Why I Hate Feminists: Thoughts of a Confirmed Misogynist

By Harbinger



If you are lucky, as a heterosexual male, to find a traditional woman, then your life is set. The only problem is that these women are few and far between. The woman of today doesn’t need a male in her life, should she desire a child. One trip to the sperm bank and she can easily become a single mother. Men, as far as many women are concerned, are defunct within society. It is the latest teaching of the feminist movement that any coitus between a man and a woman is simply a form of rape.

While this debacle continues we have the growth of the sex industry. Women present themselves as porn stars, not just in dress but in attitude. Of course, I am not stigmatizing all women, but most women under the age of 40 are bisexual. They seek the pleasures of the flesh, the constant orgasm—and go out at nights, behaving like men, to pick up penis or vagina. They don’t care. It’s their own satisfaction that matters.

The world today is corrupted. We shun marriage as any man with half a brain realizes that it’s nothing more than a contract to take the earnings of a male when the female decides that ‘the cock’ is no longer the one she wants and moves onto another who can please her more. Again, I do not belittle all women, as there are many who look for a good man to create a loving family, being very traditional in their outlook, but there are those who see men as nothing more than a walking dildo and a secure retirement pension.

We are creating misogyny through the growth of radical feminism — or should I say rampant misandry.



What angers me is that women have what they have in life through the will of man. Call me a sexist and every other liberal slur word under the sun if you wish, but it’s 100% fact. Women are now not just taking from the domain of man, but challenging it. We have the likes of Rhonda Rousey, believing that she can beat ANYONE ‘on the cobbles’ in a fight. This is the globalist agenda to destroy the differences of the sexes and create androgyny.

I despise feminism.

The instance a woman says she is a feminist I leave the company. I have no desire whatsoever in engaging in futile misandrist debate about girl power. Women have lost their way and I do my utmost to keep my distance, but sadly, that which created me, programmed me to desire coitus with woman and continue the human race and it’s an incredibly hard thing to resist.


The poster Darlington says: “If I am a misogynist, it is because of the way I have been treated by my ex-wives who have taken me to the cleaners and deprived me of my ancestral estates in France and even of the companionship of my two beloved children.”

Don’t be ashamed to classify yourself as a misogynist. Let us look at the reality here, a misogynist is one who not only mistrusts women but also hates them as well. Therefore, this definition doesn’t give us much of a chance does it? We either love and trust women or we mistrust and hate them, as this definition proposes.

I hate no one in this life. I never have. I am however wary of many. As you, Darlington, have become wary of women through your experiences in life, so too have I. I have a wonderful mother, who hails from the pre-war era and is one of the few ladies left. On marrying my father, as a Christian woman, she honoured her vows and stayed with him until the end. He wasn’t good to her when I was very young. It was a hard time. I heard stories but she, unlike man women today, loved him and cared for him. I know he did too. How many women alive today are fit to lick my mother’s shoes? Very, very few is all I’ll say.

I don’t need a woman. I’m 100% self sustainable, having procreated already. I choose to remain single and out of the way of any female charm and temptation. I no longer need it. I see where it ultimately leads through personal and friend experience. I’m not going there again and most certainly not ever prepared to cast caution to the winds ever again.

So please don’t feel too bad about being a misogynist, Darlington.  I certainly don’t.  I am a proud misogynist. Mind you, I don’t go around looking to make any particular woman’s life hard. I just ignore women. Period.  And I let them get on with their feminist bullshit. In company with any woman who proclaims herself to be a feminist, I just get up and move on. I explain politely that I have no time for feminism. Some sad males will of course disagree with my attitude. They think if they can lick the feet of these feminists fast enough and play doormat to them, they might get a whiff of poontang. Good luck to them!


The rise of feminism was created as an attack on the traditional family. The younger generations of women are pretty much lost.  Most are heavily into feminism and I’m speaking of the under-40 category here. Although I am in my 40’s, in a sense I have the mind of a much older man. This is because, when younger,  I always associated with far older people and never with my own age group.

As for the “traditional family”, it’s a dying breed. Many feminists are now pushing for the act of coitus itself to be classified as “rape”. 


Yes, I know they’re deadhead morons, but this is a reality that’s happening and something that cannot be ignored. The feminist movement is gaining a lot of support, especially as with all controlling establishments, they seek the youngsters in society to indoctrinate first, as the youngsters are far more malleable and open to persuasion.

I’m sorry to say this but more and more women are shunning men. That said, more and more men are shunning women and marriage, seeing it rightfully as a no-win situation for them. Divorce is 75% initiated by women and the courts in the majority of cases always find favour with the women. Men see marriage as a very sexist establishment and are choosing to bypass it. And worse, to forgo having children. Result: the western birthrate is plummeting.


The demise of western culture, at the hands of the Jews and their goyim lackeys, could never have been achieved were it not for the abandonment by women of their men and their cultures. They achieved this by waging wars to kill the male workforce, thus bringing in the women and giving them the vote. And then bringing them into the workforce. The bankers put the mortgages and house prices up next. This then put pressure on the family. Both husband and wife were now forced to go out to work to make ends meet. Both sexes lost out.

It’s  a sad thing to say, but it has to be said: without feminist power, which increased the power of the state to promote many women into positions they were unfit to hold, the West would not be the shit hole it is today.

Women see immigrants as more cock to please them with. The overwhelming majority of women have no loyalty to indigenous culture and tradition. The woman will simply see all men as merely a stop gap until something better comes along. It is just like the animal kingdom with the pride of lionesses. They will stay with the male until his power is usurped and when it is, they’ll stay with the new one when he overpowers the old. There is very little loyalty from western woman to her male and culture. And it’s even more so today, with these groups of fat, sugar plum feminists. Watch them roam the streets in their stupid platform shoes, looking like they’ve just stepped off a porn set. Yuck!  See them hunting for a man to pick up for a wham-bam evening. Or for a woman.

They’re not too fussy what sex they pick up, and they’re always making snide comments about heterosexuality and how it  just isn’t normal.

Truly, it’s a sad sight to see.


Dorothy Parker was half-Jewish


“I believe women and girls are the chief victims and casualties of the cultural and sexual revolution,” I hear some idiot say. Are you serious? This statement is no different to the one about the Jew who “cries out in pain as he strikes you”.

Women have chosen the path that they walk upon today. They choose to attack men physically and verbally. They choose to call all men rapists. They choose to marry and then divorce their partners, taking their income, house and children from them. They choose to vote in the moronic politicians who make society worse.

These feminist freaks are no different to the men who join the armed forces and go abroad to foreign lands and kill for the bankers. They are no different to the men who implement military strategy in the police force upon civilians. They are no different to the men who also vote in moronic politicians.

Everything we do in life is OUR OWN CHOICE!

I’m sick and tired of people complaining it’s all the Jews’ fault for everything bad that’s happening.  It’s the goyim assholes who implement Jewish Talmudism upon society and who impose Jewish authoritarianism — they’re to blame just as much. If not more, given their larger numbers. It’s the assholes in the mass media  who lie through their back teeth for their 30 pieces of silver. Are they all Jews? Most of them aren’t. They are goyim have been bought by the Jews. Race traitors all of them!

Don’t defend people who dig their own holes in life. Let them fall head first into them and suffer the consequences of their actions. The true victims of the cultural and sexual revolutions are those who have chosen to remain faithful to the truth, to their morals and their convictions. The degenerates who are wallowing in filth, how can they be described as “victims”. They, in many case women, are in actual fact the true oppressors.




I am always polite to women in conversation, but when I don’t like them I let them know instantly. The majority of younger women look like they’ve walked out of a porn set. It’s safer nowadays for young males to pay a whore as he’ll be wearing a condom and will get what he paid for.

Yes, so I have walked away. No need for a partner for reasons explained. I realize I no longer need a woman. I have already procreated, so I no longer need a woman for that purpose. The hell of losing a family is something that isn’t going to happen to me again.

Some people here think I blame the Jews for the demise of woman. That’s not true. Out of all the posters on this forum, I’m one of the few who blames the goyim for allowing themselves to become the slaves of the Jews. Goyim are the problem in my opinion, not Jews.

Women are easily tempted. Materialism and superficiality is the bane of woman. We live in an incredibly sexist society which is in favour of women. And yet, what these pathetic women aren’t telling you is that men are now going their own way (MGTOW). These women can no longer find the good men, not because the men are “effeminate”, but because the men aren’t really bothered. They have lost interest.

They’d rather play video games, or watch sports on TV, or go out with their mates and get drunk and end up in a strip club —  and then to go home and watch porn.

They are no longer seeking longevity in a relationship with women. They see the divorce rate is 75%-plus and brought about mostly by women. They are seeing friends having their partners leave them with their children….they are simply waking up to the fact that relationships today, that is between man and woman, are simply not worth their time. It’s why the strip bars and escort industries are so high because men see that as a far better alternative than the emotional train ride, ending in a train wreck with a partner.

However, all that said, there are those lucky men and women who do find long lasting love but it’s a dying scenario in the west. Feminism has utterly smashed that beautiful reality, as it was meant to do.

Men are just waking up to the simple fact that the cards are stacked against them in a relationship and a marriage and are opting out. It’s called the ‘sexodus’ and it’s happening right now. Women are chasing men away from themselves. Their insane list of ‘wants’ from men, the threat of false rape accusations against men around every corner, biased family courts…….who in their right mind would want all that?

My friend has just won a 3-year court battle against a woman who falsely accused him of rape. It nearly destroyed him. Men are opting out — and rightly so.

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170 thoughts on “Why I Hate Feminists: Thoughts of a Confirmed Misogynist

  1. The only thing Hillary has got going for her, and it might even be worth voting for her for it, Hillary wants to start up The Draft and she wants women to be Drafted, not only men, women also will be Drafted , and then when Killary starts WW3, she wants to put the b*tches on the front lines and in the trenches of World War Three, 🙂 .

    1. @ Ungenius. Thank you for your inspirational comment. “The more a person loves, the more love they have to give. The less a person loves, the less love they have to give. IN love is really not the way it is. Love is.” That’s right. What a lovely way to start the day. Smiley Face.

  2. The Muslims inflict genital mutilation women all around the world — female genital mutilation is an integral “religious” feature of Islam, for those who LERV women. May want to reconsider any support you may have for Muslim immigration into the USA if you LERV women! The Muslims do NOT even use anesthesia on women when the Muslims mutilate their female genitals. Do you really want to have Muslim neighbors who gentitally mutilate women and without anesthesia even, and have to listen to the screams of the girls/women being genitally mutilated right next door to you? Do you really want that to live next door to you? They also circumcize their Muslim boys when their boys are 5 to 8-9 years old. They don’t use anesthesia on their Muslim boys either when the Muslims cut their Muslim boys’ dicks. You will be hearing the Muslim boys screaming out in pain also. This is what ZOG wants you to have for neighbors. Trump does NOT want you to have such screaming neighbors. Thank you, TROJ.

    1. Say there Mr. Joe,

      We really don’t need you or anyone else to “sell” us on how bad the Moslems are, since we already have the jewish-owned newsmedia which is doing the exact same thing albeit far more effectively and on a perpetual basis. It just seems that both you and Mr. Rykaert are trying your abslolute best to reinforce the prevailing madness of the “news” on a message board that is frequented by more or less independent thinkers. I for one am never going to get tired of hearing stories about how bad the Moslems are, so let’s have some more of it, please, and please don’t forget to tell us a few juicy tales about Those Evil Nazis while you’re at it. A contingent of Viet Cong came around my neighborhood yesterday and confessed that they were indeed responsible for the Gulf of Tonkin Incident. Yes, it would appear that the war in Vietnam was justified after all, silly me for thinking otherwise, so let me extend a hearty “thank you” for throwing some much-needed gasoline on the fires of war, since we just don’t seem to have enough war nowadays. The genital-cutting Moslems are truly Evil, same as Those Evil Nazis were Evil. You know that it just makes me cry whenever I contemplate just how cruel those Nazis were to our jewish brethren. Irene Zisblatt is fixing to testify on FOX News that she ended up with a terrible case of hemorrhoids on account of those Evil Rotten Nazis. Poor Irene. And we all know who killed those poor jews ….. it was Hit-Rah and Tojo and those Freedom-Hating Viet Cong. Almost the same as those Slave-Owning Confederates that were trying to conquer the world back in the days of Walt Whitman.

      Yeah, the world would be such a vunderful place if the Moslems weren’t so evil.

      1. You are projecting your own black-and-white thinking on others. There are serious reasons for criticizing Islam and its prophet, and that independently of the propaganda of the Jewish owned MSM. When I criticize Islam, that doesn’t automatically mean that I endorse the neo-con policy in the Middle East, which includes the destruction of various Muslim countries. I have frequently condemned that. Is it really so difficult to understand that you can criticize a religion without wanting to destroy the countries where that religion is prevalent?

      2. Lasha Darkmoon believes in the experts.
        Kevin McDonald is one such expert.
        McDonald confirms that only a tiny percentage of Moslems are terrorists.
        Propaganda is very subtle.
        Nobody is going to give any credence to an expert who comes out with an obvious falsehood.
        You don’t need to tar and feather ALL of the Moslems in order to implement your police state agenda.
        You simply declare that a tiny percentage of Moslems are terrorists, and that’s all it takes.
        But you can always find experts on both sides of every debate ….
        Thomas Wiswell and Edgar Shoen are experts on the subject of male circumcision.
        If you were to ask Wiswell and Shoen about the subject of male circumcision, they are going to tell you that M.C. is both medically justified AND that it has a multitude of benefits.
        If you were the owner of a propaganda outlet that was trying to extoll the virtues of penis reduction surgery, you would give the microphone to the likes of Wiswell and Shoen and you would never even think of giving any airtime to a counter-expert.
        The problem is that we never seem to hear from any counter-experts ….

      3. Yes, Save The Goyim, it`s as I keep saying to the refugee/muslim bashers, it`s sooo easy to kick the victims when they are down..

        I`d like to tell some more about our refugees. In addition to the two Congolese families, who have been here for about a year, we now have two Syrian families, one of which is composed of a woman, and her four children. Her husband disappeared a couple of years ago, she doesn`t know what became of him, she doesn`t know if he`s alive, or dead. My daughter agreed to help to integrate this family, since she too has small children. Last Sunday, there was a gathering, a pre-christmas celebration for the refugees. As soon as my daughter walked into the hall, the Syrian woman ran over, and gave her a hug. Neither speaks the others language, but the Syrian lady will begin learning Norwegian after the new year. Hopefully, one day, Bashar Al Assad, with help from his friends, will rid Syria of the thieving, bloodthirsty psychopaths, who have been destroying Syria, whilst robbing her blind. Hopefully the yanks, turks, saudis and jews, will back off, and allow Syria, and Iraq, to heal. Maybe then can refugees, like our Syrian woman, and her children, return, to their own land, and maybe she will find her husband, alive and well, then they can, once more, become a family, inshaàllah!

        Ironic, isn`t it, western families tear themselves apart, whilst those of the east, and middle east, are torn apart against their will..

        btw Harb, I told my daughter some of the things you had to say, about refugees, and women. She said, without hesitation, “he`s a sexist, and a racist”. So there you have it in a nutshell Harb. You can find as many fancy labels for your mindset as you like, but it all boils down to what my daughter said..

    2. The women genital mutilation women existed among Jewish and Christians in Africa even before the Dawn of Islam 1400 years ago, but sadly, you wouldn’t learn it from Judeo-Christian mafia – just like it hate to accept that Jews, Christians and Hindus used to murder their baby girls on birth. Now, it’s called ABORTION.

      A 2013 PEW Research, claimed that nine in ten Jewish participants say abortion should be legal in all or most cases….


      1. So why didn’t “enlightened” Islam not make an end to the practice of female genital mutilation? Isn’t Islam “the solution to all the world’s problems” as Muslims are not tired to repeat?

      2. 1400 years ago? Who taught you that bunkum Rehmat? Islam has been around at least twice as long as that but the original version didn’t point its mosques towards Mecca! The current version of Islam is just as Jewish as is Judaism and also is the so called religion known as “Judeo Christianity”.

        Mohammed was a jew and he proved that he was by his perverted attitudes towards sex with children…. But the current generations of Muslims are too stupid to realise that their religion is run by crypto JEWS!

        My best guesstimate is that the current version of Islam was created/invented only about 700 years ago (and about at the exact same time that “Christianity” was!)

        December 17, 2015 at 9:08 pm
        “So why didn’t “enlightened” Islam not make an end to the practice of female genital mutilation?”

        Circumcision has a life of its own, irrespective of religion. You are going to find that circumcision is prevalent in areas where it gained a foothold as a social custom and that the practice is largely absent in places where it never gained any kind of foothold. The psychology of circumcision – rather than the religious beliefs of those who engage in the practice – is the primary factor that keeps it going. In other words, the principle driving force behind circumcision is the “vampire effect” or what the Germans have always referred to as “shaedenfreud” (sp?), and what this means, is, that once a person has been subjected to the practice of circumcision, that he or she is going to have a strong inclination to keep the practice going by inflicting it onto others.

        “Isn’t Islam ‘the solution to all the world’s problems’ as Muslims are not tired to repeat?”

        Why don’t you quit picking on the Moslems for crying out loud ???

    3. Fucking Fag…the only places with FGM are in some remote East African countries…and in the villages…for both Animists and Christians. It may or may not have happened in ancient Arabia. Muslims in the Middle East and Northern and even West Africa don’t do it. Neither do Muslims in Asia. Muslims in Egypt have banned it for many decades now and in the few remaining places where it is prevalent like Ethiopia Eritrea and Sudan amongst ALL religions – not just Muslims – it is being constantly weeded out…NO EDUCATED MUSLIM – even from countries where it is known to be practiced…supports this PHAROANIC TRADITION!

      It is a tradition that came down from ANCIENT EGYPT …for BOTH MEN AND WOMEN…I don’t believe that circumcision is mandated in Islam either. As for the Arabs, even when they circumcised their males, it was usually during mid or late teen years – 16 plus – NEVER on the 8th Day like them kikes. The Muwatta of Imam Malik STATES that the ancient Arabs before and during the immediate entry of Islam into the Arabian peninsula would circumcise their sons when they reached the age of 16. I was circumcised at 7 or something. I regret having it done. If I have sons, I will make SURE that they do not get circumcised (“Tahara” in Arabic).

  3. MGTOW is not the solution though and women today are a problem but not THE problem. Going to a prostitute does not solve the need for intimacy. You’d be better off masturbating, which is on the other hand is self-rape.

    1. Krum,

      MGTOW is a direct reaction to feminism. Some call MGTOW masculanism and others a parody of feminism – meninism which has feminists blowing their volcanoes.
      Women are NOT the problem, just as Jews are NOT the problem. Feminism IS the problem just as the teachings within Judaism IS the problem. Feminism is from Marxism. Marxism is from Judaism.

      Prostitution is the oldest trade in the book and it does give man intimacy with a woman that he cannot get with the five finger shuffle. How more intimate can you get with a woman, as a man, in bed, having sexual intercourse? I think what you really meant to say was, being with an escort does not solve the need for loving. Well, many escorts play the game of love. Many escorts have regulars whom they see from time to time, become friends whom they have sexual relations with. Sure it’s all a game but some men are prepared to pay for it.
      I don’t. I have no need for an escort because I have no need for intimacy as explained in the article above. Moreso, as you said you’re better off masturbating and saving your money.

      But as for love, well, I think it’s a social construct. I don’t think women ever love men. I think they find security with a man, in order to have a family, but once the children come along, any love there was for the man passes to the children. My mother was a loyal wife to my father, although I know she stopped being in love with him a long time ago. She loved him, but wasn’t IN love with him.

      1. You seem to be under the influence of the ideas preached in the so called manosphere and the MGTOW movement, which both maintain that the woman can not love a man. Which is rather simplistic and extreme.

        A feminine woman generates love by giving love.

        A feminine woman is motivated by love of husband and children. She is the heart of the family, devoted to her husband and children’s well being. This is her career. A woman who is preoccupied with another demanding career cannot pay attention to her family. Love is mainly paying attention.

        A feminine woman may have another career but it is her second priority. She is not driven by personal ambition.

        Just as the woman is the heart of the family, the man is the head and shoulders. A feminine woman is her husband’s partner. They make decisions together but he has the last word. Men must be the visionaries, captains and navigators. A woman’s most important decision is the man she chooses to love and marry.

        A feminine woman is modest. She wants a man to pay attention to “her” so she doesn’t flaunt her sexuality. A woman wants to be loved more than anything in the world. She wants to be “known” in all her divinity.

        A feminine woman tries to please the man she loves. No, this has not been outlawed, it just seems that way.


        Surprise, surprise, those words were written by a …. Jew!

      2. Krum,

        I won’t disagree with what Henry has stated but I think you confuse my stance. I speak about FEMINISM here NOT FEMININITY.

        I think a woman will love her husband but I don’t think she will remain IN love when the children arrive. I should imagine that those who do not choose to have children very probably remain in love with one another, but this is the natural order, the love passes onto the children.

        As I’ve said in a previous reply, my trust in women has gone. I happily sit in conversation with many women, but I do not take it further than a platonic relationship. I do not see all women as feminists, but I see women as those who look at men as a stop gap in life until something better comes along – case in point; my sister just divorced her husband for another man. She is not a feminist in the least and her ex gave her and their child the world. She broke her marriage vows.

        I think there are very few women in life who really fall deeply in love and it remains. I think they fall in love quite a lot, more so today when they’re in relationships with other men and women. Then again I can say the same about men too. I’m beginning to think that love is an incredibly flawed and at times, false emotion.

      3. @ Harbinger

        You said, ”I think a woman will love her husband but I don’t think she will remain IN love when the children arrive.”

        It has been my experience that love is not like a single package that is taken from one and given to another. The more a person loves, the more love they have to give. The less a person loves, the less love they have to give. IN love is really not the way it is. Love is.

        When a couple has children, the man goes from getting all of the female attention to not getting as much. Babies are very time consuming and tiring for women quite naturally. The couple’s relationship changes quite naturally, but it is not a lack of love or a moving of love from one to another. Sex between the couple drops off significantly due to time constraints, but sex is not the primary ingredient in love or all prostitutes would be the most loved people in the world which they are definitely not. It is not just the woman that should be showing love to the children, it it the man’s responsibility also. Raising children is a joint effort so the man has time constraints and tiring as well. There is no better feeling on earth that holding and caring for your child by the woman or the man. That feeling overshadows sexual drive in both the man and the woman. If it doesn’t, one or the other is not involved enough in the process or misunderstands the process of being a family.

        I can certainly understand how you came to the conclusion concerning women. I had two failed marriages along with a couple of failed serious relationships before I found the woman I should have had all along. The second wife did not get anything because the first one got everything including the two children. I persistent in my search for a truly loving wife. The first thing I realized was the common denominator, me. If I wanted a different life, I had to change me which I began doing with spaced repetition. In the process, I discovered how to pray properly. Less than three days after executing the proper prayer, there she was. 36 years later, we still really love each other and I have another son.

        I would recommend to anyone truly seeking love to turn to the source of all love for the solution, God.

      4. Ungenius,

        Thank you for your reply. I disagree in your sentiment but respect it. This is how you believe and if that is good for you that’s all that really matters in your life. I’m glad you have happiness and a loving partner and I hope it never ends.
        Some people can’t live their life without love, yet others can. I have existed without it for a very long time, with another woman, a partner that is. Once it goes, you no longer crave it. My brother in law, for example, since the age of 18 he has been involved with women. He is now 63. 45 years of his life, since the age of 18, he’s been with woman. From the age of 18, I’ve spent 4 years out of 26 with women. I do not crave it. I do not need it. Unlike my brother in law, who is unable to function without a woman in his life, I do as it’s all I’ve ever really known. I find solace in a multitude of things within my life Ungenius. I have many loves; reading, writing, drawing, painting, playing, listening to and writing music, martial arts, walking, camping, climbing……the list goes on and on.

        May your love continue always.

  4. I refuse to comment on this article. It is too disgusting for words. It is an attack on 50% of humanity. The man who wrote it deserves castration. And the woman who helped to put it up on her site and find all those horrible pictures is a traitor to her sex and deserves to be horribly punished. In the olden days she would have been burned at the stake as a witch.

    1. The witches were the olden days feminists.

      There’s a lot of truth in the article but the author is still confused how to go about it. Your call for his castration though reveals a disturbing penis envy which what feminism is actually.

      The guilty one runs without being chased.

      1. Krum,

        “There’s a lot of truth in the article but the author is still confused how to go about it.”

        This article was a series of replies I gave to other people over a period of about 4 or so articles (I think). Lasha has put my replies as one article. I never knew Lasha was going to do this. I respect her decision regardless as she obviously believes that I had something that needed to be aired in a post of its own.
        However, that said, you state I am ‘confused’ – how so?

      2. @ Harbinger

        I decided to run this article for two reasons: (1) I was impressed by your obvious sincerity. (2) I regard the article as an important sociological document that could provide future social historians with some juicy quotable material. This is because it represents much more than the misogynistic hangups of a particular individual. It is very much a paradigm or mirror of the mental attitudes of countless men in your situation who feel exactly the same way that you do about the feminist menace. In a sense, you are their spokesman. You are articulating what hundreds of thousands of other men would like to say but don’t ever get round to saying.

        Your central thesis that misogyny is on the increase simply cannot be disputed. If more men are wary of women nowadays and won’t go near them with a barge pole, this is entirely due to the excesses of feminism and the vitriolic misandry that propels it. I am speaking here of third wave feminism, the feminism we encounter today in such female degenerates like the Pussy Riot girls, Femen, and the self-advertised “sluts” of the Slut Walk movement.

        Please don’t make the mistake of thinking that all women have to be feminists. Some of the most outspoken anti-feminists are women. Like this one:


      3. Lasha,

        I have to say, when I started reading, I hadn’t really seen the ‘by Harbinger’ and I thought, “wait a minute I wrote this”.

        You flatter me with your words, more so because above all I see you as true champion of freedom of expression and above all liberty, like myself. Publishing my thoughts would have the sisterhood banging down your door but you, unlike them, understand that misogyny is something that needs to be addressed, but more importantly the reasons behind the rise of it. I, however am only half misogynist as you know. I do not hate women, for to do so would show ignorance and gross stupidity. You cannot hate that which you do not know and I’ve only encountered a minimum within a minimum of the women who inhabit this planet.

        Third wave feminism is the driving force behind the creation of MGTOW. That said, its roots are without a doubt in 2nd wave feminism and the misandry of lesbian Jewesses of the 50’s and 60’s. And second wave feminism has its roots in first wave, created by the Fabian Socialists and I don’t need to discuss that with you, as you most certainly know all about them.
        I am also at a crossroads as well. MGTOW is a direct reaction to feminism. There’s no doubt there, but then our controllers knew that this would happen. They’ve been studying humanity for a long time now as you know. Is there a Jew behind the MGTOW movement? As misogyny rises, the birthrate continues to fall, or should I say, the loving relationships between man and woman and a loving family for the children. More women will have children through sperm donation and children will never understand what fathers and fathering is all about. So by me being as I am, I am ironically in a battle with myself as I am doing exactly that which is expected of me, as a man in my position. I’m dammed if I do and dammed if I don’t. I am playing into the hands of the NWO’s plan for population reduction and societal strife, with their ongoing war of man vs woman.

        “Please don’t make the mistake of thinking that all women have to be feminists. Some of the most outspoken anti-feminists are women.”

        Do not worry Lasha, I don’t. In my reply to Krum above who stated “…..women today are a problem but not THE problem” I replied “Women are NOT the problem, just as Jews are NOT the problem. Feminism IS the problem just as the teachings within Judaism IS the problem. Feminism is from Marxism. Marxism is from Judaism.”

        I have chosen this path. It was my choice and mine alone. I have a black and white personality. I either do or I don’t. I don’t dillydally on the fence. My trust has been broken and it won’t come back. The love is there, it always will be but when the trust is gone so too is any chance of any meaningful relationship, simply because there’s always that thought in the back of my mind “How soon before I get the call or text to tell me she’s found another man?”

        And yes, not only Camille Paglia but Kristina Hoff Sommers, a feminist, who has been attacking feminists today in their hatred of men and where feminism has gone badly wrong.

    2. Irate
      why don’t you believe in free speech ?
      everyone is free to say whatever and expresses their thoughts,beside Harbinger has a sound Point of view which is true and can be seen and felt and experienced by many men not only in the west but globally courtesy of feminism movement. a creation of the Zionists cabal to destroy family values and traditional family which is defined as a man and a woman as our Creator intended to be so humanity can survive.

  5. Why are women asking for equality when they are superior?

    Look what Delilah did to Samson! Look what Judith did to Holofornes! Look what Salome did to John the Baptist! Look what Monica Lewinski did to Bill Clinton!

    WOMEN RULE!!!!

    1. Women rule through deception (as in your examples). There are a lot of similarity between women’s and Jewish mentality.

      1. Krum, as a non jewish woman you’re comment makes me want to knee you in the groin. Then again, only a non-White man would make such an audacious statement.

    2. 99,999999 % of all inventions have been made by men and not by those “superior” women.
      Without the evident superiority of men, we would still be living in caves.

      1. There is one very important thing women can do, which men can`t. Without that ability, of women, we would cease to exist..

      2. Hello Ingrid

        “There is one very important thing women can do, which men can`t. Without that ability, of women, we would cease to exist..”

        That may be the ultimate plan in a controlled way. “Brave New World” by Huxley. “Through clever use of genetic engineering, brainwashing and recreational sex and drugs, all its members are happy consumers.” Conveyor belt babies.

      3. Ingrid –

        “There is one very important thing women can do, which men can`t. Without that ability, of women, we would cease to exist..”

        With no men, women would have to find those itty-bitty teensie-weenie tadpole lookin’ swimmer-thingies in a stream… I guess. Or in “an apple”… 🙂

      4. @red onions, I prefer babies born the old fashioned way, with all their “bits” intact. Listened to a podcast the other day, on Mami`s Shit, by a guy who had watched a film, which started off with the kosher slaughter of animals, and the circumcision of an eight day old baby. He said the screams of that baby will haunt him for life..

        @Pat, yeah! it works both ways.. wish I could do those smiley faces, just have to do as vigilant citizen, and say, grin!!

    3. Eunice,

      Women, or should I say feminists, are not looking for equality. They seek domination. This is why the state is as authoritarian as it is, because it is the doing of women using the system to attack men, via its thug police, oppressive judiciary and heavily controlled msm.
      The very fact that they have empowered the state shows that mano a mano women are toast against men and this is really where it counts. You’ll find that a large portion of the feminist movement is made up of ‘bull dykes’ who like the bisexual, transexual, pansexual, heterosexual women within have extreme penis envy and are rebelling against nature. Many hate the fact they were born with vaginas, breasts and a womb and that they have to ‘submit’ to men in order to procreate, that is of course those who choose not to pop down to the sperm bank.
      As for superior in the non physical sense, where? As Franklyn states, 99.9% of inventions were by men. Sure, this is also a debatable argument as I won’t deny that women were not restricted to certain ‘teachings’ in the past, so we never know what the true potential of women really is, but the fact remains that men are, in the realms of physicality and invention, superior to women.

      1. There, once again, we have that “superior” prefix, of jews, and men..

        btw, when someone is in the throes of an epileptic fit, they are incapable of anything other than rigors..

  6. Well, at least Ellie is treated with the utmost respect around here. Some say Lasha gave Ellie a “platform” here at Darkmoon. Heck, Lasha gave Ellie a lot more than just a mere “platform”. Lasha built a pedestal a mile-high for Ellie to stand on, a mile high above the rest of us, so as to look down her patrician nose at us “peasants”.


      You should recognize that Lasha has been VERY indulgent of YOU, too, TROJ. I can’t imagine you ignore that fact. Be a good fellow, now, and apologize for all your ad hominem vulgarity. 🙂

      To comment on this article by Harbinger, I’d say that I’ve often shared his sentiments, but, invariably, have met certain females who subsequently made me reconsider. There ARE lovely women in this world, still. I know some such; and it is my own, personal belief that one (such) hosts our commentary, here, on this site.

      1. I see my last comment is ‘awaiting moderation’ – probably because I misspelled my own name because I was at a different computer (at the farm office), and had to enter it, myself(?). (I hope it isn’t because I was disrespectful in any manner. 🙁 )

      2. Gilbert,

        If you misspell your name (“Gilbet Huntly”), you become in effect a NEW COMMENTER. As all first comments go for automatic monitoring (to prevent spam merchants entering) your comment was held up for monitoring. It was approved as soon as I saw it. Sorry I couldn’t do it right away. I can’t be at my computer 24/7! Like most other people, I need to take a break now and then to eat and sleep and occasionally go out and get some exercise or do some shopping! 🙂

      3. Gilbert,

        It is a credit to the patience and love of liberty of Lasha, that she puts up with the constant barrage of insults from TROJ. She allows him to post because when he’s on the ball, he writes good articles, that is of course in between the many he writes, when he sits down in front of his computer, having an epileptic fit, typing before thinking.

        I think it should also be said that I do believe that there are truly wonderful women out there, there’s no denying that, but sadly, once the trust is gone it’s gone for good. A relationship is made out of love and trust and I put trust far higher up the scale than love. Don’t get me wrong, there are many times I think that this woman would be lovely to be with by my head says no, as I wrote in the chorus of one of my songs:

        I remember the good times from the bad
        It’s those happy times that haunt me and not the sad
        Yet it’s a question of shall I stop or continue this game and play
        My heart says to carry on, my head says it’s time to call it a day.

    2. I’ve known quite a few patricians, and what they all have in common is the dignity and confidence to never look down their nose at anyone, thus, Ellie is no patrician.

      1. Among the more vulgar, typified by mainland Chinese commoners and Israelis, arrogance is misconstrued as elegance.

  7. Makes one wonder what the ranching and farming families out here in the Western US are thinking of when they send their clean cut but clueless daughters and sons to the Universities and colleges to be brainwashed by “women’s studies”, public policy studies and other PC indoctrination. And then they get to droll over student athletes who in more sane former times would never be at university. Same goes for small town traditional families who find their college educated offspring off the deep end.
    Lets face it, feminism along with diversity propaganda is a central facet at most colleges. And that’s the way some of the randy young instructors, gang banging athletic “scholars” and frat rats like it. Feminism creates available females to screw.
    In the long run, those misguided females who hoist the feminist banner are going to be the losers. Big time.

    1. My own daughter was raised ‘with a clue’, Toejam. She could have attended any college she wanted – but told me ‘Dad, it is a waste of time and money to send me somewhere where all they do is party and get drunk. I already KNOW what I want to do, anyway.’. I appreciated the candor and wisdom, but her mother berated me and scolded her about it. She is a very successful horse trainer at 23 years of age, and firmly ensconced in that world. It’s a fun and exciting life for her, and she works hard and is widely admired and loved. My own social life has been enhanced by it, too (and I’m a pretty good judge of horse flesh and women!). 🙂

      If a child knows what she wants, it is wise to encourage her through instead of change her mold to suit ourselves. Keep her away from those silly shits at college.

  8. Hi there, I am the resident expert on the fairer/gentler sex, so let me teach you a few lessons:
    Yes, I agree women have no deep cultural ties, are naturally exploitative and carnal and behave like a predatory pack of lionesses on heat. The Jewish homosexual and renowned tail-piper, Darren Star, did us a service by highlighting the realities of modern women in his filthy sagas of Sex and the City. Those New York office whores engaged in any kind of carnality with whoever they could find.
    Here at my community farm in the Daintree Rainforest (Nth Queensland) I provide a suitable refuge for women who have found the mainstream society just too much. I have nurtured them and turned over 71 of them into mothers and I am now the father of over 76 children. Fair enough, I cannot stop their natural bisexual inclinations, but I do try to service them on a regular, planned basis. You see, the whole nature of women is to be sexual; and nothing we try to program them with can stop that.
    I am nearly 60 yrs of age, but what a magnificent specimen of fertile and lusting manhood I present to my many women. I eat a staple diet of horny goat weed, apricots, and goanna meat, with the occasional croc thrown in.
    I have several ex-Muslim women in my brood and realized instantly that they had been sexually castrated. Fortunately they have ribald G-spots up to one inch within their birth canals, so they still enjoy sex with me, as I am a very loving, considerate man, with a very long member.
    I have tried to train my women to be carpenters, tradesmen and such, but they are not really interested, preferring to be mothers and dabblers in the esoteric arts; including the kuma satra. I do not allow any make-up and prefer my women naturally hairy. Men that have seen my women in our river pool cannot believe the amount of hair they carry on their bodies.
    In my young days I dated 100’s of wrap-around mouth Jewesses and hairy-legged, bra-less feminists. I remember a Melb Uni party where Ms Greer was the bait and looked after anyone she could.
    Miley Cyrus is currently showing young gals how to suck cock, by demonstrating with various dildos; so she can’t be one of these anti-male freaks.
    And the sheilas around the Buckingham Palace social scene, where I will be over Xmas, always turn it on for me and like the shafting I give them. Femo-Nazis are generally fat, ugly, unhappy women who no man in his right mind would want to have coitus with anyways! A good lickin’ is all they can offer!

  9. Feminism, old and busted.
    I propose a new movement: FEMININITISM
    Feminintysts and Aryan men should be exempt from draft in order to make United States of Aryans (USA) great again, while the noncomformists duke it out using DU sterlilizer munitions.

    As for those among you bitching about Mussulmans, bet you not one has ever lived for any length of time among them in their home environment.

    Because if you have, you wouldn’t be spouting such nonsense.
    I have, in Tanzania, Kenya, Bosnia, Albania, India, Indochina, Pakistan (even visited the wild tribal areas of NW, crossed the Khyber Pass in the back of the truck, met lots of Pashtun warriors – today’s Taliban) and into Kabul on the Afghan side, etc, in early 70s before JEW warmongers invented al Qaeda to destroy the intricate network of cultures and tribal alliances. Yes, Virginia, it is JEWS, always have been, ignore this truth at your peril.

    And everywhere I went, Mussulmans were polite, respectful and dignified because the respect they extended, they expected in return – or else, since they were all armed to the teeth and the Pashtun metalworkers were able to field strip any weapon and produce replicas that outperformed the originals.
    That was before degenerate ISIS when Sunnis were true Muslims.

    As for circumcision, none of my business, just like tattooing or piercing, I like to keep myself intact but maybe I am just weird that way.

  10. Having lived in Asia for more than 40 years and in countries where feminism is regarded as an evil and diseased by-product of Western decadence, I must confess that I am spoiled. I live in a country with a population of one million more females than males. Another 200,000 thousand men are in the monkhood and a significant percentage of males are 3rd gender. But there is a downside to this. The hullaballoo over the Bobbitt affair in the West scarcely raised an eyebrow here. One regularly reads in the newspapers here of Mr. So and So recovering in hospital after his enamorata had cut off his manhood because of his philandering. One creative lady actually tied the severed member to a helium balloon and sent it aloft. No doubt it became a succulent morsel for a hungry crow. However, there is no shortage of penile tissue to create new members due to Thailand being the sex change capital of the world. Thus finding donors is quite easy.

    1. @ Felix. Brilliant. I laughed so loud. “One regularly reads in the newspapers here of Mr. So and So recovering in hospital after his enamorata had cut off his manhood because of his philandering. One creative lady actually tied the severed member to a helium balloon and sent it aloft. No doubt it became a succulent morsel for a hungry crow.”

  11. I live in Granada Spain…..the women men ratio is 4/1…..all young students……I teach a lot of them, English
    I mainly teach girls…..18-39…..I try not to teach young men because they are testerone happy in class…and spoil the intellectual value of discussion. Most of the girls admit to being bisexual, and have tried it with other
    female partners. I am male and 69. These girls are totally honest with me….I cannot embarrass them, I have pulled many stunts to corner them.When I ask about their relationships they tell me that 50% of the males here are homosexual…so the ratio women to men reaches nearly 8/1.
    So are we seeing the results of a distorted society….I dont think so……these girls easily outrank the same age men, both mentally and physically….they are streets ahead mentally.
    The young men are so bound up in muscle power, sport and drink as not even to represent a person that you can relate to.
    I now consider there four sexes…..heterosexual, lesbian, homosexual, transgender…
    The idea of marriage as a vehicle of the future is terminal…all we are seeing is the transition phase.
    I have five boys, from different marriages….the women have been utter bitches every step of the way
    I am delighted to be single again…..I currently have a female lover who is 18yrs old………with the brain of a 39 yr old…..I couldn,t be luckier. I know it will fall over.
    This article fails because it doesn,t allow humanity to develope freely…..it nitpicks at “types”
    Nobody gave any of you people the right to expect.

    1. Keith,

      “I am male and 69…..I have five boys, from different marriages……..I currently have a female lover who is 18yrs old………with the brain of a 39 yr old.”

      You see nothing wrong in having an 18 year old partner at your age, 51 years your younger? You say she has the mind of a 39 year old? I hate to say it but it looks like you have pretty much one thing on your mind. Hell, even at 39, a woman’s too young for a man 30 years her elder! And no, this relationship won’t last, I’m sorry to say.

      “This article fails because it doesn,t allow humanity to develope freely…..it nitpicks at “types””

      What do you mean when you state, ‘develop freely’? We are talking about man, hating misandry here, brought about from 2nd wave, lesbian, Jewesses who loathed man. So again, what is your perception if free development? I’m all for anarchy, but within that, when a woman starts trying to destroy me, I’ll always oppose.

      You are living in Granada Spain. Feminism is a bit of a non entity there, as it is in much of Europe. Spain has always been renowned for its traditional, fiery women. You are therefore commenting on an article that really has nothing whatsoever to do with Spanish women and Spanish culture. I am speaking of the UK and the USA where feminism has been smashing society to pieces for over 50 years.

      1. Harbinger,

        Don’t let this cradle-snatcher get you down. It seems to me that any man of 69 who is banging a girl of 18 regularly is little better than a pedophile. It may be “legal”, but only just so. He’s 51 years older than her, old enough to be her grandfather. It’s pretty disgusting!

        My speculation is that he’s a wealthy expatriate and she’s an impoverished Spanish waif who is little better than a child prostitute in search of a sugardaddy.

        Let’s face it, if she’s doing this at 18 with a guy almost into his seventies, we can be pretty sure she’s been opening her legs like this for years — ever since she was a child. She’s probably a runaway from some foster home or a family in which she was sexually abused.

        “Keith” doesn’t sound like a man you want to convince that you’re a smart guy who has just written a brilliant article. You can do without the admiration of pervy cradle-snatchers.

      2. Thank you Dr Parker,

        People don’t get me down, simply because I don’t get offended, well I do, but I don’t make a song and dance about it and after all, it’s freedom of speech and more importantly just hot air with noise and nothing more (or in this case, pixels on a screen).
        You are correct. He’s old enough to be her grandfather and yes, she’s certainly giving him what he wants. I’m 44 and wouldn’t dream of having a relationship with an 18 year old, simply because she’s far too immature for my liking, very probably a feminist, pro LGBT, pro immigration and an NWO proponent. I wouldn’t even consider a relationship with a 28 year old for goodness sake, 16 years my younger. Were I to have a relationship, she’d be no more than 6years my younger.

    2. Keith,

      Your time of ‘pillow talk’ is, probably, the most satisfactory part of copulation for the young lass. Having recently developed a loving relationship with a lady half my age, I understand the cuddling and conversation is something she adores – especially considering the probable fact that a man my age (56) might not be what he once was. 🙁 She is certainly not a whore (she is a dentist), and has her own practice, which makes her somewhat a mature businessperson who can make a valid decision. While she knows I am not interested in marriage, she has told me that she IS (interested in marriage), so I have certainly reconciled myself to the probability of her finding a suitable mate with whom to start a family. He will have a ‘better woman’ because she has been with a ‘better man’ (than your average immature sperm donor). 🙂

    3. @Keith, my late brother frequented a local bar in the UK. He would chat, and do crosswords with the barmaid, a divorcee in her fifties. One weekend, he told her he was going to an 18th birthday party, she asked if he, too, had an 18 year old daughter, he said no, she was his girlfriend. When he returned, he told the barmaid that his affair with the 18 year old was over, he and the barmaid got together, and remained together until he died. She is my friend, with whom I exchange e-mails..

      btw, lots of teenage girls here in Norway prefer older men..

  12. I like the moozlums. They don’t discriminate against women : The moozlums genitally mutilate BOTH the boys’ male genitals and the girls’ female genitals. No discrimination there! The joos discriminate against women!!!

  13. Ingrid,

    “btw Harb, I told my daughter some of the things you had to say, about refugees, and women. She said, without hesitation, “he`s a sexist, and a racist”. So there you have it in a nutshell Harb. You can find as many fancy labels for your mindset as you like, but it all boils down to what my daughter said..”

    I really shouldn’t be wasting my time with you Ingrid, but seeing as Lasha put this article up I feel I must address your usual slander.

    1. Regarding your daughter I don’t give a shit. She is a feminist, unbeknownst to herself. Yes I am a sexist and I wear that badge with pride. Why shouldn’t I be? Why should I not state what is which is simply that in the realms of physicality MAN IS SUPERIOR TO WOMAN or you of course will disagree? And in the realms of civilization building and invention MAN IS ALSO SUPERIOR TO WOMEN but you of course will disagree even when the facts stare at you, straight before your eyes.

    2. And I AM A RACIST. And? What part of I wish to ‘live amongst my own people and culture and see it survive’ don’t you understand? You presume I hate people of other cultures and races as well as have a white supremacist belief. I don’t. I’ve said that umpteen times in many postings here, but you, with your inability to grasp reality continue to state otherwise. You see Ingrid, what’s difference here is that you in your infinite stupidty think that by helping refugees you make our society a better place, not realising that they will, through procreation become the majority. You have this INSANE belief that one is of a nation who is simply born there. This continues to promote just how stupid you are and worse, how dangerous you are to the lives of the indigenous people and the survival of the nation.

    YOU ARE A GLOBALIST Ingrid. I realised that the first time I ever read the utter BS that streamed forth from your fingertips. You try to psychologically blackmail all with your “help the poor immigrants” crap and those who disagree, for obvious, wise reasons, you pillory and castigate as…wait for it….racists.
    This is why I utterly loathe you Ingrid. I would never even pass the time of day were I to ever meet you. I would have nothing whatsoever to do with you. You are a vile, globalist, immigrant loving, nation destroyer and you are, as I’ve said many times, the epitome of those whom you attack – Jews.

    There are some people on here who put up with your constant stream of BS. I don’t. I have no time for ignoramuses in my life as I do not suffer fools gladly. You can huff and puff all you want, but you’ll never blow this house down. I don’t care for your compassion of the Palestinian people. I care only for me, my family, my friends, my people, my culture, my nation and my race, just as my ancestors did. I am a TRUE Scots man, not the washed down luvee-dovey breed that exists today, happily allowing the flood of migrants into their lands which continues to destroy their very identity. Sure I am a dying breed, but I’ll go to my grave knowing that I fought until my dying breath against the NWO and their homogenization of the world’s peoples and their cultures. You on the other hand will continue, being one of their drones, happily promoting the end of indigenous people and their culture, thinking you are doing right, when you are simply to STUPID to realise that you are and always have been so wrong.

    No doubt Toby will ‘tell me off’ for stating the obvious about you Ingrid. I speak my mind and the truth and I always have. I saw through your BS from day one and its why you continue to hound me on this website. I’ve destroyed every argument you’ve come at me with and although Admin and Lasha don’t see you for what you truly are, I very much do.
    Now listen, cupcake, you stated in a previous post that you would ignore me as I have you, so please stay true to your words. I don’t like you. I don’t like your BS. I don’t like your globalist, immigrant loving beliefs. Understand that and move on as I have. It’s not hard to ignore someone. Just don’t read what I have to write when you see my name as I have done with you, until this post. Get on with your life and stay out of mine. I stay away from globalists and feminists. Leave the website if you must, as you constantly threaten to do when I call you ourt for what you are. I don’t care.

    1. My goodness Harb, temper, temper, did I punch your buttons? You label my daughter, who is happily married, with two beautiful kids, a “feminist”?? you label me a “stupid globalist” whatever the hell that means, and you have the gall to accuse me of slander.. and don`t worry about uncle Toby giving you an earful Harb, everyone loves you, for some strange reason, must be your “charm”..

  14. The Darkmooners lost the Muslim immigration debate so bad, Darkmooners are reduced to talking about nonsense, devolving into gibberish talk, because they have nothing intelligent to say about the Muslim immigration debate, I kicked Darkmoon butt so hard, I rattled their brains. Then again, Darkmooner brains were always up their Darkmoon assholes. How desperately the Darkmooners are trying to forget the Muslim debate they Totally Lost ever took place.

    Pat, when I kick one of your hydra-head butts real hard, like I just kicked Mahmoud’s raghead butt into the sand and your raghead hydra-head is down for the count, totally defeated, and I rattled its brains, do you and your other hydra heads feel The Pain of IT too? Or just that one hydra head? Just curious, 🙂 .

  15. Forgive me Harb and Darkmoon, but I’ve just read the following. Bloody hell Pat, did you know this?


    “Amid the adoration, there were outbreaks of journalism, with Putin facing tough questions on Russian troops in Ukraine, corruption in the elite and whether Katerina Tikhonova, an “acrobatic rock’n’roll” dancer who now runs a huge project linked to Moscow State University, is his daughter. He said he did not comment on his daughters, but added that both of them live and work in Russia, and in the absence of a denial, essentially confirmed that Tikhonova is his daughter.” Source Guardian

    And from Reuters yesterday:

    “The story of Kirill Shamalov, the celebration of his wedding to the Russian president’s younger daughter, and the loan from a politically well-connected bank that helped make him a billionaire.”


    1. RO –

      NO!! NO Waaay!!! Tell me it isn’t so!!!
      Not the perfect, pristine, Pharisee-profit-proof Putin..!! 🙁

      “Kirill Shamalov, son of an old friend of Vladimir Putin, was able to borrow about $1.3 billion via a new company wholly-owned by him.”

      Uhh-mmmm… I’m tellin’ the teacher on him.

    2. RO,

      Hope you’re wrong about Putin’s daughter marrying a Jew. I skimmed through the article you linked above and could see nothing to suggest that this guy Kirill Shamalov (Putin’s new son-in-law) was a Jew. Maybe he is, but it doesn’t say so here.

      1. RO,

        Love u 2 bits but you can’t say this guy is Jewish just because he’s got a “Jewish look.” You need a bit more evidence than that! 🙂

        If Putin had Jewish leanings, why on earth would he support Russian Christianity, oppose gay propaganda in schools, and take action against the Jewish-backed Pussy Riot girls?

      2. @ Darling

        I left a comment a few weeks back that Jeremy Corbyn’s wife was rumoured to have jewish ancestry. You said then, I hope this is not true. Corbyn himself and his wife have jewish roots. Do you need the BBC or the jewish MSM to confirm that Putin’s grandchildren will be jewish?

        What do posters think?


      3. @ Ingrid B

        To paraphrase Shakespeare’s Hamlet, “Something is rotten in the state of Norway.” Take a look at this. The Syrian refugees to Norway you are praising so highly have images of severed heads on the phones.”


        Aren’t you aware that White women in Norway are being raped like flies by the Muslim refugees you keep praising? They are even forced to dye their hair black and travel in groups for extra security! On what planet are you living that you keep defending these people and attacking Harbinger for stating what everyone on this site knows to be the truth?!? 🙂

        All these Europeans countries belong to the indigenous White people whose ancestral homelands they are. They do NOT belong to the hordes of Africans and Asians and Middle Eastern migrants who are swarming into our White lands and raping our white women!!!

        Don’t bother calling me a “racist” for pointing out the obvious. I am a RACE REALIST, not a racist! Big difference! I don’t object to Muslims and other migrants as long as they remain a well-behaved minority. It’s when they become a dangerous and criminal race majority, killing Whites and raping white women, that I have to cry out, “Enough! Enough!!! ENOUGH!!!”

      4. @ RO
        @ JFC

        Do I take it that this guy (Putin’s son-in-law) has to be Jewish just because you both have a hunch that he is? No evidence required? Suspicion is enough?

      5. @ Darling. You remind me of the type of person who after years of the alternative media/magazines (the defunct Scallywag Magazine, an example) were highlighting the evidence of pederasty in the British Establishment said they want proof from the jewish media.

        Why is that so? A few brave and credible people including retired police officers (and believe me I’m not a police lover) came forward to tell the truth, but the jew MSM didn’t want to know, because disproportionately the homo rapists were JEWS.

        I can’t confirm that Putin’s daughter has married a jew, but can you confirm she hasn’t?

      6. @ RO

        I can’t confirm that Putin’s daughter has married a jew, but can you confirm she hasn’t?

        If this is the best you can do, you might as well give up. That’s exactly like saying, “I can’t confirm that Queen Victoria was Jack the Ripper, but can you prove that she wasn’t?”

        No, RO, I can’t prove Queen Victoria wasn’t Jack the Ripper. 🙂

      7. The more you accuse people of being Jews, when you have no evidence to support your claim, the more you bring discredit on yourself and this website when it turns out they are NOT Jews!

      8. @ Darling. The more you defend people in power of not being jews, like Jeremy Corbyn, the more YOU bring this site down. Touche. (Sorry can’t do accents or Smiley faces)

        @ Pat. You did mention Kirill last month, BRAVO.

        November 27, 2015 at 10:41 pm

        Circ –

        You forgot to mention “spoiled brats” over in Russia… billionaire “brats.”

        Oligarch banker buddies of Putin….

        Moscow Times Reveals Identity of Putin’s Billionaire Daughter
        The Moscow Times
        Nov. 10 2015

        The Reuters news agency on Tuesday said it had identified one of the daughters of Russian President Vladimir Putin and claimed that she and her husband controlled assets worth about $2 billion, including a seaside villa in Biarritz, France, estimated to be worth about $3.7 million.

        A senior executive at a state-owned Russian bank told Reuters that Putin’s younger daughter, whose identity has been shielded from the press, used the surname Tikhonova. The report said Katerina, 29, was the “spouse” of
        Kirill Shamalov, son of Nikolai Shamalov, a banker and longtime friend of the president.

        According to Reuters, the foundation of the couple’s wealth is a stake in a major gas and petrochemical company that Kirill acquired from
        Gennady Timchenko, another longstanding friend of Putin.


      9. Mind you, I am not saying this guy is NOT a Jew. You could be right. It could turn out that we will soon have proof that he IS a Jew. I which case you will be vindicated and you’ll be able to say, “See, I was right!”

        But until that proof is forthcoming, I’m afraid you don’t have a leg to stand on. And in fact you are guilty of precisely the thing you accuse your enemies of so stridently: spreading disinformation.

        Have you no intellectual integrity? You would condemn someone to death on suspicion? Without proof of guilt?

      10. @Darling or not so Darling! My original comment said “Has Putin’s daughter married a jew?” I AM NOT HERE TO SCORE POINTS. My ego is less important than the truth. I think he looks like a jew (race/religion debate not for now) and I posted a link to a website which says “Putin’s daughter marries jewish oligarch”. I’m just passing on information, but my gut feeling is he’s one of the chosen, kosher lot.

      11. Darlington,

        Ingrid is a grade A moron. She has attacked me on this site since day one because I disagreed with her Ugandan neighbour, asylum seekers, who hopped, skipped and jumped over umpteen safe havens to get to the Europe and the UK. She now calls me a sexist because I state the obvious about the sexes, trying to shame because her daughter thinks so too. She calls me a racist because I tell it like it is, seeing racist as a code word used by those who are anti white/pro white genocide – Anyone who speaks up for the white race, who sees that immigration will make them a minority in their own lands, which will very possibly see a situation arise as what happened in Zimbabwe with the whites and who does not wish to see them die is a racist in Ingrid’s eyes. She’s got more concern for the Palestinians than her own people for crying out loud! How pathetic is that? I mean, how pathetic is that that you’d see the demise of your own race before another? Just as politicians are traitors to their people, so to is Ingrid. She’d happily tear down ALL WORLD BORDERS and allow migrants to come in and SHIT all over everything that makes cultures unique, not just in the west but the world. She’s nothing but a vile, globalist, who shouts out liberal slur words at people because they’ve ripped yet more holes in her futile argument. And when I do, she starts crying on the forum that she’s going to leave and I get told off from Admin for ‘not being nice’ to the silly moo. I see her as far more of a danger to the white peoples of this world than Jews ever will be.

      12. @ RO

        “I’m just passing on information, but my gut feeling is he’s one of the chosen, kosher lot.”

        OK Redmist, now you’re beginning to make sense and sound more reasonable . . . more like the girl I invited into my suite the other night at the Dorchester Hotel and wined and dined in imagination . . . when you proved quite a clever conversationalist, I might add.

        Sigh. Time for a last cigar . . . and then to bed like Pepys.

      13. “She’s nothing but a vile, globalist, who shouts out liberal slur words at people because they’ve ripped yet more holes in her futile argument. And when I do, she starts crying on the forum that she’s going to leave and I get told off from Admin for ‘not being nice’ to the silly moo.”

        Now hold on, Harbie. Restrain your anger! These women are placed on earth to try our patience and teach us how to love them in spite of their bad manners and termagent twitteries. When all is said and done, we are helpless in the presence of these demonic temptresses and must do our best to tame them with bonbons and cuddles. All they really want from us, Harbie, is reassurance that they are indispensable.

        Redmist, for example, has annoyed me considerably but, strangely enough, I have developed a kind of grudging affection for her. She has two qualities I admire: passion and sincerity, though her logic is sometimes deplorable. As to Ingrid, just ignore her. If Admin ticked you off for not being nice to her, that was long ago. Since then they have shown you considerable honor and respect by elevating your comments into a splendid article that thousands have read and gone crazy over all over the internet . . . and Lasha has even called it an important sociological document which would be of interest to future historians of social history. She’s right. You are a walking symbol of misogyny! Congrats! 🙂

        One mistake you made, Harbie. When Ingrid accused you of being a racist, you admitted it. That was dumb. You are NOT a racist, you are a RACE REALIST. Someone else said that recently. Or was it me? I can’t remember. It is a tactical mistake to admit to being a “Nazi” or a “racist” or even an “anti-Semite”. Always deny it. Because it is never true. Think about that.

        There is a big difference between being a RACIST and a RACE REALIST — and both of us are RACE REALISTS. I certainly am not a racist and would be quite happy to break bread and throw salt at a merry foreigner, provided he doesn’t bring half of Africa and Asia into my country and turn it into AngloSTAN!

      14. Darlington,

        “One mistake you made, Harbie. When Ingrid accused you of being a racist, you admitted it. That was dumb. You are NOT a racist, you are a RACE REALIST.”

        “There is a big difference between being a RACIST and a RACE REALIST — and both of us are RACE REALISTS. I certainly am not a racist and would be quite happy to break bread and throw salt at a merry foreigner, provided he doesn’t bring half of Africa and Asia into my country and turn it into AngloSTAN!”

        Racist was termed by Lev Bronstein (aka Leon Trotsky) in an address to the Russian people, who criticized the Slavs for being racist because they would not submit their culture to the takeover of another. This is actually the true definition of the word.
        Move on 50+ years and they change the word altogether, turning it from one who loves their own culture and HATES others – doublespeak. This was how they’ve managed to destroy ethnic societies through immigration with the racist slur. Interestingly enough, in tune with this article and feminism, with the word misogynist. You must either love and trust a woman or if you don’t you are a hater of women.
        One who is wary of people from other races and culture was called xenophobe. One is no longer allowed to be wary of immigrants/foreigners without also being a hater of them, which is simply wrong. Immigration is ultimately the end of whatever indigenous cultures it moves into, more so when they have a far higher procreation rate as well as indigenous self hatred of the male through the toxicity of feminism.

        So, with that said, I am a racist in the original and TRUE definition of the word as used by Trotsky in his attack of the Slavs.
        Do I hate people of other races and cultures? No.
        Would I break bread with Africans and Asians. I have, many times.
        Do I want Africans and Asians remaining in the UK? Well, it’s really a choice isn’t it? You either allow them to stay, let them continue breeding and by 2075, we become a minority in our own land. They of course still have their own, having just colonized another. Or else you either repatriate them, or put a restriction on their population growth, as they did in China. So it’s a choice – race survival through draconian measures, or race genocide through simply letting the status quo continue. What do you thin Darlington; race survival or genocide?

        The modern definiton of racist is a false definition. The modern definition now falsely labels people as hateful, supremacist, xenophobes which of course many are most certainly not. They just choose to continue to exist as a separate people on this planet as their ancestors have for thousands of years. Interesting, but were I to talk of genociding Africans or Asians, there would be an uproar, but when I speak of actual WHITE GENOCIDE, I’m either met with deaf ears or instant lambasting with the use of the word racist.

        As for Ingrid, I do ignore her, all the time in fact, but since she addressed me on this article, I wanted to reply to hopefully shut the silly mare up once and for all when it comes to me. You may believe that people like Ingrid are there to try our patience, that maybe so, but I call it as it is for she and people of her ilk are like arsenic to the white peoples of this world. People have to be very wary of women like Ingrid. They are the destroyers of civilizations and genocide promoters of their own race. I find that something that one cannot ignore.

      15. @Darling-not-ton, I`m not defending anyone, just telling how we civilized people in my little corner of the world, treat people who have been brutalized by whitie.. I`m not interested in what you, or him, or her, or anyone, have on their mobile phones, am not interested in muslim bashing, and propaganda, those poor deluded muslims, who buy into the isis poison, are to be pitied. I am however, extremely concerned over the extent of islamophobia which is poisoning the planet, but then, the majority of whites always did do the dirty work for the jew..

      16. seems Mark Glenn was right about Fetzer, who has been fired from Kevin Barrets radio show. Fetzer has been gorging himself on the same sort of Islamophobic propaganda which Darlington posted a link to, keeps e-mailing Barret, to ask stupid questions about Muslims..

    3. RO
      I read a similar story on some website 2 or 3 months ago ,it was taken from Russian sources
      remember that organized zios try their best to marry their way into the elite goy families both in the east and the west
      it’s a zio tactic to infiltrate the higher ruling class
      that bring to me this immortal quote by Cicero which holds true today
      “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.”
      ― Marcus Tullius Cicero

      1. Thank you Dragon. I know the quote. I posted this before. Cicero didn’t say the word jew, but it was his intention.

        ” In essence Cicero took no prisoners when it came to jews and took every reasonable opportunity to attack the jews when chance presented itself and his anti-jewish comments in ‘Pro Flacco’ should not read as a purely rhetorical exercise, but rather as an expression of fundamental beliefs that Cicero held about jews.

        Or put simply: Cicero didn’t like the jews or Judaism one bit.”


    4. Yeeee … squeals of delight were heard throughout Putin-hating truth-o-sphere spearheaded by Reuters, Bloomberg, La Russophobe (kid you not, look it up), Financial Times, Washington Post and dozens, nay, hundreds of fully independent, investigative journalistic outlets, Masha Gessen, Khodorkovsky, Kasparov among the superstar reporters, juicy jew stories of Godfather Putin’s billion dollar mansion in Marbella, Spain among also fully verified reports of yet more Nazi killing camps that the Jewish survivors were too frightened to mention until now.

      Like I said, literally hundreds of such stories and how Putin’s youngest strip dancing daughter is a multi-billionaire, unlike, say, unfairly maligned Rothschilds, the philantropist owners of 99 percent of these fearless outlets of truth.
      How do we know this?
      Because the Rothschilds ARE NOT BILLIONAIRES.
      There, I said it, simple as that.
      Because if they were, be assured that all of them, Reuters, Ha’aretz, Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal, Telegraph, Guardian, CNN, I mean, every single one of these highly trustworthy, independent media outlets would have reported it long ago.
      I mean, c’mon, why isn’t there a single mention of some Rothschild in the Forbes annual ranking?
      Let me tell you why, in case you haven’t figured it out by now.

      Rothschilds are just regular folks like you and me, working hard to support all these independent media, plowing all their income back into the battle that the truth, and nothing but the truth, so help them Lucifer, be heard, which is this:

      Putin’s youngest daughter is a mega billionaire, richer on the orders of magnitude than the Rothschilds

      So celebrate, let those joyful YEEEE squeals be heard because ’tis the season to be truthful.

      1. Egad, how very spartan, I do declare, Sirrah, what commendable modesty.

        I trust these are the servants quarters or perchance where the escaped slave hunting bloodhounds are kept?

      2. Seeing this Waddsup Manure horror castle where many a Christian boy met his end in some subterranean (because the real life of Rothschilds is always subterranean, isn’t it) dungeon, I picture little Ellie gnashing teeth and plotting insurrection.

        Ever read Mervyn Peake’s Gormenghast trilogy?
        This is Gormenghast and she is Fuchsia Groan.
        My teenage favorite read, when I figured that love and lust were synonyms.
        (While the latter concept survives in a faded form, the former has been outed as science fiction)


    This is an interesting article with a lot of interesting comments. I would just like to add 2 points:

    1. The Judaists (aka Jews) are behind feminism (as most here know), but women, being gullible, easily get brainwashed. Plus the legal system and media that are pro-women and anti-family are a big part of the problem. Women like to copy others and go with the herd.

    2. Some male commentators are bragging about being old and being able to find many young girls. Take that with a pinch of salt. Those who can find girls, do; those who can’t, brag.

  17. @ RO

    “The more you defend people in power of not being jews, like Jeremy Corbyn, the more YOU bring this site down. Touche.”

    I can see that arguing with you is futile. I never said anything about Jeremy Corbyn NOT being a Jew. For all I know, he could be a Jew. All I said was that Jeremy’s Corbyn’s alleged Jewishness — whether he is a Jew or not — had nothing whatever to do with Putin’s son-in-law.

    Conversation over.

  18. @ Darlington or an 8 letter anagram is ignorant … please don’t take it personally! “OK Redmist, now you’re beginning to make sense and sound more reasonable.” I’ve never heard of “Redmist” …. I must be behind the times. I’m not a Redmist and I prefer Columbia Road Flower Market in East London to the Dorchester or Claridges any day MATE. A more genuine person you will find there. Give it a go.

    1. @red onions, good on ya girl. Darling-not-ton is soooooooo twee, so puffed up by his own self importance, just like his buddy Harb..

  19. @ RED ONION
    Sweetheart Please excuse what his name DAR.ee.Gone..Ton
    The chap still recovering from the wrestling match he had with the lioness ELLIEE KICKER
    she knocked him out repeatedly with no mercy whatsoever .she stood over him with her feet inside his mouth.

  20. Bloody hell Harb. I don’t always agree with Ingrid, but you don’t have to labour the point, especially with the Darned Darlington. I thought you Scots were anti establishment.

    1. RO,

      This is my last reply to Ingrid, hopefully getting into her thick skull, to ignore me as I have her. That way she can continue writing whatever rubbish she wants but leaving me out of the equation.
      And I am anti-establishment. Every single one of my posts on this site has been anti establishment. What on earth gave you that idea? Was it because I stated that people like Ingrid are destroyers of civilizations? If so, a civilization can easily be one without a state. After all a civilization is a civilized nation is it not?

      1. How could I possibly ignore you Harb? you`re all over the place, harping on about the same tired old junk, trying to force your points of view on others. and, yes, Harb, I am just as much entitled to an opinion as you. I asked you politely once before to leave me be, but you just can`t help yourself..

        Oh! btw, red onions, Harb single handedly stripped me of my Scottish identity, that`s how egotistical this ass-hole is.. thinks he is..

      2. I have never ‘forced’ my opinion upon anyone in my life. I ‘write’ my opinion on a web forum and people have the choice to read it or not. If they read it, it’s their choice to agree or not. Again, your stupidity shines forth; how on earth can one force their opinion upon another on a web forum? The Jewish torturers forced their opinions upon the Germans at Nuremberg Ingrid. Are you unable to see the difference?

        I have never once tried to stop you or anyone for that matter from having an opinion. Why must you persist with this stupid train of thought? You asked me politely to ignore you AND I HAVE. I HAVEN’T ONCE REPLIED TO ANY OF YOUR COMMENTS. However you fail to see that. I have mentioned your name on some comments when emphasizing a point about mass migration and white genocide but that was it. Again, I ignored you, but you wouldn’t let it be. You continued to follow me, like a lost puppy dog, shitting and weeing all over the place.

        And how on earth can I strip you of your identity on a web forum you twit? Again, just like I can’t force my opinion on anyone in a web forum (as anyone can’t) I am unable to strip someone of their identity. I have simply told you what you are, a globalist, one who seeks the destruction of all world borders and free, unlimited migration of peoples all over the place. I told you simply that you’d have been exiled from any clan pre ’45, for your treasonous beliefs. You are not a nationalist and any Scot who is not one IS NOT A SCOT, but you’re simply too bloody stupid to even contemplate that simple fact.

        I think from now on I’ll call you JCB, for your love of digging holes Ingrid. I couldn’t give a flying rat’s poo whether you, your daughter, your Ugandan neigbours, your Syrian refugee friends, your Palestinian buddies or anyone you know, thinks I am a sexist and a racist. Your thoughts about me, do not, never have, nor ever will concern me. Are you able to understand that JCB? I called you out from day one for what you are. You didn’t like it. You hated the fact that I have a love for my people, my culture, my nation and race. You labelled me a racist and a white supremacist for doing so. I smashed every argument you’ve ever put my way, to the point that you went crying all the way home with your tail between your legs, putting up a post to say that you’re leaving LD.

        Now get on with your pathetic life JCB. Have your opinion, speak about Palestine, discuss your love for Ugandan and African refugees into Scotland (or wherever in Europe), talk about removing borders and encouraging mass migration…..I don’t care. All I ask is of you is to simply skip past my comments, as I have yours. It’s not much to ask and it will stop this puerile bickering that you love starting every opportunity you can get. I will not allow myself to fall into your created infantile arguing again.

      3. Harbinger —

        You need to get a grip on yourself and stop letting this stupid, ill-educated grandmother get under your skin. You must try and understand her psychology, and you will be able to do this better if you refuse to believe her unverified claim that she is half-Scottish and half-Norwegian. In other words, you are not dealing with a white woman here. You are dealing with a woman of mixed blood. Or with someone who has very close familial ties with the Muslim community. Her daughter may be married to a Muslim and her grand daughters are therefore of mixed blood. Hence her fierce defense of Muslims.

        You can see she doesn’t have a leg to stand on. We are not Islamophobes. We have nothing against Muslims in their own countries. In fact, we don’t mind Muslims in our own white homelands either, provided they remain a small and well-assimilated minority. We are against mass immigration. We are against being SWAMPED by an alien race. We are against being taken over by a foreign culture. We are against our white women being raped in huge numbers by these Muslim migrants in Norway and Sweden where this has now become an epidemic problem.

        The situation in Britain is not so bad, but look at what those Pakistani gangs did to little white underage girls in Rotherham: grooming them and having sex with them, 10 Muslims jumping on top of every little white girl.

        If this stupid woman thinks these things aren’t happening, she’s living in cloud cuckoo land. If she thinks we are “racists” for refusing to put up with mass immigration and the gang rape of our women, she is little better than a psycho.

      4. Continued . . .

        My guess is: she is either of mixed blood herself or her daughter has married into an immigrant family, meaning that her grandchildren are of mixed heritage. This would explain her attitude, and also why she is a regular correspondent with Mahmoud El-Yousseph.

        Personally, I have nothing against Mr El-Yousseph. I respect him as a well-behaved and highly principled Muslim whose driving force is a love for the Palestinians. Why he has got mixed up with this pseudo-White neurotic from Norway is a mystery to me.

        Pay no further attention to her. Anyone who defends the mass rape of White women is a psychopath. If she was a white woman herself living in Norway, wouldn’t she be horrified at the rape of the White Norwegian women around her? She is not horrified. She expresses no sympathy for them. A sad case.

      5. I hear she was kicked off Mark Glenn’s site for getting on his nerves. She has revealed this herself in past comments. Why would a good guy like Mark Glenn boot her off his site unless she was a f***ing pain in the neck?

      6. Dr Parker,

        I don’t like to leave stones unturned.
        As stated it was my last reply to Ingrid. It was an appeal to her to ignore me as I have her. I think people will see from this reply, my viewpoint and why I refuse to engage in debate with her. I really don’t care if she is of mixed blood, has children married to Muslims (she did state of considering becoming one) all I ask is simply for her to skip over my comments and keep Lasha’s forum civil, leaving out the sniping attacks.
        I thank you for your concern and what you state is perfectly correct. There is no doubt in my mind that there is some connection to Islam, as I correctly stated she loves it and its people far more than her own kith and kin, if of course she is speaking the truth. I believe people need to be called out for their hypocrisy and wrongs and I have done this umpteen times with her. I cannot, not will I ever condone anyone who seeks the genocide of any peoples regardless of their race, culture and nationality. Ingrid, albeit subconsciously, is doing just this against whites in her continuing promotion of migration as you know.

        Lobro believes her to be a compassionate woman, with motherly feelings to want to help people. I respect those qualities, but when it means in doing so, the indigenous will suffer as a direct result, then I cannot condone the feelings and subsequent actions thereafter. My concern is now fo the survival of Europe, its cultures and its peoples above all else. I continue to try to wake them up so that they can remove the politicians from power waging suffering on Muslim peoples. Only when this happens will we be able to put an end to the War on Terror. As much as I disagree with what’s happening in Palestine, it is not my concern for I can do nothing about it, just as I can’t do anything about Syria or any other debacle the UK is involved in. It all starts with educating the public and letting them know the truth.

        Let’s leave it here Dr Parker. Hopefully Ingrid will do as she stated and ignore me as I have her. Time will tell.

      7. True to form, H has enlisted the support of a dubious doctor, who thinks that he knows every bloody thing, about me, and my family For your information “dr” Parker, my beautiful daughter is married to a Norwegian, and is, therefore of Norwegian/Scottish origin.. I have no bloody idea what your dna is composed of, it would be intersting to know, if, IF you had the bloody courage to divulge the results.. I`ll bet you, 100 to 1 , that even whitie Harbinger, would be reluctant to reveal the dna of his forebears.. Ass-holes!!

      8. Harpinger and Dr. PARKER were both wrong and unfair on their vicious attack on Ingrid B.
        First, her daughter is not married to Muslim. Even if she was, that should not matter. As far as her being sympathetic toward the refugee, that is because she has a heart larger than the state of Texas. In regard to the Palestinians, this woman is a fearless truth-teller Christians. I am proud she is my friend. And speaking of Christianity, Let me quote a verse from the Holy Bible about the treatment of the refugees,
        ” For I was hungry, and you gave Me something to eat; I was thirsty, and you gave Me something to drink; I was a stranger, and you invited Me in.” (.Matthew 25:35).

        Attacking Ingrid for aiding the refugees who were is distress goes against the teaching of the Bible and Jesus Christ (peace be upon him). I was truly saddened to see that she was subjected to such ruthless attacks.

      9. “Dr Parker
        December 19, 2015 at 2:21 pm

        I hear she was kicked off Mark Glenn’s site for getting on his nerves. She has revealed this herself in past comments. Why would a good guy like Mark Glenn boot her off his site unless she was a f***ing pain in the neck?” :

        really “Dr”? parker, you seem to know a helluva lot more than I do. I wasn`t aware that I`d been “kicked off Glenn`s site”, and would appreciate proof of that. For your information, at Mark Glenn`s request, I politely took up an issue with him, in an e-mail, over a year ago, am still waiting for a reply..

        Yes, you and Harb should get on like a house on fire, both of you are first class mudslingers..

      10. Mahmoud El-Yousseph,

        First off, I am a Scotsman. I believe first and foremost in the Scots people, their culture and their freedom. Do you understand this?
        Unlike you, being a Muslim, who I will hasten to add’s culture swept across the middle east, with sword in hand FORCING people into Islam OR death, I am not, nor will I ever be of your people, nor any of yours mine. Do you understand this? Ingrid would happily sell her culture, people and ancestry out for whatever benefited her. She is no Scotswoman, she’s not even a sassenach. She is worse, a traitor to the Caucasian peoples of this world in her globalist beliefs, a vile harpy and nothing more.

        Why, oh, why, oh why would, I ever welcome refugees from Syria, or any other Islamic land, when they have hopped, skipped and jumped over umpteen safe havens, in their own religion, to come to mine?

        I called you out in your previous article and you completely ignored me. You deem it acceptable that the Christian west, a land that your ancestors laid waste to, should welcome you all into. Why? Who the fuck do you think you are, quoting Christian verse, while your ancestors, annihilated, by the sword, those who opposed the faith of Muhammed?
        The difference between the lands Christian, compared to those Islamic is simple for anyone who studied history to see. Christianity spread through love and compassion. Islam, on the contrary spread through the sword. Mohamed’s word was ignored through peace. It was only accepted when he amassed an army and started murdering.

        Why pour your Muslim brethren into the Christian west? Why not pour into the Islamic non west?

        Like I said in my previous reply to you, you are here for one of two reasons; you are either here for integration (which can never be for obvious reasons) or you are here to conquer.

        I care not for your words, Mr Islam. I care for my people and my culture. Do you understand this?
        Ingrid would have been expelled from the clan she may have been born into, as she pathetically classes herself a Scotswoman. She is a traitor to her clan in her views and to her race of Caucasians.
        Your words are hollow, moreso when you speak of compassion as a Muslim.

        You are not of my clan, my people, my nation or my race. Accept that Muslim, so you do not confuse compassion with genocide, as moronic Ingrid does.
        Live amongst your kith and kin, for you are not of mine nor ever will be. Had I lived in the clan of Ingrid, I would have hanged her myself as the traitor that she is to the Scots people and the Caucasians as a whole. She is a vile woman, one who promotes the genocide of not only the Scots, but all the Caucasian peoples of this world. You love her, because she defends your invasion of my land. I hate her for obvious reasons.


        Lasha may post your drivel, but understand that I, as a Scotsman am your or any Muslim’s worse nightmare should you continue in your pursuit of the Ummah. I see through your guise and I am far from stupid. I will fight to my dieing breath to stop any creation of your Muhammad inspired society.

      11. In other words Mahmoud, Harbinger is a racist “white” S.O.B with a superior attitude to all non-whites, and nothing you, or I say, will change his high and mighty opinion.. Thanks for your kind words Mahmoud, hope you got your Chrissie card..

        Would like to expand on my reply to the good “Dr”, LOL:

        If Mark Glenn has said the things you claim behind my back, it doesn`t say much for Mark Glenn, now does it?

        On the other hand, “Dr” Parker could just be a bitter, twisted, has been, with delusions of grandeur, who indulges in idle gossip..

        Oh! and Harb, regarding your decision to refer to me by initials, I only answer to my name, or, if you prefer initials, how about IBM, they are mine, and, Harb, at least I use my name, and do not hide behind an alias..

        Boy! I really do bring out the worst in so-called “men”, don`t I..

      12. Oh! and one more thing Harb, by making these vile attacks on me, and anyone who springs to my defense, you are only showing yourself up for the contemptible sexist, and racist that you are.. sincerely, I B M..

  21. Ingrid B
    Ingrid B….as a human I Love you for your humanity and empathy for the weak and needy
    you’re blessed Ingrid for what you are a true human being with beautiful soul blessed for eternity
    the stars loves you the universe loves you , God Almighty our Creator Loves you
    Pay no attention to these racists goons or these nationalist socialists nut-jobs their eternal place is in hell in the bottomless lake of fire is reserved for them next to their Adolf and Stalin all of them Zionists ,communists ,fascists, Nazis and feminists and the rest of scums of humanity
    neighbors to the cabals vampires and their witches and werewolves and their islamists barbarians their partners in crimes against God and Humanity all of them will be in the company of their mentor and master satan himself.
    God Bless you Ingrid B and your daughter and your Family for your humanity and help for the needy refugees whom they escaped death and destructions and fear
    Europeans are the most tolerable generous charitable God loving People on earth it comes naturally to them that the essence of true christian teachings
    The White People are Blessed by Christianity and Christianity is sustained and empowered by whites and this is the essence of the truth
    this is not racism ,it’s the naked truth.

    1. “…Europeans are the most tolerable generous charitable God loving People on earth it comes naturally to them that the essence of true christian teachings…”

      If they continue on this path of absolute self-efficacing “tolerance” they will destroy themselves, but of course you will welcome that. Within a few decades Europeans will be a minority in their own countries and after that they will disappear into mongrelhood with the brown and black races. Then the whole world will be Third World with all the mismanagement, corruption, poverty, chaos and dirt that entails. But again, you will of course welcome that.

    2. Human,

      Franklin hits the nail on the head. You seem to believe that constant migration of peoples, from outside Europe into it will only make it a better place. You in your promotion of migration unearth your selfishness for migrants and your utter disregard for the indigenous peoples and their way of life. You have no respect whatsoever for the choices of the indigenous peoples to live as separate peoples in their own lands. And should they complain, BOOM, out comes the racist taunt. “You will accept migration into your lands, resulting in your people becoming a minority or else you will be called what you are a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionJewsevilsupremacistracist”

      We are the most tolerable people on this planet. We have helped through charity all the world’s people in times of crisis. We have given the world technology to make their lives better. However, this is all beginning to change because there is a growing element within who see their ways of life under serious threat from the immigrant.
      Nigeria is Nigeria because it’s full of Nigerians (blacks)
      Pakistan is Pakistan because it’s full of Pakistanis.
      What therefore happens when another country becomes full of peoples, as described above Human?

      Migration has destroyed and will continue to, simply through those here procreating. Our tolerance will result in us becoming extinct and again, as Franklin states, our societies will turn into the same lands as those fleeing to come into ours.
      People like you are worst than racists. Whereas a racist my dislike people from other lands and races, he/she does not wish to see them extinct. People like you on the contrary wish to see white genocide.

    3. Of course lobro , whose best friends are “takfiri Muslims”, thinks Ingrid, whose best friends are also “takfiri Muslims” , is a “compassionate woman”. “takfiri Muslims” are Jews who commit Jew terrorism under the guise of being “Muslims”. BOTH Ingrid and lobro have already stated their best friends are “takfiri Muslims”, so of course lobro thinks Ingrid is “compassionate”. Jews like lobro and Ingrid think Jews who commit intense un-ending terrorism under the guise of being “Muslims” are “compassionate”. How BOTH lobro and Ingrid must be suffering so much intense psychic and emotional pain these days as Putin bombs the shit outta all of Ingrid’s and lobro’s “compassionate” takfiri Muslim best friends in jew-owned Israeli Secret Intelligence Service [ ISIS ] in Syria. How many jews with “Muslim” rags on their heads in Syria do you think Putin has blown back to hell from whence lobro’s and Ingrid’s best friends originated from?

      1. Joe Ben Laden is more dangerous than ISIS. His hate runs deep and wide. He reminds me of venomous snake. If it can’t find a prey to bite, it will bite itself.

      2. zingebar is impressed with your comments joe
        is ha,r.ben.ngr your friend joe ?
        the pos is full of himself after darkmooner published his rants as historic dung for mentally deranged sheeple .the sob’s moronic rants stinks
        the stench is tainting this site
        the darkmooner chick should change this site name to redmoon stormer international
        be good joe ,you are a good man
        zingebar like you 🙂

    4. to clarify my stand
      I never said to settle these refugees permanently in Europe.
      define the term refugees from refuge,seeking a safe heaven from ongoing dangers
      when that danger no longer exist ,most refugees will leave
      I thought you were smart enough to read between the lines
      I am against multiculturalism and mix race breeding ,it’s a Zionist scam
      Europe is the white’s and Christian’s continent and should stay that way for eternity

      1. HUMAN, thanks for your kind words, it seems your sentiments have attracted attacks by Ryckært and Harb, who abhor those who advocate human kindness. It`s a waste of time trying to reason with those guys, who think their opinions are more important than yours, or mine. You say “I never said to settle these refugees permanently in Europe.
        define the term refugees from refuge,seeking a safe heaven from ongoing dangers
        when that danger no longer exist ,most refugees will leave” :

        I agree, absolutely, and have been trying to make this point all along, whilst suffering all sorts of abuse. You say you thought they were smart enough to read between the lines, they are not smart at all, they just think they are..

      2. Since the outbreak of the conflict in Syria, the U.S. has resettled a total of 1,854 Syrian refugees. The UnitedNations (UN) estimates that 12.2 millionSyrians are in immediate need of humanitarian assistance.

        Attacking the refugees who are running away from ISIS, death and destructions goes against the Christian principle and the teaching of the Bible.

        The calls to halt the resettlement of Syria refugees to the U.S. demonstrates that our country is veering away from the American tradition of resettling the world’s most vulnerable populations. In the aftermath of the Vietnam War, the U.S. resettled more than 800,000 Vietnamese refugees, and provided refuge to approximately 169,000 Bosnian refugees in the mid 1990s.

        For those who do not know, Steve Jobs was a son of a Syrian refugee.

    5. @Harp, This what came to mind after I saw your tirade: Nuts, waste of talent, racist pig and LD’s favor pet. Not sure who is more Islamopheob on this site, you or Joe Al-Baghdadi.

      @LOBRO, You can lecture at my mosque at anytime!

      1. @ Mahmoud El-Yousseph

        @Harb, This what came to mind after I saw your tirade: Nuts, waste of talent, racist pig and LD’s favor pet< .b>.”


        I find this comment extraordinary coming from you. You accuse Harbinger of being a “racist pig”. That’s OK. Maybe he is a racist pig. I don’t know. But you then go on to attack Lasha Darkmoon by saying this so-called racist Harbinger is “LD’s favor pet”.

        If Habinger is LD’s favorite pet, then you are accusing Lasha of being a racist. I find this amazing! Hasn’t Lasha published dozens of your articles on this site? I suggest you reread Lasha’s declaration here in which she makes it absolutely clear that she respects Muslims and the Qur’an and is against Islamophobia and racism in every form:

        Firstly, Lasha was accused of “pro-Muslim, pro-Arab propagada” by the commenter Valorie Valkyrie who wrote: “Why the pro-Muslim, pro-Arab propaganda on a White Nationalist site?”

        She replied:

        This is a misunderstanding. There is no propaganda here. We have been accused of being pro-Muslim as well as anti-Muslim. Pro-White as well as anti-White. Hard to see how we can be two opposites at the same time..

        This is our position:

        We are not Islamophobes and respect Islam, despite the bad things people say here about the Qur’an and the prophet Mohammed. We have Muslim friends. We publish articles by Muslims on this site who are passionate about Palestine. We are against the cruel Israeli occupation and the systematic genocide of the Palestinian people.

        At the same time, much to the dismay of our Muslim friends, we are against multiculturalism and the mass immigration of non-Whites into our White homelands. We are against the swamping of Europe and the US with economic migrants against the will and interests of the indigenous White inhabitants. We are against the White genocide currently being engineered by organized Jewry. (See Barbara Spectre). Our roots lie in Christianity, which has nurtured us for the last 2000 years, and we are not going to give up our traditional values and be schooled in depravity by degenerate Jews.

        Are you now accusing Lasha of being a “racist”?

      2. @ Mahmoud El-Yousseph
        @ Ingrid B

        Lasha is not against Muslims or the people of any other races. She has never been against immigrants or made any statement that can be construed as “racism”. She is simply against UNLIMITED MASS IMMIGRATION!

        If these migrants were all “desperate refugees”, even then we couldn’t accept so many MILLIONS of foreigners into our homelands. There has to be a limit. We can’t just take them all in!

        And there is absolute proof that 95% of these migrants are NOT desperate “refugees” fleeing persecution! They are ECONOMIC MIGRANTS in search of a higher standard of living in countries which have NO MORE ROOM for them!

        Can’t you and Ingrid understand that, Mahmoud? It is not “racism” to object to UNLIMITED MASS IMMIGRATION!!!

        Throw open the gates and LET THEM ALL IN, is that what you want?

      3. @Constance Berlin, get your facts straight woman, I have never once mentioned Lasha in this debate, not once. I can under stand why Lasha likes Harb, he can be very informative, and that is Lasha`s prerogative, we all have different tastes..

        You sound as though you might be a friend of Harb..

        @Sardonicus, re. Mahmoud, there is some truth in what he says, Lasha, as I said above, obviously likes Harb, some people do, some don`t, but I don`t think Mahmoud was implying that Lasha is racist. As a matter of fact, Lasha and Mahmoud are friends, right Lasha? It is nice though, the way you spring to her defense..

  22. You are correct, my dear Gilbert: “Young women are ATTRACTED to strength, money, and assertiveness.” That is the key to my success. I have these qualities in abundance, plus look on high with my exquisite Nordic looks!
    Yes. it is true – all modern females over 40 yrs are bisexual. All are Ellen Degeneres fans! Watch her show and see her lesso dance and the turned on females in the audience!
    The NEW WOMAN is cheap, nasty, frustrated, immature and completely incompetent in all areas of physical work, automotive skills, mapping skills, engineering skills or even turning a screwdriver. I have proved this over and over again.
    Men are the CREATIVE gender and everything physical you see through your eyes, inc big cities, the house you live in, your sewerage etc, were designed and built by MEN’s labor!
    Women are hormonally imbalanced pieces of flesh that spend 25% of their lives with PMT and Post PMT symptoms. …. The Muslims were correct – put em in burqas and shut them up; and as the apostle Paul said, “they should NEVER be allowed to teach.”

    1. @Sardonicus
      @ Contance Berlin

      I would rather be dead than Insulting Dr. LD on this page or anywhere else. My comment of Harp being her favorite pet was taken out of context. I hold this woman in hight regards not bc she publishes me but rather because of her intellect, courage, and honesty and her passion for Palestine and Islam. When I referred to what is his face as her favorite I meant is bc of his frequent comments and contributions to her page. That does not mean or imply that she subscribes to his anti Muslims and anti refugees sentiments. I don’t know what LD looks like or even how old she is, however from what I know, Lasha is sweet darling and the best in the West!

  23. The USA’s future: The Jews stuck a blackman, of questionable heritage, in as ya Presidente; next it will be the bi-sexual, progressive misfit Hillary; and next in line, to complete the triumvirate of Jewish POWER will be a snivelling Jew. …. Doesn’t matter much anyway: The Great Satan, the USA, will sink into the murky slime very soon. The rest of the planet knows ya time is well and truly up!
    Here in the City, where I am Christmassing with the gals, we have always laughed at your colonial stupidities and arrant gullibility.

  24. Why not some humour!
    Question: How did Hilary and Bill meet each other?
    Answer: They were dating the same girl in high school.

    1. And after that they killed the same girl.

      For the crimes (including murder) of Hillary and Bill, see the trilogy Hillary (and Bill), by Victor Thorn.

  25. Sunday, Lord’s Day, day set aside for a smoke and contemplation.
    I read the text of The Protocols with the accompaniment of Usura and watch pieces complete the puzzle.
    Harb, this sermon for you, because I consider you bright enough to follow my ramblings.
    I quite sympathize with your wish to preserve the world of the wild hillbillies of Scotland, they have every right to be left alone, no less than the isolated tribes of Andaman and Nicobars archipelago in the Bay of Bengal.
    But whereas the latter are protected from outside contact by the powerful government of India, the Highlander clans enjoy no such shielding.
    Let’s assume that you manage to keep Mahmoud, Ingrid and the Palestinians out.
    Gee whiz, feeling safe yet?
    The day Lord Rothschild’s dart lands on the map of Scotland is the day the folly of this belief is dispelled, until the weak memory fades and the goyim of Hibernia are ready for another rape.
    Think, who is your immediate and proven enemy.
    Your own kind, the shabbos next door, the Scampbells, the ones who sold you out to the Sassenach on the day of the Culoden battle, the Orangemen who stopped Scotland’s vote of secession last year.
    And even the hapless Sassenach, who stands behind them?
    Ask your Irish cousins who were the original Palestinians 400 years ago.
    Was it not a Dutchman, William of Orange, who sealed their exodus at the battle of Boyne and assured the Protestant Ascendancy?
    And who stood behind William, “our King Billy”, I ask you.

    I mentioned several times, how as a minority Catholic in 50s and 60s Toronto, I would watch the putrid Orangemen on the July 12 (The Twelfth) parade down Yonge Street, in their Masonic uniforms, led by Lord Mayor Nathan Phillips, the declared Talmudist, announcing the eternal triumph over the despised, feared and hated papists, Protocols come to life.
    Yeah, tell me about Muslim menace.

    Did you know that back in the day, Joseph of Arimathea, a Palestinian, brought a priceless relic to the Blessed Isles, the Holy Trail, a chalice containing blood of another Palestinian, from Nazareth, Galilee?
    Look at the miraculous Templar chapel at Roslyn, design inspired by Palestine.
    Palestinians are your natural allies, not enemies.
    To paraphrase the Mossad Jews apprehended by FBI on 9/11, “Palestinians are not your problem, Jews are your problem”.

    All this juvenile bitching at an entirely misidentified target only adds to Jew’s merriment and profit, exactly as per the Protocols cookbook.
    The solution is to defeat the Jew menace, return Palestine to the rightful natives so that the Scoties can also be left in peace.
    And boot the Jew licking Protestants out, they can follow their masters to Birobidjan.

    Aside: here is a highly informative link demonstrating who is behind the evil image Islam has today. Read all of it, it’s worth the time spent.

    1. Yes, I do wonder, when the takfiri/zionist/saudi hordes are doing to Scotland, what they are now doing to the MENA, what will Harb do, stand and fight, or take to his heels, in the hope that someone, somewhere, will take pity on him, and offer him shelter? Something he denies to the present victims of the psychopaths..

    2. Just read the article Lobro, and have bookmarked the page. I`d read, here and there, snippets about wahhabism, and it`s connection to Donmeh jews, but this article really spells it all out, and when information like this spreads, the barbaric saudis will no longer be able to hide their past.. Have heard that their barbaric slaughter of Yemenis, and the almost total destruction of Yemen, is costing them dearly. My hope is that the saudi citizens will find out the truth about their “rulers”, and come in behind the Ansarallah, and rid themselves of these crypto parasites.. I also hope that awakened people of the ME come in behind Hezbollah, and get rid of the zionist parasites in Palestine..

      Meantime, a young saudi is awaiting his beheading, for the “crime” of taking part in a demo..

      Mind you, it`s getting almost as bad in the US and UK. No-one is allowed, by law, to speak out against the crimes of big brother..

    3. To Mr. “Lobro”

      Referring to Joseph of Arimathea as a Palestinian is misleading and incorrect. In doing that you muddle the truth. Abraham fathered a child (Isaac) with Sara, but also fathered a child (Ishmael) with Hagar. The former are known as Israelites, the latter are the Arabs. Joseph was of the former. The people known as the Palestinians are the latter. Get it yet?

      The Abrahamic Covenant

      To Mr. “Harbinger”

      You’ve not received nearly the degree of ad hominem attacks I’ve encountered here or attacks others have encountered. The root of the attacks have yet to be addressed properly.

  26. @ Lobro. Many thanks for your Sunday Sermon. By God, it’s the truth. Smiley Face.

    One point though. I’m sure the Rothschild dart landed in Scotland some time ago. Salmond (isn’t he another jew) wanted to keep sterling to continue the scam of usury and the fraudulent fractional reserve banking system for the jew wankers (oops … spell check alert) in the Corporation of the City of London.

    When will people awake from their slumber? The banking system is a PONZI SCHEME.

    EndZog …. Jew Alex Salmond


    Not the BBC News:


    1. @red onions, yes, it`s as I`ve said many times, the UK/Scotland is already under occupation, both ruled, and governed, by jews. The British sheeple are just as much victims of this madness, as are the much maligned victims, the refugees, who are in a different category from immigrants..

  27. Admin,

    The first article Lasha puts up and it just turned into a battle about immigration and a slagging match. It went off course right from the beginning with Joe going on about drafting women into the army, genital mutilation and his favourite subject Islam.
    Admin, I would ask you kindly to remove this article from your pages. Delete the whole thing please. I really want no part of it whatsoever.

      1. Ingrid, you might be in violation with the seize fire agreement if you keep on going taking shots at Harp. There is an Arabic idiom that says, ” if you want the sleep between the graves, you are bound to see nightmares.”

    1. Harbinger,

      The deletion of your article would violate your own principles of free speech. You have been free to speak. You are now asking us to cancel your free speech rights and strangle the very creativity that impelled you to write this. Is this fair?

      I can’t do what you ask right now because I am an underling here and can’t delete articles without editorial approval. Unfortunately, the editors are taking a Christmas vacation and are not available to consider your request. I suggest you cool down a bit and consider that the last thing you want to do is to hand victory to the woman you hate so much and who has harassed you to this point that you are willing to be driven off this site again because she simply cannot leave you alone.

      Don’t worry. She will leave you alone in future. You have asked her politely to leave you alone and stop addressing you and you agree to do the same for her. That seems to me to be a reasonable request.

      Ingrid, feel free to continue posting here as before on the condition that you stop harassing Harbinger. I am asking you this kindly and politely.

      1. Toby,

        It is against my principles, but that said, the comments do not represent the article Lasha published and it’s simply devolved into a slagging match about Islam and immigration into the west. What on earth has that got to do with feminism? It really has sullied this excellent website hence why I ask for its removal because of it and I do not want the article to be remembered by the totally out of place comments.
        Don’t ask Ingrid anything Toby, let her do as she pleases. She will anyway, as she’s one who simply won’t disagree, but has to keep banging on and on until she gets her way.
        I respectfully bow out as I don’t wish to be remembered on this website for the flame war that ensued, completely off topic.

      2. @Toby, the harassment, as you must very well know, goes both ways. I am constantly being accused, by Harbenger, of the very things of which he himself is guilty. If you find that it all gets too much for darling Harbinger, feel free to ask me, kindly and politely, to leave..

        Ooops, darling Harb beat you to it, chickened out, for the second time..

      3. Ingrid,

        I am not going to ask you to leave, but you are free to leave if you cannot handle the free speech on this site.

        You are obviously having a problem reading what Harbinger has to say because you perceive him, rightly or wrongly, to be a nasty woman-hating racist of the worst type. We have already said we are NOT responsible for the views of our commenters. Nor for the views of every single article we publish. We are only responsible for the views of Lasha Darkmoon which we regard as moderate and rational. The day Lasha makes a single statement attacking Muslims or Mohammed or the Qur’an, that will be the day when you will have reason to complain that you have been betrayed. Not before that.

        Lasha would like you to continue posting here. So would I. Because many of your comments are excellent, especially your sincere defence of the Palestinian people. We need people like you around to speak up for truth and justice as you see it. But we really cannot ban all the posters you personally disapprove of just to please you. These would include Harbinger, Franklin Ryckaert, Darlington, Sardonicus, Dr Parker, and Madame Butterfly. And many others too, I dare say! If you had your way, Ingrid, all these posters would be given the chop! 🙂

        My honest advice to you is to model yourself on Red Onions, another woman who is very sincere in her beliefs but manages to express her opinions in a way that does not give offence. RO does not make ad hominem attacks and is all the more respected for it. Maybe take a little Christmas break and return to the site later with the Good Year resolution not to read Harbinger’s posts at all or refer to him in any way. He is not going to refer to you, after all, so what is the problem?

        Anyway, think about it. We don’t want you to chicken out and leave the site. Stay and fight for your beliefs. We need at least one good Muslim or Muslim supporter on this site to counteract the influence of the Islamophobes.



      4. Maybe Ingrid, who is so full of peace LERV and understanding for the Muslim immigrants in Europe, maybe the Muslim-LERVER Ingrid who LERVS Peace so much, maybe “our” Ingrid can convince the Muslim immigrants in Europe to STOP taking all the tons of weapons and ammunition jew mobsters are handing out to the Muslim immigrants in Europe ; Considering how much, how very much, Ingrid LERVS Peace between the Europeans, who are UNARMED BY LAW and don’t have guns, and the Muslim immigrants, who are being supplied with tons of weapons and ammunition by the jews and the Muslims are gladly taking ALL the tons of weapons and ammunition the jews are handing out to the Muslims and the “poor” “sweet” “innocent” Muslim immigrants are now FULLY ARMED. Maybe “our” Ingrid who LERVS PEACE can convince the Muslim immigrants to STOP taking weapons and ammunition from the jews and convince the Muslims who already are FULLY ARMED to give up their guns for the sake of Peace “our” Ingrid LERVS so much, so very much.

      5. @ Toby. ” My honest advice to you is to model yourself on Red Onions, another woman who is very sincere in her beliefs but manages to express her opinions in a way that does not give offence. RO does not make ad hominem attacks and is all the more respected for it.”

        Considering I was under moderation last week because I don’t TOE the line with certain nameless posters, this statement is full of “hot air”.

      6. Red Onions,

        Not all posters who find themselves in moderation are specifically put there. They often end up there automatically for technical reasons. In any case, I will not have to put with any further insolence from you after Christmas. Nor will you have to put up with my “hot air” for much longer.

      7. @ Troj … And I never saw you shovelling snow in Spamblinka, Siberia whist I was there. But I think I spotted Circassian.

      8. “Harbinger, Franklin Ryckaert, Darlington, Sardonicus, Dr Parker, and Madame Butterfly. And many others too, I dare say! If you had your way, Ingrid, all these posters would be given the chop! :)” :

        This is untrue, I have NEVER asked for anyone to be “given the chop”, on the contrary, I have been told by two of those you mention to leave the site. I have had disagreements with all of those mentioned, for various reasons, but life would be boring if everyone agreed all the time.. Last time Harbinger stormed off in a temper, I was blamed. This time, he`s trying to come accross as soo noble, and misunderstood. His attacks of me, and mine, have been relentless, but I don`t take such things lying down..

        Much as I like, and admire Red Onions, I have to enquire, why on earth should I model myself on anyone, why can`t I be myself? You are so condescending Tobias. If you don`t like me as I am, tough..

        It was nice of Lasha to want me to stay, I`m not sure, I`ll probably drop in from time to time, and I expect old Harb will show up again eventually..

      9. Ingrid,

        Let’s concentrate on the important issues and not get sidetracked with these petty disputes. Maybe you have been cruelly misjudged. I don’t know. What we have here between you and Harbinger is a clash of personalities.

        Yes, you are right. Why should you model yourself on anyone else? Be yourself. That’s best. I’d rather you stayed than left. But if you decide to stay, you must fight your own battles and not expect me to take sides. Anyway, I won’t be here for much longer. I’m being replaced some time in the New Year. Admin are fed up with my talkativeness and very poor monitoring skills. I have to confess I have made a lousy monitor.

        Have a Happy Christmas! (TL)

      10. @ Red Onions

        TOBY TO INGRID B: ” My honest advice to you is to model yourself on Red Onions, another woman who is very sincere in her beliefs but manages to express her opinions in a way that does not give offence. RO does not make ad hominem attacks and is all the more respected for it.”

        RO’s response: Considering I was under moderation last week because I don’t TOE the line with certain nameless posters, this statement is full of “hot air”.

        Red Onions,

        Wasn’t Toby being nice to you? Paying you a compliment? And what is your response? A rude and ugly sneer. A gob of spit in his face! You really are the most unpleasant woman I’ve come across, simply oozing with self-importance.

        Toby was wrong to advise Ingrid to model himself on you. You’re like a hissing snake. Totally unfeminine. You are the last person any woman should model herself on! You don’t really deserve to be a poster on this site because of your constant insolence to Admin which hasn’t let up since day one.

        For the sake of everyone else here , I hope the new monitor takes a tougher line with you than the amiable Toby whose kindness and generosity you have so badly abused.

      11. @ Dr Parker

        You are too harsh on Red Onions. I have taken her under my protection, so lay off! She is a highly educated woman who has a great knowledge of the Jews and some of the links she has supplied have been invaluable. But she is easily upset when unfairly attacked by the likes of you. What she needs is a calm atmosphere to post in and for all her attackers to get off her back. Yes, she tends to be abrasive and has a caustic tongue. This is because she does not suffer fools gladly. Just leave her alone and she will leave you alone.

      12. It is my sincere wish that Ingrid and Harbinger learn to settle their differences and achieve detente and rapprochement. If not, surely they can just ignore each other. That’s not so hard to do, is it?

      13. @ Toby, Tobias, I`m glad you allowed my last post, and appreciate your taking time to reply, I would, however, point out, that I have never once asked you, or anyone else, to fight my battles, rhat said, I`m sorry you are leaving, and wish you too, and everyone, a very merry christmas, and a wonderful new year..


  28. Lasha needs to reconsider. [TOBY: Lasha has no say in the matter. She is TOTALLY excluded from the decision making process.] Uncle is not that lousy a moderator. Sure, he’s annoying, like a fly at a picnic buzzing around your head while you’re trying to enjoy your picnic food, but that Pope Julian is the epitome of a totalitarian censorious tyrant. Julian is the pits. Better our Uncle, the mope pope, then Julian. Better an annoying fly you can easily swat at your picnic then a rabid hyena circling your picnic blanket, and you know the ferocious thing is going to pounce any second, rip you apart, and take all your food from you. Who wants to wrestle with a crazed hyena when you’re trying to have a nice, enjoyable picnic? Thank you, TROJ.

  29. In the meantime, all the fact-based, objectively truthful, intelligent, cogent, thought-provoking posts concerning the world’s geo-political/military situation I sent Uncle this morning languish in spam as Uncle features the squabbles of petty minds more concerned about their hurt whiddle feelings then political matters that effect all of us, effect the whole world, effect all of Humanity. But forget that, their subjective feelings and emotions and brouhaha squabbles are more important then politics here at Darkmoon, the “serious political” website for the world’s leading experts on their very own hurt whiddle feelings and petty disputes.

    TOBY: You have had at least SIX posts published today. That’s twice as much as I am supposed to approve. Julian is not going to take over from me, so don’t worry. He has refused. I don’t blame him. This job sucks. It sure ain’t a sinecure.

  30. “Free speech” is an illuminati nwo construct because freedom means different things to different people. No-one is free until we are free to enforce The Law of God as Written. To some, doing so may seem like anarchy, but not doing so will definitely lead to death. In reality it is those who believe they are a law unto themselves and refuse to obey God and His Law who are the real anarchists.

    Titles designed to deceive –

    The New Song

  31. Feminists are idiots.
    As soon as I find out a girl is a feminist, I lose all respect for her.
    Great websites for guys …







    If you want to be happy, ignore women, especially American women, and just find your focus and follow your dream.  Skip American women.  Date girls from other countries, especially Eastern Europe.  Typically, they are slim, pretty, feminine, dress better, have beautiful voices, talk in a quiet voice, well-read, know 2 languages, know how to cook, and are well-traveled. Also, they usually talk about concepts, not gossipy stuff or TV shows like American women.

  32. Great websites for guys …







    If you want to be happy, ignore women, especially American women, and just find your focus and follow your dream.  Skip American women.  Date girls from other countries, especially Eastern Europe.  Typically, they are slim, pretty, feminine, dress better, have beautiful voices, talk in a quiet voice, well-read, know 2 languages, know how to cook, and are well-traveled. Also, they usually talk about concepts, not gossipy stuff or TV shows like American women.

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