Insane America makes war on the world

Jew-controlled and brain-dead Americans tolerate senseless slaughter
which is slowly driving them mad

Pictures and captions by Darkmoon



The hollow-eyed inhabitants of the land of the free and the home of the brave now robotically sing a twisted tune that is not under any circumstances to be believed. The manic echo of its “war on terror” anthem reverberates down the trash strewn corridors of the insane asylum the United States of America has become, where independent thought is now a crime and blind allegiance to a fabricated history and an artificial reality is required for social acceptance in a nightmare world turned absolutely upside down.

In order to convince everyone of this “terror threat”, the United States and its Jew handlers have invented ISIS, or ISIL, a supposedly Islamic terror group that miraculously never attacks Israel yet receives regular infusions of money and weapons from both the U.S. and the notorious Jewish state. The sad part of this macabre fairy tale is that 80 percent of Americans believe this fabricated successor to Al Qaeda is a genuine foreign enemy. Yet they remain oblivious to the fact that they themselves are funding this treacherous menace to their own lives. <>

Americans also fail to realize their out-of-control leaders are creating the conditions for war all over the world, because the U.S. economy has always depended on the sale of weapons, PLUS the Jewish objective has aways been to kill or enslave all the non Jews of the world. Americans also don’t recognize the limitless power of Jewish controlled media that manages to convince the brain-damaged majority that these terror threats are real and must be expunged by ever more violent actions against unsuspecting innocents all over the world.

Jew-controlled America engineers the theft of the government in Ukraine and the next day U.S. newspapers trumpet the news that Russia has masterminded the overthrow, and committed the crimes that America has underwritten and the Israelis have executed. Almost immediately, America masses troops, strategically positions ships, and publicizes the need to start World War 3. On the heels of the U.S. rapes of Syria, Libya, Yemen, Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran, war-weary American citizens bicker over trivialities with their families, turn off the TV news and head for the mall, unwilling to challenge the lies and incapable of contemplating the consequences of their blithe ignorance.

ISIS and Ukraine are but two of the hundreds of affronts to sanity that the so-called Western powers are wreaking on nations it wishes to subdue and control, but perhaps the even greater damage these perpetual war promoters are creating is the damage they inflict on their own citizens by flooding their countries with uncivilized Third World immigrants that deliberately bust their budgets, accelerate crime necessitating increased police aggression, and generally create the conditions in which all of their citizens will be caught in brushfire race wars, with citizen input into government behavior completely prohibited.

The twisted inventors of political correctness import the dregs of the world and turn them loose around the country for future crime wave activities so that a merciless police presence will become necessary to curb their savagery. The powers that be shower immigrants with gifts and benefits as America turns its back on those who built the nation, loyal generations who gifted their sweat and their lives in the belief that their efforts would guarantee a safe place to live for their children, but which has turned out not to be true.


The streets of America are simply no longer safe.
If the criminals don’t get you, then the killer cops surely will.


Public media in the United States provide plenty of exposure to a panoply of presidential candidates, but they all say the same thing about who controls the money supply and why they should be allowed to continue stealing from everyone, and why it is necessary to fund Israel and destroy and destabilize all of Israel’s neighbors in the name of democracy turned demonic that leaves all these countries in ruins.

That you can never trust what this U.S. government says is an obvious foregone conclusion, and something the Indians learned long ago. The latest lie from its Strangelove doctors at the Centers of Disease Control insist Jewish circumcision is a healthy thing to have done, even as it strips the capacity for compassion in young males while becoming a hideous dessert in the mouths of monstrous molesters known as rabbis.

As the American dream turns rancid, teachers in elementary schools instruct their immature students in the perverted art of fisting while reminding their pupils it is wrong to challenge authority under any circumstances, no matter what that authority says.

Homosexuals are adulated over all for their “courage” as the concept of the family, critically wounded when the women were forced to work and further injured when it became cool to be gay, now faces permanent extinction as “authorities” debate the legalization of pedophilia — and at the highest levels of power in the world can be heard a snickering over these horrific practices that have created all the missing children who have been Washington’s deepest darkest secret for longer than anyone dares imagine.

The great secrets of America’s ugliness remain obvious for all to see yet hidden from the official public transactions of this disintegrating superpower. The president himself and all his Jewish handlers eagerly OK’d the destruction of America’s iconic skyscrapers and all the 65,000 cancer deaths of New Yorkers it produced from the airborne radioactive fissile material that was used to bring down the Twin Towers.

Today, even though everybody knows the real story, authorities strictly refuse to talk about it, and all those people who lied about it are still proudly running for president and still talking about new ways to obliterate Israel’s adversaries, with a preference for raping and murdering foreign leaders in their own streets.

The duplicity, the stifling of accurate perceptions not permitted to be discussed, creates a tension that splits families apart, people disagree, stop talking and never resume the thread. In the pregnant silence, America has long since fallen apart.

So it’s no wonder that in the real neighborhoods of suburbia, people are desperate. So many people seem cut off from their dysfunctional families. Many who lost their jobs a long time ago, exhausted their benefits, and borrowed from friends are well past the point of being turned away by everyone. With nowhere to go and nowhere to turn, they find themselves staring at the empty days pursuing addictions that ameliorate the gloom but speed them toward their doom.

The same could be said about America as a whole.

Doing the bidding of its Jewish controllers, the United States is at war with more countries than you can count, as well as its own people.

Israel, America’s heartless landlord whose billionaires get to pick U.S. presidents, is at war with every country in the world, robbing all of them in preparation for destroying all of them.

Americans have become zombies who fail to realize their out-of-control government is the scourge of the world. These zombies comprise the larger part of the U.S. population.

The rest of the world will cheer when America’s massive murder machine is finally rendered impotent, but then it will react with an incredulous horror when the reality sinks in that the people who will run the world after America is gone — i.e., our Jewish masters — have no intention of permitting either freedom or liberty, the two most important things America once promised but ultimately failed to provide.



A sinister veil of approved thought casts a perverted pall over public policy and private lives. People are simply not allowed to talk about certain subjects, nor question government actions that in previous years would be considered illegal and out of the question. The president has issued an executive order stipulating he may imprison or murder anyone he chooses. The police seem eager to kill without questioning all those who don’t fit the profile of those who are suitably affluent and well connected.

Although media have always been blatantly biased toward those with money and power, never before have the lies being told by the major newspapers and TV outlets been so egregiously false and criminally irresponsible.

But America lives on false propaganda now. If you don’t go along with the artificial reality, you can lose everything you worked for all your life. You can lose your future. You can lose your life.

Sooner or later, this Frankenstein government will come to take your life, after of course it has stolen all of your possessions.

You could wait for that to happen, or perhaps while you’re waiting, you could work on ways to make sure these criminal freaks like Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton get run through a giant meat grinder and wind up in little bleeding pieces, which is exactly the condition they’re inflicting on everybody else.

It is madness to think you can control the world, or to even want to, but the impulse itself is symbolic of a deeper madness — the delusion that you can somehow cheat death. Now, this line of thinking would be meaningless to talk about except for the fact the entire world is governed by it, especially in the monotheistic religions, which hold eternal life like a sword over the heads of the faithful it commands to murder others.

I could at this point say that what is happening in the world was prefigured by a perfect blueprint for all this chaos, mayhem, and bloodletting in the pages of that demonic dissertation known as the Talmud, but a majority of citizens might think it more important to call that an anti-Semitic remark and ignore the destruction of the world it is causing.

Is there anybody out there still blind enough
who still thinks that America is a “good” country?



And what kind of people are those who think America is good, who ignore the facts at hand and pretend, as they raise their circumcised plastic children with no conscience who have been vaccinated into reproductive sterility, that if we fail to observe what is happening — or say that all these things are circumstances that we cannot control so why worry about them — that the final knock on your door after which you will never again be returning home creeps closer every day.

John Kaminski

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Most of his articles are featured here. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA. _____________________________________________________________________________

155 thoughts to “Insane America makes war on the world”

  1. I can’t argue with any of this but it isn’t only the US that is becoming decadent. In the name of sexual equality both men and women are being denatured. Men and women are not equal! Biologically women are more valuable! Consider this, if 90% of the male population were wiped out and because only women can produce babies the population could regenerate within a generation or so. Now wipeout 90% of females and we are well and truly “fucked”! What does the West do? It sends women into combat. Well the female anatomy is unsuited for infantry combat e.g. the leopard crawl! Can you imagine a woman as well endowed as Dolly Parton being able to leopard crawl? Or bayonet fighting? No first we must return to traditional values and that does not mean male oppression of women but a return to ladylike and gentlemenly values and behaviour where women are respected and protected as givers of life!
    Another point is the assault on any religion except Judaism. Christianity in the West, Buddhism and Hinduism in the east, Islam in the Middle East are all being subverted and corrupted by Jewish Mammonism!
    How will it all end? If the law of Karma is anything to go by, catastrophe!

    1. Well said FELIX.

      Gentlemanly behvaiour can only exist with ladylike behvaiour. You can’t have one without the other. Also have you seen a grouping of female soldiers. Though I am sure having a gun makes you a deadly weapon no matter if you are a child, man or woman, the fact is they do not look intimidating.

      Second I do not believe in feminist history. The masses of men and women (proletariat/serfs) were oppressed in one way or another, by social constructs but it kept the lineage and humanity going. It worked.

      1. @Adam
        Thank you! Let’s not forget there is more to infantry combat than firing a gun. If it is CQ(Close Quarter) combat then the bayonet is used. I believe British forces had to resort to them in Afghanistan. You also run out of ammunition. In WW2 the Kiwis used them to fight their way out of a German encirclement at Mersa Matruh in North Africa. Imagine screaming Maoris coming at you with their Haka! Besides it’s hard wired into our species to protect women and children. To me the thought of sending a woman into combat is repugnant and a sign of decadence!

      2. I am WITH you, Felix. Please forget what I said to Max about Australia. (I meant is as an affront to HIM – but he and I are ‘mates’, don’t you know…)

        Remember the good ol’ FN-FAL! 🙂

      3. Felix –

        Not a couple of hours ago, I dropped-off a man who I took to the grocery store who was a spotter for Carlos Hathcock (top U.S.Marine sniper during the Viet Nam intrusion). He had his guts spilled, killed an lot of NVC, but knows the TRUTH, now. Many understand. I WONDER how it might be held cohesive as an assault group…

        In 1993, a ‘full-bird’ colonel showed me a letter he received from POTUS (Clinton) asking him to state his opinion on subordinating American military to UN command. His resignation was ‘requested’ should he not agree… Can you BEGIN to imagine how that same circumstance has resonated throughout American Command???!!

        We are not asleep. Minions will die. The only alternative is to not support attack against others – which goes for EVERYONE ELSE besides Americans.

      4. No worries, Gilbert! I only lived in Australia. And it is a nice country but I have a couple of Aussie jokes for you! What do you call an Australian in a suit? The defendant! What’s the difference between Australia and yogurt? Yogurt is a living culture!

    2. When all hope is gone and there’s no place to go, I just scroll down Darkmoon commentary threads and lose myself in Gilbert’s smirky, smiley faces. So disarming — so charming and so disarming! Too bad Gilbert wasn’t with Lee at Gettysburg. Gilbert would have smirky-smiley-faced the damn Yankees until the Yankees went down in total defeat. Maybe Gilbert should spend his days shooting off posts to the White House website. Why with his charming, disarming smirky, smiley faces, he could disarm and defeat ZOG in no time at all.

      Gilbert’s smirky, smiley faces and sweet potato pie and I shut my mouth! Yes sirree, LD & Robert E. Lee!

  2. Dear John Kaminski:
    The article is well stated and argued, and says many of the same things as Henry Makow of Henry Makow is a jew that found Jesus Christ and converted to Christianity. Then you have Brother Nathanael Capner, a jew that converted to Orthodox Christianity, and his website, Real Jew News. That is 2 former jews exposing the Elite Jews agenda for America and the world. If that is not enough, you have the “Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion”, a document from around the 1900’s, that has 24 statements of how to destroy society. Jews claim it is fraudulent and a forgery. However, Henry Ford Sr. remarked that all the declarations in the document are exactly the way history was unfolding in his time and was going according to the plan. That pronouncement by Henry Ford Sr. verifiies the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion is authentic and does exist. Then of course the Talmud and the Zohar delare it as well. I can hear the anti-semitic defence being shouted to play down these facts. Then again the anti-semitism defence was always against exposing the truth. Elite Jews have conditioned the common jew to claim anti-semitism at every turn. Just like this article, Hitler knew the truth as well, and that is why Hitler is made out to be the worst villain of all time, despite the fact that Stalin, a Georgian crypto-jew aka as Dugashvilli, was worse by far. Look up the Ukrainian Holodomor as proof where 20 – 30 Ukrianians were starved to death plus the deaths in Siberian Gulags. But oh no, the phony number of 6 million jews in the Holohoax is more important than 20 – 30 million slavics that were killed. The Elite Jews or Zionists love that 6 million number, which was already in newspapers worldwide from about 1915. The 6 million number was significant as a ritualistic sacrifice/slaughter to Molech/Amalek under Talmudic teachings. Great work John, thanks, Norbert.

    1. Elite Jews have conditioned the common jew

      this bears some revision, norbert.
      there is no elite jew and a common jew, only jew and non-jew.
      once jew volunteers for bar-mitzvah, he has signed the pact with devil and becomes a formal jew, having pledged the lifelong allegiance to talmud and all its byproducts.

      those who did not enter into this pact cannot rightfully call themselves jews.
      it is important to realize that jew is a binary status, one is either a jew or isn’t, there is no grayscale shading.

      some of them may be assigned the job of being “nice” jews or crypto-jews, i guess they are all assessed for whatever particular talent for bringing misery and destruction upon the gentiles they possess and are given the list of tasks, short and long term ones.

      i have a hard time trusting any jew who hasn’t done demonstrably serious harm to their common cause, such as ariel toaff or mordecai vanunu.
      the ones that just talk friendly i treat with complete distrust, unless they also walk the walk.

  3. Who drives the Russians, Englishmen and Americans into the fire to sacrifice multitudes of foreign lives to fight this futile war against the German people? The Jews! They intone their war chants in newspapers and radio broadcasts, while the nations they have misled are being led to the slaughterhouse. Who is it that invents every day new programs of hatred and destruction against us and makes this war into a gruesome act of cruel self-flagellation and self destruction of European life, its economy, civilization and culture? The Jews! Who invented and established the disgraceful concubine relationship of England and the U.S.A. on the one hand and Bolshevism on the other, guarding their continual existence with watchful jealousy? Who justifies even the most perverse political situations with cynical hypocrisy that stems from their paralyzing fear that if a new way were to be found, the nations could recognize the true causes that led to this present unspeakable human tragedy? The Jews! only the Jews! Their names are Morgenthau and Lehmann, and they stand as the so-called brain trust behind Roosevelt; they are called Melchett and Sassoon and function as financial and commanding advisors for Churchill; their names are Kaganowitsch and Ehrenburg, and they are the pacesetters and spiritual mouthpieces of Stalin. Wherever you look, you will see Jews. They march behind the Red Army as political Commissars and organize the murders and terror in the territories conquered by the Soviets. They are entrenched in Communist enclaves in Paris and Brussels, in Rome and Athens; and they cut whipcords from the skin of the hapless people that fell under their force.

    That is the truth! It can no longer be denied, especially not because the Jews, in their victory and power euphoria, have abandoned their previously painstakingly kept reserve and have stepped into the limelight of public observation. They don’t hold back any more, in the obvious belief, that it is no longer required of them and that their hour of glory has arrived. And this is their fateful mistake, the one they have always committed when they saw themselves close to their goal of secret world domination.

    The Jews are irredeemably evil

    1. @ SPQR
      Dear Kaminski:
      SPQR, as a descendant of the Roman empire, I salute you. You are a Roman soldier where along with the eagle (Adler), SPQR was the phrase on the Roman Standard. Thank you for that link of germanvictims, it is nice to read history and philosophy in German once in awhile. Bless you SPQR in theses times that are coming for all humanity. Thanks, Norbert.

    2. Yes, SPQR, thanks for the link, have copied it onto an e-mail ready to send.. What a pity this man`s predictions didn`t happen..

      1. There is one prediction of his that has, so far, come true:

        Mankind would sink into eternal darkness and once more into a primitive and dull primal era if the Jews were to win the war. They are the incarnation of those destructive impulses that raged in these terrible years of enemy warfare against everything that we regard as noble, beautiful and worthy of preservation. For this very reason alone do the Jews hate us so. They despise our culture and education, perceiving them instinctively as way above their nomadic world view. They fear our economic and cultural high achievements, because these no longer allow much movement for their parasitical activities. They are the enemies of our inward orderliness that has no room for their tendency for anarchy.

        “Authors of the World’s Disasters” was the last essay Goebbels wrote, nine days before Hitler’s final radio address on January 30, 1945.

      2. A lot of good videos are being produced now. More and more people seem to be getting the message.

        “What I have just said, I have repeated to the American representatives and I have warned them that all of the mothers of the entire world will one day curse America.”
        -Otto Skorzeny, 1953

        It would be more accurate to say that “America” is merely the engine of global Jewish culture-wrecking, but Skorzeny’s point stands.

      3. Mothers world-wide should curse Skorzeny, not America, since HE murdered Tesla in 1943.

        According to Skorzeny, he and Gehlen had tricked Tesla the previous day into revealing the full details of his most important discoveries. After the murder, they stole the contents of Tesla’s safe, which were delivered to Hitler.

        Sir Vojislav Milosevic
        Veterans Today
        Mon, 13 Feb 2012 00:00 UTC

        Otto Skorzeny’s Deathbed Confession
        … edited by Sir Vojislav Milosevic, Director, Center for Counter-terrorism & World Peace

      4. I sent the link by e-mail to roughly forty persons, got some feedback, only one was negative, but he is, I think, Ukrainian, and they have, I believe, mixed feelings about the Nazis..

      5. @Pat
        That article about Otto Skorzeny is nonsense! My father was a German paratrooper and Skorzeny was a family friend. I have met Skorzeny twice. The first time was in the late 50’s when I was a young boy in Ireland. Skorzeny was living in Ireland at the time. The second time was in South Africa in 1970 and was on a farm belonging to a former Waffen SS member in Rustenberg, west of Pretoria. Skorzeny was visiting with Hans Rudel, a former Luftwaffe pilot. Skorzeny was never Hitler’s bodyguard, Hans Bauer was. In 1942 and 1943 Skorzeny was fighting in Russia before going to Italy on his mission to rescue Mussolini. When would he have the time to go to New York to murder Tesla? As for Gehlen, he was too busy working in intelligence on the eastern front. Nowadays there are too many articles looking for Nazis under the bed! It’s all a Jewish plot to keep their holohoax alive!

  4. Kaminski asked:
    “Is there anybody out there still blind enough who still thinks that America is a “good” country?”

    Yes..!! Me…. And I am not alone.

    1. Yes, that is true and that is the problem. Many people think America is still a “good” country. And as long as that is the case nothing will change. The Jews will continue to rule this country and the west for their own benefit until others begin to oppose them. They will continue advocating mass immigration into the USA and Europe to destroy cultures they have been antagonistic towards ever since they first set foot on Europe. I would say they will continue to push for the destruction of Christianity but they’ve already accomplished that. They now completely dominate America’s top universities. They make up 2% of the population but more Jews are in Harvard (and all the other top schools) than white Americans despite the fact that many whites outperform Jews getting admitted. The USA has murdered millions of people for the Jews, justified with phony evidence, propaganda and lies. If God had intervened to carry out justice Saddam Hussein would be alive and a free man and George Bush and Jews like Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle and so many others would have hung from a noose.

      But the USA is a great country.

      1. Yes, the latest bloodbath is taking place in Yemen. Not sure how many countries have pledged allegiance to the Saudis, it is disgraceful. I wish the Yemenis all the very best, and hope they manage to defeat the beast, the many headed hydra, but, they need a little help from their friends..

    2. Whether or not it is ‘good’, in the opinions of the rest of the world, we Americans must realize ‘the world’ offers us no good will… Therefore, we must remain in defense of our flag, and clean it up, later, after we kill the maggots who wish us harm. No other way. Like everybody else, we must take care of our own.

    3. Pat, how can you be proud of the U.S at present? What is there to be proud of here? I’m curious how you could justify saying that when you seem well-informed of present conditions. That seems hugely contradictory.

      1. LSPM –
        Thanks for asking.
        Here’s the deal, very simply:
        Kaminski asked:
        “Is there anybody out there still blind enough who still thinks that America is a “good” country?”
        I said:
        Yes..!! Me…. And I am not alone.
        For clarity…
        America is a good country, composed of good people(mainly)…with MANY criminal leaders. That has been the case since the beginning of mankind…in ALL countries.

        I will never hate myself or the good people here. NO broad-brush for me.!!
        Pharisees lose.
        I will NOT buy into the Pharisee propaganda of self-hatred.

  5. Dear John Kaminski,
    You have risen to the very TOP of the TRUTH writers.
    This is a brilliant article, right up my alley; and exactly what we SHOULD be talking about and exposing.
    Instead, we get English Literature trained dumb-arses talking endless crap and trying to be smart!
    You are describing the ACTUAL West – USA, Australia, Gt Brit, Canada, Germany, etc – from the perspective of a tangible, identifiable social and political reality. REALITY = provable data!
    “Mick’s “cosmic convergence” cannot be demonstrated or proved! It is the hypothetical subject of nut-cases and charlatans!
    I said TANGIBLE – syns. “demonstrable, quantifiable, objective, etc”
    For example, study the make-up of the current Federal Reserve of the USA: My truths indicate almost unilateral Jewish control and command, commencing with its CEO, Janet Yellen! It has been this way since 1913. Check out the Jewish composition of your CFR or your Treasury, even the totality of your blinding Jewish POWER in Congress! For those like Felix, who like to voice inanities like “it is not only America”, Australia’s retiring Foreign Minister just said that Australian foreign relations are controlled by the all-powerful Zionist lobby, Ditto for OZ education, ruled by the Jew David Gonski, etc, etc.
    Yes, PAT-sy, the ZIONIST JEWS control your chief social, economic, financial, military, educational and political institutions! …. Haven’t you noticed, you retrograde fool of an old man?
    Your essay sets, as I have said a number of times, “the new and much-needed DIALOGUE” going.
    Your subject matter is what SHOULD be on our minds, NOT futile debate over quantum physics, or discussion of biblical mythology, etc. This sort of time-wasting crap is right up the atheist, self-server, PAT-sy’s alley and the rag-tag English Lit buffs!
    It has been said before, but this essay of yours, alone, should be the major focus of study in all Western educational/academic circles. You have fully hit the nail on its head!
    Now get ready for your nit-picking, petty detractors, who will probably scream, “But he’s a Jew!”, etc. The peanut gallery likes to listen to its own voice! They love to abuse such as Henry Makow, too!
    This puts the puerile nastiness of petty, little girly-writers like Ruthie in their place. It also makes a joke of Dublinmick’s feminist/hippie ideals of “cosmic convergence”, where we are ruled by a group of man-hating Amazons in the regions of northern California, supposedly far away from “the maddening crowd.” A new age of Aquarius, Bublinmick? Did you go to “Hair”?
    PAT-sy: This moron still thinks “America is a good country … And I am not alone,.” he pronounces! ….Yeah, you and the Jews and Christian-Zios, PAT-sy!
    No PAT-sy, you live in a vile JEW RULED nation, which has become the pariah of the planet!
    John Kaminski asks: “And what kind of people are those who think America is good, who ignore the facts at hand and pretend?” ….. ANSWER = BLIND, ZOMBIFIED, BUBBA MORONS who love the Jew-tube!
    PAT-sy is the “kind of person”, John; ….. and PAT-sy is nothing but an encyclopedic, lunatic foot-noter, heavily trained in the heinous Talmudic style of total “illogic” (Hitler’s word descriptor) who, in his role as a dedicated troll, chokes this site with his lies, exaggerations, down-plays and absurdities.
    Never mind, his troll-like cheer squad will support his treachery!
    But your truths are seeping out of Pandora’s Box! …. “Know the truth and be set free!”

      1. PAT-sy! …. PAT-sy, my gal! …. You all there?
        A typical, nut-case, ILLOGICAL retort from you; right in nasty, feminist, Ruthie Bernstein’s class, you idiot!
        Oh the KILLER one-liners of the weak, sycophantic, Jew-slave class! Sick people!
        So you go your – “good country the USA”- patriotic defensive and bring out, as you always do, a footnote!
        You are the footnote queen!
        You say: ” Jews are 0.3% of Australia’s Population, But 80% of Australia’s Richest Families.”
        So what, PAT-sy? …… What are you trying to prove in your bitter, twisted, myopic mind?
        So, you think it is a petty competition between nations, you nincompoop? …Who is the MOST Jewified?
        Didn’t I infer things are JUST as bad in Australia and other Western nations? Read my article again you fool and try to comprehend, rather than jumping at your mindless, defensive footnotes.
        You are a mini-minded TROLL of gross charlatan dimensions, who cannot read and comprehend. You are in Ruthie’s class of low-intelligent homo-sapiens! You constantly jump towards illogicals! … DEATH TO ALL TROLLS ON THIS SITE! Death to the illiterates on this site who cannot read and comprehend!
        Here, I’ll star your next post for you: “Maximum ‘Roo’ Bil-o-ney – etc, etc!

      2. Maximum = 10 pounds of Roo Bil-o-ney in a 5 pound bag….

        I’ll send you the $$$ for the publicity you give me as my ‘set-up’ stooge.

        Hate me more often…. 😉

        Bil-o-ney Blusterer – PO Box 0 – Outback Outhouse – Qld, Aus …as usual??

    1. Maxy –

      I like you very much – but you need remember your place in the Grande Scheme of Things. Your Australia cannot possibly match the muscle of my America. Why would you bluster?!!
      No matter WHAT truths I herein perceive, there will not be enough of it to compel my turning on my own kind or country. A man without a country is truly lost.

      1. Gilby, you are half lost, yet again! … Your geriatric mind has wandered off course.
        Oh, “ye the lost of Israel”, I will help repair you “and set you whole.”
        NEVERTHEMIND, Gilby, I will help you, as always! … Jesus told me to do that! i.e. Take pity on the dumb, stupid and down at heart! ….Your mind has been polluted with too much Talmudic sorcery!
        Thus you have NOT read or comprehended my message. This is pure illiteracy/ignorance showing itself!
        “Ye are of my father, the blind”, said the devil’s disciple.
        I am NOT saying the USA does not have more “MUSCLE” as you so ignorantly PUT IT. Yes, you have bountiful Jewish muscle and you have successfully invaded most of the planet and turned it into a Jewish hell-hole!
        Gilby, I don’t need your mindless, peasant-farmer insult, such as ” you need remember your place in the Grande Scheme of Things.” My “true place” is I am God-gifted with an IQ of 170 plus, with talents to match; including male beauty! Why do you think God made me much cleverer and knowledgeable than you?
        You are competing, like PAT-sy gal! ….. I, by the way, am 105kgs of pure muscle! I would make short thrift of you 2 Yankees in a bar-room brawl!
        Read my many comments about the perverted, Jew-corrupted Superpower status of the USA, etc. I’ve declared that Australia is the USA’s newest state! Totally JEW ruled! We are ALL Jew-ruled and this cannot be said enough!
        And neither am I trying to “compel you to turn on your own kind or country”, as you so patriotically put it! …… Oh, all ye brainwashed, “patriotic” pawns of the pariah; of the abomination from the depths of hell! …. So you go to Jew wars as a patriot and kill millions! …. Again, in your spurious sense of patriotism, you are like PAT-sy gal! … “Coffins lined up, covered in American flags”! Scores of veterans committing suicide every week! The Jewish killing fields have destroyed their minds!
        You and PAT-sy are a couple of village idiots together rowing up shit creek in a barbed-wire canoe! Sinking and getting nowhere.
        “FIGHT your Jewish invaders and put a gun at the head of your traitorous, heretical Christian-Zios”, is my message; and always will be, whether in the USA or Australia. You may get sick of my message Ruthie-gal, but it is ALL you have left! …. FIGHT YOU MUST!
        Of course, you could wait for Dublinmick’s grand “cosmic convergence” when all things will be set right!

      2. Well, Max, do bring your lunch. You will KNOW you have been in a fight if you brawl with me. 🙂

        We’re STILL ‘mates’, Matey! 🙂

        1. Gilby is the ideal poster. He refuses to quarrel with anyone. He disarms his attackers, not with a sledgehammer or sword, but with a smiley face. 🙂

      3. Hey “Roo’ Bil-o-ney Buffoon –

        Your quote:
        “I, by the way, am 105kgs of pure muscle!”

        Yeah…mostly where your brain should be. Just another one of your Outlandish Outback Outhouse Outbursts. 😉

        You forgot to mention that your hero, Brock Lesnar, is all muscle …. and chickened out of MMA…. He has opted to stay in WWE…where it is fake. He stated he could not handle the brutality of training and the beatings in the ring. Cain Velasquez from California made minced meat of Lesnar’s face, after chasing him all around the ring, as Lesnar ran away. That retired the chicken muscled Lesnar. Admittedly too scared to return.

        Brock Lesnar retires from MMA, re-signs with WWE: 2015/ 03/ 25/ ex-ufc-champ-brock-lesnar-retires-from-mma-re-signs-with-wwe/

  6. I used to think Kaminsky’s worldview was excessively dark and pessimistic.
    Now I don’t remember why….

    1. It is ‘why’ because it IS, dear lady. No reason to descry Kaminski or anyone else. What he says is true – but where have we to go, now?

      It is part-n-parcel to the great killing which must follow. (Man-up, ye weaklings!)

      1. Gilby, what a great reply to that Ariadnatheo chick! Great stuff!
        Gilby: “It is ‘why’ because it IS, dear lady.” …. Now that’s assertive!
        She admits her mental amnesia – “Now I don’t remember why….” – and proves she is another of the airhead, “bitter, twisted” ones you and I are conversant with. Next week she’ll adopt a different story!
        Modern women? One minute she’ll say she “does not want sex”; and a minute later she’s berating you for not trying! Hence, once again, I give short thrift and tell them to “lay down or I’m gone”. They always lie down and take it like a m—-/”bitch” (nigrah word for woman) on heat!
        And Gilby, steeled, tough and strong, you are my type of man: “It is part-n-parcel to the great killing which must follow. (Man-up, ye weaklings!)”
        18 Goyim males and a few tough dykes to man-up on every single Jew, should make mince-meat out of them. I can push over a Jew with one finger! A tough dyke would turn his balls into sausage fillings.
        As I’ve said before, the Jewish pestilence that is blighting our planet won’t go down easily.
        As in all history, the beast MUST be put to the sword and exterminated. At best repatriated to a desert island in the middle of nowhere! Let’s say the moon or Saturn’s exploding 5th moon!
        Jesus warned us NOT to be captured and enslaved by the vile “sons and daughters of the abomination”; or those that utilize the satanic Babylonian Talmud as their directory towards life/death*. *These abominations offer only DEATH! Jesus told us that!
        I honestly believe that Jesus desires us to be TRUE Christians, in His image, and do something about this vile scum that has captured the planet as their personal oyster of delight. “Thy kingdom come on Earth, as it is in Heaven.” Do you think heaven is full of Jews; and are there 1,001 ready-willing and able virgins ready to be devoured? I’d settle for a feather-soft cloud with a beautiful, non-feminist chick playing a harp and me fiddling with my horn!
        How much more death, destruction and belting around the ears can we take?
        Larry Silverstein is typical and he said he “had” to bring his WTC7 building of 47 stories “down”.
        8 hours later it imploded on itself and steel girders melted like butter. Over 50 more died on the streets below! … In all, he received over US$1 billion in taxpayer funded insurance settlements for the WTC; and now is using a spurious “report” to argue that his 47 storey building collapsed due “to burning office furniture.”
        Now Jews, inc Larry, have a brand-spanking new WTC/Freedom Tower complex to bring down one day! … ‘TIs all one big, evil charade! Pat-sy is part of it! Seymour Zak is a vile piece of Jewish shitza!

      2. Hey… Aussie ‘Roo’ Bil-o-ney –

        You said…”Pat-sy is part of it!”
        Yes….. and so are you….But you are not supposed to tell everyone. We talked about this already.
        We agreed I would play the ‘Straight’ man…and…
        … play the typical Aussie drunken clown and buffoon. 🙂

        I think it is working really well…HUH?? 😉

        Here you are in your best ‘marooned’ jacket before dinner…hidden camera:

      3. Max – Do not forget our Princess Lasha is a ‘chick’… I don’t ever forget, and I know I say things which might offend her, and I hesitate doing so (but I figure she’d chime-in with eloquent consternation if we get too rowdy…!)

        I agree, there aren’t many ‘sheilas’ who measure-up to strong ones – but, for those who DO, let’s be kind. 🙂

      4. No, the “why” I used to find him too dark to be plausible was wishful thinking. The same way disputing the Protocols –authentic or apocryphal– sinks under the weight of history and current events,

      5. Yo, Bilney! You need to work on your Max-The Unhinged act to make it entertaining.

      6. “I’d settle for a feather-soft cloud with a beautiful, non-feminist chick playing a harp and me fiddling with my horn!” – Priceless….. 😉

  7. Lookie…

    “Neither the American people nor the Queen of Britain own America. The Crown Temple owns America through the deception of those who have worn their allegiance by oath to the Middle Templar Bar. The Crown Bankers and their Middle Templar Attorneys rule America through unlawful contracts, unlawful taxes, and, contract documents of false equity through debt deceit, all strictly enforced by their completely unlawful, but ‘legal,’ Orders, Rules and Codes of the Crown Temple Courts Our so-called ‘judiciary’ in America. This is because the Crown Temple holds the land titles and estate deeds to all of North America.”

    1. Yeah Pat-sy, and I am part of the Crown Temple, and I own you! You are effectively my slave, as is Gilby. I can do with you whatever I want! I can even send an electrical charge down the Internet line and give you a sudden, inexplicable death. We do it all the time! Car crashes are also a great winner! As is plutonium-laced bourbon!
      Of course, you Yankee peasants don’t really own anything, even your own bodies.
      We have changed the archaic system of land titles, and made you all tax-paying tenants.
      We feed you with lovely Monsanto crops (I only eat home-grown organics, from heritage seedlings!), we clothe you, we medicate you (i.e. drug you out!), out of the goodness of our own hearts. And we have you under constant surveillance for your own good. Aren’t we nice people?
      I sleep on expensive silk linen emblazoned with black hearts. Chicks say, “Why the black hearts?”; and then I show them, much to their terror and consternation. We are at our best during the time of the BLACK MOON, when the devil’s playground is in full operation! My sheets and pillow slips were given to me by the grand master of the Crown Temple, George Soros. He gives them out to all his good boys and girls. We love black hearts, black moons and black and white chequered floor coverings!
      I have attended meetings of the Upper Temple Bar (or Grand Oriental) in London, or should I say the Crown Templar privately owned “City”. Usually we commence our monthly meetings with an appropriate sacrifice – usually a beautiful female (we can’t find virgins any more!) or a small boy child. I never watch the death throes, as I am a little squeamish when a Goy is being sacrificed to the Great God of the Templar. Pat-sy you would make a lervly sacrifice! I’m checking out your location this evening.
      So, I contribute here as a service to you peasants; and because I know your freedoms are about to be totally curtailed. Our iron fist is about to strike. We play with your microscopic worlds, which are like ant hives!
      We of the Templar, of the old aristocracy, see you as half-humanoid curiosities, much like a much-loved mongrel dog who has to be put away because it has contracted rabies. As Ellie said to the hapless Gilby:
      “I do not mix with lowly types!”
      It is a disgrace that planet’s population is nearing 7 billions; and five years later will be 8 billions; then 3 years later, 9 billions. It is totally unsustainable, and the world’s oceans are nearing the status of death pools. Fresh water is becoming rare, as mongrel-dog-like humanoids destroy all the catchment areas. We are being forced to sterilise you, even those of you who are old and firing blanks.
      Do not worry, your end will come soon!

      1. Maximum ‘Roo’ Bil-o-ney –

        You have perfected the art of combining Jerry Lewis, Lou Costello and Clarabelle the Clown…. all rolled into one sock-puppet!!
        Your Outrageous “Outback Outhouse” Outbursts are inimitable… and hard to copy too. 🙂

        Alexa UP…!!

      2. I still think Max is a secular hydra-head of the “religious” “Fr. John”. Yes, “Fr. John” the salt-of-the-earth “whitechrist” preacher man has secular hydra heads, and I still think Max is one of ’em. I would like to discount David Icke’s “shape sifting reptilian” theory out-of-hand, but there’s way too many hydra-heads slithering around all over the “alternative” media to discount the shape-shifting reptilians. They’re quite the presence in the “alternative” media.

        “Fr. John” has many handles. It’s time “Fr. John” give himself the handle, “BIzzyBee”. He’s a real busy one alright.

  8. @Gilbert
    I would like to see a coup d’etat in the States. Clean out Washington, Wall Street, the Fed, Hollywood and the big corporations. If I was running it my first act would be to execute Pollard, who betrayed all your secrets to Israel. They in turn passed them on to the Soviets! Have I missed anyone? Oh, yes! Send a hit team to take out that chunderous Australian ratbag. He is obviously a dole bludger. How else would he find the time to write the drivel that he spouts! I would not breed from that drongo and I seriously doubt that even the flies would drink with him!

  9. “Americans also fail to realize their out-of-control leaders are creating the conditions for war all over the world”

    Until people realise that democracy is only about voting parties into government and nothing more, then these ‘leaders’ will continue to do what they do. When people put these people into positions of power, this is when the democracy disappears. They have no say whatsoever on how the country is then run. In essence, elected politicians then institute ‘divine rule of politicians’ as to previously – monarchy.

    There’s no point in complaining about out of control leaders once you give them the powers to do whatever they so desire. Each elected politician becomes nothing more than a lobbyist for international corporations and bankers. They’ve sold off your industry to China and India and yet Americans continue to vote them into power. The dichotomy of democrat and republican is a joke as is labour and conservative here in the UK. Both left wing and right wing are on the road to the same destination, just in different cars. People don’t vote in new parties, they vote out the old one.

    People have been fooled into believing that they will be safe by handing over their liberty. The drive is to take away your weapons, telling you you’ll be safer if you do so. And when the government institutes martial law and the 1.6 billion rounds of ‘hollow point’ ammunition are handed to the Department of Homeland Security, then will America then see the red terror of Communist Russia and experience what the Russians experienced after being duped into handing in their arms after the revolution of 1917.

    Nothing good has come of government, only war after war and people still think that the new government they’ve voted in will be better than the last.

    1. Harb –

      “They’ve sold off your industry to China and India and yet Americans continue to vote them into power.”

      That is not a correct statement. The leaders are not elected to power, but (s)elected…. just like in YOUR UK.

      You must have missed the many reports like this:
      Rep. Tom Feeney (Fmr. Speaker of The House in Florida) employed this man from Oviedo, FL to rig elections and flip them 51% to 49%. Exit polling data was proven to be significantly different than the published results. Rep. Feeney was also the lobbyist for Yang Enterprises, the company who delivered the program.

      BTW – YOUR government in UK can handle you Brits with ‘Bobby Bats.’ No need for billions of rounds of ammo to take out YOUR 50 people with pellet guns…… who were disarmed many decades ago.

      1. Pat,

        You’re playing on words here. Leaders, in my analysis the leaders are the politicians whom you turn out to elect to represent you in your constituency. The presidents and the prime ministers are first elected into power by their constituents and then elected as leaders by their party members, or should I say they are told whom to elect by the Council on Foreign Relations in the USA and the Royal Institute for International Affairs here in the UK. They’ve been grooming and putting leaders into the USA and UK for over 100 years.

        I agree vote rigging happens. Here in the UK, the latest big vote was for Scottish Independence. This vote was rigged, just like all others.

        Amongst the vote rigging there are stupid people who believe in politics and vote people into power. That number is dropping with each year that passes proving people are disillusioned with the whole system. This in itself is good, because there will come a time when the people realise that if only the minority are voting for politicians, then it will mean the majority don’t want government. Then we can then go about bringing an end to this whole, corrupt, banking and corporation controlled political system.

        And our bobbies don’t use bobby bats. They’re now armed with tazers which they delight in using. They are also armed in parts of London, which will expand to the rest of the country and the UK.

        As for us being disarmed many decades ago, this is a false statement. The final nail in the coffin was the very much planned Dunblane Massacre in which a paedophile went into a school and murdered infants in 1996. It took over 70 years to eventually disarm the UK public ‘legally’. Sandy Hook was a copycat of Dunblane – target the children in order to gain public sympathy to remove guns.

      2. Harb –
        You said, “You’re playing on words here.”
        I AM..!!…definitely…that’s all we got here.

        As you wrote – ‘words’ – you admitted to all of my claims.
        I will concede that the total disarming in 1996 was two decades ago…and it would require one more decade to become ‘many.’ Either way you are unarmed.
        Tazers are still not bullets.

  10. Harbinger!
    A very profound analysis! The problem is how to fight government? Violent revolution or Civil Disobedience? How do we create the conditions for revolution? Or is the impending economic collapse of the Dollar and Euro going to be the catalyst? I myself can’t see the Dollar lasting much longer, the Robert Mugabe system of the Fed printing money can’t go on forever!

    1. Felix –

      My dad said – in 1964 – the US Dollar would not last 10 more years….
      That’s when silver was removed from circulation.
      He said the same thing in 1971 when Bretton Woods and gold redemption intenationally was tossed.
      He said it again in 1981 when Reagan took debt to $1 trillion for first time.
      He said it every year thereafter until his death 5 years ago at 95.

      I do not look for the USD failure any time soon.

      1. @Pat
        I beg to disagree! I can’t see any difference to what the Fed is doing and what Germany did in the 20’s or to what Robert Mugabe has done in Zimbabwe! I am curious as to when the entire Ponzi scheme collapses. At the moment countries use it to buy oil but countries are moving away from the dollar, because quite frankly the US Fed is manipulating it to steal not only from the rest of the world but also from Americans. Remember 2008? The Fed gave 16 trillion dollars in bailouts to banks around the world. 3 trillion alone to banks in Europe. You don’t really believe the doctored statistics of the government? Real unemployment is at depression levels i.e. 24%! Real inflation is about 11%! You don’t seriously believe the BS from the government that it is almost zero. They keep changing the goalposts to suit themselves! I know you are a patriot but your patriotism is being abused by the Jews running your country. To my knowledge there is only one country in the world that told the banksters to go to hell. Iceland! You are being lied to and being robbed blind by your government! And it’s all coming to pass as per the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion! The Jews have all the gold! The last time the the gold was audited in Ft. Knox was 1974. The US supposedly has 8,000 tons in reserve, but have adamantly refused to audit it! Why? You owe the Jewish bastards running your country not one iota of loyalty.

      2. Felix –

        Thanks for the revelations. You missed bringing me the news by 60 years or so. I argued those premises with my college econ professors in the 60s.

        You stated….
        “You owe the Jewish bastards running your country not one iota of loyalty.”

        Correct. Thanks again for the heads-up.
        MY loyalty, or lack of it…. will NOT determine the fate of any county’s debt.
        I believe you are misguided to believe that.

    2. Felix,

      I’ve written here before of how you go about beating the system. In a nutshell it’s civil disobedience and you propose. If you look at the dollar today, it’s probably worth about 5 cents or less. Lack of money will certainly bring about revolution, but the problem is that once there’s a great depression it’s automatically followed by war. People who have no money will happily join the armed forces to feed their families.

      The people need to be educated. The msm and academia need to be wrestled back in order to start deprogramming the population. Only when the people realise what’s going on will they then act. They’re all happily gorging on a mixture of McD’s, reality TV, celebrity worship and sport adulation. Like in Rome, while it was crumbling the Caesars would throw a constant series of arena games to please the mob and keep them ignorant to reality.

      The only problem with revolution is they end up pulling at the weed, but leaving the root buried deep and it simply regrows to start strangling society when things have all died down.

      Education is the key here. It always has and will be. The more a nation fixes its sights on foreign affairs (Russia & Iran) the greater the problem back home that they’re trying to hide. The USA is a mess and so is the UK. And both are at the forefront with pushing a confrontation against Russia and Iran. War is coming.

      1. Harbinger.
        War is most definitely on the way! These ongoing conflicts in the Middle East are just a harbinger of what is to come.

      2. What’s the matter Max, the flies not drinking with you? Your dole is late? Or has the dunny you live in lost it’s door? These Seppos on the site giving you a hard time?

  11. @Pat
    We’re not talking debt here. It is about the Fed conjuring money out of thin air like Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe. When he does it, he’s a stupid Kaffir, when the Fed does it, they call it quantitive easing. This has nothing to do with the US national debt!

    1. Felix –
      OK. I know where the impasse lies, now.
      You said, “We’re not talking debt here. It is about the Fed conjuring MONEY out of thin air..”

      KNOW – I AM talking DEBT here. That’s the system. All there IS..!!
      KNOW – There is NO money..only circulating debt. FRNs.

      The Fed is NOT ‘conjuring’ MONEY…but DEBT…NOTES… Federal Reserve NOTES = DEBT!!
      Bonds = DEBT.
      Treasuries = DEBT.

      The bills in my wallet state it plainly… ‘Federal Reserve Note.’
      Notes = DEBT, just like a car note, or house note.
      You will grasp it with more very intense study.

      It ain’t like kitchen table and barter economics. 😉

      1. Yes, Pat!
        But when you have QE you are creating too much which leads to an over supply, thus hyperinflation like Weimar Germany and Zimbabwe. Please don’t make the mistake that it cannot happen to the States. They are not immune to the laws of economics. Of course Japan and Europe are doing the same thing! And realise that even the US’s closest allies are positioning themselves for the change. Increasing gold reserves, moving to join the new Chinese Backed Asia Development Bank. Even the head of the IMF has said she is prepared to work with it! There is also the problem of derivatives! Totally unregulated but you the American taxpayer will be called upon to bail them out. You might even have bail ins like in Cyprus. The bank will just confiscate your bank account! Even trust funds are liable to be seized. Remember that Masonic crook Roosevelt forced Americans to sell their gold at $32 per oz back in the 30’s and then afterwards raised the price to $35. Some countries, like Sweden, are well on the way to becoming a cashless society.
        Since 9/11 the rule of law has gone out the window! No habeas corpus! The police can enter your house without a warrant and if you have any cash it’s gone! In Thailand despite the recent coup the police cannot enter a house during the hours of darkness. Even if they obtain a warrant they must enter at the specified time. And, Pat you are much older than I, you surely can remember the freedoms that existed a mere 40 years ago. No political correctness! One was completely free to express one’s prejudices!

      2. Felix –
        Yes. I remember 40 years ago, much of it just like yesterday.
        Here are some who might believe differently about your claim they could freely speak…80 years ago.

        Elizabeth Dilling and 41 others:
        In total 42 people and one newspaper, The New York Evening Enquirer, were indicted by three separate grand juries.

        The Great Sedition Trial of 1944 was a political show trial engineered by the American Jewish Committee, ADL, and B’nai B’rith with the purpose of imprisoning anti-communist patriots who opposed FDR and his schemes to bring the country into World War II. The Smith Act of 1940 was used to prosecute the defendants. The case was designated as United States v. McWilliams where the defendants were charged with conspiracy to aid in establishment of a National Socialist form of government within the United States and attempting to demoralize the armed forces of the United States. A conviction carried a $10,000 fine and ten years imprisonment. The entire case was declared a mistrial after the presiding judge suddenly died. Months later another judge dismissed the charges against the defendants and called the case “a travesty on justice.”

        Ezra Pound:
        Outraged by the carnage of World War I, Pound lost faith in England and blamed the war on usury and international capitalism. He moved to Italy in 1924, and throughout the 1930s and 1940s embraced Benito Mussolini’s fascism, expressed support for Adolf Hitler and wrote for publications owned by the British fascist Oswald Mosley. During World War II he was paid by the Italian government to make hundreds of radio broadcasts criticizing the United States, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Jews, as a result of which he was arrested by American forces in Italy in 1945 on charges of treason. He spent months in detention in a U.S. military camp in Pisa, including three weeks in a six-by-six-foot outdoor steel cage that he said triggered a mental breakdown, “when the raft broke and the waters went over me”. Deemed unfit to stand trial, he was incarcerated in St. Elizabeths psychiatric hospital in Washington, D.C., for over 12 years. (Befriended only by Eustace Mullins.)

      3. Pat-sy, your entry “The Fed is NOT ‘conjuring’ MONEY…but DEBT…NOTES… Federal Reserve NOTES = DEBT!!” – shows some of you are finally listening to me; as the corruption of the FED by the Jews and the unbridled POWER it gives them HAS ALWAYS BEEN MY MAIN POINT.
        Jewish control of your MONEY$$$$”S is THE central issue!
        And I spoke about it much earlier than you, or anyone else! You are merely repeating my major points. Yes, go back over 9 months and read where I have said “Jews POWER = money control”, over and over again! I have noted when you first used my point!
        And yet, apart from a single, unsupported Congressman, several years ago, there has been no Goyim in the USA who has/have made a determined effort to attack the JEWISH MONEY POWER; and question the total Jewish control over the private banking consortium called the FED! The FED has never been audited – another of my points that no poster ever mentions!
        No, you are all wrapped up in your pseudo-religious quarreling and pseudo-intellectual stupidity to want to consider the simple facts! (2 of my other major points, repeated over and over again,)
        And once again, you utter moron, you are being a child and drawing needless comparisons; centered on your pathetic theme of “I am an American patriot, and Max we have many more $billionaires than you, so we must be better and very ‘good’.” Other readers, please go back and read his childishness. It’s why I write satirically in return to such utter fools and charlatans. Gilby can learn and is impeccably honest, whereas PAT=sy is most vile and plain evil!
        I won’t comment to you anymore as you are a child, who, as I keep saying, cannot read and comprehend; and who is constantly given to childish fantasies and lies. You are beyond any help!
        I really know you are a time-wasting TROLL, who continually tries to suck people into your insidious Jewish abyss. You are the EVIL manifested on this dark site, which I occasionally take a cursory glance at, merely to see what you pathetic, utter fools of posters are up to! … John Kaminski is the principal reason why I even visit this site!
        You idiots provide me with much comic relief and I find great pleasure in dashing off fact-based satirical, rather humorous replies to you!
        And then I wait for your moron minds to mash it all up and create your own kind of tragio-comical ravings. …. I even get many laughs from reading lobro’s meaningless, pedantic ravings! Does this man ever say anything of real worth? As Dublinmick alluded to: Lobro writes for the sake of writing. There is no passion, just trying to sound clever; and he sucks the Ruthie types right in!
        So I will take a leave of absence and let you posters compile another pile of crap! And then I get my laughs reading you! I might even grace your simple souls with a comment or two, in order to stir the many totally unused areas of your grey matter.

      4. Maximum Bil-o-ney – 10lbs of Roo Baloney stuffed into a 5lb bag –

        I would tell you to ‘haul ass’….
        ….BUTT… it would take YOU too many trips..!! 🙂

      5. Yes Pat,
        I take your point. But where has the real money gone, i.e. the gold? China is now the world’s largest gold producer and it also produces 90% of rare earths. Why no gold audit of the Fed?

      6. Felix –
        Real money???
        Real money is what others accept in trade for what you desire.
        I have known women who paid their room and board with skin rubs.

  12. purim happy happy joy joy at jordan airport.
    the lyrics go something like this,
    “we genocided a bunch of persians, mazel tov, we gonna off a whole bunch more soon, yayay, we love the crispy taste of haman’s ears, etc”

    see it in motion here

    1. “the management of the airport has not received a single complaint from any passenger about the incident that took place.”: I doubt that many know what lies behind this “jollity”, probably thought they were a bunch of idiots..

    2. Hi Lobro,
      What a disgusting people they are?! Who will free us from this turbulent and troublesome race?

  13. @ Pat

    I am impressed. Not many people even know of Ezra Pound and only a few more know about Eustace Mullins.

    After studying the Byzantine Empire, Ezra Pound came up with his non-violent means of solving the jewish problem.

    “The answer to the Jewish problem is simple, keep them out of banking, out of education, out of government.”

    Pound came to that conclusion because that is what the Byzantine Empire did concerning the jews which is why the Empire lasted 1,200 years and why the Byzantine Empire is seldom mentioned.

    Pound being a poet and writer did overlook a simple fact in his solution. Thieves never divorce themselves from the source of their plunder except under force or fear of death. That is the only reasons jews actually left from the hundreds of places that banned them.

    Concerning Kaminski’s article, some parts are true and some parts are not which is a trademark of those involved in controlled opposition. Kaminski befriended Eustace Mullins a little over 10 years ago. The friendship ended when Kaminski “borrowed” an original of one of Mullins’ books (I forget which one) and would not return it. Since Mullins had to have all of his books printed himself, his originals were how he supported himself. Kaminski is a thief, plain and simple. Stealing from the foremost historical researcher of the 20th century to impact his livelihood, smacks of being opposed to the truth by limiting the distribution of the truth.

    Another tip that Kaminski is controlled opposition is that his articles are about fear mongering, fear the government. That is not a solution, just an agenda to keep people under control. The truth is that the government is scared shitless of the American public. If this were not true, the government would have already taken up the guns instead of just talking about it. At no time in the recorded history of the earth has any government ever faced a citizenry as heavily armed as the American public. There are more civilian snipers (commonly known as hunters) in the State of Wisconsin than there are trigger pullers in the entire US military. Anyone with a few working brain cells can figure this out, so Kaminski is either brainless, controlled opposition, or too educated to see the obvious.

    I would get into what is not true in Kaminski’s article, but I have run out of patience from not being able to type rapidly. Later maybe.

    1. Mullins was a really good man. I am proud to say he was a personal friend.
      I miss talking with him. He could go on for hours and never say the same thing twice.
      His family abandoned him when he had his stroke. A shame.

      He went to the sedition trials of 1944 in DC. He told me Elizabeth Dilling wheeled the entire Talmud into the courtroom every day. The Pharisee judge died during the trial. New judge threw the case out.

      1. @ Pat

        Since Eustace did not have much monetarily, it is not surprising that his family abandoned him. I am sure he was considered a family liability, not an asset.

        I once heard him say that his family did not want anything to do with his research since it came with some suffering from the TPTB. Do you happen to known what happened to his vast research records? It is not that I want them. Just curious. It would be a shame for them to just hit the dumpster.

      2. Eustace had a nephew he doted on. In fact, he bought a very nice house for the young man (it is what he told me, anyway), and I visited there, once, trying to get some of Eustace’s books he (the nephew) had in storage. I contacted Pastor Peter J. Peters, who then telephoned Eustace and offered to market his books through his ministry. He did market some, but the nephew was either influenced by bitter family – or took it upon himself to make things difficult in obtaining the books to which he had access. It seems there had been SO MUCH controversy suffered through the years by the family that they held a grudge.

        Anyhow, during the last couple of years of Eustace’s life, a friend of mine lent him the use of a very nice house near Dulles where Eustace could entertain visitors. Later, it is my understanding that he travelled around the country with a trustworthy older gentleman who helped him along. Eustace was somewhat debilitated, and needed assistance, so it was very decent of the man (his name was ‘Lee’, I believe)(though I never met him) to be a companion. I know they DID finally get to Colorado to enjoy the hospitality of Peters – and I think he then was able to sell quite a few of his books thru that ministry.

        Eustace went home to Staunton, Virginia, to help take care of is sister who had been handicapped as a result of a race car accident (she was a race car driver), and remained there for many years. The house was a large, two-story house in the old part of town – and as you might imagine, it was FULL of antiques, books, and papers. He wrote on his dining-room table, which was piled high with papers, too; and the IBM Selectric II typewriter he used would ROCK the old table when the carriage returned. :). I cleared-off the table one day when I brought him another IBM typewriter I’d had refurbished, from my office, and had a good time going through all those papers and asking him questions (while we drank Sam Adams beer). 🙂

        Eustace Mullins was a fine and caring gentleman. I was acquainted with him for only about ten years, and was often asked to coax him to do video chats, but I thought that was rude. Stupid me! 🙁

      3. Ungenius –

        The last time I spoke with Eustace was after he came home from the nursing home after his stroke. He was really angry at his family for closing out his po box he had for decades and disconnecting his phone….and taking ALL of his books and papers. He told me that he had NO originals of any of his works. I never heard him angry at anyone until then. Sad to note, I imagine a lot DID hit the dumpster.

        Various agencies put his family and friends through a lot over the years due to his friendship with Pound. He was fired from his job at the Library of Congress for helping McCarthy in 1952.

        He blazed many trails. Many other authors despised him.
        His tale has a sad ending for such a good man.

      4. We visited him in that nursing home a couple of times. As ‘nursing homes’ go, it was a very nice one (he had his own efficiency unit, could come and go as he pleased, and it was well-situated), but he HATED having no one to converse with, there, except the ‘Ones Whose Brains Had Retired’… (his words). I went over and took him out to lunch, one day, and he said he had made ‘tentative plans’ to exit. He did. He travelled around the country (Lee driving) for the remainder of his time.

    2. ung, while i don’t doubt your conviction, the story of mullins-kaminski seems quite 2 sided.
      i listened carefully to the interview mullins gave to daryl bradford smith and came up with quite a different impression (i even transcribed relevant bits for the benefit of readers here, some years ago).

      mullins was an old man, weakened in his dotage, just a couple of months from dying and dbs was his psychopathically aggressive, criminal self, haranguing, pushing, shoving words in mullins’ mouth, basically stringing sentences and then saying “right, didn’t kaminski say this or do that?” and mullins occasionally agreeing weakly.
      anyway, it seems that some people (a couple, as i recall) asked kaminski for mullins’ home address and then went over there and tried to obtain some material from him and were pretty nasty about it.
      they were probably fbi plants and i think that mullins either relented and gave them stuff which they never returned or else he saw them off his premises.
      john kaminski had nothing to do with it and mullins never spoke badly of john in that interview, it was clear that dbs had a particular animus against him.

      if one is to be judged by his enemies, i’d say kaminski did brilliantly.
      dbs is a violent thug with a record and that comes across very clearly in that interview.
      i have no doubt that he will do anything for money or to get heat off his back and that he always did and will cooperate readily with any agency for couple of hundred bucks.

      aside: the interview was recorded in france and when at one point mulins said that he could debunk holocaust in 10 seconds, dbs stopped him, excusing himself that the french authorities would react badly.
      it seemed that the whole point of the interview was to run down kaminski.
      (there is a recorded phone call dbs made to eric huffshield threatening him (“i’ll have you by the throat”), unless he followed dbs’ plan to malign someone else)

  14. When it comes to this site, better to just read it and move on rather than subject yourself to the endless chatter of professional trolls and assorted trash which fill the comment section here. There is nothing you can say which can sway them. They are anti-human and anti-intellectual.

    At some point I expect Kaminski to join Porky and Yats in a final putsch in the Ukraine. Slava Ukraina.

    His héros are on the march, dumb goyim killing Russians all in the name of Ukraina forever. God can Spingola, Beulahman, and others please pack their duffel bags and join in! Adolf we love ye, straight from Rome.

    Darkmoon please comment on some of your rertards here, it is becoming obvious.

    1. Darkmoon, please comment on some of your retards here, it is becoming obvious.

      Lasha has no time to READ the comments in their entirety, let alone WRITE comments commenting on the various “retards” you have identified! She has only time to skim the Comments section, picking out the nuggets. Some writers she skips entirely, knowing very well that they are time wasters or trolls with nothing to contribute.

      Our policy is simple. We publish most of what we get from readers, without censorship. We have no time to separate the wheat from the chaff. In our policy statement we have made it abundantly clear that we are NOT responsible for the opinions of our commenters.

      Let me quote from our Policy Statement:

      Darkmoon regards itself as a “free speech zone”. You are free to say anything you want. And we are free to delete your comment or ban you if you go too far. It’s as simple as that.

      Very few posters have been permanently banned from our website. To be banned you have to be a serial offender who has also been banned from several other websites.

      This website accepts no responsibility for the opinions expressed in its Comments section; nor does it accept responsibility for the views expressed by any of its article writers, with the single exception of Lasha Darkmoon.

      1. Kudos to lasha for not reading everything here at Darkmoon. I wouldn’t read everything either if I had one eye covered with a mohammedan hajib on my head, the rag covering half my face. It would be TOO much of a strain on my one good eye to read everything. Who could be bothered.

        I don’t want to tell you what VigilantCitizen website has to say about One-Eye types. You don’t want to know, believe me.

        I’m having trouble reading the Koran with both eyes.Can hardly understand what I’m reading — and that’s with both eyes. I can’t imagine reading the Koran with an ali baba schmatta on my head hanging down covering half my face. Does lasha wear a mohammedan hajib on her head when she reads her precious jew hebe kabballah, studying how to alchemically fuse Catholicism and Islam [ for the benefit and the fruition of the jew NWO ] , or does the jewess only wear a mohammedan hajib when she’s pretending to be a “Catholic”?

  15. @ Felix – Concerning “Were is the gold”

    The jewish gold is in Switzerland. For a couple of decades the Swiss have been hard pressed to dig tunnels fast enough in solid granite to store the gold coming in. There is no need to audit Ft. Knox. The jewish banisters know that there is hardly any gold there. The jewish banksters own and control the US government so there will not be an audit of the gold at Ft. Knox until after the SHTF, financial collapse in the near future.

    The Chinese have been in the process of undermining the jewish financial ponzi system in numerous ways since about 1987. In essence, they are out jew’ing the jews.

    The Chinese are using and storing gold that is 99.99% pure. Jewish gold is only 99.9% pure. When the Chinese and Russians are ready to collapse the jewish pozi scheme, the jewish gold will be worthless since it is not pure enough to be considered real gold by the then new Chinese standard. Riches to rags overnight for the jews. Heart breaking

    The way you know that the collapse is coming soon is that the Chinese have shutdown the shadow (unofficial jewish) banking industry in China. Unlike the US, the Chinese government owns it’s central bank which is only way to have legitimate banking. The number of Chinese billionaires decreased by 50% during the past year. The Chinese stock market is escalating through the roof as all of the shadow (bogus) money is looking for a home to make more money. All stock markets are debt based gambling casinos which is why the bogus money goes there just like in the western ponzi schemes. When China gets ready to collapse the global jewish ponzi scheme, all they have to do is close the Chinese stock market which is home to lots of jewish ponzi money from around the world. All the stock markets around the world collapse leaving China with the only real gold. Checkmate.

    Unlike what we are led to believe, the Chinese are not stupid. They had a thriving culture for thousands of years before the jews decided which cave to store their lies in. They have a memory of living under the jewish regime of Mao and the damage done to them in the Opium Wars. They have not been communist since 1987. The Chinese have only one political party, but so does the USA where the one party is known by two different names. It is who owns the central bank that is the primary difference.

    What is refreshing about what is bought to happen is that the jewish plan was to move their finical sucking machine to China after they had finished sucking the rest of the world dry. Oops, a small group of Chinese farmers that got tied of starving in 1978 made a secret pact among themselves that resulted in undoing the Mao government and dashed the jewish plan to occupy China. I just love it when an evil plan falls apart.

    1. Sorry I doubted the Chinese, thought they were tight with Israeli bankers.. This is, indeed, good news.. Hope BAFS reads this..

  16. @Ungenius
    I was asking a rhetorical question. Yes, Ungenius you are correct the Chinese are a very patient people and while no westerner can pretend to know China, I speak Cantonese and a smattering of Mandarin, I have many Chinese friends and there is one trait I admire about them and that is their loyalty. If you are their friend they will stick with you through thick or thin. I have encountered it first hand.

    1. felix, i had a chinese business partner at one time and can completely confirm this.

      he was not just as good as gold, he was better, i never had to waste a minute wondering what he may be up to, took better care of me than i could myself.

      people who say that chinese are just slant eyed jews and stuff are talking out of their anuses.

      1. Lobro, the Chinese have a term in Cantonese known as “Yee Hei”. It is difficult to translate but relates to personal honour in keeping your word. Thus in many business transactions a contract is not necessary, a handshake is good enough.
        You were lucky to have a Chinese partner!

    2. Felix –
      I had similar experiences.

      I had a wealthy Chinese business partner who would do anything for his friends. Loyalty came first.
      His grandfather was one of Chiang Kai-shek’s top generals. He was very belligerent about how opium destroyed his culture in China.
      He loved all indoor games, especially pool, darts and bowling. Really fine person. Gave away millions of dollars to friends and family.

    3. Felix –

      China’s economy is slowing, and the debate is raging over whether the country is headed for an abrupt hard landing or whether the slowdown will stabilize into a soft landing that may already be underway. However it plays out, Schwab’s Jeff Kleintop notes, one thing is clear: A return to the double-digit growth rates of years past seems unlikely. Demographics are destiny.. and China faces two unstoppable trajectories.

      Via Schwab Insights, China’s rise largely stemmed from a surplus of laborers willing to work for lower wages than the competition overseas. This allowed Chinese factories to turn out goods more cheaply than was possible elsewhere.

      China isn’t the first country rise using this model. In the 1970s and 1980s, Japan relied on low-cost, export-driven economic growth to elevate itself to the second-largest economy in the world. However, Japan eventually had to change gears as the country’s birthrate declined and the number of workers fell.

      China now faces a similar trajectory, as seen in the chart above. Its working-age population—defined as those between ages 15 and 64—is peaking and is set to – DECLINE – in the years ahead.

      The report above is a real figures example of why the borders are open in America…
      ……with a low …. 1.86 birth rate.

      1. Yes, very true Pat!
        However, China has taken a leaf out of Hitler’s book and is now investing in massive infrastructure projects throughout Asia. When Hitler came to power in 1933 Germany had 6 million unemployed, by 1938 the country had a labour shortage and the highest standard of living in Europe. The autobahns he built were copied by Eisenhower in the 50’s when he built the freeways all over the US. BTW, I keep reading stories about the US infrastructure crumbling. Are they true? I haven’t been to the States since 87!

  17. @Pat
    You’ll be pleased to know my wife and I have just finished lunch in japanese restaurant. Lots of sushi and sashimi and I am sitting here drinking A BIG POT OF STEAMING GREEN TEA! Oishi!

  18. Ungenius’s slander about my relationship with Eustace Mullins is utterly false. I met Eustace only once, in the last year of his life, in Florida, and the visit was utterly congenial. We traded books, and all the books I received from him were autographed by him in a very personal manner. The story I wrote about this visit is here —

    Darkmoon’s website seems under assault by Jew assets: All the critical remarks I’ve made about Jews over the years don’t prevent the noted psychotic Dublin Mick from writing that I am on the side of the Jews who have stolen the Ukraine. Like most of his irrational screeds, his remarks make no sense, which you can deduce simply by reading the story you are supposed to be commenting on.

    The addition of the faux Christian Michael Korn is evidence of a direct assault by Jews to take over the conversation here. He is a well known poseur who has engaged in this type of infiltration for years, aways singing the praises of the Jews while pretending to be a devout Christian.

    It’s really disappointing to find so little support in this pro Jewish comments section. I think Darkmoon should consider not running my essays anymore, and focus more on Jewish writers since that is what the majority of commenters seem to want.

    It’s really appalling about how irrelevant and false these comments have become. Perhaps I was mistaken in thinking comments about a story should be about the story. Forgive me if I don’t participate in this site any longer. I don’t need this kind of low-level, irrelevant garbage that impugn stories I write that I think are valuable.

    It’s very disappointing to be the subject of such abuse and not be defended for simply trying to tell the truth. This is a Jewish website, and I don’t want to be on it anymore.

    1. john, i responded to accusation against you before i read this and quite agree with your assessment.

      we got some pros working this site.
      look at dublinmick’s track record: all he ever does is try to sink someone’s credibility, be it you, hitler or jesuit order, all avowed enemies of jewdom.

      well, go stick your protocol torpedoes back up your tube, dublinmick.

      and that guy, michael korn is a jew, pretending to be friendly to christians while slyly inserting these stink bombs about how jesus is their man really and how to get the real stuff you must accept torah and its lies and notions of jew superiority and chosenness, deuteronomy, exodus, queen esther and purim, this is the poison well from where you should be drinking.
      like i said many times, the day i trust a jew is when is not only a self-declared former jew but has demonstrated work and provided information that is new and damaging to their cause.

    2. @ John Kaminski
      I for one would be very disappointed to not see your posts on this site. I have only been on it for about a month.
      Your articles are thought provoking and hit the nail on the head with their veracity. Ignore the pedants who seize on some minor point and go off on a tangent without addressing the questions you raise. I think we all know who they are! So, John, please don’t give up the fight in telling the truth!

    3. @ John Kaminski

      “It’s really disappointing to find so little support in this pro Jewish comments section. I think Darkmoon should consider not running my essays anymore, and focus more on Jewish writers since that is what the majority of commenters seem to want.

      It’s really appalling about how irrelevant and false these comments have become. Perhaps I was mistaken in thinking comments about a story should be about the story. Forgive me if I don’t participate in this site any longer. I don’t need this kind of low-level, irrelevant garbage that impugn stories I write that I think are valuable.

      It’s very disappointing to be the subject of such abuse and not be defended for simply trying to tell the truth. This is a Jewish website, and I don’t want to be on it anymore.


      You speak in anger. Justifiable anger. Reflect for a moment: more articles by John Kaminski have been published on this website than those of any other writer, including myself.

      One of my oldest online friends, Lobro, has just said that the principal reason he visits this site is to read your articles. He also agrees with you thoroughly that Dublinmick and Michael Korn are dangerous infiltrators and should not be allowed on this site to abuse its writers and create havoc and confusion.

      Well, here is the solution to this problem, John: I delegate to you and my friend Lobro the decision on whether to ban these two posters. Just say the words “BAN THEM” and they will be banned.

      This situation has arisen only because we are trying our best to be a “free speech zone” and our present monitor, my Uncle Toby, has been very lax and laissez-faire. He is a reluctant monitor and we are looking for a suitable replacement for him.

      And so I leave this decision to you and Lobro. The two posters who have insulted you will be banned if you wish it. Just say the word.

      With respect,


      1. @ John Kaminski

        Feel free to identify any comment on this thread that is deeply offensive to you and I will delete it.

      2. 🙂

        lash, your heart is in the right place but couple of minor and inconsequential corrections: i did not say that the principal reason i visit your site is john kaminski, however much i admire and respect the man and the writer – mad max said it and quoted it back at him to point out a glaring contradiction whereby he in the same breath lauds kaminski and dublinmick.

        as for banning dublinmick, i leave it entirely up to kaminski.
        not that i shirk responsibility but to me the man is so obviously a professional troll that he hardly even offends me and i would only hope that the rest of commentariat (max notwithstanding until the hangover clears) sees it as clearly.

        watching dublinmick in action is actually illustrative of the general method and thus instructive, ie, learn by example how to spot them and their modus operandi.
        through a superficial/artificial link (“jews, jesuits and jesus all contain letter J, therefore they are one and the same and anyone who denies it is a troll”) drag in their poison to smear anyone they are paid to discredit.

        so, again, i got my bugspray and am ok, i leave it up to john.

        1. @ lobro

          so, again, i got my bugspray and am ok, i leave it up to john.

          We intend to make it a new rule at Darkmoon that writers in future will not be subjected to personal abuse in the Comments section. They will have the right to ask for the deletion of any comment they find defamatory or deeply offensive. I think Ellie Katsnelson, even more than John Kaminski, has been subjected to unnecessary ill-treatment. She has been very patient and forbearing. I commend her for it.

          I was myself once subjected to the vilest defamatory comments on the Occidental Observer by a fellow writer suffering from paranoid misogyny — he even referred to me a “transgendered freak.” This was in the Comments section for my article “Armageddon Approaches”, one of my most successful articles that received a record 650 comments. Site owner Kevin MacDonald was not to blame and allowed me to delete 30 of the worst comments. He himself described these defamatory comments as “uniquely vicious.”

          Yes, so I know what it’s like. Both Kaminski and Ellie K have a genuine grievance that we need to address.

      3. Suffer us to touch the hem of your hajib, Oh lasha, and our souls will be healed! LOL LOL LOL!

    4. John Kaminski –

      I hope you will fight back at the Jew infiltrators and liars by writing and commenting even MORE..!!
      If you draw away….they win…we lose.

  19. Of course. John Kaminski thinks that by coming here he will enlighten people and help them see evil and hidden truths, but what he does not take into account is the fact that upwards of 80% of moronic fools who come here and leave offensive comments about the man who tries so honestly and so hard to help are actually unworthy of help.

    Even if Mr John Kaminski did indeed fail to return a book to Mr Eustace Mullins, (which I highly doubt) so what! I have not returned books to my local library more than once, but does that make me a thief? No! Just a forgetting, or at worse, a careless person, that’s all. And even if he did indeed keep a book of Mullins’, it is both inappropriate, as well as offensive, to bring it up, as that is neither relevant nor important, and only serves to both divert the attention from his excellent article, as well as make him appear less than honest and thus not credible.

    I hope Lasha Darkmoon does not take offense, but it’s the presence of posters like Ungenius and Dublinmick and many others that make the greats like John Kaminski and Ellie Katsnelson feel like they don’t belong here. The worst thing the operators of this website have done is to allow anyone to post anything they like, including utterly pointless chatter between posters, idiotic chatter like,

    Poster 1. ”Yeah.”
    Poster 2. ”Me too.”
    Poster 3. ”Oh really?”
    Poster 4. ”Wow!”
    Poster 5. ”Yep.” Et cetera, et cetera. What is this?

    John Kaminski is a serious man, and more can be learned from him in one year than from all your Jewish Hollywood crap in two generations.

    1. @ Marcus

      I hope Lasha Darkmoon does not take offense, but it’s the presence of posters like Ungenius and Dublinmick and many others that make the greats like John Kaminski and Ellie Katsnelson feel like they don’t belong here. The worst thing the operators of this website have done is to allow anyone to post anything they like, including utterly pointless chatter between posters, idiotic chatter like,

      Poster 1. ”Yeah.”
      Poster 2. ”Me too.”
      Poster 3. ”Oh really?”
      Poster 4. ”Wow!”
      Poster 5. ”Yep.” Et cetera, et cetera. What is this?

      John Kaminski is a serious man, and more can be learned from him in one year than from all your Jewish Hollywood crap in two generations.


      Everything you say here is true.

      1. LD –

        Careful…. Do not fix what is not broken.

        It is ALSO true that WITHOUT censorship….

        Alexa rating was 298,415 just yesterday..!!

      2. @ Pat


        “Careful . . . do not fix what is not broken.”

        Wise words, Brother Pat. But striking a balance between the permissible and the impermissible is not easy.

        Consider the irony. John Kaminski, a writer I respect and admire, would be the first to claim he is against censorship and that he is an ardent advocate of free speech. Yet here he is threatening to have nothing more to do with this site because certain posters have said bad things about him! Is he not asking for a form of censorship? for more careful monitoring?

        Of course he is! And so is my good buddy Lobro! They want to have their cake and eat it! They complain about Dublinmick and Michael Korn, implying that the site is to blame for granting them admission! They are saying in no uncertain terms that the site would be better off without them!

        Maybe it would. So how can they be genuine advocates of free speech if they are actually asking for the repression of free speech?

        This is a hopeless paradox.

        Blaming Lasha for this situation is most unfair. She is not even the monitor of this site. She doesn’t even have time to read the comments. Only time to skim them.

        @ John Kaminski
        @ Lobro

        You have been asked to choose between free speech and censorship! You can only have one or the other! SO CHOOSE! MAKE YOUR CHOICE! 🙂

      3. Sard –
        “But striking a balance between the permissible and the impermissible is not easy.”

        Yep. Freedom ALWAYS comes with a price. It is not easy to keep it, either.

        Permissible to me would be impermissible to others, but since no one’s rights are at stake…
        no one molested…. no trespasses committed… I would let it alone. Don’t fix it.

        Have tea. 😉

      4. Oh shut up Sardonicus! You know damn well that Lobro couldn’t care less if these trolls continue posting here, though Kaminski has threatened to walk if these guys are not are not booted off pronto.

        This isn’t rocket science.

        Lasha darling, you don’t have to ask Kaminski or Lobro to decide this issue. ASK ME! Let me be the Grand Decider! I’ve known you 20 years and you know I have your interests at heart.

        This is MY decision: BLOCK THEM AT ONCE! I take full responsibility.

      5. @ Pat

        Permissible to me would be impermissible to others, but since no one’s rights are at stake… no one molested…. no trespasses committed… I would let it alone.

        But Pat… Kaminski has threatened to leave this site if these guys are allowed to go on defaming him! He certainly feels “molested.” Hasn’t he complained about “trespasses committed” against him?

        He is now even calling this site a “Jew site.” He is clearly one big Angry Man! So what do we do? Let these trolls go on posting here and have Kaminski storming off in a rage?

        An insoluble problem.

      6. Ruth –
        “So what do we do? Let these trolls go on posting here and have Kaminski storming off in a rage?”

        I do NOT see it as “An insoluble problem.”

        It is EASY!!!
        Kaminski needs to fire back…. DOUBLE HARD from his bunker!!

        We are in a fierce fight. Stronger wins..!!

      7. ruthie, maybe a mistake to mix ungenius into this.

        if he has a valid objection to what kaminski or anyone says, let him spell it out.
        no one should be automatically protected from criticism, provided it is based on reasoned argument and evidence.

        otherwise we are in “antisemitism/hate speech/holocaust denial” mode.

        afaiac, the limits of the free speech are small children, old ladies and the mentally and physically handicapped, and also when the intent is clearly to cause gratuitous insult and injury.

      8. It seems obvious that slanderous profanity and filthy name calling is unacceptable. It’s not free speech, it’s vile assault.

        Unlike passionate and reasoned arguing, verbal blows consisting of points/opinions proper to the subject, such behaviors if conducted face to face would likely result in actual physical assault ranging from a punch in the mouth to washing the offensive mouth out with soap to pulling pistols out. Duels to the death have been fought for less than some of the insults witnessed here.

        Especially when spewed by those who both before and after their vile words claim some semblance of intelligence and even (haha) degrees of superiority.

      9. Oh, and there is a difference between satire, rough humor and vileness.
        If unable to discern intents, perhaps it would be best to stay quiet or pound the heavy bag or maybe even primal screaming.

        P.S. and leave the poor dog alone..

    1. I don’t know who should be banned and who shouldn’t be banned, but I do know for sure that the use of smiley faces should be totally stomped out, eliminated, destroyed, and Entirely Verboten. The smiley-face thing is so childish, so kindergarten-ish, so little-school-girl-ish. Only retards make use of the inane device of “smiley faces”. I think it’s fair to say that a ban on smiley faces wouldn’t at all have any detrimental effects on Free Speech — unless of course we’re talking about abridging the right of kindergarten kids from expressing their deepest and their most profound thoughts, lol.

      1. @admin. This emoticon thing. I originally thought they were a bit childish, too. But I changed my mind. So, I say keep the smiley faces. They help us less literate to express ourselves without trying to use big words and honing our posts with endless cya’s. Joe obviously never needs to use smiley faces ‘cos his posts are pretty in your face sorta stuff. ( 🙂 )
        Actually, I only know 🙂 , 🙁 and 😉 . Would the admin please kindly list the other emoticons that we can use, and the characters needed to create them. Oh yeah, 🙂 .

        I usually try to stay away from the personal stuff, entertaining though it sometimes is, but this ban me, ban you, ban the troll thing is getting out of hand. And, of course, it distracts from the real important issues. I still don’t really even know what a troll is! How do you know I’m not a troll? ( see, a perfect place for a 😉 ) . More to the point, how do I know I’m not a troll? Maybe I am, but if I wasn’t occasionally posting Brownhawk wouldn’t have got a laugh from my sh*t news. (I don’t mean to go on about that, you know). And what happens if two commenters accuse each other of being trolls? Anyway, isn’t half the fun of learning stuff trying to sort the wheat from the chaff, so to speak? I tend to agree with what Pat sometimes says about all the posts being valuable for some reason or another. And what would be the point of a whole lot of commenters just agreeing with each other all the time? I can’t actually think of a good green tea joke, there, but I expect some will get where I’m coming from. No, I will not use a smiley face there as it should be obvious that I am being silly.

        See, goodness knows how much time and effort and backspaces I’ve wasted on just trying to help Toby out with his admin duties, when I should be trying to read and understand just what the h*ll the point of the above article is, and formulating a somewhat mature response. Contributers like John Kaminsky are the backbone of this site, as far as I can tell, and the last thing they need is a whole lot of personal criticism directed at them for just trying to help us all understand the in’s and out’s of this vast global conspiracy against the human race.

        Is it free speech or not? If someone is using this site only for abuse, then, well I expect the admin to ban them after due warning. If sometimes someone’s emotions get the better of them while arguing against certain ideas though, that’s a bit less serious, but I would expect an apology to be in order. That’s what mature people do when they have made a mistake. I recall, though, one of the star copy and paste-ers, I mean posters, who shall remain nameless, personally abusing someone who disagreed with him/her. No warning from the admin was given and, in fact, it fell to me, a newbie, to ask SPQR to at least separate the abusive part from the argument part, not just to make it easier to read, but easier for other copy and paste-ers to file the undoubtedly valuable information without the profanities. Maybe some of us are more equal than others, after all. ( see, if I had a slightly raised eyebrow and a small smirk emoticon, it may have proved useful here )

        So, Mr. Kaminsky, I, for one, do not think you are a troll, whatever that is, and I thank you for your articles. I hope you continue to allow your articles to be posted on this site.

        @TheRealOriginakJoe. If you hassle Lasha, someone may want to ban you. Please be careful, I would miss your funny posts. (deleted smiley face)

        @Everybody. Actually the above goes for all of you. Maybe not the funny part. Please do not forget that the reason we are here is because of Lasha, and her tolerance of even the most inane free speech. Where else would half of us post? …oh, okay, if I must… 🙂 …I think maybe some of you need to relax a little. Yes, another 🙂 . I am not so bold as to use a 😉 .

        @DublinMick. Where can one obtain an official certification of madness? Are there many forms to fill out? Is there a fee? Just enquiring on behalf of a friend… oh, btw, visited your website a cupala times. Very interesting stuff. Amazing what a broad range of sources you use to put your articles together. Impressive. You are obviously a completely mad conspiracy theorist. (see, I know DublinMick doesn’t need a smiley face there to reassure him of my intent.) Oh, now I’m worried I will be taken the wrong way again. Do I put a smiley face there or not now? Ahhhh… I’ll just have to risk it… … 🙂 . Phew! I don’t mind a slice of Guinness now and then, actually.

  20. maxy, have you verified your 170 iq recently?
    God forbid, it may have slipped to 169.
    You said this:

    You idiots provide me with much comic relief and I find great pleasure in dashing off fact-based satirical, rather humorous replies to you!
    And then I wait for your moron minds to mash it all up and create your own kind of tragio-comical ravings. …. I even get many laughs from reading lobro’s meaningless, pedantic ravings! Does this man ever say anything of real worth? AS DUBLINMICK ALLUDED TO: Lobro writes for the sake of writing. There is no passion, just trying to sound clever; and he sucks the Ruthie types right in!

    I see that your ubergenius mind has been hijacked by an even more powerful mind, namely, dublinmick’s.
    So read what he has to say about the only reason you visit this site:

    His héros are on the march, dumb goyim killing Russians all in the name of Ukraina forever. God can Spingola, Beulahman, and others please pack their duffel bags and join in! Adolf we love ye, straight from Rome.

    (dublinmick’s entire philosophy in nutshell – or is it job description)
    So tell us again why you visit this site, we are retarded and forgot the reason.

    maybe dublinmick thinks your iq is not 169 but 69 … that’s the reward of hanging out in good company, dublinmick, gabreal jones, henry makow …

    1. this mossadist rat’s methodology is pretty clear, namely, the retrogressive slander.

      case in point: ukrainian “right front” are severely retarded goons and skinheads who adopted national socialist logos and symbols but are entirely in emloy of the jews, nuland, kolomoisky, taruta, rabinovich (the registered owner of pussy riot), yatseniuk et al (not a single gentile in ukraine government) and these apes are waving sticks, rocks and thigh bones in direction of putin and russia.

      so, because of the most idiotically superficial link between these subhumans and real national socialists, dublinmick derives his entire opus:
      hitler is a jew, national socialists (the real ones, he ones with intellectual gravitas, like goering, streicher and many others) are jews, so are all the catholics, especially jesuits (read what the protocols say about them, the last and the most dangerous organized opposition to the plan) and all those who favor them are likewise zionist trolls or idiots, including kaminski, myself and the rest.

      the proof, once again? the ukrainian right front.

      of course, the previous edition from the same source that plagued this site used to say that hitler was a teenage male prostitute, educated at tavistock institute who played chess with lenin and whose girlfriend eva braun used to shit on his chest.
      and every so often dublinmick would drop in to lend verbal and moral support to that vermin.

      get your audobon book of trolls and binoculars out and learn to spot them.

    2. Lobro
      I don’t think Max is Australian. He has never given us the benefit of real fair dinkum Aussie vocabulary! For example a real Aussie instead of talking about a non-feminist virgin strumming a harp and him playing with his horn would have “a sheila whistling on his blue veined flute”.

      1. felix, who or what he is makes no material difference to me, i cannot be swayed by someone’s origin and status, be they rich, poor, of illustrious background or mud farmers from irawaddy delta in bangladesh.

        i only judge a poster by their contributions here.
        max is hilariously entertaining and quite often very sensible.
        ellie is a great writer, very literate, passionate and fiercely intelligent with that feminine touch, highly valued in this testosterone packed environment.
        both are perfectly fine, occasional stumbles notwithstanding.

        but when my nose tells me that someone has insinuated himself here with evil intent, to sow discord and disinfo in order to damage the site, i will after a decent interval to give them a chance to clarify and retract, go direct for the jugular.

        like i said, i don’t care whether dublinmick stays or drags his corpse out of here, he cannot do me any harm, i only hope that his nature is obvious to reasonable posters and that he does not chase valued contributors away.

        so yeah, count me a shadow administrator if you will and lasha approves of me pulling an occasional citizen’s arrest.

        (in fact, dublinmick made quite a decent comment regarding putin a while ago and i remember commending him on it – i was hoping for more of the similar quality but none was forthcoming, just steady malicious sludge)

  21. At least Dublinsmick always gives us a different point of view — many times very compelling. Different points of view are a good thing, as it gives us more to think about, adds another dynamic to the discussion. If you want to get rid of someone, get rid of Gilbert. He does nothing but kiss lasha’s ass, adding nothing substantial to any discussion. At least Dublinsmick makes a concerted effort to back-up his opinions with source references. Gilbert’s only source reference is his opinion — but opinion is NOT a source reference. Like we already know Gilbert has the hots for lasha, *yawn*. Gilbert always reminds us, lest anyone forgets Gilbert has the hots for belly dancers. Gilbert’s lust for lasha is going to defeat the NWO, LOL LOL LOL. Gilbert is a shithead. At least Dublinsmick doesn’t kiss lasha’s ass every two seconds. Dublinsmick has independent thoughts and opinions and backs-up his opinions with source references.

  22. @Sardonicus & Pat

    For what its worth, I agree with your positions on the matter of monitoring. (Well said, Sardonicus!)

  23. Gilbert Huntly
    March 26, 2015 at 1:24 am

    “Whether or not it is ‘good’, in the opinions of the rest of the world, we Americans must realize ‘the world’ offers us no good will…”

    I would argue that the rest of the world is afraid of us – and rightfully so – given our tried-and-true penchant for dropping bombs and for committing unspeakable acts of mass murder. As a nation, we seem to have absolutely NO reservations about slaughtering people that we DON’T understand and that we don’t even WANT to understand, so we might as well face up to the fact that the USA has been turned into a nation of FOX “news” watchers & that – taken as a collective – our nation is behaving in a manner that isn’t too far removed from a type of “machine” which has lost all powers of deliberation. This “machine” is capable of chugging along of its own accord, yet has never been known to act without getting kick-started into action by a group of devious manipulators a.k.a. the “ruling elite.” The “elite” are the brains that define what passes for “reality” in the eyes of the “machine.” It is also the group which has arrogated to itself the task of prodding the public into taking up arms against various “officially designated targets.”

    “Therefore, we must remain in defense of our flag, and clean it up, later, after we kill the maggots who wish us harm.”

    Would you care to define exactly who those “maggots” are ??

    1. Yes, I know that sounds bad – but it is how one must think when positioning for defense of family and country. We cannot afford to empathize with those against whom we’re immediately confronted. Remember: Our true enemies have USED us to THEIR advantage, but that doesn’t mean those who now perceive us as enemies per consequence are any less lethal. Although I heartily regret those terrible ends to which we have been used, we cannot afford to lay down arms – or vigilance. (Unfortunately, good Americans have much worse enemies WITHIN than we have WITHOUT our borders. Enemies, all around! 🙁 )

  24. Actually there is not a whole lot to argue about in JK’s above article. It is not a bad summation. There is not much there I was not already aware of however.

    I have no idea how Bliney can attribute this to anything I have posted here. (powerful imagination)

    “Dublinmick’s feminist/hippie ideals of “cosmic convergence”, where we are ruled by a group of man-hating Amazons in the regions of northern California, supposedly far away from “the maddening crowd.”

    Lobo seems to live on a very small reservation. Anytime something information appears he seems to wish to remain a non subject, he can be counted upon to hurl invectives such as troll and paid writer. Not sure what sets him off other than many popes and jesuits were indeed jewish and he doesn’t appreciate too much discussion in this area.

    Loyola the founder of the Jesuits was Jewish, John Paul was Jewish, Anacletus was Jewish, Innocente was Jewish and ordered two crusades as well as establishing the spy system called confession, John XXIII was Jewish and called the most depraved who ever sat on the throne, Pope Gregory also Jewish declaring it not murder to kill the excommunicated, Malleus Maleficarum by the Dominican friars Heinrich KRAMER [JEW] and James SPRENGER [JEW]

    More recently Benedict was a member of the nazi youth corps and Francis is accused of child trafficking in Venezuela. Rothschild is still the banker for both the Vatican and City of London.

    1. Lobo seems to live on a very small reservation. Anytime something information appears he seems to wish to remain a non subject, he can be counted upon to hurl invectives such as troll and paid writer. Not sure what sets him off other than many popes and jesuits were indeed jewish and he doesn’t appreciate too much discussion in this area.

      Loyola the founder of the Jesuits was Jewish

      “Lobo” (sic) also prefers the authenticated truth (ie, circular quotes like, “my brother says” don’t count).
      Since among a slew of people you accuse of being Jews (and I won’t bother checking every single one, since my interest doesn’t extend that far,given that I have only one life to live), the first example you bring out is the dreary old “Loyola the founder of the Jesuits was Jewish”, I will for the benefit of repetition demonstrate once and for all that this is just a plain LIE.
      Maybe you believe it because you believe the source implicitly but I tell you right here and now that your source is a LIAR and as such casts aspersion on every other source you link to, since you obviously don’t bother doing even the most elementary due diligence on claims which you peddle on.
      Therefore, you succeed in completely discrediting yourself – I did not do it, so don’t blame me, your shaving mirror will identify the culprit.

      So, back to Loyola, please choose the detail which you disagree with and why.
      Some nuggets each of which paints him in a specifically un-jewish light, because such behaviors have never been observed in Judaic history.

      He was born in a noble Basque family:

      Ignatius Loyola was born in 1491 into a wealthy noble family. He was educated as a knight. Like many young men from his background, Loyola joined the army. In May 1521, he was wounded at the Battle of Pamplona while fighting against France

      So tell me how Jewish is this part of his history, know any Jews who dream of martial arts and joining the army, who have seen real combat?
      Do you really think that Jews would have been “educated as knights” in 15th century (or any other)? Not that they would ever dream of such vocation when they could be safely sitting in ghetto, counting stolen money and farmsteads repossessed from war widows.

      Let’s get on with it.

      As a young aristocrat Ignatius had a “love of martial exercises and a vainglorious desire for fame”.[10] At this period he framed his life around the stories of the adventures of El Cid, the knights of Camelot, and The Song of Roland (the tale has Roland slain by Muslims, when historically his death was at the hands of Basques like Ignatius).[10] Joining the army at seventeen, he strutted about “with his cape slinging open to reveal his tight-fitting hose and boots; a sword and dagger at his waist”.[10] Upon encountering a Moor who denied the divinity of Jesus, he challenged him to a duel to the death and ran him through.[10] He dueled others until the events of 1521

      So really, what typical kike behavior we have here, worshiping El Cid as a childhood hero, sword duels, the knights of the Round Table and so on, typical Talmud stuff.

      To be honest, I doubt that you would spend a minute double-checking the above or even reading it the first time because you are clearly very hostile to both Jesus and The Society of Jesus, the organization of the most intelligent, dedicated and educated Christians who as such present the most serious obstacle to Jew’s plan and in fact, what does strike as Jewish about Jesuits is their nearly hermetic organization, so that the discussion and decisions made in upper echelons of this almost military organization are not for public consumption and that drives Jews crazy.
      Consider that the most intelligent and independent post-WWII political leaders were Jesuit educated, men like Castro and Trudeau, as was JFK.

      So anyway, this exercise for for the benefit of others here …

  25. @ Gilbert
    @ Lobro
    @ Pat

    Thanks for the info about Mullins even though some of it was truly sad.

  26. @ Pat
    @ Sardonicus

    Apparently, you two represent the pinnacle of rational thought of the commenters concerning “free speech.” A tip of the hat is in order.

    Here is a simple tip for others concerning free speech on the comments section of any website. If you have identified a commenter as offensive, DO NOT READ THEIR COMMENTS. Simply skip over them. Everyone retains the right to filter what they wish instead of trying to pass the buck to someone else like the admin to do the dirty work. Most everyone wants the government to do everything for them.

    @Lobro – We differ on our perceptions of an event and you made good points. Honorably, we can agree to disagree. Everyone, individually, gets to pick which perception to accept.

    @ LD
    I had no idea that the Darkmoon site was really just a Kaminski site although I did puzzle as to why there were lots of his articles posted. I should have considered the possibility that he was an anointed contributor not to be questioned. Now I know, based on the comments, that the only appropriate comment to a Kaminski article is “Oh, how precious.”

    I did notice that Kaminski totally avoided addressing my concern about him fear mongering in opposition to reality. TPTB should have surrounded his location by now if what he espouses is true.

    Kaminski’s threat to permanently leave Darkmoon is nothing more than ridiculous extortion move and a sure sign of an immaturity. BTW, immunity and age have nothing in common.

    As for banning me from Darkmoon, no problem. I have been surfing the web for over 20-years looking for the truth about a lot of things and I rarely ever comment, so not commenting on Darkmoon would be of no consequence to me except that it would save me a little time since I type rather slowly. I’ll have the time for a second Glenlivet.

    However, while the purge maybe taking place, all those commenters that lumped me with Max and Dublin (thanks to Lobro for lending some doubt) has caused me much offensive. Please ban them as well. Also, Kaminiski referring to most everyone on Darkmoon, including me as a patriot of Jesus, as jewish is extremely offensive. Please ban Kaminiski while you are at it. Just so you know without mistake, banning others that have offended me is not serious, just making a point about the stupidity of banning anyone unless Kaminski is correct about Darkmoon being a jewish site. Oppression is a jewish hallmark.

    1. Have patience, Ungenious. Kaminski writes well – but has no excuse for being such a petulant ass. Darkmoon cast his opinions much farther than he could have cast his own, and I have no doubt that the very astute people who read, here, have been primarily responsible for his increasing quality of output. Have another single-malt, but do try to hang out, here, awhile. I, myself, truly enjoy being able to check-in, here, almost daily (usually at coffee or tea or bourbon time)(I am a ‘peasant farmer’) – and I almost always LEARN something from y’all! 🙂

    2. @ Ungenius

      Re John Kaminski

      Rest assured we have no intention of banning you from this site. In fact, Lasha has just uploaded a longer-than-average comment of yours on China and we intend to post this on our site in a few days as a feature article — subject to your permission.

      As for John Kaminski, I think his feelings were genuinely outraged by some comment posted about him which he regarded as unfair and defamatory. We have offered to delete this comment if he can identify it because we owe it to our writers to make sure they are treated with respect. Information Clearing House makes it a condition of posting on their website that writers must not be subjected to scurrilous attacks by commenters.

      Commenters may attack each other as much as they like but they must lay off the writers. There is good reason for this rule. In the course of time, writers attract serious personal enemies and trolls who attack them unmercifully even when they are doing a good job. Thus Lasha was attacked savagely on one occasion by a demented stalker who had a grudge against her and she is still pursued by a dangerous stalker who gives her no rest. So naturally she sympathizes with Kaminski and wishes to make sure he is treated with the respect that is his due.

      Kaminski of courses crosses a red line when he calls us a “Jew website”, given that we have published more articles by him than any other writer. Such intemperate speech is regrettable and we would like Kaminski to apologize for it, but we doubt if he will.

      Lasha tells me that this is not the first time Kaminski has vilified our website as a “Jew site” under Zionist control. He does this whenever he gets upset. The first time he did this (2-3 years ago on our old site) was because we had apparently deleted one of his comments. He was wrong. His comment had not been deleted. He was looking for his comment in the wrong place…among “Newer Comments.” We told him to click on “Older Comments” and sure enough he found his comment. It was Comment No 1 in the thread!

      Kaminski was gracious enough to apologize.

      I must say that a writer so lacking in self-control that he accuses your website of being a “Jew site”, simply because he mistakenly believes you have deleted one of his comments, is not a man I would regard as well-balanced.

      If Kaminski wishes us to stop publishing his articles, we will honor his request.

      1. @ Admin (Toby)

        Thanks for taking the time to explain the environment at Darkmoon.

        If you wish to use my comment on China as an article, that is fine with me although it does not meet my standards as an article.

        I was obviously unfamiliar with the site rules concerning authors of articles being above reproach. Criticism of an article’s content or perspective can be construed by over sensitive authors as defamatory which would explain why commenters normally stray off topic immediately. Of course, this then begs the question as to why articles are even posted which may contain an author’s opinion. It doesn’t make any sense to me, but you guys make the rules since it is your website.

        If you decide to use my China comment as an article, please indicate that any commenter may say whatever they like about the content or about me. As the old saying from childhood goes, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.”

        I can understand Lasha’s position if she is dealing with a stalker. She should do as Jesus said and fear not because, if she fears, the stalker wins by controlling her life.

        On-line stalkers are of no consequence since they are just cowards hiding behind words in a virtual world. On-line stalkers sometimes require repeated use of the delete key. It’s kind of like going to the bathroom, it’s just something that has to be done.

        If the stalker Lasha is dealing with can have physical contact with her, she should seek out a male that would intercede on her behalf by explaining the potential physical penalties the stalker would encounter for any physical contact or continued stalking. There are plenty of males that would gladly intercede or her behalf for nothing in return only because it is the right thing to do. It’s that thing God put inside all males to protect the child bearers. Stalkers, just like bullies, are cowards when faced with reality. I have seen this technique work more than once.

        Of course, there is nothing wrong with doing as Jesus said to do, acquire a weapon and know how to use it even if it is just a ball bat or something similar.

        Just passing on experiences from the past for Lasha’s benefit.

        1. @ Ungenius

          Thanks for your input. I’m sure Lasha will be pleased to read and take your advice about stalkers. In regard to this comment of yours:

          I was obviously unfamiliar with the site rules concerning authors of articles being above reproach. Criticism of an article’s content or perspective can be construed by over sensitive authors as defamatory which would explain why commenters normally stray off topic immediately. Of course, this then begs the question as to why articles are even posted which may contain an author’s opinion. It doesn’t make any sense to me, but you guys make the rules since it is your website.

          It’s not as simple as you seem to think. Valid criticism of a writer’s article is fine. Saying he is mistaken and got his facts wrong, that’s OK. What we are against is ad hominem attacks. Calumny. Defamatory statements about authors. Direct lies. How would you like it if you enjoyed an established reputation as an author and you had some spiteful, twisted person say that he had been told on good authority that you were not only a wife beater but a pedophile?

          We are all for free speech on this site. We are not asking for politeness. But we need to draw the line somewhere. It begins with defamation of character and reputation-damaging lies — like calling a good male writer a “pedophile” or a respectable female writer a “butch lesbian.”

          We can’t have that sort of thing on this site and you yourself would be most misguided if you thought that was permissible. It is sadistic cruelty. As a Christian, you would have to forbid it.

  27. Hi Posters and Admin,
    On March 27 I wrote “John Kaminski is the principal reason why I even visit this site!”
    This is the TRUTH for me, and as I’ve said, I also place Lasha Darkmoon’s writing on Jewish rule at the top of the pile of “must reads.”
    TRUTH is, if the average Gentile could read and understand what John K and Lasha are saying, we would go a long way to ending the insidious Jewish rule of your Superpower. …. That, apart from about 7 million citizens’ guns firing simultaneously on the FED, US Treasury, Wall Street, the US Congress and Sarah S’s and Larry S’s abodes! But, please don’t hurt any of Sarah’s sexually abused dogs! Poor things! And then you get out the nooses! As I’ve said, I want to hear Dianne Feinstein and Janet Yellan squeal; and I want to give Gilby 5 minutes with Dr Alan Greenspan in a caged ring! Gilby, he’s over 70 yrs and a real weakling! Start by kicking him in the b——!
    By the way, your 51 st (?) state, Australia, has just closed down Ford and GMH and moved the jobs offshore and the great city of Geelong is starting to look like Detroit. None of my wives on the commune can get a job – so much so that I might have to start soliciting-out some of them.
    I also warned John Kaminski to get ready for the nasty, libelous back-lash from the predatory trolls who have moved onto this site big-time. These are disinformation experts and I think it is time Admin stopped being nice and got rid of them! … “They serve, as the Jewish-Pharisees did, “only to destroy”! They are “of their father, the devil”!
    Why do we, in the name of so-called “tolerance”, have to listen to the verbal atrocities of Seymour Zak?
    “Censorship” is a one-way street for the Jews and constitutes another major subject of their DIALECTICAL/Talmudic contrivances: i.e. “American Zionist-Jewish academic preaches his lovely social message that censorship is BAD; whilst supporting heinous censorship rules on criticism of his own diabolical personage and thus implementing the insidious French model that is rapidly being set up!”
    Aka for kingpin Aussie Jew, Isi Liebler, advocating a multicultural, polyglot, universalist Australia whilst, simultaneously, advocating a non-multicultural, Jews ONLY Israel!
    Aka “Pisst Christ” of the Jewish-run modern art world, which displays Jesus in a fish-tank of urine! Try putting the Israeli flag in a tank of urine, and call it modern art! You’d be water-boarded and chained for life!
    At least that Jewish-Israeli, leftist chick did a good job of shitting on an Israeli flag (I telescoped in and enlarged the photos!), but she is just part of the Jewish dialectic that imprisons us all the time. (i.e. The false, bleeding heart, Israeli Left who create a lot of noise about loving humanity, but still vote for the Israeli HAWKS to eradicate the Arabs, as per Uri Avnery’s comments in Haaretz!)
    Reading back, I gave Dublinmick some praise on a couple of points, but registered my disgust at his getting off the track of relevance by bringing up subjects like “cosmic convergence” etc. Then I declared him a “FRAUD”! Dublinmick, I’m in charge of the chicks! I don’t want them bossing me around!
    And my dear Lobro, I was WRONG in quoting (or re-wording in my own way) Dublinmick’s comment about yourself. I really do think you are an important mainstay of this site and great reading. CLEARLY I DO NOT LIKE PAT-sy, the footnote queen, but will try to ignore him/her, henceforth; and thus stop being a nasty-pasty!
    I will drown my sorrows in a slab of Victoria Bitter and tell my latest lady love to go hither. And then I’ll go sailing down the Great Sandy Strait of Queensland, with an all-girl crew, as a suitable pick-me-up!
    I advised the adorable Ellie K to get rid of her hurt by going on a shopping spree at Harrods! We all should have releases!

    1. “CLEARLY I DO NOT LIKE PAT-sy, the footnote queen, but will try to ignore him/her, henceforth; and thus stop being a nasty-pasty!”

      Don’t quit on me NOW… Roo Bil-o-ney..!!! We’re just gettin’ cranked up. 😉

      1. Hi Patsy – Don’t quit on me NOW… Roo Bil-o-ney..!!! We’re just gettin’ cranked up.”
        Well I do like you a bit PAT-sy, and sometimes you make some sense.
        But I don’t like your loopiness with footnoting. Why can’t you explain for ya-self?

      2. Ok – Max –

        I had a newsletter years ago. Parkinson’s tremors make it a chore to attempt to type now. I may not be able to do it much longer.
        Copying and pasting is getting to be nearly impossible with Windows 7 these days.

        I cannot use a pencil and paper anymore already. My wife fills out all paperwork and signatures.

        How’s that..bigun’..??

    2. Okay Max, we get it. You’re a hit with the girls, we get it. Is it absolutely necessary to remind us every day you’re a big hit with the chicks? [ Max has to remind us of his virility every day, just like a high school kid ].

      Putting chicks aside for a moment, if you can stand it Max, Max reminds me of Fr.John. A secular Fr. John. They’re both so far above and beyond the average joe in intelligence, intellect, knowledge, learning, ability. One stands in awe of their superiority over us mere mortals, 🙂 .

      Max is wealthy, Max is a hit with the chicks, alright already, we get it.

    3. If you had ever met Mr. Greenspan, Maxy, you’d be amazed at what a kind sort of man he is. Purely by chance, I encountered him, once, in a situation which DEFINES the true nature of a man who wields such power, and he rates very high, in my opinion. Do not forget, he was Jack Kennedy’s main supporter in his aim to sever America’s contract with the Fed. That Kennedy died, and Greenspan went on to become Chairman, should speak volumes – both for better, and worse. It’s a long story, and the telling requires far more time than can be spent, here – but Mr. Greenspan is not the monster you make him out to be.

    4. Ok – Max –

      I had a newsletter years ago. Parkinson’s tremors make it a chore to attempt to type now. I may not be able to do it much longer.
      Copying and pasting is getting to be nearly impossible with Windows 7 these days.

      I cannot use a pencil and paper anymore already. My wife fills out all paperwork and signatures.

      How’s that..bigun’..??

      1. @ Pat
        Have you considered anything besides modern medicine for your Parkinson’s? Modern medicine doesn’t cure squat, they just treat or cause symptoms which is an endless endeavor. For millions of years before modern medicine, all cures were natural and normally close to free. These natural methods must have worked because humanity is still here and thriving. God is not only loving, he is super generous with really good things for us.

      2. pat, it’s a man’s syndrome, so i guess you gotta take it like a man (which you do, by all appearances).

        most of us are mortal and i don’t know of anyone who died in bed due to good health.

        when you quit typing, sit back and watch the reruns of the wild bunch.
        and i will bitchslap anyone who brings up the subject with intent to score cheap points.

      3. Ungenius –
        Thanks for asking. Yes I have. I take no medicines. I never have. I do not want all the numerous side effects.
        When my time is up, I’ll go. I can handle it. I have done all I have wanted in life.
        Hell, I never expected to live this long…all the things I’ve done.
        No worries.

        Lobro –
        Thanks for the concern….and having my back if needed. 😉

        1. @ Pat

          Well done, Pat. Your attitude is heroic…like the ancient Romans…a true stoic. I commend you above all for your refusal to take any medicines. That is a remarkable decision.

          I know someone who contracted a muscular disease a year ago called polymyalgia rheumatica. Great pain in upper thighs, hips, upper arms and shoulders. They told him it was a virus-caused disease and could last for years and prescribed steroids. He refused all treatment and said to himself, “The pain is not unbearable, so I’ll do my best to bear it.” Without painkillers.

          He bore it patiently, taking nothing but a large tablespoon of cod liver oil every day. He is now feeling much better, a year late, and he is hoping his symptoms will gradually disappear.

      4. Thanks LD.
        My wife is convinced that my condition is related to the trauma suffered over 50+ years of judo..etc. No one knows. I first noticed the symptoms in 1996 while doing ‘warm-ups.’ Balance off.

        When I was 68 I saw a doctor’s PA for the ‘work-up’ and she asked me what medications I took. I said, “None.” She was shocked and said, “We’ll fix that.!!” I never went back. Jerks, mostly.
        I do not buy-into the high cholesterol farce either. One nurse told me, “You’re sure a hard sell.” “Sell” said it all.

        I take over 2000mg of C a day, probiotics and eat lots of greens. I believe it helps.
        I haven’t taken cod liver oil regularly since taking it every morning at Catholic school first grade in Chicago. Fewer sick kids. They knew. I’m going to try some.

        Thanks again.

        1. @ Pat

          Cod liver oil will do you no harm. Please try it. It no longer tastes awful as it used to do in the old days. I take a big spoon myself every day. I prefer this to capsules.

  28. Controlled opposition is a real occurrence in the alternative media and naturally it is not going to be easy to spot, but when it is, it would be naïve not to expect denial or dispute.

    The alternative media has provided me with information that I would have otherwise not known and that I’m grateful for; however, the other side of the coin is that it is infiltrated with wolves in sheep’s clothing. I suppose the test is: where are they leading their viewers?

    Mr. Kaminski is negative. I often have to shrug off hopelessness after reading his articles. What is his solution? He uses the alternative media as a venue to rant/vent his frustration. Facts charged with emotion feels more like programming in the long run and not helpful. Facts really speak for themselves; when mixed with emotions they can be manipulations. A number of people are profiting from the alternative media, if not in money, then in ego. Truth is sacred and opinions are a dime a dozen and many opinions are doing more harm. Just state the facts, share what you know, then let viewers decide what to do with all of it.

    A Parable –

    Luke 18:9 And he spoke this parable unto certain which trusted in themselves that they were righteous, and despised others:

    18:10 Two men went up into the Temple to pray; the one a politician, and the other a tax-collector.

    18:11 The politician stood and prayed thus with himself, God, I thank thee, that I am not as other men [are], extortioners, unjust, adulterers, or even as this taxman.

    18:12 I fast twice in the week, I give tithes of all that I possess.

    18:13 And the taxman, standing afar off, would not lift up so much as [his] eyes unto heaven, but smote upon his breast, saying, God be merciful to me a sinner.

    18:14 I tell you, this man went down to his house justified [rather] than the other: for every one that exalteth himself shall be abased; and he that humbleth himself shall be exalted.

    1. @ New Song
      Good post!

      The scripture you quoted is one of the primary reasons that jews, with their chosen fantasy, and their stooges are problems to the rest of humanity. Thanks for posting it, I had forgot where it was. Once anyone elevates themselves above any of their fellowman, they are incapable of fulfilling the second commandment of loving your neighbor which means they are automatically in violation of the first commandment of loving God. They become agents of evil whether they know it or not.

      Sometimes “sources” are not required to know the truth. It does not require a confession by a criminal to know that they are guilty. Common sense and deductive reasoning is a valid source.

      1. So true Ungenius.

        One of the mistakes I did as a judge (in a past life) was to deny love for my fellowmen; and that occurred as a result of self-righteousness and superiority over those around me.

        I still advocate the obedience to The True Torah, but only the most humble in The Lord can appreciate and apply God’s Law in a manner beneficial to all; not just a few; hence learning to sing The New Song.

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