren is a way that traumatised people try to get rid of it – by sicking it up. But unless it is processed properly, they make even more anxiety for themselves and other generations.”

Mr Glass adds grimly:

“We should be releasing these old wounds to something beautiful rather than staying paralysed in memory and fear. Until then we cannot properly celebrate their lives or any kind of victory.”


“We should be releasing these old wounds . . . “
Don Glass as a traumatized Holocaust survivor child victim (far right),
enjoying tea and cake with his traumatized Jewish family in London.

“What would our grandparents have felt,” Don Glass added, “if they had known we have had to carry their torment through generations? Wouldn’t they have wanted us to find the peace that was robbed from them? Wouldn’t they want us whole and living lives that they lost? I realised that if they could speak to us beyond the grave many would have agreed the mourning has to stop and be replaced with something more constructive.” (See here)

Let’s cut to the chase. It all boils down to this: Jews are demanding never-ending financial reparations from Germany for inherited “Holocaust trauma”. How much longer will Germany be a cash cow for the Jews? Will the remote descendants of today’s “Holocaust survivors” still be demanding money from Germany 100 years from now? How much longer is this racket going to go on?

Here is Holocaust revisionist scholar Carlos W. Porter :

“We call it the ‘Hoaxoco$t’ because it is a hoax, and it costs plenty. In addition to the jillions of dollars already paid out, directly or indirectly, in cash, goods, and services to Hoaxoco$t “survivors” and the racketeer state of Israel—with new, improved Hoaxoco$t survivor rip-offs, shake-downs, protection rackets, extortion rackets, blackmail schemes, and related swindles being invented and refined almost every week—one would need a computer to calculate the number of unprovoked air strikes, invasions, bombings, burnings, sinkings, shellings, confiscations, expulsions, tortures, book-burnings, beatings, arrests and detentions, both with and without trial, all caused by the insane delusion that we are fighting Hitler every five seconds, in the need to prevent yet another Hoaxoco$t from occurring for the umpteenth time.”

Needless to say, Carlos Porter could end up in prison for saying this; or, if things get any worse, he could one day face a firing squad for daring to speak out in this candid way against Holocaust blackmail.

Fluent in German, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese, the erudite Porter renounced his American citizenship in 1984 and relocated to Belgium with his wife and children. There he was to write “Not Guilty at Nuremberg.”  (See also here). This should be required reading for anyone interested in Holocaust studies. Porter demonstrates with meticulous scholarship in this book that most of the American interrogators at Nuremberg had been Jews, and that they had extracted forced confessions from their German prisoners of war by the most horrendous tortures, including the crushing of their testicles. (See my notes on this topic in Torture and Testicle Crushing at Nuremberg).

In a private email to me (July 28, 2015 at 9:55 pm), Porter confirmed that much of the evidence for the alleged genocide of 6 million Jews at the hands of  the Third Reich had been gathered by torture and that the torturers were mostly Jewish:

“You can be absolutely CERTAIN,” Carlos Porter said, “that nearly ALL the interrogators and interpreters in ALL the trials were Jewish, because the Americans stamped out the German language from all American schools during WWI, so German Jewish refugees were almost the only competent people they had. Of course, other “German-Americans” could not be trusted not to be “Nazis”, so they were stuck with the German Jews.

That there was a great deal of mistreatment and torture in the minor trials is absolutely certain. I reproduced a couple of accounts of torture at the Dachau trials in “War Crimes Trials and Other Essays”. But I’m sure it’s only the tip of the iceberg. Minor personnel could be tortured with impunity, and 99% of them would be afraid even to mention it. It would be hard to get away with torturing somebody like Goering though.

There’s a lot of literature on the subject, more all the time. The Brits appear to have been surprisingly enthusiastic torturers, whether Jewish or not.”

Porter is not alone in his claim that Jews featured prominently in the ranks of the torturers in post-war Germany. On Sept. 25, 1945, Thomas Dodd, who was the second in command on the American prosecution team at Nuremberg, made the following observation in which he claimed that three out of four interrogators at Nuremberg were Jewish:

“You know how I have despised anti-Semitism,” he said. “You know how strongly I feel toward those who preach intolerance of any kind. With that knowledge, you will understand when I tell you that this staff is about seventy-five percent Jewish.”

The Presiding Judge at Nuremberg was also, coincidently, a Jew. His name was A.H. Rosenfeld and he was a colonel in the American army. Col. Rosenfeld cheerfully admitted to torturing German prisoners of war as a matter of policy. “We couldn’t have made those birds talk otherwise,” he remarked cynically. “It was a trick, and it worked like a charm.”

According to American Judge Edward L. Van Roden, testifying in American Atrocities in Germany, out of 139 cases of alleged German “war criminals” investigated by his commission for war crimes, ”137 of these Germans were tortured by having their testicles crushed.” 

In a recent private email to me, in response to some of my queries about torture at Nuremberg, Thomas Goodrich, acclaimed author of Hellstorm : The Death of Nazi Germany (1944-1947), mentioned the names of four well-known Jews in the American zone whom he identified as torturer-inquisitors: Harry Thon, William Perl, AH Rosenfeld, and Shlomo Morel.

This last-named individual, Shlomo Morel, was a particularly nasty piece of work whom Goodrich describes as follows:

“a vicious monster who drowned men and women in outdoor latrines, who made them eat excrement, who personally beat captives to death, and who forced women to kiss and make love with disinterred corpses.”

The next time you are inclined to shed tears for contemporary Holocaust survivors allegedly traumatized by drinking the poisoned breast milk of their Jewish mothers, spare a tear for the German prisoners of war  who were drowned in outdoor latrines and forced to have sex with dug-up corpses.

Lasha Darkmoon

Dr Lasha Darkmoon (b.1978) is an Anglo-American ex-academic with higher degrees in Classics whose political articles and poems have been translated into several languages. Most of her political essays can be found at The Occidental Observer and The TruthSeeker. Her own website, Darkmoon.me, is now within the top 1 percent of websites in the world according to the Alexa ranking system.

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      1. @ annebeck58 and others


        If Darkmoon was really opposed to the jews milking “the holocaust” for all the jews can get out of it, then Darkmoon a long time ago would have featured Rabbi Antelman, Eustace Mullins, and so many others, who have unveiled the Truth about Nazi Germany : That the jews themselves played a giant role in building Nazi Germany, that the jews played a giant role in putting Hitler into power, and Hitler himself was part Jew, and that the Jews were dragged out of their homes in Germany on the orders of their very own jew rabbis.

        Telling The Truth about the huge role Jews had in Nazi Germany would be a lot more effective in stopping the jews from being able to milk “the holocaust” for every drop out of it they can — as it would be real difficult for the jews to cry “Victims” if it was well known amongst the general population it was the jews themselves who brought Hitler to power.

        Darkmoon, supposedly “anti Jew” and supposedly doesn’t like the jews crying “Victim” perpetuates the very lie that gives the jews their jew excuse to cry “Victim” : Namely that Hitler’s Third Reich was somehow “Free of Jews and free of Jew influence” ; Darkmoon fully well knows that’s a lie and DM fully well knows that’s the very lie which gives the jews the excuse to cry “Victim”. Darkmoon perpetuates The Lie which continues all this jew crying about Nazi Germany. Darkmoon drags out Eustace Mullins when it comes time to talk about Jew influence in the jew Commie Soviet Union, while NEVER having any articles about what Eustace Mullins uncovered about Hitler’s Third Reich, namely that the jews themselves played a HUGE GIANT role in building the Third Reich and putting Hitler into power.

        The jews didn’t go after Mullins and tried to shut him up because of what Mullins uncovered about the jew Soviet Union. The jews went after Mullins because he found out about the HUGE role the jews played in building the Third Reich and putting Hitler into power. Why? Because if it was common knowledge amongst the population the jews played a giant role in building the Third Reich and putting the part-Jew Hitler into power, then the jews wouldn’t be able to milk the so-called “holocaust” of every drop the jews can get out of it.

        Darkmoon cries about the jews milking “the holocaust”, but Darkmoon actually loves it that the jews milk “the holocaust” as Kaminski and Darkmoon cry their eternal crocodile tears over something they’re actually happy about.

        Again, if Darkmoon was truly opposed to the jews milking the so-called “holocaust”, Darkmoon a long time ago would have had a lot of articles about the true nature of Hitler’s Third Reich : That the jews themselves did everything they could to “manifest” Part Jew Hitler’s Third Reich. Darkmoon is so full of hydra-headed jew snake shit, it’s quite amazing.

        The jews wouldn’t have much of a foundation to stand on and cry “Victim” if news about the Huge Role jews had in manifesting Hitler’s Third Reich was widely known amongst the population. Darkmoon fully well knows I’m right, but Darkmoon is not really interested in putting an end to jew bullshit. Darkmoon actually perpetuates jew busllshit while feigning to be opposed to jew bullshit. Even the jews in Israel know Hitler was part Jew, but Darkmoon doesn’t want any NON jew Americans to know this :

        Search Term :

        “Hitler Was A Jew Himself”

        Darkmoon would be a lot more honest website if it presented jew Rabbi Antelman articles!

        1. @ Admin

          How come inane meaningless posts/comments get put up on the commentary board, but the post I sent to your Darkmoon site this morning — headed ‘WHY THIS ARTICLE IS A LOAD OF CRAP’ — all of it cogent, fact-based, truthful, articulate, NOT childish, NOT retarded, intelligent and knowledgeable, ADULT, and complete with solid source references, has been CENSORED?!!!?

      2. TheRealOriginalJoe writes crap. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Jews didn’t put Hitler in power, Germans did – and for good reasons.

        Yes, Hitler had a friend that was ethnically Jewish named Emil Maurice and one of the biggest Jewish banks in Germany made a political contribution to Hitler, possibly because the Jewish banker was a Zionist that supported moving Jews to Palestine. The famous poet Gertude Stein said Hitler should have received the Nobel Peace Prize (I agree). She said this because his policies warranted it. That is about the extent of Jews “supporting” Hitler. TheOriginalJoe’s idiotic comments hide the truth that the Jew mass murderers brought death and destruction to over 50 million people and most of Europe. Hitler was no Jew, thank God.

        In early 1938 the Polish ambassador to the US, Jerzy Potocki reported back to Warsaw on his observations of the American political scene:

        The pressure of the Jews on President Roosevelt and on the State Department is becoming ever more powerful… The Jews are right now the leaders in creating a war psychosis which would plunge the entire world into war and bring about general catastrophe. This mood is becoming more and more apparent. In their definition of democratic states, the Jews have also created real chaos; they have mixed together the idea of democracy and communism, and have above all raised the banner of burning hatred against Nazism.

        This hatred has become a frenzy. It is propagated everywhere and by every means: in theaters, in the cinema, and in the press. The Germans are portrayed as a nation living under the arrogance of Hitler which wants to conquer the whole world and drown all of humanity in an ocean of blood. In conversations with Jewish press representatives, I have repeatedly come up against the inexorable and convinced view that war is inevitable. This international Jewry exploits every means of propaganda to oppose any tendency towards any kind of consolidation and understanding between nations. In this way, the conviction is growing steadily but surely in public opinion here that the Germans and their satellites, in the form of fascism, are enemies who must be subdued by the ‘democratic world.’ (February 9) 32

        On January 12, 1939 Ambassador Potocki reported back to Warsaw:

        The feeling now prevailing in the United States is marked by a growing hatred of Fascism and, above all, of Chancellor Hitler and everything connected with Nazism. Propaganda is mostly in the hands of the Jews, who control almost 100 percent radio, film, daily and periodical press. Although this propaganda is extremely coarse and presents Germany as black as possible—above all religious persecution and concentration camps are exploited—this propaganda is nevertheless extremely effective, since the public here is completely ignorant and knows nothing of the situation in Europe. …

        This is what the Jews did worldwide – in England, France, the USSR and USA and that is why England, France and the USA all attacked Germany first and the USSR intended to attack Germany first, but Hitler’s pre-emptive strike prevented that.

        TheOriginalJoes stupid comments hide the dominating role murderous Jews played in world affairs and how they brought death and destruction to Europe.

      3. @TROJ — re:

        TOTAL RUBBISH and disinformation! The reasons for the dissemination of the Rothschild myth concerning the financing of Hitler, tall tales tying Hitler to occult practice, and even allegations Hitler was secretly a jew, is to remove the reality the fact that the ALL-LIES were fighting WWll for international jewry though most Americans never realized it, and Adolph Hitler’s Germany was fighting for Nationalism and rule by the White Race. If people can be made to believe that the world’s problems are created by nameless rich bankers thus divert blame from the actual culprits, the jews, the jews will be able to continue their subversions. This is the reason for all these fake stories being fabricated about Hitler, Germany, and the Third Reich.

    1. Archangel Michael, you’re drunk on the Kool-Aid! It’s best if you seek help from a mental Professional. You the rest of your Cult followers. The HoloHOAX Ca$h Cow is out of milk and out to pasture; where it belongs.

    2. You must be talking about the israelis, nein? They were Sten gang fiends in taking over Palestine, and are fiends from HELL, now!

    3. You’ll no doubt be in hell someday but those you curse won’t be there with you. Fortunately, most of your friends will likely be there. The Holohoax is just that -a hoax which will someday be exposed.

    4. Arch Michael – A Jew that wants the blackmail money to keep coming into his pockets. You might be there kike, she won’t.

    5. I don’t have time to read all the comments.
      Has anyone explained about the thousands of Jews and half Jews that served in the German Army and that some Jews were high ranking officers in the Germany Army during WW2?
      Maybe that’s what has pissed off the NWO Jews so much. Notice that the tribe is doing the same trick by demonizing the Iranians as vicious anti-Semites (a total non-sense word by the way). Some of the Jews living in Iran have told the Zionist ISISraelis to fuck off. They live prosperous and unmolested lives and want to stay that way.

  1. They are incurable parasites with no shame whatsoever. Surely a tape-worm has more sense of honor than these creatures.

    Shall we now start negotiations about compensation for third, fourth and fifth generation Holodomor and Nakba victims ?

    1. @ Franklin Ryckaert

      Franklin, this is not a criticism of you personally — just a polite note to tell you that you should be a bit more cautious about relying on Wikipedia for information on the Holocaust! 🙂

      I was just reading David Irving’s site and noticed a link there to Lasha Darkmoon’s recent article “Torture and Testicle Crushing at Nuremberg.” Irving approves of the article but points out that Wikipedia has doctored and deleted several damaging quotes that Lasha gives in her article.

      Here is a copy of David Irving’s comment on the Darkmoon article:

      A Classicist is shocked: Dr Lasha Darkmoon: Torture and Testicle-Crushing at Nuremberg. [Link supplied]. The judicial Simpson Commission of Inquiry, originated the bulky U.S. document which first inspired writer David Irving in 1960, since suppressed by Wikipedia’s main sites and conformist historians. References to its judges like van Roden and Gordon Simpson himself have been removed.


  2. You kind of wish the Germans did exterminate all the jews they could get their hands on. After all, Zyklon b was utilized to kill other vermin too. But their morals were too high. It’s unbelievably ironic isn’t it? Makes you wonder if this isn’t some cosmic joke. I regard this as proof of Satan’s upperhand during our era. There is no other way to explain it.

    1. @ 1138

      Makes you wonder if this isn’t some cosmic joke. I regard this as proof of Satan’s upperhand during our era. There is no other way to explain it.

      Jesus had the same idea. That this world was the Devil’s province. He refers to Satan as “the prince of this world.”

      In JOHN 14:30, Jesus says this about Satan: “Hereafter I will not talk much with you: for the prince of this world cometh, and hath nothing in me.”

      BTW, this is a well-written article. Thanks, Lasha. You certainly have a way with words!

      1. The Native Indian Holocaust in America is at least 16 times worse than the Jewish deaths under the Nazis, even if you believe the 6 million gassed jews lie.

    2. @ 1138
      @ Darlington

      The prince is not the ruler or the owner of this world which is why the prince has to use deception to accomplish his evil. God has been the ruler and owner of this world from the beginning which is why Jesus said in John 3:16 – “For God so loved the world…” and in Matthew 5:5 – “Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.” Of course God loves the world because it is his and the meek certainly are not going to inherit the earth from anyone but the owner, God.

      Satan only appears to have the upper hand because we believe his deception instead of the truth as Jesus spoke it in the Gospels.

      1. because we have been so meek, we whites are near our extinction. 8% at this time. I do not believe God wants us to be meek but brave, bold. That’s how love is.

      2. @ Teutonica

        Meek does not mean weak as most folks believe. Meek merely means not wanting to dominate your fellowman. Jesus told his disciples to acquire swords, not to clean their fingernails, but to defend themselves from those that are not meek since he would no longer be physically with them. It is a Christian and human duty to be well armed for defensive purposes. The jews have twisted the truth to get people to agree to be disarmed so that they can slaughter them as they desire.

  3. The Germans are renowned for their organization and efficiency. If they had really wanted to gas the Jews they would have used Tabun and Sarin, highly lethal nerve gases, which they had in abundance. Zyklon B is a most inefficient means for gassing people en masse. I, for one, am heartily sick of this emotional blackmail. To solve the problem the entire edifice of Western, “Freudian”, psychological thinking must be eradicated from the Caucasian mindset.

    1. I agree completely. Fat chance, however. “The Synagogue” picks their toadies very, very carefully. You see, it’s not just “the chosen” feeding off of unsuspecting Goim. The west has the most unabashed collection of “Neo-Judas” class of groveling maggots since Rome.
      Recall it was Russia’s own military/law enforcement who did most of the trigger pulling, knife swiping, club swinging. Have you ever had the misfortune to be around a coward who engineers discontent quietly, from the side lines? Pushing others to do the “heavy lifting”? Then, once they have things as they want them and the most recent mass of Christians/Muslims are disarmed and overpowered with no chance of reaching the throats of their oppressors, they become as rabid dogs. Ripping, tearing the flesh from the bones of their intended victim, reveling in their screams of agony as they breath their last? Notice how they scream “victim!!” as they torture mutilate the very young, very old men, women, (but most importantly), the unarmed? Always with their Judas Class close at hand to quell any attempt to lash out in self defense.
      Let me give you an idea of the sublime idiocy of this culture;
      I posted DM’s article regarding the impending white, (then “chip on their shoulder” minorities), mass slaughter at the hands of Lucifer’s “chosen”. I included articles of Jews committing blatant hate crimes allowed to go free by AG Holder and other “Christians” as well as the most recent attack (by the Judas Class in Canada. The 5 or 10 replies I received ALL ATTACKED ME as an evil Anti-Semite piece of sh*t. Many of the authors claimed to be veterans! Veterans the Jew run DHS has targeted as “domestic terrorists”! As they “train” young Goim on how to round up their fellows for imprisonment or worse at the hands of their “owners”! Where the Russians and Germans chaffed under their demonic infection the west revels in it. This truly is the stuff nightmares are made of. God save us all.

    2. Felix; if they wanted to KILL the jews, they would just have done it. Then the world wouldn’t have to yammer on about all of these so-called, “survivors”. Hitler and Co. had PLENTY of bullets and bombs and could easily have taken them out (heck, plenty of them were in camps, so….) But, Hitler did NOT kill jews. Some died. Some Germans died. Russians died. Gypsies died. Allies died.
      Yet, ’til today and into the foreseeable future (eternity, if all goes well for you know whew), it is all about ONE group of individuals who mostly came away from this, safe in camps, and unscathed. And they’re the ones collecting reparations?

      What IS wrong with this picture? Where are my reparations for my dad being duped into going into WWII for the Big Lie?

      1. Millions of Jews have been shipped to Birobidja, Russia.

        The Germans of my generation and of the National Socialist times were very honorable people. It is not in us genetically to genozide people, though it is in the Jews, the Satans. They lie about us Germans. That’s because they are Communists and Commis always accuse others of the evil they themselves do to hide their crimes and destroy others’ reputation. Jews killed Millions of Arminiens hiding behind Turks, 66 Mill. Russians, and Jew Mao tse Tung, yes he was a Jew, is responsible for the death of 50 Mill. Chinese due to Jew Communism. Horrific crimes were committed against the Germans. This is also why the Jewish holocaust is promoted to distract from the crimes committed by all the Allies due to Jewish orders from above. Of course, because the Germans have been designated “evil” to hide the crimes of the Allies, the Germans are gagged under the Jew-US occupation. 12 Million Germans were essentially murdered, mostly after the war, by the Allied occupation and civilians, and that includes the Jewish partisans committing the most horrific crimes against German women, children, elderly, injured soldiers and German POWs. Many of the white enemy soldiers also raped, tortured, and murdered the Germans of all ages. 20 Million Germans were driven off their ancestral homeland and 5 Million of them ended up dead. 2 Million German females were raped in left-over Germany and that means probably 5 Mill. in all of Europe. In all 18 Million Germans died in WWII.

        Regarding the holocaust lies, Millions of Jews have been shipped to Birobidja, Russia, during the war. See

      2. AnneBeck58
        “Where are my reparations for my Dad being duped into going into WWII for the big lie?”
        Yes, indeed. I had family members on both sides during the war. My South African uncle lost 2 brothers in North Africa. He, himself, was at the Battle of El Alamein (my father on the German side). Many people believe it was a massive tank battle. It wasn’t. Four infantry divisions had to clear a path through the “Devil’s Garden”, before the tanks could go into action. These 4 divisions sustained most of the casualties at El Alamein. They were the 51st Highlanders, the 9th Australian, the 2nd New Zealand and the 1st South African. There were no English divisions due to the fact that many of the so-called working class English were malnourished. There was a 5″ difference in height between the average English Tommy and the Dominion troops. That’s how bad things were in England during the Great Depression. Some families might get an occasional tin of sardines as their only protein. Let’s make the Jews pay compensation for that and to all World War two vets.

      3. I have it on good authority (The IMT Nurmberg – one of the best examples of the of justice known to man) that indeed the Germans did use a bomb to kill 20,000 jews.

        This was not just any bomb, but an atom bomb (must have been an M&S product -inside joke for ukers). The Germans built a fake village and moved 20,000 jews from auschwitz and detonated the bomb. It was experiment. (thanks to CW Porter for highlighting this on his site).

        “MR. JUSTICE JACKSON: Now, I have certain information, which was placed in my hands, of an experiment which was carried out near Auschwitz and I would like to ask you if you heard about it or knew about it. The purpose of the experiment was to find a quick and complete way of destroying people without the delay and trouble of shooting and gassing and burning, as it had been carried out, and this is the experiment, as I am advised. A village, a small village was provisionally erected, with temporary structures, and in it approximately 20,000 Jews were put. By means of this newly invented weapon of destruction, these 20,000 people were eradicated almost instantaneously, and in such a way that there was no trace left of them; that it developed, the explosive developed, temperatures of from 400š to 500š centigrade and destroyed them without leaving any trace at all.

        Do you know about that experiment?

        SPEER: No, and I consider it utterly improbable. If we had had such a weapon under preparation, I should have known about it. But we did not have such a weapon. It is clear that in chemical warfare attempts were made on both sides to carry out research on all the weapons one could think of, because one did not know which party would start chemical warfare first.”

      4. Felix… a chap was relating a story to me recently about the Boer War. He said that the British soldiers were malnourished and unfit for battle, so the Jocks were used. Why the Jocks? Well they were porridge eaters and not malnourished like their English counterparts…interesting.

  4. A 2013 study led by Tel Aviv University researchers found that the Holocaust education trips Israeli students take to Poland every year can trigger mental health problems.

    The study was based on questionnaires filled out by 50 Israeli psychiatrists and residents specializing in children and adolescents. The Holocaust trips accounted for as many reported psychiatric referrals as high school “sleep-out” trips – multi-day hiking excursions to various parts of Israel – which are much more frequent and widely attended. Even so, the researchers say, severe psychological fallout from the Holocaust-education trips appears to be rare. Only four diagnoses of psychosis, one diagnosis of PTSD, and one hospitalization were reported.

    About a third of the psychiatric professionals surveyed in this pilot study said they had treated teenagers for psychological problems arising from the Holocaust education trips. While most of the teenagers were treated for less severe symptoms such as anxiety, adjustment, and mood disorders, reports also cited hospitalization, post-traumatic-stress disorder, and psychosis.


    1. If these trips etc., cause all this trauma and mental anxiety, then the organisers must me pure masochists making the kiddies suffer for their cause…….oh, hang on a minute.

      1. Yes; self-inflicted trauma, or, it is trauma by, “genetics”? (Wait, was that one debunked? ha!)
        There should be a law; NO MORE TALKING HOLLOW-CAUSE in jewish homes (or anywhere.) This might help straighten out a few of the current generation, hey? Well, at least it might not, “traumatize them”, so completely. Maybe then they can become productive people?

    2. This is one of your best Lasha. It’s posted at DS I’m sure you know.

      Wiggins is right. If these “Jews” today are still suffering anything it’s the mental trauma brought about by the “Jews” own lies about the Holohoax. Not by what actually happened.

      I mean sheesh, should white Russians collect from the “Jews” forever because of their grandparents trauma during the ACTUAL Jewish slaughter of white/Christians? How about the English, Americans and Canadians pay the Germans for their role in WW2? How about Japanese pay the Chinese forever because of their crimes in WW2? We could go on and on, everyone paying everyone in a circle for historical wrongs and what would we get out of it if not more dysfunction, bitterness and chaos?

      No one the world over acts this way except the “Jews” because as they have rightly admitted about their never forgiving nature “nothing you ever do will ever appease us”. And it is again for this reason that anyone holding on to their mass identity fraud will surely pay the price for all of the “Jews” crimes because everyone else can let things go where the “Jews” can’t, are completely incapable of it, as proved even in their centuries old identify fraud that they refuse to come clean on.

      “Jews” if you’re reading this you better take heed. Drop your identity fraud. Leave “Israel”. Move to Madagascar or something and accept white Jesus as the authentic Messiah least you want to suffer the fate your ancestors did at the hands of the Romans. If you don’t, that’s your destiny, guaranteed.

    3. Yes, dear Rehmat, and yet…, they still send their kids there (to the fake gas chambers.)
      It is, “almost like”, they WANT to traumatize their children.
      Oh, but they wouldn’t do this, would they? Would they?

      You bet your sweet behind, they would, as they do.

    4. The Hallowedhoax “trauma” is a self-induced affliction that serves to keep the Jew’s victimized mentality firmly entrenched in both Jew and goy minds alike. Look at the Jewish holidays; almost every Jewish holiday embraces and celebrates highly questionable, yet traumatic, “historical” events, e.g. Masada, Passover, Purim, et al. All these “traumatic” events function on the very same psychopathic pattern as the mythical Hallowedhoax. The fact is the Hallowedhoax is just another psychological twist in a long line of virtually identical psychological twists dating back to the beginning stories of the Bible. The only difference is the Jews can still get goy mileage out of the Hallowedhoax, whereas the other bullshit stories are too far in the past for anyone but Jews to suffer.

      “In addition to the jillions of dollars already paid out, directly or indirectly, in cash, goods, and services to Hoaxoco$t “survivors” and the racketeer state of Israel—with new, improved Hoaxoco$t survivor rip-offs, shake-downs, protection rackets, extortion rackets, blackmail schemes, and related swindles being invented and refined almost every week.”

      Is this a surprise when the very basis of Judaism, i.e. the Torah, is filled with such teaching stories? The very first charters in Genesis, Adam and Eve are both liars and thieves who steal God’s knowledge and power. They then try to deceive God about their actions. How Adam, Eve and a traitorous snake administrator, think they can deceive an all-knowing, omnipotent “God” is anybody’s guess. Perhaps they felt because God didn’t actually know who was hiding in his garden, but had to call them out, they had an even chance at deceiving him.

      Abraham was the first extortion artist with “God” now playing the role of both “God-father” and “muscle”. This scam worked so well in enriching father Abraham, that his son Isaac pulled the very same extortion scheme on the very same mark, a schlump called Abimelech. What about Joseph who wrecked the Egyptian economy then impoverished and enslaved the indigenous population.

      So how did Joseph feel about the people and culture that allowed him to rise to the very top of their nation? As if his utter wreckage of this advanced civilization wasn’t enough proof, Joseph specified his bones were to be taken and buried elsewhere, far from hated Egypt.

      The father of Israel, Jacob, was both liar, thief and coward who stole not only his brother’s inheritance, but cheated him out of his birthright as well. Jacob was clearly a momma’s boy who stayed behind in the tent doing woman’s work. His mother dressed him in a disguise to cheat his brother Esau out of his “birthright.” (The inheritance represented Isaac’s material wealth, while the “birthright blessing” was a title to tribal leadership.) An abject coward, Jacob fled to his uncle Laben’s place, on the other side of the camel tracks. He spends some twenty years with Laben before daring to return to face Esau’s wrath.

      Later Jacob allegedly threw out his hip during a midnight wrestling match with God. God (or angel, depending on whose version is cited) was so impressed that he renamed Jacob “Israel.” One can only wonder what kind of “wrestling” move would throw Jacob’s hip out of joint. Might this ancient event present yet more reason for Jews to support “gay pride”? Wow! Such a deal, Jacob wins over God who feels compelled to make this lying, cheating, thieving, homosexual psychopath the head of the nation of Israel! To this day, Jews do not eat lamb shank out of deference to Jacob’s midnight wrestling match. Stop and consider how long ago this event supposedly took place and then consider how Jews still wail and kvetch over it.

      Remember the old joke about the guy who approaches the beautiful woman at a party with a bedding proposition she promptly refuses? The guy then offers her a million dollars for the same deal. The woman immediately accepts and the man replies, “Now that we have established what kind of women you are, all we’re doing is haggling over price.” In a similar manner we know exactly what kind of Jewish “God” were dealing with here, we’re just haggling over details.

      Then there is uncle Laban who screws his nephew “Israel” né Jacob out of his deal to marry his “beautiful” daughter Rachel (who in fact resembled Madeline Albrigh) by substituting his ugly daughter Leah, more a clone of Golda Meir. “Uncle” Laban then tries to cheat Jacob out of a deal for herd animals. However, true to Jewish nature, Jacob outwits his lying, cheating uncle and by duplicitous means leaves the camp with a large heard of animals. Then Rachel, now one of Jacob’s wives, steals her father’s gold idols and then sits on them, her menstruating state of niddah or “filth” preventing Laben from searching her “ass”.

      I now recall the charming Torah story of the Shechem massacre involving lying cheating duplicity along with genital mutilation and bloody genocidal massacre, so what’s not to like in this story found in Genesis 34? And do we find Jacob is truly worried about his sons murderous actions? Does he feel any remorse for his son’s slaughter of Shechem, his father Hamor and all their people?

      “And Jacob said to Simeon and Levi, Ye have troubled me to make me to stink among the inhabitants of the land, among the Canaanites and the Perizzites: and I being few in number, they shall gather themselves together against me, and slay me; and I shall be destroyed, I and my house.”

      Nope, like his psychopathic brethren, Jacob is only worried about his own hide; worried only that he will “stink” among the inhabitants of the land. Oy Veh, the horror! Oy Veh, the pain! Oy Veh, the trauma! Oy Veh the stink! The father of Israel a stinking Jew! No doubt were these people identifiable, Jews would be using their extortion tactics to bilk these poor schmoes out of yet more repartitions for defiling one of their daughters.

      With a family history like this, it’z obvious the Hallowedhoax is really nothing special; for Jews it‘z simply bizness as usual.

  5. I rather fancy the idea of death by firing squad. It appeals to the Walter Mitty in me. Especially that “last cigarette”: “Are you crazy? Do you know what smoking does to your lungs? 9 out of 10 people who smoke…”, etc. etc., big lecture. Health fanatic, see.

  6. Gut wrenching. Seriously… I feel like hurling after reading that one.

    A few points…
    First of all, Don Glass is NOT a British Jew… he is a Jew infecting Britain. We need to make that clear in the future when referencing any diasporic tribesmen.
    And second… when am I going to be compensated by Israel and every countless Jewish group for the “trauma” they have put me through in my life? After all, every sick, polluted policy or movement afoot in the world today is a result of their machinations. Feminism, homo-promotion, illegal immigration, pornography, usury, Christian-bashing, endless middle-east wars… you name the problem – and sure enough – there will be a cabal of the self-chosen behind the malaise. I DEMAND recompense!!!
    * crickets *
    (Yeah… right.)

    1. Jay,

      You also forgot the Viking raids on Scotland as well as the Roman occupation beforehand.

  7. Apparently they have all the power, all the research dollars, control of the press to broadcast their trauma, and a fearful public that is willing to give them whatever they want. Sometimes I ponder Jewish power because it is so illusive. I mean you have these ordinary Jews who are going about their own lives and paying almost no attention to anything remotely Jewish, even children of Holocaust survivors have tired of the subject. Yet out of the blue come these strange studies that make Jewish trauma the major problem in the world once again–not the victims of current war; not spending the winter in the tent in the cold in Palestine; and not being a vaccine injured child with no access to medical care living alone with a mother abandoned by husband, family, and friends. Well never mind, we all know those people don’t count or ever make the papers.

    Has anyone considered the cheaper alternative to reparations, like bottle feeding? After all even if you do get money you are still transmitting holocaust trauma through your milk.

    My husband is a child of a Holocaust survivor, and the child survivors like to stick together so over the years I have known so many of them and their children. It’s hard for me to imagine any of the people I know pressing this issue but I can see that at some point they or their children might get a letter saying they have a right to get this money and they would all probably go for it like the kids with the ice-cream man. They all are devotees of the Holocaust belief system along with everyone else. I am politically involved and I am astonished to find myself alone in questioning the Holocaust as most people (even those informed on everything else) are true believers in the Holocaust (I mean the movie version). Everyone in this whole country apparently believes in gas chambers and they will probably buy into the traumatized breast milk story as well. I came to be a non-believer only because as a a non-Jewish woman married to a Jewish man I knew what it felt like to be hated by the Jews and felt sympathy for the Germans. The Palestinians aroused my sympathy as well because we were equally hated by the same group And as the story goes I found those internet sites that justified my loathsome existence. At least I didn’t breast feed my children holocaust tinged milk.

    1. @ Kapoore

      Well said, Kapoore! This is very moving.

      Just one question: is your husband aware you are posting on a site like this which he would probably regard as “anti-Semitic”? What would he make of that?

      It can’t be an easy situation, what with Jewish in-laws and so on . . .?

  8. It seems to me, the elephant in the room is this; parents & grandparents of these newbies to reparations would be responsible for traumatizing their kids, no? How does this translate into being Germany’s fault?
    They need to be more like my dad who hardly discussed his time in Germany during WWII. And when he finally did put down onto paper, a few words, his account did not exactly match with so many American accounts of, “evil Germans”. German soldiers were kind to that enlisted man.
    But, this goes against the hollow-cause narrative, thankfully!

    And I use, “hollow-cause”, as none of the stories ring true; not a one.

    1. The American public (pubic?) schools psychologically abuse and traumatize children every year with holocaust guilt trips. Not only that but most major American Universities do the same thing very fucking year with holohoax studies, with invited speakers with the imaginary stories, and the local newspapers with banner headlines. “Podunk University Has Yearly Holocaust Celebration”. And if any teacher or Professor knows the truth they dare not utter of peep.

  9. It will never stop. 20,000 British children are Holocaust “Young Ambassadors” paid for by the taxpayer. The Chairman of the Holocaust Education Trust is an alleged pederast, Lord Greville Janner, but parents don’t care, neither do Joe Public. I’m an anti-semite to even talk about it!

    “On 8 July 2013, a groundbreaking seminar for over 500 young people was held in the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre in London to mark the launch of the new Ambassador Programme. The Trust’s Chief Executive, Karen Pollock, describes HET Ambassadors as “young people that have shown a commitment to enabling as many people as possible to benefit from what they have learnt.” The 500 young Ambassadors – who have all participated in the Trust’s Lessons from Auschwitz Project – bore witness to speakers including world-renowned historians, Professors Yehuda Bauer and David Cesarani, BBC Political Editor, Nick Robinson and Director of Liberty, Shami Chakrabarti CBE.

    As part of the Ambassador Programme, a cohort of 25 Regional Ambassadors (coinciding with the charity’s 25th anniversary) were appointed to help strengthen the now 20,000 strong Ambassador community by providing an Ambassador representative for each region in addition to the Trust’s Ambassador Outreach Officer. This has secured a visible presence of HET Ambassadors all across the United Kingdom, covering the regions of England (South West, South East, London and Thames Valley Chilterns, Eastern, Yorkshire and Humber and North West, East Midlands, North East, West Midlands), Scotland and Wales.

    On the eve of 8 July 2013, after the Ambassador Conference, Regional Ambassadors attended a reception in Speaker’s House in the Palace of Westminster, along with MPs, Peers and Supporters of the Trust, to celebrate the launch of the Ambassador Programme. Attendees heard from the Rt. Hon John Bercow MP and Lord Browne of Madingley, the former Chief Executive of BP and head of the Ambassador Programme. (The homosexual) Lord Browne also chaired a steering group with Regional Ambassadors on 9 July 2013 along with Doreen Lawrence OBE, Prof. Yehuda Bauer and Holocaust survivor, Kitty Hart-Moxon, discussing “why and how we remember the Holocaust and how we can communicate its relevance in contemporary British society.”

    Between 18 and 26 July 2013, for the first time, a select team of young people belonging to the HET Ambassador community, attended a seminar in Holocaust Studies at the International School for Holocaust Studies at Yad Vashem in Jerusalem.”


    1. @ Red Onions

      Keep up the good work. Your posts are among the best I have read on this site.

    2. Is Janner still running around pocketing his ill gotten gains – what happened to the alzheimers, or has he had an Ernest Saunders ‘miracle’?
      “There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn’t true, the other is to refuse to believe what is true.” – (Soren Kierkegaard).


      Brownhawk is having problems gaining access to the darkmoon site. Please give him whatever advice you can to solve his problems and I will relay your advice to him by email. This is what Brownhawk says to us in an email:


      I can’t get to the darkmoon website.

      It reads: “A secure connection cannot be established because this website uses an unsupported protocol.”

      I’m guessing other readers are having the same problem.

      Any suggestions?


      1. Yeah, I got a suggestion, Brownhawk. Send-up smoke signals to your fellow big chief injun BigCree1 Shadowhawk, and then when big chief BigCree Shadowhawk reads your big chief Brownhawk smoke signals, then big chief BigCree Shadowhawk can relay whatever you said to Darkmoon, big chief Brownhawk.

      2. He may be running ‘Windows XP.’ Some browsers do not work with that anymore due to lack of MS support.
        Try: FireFox, IE, Safari or Chrome …. etc… until one works.
        He may have downloaded ‘Windows-10’ recently…. and has compatibility issues there also.
        Have his IT Dept look into it. 😉

      3. I would ask the ‘Original Joe’ to not call me ‘Chief’. I’m not a ‘Chief’. And his so called ‘humor’ in that regard is not amusing.

        1. As far as I’m concerned, all you Darkmooners are sheep. That’s cause you Darkmooners won’t even discuss the possibility the “Heliocentric” theory of the Universe is wrong. And yes, the “Heliocentric” model of the Universe is just a theory, it hasn’t been proven. Fact. For the alternative media [ so-called] an alternative model of the Universe — and it has the science to back it up, it’s just not a theory, it has science to back it up :

          See ‘THE EARTH IS FLAT’

          1. @ Darkmoon Administration “editor(s)” :

            Gee, “thx” for doing a real extensive job of editing, abridging, truncating my post, leaving it devoid of the real reason why I sent the post in, erasing the true message of the original I sent in. A real hatchet job. Considering you had a burning desire to erase my original meaning , why did you even bother going through the trouble of doing the hatchet job on my post ? — you might as well have just not featured the post period — that’s what kind of zealous job you did of abridging, truncating, editing my post, and rendering it devoid of its original meaning. Did you think I wouldn’t notice you edited the meaning right out of the post I sent in? Also — why did you edit the other link I provided in my original post? I included two links to two different websites, you erased one of the links to one of the websites. Why?

          2. ‘The Real Joe’. If this is what you present as an argument or ‘rebuttal’, you only illustrate more clearly who the dupe is. Classic Projection on your part. You’re at the wrong venue and should simply cease posting.

              1. From this point on, he’s not important. Persona Non Grata. Thanks Ingrid.

                1. the avatar is much worse, a traitor to his people, loves the jew/saudi backed takfiris who are destroying Iraq, and Syria, but hates those who are trying to re-establish peace in the region, and who consistently speak out in support of Palestine..

                  1. He is not a traitor to his people.
                    His “people” are Jews and that means unpeople.

                    ISIS has zero percent support among Palestinians and if he was a Palestinian, that support would jump dramatically to 0.000001%.

                    Which is about the odds that he is Palestinian.
                    Note how he even manages to commend Jews for Deir Yassin sincerity.

                    “A Yankee hating Palestinian living in Venezuela who roots for the KC Royals and listens to Ice Cube, knows his lyrics by rote but forgot how to spell Deir Yassin, the place of his ancestors, however knows the Holocaust fable inside out and believes it totally, also hates Shias, the only Muslims who well and truly kicked Yid ass, loves ISIS cloned in Mossad biochemical vats”.
                    Yeah right.

                    What do we have here, a new Jerry Rubin, despot of cool, the neo-Weatherman.

                    1. It’d be far less entertaining to check-into this site without the appearances of those who are allowed to shed their strait-jackets every once-in-a-while to post their comments! 🙂
                      Don’t rock the boat, Lobro. Some stability is required for the patients. (For example, consider how much poor TROJ counts on your presence!) 🙂

  10. Thank gawd for Hindooism! If the spiritual metaphysical religious pain of Putin desecrating jew qabalah Lasha’s jew tribe’s “Sacred” ISIS in Syria, with every Russian bomb that lands on jew qabalah jew tribe’s “Sacred” ISIS, if the pain is TOO much to bear, “Catholic” Lasha who appears every day in a Mohammedan burqa, who, when she needs spiritual guidance and nourishment and inspiration, turns straight to hindooism ; If the metaphysical, religious, spiritual pain of Putin bombing the shit out jew qabalah Lasha’s “sacred” jew tribe’s “sacred” ISIS gets TOO much to bear, “Catholic” Lasha with the Mohammedan burqa on her jew head can always go jump in the Ganges and Become One With The Universal Cosmic Flow in The Healing Waters of hindooism!!

    I notice, and it’s always been true, jew Lasha who claims to be a “Catholic”, she tells us this as she wears a Mohammedan burqa every day of her life, the “Catholic” in a Mohammedan burqa on her head, always turns to hindooism when she’s looking for spiritual guidance and nourishment and inspiration. Lasha claims to be a “Catholic” but NEVER turns to Catholicism when she needs spiritual guidance and nourishment and inspiration, NEVER.

    Lasha who wears a Mohammedan burqa on her head every day of life NEVER turns to Islam when she’s looking for spiritual guidance and nourishment and inspiration, NEVER. “Catholic” Lasha in a Mohammedan burqa NEVER turns to either Catholicism nor Islam when searching for spiritual answers, NEVER.

    She always turns to hindooism. Why doesn’t jew qabalah Lasha simply get dressed-up like a hindoo chick and claim to be a “Hindoo”? Or, would that not be jew qabalah alchemical enough to suit jew qabalah Lasha ? The hermaphrodite jew all totally fucked-up in his-her-its hydra headed jew snake heads so fucked up, schizoid.

    1. TROJ

      Joe: You crazy old coot, isn’t it time you had your head tested by a good Jewish shrink?

  11. This article bought back similar traumatic memories by proxy, a definite chain through my ancestors….I am Scots/Irish, so I not only have to cope with memories of The Red Coats burning my ancestors crofts in the Highland Clearances, it is compounded by that of the Irish Potato Famine.
    I think, that it is only fair, that my righteous compensatory amount should not be a mere arithmetic sum. The painful trauma should be as a result be calculated thus:

    Highland Clearance X Potato Famine = Shekels

    But, we should not forget the effects on my mind of the Norman Conquest and Earlier Viking incursions:

    (HighlandClearance x Potato Famine) + (Normans x Vikings) = Shekels

    Please make out all Shekels to cash.

    1. Jay,

      You also forgot the Viking raids on Scotland as well as the Roman occupation beforehand.

  12. Thank you LD for keeping the corrupters, thieves, and murderers among us under scrutiny. The tricky part is following the financial trail; aware that worldwide the professional victims lobby doesn’t play too well to many people in many places for obvious reasons, these creatures try to hide their ownership of production behind non-zio fronts, hoping to escape boycott and divestment. The noose should tighten. Regrettably, after France passed the latest corrupt law favoring jews over ordinary citizens and suppressing freedom of speech, boycott efforts must be extended – just as a gesture, if nothing else. The self appointed elites (including the holocaustianity cult) are so infatuated with their wealth, judicial power, technology, and so on, they leave themselves vulnerable in so many ways… before even becoming aware of Bilderberg, the CFR, etc. some of us thought population control in the post industrial age is not in and of itself a bad idea, with children surviving many formerly fatal diseases (with proper care) and so on; it would save many species that humans have devastated, the rich and powerful are at least as guilty as anyone else (probably more so). Setting aside the many other issues with these spoiled sons of the wealthy for a moment, there is merit in that one idea. UN Agenda 21 is not the answer, nor are most of their naked attempts at massive theft under the guise of ‘orderly management’ as from a practical standpoint the solutions they espouse are based on obsolete thinking. Like holocaustianity, sort of like a ‘a small futility cult trying to own and manage a massive fertility cult’.

    1. @Gilbert, have saved the site accessed by the first link, because of the priceless interview of Ahmadi Nejad, on the question of the hollowcost, who ran rings round the interviewer..

  13. what about my breast milk
    i have never been to tel aviv
    yet i have depleted uranium in my fluids.
    du pumping and twinkling
    in me blood from
    from when israhell is mighty idf tank shells
    fired over palestine and iraqi
    usa zion aeroplanes of saturn satan talmud death.
    let us not forget dimona based magna bsp mini nuke in
    i cannot suckle now because i have been dosed
    by the rabbi.
    what the hell
    it is wrong godamit
    it is not talmud written
    yet it is so.
    where is my compensations
    do i need to sprechen wid the germans
    i need cash not 5 new kraut submarines
    for nuttyahoo sampson option
    oh dear
    my life or should that be du half
    whats to be jewisher done

    1. @ charles drake

      arise, Poet Laureate
      of vers libre
      on darkmoon site.

      Gilbert, he
      tremble in boots
      serious rival
      to supremacy! 🙂

      Lasha, she
      give up writin’
      poesy, put head
      in gas oven,
      defeated by drake.

  14. The Holohoax is N.A.T.O./British Crown propaganda to justify their second genocide against the people of Europe in the twentieth century. Permanent occupation and enslavement of Europe is what N.A.T.O./British Crown practices to this day. Jews are not the enemy. Liars, thieves, bullies and murderers are the enemy no matter what religion they use to excuse their actions.

  15. the holohoax has been around for a long time. every society has its dogma. and society is mostly made up of sheepule. the same zionista media that made the holohoax media myth is now pushing the fake school shooting disarmament program. and it only stands to reason that a world duped from so long ago with a few big myths would now be overwhelmed with a lot of small false flag hoaxes. it’s almost one fake campus shooting a week now, and they’re even using the same crisis actors over and over again. by the time the idiot class has repeated the headlines on one fake shooting – another one occurs, so nobody has time to look any deeper. it really is becoming quite bizarre. it’s like the school shooting circus is coming to a town near you soon. don’t worry, you’ll get your turn.

    of course the jews want to keep the big german giveaway going. they’ve been milking that place since the reparations dictated out of the versailles treaty. once those flows are established – it’s not so easy to turn them off. and what do the jews do with all that money? they buy politicians who write laws to have free thinkers thrown in jail if they question the official holocaust line. they need the 6,000,000 figure, so big, because that makes it an “unthinkable” crime.

    meanwhile, here seventy years later is the latest educated theory of what really did happen.
    now we’ve figured out, roughly – hitler was a jew installed in the chaos of post ww1 germany by the usual- jewsual banksters. when he got power he knocked the jews loose from their homes in europe where they had been assimilating with the goyim, a phenomenon the rothschilds could not have. hitler and his yid buddy eichmann had the job of relocating jews from europe into palestine (rothschildlandia). look up the “transfer documents” (lenny brenner). at the very least – the germans and the banksters both wanted the jews moved. the germans knew the jews (bolsheviks) had done the ukraine holomodor. they knew they would do the same to germany. they did send a lot. so to facilitate they moved the jews out of the cities into concentration camps in the countryside, because they knew their fellow jews running the war on the other side of the atlantic and the channel (fdr and churchill) were going to firebomb every major german city to ashes, this while the real german army under the control of the minority nazi (jew-ish ashke-nazi) party had been sent off to russia to be cut off and slaughtered on purpose by the big jews, stalin and harriman, etal, from the other direction. hitler ignored goring’s plea to manufacture thousands of fighter planes to intercept the bombers he knew would be coming. half of the ss were jewish ashkenazi yids. they were the ones who supervised the kidnapping of europe’s jews, which were in total europe far less than 6,000,000. the non-zionist jews, who had been protesting zionism since the big global zionist conference in basel in 1886 with herzl and weizemann, were the ones to be gassed, if any. but those safe from the bombing in the concentration camps became diseased and starved to death after the allies took over germany and stopped all german traffic. those were the bodies you saw on tv. some of the high ranking us officers, like patton and forrestall, screwed up the plan somewhat. both were assassinated later. despite their efforts, still more jews (eisenhower, baruch, marshall, etc.) were able to murder a few million german civilians and pows after the germans had been beaten.
    most of the history you have been taught is a lie. most of what the media is handing you know is the same.
    who is lasha darkmoon really? good question.

    1. who is lasha darkmoon really? good question.

      And i’d like to know why is it a good question.

      IMO, as good as the following: what are your credit card details, including the expiry date, billing address and the little code on the back … and yes, the full spelling of your name.
      A really good question … how do you like them good questions now?

      1. @ barkingdeer
        @ lobro

        who is lasha darkmoon really? good question.

        who is barkingdeer really? is he barking mad? good questions!
        who is lobro really? what is his secret agenda? good questions!

      2. if i told you my secret agenda, it wouldn’t be secret anymore, would it, so how can i give you a truthful answer?

  16. I am surprised that the jews haven’t asked for reparations from Egypt for keeping them as slaves according to their bogus story in the Old Testament. They could have been on the gravy train for thousands of years. They must not be as smart as some people think they are.

  17. Lasha, it does not ALL boil down to money. This is only a small part of it. What it really is about is to destroy the white race, and the best one first. (Jewish Talmudic Law: “Kill the Best Gentiles”) By making one white group, the Germans, believed to be the evil ones, the Jews can turn other whites and other races against this one white group to destroy it. Germany is the prime target for several reasons, but one reason is because it was the most culturally advanced white race in Europe before the turn of the 20th century. But it’s been primarily destroyed. The Germans were also the most challenging to the Jews because Germans are specific, and they always want to get to the bottom of things, and they analyze a lot. It’s their nature if they are not racially mixed. They also criticize easily if you do something wrong because they are very oriented toward fairness. But the Germans have changed; they have been brainwashed and perverted just like the Americans. To do away with the Germans was already set in motion in 1871 (and even before: 30-year war) when the German kingdoms united into one empire. The Jews did not like this because they were sucking the singular German (and European) kingdoms dry, working as “advisors” (bad advisors that is!) for them to get them into debt and get them to make poor strategic moves on purpose. Most of the poor white fools in Europe (and the USA), intelligent but too trusting, in general can never comprehend the sinister works of the Jews; and they still do not see it today (unless they study the Jews). The majority of white mankind is like this. I test this out all the time and it’s true. We are doomed because of our blindness. Now if we would all wake up today, there might be hope. Have a look at my website for some revealing and shocking information on the Jews, friends: http://www.germanvictims.com

    1. @ Teutonica

      Great website.

      I know this one as well; http://justice4germans.com/

      Actually, there is a tsnunami of real information flowing over the net these days. Along all the half-truther cointel (either that or just clueless) websites there are also hundreds, maybe thousands of websites dedicated to bring the genuine truth. And yours is truly one of them. Unfortunately many sheeple will not recognize the truth if it landed on them. I think the neurons in their brainwashed heads are not suitably connected anymore to process the truth and revise the reality they live in.

    2. Teutonica , WHY the war on Germans ? When you figure that out you will know the answers to MANY of your questions on these issues ! WHY DID JEWS TRY TO DESTROY THE GERMAN PEOPLE ? The answer is in the Bible if you wish to look !

  18. Without drawing accusations of RACISM, I can’t even suggest to common workers that they consider just this, that those belonging to a race comprising not more than about 0.2% of the world population has a legitimate monopoly on the media and news disseminated to the other 99.8%. They have no interest in critically considering this because they are afraid of being in any way RACIST. Very literally, their brains have been washed and washed again by their Chosen Masters. They are finished. If they want a vision of their future, tell them to imagine boots stomping on their faces, forever. Have them consider also that each Chosen Master is entitled to 2800 of these brainwashed cows, to use and abuse in every which way they please. The world is changing in very severe ways and very few even see it coming.

  19. When I was growing up, we had a negress cook and housekeeper whose grandmother was born into slavery on the place. She related stories to me which her grandmother had told HER when she was young. The stories were never recollective of bitterness or maltreatment. Nowadays, however, there seems to be a push for the younger blacks to recall ‘bad times’ from their ancestors’ stories of those days, which are, most likely and seemingly, inspired by the likes of Jewry such as Morris Dees, et.al. There is definitely a calculated strategy of malfeasance against whites – especially in America, where many seem to be ‘awakening’, thanks to the efforts of the Darkmoons, et.al. 🙂

    1. Make that “White Males”, Gilbert.

      Shiksas are approved by the Learned Elders of Zion, especially the ones 3 years plus a day.

  20. The Holocaust was/is a total myth and yet all we ever hear is these Jews crying about their suffering – no-one ever seems to remember the actual 20 million Russians that died during WWII. The Jews love to forget the real history that lead up to the war. . . . and what they did to Germany. . . And out of it all today, the Jews continue to commit Genocide in a Country – Palestine, who cannot defend themselves – against a brutal regime that slaughters them daily ! Let Us All Spare A Thought For The Horrors That The People Of Palestine Continue To Live Through !!
    Let us all remember the true history of how the Jews Blackmailed other countries into helping them Steal a Country solely with the intent of GENOCIDE!
    How few actually know the real history of the Jews – let them cry for their own ‘make believe’ suffering. . . . The chosen people make me only want to puke. Hell will be a pleasure for these vultures!

  21. Please comment on this article, which considers Christianity a serpent-created suicide prescription for Gentiles.

    The host says, “First the Jews invented a Christian religion to subdue us, lead, confuse and conquer us; and now that they have conquered us financially, mentally and spiritually, they want to get rid of ‘our’ religion and punish us for believing in it with the death penalty.”

    I did watch this devout Christian minister of some sort deliver a most excellent talk on the serpent race using biblical references (https://youtu.be/cQeosfFUam4), and here is a first-class bishop giving his as well (https://youtu.be/vuYMrqp34ig), but I find the argument persuasive that Christianity fundamentally is- NOT by the Gentiles FOR the Gentiles to UNDERMINE the Gentiles.

    Having looked over this material, what do you think? When one first becomes aware of the infiltration of Christendom they tend to underestimate how badly and far back this infiltration actually goes. Why would Christians allow their serpent usurpers back into their lands over 100 times? Why did they never learn? Why did they always forgive?

    How differently would Europe and the world have played out without Christianity?

    Could it be that it really is easier to fool a people than to have them admit that they have been fooled?

    We do know that the serpent race believes in and acts in opposite ways to those suggested necessary for eternal life by the Christian Bible. We do know that the serpent race has been phenomenally more successful in the areas of wealth and power. We do know that the entire world is now in its deepest jeopardy because the Gentiles have been unconscious about the secret war being waged on them and all life by the disguised serpent race that most Christians actually view as THE APPLE OF GOD’S EYE.

    With Christianity there is a faith that good ultimately will win out, but if we are honest with ourselves and we contemplate history critically have we really any reason to believe that?

    Has it not been Christianity which has prevented Europeans from annihilating into oblivion its perpetually conspiring destroyers?

    Has not Christianity been integral to ensuring this world is ruled by a dark Satanic force with the most abject disrespect for all living things?

    Does not Christianity encourage poverty, fatalism, faith in one day at a time without any concern for the future?

    Was Roman civilization not a much greater threat to the serpent than Christianized European civilization?

    In which civilization was the serpent more powerful? How has it come to be that this serpent in such a tiny minority of the world population has managed to gain control of nearly all the world’s governments?

    Haven’t both Christianity and Islam been integral to that?

    Can we admit we have been fooled in the most extreme ways?

    Let me leave you with a quote from the link first provided:

    The Romans were good, industrious, law abiding people. They had enough real problems to cope with that were with them in the here and now, and they took care of them rather well. They built a network of roads throughout Italy and much of Europe. They built aqueducts and cities, they brought law and order to the uncivilized tribes of Western Europe. At the height of the glory that was Rome and the splendor that was Greece, Christianity hit the Roman citizens like a plague and Rome began to crumble. As Christianity spread, the obsession with “saving their souls” became the main preoccupation of these new converts. Instead of taking care of their duties in the here and now, the only real world that has ever been known, their minds became unhinged and were increasingly preoccupied with what would happen to them in the “hereafter,” a place no one had ever been, no one had ever come back from, and no one really had the slightest inkling of its existence. Despite the fact that there was not the slightest proof of any “hereafter,” this became the overwhelming obsession of the Romans, to the detriment of their responsibilities and duties to their families, to their country, and to their race.

    1. Please comment on this article, which considers Christianity a serpent-created suicide prescription for Gentiles.

      As for as I can see, your concerns about the awfulness of Christianity have nothing, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, to do with the subject under discussion here: the Holocaust.

      Specifically, Holocaust blackmail.

      I suspect you are a Jew trying to change the subject. You’d prefer us all to stop talking about the Holocaust and instead concentrate all our efforts on attacking Christianity.

      Good try, Baruch!

      1. Attacking Christianity is the Jew’s favorite ploy! It always works! 20-30 posts follow in quick succession, all by anti-Christian neurotics, telling us how Christianity has turned us all into wimps and recommending neopaganism or Satanism instead!

        See the lemmings rise to the bait!

        No Holocaust discussion any more! Holocaust discussion shut down by smart-ass Jew! 20-30 psychotics all look round frantically for nice new nails to recrucify Christ!

      2. Pleshnikov,
        Though I in the main agree, which is to say that if one lived literally by the word of Christ, the entry to jew into human affairs would be automatically barred, JPower raises valid points, however unpalatable.
        Had Jews tried to pull a stunt like 6 million dead Jew Hologram on Romans, they would have been laughed out of there, in fact, there would be a few legions sent out to finish the job.

        The problem that I see is the negligent inattention to exactly what Christ had in mind and was saying.

        So, I guess the answer is, Yes to Christ and No to post-Nicean Christianity, unless it reinvents itself in accordance to the original idea.

        But someone (sorry, can’t remember who, I pay attention to ideas, not authors) said that in a weird way, for all the self congratulatory ways in which Jews think they are succeeding, they are in fact digging their own hole and fulfilling some of these strange prophecies that came down the pike many years ago, the latest being Edgar Cayce and the alleged appearances of the Lady at Fatima, Lourdes and Medjugorje.

        I don’t pretend to know about them first hand, only repeating the gist of what caught my eye a while ago.

        Rather than going after Jews with extreme prejudice, best to formulate strict blueprint of action and judgment, whereby certain crimes demand death penalty and if that shoe fits many thousands of jews, they must wear it alongside almost equally numerous shabbo traitors.
        And if their entire Judaic mindset, which perversely calls itself religion is shown to be psychotically criminal through and through, then it must be rooted out by methods that are as brutal as required.
        This too is part of the Christian duty, not to shrink from responsibility.

      3. @ lobro

        Thank you for this intelligent discussion. You mention Lourdes, Fatima and Medjugorje in the same breath. However, I notice that the greatly respected Dr E. Michael Jones, though a Christian born into the Catholic church, has denounced Medjugorje as a Fransciscan fake.

        I think he accepts Lourdes and Fatima as genuine miracles but for some reason he doesn’t accept Medjugorje. Can’t say I understand why because I have never read his anti-Medjugorje book.


  22. Once more I want to reiterate that the dilemma the world now finds itself in seems to me inextricably linked to the tolerance, meekness, prayer, and hope in unseen worlds that is fostered by the religion of Christianity inflicted on the European people. Tell me and tell everyone here why Europeans have been so tolerant of the serpent race they’ve booted from their lands over 100 times. How many times can these religious cows be fooled before tolerance no longer is the order of the day and before the past is not forgotten and the past is not forgiven and the past at least inspires the greatest wrath of the greatest warriors this planet has ever known?

  23. Am ploughing through the following article, was unable to copy the link, which explains, in detail, the diabolical NWO planning, and implementation:

    Royal Family Funded Jewish Org To Brainwash And Mind-Control British Population

    “We Jews, we, the destroyers, will remain the destroyers for ever. Nothing that you will do will meet our needs and demands. We will for ever destroy because we need a world of our own…”

    – Maurice Samuels, You Gentiles. 1942.

    white genocide

    “Spengler held it bound to happen that alien elements in the form of mass-immigration would be introduced into Western civilization in increasing numbers deliberatly by the shadow Jewish elite, and that the West would fail at that time to expel the aliens, thereby sealing its fate, a society, whose inward beliefs and sound convictions would become at variance with its outward profession and thus Western civilization would fall by the wayside in the manner of the ancient civilizations of Greece and Rome.

    Tavistock thinking was that Spengler had indoctrinated Western civilization to believe that it would err on the side of Roman civilization, and expel the aliens but they were there to ensure that that did not happen. The racial loss that has fallen upon Europe-and especially on England, Ireland, Scandinavia, Germany, France- (the Anglo-Saxon, Nordic Alpine Germanic abd celtic races) that began just before the Second World War is already so great as to be beyond expectations, and continues at an alarming pace under the skilled guidance of the Tavistock managers throught the now entirely Jewish controlled Western economic, government and parties, mass media, education, entertainment, fashion and Internet.”

    The plan to ‘create’ public opinion began in 1913 as a propaganda factory centered at Wellington House in London. Sir Edward Grey, the British Foreign Secretary at the time, installed Lord Northcliffe (Britain’s most influential newspaper magnate) as its director. Lord Northcliffe’s position was overseen by Lord Rothmere on behalf of the British Crown. The operational staff of Wellington House consisted of Lord Northcliffe, Arnold Toynbee (future director of studies at the Rothschild foreign-policy manipulation center the New World Order Royal Institute of International Affairs), and American Jews, Walter Lippmann and Edward Bernays (the founder of modern mass-brainwashing who convinced women to smoke cigarettes by hiring models to light up at early pre-feminist demonstrations) and is a nephew to major Marxist psychobabbler Sigmund Fraud.


    Funding was initially provided by the Royal family, but soon to include the Rothchilds (related to the royal family and Lord Northcliffe by marriage) and the Rockefellers. Wellington House would grow into the Tavistock Institute in 1921 and as with all these orgs it was no time until they fall under the Jewish control which had intitiated them in the first place through fronts and puppets like the Royal family.

    luciana berger labour election 2015 garron helm hope not hate joshua bonehill bnp

    After the propaganda “victories” of the First World War and the Federal Reserve banking system (created in 1913) had been secured to some great extent by this agency/think-tank it was then invested with a momentum and power which it still, silently and malevolently excercises over the British people in particular and the Western world at large.

    queen jimmy savile paedophilia

    In a nation on it’s knees in collective worship of the Royal family only a handful of non-elites are aware that the British Royal Family were at the center of the planning and support for a New world Order and a plan for world Jewish domination and tyranny.



    beatles tavistock frankfurt school cultural marxism zionism


    From a somewhat crude beginning at Wellington House, grew an organization that was to shape the destiny of Germany, Britain and more especially the United States in manner that became a highly sophisticated organization to manipulate and create public opinion, what is commonly termed, “mass brainwashing.”

    During the course of its evolvement, Tavistock expanded in size and ambition, when in 1937, a decision was made to use the German author Oswald Spengler’s monumental work, Untergange des Abenlandes (The Decline of Western Civilization ) as a model.


    Previously, Wellington House board members Rothmere, Northcliffe, Lippmann, and Bernays had read and proposed as a guide the writings of Correa Moylan Walsh, in particular, the book The Climax of Civilization (1917) as corresponding closely to conditions that had to be created before a New World Order One World Government could be ushered in.

    In this endeavor the members of the board consulted with the British royal family and obtained the approval of the “Olympians” (the inner core of the Committee of 300) to formulate a strategy. Funding was provided by the monarchy, the Rothschilds, the Milner Group and the Rockefeller family trusts.

    In 1936, Spengler’s monumental work had come to the attention of what had become the Tavistock Institute. In preparation for changing and reshaping public opinion for the second time in less than twelve years, by unanimous consent of the board, Spengler’s massive book was adopted as the blueprint for a new working model to bring about the decline and fall of Western civilization necessary to create and establish a New World Order and a One World Government.

    What was a very rare instance became a common occurrence, a black man married to a white women or vice-versa.

    The two World Wars cost the German nation almost one quarter of its population. Most of the intellectual energies of the German nation were diverted into war channels in defense of the Fatherland at the expense of science, arts, literature, music and the cultural, spiritual and moral advancement of the nation. The same could be said of the British nation. The blaze kindled by the British under the direction of Tavistock set all of Europe on fire, and did incalculable damage according to the Tavistock blueprint that matched Spengler’s predictions.

    Classical and Western are the only two civilizations that could bring a modern renaissance to the world. They had flourished and progressed just as long as these civilizations remained under the control of the Anglo-Saxon Nordic Alpine, Germanic races. The unsurpassed beauty of their literature, art, their classics, spiritual and moral advancement of the female sex with a very large corresponding degree of protection, was what distinguished Western and Classic civilizations from others.

    It was this bastion that Spengler saw coming under increasing attack and the thinking at Tavistock ran on parallel tracks, but with a totally different goal. Tavistock saw this civilizations a stumbling block to ushering a New World Order, as did the emphasis on protection and elevation of the female sex to a place of high respect and honor.

    Thus the whole thrust of Tavistock was to “democratize” the West by an attack on womanhood, and the racial, moral, spiritual and religious foundation upon which Western civilization rested.

    As Spengler suggested, the Greeks and Romans were devoted to the social, religious, moral and spiritual advancement and the preservation of womanhood and they were successful for just as long as they were in control and could arrange matters so that government was carried out by a limited number of responsible citizens supported by the general populace below them, all being of the same pure unadulterated race. The planners at Tavistock saw that the way to upset the balance of Western civilization was to force unwelcome changes in the race by removing control from the deserving to the undeserving in the manner of ancient Roman leaders who were supplanted by their former slaves and aliens, whom they had permitted to come and dwell among them.

    Tavistock, by 1937, had come a long way from its Wellington House beginnings and the successful propaganda campaign that had turned the British public from being strongly anti-war in 1913 to willing participants through the arts of manipulation with the willing cooperation of news communications media.



    The technique was carried across the Atlantic in 1916 to manipulate the American people to support of the war in Europe. In spite of the fact that the vast majority, including at least 50 U.S. Senators were adamantly opposed to the U.S. getting dragged into what they perceived was essentially a quarrel between Britain and France on the one hand, and Germany on the other, largely over trade and economics, the conspirators were undeterred. At that point Wellington House introduced the word, “Isolationists” as a derogatory description of those Americans who opposed U.S. participation in the war. The use of such words and phrases has proliferated under the expert brainwashing of the Social sciences scientists at Tavistock. Terms like “regime change,” “collateral damage” became almost new English language.

    With the Tavistock plan modified to suit American conditions, Bernays and Lippmann led President Woodrow Wilson to set up the very first Tavistock methodology techniques for polling (manufacturing) so-called public opinion created by Tavistock propaganda. They also taught Wilson to set up a secret body of “managers” to run the war effort and a body of “advisors” to assist the President in his decision-making. The Creel Commission was the first such body of opinion-makers set up in the United States.

    The United States, harried, hounded, pushed and shoved is headed on a fast track to the New World Order, propelled along by the Radical Republicans of the War Party who have been taken over by the scientists at the Tavistock Institute for Human Relations.

    Just recently I was asked by a subscriber “where do we find the Tavistock Institute?” My response was: “Look around the U.S. Senate, the House of Representatives, the White House, the State Department, the Defense Department, Wall Street, Fox T.V. (Faux T.V.) and you will see their change agents in every one of these places.”

    The resounding success of Wellington House and its enormous influence on the course of American history began before that in 1913. Wilson had spent almost a year tearing down the protective trade tariffs that had defended the American domestic markets from being overwhelmed by “Free Trade,” essentially the practice of allowing cheap British goods made with cheap labor in India to flood the American market. On October 12, 1913 Wilson signed the bill that was the beginning of the end of the unique American middle class, long the target of the Fabian Socialists. The bill was described as a measure to “adjust tariffs,” but it would have been accurate to describe it as a bill to “destroy tariffs.”

    Such was the hidden power of Wellington House that the vast majority of the American people accepted this lie, not knowing or realizing that it was a death knell for American commerce that would lead to NAFTA, GATT and the World Trade Organization (WTO). Even more astonishing was the acceptance of the Federal Income Tax Act that was passed on September 5, 1913, to replace trade tariffs as the source of revenue for the Federal Government. Income Tax is a Marxist doctrine not found in the U.S. Constitution anymore than the Federal Reserve Bank is found in the Constitution. Wilson called his twin blows against the Constitution, “a fight for the people, and for free business,” and said he was proud to have taken “part in the completion of a great piece of business…” The Federal Reserve Act, explained by Wilson as “reconstructing the Nation’s banking and currency system” was rushed through on a flood-tide of propaganda emanating from Wellington House, just in time for the hostilities that began the horror of WWI.

    Most historians are agreed that without passage of the Federal Reserve Bank Act, Lord Grey would not have been able to start that terrible conflagration.

    The deceptive language of the Federal Reserve Act was under the guidance of Bernays and Lippman who set up a “National Citizen’s League” with the notorious Samuel Untermeyer as its chairman, to promote the Federal Reserve Bank, that secured control of the people’s money and currency and transferred it to a private monopoly without the victim’s consent.

    As to the American people, in whose name the disastrous measure was instituted, they had not the faintest idea how they had been connived, cheated, lied to and utterly deceived. An instrument of slavery was fastened around their necks without the victims ever becoming aware of it.

    Wellington House methodology was at its height when Wilson was coached in how to persuade Congress to declare war on Germany, although he had won election on the solemn promise to keep America out of the war then raging in Europe, a great triumph for the new art of public opinion making. It was just that – the poll questions were shaded in such away that the answers reflected the opinions of the public; not their understanding of the questions, nor their understanding of the processes of political science.

    Tavistock Institute – MindWars (1/3)

    The inspiration for this post is a book by Dr. John Coleman The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations: Shaping Moral, Cultural, Political, and Economic Decline…, which is stunning in the new knowledge that it reveals about the hidden role of British oligarchs to shape and control public opinion in order to manipulate the British public (and later the American public) into accepting the notion that war with Germany was necessary in order “to secure a lasting peace.” Thus the same people who lie to us today about Hitler and the nazis wanting to take over the world are the same people who created the war of which Adolf Hitler and the German people were the victims.

    One thing German leader Adolf Hitler was determined to achieve second to the rebuilding of a Germany destroyed by the International Jewry created first world war and the post-war infiltration of Jews and Marxist internationalists into the social-democratic treasonous regime he overthrew, was the prevention of another world war. But Hitler was unaware that Britain, a country he deeply loved and admired, was not ruled by its parliament and prime minister as it appeared to be on the surface and still appears today, but by the House of Rothschild; the heads of International Jewry and the current Leaders of the Learned Elders of Zion. He was unaware until far too late that Winston Churchill, a lifelong Zionist about to lose his seat in Parliament and his vast country estate, had become a bought and paid for agent of the Rothschilds and was being run on their behalf by handler Jew Bernard Barouche; Victor Rothschild being the unseen hand and puppeteer behind the scenes. And so the many attempts by Hitler to keep peace with Britain went unrewarded, and even a dangerous act of courage and selflessness by Rudolf Hess in landing in Britain to try to stop the war was missjudged faith in a nation simply not then or now reflective or representative of its own people but of the transnational Jewish elites who own and control it. Adolf Hitler had no idea that the British governments then and now are in no way nationalist or patriotic and that was how Germany would also become as a result of an ongoing programme of national brainwashing (through education, media and entertainment) from birth by the Jews, which began immediatly following the end of the second world war. When too late Hitler discovered the truth about the Rothschilds and their family and puppets on Wall Street he described London as the true nest of vipers.

    1. Ingrid, now you have answered many of your own questions on forced immigration.
      There IS a ‘sinister’ agenda to silence ‘white’ supporters.

      Coleman did a tape series on Tavistock and ‘other issues’ which I purchased in the 1980s from CDL.

      Here is a ‘hit-piece’ on Coleman’s ‘like minded’ predecessors and supporters…. And CDL.

      You be the judge.

      A League of Their Own:
      A Look Inside the Christian Defense League



      The United States during the 1950s experienced an unparalleled growth of extremist organizations from the John Birch Society on the right to the Fair Play for Cuba Committee on the left. The heating up of the Cold War, the Supreme Court’s decision to end segregation in 1954, and the establishment of a Communist Cuba in 1959 spurred this growth. One of the lesser known but more influential right wing fringe organizations that were formed during this period was the Christian Defense League (CDL). The CDL managed to meld anti-communism, anti-Semitism, anti-Castro activities, and a hatred of the “liberal” policies of the Kennedy Administration into a cohesive whole. It is in this context that the CDL will be examined.

      The driving forces behind the rise of the CDL were Reverend Wesley A. Swift and Colonel William Potter Gale. It seemed inevitable that they would gravitate toward each other. Their religious beliefs were similar: both were adherents of what is now called Christian Identity, an updated version of the earlier British Israelite Movement that originated in the late nineteenth century. Christian Identity adherents believe that those of Celtic, Anglo-Saxon, Nordic, or Aryan origin were the true Israelites, “the sons of Adam”, and that those of Jewish origin were “the sons of Satan.”


      James K. Warner reformed the Christian Defense League in the early 1977. Warner is a former member of Rockwell’s American Nazi Party, the National States Rights Party, Sons of Liberty, and current publisher of Christian Vanguard. He moved from California to Metarie, Louisiana in the middle 1970s after he met David Duke who was then a member of the Klan. Duke became an unsuccessful presidential candidate in 1988.

      In 1983, Dr. John Coleman joined the CDL as its “intelligence expert.” Coleman produced a series of audiotapes on the “secrets of the Kennedy assassination.” The CDL is no longer the force it was in the early 1960s, although its influence can still be seen in today’s extreme right wing movement in both its “Identity” teachings and the continued formation of small paramilitary groups and militias.


      Coleman on Committee of 300 and their massive drug trade, through British East India Company, which gave them control. “Make Rockefellers look like paupers.”


      1. Sorry, I came into this without reading Ingrid’s or Pat’s comments, but RT put out an interesting documentary about the money that can be made (via the taxpayer) to private Corporations from immigrants. Is this the ultimate plan. Lots of lovely money to made from refugees via Joe Public. There is no doubt some immigrants will commit crime, but isn’t this just another way for Jews and their lackeys to make more money. SCAMMED AGAIN FOLKS.


      2. @Pat, I KNOW, now, I could never understand before, the sheer enormity of what is being perpetrated on the inhabitants of this planet. People spoke of Tavistock, and it`s role in the destruction of white european identity. Until now, I had no idea as to what Tavistock was, or the importance of it`s diabolical “plan”. Apologies to all those who tried to bring this to light..

        A big thankyou to Val Shadowhawk, aka Bigcree 1, for sending me the link to this article, which also provides videos..

      3. red onions, it looks as though the broadcast was live, but, the scammers, making money from the exploitation of refugees, does not surprise me..

      4. Europeans (and I include the mixed Euros of the USA) are beginning to wake up to this. Whether the recent migrant/refugee/invasion will spell the end of European culture/genetics, I do not know. But it is surely waking folk up (well not in ma wee scottish toon where fitba and rugby are mair important than athing else). I hope the alt media commentators are correct in stating that the perps are getting anxious and thus are moving too fast – thus the frog is about to leap out of the pot.

        Welcome on board ingrid.

      5. @Taras Bulba, is your ” wee scottish toon ” by any chance Ayr? my favourite “toon” in all the world, ever since I lived, and gave birth to my daughter there..

        A little tale from good memories:

        My daughter, and I, were on holiday in Ayr. She was six years old. One day we were eating a fish supper, in the park, near the beach. Two guys were walking past, when suddenly, one of them ran over, and pinched a chip from my daughter, I said, “you cheeky bugger”, to which he replied, “they weren`t all that good anyway”. Ah! Scotland, how I miss her..

    1. jpower your so far off the mark you should maybe look at having faith in jesus from a different angle. christianity is a joke its jesus and the lawful path that you wanna be studying .folow the path

  24. Ingrid is of the kind who will tell those who don’t like “Jesus Was A Jew” Zionist Christianity to go smoke some “Jesus Was A Jew” kanev bosem, get stoned, stay stoned, and listen to qabalah-sufi jajouka “god is dead” Existentialist trance music, and pray to “Jesus Was A Jew” kanev bosem pusher, Tavistock’s version of “JEWsus”, kanev bosem “JEWsus” [ for those opposed to Zionist “Christianity’s” “Jesus Was A Jew” , for the “rebels” ] ; And she will tell you this as if it’s real opposition to her jew tribe, lol. That’s cause “Ingrid” is “MadJewess-Shelley Rubin”.

    Thank God for Putin, is all I have to say right now.

    ~ ga ga ga…. goo goo goo… Thank God for Putin….. is all I got to say to you…. ~

    1. “How Hitler Defied the Bankers” (From our mutual friend now fighting the good fight against the jewish fanatic Thought Police in Canada, Arthur Topham.
      He was not a jew. The man was vilified by them for kicking the Zionist jewish supremacists out of Germany. He had an estimated 150,000 serving in the Wermacht. Not only that, but the German Army and the SS had people from India, Africa, Australia, Asia and a number of other Nations. He led the NSDAP in a direction away from the agenda of the World Order jews i.e. Banksters headquartered in the City of London Financial District. One must always be critical, logical and reasonable when sussing out details on World History. Painting such a wide brush will result in making many missteps. Though Eustace Mullins’ research is very good, there are a few items such his assessment of Adolf Hitler being a jew; that need a much closer examination.
      HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Site! And please keep your religious viewpoints out of this! It only confuses the issue. You sound like a Cyrus Scofield Cult follower. Not good at all. These are the weak minded fools who send endless cash to the usurping entity known as “israel”. All the while awaiting the alleged ‘Second Coming” and ‘Rapture’. Pure man made nonsense.

  25. Seeing asylum seekers as victimized by the political crisis in Europe, Soros ( big fat jew rat )
    outlined six elements of a comprehensive policy response for the EU, not just for refugees from Syria, but for refugees and asylum seekers overall coming to Europe:

    Accepting at least one million asylum seekers annually.
    Leading a global effort to help Turkey, Lebanon, and Jordan get adequate funding for the four million refugees in those countries. (Soros calculates the cost as at least €5,000 per refugee.)
    Establishing a single EU Asylum and Migration Agency, leading eventually to a single EU border guard (replacing the 28 separate systems that current function in an inadequate patchwork manner).
    Creating safe channels for getting asylum seekers to Europe and from Greece and Italy to their destination countries,
    Using these necessary EU operational and financial arrangements as the basis for establishing “global standards for the treatment of asylum-seekers and migrants,”
    “[Mobilizing] the private sector—NGOs, church groups, and businesses—to act as sponsors” for refugees and asylum seekers.
    “The exodus from war-torn Syria should never have become a crisis, It was long in the making, easy to foresee, and eminently manageable by Europe and the international community.”
    As we all know the satanic Jewish banksters are responsible for all the wars in the middle east they , Saudi Arabia and the five golf states REFUSE to take ONE refugee…

    The refugee “crisis” is one of the sinister JEW plots against Europe, the economic boycott against Russia, fake global warming… .


  26. didnt take russia insider long to click on to the russian plane crash hoax .good journalism right there

  27. azenfrend – thanks for the compliment. everybody remember – mostly, what you have been taught of history is lies. i’m afraid that includes the fables of religion too. ye jews – catch on willya? all this rotten politics is spawned by religion. actually, probably most of them already have – they’re just in it now to steal whatever they can in the way of government extortion rip-offs, ridiculous reparations scheems and new land from the palestinians etal. still, most of the political turmoil in the world is contrived and authorized by establishment religion, which gave the world the whole concept of ownership. i’m pretty sure the entire corporate methodology of commodification and exploitation is derived from religion, which wiped out the earth-worshipping aboriginals and delivers us no to the last stages of biospherical collapse. look at the vatican. it’s probably the ultimate secrecy jurisdiction, with the most money and property of them all, operating tax-free, doing absolutely nothing to stop the extermination of the palestinians. what does all that really mean? it means christianity is a jewish conspiracy. that’s right. check for the missing foreskins. circumcision is a jew (reptilian) thing, and it shows how sick it is. https://www.youtube.com/user/caesarsmessiah the jews have more control than we have imagined. they’re running their reparations scam because they can. we’re already used to it.

  28. I just stumbled upon the following news regarding Isra Abed, the Palestinian woman who was accused of trying to stab an Israeli guard with a knife and was shot down by Israeli soldiers. She was innocent and she did not die. In the article Murdered in Cold Blood : More Israeli Atrocities of October 14, 2015 on this website, it was assumed that she was killed.

    “On Wednesday, Israeli authorities announced that Isra Abed had not attempted, and had no intention, of stabbing anyone before she was shot multiple times and seriously injured in Afula, a city in the north of present-day Israel, earlier this month. The Palestinian citizen of Israel from Nazareth will be released without charge.”

    Source : The Electronic Intifada, 30 October, 2015

  29. Everyone interested in the mechanics of deception should take a look at this article at Rehmat’s World.
    Jew ISIS jihadist runs fake radical Islamic site (Australi Witness), plans bombing campaigns in USA and Australia, instructs a useful idiot how to make a bomb like the one in Boston Marathon, is supported by Rita Katz … etc.
    Among hundreds of Joshua Goldbergs out there, is there one that deserves any benefit of doubt?

    But the so-called Jew Genius is precisely the same coin as Goy Idiocy, just that one is heads, the other tails, namely, jew wins either way.

    So we get the usual mental patients venting against Hitler, Jesus and anyone who displeases Jews, under the double agent rubric, double agent, triple agent, a hall of mirrors of agents chasing the inmate down the asylum hallways.

    Insanity is the true Krav Maga, Jew’s finest creation.

    1. @ Lobro

      You said it well.

      The one thing that jews hate more than anything else is Jesus. Jewish agents always reveal themselves because of this common hatred. Of course, there are always the ones that believe all the brainwashing in the jewish controlled education brain grinder and emptiness of organized religion that become de facto jewish agents by thinking that they are atheists. Been there, done that and would not wish it on my worst enemy.

      1. What are your thoughts on James Wickstrom’s understanding of Christianity and his allegations that the religion of love is subversive poison? Give these two videos a watching.
        Revealing the Serpent Race
        Here’s a talk where he claims that Jesus was YHWH in the flesh and the GOD exclusively of His Chosen Aryans.

        In my view atheism is leaps and bounds above common Christianity as it is preached in Baptist and Catholic churches all over American world. It is that common Christianity that is in league with the devil and has done more than anything else to undermine the foundations of Western civilization.

      2. Apologies for that hasty response. I’m new to Wickstrom’s material and suggest readers listen to him for themselves. I misrepresented some of his views, as is evidenced here: https://youtu.be/M35LTFCzetw ((A New Heaven and Earth))

      3. Anyway, Power, blunt atheism is a shallow and inflexible as ideology and philosophy, which is one reason that it was so eagerly promoted by Jews, them being the ultimate, gross, power starved materialists.
        One look at Talmud, which after all is the natural and logical extension of Torah, will disabuse anyone of notion that it represents any sort of metaphysical or spiritual activity.

        Unless one accepts that Satan is legitimate not only as some minor deity but as the Almighty, unipolar God of purely material universe – kind of a stretch however one looks at it.

        After all, all atheist claims are dogma-driven rather than provable, sort of like “I can’t see around the corner, therefore there is nothing there”.

        As for discussing “religion of love”, not sure what to say to that, certainly not ready for unconditional love, that to my mind defiles true love.
        It is a concept quite easy to criticize, which is fine so long as it is not used as a stalking horse for shooting down Christ.
        Christ-notion is a gem that has been rolled in sewer and needs proper washing and cleaning to strip away layers of excrement that Jew has applied to it over the centuries.
        Quoting Bible is not the way to do it, I suspect that even parts of the New Testament are questionable after the politicians of Nicea ran it through their political correctness screening.

        Everybody do their own research and thinking if interested in the subject of truth and freedom, it cannot be spoonfed.

      4. I found this on Amazon, given an approval rating of 53 out of 58. It’s a review for “Salvation Is from the Jews” and seems to characterize popular Christianity. It’s entitled:

        The reasoning why NO Christian can ever be an anti-semite, April 14, 2004

        I found this book a fascinating read on several levels, and so will you. After reading this book as a Cathoic Christian, I now better appreciate Jesus’s humanity as a Jew, His divinity as the Messiah, and how His being born by a devout Jewish woman has made all the differenc to our salvation. In a nutshell, this book plumbs the meaning behind Christ’s statement: salvation will come from the Jews. It was wonderful to read Christ described through the mindseye of a modern Jewish man and to interiorize the truth that Christ was in fact a faithful Jew who will one day return as, what else, as a Jew.
        In these troubled times, this book could not come at a more fortuitious moment. After reading Mr. Schoeman’s book, I fully appreciate all that the Jewish people have given to this world through their suffering, their gifts and accomplishments and their truly special role as God’s “chosen people.” My Catholic faith was further grounded as this book explicitly affirms that Catholicism’s foundation rests squarely on the Jewish Faith of our elder brothers and sisters. What’s more amazing is pondering, as Mr. Schoeman beautifully and respectfully does, the role God still has planned for His people in saving humanity. Absolutely beautiful!
        If you are a serious Christian, this book should be required reading…you’ll find yourself half way through it in the first sitting; I did.
        Jim Wingert
        Longmont, CO

  30. There should be reparations for a million years! Hi i am a Palestinian, not a Jew nor a White man; i always thought that (the holocaust) wasnt of my business but later i realized that the holocaust had a lot to do with the creation of the entity that chose a bibical name to baptize itself into the group of nations that call themselves humanity. “Israel” was founded on a cemetery of 530 Palestinian villages holocaust victims erased with bulldozers and caterpilars.England who had made Palestine one of its colonies gave my country to the jews. I then read in some forums that the holocaust was a lie and that the jews made up the numbers in order to blackmail the west and germany mostly, out of money. But Merkel, the German leader just said the other day that it was Germany not the palestinians who were the ones responsible for the holocaust so, they dont deny it. Any one would deny a false acusation! But Then i Met people here at Darkmoon-White supremacists- like Franklin Richaert and a guy who calls himself “Sardonicus” who hate the jews (they are neo nazi) but who at the same time deny the Palestinians our status as a nation; they say that we are an “invented people”. They also deny that the Jews commited massacres in Palestione like the one that the jews did in my mother’s hometown -der yassin- something the jews (who were the ones who did it) admit as true; they admit killing more than three hundred people in Der Yassin. So why would a neo nazi hate the jews and deny the holocaust but at the same time deny palestinians their history? my conclusion is that the people that deny the holocaust hate all of humanity And that jews were victims and that white are monsters and that they should pay reparations for a million years … Otherwise, how would palestinians get justice one day? How would syrians get reparations from Iran and Russia? Thanks i am the Avatar and i am a Palestinian

      1. So you now quote yet one more jew source (right above) to correct your propaganda tirade on the thread https://www.darkmoon.me/2015/murdered-in-cold-blood-more-israeli-atrocities/ against a palestinian woman who was layin down on the sidewalk by saying shit like “Sorry, but the facts of the case are somewhat different than a random murder of a Palestinian woman by the Israelis. The woman appears to have wielded a knife which she refused to put down. Eventually she was shot in her lower body, which only wounded her. Here is a report of the case in The Algemeiner…” Now you quote another jew source backpedaling on your lip attack by saying she was innocent … No one cares what you or any jew source says moron … But you should be told by this site admon to stop arguing endesly, wasting space and instead be looking at the big picture … And you didnt even apologize mmm and you are a “civilized superior being” who is ” a genius and an erudite” according to osaka japan sardonicous? lol

    1. @ Avatar

      “Then i Met people here at Darkmoon-White supremacists- like Franklin Richaert and a guy who calls himself “Sardonicus” who hate the jews (they are neo nazi) but who at the same time deny the Palestinians our status as a nation; they say that we are an “invented people”. They also deny that the Jews commited massacres in Palestione like the one that the jews did in my mother’s hometown -der yassin- something the jews (who were the ones who did it) admit as true; they admit killing more than three hundred people in Der Yassin.”

      You obviously possess scrambled eggs instead of brains. I regard you as no more than a Zionist troll. All I have to say is this:

      1. I think Franklin Ryckaert is a sincere and erudite poster and a credit to this site; I just wish he would post more often.

      2. I am NOT a neo-Nazi White supremacist. I just happen to sympathize with the views of Kevin MacDonald who has also been called, quite falsely, “a neo-Nazi White Supremacist.”

      3. I back the Palestinians absolutely and totally in their struggle for freedom and would like to see the demise of Israel — the sooner the better. I am thoroughly acquainted with Deir Yassin and have never denied that it took place, as you falsely claim. Unlike you, I can actually spell the name properly. You have repeatedly misspelt it “Der Yasin”, showing you are not a genuine Palestnian but an ignorant Jew.

      4. Instead of attacking this site constantly like Crazy Joe (TROJ), be grateful that this site publishes your comments without censorship. If I owned this site, I would put a ban on all Zionist trolls and obvious nutcases like you and Crazy Joe. I am glad to see that “Madame Butterfly”, another dodgy character, is no longer posting here. She, too, has been unfairly linked with my name. I have no time for her at all because of her abusive language and am glad she is no longer cluttering up this site with her garbage.

      5. My advice to you, Avatar, is to stop posting here. Frankly, you are getting on my nerves. And on everyone else’s nerves.

  31. … And aside from Palestinians getting reparations from the Jews and Syrians from Iran And Russia, Africans should also get reparations from white americans, the evil wasp who had their lowest class – redneck scum- rape blacks for 300 hundred years at the plantations (because their priests said that blacks had the mark of Cain i.e. Their skin colour) and the natives too who were slaughtered and lost over 114 million people(read the tragedy of the trail of tears). And the vietnamese and the koreans and the people Of hindustan… And the list goes on hell! Whites should make reparations to their own cause no one has killed more whites than white people…. So much for the “superior race” theory where is the poster spqr at all this, that little worm? as if their shit dont stink … In the words of Ice T. “I want my money motherfucker” …

  32. From Mike King and his TomatoBubble, TOP 5 REASONS WHY LIBERALS HATE VLADIMIR PUTIN
    (of course, Masha Gessen, the world’s ugliest Jewess, which is quite a tall order besides the likes of Leona Helmsley and other Yidesses, presents a Jew ideal of liberal, along with Barbara Lerner Specter and Bernard Henri-Levy)

    The reason 4 was unknown even to me:

    Pro-family Russia is now the ONLY major European country with birth rates that exceed death rates.

    Says Vlad:
    “We are determined to use any means to strengthen positive demographic tendencies (birth rates). …we need to save the people of Russia.”

    “It is important that families make that step (of having a third child). I am convinced that the norm in Russia should become a family with three children.”

      1. Yep, Kissinger is rolling in his grave… and don’t tell me he ain’t dead yet, cause that sack of shit was never alive or human IMO. The 1-child policy was Kissinger’s misanthropic mission in China and part of Rothschild’s overall Agenda 21 depopulation scheme. Is this another defiant sign of China going off the kikejew reservation? I certainly hope so.

      2. @ Ingrid

        They stopped enforcing it well over 10 years ago. A few years back, a provincial head attempted to enforce it, and was promptly reprimanded and over ridden by the central government. Apparently, someone with authority in China determined that the policy was not in the best interest of the Chinese, no duh.

  33. Lasha Darkmoon, please help me! As I read your article about holocaust blackmail, I suddenly realized that I, a 60-year-old American Presbyterian, NARROWLY AVOIDED being born a European Jew, twenty five years early, and gassed three or maybe even seven times during the Holocaust! This thought terrifies me and has turned all my joy to sadness. I want reparations money! How can I apply for these funds and, I hope, also secure a guaranteed income for my descendants?

  34. I know what the next thread is gonna be about … Its gonna be on the Russian plane that fell down in egypt. A week ago i said i had a premonition that a false Flag was about to occur but i was a little off there since this event was neither a false flag nor an attack by “al jama3t al Islamya” who have swore alliance to -Islamic State-. Thats what Ed at the truth seeker says.. In my opinion It was the hand of whoever is in charge of the Karma department (i wish Les Visible was around, he knows a little about these forces) who got tired of the scum called russians bringing Malasyan planes down using ukranian grounds and bombing civilian hospitals in syria (16 in total) … The olympics and the world soccer games are coming so chill and have some vodka. Otherwise no one will attend the polka festivities. small headed putin should stop kissing Iranian ass and trying to play hero, the sanctions aint going no where. ”Dr Assad” is capito finito


    1. @ Avatar

      I deleted your comments for two good reasons. They contain defamatory statements that have no basis in reality and for which, as you know, you can produce no evidence. As for your ridiculously inaccurate comments that Franklin Ryckaert and Sardonicus both denied the Deir Yassin massacre and the right of the Palestinians to exist, I have done a check on this — and YOU ARE WRONG!

      This is what Franklin Ryckaert writes:

      I never denied the Deir Yassin massacre. I find it odd that you as a supposed Palestinian cannot spell the name properly : Deir Yassin (Arabic: دير ياسين‎, Dayr Yāsīn)

      The rest of your statements is too ridiculous to go into.

      August 17, 2015 at 11:18 pm
      THREAD: The No Nuclear Bombs Conspiracy Theory.

      Ryckaert made some comment about the Palestinians not being a valid entity, but Sardonicus made no such comment, and you are here blaming Sardonicus for making a statement he never made. This is what Sardonicus said TODAY, contrary to all the LIES you are spreading about him:

      I back the Palestinians absolutely and totally in their struggle for freedom and would like to see the demise of Israel — the sooner the better. I am thoroughly acquainted with Deir Yassin and have never denied that it took place, as you falsely claim. Unlike you, I can actually spell the name properly.

      Stop making up LIES about our posters, Avatar The next time you do this you will be BANNED. May I remind you that no one likes you here. You are regarded as a mischievous troll. Whether you are a Jew or a non-Jew is irrelevant. We will never know for sure, will we? as we only have your word for it that you are a Palestinian. Some Palestinian! Asking us to believe in the Jewish Holocaust and shed tears for 6 million Jews! You are the first Palestinian I’ve come across who expresses such concern for Jewish suffering!

      1. @ Avatar

        I have deleted three further comments of yours because you are NOT entitled to change your user name from “Avatar” to “Whatever”. We don’t allow sockpuppets or posters who change their names, email addresses and IP numbers with every post. Thank you for posting this comment which is pretty revealing:

        it all boils down to … you cant throw six million people in ovens and gas chambers and dont get your ears pulled.

        Ah yes, spoken just like a Palestinian!

  36. PEACE IN…
    It must be remembered that the masses of people have always been vulnerable to the mischief of the literate and learned because the literate and learned have had the most advanced knowledge with which to operate in society, giving them advantage for using resources and making progress based on knowing and awareness.

    As chosen people, Jews were to set example of how to live by Divine moral standards as believers in and servants of THE ONE G-D ALMIGHTY. At this, they habitually failed until they cursed themselves to be agents of Satan, Satan’s human embodiment – the devil.

    “In these troubled times, this book could not come at a more fortuitious moment. After reading Mr. Schoeman’s book, I fully appreciate all that the Jewish people have given to this world through their suffering, their gifts and accomplishments and their truly special role as God’s ‘chosen people.’ ”

    Jesus was certainly a Jew, but the blasphemy that he was divine as the only begotten son of THE ONE G-D is an old scheme invented by Jewish leaders to enslave the Gentiles to await salvation that allegedly could only come through a Jewish G-D. Jesus as G-D is a most devious and blasphemous deception.

    Jesus ( may peace be upon him and may THE G-D liberate his life from the blasphemous scheme of the devil) was only a human being, a human being born to virgin Mary, who became a devotional Prophet of TRUTH as a servant of THE G-D, and who was not, I repeat, was not crucified as redemption for sins of fallible man.

    Paul led the early followers of Christ astray when he broke from James (Jesus brother) to setup his own direction that took disciples away from truth Jesus and his true disciples taught. Corrupting pagan ideas and concepts were integrated into teachings of Jesus, misleading into blasphemy.

    The Holocaust trade is just another devil’s scheme used to justify revenge against all Gentiles and not just Germans.
    Further more, the holocaust narrative as currently propagated is almost whole false. Jews declared war on Germany in 1933 before Hitler come into top leadership of Germany. Theodore Kaufman’s book – “Germany Must Perish” was written 1942. The book’s idea was to exterminate German People by sterilizing all Germans so that they could not reproduce themselves. Communist Jews had been defeated by German nation when communist attempted to over throw German government and turn the nation into a communist country. As enemies of the state, most Jews in German jails were communist involved in the overthrow attempt. There never was a German plan to exterminate Jews. Jews had near total ownership and control of mainstream media as they do today. They were able to propagate lies that created the holocaust narrative the world community has been suckered into accepting as true.
    Deception is a major way of life for these damned devils.

    zionazis Jews are “WORLD PUBLIC ENEMY NUMBER ONE” beyond any doubt whatsoever – PERIOD!

    SO HELP US THE G-D…….amen

    And yes, zionazis Jews did 911 to trick brainwashed Gentiles into supporting wars on Islam and Muslims, and to form police states in USA and in near all western nations as guarding protector of zionazis Jew treachery.
    These evil Jews want to establish a so-called greater Israel as they move strategically to establish a “Jew World Order” under their dictatorial tyrannical control, after they murder kill 90% of Gentiles.

  37. Ingrid wrote:

    @Taras Bulba, is your ” wee scottish toon ” by any chance Ayr? my favourite “toon” in all the world, ever since I lived, and gave birth to my daughter there..

    No Ingrid – I am in the eastern bit of Scotland (under the government of a party whic wants more and more migrants in the country but still call themselves nationalists)

    Scottish Chips are definitely the worst in the world – I have never had a portion which was crispy – they are always floppy – well what do you expect if they sit around for hours en maasse waiting for the great pub exodus.

  38. Give this man a Guinness.

    “Man put axe through TV in town square in ‘performance art piece’ to further his claims Holocaust did not take place.”

    “At Ennis District Court, Judge Patrick Durcan jailed 49-year old Dermot Mulqueen of Steele’s Terrace, Ennis for five months.

    Judge Durcan jailed Mr Mulqueen for five months for breaching Section 9 of the Firearms Act and two months for breaching Section 6 of the Public Order Act.

    Mr Mulqueen told the court that the performance art entitled ‘Liberation of the Mind’ was carried out to launch International Holocaust Hoax Day.

    Prior to carrying out the performance in front a crowd of mainly teenagers in Ennis, Mr Mulqueen informed his Twitter followers what he was about to do.

    “In front of a crowd at the monument, Mr Mulqueen had erected a sign entitled ‘International Holocaust Hoax Day’.

    Judge Durcan said that by his actions, Mr Mulqueen “behaved in the most offensive way, not merely towards a particular section of society but towards society generally”.

    The judge said that Mr Mulqueen’s behaviour on the day “would be regarded with abhorrence and repugnance by any reasonable minded human and by the vast, vast majority of people”. Bloody jewdiciary, freemason pigs.


  39. Toby dont call me a liar; i am not a kid, nor a jocker, HAVE SOME RESPECT FOR REAL MEN; i will find the thread where your best poster denied Palestinians are a nation and a people he quoted Gingritch the American Zionist house speaker; MR SARDONICUS, who askes me to come back here no more as if he was an authority, AN ARROGANCE typical of a white man, BACKED HIM UP LAUGHING AND JOCKING AS if MY COUNTRY IS A JOCKING MATTER calling him a genious; I WILL FIND the quote AND SHOW IT TO YOU AND ALL … OTHERWISE WHY WOULD I MAKE THINGS UP?
    REGARDING THE HOLOCAUST I HAVE THE RIGHT TO BELIEVE WHAT I WANT, IF believing otherwise than you and the other white supremacists HERE makes me a jew then FINE, i am a jew. I will tell you what, FROM NOW ON I WILL POST AS A JEW. I DONT EXPECT YOU OR THE OTHERS TO LIKE ME TOBY, SINCE I HAVE MADE MYSELF CLEAR; I DONT LIKE WHAT WHITES HAVE DONE TO US HUMANS. WHAT DO YOU THINK i expect when making a statememt like that? i am NOT here running for mr nice guy; there is no such thing in politics, i am here FOR example to defend PEOPLE LIKE the woman who was layng defenceless bleeding in the floor while your best poster (Rickaert) helped the jews by sayng it was her fault. Thats what i am here for.
    i dont care if people likes me OR NOT i am a palestinian i told you, 80 percent of whites just dont like us muslims and thats what i am here for; to warn my people ABOUT YOU.
    i will find the quotes and dont call me a liar because liar is the one that says that that woman bleeding on the ground was a terrorist.
    also get out a little more, Visit other fórums you and you and the others will find that there are A LOT OF MUSLIMS LIKE ME ARE AGAINST ASSAD without being Jews or trolls or saudi agents. If somr leader claims that he is against America or israel this doesnt necesarily make him a nice guy:Why is that when someone disagress with another he is immediately called a troll or a jew?
    you cant just have all posters repeat the same.
    people are different and have different opinions and some like me have more knowledge BECAUSE I AM FROM THERE FOR the lords sake!

    1. @ Avatar

      Toby dont call me a liar; i am not a kid, nor a jocker, HAVE SOME RESPECT FOR REAL MEN; i will find the thread where your best poster denied Palestinians are a nation and a people he quoted Gingritch the American Zionist house speaker…

      I don’t know what you are making such a fuss about. I am already aware that Franklin Ryckaert said Palestinians were not a nation or a real people, but you got confused and accused SARDONICUS of saying that also. Get your facts right. It was Ryckaert who said the Palestnians were not a nation or a people in the strict sense; it was not Sardonicus who said this! And neither Ryckaert nor Sardonicus at any time denied the Deir Yassin massacres. You were wrong to accuse them of saying something they didn’t.

      1. yeah ok WHATEVER then; dont you mess with Palestine because its the bride of Islam and we will get it back and this time it wont be necessary to get Rickaert¨s or Sardonicous approval if we are a people, a nation, an ethnicity or a group of goat fu cking nomads because this time we are not just some old testament victimized cannanites nor are we some “turn your other cheeck sucker” christians we have converted to Islam homeboy and we are just gonna kick not only the jews but the whole world¨s ass! just wait and watch

        1. If you are a Palestinian as you say, it makes no sense to antagonize all the supporters of Palestine on this site. We are all Palestinians here.

    2. hey avatar ,you’re free to express your self any which way you can as anybody else ,it’s the internet
      this site it’s seems to me believe in free speech , I am a new visitor to this site, I was drawn to it by pure chance while I was searching for beautiful rebellious poetry
      anyhow Mr.Avatar I read some of your comments and I highly doubt if you are a Palestinian or even an Arab and I highly suspect if you are a Muslim or even know what real Islam really means.
      hasbara internet trolls are infesting cyberspace in great numbers projecting and spreading disinformation and lies ,it’s past time for you to switch and play somewhere else

  40. A Palestinian Woman from The West Bank Wrote;
    what about my Life ,my kids and my breast milk
    I can’t enjoy life ,always in fear ,always in the look out scared to death from the unknowns and what lurks in the
    darkness upon darkness , I see no lights
    kids are dying for trying to be free
    chains upon chains imposed on my daily life
    demons are everywhere
    The mighty IDF and their minions either the settlers or The PA enforcers of tyrannic regime
    I have never been to the free world
    is that normal to live in constant fear with no hope, no future for me and my kids
    yet I have depleted uranium in me.
    I could feel it in my bones ,in my blood .
    when israhell’s mighty IDF tank shells
    fired over Palestine
    when Zionists planes of Satan’s death squads
    bombed Palestine
    mini nukes of satanic israhell are creeping closer to Palestine
    I cannot feed my baby now because I have been dosed
    by the rabbi doberman
    what the hell world
    it’s wrong
    it is not fair
    it is so evil and satanic to the bone
    where is my compensations
    do I need to speak with Merrkel the chief of Germany
    why you donated 7 new dolphin submarines
    for the nut’s Sampson option
    oh dear Merkel
    my life is ruined and destroyed courtesy of your guilt over the holocaust
    you feed the Zionist monster with no limit ,is that fair
    What about me and my kids Germany
    should that be fair
    quit feeling guilty
    just look what your guilt made of me and my kids
    quit feeding the monster
    quit being the cash cow for the greedy ungrateful Zionist pigs
    just be yourself a proud righteous nation
    be Germany for Germans
    and throw these Zionists blood suckers to the dustbins of history
    From a Palestinian Woman who sits in silence and cry for the slaughter of her people that never cease


  41. “Jewish (and non-Jewish?) workers in the field of epigenetics are now claiming that “the intergenerational effects of the Holocaust are very pronounced and that the atrocities altered the DNA of victims’ descendants, so that they have different stress hormone profiles to their peers.”

    At long last the Jews and I agree on something. This is exactly what I have been saying about the Jew’s psychopathic religion imposed on them for millennia.

    “Consider the effect of this gruesome spectacle on a child.* Blood spewing everywhere, chanting priests mesmerized in their crazed bloodlust, driven by the howling and grunting of animals bleeding out the last of their life on the ground. The restless bleating of animals, now aware of their terrible fate. Sinners raising their hands towards the heavens as they cry out for god’s forgiveness. Imagine your parents continually consumed with the thought of blood and the avoidance of the sticky substance, thoughts that translate into an unnatural obsession about the stuff.

    “Extrapolate this horror out over the generational millennium and you have the foundations of a psychopathic bloodlust that is not a preference, not a peculiar, incidental twist in a few exceptional personalities, it is a culturally inbred condition, one that can neither be altered nor escaped. This culture of blood has permeated the very core of Judaism until it has become a genetic component of their race.”

    So if a mythical Hallowedhoax can affect the genetic disposition of Jews, why not thousands of years of Biblical inbreeding?

    *A description of the bloody Tabernacle sacrifice from the forward of my book, “The Conspiracy of Man.”

    1. Arch, you overlooked something most obvious, the infant’s excruciating penis mutilation. He cries out for help and not only does no one help him, everyone, including every member of his own family, acts in conspiracy against him, as his penis is left a crude, bloody fragment of what it was.

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