The Charlie Hebdo Affair: How to Demonize Islam and Destroy Christianity

Freedom to offend, we are told, is sacrosanct; freedom to kill the offender is not. Isn’t it a shame this belief is not shared by everyone?

B_Image_4991The ultimate question here is Cui bono? Who gained most from the Paris massacre and who lost out? The answer to this all-important question will offer us a clue as to who was behind the killings.

Was Mossad behind it? Or Al Qaeda? Or the CIA? Or the Illuminati? And is it conceivable that all these disparate and seemingly separate organizations are in fact the same hydra-headed monster that dare not speak its name?

These are the questions we now propose to consider methodically. So let’s get down to business. What are the facts?

I read this article on Russia Today by Adrian Salbuchi which is among the most thought-provoking I have come across in a long time. Salbuchi begins by asking the most important question in regard to the Charlie Hebdo Paris attacks:  Cui bono? Who benefits?

Before we answer this question, let’s review the situation and then try to connect the dots…


We learn today the astonishing fact that 10,000 troops are to patrol the streets of France from now on, armed to the teeth and peeping into every corner for suspicious characters, doubtless of swarthy complexion and carrying Qur’ans in their back packs. Of these 10,000 commandos, no fewer than 5000 of them will guard the country’s 717 Jewish schools.

Apparently people in the Rue de Rosiers, Paris’s historic Jewish enclave, are getting increasingly jittery and apprehensive. They are afraid that ordinary French people might start complaining about the enormous sums of money being spent in protecting France’s Jewish community. France is a country with a population of 66 million. Of these, 5 million are of Muslim heritage, vastly outnumbering the number of French Jews who make up only half a million.

So there are exactly ten times more Muslims in France than there are Jews, a fact worth remembering.

Rebecca Bloch, a 42-year-old Jewish woman, and her 51-year-old husband Davide, are now thinking of moving to Israel, the UK Independent newspaper (“I”) reveals, adding:

“There has been an increase in the number of attacks on french Jews by Muslim extremists and also the extreme right in recent years. Seven thousand migrated to Israel last year, more than doubling from 3,400 in 2013. The Israeli government expected a rise to 10,000 this year. “We are in a situation of war,” said Roger Cukierman, president of the Representative Council of Jewish Associations. “We have our sadness and our rage.” (The Independent, “I”, 14 Jan, 2015)

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, arriving in Paris for Sunday’s solidarity rally with international leaders, advised French  Jews to head for Israel.

“To all the Jews of France I wish to say: the state of Israel is not only the place to which you pray; the state of Israel is also your home. Any Jew who wants to emigrate to Israel will be received with open arms.”

The Israeli President, Reuven Rivlin, had this to say:

“We wanted you alive. The heart is broken, shaking and hurting and an entire nation cries. It is dangerous to deny this is anti-Semitism…”

He was referring to the four French Jews killed in last week’s attack on a kosher supermarket in Paris: Yoav, Yohan, Phillipe and Francois. This is why Netanyahu is urging France’s 500,000 Jews to pack their bags and head for Israel without delay. Here, presumably,  they will be safely accommodated on illegally occupied land filched from the Palestinians: a neat solution to the problems facing French Jews in a country where they appear to be unpopular—give them nice houses with swimming pools on stolen Arab land.

Indeed, this is the bizarre solution to the Jewish problem currently favored by the entire western world, starting with America: any Jew who faces persecution anywhere in the world must be settled on stolen Arab land, thereby fueling resentment among the dispossessed. Which resentment in turn can only be expected to simmer and come to the boil,  leading to spontaneous excrescences like Al Qaeda and ISIS.

As for Al Qaeda and ISIS, assuming they are genuine Islamic organizations and not the brainchild of some madhatter in Mossad or the CIA, do they have any valid grounds for complaint?

Of course not. How can you ask such a silly question! Al Qaeda and ISIS couldn’t care less about the theft of their lands, the plunder of their natural resources, and the bombing of their women and children in Yemen, the Afpak borders, and elsewhere. They’re quite happy to be visited by the occasional drone. It relieves the monotony of their lives.

Let’s face it, these ragheads are just a nasty bunch of terrorists whose holy book, the Qur’an, has told them to conquer the world and impose sharia law on nice western folk like you and me.  They want to force all you guys out there to wear big bushy beards, helping to make Gillette go bankrupt! They want  to make our gorgeous western women cover up their asses and stop flashing their panties! They want to stop women inviting rape by being such ravishingly irresistible WHORE SLUTS!!!

Good heavens, if these creeps ever get control,  just think!—no more twerking! no more flaunting and taunting, no more Jewish porn, no more Hollywood thrillers telling us what a bunch of Islamofascist “inglourious basterds” these 1.6 billion spoilsport Muslims are!


Ooops, sorry, we’ve already bombed your countries to smithereens and turned them into parking lots! 

Too bad.


A couple of days ago, as I started out by saying,  I read Adrian Salbuchi’s brilliant essay in Russia Today, Charlie Hebdo, déjà vu. (Here is the English version).  The central question he asks is “Cui bono? who benefits?”

Let’s consider this all-important question now.

Salbuchi makes it clear from the outset that he does not believe in violence as a solution to the world’s problems. A commendable sentiment. I agree with him absolutely.

“It was indeed a horrendous act,” he states, referring to the recent carnage in Paris, “and the West’s Media have whipped up a growing frenzy of anti-Muslim emotion and a desire for revenge in the hearts of tens of millions in France, Europe and America.”


To show how serious they are in tackling terrorism, the world’s leaders turned up in Paris in full force last week (see picture), offering their condolences and exhibiting to the world their righteous indignation and unparalleled rectitude.

Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu was there up front, for all to see and admire,  making all the right noises and sounding like a model citizen—a paradigm of humanitarian pathos who had never killed a fly in his life, let alone thousands of innocent women and children in Gaza only six months ago.

He was flanked by France’s Francoise Hollande and Prime Minister Manuel Valls, by German’s charismatic Angela Merkel, by Britain’s David Cameron, and by Spain’s Mariano Rajoy. US Secretary of State John Kerry came trickling in too, stunning the Gallic multitudes with his linguistic skills by delivering his condolences in the French language.

I had to repress a laugh at his accent, but it was a damn good show, and I found myself searching for a kleenex tissue to wipe a crocodile tear from my eye. Je ne suis pas Charlie!

Salbuchi is not too impressed, either, by the pomp and circumstance—by all these theatrics attempting to squeeze a few tears out of  the eyes of the Je Suis Charley enthusiasts:

“Cry me a river,” he protests. “This is in very stark contrast with not a tear ever being shed for the thousands of men, women and children martyred decade after decade in Palestine up until last August; or the millions assassinated and maimed by the US and its NATO Allies in Iraq, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan and Pakistan.”

Today, the bad guys wear turbans and read books in Arabic. Equally bad are their direct or indirect backers and sympathizers: Russia, China, Venezuela, Malaysia, and  any country that refuses to kowtow to the United States, Israel, Britain and  the Nato bloc countries.

The nice guys run things from the Oval Office, Congress, the Knesset, 10 Downing Street, and the Palais de l’Élysée. They wage war on weaker countries and generate enormous profits for themselves by engineering social chaos in those countries by destroying their infrastructure and decimating their citizens with drone attacks, regime changes, freedom fighters, black ops, and “private contractors”—i.e., hired killers.

“They have not yet paid for their crimes,” Salbuchi notes somberly. “The Bushes, Cheneys, Wolfowitzs, Albrights, Clintons, Rices, Blairs, Aznars, Netanyahus and Sarkozys still walk the streets as free men and women.” 

Meanwhile, the common people in these western countries—most of them police states masquerading as democracies—are fed an incessant diet of lies, thanks to such organs of mendacity and misinformation as Fox News, the BBC, CNN, the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal. and the Economist.

Nor one must forget the Hollywood entertainment factory with its constant erosion of traditional values, its black propaganda against Islam, Christianity, Whites: its sleaze, its porn, its godlessness, and its never-ending mind pollution of the masses.


Salbuchi asks if the recent events in Paris have the characteristics of a false flag attack. His answer: yes, they do. There’s more than a whiff of déjà vu here, Salbuchi opines.

“Conspiracy Theory kooks,” he notes sagaciously, “will tell you that False Flags have certain key factors in common: Like the FBI “luckily” finding 9/11 terrorist Mohammed Atta’s intact passport in the WTC rubble. Too bad the official story also says that “the heat was so intense it melted both jetliner’s black boxes”.

Any resemblance to Charlie Hebdo?  Well, one of the terrorist Kouachi bothers left home that day carrying his French ID Card which he conveniently “dropped” inside the attack car, that was then promptly found by French police.

Uncanny coincidence, no?

Then again, there was the mysterious death of Police Commissioner Helric Fredou of France’s Judicial Police (Limoges) who, while investigating the Paris attacks, suddenly decided to commit suicide. Did he end his life in despair, unable to stand the depths of human depravity to which Islamic terrorists are ready to go in order to achieve sharia law and world domination?

We will never know. It seems unlikely. Salbuchi has other ideas. Maybe the Police Commissioner was silenced? Maybe he knew too much?  Maybe he couldn’t be relied upon to keep his mouth shut, so he had to be squashed like a fly?

Salbuchi continues:

Anyway, here’s the thing: dead—or “suicided”—witnesses don’t talk.  Gunned down “terrorist” patsies neither.

Before the Kouachi brothers died “someone” standing on a terrace across the street from the Charlie Hebdo HQ filmed their get-away and recorded them yelling, “Tell the media Al Qaeda of Yemen did this!”

Adding drama to this dreadful affair, this terrace-walker also filmed one of the terrorists stupidly going out of his way to fire a shot to the head at a downed police office officer on the sidewalk.  Funny, though: NO POOL OF BLOOD, NO BRAINS SPLATTERED ON THE SIDEWALK! (Emphasis added)

MURDER MOST FOUL "Funny though: no pool of blood, no brains splattered on the sidewalk.
“Funny though: no pool of blood,
no brains splattered on the sidewalk.”


And now the big question: CUI BONO? — Who benefits?

“CLEARLY,” Salbuchi answers in block capitals, “the Muslim and Arab World did not benefit at all.  Quite the contrary: Muslims are the great losers because all those “Islamic terror attacks” led directly to the invasions of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, the permanent bombing of Syria, and harassment and threats against Iran.”

Nor must it be forgotten that, along with the constant demonization of Islam, there is the ongoing and not-too-subtle attack on Christianity and traditional moral values.

Among the dead cartoonists there was one Jew. The rest were devout Zionists, anarcho-liberals, cultural Marxists of the (Jewish) Frankfurt School. All had axes to grind against the enemies of Israel. They exercised their free speech to the limit in vilifying Islam and Christianity, the two main objects of opprobrium among spiritually deracinated Jews. Never once did they criticize the state of Israel, or lampoon the Holocaust, or say a single bad thing about Israeli war criminal Benjamin Netanyahu.

If you have any doubts about the distinctly Jewish character of this scurrilous magazine, serving Jewish interests at all times, reflect that it actively encouraged filthy jokes about Christians and Muslims among its members of staff, but it would not tolerate even the slightest negative comment about Jews. (See Charlie Hedbo fired a writer for an “anti-Semitic” joke but rampant Islamophobia was ignored.)

As I pointed out in a recent article:

 “Mocking Christianity was part of their agenda, much to the delight of international Jewry, their principal paymasters, who offered them both moral and financial support in their “satirical” undertakings — “hate speech” when used against Jews. but “satire” and “courageous free speech” when directed at Muslims and Christians, the Jews’ most hated enemies.

The Jewish comedienne Sarah Silverman, the nice young lady who likes humping dogs and licking their anuses in various video skits—see here—and who gets many a cheap laugh by insulting Christianity in America, would have been a great hit with these satirical French journalists.

They would have loved her for saying, “I hope the Jews DID kill Christ! I’d fucking do it again—in a second!”

Note one thing, my friends: this freedom of speech, which is so very precious and of which we make such a fetish, does not include freedom to criticize Israel or question the Holocaust.

Make one satirical comment about Auschwitz, or express doubts about six million Jews dying in gas ovens, and you will end up behind bars in 16 countries:  Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Switzerland, and Romania.

You may mock Jesus Christ as much as you want, but you must not mock Anne Frank.

Nor did these courageous French “martyrs for free speech” ever have the guts to criticize the war crimes of Israel. Oh no, they thought the Israelis were doing a fine job slaughtering  women and children in Gaza like flies—like this Palestinian child here, her face half blown off by an Israeli sniper.

These cowardly cartoonists  kept all their scorn for the prophet Mohammed and the Lord Jesus Christ, much to the delight of the Jews whose dirty work they did so well and whose contemptible mercenaries they remained to their last dying breath.

Yes, they had it coming! They were asking for it! For blowback. For their just deserts. For the iron law of karma to take effect. — “The wheel has come full circle, I am here!”

Salbuchi makes exactly the same points, so I won’t bother to quote him.

He too mentions that you are free to pour scorn on Christianity, to refer to Christ in the vilest terms, and to ridicule the prophet Mohamed to your heart’s content, but that you dare not question the Holocaust.

If you do, you will end up behind bars like David Irving, Robert Faurisson, Ernst Zundel, and many other historical revisionists—men who did not even employ mockery but who were engaging in serious historical research.

The cartoonists who were killed were essentially cowards. This is because they thought they could spit in people’s faces and get away with it. They learned to their cost that every action has its reaction. Am I justifying violence? No way. Obviously killing people for spitting in your face is wrong. A dreadful thing to do. I am simply stating a truism, as when one says: “You will reap what you sow.” — “The sins ye do by two and two, ye shall pay back one by one!”“Live by the sword, die by the sword!”

I am articulating the law of karma: play with fire and you will get burned.


Let’s consider the hilarious sense of humor of the cartoonists who recently got their comeuppance. They appointed the prophet Mohammed as their “editor-in-chief.” They depict him from behind, naked, his genitals in full view, a star stamped on his butt.  (Here is a carefully edited picture of the Prophet, with his genitalia concealed, which I hope will not be regarded as offensive.) They refer to the Qur’an as merde (shit). They mock the Virgin Mary giving birth to the Christ child.

Not satisfied with all this blasphemous scurrility, these senile delinquents then go on to show Jesus Christ sodomizing God the Father—who in turn is being sodomized by the Holy Ghost.

Jesus Christ sodomizing God the Father and being sodomized by the Holy Ghost

Laughing already? Falling out of your chair with merriment? Ah, now that’s what I call “good clean humor”, the type that would make Sarah Silverman green with envy: that she couldn’t do better with her “courageous” attempts to outrage the religious sensitivities of the world’s 2.2 billion Christians—almost one-third of the world’s population: “I HOPE THE JEWS DID KILL CHRIST! I’D FUCKING DO IT AGAIN—IN A SECOND!”

I am talking here about double standards. I repeat: double standards.

If it’s fine and dandy for the Jews and their Jewified gentile lackeys to pour mounds of excrement over the prophet Mohammed and the Lord Jesus Christ, how would the Jews like it if they were paid back in kind? How would they react to a cartoon by a Christian cartoonist showing Elie Wiesel sodomizing Anne Frank? Or childkiller Benjamin Netanyahu tearing off the limbs of little children in Gaza?

That wouldn’t be funny any longer, would it? The sky would cave in. Heads would roll. All hell would break loose. Mossad death squads would be stalking the land, slavering for gentile blood.

I exaggerate. Maybe. Let’s just say that what is sauce for the goose is not sauce for the gander. Here is the rule: “I may spit in your face, but if you spit back in mine—watch out!—you’re a dead man walking!”


It turns out, then, that when Charlie Hebdo’s editor-in-chief, Stephane Charbonnier, told Al Jazeera in a 2012 interview that free speech was sacred and couldn’t be bounded by what will and will not cause offense, he was being disingenuous. He was to add moralistically, “If we can poke fun at everything in France, if we can talk about anything in France apart from Islam, that is annoying.”

Très bien, cher Monsieur!—but isn’t it strange that you never had the courage to satirize the Jews or the Holocaust, or call attention to the heinous war crimes of Israel?

Sanctimonious hypocrite! forgive me if I don’t attend your funeral or shed tears at your graveside! I am sorry indeed that you had to die in such tragic circumstances. Whoever killed you did wrong. And he was himself killed in a shower of bullets by the valiant French security forces.

Pity these men had to die though, before being put on trial, so that it could be judiciously determined in a court of law that they actually had killed anyone. What if they were patsies? What if they were innocent?

Say it was Someone Else? . . . who is now walking free? . . . planning another false flag attack in another country?

We’ll never know. As with 9/11, all the evidence has been destroyed.

Say it was Someone Else? . . . who is now walking free? . . . planning another false flag attack in another country
“Say it was Someone Else? . . . who is now walking free? . . . planning another false flag attack in another country?”


The Charlie Hebdo magazine has done well for itself, cashing in on the carnage. In a country where few people buy newspapers, the streets of Paris were filled the other day with people scrambling to buy the latest edition of the magazine. By 7 am every copy in the Avenue des Champs-Élysées had gone. Within 60 minutes of the kiosks and newsagents opening for business at 6 am, the last copy had been sold.

Copies are now being offered for sale on ebay for £650 ($985).


Three million copies of Charlie Hebdo had been expected to flood France on the great day, ensuring a financial killing for the satirical survivors of the attack. The printers had worked overtime, but only managed to churn out 700,000 copies, more than 10 times the normal print run. Never mind! The magazine hopes to produce five million copies in all, ensuring at least five million laughs at the expense of Islam and Christianity.

John Lichfield, an establishment journo of Zionist bent, notes enthusiastically in his Review column in the mainstream UK Independent newspaper [“I”] that the post-massacre edition was “a millefeuille of mockery and defiance, mourning and bad taste.”

The “irreverent” 16-page magazine, which loves to combine militant atheism with Christ-bashing and Mohammed mockery, interspersed with pornographic drawings of naked young women, had excelled itself. No punches were pulled in an effort to shock and entertain the prurient, pop-eyed multitudes. There were moronic sketches galore, as usual, including:

“a masturbating nun, the Pope dressed as a Mafia boss, and a woman in a burka lifting her robes to show that she is wearing stockings and suspenders — and nothing else.” (“I”, 15 Jan, 2015)

Hilarious. But no cartoons of Auschwitz. Or Elie Wiesel sodomizing Anne Frank. Or the children of Gaza having their arms and legs torn off  by Netanyahu.

That wouldn’t do at all, would it? It’s always the Muslims or Christians being held up to ridicule. Here is a cartoon showing the birth of Jesus Christ, being waved like a red rag in the face of the world’s 2.2 billion Christians.

Smile, my friends, to see your God mocked —
as you wipe the spit from your faces: 


You will find neither this picture, nor the one above it, on Google Images if you put the words “Charlie Hebdo cartoons” into the Google search engine.  They have been deliberately suppressed.  In order to find the pictures, you need to keep searching.

You will note that almost 90 percent of the Charlie Hebdo pictures concentrate in mocking the prophet Mohammed and Islam.

In past times, such incessant vilification and mockery of a particular religion would have been regarded  as extreme provocation — indeed, as a valid pretext for war.  


“CUI BONO?” we ask once again. And we give the only honest answer we can, the obvious answer: Israel above all will benefit, followed by Israel’s morally bankrupt backers and accomplices in crime: the US, France, the UK, and the aggressive NATO bloc countries in general.

Who are the big losers? Answer: The world’s 1.6 billion Muslims.

We are now engaged in an all-out war against Islam. The mask has slipped from the face. All pretence has been abandoned. Islamophobia—pure, unadulterated, toxic hatred for Islam—is the poison du jour. You eat it for breakfast, you eat it for lunch, you eat it for dinner.

This war against Islam is being waged by a psychotic Western world intent on the plunder of the oil-rich Middle East and the systematic destruction of Israel’s enemies, in particular the rightful owners of Palestine. 

“Today the Jews rule this world by proxy. They get others to fight and die for them.”  So said Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad of Malaysia, in a speech to the Tenth Islamic Summit Conference at Putrajaya, Malaysia, on October 16, 2003.

Never was a truer word spoken, and never was a good man more vilified for speaking the truth.

The Charlie Hebdo affair, in the final analysis, is not about an exercise in free speech that went wrong. Nor is it about the freedom to offend. It is best summed up in two words: cartoon terrorism.

Lasha Darkmoon

Dr Lasha Darkmoon (b.1978) is an Anglo-American ex-academic with higher degrees in Classics whose political articles and poems have been translated into several languages. Most of her political essays can be found at The Occidental Observer and The TruthSeeker. Her own website,, is now within the top 1 percent of websites in the world according to the Alexa ranking system.

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  1. What happened to wholesome French cartoons like Asterix and Tintin?

    Saddest thing about these increasingly ludicrous transparent psyops is the misplaced faith of the people. What will it take for the ordinary homme de la rue to see through the fakery? Kids in games play dead better than those actors in their empty Paris street scene conveniently filmed from the rooftop.

    Why do people think that rushing out to buy the next edition and joining a solidarity march is the right response? And if you raise it they’ll accuse you of being callous (“people died y’know”), in their programmed emotional blackmail and ad hominem reactions. As usual, these terrorist false flags seek to ensconce the material world and ridicule the idea that any help can come from beyond.

    Yes, the devil’s going ape out there. I hope we can each remain vigilant and humble in spirit so as to better resist his snares and temptations.






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  2. Remember satanyahu said a few weeks before the attack that france would pay a price for backing a Pal state then they were attacked. he said the same thing about Norway and around 70 kids got killed. these countries got to grow a set and start assassinating Israeli leaders and anyone suspected of being a joossad agent

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    Sick is the word when one thinks of the complete control Jews hold in the west. Diana was a Jew, her sons, the future king are Jews. Their close friends of the family are the Rothschilds along with many more within the aristocracy. David Cameron’s a Jew. The next Prime Minister, Ed Milliband, is a Jew. Boris Johnson the Mayor of London is a Jew….all Zionists of course. Then there’s the media, which is littered with Jewry. And yet how many Jews in the UK overall? There are some 290,000 which makes up 0.46% of the UK population. Now why not do an overall comparison of how much the average Jew makes compared to the average member of the indigenous?

    What amazes me…no I’ll restate, I know why the msm won’t let the cat out the bag with Charlie Hebdo, because we all know that it’s controlled by Jewry. I am of course talking about that vile cartoon of the father, the son and the holy ghost. I wonder what the average Christian would say if he were to know what they were printing? I wonder also what they’d say if they knew how they’ve persecuted anyone in France who criticises Jewry, yet shout freedom of speech for the Zionists? Dieudonné Mbala Mbala springs to mind off of the top of my head of late.

    I did think that it was really a drive to garner support for Israhell, but now, after seeing the security cars out in London patrolling Jewish areas and reading in your article of 5,000 out of 10,000 patrolling the streets of France, protecting Jewish schools, I now realise that this is the push forward for martial law, to protect the people from terrorism, while they of course, bomb the hell out of Islamic lands, while letting Muslims through the immigration gates along with their newly created refugees, to increase the Muslim population and thus the threat of Islamic terrorism, so they tell the public.

    The really sad thing is, society has been so dumbed down, that they’re simply unable to deduce that which a 12 year old conspiracy theorist can clearly see, because unlike them, he likes to read and inform himself from sources outwith the msm and academia. They’ll just pick up the usual broadsheets and tabloid toilet papers, while watching the BBC, CNN, ABC, FOX, SKY, CH4 etc getting their daily fix of brainwashing and something to talk about at work, before going home magnetising into the TV set and another dose of reality rubbish, celebrity crap and soap shit before going to bed to do the same old thing the very next day.

    The longer you stay away from TV and the msm, the more you realise just how much you want to get the hell off of planet earth, when you catch what passes as news and entertainment on the zombievision. You also realise just how a pariah you are, when there’s very few people you can talk to about this and even fewer who actually know what’s really going on.

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  4. Never lose sight of the BIGGEST picture

    Ask yourselves, what exactly dispenses “karma” in this context? Answer: it is the master deceiver of the perceiver with its masterful, consistent and primary dialectic of “problem-reaction-solution”. The cartoonists may have been cowards, indeed they were, but their cowardice is useful in the service of being idiots that further the protocolian agenda.

    The “problem” represented by the cartoonists was used by the protocol overseers whose manufactured “reaction” was to kill them, thus creating a “justifiable” solution – more 9/11-esque scenarios moving towards THEIR final solution of the HUMAN problem which as ever features the furthering of Greater Israel.

  5. I always knew that Lasha Darkmoon had a few screws loose, but in this article she has clearly gone round the bend. Her eccentricity and tendency to psychosis has eventually flowered into full-grown madness. Where does she get these crazy ideas from?

    Sorry Lasha, time to increase your medication and seek refuge in the lunatic asylum from you have obviously escaped.

    Your padded cell has been swept and cleaned and is waiting to receive you.

    1. Seymour,

      You should read some Arthur Schopenhauer, I’m sure you’d love it. This quote especially should interest you:

      “All truth passes through three stages: First, it is ridiculed; Second, it is violently opposed; Third, it is accepted as self-evident.”

      It’s clear that Lasha most certainly isn’t “round the bend” as you say, but apparent that not only have you a “few screws loose”, but that panel they were holding, inside that head of yours, has most definitely fallen off resulting in your prefrontal cortex completely falling out and no doubt being blown clear out your nose the last time you sneezed. There went your ability to think Seymour, but never mind, a quarter of a pound of mince should do the trick and maybe then we might get some semi intelligent debate out of you for once…….

    2. Relax Zak, your fellow hymies in France [ and England] are getting round the clock police/military protection.

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      Well, wait a minute, maybe you better not relax, Zak ; I mean, after all, it’s your fellow hymies in the Mossad [ and the JDL ] who are the very ones attacking your fellow hymies in Europe. LOL. Arab Jews pretending to be Arab Mohammedans. Not all Jews are pale-faced Ashkenazis. Lots of dark-skinned Arab Jews around. Very easy for Arab Jews to pass themselves off as Mohammedans.

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      Search Term :

      “Jews and Schizophrenia”

      The Jews call us NON jews “cattle” [ I forgot the jew jargon for “cattle” ] The Jews are so busy calling everyone else cattle and feeling superior the Jews can’t see they get herded around as much — if not A Lot More — than us NON Jews do. Oh boo hoo hoo hoo hoo…… pleure moi une riviere, Zak.

      Maybe the Jews get herded around so much by their Jew leadership because their Jew “messiah” is a red* heifer jew cow “messiah”. Who knows? Maybe Gilbert would know, he’s a cattle man.

      * How the Jews just LUV the color RED.

    3. Seymour zak- the truth hurts . You Zionists just cannot handle the truth. When the Muslim mahdi comes he will destroy the bastard State of Israel to smithereens- that is a prophecy that will be fulfilled in the end of times. I hope you will live long enough to see it happens.

    4. Amazing. Like it’s all really just one big conspiracy!!! Not likely though, as there are so many competing interests. But, Zak, Lasha has explained before that she keeps an open mind. How would we learn otherwise? Here’s another big conspiracy. The vaccinations. Check out this latest scare story from BBC…

      Nothing makes sense. What does “herd immunity” really mean? If someone has been frightened enough to be vaccinated or to get their children vaccinated, then surely, now they can happily play with the ‘irresponsible as drunk driver’ children safe in the knowledge that their own children are immunised, and safe from infection. That segment of the population that chooses to take responsibility for their own health, eating and living in a natural way, and having their own working ‘immune system’ should not be required to take medicines, the usefulness of which has never been proven outside of a bunch if statitistics that only ever fool the gullible masses, not thinking people. I’m afraid it won’t be long before we are all being forcibly medicated by law to stop the ‘space zombie’ invasion, or something as equally silly.


  6. Once again proof the Talmudist demons bear as much trepidation in killing a few Jewish perverts as they do in killing Jesus, or you and me. None whatsoever.

    The cherry on top of the cream pie to our collective faces..

    Je Suis Sinet

    1. Thanks hp…. You showed…

      80-year-old Maurice Sinet, political cartoonist with Charlie Hebdo for 20 years, was fired in 2009 for his anti-Semitic cartoons mocking the relationship of former French President Sarkozy’s son with a wealthy Jewish woman.

      1. And what a horrendously insidious anti-Semitic slur it twas..

        “He’ll go a long way in life, that little lad.”


    the parallels in the modus operandi between charlie hebdo and pussy riot/femen are so obvious that i don’t understand why salbuchi didn’t raise them:

    1. all pervasive, crass, scatological vulgarity that passes for jew humor,
    2. crude offenses against two religions encompassing almost 4 billion people,
    3. studious dodging against offending the religion of less than 20 million “people”,
    4. jew ownership of stock and chattels,
    5. world media and leaders with cattle nose rings defending them as sacred freedom of speech while villifying anything smacking of factual truth.

    jew “humor” has always been of the most offensive, terrorist nature, always aimed to hurt anyone but the inglorious basterds, even the movie by the same name was conveniently clothed in semi-humorous tone, so that blood spraying from the german soldiers head cracked by a baseball bat was laughed at.
    at least there was some cinematic realism there as opposed to the fake avigdor cop not even getting his haircut messed up by the bullet.

  8. Follow the money….again…still.

    Israel is losing taxes as young are people moving to Europe, especially Berlin. Cost of living lower there.
    Immigration to Israel has dipped over the past 10 years. France is the only country seeing a growing number of its Jewish citizens move there.
    Economic conditions and antisemitic pressure make France a prime target…to get Jews to move to Israel.

    So, just do what Hitler did, and make it so tough on Jews that they escaped, were driven from beautiful lands, to the desolate Israel to build up the population as Herzl wanted decades earlier.

    Same old ploy. Get thee to the Promised Land and buy stuff and pay taxes!!

    1. Conspiracies! Gaza ia NOT a conspiracy! ISIS is NOT a conspiracy! The economic war on Russia is not a conspiracy! It’s all real and important. Why is it always the ‘jews’ this and the jews that? Not all politicians are Jews, are they? I think Zionisim and banking are a bigger clue to whats going on than just a race.

  9. @ Uncle Toby THE ADMINISTRATOR :

    Just want you to know you got one of my posts in Spam. One of my posts went to Spam — the one about the train to Marrakesh. You’ll know it when you check your Spam folder. thx.

    U told us to let you know if our posts go to Spam.

  10. Mocking Islam is only barely tolerated in Europe. The EU can easily forbid it if they wanted to, but it serves a purpose: when the inbred goatfuckers are mocked, they kill Europeans, and when that happens, the European governments say they need more surveillance of the populace. But they don’t watch the Muslims, they instead devote their resources to watching nationalists and rightists. Meanwhile, the Muslims continue killing without consequence. It’s win-win for the jews and their traitorous European servants: they get more power and more Europeans end up dead. If you think Europeans will ever be allowed to vote their way out of this, you’re delusional.

  11. The great deception that Jesus the Christ prophesied about (NT Matt.24) has become a reality. The former Christian west, especially north America, where the prime target of the enemy due to the outreach and missionary work around the world.
    After the deception within organized Christianity, the enemy now has his sights set on Islam. The enemies quest is to destroy any faith in a Creator based systems that does not follow him or refuses to be under his control. Any exposure of the enemy of humanity will not stop the inevitable great chaos, only bring about a temporary relief, and will only stop with the promised return of Jesus the Christ.

      1. Seriously, why?
        Jesus is still here via his words.

        Devotees of Sanatana Dharma (eternal religion) describe this truth in this way..

        Srila Prabhupada: “To carry out the teachings of guru is more important than to worship the form, but none of them should be neglected. Form is called vapu and teachings is called vani. Both should be worshiped. Vani is more important than vapu.”

      2. Definitely in all seriousness, hp

        The unwelcome consequences will come when ignorance of the teachings cause you to “miss the train”, as in “get ready, it’s comin’, don’t need no baggage (physical body), just get on board the railway goin’ home

        My first instinct after reading your post was that, as you put it, “vapu” is fundamental as your form of bearing in getting around, and not at all dissimilar to NOW, in our plodding through matter, which is where “vani” comes into play, in that the teaching is REALIZED with awareness that your orientation is experienced in Spirit where you real-ize (an action of intent) the malleability of matter.

      3. Sorry BH. I didn’t mean seriously to you, I meant seriously why wait for Christ to come again when he’s already here via his vani. Too easy to put off behaving because, well, I’ll wait on Jesus and then start behaving. Like kids.

        With the person present both vapu and vani are present.
        With the person not present, his vani (words/instructions/revelations are still present. So the New Testament is eternally present via Christ’s vani.

      4. I knew that, hp. That was just my way of concurring with where I knew you were going with your comment.

        Words as always being so clumsy and all 😉

    1. Paul-the prophet Muhammad has prophesised that during the End Times the world will witness many many unjust oppressions, wars, deception, killings etc these are the works of anti-religious/atheist establishments and godless organisations ( Zionist, Ilumninati etc) bent on destroying all monotheistic faiths and belief in God as the creator. He said ‘woe to the Arabs’- meaning the Arab Muslims will be at the receiving end of all the brutalities.
      The prophet Muhammad prophesised that isa/Jesus will return, he will fight and kill the false Messiah ( the future leader of Israel- Dajjal) and reinstate Islam as the true religion.

  12. Perhaps on some fine day in the morning any day now the Mohammedans taking over Paris will attack and desecrate the Sacred Hallowed ground grave of the “greatest” American of all time, the mega-hebe mishpucka Judah Benjamin, the “great” Hero to the Southerners. I think, if this happens, let us pray, the Southerners finally will get worked-up enough to Secede from “moslem” Obama and “moslem” Uncle Sam! How dare the ragheads desecrate our Sacred Southern soil where our mobster mishpucka Hero lay! This Is War!

    My only regret will be, if this happens, let us pray, Stonelifter is no longer with us to Enjoy IT, THE SECESSION, THE WAR!

  13. Another very good piece, Lasha. The French will soon be presented with a huge Kosher tax to pay for all the police protection of the Chosenites. Hopefully, the French will begin to smell the coffee.

  14. “Then again, there was the mysterious death of Police Commissioner Helric Fredou of France’s Judicial Police (Limoges) who, while investigating the Paris attacks, suddenly decided to commit suicide. ” : Someone pointed out that the Police Commissioner investigating the “terror attack” in Canada, also commited “suicide”..

    1. Police Commissioner investigating the “terror attack” in Canada, also committed “suicide”

      got any links, post them, meanwhile i will look it up on my own

      1. Sorry, no link, it was someone guesting on Press TV who pointed this out, I think his name was Hall, or Hull, from Leesburg..

    2. couldn’t find any reference to canadian cops suiciding while investigating ottawa false flag.

      on the other hand, never a single reference to fredou suicide in msm either, all of it coming from alternative sources … which says something important, namely, a circumstantial admission that hebdo was indeed a false flag roadkill.

      1. These folks become Shriners…and glorify all of Islam. They represent the ‘tolerant’ musselmen.

        Protocol No. 3 (14):
        “Remember the French Revolution, to which it was we [the Philadelphes (ie.e French branch of the Illuminati)]who gave the name of “Great”: the secrets of its preparations are well known to us for it was wholly the work of our hands.”

        The Rite of Memphis-Misraim is a masonic rite which was formed by the merging of the two rites of Memphis and Misraïm under the influence of General Garibaldi in 1881. (Garibaldi was Albert Pike’s buddy.)
        Countries where Memphis-Misraïm works today
        France ***
        New Caledonia
        More than 200 years old, this Rite still engenders lively interest and enjoys important developments on an international level. Faithful to its founding principles, it affirms itself as a Rite that is traditional, symbolic and spiritualistic, and associated with the principles of tolerance and liberty.


    “We have our sadness and our rage.”
    God damned you Jew,
    Most of the Jews from the settlements that fire at innocent civilians in the west bank are from France, when they get off the plane in tel aviv they already got their American m-16 on their shoulders ready to go Palestinians hunting
    They are the worse garbage there is, i hope you die in your sadness
    god damned murderers,
    This is nothing; the day will come when overdue payback comes and all of your stinking Christ murdering lives wont be enough to satisfy our thirst,
    you will see
    here is one

  16. uncle toby, my 1st post of the day still hasn’t been phoenixed from the spambox, even though i am proud to be on jew shitlist, i wear it like a badge of honor.

    paul r: yes, that makes sense

    spqr: no, for the reasons above.
    if half of your platform is in opposition to jew while the other half promotes his goals (demonization of islam), guess what the net impact is.

    as for muslims being generalized as goat-fuckers, is there any supportive data, eg, “muslims fuck goats more frequently than christians (atheists) fuck goats”.
    unverified vitriol is you-know-whose province.

    turning 2 billion christians into muslim haters and 1.6 billion muslims into christian haters begs the mother of all questions: CUI BONO
    failure to ask that question is like the failure of cows to ask QUO VADIS as they are pushed down the off-loading ramp from their boxcars.

    1. Jews don’t demonize Islam, they only demonize White/European nationalism. When Muslims kill people, Jews say they weren’t “true” Muslims (just like how Jews say that Bolshevik Jews weren’t “true” Jews) but criminals like any other, and stupid European leftists believe it.

      If we wanted to we could easily nuke Mecca and destroy that big stupid cube they walk around. They wouldn’t be able to do anything. We don’t do it because the West is run by Jews and traitorous leftist Whites who are inherently pro-Islam.

      Judaism and Islam are both cancers.

      1. SPQR- the thing you called a cube is protected by Allah. No one can destroy it except by the will of Allah.
        Of course Jews not only demonise islam, but kill innocent Muslims in Gaza and Palestine since 1948.
        1.5 billion Muslims are peace-loving people so what is your beef with islam to call it a cancer?
        i suggest you read and study the Quran and understand the true islamic teachings with an open mind and i can guarantee that your perspective on islam would change. Try it today.

      2. Yes jeffkl, I totally agree, the nuclear threat is bandied about too lightly, by idiots who should know better. After spqr has read, and understood, the quran, maybe he can take a look at pics of people in Nagasaki, and Hiroshima,, who were victims of nukes..

    1. people (are they really people?) like spqr, harbinger, joe webb and tyrone parsons, and others more chameleon like, those who have the hate inside but know how to hide it , which is actually worse, should be executed on site, they are more dangerous than Jews.

  17. “The Jew leadership in the world got you Jews coming and going. The Jews in Israel are scared and many want to move out of Israel. The Jews in Europe are scared and want to move to Israel. LOL! ” Joe, you nailed it..

    1. That was a good one.
      Jews can’t stand Jews….especially in that damned desert by the Dead Sea, where prices are tripled.
      So, they pass through on the way to Miami Beach….and Berlin.

  18. As accused Child Rapist Alan Dershowitz and Abe Foxman, the High Priest of hypocrites team up to blame white/Europeans for the false flag Mossad Paris attack because we didn’t kill enough Moslims in the ME for “Israel”, part Jew and closet “Moslem” Obama hits us from the other end saying he believes it’s whites/Europeans fault too but that it’s because we haven’t helped enough Moslems the Jews brought into white nations to displace and kill us. Are you starting to get the game, the picture people?

    The constant eroding of Christendom by the “Jews” has only served as an excuse for the Moslems in the west to impose on western/whites/Christians their religion which when it comes to decency, we are somewhat alike. Furthermore I am not demonizing all Moslems because I know not all advocate this but when I say it is a well known fact that once the controllers of their religion get the upper hand, sharia law is imposed on all who don’t submit, I state the truth. With this in mind, it is absolutely clear that Islam and authentic Christianity are not compatible for our two separate majority ethnic groups (Ishmael/Arabs- Whites-Europeans/Christians of Jacob) and should separate if for only to stop the Jews from their nefarious plans to rule the planet..

    And Jesus said to them “Let the person without sin, cast the first stone” and they walked away. To the women who was going to be stoned to death for adultery, Jesus said “where are your accusers”? The Women responded “They have all gone away”. Jesus replied, “go and sin no more”. Me thinks that Moslems/ Islam who say they regard Jesus as a Prophet have some explaining to do…..

    This is simply not our way. It is not our solution. It is not from our common/natural/Christian law that is to govern our people of Jacob/Israel. This law of yours doesn’t come from the same God ( I AM/Jesus) as yours (Allah).


    Well this is where I believe Islam will have a problem but in this man’s view they are simply going to have to accept it if they want to avert an all out war against us. The land inside of “Israel” is neither the impostor “Jews” or the Arab/Moslem Palestinians. It’s I AM/Jesus and he gave it, he promised it to Jacob/Israel as an inheritance–that’s whites/Christians at the four corners for those unstudied. Thus, the only solution that I know of in America at least is the one I laid out at the bottom of the thread about Guns. Only when by far the majority of Moslems return to their lands and whites/Christian purge the criminal Jews from ours thereby removing our troops from the Arabs 12 nations that were allotted them can we make claim to the Law of Return, taking over “Israel”- putting an end to the madness in this world. Only then can Arabs, whites and no criminal “Jews” live in peace.

    1. Tyron, I would have thought that someone as knowledgeable as you would know that the Saudis practice wahhabism, the same backward, hedonistic belief system practised by the takfiris, who are presently terrorising muslims..

  19. Subject: Free Speech in Palo Alto, CA (approximately 15% Jewish).

    In the year 2000-20001 I lead the opposition to the imposition of a millennia old Jewish theocratic practice of transferring goy physical space to the Jews. This transfer is called an Eruv, and usually involves getting permission from a city council to do so. A portion of a city, or the whole thing, is corralled by a wire on 20′ high poles or other suitable hard surfaces like walls, and is thereby converted to Jewish Space. I debated a rabbi at the time and asked him if this was a “symbolic” wall. The Rabbi said, no, gesticulating with his hands, in standard Jewish fashion ready to make a fist, “this is a real wall.” What is a wall for anyway? to keep Jews locked in and goyim locked out. (Napoleon freed the jews from the ghetto. Sort of like Nixon going to China. Two major mistakes. Neither the Jews nor the Asians can handle free, secular, democratic space. Only Whites have invented this kind of civic space, and no other race can handle it, especially Negroes…they all just trash white civility, conscientiousness, and mutual respect. Jews are Third World.)

    As absurd as the whole thing sounds, there are approximately 100 eruvs in the US. You may not care if your town council gave your house over to Jewish Space, but I and a few others did and we created enough friction to get the city to abandon their Gift to the Jews. I got a call from The Forward a couple years ago asking my opinion of a new effort to get an eruv in place in Palo Alto. I was not aware of the it. The jews departed from the Talmud and got the thing in without getting formal permission from the city council…they just talked to maintenance dept. into granting some rabbis permission to bless the telephone wires and declare them a Jewish Wall, and presto! Palo Alto was pressed into service of Yahweh and the Orthodox. Rabbis work magic.

    The jews have never forgiven me. I have gone up against them on a couple other things and won…man, does that piss them off. Especially inasmuch as I am blonde and blue of eye, a real Aryan in the flesh who can make them look like fools, and did.

    Fast forward to Hebdo capers. Free Speech in Palo Alto…they passed a city ordinance a couple years ago aimed at me…totally unconstitutional, but a gift to the Jews…some anti-free speech junk ordinance. It followed my leafletting a heavily city of Palo Alto subsidized Jewish theater presentation of “Parade” a piece of lies about the Leo Frank trial of 1913 in Atlanta which resulted in the conviction of the jew Leo Frank for murder of a shop girl, Mary Phagan. The jewyorktimes brought pressure to bear on the Governor of Georgia and he commuted the death sentence to life. Atlanta went nuts and lynched Leo Frank. This Jewish Chutzpah, per Steve Oney who wrote probably the best book on the Leo Frank affair, delivered anti-semitism to Atlanta, which he says had none before the jewyorktimes and jew money slithered South.

    Today, downtown Palo Alto at a coffee joint, I was having a pleasant chat with a white middle-aged woman, and her Indian (Asian) friend about…Race! Hot damn! I gave them just the facts on IQ and race, the global North vs. the Global South with regard to differing , shall we say, “rates” of evolution due to the environmental selection pressures of ice and cold in the North, vs. the warm South…which resulted in the favored races’ high intelligence as opposed to the dummies in the global South. I also got into the Jewish Question! or Jewish Answers. They liked all of our stuff which forms the core of Race Realism, and offered intelligent remarks.

    Then, lo and Behold! I noticed a Jew taking pictures of me! Needless to say I confronted the anti-Free Speech Jewish Intimidator but watched myself and just told him he was a piece of shit. He told me, getting in his Jew devastating rejoinder, that I had nose hairs. I am not making this up.

    In case there is anybody left out there who does not hate the Jews….this is not new to me in my street efforts with Uncle Sam a few years ago (google Uncle Sam and Joe Webb) do they like to try to intimidate… Trotskyites , NKVD, Cheka and now liberal jews in their war against Whites. I am re-reading Carl Degler’s great book, In Search of Human Nature, a history of almost all Jewish operators attacking Darwin, Evolution, Race, and Whites who tried to keep the biological science wheel turning. This started way back in the teens and 20s…the Jews , and HItler, were successful in suppressing the science, but now the cat is out of the bag, and the jews and liberals are going nuts trying to stuff it back in. They will take your job, and your reputation, and finally kill you. Why? Cuz biology and race exposes the Jews and their genetic traits to scrutiny…like taking photos of folks they hate…intimidation, assassination eventually, and the like.

    I have told many of these killers that they are wasting their time. Mossad, etc. having a collection of photos of my Aryan good looks on hand. But that does not deter them cuz, what they are interested in is smashing Free Speech for Whites or anybody else who wants the Jews sent to Mars, the warrior planet. Or Africa, where they can Help the Noble Negro. No Free Speech for Racists!

    Joe Webb

  20. Who Benefits is a rationalistic approach to essentially emotionalistic events. In this regard, it is naive, which is to say, innocent of psychological realities. Put simply, it is wrong.

    The False Flaggers are doing their Re-enactments and going thru talmudic exercises in What If, and various yoga twisted postures are assumed to stretch if not tear their minds. The latter is the usual outcome for folks who have not warmed-up on Fundamentals of Politics, one of which is that nobody, even the Jews, are rational.

    So we will be assaulted by dozens of What Ifs and False Flagisms.

    It is true that Israel/Jews are the ultimate Cause of all of this, but only cuz they stole Arab land with the backing of US Jews, then and now…now as the theft continues with the Jewish Wars fought by White American boys, but planned in Tel-Aviv…neo-cons, etc.

    The Arabs are angry. Everywhere you see it in the Middle East, Twin Towers, Paris, you name it. They also got a looney-tunes religion wherein everybody must convert or die. Their ideology is very egalitarian, all races are equal before Allah, and if you don’t believe that, you can be killed as well.

    So all the clucking about False Flags, Who-REally-Done-it?, is a waste of time. The Jews done it in the long term, but the Arabs are acting out big time. Is ISIS a False Flag Op?

    Are all those unpleasant aspects of Arab behavior, from Clitoris removal, to Stoning Adulterers , to Decapitation of heads and all the little things that make for savagery…are all these things false flag ops…and O, don’t forget when Israel decided to get help from the Islamists to stem the tide of Palestinian secular politics by introducing what became Hamas…is that all just more false flag ops?

    Get a grip. Politics is 90 percent irrational, but real enough. The Arabs are nutty, but much worse under Jew Assault and US connivance. The Jewish Wars have not been about Oil, or WMD, they have been about The Jewish Century and the lap-dog of the Jews, the US.

    Joe Webb

    1. Joe Webb- why are the Arabs angry? its because of the foreign policy of the white western civilisations and colonialism of the Arab lands. Check middle east history, how many Arabs people have been killed and massacred and Arab lands and resources stolen by the white race the last 100 years? What did you do when USA and their British and Aussie cohorts killed thousands of innocent civilians in Iraq, Afghanistan etc? Twin terrors are not Arab act, they are Mossad inside job, where have you been? Unpleasant Arab acts? What about unpleasant and sickening westerners ? same sex marriage,? prostitution, etc.
      Get a grip on reality yourself.

  21. correction, Palo Alto is not 15 % jew, it is about 25 %. Then, the Chink Chinese are about the same number, 25 %.

    This will turn out to be a local Diversity Follies. Everybody who does business with the Chinese say they lie cheat and steal…actually worse than the Jews, except that the jews got the Power, and the Chinks can only lobby for the White folks to fund Chinese Immersion in the schools.

    The Jews don’t want anybody to learn Hebrew, and they lobby for Wars for Israel. etc. Joe

  22. “accused Child Rapist Alan Dershowitz and Abe Foxman, ”
    Says the hypocrite…
    You, white people, are worse child rapists than anyone ever;
    you accuse Muslims of goat fucking which is a big lie.
    anyone with 10 cells in their brain know that’s a lie.
    But, in reality it is you who are known for child molesting as 800,000 children are reported missing in America every single year.
    But in your sick mind you just blame Muslims (goatfuckers, camel jockeys, towel heads), Jews (himmies, kikes, etc), natives,(savages) Asians (gooks,) and blacks (niggers) when the monsters are actually sitting in your living room; yes, your miserable non stop cheap beer drinking parents are the cancer of this planet. Your homosexual children, one a lesbian and one a faggot are the example of the society we Muslims are” jealous of”. As your lovely leader, George w Bush, whom you voted for TWICE, once said. “They are jealous of our way of life”. no one abducts children anywhere else n the world. .
    you hate Asians because Vietnamese kicked your behinds, 60 thousand American monsters were eliminated in Vietnam. Aside from the fact that brilliant japan destroyed your car factory industry and hard working china now own your behinds. you hate Jews because they slithered their way though the corridors of power of your fake country and permeate there, ruling you, making laws to make you bend over.
    compare 60 thousand american soldiers killed in Vietnam to only 6.000 in Iraq and you will know the degree of hate. Yes the glorious Vietnamese resistance killed more invaders than brave Sunni Iraq did,
    but thank god 80 thousand of you came home injured, limbless and sick as is the case with some posters here that, so it seems, never leave this forum because they are obviously legless.
    many of them smoke crack and shoot heroin in the streets of America, bothering people as if what they did was good for their society but when they realize the truth, they commit suicide. Thousands do, thank god.
    You are hopeless and the sad part is that you are taking us, the whole planet with you.
    that the USA is maliciously selfish can be said again and again. But what’s the use?

    I suggest we look at why the USA is on this path. My economist professor friend says its human nature, but now THAT’S a load of nonsense and even more so coming from a man of that stature.
    The USA says it is all people doing that but that’s the same load of nonsense.
    It is some people. It is sick people. Indications are that this disease of socio/psychopathic in our world is a plague. It is presently centered in the USA. Just listen to them fellows! Rubbish pours off the US tongue.
    What’s the matter with these people that they are so susceptible to this disease?
    Now that is the question.
    In my view it is the language. They talk mad and it seems increasingly clear their language cannot say anything else. US democracy, peace, war, love, value, honesty, goodwill, justice, family, nationality, dollar, hero—they’are all obviously rubbish.
    If they were not, the USA would not be doing what it has long been doing.
    We have a huge sick entity on Mother Earth. We have to fix it but never will until it admits it is sick. It won’t unless we tell it.
    sick people. limbless too

    1. Avatar..goofy, just plain goofy. You are a discredit to your race. You validate my earlier post that politics in 90 % irrational, and for you guys, it is 100 %. j

    2. Avatar

      See folks? I tried to reason with him but that is impossible. I gave the solution to him where Moslems go back to their nations and white/Christian nations withdraw our Jew controlled troops back to ours. Can he agree on that? Nope and one has to wonder why? Well, for one Avatar is low IQ person, with horrible impulse control, supposedly Palestinian (I’m not sure if I buy that last part)- wink, wink

      Even tho he admits that Arabs/Moslems are ONLY happy in our lands and even tho he admit that these Moslem invaders are raping, burning and destroying their way across Europe, he just wants to escalate it. He has no interest in stopping what’s going on- none at all. He can’t even seem to grasp that the reason I said those things about him and goats before was to expose his hypnosis- giving him the same treatment he was dishing out to me, to him.Why did I do it? To motivate him and those like him to go home. What was his response then? I should die for insulting him while not giving even a second of thought to how he hypocritically insults whites/Christians while performing the mental gymnastics of which only a “Jew” could conjure up to try to “justify” himself.

      Listen to this hypocrite as speak as if Arabs, Moslems don’t have an ethnic identity. Here he sits and claims all races are the same, there are no differnces and then in the next breath attacks white people based on their race saying we are all child rapists when it was his PEOPLE of his religion who raped thousands of pubescent white English girls. Avatar can’t say “it was Paki Moslems” because this too destroys his Jewish Egalitarianism nonsense so he deflects their guilt upon us when the guilty have to be his people, if he isn’t to be a hypocrite in his warped mind.

      And people wonder why we are most likely going to have to go to war against them to force them out of our lands. It’s for their own good. Stay here and you’re finished. Go home and you might just survive what’s coming up.

      Please don’t address me anymore Avatar or sometime soon I will make the verbal beating I gave you last time look like child’s play. Why? Well, I’m hoping that you can muster up a couple of the few brain cells you have, rub them together and come up with my genie wish that is for you and your people to realize that if people like me can so easily decimate you verbally, if we are forced to take up arms, the physical beating will have to be at least 100 times more painful thus the only viable solution you have is to go home.

      Go home Avatar. Go home. Tell all your people to pack up and go home.You have no idea what is in store for you if you continue down this path against us.

      1. “SEE folks?”, my ass. scroll up and SEE what your buddy spqr wrote. he is doing exactly as the article says, Demonizing Islam and destroying Christianity.
        in case you wonder, he attacks and attempts to destroy Christianity because what he writes is way off Christianity and its message. It makes it look awful, not that you white folks haven’t already destroyed Christianity, as the child molesting priests made sure churches are empty and today the only way to get to God is, according to televangelists “to send a buck or two to help those poor, surrounded Israelites so we can all levitate to heavens through the rapture”.

      2. Ruth

        Some things never change like BIOLOGY and HUMAN NATURE. You call me a “racist” but that term is nothing but a slander that only validates my position to the non braindead. Never, in the history of mankind has a term had so many contradicting, convoluted “definitions” yet people like you sling it at anyone who speaks truth.

        I am attempting to save this poor souls life. I am attempting to get people to understand that Moslems and whites/Christians must LEAVE each-others lands. You look anywhere on the planet where multiculturalism, pluralism exists and there is hate, conflict, murder, war. People like you support this utter insanity and slander those who are actually TRYING to save people’s lives so forgive me if I don’t give a hoot what you think. You’ve proved time and time again to me and others that you’re not even worth responding to so take this last one as an acknowledge mistake, only worthwhile if someone else has eye to see and hears to hear.

        Avatar you ignorant, hypocritical, dunce.

        Rarely have I ever encountered a more foolish person than you.

        Franklyn is QUOTING your own “spiritual” leaders. Now, those in the Moslem world might be able to justify stuff like he quoted but we in ours minds can’t. More proof that you and your people need to kindly pack up and go home. It amazes me how some people cannot let go of their death wish.

        People, this is so simple. The Jews have aligned with the Moslem leaders, Lefist/progressives, Marxists and “Church” leaders to attack Christ- whites/Europeans, who are the authentic Israel/Judah both physically and spiritually. Soon to enter the fray will be all other “religions”, the savagery of Atheists, Eastern Nations like China, Pakistan etc. All of them will line up against us but you will soon see, they will all lose.

        I admit without hesitation that I am not perfect. I have major sins in my life I am still trying to purge but I’m not a hypocrite, unwilling to admit the truth of that matter or other matters. I certainly don’t deserve to rule with Christ even tho I am a physical Israelite of Jacob but I have hope, faith and trust that he will lead me and my loved one’s, my people out of this hell that is “the world”.

        Here is an article worth a review. The Unholy Alliance Against Christ: Jews, Liberals, Moslems and Church Leaders.

        I AM/Jesus gave Zion (Palestine- World Government) to Jacob/Israel, not you or the “Jews”. The impostors of Judah/Israel have been allowed to take it over and erect the JWO but only to show the power of the prime Creator- to also see who will love the lie and the truth. You need to understand this truth, get right with the Creator and get out the way of him and those in him.

        So when I am speaking to you Moslems, I am trying to do you right. If you want to survive what is coming up you need to BOW OUT NOW. Don’t oppose Christ. Don’t oppose us. If you murder us in Christ we win. If you oppose us in Christ will you surely lose. There is nothing in this universe that will stop Christ- my people from overcoming the entire planet and when we do Christ will say “But those mine enemies, which would not that I should reign over them, bring hither, and slay them before me. ” So take heed, please, Moslems leave and go home to one of the 12 nations allocated to you through Ishmael. It the only chance you have.

        Ellie K

        I wanted to write you earlier but as you know I was banned for a while. From your last post I trust you will see this, so I wanted to thank you from my heart for your kind words of support. I sincerely enjoyed reading your post and am glad you saw the humor in what I was trying to get across to others. I spoke with Lasha about her forwarding that material you spoke of and as I understand we are still waiting to hear from you, Hope you are well, sweetheart. and I look forward to your next appearance.

      3. Ingrid,

        Do you want to see mass bloodshed? Do you want to see Africans, Asians and non indigenous, hunted in the streets, beaten and murdered?

        When any people see their nation becoming swamped with migrants and when they see their very way of life and their lives under threat from aliens, they tend to kick back with violent behaviour. I don’t want to see that, but, it’s headed that way.
        Nationalist organisations will one day grow massively overnight. White supremacist organisation will spring up all over and we will see innocents murdered.

        Now, you can continue to throw about the Jew created word of “racist” in order to try and stifle debate, as you try to shame those you attack, for wanting nothing more than to protect their homeland, race and cultures, or you can get with the program and see that should you continue with your liberal-hippy-trip of promoting a multicultural and multiracial love-in, all that you create is future, massive bloodshed. Why do you think the cheetahs don’t live with the lions? Why do you think the Jaguars don’t live with the tigers? Why do you think the pumas don’t live with the leopards? They’re all cats and from the same species right?

        There is a saying – “sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind” and this is why I take the stance I do on immigration – I DON’T WANT TO SEE THE PERSECUTION OF INNOCENTS AND OTHERS that can oh so easily be avoided!

        It appears to me that your philosophy very much parallels the saying – “the road to hell is paved with good intention”.

      4. HARBINGER, as I`ve said before, if the “whites” would stay the hell out of the lands of “Africans, Asians and non indigenous”, with their wmd`s disguised as “humanitarian help” there probably wouldn`t be an immigrant “problem”.. I doubt any of them would want to stay in brutal/racist, (there`s that jew word again,) countries, I`m pretty sure they would prefer to leave them to whitie, and go home

      5. Ingrid,

        I agree that whites should stay out of non white lands. I’ve always advocated this. Hypocrisy reigns on those cockneys who go and live in Spain, turning it into a little Britain, yet complain about immigration in the UK.
        However I don’t go to foreign lands with WMD’s. This is very much the act of the political elite, puppets to the Jewish-Zionist overlord, international bankers.

        “I doubt any of them would want to stay in brutal/racist, (there`s that jew word again,) countries, I`m pretty sure they would prefer to leave them to whitie, and go home”

        First off, do you know who coined the ‘racist’ phrase? It was a Jew, one by the name of Trotsky, who addressing the Russian people attacked the slavophile for being ‘racist’ because they would not submit to communist take over of their lands.
        And when I look at the UK, in regards to immigration, you’ll actually find that the majority of non whites here are NOT from war torn lands, or should I say, being imposed upon them by the UK. Nigerians are by far the largest number of Africans in the UK. They’re also the world’s greatest scammers – remember those emails you get of people wanting to transfer millions into your bank account? The next largest would possibly be the Somalians, who, now have the largest street gangs in London, causing mayhem. The next largest would very probably be the South Africans, which is somewhat ironic. You’d think they didn’t want to be near ‘whitie’ after apartheid wouldn’t you?

        As for Muslims, well, there’s no doubt that the largest numbers are made up of Pakistanis, followed by Bangladeshis. There are very few Afghans, Iraqis or Libyans in the UK, let alone Palestinians compared to the Pakistanis and Bangladeshis.

        They come to the UK, because it’s a FAR, FAR, FAR better way of life than they get in their lands. A far better education, albeit an indoctrination. The London School of Economics has more non whites than whites as its students. A far better health care system, which like education is completely free, available as soon as they arrive, even though they’ve paid nothing in. Law and order, corrupt yes, but no where near as corrupt as their lands. Social security and free housing and benefit. The only country in the world where immigrants are housed before the indigenous.

        With that said, Ingrid, why do you think they come to the west then, you know full of racist, evil whitie? It’s kind of ironic, but you, with your liberal slur word attacks, don’t seem to realise that you’re coming across as a racist (modern definition that you use – hateful of other races) to your very own one. I mean, hey, my ancestors, the Scots and the picts were such a bunch of evil wacists. I mean, how dare they defend their lands from Roman, Viking and English invasion eh? How dare they want to live in their land by their way of life, through individual choice eh? Colonisation and cultural obliteration is the only way to go isn’t it Ingrid…..but wait….I’m confused…..isn’t that what whitie’s doing to all those immigrants’ lands that you’re saying is wrong, driving them all to evil, wacist whitie’s land???

      6. tyron parsons- you sound like someone who is full of anger and not peaceful with his own soul. I hope you will discover a faith that will remove from your heart any feeling of racism and hatred towards the Muslims and people of monotheistic religion.

    3. @ The Avatar,

      “You accuse Muslims of goat fucking which is a big lie. Anyone with 10 cells in their brain know that’s a lie.”

      Here are some words from ayatollah Khomeini that belie your statement :

      Notes from Islam’s Most Famous Spokesman: Ayatollah Khomeini

      Khomeini’s book, Tahrirolvasyleh, vol. 4, Darol Elm, Gom, Iran, 1990, Source: Homa

      “A man can have sexual pleasure from a child as young as a baby. However, he should not penetrate; sodomising the child is OK. If the man penetrates and damages the child then he should be responsible for her subsistence all her life. This girl, however, does not count as one of his four permanent wives. The man will not be eligible to marry the girl’s sister.”

      “It is better for a girl to marry in such a time when she would begin menstruation at her husband’s house rather than her father’s home. Any father marrying his daughter so young will have a permanent place in heaven.”

      “A man can have sex with animals such as sheeps, cows, camels and so on. However, he should kill the animal after he has his orgasm. He should not sell the meat to the people in his own village; however, selling the meat to the next door village should be fine.”

      The Little Green Book: Sayings of Ayatollah Khomeini, Political, Phylosophica, Social and Religious, with a special introduction by Clive Irving, ISBN number0-553-14032-9, page 47 Source: Homa

      “If one commits the act of sodomy with a cow, an ewe, or a camel, their urine and their excrements become impure, and even their milk may no longer be consumed. The animal must then be killed and as quickly as possible and burned.”

      The Little Green Book, Source: Harwood’s Mythology’s Last Gods, 175

      “Eleven things are impure: urine, excrement, sperm…non-Moslem men and women…and the sweat of an excrement-eating camel.”

      Source :

      1. Actually Franklin
        When it comes to the Islamic off-shot cult known as shia and its leaders everything you say, i believe. Khomeini is my enemy.
        anything you post against Hezbollah, Bashar Assad and Iran (the shia half moon dream of empire triangle) is appreciated; its then up to posters here who have a fixation with Iran, to attack the allegations you make. If you want to attack me you should quote emir and sheikh Usama Bin Laden, instead.
        In your ignorance, you just did me a big favour, moron 😉

      2. @ Franklin Ryckaert


        As you know, I deeply respect and admire you for your vast erudition and intellect, but may I suggest to you the possibility that the entire book you quote from is a spoof, a vicious attempt to demonize Islam in general and Khomeini in particular?

        First of all, a good Muslin is one who lives his entire life in the shadow of the Koran. Every single statement in the document you quote is in complete violation of the teachings of the Koran.

        No Muslim I know could read Khomenei’s quotes and react to them without horror. The idea that my Muslim friends all go around fucking goats is quite ridiculous. They are men of honor and they pray five times a day!

        You have been taken in by a vicious forgery. Anyway, that’s what I think.

      3. Sardonicus, that`s what I thought, it sounds more like talmudic garbage to me, but the tribe always try to smear others with their vile filth..

      4. couple of circumstantial pieces of evidence that this is a mossad stink bomb:

        He should not sell the meat to the people in his own village; however, selling the meat to the next door village should be fine

        presumably, the people of the next door village would still be muslim and he advocates selling tainted meat to them?


        Eleven things are impure: urine, excrement, sperm…non-Moslem men and women…and the sweat of an excrement-eating camel

        again, he tells good muslims that only if the camel ate excrement should its sweat not be consumed, all other types of sweat, eg, pigs, dogs is perfectly ok.

        let me repeat: talmud 101.

      5. @ Sardonicus

        I do not exclude the possibility that I have been the victim of a hoax. There is indeed some discussion on the web that certain passages in Khomeini’s book have been deliberately mistranslated. On the other hand one reads also :

        “Muslims will often argue that kafirs have invented the Mufakhathat claim because they “do not understand Islam”. And being ‘unclean’ they have no ability to grasp the meaning of a ‘great’ book like the Koran. They also argue that it is only a Shia practice. Well, let the Bahrain women’s rights activist Ghada Jamshir, in the last video below, give witness that it happens amongst Arab men everywhere and not only the Shia’s. Islam does not give Muslim men any moral format, any humanized upbringing.”

        Source : New Revelations about the Ayatollah Khomeini and his Pro-pedophilia Practice and Fatwah.

      6. Franklin
        Shia is a deviation of Islam. It occurred after the Prophet had died. In fact ,Shia people don’t conform to the precepts of Islam given in the Qur’an and the Sunna (the teachings of the Prophet SAWS).It is as simple as this: He who is not Sunnit (follower of the Prophet) is not Muslim just as who is no follower of Jesus Christ is not Christian. Shia is just a matter of politics: They denied the legitimacy of the three Caliphates (governors) though the first one -Abu-Bakr -was appointed by the Prophet himself before his death and they alleged that Ali, the 4th Khalifat, should have been the first one and that only his sons and grandsons would -through inheritance – reign over the Islamic nation.
        I know you wouldn’t be interested in this ”bla-bla”but the fact is: in the article above Lasha tried to make it clear who the enemies of the Whites, the Christians and the whole humanity are .Though it is blinding-obvious some people still point at the wrong target: the Muslims.
        Muslims are not angels, nor are the Christians for that matter but they are definitely not enemies. If they may seem so, it isn’t the Muslims fault and behold! It isn’t the Christians’ neither. It is the Jews who right from the beginning infiltrated the Church, altered the teachings of Jesus (hence the occurrence of Islam as an update and an upgrade of the monotheist religion if I may say so) and oriented enmity of Christians to Islam and Muslims. In my humble opinion, if someone stands against Islam he is not a Christian and if someone denies Christianity he isn’t a Muslim.
        Judaism,Christianity and Islam ,the three monotheistic religions stem from the same Source and all three suffered alterations by the Jews. As the Holy Qur’an has been recorded- learnt by heart or/and written on parchment while the Prophet was still alive, Jews couldn’t falsify it but they managed to falsify a fringe of Muslims by luring them into “Salafism”-a literal roll-back to the seventh century with its social and cultural behaviors which they taught as religious creed.
        For instance,I wonder why nowadays, when people convert to Islam they hurry to put on an eba and a cap.These are traditional garments not religious requirement for men, while the standard hijab and head scarf are duly (mentioned in the Qur’an) required for Muslimat .

      7. @ Franklin Ryckaert

        The book you read must be a fake. The sexual abberations aside, the advice against eating the meat of an animal which one has had sex with is a bit off. The book is said to have been written by a Shia Ayatollah so why should it include camels given that Shia’s (and Jews) do not eat camels ?

        If the camel was included as one of the animals one could possibly have sex with then why did they not include a donkey? Donkeys were not included because their meat is not eaten so camels should not have been included on the same ground as the moral here is what can be eaten after having had sex with.

        It is difficult to seperate Jewish vile attitudes from Shi’as given the lengthy proximity these 2 people have had. Try googling King Cyrus and find out how he freed the Israelites from bondage as in ‘By the Rivers of Babylon where we sat down’. Most of those freed settled in his kingdom which is present day Iran.

        Part of the reason of present day conflict between the Shia’s and Sunnis is the former’s lax sexual attitudes. Such that the Sunni’s call the Shia’s not Muslims but heretics.

        To find out if what that book says is genuine Islamic teachings please go to any Islammic country
        other than Iran and proclaim that you agree with this book’s teachings and see what will happen to you.

        Franklin I gather you are an European and if so then you have scant history of Europe because if you did then you would know what Islam is all about because at one time in history it were a part of Europe,

        1. @ Kalif

          TO FRANKLIN RYCKAERT: “The book you read must be a fake.”

          Sardonicus said the same thing, and Franklin was gracious enough to admit that he may have been taken in by those fake quotes. My own view is this. I don’t think Franklin has actually seen those scandalous quotes himself in the book; he has probably seen them on the internet somewhere, purportedly quoting from the book. In other words, the book says no such thing, but the quote has been fabricated by an internet troll and falsely attributed to the book.

          As Sardonicus points out, the Qur’an forms the bedrock of Islamic belief. No such ridiculous quotations about sex with children and animals occur anywhere in the Qur’an. I know. I have read the Qur’an not once but several times. The Qur’an is full of admonitions to virtue. Indeed, it actually says: “And guard your chastity at all times, except with your wives.”

          The quotes Franklin gives have been fabricated. Have no doubt about it. This is an attempt by a Westerner, possibly a Jew, to demonize Khomeini after the 1979 revolution in Iran. It is also, manifestly, a vicious attempt to smear Islam.

      8. Just a quick correction here : there is no such volume 4: .Frankie boy wishes to attribute lies to islam ,sex with animals, children (RAPE!),defensless in general, any kind of unjusice and opression is strickly forbidden in islam and Often punished with death penalty. Franklin is confusing iT with Jewish Talmud

        January 17, 2015 at 9:48 pm
        @ The Avatar,

        “You accuse Muslims of goat fucking which is a big lie. Anyone with 10 cells in their brain know that’s a lie.”

        Here are some words from ayatollah Khomeini that belie your statement :

        Notes from Islam’s Most Famous Spokesman: Ayatollah Khomeini

        Khomeini’s book, Tahrirolvasyleh, vol. 4, Darol Elm, Gom, Iran, 1990, Source: Homa

        “A man can have sexual pleasure from a child as young as a baby. However, he should not penetrate; sodomising the child is OK. If the man penetrates and damages the child then he should be responsible for her subsistence all her life. This girl, however, does not count as one of his four permanent wives. The man will not be eligible to marry the girl’s sister.”

      9. going back to just one piece of this diseased writing that i quoted previously and will do so again:

        He should not sell the meat to the people in his own village; however, selling the meat to the next door village should be fine

        this is almost verbatim lifted from talmud with just slight modifications, i don’t feel like searching for it, something like “giving it to stranger at your gate”, where “stranger” refers to a non-jew.
        you might be aware that talmud is absolutely riddled with such injunctions, very specific, like having to walk 3 miles after going to bathroom and before entering synagogue, the famous bit about permissible sex with girls 3 years plus a day, so then we get this attributed to khomeini

        A man can have sexual pleasure from a child as young as a baby. However, he should not penetrate; sodomising the child is OK.

        now i come to my main point, something i harp on at intervals:
        consider what happened here and remember it in future.

        franklin rykaert and avatar get into one of these periodic scraps, mean, nasty and full of twisted, hateful factoids, all based on european (christian) versus arab (muslim) conflicts.
        and who parks himself in the middle, gleefully fanning the flames of animosity with wicked lies and innuendo, profiting from war between groups that he considers his natural enemy, in fact he doesn’t distinguish between them in his hate and contempt – the eternal enemy of humankind, the Ancient Enemy.

        do you see how you both fell for it and will fall for it again until (insha’allah) finally the scales slip off your eyes and you understand that all your energized hate and hostility should be directed at one single serious threat to all?

        otherwise just get the heck out of the way and let those more focused carry the fight, you are no help and only do jew’s work, however unwittingly.

        aside: note that jew takes a particular aim and slimes khomeini, an iranian shia.
        does this tell you anything?

      10. Franklin- your article quoted is not from any islamic teaching whether Sunni or shia- did you bother to check the accuracy of the article?, if not it has exposed you as a racist or evil-monger. Shame on you!

    4. Avatar…you are obviously angry…and pointing out ‘truths’ about a segment of the American population. However, the sociopaths are all at the ‘top’ of every government (global) and supported by the well paid bureaucracy that facilitates their agendas. Part of that agenda is manifested in the ‘stupidity’ and ignorance of the last few generations subjected to public education controlled by the American government. Do more Americans need to wake up? Yes!! Targeting and suppressing whistleblowers has been an active, silent and often deadly strategy of the last four or five presidential cabinets. We’ve been ambushed, bought and sold…now we need to wake up.

  23. All religion is conman fraud. Religion is a fraud. Christianity is the main support of Judaism.
    If you vote, watch sports, or go to church you are indeed as stupid you look. Christianity will wish you to eternal Hell Fire for questioning anything about it.
    Reincarnation is what happens. You are not the body.
    Extraterrestrial space beings are watching this world at this very second.

    1. There are many Hells but none are eternal.
      Each is earned on merit, but none are eternal.
      Does a parent condemn their child to eternal punishment for a mistake, even a willful one? No. So why would God damn his children eternally. An Absurdity.

      Karma and Reincarnation

    2. Only certain segments of Christianity support judaism. They are the ones that the mainstream media supports. Judaism is a counterfit of the old Hebrew religion of the Torah. Many true Christians are realizing the deception that has taken over the Church and left. There are now more un-churched Believers than those that are still attending. Truth will always prevail!

      1. I concur, Paul, and my sense is that the truth of torah which has been shrouded in lies reveals the particulars of experiencing a reality with an orientation in Spirit (see my reply to hp above). What life is like in one’s true home environment, where the illusions of race and religion are plain for all to see, and which certain legends say are similar to how it once was on this very planet….before the disquietude came and usurped a state of Grace.

        Will it ever be restored here, given the premise?

  24. “…give them nice houses with swimming pools on stolen Arab land.

    Just send the bill to Uncle Sam, he’ll pay for the ‘Exodus Part II’ just like us suckers paid to get those land thieves out of Gaza and into $300,000 dollar ranch homes with pools back in ‘Stolenland.’

    Isn’t Anne Frank a bit too old for Alan Dershowitz’s tastes?

  25. This article by Darkmoon completely captures my sentiments about this Charlie Hebdo event. I don’t react in shock to the ugly portrayals of Christianity only because I have become immune to them. Still, the fact I choose to participate in comments on this website where Jews are criticized shows that I am in a state of reactivity from decades of mockery and bigotry against my religion and ethnicity. I have to admit I get satisfaction from agreeing with those who are considered the great enemies of Zion like the Holocaust revisionists and the “conspiracy theorists.” Seriously, how stupid are the perps in these events to not think that the blow back wouldn’t be anti-semitic, that is anti-semitic by their standards which is any criticism at all being too much to handle. In fact maybe the great clash of civilizations that is about to erupt won’t be between Christians and Muslims but between Judeo-centrics and Anti-Judeos.

    Without doubt these Charlie Hebdo perps are globalists and their globalist religion has been in the incubator of secret societies since the 18th Century when the colonial western powers realized that it was time to create a trans-national religion to fit their imperialistic agendas. That religion was called “Deism” and it lacked any of the intuitive and emotional insights of real religions: it was as cold blooded as a lizard. The god of the Deists was remote and scientific, and the secret of the secret societies was that we live in a universe that is pure Nature (called Isis, the Greco-Egyptian goddess of Nature). In a very strange twist of this deranged cultural phenomena, Isis (the goddess) merged in secret with the least popular god that ever stalked the earth, that is Yahweh or Jehovah. In this guise Yahweh is called the “tetragrammaton,” his symbol being the four Hebrew letters. If one wants to mock a god why don’t we mock this made up, crazy, god who wormed his way into the more sensual religions of the Levant from his habitat of a dead volcano down by the Sea of Aqaba. The original Father god of the Levant was called merciful and loving, not angry and vengeful. This God the Father is the ones Christians pray to as “Holy Father” and Muslims pray to as “Allah”–the very same universal father god. One day Muslims and Christians are going to realize that what they have in common is the same God, the Father God. And then they will sort through the archeological records and realize Yahweh doesn’t belong in either religion and they’ll kick him out into cartoon land for good and good riddance. Because to be honest there is no god that fits more perfectly into a cartoon than this volcano demon with his maniacal demands and smoking nostrils.

      1. Ingrid –

        Jews consider ‘revisionist’ supporters, like Kapoore stated, and as I am, as race haters and bigots.
        This comment was full of ‘racial hatred’ to Jews.

        Jews would believe this article was full of ‘racial hatred’ also. They have outlawed these statements in several countries.

  26. a cartoon of hebdo cartoon (joe le corbeau is great, a good buddy of dieudonne, an example of the victims, one muslim, one christian, turning the tables on the ewige maggot).

    now, i am not sure that someone down in the bowels of the der berliner zeitung didn’t slip this one into the stream “by honest mistake”. 😉

    among many fine details, note the barcode … no one took notice of it so far.

    1. @ Lobro

      A commenter on Niqnaq says:

      Mraki says:
      January 17, 2015 at 2:25 pm
      Sensational claims are emerging today that world leaders faked photographs that showed them leading the Paris March of Unity

      A good friend of mine, an Italian translator who lives in Paris, tell me the picture of all the world leaders linking arms and leading a solidarity march of thousands of people is a TOTAL FAKE. He was there, so he knows. The photo was taken at 6 am, he says, and the streets had been cleared by the cops. There were NO CROWDS to greet all these dignitaries. And there was no march. The streets were utterly deserted. It could all have been for a movie, my friend tells me in a private email.

      1. thanks lash, the very obvious becomes extremely obvious.

        when i first posted this video with jew subtitles, i was struck by how jerky and stilted the action appeared and how they all at several times stopped to look to their right as if awaiting instructions.
        well, that’s exactly what it was.

        western traitors are addicted to instructions, i bet that if you were to attend one of their official gatherings, like g8 or davos and shouted “sit!”, “roll over!” or “fetch!”, they would all do it en-masse, without thought or hesitation.

      2. even the agitated gesticulating is totally fake, i mean, these dognitaries are assembled as if on stage and made to walk several steps, heads nodding and bobbing, arms waving as if in intensely intellectual conversation (dinners with andre) – wtf?

        just what are they debating in between the director’s cuts?
        ja-da-qui-si-jawohl, it wuz dem terrists dat threaten civilized societies folks, we musst do sumpink!

      3. must have been a hoot, how the wooden marionettes stomp clumsily, then merkel suddenly waves to someone on the right as if jubilant crowds are screaming “egalite, merde, let zem eet kikes” at her, then suddenly netanyahu and nigra shake hands, hollande showing the way forward, into the dawn of humanity, with both hands, abbas on fringes, out to lunch (probably was promised a free lunch), their handlers directing action from the back, aligning their shoulders, one waving idiotically.

        every apartment on the street must have been meticulously emptied of non-jews

      4. franklin, their whole lives are an op.

        okay, little goyums, what do you think happens in today’s episode of de-mo-cra-cee, will mr snuffleupagus break into tears when oscar the muslim grouch dumps into his alphabet soup?
        today’s letter is F, yes F as in False Flag.

  27. Lasha, I can’t add anything to what has already been stated by others. However, I must compliment you on your superb writing, in addition to your quick-witted and sound analysis, insights and observations. Peace and blessings to you and yours.

  28. Great article, Darkmoon! (Can’t think of anything, now, to add because the comments are so comprehensive.) 🙂

    FRANKLIN RYCKAERT, spqr, harbinger, joe webb and tyrone parsons, and others, more chameleonic like posters, those who have the hate inside but know how to hide it which is actually worse, should be executed on site.
    Happy? Good answers you got on your Khomeini defamation attempt, mr smart boy. And you say you whites have a high iq?
    Oh wait don’t call him boy that word is reserved for niggers only, right franky? What do you look like? You are probably one ugly, repulsive looking, miserable little white man, aren’t you.
    Heil Hitler ha?

      1. Avatar –

        There are several things you need take into consideration when you talk to some white men. 1) You should remember that MOST of those (white men) now living have only a ROMANTICIZED idea of Hitler’s regime. They see the soldiers who were filmed, at the time, and who KNEW they were being filmed. It was very painful to become such an admirable soldier as SS – or even a regular in that German army. 2) The Special Forces of America, right now, were TRAINED largely after the SS pattern (as were/are the Order of Jesuits/Society of Jesus.)

        When I was a boy, in the 1960s, I was often left in the care of some combat veteran Recon Marines, who began to teach me fighting skills they had been taught by influence of the same doctrines. The first lesson was THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A ‘FAIR FIGHT’. You fight to win – or don’t fight, at all. Many of us Americans – white, black, and red – have been indoctrinated in that philosophy. While we’d really rather NOT fight you, we’ll kill most of you if you make us fight – and we might as well make sport of it, because THAT’S WHAT WE DO. 🙂

  30. OH BOY, GOSH!
    now gilbert huntly’s ass is itching too, he too wants to be put on the shit list.
    well here, mister
    gilbert huntly, FRANKLIN RYCKAERT, spqr, harbinger, joe webb, tyrone parsons, uncle toby, and others, more chameleon like posters, those who have the hate inside but know how to hide it – which is actually worse-, should be executed on site.”
    Happy now, chameleon Gil?, showing your true colours, after some scratching?
    thanks for the tip i will convene it to the boys, shoot first ask questions later. got it.

    1. Oh I’d really rather not, Avatar. I don’t have anything against you – and I thought I gave you a friendly tip for you to consider 🙂 . Truly, I DEPLORE what has been done to your countries and people, in the name of my own; and I cannot BLAME you for your anger. It is just, simply, that I cannot side against my OWN people in good conscience. Maybe in the next life, we will be able to be friends. 🙂

      1. If only, Gil

        Sorry Avatar, but if more posters were so inclined to reply to you, your shitlist would probably get too long and you’d be posting all day and night if darkmoon were to allow it.

        More’s the shame of it that you don’t understand how those who pull ALL the strings got you right where they want you – all riled up seeing individuals on this site as enemies while being pulled right into the camp of despicable cretins you see as friends who don’t give a shit about you or anyone else except for the paymasters who reward them with blood money for their servitude of useful idiocy

        Careful Avatar, of allying yourself with those who may not burn in hell forever. But for them it’s bound to seem like it.

  31. for the mis or uninformed gal who potty mouths about racist assholes, I am rereading a 1991 book by Carl Degler, an historian from Stanford University. It is In Search of Human Nature, The Decline and Revival of Darwinism is American Social Thought.

    The jewyorktimes did an obituary on him a few days ago and claimed Degler as one of their own because his early work was pee-cee on race. Degler changed (like myself) after getting interested in race and the science of race.

    His book takes us thru the 20th century, with regard to race science, evolutionary psychology, etc. You might be interested to know that virtually all the dogmatics of race equality were written and promoted by jews. They had their own agenda of course and used blacks to gain jews entrance to college, etc.

    If you do not read any books from the Other Shore, in this case race, you are not an intellectual but just a soldier, in this case run by jews in their attack on White society. Since you appear to dislike Jews, maybe this might be a spur in your case to actually read the science and speculation as well. If you don’t you are just a fool and lost .

    Joe Webb

  32. suggestion to Lasha,

    Any and all who use vulgarity like ass-hole, cunt, etc. should be disciplined or banned. This list is barely worth my time because of its emotionalism.

    Furthermore, on the race issue, Kevin McDonald whom I assume the race-baiters here like cuz of his anti-semitism, is an evolutionary psychologist and is a complete racialist. As I have stated before, the alpha and omega, well maybe not the omega, since Time Marches On…. the global North selected for Intelligence during the snow and ice of the Ice Age as well as general conditions of Cold in the North. Thus, East Asians are as smart as Whites. Sub-Saharan Blacks’ average IQ is 67. All the folks in-between have IQs related to latitude. See Richard Lynn, IQ and Global Inequality. If you cannot stomach this reality, you are a flat-earther, and a flop as an intellectual or scientist, or Thinker who is Serious. Usually it is the women who scream the loudest about racist ass-holes. This is cuz women , from a Darwinian perspective, are very emotionally wired for “all their children”…especially White women.

    A woman without children, unless very bright with Projects…is at great risk for turning into a crazy lady.

    Anybody who does not agree with her is an ‘asshole.’


    1. @Joe Webb, I`m the “mis or uninformed gal who potty mouths about racist assholes,”.. My comment was directed at Tyron, not you, the reason being his absolute, relentless, war on immigrants, the following snippet being typical : “Go home Avatar. Go home. Tell all your people to pack up and go home.You have no idea what is in store for you if you continue down this path against us.”.. I like being potty mouthed sometimes Joe, sorry if it offends your delicate sensitivities, you come over as being rather chauvinist, but it`s better than being racist, or full of hate. Maybe in future I should use the Scandinavian equivalent, rasshulet.. btw, I no longer have a great desire to defend Avatar, he is full of hate, with a closed mind, Sunni, Sunni Sunni, Yipee! let him take what he gets, why should I care..

  33. Well said, Doctor Lasha. Unfortunately you are informing those whose eyes are already open. The brainwashed masses will not take heed until the karmic consequences of their folly is harvested. What is needed is a rational adherence to the actual words of Jesus Christ as spoken in the Sermon on the Mount i.e an examination of his teachings as per the Buddhist Kalama Sutta. I have studied Buddhism, Hinduism, Sufiism and the Christian mystics for many years and the actual teachings of Jesus, not the theological nonsense purveyed by corrupt and venal religious shysters, is the best exposition of Bhakti Yoga I have ever seen! Remember we live in what the Hindus call the age of Kali Yuga, the Iron Age. We are all eternal beings and this evil, which you so ably describe, will soon pass.

  34. But how can there be half a million Jews left in France? During the Merkel regime in Germany, literally THOUSANDS of “death camps” (complete with gas chambers and banks of crematory ovens) have been discovered. These have led the “exterminationists” to conclude that 6 million is a gross underestimation of the number of God’s Chosen People whom the wicked Herr Hitler ordered expunged. Indeed, it is now thought that as many as 20 million Jews may have been murdered by the National Socialists! Alas, as a member of the occupation forces in Germany, following W.W. II, I am perplexed by our failure to discover any of these death camps. All appear to be fortuitously situated near major centers of population, providing ease of access for every school boy and girl in the Bundesrepublik, yet neither the Russians nor the Americans nor the British nor the French discovered a one! Oh yes, and I am given to understand that a photocopy of Hitler’s order for the total annihilation of European Jews (which every historian heretofore believed did not exist) is conveniently posted in every camp. Of course, it was also stated (in Jewish sources) that, prior to W.W.II, there were only 12 million Jews in all of Europe. So, we understand that Grand Admiral Doenitz’s U-boat fleet was — by mid-war — diverted from attacking convoys of U.S. merchant vessels (filled with military equipment for the USSR) to importing Jews for Hitler’s ovens from Africa, Asia, the Americas and Australia. Is it not amazing to realize that Hitler could so easily have won the war had he not been obsessed with gassing Jews? And now you tell me there are still a half million Jews in France. Bah, humbug! A half million AshkeNAZIS perhaps! Toshiyori made a formal conversion to Buddhism 30 years ago. He is no less opposed to violence than Lasha Darkmoon. But , it appears to him that, owing to their complete reliance on deceit, the AshkeNAZIS persist upon bringing disaster upon their own heads. Thus, Toshiyori is incapable of expressing sincere regret over the Parisians who died in the course of the attack on “Charlie Hebrew.” In Buddhism, we call it karma. In plain English, the fools brought it upon themselves.

  35. The name of Bernard Maris, one of the victims of the shooting, is never mentioned in Dasha’s articles and in the following comments on the Charlie Hebdon massacre .
    Bernard Maris ( ) never wrote on arabs or islam or the Prophet Mohammed and never insulted them.
    Maybe he was the real target for what he corageously said on many occasion about the huge money creation out of thin air by all the commercial banks , tax free.

    Bernard Maris was just one of a groving number of economists who dare to expose this unbelievable scam.
    Like Richard A. Werner, who just whrote “Can banks individually create money out of nothing? — The theories and the empirical evidence” in the most prestigious International Review of Financial Analysis

  36. From Spamblinka concentration camp to the “free” world :

    I guess my “Train To Marrakesh” post I sent in yesterday crashed and burned before it arrived in the Garden of Cafour. Totally derailed. It’s a shame. I thought it was a fun post, personally. But that’s just me. I found the hippies back in the 60s to be real phony-faced hypocritical selfish fey basturds. The older hippies get, the more they stink.

    Of course I understand that if Uncle Toby put my “Train To Marrakesh” post on the commentary board, then Ryckaert would have temper tantrums, old jajouka hippie he is. So I understand. One must walk on eggs here at Darkmoon. It’s difficult not to step-on and break the eggs as we walk in the darkness of a moonless night.

    I for one am glad not to have a website, or to administrate a website. I would imagine being the administrator of Darkmoon, one must be a total mother hen. Thankfully, I have no mother hen characteristics. Who could be bothered.

    If the Muslims as a whole are less censorious than the web “masters” in “our” “alternative” media, then I say by all means let the Muslims take over.

    1. @ THe RealOriginalJoe

      I guess my “Train To Marrakesh” post I sent in yesterday crashed and burned before it arrived in the Garden of Cafour. Totally derailed. It’s a shame.”

      I’m afraid you don’t understand. None of your posts are being censored. You are saying nothing controversial that requires censorship. Your posts are being deleted AUTOMATICALLY, unread, because you are exceeding the limit of ONE POST A DAY.

      Post ONCE a day, no more, and your comment will be posted. Everything posted after that get deleted automatically. Unread. That’s how it is.

      1. Errrr, ummm, if I write let’s say two posts a day and only one makes the commentary board, that’s called CENSORSHIP. Especially as this arbitrary “one post a day” rule is only applied to me and to no one else.


  37. “Make one satirical comment about Auschwitz, or express doubts about six million Jews dying in gas ovens, and you will end up behind bars in16 countries: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Switzerland, and Romania.” End of quote.

    I believe you forgot to include all of Russia.

    It is necessary (absolutely essential) that THEY (who are THEY?) maintain the lie of those who say they are Jews (but, are not), so that people never see who T.H.E.Y. are.

    T.H.E.Y. are the hierarchy enslaving you/ mankind and some of THEM are racial Jews.

    Jesus sought not to be King of Jews, but The King of those He could lead to The Father.

    The Illuminati, some of whom are racial Jews, are not following Judaism, but are following a pagan Babylonian religion with direct association/ties to The Talmud. Hence, calling THEM “Jews” is misleading since many people in the world know Jews to be a race of people whose community bore the body of Jesus (The Christ) of a virgin birth. Mary was a racial Jew. So, was Joseph. Jews are a race of people. Most people calling themselves Jews are not the racial Jews in the Bible and have no real connection to them.
    Revelation 2:9.

    The Illuminati are the ones ‘who’ people ought to be seeking to expose and STOP. Not that they’ve never been exposed; but the ‘truth movement’ has been confused by some people within their own movement; who are probably working for THEM. That should not come as a surprise, but to break their confusion is not an easy task. The Illuminati is at the top of the pyramid and are directly below the devil Lucifer.

    THEM = The Illuminati = THEY – The Hierarchy Enslaving You are the Synagogue of Satan that Jesus spoke about.

    1. Excellent clarification, New Song, in putting things in proper perspective.

      Funny, I’ve been trying to find a way to say essentially the same thing, with a big challenge being working around the fact that the word “jew” didn’t even enter the lexicon until the 19th century

      You handled it nicely

      1. B-Hawk –

        Another way to ‘handle it’ would be to call today’s Jews ‘Talmudists’ and get away from using the accepted Jew word of ‘Jew.’ That denotes the whole cult, practicing Judaism, no matter what race they claim to be, and whether they ‘know it’ or not.

      2. Good point by you, Pat.

        And while I got you here it occurred to me, and this may sound like I’m imposing on people (for that matter I suppose I am), that if other regulars on darkmoon can maybe pick up on the “debate” between Harbinger and myself, that it may offer some instruction of a sort, beyond it being a matter simply between the two of us, I know he thinks I’m all wet, but it seems to me that where he’s coming from is not that cut and dried although OF COURSE I get it with the intentions behind what foments mass immigration.

        PS. sorry for stickin you in the middle! Is this making you my foil? And I hope others feel to jump in the middle of this – there’s some import here I think

      3. B-Hawk –

        Thanks for the invite.
        I did not make the rules so….
        My ‘guesses’ in this matter would not prove any more valuable than either of yours. 😉

      4. That’s OK Pat, I was just trying to kindle up a little discourse. Maybe something will come of it. At any rate, I’ve already crafted my reply to Harbinger

  38. The Zionist Jew owned HBO’s Real Time show host, Bill Maher (born to a Jewish mother Julie Berman from Hungary) opened his show by insulting the kosher Pope Francis I.

    “I was starting to really like this Pope. He is dead to me now. Oh, yea, F*ck the Pope. Look George Bush said it: You are either with us or against us. Apparently Pope is not with us,” said Maher on Friday.

    1. @ TheRealOriginalJoe (previously banned poster)
      @ Tyron Parsons (previously banned poster)

      You two may continue to post on this site on one condition: that you post only ONE post a day and no more. Say exactly what you please, but keep it under 1000 words. Any posts in excess of one post a day will be deleted.


      @ Space Lizard

      The same conditions apply to you. Use one name and stick to it. Stop using sock puppets. This creates technical problems for the site.

      @ Avatar

      Stop putting me on your “death list” or I may have to impose similar restrictions on you.

      Thank you,


    2. are jews people?
      this is not a purely rhetorical question, because there is a number of contraindications, maybe the time has come to define what essential traits constitute a human.

      jews have a predilection and an incessant craving for filth, sickness, stink, disease, decomposition their lifegiving sustenance is based on steady diet of vulgar and ugly, what makes people retch, they inhale with pleasure.

      the underlying thrust of everything they do is to degrade all the works of man, everything creative and beautiful is anathema to them, maybe because it is beyond their infected reach and it fills them with rage borne of insecurity.

      is there a single image or idea sacred to humans that they haven’t done their best to defile, corrupt and enslave to their quest for ownership?
      christ, muhamed, pope, visual art, music, the romantic and rational, the brave and noble, everything is now splattered with jew excrement and people accept it meekly and even laugh in discomfort so typical of the stockholm syndrome where victims cannot accept their humiliating fate and catastrophically switch to the victors’ ideology, while perversely traducing their own heritage.

      it is as if they are the single creation of devil, prodigiously successful in their vile task of ruination of the original creation.
      i have answered my own question, i guess, but others should do it on their own.

      1. And the NEVER take a day off to simply relax and smell the roses or enjoy the labor of love which is a garden, or walk the river bank..

      2. I’m very disappointed with lobro lately. He’s usually excellent at concealing his identity when he takes on another persona. In the case of his “avatar” persona, lobro is doing a lousy job of pretending not to be lobro pretending to be some one else.

        This is disappointing as lobro is a master of disguise, but I see he’s slipping. Gosh, I hope lobro doesn’t become so lousy at concealing his true identity as MadJewess really stinks at conjuring-up personas [ she’s so obvious whatever handle she uses, lol ] Gee, I hope Darkmoon is not going downhill. That would be awful, simply awful.

        Too bad Lasha never sent MadJewess to get some real professional acting lessons. Darkmoon then may have been more believable. Less hair dye jobs, and more acting lessons, that’s what I always say. Good acting is more important to the success of a show than costumes and hair dyes.

        Please lobro, please, don’t go the way of MadJewess. You’re too good of an actor to let yourself wash-out on stage like you have been recently.

      3. @ The RealOriginalJoe

        I’m very disappointed with lobro lately.

        And I am very disappointed with you.

        How sad that you have nothing original to say. Every day you post a new comment here and it never fails to be boring and platitudinous. You don’t seem to have a single original thought in your head.

        I suggest a change of name: The RealUnoriginalJoe.

      4. LOBRO
        You utterly expressed my thought on that matter.With your permission let me express yours putting the question this way: Are Jews Humans? Their ‘humanity is really questionable. They haven’t the slightest respect, neither for God, nor for His creatures. When I read the Qur’an I wonder why God permitted their existence, for they never stop doing evil (it might be their nature and He may have put Human kind to trial thru these human-looking aliens). At times they ask Moses «Let us see YOUR God clearly”. When they are punished or when they needed something they never address God .Instead, they always ask Moses in this way: “Ask YOUR God to…”

        Shall we pass the Test? Amen.

      5. lobro –

        Jews are people as much as Freemasons are people. Both groups are cults which follow Talmudism.

      6. Still

        Creator gave no such permission. Nor did Creator devise a “test”.

        Evil represents a DEPARTURE from Divinity…..PERIOD.

      7. lobro

        The theoretician in me goes here:

        The proclivity for “toxoplasmic” actions is an Insinuation (noun – L. insinuare, to wind one’s way into) that stems directly from the enemy of mankind, with “mankind” being synonymous with Creation itself, and where the hu-man “condition” is IN EFFECT a symptom supported by “genetics” in and of itself (genetics being the thing that has been “wound into”)

        I’m looking at genetics as a subterfuge; a “pale” of sorts that has somehow supplanted, thus inhibiting Imagination (with “imagination” implying an individual’s power of intent, which highlights our Divinity as expressions of Creation)

        This subterfuge has removed us from a state of Grace (i.e; in Truth; what we are IN ESSENCE). And the primary thing which has defined us symptomatically is another one of those damned 800 pound gorillas – the reptillian brain.

        to be continued……

  39. The hypocrisy of the Jews is astounding. And disgusting. I want them brought down finally.

    Here are two television interviews in France with the same French journalist. In one, when discussing mocking Islam he is a staunch defender of free speech, in another he tells the French comedian Dieudonne that he should apologize to Jews for a skit he did mocking Jewry and when Dieudonne refuses he tells him he will never be invited on the show again.

    I think we need to consider re-establishing the laws Europe had before Jewish emancipation. The Jews are the most united people in the world. When one gets into power, virtually everyone else in that organization will soon be Jewish too. Ivy league universities, companies like Disney and think tanks that were once dominated by Christians are now dominated by Jews, due to Christian openness to others and Jewish racism towards everyone else.

  40. The hypocrisy is astounding.

    By calling himself a Jew, Bill Maher is spreading a lie. Why? Because most people calling themselves Jews are not the racial Jews in the Bible and have no real connection to them. Revelation 2:9

    The same would apply to the Jew owners of HBO and the majority of people everywhere.

    Does it make a difference to call yourself what you are not entitled to be? Yes, obviously.

    Jesus told the people the Truth, so that they could see that lie, but most keep that lie alive.

    If a black man went about calling himself white, people would say nonsense / ridiculous, but, apparently a man can call himself a Jew (because his mother falsely did / does) and it is okay? The devil created the conundrum and his followers are commanded to keep reinforcing it. Evil, indeed, and only someone as evil as Satan could convince nearly everyone it is true. Oh, what a tangled web he (Satan) weaves with the purpose to deceive as many as he can.

    1. NS –

      Justification for call those who practice Judaism…’Talmudists.’

      “Pharisaism became Talmudism, Talmudism became Medieval Rabbinism, and Medieval Rabbinism became Modern Rabbinism. But, throughout these changes of name, inevitable adaption of custom, and adjustment of Law, the spirit of the ancient Pharisee survives unaltered. When the Jew reads his prayer, he is reciting formulae prepared by pre-Maccabean scholars; when he dons the cloak prescribed for the Day of Atonement and Passover Eve, he is wearing the festival garment of ancient Jerusalem; when he studies the Talmud he is actually repeating the arguments used in the Palestinian academies.”

      Rabbi Louis Finklestein, President and Professor of Theology, Jewish Theological Seminary of America, The Pharisees, Vol. I, page xxi.

  41. news news news!!
    Hezbollah officials now confirmed that the Israeli strike on the Golan Heights killed Jihad Mughniyeh, the son of slain top military commander and four others.
    Mughniyeh the father, as you all, or some, might or may not know or remember, is the guy who was behind the attack on the marine barracks in Lebanon (1982) that cost the lives of 250 marines who had gone there to stick their noses in business that didn’t concern them, as usual. Some say that that too, was a false flag. others say that no, it wasn’t a false flag but the mossad knew about it before hand and didn’t inform the Americans as they are suppose to since they are “eternally bond in alliance and love”.
    Mughniyeh -the father- died in Damascus a few years ago, after a well planned attack by , allegedly, the mossad.
    Nice timing eh? what comes now? well, the unavoidable retaliation and the sympathies from all those idiots in the Paris march, and the french government.
    But who cares about their sympathy? weren’t the french the ones who gave plutonium technology to the Jews in the first place?
    oh and yeah obama will have to renege on his promise of “no more sanctions for Iran” since hezbollah is irans proteg’e.
    in other news,
    ‘American Sniper’ breaks box office records with $90.2 million in weekend earnings –
    boy i wanna see that movie, its probably about some redneck boy (assisted by some brainy black guy) killing hundreds of what was it spqr called us? oh yeah, goat fucking hajiis.
    i wanna see it

  42. @ Lobro
    your big picture is spot on. I don’t know whether this man, Count Coudenhove-Kalergi, has ever cropped up here. I found the site below about 8/9 months ago after I saw a short mention on RT, that van Rompuy and other ‘dignitaries’ of the EU visited Tunisia where van Rompuy held a speech in the Tunisian parliament on the occasion that the country was ‘given’ a new constitution. I found that rather strange, somehow like an interference in the internal affairs of a foreign country. So I started a search and somehow ended up at this Danish site
    WTH is Coudenhove-Kalergi? A German/Japanese and a contemporary of ah. Like a lot of other people have done, he has written a book. The book is not availabe in bookform anymore and is, surprise, forbidden in Germany. Its only available in German. But the blogger has translated some excerpts.
    Here are his sponors. No suprise either.

    Coudenhove-Kalergi in his autobiography:
    “At the beginning of 1924, we received a call from Baron Louis de Rothschild ;one of his friends, Max Warburg from Hamburg, had read my book and wanted to get to know us.
    To my great surprise, Warburg spontaneously offered us 60,000 gold marks, to tide the movement over for its first three years ….”

    60K in Goldmarks 1925! For a book(-let) of some 100 odd pages? What’s that today?

    This is not only abt EUROPE, it refers to all of us wherever you might live.
    whilst you might want to read this, I will go through the book again and translate ( sorry Pat, but i’ll put the German with it) a few more excerpts from it.

    After I had read it the first time I attached a vomitorium to my house.

    1. IKAT –

      “( sorry Pat, but i’ll put the German with it)”

      I’m not sure why you are apologizing to me, but there is really no need to do so….. because… Translations are guesses. Your guess will do just fine for me.

      1. Coudenhove-Kalergi,Practical Idealim page 56

        ‘Everything that is outstanding in beauty, power, energy and spirit(intellect) will recognise each other and fuse into one according to the secret laws of erotic attraction. Once the artificial barriers have fallen, which feudalism and capitalism have been erected between the people – then automatically the most important men will have the most beautiful women, the most outstanding women will have the most perfect men. The more physically, psychologically and intellectually perfect a man will be, the greater will be the number of women from which he can choose. Only the most noble men are free to join into a union with the most noble women and conversely – the inferior ones will have to make do with the inferior women. Then the erotic way of life for the inferior and avarage ones will be free sex, for the chosen ones free marriage. Thus the newly bred nobility of the future will not emerge from the artificial norms of society’s caste system, but from the divine laws of erotic eugenics.”

        Well, there it is. A trophy wife for the noble elite and the rest of us can have sex in the streets with whoever comes along.

        I am putting this link here for you to have a look at the pictures.

        Eva Herman. Former news caster German TV. Fired, politically incorrect statements abt mothers in the 3rd Reich.

        These are then the women that we, the inferiors, will only see in future at the arms of the new nobility.

    2. talk about being out to lunch … but the photos of the prime examples of the “race of nobility” take the cake in the first link.

      should people be lynched by the street mob for sheer ugliness?
      hmm, an interesting proposition, i’d like to hear them scream “racism”.

      i think that the concept of ugliness is a defining trait of humanity, ie, who is ugly and how do we intuit it … another reason why i am not sure about where jews really originate.

      1. Jews ‘really originated’ as a cult based on Pharisee teachings.
        The expert rabbi Louie said so:

        “Pharisaism became Talmudism, Talmudism became Medieval Rabbinism, and Medieval Rabbinism became Modern Rabbinism. But, throughout these changes of name, inevitable adaption of custom, and adjustment of Law, the spirit of the ancient Pharisee survives unaltered. When the Jew reads his prayer, he is reciting formulae prepared by pre-Maccabean scholars; when he dons the cloak prescribed for the Day of Atonement and Passover Eve, he is wearing the festival garment of ancient Jerusalem; when he studies the Talmud he is actually repeating the arguments used in the Palestinian academies.”

        Rabbi Louis Finklestein, President and Professor of Theology, Jewish Theological Seminary of America, The Pharisees, Vol. I, page xxi.

  43. Tyron Parsons on January 18, 2015 at 5:56 pm :

    “Avatar you ignorant, hypocritical, dunce.

    Rarely have I ever encountered a more foolish person than you.

    Franklyn is QUOTING your own ‘spiritual’ leaders.”

    You could well be right on that score, given that Avatar has already proclaimed his support for the jewish-funded group “Isis” or “Isil” which is going around on a jewish old testament mission of ridding the middle east (and the planet) of unwanted goyim. I would hasten to add that it would be prudent to exercise caution when demonizing the so-called leaders of the Islamic world, since they might be crypto-jews or doenmeh jews and the like, and are getting paid specifically for the purpose of giving the Mohammedans a “black eye” in the jewish-owned sphere of media and public relations.

  44. Tyron Parsons on January 18, 2015 at 5:56 pm:
    “Avatar you ignorant, hypocritical, dunce.”
    This is so funny,
    I am supposed to be a low iq human being but I write and manage the English language better than many who are supposedly born with a high iq, just because they are white. In other words, a prostitute from Russia has more brains than me, according to some white nationalists here.
    Tyrone wrote, “Avatar you ignorant, hypocritical, dunce.” But, it is written wrong.
    It should be written …”Avatar you ignorant, hypocritical dunce.” there is no need to add a second coma especially if you are going to end the sentence, right?
    he could also have written it … “Avatar, you ignorant AND hypocritical dunce.” SEE?
    i really love the English language, that’s why I plan to write a book using it.
    thankyou very much
    oh yeah i forgot to add a question,
    why would Muslims screw goats when they are allowed to marry four women?

    1. @ Avatar

      Why would Muslims screw goats when they are allowed to marry four women?

      Because they need a change?

  45. TOBY, I apologize, I promise it won’t happen again. The day spqr wrote the vitriol i blamed you for not monitoring such insults unaware and even unconscious of the great stress this great site is going through with the cyber attacks. In other words, I now understand you have more important things to tend to. Sorry.
    Regarding white nationalism, I have nothing against it. I know how you guys feel, your pretty infrastructure and good manners, your churches and way of life threatened by people who are different.
    But, same with Islam, it is being taken to other levels that are unnecessary. Islamophobia another evil tool, invented by you know who, is winning.
    And so is whiteophobia.

  46. and tyrone?
    to make it up to you,
    i will go ahead and paste a list of pedophile rabbis that you may want to save for future use..
    (its treasure work done by someone else, but saved by me)
    “Know a tree by the fruit it bears. Matthew 7:16 Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?
    7:17 Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit.
    7:18 A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither [can] a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.
    7:19 Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into The Fire.
    7:20 Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.

    Case of Shlomo Aviner (Rosh Yeshiva, Ateret Cohanim Yeshiva, Rabbi of Beit El, Israel) Case of Rabbi Lewis Brenner (Convicted of child molestation. The original charges included 14 counts of sodomy, sexual abuse and endangering the welfare of a child. He agreed to plead guilty to one count of sodomy in the third degree, a Class E felony, in exchange for a sentence of five years’ probation.)
    Case of Rabbi Ephraim Bryks (Accusations about sexual inappropriate behavior with children started surfacing in the 1980’s. Rabbi Bryks is currently a member of the Vaad Harabonim of Queens. The Vaad is a Rabbinical committee that makes important decisions within an orthodox community.)
    Case of Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach (Accused of several cases of child molestation, and sexual assault of young women)
    Case of Rabbi Perry Ian Cohen – Montreal and Toronto Canada (Accused of sexual abuse of a seventeen year old. Fired for sexual impropriety with congregants)
    Case of Rabbi Yitzchak Cohen (Accused of sexually harassing students at Bar-Ilan University)
    Case of Rabbi Ephraim Goldberg – Boca Raton, Flordia (Pled guilty to one misdemeanor count of exposure of sexual organs in a washroom at a Palm Beach Mall.)
    Case of Rabbi/Cantor Sidney Goldenberg (Convicted of molesting children. The first complaints came in 1971. He was finally convicted in 1997.)
    Case of Cantor Joel Gordon (Convicted of having keeping a house of prostitution and involvement in a prostitution ring.)
    Case of Rabbi Israel Grunwald (Accused of molesting a 15 year old on a 1995 plane flight from Australia to LA. The charge against him were dropped after agreeing to perform 500 hours of community service and to seek counseling. Grunwald was the chief rabbi of an Hungarian Hasidic congregation in Brooklyn, known as the Pupas).
    Case of The State of Israel Vs. Sex Offender (Convicted of repeated rape and forced molestation of his graddaughter.)
    Case of Yehudah Friedlander – Rabbi ‘s Assistant (Accused of molesting a 15 year old on a 1995 plane flight from Australia to LA. Friedlander was the assistant to the chief rabbi of an Hungarian Hasidic congregation in Brooklyn, known as the Pupas)
    Case of the Rabbi at Hillel Torah, Chicago, IL (A teacher at the Chicago school was accused of child molestation. His name was not released. The school did everything correctly in attempting to keep the children safe once accusations were made.)
    Case of Rabbi Solomon Hafner (Accused of sexually abusing a developmentally disabled boy)
    Case of Rabbi (Alan J.) Shneur Horowitz (Convicted and sentenced to 10 – 20 years in prison for sodomizing a nine-year-old psychiatric patient. Allegedly, he has assaulted a string of children from California to Israel to New York in the past twenty years. Alan J. Horowitz is an Orthodox rabbi, magna cum laude, M.D., Ph.D. A graduate of Duke University, and was a writer for NAMBLA (North American Man/Boy Love Association).
    Case of Jacob Frank and the Frankist Movement (Accused of cultic type practices and sexual offenses)
    Case of Rabbi Israel Kestenbaum (Accused of child pornography on the internet)
    Case of Rabbi Robert Kirschner (Accused of sexually exploited or harassing three congregants and a synagogue employee)
    Case of Rabbi Ze’ev Kopolevitch (Convicted of molesting students at Rosh Yeshiva, Netiv Meir yeshiva high school)
    Case of Rabbi Baruch Lanner (Convicted – child molestation.)
    Case of Rabbi Jerrold Martin Levy (Convicted of two counts of soliciting sex through the Internet and two counts of child pornography. He was sentenced to six years and sex in prison. He was caught in the “Candyman” year-long sting operation by the US government.)
    Case of Rabbi Pinchas Lew (Accused of exposed himself to a woman.)
    Case of Rabbi/Psychologist Mordecai Magencey (lost his license to practice in the State of Missouri because of his sexual misconduct with his patients.)
    Case of Rabbi Richard Marcovitz (Convicted of indecent or lewd acts with a child, and sexual battery)
    Case of Rabbi Juda Mintz (Convicted – internet sting on child pornography)
    Rabbi Yona Metzger (Accused of sexually misconduct with four men)
    Case of Rabbi Avrohom Mondrowitz (Accused of two counts of sex abuse with boys at a special education school in New York)
    Case of Cantor Howard Nevison (Accused of molesting his nephew)
    Case of Rabbi Michael Ozair (Accused of sexual molestation of a then-14-year-old girl)
    Case of Cantor Stanley Rosenfeld (Convicted of molesting a 12-year-old boy he was tutoring.)
    Case of Rabbi Charles Shalman (Accused of sexual misconduct toward female congregational members)
    Case of Cantor Robert Shapiro (Accused of three counts of rape and four counts of indecent assault and battery to a mentally retarded woman)
    Case of Cantor Michael Segelstein (Accused of attempted rape; Chabad – Las Vegas, Nevada)
    Case of Rabbi Ze’ev Sultanovitch (Accused of sexually molesting a number of adult yeshiva students at the Merkaz Harav Yeshiva)
    Case of Rabbi Melvin Teitelbaum (Accused of three counts of sex crimes against two boys under the age of 14, and one count of assault with intent to commit rape against one boy’s mother. The charges were dropped for lack of evidenced)
    Case of Rabbi Isadore Trachtman (Accused of cultic type practices and sexual offenses)
    Case of Rabbi Hirsch Travis (Rabbi in Monsey, accused of posing as a Brooklyn doctor specializing in infertility problems, and allegedly sexually abusing and assaulting a patient.)
    Case of Rabbi Matis Weinberg (Accused of cultic type practices and sexual offenses)
    Case of Rabbi Yaakov Weiner (Accused of molesting boy at Camp Mogen Avraham, New York)
    Case of Rabbi Don Well
    Case of Cantor Phillip Wittlin (Convicted of molesting two girls)
    Case of Rabbi Mordechai Yomtov (Convicted of sexual abuse and committing lewd acts against three boys)
    Case of Rabbi Sheldon Zimmerman (Violated guidelines concerning “sexual ethics and sexual boundaries,” )
    Case of Rabbi Max Zucker (Accused by three women of improperly touching)
    And Other Trusted Officals (Parents, Teachers, Camp Counselors, etc.)
    Case of Arie Adler and Marisa Rimland, NY (Arie Adler was accused of molesting his daughter. Marisa Rimland murdered her daughter, and then committed suicide).
    Case of Simcha Adler – Ohel Counselor, NY (Plea-bargained charges of sodomy, sexual abuse and two counts of endangering the welfare of a child down to attempted sodomy.)
    Case of Eugene Loub Aronin – School Counselor, TX (Convicted in 1984 of sexually assaulting a 10-year-old boy)
    Case of B’Nai Torah Congegation – Hillel Community Day School janitor, Boca Raton, FL (Accused of child molestation)
    Case of Chaim Ciment (Accused and charged with first-degree sexual abuse, after allegations were made that he fondled a 17 year old girl in an elevator).
    Case of James A. Cohen – Jewish Youth Group Leader (Convicted child molester, sentenced to 9 years for assaulting 4 boys)
    Case of Larry Cohen – Soccer Coach, Lake Oswego, OR (Accused of molesting two individuals.)
    Case of Lawrence Cohen – School Teacher, NJ (Convicted and sentenced to 10 years in federal prison for transmitting child pornography through his home computer).
    Case of Phillip “Eli” Cohen, London, England (Accused of 13 charges of indecently assaulting a boy and four offences of indecently assaulting a girl)
    Case of Stuart Cooperman, MD – Pediatrican, Merrick, New York (Accused of molesting six female patience).
    Case of Delaware Family (Father accused of alleged child molestation)
    Case of Mordechai (Morton) Ehrman – Simcha’s Play Group, Brooklyn, NY (Accused of molesting dozens of students).
    Case of Hbrandon Lee Flagner (Convicted of the kidnapping and aggravated murder of Tiffany Jennifer Papesh a 8-year-old girl. Flagner also claimed to have molested hundreds of girls during his life. While in prison, Flagner convert to Judaism by an Chasidic rabbi.)
    Case of Arnold and Jesse Friedman (Capturing the Friedmans) (Convicted sex offender)
    Case of Richard “Steve” Goldberg (Allegedly engaging in sex acts with several girls under 10 in California. He is on the FBI’s ten most wanted fugitives list)
    Case of Ross Goldstein (Convicting of sodomy in the first degree (three counts) and use of a child in a sexual performance. He was Sentenced to four concurrent indeterminated terms of 2 to 6 years imprisonment. Also see: Case of Arnold and Jesse Friedman)
    Case of Several Child Sex Offenders in Har Nof 0 Jerusalem, Israel (Outlines several cases of alleged child sex offenders in the charedi town of Har Nof)
    Case of David B. Harrington – School Principal / Big Brother, Rockville, MD (Convicted sex offender. Cases from the 1960’s – 1980’s.)
    Case of State of Israel Vs. a Sex Offender (Convicted – 68 year old Israeli religious man pled guilty to repeated molestation of his granddaughter, was sentenced to 19 years in jail.
    Case of Eric Hindin – Jewish Big Brother Volunteer, Newton, MA (Convicted of 35 counts of child rape. He was sentenced to 20-22 years in prison).
    Case of Judge Ronald Kline, CA (Accused of possessing child pornography and for allegedly molesting a neighborhood boy 25 years ago).
    Case of the Kosher Butcher in Chicago (Accused of molesting children for over 30 years)
    Case of Lawrence Nevison – (Convicted of molesting his nephew. He is the brother of Cantor Howard Nevison)
    Case of Stuart Nevison – (Convicted of molesting his cousin. He is the brother of Cantor Howard Nevison)
    The Case of the Students of Ner Israel Yeshiva in the 1950’s (Students accused of sexually molesting a younger student)
    Case of the New York Society for the Deaf’s Home (Accused of treating disabled patients “like animals,” beaten, drugged and robbed of their government checks).
    Case of Ozzie Orbach, M.D. (Accused of molesting his daughter)
    Case of the Rogers Park JCC, Chicago Illinois (This was the first case of alleged mass molestation recorded in Illinois to involve accusations of sexual abuse by a group of adults, consists of 246 allegations that staff members abused children enrolled at the center, according to the Illinois Department of children and Family Services).
    Case of Jonathan Rosenthal – Community Police Liason, London, England (Acquitted of sexually assaulting a few children, after a jury used ancient common law right, deciding evidence wasn’t strong enough.)
    Case of Adam Theodore Rubin – Teacher, Coach and Girl Scout Coordinator (Accused of using a computer to solicit sex with a minor, possession of a controlled dangerous substance and possession of drug paraphernalia).
    Case of Georges Schteinberg – Teacher, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Accused of possession of child pornography. Charges dropped when Schteinberg fled the country).
    Case of Aryeh Scher – Israeli vice-consul, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Accused of possession of child pornography. Charges dropped when Scher fled the country).
    Case of David Schwartz – Camp Counselor, Culver City, CA (Convicted and sentenced to one year in residential treatment and five years’ probation for molesting a 4-year-old boy in his care at summer camp. A six-year prison sentence was suspended).
    Case of Jerrold Schwartz – Scoutmaster, NY (Convicted and sentanced to 8 years in prison for multiple counts of sodomizing his former scout ).
    Case of Irwin Silverman – Chief Counsel to U.S. secretary of interior 1933-53 (Accused of molesting his daughter Sue William Silverman. )
    Case of Paul Slifer – Teacher (Accused of sexually assaulting a several students, and impersonating a doctor. )
    Case of Ari Sorkin – Synagogue Youth Worker, Elkins Park, PA (Accused of molesting a 16 yr. old girl)
    Case of Tel Aviv Arts School, Tel Aviv, Israel
    Case of Dr. Saul and Judith Wasserman (Accused of molesting their daughter)
    Case of David Douglas Webber – Mashgiach (Kashrut Supervisor), Canada (Convicted and sentenced to six years for possessing child pornography and molesting seven boys over the past eight years).

    1. Avatar,

      If you have time left, please post the names and crimes of the sex- perverts in the Republican Party. That will take you a few months. 😉

  47. Harbinger

    What allowed cultural identity to be undermined in the first place? Why did human beings fail to understand the vigil to be kept which would have preserved it eternally from the outset? Race and culture are incidental conditions to the commonality of humanity in its inherent Divinity that proffers spiritual power.

    In your long comment to me you failed to cite Christ in any context where it should have been appropriately expected. A true understanding of cause and effect that pivots around the exemplar of Man shows how it all goes wrong.

    Without the solid foundation of Christ that establishes the moral ground all settings of cultural identity are doomed to fail

    1. Brownhawk,

      Cultural identity existed LONG before Christ ever came on the scene. There have been many world cultures that have been wiped off the face of this earth because of Christianity.

      What do I see with Christ? Was he a figure who was the son of that which created life, or was he merely a man who rebelled against Jewish perfidy and corruption, promoting good will that tptb latched upon and saw in him a means with which to even more control the masses? Neither of us know this answer for we were not there to witness it.

      I’m not religious Brownhawk, for I believe that Christ would never have wanted it. Sure, it’s mere speculation but when it comes to history, much of it is just that. I’m a deist and believe in a creator but I don’t believe the controlling of people through a religion.

      It is the very reason of tptb’s agenda that I jumped on the “protect the cultures of this world and their people” bandwagon. It’s merely me sticking two fingers up at them stating that they have no, nor ever will have, authority over me.

      It’s something, you and I and most certainly others are going to disagree on Brownhawk. I still respect your opinions, that’s most certainly true, as for our differences, we’re on the same page, just not in the same paragraph. The same can be said with Ingrid B who does not share my views on the need to stop immigration and enforce repatriation in order for bloodshed to not happen. Like you, we too are on the same page. Those who come here realise there’s a massive problem with the world. We all come from different nations, different backgrounds, different races and different religions. We all share the common denominator of need to stop Jewish perfidy and world destruction as they seek their Jewish New World Order.

      This forum unites people in a common goal for survival. I empathise greatly with the Palestinians and support their cause 100%, but that said Brownhawk, the solution is not for them to flee their war torn lands and settle here. This also goes for citizens of lands, our governments are waging war on also. I don’t vote therefore I have no guilty conscience in knowing that I voted these warmongers into their positions of power to warmonger.
      The solution is not for people to flee, but to stand and fight as so many are doing. The solution is for people to wake up and smell the coffee. These wars are being created for many reasons, but one of the main ones is to create national instability, cultural destruction and a never ending stream of refugees into the west, in order to dilute the indigenous populations of the west, thereby breaking up the indigenous majority. And “cui bono”? You’ve guessed it. The indigenous majority has always been the bane of the Jewish perfidy.

      When one speaks out against immigration, our society has been programmed to automatically jump into knee jerk “you’re a racist” reaction. These people do not think about what they’re saying. Worse still, in conversation, the usual “Enoch Powell” slur is thrown in. A great man, a visionary, a traveller of the world, learned man and great scholar, whose only crime was to warn the people of the UK of what was to become of this land should the migration of alien peoples into this land ensue.
      Many people are 100% ignorant on Powell and worse yet Brownhawk, oblivious to the deliberate demonising of him for a very sinister and malicious agenda. It’s too long to go into but it involves, Edward Heath who sold out the UK and Race ACTS (not laws) which were implemented in order to stop any defence by the indigenous in what was to become the colonisation of their lands by aliens. Powell, united the UK’s indigenous. Political affiliation didn’t matter as many supported his views. Ironically, the man who should have been Prime Minister was murdered politically as tptb, saw in him, a man who to their agenda, was like garlic to a vampire.

      Sorry for the lengthy reply, but some things can’t be explained in a matter of a few sentences. After all, it’s why we read books. I’ve gone back in history, a very important part of Britain’s because it showed when the real turning point was in the pushing forward of the New World Order’s agenda of destroying the UK through immigration. At the time of Powell, those against immigration was comparable to those for it today.

      Immigration is the best way to destroy the indigenous majority and this is why I take my stance. When you destroy the means for a nation (a people and their respectful culture which separates them from others) to defend itself, you murder that nation. And again cui bono Brownhawk?

      1. Harbinger,

        Yes, of COURSE “cui bono”. Of COURSE I advocate to stand and fight with a clear understanding of the moral ground to be protected, as groups like Hezbollah clearly indicate. And who on these threads have defended more the actions of Hitler and the National Socialists? Like SPQR I see the handwriting on the wall, yet UNLIKE him I don’t miss the moral forest for the ethnic trees.

        At this juncture, putting the migrant genie back in their respective geographic bottles won’t happen short of a true “war to end all wars” scenario that COULD result in some form of “turning back the hands of time”. But given the present stark reality why WOULDN’T you think in terms of coming together in Christ and defeating an enemy who has been common to mankind all along as they TALMUDICALLY STATE IN NO UNCERTAIN TERMS!? This take that says in effect, “gee, I don’t know, I wasn’t there, therefore I can only guess” when it comes to understanding the import of what went on in the time of Christ is LAME! You talk about being the indoctrinated controlled opposition? What more “proof” is needed than that which indicates the enemy of the enemy of Man? And It is not Krishna, or Buddha, or Mohammed who is avowed to be their sworn enemy, but only Christ who would then HAVE to represent what defeats them (and apologies to Krishna whom I’m certain was influential in a positive way to Christ).

        And my final take on the immigration dilemma, given the practical reality of what we face, puts race and religion in a proper perspective seeing it as incidental in the sense that it is the maintenance of spiritual integrity that preserves the moral ground ANYWHERE, the lack of which undermines what is established by this.

        They got their “cui bono” and we got ours.

      2. Brownhawk,

        This is something we’re going to disagree on regardless.

        A nation is a collection of a race, culture and traditional values that defines both. Once you start adding that which isn’t of it, you destroy it. Now do this on a worldwide scale and you destroy race, culture and tradition. You therefore destroy nationhood and with it individual identity.
        What you don’t see Brownhawk is that in labelling us all of the same, which is essentially what you mean by continuously lumping all of us together ‘spiritually’ is that in doing so, the Jews, join all of us. Sure they do bad. Many will say they are of the devil, but I know people of all races and of nationalities that do wrong.

        I am not of African or Asian origin Brownhawk. I do not speak African or Asian languages. I am not related to nor have identity with African and Asian traditions and cultures. This is what distinguishes me as being of my cultural and traditional group. I am therefore different.

        If you want to feel no different to any other people, culture and nation then that’s entirely your prerogative to believe so. I would never try to say otherwise as that’s your choice. However, that said, in doing so you should also show the same courtesy back. To those who are/do feel different to other races, cultures and nations, their choice must also be respected.

        Your desire is to unite the whole world in the battle against Jewry. I disagree. I do so for reasons previously explained, the main one being that this is exactly what our overlords want to do, for their desire has always been national destruction.
        You cannot beat the system with the system Brownhawk and the Jews are very much the system.
        You beat the system by destroying the system and in doing so, destroy all powers that the Jews enforce.

        You don’t vote.
        You don’t have government.
        You don’t have any legislation in life whatsoever. Legislation such as needing a driver license, a gun license, a children license, a dog license. Then there’s legislation to enforce homosexual acceptance in school, allowing of immigration and imprisoning those who disagree. The list goes on and on.
        You destroy the state and with that the banks.
        You remove academia with which to stop the indoctrination and brainwashing.
        You destroy the msm again with the same reason as to destroying academia.

        The Jews control because they’ve built a fortress of total control, brainwashing and indoctrination around them. And the goyim protect it.

        I will always disagree on your beliefs on immigration Brownhawk, for I am an individual. As an individual I am not part of the herd. I don’t follow. I walk my own path. Immigration leads to cultural and racial destruction. There would not be all the world’s cultures and the world’s peoples if it were not meant to be so and if you want to go down the biblical route and Jews being of the devil, then they are trying to destroy that which God created.

        So the best way to deal with this situation is to simply stop immigration and designate a land where all peoples can live together should they choose. America is the world’s melting pot. It is the multicultural and multiracial utopia. And by far the majority of people on this website who agree in immigration, multiracial and multicultural societies are American. America has no nationality. America is what the Jews envision for the rest of the world, of course without the constitution, they’re desperately trying to destroy.

        Brownhawk, by all means have your cake and eat it, I agree, but also allow other to have theirs also.

      3. @Harbinger

        You are jumping to erroneous conclusions because of your preconceived notions of where you THINK I’m coming from. This misapprehends my holistic view of things.

        That’s OK though. It’s to be expected.

        Brownhawk soars where angels fear to tread 😉

      4. Harbinger –

        A constitution is no deterrent to the Talmudic Pharisees(today’s Jews). It, in fact, aids them.

        A constitution sets a means to allow wars and debts. Their greatest tools of control.

  48. @avatar,
    the twig from the olive branch that might have my name on it accepted, if for no other reason than that gapingheadwoundjoe is convinced we are the same poster:-)

    i’d be ok with your contempt for the european race based on the fact that we have allowed ourselves to become the violent mind slave of the jew and in doing so caused the nations of islam intolerable suffering and damage.
    say it, get over it and move on to the real work.

    but i am not ok with your hatred and contempt for the shia faction because they seem to be the last theological group resisting the jew – no other religious group is on record as having provided violent resistance to israel, all others are abjectly kowtowing before this tiny group of cowardly but well organized parasites.
    if you have a counterexample, i’d like to hear it.

    there are so many indications, aside from their own, plain admission, that isis-isil-is and the hydraheaded fake jihadi movement is under total control of mossad that you’d have to be either mind-blowingly deluded or a jew posing as muslim to support it.

    LIBYA – need i say more?

    libya today is the work of this unholy and unislamic mob, go ahead and say that libyans today are better off than under gaddafi.
    (and that jews didn’t profit very nicely from the result, geopolitically, financially, etc,. that the nauseating bernard henri-levy didn’t chum it up with libyan “rebels” who promptly recognized israel just as he is today delivering weapons to syrian “opposition”)

    when i see people whose single duty is to fight the jew wasting all their time and energy bickering among themselves and disrupting the flow of information and maybe even ideas, the reflux effect takes over.
    how are all of you different from joe, are you his intellectual equals?

    1. very well said Lobro, however, sometimes what sounds like bickering, is actually someone attempting to correct another persons misconceptions. I`m afraid I gave up on trying to convince Avatar on his wrong thinking, he has recently announced that Israel is not “as bad” as some arab countries, it doesn`t say much for his Palestinian background, which should be fiercly opposed to the usurping, parasitic entity, which is occupying, smothering, and destroying, the land of Palestine, but then, Avatar no longer lives there, he is distanced from the suffering of the Palestinians.. Heard tonight that the Canadian PM Baird got a blistering reception in Ramallah..

  49. Great article as usual.

    I have not read the posts yet so if I am repeating someone else’s thoughts forgive me.

    The loser is not only the Muslim world, but really all of us (most in the West are obviously too stupid to know as recent events in France reveal as well as call-in talk radio in the US…the lack of intelligent thinking is mind boggling. ). True, Muslims suffer much more than the rest of us in terms of real casualties, but this Zionist Blood Libel is aimed at the whole non -Zionist world. The Muslims are currently on the front line, but at some point we will all be promoted if things do not change ( Like, The grass roots people of the West opening their eyes and simply refusing to go along with the Synagogue of Satan Eugenics Program).

    Today a real Holocaust is happening in the Middle East, and few are outraged in the West? Palestinians are referred to as “grass to be mowed” by the Talmudic Devil Worshipers of Izrael and no public outcry? Intelligently question an AshkeNazi Holocaust with honest historical intentions and you are called anti-semitic – whatever that means? And as stated in Ms. Darkmoon’s piece, you can be imprisoned in 16 countries in the West. But slaughter a Palestinian child, woman , or non – combatant …nothing… not a peep…from the Western Media giants (fakes..shills…Holocaust collaborators).

    It is widely acceptable in the West to debase the Koran and the Bible. The Islam is called the religion of Hate, and critics point to specific passages to make their point. It is time to hold the Talmud up to the light, that is, if light can penetrate its deep darkness. How many know about its promotion of pedophilia with 3 year olds? And by Priests! How about the promotion of lying, stealing, cheating, and murder? If you think the Koran is bad, crack open the Talmud. As they say You haven’t seen anything yet!

  50. Quoting Tun Mahathir after a spike in Malaysian visitors? Cunning, Lasha. I would say clever and careful too, linking a Mohamad sacrilegious image while Christianity’s hung and posted dry on this article.

  51. Latest on the whole Charlie debacle:

    British Jews are scared to go to the shops, says former Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks

    Oh vey, oh vey, woe is me

    So according to the article, Jews are now afraid to go out in Britain. Now let me see…..what will happen in the UK now do you think? More Jewish security cars and police protecting Jewish schools, synagogues a areas? What about MORE stringent measures against anti semites – i.e. anyone who sees the Jew for what they really are? Do you think Israel may benefit from this as well by any chance? From the article:

    “But Mrs May said she was troubled at the threats now faced by Jewish people and the UK must make greater efforts to eradicate anti-Semitism.” thought as much.

    Now get this, according to Theresa May the home secretary:

    “Without its Jews, Britain would not be Britain, just as without its Muslims, Britain would not be Britain – without its Sikhs, Hindus, Christians and people of other faiths, Britain would not be Britain,”

    Interesting don’t you think? Considering that the edict of expulsion still stands in the UK against the Jews, who’ve always been a hated people in Europe, Britain wouldn’t be Britain without the Jews? And now let’s also see, considering that the Muslims, Sikhs and Hindus predominantly started arriving in the UK in the late 60’s, according to May, Britain just wouldn’t be Britain without them.

    So, let’s see, Britain, according to May, just wouldn’t be Britain, even though it’s existed for thousands of years without Muslims, Sikhs and Hindus. Oh such wonderful programming. How to enforce multiculturalism upon a nation 101.

      1. Lovely pics Pat, have saved them, did you ever visit my favourite town, Ayr, in the land of Robert Burns?

      2. Ingrid –

        I did not go there. I took the ferry to Greenock and Gourick fairly often.
        Great fish and chips everywhere close to the waters.
        Lotsa walking.
        I had to get used to the tea-time shutdowns and rolling brown-outs.
        Then, everything closed about 9pm.

      3. Ingrid,

        I’m NE from where you were, the other side of Scotland in Tayside, Angus – Dundee on the River Tay. I’ve been to Dumfries. It’s a bonny wee town so to speak, about 1/3rd of the population of Dundee I believe.

      4. Pat, first thing I do on arriving in Scotland, before catching the bus “doon hame”, is to find the nearest chippy, and buy a fish supper. I really miss going to the chippy, and the pub.. Harbinger, yes, Dumfries is a bonnie town, and so is Dundee. Always makes me think of the song, “The road and the miles to Dundee”..

    1. You cannot be a politician in the West without having a vacuous mind and the ability(?) to speak bull shit.

  52. ‘How to Demonize Islam and Destroy Christianity.’ Lasha, you spit like a rapper. Demons, how to destroy humanity. Walk strong sister. Mark x (not the faking hacker).

  53. Fanaticism is now mainstream in the legal community, that it is affecting my divorce case:

    When a Judge (or the lawyers) loses his or her objectivity, then the truism applies:

    Everything is religious, everything is political.

    Justice Matthew F. Cooper: Sending me this about “The Fucking Jews”
    Mr. Santomauro: No, actually, it was the opposite of that. It was “Fuck the Arabs” in the essay.
    Sandra Schpoont (Attorney for my 11 year old son): Oh, that’s better.
    Madelyn Jaye:: (Attorney for my ex-wife): Oh, that’s better.
    Steven Mandel (Attorney for my ex-wife): That’s better.
    Justice Matthew F. Cooper: Oh, that’s better.

    Letter from The Mandel Law Firm (Steven J. Mandel) 12-9-13

    Dr. Susan E. Budney Reply Affirmation 2012.11.20.pdf -
    Justice Matthew F. Cooper: “Is that [Jewish] agenda to dilute the Aryan race?” On page 20:


    My essay in question:
    +The Myth of the Innocent Civilian

    “Justice Matthew F. Cooper has distorted, invented or misremembered almost every significant claim and phrase. In particular, ‘Jewish conspiracy’ is completely false, in spirit and in word.

    “It is serious and upsetting. Rather than correct a smear, Justice Cooper has attempted, perhaps not surprisingly, to justify one smear with another in the same direction.

    “Michael Santomauro promotes the ideal of “scientific journalism” – where the underlaying evidence of all articles is available to the reader precisely in order to avoid these type of distortions. Michael Santomauro treasurse his strong Jewish support just as he treasures the support from pan-Arab democracy activists and others who share the hope for a just world.” –I.S.

    Michael Santomauro
    Cell: 917-974-6367
    “An anti-Semite condemns people for being Jews, I am not an anti-Semite.”–Michael Santomauro.

  54. I will never stop seeking Lasha! I would have thought that by now, I could have reached some sort of conclusion as to who ( or even what ) is the head of the snake, which has a very firm grip on us citizens of the West ( well possibly the whole world….. who knows? ). I have to say that currently I see it as an alliance, whose common denominator is the financial and corporate system. Let’s face it, we carry out all our transactions in this system, from buying a loaf of bread, a DVD of a film, a postage stamp and a house. What can we do that is entirely independent of this system? Buy some land and be self sufficient……….. already the buying has included you in it. Now going back to the alliance, who are the members? We can only speculate e.g. as far as I know the Federal Reserve does not disclose its corporatocracy. The alliance is clandestine, occult or whatever term you wish to choose. It appears to use symbolism as an occult tool of power……. supernatural??? It is evil beyond our imagination. The false flags show that the alliance has no qualms about killing its own citizens, even if it doesn’t consider any human being to be a fellow citizen. The alliance can’t just be about ownership of the planet, because it looks as though they own everything, through their Maritime Laws.
    For me I see it as a demonic entity requiring worship and in the Charlie Hebdo ” affair ” the result was a pandering or a allegiance to that demonic entity…………… millions around the world showed their allegiance to the real perpetrators, by having feelings of sympathy ( what a drain of spiritual energy given by good people to an evil entity ). In other words we are ruled by fear and deception.
    Now if we wake up, and it appears there is an awakening ……….. I can’t prove it!!!………… then we won’t give our energy to this dark force, and the prayer is that it will disintegrate. In the meantime the battle ensues. All enlightened must shine their lights on their brethren human beings wherever they may be.
    I know your angle, Lasha, is the Jewish part of the power base. But yes there are elements, that are Jewish, but is is naive to believe it is their monopoly. Like myself you must have wonderful Jewish friends?
    You can’t include those with the likes of Netanyahu, surely? And as far as I know, the Bush dynasty is part of the Alliance and has no Jewish roots, just to give an example.
    So for me occult is the key word. The true power brokers are well and truly hidden. Who knows if they will ever come to light. If their system is defeated, they will just slip away undetected. But it’s an ” if ” that may well be generations away?


    The worth of a person is measured in their love for I AM/Jesus, for their people and by extension all others who believe which is synonymous with truth, reason, mercy and real intelligence. The worth of a person is not measured in their IQ. IQ simply denotes what one is capable of handling and it is obvious that previously you weren’t capable of handling the truths of certain matters- to grasp the obvious patterns that prove it, so you resorted to your lowest impulses desiring to murder anyone who might have “offended” you. And you wonder why we want your people to go home?

    What isn’t intelligent is trying to prove your intelligence and thereby implying your positions are valid by correcting someone’s typos, grammar or spelling errors. Pointing out that I shouldn’t have a coma in a sentence doesn’t change the truth of the matter as you suggest.

    Although you “tried to make it up to me” by pointing out the mass criminality of Jews that surpasses Moslems in our lands, I am addressing you because I am trying to show you something that is central to our very being. And that is mercy combined with truth toward good will.

    It is very important that your people understand how they are being used by the “Jew” against us, just as many of us are being used against you. It isn’t “islamophbia” or “whitephobia” either.The opposite is the case because being with one’s own is natural. Its good. To push people together who’s inner beings express themselves contrary to one another in their cultures, their faiths, their norms is bad. It brings on conflict and is completely opposed to peace and thereby isn’t conducive to love.

    Because you’re from Ishmael and we are from Jacob we have similarities but we also have different designated places to practice our faith within homogeneous settings given to us by the prime creator. Your people must realize that for them to stay in our lands means almost certain death after the SHTF and the beginning of this occurrence will most likely start this year. My people must realize that we need to take back our Governments and bring our troops home from your lands because soon the “Jew” is going to try and sacrifice them to our enemies.

    As to the old Goat comment, do you maintain that no Arab/Moslim have never committed that act? I can admit there have been whites/Europeans who have. Larry Flint I believe is one. The point of the comment was to try and show you that others have feelings too and when you go about trying to justify Moslems mass rape of pubescent white girls, that such talk is highly offensive to us which brings out desires in us to strike back. So, do you think that your continued support of such crimes against innocent little white girls by Moslems, or if I were to continue to imply you’re a goat f-cker, that good will toward our two peoples will come of this? Of course not. Don’t you realize that the “Jew” is being empowered by these things? Don’t you realize that this is exactly the type of conflict that happens when we are in each others lands? Can you finally comprehend that the solution to our mutual dilemma is to defuse the “Jews” plans and that the only way for this to happen is if we both part and go back home? The Jew doesn’t want your people to leave our lands or our military leaving yours, so logic would dictate that this is exactly what we ought to do- right?

    Now, if you cannot grasp this and continue to make murder threats I will start taking this issue up with the management because after all, here I sit in DM’s jail for offending a women who said we had no penis’ no balls and blamed every ill on the planet on us for not beating the snot out of our wives. Here I sit in jail for offending a Moslem when he celebrated the mass child rape of little white girl by his people. Here I sit in jail while others ( a liberal women) is now calling me an as-hole and a “racist” for actually opposing the Jews mass murder plans while you’re calling for about 6 people on this site to be murdered and all of you post away without any restrictions.

    If everything I have charged about this site’s blatant double standards favoring the unholy alliances of Jews, Women, Moslems, Leftist/Progressives, Marxists and “Church” leaders against Christ, his believers and white/Europeans/males isn’t GLARINGLY obvious, I don’t know what is. I mean, can someone explain the difference between this site’s speech polices in light of the recent hoopla and those newly enacted laws by the Jew run, Moslem supported EU, in the wake of the Paris bombings?

    Both allow speaking against Jews (in some countries in the EU). Both support the speech of the Moslems invasion of whites/Christian lands. Both allow speech against the invasion of Moslem nations by whites/Christian peoples directed by the Jew and both allow for speech in support of the Palestinians. But the biggest parallel is that both the EU and this site oppress and punish speech in defense of males, Christians, whites/Europeans ethnic/cultural/religious interests in our lands by the unholy alliance mention above.

    Finally, I”m not into double standards, hypocrisy or the siding with the anti Christ “Jew” plans for my people. I only sit in this jail right now as a reminder, as a living example that everything I have charged is true in hope that you people wake up.

    1. Toby
      I posted ONCE and it was TAKEN DOWN so I posted again and appeared to me ONLY showing it was taken down and not in moderation because otherwise it would have said “duplicate”. I then wrote you an email to which you accused me falsely AGAIN of having “behavior problems” when this crap happens to me regularly. You aren’t my Mommy Toby and if you think I’m taking this crap anymore you are WOEFULLY wrong.





      If you think I am stupid enough not to see how you have used my posts, and even private emails to you to try to make me look bad-losting them out of context and at different times from when i wrote them to suggest something other and then how you use these tactics as an excuse to “justify” your censoring ours posts- DON’T! I wasn’t shitting you or anyone else when I said the other day to others ” or haven’t you figured out yet that I don’t give a flying f-ck”. The previous times you discriminated against me in your agenda I left kindly, wishing you well when I could have drawn major attention to it on the way out, but I didn’t. I also really don’t wish to be here but am constantly being invited back only to keep being treated like some retarded bozo with “behavior problems”. It’s your SITE like so many others that has the problem- NOT US defending against man haters, white people, authentic Christendom and others who all admit they not only want to but are genociding us..

      If you use the public scarlet letter routine on me one more time I PROMISE YOU I will make this site my NUMBER ONE TARGET, spending all my waking time and energy to expose the unholy alliance and false opposition agenda this sites administrators OBVIOUSLY HAVE!






      1. @ Uncle Toby

        Give this madman the boot now, dearest Uncle. Without any further delay! He has not only threatened to “target” your website, he has also indulged in the filthiest obscenity, describing the alleged foul odor emanating from my innocent vagina … and likening it to goat cheese and other horrid olfactory abominations!

        Grrr . . . I could tear this loonie sonofabitch apart and rip off his syphilitic balls!

        The sooner he goes the better!

        F***ing lunatic! You deserve to be locked up in a padded cell with killer rats and scorpions to keep you company!

      2. Tyron, nobody needs to make you “look bad”, you are doing a pretty good job of that yourself, maybe you should chill out a little bit.. Your posts are very interesting on the whole, but your constant harping on “the immigrant problem” wears me out, moaning, complaining, and making threats is not the way to go.. Peace and understanding is..

      3. Calm down, Butterfly! You don’t have to keep telling us about your gorgeous vagina and how you “take two showers a day” — as you mentioned in a previous comment — to make sure you are at all times as fragrant as a lily!

        We believe you.

        Actually, I quite like goat cheese. It is considered a delicacy in the South of France and other Mediterranean countries. So I don’t know what you’re complaining about.

        Heck, if someone said that about me I’d regard it as a compliment! 🙂

      4. you girls are bad, now i can’t think about jews anymore, i guess they caught onto this trick of throwing us off their scent in pursuit of goats, cheeses and other wildlife and thus the artform of pornography was born.

      5. You want to know what’s crazy?Kicking me out for not being any more guilty than anyone else over and over and over and then INVITING ME BACK OVER AND OVER AND OVER BECAUSE YOU KNOW PEOPLE CAN SEE THROUGH YOUR PETTY TYRANNY, AND THEN EACH TIME WHEN I GET HERE YOU CRAZY F-CK YOU ALLOW EVERYONE TO ATTACK US BASED ON OUR RACE, OUR RELIGION AND OUR GENDER even calling for our murder! but when we defend ourselves in kind suddenly “we have a behavior problem” and must be SILENCED.


        Yes, now your site is my target and I will follow through on everything I said making sure everywhere I post people know EXACTLY what to expect from you who falsely claim to oppose the “Jews” while siding with them in action and deed in every nefarious plot they have set up against white/European peoples, authentic Christians and our lands.

        There isn’t a dime worth of difference between you or those pathological Jew and their Molsem cohorts hell bent on dominating everyone into thinking and saying everything YOU want them to say.

        Good bye and good riddance. May this site DIE THE DEATH of abandonment by those who have at least a shred of self respect and decency!

        1. @ Tyron Parsons

          Well, we’ll all be sorry to see you go. I was looking at some of your back comments and they were quite good. You shouldn’t have let Madame Butterfly get under your skin and chase you off this website. By fleeing ignominiously like that you granted her the victory. My advice to you is to return after you have cooled off a bit. You will then be able to finish her off. No holds barred. Maybe this woman deserved a good thrashing and you gave it to her. You ever thought of that?

      6. wait a minute,
        how does tyrone know what goat cheese smells like? hell, i am an arab and i have no knowledge of it!
        now add that fact to this comment,
        “As to the old Goat comment, do you maintain that no Arab/Moslim have never committed that act? I can admit there have been whites/Europeans who have.”
        do you see, people? it reminds me of the movie about some tough army sargent who hated blacks and gays but, then, at the end of the movie HE turns out to be the worse closet faggot there was.
        no ofense intended tyrone,
        i read your message and i tell you, you have got me on the correct path. You have convinced me that we need to stick together, and woprk in our communities to make people aware in order to defeat this evil cult from a tribe that doesnt have the least of humanity in their hearts.

      7. I have NEVER smelled a goat-cheesy vagina. Do tell!! (I’ve done U-turns just beyond the naval – but it was more ‘rotten-fishy’…:( )

      8. Oops! – sorry, I misspelled ‘navel’… I suppose I might have been distracted…

      9. Good point, Ruth.

        I like goat cheese too. On the mild side, and hey, it’s not like it’s limburgher cheese insofar as a vaginal olfactory abomination is concerned! (nice turn of phrase there, Madam B.)

        My father probably influenced my fondness for it. His father owned a farm in upstate New York where he raised goats. For that matter, I consider it a compliment to be called an old goat. Kind of like when someone says “nice to see you”, to which you reply, “nice to be seen!” 😉

      10. @Tyrone

        You have allowed your petulance to overwhelm you, brother. You’re that preacher on the pulpit who is convinced of his own take on the state of this world and wants to POUND it into the heads of all who would listen. When you do this you risk what may otherwise be instructive observations into the dustbin of UN-credibility, thus defeating any purpose your thoughts may have served. Is that what you really want? Because if it is, then for all intents AS the resolve behind the purpose IN EFFECT changes your moniker to “Tyrant Parsons”

      11. Ty-RANTER –


        Love me or hate me…. just don’t forget me.

        With your reputation and foul mouth…you will drive people here in droves when you are critical of this site. NO ONE respects your foul mouth..!!

        You are a very sick pathetic joke..!! 🙂

      12. Tyron

        I agree with Toby. You got a little bit too personally entangled. It happens. It’s a classy offer. Give it a think. I’d miss your posts.

  56. Demonizing Islam? They are demons in the poetic sense of the term. Go to American Renaissance and see Jared Taylor’s new commentary on Islam and the Prophet.

    Average IQ at 85 for Arabs today, makes them impervious to rational thought. For the sake of simplicity, compare and contrast Christ to Muhammed. Take Sex, for example, a good indicator of self-restraint capacity.

    Muslims are a disaster no longer waiting to happen, it is happening in Europe, just as it has happened before over the centuries. Charles Martel drove them out of central Europe in 732. The Hammer. That is what they need now, the Hammer and the Anvil. The Hammer is White Power and the Anvil is apparently no longer Christianity, but White Genetic Common Sense….long comatose due to the combined efects of our own Promiscuous, Perverted, and Pathological Altruism, as well as the Jewish culture wars against Whites.

    There is no Humanity, only various races, more or less evolved. Islam is the religious equivalent of rap music, both the product of very low intelligence. US Blacks and Arabs have the same average IQ: 85

    They are coming in out front door. Get your guns. And get your brains thinking straight.

    This site is perversely one-dimensional…hate the Jew. Apparently the long known rule that the enemy of your enemy is not necessarily your friend, is lost on this site. Islam and Jew are both enemies of the White Man and his rational world view. (warts notwithstanding. )
    Joe Webb

    1. joe, you pride yourself on controlled civility and logic, so let’s stick by those rules.
      i dispute what you said on several levels.

      1. you clearly never lived in a proper, traditionally organized muslim society, eg, turkey, iran or syria, libya and iraq before jew-ordered destruction and therefore cannot speak from experience.
      i have and can tell you that their sense of neighborly qualities, compassion and honor is almost never seen (anymore – ask yourself why) in our western ones – and i am comparing to changes between say, 1950s and 1970s, before any muslim immigration.

      2. you don’t know much history about islamic states, do you.
      you don’t know about the priceless contributions to our western views by numerous arabic, persian and indian muslim scholars, mathematicians, geometers, cryptologists, astronomers.
      where does the concept of zero come from, what about the word “algebra”? worth finding out and how it enriched the renaissance of europe.

      3. look up the humane and enlightened treatment that mentally infirm received in the days of the caliphate, many centuries before we caught on, bedlam visits and teasing the inmates was still a proper sunday sport for genteel families of england just over a century ago.
      look at how the turks were just and tolerant of christians in their midst, many orthodox churches and monasteries were built in bulgaria, serbia and montenegro with turkish grants.
      why was st catherine’s monastery in sinai peninsula protected and nurtured for 1500 years? what about the koptic religion in egypt, the syriac aramaic christians in lebanon, syria and iraq, until recent isis plague? (and who is isis, let’s get 1-dimensional for the moment, shall we)

      okay, now to the next level – intelligence.
      by your own admission, intelligence is just a byword for the score on the standardized iq test.
      and what is it? ability to expertly navigate through shallow, useless quizzes rapidly, under an hour, concentrating on easy answers, then eductaed guessing where some multiple choices can be eliminated and forgetting the hard ones.
      this is what jews traditionally excelled.
      jews and rats, not that i know the difference, to me they smell the same.
      why do you put so much by its store?
      i am not aware that michaelangelo or beethoven had such great intelligence but they sure could mine an idea to fabulous depths, something that cannot be measure by iq testing.
      consider too (you mentioned it previously) that the iq scores in africa are correlated to latitude.
      but isn’t the availability of quality education also latitude dependent, not to mention access to clean water and nutrition?
      look at the united states, just focus on the whites.
      would you say that the tent cities spring up by the railroad tracks and the trailer parks, crawling with glue sniffers and fetal alcohol syndrome cases are hotbeds of intellectual achievement?
      well, they are white, aren’t they, so why not?

      when in knife fight, you want your knife to be 1-dimensional.
      when aiming a gun, you want your bullet to travel in a 1-dimensional trajectory.

      so let’s not shoot ourselves in the foot, learn who is your true enemy, in a 3-card monty there is only one solution, well obscured by the practiced sleight of hand by the scammer.
      don’t lift the one with the turban because you will miss and lose.

      1. Thankyou Lobro, brilliantly put.. “but isn’t the availability of quality education also latitude dependent, not to mention access to clean water and nutrition?” : It is these three things of which the Palestinians, especially in Gaza, are being deliberately, systematically deprived.. Just heard that two elderly Palestinian ladies were forcibly evicted from their homes, and their homes were welded shut. It takes a cold, calculating, depraved mentality, to allow someone to behave this way.. Be interesting to see how Hezbollah reacts to the latest provocation..

      2. To Alef, the letter
        that begins the alphabets
        of both Arabic and Hebrew –
        two Semitic languages,
        sisters for centuries.

        May we find the language
        that takes us
        to the only home there is –
        one another’s hearts.

        Alef knows
        that a thread
        of a story
        stitches together
        a wound.

        Ibtisam Barakat

      3. Lobro,

        The msm will purposefully demonise Islam, in order to continue the drive for war against it, just as it did with Germany from WWI onwards. There is much within Islamic society that is no different to how Christian society was pre ’50’s.


        As in the middle ages, with the growth and supremacy of the Ottoman Empire it sought a world caliphate, following in the footsteps of Muhammad. Now a caliphate is certainly a good thing for practising Mulsims, but not so good for those who are not. Colonisation leading onto religious supremacy and cultural destruction is not my idea of liberty.

        I’m all for the survival of Islam and the end to the War of Terror. I feel no different to all world peoples and their cultures and you and I will disagree when I say I also believe in the survival of Jews and Judaism.

        However that said Lobro, I do not agree in the free movements of peoples for these reasons. Muslims wish to live by Islamic doctrine. Jews want to also. “A servant cannot have two masters” so the saying goes and we can equate this to immigration. An incoming people who choose to live by their way of life will always clash with those people whose land they now live in. More so when their population grows. This is not Islamaphobia, but common sense.

        The most simple way to stop cultural demolition and religious war is to make sure that both don’t compact. As Kipling said – “East is east and west is west and never the twain shall meet.” Allow the many peoples of this world to live within their ancestral ways of life by simply keeping them restricted to their lands. By all means, allow tourism. We should travel and see the world as we educate ourselves on world peoples and their culture, but by allowing world peoples and culture the freedoms to move and live in this world, wherever they so choose, means ultimate civil strife, creation of a hatred that never previously existed and overwhelmingly leading to bloodshed that could oh so easily have been avoided.

        You know who’s behind the Islamic migration into the west lobro. You have mentioned Barbara Specter on more than one occasion. I have nothing against Islam. I never will, but that feeling will most likely disappear when Islam continues to grow in the west and starts dictating to me and others how they should live their lives.

      4. @Machtnichts

        Glad to see you back on these threads. Don’t be a stranger (although I get why, words can be so inadequate) 😉

        Even before I read the entire poem the first thing that struck me was reading “To Alef” and substituting “alef” with “allege” and then putting it within the poem’s context.

        allege: to assert to be true

        yet some people would say, “aaahhh, but where’s the PROOF”?

        The “proof” is where ultimate TRUTH only CAN be, where the words leave off and only the ineffable remains…….the heart

    2. you are free to hate the jew as much as you want joe but you are a coward and when the time comes and you are being raped by the arabs do not expect any help from the idf or the mossad you nazi scum.

    3. Jared Taylor doesn’t know how to say the Holocaust happened and is known for misdirecting away from the Jew to the scapegoats as you are doing Joe Webb. Oh, by the way, average whites ain’t so smart either and Joe, if you don’t “Blame the Jew” you are a useful idiot-oops sorry, you are slightly misled :O. Announcement-Non_jew scapegoating denigration is good for Jews. If you really want to fight the Jew World Order, you will stop, except privately, broadcasting your hate which you now know is occurring in a society owned and controlled by Jews. You whiteys ain’t top dawg though you used to think you were so that’s why you got in the habit of making idiots of yourself while the Jews laughed in the corner

  57. i was in london and paris recently the anti semitism is palpable the hate for jews extreme.
    muslims need to be rounded up like the us did to the japanese.
    these lunatics need to be filtered out from are free societies israel is the only free country in the middle east it needs the help and support of the whole world a call to arms against these evil men from syria,iran and yemen,

      1. Shows you how religious fundies are nutters. Doesn’t mean secular society will be taken over by them. A few asses up in the air in Paris. Whoop de doo.


    1. Pretty much the whole world is sick and tired of “idf or the mossad scum.”, which pretty much covers everyone in the parasitic entity..

    2. Menechim, maybe tell Abe at the immigration centre not to open the flood gates 😉 As far as Israel goes, it’s a fake democracy. Jews are expected to be loyal and Muslims are 2nd class citizens at best and many live in fema camps masquerading as something else for public consumption. It is in israel where you get to see undisguised Talmud law which is what Rachael Corrie received

  58. From Protocol 17
    WE HAVE LONG PAST TAKEN CARE TO DISCREDIT THE PRIESTHOOD OF GOYIM, and thereby to ruin their mission on earth which in these days might still be a great hindrance to us. Day by day its influence on the peoples of the world is falling lower. FREEDOM OF CONSCIENCE HAS BEEN DECLARED EVERYWHERE, SO THAT NOW ONLY YEARS DIVIDE US FROM THE MOMENT OF THE COMPLETE WRECKING OF THAT CHRISTIAN RELIGION:
    As to other religions we shall have still less difficulty in dealing with them, but it would be premature to speak of this now. We shall act clericalism and clericals into such narrow frames as to make their influence move in retrogressive proportion to its former progress.
    When the time comes finally to destroy the papal court the finger of an invisible hand will point the nations towards this court. When, however, the nations fling themselves upon it, we shall come
    forward in the guise of its defenders as if to save excessive bloodshed. By this diversion we shall penetrate to its very bowels and be sure we shall never come out again until we have gnawed through the entire strength of this place.

  59. * In the seventies Charles Pasqua announced SIX MILLION MUSLIMS IN FRANCE!!!??? Many times this Six Million Muslims figure appeared in documents and articles, including by myself. BAFS

    French people – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    In the 1970s, over 30,000 French settlers left Cambodia during the Khmer ….. The first Pasqua law, in 1986, restricts residence conditions in France and … In 2004, there were over 6 million Muslims, largely of North African descent, living in France. ….. 3 million Britons – one in 20 – can trace their ancestry back to France.

    1. salam u aleikum bafs! how are you, sir? i quoted you the other day, well i quoted a comment you had quoted, and i gave you credit for it.
      It was a letter from a rabbi in spain to their chief in turkey, hundreds of years ago..
      how have you been?

  60. Question: What do the 9/11 and 1/7 attacks have in common?
    Answer: 1) We’ve never seen the bodies of the perpetrators.
    2) On 9/11, the passport of one of the hijackers was mysteriously found by a NYCPD detective at ground zero, still intact,

    while everything else around it was turned into ashes. Whereas, in Paris, one of hostage takers

    conveniently left his ID behind in the getaway car.

  61. a friend of mine lives in paris and he says it was real he said in fact the cover up was that the event was much bigger.
    the conspiracy graver and if it was not for israel and it”s security systems we could have been looking at another 911 in terms of innocents lost to the arab
    he also said that assad may have been involved

  62. Menechem, how is assad gonna get involved in such daring act when he is in enough trouble already, Use the 10 semitic cells you have in your brains, beseder?
    the attack was supposedly commited by people (isis) who is fighting him.
    Dont post stupid gossip by some idiot friend, it makes you look like shit.
    oh wait! youre a jew, go ahead keep doing it…

  63. Charlie Hebdo was/is there for the sole purpose of provoking & ridiculing Islam.
    Provoking & ridiculing Jews is protected by “Goyim” laws of Anti-semitism.
    So the dumb Goyim are to blame especially Christians.
    Judasim created on lies starting off in the scriptures with the Exodus & the gift of Palestine , David & Solomon & on up to the Holohaust & 9/11 etc etc — founded on lies.
    The goys are so stupid that they have let the 14,000,000 World Jewish population ( accounting for 0.2 % of the World’s population) rule over the major part of the “civilized world”.
    Yes these “World leaders” conducted a neocon pro Zionist photo op on empty, guarded street in Paris ?
    The seven deadly doubts —–for puzzled observers.
    BTW — –Martin Van Creveld, Israeli Historian quote —
    “We possess several hundred atomic warheads and rockets and can launch them at targets in all directions, perhaps even at Rome. Most European capitals are targets for our air force…We have the capability to take the world down with us, and I can assure you that that will happen before Israel goes under.”
    This same threat has been made by others, including Golda Meir, during interview by Alan Hart, when she made this same threat not once, but twice. World domination by nuclear terrorism, SPECTRE style, is the way the Jews intend to dominate the entire planet.
    So the a Jewish term “A goysherKop” came to describe the Dumb goy person , & rightly so.

  64. Thank you for the excellent article on the Charlie Hebno affair. Another proof in the truth of the words of Jesus Christ in Luke 12:1″… Beware ye of the leaven of the Pharisees, which is HYPOCRISY.” . Your article points out that jokes and satires about the Jews are always labeled by Jews as hate speech or antisemitism. But when Jews blaspheme, or print hate speech, they can call it satire. I did not know the Charlie Hebno magazine did not print any Israel jokes or satire about Jews. That should have been pointed out by the major media. That is classic hypocrisy. Thank God that Jesus is Lord of the Universe and eventually, will judge them.

    1. @ Dennis Gannon.

      “Thank God that Jesus is Lord of the Universe and eventually, will judge them.” ?
      Then REVENGE awaits ?
      The war continues with the lord of the Universe on our side ?
      Yes perhaps Devout Christians believe that a Sky Wizard/Magician & all-Knowing & Loving entity they call the God of ALL the Universes sent his/hers/its “ ONLY begotten Son Jesus” to a tiny tiny speck of rock amongst ALL the vast universes full of trillions of other rocks to be beaten and nailed to a tree until dead for some special purpose ?
      “The Bible Unearthed “ by Professor Finkelstein one of the leading Israeli archeologists explains how not only was Judaism based upon mythology & books like The Jesus Mysteries explains how the entire Christian religion was based upon pre-existing mythologies — sorta beloved gobldy-gook stories for the gullible.

      1. To your points…

        Sixteen Crucified Saviors – Christianity BEFORE Christ (1875):

        INVERSELY to the remoteness of time has been man’s ascent toward the temple of knowledge. Truth has made its ingress into the human mind in the ratio by which man has attained the capacity to receive and appreciate it. Hence, as we tread back the meandering pathway of human history, every step in the receding process brings us to a lower plane of intelligence and a state of mind more thoroughly encrusted with ignorance and superstition. It is, therefore, no source of surprise to learn, when we take a survey of the world two or three thousand years in the past, that every religious writer of that era committed errors on every subject which employed his pen, involving a scientific principle. Hence, the bible, or sacred book, to which he was a contributor, is now found to bear the marks of human imperfection. For the temple of knowledge was but partially reared, and its chambers but dimly lighted up. The intellectual brain was in a dark, feeble and dormant condition. Hence, the moral and religious feelings were drifted about without a pilot on the turbulent waves of superstition, and finally stranded on the shoals of bigotry. The Christian bible, like other bibles, having been written in an age when science was but budding into life, and philosophy had attained but a feeble growth, should be expected to teach many things incompatible with the principles of modern science. And accordingly it is found to contain, like other bibles, numerous statements so obviously at war with present established scientific truths that almost any school-boy, at the present day, can demonstrate their falsity. Let the unbiased reader examine and compare the oriental and Christian bibles together, and he will note the following facts, viz: —
        1. That the cardinal religious conceptions of all bibles are essentially the same — all running in parable grooves.
        2. That every chapter of every bible is but a transcript of the mental chart of the writer.
        3. That no bible, pagan or Christian, contains anything surpassing the natural, mental and moral capacity of the writer to originate. And hence no divine aid or inspiration was necessary for its production.
        4. That the moral and religious teachings of no bible reach a higher altitude than the intelligence and mental development of the age and country which produced it.
        5. That the Christian bible, in some respects, is superior to some of the other bibles, but only to the extent to which the age in which it was written was superior in intelligence and natural mental capacity to the era in which the older bibles were penned; and that this superiority consists not its more exalted religious conceptions, but only in the fact that, being of more modern origin, the progress of mind had worn away some of the legendary rubbish of the past. Being written in a later and more enlightened age, it is consequently a little less encrusted with mythological tradition and oriental imagery. Though not free from these elements, it possesses them in less degree. And by comparing Christ’s history with those of the oriental Gods, it will be found: —
        1. That he taught no new doctrine or moral precept.
        2. That he inculcated the same religion and morality, which he elaborated, as other moral teachers, to great extremes.
        3. That Christ differs so little in his character, preaching, and practical life from some of the oriental Gods, that no person whose mind is not deplorably warped and biased by early training can call one divine while he considers the other human.
        4. That if Christ was a God, then all were Gods.

  65. to tyrone,
    i am gonna go away for a few days deep in the colombian jungles; i have a business to run and i am one of the few who have permission (from the people who run things in the colombian jungle) to sell stuff down there.
    so i will be gone for about ten days. i wrote this lines (to you and others) just so you know that i will be back and we will talk more.
    see you later, if not here in the other side.

  66. @Dr. Lasha.

    What you are saying is absolutely correct as not only in the Qur’an but also in the Hadiths.

    Come to think of it the only source of lewd behaviour mentioned in the middle eastern documents are to be found in the Arabian Nights and the writings of al Rumi where he praises the virtues of wine songs and women.

    Given that the traditional penalties for abberate sexual behaviour is so severe in Islamic countries offenses such as rape are among the lowest as well as murder and other trivial crimes whereas on the contrary the West leads in top ranking.

    Currently as we speak in Egypt there is a ‘criminal’ case against alleged gays vs public bath house, a case which leaves the nation of Egypt hanging its head in shamme (in Islamic terms).

    Having said that and given that I was born a Muslim living in an Islamic country that is neither Sunni nor Shia, and which gets along just fine with both these sects and where not a single case of Shia persecution has ever been recorded, and that we all admire Hezbollah for its brave stance vis a vis Israhell, then I have the following to say.

    There is ample evidence that the Shia sexual mores are unwholesome and I would be least surprised if the above allegations are true.

    Altho these allegations seem like they have been lifted off the Talmud we have to remember that the source of this unholy book is ancient Persia and Babylon. When the Jews were freed from bondage ( always slaves of one civilization or another) they returned back with beliefs of Baal and magic and supplanted the Torah with their new found book from Babylon the uunholy Talmud.
    The Talmudic sages even go as far as to say that the word of the Rabbis in the Talmud has more authority than the word of God, meaning the commandments of God in the Torah.

    The militant book of Esther in the Bible, the only book where God is mentioned once not even, depicts normal Jewish treacheries that happened in ancient Persia as they plotted to take over their champion’s (Cyrus) empire. In no time the freed slaves destroyed the empire with their incessant squabbles similar to what is happening today in many countries.

    Talking to my Sunni friends about Shia I always found they almost always mention sexual abberations more than anything else regarding their (real) hatred of Shia’s.
    Initially I regarded this as a smear campaign against the Shia’s.

    Given that I never pass judgement against any person by hearsay I believe today that if one were to dig deeper into Shia beliefs regarding sexual standards then one will find a lot of unbelievable mess which we tend to attribute to the fallen Jews and as recorded in the Talmud and other filth.

    In many Middle Eastern countries the Shia’s are known as ‘Jew’s. This is not surprising since the similarities between these 2 peoples is almost identical. Their love of money, the pain and secrecy they take to segregate themselves from others in the society, even the facial resemblance is spot on.

    The eternal hatred between Sunnis and Shias is odd given that Sunnis are known to be a just people among the Muslim and Christian nations they have ruled. In such nations they tended not to touch other people’s beliefs but rather impose tax on them on the grounds that they will be exempted from serving in military campaigns, which is commendable and worthy of a heroic and a brave honorable people.

    It is odd given that right in Middle East you have Yazidis who are neither Muslims nor Christians
    and who profess to worship the devil as their god. Now common sense dictates that the Sunnis would have similar hatred but strangelly they didnt, altho occasional brushes against them are ample. I doubt if the Yazidis would have survived in Europe, like their relatives the Roma. It is only the modern confused religious bigots that have targeted them including Jews, Christians and Muslims alike with equal abandon.

    I hope what I have said so far is correct and lastly I would like us Muslims to put into practise
    a basic teaching from one of our prophets, Sayyidna Issa aka Jesus (Peace) which says to look for that mote in the eye before we pass judgement on another. As charity starts at home I believe it is high time we take a long hard look at ourselves and try to be fair in our judgement.

    We should start from the Qur’an of course specifically verse 44 Surat al Baqara which says

    “Do you order righteousness of the people and forget yourselves while you recite the Scripture? Then will you not reason?”

    and for our purpose lets focus only on the first 11 words ie ‘Do you order righteousness of the people and forget yourselves’ ?

    Lastly a message for that goon here who said Muslims should pack and go back home because he is against immigration. But why Muslims only without mentioning other immigrants of other stripes ? Let him know that the immigrants’ home is replete with depleted uranium and his country rendered inhabitable from weapons of mass destruction dropped by his politicians – weapons made in his country with his tax coin.

    Dr Lasha, health and respect for you. My, what a rowdy foul mouthed lot you keep here !

    1. Kalif –

      You said…
      “In many Middle Eastern countries the Shia’s are known as ‘Jew’s. This is not surprising since the similarities between these 2 peoples is almost identical. Their love of money, the pain and secrecy they take to segregate themselves from others in the society, even the facial resemblance is spot on.”

      “….even the FACIAL resemblance is spot on.”

      I need some clarification. How can you claim to tell a Jew by facial structure alone?
      There are hundreds of variations of facial types of those who claim to be Jews.

      Here are two very famous Jews who look nothing alike. Their screen names are Tony Curtis and Woody Allen:

      Tony Curtis was born Bernard Schwartz in the Bronx, New York, Both his parents were Hungarian Jewish immigrants

      Woody Allen was born Allan Stewart Konigsberg in the Bronx, New York. His family was Ashkenazi Jewish.

      Here is a Shia….who you claim has the “facial resemblance” to a Jew:

      Ruhollah Mostafavi Moosavi Khomeini – ‘Ayatollah Khomeini’ jpg

      I don’t see any facial resemblances in any of the three pics above.
      Please help me.

      1. Real Hebrews as opposed to those that call themselves Jews. Similar racial features can be seen
        on Sephardi Jews by the way. We still have Hebrews who when freed from bondage in Babylon decided to stay put in Mesopotamia and can still be found there as well as in Iran, Yemen, Bahrain and virtually all over the Arabian Gulf and South Arabia and Ethiopia since ancient times. It is those Jews I am refering to and to be specific, Jews whose Holy Book is the Torah as opposed to the unholy Talmud. Go search for them and you will find them and learn of their facial features.

      2. Kalif –
        Thanks for the reply.

        That did not even come close to answering my question. And that is OK. The best you could do is tell me to go look. Thanks. I’m way out in front there. I have been looking and searching the whole flock of the folks you mentioned for over six decades.

        I have found that those following the Talmud look like all other people…..not just the Shias, as YOU said they do….. since they are a cult and have NO common features at all.
        Example: Tony Curtis has no ‘hawk-beak’ nose. Neither did Gilda Radner or Lucille Ball.
        Burt Lancaster ad Ed Asner do not look alike either. The list is endless.

        Muslims do not have certain facial features either. Malaysia has the largest population of Muslims and do not even closely resemble Arabian people.

      3. I ‘figgered’…. this much:

        Christians are not a race.
        Muslims are not a race.
        Buddhists are not a race.
        Shintoists are not a race.
        Jews are not a race.

  67. Kalif –

    That is an excellent and informative comment. Thank you. Being so-called ‘Christian’, and being largely defensive of the whole Bible, I would like to point out that the Book of Esther should be taken as more of a story of the power of the influences of beautiful women, than as a bolster of Jewry. Is it not that way among ALL people??

    All the major religions in the world (with, of course, the exception of Satanism) function well, dependent upon the HEARTS of the ‘adherents’. When the heart is more wicked than not – NO religion will clean it. The concept of ‘Wheat and Tares’ is universally applicable. We will know them by their fruits, as Jesus said (Matt. 7:16).

    Whoever are those tares responsible for the destruction of your people in Palestine will answer for it according to their works. We reap what we sow. I have ‘faith’ in THAT… 🙂

    1. America is beginning to answer for her sins, too – never fear. The whole world is no more than a big plantation. If we’re given stewardship of land, we need to be GOOD stewards of our own parcels – and respect the land of others, too. ALL of us reap what we sow.

      1. GH,

        No truer words were ever spoken.

        However, there is this thing called “Grace” that happens to rear its wonderful head every so often. Catherine Austen Fitts, a former WDC wonk and successful business woman, after being- all but- completely destroyed financially and facing possible incarceration by the WDC Mafia for actually attempting to fix the system and save tax payer money claims there is “Grace in the universe”, and she would testify to that fact in her life. I would agree with her.

  68. Hello Lasha!
    Well, I went to “Occidental Observer and read a nice piece, this,
    and knowing the atmosphere to be “conservative” in nature and knowing I’m unknown I posted this. If they only knew the real me. :O Apparently, it didn’t get by the censors, why, I have no clue.Great article and here is the comment: “Good comments and a great article. I don’t normally come to this site. Am I to take it, those here posting articles are considering this not a false flag? I ask because one thing I have noticed is that people who want to be-labor Muslim integration problems, are prone to view these events, in Europe, self-servingly, as in accordance with the Mainstream media’s analysis because it helps them make their anti-muslim arguments. Please understand I am not condoning the saturation immigration intentionally enabled in your lands. I had the impression the author was simply accepting the OCT on this event. Clearly if it’s a false flag, Muslims should not be targets here but the international brotherhood of false flag executioners should be.
    At this point, I assume false flag on any of these weird nonsensical occurrences. I would also make the point, if there is ever a confrontation with this JWO that is true resistance, our enemies will be all those people who believe what’s on “cable” regardless of race, creed or color . So, if we want to combine our efforts in the, basically, non-Jewish community, let’s not target one non-Jew group or another as being problematic. What’s problematic is duped proles and it crosses racial and cultural boundaries”. (mildly edited for your enjoyment) Is false flag speculation not allowed or the expression of desire to evaluate all “mindless proles” regardless of ethnicity, too radical for the site? Is the inference that we might need to resist something Occidental can’t tolerate because it advocates violence?? Since you work there maybe you can clear those speculations up for me. As I recall, you fully support the site. Was my language too callous for the intellectual community therein? It’s been thirty minutes since I made the comments and I assume this is a site that has several people maintaining it and supervised. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your article! 🙂

    1. @ Mind Controlled Slave

      I am in no position to speculate as to why your comment was not allowed on The Occidental Observer. You will have to ask the monitor there. Each site has its own requirements and criteria, and I can only tell you from my own experience that the commentariat on TOO is one of the most intelligent and well-informed I have encountered. I’m sorry I can’t be more helpful.

      1. thanks LD-these stereo typical comments are a small representation of being totally kosher, it seems from the article on “spectator sports”.Everybody has an agenda, eh, I like your new name! 🙂
        Mr Curious
        January 22, 2015 – 12:49 pm | Permalink
        I was amazed at the French celebrations when ‘France’ won the 2002 World Cup. A team of Africans w/o an ethnic Gallois. Pathetic to see White people glorying the achievements of an alien ethnicity.

        Luciana Berger MP’s Gravatar Luciana Berger MP
        January 22, 2015 – 12:26 pm | Permalink
        @Bobkins. The EPL is far less negroid than American sports like NBA and NFL. How anyone can watch basketball is beyond me. It’s an unwatchable niche sport for freakishly tall and lanky blacks.
        Paul Hausser
        January 22, 2015 – 11:18 am | Permalink
        “Paul Hausser
        January 22, 2015 – 11:18 am | Permalink
        First thing I ask when watching teams compete especially in football is which one has the most white men.
        Much of the hatred by the media towards the NE Patriots is the fact they have a substantial amount of white men on offense. And they more often than not defeat the negroid defenses they play against.”

        ***this too gets past the censor-spectator sports are fine if you are watching a white dominated game structure :O

        “Barkingmad’s Gravatar Barkingmad
        January 22, 2015 – 2:44 am | Permalink
        None of the above makes it wrong to watch some high-test professional white athletes competing. 15 yr. ago someone invited me to a National Hockey League Game, so I went for the hell of it. I wasn’t much interested in the sport, can’t skate, don’t like sports much, never watched it on television, and didn’t undertand the rules. But I was flabberghasted by the talent and the action. It was magnificent. It all hit me like a ton of bricks. I’d like to see a game again, but the teams are getting pigmented and the crowds seem to be getting crazier from what I can see on the televised games. Reminds me of forced gladiator fights and the demented spectators.”

        ****So this is PC, these negative insinuating intellectual sterotyping statements of being forced to watch humans that aren’t white? My comments beyond a vague challenge offered was hardly anything disrespectful. I continue this with you, LD , and of course don’t expect a serious analysis on your part but simply to make you aware in case you weren’t and because I did offer you some challenges last week in these directions…… A smile of acknowledgement will do 🙂
        Interesting to note indeed and I thank you DL for your response! You can be elusive. Out of respect for your neutrality, I won’t analyze further….However I will say this,Spectator sports are a problem, distraction, time waister but it never occurred to me to throw race into the mix as far as why it is a time waist er. I guess I got a lot to learn from Mr. McDonald & Co. 😉

      2. Sayanim and Hasbara agents on the social networks.
        A pro Zionist or Jewish zealot who wants to promote “their cause” will OBVIOUSLY produce the necessary credentials to ingratiate herself or himself as a moderator with an internet forum attached to the M.S.M. & go to work as discriminately as they can get away with to reject comments not favorable to their cause.
        “hide discussions deemed unworthy of further discussion”
        They are professional HASBRA moderators —- didn’t you know ?

  69. I know that I don’t access this site too much, but since I saw a link to Salbuchi on RT. Nonetheless check this article also from a Castellano Español speaking person. Felt like doing the translation to English, but it is quite long. Did not had the time to do it. But still made a translation of what I think is one of the best parts of it. “Inside Capitalism, the dead people are also a merchandise, always preparing its media wars”. Here is the article:

    From writer Fernando Buen Abad Domínguez.

    Je suis contre-sionisme. Adiós para siempre: CHARLIE CHUPA HUEVO

  70. There are two reasons why Charlie Hebdo has become a new symbol of the Judeo-Christian world.

    1. The hateful satirical magazine is owned by Jewish Rothschild.

    2. Since the birth of Islam in 620 CE – The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) had been the most hated person the R.C. Church and the Rabbinic Council.

    A new book, Islamophobia & Israel, features investigative articles by two American Jewish writers, Donna Nevel and Elly Bulkin. The articles show in detail how the pro-Israel Jewish lobby groups fuel and fund hatred toward Muslims and Islam for the benefit of the Zionist entity.

    Both writers have been active against Western bigotry toward Islam and Muslims especially since September 11, 2001, which like the current Islamist ISIS terrorists, was work of US-Israel state terrorism. Both are conveners of a new project, the Jewish Voice for Peace Network Against Islamophobia.

    Last month, Donna Nevel, in an address at Cornell Campus said: “The reality is that in post-9/11 era, anti-Arab racism and anti-Muslim bigotry have become an entrenched feature of the landscape in New York city and nationwide.”

  71. ‘We Palestinian Christians say Allahu Akbar’

    hey, lookee, not all christians are american ziomorons

    Those who committed the terror attack in Paris and elsewhere, belong to the same groups that are engaged in terrorism in Syria and Iraq and attack sacred places, desecrate churches and kidnap religious leaders.
    They attack women and children in Syria, Lebanon and Iraq.

    jews, equal opportunity haters/killers

    Yes, a number Christians have been killed since 1948 to this day. Some Christians have been driven away from their houses. Some Christian villages have been completely destroyed, and now there’s not a single house or resident there, for example, Al Galil in the Golan Heights.

    Many churches have been attacked in Jerusalem; there have been attempts to seize their property and lands.

    There are Christians in Israeli prisons – not as many as Muslims, but there are some. The Christian community is smaller in general, but we have our own martyrs who were killed and prisoners who spent years and years behind bars.

    Christians suffer under the Israeli occupation just the same as Muslims – the entire Palestinian population suffers under it. They don’t distinguish between us.

    let christain haters like rehmat and avatar comment on this.

    The Holy Trinity Cathedral located in the western part of Jerusalem belonged to the Russian Orthodox Church, but after 1948 Israel used the situation in Russia to its advantage and seized some of the buildings around the Cathedral, using them as police quarters and a prison with torture practices.

    another definite link between jews (stolen palestine) and jews (bolsheviks), this was surely coordinated bewteen 2 groups.

    When someone says “moskobiya”, referring to something connected to the Moscow Patriarchate, something holy and spiritual, the first thing that comes to the mind of a Palestinian living in Jerusalem is torture, police, interrogation and prison.

    bishop’s view of ukrainian talmudomor

    We really hope that the efforts by the Moscow Patriarchate and the Patriarchate of Constantinople will help to re-unite the Ukrainian Church.

    I believe the split can be reversed and those who broke away could come back. But in order for that to happen we need humility, belief and strong will.

    We pray for the Orthodox Church in Ukraine.

    insha’allah (quite sure palestinian christians use that one too)

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