Insanity grips the Western World

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Just as Karl Marx claimed that History had chosen the proletariat, neoconservatives claim that History has chosen America. Just as the Nazis proclaimed “Deutschland uber alles,” neoconservatives proclaim “America uber alles.” In September 2013 President Obama actually stood before the United Nations and declared, “I believe America is exceptional.”

Germany’s political leaders and those in Great Britain, France, and throughout Europe, Canada, Australia, and Japan also believe that America is exceptional, which means better than they are. That’s why these countries are Washington’s vassals. They accept their inferiority to the Exceptional Country — the USA — and follow its leadership.

It is unlikely that the Chinese think that a handful of White People are exceptional in anything except their diminutive numbers. The populations of Asia, Africa, and South America dwarf those that comprise Washington’s Empire.

Neither do the Russians believe that the US is exceptional. Putin’s response to Obama’s claim of American superiority was: “God created us equal.” Putin added: “It is extremely dangerous to encourage people to see themselves as exceptional, whatever the motivation.”

If all countries are exceptional, the word loses its meaning. If America is exceptional, it means others are inferior for lacking this designation. Inferiors have less rights and can be bullied into submission or bombed into oblivion.

The Exceptional Country is above all the others and, therefore, doesn’t have to be concerned about how it treats them. Obviously, Americans and their vassals think America is exceptional as the millions of people murdered, maimed, and dislocated by Washington’s wars in eight countries in the 21st century has not resulted in condemnation of Washington. Merkel, Hollande, Cameron and the puppets in Canada, Australia, and Japan still suck up, holding tight to Washington.

Instead, Russia and Iran, countries that, unlike the US, are not militarily aggressive, are portrayed in the White People’s Media as threats and are condemned.

The White Media claims, and has claimed since February 2014, that there are Russian tanks and troops in Ukraine. Putin has pointed out that if this indeed was the case, Kiev and Western Ukraine would have fallen to the Russian invasion early last year. Kiev has been unable to defeat the small breakaway republics in eastern and southern Ukraine and would stand no chance against the Russian military.

Recently a brave news organization made fun of the White Media’s claim that Russian tanks have been pouring into Ukraine for 14 months. The parody pictured Ukraine at a standstill. All traffic on all roads and residential streets is blocked by Russian tanks. All parking places, including sidewalks and people’s front and rear gardens have tanks piled upon tanks. The entire country is immobilized in gridlock.

Although a few have fun making fun of the gullible people who believe the White Media, the situation is nevertheless serious as it concerns life on planet Earth.

There is little sign that Washington and its vassals care about life on Earth. Recently, the largest political group in the European Parliament–the European People’s Party–expressed a cavalier opinion about life on Earth. We know this, because, if we can trust Euractive, an online EU news source, the majority EU party believes that declaring the EU’s readiness for nuclear war is one of the best steps to deter Russia from further aggression.

The aggression to be stopped by Europe’s declaration of its readiness for armageddon is the alleged Russian invasion of Ukraine, and the “further aggression” is Putin’s alleged intention of reestablishing the Soviet Empire.

It must be disappointing to the Russian government to see that leaders of the European Union prefer to endorse nuclear war than to challenge Washington’s propaganda.

When I read that the governing party in the European Parliament thought non-existent aggression had to be stopped by a declaration of readiness for nuclear war, I realized that money could buy any and every thing, even the life of the planet. The European People’s Party was speaking in behalf of Washington’s propaganda, not in behalf of Europe.

Europe’s nuclear war with Russia would end instantly with the destruction of every European capital.

The crazed vice-president of the European People’s Party, Jacek Saryusz-Wolski revealed who the real aggressor is when he declared: “Time of talk and persuasion with Russia is over. Now it’s time for a tough policy.”

Clearly, the European Parliament is a great danger to life on the planet. Is it realistic to think that Russia will allow herself to become a concubine of Washington?

Paul Craig Roberts

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and associate editor of the Wall Street Journal. He was columnist for Business Week, Scripps Howard News Service, and Creators Syndicate. He has had many university appointments. His internet columns have attracted a worldwide following. Roberts’ latest books are The Failure of Laissez Faire Capitalism and Economic Dissolution of the West and How America Was Lost.

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  1. Of course the true source of the West’s insanity is not mentioned, i.e. the Judeo-Masonic ratbag problem as the cause. Nevertheless the article does does give an excellent description of the symptoms. It never ceases to amaze me that those calling so vociferously for war have never participated in a war themselves. They have never experienced the mouth drying fear of being under fire or having friends killed beside them. I certainly wouldn’t like to be in their shoes at the end of their sordid and miserable lives.

    1. Wars are necessary to keep a nations wealth intact and prevent it from declining.
      The great European wars participated in by America not only brought home body bags but enormous wealth.
      Traveling across the nation tall building are seen everywhere, they did not grow from dust but from wise investments. The coordination of Jewish bankers was needed to create a nation which blossomed into the best of all worlds. It is true that few Jewish brains were blown up on the battlefield but their minds built the shopping malls Americans love so dearly. Centuries of kings loved the Jews so should you.

  2. Some people, even otherwise intelligent people are still hopelessly uninformed about Germany, WW II and history. “Deutschland uber alles” means Germany is the first and most important thing to me as a German. Although Germany was a superpower and the leader in all scientific and many cultural fields, they did not talk the way Americans do, who boast to the world that they are the greatest and most powerful nation that has ever existed in history (FOX News said this). They were very proud to be sure and had every right to think of themselves as the most advanced nation in the world, because they were.

    But with his “Deutschland Uber Alles” quote Robert’s is suggesting the lie of Germany wanting to “take over the world” is true. No country tried to achieve peace harder than Germany prior to WW II and no country tried to achieve war harder than Great Britain, followed by the USA. Winston Churchill became the Jews pied piper when they began paying him huge sums of money in 1936. The world owes English historian David Irving for revealing these truths. Twice Great Britain, France and the USA declared war on Germany, a country that had done nothing to them, except outcompete them.

    One of the most enjoyable things to watch is FDR’s Navy Day Speech in 1941. There is no other leader in the world that I know of that is so self-incriminated by his own words, a lie that would be hilarious if it wasn’t so deadly. Hitler was never caught in such a public lie.

    Here is film of Roosevelt delivering the speech on youtube. The speech was delivered about four months after the bloodiest war in history broke out, the Soviet – German war of WW II. Every available man the Germans had was fighting on the eastern front. In this speech FDR says he has in his hands a “secret map” that was made in Berlin by the “NAZIS.” FDR said the “NAZIS” have reorganized South America into five “vassal states” and plan to take it over.


    In the early 1970’s the British admitted they created this phony map and fed it to Roosevelt. Any suggestion that Germany even had the ability to take over South America, especially when it was already fighting the Soviet Union and Great Britain is ludicrous. Was FDR that stupid that he really thought that was a reality or was he going along because he had been trying to get the USA into the war for months already. I don’t think he was that stupid. Lend-lease was in effect already. Whichever it was, there is no doubt that FDR was one of the biggest liars in history.

    1. Americans are stooopid for investing in their own destruction
      and “Jew” worshipping incessantly by watching Talmud Vision

      only “JEW” worshipping Idiots line up for a second helping of JEW POO

      curiously the Holocaust Dogma of Talmudic Judaism requires that the
      braindeadgoy {CONQUERED NATIONS} believe that Six Millions
      of “JEWS” go into a Gas Chamber…See Matthew 13:39-43

  3. Paul Craig “Washington” Roberts only mentions Washington 7 times in this one, probably because it is a short article.

    He never mentions the power of the Israeli lobby, the 18 trillion owed to the Rothschild, City of London, vatican axis. If the the U.S. is using the poor Euros as vessels, why not just cancel the debt?

    He doesn’t seem to know that American SSA numbers are issued through London in coordination with the U.N. He doesn’t know that Blacks law book refers to the U.S. as the American corporation, controlled by foreign banks. He doesn’t seem to know that alphabet agencies are paid by the U.N.

    Look on the deed to your place and you will find you are the “tenant” and not the owner. Miss a tax payment and find out who owns your property.

    Roberts is a former republican shill, he provides some truthful facts and evades others. It is called a limited hangout.

  4. Small nuclear wars cannot be avoided unless governments that disrespect US dollars accept its sacred and material value. Muggers have learned that Jews will risk death by fighting rather than giving up their money.
    Russia and China are seen as muggers by elite Jews who will never accept the devaluation of their currency.

    1. No. Jews won’t risk their lives, but they will risk other people’s lives. That is what Jews are infamous for. Also for having the fewest soldiers at the front as a percentage of their population, while doing the most to start a war. They’ve only become known as brave soldiers since the founding of Israel, a country that gets unlimited support from the world’s biggest powers while it’s enemies fight with stones and home made rockets. When they are fighting an enemy that actually has some weaponry, they get their asses kicked as Hezbollah did to them a few years ago when they attacked Lebanon.

  5. PCR, same old, same old…..
    Tells us the problems and spreads the doom and gloom, leaving out the names and the real cause.

  6. @Peter
    Good comment! The dustbin of history is full of exceptional countries and empires. A hundred years ago, God was an Englishman. Now it is quite possible that the UK may no longer exist in the next few years. Churchill supposedly the King’s First Minister did more to destroy and impoverish Britain than any external could have done.

  7. PCR says:
    “It is unlikely that the Chinese think that a handful of White People are exceptional in anything except their diminutive numbers. The populations of Asia, Africa, and South America dwarf those that comprise Washington’s Empire.”

    Population doesn’t seem to be an advantage for success in China.
    In 1805 the population of China was 330 million…and US was 6 million.
    In 2015 the population of China is 1.4 billion and US is 330 million.

    I see no problem for US from China’s population extremes. Nor from India’s 1.2 billion.
    All those folks in China and India CAN walk to Europe..!! They have already done that.

    PCR’s statement of “Diminutive numbers” in America …looks really good from here.

    BTW…all the folks who praise PCR here are the same ones who say Americans are dummies. PCR is American…… and a bureaucrat…. still working for Pharisees.

  8. The best of Shabbos goys and super smart Jews have put their heads together and turned America into an exceptional nation. Guys like Bernard Baruch and Soros were used by presidents and elites to perform the American miracle. But there are those that want glory and fame to come to them without effort or talent. They blame the Jews and rich Shabbos goys for their frustrations.

    1. America…and the world… would NOT have the living standards of today without Pharisee Banking Systems.

      Carrying gold and silver around would not have allowed it.

      Very few who I know would be willing to go back to outhouses and chamber pots and outside wells…. and horse and buggy.

      Few would want the life of the Amish even in the 20th century.

      Debt systems brought what exists in the 21st century.

      There is NO reversing it.

    2. “Our army is not the thirteenth strongest in the world, but rather the second or third. We possess several hundred atomic bombs and rockets and can launch them at targets in all directions, perhaps even towards Rome. Most European cities are targets for our air force . We are able to drag the whole world into our downfall, and I can assure you that it will happen before Israel goes under. ”

      –Martin Van Creveld, jewisch professor of military history (statement in 2012)

      “What will the Jews hating world more due as repayment for thousands of years of slaughter than a nuclear winter? What could better serve as an invitation for all the patronizing European heads of state and peace activists to join us in the ovens? For the first time in history a nation that is threatened with extinction in an indifferent world has the power to destroy the world. That is the ultimate revenge. ”

      -Professor David Perlmutter, Los Angeles Times, April 7, 2002

      The super smart jew’s way:

  9. Oh yes, PCR, the expositor of truth, because he wants his truth to be shown in as many places as possible never mentions the real enemy, the int’l jewish power. Mention that group and you are condemned to oblivion, which is what PCR wants to avoid. The closest PCR comes to mentioning int’l jewish power is when he says words like Neocons and Israel. Talk about putting a bandaid on a Volcano about to erupt. I like PCR too , but he stops short of the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help you God. As for American exceptionalism, with Israel’s exceptionalism as backup, America will fall because of it. Other empires in the past felt the same way and then fell for simple reasons. Babylon was destroyed because a great Medo-Persian ruler figured out that by redirecting the river away from under the fortress of Babylon, the riverbed could be used as a way of attacking Babylon and gaining entry inside it. How simple is that. The same simple fate awaits America through her arrogance and overprinting of fiat paper currency. Pride cometh before a great fall. Then as Peter has said, Germany with Deutschland Ueber Alles, was a nationalist feeling from 1848 to 1945, where German science and technology would outcompete every nation on earth. None of this Superrace crap. Germany before WW1 beat the Brits at their own game and did not even have that many African colonies. Britain as the superpower then was afraid of German domination economically. The Germans then could do it better than anyone else. Even America as it was rising in global prominence after 1900 had a population that was almost 50% of German descent. America’s founding fathers when they chose its national language of English, German as the national language lost by 1 vote. Imagine that America and the world could have had German as the international language. I also seem to recall that Germany was a fair trading nation and not exploitive like Britain or America. Hitler traded fairly with other countries before WW2 happened. Most countries today would rather do business with Germany if it were not for the fact that America will send in its military to facilitate and enforce trade with America. Sounds awfully similar to the Romans. Then as for Germany’s military of WW1 and WW2, there were more diversified groups in the German military than anywhere, including groups like muslim Turks, African blacks, and even jews. These groups were treated fairly and equally. In contrast, American blacks of WW1 and WW2 were treated as 2nd class citizens. Even during the Summer Olympic games in Berlin in 1936, the runner Jesse Owens was greeted warmly and shock hands with Adolf Hitler. The American president did no such thing. Boxer Cassius Clay/Mohammed Ali threw his Olympic medal for boxing into the river because of this very fact concerning Jesse Owens and Ali not being invited into the White House. Boy the jewish power controlled MSM certainly schews history and current events to suit their agenda of goyim control and world domination. The only problem is that people like PCR are so numerous it is hard to fight the revisionism of history and current events since jewish power is never mentioned outright or only slightly hinted at but discounted. So to counter people like PCR you must learn to read between the lines and also see what they do NOT say/write when they say/write something relevant. Use these tools and you will be able to see the forest through the trees. Or hear the sound of a tree fall even when no one is there. I suspect by using PCR as an information source of truth for this site, Darkmoon is trying to appeal to more websurfers and gain a broader following. Hope it works, but sooner or later you still have to go for the jugular/kill. Thanks, Norbert.

    1. Norbert –

      You make some good points. I would like to know what you mean when you say “America will fall.” Your definition of ‘fall’ may be a different one from mine.

      I parroted my dad saying “America is done” in the 50s. Then, every year since then.
      As I watched for over 60 years… nothing bad happened, and there was no fall. America was not ‘done’ at all.
      Then, I realized everyone was ‘guessing’ based on Hitler and Caesar and Romanoffs and Ottomans…etc. Nobody had a clue about history.
      Nothing was repeating. Because… those old systems did not operate the same way. Caesar and Hitler had no cell phones or SWIFT Code banking abilities. They had to carry gold around on horses and Jeeps.

      Britain used Pharisee banking…and became more powerful. It did NOT fall.
      Britain still holds all the titles and mortgages that it ever did…and more. Prince Charles even killed Dodi and nothing happened. No war.

      So… I will ‘guess’ that America will not fall. Just like London and its empire did…it will adjust….. and get stronger…. IF London and Vatican wish it to get stronger.

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    NO, not for these things! but solely because you breached our security and broke out of the spam box where you rightfully belong.


    Go away! — and seek some other website to plague! You are filling up our spam box with unsolicited comments!

  11. @ Pat
    You miss the point. The conditions today are so overwhelming both on a global and local scale that economic collapse is inevitable. It may start in Greece, but America will be the greatest casuality of the economic collapse. Thus America will fall to the point of destruction. You need to read other respected economic sites like: or to see the proof. You may not be an economist but Tyler Durden explains it well. Now as for those of you doubters out there concerning the Hegelian dialectic of this economic system battle of FED/IMF/World Bank vs. BRICS/Russia/China/AIIB having the same controllers, an article and video by James Corbett should set you straight, and of course the jewish money power (int’l jewry) is behind it. Here is the link:

    More proof the tentacles of the octopus are from the same head: a Rothschild Zionist Banksters jewish illuminati head. So wake up from your slumber people. Thanks, Norbert.

    1. Norbert –

      Thanks for the reply. I have been reading Tyler’s posts for years. He is good, and also fallible.

      I have said all along that East and West are controlled by NM Rothschild and Vatican. BRICS is flip side of same coin.

      You say I missed the point. I say you missed the question.
      I shall pose it properly, this time:
      What do YOU mean when you say “America will fall.?” I wanted your definition, not Tyler’s.

      1. Pat. What I mean by America will fall is the following: 1.) America will not be a Superpower anymore, no global superpowers except the central authority of the Banksters global elite from Switzerland BIS or Jerusalem, Israel; 2.) most Americans (99.99%) will be slave labour working for 1 monetary unit per day like blacks under the slave trade; 3.) most Americans will not own anything anymore like cars, homes, property and live in corporate/government housing like rats in a highrise maze or FEMA camp/prison cell; 4.) in education Americans will learn what the state needs you to learn or be re-educated to just do your job and no more; 5.) there will be no religion outside of the state-sponsored false religion of the One World dictator; 6.) America will be controlled by an outside force/dictator that makes sure points 1 -5 are the rule of law/tyranny. Lastly, if you object to any of these features of your future, you will be killed. Just like Eqypt, Assyria, Babylon, Medo-Persia, Alexander’s Greece and Rome all fell, so America will fall and be replaced by corporate plutocracy of Banksters. America had its day in the sun and now that sun is setting on America. America’s future government is in two places: Washington DC and some other world capital ie. Berlin/Brussels/Rome or Jerusalem , Israel. These points are the signs of Tyler’s definition of America’s fall. All previous world powers went through stages to collapse, America is on her last breath, in the sunset of her years. Whether that is good enough for you, I don’t know, but I’m sure you will know the collapse is on when you see it. Of course that event will come like a thief in the night and it will be too late. Unlike in the 1950s, 1960s or 1970s, there are too many signs aligning to show collapse/fall of America, which the MSM is trying to hide to keep you quiet and complacent like a sheep, which will led to the slaughter. Otherwise the only other thing I can say is go over the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion and its 24 points and if America has been subjected to all the points to an apex peak then America will fall soon. The global elite need America to fall for the NWO to come about. Many globalists like JD Rockefeller, George Soros and Henry Kissinger have said this already many times. So if the globalist say it, it will happen and is only a matter of when. Pat, maybe because you are an American, you may think that it can NOT happen in America. Under God, America is no different than any other country. God will judge each nation with righteousness and his justice. America is soon to be judged by Satan first and then by God. Thanks, Norbert.

    2. Norbert –

      I agree with your East-West fake dialectic.

      I wrote this last year:
      Who da Jews in China – – – –
      It is too late for China to be wary of Jews. They have been there for many centuries. They brought their drugs and international trade deals already. They caused the Opium Wars.

      The Jews are definitely in the Chinese government.

      The Chinese banks, the largest in thee world, are members of global banking organizations controlled by Jews from London and Ireland. HSBC is controlled from London.

      Zionism is praised there!! The Chinese founder felt a connection to the plight(?) of Jews.
      Dr. Sun Yat-sen, founder of the Republic of China, held admirations for the Jewish people and Zionism, and saw parallels between the persecution of Jews and the domination of China by the Western powers. He stated, “Though their country was destroyed, the Jewish nation has existed to this day… [Zionism] is one of the greatest movements of the present time. All lovers of democracy cannot help but support wholeheartedly and welcome with enthusiasm the movement to restore your wonderful and historic nation, which has contributed so much to the civilization of the world and which rightfully deserve [sic] an honorable place in the family of nations.

      Various Jewish Chinese individuals worked in government service and owned big properties in China in the 17th century.
      Shanghai’s first wave of Jews came in the second half of the 19th century, many being Mizrahi Jews from Iraq. The first Jew who arrived there was Elias David Sassoon, who, about the year 1850, opened a branch in connection with his father’s Bombay house. Since that period Jews gradually migrated from India to Shanghai, most of them being engaged from Bombay as clerks by the firm of David Sassoon & Co. The community was composed mainly of “Asian,” (Sephardi) German, and Russian Jews, though there were a few of Austrian, French, and Italian origin among them. Jews took a considerable part in developing trade in China, and several served on the municipal councils, among them being Silas Aaron Hardoon, partner in the firm of E. D. Sassoon & Co., who served on the French and English councils at the same time. During the early days of Jewish settlement in Shanghai the trade in opium and Bombay cotton yarn was mainly in Jewish hands.

      Sinofication of yehudi names:
      During the Ming Dynasty (1368–1644), a Ming emperor conferred seven surnames upon the Jews, by which they are identifiable today: Ai (艾), Shi (石), Gao (高), Jin (金), Li (李), Zhang (張), and Zhao (趙); sinofications of the original seven Jewish clans’ family names: Ezra, Shimon, Cohen, Gilbert, Levy, Joshua, and Jonathan, respectively. Interestingly, two of these, Jin and Shi, are the equivalent of common Jewish names in the west: Gold and Stone.
      Jewish life in Shanghai had really taken off with the arrival of the British. Mizrahi Jews from the Middle East came as traders via India and Hong Kong and established some of the leading trading companies in the second half of the 19th century.

    3. Thanks, Norbert –

      I wanted YOUR views, just to be clear.

      Satan came and judged America already. That happened from 1860 to 1890.

      I see that Europe is in for a much worse fate than America in the next 100 years. The Illuminati control is 10 times worse there. FEMA camps are coming to all of Europe…. run by the most ruthless Russian and Chinese hoards who can be hauled there on the new highways being built to China.

      You can take your points 1-5 and apply them times 10 to Europe. Europe’s population density is too great for the land there. Germany has 600 people per square mile. The forests are already destroyed in many areas of Germany…and water is polluted. Other EU countries fall there also. (US has only 84 people per sq mi)

      Brain dead Europeans are letting Putin have his way. He will lead the Chinese in on orders from London. He may become the titular head of the new order of the ages. Yellow will rule Russia and Europe.

  12. Thanks Pat for the latest right sector report. All hope is lost, got it, prepare for the jackboot.

    In the mountainous area of northwest China, west of the Min River, near the border of Tibet, in Szechuan lives the ancient people called by the Chinese, Chiang or Chiang-Min, who numbers about 250 thousand people.
    In 1937, a book was published entitled, China’s First Missionaries, subtitled, Ancient Israelites, by Rev. Thomas Torrance, who was a missionary in this area of China and was the first to write about this tribe and what he believed to be their ancient roots of the Lost Tribes of Israel.

    The Crest of the Imperial House of Japan Is the Same As That Found On the Gate of Jerusalem.

    Shinto has an ark of the covenant, shofar and a sacrifice pole.

    Tengu” gives him a “tora-no-maki” (a scroll of the “tora”) after giving him additional powers. This “scroll of the tora” is regarded as a very important book which is believed by the Japanese Shinot as helpful for any crisis. It explains the Tora Tora Tora exclamations of Japanese pilots.

    Nushi means noble, in Hebrew it is pronounced nasi and it is stunningly similar to nazi. Khazar jews who converted are known as Ashkenazi. Shinto scholars say that a Shinto god Susanou (Susanou-no-mikoto) in the Japanese mythology resembles Baal in several aspects.

    The blood grouping Y-DNA, E1b1b1 type of haplogroup E is “found in all Jewish populations, The Crest of the Imperial House of Japan Is the Same As That Found On the Gate of Jerusalem. Haplogroup E is strongest in descendants of the Khazar empire which branched out in many directions. Well know figures in history are known to possess this blood type including Napoleon and Hitler’s relatives.

    Some 54 percent of Japan belongs to haplogroup O. The Ainu are D-2 and the surviving pure group of them live on Sakalin Island of Russia. (No doubt they are the ones cleaning up Fukushima)

    I suppose that the ancient Shinto religion had the belief in God Yahweh, many shinto shrines display the star of David.

    It is said that in Japan, Jews recognize themselves through this blood grouping as in many other parts of the world. The Khazar kingdom engaged in wars with Alexander the Great and Ghengis Khan causing them to turn toward Japan and even Poland.

    Shinto priest enters the Holy of Holies of the Japanese shrine only at special times. This is similar to the Israeli tabernacle. Rabbi Tokayer states that the rectangle of cloth on the robe of Japanese Shinto priest looks very similar to the ephod of the Kohen, the Jewish priest.

    The Kagome Crest at Ise Grand Shrine and you can see the same design as the Shield of David (Star of David), the symbol of the Jews, in various places in Japan. Kagome sounds an awful lot like Kagan, an influential family in American politics sometimes called the kaganites.

    Asa-no-ha crest, which also resembles the Shield of David, has been used widely as symbols for clothes since about Kamakura-era (the 12-14th century C.E.). And Kagome crest was used by Komiya clan and Magaribuchi clan, etc., who are descendants of emperor Seiwa (the 9th century.

    How did Japan begin to have such an emperor system of single family line from generation to generation? . A researcher thought that it was due to what he calls the royal line of Israelites who came to Japan. Is the Imperial House of Japan in the lineage of the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel, especially of its royal line? If you look at the evidence It is hard not to see that Japanese Shinto religionists are basically practicing Judaism.

    There have been heated wars in ancient Japan between Buddhism and Shinto the older religion of Japan. Shinto is the religion of the emporer who believes himself to be a descendant of the sun goddess Amaterasu.

    The confrontation became so heated that Buddhist temples were set on fire. The wars began and the Buddhists won. Buddhists are about 90 million people in Japan. The present emporer however is Shinto.

    The original inhabitants of Japan the Ainu have met the fate of the American indians as they have been relegated presently to one of the small northern islands of Japan. Aino is a name used frequently among the Finnish people. It could be their origin and the lost continent off Japan could also be. They endured slavery, forced break ups of their families and small pox, resulting in the breakup of families. See introduction of smallpox, measles, cholera and tuberculosis into their community. In 1869, the new Meiji government renamed Ezo as Hokkaido and unilaterally incorporated it into Japan. It banned the Ainu language, took Ainu land away, and prohibited salmon fishing and deer hunting. Almost a scene from the Lakota Sioux or Robin Hood’s England or present day Palestine. It seems to be an age old system.

    In China

    The language of the Chiang tribe had been forgotten and they had also lost their ancient script. Today they speak Chinese.They themselves see themselves as immigrants from the west who reached this area after a journey of three years three months. The Chinese treated them as Barbarians, while Chiang people related to the Chinese as idol worshipers.

    On the other hand Japan practically is Israel.. Remember they sent troops to Iraq. They fought on the side of the Reich which lead to the formation of the state of Israel.

    The Chinese stance bought them some time but during the the war in Manchuria still faced the overthrow of the last emperor.

    The Japanese managed to attract thousands of Jews, especially from National Socialist Germany from 1938 onwards. The Japanese army officer and diplomat Kiichiro Higuchi was instrumental in issuing passes to Jewish refugees. Higuchi would later play a role in the ill-fated Japanese invasion of the Aleutian islands during World War II, the only Japanese occupation of American soil.

    Jews were already living in Manchuria, and the Jewish community was bolstered by the influx of thousands of Jewish settlers. The dominant culture among Jews in Manchuria was the ideology of Zionist racialist Ze’ev Jabotinsky, which was thoroughly militarist. Jews created a militia, the so-called Betar, and paraded in full uniform and with flags through the streets of the Manchurian capital of Harbin (see here, p. 52). The Jews would prove to be willing middlemen in the Far East, unlike other Europeans who were put in concentration camps to work, often dying from starvation, sickness or pure exhaustion. Jews were willing to support the Japanese war cause, announcing in a Jewish-Japanese conference in 1940 that they would help to build the New Order in East Asia. Special prayers were reserved for the welfare of the Japanese emperor by the rabbi of Tientsin (see Herman Dicker, Wanderers and Settlers in the Far East [Twayne Publishers 1962] p. 59).


    In 2004 the Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert visited the grave of his father in Harbin on an official state visit to the People’s Republic of China. Nowadays the Chinese are looking for good relations with the state of Israel, but after World War II the Jews who had not left yet were expelled from China after the conclusion of the Chinese civil war in 1949. Chairman Mao banned the Jewish religion from the registration of cults in China. It was the only officially banned religion.

    Time has apparently faded the Chinese memory of the Jewish complicity with Japanese occupation of Chinese territory and their war crimes, like the mass experimenting of chemical (and biological) agents in Manchuria, the exploitation of slave-labor causing millions to die, and the brutal cultural and political oppression of Chinese. World War II in China (1937–1945) cost the lives of at least 20 million Chinese civilians, most deliberately killed in scenes like the Nanking Massacre or the sanko sakusen

    (The “Three Alls Policy”: loot all, kill all, burn all).

    1. @ Dublinmick

      “In the mountainous area of northwest China, west of the Min River, near the border of Tibet, in Szechuan lives the ancient people called by the Chinese, Chiang or Chiang-Min, who numbers about 250 thousand people. In 1937, a book was published entitled, China’s First Missionaries, subtitled, Ancient Israelites, by Rev. Thomas Torrance, who was a missionary in this area of China and was the first to write about this tribe and what he believed to be their ancient roots of the Lost Tribes of Israel…..etc etc etc etc etc etc……………………………….”

      Long, off-topic comments like this, probably copy-pasted from your own site, will henceforth be regarded as SPAM.

      However interesting it is to know about the history of China and Japan and Manchuria, you have no business copy-pasting all these irrelevant details onto our site. Keep all this material for your own site in future.

      We have received several complaints about you and we think they are justified. You are derailing discussion on this site by introducing endless distractions and copy-pasting huge chunks from your own website into our Comments section.


      I make this request to you in all politeness. You are abusing the hospitality of our site.

  13. Would it not be more accurate for PCR to write Jewish Media and not “white media”.
    Who is he trying to kid.

  14. It IS, of course, realistic that the rest of the world (especially the EU) will become a ‘concubine’ of America. It is, already.

    TPTB (City of London) has commandeered America for its own, and now has the might of her arm. Until further notice, it remains thus. Beware. While I believe the ‘nuclear threat’ is a strategy to deceive into further debt – the real power of American aggressiveness remains. It IS ‘exceptional’. Too bad, so sad…y’all…

  15. There is certainly no lack of intrigue in China. Bo looked to be the point man for the realm, but things went south….etc etc etc……………………………………..


    Long, off-topic comments copy-pasted from other sites, including you own, will be regarded as SPAM.

    It is interesting to know that you are obsessed with CHINA and JAPAN right now, but why post all this irrelevant stuff on our site? Why are you introducing all these distractions? Please keep your endless off-topic irrelevancies for your own site. This is NOT the place for them!

    1. @Admin Toby

      On the contrary I did not broach the subject of Jews in China, I was simply following along adding some substance to the simplicity provided by the tag team match of Pat and Norbert who first brought up China. At any rate your response has provided me with all I need to know. Someone goes off topic and you follow, hence you are off topic. You wish a controlled discussion. I will be off now.

      Discussion of China by Pat and Norbert


      Now as for those of you doubters out there concerning the Hegelian dialectic of this economic system battle of FED/IMF/World Bank vs. BRICS/Russia/China/AIIB having the same controllers

      Lastly, if you object to any of these features of your future, you will be killed. Just like Eqypt, Assyria, Babylon, Medo-Persia, Alexander’s Greece and Rome all fell, so America will fall and be replaced by corporate plutocracy of Banksters.

      Various Jewish Chinese individuals worked in government service and owned big properties in China in the 17th century.
      Shanghai’s first wave of Jews came in the second half of the 19th century, many being Mizrahi Jews from Iraq.”

      1. @ Dublin Mick

        On the contrary I did not broach the subject of Jews in China, I was simply following along adding some substance to the simplicity provided by the tag team match of Pat and Norbert who first brought up China. At any rate your response has provided me with all I need to know. Someone goes off topic and you follow, hence you are off topic. You wish a controlled discussion. I will be off now.

        TOBY: A pity. Because you have great intelligence and literary talents. And we could have done with your input here. But you must learn to conform to the basic rules of this website and not attempt to make an exception of yourself.

        Come back any time you want, but try to keep to the point and comment on the actual article.

        If the article is on Putin, please don’t launch into a long lecture on Chinese ceramics or Japanese samurai! I’m not saying you did that, but you have a tendency to let your mind wander…

    2. So you are even censoring my comment? Maybe re-read the discussion yourself which clearly shows I did not bring up the subject of China, I was simply responding.

      1. @ Dublin Mick

        Call it “censorship” if you will. I call it quality control. This is NOT your website and you are not in control here. If you continue to post long, irrelevant, off-topic comments or to regurgitate material from your own site, your comments will be deleted.

        Tell me, why did you “censor” The RealOriginalJoe on your site? Were you not free to do so? In the same way, we are free to “censor” YOU if you become a source of disruption.

  16. ⌂ Home
    ? MAX


    Press ? for Keyboard Shortcuts.

    Fw: Anzac Badges – Bob Katter – well worth a read.

    Bill Woods
    Today at 12:01 PM


    [email protected]

    Subject: Anzac Badges – Bob Katter – well worth a read.





    On the basis of this email, the day will come when the ANZAC Day Parade will be banned, RSL’s will close and Australian soldiers will wear a different uniform. As Bob Katter says below, the Australian flag is already forbidden in some public areas. Sometimes I wonder if we can still call this place Australia, it’s already owned by many foreign countries now with huge investments in place. Whether you love him or hate him, he hits a raw nerve!
    Politician, Bob Katter …. Saying it as it is:
    My great, great, great grandfather watched as his friends died in the Boer War.
    My grandfather watched and bled as his friends died in World Wars 1&2.
    My grandfather watched as his friends & brothers died in the Depression of 32.
    My father watched as his friends died in Korea.
    I watched as my friends died in Vietnam, East Timor & Desert Storm.
    Our sons and daughters watched & bled as their friends died in Afghanistan and Iraq .
    None of them died for the Afghanistan and Iraq Flag. Every Australian died for the Australian flag.
    At a Victorian high school foreign students raised a Middle East flag on a school flag pole.
    Australian students took it down. Guess who was expelled…the students who took it down.
    West Australian high school students were sent home, because they wore T-shirts
    with the Australian flag printed on them. Enough is enough!.
    This message needs to be viewed by every Australian; every Australian needs to stand up for Australia. We’ve bent over to appease the Aussie-haters long enough. I’m taking a stand.
    And shame on anyone who tries to make this a racist message.
    AUSTRALIANS, stop giving away Your RIGHTS!”
    DITTO for you Americans and British, etc. The Illuminata now has almost total control and its Orc armies are besieging us from all corners of the globe. The WHITE nation is about to be destroyed! …. Join Satan or die!
    Be like PAT-sy (above) and diabolically rationalize that Jewish-controlled USURY and banking have made us great!
    Says the evil PAT-sy: “Debt systems brought what exists in the 21st century. America…and the world… would NOT have the living standards of today without Pharisee Banking Systems. Very few who I know would be willing to go back to outhouses and chamber pots and outside wells…. and horse and buggy.”
    PAT’sy just cannot imagine a planet without the Jewish MONEY POWER! He is the arch-TROLL, as I keep saying!

    1. Mad Max,

      Pat is being a realist. I cannot think of one individual in Amerika that would want to give up the modern conveniences that the evil Debt Slave System “gave” them.

      1. You GOT IT.. Leo –

        The majority are ‘hooked on gadgets’ also. I started calling them the ‘text generation’ almost 10 years ago.

        This is true world-wide….. especially Europe, Canada and Australia… where Rothschilds rule directly. They send out the warship…QE2 when needed…. wharfed at Buckingham.

      2. thomas edison,

        It is absurd to say that our country can issue $30,000,000 in bonds and not $30,000,000 in currency. Both are promises to pay; but one promise fattens the usurer, and the other helps the people. If the currency issued by the Government were no good, then the bonds issued would be no good either. It is a terrible situation when the Government, to increase the national wealth, must go into debt and submit to ruinous interest charges at the hands of men who control the fictitious values of gold

        Charles Linbergh about what is the FED.

        To cause high prices, all the Federal Reserve Board will do will be to lower the rediscount rate…, producing an expansion of credit and a rising stock market; then when … business men are adjusted to these conditions, it can check … prosperity in mid career by arbitrarily raising the rate of interest. It can cause the pendulum of a rising and falling market to swing gently back and forth by slight changes in the discount rate, or cause violent fluctuations by a greater rate variation and in either case it will possess inside information as to financial conditions and advance knowledge of the coming change, either up or down. This is the strangest, most dangerous advantage ever placed in the hands of a special privilege class by any Government that ever existed. The system is private, conducted for the sole purpose of obtaining the greatest possible profits from the use of other people’s money. They know in advance when to create panics to their advantage, They also know when to stop panic. Inflation and deflation work equally well for them when they control finance.”

        Economical cycle for the dummies. I felt bad for myself when i read this for the first time. Don’t bother about Juglar, Kondratieff and Schumpeter students.

      3. Phil –

        “thomas edison” is a bad ‘guess’ for free competition. He wanted TOTAL control of a dying electrical system…DC power. Know him by his words and actions. He was a liar. He invented a boatload of useful gadgets….and lies. All men lie at that level.

        Edison was so addicted to the money and success of his expensive advancements, he killed numerous dogs and cats and even an elephant with AC voltage to try to cut out competition from Westinghouse and Tesla. He lied during this whole campaign to protect his monopoly.

        Inventor Thomas Edison oversaw and conducted the electrocution, and he captured the event on film. Edison used the film in his campaign against George Westinghouse and AC technology.
        However… about the Fed… It needs to be abolished….. and ‘thin air’ debt free money issued directly by the Treasury.

        Most do not know there is a ‘Treasurer of the US’… and a ‘Secretary of the Treasury’. Both signatures appear on FRNs.

        Debt instruments go through Goldman-Sachs to get to the Fed… brokered with interest… as per the Act of 1913.

      4. Thanks for the precision on Edison i have to admit i didn’t know that. I still find this quote about money creation very revelant from where i stand. Many industrials projected their own interest when they criticized the money trust, like Ford, but that didn’t mean they were wrong as misplaced intentions don’t always make you wrong.
        I often hear that we can’t abolish the debt central banking System because we would collapse or because it would jeopardize our livelihood or because it has always been like that.
        Nothing is more false.

      5. Phil –
        From East to West and then West to East…. is the pattern of Freemasonry…. in search of more light… illumination.

        All of us cannot know everything. That’s why I claim we are ‘guessing.’ We cannot know the motives of others.

        Edison was a brilliant inventor. Brilliant inventors can design new tortures and weapons as well as instruments for good.

        Edison was ruthless, selfish and cruel. He did not fit in with others. Neither did Westinghouse. Tesla was a loner also. They were all tyrannical in nature. That is what it takes to throw off advice and admonitions of others to complete new discoveries. Henry Ford and Andrew Carnegie and Rockefellers… and many other pioneers were the same way. Demanding to the point of cruelty…. for wealth and fame.

    2. Baloney head Bilney –

      My name is Pat… Not Arch.

      Your comprehension skills deficit is what pulled your IQ to 107. Your big ‘pie-hole’ pushed your blubbered riddled baloney to 170kg.

  17. I am grateful to FOX News, Bill O’Reilly, and Sean Hannity. If it wasn’t for them – in part – I’d still be a Right Wing Christian Conservative cultist. Watching them daily began to annoy me (as much as I used to annoy others I am sure). Both are self righteous, prideful, arrogant, and purchased. Blind leaders of the blind.

    I am amazed at Hannity in particular. The man is an embarrassment. Absolutely no interviewing skills. He rudely talks over people, mocks them, and offers no intelligent debate – that is his whole show. Bill O’s ego is enormous, acts as if he sits on a throne, and pontificates nonsense. He belittles his guests, and opponents alike. He is captive of his ego. Both are very sad men.

    I admire PCR. Though he doesn’t appeal to many here. Dr. Roberts was another step away from the matrix for me. Even Alex Jones played a role as others like Darkmoon, and several commentators here do. The Revisionist Historians like David Irving, and others as well. I may not agree with everyone or hold such extreme views as some. But one thing is for sure. I am committed to examining the evidence to find the truth, and embrace it.

    Will AmeriKa fall? Amerika will never be America again as the Baby Boomers used to know it. In fact, America is and for the most part a “myth” as George Carlin pointedly makes clear. Major General Smedley Darlington Butler’s “War Is A Racket” reveals this truth as well.

    I recently read an article on US Treasury Bond “Bubble”. When it bursts and it will…Amerika and the world economies go with it.

      1. The man doesn’t possess grace and is incapable of dispensing it. How could anyone enjoy his company? Must be a very lonely guy. Perfect customer for the Bunny Ranch.

  18. I would love nothing more than to witness the Amerikan/Zionist/NATO Murder Torture Pillage Machine self destruct due to the lack of funding (and/or whatever else it takes). Enough innocent blood has been shed!!!

  19. It appears that some people that post comments on Darkmoom are convinced that the jews are super intelligent, all powerful, and are in complete control of the USA, EU, Russia, China, the Five Eyes, Africa, and South America. If this is true;

    Why don’t the jews just proclaim themselves as rulers of the world like they have dreamed about for over 2,500 years?

    Why do the jews bother establishing a global currency when they already have one in the US dollar?

    Why would the jews need a new global economic system since they already have one?

    Why would the jews need a United Nations if they already control the whole world?

    Why would the jews need any of the wars and coups instead of just starting the goyim exterminations as desired to reduce the world’s population?

    Why would the jews need the military tensions between US/NATO and Russia?

    Why would the jews need the military tensions between the US and China?

    Why would the jews keep funding the US military to keep straying countries in line when it would be easier to just use the Chinese military with it’s massive size? (There are more women in the Chinese army than in all of the US military combined.)

    The answers are obvious. The jews do not have the power and control that they are falsely being given credit of having by some commenters here at Darkmoon.

    Are the jews intelligent? Hell, no. Anyone that decides to do battle with God cannot be accused of being intelligent. Arrogant and stupid are much better terms to be applied to the jews. How many times does it take the jews to be crushed before they catch on to the fact that abusing the Second Commandment according to Jesus (Love thy neighbor, which is not in the jewish Ten Commandments of Exodus) reaps severe penalties, both here and later? Jews repeatedly exalt themselves above their fellowman expecting different results which proves that they are insane, not intelligent, and deserving of their certain destruction, again.

    1. @ Ungenius
      Your Austin Powers simplistic thinking is on a Homer Simpson dah scale. The Jewish power is very smart using us against each other to achieve their goals. If jews were to go from earth to the moon in one fell swoop, the connection would be obvious: jews did it. But jews can not be seen to do something that causes the goyims demise. Thus they use tools like INCREMENTALISM, birth pangs of a woman just before birth, to hide behind. Most isms in the world came about in this way. If all Americans were rounded up by force to be sent to FEMA camps all at once, there would be too many resisters. But if you setup the scenario of a 9/11 and the War on Terror combined with gradual removal of human rights, 99% of the people would go to FEMA camps if told to. You should watch the movie – Captain America: Winter Soldier and listen to the computerized Dr. Zola explain it to you (Hydra/SHIELD reference). The sheeple must be conditioned/brainwashed to accept their fate, they can not be forced to accept it. Remember the jewish power plays chess with us not marbles. You can not expect a woman to get pregnant and then give birth to offspring like the snap of the fingers/wave of a wand, the whole process jewish power uses takes time and they have time since this plot is long in the works and is multi-generational over centuries, even millenia. The process also takes time because that also maximizes profits, quickie shemes do not maximize profits. They are building their satanic version of a pearl or diamond, not a lump of sand or coal. Also the jewish power machinations must fit into the sheeples comprehension of reality. America is the worlds’ policeman so America can do what jewish power wants them to. China is not the policeman yet, so sending China’s military everywhere does not make sense, at least not yet until yuan is the reserve currency. Stop trying to muddy the waters when things are already clear enough for most of us. Thanks, Norbert.

  20. As I said, PAT-sy “just cannot imagine a planet without the Jewish MONEY POWER!”; and neither, obviously can you Pope Leo , as I would expect! ….. 2 men with IQ’s around 102 points!
    You idiots are brainwashed TOOLS! You have created your own diabolical Hegelian DIALECTIC; but I know you do not have enough intelligence to see this.
    PAT-sy’s DIALECTIC works like this:
    THESIS = “America…and the world… would NOT have the living standards of today without Pharisee Banking Systems. Debt systems brought what exists in the 21st century.” So, it follows that the “Pharisee Banking” system is a GOOD thing and has given us our modern living standards!
    ANTITHESIS = We would be very poor without the Pharisees’ banks …. “back to outhouses and chamber pots and outside wells.”
    It is, therefore, assumed that NO modern innovations would have occurred without Pharisee financial acumen and intervention! …. This man, PAT-sy, has a purpose!
    I.e. 2 extreme paradigms made, by PAT-sy to oppose each other! How Protocols’-like clever of him! Come in ye spinners! Can any of you understand? Norbert?
    And the NEW THESIS or end product according to our arch-troll PAT-sy: The Pharisee Banking system is a GOOD thing and we obviously MUST assign much credit to them … and, perhaps, let’s hope it continues, because without their credit making facilities we would be in third world strife!
    My God, PAT-sy, you, with your mastery of the DIALECTIC, continue to fool everyone and I am the only thorn in your side! …. And in total support of the Pharisee “money out of thin air” Banking system you inform us that:
    “There is NO reversing it.” … And Sucker fish Leo tells me Pat is a realist! …. Well, we might as well pack it all in now! … No use sending in posts everyone! PAT-sy the troll has spoken! BAN HIM NOW!!!!!! He is far more dangerous than that funny Joe fellow!

    1. Maximum Bil-o-ney….. my favorite 4′-6″ 170 kg 107 IQ Tasmanian:

      As usual… you have provided no links to help validate your weak arguments….which are diluted by your insane ‘dialectics’… which are nothing but rantings.

      You will have trouble packing in all your baloney. I would tell you to ‘haul ass’ but it would take too many trips.

    2. Mad Max,

      I think the facts bear witness that Americans were “molded” by the “Controllers” to be “high level” debt slaves ( besides the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank which sold them into slavery to begin with).

      Give them jobs and offer the debt slaves homes in the suburbs on thirty year mortgages, offer them credit to purchase the latest appliances/electronics/gadgets/etc. to fill those homes, and use the media to influence them to live beyond their means. The more the serfs produce, the more available for the controllers take through credit and taxes.

      It is not a good thing at all. But it is what happened and is happening. Americans in general are propagandized and relatively comfortable zombies. Thanks to the ever fragile “Petro Dollar” and the fake wars which back it.

      (The IRA/pension funds as well as Obama Care type programs are other economic vehicles used to steal from wealthier debt slaves (The Baby Boomers) – the last group with residual wealth.)

  21. Oh yeah, Jewish bankers’ apologist and ardent supporter, PAT-sy, with your : “America…and the world… would NOT have the living standards of today without Pharisee Banking Systems.” …. Thank God for the Pharisee Bankers”, says our PAT-sy! He adds: ” I would not have an inside flushing toilet if it wasn’t for the great Jews!”
    So you have no cognizance of the New America that Henry Makow and other correspondents talk about – the America post the global financial meltdown, caused by the big Jewish banks and their casino economies??
    Henry Makow: “In Detroit, the average home price has fallen from $98,000 as recently as 2003 to just $14,000 today. The auto industry moved jobs out of Detroit long before 2003, so the decline cannot be attributed to just industrial migration, and cities like Baltimore, Oakland, Cleveland, and Philadelphia are in scarcely better shape. For those who believe that this cannot happen in white communities, have a look at the white underclass in Britain. The lower half of the US white population is vulnerable to the same fate as the black community, and cities like Los Angeles are perilously close to ‘Detroitification’.”
    PAT-sy, you are exposed as an arrogant, troll-like fool! … Just 5 minutes with you …. please!

    1. @ Pat

      Keep up the good work by offering solid information and abstaining from Christ-bashing. It is only your fact-based comments that are informative and illuminating. Your Christ-bashing posts, on the contrary, are not only an insult to Admin and to many others of a spiritual bent, they are simply a form of ideological masturbation. Ideological semen — instead of ideological hot air.

      Darwin was an atheist, but he kept his unbelief to himself and didn’t trumpet it to the world. So his atheism was palatable to the theists. It would be so nice if you could cultivate a similar modesty and stop trying to re-crucify Christ in public. It is not modest. It is not nice. It is a form of verbal masturbation.

      Thomas Paine wouldn’t masturbate in public like that. Stop doing it. Have some dignity.

      Madame Butterfly
      (born-again banned poster)

      1. MB –

        4′ -6″ Maximum Bil-o-ney, the blustery Tasmanian, does not need your foul-mouthed help. He does just fine on his own. The brave fighter told me he wants to whipt me in my wheelchair. He picks on people he believes to be weaklings just like he learned to do from the natives in the Outhouse….Outback.

        But, MB, I see you still haven’t cleaned up your language or reduced your constant profane jabs at me while on censored hold.

        I think you are ‘Hillary’-ously absurd in your self-appointed attempts at monitoring me. You always have been.
        But….. You are funny . I get a kick out of you…and your baloney filled side-kick. Two of a kind.

        I remind you of Paine. You remind me of Hillary Clinton. She talks like you do.

      2. MB –

        Thanks for having my ‘own good’ in your mind. I have more than enough for both of us.

        Remember… most don’t remember the comments, anyway.

        The link did not work for me.

    2. @ Max Bilney

      Congratulations! Your posts have improved considerably now that you are learning to keep to the point and confine yourself to politics. Such a refreshing change!

      Obviously there are nymphomaniacs out there who go into ecstasies every time they read a comment of yours and are treated to a detailed description of your 10-inch dick, but I doubt if there are many such nymphos thronging this site. So please do continue your policy of self-restraint and refrain from further descriptions of your rampant manhood.

      By the way, I am a friend, not an enemy. I hope you are intelligent enough to know that.

      Madame Butterfly
      (born-again banned poster)

  22. The war of East v West is an ongoing battle. All war is insanity.

    Here is a book detailing some of the plots.

    “Waters Flowing Eastward – The War Against The Kingship Of Christ” (1931)
    (Edited and revised by Rev Denis Fahey of Dublin)

    Published in New Orleans – they show that the ADL admitted the Jews were using the Protocols against Jews behind the Iron Curtain.

    Mrs. Fry was married to a Czarist Russian aristocrat. She gained first-hand knowledge of ruthless Communism in action, and helped French Monseigneur Join research the sources of the Judo-Bolshevist plot against Christianity.

    Part of the secret to Pharisee-Jew success wherever they wandered was – Strengthening the Kahal (Pharisee-Jew government), Pharisee Jews formed fraternities everywhere they went from 135 AD. The fraternities formed mini-Kahals and established trade unions for strength to defeat the gentiles.

  23. Hello ESP and Peter whose interventions are much appreciated.
    German posters seem to have their way with English but again we pretty much all come from Germany especially ESP and the solution to the Talmudic Sudoku lies there according to me. Peter I think you are preaching to the choir when you highlight the greatness of Germany. Your nation is pretty much leading the way in almost every domain except finance since Napoléon collectively woke you up and nobody here would deny that. I would come back to that later with another genius that Germany has produced in mass during the last two centuries. By the way, that is maybe Germany’s problem, this obsession with mass production and quantity as Gunther Schwab demonstrated. And this Kant guy also, but nobody is perfect.

    On the article, this is just another gray propaganda with lot of truth mixed with omissions but it might be a useful read for people trying to make sense out of this mess. This article reminds me of this famous Bossuet quote “God laughs at those who deplore the effects of causes they cherish” By the way speaking of gatekeeper we had this Naomi Klein in France recently presenting her new ecological fight to save the world. Too bad, I liked the Shock Doctrine approach. It seems the search of truth is too often blocked by tribal solidarity. Shame on you Noam and Naomi, even if you made good points. To all the others Jews who have managed to break the veil, I salute you even if there are too few of them.

    The comment section now which is, in this particular case, way more interesting than the article but I suspect this is a just a bone, thrown at us by unscrupulous ladies who enjoy dog’s fight. I’d like to come back to the cordial exchange between Pat and Norbert where much truth have emerged. Pat, I think the discussion about who is going to fall first is pointless but if you want my opinion on that, I think it will be USA because you have the biggest GDP which is a measure of both waste and inefficiency and because you have the much leveraged complex financial system. We saw a glimpse of what happened in 2008 when the too big to fail us banks and your insurance companies became insolvent in a minute. But if it is any consolation to you, the world will soon follow as the global banking system is pyramidal and because the global Ponzi scheme relies only on your worthless QE. Also because you are the first to have implemented Nohaide laws by congress which is a bad sign if you ask me. I realized that in “the collapse of complex societies”a book written by this great academic from Utah Joseph Tainter.
    You see Pat, I wouldn’t dare to say that Americans are dumbs, that would be dishonest since i have spent much time there, but a huge intellectual gap has been created between your cognitive elite and the rest of the population in term of perception of the world’s reality, a characteristic that the AA establishment shares with the Jewish elite and that they have self-perpetuated with Hollywood and your mercantile sub-culture that USA is exporting worldwide. This state of fact has been created voluntarily in order for them to buy the world with counterfeit currency. The prosperity of USA since 1913 relies on your unrestricted credit line over the world which is protected by your oversized militaro-industrial complex/NATO bases. This is what DeGaulle exposed when he referred to the exorbitant privilege of Dollar and this situation is unsustainable for both USA and the world. I recently heard that the sole utilization of Dollar is responsible for 10% of your GDP and it seems a lot like protection money. And this is just the financial military aspect of the issue. You may find irrelevant to compare USA with the Roman Empire so I modestly advise you to read or reread the Tainter book because there is not only financial and military factor to consider but also social and racial cohesion, level of indecency and historical background. USA has much in common with Roma as a disconnected unproductive center of the empire of free trade. Stuart Ewen, from Hunter College “Society of indecency” might also be a good read. Those two books have been massive hit in continental Europe. I hope you get my points Pat because sometimes I feel you let your patriotic emotions clouding your vision of things as you must feel sometimes with the excessive thus trivial anti American comment that we look down to you. Qui bene amat, bene castigat my friend.

    I am running out of time and will post later about the German genius who solved the Sudoku. I like Sudoku; you can’t put sixes in all the cases to win. Felix, this is another Atlanticist comment but since we have rocked the world. I’d very much like to see American inspired them from this European radicalism I was mentioning in my earlier post.
    See you later my worldwide European virtual friends. Too bad we can’t highlight and laugh about our contradictions physically.

    1. Thanks, Phil –

      I don’t ‘feel’ much of anything as far a my personal ownership in regards the political position of America today. US Govt agencies and agents are out of my control.

      I don’t feel that you look down on me at all. My ‘guesses’ are not the same as your ‘guesses’. No more, and no less. Disagreement does not provoke inferiority or superiority to me. I cannot speak for you. Your ‘guesses’ are your call.

      I never said that any one area of the world would fall before another. I have no idea there. I say that a country’s government has ‘fallen’ when their government building are bought outright by private people and companies. I don’t know when or where that will happen next.

      But, what I do know is that Greece just fell economically and most government property was bought by Steve Forbes, George Soros and hundreds of other private entities. Forbes gloated to Max Keiser about the ‘bargain basement’ deals he was scooping up over there, when he bumped into him in Paris.

      Greece was not the first, and it will not be the last to morph from public to private and back to public and then private….on and on….. in cyclical fashion through time, depending on who has the debt…. AND is powerful enough to enforce payment.

      See if you can dig NM Rothschild and Vatican control out of your Europe. Let me know your success. When that happens you can construct a tutorial on how Americans can follow your lead.

      Me… I don’t own any political problems above my household and some at the local levels.

      Keep guessing… It is fun. You can laugh with me, or at me, at your keyboard, if not together, physically.

  24. Phil
    Your comments are always profound and well argued and your grasp of history well above that of the average Anglo-Saxon. I always liked De Gaulle and his independent policy which unfortunately Sarkozy and his successor Hollande have abandoned. Regarding De Gaulle I remember reading an amusing anecdote about his visit to Stalingrad, now Volgograd. As he was touring he remarked, “Amazing people,” the Russians taking him around thought he was referring to them, but De Gaulle said no, he was referring to the Germans! Obviously for being able to advance so far into Russia. Remember it was Russia in WW1, due to their attack on East Prussia in 1914 that forced the Germans to withdraw an Army Corps and it was this which led to the “Miracle on the Marne,”! Having said that, the seeds of WW1 were sown in the humiliating terms forced on France after the Franco-Prussian War in 1870. Apparently Bismarck tried to prevent it but the German Kaiser insisted on imposing a harsh peace. No doubt, you have been following my “anti-Atlanticist” postings. But I would like to suggest a book for you to read, “Street Without Joy,” by Bernard Fall. It is an account of France’s war in Indo-China, an excellent read. Moving on to insanity it never ceases to amaze me how many stupid mistakes could be avoided by a study of history. It’s a pity so many European countries are signing on to the collective insanity now raging through the Anglo-Saxon States. One fault of “exceptional” countries is the inability to see their own faults.

    1. Felix,

      Thank you for the advice about the book on Indochina’s war as i am not an expert on the subject since i spend much time with AngloAmerican history. I just informed myself recently about the fall of Saigon and this very complex situation with so many actors involved. But again, the background is fake war on communism the fake nose of political globalism, and Potsdam where the British tried to exclude us from Indochina by giving the administration to China. De gaulle should have never appointed d’Argenlieu who was responsible for the bombing of Haiphong but Lattre de Tassigny instead. We have made our peace with Vietnamese and they have assimilated perfectly to the population without any resentment and with a lot succes$, the Asian way. The ungrateful community and the Algerians should take it as an example. They are forgiving people as Vo Nguyen Giap was living proof of but the French German African military corpse didn’t disgrace itself and was in good term with the local population.
      About the 1870 drama, this is the kick off time to a game that would end in 1945. L’autre avant-guerre between Sedan and 1914 is a key period to understand the bloody 20th century with its complex diplomatic relations and Edward VII’s role in all that. I am sure you know the bold move of Bismarck when he re-wrote the Ems dispatch and compeled both Napoléon III and Guillaume I, when words provoked wars. Eugenie de Montijo’s role should not be downplayed as she pretty much convinced her reluctant husband. Cherchez la femme like the fiendish Putin said. I like talking history with you Felix. As I have already stated countless times I think it is the last revolutionary science especially a particular period in Germany between other wars. I hope the admin won’t mind a little off topic comment. I recommend you this Franco Asian movie production called “Can dialectics break bricks” where situationists “debunk” jewish Maoism with an old Chinese Kung Fu movie about the fight between South Koreans Taekwondo and their Japanese oppressors. This worldwide collaboration leads me to my great uncle in America.
      I re-read my post and I apologize for the patronizing tone. When I was using all this “your” I was just addressing through you to the eventual American reader but I have already made this mistake with you. I never “essentialize” American with their establishment as you are living in the same democracy where wealth allows some people to stand above the law. This is what media and politicians across Europe are doing, blaming you/USA to ease their own consciences and creating another dialectic Europe/America which is clearly irrelevant and might be destructive. I use the word nation a lot because i think it is the only framework in which financial globalism can be fought properly but maybe you disagree on that and that is OK with me.
      You say we are all guessing. I say we are all pretty much seeing the same issues from a different perspective. Me, I am all about reconciliation and that should be easy between us as I share your opinion about London like my drunken post on how people of the world should regroup to loot the City is proof of. You said Putin should bomb London and I am with you on that. He could also bomb Paris as revenge after this Crimean war business where MacMahon distinguished himself with his famous “J’y suis, j’y reste”. Nobody in the world seems to care about sooooo Great Britain and people like Edward VII the great uncle of war. I should post on that in a more serious way to see if there is not some kind of tribal Oxfordian LSE solidarity at play on this forum. I take gloves with you Pat and since my reference to Andrew Jackson left you cold, I persist with another corsair.
      Let me try to humor you with this historical dialogue between the French corsair Robert Surcouf and his British captured officer/East Indian company glorified employee. “You French fight for money, while we British fight for honour.”Sir, a man fights for what he lacks the most”.
      I think we can pretty much reconcile the whole world at the expense of Great Britain. I know Mike Myers and Felix wouldn’t mind. Max on the other hand?
      Is there a Russian poster/reader who would care to enlighten us?

      1. Phil –

        Thanks. No apology necessary. We learn from each other. We disagree on fewer points than I do with my wife on what to have for dinner.

  25. Fellow Bloggers:
    Nice to see the smart ones putting the pieces together with our shared knowledge. I just think that what appeared on the other day concerning Alexandr Solzhenitsyn, his writings and his speeches to Americans should be our battle cry and motto. Here is the link: Solzhenitsyn Foresaw Satanic Contagion Infecting West – See more at:

    This article is most relevant to America for America will experience this very soon as all the fuss about Jade Helm 15 in alternative media is very telling. readers keep commenting and the truth will come out. America is next on the NWO hitlist because if America remained as it was in the 1950s – 1970s, America’s demise would not be possible, but now it within earshot from Riots and the Police state response. 2015 – 2016 is that time for America’s demise/destruction just like Stalin/Mao destroyed their respective countries, Obama is doing it to America from within as well. Seriously, that was Obama’s job from day one as president and being black and Hope and Change were the sucker’s bait to hook the sheeple in. To silence truthers in America you are labelled a racist because you hate Obama because he is black. Obama was the NWO manchurian candidate for the west. I see Europe and mainly Germany and France as the only hope when they align with Putin/Russia. However, Zios/jewish power will turn that hope into a nightmare because just like Obama for America, a European (not Putin/ probably German) leader will arise that will be seen the same way – Hope and Change, at first and then will turn out to make the likes of Stalin look like a choirboy. This leader may be a pope, Pope Francis (really false prophet), but that leader is called the Antichrist, and he may be secretly jewish or crypto-jewish. Boy the world is a stage, where actors play their parts and humanity is just the audience that is pulled along for NWO world domination like a dog on a leash. Thanks, Norbert.

  26. @Toby

    Why did I censor Joe? You are not serious I know when asking that. I don’t censor him, I delete him immediately along with his other tags of WhiteSnakeHunter, Salvatore, FogHornLegHorn and Salvatore.

    They all have the same IP from Juscat or something like that, I forget now. They sound like a computer program full of racial invective and go on and on about how the catholic church is going to save the world etc yada yada. In fact they probably are an experimental program. They call people niggers, call me the guru etc.

    I don’t do any of that sort of thing, I try and bring information when I post, information that possibly some may have not run across. Sometimes that involves a link, sometimes it doesn’t. It is hard for it to be both ways, a few clips out of some link is copying and pasting ….. or leaving a link to avoid that is bad because we are leaving links. Which way is it, I am confused?

    It is nothing new to me however, the honorable Jimmah Dean at VT bans people for leaving links as he says that detract from “the flow of the information.” Well golly gee we are either trying to provide information or we are herding people into canned responses. Is this what we are really talking about here.

    I don’t even comment here very often and I am quite surprised to get the judge Roy Bean treatment.

    There are many sites designed as alternative news that provide interesting detail but however react strongly when it is felt someone is too far off the reservation. They are an alternative to stronger forms of alternative news. They promote each other in their sometimes tightly controlled network and make sure no one becomes too “alternative.” If you stay on the reservation, you will be carried by Rense, WRH, Thetruthseeker, etc.

    I hope that is not what we are looking at here, but I am certainly beginning to draw that impression.

    I sometimes find it difficult to convey a complicated view by simply a two line comment, so I do expand a bit on occasions. In the final analysis, nothing is off topic, all things are interrelated grasshopper. Expand your consciousness a bit Toby.

    However I can see you do not like my views or possibly my style, that is fine, I am not Joe and I won’t trouble you anymore. This is not a site I feel compelled to comment on. Good luck with “your forum” and I wish you all the luck in the world.

    1. @ Dublinmick

      Good luck to you too. Feel free to return whenever you want, but try and understand we are not here to offer a platform for everyone with a pet conspiracy theory or axe to grind. Nor is it “censorship” if we decide to ban an unmitigated pest or crank or sexual pervert or someone who is stark raving bonkers like Crazy Joe. FYI, he too is complaining about “censorship”!

      1. @ Dublin Mick

        Take a look at this comment by Crazy Joe. I’ve just seen it in spam. Tell me if you think I am suppressing “free speech” by banning this crazy coot. Bet you never got any comments like this on YOUR site!

        TheRealOriginalJoe says:

        “If ever there was a jew cunt , lasha is The One. NONE of you other DM’ers are the least bit bothered by the fact the jews are flooding White Europe with mohammedans/niggers/nigger mohammedans either, as you all cry your jew kike crocodile tears about the jew NWO. You’re all jew cunts as far as I’m concerned. Nothing will ever get me too change my mind about any of this, you kike cunts from your hydra headed snake shit pit.

        I hardly ever used the word “cunt” until about, Oh, a day or two after first finding your jew cunt website. Now it’s The Word that comes to mind first when I hear “Darkmoon”. The words “cunt” and “Darkmoon” have alchemically fused into synonyms —-> I mention that ’cause I know how much kikess kabballah lasha LERVS alchemy.

        I kinda like being in Spamblinka ’cause I can speak more freely now. I don’t have to consider the readers of DM when I type out my posts to DM anymore. The audience now is just the DM administration.

        [ and lasha’s acting troupe of kikes, and you’re all kikes, that’s 4 sure] I’m as free as a bird to say what I want now. It’s rather refreshing I must say, u fuckin’ putrid kike Darkmoon hebe cunts [ redundancy Alert!].

        WHEW! Green tea, anyone?

      2. Forget the green tea. Way too weak.

        I recommend heavy tranquilizers…..AND a straightjacket

  27. Darkmooners:
    From going over the comments thus far, It is good but the main premise is missing. That premise is: jewish money power (Rothschild Zionist Nazi Jesuit Talmudic Kaballist Phariseeist Illuminati Satanist Cult) controls everything, but is so deceptive that it is made to appear that everyone else but them is responsible instead. This is why the sheeple can not find the roots of all world problems. The different factions concept works for them, but all those factions are the tentacles of the Octopus head, which is jewish money power or jewish moneychanger magic. With that, that is the essence of this site! However, the common jew/regular joe type jew is oblivious to this as well and is stuck in the spider’s web like the rest of us and are all at the mercy of the master spider( jewish money power). So Israel as it is is just a stepping stone to the end goal. That about says it all. Thanks, Norbert.

    1. Yes, Norbert – They admit it… brag of it. They head BRICS.

      N M Rothschild & Sons Limited – sits perched on the island just across the channel from mainland Europe…and cannot be touched.

      Mr. Andrew Didham
      Group Finance Director, Executive Director, Chairman of Credit Committee, Member of Executive Committee, Member of Group Assets & Liabilities Committee and Member of Group Management Committee.

      Company Overview:
      N M Rothschild & Sons Limited, through its subsidiaries, provides financial advisory, banking and treasury, merchant banking, and wealth management services to governments, corporations, institutions, and individuals worldwide.

      1. Sorry Pat, but nowhere in that link can I adduce or infer that Rothschilds control the BRICS. Yes they may have offices there. So what, the Bank of China has offices in London, NY and elsewhere, but does that mean they control the countries they have offices in?
        It’s same with the link regarding Jews in China, again nowhere does it show Jewish control. At most, according to the article there were 36,000 Jews in that country. And Chinese Jews are obviously strongly acculturated as to render them a neglible threat.
        With the US, however, we can observe Jewish rule in action going back to at least 1913. Perhaps the most egregious example is the attack on the USS Liberty in 1967. The US government just sat back and did nothing about the MURDER of American sailors by the Israelis. Sorry for shouting but that particular incident makes my blood boil!

      2. I understand Felix. Thanks for the reply.

        I put the link for newcomers to know exactly who and what NM Rothschild is.
        They have been in control of Europe for several centuries… long before 1913.

        The head of the usury snake and control of world banking IS in London. ‘The City.’

        British subjects should be tired of that family ruling them…. and disallowing firearms and excluding most from property ownership.
        If the British subject-slaves would do that there, where they live, they could then destroy Israel.

        I have been as mad as you about thee USS Liberty since I heard of it in the early 70s. Shouting your anger is ok by me.

    2. Well one more comment.

      Oh I do get dozens of those type comments. I wish had some of the better ones which I sent to spam, but they were all from Joe and friends. These are pretty moderate compared to some they sent of the KKK rallies, bodies floating in the Ganges River, deformed East Indians and whatever. I try and keep a space on the blogs for 10 or 12 comments to show as you do. When new readers see this stuff they assume you may be as crazy as Joe and friends. So I normally delete them.

      This just in from Salvatore. He and the rest of them all have the same style.

      “But of course all hindoo roads lead to Rome, no hindoo road would ever lead to Dubby. Dubby who incessantly and very ardently, pushes, promotes, and proselytizes, for hindooism since the first second he started his websites.

      Catholics are to be blamed for the corruption in the Catholic world, of course. Catholics are to be blamed for the corruption in the Protestant Christian world, of course. Catholics are to blamed for the corruption in the Muslim world, of course. Catholics are to blamed for the corruption in the Jewish world, of course. Catholics are to be blamed for the corruption in the Japanese Shinto world, of course. Catholics are to blamed for the corruption amongst all the native indigenous religions of the Americas, Africa, Australia, etc., etc., of course. Catholics are to blamed for the corruption in the Sikh world, of course. Catholics are to blamed for the corruption in the Buddhist world, of course. And, of course, Catholics are to blamed for the corruption in the Hindu world of course.”

      Is there any corruption in any religion anywhere in the world that can NOT be blamed on Catholics? Why do I suspect Dub’s answer is : “Of course NOT”.

      Taken from breaking news blog.

  28. “Good luck to you too. Feel free to return whenever you want, but try and understand we are not here to offer a platform for everyone with a pet conspiracy theory or axe to grind. ”

    There is one other thing I would like to address before I leave. I don’t have any axes to grind. My own personal views I don’t consider conspiracy theories, simply views I have acquired over time. If you think your nominal posters have “no axe to grind” or “pet conspiracies to unwind”. maybe read backwards awhile.

    Wrong Link If it were just a conspiracy theory we would not have found out about it. When the conspiracy card is played for me it is the sine qua non that things need further investigation. It is used many times as a defection to mask the shallow intellectual depth of the user. Many times this is just a cliche to mask the user’s knowledge of complex subjects beyond his grasp. The conspiracy is often times born out by facts rendering it a truth and verifiable by things that were yet to be known.

    I have noticed the term conspiracy is almost standard fare. It doesn’t seem to matter which type social media you engage in at any particular time. Many times people will refer to something they are unfamiliar with as a conspiracy as a reaction to deflect from their own intellectual inertia. To be honest those who have formed their world with values found in high school text books and the electronic media will be found mostly unreachable. If they have not spent decades reading books that were not on the New York Time’s best seller list and gravitated from there to alternative media with the advent of the internet, I have found you will simply be wasting your time attempting any type meaningful discussion. At this point they are like a separate species. It is easier to categorize than explore, much easier to believe than to know. The times we are in remind me of Carlos Castaneda and the separate reality.

    To be frank our movers and shakers, the corporate web that buys our politicians do not want an informed electorate or citizenry. Semi illiterate masses that believe every foreign war is fought for freedom and the American way no matter who is attacked is much easier to govern. Unfortunately such a citizenry carries the seeds of it’s own destruction. We saw this in Germany but the spin in America varies somewhat as we believe in corporate fascism and a foreign controlled federal reserve as the be all and end all. It is democrat vs republican, conservative vs liberal 24/7 in a never ending ping pong match that goes nowhere while the country is continues to be looted.

    The Borderline idiot will always see the world as some sort of gigantic conspiracy. They say the dumber you are the more conspiratorial things may seem, so in many cases the participants may be asked to step outside their intellectual comfort zone. Generally speaking a conspiracy is a theory not substantiated by facts, not to be confused with a concept one disagrees with and worse yet one in which he is too unmotivated to explore for himself. Conspiracy unfortunately is an over used cliche many hide behind to mask their unfamiliarity with sometimes complex subjects or dodge a weighty issue they feel uncomfortable discussing.

    There are very few conspiracies, simply issues we may not yet be aware of. A U.K. study has shown that those who believe everything is a conspiracy suffer from low I.Q. and a certain form of mental illness. Those who question everything have shown to possess a much higher I.Q. and are much more mentally stable. A conspiracy is not a complicated issue, simply two or more people joining together in an effort to bring about a desired result. The attempt consciously or unconsciously to avoid and repress intellectual debate on some topics is of and itself a conspiracy in which some are even un-knowlingly engaged in with others, leading to the dumbing down of the top of the mushroom pile. There will always be a certain percentage of the audience who leave the fray when the “conspiracy” canard is tossed out. We have a moral duty not to allow the intellectually inferior to label everything a conspiracy. Those who would deny you information already consider themselves your master. It is a question of intellectual harmonics.

    The old adage that truth is in the eye of the beholder comes to mind here. What seems apparent to one may seem complicated to another. Many times it is simply a case of what we might term intellectual harmonics. As we acquire knowledge and facts somethings appear as intrinsically needless to debate. For others further down the scale they seem perplexing and these intellects often insist upon a Fox News broadcast or link to justify their validity. Others who are forcefully confronted by facts they should have known lash out in in vindictive terms in a very unbecoming manner. In modern day terminology I think it compares with examples of the slow learner holding back the class. Imagine yourself trying to explain to say a spider monkey that two and two equals four. Most of us have already accepted this as reality, however the spider monkey if he could even fathom what you were saying would view this as some gigantic conspiracy being thrust upon him. For instance ‘cognitive dissonance’ is a psychological state where one is so consumed with one’s beliefs that even when faced with overwhelming evidence that not only goes against, but also effectively nullifies their beliefs, they cannot allow it or accept the new reality. Common folks with this kind of disorder usually end up in psychological counseling. george-orwell I have heard many use the term well that is just your opinion, everybody has one. It is obvious that such a person has little or no exposure to Logic 101. It is really quite simple, some may hold the view that 1 plus 1 equals 5, some may feel that 2 plus 2 equals 5, etc etc. However one may feel that 2 plus 3 equals 5. In this particular instance it is not an opinion it is a fact. This is what we are looking for.

    “Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.”

    1. Dub –

      “The old adage that truth is in the eye of the beholder comes to mind here.”

      I have reworded that adage over the decades…..’everyone has their own truths, but not their own facts.’

      And no one knows what another man knows. Especially on the internet. When it comes to the real motives of another, we all are guessing.

  29. “Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.”

    One more time I apologize, the quote was from the Buddha. I forgot the link.

    1. @ Dublinmick

      Thanks for the quote. You have not been “banned”. Nor, as you can see, have you been “censored.” You have yourself decided to have nothing more to do with this website because you cannot bear to see an occasional comment of yours being deleted. How sad. Try to cultivate humility, my friend, before you quote the Buddha. And try also to understand that you cannot expect to call the shots on other people’s websites. It is only on your own website that you are lord and master.

    2. That all depends on with whom your sensibilities are in common, factoring the acuity of your reason amongst the permutations of all the shared information

      I think therefore I ruminate

  30. Another take on “When Israel is Mighty”

    Given the premise of another all-out war, a fair question asks what would enable the protocol engineers to manipulate all the involved nations in such a way as to move them onto paths of mutual destruction? Where the “game” ends in a tie with the result being a manufactured consensus justifying the “need” for a one-world state with its agenda-21 RFID chip-generated “financial market”.

    The answer for me links back to the second all-out war where Germany’s defeat was virtually guaranteed due primarily to what I believe to be the sabotage effected by Bormann and the enigma code breakers. Fast-forward to today and I was initially encouraged by the thought of ex-KGB Putin being more savvy than Hitler to thwart any of these espionage-related shenanigans. The problem with this NOW showed a precursor in the form of the speedy development of military technology, whose hardware started entering the fields of battle in late 1944. Ever since then, short of having nuclear armaments which would make everything moot anyway, all the would-be players have amassed enough advanced weapon systems to the point of cancelling each other out in realistic terms of achieving any sustainable strategic advantages.

    P.S. Anyone reading this and thinking I’m a defeatist would be wrong. There’s more than one way to skin a belligerent cat. Like say, astutely evasive guerrilla fighters with a keen sense of timing holing up in the deep wilderness.

    P.P.S. I keep thinking back to when hp said “something went wrong” in alluding to when National Socialism turned into Nazism, which I believe heralded a demonic takeover.

    Today is April 30. One of those satanic eves to a (not so) holy day of May 1. And mock me if you must, but It was April 30, 1945 when whatever demon it was possessing Hitler at the time got his cue for the ritualistic sacrificial death scene. Only God knows if the true Consciousness of the German Fuhrer made it into his rightful place to the halls of Valhalla.

    Today and tomorrow especially, all right-thinking goy need to light their torches and project powerful life-affirming thoughts while Dublinmick and his ilk leave their kindergarten sandboxes and go fly some kites

    1. Crystal ball musings from the American Outback on “When Israel is Mighty”, aka, “Tales from the Russian Dollhouse”

      And greetings to all you “MMM’s” out there! ( Mossad Mayday Motherf***ers)

      Those who think war on Russia is “unnecessary” need to consider for whom it most definitely IS. Those who’ve been wrangling for it a long, long time. That would be the ones from which all the bloodthirsty “nasty jews” emanate – The Khazars! Or more specifically, their remnants.

      I’ll leave it to you scholarly types out there to pinpoint some exact dates of various events (Franklin?), but here we are in Roman calendar year 2015, which would come pretty close to the millennium mark of the Rus victory over the demonland known as Khazaria, whose inhabitants and descendants have been plotting revenge ever since. The kind of revenge to make up for the monkey wrench thrown into their “Great Work of the Ages” plan for the round-up of humanity into one giant corral, or Pale (turnabout is foul play). Commonly known in today’s lexicon as “Agenda-21”.

      And speaking of the lexicon, “Israel” seen within a context of “When Israel is Mighty” is code for what is essentially Khazaria, per the overall intent and involvement of Khazar descendants. The Byzantinian ancient Rus then, and ‘pockets’ of it now (or at the very least a crucial sliver of it), is afforded Divine protection whose power channels through the Russian Orthodoxy.

      All the chickens are coming home to roost

  31. Jew propaganda you see it all the time: “Nazis proclaimed “Deutschland uber alles,” neoconservatives proclaim “America uber alles.” While Craig is quite correct about the Zionist Jew’s grab for global power, like Alex Jones, he mixes apple-cheeked Germans with Jewish snakes.

    The phrase Deutschland uber alles, was penned by Joseph Haydn in 1848, almost some 85 years before the evil Nadzees were a gleam in Adolf’s eye. As usual the Jews morphed the original meaning of the words into some sort of slogan for an evil, Nadzee, totalitarian global grab. People viewed as authorities should pick their words more carefully lest they become unbelievable.

    The words literally translates “Germany above all” So here is what Jewipedia says: “The line “Germany above all” meant that the most important goal of 19th-century German liberal revolutionaries should be a unified Germany which would overcome the perceived anti-liberal ethos of then-fragmented Germany (Kleinstaaterei). Along with the Flag of Germany, it was one of the symbols of the March Revolution of 1848.”

    So picture this absurdity:

    “America above all” means the most important goal of 20th-century American liberal revolutionaries should be a unified America which would overcome the perceived anti-liberal ethos of then-fragmented 1960’s America. Along with the American Flag, this phrase was regarded as one of the original symbols of the 1776 Revolution.”

    Does this sound like anything close to a valid comparison to the German version? When will people stop listening to the bullshitters and propagandists of all stripes? Ka-ching! Ka-ching! Wake up people, even the Jews don’t believe their own bullshit.

  32. Darkmooners:
    Here we have it. The west is insane and will be brought down: America’s fall/destruction. But who or what will replace this FED Rothschild Ponzi scheme. Why yes, another Rothschild moneychanger venture from Germany to China, otherwise termed the Eurasian landmass. The more things change the more they stay the same, only the horses in the race differ, but the game is still the same. Check out this link to : skyrocketing-gold/

    And in this article the important players are: China, Russia and Germany. Global power and its jewish money power roots are shifting east. Just more confirmation of my assertions thus far. Switzerland’s BIS (jewish power HQ) rules. Thanks, Norbert.

    1. Great info Norbert –

      Seems BRICS might morph into CRG. Still a ‘guessing’ game.

      I have mentioned this numerous times:
      “China and Russia also have their infrastructure bank (AIIB) and the Silk Road initiative.”

      Europe will be seeing Yellow…. and not the Yellow metal.

    2. Norbert –

      Since you mentioned China…. just saw this a while ago:

      Why the Chinese are about to fall in love with Israel

      Reality show founded by ‘China’s Oprah’ films celebrity couples, including male army colonel turned female ballerina, traveling through Israel.
      By Yael Einav 09:25 30.04.15

      The Dead Sea, Masada and a Golan Heights kibbutz called Ortal are about to become really popular in China, predicts Chinese television producer Yin Junjie. That’s because Chinese celebrity couples will be filmed at those sites as part of a popular reality show founded by the talk-show host who has been dubbed “China’s Oprah.”

  33. Darkmooners:
    I found this great summary of what will unfold, from Summer 2015 and why? The jewish money power aspect is not discussed, but the West vs. East dichotomy is shown for what it is, a staged play for the takedown of the planet for the Global elites’ takeover. Check it out:

    This is from John Little and his It is a great summary and a very realistic viewpoint on the future! Thanks, Norbert.

    1. I found the article you provided a link for interesting, up to a point. There are things I would disagree with :

      “We’ve already set up ISIS as the bogeyman. We’ve had some pretty awful scenes of awful massacres. And, those massacres were very real, with real blood, real victims and real refugees. And, these bogeymen come from an area that the Elites want to control – Syria and Iraq.

      Please understand that Islam IS a death cult. Death in defense of Islam is the only sure way to heaven. Killing those who disagree with Islam has always been the commandment of the Quran. Islam’s symbol has always been the sword.

      As I have said before, the Elites like other people to do their dirty work. They don’t have enough minions of their own, so they have become masters at setting the stage for someone else to do what they want.

      As an American living in the Middle East, I was always amazed at how vulnerable America was to terrorist attack. On the few occasions when I set foot in the US, security seemed non-existent, even after 9/11. Even now, security is still a joke, compared to what Israelis must live with.”

      “these bogeymen come from an area that the Elites want to control – Syria and Iraq” and
      “Islam IS a death cult. Death in defense of Islam is the only sure way to heaven” and
      “Even now, security is still a joke, compared to what Israelis must live with.”

      Maybe it`s just me, but I find these statements to be misleading, offensive, or just plain wrong..

      1. Lieber Ingrid:
        Since 9/11, Islam and its various manifestations of Islamic radical terrorists have been used as the boogeyman to make the world, but especially Western civilization hate Islam/Muslims. Now factor in that the original mujahideen of Afghanistan, then Al Qaeda (Al CIA da), now Al Nusra and now ISIS/ISIL are all psychological operations for hate and fear-mongering run and funded by the CIA and the drug money the CIA gets from the Afghan drug trade (think Iran-contra central American drug and weapons procurement). Now in addition to the CIA, you have British MI5/MI6, Turkey as NATO member, Saudi intelligence and Israeli IDF/Mossad also helping ISIS. Israel as the lynchpin ( eventual world HQ) of jewish power control want to destabilize the Middle East to get their promised land from the River Nile to the Euphrates River down to tip of Sinai peninsula up to border with Turkey. Israel is achieving this using the USA as proxy policeman by balkanizing the region (breaking ME up into smaller more controllable groups/pieces, ie Kurds, Allawits, Bedouins, etc. America is doing it because the American Neocons (dual citizen Israeli-Americans Israeli firsters) control the USA government and want to control the region for its oil and the profits for the military industrial complex. Russia wants the ME for the same reason as America. War makes profits, peace does not. On American soil, ISIS/Islam/Muslims are used to fear-monger so the US government can take peoples’s rights away and claim it is for security. By doing this Americans are being prepared for a police state and will accept being rounded up into FEMA camps. So now you have riots, in Ferguson, in Baltimore and elsewhere near you for race-baiting, fear-mongering and acceptance of violence which the US government wants and promotes. Why? Because, the riots and civil unrest will be used to usher in martial law, which is what Jade Helm 15 really is. Rounding up government dissenters, declare martial law, claim war and then coverup an economic collapse that the banksters are planning. Now imagine this on a global scale in every nation to achieve world control. ISIS is real, yes but will conduct a false flag operation in America to allow the government to abuse and destroy the people and coverup the economic collapse with war that will be blamed on ISIS/Russia etc.. In all this banksters will not be blamed for the collapse, because the sheeple will be too busy thinking about and blaming others for their problems. The global jewish money power is sick, satanic and deadly to us all. You can search all this for yourself on sites like: , just type in your search terms to find the articles; or . These sites will give you a good understanding of the evil and the evil forces at work today. Hitler had the answer, but was used to help form the nation state of Israel and the Holocaust Hoax jewish industry as well as anti-semitism, to keep modern humanity down and off guard from the truth. For if the Holocaust were true, nations around the world would not need laws to enforce it. But again that’s jewish money power for you. Thanks, Norbert.

      2. Norbert –

        Just so you know, the rent riots you mention pale in comparison to numerous riot which have occurred in the last 60 years. They have really DECREASED over the years.

        These riots actually do millions of dollars worth of improvements…. no demolition crews needed to be paid….. and allow increased debt for Fed Res for rebuilding costs. Soros and Forbes and Buffet…etc. get cheap land and buildings also. WIN-WIN-WIN.

        FEMA camps are unnecessary here. We are TOTALLY controlled by our bank accounts. Reconstruction from 1865 to 1890 took care of that.

        The drills this summer are to simulate their maneuvers coming in Europe. Europe will have more physical confrontations than America.

        See here…. just a few…. thousands involved in many of them:

        1950 – San Juan Nationalist revolt, Utuado Uprising, Jayuya Uprising, Oct. 30, Various uprisings against United States Government rule during the Puerto Rican Nationalist Party Revolts of the 1950s in Puerto Rico
        1951 – Cicero Riot, July 12, Cicero, Illinois
        1958 – Battle of Hayes Pond, January 18, Maxton, North Carolina
        1959 – Harriett-Henderson Cotton Mills Strike Henderson, North Carolina


        1960 – HUAC riot, May 13, Students protest House Un-American Activities Committee hearings, 12 injured, 64 arrested, San Francisco, California
        1960 – El Cajon Boulevard Riot, August 20, San Diego, California
        1960 – Ax Handle Saturday, August 27, Jacksonville, Florida
        1962 – Ole Miss riot 1962, September 3 – October 1, The University of Mississippi, Oxford, Mississippi
        1963 – Cambridge riot 1963, June 14, Cambridge, Maryland
        1964 – the July 16 police-killing of James Powell, in the Yorkville neighbourhood just south of East Harlem, precipitates a string of race riots in July and August, including:
        1964 – Harlem Riot of 1964, July 16–22, New York City, New York
        1964 – Rochester 1964 race riot, July 24–25, Rochester, New York
        1964 – Jersey City 1964 race riot, August 2–4, Jersey City, New Jersey
        1964 – Paterson 1964 race riot, August 11–13, Paterson, New Jersey
        1964 – Elizabeth 1964 race riot, August 11–13, Elizabeth, New Jersey
        1964 – Chicago 1964 race riot, Dixmoor riot, August 16–17, Chicago, Illinois
        1964 – Philadelphia 1964 race riot, August 28–30, Philadelphia, PA
        1965 – Watts Riots, August 11–17, Los Angeles, California
        1966 – Division Street Riots, June 12–14, Humboldt Park, Chicago, Chicago, Illinois
        1966 – Omaha riot of 1966, July 2, Omaha, Nebraska
        1966 – 1966 Dayton riot, July 15–16, Dayton, Ohio
        1966 – Hough Riots, July 18–24, Cleveland, Ohio
        1966 – 1966 Brooklyn riot, July 22, New York City, New York
        1966 – 1966 South Bend riot, July 25–27, South Bend, Indiana
        1966 – 1966 Lansing riot, August 7, Lansing, Michigan
        1966 – Kercheval Street Riot, August 11–13, Detroit, Michigan
        1966 – Waukegan Riot, August 27, Waukegan, Illinois
        1966 – Benton Harbor Riot, August 30 – September 4, Benton Harbor, Michigan
        1966 – Atlanta riot of 1966, September 6, Atlanta, Georgia
        1966 – Hunter’s Point Riot, September 27 – October 1, San Francisco, California
        1966 – Sunset Strip curfew riots, November 12, various other flareups, basis for the song “For What It’s Worth (Buffalo Springfield song)”, West Hollywood, California
        1967 – Long Hot Summer of 1967 refers to a year in which 159 race riots erupted across the United States, including:
        1967 – Belle Isle riot, April 30, Detroit, Michigan {Source: Detroit Free Press’ “The Detroit Almanac”, 2001.}
        1967 – Roxbury riot, June 2–7 Boston, Massachusetts
        1967 – Tampa riots, June 11, Tampa, Florida
        1967 – Buffalo riot of 1967, June 27, Buffalo, New York
        1967 – 1967 Newark riots, July 12–17, Newark, New Jersey
        1967 – 1967 Plainfield riots, July 14–21, Plainfield, New Jersey
        1967 – Cairo riot, July 17, Cairo, Illinois
        1967 – Durham riot, July 19, Durham, North Carolina
        1967 – Memphis riot, July 20, Memphis, Tennessee
        1967 – 1967 Detroit riot, July 23–29, Detroit, Michigan
        1967 – 1967 Harlem riot, July 23-25, New York City, New York
        1967 – Rochester 1967 race riot, July 23–24, Rochester, New York
        1967 – 1967 Pontiac riot, July 23-25, Pontiac, Michigan
        1967 – 1967 Flint riot, July 23-25, Flint, Michigan
        1967 – 1967 Grand Rapids riot, July 23-25, Grand Rapids, Michigan
        1967 – 1967 Kalamazoo riot, July 23, Kalamazoo, Michigan
        1967 – 1967 Toledo riot, July 23-25, Toledo, Ohio
        1967 – 1967 Englewood riot, July 23-25, Englewood, New Jersey
        1967 – 1967 Houston riot, July 23-25, Houston, Texas
        1967 – 1967 Tuscon riot, July 23-24, Tucson, Arizona
        1967 – 1967 Lima riot, July 24, Lima, Ohio
        1967 – Cambridge riot of 1967, July 24, a.k.a. the H. Rap Brown riot, Cambridge, Maryland
        1967 – 1967 Saginaw riot, July 25, Saginaw, Michigan
        1967 – Milwaukee riot, July 30, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
        1967 – Minneapolis North Side Riots, August, Minneapolis-Saint Paul, Minnesota
        1967 – Dow riot, October 18, University of Wisconsin–Madison, Madison, Wisconsin
        1968 – Orangeburg Massacre, S.C. State Univ., February 8, Orangeburg, South Carolina
        1968 – Memphis Sanitation Strike riot, March 28, Memphis, Tennessee
        1968 – Assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr., April 4, Memphis, Tennessee, precipitates all April 4–14 riots, including:
        1968 – 1968 Detroit riot, April 4–5, Detroit, Michigan {Source: “Violence in the Model City”, Sidney Fine.}
        1968 – 1968 Washington, D.C. riots, April 4–8, Washington, D.C.
        1968 – Baltimore riot of 1968, April 6–12, Baltimore, MD
        1968 – 1968 Chicago riots, West Side Riots, April 7–14, Chicago, Illinois
        1968 – Avondale riot of 1968, April 8, Cincinnati, Ohio
        1968 – 1968 Kansas City riot, April 9, Kansas City, Missouri
        1968 – Wilmington Riot of 1968, April 9–10, Wilmington, Delaware
        1968 – Columbia University protests of 1968, April 23, New York City, New York
        1968 – Cobo Hall riot, May 13, Cobo Hall, Detroit, Michigan {Source: “Violence in the Model City”, Sidney Fine.}
        1968 – Salisbury riot, May 18–20, Salisbury, Maryland
        1968 – Louisville riots of 1968, May 27, Louisville, Kentucky
        1968 – Glenville Shootout, July 23–28, Cleveland, Ohio
        1968 – Liberty City riot, August 7–13, Miami, Florida
        1968 – 1968 Democratic National Convention protests, including riot August 27–28, Chicago, Illinois
        1968 – “Cobo II” riot, October 29, Cobo Hall, Detroit, Michigan {Source: “Violence in the Model City”, Sidney Fine.}
        1968 – Veterans’ Memorial Hall riot, November 1, Detroit, Michigan {Source: “Violence in the Model City”, Sidney Fine.}
        1969 – Republic of New Africa riot, March 29, Detroit, Michigan {Source: “Violence in the Model City”, Sidney Fine.}
        1969 – Zip to Zap riot, May 9–11, Zap, North Dakota
        1969 – People’s Park Riots, May, Berkeley, California
        1969 – 1969 Greensboro uprising, May 21–25, Greensboro, North Carolina
        1969 – Cairo disorders, May–December, Cairo, Illinois
        1969 – Stonewall riots, June 28 – July 2, New York City, New York
        1969 – San Diego Riot, July 13, San Diego, California
        1969 – Youngstown Riot, July 15, Youngstown, Ohio
        1969 – Sacramento Disorder, July 17, Shootout between BPP & police, Sacramento, California
        1969 – S.E. Melee, July 21, S.E. DC, Washington, DC
        1969 – 1969 York Race Riot, July 17–24, York, Pennsylvania
        1969 – Passaic Disorder, August 3, Passaic, New Jersey
        1969 – Hartford riot, September 2, Hartford, Conn.
        1969 – Ft. Lauderdale Riot, September 2, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
        1969 – Las Vegas Riot, October 6, Las Vegas, Nevada
        1969 – Days of Rage, October 8–11, Weathermen riot in Chicago, Chicago, Illinois


        1970 – University of Puerto Rico riot – Río Piedras campus, March 4–11, at least one killed, Río Piedras, Puerto Rico
        1970 – River Rouge riot, April 27–29, River Rouge, Michigan
        1970 – Lawrence disorders, University of Kansas, April, Lawrence, Kansas
        1970 – Student Strike of 1970, May 1970, USA
        1970 – University of Maryland riots, University of Maryland, May 1970, College Park, Maryland
        1970 – Kent State riots/shootings, May 1970, four killed, Kent, Ohio
        1970 – New Haven Green Disorders, Yale University, May 1970, New Haven, Connecticut
        1970 – Hard Hat Riot, Wall Street, May 8, New York City, New York
        1970 – Jackson State killings, May 14–15, two killed, Jackson, Mississippi
        1970 – Augusta riot, May 1970, Augusta, Georgia
        1970 – Alexandria disorders, May 29 – June 3, Alexandria, Virginia
        1970 – Russells Point disorder, July 5, Russells Point, Ohio
        1970 – Yosemite disturbance, July 5, Yosemite National Park, Calif.
        1970 – Pasco disturbance,July 8, Pasco, Washington
        1970 – Asbury Park riot, July 9, Asbury Park, New Jersey
        1970 – Michigan City riot, July 10, Michigan City, Indiana
        1970 – Highland Park disorder, July 11, Highland Park, Michigan
        1970 – Hartford riot, July 28, Hartford, Connecticut
        1970 – New Bedford riots, July, New Bedford, Mass.
        1970 – 1970 Memorial Park riot, August 24–27, Royal Oak, Michigan
        1970 – Sterling Hall bombing, Univ. of Wisc., August 24, one killed, Madison, Wisconsin
        1970 – Chicano Moratorium riot, August 29, Los Angeles, California
        1970 – 14th Street riot, September 21, Washington, D.C.
        1970 – Georgetown melee, October 4, 330 arrested, Washington, D.C.
        1970 – Henderson disorder, November 7, 350 Guardsmen sent in, Henderson, North Carolina
        1971 – Tampa disorder, January 13, Tampa, Florida
        1971 – Wilmington riot 1971, February 9, 2 killed, Wilmington, North Carolina
        1971 – May Day Protests 1971, May 3, Washington, D.C.
        1971 – Albuquerque riot 1971, June 14, Albuquerque, New Mexico
        1971 – Student Rebellion UMCP, II, University of Maryland, May 1971, College Park, Maryland
        1971 – Camden riots, August 1971, Camden, New Jersey
        1971 – Black Muslim rally and riot, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
        1971 – Fiesta de Santa Fe disorder, September 6, Santa Fe, New Mexico
        1971 – Attica Prison uprising, September 9–13, at least 39 killed, (Attica, New York)
        1972 – Student Rebellion UMCP, III, University of Maryland, May 1972, College Park, Maryland
        1972 – Southern University disorders/shootings, November 16, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
        1973 – Wounded Knee incident, February 27 – May 8, Wounded Knee, South Dakota
        1974 – SLA Shootout, L.A., May 17, Los Angeles, California
        1974 – Baltimore police strike, July, Baltimore, Maryland
        1974 – Boston busing race riots anti-busing riots throughout Boston, Massachusetts
        1975 – Pine Ridge shootout, June 26, Pine Ridge, South Dakota
        1975 – Livernois-Fenkell riot, July 1975, Detroit, Michigan
        1976 – Escambia High School riots, February 5, Pensacola, Florida
        1976 – Anti-busing riot in downtown Boston, April 5, 1976 Boston, Massachusetts
        1977 – Chicago riot 1977, Humboldt Park riot, June 4–5, Chicago, Illinois
        1978 – Moody Park Riot, May 5, 1978, Houston, Texas
        1979 – White Night Riots, May 1979, San Francisco, California
        1979 – Greensboro massacre, November 3, Greensboro, North Carolina


        1980 – New Mexico State Penitentiary Riot, Santa Fe, New Mexico
        1980 – Chattanooga Riot of 1980, Chattanooga, Tennessee
        1980 – Miami Riot 1980, May 17–19, Miami, Florida
        1982 – Anti-Klan protest 1982, November 27, Washington, D.C.
        1982 – Miami Riot 1982, Overtown Riot, December 1982, Miami, Florida
        1984 – East Los Angeles Disturbances involved street gangs, repeatedly from April to August 1984, Los Angeles, California
        1984 – Detroit Tigers World Series riot, October 14, Detroit, Michigan
        1986 – Palm Springs Spring Break Riot, April 1986, Palm Springs, California
        1987 – Tampa riot of 1987, February 1987, Tampa, Florida
        1988 – Tompkins Square Park Police Riot, August 1988 (East Village, Manhattan, New York City)
        1989 – Overtown Riot 1989, January 16–18 – an Hispanic Miami police officer shoots and kills a speeding black motorcyclist in the Overtown section of Miami, starting three days of rioting. Miami, Florida
        1989 – Tampa riots, February 1989, Tampa, Florida
        1989 – Virginia Beach Riot, July 1989, Virginia Beach, Virginia
        1989 – Bensonhurst Riot, September 1989, Brooklyn, New York


        1990 – Anti-Klan protest 1990, October 28, Washington, D.C.
        1991 – 1991 Washington, DC riot, Mount Pleasant riot, May 5–9, Washington, D.C.
        1991 – Crown Heights Riot, August 1991, Brooklyn, New York
        1992 – L.A. riot/Rodney King riot, April–May 1992, Los Angeles, California
        1996 – St. Petersburg, Florida Riot 1996, October 1996, St. Petersburg, Florida
        1997 – The July 4th Immigration Demonstration Lockdown, July 1997, Los Angeles, California
        1999 – WTO Meeting of 1999, “The Battle in Seattle”, November 1999, Seattle, Washington
        1999 – Michigan State University student riot, April 1999, (East Lansing, Michigan)
        1999 – Woodstock ’99 music festival incident, August 1999, (Rome, New York)

        21st century

        2000 – Elián González affair, Miami, Florida
        2000 – Puerto Rican Day Parade attacks, June 11, Central Park, New York City, New York
        2001 – 2001 Cincinnati Riots, April 10–12, Cincinnati, Ohio
        2003 – Benton Harbor Riot, June 2003, Benton Harbor, Michigan
        2003 – Miami FTAA Protests, November 2003, Miami, Florida
        2004 – 2004 American League Championship Series, October 21, 1 dead, Boston, Massachusetts
        2005 – Civil disturbances and military action in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, August – Sept., New Orleans, Louisiana
        2005 – 2005 Toledo Riot, October 15, Toledo, Ohio
        2006 – San Bernardino punk riot, March 4, San Bernardino, California
        2007 – The Los Angeles May Day mêlée, May 1, Los Angeles, California
        2008 – Cedar Fest riot 2008, Michigan State University, April 5, 52 arrested, East Lansing, Michigan
        2008 – Republican National Convention Protests, St. Paul, March, over 1000 arrested, St. Paul, Minnesota
        2009 – Riots against BART Police shooting of Oscar Grant, January 7, 120 arrested, Oakland, California
        2009 – College Fest riot, Kent State University, April 25, more than 50 arrested Kent, Ohio
        2009 – Spring Jam/Dinkytown riot, University of Minnesota, April 25, Minneapolis, Minnesota
        2009 – Palmer Fest melee, Ohio University, May 10, Athens, Ohio
        2009 – 2009 G-20 Pittsburgh summit protests, Sept. 24-25, 193 arrested


        2010 – University of Tennessee Lane Kiffin Riot. Students riot on the Knoxville campus following head football coach Lane Kiffin’s announcement that he took the head coaching job at the University of Southern California.
        2010 – University of Maryland basketball disturbance 2010, College Park, Maryland, March 3 following a game; 28 arrested.
        2010 – Springfest Riot, April 10, 200 police disperse crowd of 8000 using tear gas, pepper spray, rubber bullets and bean bag rounds, near the campus of James Madison University; dozens injured; 30-35 arrested., Harrisonburg, Virginia
        2010 – Santa Cruz May Day riot, May 1, 250 rampage through downtown Santa Cruz attacking 18 businesses, causing an estimated $100,000 in damages. 1 arrested. Santa Cruz, California
        2010 – BART Verdict riot, July 8, Riot breaks out in response to verdict in the killing of Oscar Grant, BART Police shooting of Oscar Grant. About 100 businesses were damaged and 78 people were arrested, Oakland, California
        2010 – Eugene Melee, Sept 25, Riot breaks out west of the University of Oregon campus as police use tear gas to break up a rowdy party. 9 arrested. Eugene, Oregon
        2010 – Oakland Protest riot, Nov. 5, Police made more than 150 arrests as a crowd broke windows and knocked down fences, protesting sentence of former BART officer in shooting of Oscar Grant on New Years Day 2009 see BART Police shooting of Oscar Grant., Oakland, California
        2011 – Pennsylvania State University Joe Paterno Riot. Students riot in protest of the decision of the Board of Trustees to fire head football coach Joe Paterno. State College, Pennsylvania
        2011 – Occupy Wall Street (Brooklyn Bridge Protests). Demonstrators blocked the bridge and more than 700 people were arrested. Brooklyn, New York
        2011 – Occupy Wall Street Oakland Protests Riots. October. Protesters shattered windows, set fires, and plastered buildings with graffiti. Riot police fired heavy amounts of tear gas on the protesters.
        2012 – NATO 2012 Chicago Summit May. Conflict between riot police. Dozens of demonstrators clubbed and arrested.
        2012 – Anaheim police shooting and protests, July 28. Violence erupted after multiple shootings in the neighborhood by police that included unarmed Manuel Diaz. 24 people were arrested
        2013 – Brooklyn Riots, March 9. Riots erupt for several nights after the controversial shooting of Kimani Gray. Over 46 demonstrators were arrested.
        2013 – Seattle May Day Protest Riots, May 1st, 17 Arrested as Seattle May Day Protests Turn Violent.
        2014 – Deltopia Party Turns Violent, University of California, Santa Barbara, April 5, Over 80 Arrested and over 8 police officers Injured.[1]
        2014 – Ferguson, Missouri, August 10. Protests turned into violent riots and unrest after the death of teenager Michael Brown, who was shot by a Ferguson police officer. Multiple arrests because of curfew violations and looting.[2]
        2014 – New York City/Berkeley, California – After prosecutors and a grand jury refused to indict a police officer in the death of Eric Garner, many people protested against it in New York City and other cities, some of them causing unrest. In New York, several people were arrested for assault on a police officer, and in Berkeley, multiple people were arrested for looting and vandalizing.
        2015 – Baltimore – After days of peaceful protests, rioting and looting began on Monday, April 27th, 2015 following the death of Freddy Gray while in police custody. 201[3] people have been arrested and 98[3] police officers injured, 7 seriously, and 2 people shot. One fire victim in critical condition.[4]. Baltimore Orioles home game against the Chicago White Sox on April 27 postponed due to unrest and the threat of violence. Damage included looting of a CVS and other establishments as well as the burning down of a construction site that was to be a senior center.

      3. should have been…’recent’ riots.

        …not.. ‘rent’ riots.

        Dyslexia strikes often these days.

      4. NORBERT, I understand pretty much what is going on, but I don`t believe the ISIS/ISIL/IS takfiris are followers of true Islam. They follow a sick, twisted version, promoted by KSA, and probably US/Israel, in order to demonize the true followers of Islam. The feeling I got about the writer of the piece was that he was promoting anti Islam sentiment..

    2. @Norbert

      From this link you provided:

      “Hitler would not have come to power had the Allies not sought to punish Germany with reparation payments”.

      This looks like yet another classic example of seeing only symptoms without considering causes. Sorry if I sound like a broken record when bringing up the protocols, but this quote doesn’t reflect their masterful manipulation of events which reduces most viewpoints to mere jousting at windmills.

      Imagine the protocol writers being smug about researcher’s inability to connect the dots of the protocolian orchestration. And hey, you’d be smug too if you were them, thinking there’s nothing the stupid goy can do about it even IF the most astute observers among them were able to see the forest above the trees like a soaring Brownhawk.

      Timing my dears. Timing.

      With an enraged mother (nature) as your formidable guerilla* ally, the final battle will be won when all SEEMED lost

      * guerilla: a member of an irregular military force that seeks to immobilize and isolate the superior forces of an occupying enemy

      And what could be a more “irregular” alliance than a combo of human rabble and a natural world throwing a cataclysmic fit?

      Sounds like somethin’ us old UPSTART nation-builders could handle. Especially on Kentucky Derby Day, eh Gil (wink wink 😉

      1. A lot of people probably don’t follow your rambing, here, Brownhawk (but I DO). NO ONE can adhere to perfect battle plans – because there ARE none. (I have always remembered that Stonewall Jackson was noted as having said that the best-laid battle plans CHANGE when the first shot is fired – and old Stonewall was, also, noted as a very good battle commander)(a mathematician by vocation at VMI.)

        Anyhow, about the Derby, my daughter said a couple of weeks ago to watch Dortmond and American Pharoah, btw (but so is the media saying that, now). 🙂

      2. At best – EVERYTHING is an ‘educated guess’, including but not limited to horse races and government and God…

  34. Only an Obama would stand before the United Nations and make such a stupid and ridiculous statement. The empty suit has no shame, but is “great at killing people”. My hope is that he, Clinton, Bush Number One and Number Two, little Dick, Dumbsfeld, Wackowitz, etc. live long enough to be shunned, mocked, ridiculed, banned from other countries and individual states in the US, all their ill gotten gain confiscated, and eventually imprisoned where psychopathic murderers belong.

  35. There are people who claim all is lost and that the enemy, whatever you want to call them jews, illuminati, satanists, whatever, have a master plan that will destroy all opposition and that Satan rules the world.
    Yeah, sure OK. When I see the constant bankruptcies of businesses, and now cities, eventually states and probably even all of Europe and the Federal Government, I have to say I really don’t see a strategy here. How is bankrupting everyone helping anyone?
    When the US Dollar and Euro collapse and people who have saved their entire lives lose their life savings, why would anyone accept an alternate currency? Having your entire life’s saving reduced to nothing is not going to induce cooperation. If the currency becomes worthless then what do these idiots use to pay the military and police that protect them.
    If you’re a policeman or General why do you need to take orders from people that the population hates? Without the support of the people even the best army on Earth cannot ever win a war.
    The entire power base of this system is economic. Economic collapse destroys all the power and influence of the entire system. How is this a good idea? If you control the currency already, then you run the system now. Why would you destroy the currency that runs the system?
    These idiots don’t have a plan, they have a pathological problem. Their greed has no bounds. Irregardless of how much money they have its never enough. The reason they always lose is because they can’t control themselves. Its never enough. When you take all the money for yourself, there isn’t any left to run anything else. Its guaranteed to bankrupt and destroy the entire system, and they know it. They just can’t control themselves. They love money so much their greed is insatiable.

  36. how quaint and comforting.

    london gets she guardian, so the denizens of london should feel safe from denizens of hell in their midst.

    joe, you wouldn’t wanna scoop after this one, would you?

    nice tits though.

    1. No, I wouldn’t lobro. I’m not man enough. Only Max is man enough…

    2. I had to see all the fuss over here…

      Artist from Russia paid in vodka(no cash)…. True feelings about their government released through art….

      Mother-land guarded by Monsters from hell.

      “It’s called ‘Guardian She,’ and Russian artist Dashi Namdakov has spent the last two years sculpting the towering figure out of four massive tons of bronze. Measuring 36-feet high, the artist says the attention-grabbing piece expresses a sense of – MATERNAL – protectiveness, which we totally understand.”

      1. you just had to sound off on that, didn’t you?
        so predictable,
        “Artist from Russia paid in vodka (no cash)…. True feelings about their government released through art….”
        can you link us to vodka payment, pat, how much vodka?

        Dashi Namdakov was born in the Buryat village of Ukurik, Chita Region of Russia, on 16 February 1967. His full name is Dashinima (‘Dashi Nima’) which translates from Buryat as ‘Lucky Sun’. He was sixth of 8 children of Balzhan and Buda-Khanda Namdakov.

        very russian.
        another russian, abraham foxman, was he also paid out in vodka?
        and kirk douglas, another russian paid in vodka, the list goes on.

        it’s ok to hate russia on a totally irrational basis but if you want to influence others i suggest to be a bit less transparent.

        and just out of curiosity, how come these sculptures are in the city of london, not moscow or st petersburg.
        maybe russians don’t have any vodka to pay him, need to import sanctioned american vodka making technology.
        don’t miss the opportunity to check it out.

      2. “you just had to sound off on that, didn’t you?”

        Of course I did..!!

        I never miss a chance to level playing field.

        You just had to show support for it.. 🙂

        I AM… as predictable as you…. You praise Rus-Heads. I do not.

        America and Russia controlled by Rothschild bankers. Not fooled here.

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