In Quest of the Unknown Brahman

Is there a meaning to life . . . or is it all just a bad joke?

1437270416957I was at my lowest ebb, at the point of suicide, when I opened a little white book in a second-hand bookstore in India and read these electrifying words that were to change my life and give me new hope:

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought. It is founded on our thoughts, it is based on our thoughts. If a man speaks or acts with an evil thought, pain always follows him. If a man speaks or acts with a pure thought, happiness follows him like his shadow that never leaves him.”

These are the opening lines of  the Dhammapada, a Buddhist classic; a very short book of precious wisdom reportedly containing the words of the founder of Buddhism himself, Gautama Buddha. The mind, according to the Dhammapadda, is indeed everything. It is preeminent. Mind did not arise out of matter, as the prevailing idea in modern science appears to be, but matter arouse out of mind.

Mind came first.

The great physicist Sir James Jeans was once asked in an interview: “Do you believe that life on this planet is the result of some sort of accident, or do you believe that it is a part of some great scheme?”

He replied:

“I incline to the idealistic theory that consciousness is fundamental, and that the material universe is derivative from consciousness, not consciousness from the material universe. In general, the universe seems to me to be nearer to a Great Thought than to a great machine. It may well be that each individual consciousness ought to be compared to a brain-cell in a Universal Mind.” (See here)

Bertrand Russell was to refine this view.

There was no separate “mind stuff” and “physical stuff” in the universe; they are one and the same. This view, technically known as neutral monism, is quite popular nowadays and is held to be the truth by many scientists, including VS Ramachandran, professor of neuroscience at the University of California, San Diego, and adjunct professor of biology at the Salk Institute. “Perhaps mind and matter,” he notes, “are like two sides of a Möbius strip that appear different but are in fact the same.” (The Emerging Mind, Reith Lectures 2003, p.37).

Uncanny inklings of all this can be found in Buddhism and Vedanta. The great Indian mystics, Shankara, Madhva and Ramanuja, taking their inspiration from the Upanishads, already knew what the scientists of the future would discover for themselves many years later: that the Universe is a live and conscious Super Being.


I would now like to say a few words about Brahman and the philosophy of Vedanta and will begin by quoting a short poem by Emerson called “Brahma”. This will serve as an introduction.



by Ralph Waldo Emerson

If the red slayer think he slays,
Or if the slain think he is slain,
They know not well the subtle ways
I keep, and pass, and turn again.

Far or forgot to me is near;
Shadow and sunlight are the same;
The vanished gods to me appear;
And one to me are shame and fame.

They reckon ill who leave me out;
When me they fly, I am the wings;
I am the doubter and the doubt,
I am the hymn the Brahmin sings.

The strong gods pine for my abode,
And pine in vain the sacred Seven;
But thou, meek lover of the good!
Find me, and turn thy back on heaven.

Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-82), was an American writer much influenced by Indian philosophy. His poem “Brahma” is a poetic attempt to encapsulate Vedanta, the non-dualistic teachings of the Hindu sages which are based on the Upanishads. This is the idea that there is only ONE transcendental Being, Brahman, and that all other beings exist merely as fragments in Brahman’s mind.

Enlightenment for the individual human being consists in realizing that the individual soul, the Atman, is part of Brahman: just as the water drop in the ocean is part of the ocean and is one with it.

To realize that in a sense one IS Brahman is to achieve the ultimate insight: Tat tvam asi, or “That thou art.” 


In the higher realms of consciousness the individual human identity disperses like mist or vapor and the self is seen to be illusory and part of the world illusion, maya. Existence itself simply becomes an elaborate game or sport in which Brahman enters into each individual being and experiences their lives through them. This is known in Sanskrit as lila, or sport.

In practice this means that all of us actors on the human stage are Brahman playing different roles. The lover and the loved one are not two different beings; they are in essence the same being playing different parts in an elaborate play. They have forgotten, having been encumbered with different masks or personas, that they are the same being—the same Being behind their individual masks or personalities.

They have forgotten, alas, that they are sockpuppets of Brahman!

Emerson hints at this in his poem but does not make the distinction altogether clear. However, the Svetasvatara Upanishad spells it out clearly for all to see. Addressing Brahman, it says:

Thou art woman, thou art man,
Thou art the youth, thou art the maiden,
Thou art the old man tottering with his staff;
Thou facest everywhere.

(The Upanishads, translated by Swami Prabhavananda and Christopher Isherwood.)

The Western skeptic, relying solely on common sense and empirical science, rejects all the above as metaphyscal mumbojumbo. One such scoffer is the Victorian writer Andrew Lang (1844-1912) who pokes fun at Emerson’s poem in a cruel parody. Here it is:


If the wild bowler thinks he bowls,
Or if the batsman thinks he’s bowled,
They know not, poor misguided souls,
They too shall perish unconsoled.

I am the batsman and the bat,
I am the bowler and the ball,
The umpire, the pavilion cat,
The roller, pitch, and stumps, and all.

(Well done, Andrew! You’ve had your little laugh. Now go stand in the dunce’s corner!)

Incidentally, I could be wrong about this, but I think it’s possible that Emerson got ‘Brahman’ mixed up with ‘Brahma’. They are not the same. And it is Brahman, not Brahma, that Emerson has to be talking about.

Brahma is simply one of the trinity of supreme gods in the Hindu pantheon, the other two being Vishnu and Shiva. Brahma is the Creator, Vishnu the Preserver, Shiva the Destroyer.



“Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva are not three different beings or three different entities…in fact, they are not beings or entities at all…they are the three different aspects of the one all-ensouling Life of the Universe.”

Brahman is altogether different: the transcendental Absolute which cannot be referred to as “He” or even as “It”.


Brahman (ब्रह्मन् brahman) is “the unchanging reality amidst and beyond the world, which cannot be exactly defined but is Sat-cit-ānanda (being-consciousness-bliss).”

It is necessary to understand that Brahman is not to be thought of as an Entity who has the attributes or qualities of existence, consciousness and bliss. Brahman has no attributes or qualities, but is regarded as Existence itself, Consciousness itself, Bliss itself.  The highest of the high, Brahman is said to be beyond all human conception and cannot be caught in the net of words.

This has been said so often by the great philosophers of Vedanta—by Shankara, Ramanuja, and Madhva among the great medievalists and by their modern disciples Ramakrishna, Vivekananda, Aurobindo and Radhakrishnan—that it is now taken as a self-evident truth, based on personal experience of the divine presence, that Brahman is the Absolute Ineffable. The general idea is this: the less said about Brahman the better, for the more said, the more certain it is to be misleading, inaccurate, and not worth saying. He who speaks, lies.

The great Chinese philosopher Lao-Tzu, speaking of the equally mysterious Tao (the Way), puts it beautifully in a pithy and memorable phrase: ‘Those who know do not say. Those who say do not know.”

It follows paradoxically from the above that everything I’ve said here about Brahman has to be “misleading, inaccurate, and not worth saying”, since I have been foolish enough to put into words what is beyond language. But the same applies to anyone who talks about these matters when the best policy is silence. To quote the inimitable Lao-Tzu again: “The usefulness of a pot comes from its emptiness.” (Tao Te Ching)

Note: A distinction is often made between Brahman and Para-Brahman. (See here)


A puzzling question arises: given Brahman’s self-sufficiency, its perfection and need of nothing apart from itself, why does Brahman choose to manifest at all? Why fragment itself into multitudinous beings and assume the limitations of matter when mind alone—its own Overmind—is surely more than sufficient? Sri Aurobindo (1872-1950) does his best to answer this riddle.

“If, then, being free to move or remain eternally still, to throw itself into forms or retain the potentiality of form itself, it indulges the power of movement and formation, it can be only for one reason, for delight.” (Sanskrit: ananda).

— Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine, p. 91

Brahman, in other words, delights in realizing the infinite possibilities inherent in its own nature. Ananda, it must be remembered—meaning bliss/ joy/delight—is not an attribute or quality of Brahman but is Brahman itself, along with Being and Consciousness. These three, Being-Consciousness-Bliss, form a triune unity subsumed under the Sanskrit term SAT-CIT-ANANDA which is a synonym for Brahman.

SAT = Being, existence.
CIT (sit, chit)  = Consciousness, mind.
ANANDA = Bliss, delight.

That the One should become Many, because it derives delight and satisfaction from doing so, is not the answer in my humble opinion. This completely neglects to take into account the existence of evil and pain.

According to the Vedantic philosophy, Brahman is—indeed, has to be—both predator and prey, oppressor and victim, torturer and tortured. Take note of this extraordinary situation in the Emerson poem above: Brahman is here described as the “red slayer” as well as the “slain”. Brahman apparently takes delight in being the torturer who inflicts pain, but how can the victim experiencing the torture (who is also Brahman) take delight in being tortured? It makes no sense at all. We have reached an impasse and must begin again from scratch.

Let’s look at it another way.

If existence is maya or illusion—if life is basically a “dream” from which we will one day awaken—then we are no more than fictional characters in a super novel (or play or movie) that is all taking place in the mind of Brahman. We all know that the pain in a horror movie isn’t real. Hannibal Lecter never really killed and tortured anyone. It’s all make-belief. This is no consolation however to Hannibal Lecter’s victims if, in their own plane of virtual existence, they are actually experiencing the most horrendous agonies—agonies of pain which to us, on an altogether different plane of reality, are purely fictional.

There are other more frightening ways of explaining these labyrinthine complexities. These all lead us into a maze of madness. Can God be evil and capricious? Can evil be part of his nature? Are God and Devil in partnership? Questions few dare to ask. Merely asking these questions in past times would have merited death.

A memorable line in Shakespeare’s King Lear hints at the scary possibility that God isn’t particularly “good”.  “As flies to wanton boys are we to the gods, they kill us for their sport.” Not everyone, it seems, is happy with the philosophy of Vedanta which fails to explain the problem of Evil. Here is the great Persian poet, Omar Khayyam, influenced no doubt by Zorastrianism, throwing down the gauntlet to God in Fitzgerald’s brilliant translation of the Rubaiyat:

“Oh, Thou, who Man of baser Earth didst make
And who with Eden didst devise the Snake;
For all the Sin wherewith the Face of Man
Is blacken’d, Man’s Forgiveness give—and take!

I have put that final word into italics. The 12th-century  Persian poet is making no bones about it. He is blaming God for screwing up, for making a right royal mess of things.

Are there parallels with Vedanta here? Not in the above quote, but there are parallels elsewhere. The concept of maya, the dreamlike illusoriness of life, is a common feature. Life is real enough for those living it. That’s for sure. Pain is real. And yet there is the prevalent underlying idea that, behind all the reality, Life is a dream. A mirage in the mist of Brahman’s mind. A phantasmagoria. Here is the Rubaiyat again:

“‘Tis all a Chequer-board of Nights and Days
Where Destiny with Men for Pieces plays:
Hither and thither moves, and mates, and slays.
And one by one back in the Closet lays.”

I have italicized the final phrase. We humans are seen here as no more than chess pieces on Brahman’s chessboard. When the game of life is over, we are put back in the cupboard. We sit there in the dark, waiting to be brought out for the next game. Who is Brahman playing chess with? No one but himself, given that in Vedanta only Brahman exists in any real sense and all other beings are phantasmagoric projections of the divine reality. Can Brahman play chess with himself? How can that be? Well, whatever the outcome, Brahman must experience the delight (ananda) of winning every game. Unfortunately, he must also have the disappointment of losing constantly—unless, of course, he doesn’t mind losing and derives pleasure from doing so.

As we can see, this is a hopeless paradox. We are wasting our time chopping words and chasing shadows. We are indulging in idle chatter. Everything we say about Brahman is futile and nonsensical. The only recourse we have, as Lao Tzu pointed out long ago, is to take refuge in silence. ‘Those who know do not say. Those who say do not know.”

One thing is certain. The knowledge of Brahman cannot be gained through book study or sense experience or the scientific method. Such knowledge can only be arrived at through intensive meditation, worldly renunciation, shattering austerities, and sexual continence: in short, after a long process of self-purification such as all the great sages from time immemorial have had to undergo. As Vergil once said: Sic itur ad astra — “thus one gets to the stars.”

Jesus summed it up best : “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.”

Lasha Darkmoon

Dr Lasha Darkmoon (b.1978) is an Anglo-American ex-academic with higher degrees in Classics whose political articles and poems have been translated into several languages. Most of her political essays can be found at The Occidental Observer and The TruthSeeker. Her own website,, is now within the top 1 percent of websites in the world according to the Alexa ranking system.

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  1. Superb summary of Eastern mysticism. I think you have pretty much covered the premises, that could be contained in many volumes. Perhaps Brahman wishes to experience a prolonged period of peace on Earth after millennia of wars and bloodshed, but then isn’t he experiencing that peace when an individual consciousness, even at a time of great suffering, is exuding love and compassion?

  2. Excellent article, Lasha. In the opening paragraph it is apparent that you are obviously one who has undergone tapasiya, purification through suffering or austerity. It is a prerequisite for anyone setting out on the path. Every spiritual seeker undergoes this process. St John of the Cross, talks about it in “Dark Night of the Soul”! Even Jesus Christ in wandering in the desert for “forty days” underwent the process. The Buddha as well; Mara and his daughters. One feels as if one wants to be blotted out of existence.
    America has produced some great mystics; Emerson, of course, and Thoreau, who was an avid reader of the Bhagavad Gita. Thanks for that article!

    1. Edgar Allen Poe also had the characteristics of a mystic. He read the qabalah and then he puked it out. Very Highly Spiritual. Very Transcendent. Very intelligent.

      1. Buddha was a WHITE MAN!

        “The northern and westward migrations of the Twelve Tribes of Israel have been extensively documented in the writings of the British Israel and Christian Identity movements. Most of this research has focused on our European migrations. Recently, however, the southward and eastward movements of our ancestors have come to light, as it is now being realized that the Aryans of India were Shemites and the Parthians of Mesopotamia were descendants of the Twelve Tribes of Israel.”

  3. @ Lasha Darkmoon

    “Is there a meaning to life . . . or is it all just a bad joke?” you ask in your introduction.

    I would have spared you all the soul-searching if you’d bothered to consult me first.

    Answer: it’s all just a bad joke.

    1. The article is itself a bad joke: an insult to all right-thinking humanists and atheists. The silly assumption that life could have a “meaning” is particularly offensive. Where was God when the Holocaust took place?

      1. “Where was God when the Holocaust took place?”

        Watching the desired outcome. The plan came together. 🙂

      2. @ SEYMOUR ZAK

        You can ask the question “Where was God?” in relation to many other events. For example :

        Where was “God” when the cruel Israelites committed genocide on the Canaanites?
        Where was “God” when the cruel Sephardic Jews transported 10 million African slaves over the Atlantic?
        Where was “God” when the cruel Jewish Communists murdered tens of millions of Russians?
        Not to speak about the crimes of the state of Israel or the fraudulent “War on Terror” Jewish neo-cons have unleashed on the world.
        Indeed, where was “God”?

      3. Would you by chance be circumcised, Seymour? My suspicion is that subjects radically circumcised at birth (milah+periah) are vastly less likely to experience spiritual lives. The stunning trauma and sexual reduction (accurately speaking, removing all the sexual tissue and leaving only the protopathic glans) at so early an age imprints the psyche at a sub-conscious level that in some very real way turns the subject into a materialistically oriented automaton. The hostility of your response – to an article that was to me and likely most others a reading experience like fine wine and cheese enjoyed in a mountain hot springs on a starry night – betrays these damages mercilessly inflicted on your juvenile flesh, permanently encoding your earthly being at the most elementary levels and forever denying you the divine pleasures of true sexual bonding.

      4. Come now, Seymour. There was no genocidal rampage called Shoah. More innocents were killed at Dresden or are facts things you want nothing to do with? What about the Armenians, the Iraqis at the hands of the US? At most, according to IRC, but 293k jews were killed during WW2, most from starvation due to Allied bombing raids.

        I don’t see you speaking out in favor of First Amendment rights when talking about Holocaust revisionism, why is that so, Seymour? In other words, stuff it.

      5. Watching a money changer talk, is funny. Everyone gets the help of whom they believe in – your protector “JHVH” (aka Satan) and all that “money” can buy, was right there for you  Please don’t bring God’s name into your story.
        The “beloved” (Abram) Abraham, father of jews and muslims, the fornicator, liar, made a covenant in the flesh. Just follow the stories of “money” in the OT and the NT. Even the blind will see the differences. Have fun ps://
        Genesis 17:12 “And he that is eight days old shall be circumcised among you, every man child in your generations, he that is born in the house, or bought with money of any stranger, which is not of thy seed.”
        Genesis 17:13 “He that is born in thy house, and he that is bought with thy money, must needs be circumcised: and my covenant shall be in your flesh for an everlasting covenant.”
        Matthew 6:24 “No one can serve two masters. Either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and Money. “
        1 Timothy 6:10 “For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.”

  4. ‘Those who know do not say. Those who say do not know.”
    Nonsensical on it’s face. Quasi spiritual delusion.

    Krishna knew. Was He supposed to not say?
    Buddha knew? Was He to remain silent? Don’t say anything?
    Jesus knew? Shaddup Jesus, you don’t know anything and your saying proves it. What!? Malarky, plain and simple.

    Bg 8.5 — And whoever, at the end of his life, quits his body remembering Me alone at once attains My nature. Of this there is no doubt.

    Bg 8.6 — Whatever state of being one remembers when he quits his body, O son of Kuntī, that state he will attain without fail.


    1. This IS funny stuff… HP.

      “Those who know do not say. Those who say do not know.”

      He said it….soooo… he admitted… he did not KNOW it…!! 🙂

      That is just the way the academics and philosopher snob class-caste members tell the rest of us… with no strings of letters dragged out behind our names…. to:

      “Sit down, and shut up..!!”

      1. @ Pat

        This IS funny stuff… HP.

        “Those who know do not say. Those who say do not know.”

        He said it….soooo… he admitted… he did not KNOW it…!! 🙂

        Hey Pat, that is best comment you’ve ever made! No kidding, it’s brilliant. In a single sentence, you have managed to show that the great Lao Tzu’s classic comment is logically self-contradictory.

      2. Understandably, you missed the point. The concept is that those who know, do not say because language fails, thus it CANNOT be stated. There are certain aspects of enlightenment that MUST be experienced and cannot be verbalized. When an enlightened individual hears someone gabbling on about the path, past a certain point it becomes clear (at least to those “who know”) the gabbler does not know (what they are talking about), as the very use of words proves the fact.

      3. @ Arch Stanton

        Beautifully put! You are a wordsmith who can say in a few words something which I doubt I would be able to say in ten paragraphs.

    2. @ HP

      Yep, you are correct. It is completely nonsensical. This concept is one of the oldest tricks in the book to keep people in line by the elite. Authority is not to be questioned. Authority does not have to justify itself. Authority is chosen by the creator. Sound familiar?

      The jews are great copycats. The jews stole all of their techniques from the old religions of the east. No reason to reinvent the wheel.

    3. HP
      Your comment brings to mind an anecdote, probably apocryphal, of the Shamshuipo POW camp, in Hong Kong during World War II. One day the Camp Commandant has the prisoners lined up for one of his interminable lectures. During the “talk” he confidently informs the prisoners, no doubt showing off his command of English, “You prisoners think that I know fuck NOTHING, but I tell you that I know fuck ALL!” BTW, most of the POWs captured in Hong Kong were Brits and Canucks.

    4. I’m thinking that maybe i’m an hindu and i just don’t know it! can’t find the right words to comment, like i can’t describe nothingness nor the infinite. I surely got a good laugh with Andrew Lang’s parody!

      Apparently there is no good and evil, no moral judgment, it makes any sense as God allowing evil to test us, or playing chess with the Devil, who is himself God’s creation…which belief suits better the slayer and which suits better the slain?

      If we ever feel like being away from a never seen home because we are dreaming our life, the others, or many of them, maybe most, are just our imagination, which can lead us to think Brahman has created real humans, that can interact in their own dreams, and fake humans.

      We want to be described in the book of life, and let the creatures on two legs be toasted by Shiva.

      If God is playing war games against himself in order to have fun, he must come to a stage where he must feel terribly lonely, i suppose, seen from a (i)mortal man’s perspective.

      Maybe Brahman is forging some of us humans in the fire of hardship to be his future companions.

  5. All well and spirituality benign compared to the Talmud, but followers of Brahman are the lowest caste in India. Why are brahmins suffering?

    “The public image of the Brahmins, for instance, is that of an affluent, pampered class. But is it so today?

    There are 50 Sulabh Shauchalayas (public toilets) in Delhi; all of them are cleaned and looked after by Brahmins (this very welcome public institution was started by a Brahmin). A far cry from the elitist image that Brahmins have!
    There are five to six Brahmins manning each Shauchalaya. They came to Delhi eight to ten years back looking for a source of income, as they were a minority in most of their villages, where Dalits are in majority (60 per cent to 65 per cent). In most villages in UP and Bihar, Dalits have a union which helps them secure jobs in villages.

    Did you know that you also stumble upon a number of Brahmins working as coolies at Delhi’s railway stations? One of them, Kripa Shankar Sharma, says while his daughter is doing her Bachelors in Science he is not sure if she will secure a job.

    “Dalits often have five to six kids, but they are confident of placing them easily and well,” he says. As a result, the Dalit population is increasing in villages. He adds: “Dalits are provided with housing, even their pigs have spaces; whereas there is no provision for gaushalas (cowsheds) for the cows of the Brahmins.”

    You also find Brahmin rickshaw pullers in Delhi. 50 per cent of Patel Nagar’s rickshaw pullers are Brahmins who like their brethren have moved to the city looking for jobs for lack of employment opportunities and poor education in their villages.

    Did you also know that most rickshaw pullers in Banaras are Brahmins?

    This reverse discrimination is also found in bureaucracy and politics. Most of the intellectual Brahmin Tamil class has emigrated outside Tamil Nadu. Only 5 seats out of 600 in the combined UP and Bihar assembly are held by Brahmins(2006) — the rest are in the hands of the Yadavs.

    400,000 Brahmins of the Kashmir valley, the once respected Kashmiri Pandits, now live as refugees in their own country, sometimes in refugee camps in Jammu and Delhi in appalling conditions. But who gives a damn about them? Their vote bank is negligible.

    And this is not limited to the North alone. 75 per cent of domestic help and cooks in Andhra Pradesh are Brahmins. A study of the Brahmin community in a district in Andhra Pradesh (Brahmins of India by J Radhakrishna, published by Chugh Publications) reveals that today all purohits live below the poverty line.

    Eighty per cent of those surveyed stated that their poverty and traditional style of dress and hair (tuft) had made them the butt of ridicule. Financial constraints coupled with the existing system of reservations for the ‘backward classes’ prevented them from providing secular education to their children.

    Who are the real ‘Dalits’ of India?

    In fact, according to this study there has been an overall decline in the number of Brahmin students. With the average income of Brahmins being less than that of non-Brahmins, a high percentage of Brahmin students drop out at the intermediate level. In the 5 to 18 year age group, 44 per cent Brahmin students stopped education at the primary level and 36 per cent at the pre-matriculation level.

    Appalling poverty compels many Brahmins to migrate to towns leading to spatial dispersal and consequent decline in their local influence and institutions. Brahmins initially turned to government jobs and modern occupations such as law and medicine. But preferential policies for the non-Brahmins have forced Brahmins to retreat in these spheres as well.

    Caste shouldn’t overwrite merit

    According to the Andhra Pradesh study, the largest percentage of Brahmins today are employed as domestic servants. The unemployment rate among them is as high as 75 per cent. Seventy percent of Brahmins are still relying on their hereditary vocation. There are hundreds of families that are surviving on just Rs 500 per month as priests in various temples (Department of Endowments statistics).

    Priests are under tremendous difficulty today, sometimes even forced to beg for alms for survival. There are innumerable instances in which Brahmin priests who spent a lifetime studying Vedas are being ridiculed and disrespected.

    The tragedy of modern India is that the combined votes of Dalits/OBC and Muslims are enough for any government to be elected. The Congress quickly cashed in on it after Independence, but probably no other government than Sonia Gandhi’s has gone so far in shamelessly dividing Indian society for garnering votes.

    The Indian government gives Rs 1,000 crores (Rs 10 billion) for salaries of imams in mosques and Rs 200 crores (Rs 2 billion) as Haj subsidies. But no such help is available to Brahmins and upper castes. As a result, not only the Brahmins, but also some of the other upper castes in the lower middle class are suffering in silence today, seeing the minorities slowly taking control of their majority.

    How reservations fracture Hindu society

    Anti-Brahminism originated in, and still prospers in anti-Hindu circles. It is particularly welcome among Marxists, missionaries, Muslims, separatists and Christian-backed Dalit movements of different hues. When they attack Brahmins, their target is unmistakably Hinduism.”

    1. Hah, you seem to be right, RO.
      A few years back i spent a week in Benares or Varanasi (I like traditional names better) and both, the boat rower on Ganges and the favorite rickshaw driver were proper Brahmins with shaved heads except for little quiffs on the back and those strings looped around torso (embarrassingly, every time i asked what they were used for, i promptly forgot).
      They were as educated as they were poor, able to provide civilized conversation.
      I also met a few that gave up their vocation and reverted to regular mode, no more waking up at 4 am for morning prayers, etc.
      They too were well worth talking to, always with valuable insight.

      1. I am an old man , brought up in a Catholic ? family and city ; I cannot express my self in the fashion that is present in this beautiful environment . I am against the Pope , no one taught me who GOD was supposed to be ,( JESUS is still a child in the minds of the people i grew up with . I can read but cannot understand , for lack of a vocabulary . Education was / is a waste in the area i grew up in . Even those who had higher degrees of education , do not understand the evil , or what i call evil in my world .
        I cannot comprehend in the abstract . Black and white is me ; i love reading it . I have Emerson’s book here , but i tire after reading two pages .
        Please keep posting articles of this nature At 81 , i do not care what the future holds except for my grandchildren .

    2. As far as your “Why are brahmins suffering”? is concerned, don’t know why my brain wave is emitting an old proverb — “As you sow, thou shall you reap
      Sometimes my brain behaves weirdly…human brains do this sometimes, you know! 😉

    3. Hang On Buddies! Hang On! WTF!!!

      This Brahman thing/concept/ideology in the above article is NOT equal to Brahmins!!! 😮
      I myself got confused after reading the Article along with the Comments! This is exactly what happens when we do not understand even our own religions deeply/properly, but try to get intellectual on other peoples religions by reading too many articles (of others) in the internet!!!
      Something like a blind showing the way to another blind 😉

      This article is on Brahma(n) – correct pronunciation is “Brahma” in Hindi/Sanskrit language or dialect.
      This Brahma(n) (or Brahma) is EQUAL to God (or Father) or G-d or Allah or Yahweh or YHWH or The Creator and so on…

      When this particular word is translated in other language (English especially), the character “n“, creates a MAJOR confusion even among Hindus (not to mention other religions). 😆

      This word Brahma(n) or Brahman has 3 distinct perspective!!!
      See the confusion now (trying my best to explain)…
      1) Brahma(n) means one of the Hindu Trinity (see the first picture in this article). Here “n” is written & NOT pronounced.
      2) Brahman means Brahmin TOO (a particular caste in Hinduism). Here “n” is written & pronounced, both. Kind of Synonym. (Most of the comments are based on this).
      3) And the last one I already mentioned, i.e., God, Almighty, Allah…
      And the problem just gets weird over here, i.e., in No. 3. Here “n” should NOT be used & should NOT be pronounced.

      Most of the comments here are related to No. 2.
      Whoever have commented keeping Brahmins on mind is Correct, no doubt. 🙂
      But this Article is NOT on Brahmins (or Brahmans)!!!

      …goshhh 🙁

  6. I don’t know, therefore I say:
    How could existence be defined without awareness?
    Neither existence nor non-existence are possible without someone, something recognizing the fact in some way, ie, awareness.
    And of course, there is QM (quantum mechanics) with its collapsing wave function, predicated exactly on this simple insight.
    No awareness – only an infinitely spread out probability distribution.
    Awareness – instantiation of matter.

    And i ain’t talking math, this is probably the world’s most replicated experiment other than falling down and landing on one’s head.
    No other explanation that has ever been put forward has survived the baby steps of building up into a theoretical framework, like it or not.

    Not that it proves a bearded, raging Jew god, maybe because no Jew has ever looked impressive enough to fill the role, thus, Charlton Heston to the rescue.

    1. Lobro – off-topic, but I hear you’re a mathematician and I’m sure you’ve come across “Common Core” schooling in the States. This must be a Jewish agenda. What do you think? 2 +2 equals 5! From the Corbett Reoprt:

      It all reminds me of the torture scene in 1984 when Big Brother holds up 4 fingers and asks Winston …. “How may fingers am I holding up” and Winston correctly says 4 repeatedly, but Big Brother says he’s holding up 5 fingers.

      The point of the whole interrogation/torture is to literally replace Winston’s mind with that of the Party. To make him actually believe the insanities the Party tells all day long, whether it be that they are at war with Eastasia whereas they were at war with Eurasia five minutes earlier, (rather like the cold war and the war on Islam today) or that 2 + 2 = 5, and not 4. Because, whatever says the Party, it is true: they create the truth.

      1. As for the Common Core, it looks like an application of Noahide 7 laws to the school system – for goyums.
        You see, every single thing the Jew monolith does has a single aim – destruction of human as human and forced devolution to something mindless.
        Frankfurt School has been set up with this task in mind and they have been at it for generations, the brightest Jews employed to dream up ways of poisoning God’s well.

        Maybe this is part of the Devil’s Game, destroy consciousness, destroy Creation.

      2. @ Red Onions

        This is a simple way to know that Common Core is a bad idea.

        Mandatory education is a bad idea. If it were a good idea, it would not have to be mandatory. Since mandatory education is always a function of government, most everything contained in mandatory education is most probably designed to keep the masses in line.

        Even though higher education is not mandatory, governments usually control accreditation and curriculum significantly if not completely. People moving into optional higher education have already been brainwashed by the mandatory system making them putty in the hands of the government as they climb the educational ladder. Of course, there are always a few exceptions.

        As proof that education is not really what it is billed to be, I often use Henry Ford and James Garfield as examples. If Ford and Garfield had of dropped out of school after the second grade instead of the third grade, would there have been a Ford Motor Company and would Garfield, who spoke and wrote 5 languages, have become President? Since they dropped out, education was not mandatory at the time.

        Jews will use anything that works to their advantage as long as it works. The first mandatory literacy was between 300BC and 200BC by the Pharisees. Since there was not an abundance of scrolls for the masses, it would be quite logical to assume that the masses were required to read the Torah which put the Priests in control. It worked.

        Since jews own and control the government of the USA and mandatory education is a requirement of the government, the jews are just doing what they have already proven to work thousands of years ago. Except for the influence of the internet, it is working quite well. Indoctrination/brainwashing works which is why they use it.

    2. Red Onions,
      Of course, Jews would pervert that concept as well to suit the psychotic Tikkun Olam, the occult Project of Talmud
      “We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality—judiciously, as you will—we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors…and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.”

      This has been attributed to Karl Rove falsely, I believe, because even though he is thoroughly jewified, he is a goy by birth.
      It is as succint way of describing Jew mindset as any I have come across.

    3. Lobro, it’s the laws of physics all day, every day, here on earth and even in parts unknown. But you knew that.
      That some physics take subtle and even subtler still, paths, yet remain relatively unknown to Western ciphering, is not really surprising. Is it?

      The yantra machines, yagna sacrifices and the keystone building blocks of the universe, the mantras, are all formulas. Material and spiritual formulas.

      Don’t the materialist scientists and the Kali yuga swamis(mostly material spiritualists) agree these days that matter manifests from sound?

      1. matter manifests from sound?
        Not sure about that one, Homer, I am not a physicist or material scientist of any stripe.
        They may have meant it figuratively, because sound is airwaves bouncing off our eardrums, translated into brain activity – it is that activity that we call “sound”.
        But it doesn’t happen in vacuum, ie, space bereft of matter, so it couldn’t have preceded matter.

        In fact, space cannot exist without matter either … is there an animal called chickenegg?

      2. Very good HP (and LD!). There are said to be approximately over 12 million human beings at any given time in various religious orders in India, ranging from common criminals and phonies, people with social problems, genuine seekers, and then – the sublime, the incomparable, and for most westerners and growing numbers of modern Indians, the incomprehensible; this is the realm of truly accomplished humans, and India seems to be the wealthiest country in the world in this respect. We are indeed very, very fortunate today to have published many books describing formerly inaccessible Indian traditions like the science of sound, Yantra, and various Yogic disciplines. The penalty in ancient India for the uninitiated to eavesdrop on the sacred transmission of mantra was for the offender to have hot lead poured in their ears. There is a serious side to this ‘business’ for very good reasons – then and now. For most, sought for results are never achieved for a number of common reasons; phony gurus, lack of a certain level of commitment, talking about your discipline – this is not merely bad form, it wipes out hard earned gains in a nanosecond, the anger ALL humans feel at perceived injustice in the Universe and so on. Tantric teachings of the five elements theory commonly known as Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Ether (Akash) are now available for the student to examine – today we know them better as elements in a solid state, elements in a liquid state, elements in a combustive state, elements in a gaseous state, and sub atomic matter, the whole range of the physical manifest limitless grandeur of the Universe. The theory extends to consciousness itself in the human form, with positive and negative manifestations of each prevailing element at any given time in human consciousness, linked to physical expression in movement and speech (and thought). The great irony as pointed out by a Western martial arts teacher who spent a good deal of time in Asia is that the so called “mystical East” came up with spiritual and philosophical traditions like Hinduism and Buddhism where a rigorous intellectual detachment is encouraged, severe testing and scrupulous examination required, while the “materialistic West” has developed religions based on faith. The traditional American Indian approach which like Hindu traditions discourages talking about your ‘gains’ suggests if you want something special, you must make the ‘commitment’; despite what modern jewry may think the Universe doesn’t operate on a something for nothing basis. For those who don’t ‘believe’ (have ‘experiences’) you might look further into it, and remember there are two ways of being fooled, one is by believing something that is not true, the second by not believing something that is true. You can only find out for yourself. The great traditions of India are a gift to humanity.

  7. lobro is a “mathematician” and I’m “the reincarnation of Abu al-Rayhan Muhammad ibn Ahmad al-Biruni”, and “MadJewess-Ingrid-ShelleyRubin” “really” “looks like” “Rita Hayworth” “in her hey day”. Lasha, of course, is “really” “a Catholic”.

  8. @Baxter. I love your comments on circumcision when done to an infant. (Apparently the mental results are different when done to an older child.) I first heard these ideas from a jew, decades ago, who said that over the generations, circumcision promotes a certain way of thinking, an excess of conceptual thinking. An excess is the issue here, not that an ability to think conceptually is “bad”; it’s not.

    “Mind did not arise out of matter, as the prevailing idea in modern science appears to be, but matter arouse out of mind.”

    I respectfully disagree. I see the above statement as an oversimplification. It’s chicken & egg. The most fulfilled people are probably those who can say, “I don’t know.” Also, I am not convinced that trying to understand these deep matters from an eastern viewpoint is intended for the western mind. We have to be what we are. I welcome anyone’s opinion.

    1. Wyandotte –
      “I am not convinced that trying to understand these deep matters from an eastern viewpoint is intended for the western mind.”

      My guesses….

      “The Eastern matters” are no deeper than the Western ones. They all want control of the minds and bodies of the inhabitants. AND property.

      The Hindu teachings came from warring families set up under astrological signs…. based on mythologies following ‘Lunar Lines’ and ‘Solar Lines.’ Kinda like…. “My god is bigger than your god.”

      The plans were spoken for hundreds of years, then written down and put in legal format like stone tablets in the courts of Moses….. to force folks to obey and serve them. More important if written.

      Not that hard to grasp. The complicated wording makes it seem more relevant than it really is. ‘Mystical’ comes to mind.

      In Hindu mythology, the Lunar dynasty is one of the four principal houses of the Kshatriya varna, or WARRIOR–ruling caste. This legendary dynasty was descended from the moon (Soma or Chandra), while the other principal houses, the Solar Dynasty (Suryavanshi) claims descent from the sun (surya).

      Kshatriya (from kshatra, “rule, authority”) is one of the four varna (social orders) of the Hindu society. The Sanskrit term kshatriya is used in the context of Vedic society wherein members organized themselves into four classes: brahmin, kshatriya, vaishya and shudra. Traditionally, the kshatriya constituted the ruling and military elite. Their role was to protect society by fighting in wartime and governing in peacetime.

  9. “Can God be evil and capricious? Can evil be part of his nature? Are God and Devil in partnership? Questions few dare to ask. Merely asking these questions in past times would have merited death.”

    “Good and evil” only exist in the mind. These concepts are the same reality measured from different perspectives. In reality, there is no good and there is no evil. These are simply subjective human constructs. Observations of the human condition make this obvious. Thus, one man’s good is another man’s evil, or as was written recently, “one man’s terrorist is another’s freedom fighter”.

    Jews truly believe what they are doing is good and it is – for their people. This is one of the primary keys to the Jew’s success, they truly believe that their goals are good and just, not just for them, but for the planet. Their fundamental worldview is what’s good for Jews is good for everyone. Conversely, they believe the white race is the penultimate “evil” on the planet and therefore must be eliminated. Thus, any effort toward accomplishing this goal is perceived as justifiably “good” for everyone.

    This is the Jew’s subjective viewpoint, but do you agree? The Jews truly believe that lying, cheating, extorting and murdering are exemplary cultural values set forth by their god. By your own standards, are these values good or evil? Are your own values any more good or evil than the Jew’s values? Compare the Jew’s concept of morality with the white concept of morality, which is good and which is evil? By whose standards?

    The Jew’s maintain, and we tacitly agree, the individual or group that owns the wealth makes the rules, calling the shots on good and evil. Therefore, whites have adopted Jewish values on economic, legal and moral matters. Thus, everything from compound interest to torture and genocide are not only good, but totally justifiable, as these promote the survival and progress for Jews and Israel. So where is the good or evil in any of this?

    The fact is good and evil only exist within the human condition. Outside of man, where else in the universe do these concepts of good and evil apply? When the lion pounces on the “innocent” lamb, tearing it apart, do we gasp in astonishment at the lion’s evil ways? When a star expands into a red giant, consuming entire star and planetary systems, do we look on in horror at the star’s evil ways? The very idea is an absurdity! When a parasite or cancer invades the body, does the doctor cry out in alarm; “Oh my god an evil organism has invaded your body! We must destroy this evil at once!? No, the doctor dispassionately examines the patient’s condition, prescribing the best remedy that applies to the particular medical condition (at least this is the way it is supposed to work).

    Why then do we take for granted that some people and certain thoughts are evil while others are good? From their own self-centered perspectives, men find themselves to be inherently good while finding others, practicing their same values, are typically evil. Why do we hate most those traits in others paramount within ourselves? It is because of our colored perceptions. We do not, we cannot, objectively observe our actions or ourselves. Instead, our observations are filtered though the distorted lens of our emotions.

    This then is the problem, emotionally based concepts, such as good and evil, color one’s perception and colored perceptions alter the observation of reality. Altered realities, resulting from colored perceptions, prevent accurate assessment of the true condition or nature of a situation. This is why emotional detachment and dispassionate observation are the underlying principals behind the scientific method. Yet how many people, scientist included, are truly capable of such detachment?

    Mystics point to human emotions as one of the primary hindrances to enlightenment. Emotional coloring leads one to believe things that are in fact false perceptions of reality. We cannot see truth because we think we know truth. A full cup cannot hold what is beyond its capacity; if the cup is filled with the bitter liquid of lies, no room remains for the sweet liquid of truth. The most dangerous of all lies are the ones we create for ourselves. Begin with the thought, “I know nothing, everything I think I know is undoubtedly wrong”. This is the beginning of enlightenment.

    1. “When a parasite or cancer invades the body, does the doctor cry out in alarm; “Oh my god an evil organism has invaded your body! We must destroy this evil at once!?”

      Everything I have ever read on cancer (or parasites), but especially cancer, speaks in terms of a war; we must “fight” this thing, we are in a “battle”, we must “Kill” it. It never stops, this war metaphor, or the attitude promoted by the cancer industry and cancer “victims”, namely, that it is bad bad bad all the time, that nature could never, ever have allowed it to happen for a reason.

  10. Better yet. Where was Yahweh when Pompey invaded there in 63 BCE. Then again when Vespasian sent his son Flavius Titus to do the same vicious criminal things almost a century later. And last but not least. Yeah, the one that some individuals get frantic every time I bring it up in websites such as this one and on many others: Hadrian’s final solution. Listen impostors boy and girls alike. Stop using the personas of Yehuda of Gamala or Shimon Bar-Kokhba. Two complete warriors for the Independence cause. They had the balls to go against the most criminal organization in that period. Something you’ve never had. Wonderful using the US and London for the dirty jobs. Recommendation. Keep playing the Violin. The only thing you are good at. Don’t worry also. Those two extraordinary fighters are no relatives of yours.

  11. Dear Darkmoon, I suggest before you join “Hare Krishna” cult, you must read some Indian writers to learn how 220 million low-caste Hindus, 160 million Muslims, 40 million Sikhs, 28 million Christians and 7 million Buddhists feel living under Hindu “mysticism” under upper-class Brahmin Hindus. Canadian journalist, author and blogger, Eric Walberg has called them “Jews of India”.

    Mulk Raj Anand (1905-2004) got published his classic novel ‘Untouchable’ in 1935. The novel is based on the life of its untouchable hero, Bakha, showing the extent of Hindu society been stooped in its treatment of lower-caste people (over 220 million), the great majority of whom work in ignominious, polluting and unclean occupations.

    The narrative boils down to the fact that Hindu society, like Talmudic society, is based on racism and caste sysyem, though in different ways. The upper-caste Hindus (Brahmins) too had their ‘anti-Semitism’ label (known as ‘polluted”), which they applied to the Hindus of lower-caste and all the non-Hindus. The book, ‘Untouchable’ narrates the story of the mindset of Hindu pervert society which is full of fear from openess and forces its women folks, if not killed before or during childhood – to live in indignity when raped while the perpetrators roam free. According to the story, a temple priest tries to allure a girl Gulabo who is a sweeper in the temple to enter into sanctum- sanctorum of the temple where she is normally prohibited to enter and then tries to molest her. As soon as the girl retaliates and condemn him – the Brahmin priest shouts “polluted”… “polluted”….blaming the girl for polluting the temple by entering into sanctum- sanctorum.

    1. FYI, this “Untouchable” or the so-called “caste distinction” concept does not exist in this “Hare Krishna” cult. That is the reason this cult came into being in Hinduism around five centuries ago.

      BTW, Racism or Cast system exists more or less in ALL religions. But in different Angles! 😉

      For example, in Islam, it exists in a very different way!!! Just one for example –> though lots of Africans are Muslims (converted though), but even today, they are treated as slaves (sometimes much worse than “untouchables”).
      I could have given much more links, but it would just clutter up my comment.

      Again, another example is, the looking down of Arabic Muslims upon the Muslims of Pakistan, Afghanistan, Indonesia, etc. (Again there are lots of links to prove this and it really doesn’t matter whether you believe it or not).

      And what explanation are you going to give for the centuries-old clash between Shia & Sunni???
      Racism? Cast-ism? Cultism? Faith? Beliefs? …What??? Both are followers of Islam, right?
      Hope you know that the hatred/confrontation has become more deadly now-a-days (in the middle-east)!!!

      The point is, when a person blindly boasts about his/her own religion by pointing fingers at AND finding faults in other’s religion, he/she foolishly forgets that the rest of the fingers are pointing at him/her 😉
      Do you know the deeper meaning of the word “Dogmatism“?

      All Religions are more or less perfect, but it is we, the so-called Intelligent(?) Homo-sapiens(?) who pollutes them with our greed & selfishness & cheap mentalities & what not!

  12. On the subject of “God – Devil joint venture” or “Is God Devil’s advocate?”.

    I already waxed large on the necessity of probabilistic universe in order to allow for free will, don’t feel like endlessly repeating myself.
    And how this dictates hands-off policy by this God (creative intelligence responsible for giving the universe the initial kick that determined its physical laws), so whatever God can exist can only do so as a non-interfering observer, a kind of meta-quantum situation.
    Which is a great situation for a very interfering Devil, a cancer upon the Creation.

    Whether the universe survives this metastasis or not is very much up in the air, Jesus seems to have been optimistic about outcome but then again, he was talking about the non-material Outside, where concepts such as justice apply.

    Can’t tell you more, for that you must buy my book, on special offer until OCTOBER, available at Amazon, Woot, Touch of Modern, Nieman-Marcus, Penney and quality retailers for the low, low price of $24.99!!!
    Visa, Master Card, Murrikin Express, Bitcoin, Paypal, … random conditions apply.

    1. @Lobro

      I already waxed large on the necessity of probabilistic universe in order to allow for free will

      The bedrock of science is the cause-effect paradigm. As soon as you break away from that paradigm you are in the twilight zone.

      Theoretical quantum mechanics is nothing but a barren mathematical toy. All those wonderful discoveries of applied quantum mechanics have nothing to do with nonsensical probabilistic interpretation of wave function. Engineers and inventors – these are the real scientists – make absolutely no use of Schrödinger and Dirac equations while doing real scientific work. Quite the opposite – the equations are the result of clumsy attempts to make some sense of those wonderful inventions.

      The best exposition of the problem of free will I am aware of is due to G.W. Leibniz, and he saw no “necessity of probabilistic universe in order to allow for free will”:

      1. Circassian,
        I don’t see it as my job to prove anything to you, nor do I have an interest in a pissing contest.
        Suit yourself.

        If, however, you wish to look at the multitude of experiments that indisputably point to conversion of the probabilistic paradigm (wave) to a deterministic one (particle) at the point of conscious observation, the accounts of these experiments may swing you to a more informed view.
        Others may yet stick with Anunaki-Nephilim-Bigfoot theory.
        Like I said, you are welcome to persist in refuting the the probabilistic aspect.

        I would only mention at this point that in doing so, while applauding the “real scientific work”, you have just now denied the feasibility of secure cryptography which is based precisely on the collapsing wave function, so that anybody trying to intercept the message hopelessly messes up the checksum.
        You have likewise rejected the possibility of quantum superposition (ie, no way to tell which of the two possibilities forming the superposition actually happens), the existence of qubits, entanglement and asserted that the algorithms of quantum computation are impossible nonsense rather than real science, by which I think you mean engineering.
        Because every single one of these formulations is specifically rooted in the wave-to-particle conversion paradigm, ie, probabilistic nature of world (though for everyday macroscopic scales, Newtonian physics is perfectly adequate).

        One additional note: cause-effect has no meaning in a timeless world of photons. Might want to think about that for a minute.

      2. Engineers and inventors – these are the real scientists – make absolutely no use of Schrödinger and Dirac equations while doing real scientific work. Quite the opposite – the equations are the result of clumsy attempts to make some sense of those wonderful inventions.

        First of all, why don’t you tell us about those inventors and engineers doing the real work in 1900 while Schroedinger, Planck and Helmholtz were idly playing with useless theoretical toys?
        Name just one such inventor/engineer of that era whose invention was based on QM.
        Could it be that you are putting the cart before the horse?

        Next, instead of eagerly denigrating my post, why don’t you take a look at this brand new paper published in Optica (“Quantum teleportation over 100  km”).
        Look about 120 lines down the text where you encounter the following equation:

        When a time-bin qubit passes through MZI2, the detectors can possibly detect a photon in three time slots. The detection of a photon in the second time slot with SNSPD3 and SNSPD4 means that the input qubit is projected to the states
        (|1⟩+???2|2⟩)/2̅√ and (|1⟩−???2|2⟩)/2̅√
        , respectively.

        See stuff that looks like “|1>“?
        This is called DIRAC NOTATION, a “Ket” in this particular instance, the probability amplitude preceding the collapse of the state 1

        Why don’t you contact the authors and the Optica editors and shame them for using Dirty-Dirac stuff to justify their engineering feat (quantum teleportation)?

      3. Lobro,

        Our views on quantum mechanics, and physics in general, seem so far away that it is highly unlikely farther exchange on this particular subject would serve any useful purpose.

  13. It’s nice that you at least briefly mention Christ at the end, and also the importance of sexual purity. “Who do you say that the Son of Man is?” I know you have described yourself in the past as a “hopelessly dysfunctional Catholic”. Do you recall where St Paul calls the gods of the pagans demons? That would apply to Hinduism as well. I think if you return to your roots, Lasha, you will find the answers to your questions, as well as the peace of soul we all seek. God bless you.

      1. I’m a dysfunctional Catholic as well. I even was asked to leave a monastery for espousing cultural views very similar to those of Lasha, for which I can especially thank E Michael Jones, editor of Culture Wars magazine and author of “The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit and Its Impact on World History” and numerous other important works.

    1. Peace be with the one who reads this uncensored comment.

      Two quotes from Lasha and a definition from the dictionary, before I make some comments.

      ” existence is maya or illusion—if life is basically a “dream” from which we will one day awaken—then we are no more than fictional characters in a super novel (or play or movie) that is all taking place in the mind of Brahman.”
      ” One thing is certain. The knowledge of Brahman cannot be gained through book study or sense experience or the scientific method. Such knowledge can only be arrived at through intensive meditation, worldly renunciation, shattering austerities, and sexual continence: in short, after a long process of self-purification such as all the great sages from time immemorial have had to undergo.”

      2. (Hinduism) Hinduism the ultimate and impersonal divine reality of the universe, from which all being originates and to which it returns

      1. Natural existence is an illusion(maya), natural man is deluded, however, he can be awakened.
      2. Natural man cannot know that he is deluded, if he knew, he would not be deluded.
      3. The awakening cannot take place by means of study(learning), nor by meditation, nor by the evolution of consciousness, nor self purification.
      4. Because natural man is deluded, the awakening can only come about through faith.
      5. Man is not born as a deluded(irrational) being, he is coerced into a state of delusion by the corrupted world system.
      6. The corrupted world system is a product of deluded man, it is a vicious circle.
      7. The only way to be awakened, is to accept the truth(Son of man) in faith, and to confess the reality of being a deluded being, with deep regret( true sorrow).
      8. When this happens natural man becomes born again, his reason is restored, his old man dies.
      9. Christianity is not a religion, it is a state of being, a person becomes a Christian when he is born again.
      10. The vast majority of those who proclaim to be ‘Christians’ are not born again.
      11. To be born again is a traumatic experience, a person needs to die to the pseudo(deluded) self.
      10. All religions are worldly, fabricated by natural man, they do not proclaim the message of the gospel, they are divisive.
      11. When the Son of man came the first time, he said the following: “take up your cross(die to this world)
      and follow me …, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God…..Marvel not that I said unto thee, Ye must be born again.”
      12. A universal transformation is coming soon, the harvest is ripe.

      The faithful witness

      1. Duke , you need to study a tad more son ! Jesus NEVER said you must be BORN AGAIN , Niccodemus did ! Look up the words used by each and you will see that Jesus used a word which means what was COMPLEATED IN THE PAST and Niccodemus used the word which means BORN AGAIN ! This is the reason Jesus said you HAVE NOT CHOSEN ME BUT I HAVE CHOSEN YOU ! Born from ABOVE not AGAIN ! Christianity is not anything as the mainstream teaches or as most think , which causes much confusion ! Seek and ye shall find does not mean sit on your ass and it will fall in your lap ! How many of you would like to move to india , the model of cultural and civil perfection ? Who is beating down the door to this PARADISE ? It is the outhouse of society ! This discussion is psychological vomit ! Have a nice day !

      2. Duke , I will tell you again to seek and you will find ! LOOK UP THE ORIGINAL WORDS USED ! Get a concordance , ( strongs by hendrickson is best ) a lexicon and expository and do a little investigating ! You will find that I HAVE NOT LEAD YOU ASTRAY as I take these things seriously ! Have a nice day !

  14. nice change-up lasha. we create our own reality – as long as we remain ourselves. that’s the tricky part.

    seymour zak – you don’t need your victim credentials boy. the game is over. nobody won. try to be yourself.

    baxter – very well put on the archaic practice of circumcision. my guess – it is a sacrificial ritual imposed on humanity by the brand x reptilian “gods” from outer space, who built the pyramids and bequeathed us with the bible, as their yellow instruction manual on deified monarchy and feudal exploitation. i’m saving your statement in case i get the opportunity to quote you. circumcision is obviously designed to seriously damage the psyche of the infant, who will forever question, whether he realizes it or not, if every person he meets in his life wants to chop off the end of his weenie too. circumcision should be made illegal everywhere. but the real question is – why are people still stupid enough to do it? and the answer is – because they’re religious and religion makes and keeps people stupid, as subjects in a typical hierarchical power structure, where it is necessary that those on the bottom have to have the wrong information. it is a stupidity disease. the first mistake is the idea that there is a creator. as soon as any belief system, including the above, gets the idea of a creator – it gives him a name and starts down the wrong path toward religion. the “creator” is your ego. that’s all it is. the universe has always existed, and in fact on the basic level there is no such thing as time. there is therefore no seniority and i guess no action either. if it makes no sense to you – get over yourself and get used to it. the problem – how do we maintain a sense of reverence out of the awe, which is good, without becoming religious? maybe we don’t know the answer to that yet. but we can take the safe road and just concentrate on saving the planet. consciousness does exist, yet you can never put your finger on it. does it originate in the brain and maybe the heart, or are our organs designed as its receptors? are we part material and part consciousness – existing as slower residualizations of the the om vibe? consciousness is the fact of all life on the alchemical surface of the planet. consider that the earth itself is conscious. because it will give you back whatever you give it. it is you.

  15. A lot old Rosicrucian European masters of science are being presented : Newton, Liebnitz, Schrodinger, a few on the long Honor Role List. I remember having received a chart called: The Cosmic Keyboard. It is a progression of binary number counts of pulse vibrations per second, 2-4-8-16-32, starting with physical matter & beyond through the entire electromagnetic spectrum, x-ray, gamma ray, cosmic ray; until at the very end at xxxxxxx to the xxxxxxx to the xxxxxxx power, is what are called: Spirit Electrons.
    I no longer have that chart, that’s why I can’t state the number correctly. Spirit, the Monad, the White Light, the Fragment Of Creation in every human being. The “state of Being” some people have evolved back to on Graduation Day.

    The Electric Cosmos
    The Electric Sun
    The Electric Sky
    Plasma Physics, Donald E. Scott, PhD. (electrical)

    1. @ Stan Del Carlo, D.C.

      What you are referring to is known as the EU (the Electric Universe, not the European Union) the chief proponent of which is Wal Thornhill – a staunch follower of Russian emigrant Immanuel Velikovsky:

      Velikovsky argued with Einstein that it cannot be possibly true that the Universe at astronomical scales is governed by the law of gravitation alone – he was convinced that electromagnetic forces play profound role in interstellar and interplanetary interactions.

      You can follow Velikovsky’s struggle with Einstein to make him understand that his General theory of Relativity is nothing but a mathematical toy:

      1. See you in class at the Electric University, the Invisible College of Adepts. Who is giving tonight’s lecture?

  16. An idiot is an idiot because he can’t tell that he is an idiot! Those who don’t know can’t know because they are incapable of knowing! How much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood? …. Jews KNOW exactly what they want because they are firmly guided by their lovely Babylonian Talmud which enlightens them on the MYSTERY and thus makes them envisage the planet as their very own, special oyster. This brilliant state of “GRAND envisioning of REALITY” enables them to control the FED, Wall St, the US Treasury and Hollywood and thus they have the ultimate POWER to control ALL your lives! … Jesus warned you of the REALITY you could All possess, but you Yankee idiots, who know NUTHIN, have let them control the fowl yard. They are the big COCK that tells you what to do! … Ya Yankee boy soldiers are dispensing quick-kill Zionist JUSTICE throughout the planet! …. Brahman sounds like Australia’s greatest ever cricketer Donald Bradman! ….. I found BRA-MAN when I walked into a bra and pantie shop shop and asked for a set of instructions for the quick removal of my newest girlfriend’s bra! …. Yeah, I’m still chasing the chicks which is my highest REALITY! During the “little sleep” I have the grandest visions and see far beyond any present reality; and then the urge returns and I am back into my under-sheets reality!

  17. Being a compulsive Christian, relatively evangelical, I read honesty and hope in this ‘quest of the unknown…’. How to discern what to say, about these revelations about/from Brahman? Does the God I believe in, speak and work, as far as… through this? Or how about opposition to truth?

    I’m reticent to claim arrival and the above testimony, still the journey. No, go further, this plainly isn’t the way to view this quest. I share the road – of sorts and similarly. Can we know the unknown? For me, the hidden sought me but I had the same need, deep felt need, I read about above. And I sought God or what/whosoever other. Stumbled and tumbled into what I never expected, or was culturally or philosophically attracted too.

    This encounter in a bookshop, words burst off the page, direction is taken, empowerment received, years (I assume) on: the experience peculates into faith and life. Much I could say but the piece is informative, intriguing and I’m cautious to blunder in with too much of my stuff. Of course it’s not surprising that solace and adventure is found in this kind of thinking and experience. The last time ‘religion’ was hip (outside mid-70s Roots and Culture, to the turn of the 80s), it was writing that accompanied Jazz and openly questioned, discovered – and for some embraced – this eastern promise. Emerson and co’s children, the 1940s and 50s. Now it’s socio-acceptable and in many ways the popular choice for writers and the like.

    One wrap-up preach. The Bible, taken in totality, context, progression and read in Christ; offers the view that good and evil are entirely separate in their authorship and instigation. This doesn’t lead to a simplistic dualism (and certainly cooperation) but a battle nevertheless. As to where is this God? The suffering? I lift my comment from yesterday (Aangirfan) to say m’last bit:

    ‘Muddy waters. Stirred up by an understandable qualm that seems to throw God-is-good into clear contradiction: an observable lack of cohesion or logic in the belief that God is receptive to humanity and… good? To refrain from expanding but repeating the signpost (for an explanation that pursues a Biblical and philosophical inquiry) please consider; ‘open – or free-will – theism’.’


  18. “All that we are is the result of what we have thought. It is founded on our thoughts, it is based on our thoughts. If a man speaks or acts with an evil thought, pain always follows him. If a man speaks or acts with a pure thought, happiness follows him like his shadow that never leaves him.”

    Okay, so they presuppose the existence of absolute moral value. And I’d challenge them to define those moral absolutes any better than the Bible does – yes the Mosaic law, but specifically Christ, the fulfillment of the law and the covenant promises.

    And the fact is that Christ is the alef and tau, he is the design of salvation and the Way to life patterned into the cosmos from the get-go. Faith, hope and love. Redemption, salvation and Grace. If this is what the Brahmin is talking about, then he is on to the great gifts of God, and the power of the Cross. But why waste time with fragments and echoes from shadowy realms? Chances are these writings are polluted with all kinds of error. They have to be, because they ultimately point not to God but to satanic counterfeit mockery of the trinity.
    Jesus is the Way.

      1. “In the Christian religion, Jesus Christ claimed to be the son of God and to be coming from the kingdom of God to reclaim conditioned souls. As followers of Bhagavad-gita, we admit this claim to be true.”

        Krishna and Jesus Christ

  19. Thanks to Lasha and Co. for this opportunity to hear.

    “Generally there are two classes of men, the materialist and the transcendentalist. By hearing discussions between devotees, both the materialist and transcendentalist are benefited. The materialist is benefited by association with devotees because his life then becomes regulated so that his chance of becoming a devotee or making the present life successful for understanding the real position of the living entity is increased. When one takes advantage of this opportunity, he is assured of a human form of life in the next birth, or he may be liberated completely and go back home, back to Godhead. The conclusion is that if one participates in a discussion of devotees, he is both materially and spiritually benefited. The speaker and the audience are both benefited, and the karmis and jnanis are benefited. The discussion of spiritual matters amongst devotees is beneficial for everyone, without exception.”

    SB 4.22.19

    1. HP –

      I see Krsna consciousness as a form of psychoanalytic grouping and labeling.. akin to what is done in psychology. Just a ploy for establishing ‘greaters and lessers’… creating divisions.

      It seems to be a form of psychology before the Pharisaic profession of clinical psychology.

      The results are increases of wars and murders…. like what happened to Gandhi.

      1. HP –

        Yes. Anything with ‘temples’ built are not for me. They need other people’s support… money.

        Most are beggars… like Hare Krishna bunch.

    2. @ hp

      This article was written partly with you in mind, dear Homer, knowing in advance that you would disagree with many of the things said within it. This is only to be expected, since one can hardly hope to say in a couple of thousand words what others have tried to say in millions of weighty words spread over several millennia. Take this comment from Wyandotte — she is quite correct to say this:

      [You say] “Mind did not arise out of matter, as the prevailing idea in modern science appears to be, but matter arouse out of mind.” I respectfully disagree. I see the above statement as an oversimplification. It’s chicken & egg.

      She’s right. It’s not only an oversimplification, it’s a crude misrepresentation of Indian thought arising out of the inadequacy of language to convey the truth. This is especially apparent in my use of the italicized phrase “Mind came first” in this passage: “Mind did not arise out of matter, as the prevailing idea in modern science appears to be, but matter arouse out of mind. Mind came first! “

      Mind came first? Wyandotte is correct. One cannot say this, but one cannot say it for reasons quite other than Wyandotte supposes. It has nothing to do with “chicken and egg.” One cannot say it for this reason, and as a student of Vedanta you will yourself see why it cannot be said:

      If Brahman is the ultimate reality and is Being/Consciousness Itself, Brahman is changeless and exists in Eternity, not in Time. Brahman is not subject to Time. This being the case, it is incorrect to say “Mind came FIRST”, since the word “first” implies the existence of Time. In the realm of Brahman, the physical universe has yet to come into being. There is neither Space nor Time nor causality. No events. No “before” and “after”.

      It is only with the creation of matter and material objects that Space comes into being, for material objects require Space in which to operate, i.e., to move and change. Similarly, a universe populated by living creatures who experience change, and in which one event follows another, requires Time as a backdrop.

      In Brahman, the Changeless It, there can be neither Time nor Space nor Causality. As a cosmologist might say, these are later accretions that only come into existence with the Big Bang. Before the Big Bang there is no “before”. Hence we are repeatedly told by the best physicists, “Don’t ask silly questions like, ‘WHAT HAPPENED BEFORE THE BIG BANG!'”

      1. Dear Lasha,

        This is a wonderful and spiritual piece and a nice change from the usual bad jews-news at DM. You are really at heart a poet/philosopher.

        Re: “If Brahman is the ultimate reality and is Being/Consciousness Itself, Brahman is changeless and exists in Eternity, not in Time. Brahman is not subject to Time. This being the case, it is incorrect to say “Mind came FIRST”, since the word “first” implies the existence of Time. In the realm of Brahman, the physical universe has yet to come into being. There is neither Space nor Time nor causality. No events. No “before” and “after”.”

        You might enjoy John Donne’s poetry, someone much more closer to home. (Surely, Circassian was joking when he suggested you find Enlightenment vis a vis Roger Waters, the old Pink Floyd has-been rocker.)

        Donne was, like you, a ‘highly dysfunctional Catholic’ who later converted to The Church of England and Anglicanism, probably superficially to advance his career than any deep conversion though.

        He was the odd man out playing along to get along in an already jew-subverted Protestant Elizabethan England.

        Coincidentally, I just finished retyping and publishing online at my Joe Canuck Blog my old (too many dark moons ago) university essay on John Donne’s poetry and his metaphysics a few days ago. Donne was concerned with some of the very same issues that fascinate you and dealt with in your present article.

      2. Lasha,

        Thanks for this explanatory addition. I was myself a bit worried by that phrase of yours “Mind came first.” What you meant to say of course was that mind or consciousness, being Brahman itself, had primacy.

        Mind or consciousness was always there, in a transcendental realm of its own, where neither space nor time nor matter nor causality existed. I know there are some here who will probably scoff at your ideas and think you have made them up yourself. I for one know you haven’t. These are commonly accepted views not only in Vedanta but in quantum physics.

        Nothing you have said in this article would be regarded as unacceptable or implausible by anyone who has read Fritjof Capra’s “The Tao of Physics”: subtitled “An exploration of the parallels between modern physics and Eastern mysticism.”

      3. There can be no “came first”.

        Consciousness infers the potential for awareness to grow through the enigmatic mysteriousness of Imagination, its true reality a “timeless” experience of awakening. It always is a “chicken” as an ideal, implying it must also be an egg “in potentia” of ‘chickenhood’.

      4. Thanks, LD, for responding to my comment. I’d like to add that (for me, anyway) this is all words on a page, impossible to articulate, and will be meaningful when one has achieved at least a moment’s worth of transcendance through effort or better yet, as a sudden gift. (I got lucky twice! Not stoned, just some kind of “grace”, I guess.)

        What happened before the Big Bang? I guess a child asks, “If God created the world, then who created God?”

  20. I don’t know, so I’ll say it. Many of you are smart, intelligent and more educated on subjects than I ever be, but while there is a lot of talk about the past in full detail, the moneychangers’ claws are on humanity’s throat and we are in the final hours.

    Let’s not analyze who the jews are, let’s just say what they are – money changers. Let them be zionists, kabbalists, sephardic or – they ALWAYS servants of money which they now “create” from thin air. JHVH (aka Satan) is their murderer money-god. JHVH is for them, and only for them. JHVH is offering them earthly wealth through incomprehensible cruelty and pursuing more and more money will destroy everything and everyone that God had created.

    Knowledge is not the original sin. Money is. Everything derives from the moneychangers relates to death and horror; greed, jealousy, perversion, lies, manipulation, thirst for power and ultimately murder.

    Religions are “Man” made explanations of God. Religion is institutionalized faith. “Man” altered the story of good and evil. “Man” corrupted by satan will serve satan through money and power. In light of this simplicity, all religions are the same. (apologies to Lasha).

    However, it does not mean, that God does not exists. GOD the Creator is omnipotent and omnipresent beyond the time-space-material world. How to get close to Him – and to eternal life – is the basic question for all religions and mankind for at least in our known history of 6000+ years. “Man” wanted to be God from day one. However “Man” can not even be hu-man. Deciding about good and evil can not be subjective. Flesh, the finite is the opposite of holy, endless light and energy. Our soul is caught in between.

    The world must detach judaism from the glory of God or we have no hope for humanity on this earth.

    The story of Christ is not about the jews, not of the jews, not for the jews. We must read the story of Jesus and God without the dark clouds of the satanic chains tying them to the OT. Even in its partial glory (John, Acts) – there is redemption. The message is simple. Love God, and love one another. But it does not mean that we have to love satan, his deed and minions, and we don’t have to name them!!!

    Is it really that Jesus and his relationship with God is the only way to salvation? Jesus said so. His resurrection makes it true. If we believe in something that we can not ever comprehend, we must keep it simple.

    1. AM , what Bible do you read ? The ORIGINAL sin was and still is PRIDE ! Satan means adversary ! 6000 years ? That myth is dispelled in the very beginning of the book ! AND THE EARTH IS VOID AND WITHOUT FORM ! Do you think the creator messed up ? NOT ! Check Jeremiah 4: 23-28 This I believe is when satan (lucifer) sinned ! And this solves the mystery of a YOUNG earth ! We are not CAUGHT here but are living in this life to see who will love his maker ! Also those whom my Father has NOT planted shall be gathered up and burned in the fire ! ( wheat and tares ) The book is ONLY about the lost sheep of the house of Israel and the others are judged on their interaction with same ! That is why their is an outer porch to the temple that was not to be measured ! I will bow to my KING willingly , and the rest will bow whether they like it or not ! The OT and the NT are ONE and the SAME ! Jesus said if they believe not Moses and the prophets neither will they believe my words OR that one has rose from the dead ! The old foretold the new and the new explained the old ! Have a nice day !

      1. Carl – The OT and NT: not just not the same, they have NOTHING to do with each other. To claim that Jesus Christ, the Son of God is somehow related to a human tribe of the moneychangers is an insult to intellignce, to God and Christ, who was killed by the hand of the moneychangers. To claim that God somehow will change in time, allowing and encouraging the “chosen” ones kill and pilage throughout the OT and than change to an all loving God in the NT is against all logic. Only satan can make up a psycho story as such. .. and as I said above, “Man” greatly altered the holy story of God and Jesus, through the synagogues of satan and also the catholic church. Jesus also said about the jews in John 8:44 “Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.” And as for the role of the moneychangers, it is clear too: Matthew 6:24 “No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon (MONEY)”.

    2. AM , what you are saying is the WHOLE problem that most have in believing the Bible in the first place ! Most , are as yourself and do not know who is who ! Have you ever read the entire book ? If you have and remember what you read you will remember the hints I will give you ! It starts in Genesis 3:15 ( enmity – hatred between 2 different people ) , 11 Kings 16:6 Israel is at war with the Jews , Nehemiah chapter 5 Jews then as now -MONEY , Luke 19:14 & 27 Bring them hither and SLAY them at my feet , 11 peter 2:12 Brute beasts made for destruction , Acts 26:6 & 7 If the 12 tribes are serving God day and night and Paul is opposed by the Jews , how can they be Israel Romans chapter 9 READ THIS OVER AND OVER UNTIL IT SINKS INTO YOUR HEAD ! ! ! These are the same people of the OT ! 1 Corinthians 10:1- 11 Revelation 2:9 & 3:9 Jesus quoted the same books YOU deny ! The sins that the Caananites committed are why God said to destroy them , which are the SAME sins will get people destroyed in the NT ! Can I not make one unto HONOR and one unto DISHONOR ? Who do you think came to see Abraham ? Who did Daniel see in his vision ? Who did Ezekiel see in his vision ? Who did Isaiah see ? Who did Jacob wrestle with ? Who was the Rock in the OT ? I will tell you it was Jesus the Christ of the God of Abraham , Issac and Jacob thats who ! And Jesus saith I and my Father are ONE ! NT Christians teach a SOCIAL gospel and NOT the gospel Jesus Christ ! Only you ( Israel ) have I known of all the families on the Earth ! I am NOT sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel ! Remember the Caananite woman that wanted her daughter healed Jesus called her a DOG ! Do not cast your pearls before SWINE or give that which is Holy unto the DOGS ! Dogs and swine are human but are NOT Israelites OR believers of other races who will inhabit the outer porch of the Temple , whether you like it or not ! You will accept it all or nothing ! When He returns He comes to wage WAR not peace and will destroy his enemies with what ? The Words of his mouth , for he is the word and as He said if they believe not Moses AND the prophets neither will they believe my Words or that one rose from the dead ! Are there mistranslations in the book ? YES ! Did the scribes ( Kenites ) take the name of God out of the book ? YES ! The italicized words were added by translators ! If you read and understand the whole , you will easily see the deceptions ! If you do not believe the OT , WHY WOULD YOU BELIEVE THE NT ? I have only given you hints , so YOU must seek for yourself ! Believe what I am saying or call me a liar , I assure you I am NOT leading you astray ! Have a nice day !

      1. Carl – I appreciate the passages, but ….the OT is a put together, mostly a stolen mass of document. Leave it to the jews and catholic church to figure out their own lies. No need to read it – as the BASIC PREMISE IS FALSE. “Man” made the connection between the jewish lies and Christianity. The only link for the entire satanic claim is the house of the murderer, liar fornicator David. 1- the Father of Jesus is GOD, Jesus is NOT from the house of David!!! (Another question all together if Joseph was a jew at all, as Mary was not!!!) 2- God will NOT change and promote murder for a while, than peace a bit later. It is lunatic to believe in a God like that. 3 – God will not tempt either, only satan will (Abram) Abraham (liar, fornicator himself) to be tempted to murder his own son. 4 – Messiah is for the jews only, it is a term for a political leader, they are still waiting for one. Messiah’s only purpose is to give the moneychangers power on earth. 5 – Christians don’t have a messiah, don’t need a messiah, did not wait for one, never even knew this term, as Christianity started with Christ. The resurrected Son of God himself is the entire story. Just read John – if you want to know Christ. 5- Everyone is caught in the 12 “tribal” details of the jews. Call them moneychangers, and their entire story of lies and deceit falls apart. Jews who accepted Christ as their savior, are christians. 6 – Prophets were talking about God throughout history, that fact alone does not prove anything. By the way, the jews killed all their prophets too… 🙂

    3. @ AM

      It appears that you and I are not far apart on our views concerning the OT restraining the truth as taught by Jesus. We do differ concerning Acts.

      I have reservations about the book for numerous reasons and consider it to be the reintroduction of OT misdirection. The Comforter/Holy Ghost was suppose to remind us of Jesus’ teachings, but Acts tends to lead one to believe without directly saying so that the Comforter will kill you for lying especially concerning holding back on money. Whoever wrote Acts must have had reservations about directly saying that the Comforter/Holy Ghost would whack you just in case Jesus was correct about blaspheming the Holy Ghost being an unforgivable sin. God killing people was reintroduced.

      Another part of Acts that makes me leery is how the Disciples supposedly took in all the money and distributed according to need. That is contrary to what Jesus taught and did. Jesus told the wealthy to give all their riches to the poor, not himself or his disciples, and to then follow him. Organized “Christian” churches really like this portion of Acts and it has resulted in some very wealthy organizations such as the Roman Catholic Church, and Protestant mega-churches and mega-organization such as the Methodist.

      Most think that Luke wrote Acts, but no one really knows which also makes me suspicious.

      I did not arrive at my suspicions about Acts by accident. Many years ago, a stranger out of the blue told me that the answer to all questions are found in the Gospels. Was the stranger a messenger? Based on the look on his face and my subsequent research into the teachings of Jesus, I believe he was.

      Welcome to the Jesus believing heretic’s corner on Darkmoon. We might not be on the same base, but it appears we are in the same ballpark.

      1. Ungenius – thank you, you are one in a million. I agree, Acts is a strange mix, the only thing is consistent and screaming from the book is that the jews murdered Jesus for no reason, and his blood on them. No Pope can erase that fact. I agree, the more we lost in the details, the worse it is. It’s almost impossible to recognize and get rid of the “man” made inserts. When we read the gospels, sometimes it is obvious, that the story line is broken, insert was made. Also, my Bible has references to the OT – diligent researchers had found that many of those references were made up with no sense at all, and tonnnnns of circular references within the NT itself.

  21. The joke is on us in being trapped in this reality of fixated matter. The nature of which makes “evil” possible.

    While having good thoughts in praise of God’s Creation (prayer) is helpful, having evil thoughts alone is a harmless product of the imagination. ACTING on them, however, is a whole different ballgame, where those actions involving egregious behavior (cardinal sins) are sure to put the perpetrator in a hellish reality of their own making. We create our own hell. Some call it karma.

    We are living in a “meantime”. In other words, a state of falseness which ENABLES this reality to have the kind of bearing it has. One school of thought suggests that the ultimate enemy of Mankind is desperate to maintain this false state of Time, and as far-fetched as it appears, the thinking is that they (“they”= the so-called “Masters of the Universe”) believe that some ‘device’, for lack of a better word, exists somewhere in Syria which would ‘re-start’ Time.* Finding it would allow them to continue with their evil agenda.

    The good news is that this won’t happen, and helps to define the particulars of Kali Yuga as it pertains to Time.

    *From “Forward to the Passed”:

    “…the ‘precessors’ (re: “precession of the equinoxes”) have arrived at their date with destiny, which has been here all along, truth be told. Time on this planet is a car geared in forward ‘eening’ out of control. Yet it has always ‘passed’ (past) where its truth is always sitting, whether careening or not. Right now its illusory engine is blown out, and the momentum that has kept it going is coming to a stop….in the presence of itself.”

    1. BROWNHAWK , without the Bible you know not of GOOD OR EVIL ! Where did you get the difference ? Tell the truth ! You have no concept of either without the morals from the Bible ! Whether you love it or hate it , without it this world would be far , far worse ! Think about it honestly ! Every country has a history of creation ! WHY ? ? ?

  22. More blasphemous nonsense from artist Lasha and Darkmoon. Images of idols would be okay to use if one was educating others about idols. Instead the article provides an image of idols as that which symbolizes spiritual attainment/awakening. What a disappointment.

    The two Witnesses chosen by God to be a demonstration for the rest of the world towards Christ Jesus have failed; miserably. History of the Israelites (Israel) keeps repeating itself.

    1. History is prophecy. Nothing ever changes under the Sun and do note the stipulation. Sottish is the word, New Song. Yahweh bad, Me GOOD! Like Rabbis, that’s what all the phony intellectualism is about, across the whole internet. They think they can get around their own mea culpas (that means ‘my bads’, for the rappers).

      Every pagan religion under the Sun can be pontificated about on the internet on and on and on. Flood from the mouth of the dragon? Smoke from the bottomless pit? This is NOT Yahweh’s cup of wake-up. It chronically fails to hit the nail on the head, which leaves so much more to talk about.

      Karma is ever increasing usury and these threats of being reincarnated as a as a worm are the same as the everlasting fires of hell, promoted by jewish Christian preachers.

      How are these Christians going to greet their former selves on resurrection day, with a “How am I?” or a “How are you?”? The hypocrisy runs rampant.

      Christianity is not compatible with any of those pagan religions. And THAT’s the religion you dare not speak of on the internet. The Eternal Yahweh proved His Omniscience through the scribner pens of His prophets. Are their cowardly minds too dinky to accept it?

      He knocked your shitty little gods on their ass, and as of yet has no challengers, except in the wild and self exalting imaginations of ‘the good”. The internet is staffed by the weakest waffling sowers of the wind.

    2. @ New Song

      “More blasphemous nonsense from artist Lasha Darkmoon. Images of idols … the article provides an image of idols … What a disappointment.”

      Hear, hear! Well said, New Song! You’ve finally had the courage to “out” the Abominable Darkmoon as a heathen idolator! This dreadful pagan lady is now peddling images of Hindu “gods” who are really demons in disguise. Such idol worship should never be tolerated on this family-friendly Christian site.

      Lasha, I’m deeply disappointed in you. This is idolatrous, devil-worshipping crap you are writing. You are now serving Moloch and his minions. Isn’t Jesus Christ enough for you, you horrible heretic?

      1. @ Madame Butterfly

        If Lasha is of “Anglo American” extraction, I’m one of Santa’s elves! I work up here in Santa’s workshop on top of the North Pole every day pumping out toys for the kids who consistently eat all the vegetables on their plates.

        Lasha was extracted from a pit in Chechar Province where Aleister Crowley heard the enochian calls is where jew snake kike cunt qabalah lilith worshipper lasha is extracted from. Lasha is from “Anglo American” — and “Catholic”, don’t forget, Lasha’s a “Catholic” tuu — extraction and fuck, I’m Santa Claus tuu, in addition to being a Santa’s workshop elf.

        Heck, I might as well go all out and be Mrs Santa Claus also, darkmoon just LERVS darkmoon’s hermaphrodite girl/boy “lasha/lobro”. Is it into bestiality tuu? I know how much “you all” just LERV your fat jew cow Shelley Rubin. Don’t tell me, let me guess, your jew cow “Ingrid” is a RED head today, in honor of the Red Blood Moon Shemitah eclipse?

        THE Eclipse of ALL Eclipses is just a few more hours away!! Hooray!! It’s like waiting for water to boil, it’s so exciting!!!

      2. Stop calling names, Madame! Lasha is searching for Truth – as are we, all. Long ago, when I read Herman Hesse’s ‘Siddartha’, I understood the quest for ‘Truth’. Jesus Christ would NOT disapprove! Lasha offers herself for scrutiny. What more could anyone do?? You and Shirley leave her out of your diatribes, please. At your own behest, I am writing a poem for the lady, and it must be appropriate to her standards – which are high. (I knew her in another life…)

      3. Joe, you are a Catholic BOOR. You’re so smart – can’t you do better than that?? I do much better than you at the Hallmark store, browsing rhyme, you stubborn fuck…

      4. Of course, Madame. However, I am of the opinion that simple truth is best appreciated amongst those whose stock-and-trade is ‘irony’. You have your intellectual ironies – I choose to avoid them. Those who know, KNOW. Were you to lay your head upon my chest one night, there’d be no necessary conversation…You would KNOW. Isn’t that the point of this writing?

      5. @ MB

        “After Auschwitz, there can be no more irony.” — Fuk Yu Ju

        This is an IRONIC play on the “After Auschwitz, there can be no more poetry” by Tony Cavanaugh… but you knew that, of course. (smiley face)

      6. I didn’t say anything about Lasha, Gilbert. I didn’t even read that article.
        India is a dump, ya heard? Why haven’t these enlightened masters figured out that a rising tide raises all buoys? Oh, there’s one who’s 300 years old. I’d sure like to see his storage unit. Have any narcissistic americans going there for enlightenment asked to see his storage unit? Hell no, because they wanna be bullshitted. Is Christianity not good enough for them? It’s made them the fattest, softest and most pampered people in the history of the Earth.

        Are we in arrested teenage rebellion? Bloggers throw their mother and father, their country and their Creator under the bus for a fleeting moment of vainglorious grandstanding and the accompanying dopamine buzz. Nobody is going to get behind such fickle people or on your bus. It’s the smell! It takes a while for the subtle impression to form words. I’m a fickle fuck too and I HATE IT! It’s the culture of my generation. Here’s a thought: Let’s grow the fuck up!

        They take their cheap little potshots at the Bible all day long but never offer up any doctrine of their own, to be scrutinized. Sycophant showmen demagogues would never dare. Most of these poor oppressed slaves don’t even have to work for a living. They stay home all day typing their untested ivory tower opinions. This little revolution of hot air has petered out.

        I’m sick of the USA bashing too. It’s caught a disease. Shooting it is the cure… yeah right.

        Yahweh has 7000 incorruptible. Maybe it’s them taking notes on who wlll ditch all, turn tail and stab everybody in the back.

      7. Shirley –

        “I’m sick of the USA bashing too.”

        Don’t be. That’s the most fun part here.. They bash…they lose. 🙂

      8. When a World Class Teacher is called out of retirement, like Jesus / Immanuel / Jmmanuel / The Christ was, it is only for the purpose that will involve making a connection with everybody everywhere. The ability to generate the electric intensity of Passion combined with the intense magnetic power of Compassion, can effect the whole world like a Great Transmitter which can be sensed like a tuner by any sincere human being from the center of the brain. The ability to hear clearly generated thoughts like a Receiver from anybody anywhere is also done, all the while nobody needs to Converted because worship is never demanded or required by anybody, because it is always about you, and everybody. The Stars are many and Different and in All Colors, and so are the people on Earth, who came from Many Places out there, a very long time ago.
        “We rise and salute the Coming – we bow in Reverence to the Past – Present – Future as one – recognize them in their fullness – give to them their due.”

        Sincerely 888,
        Third Stone from The Sun

      1. Duke , if I was drunk , stoned and tripping I could not get as high as you ! If you quit doing that stuff ( whatever it is ) eventually you will come down ! Careful you do not hit a high building up there ! LOL NEW SONG , have you been partying with DUKE ? LOL

      2. John 10: 20 ” And many of them said, He hath a devil, and is mad; why hear ye him? ”

        Take heed there is no escape, every knee shall bow.

        The faithful witness

      3. Duke , you are as irrational as they come ! There is NOTHING I could say that would reach you so , HAVE A NICE DAY !

    3. How can you people possibly think you have a monopoly on the infinite? What brain damage. It is at the same level of arrogance and delusion as the talmudic jew thinking this world belongs to him and him alone. Seriously, you people are nuts. Gilbert is right. Lord Jesus would support any soul that was striving to return to god in a sincere manner – the hint there is sincerity; that’s all that matters.

      Good luck, LD. Consider returning to India sometime for a breath of fresh air and some weight off your chest.

      1. “It is at the same level of arrogance and delusion as the talmudic jew thinking this world belongs to him and him alone.”

        This applies to ALL religions with CHURCHES…. TEMPLES….
        ….MOSQUES…. SYNAGOGUES..!!

      2. I have a monopoly on NOTHING ! I have told you what the WORD of God says and about the outer porch ! No true believer is excluded , it is only that a NON- ISRAELITE will NOT enter the Temple ! Read what I have written and go check the verses ! ( just a sample as the whole book contains the same message ) The Jews are NOT Israelites ! They are Kenites , ( sons of Cain ) Edomites , ( sons of Esau ) Caananites and are mixed with EVERY other race on the planet ! The only ones who could defeat them are the descendants of Israel and that is why the war on the white race ! I am not God and do not make the rules ! If you do not believe the Bible – so be it , that is your choice ! I am forcing no one either way , but you can NOT say you believe something and DENY it at the same time , CAN YOU ? Lord Duke ? Come on , get real ! ! ! I have told you all over and over that the Jews are related to the Israelites by blood but are NOT the people of the book ! The word Jew did not even exist in the 1611 King James or at all till a play written by Sheriden as far as I know ! Tell me different ! It starts in Genensis 3 : 15 and forward ! If you do not like that God chose to discriminate take it up with him , not me ! There is SO much more I could tell you but , what good would it do ? It has been said that the OT is not inspired BUT the new has ! If someone ruined the old what makes you think it was not done to the new ? The two are inseparable if you will read it through ! If some on hear are of other races and are offended , that is between you and God not me ! Jesus said if you do NOT understand the parable of the wheat and tares , HOW WILL YOU UNDERSTAND ALL PARABLES ? It tells you the same thing I have been telling you ! Wheat is wheat and tares are tares , the same as sheep are sheep and goats are goats ! Belief will NOT make tares into wheat or goats into sheep , but being a sheep or wheat does not automatically make one good to go ! Does anyone understand ? It is not that difficult ! If you do not believe me so be it ! Ivan Pannin was a mathematician who decided to prove the Bible wrong through math ! ( Greek and Hebrew – numbers and letters are 1 ) He became a believer for it was so mathematically correct ! Go check it out ! the old and new are 1 and any who say otherwise have not spent much time reading it ! there is NOTHING you could say that would offend me ! Have a nice day !

  23. @ Gilbert Huntly

    Were you to lay your head upon my chest one night, there’d be no necessary conversation…You would KNOW.

    Know what, Gilbert? Try and be more specific. It’s not fair keeping a nice lady in suspense like his. 🙂

  24. I have a different take on religion and materialism than the Quest of the Unknown Brahman. Here is a reflection from my blog.

    Plato turned from the outside concerns of the pre-Socratics to the inside concerns of traditional religion, and that was a philosophical and theological error. “Know thy world” became “Know thyself.” This error continued the error of the old religions in turning away from the real world of the phenomenal senses toward the spiritual world of ideas. Plato essentially rejected the reality of the real world as surely as Nietzsche rejected the reality of the spiritual world. Saying that the Idea of things is more real than the object it defines was, frankly, ridiculous, but there it took root, in the first university of Europe, and it remains in the universities and seminaries of the world.

    Plato should have transformed the inward path rather than essentially rejecting the outward path. And Nietzsche should not have rejected the inward path but transformed it in the outward path. After much ascetic discipline in blocking the desires of the instincts so as to see or experience the God or Father Within—whether called God, Brahman, Logos or Reason—it remains a symbolic experience of the real Godhood which can be reached through material and supermaterial evolution. This understanding is seen in the Twofold Path of theological materialism, and it can help mend the many antagonism of “duality,” between matter and spirit, science and religion, and so on.

    1. “Strange times are these in which we live when old and young are taught in falsehoods school. And the one man that dares to tell the truth is called at once a lunatic and fool” (Plato)

  25. Since there seems to be a lot of curry flowing though the comments, I will pass on a story about the teachings of Jesus.

    Last year, a young relative was looking into Buddhism and we were involved in a religious discussion concerning Buddhism and the teachings of Jesus. At the end of the discussion, my relative asked me how I knew that the Christianity was the way to go instead of some other religion.

    First I told him that “Christianity” is not the way to go, but that the teaching of Jesus was the way to go since almost all, if not all, organized “Christianity” does not abide by the teachings of Jesus.

    I told him that the teachings of Jesus are the only teachings that advocates verbally controlling the physical world, healing the sick, raising the dead, and casting out devils. I told him that I have personally controlled the physical world and initiated some healings. I told him that I had witnessed numerous healings. I told him that I personally knew two good friends on two separate occasions who had raised the dead in front of qualified medical witnesses.

    He then asked me how I knew that no other teachings or religions advocated the same things. I told him that if they do, they keep it well hidden.

    My question is, are there other teachings/religions that advocate these characteristics of the teachings of Jesus?

    1. Ungenius –

      Yes…. In my research of religions in the 60s – before 1985 🙂
      … I found that claim was/is made of Yogis.

      From ancient times there have been many such true Yogis in India and other countries.
      The descriptions of their lives and deeds are furthermore as wonderful and as authentic as the life and acts of that illustrious Son of Man who preached in Galilee nearly two thousand years ago. The powers and works of this meek, gentle, and self-sacrificing Divine man, who is worshiped throughout Christendom as the ideal Incarnation of God and the Saviour of mankind, have proved that he was a perfect type of one who is called in India a true Yogi.

      1. @ Pat

        Thanks for the link.

        Cool enough, but I think I’ll stick with the teachings of Jesus for controlling the physical world, healing the sick, and raising the dead. Unlike the Yogi, all it takes is a mustard seed of faith and your mouth to get the job done, no reason to be worshiped, no pretzel exercises required, no claim to being sinless, no need to be single, no need to leave your family, no need to become a nonproductive slacker, etc., etc.

        I was fortunate to come across the works of Ernest Holmes in 1979. He researched all the major religions of the world looking for the truth. He settled on the teachings of Jesus as the truth.

      2. It is time for all Believers to gird their lions.

        Peter: ” Wherefore gird up the loins of your mind, be sober, and hope to the end for the grace that is to be brought unto you at the revelation of Jesus Christ;”

        The big earthquake(shock) is coming, it will shake the foundations of the earth(pseudo intellectuals).
        Take heed

        The faithful witness

  26. “It is at the same level of arrogance and delusion as the talmudic jew thinking this world belongs to him and him alone.”

    This applies to ALL religions with CHURCHES…. TEMPLES….

    It seems to me that other religions are about submission to God and about one’s connection to nature, the cosmos, and everyone around them. The Judaic religion is unique. It is a “will to power” religion, which is why the chosen took so much a liking to Nietzsche’s thoughts.

  27. “To survive we must supercede
    the creation/destruction cycle
    and keep on keepin’ on …”

    Logos is our pathway to the stars.

    In the beginning was Word
    and Word was with God
    and Word was God.

    Each one nothing
    but with the other.

    RESIST !!!

  28. The stage is set and the sun. moon and stars serve as the lights for the world stage…earth. from beyond sound the soul world. nirvana. paramdham. bramhmand divine beings of light souls the actors descend. like all movies or plays the actors come onto the stage according to the part they play very few in the beginning. likewise in the divine play divine actors descend numberwise according to the part they play. the soul..the divine self the one remembered as the third I descends onto the world stage enters its costume the human body and sits at the forehead between the two eyes. once I the divine self has entered the divine drama I cannot return to my home of light before the completion of the play. the costume the body is perishable but I the soul am imperishable. when the body I am using perishes or dies I go and adopt another body taking with I a record of my past thoughts. words and deeds. it is these three which determines where and which body..male of female I adopt. it is these which determines the contacts. connections and relationships I come into. because those whom I come into contact and relationship with have a spiritual account with I from previous incarnation or incarnations which draws us together..

    The play continues and more actors descend to play their parts in the divine play. after a certain time on the world stage the self starts coming under the influence of the external. the result is the soul begins to identify its self as the body and a state of self forgetfulness. internal conflict begins with the disunity of mind and intellect then internal with love becoming a lust. and ego of self importance based on the body giving way to greed and anger..attachment of the perishable body was now becoming master of the self. the soul becoming more unhappy and peaceless but not knowing how to return to its original state of peace and happiness starts worshipping its previous self. then worshipping the sun. moon. stars. water all forms of nature then the lie of the highest on high being omnipresent takes birth. divine actors continued to come unto the world stage to play their parts. some of these actors have been remembered long after they have come and gone on to play others parts in the divine play. and religions have been established from their life and words..Abraham. Christ. Buddha. but still the soul continued to fall deeper into a state of spiritual sleep and forgetfulness of self..

    Now. the divine play is at it confluence. it has reached its state of total decay. there is no light or awareness of self or the one who lives beyond sound. like the confluence and meeting of day and night in their passing the spiritual day and night..heaven and hell is at its confluence. now. like spring follows winter heaven spring on earth must return. the natural laws cannot be changed only man made rules. the old must be destroyed. there is no annihilation but transformation of the old into the new. knowledge is always needed in the process of transforming or creating. it is knowledge we have always used to transform or change the world and ourselves. but the knowledge needed to transform the old into new and establish peace is not possessed by human beings. this knowledge is possessed only by the one who is always bodiless and never losses self awareness. but how can he impart knowledge without a body. the soul needs a body to speak to hear to see and feel and if he enters a body of his own then he too shall come under the same law of birth and death and the forgetting of self. so he enters the body of another soul making it two souls in one body. the body he enters is remembered by the world but not spoken of much only at certain times. in the east he is remembered as Brahma and in the west as Adam and father christmas the man with white hair and beard..

    All the instruments created have been created to establish the big.bang. then it shall all start all over again…peace happiness and unity heaven on earth. the cycle continues forever and evermore world without beginning or end..

    There is no meaning but there is a purpose of it all . experience. without a human form the living being the zero point cannot know its self. so it comes and sits at the forehead from where it controls the senses and uses mind and intellect to choose and decide what it desires to experience..

    Are God and Devil in partnership…yes

    That is the loveliest question..

    Peace .

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