Iran to hold new Holocaust Cartoon Competition

holocaustTEHRAN — Iran’s House of Cartoons and the Sarcheshmeh Cultural Complex plan to hold another international contest on the theme of Holocaust denial in the near future.

The 2nd International Holocaust Cartoons Contest has been organized in protest against French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo’s recent publication of the cartoons insulting Prophet Muhammad, the secretary of the contest, Masud Shojaei-Tabatabaii, said in a press conference on Saturday.

Shojaei-Tabatabaii, who is also the director of Iran’s House of Cartoons, added that world cartoonists are asked to submit their works before the first day of April.

The first place winners will receive a cash prize of $12,000, the second place will have $8000 and the third $5000.

The top selected works will mainly go on show at the Palestine Museum of Contemporary Art in Tehran and several other locations across the city.



80 thoughts to “Iran to hold new Holocaust Cartoon Competition”

  1. Ironic, isn’t it that if one tried to hold this in Europe, in most European countries you’d be arrested, tried and sent to prison.
    Try holding it in the ‘birthplace’ of democracy, the USA, and you’d get threatened with violence, have lawsuits slapped on you and probably beat up a couple of times by the Holocaust™ Industry gang.

    1. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, so says the old saw. Let’s hope our pharisaical friends can spell karma!

      1. The Zionists fight so hard to suppress “error”. Hmm…I always thought truth could do that with a lot less effort.

        Truth is its own defense, error needs legislation, threats, punishment, and armies.

    2. Greg,

      Try holding it in the ‘birthplace’ of democracy, the USA….

      You’ll find that the birthplace of democracy is Greece, not the USA, although I do agree that you would be threatened with violence and more possibly, the US senate, after demand from the Zionist lobby, would institute legislation to stop all debate on the holocaust, bypassing the first amendment.

      1. Absolutely SPOT-ON quote, HP!! (I’d rather have domestic ANARCHY, like Harbinger advocates.)

        (Advocates of “democracy” are reason enough for me to agree with Talmudist calling them “cattle”.)

      2. ALL of the ‘-archies’ and ‘-ocracies’ in ALL of history were/have been replaced by plutarchies…. plutocracies.

        Wealth rules ALL.

      3. Quite HP.

        Interesting, democracy that is. If only the people realised that the monarchies, upon realising the inevitable that they wouldn’t be able to maintain power, installed democracy, not for the people’s benefit but their own. How people still play the game that’s been rigged from day one. Their lives get progressively worse, yet still they go into the election booths, choosing one of the many candidates available, after hearing their honeyed words, promising ‘change’ and a better life for all. And how long has this been going on? And people still don’t realise the choice of candidate they have, upon whom to make their society better, are nothing but the puppets of those who’ve been parasiting off of them for aeons.

        These people have hope; hope for a better life. it’s just a pity they still haven’t clocked on that it’s not about hoping for others to change your life for the better, but your very, own self.

  2. Here’s a cartoon story. Gene Simmons of ‘KISS’ said that his mother survived the ‘holocaust’ because the commandant of her camp took a shine
    to her. So much of a shine in fact that he employed Simmons’ mother to coffuire his wife’s hair. Simmons’ mom gives ‘Arbeit Macht Frei’ a whole new depth. Imagine that….the commandant of a ‘death camp’.

    1. Oh yeah, the Zionist Jew, Gene Simmons, who boasts of having bedded over 2,000 Goyim females of all ages – many under 16 years! Like all the Fed funded Jews he has fucked countless Goy chicks who have been attracted to them like flies to a lump of shit, by their money and ostensible power.
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    My all-time favorite are the Jews, Mormons, and Jew-Mormon half-and-halfs who slap some war paint on their faces and play-pretend to be American Indians — “aggrieved” red skins of course. “They took the whole Cherokee nation and put us in this Provo NSA operation.”

    1. great comment joe
      I have to read it a few times but ..
      how long did it take you to write it? impressive

    2. LOL! Now thatza lotza motzaralla!

      That musta felt as good as taking two big dumps in a row, Joe!

      1. In an article called The Past, and Future, of Jewish Humor, the Jewish writer Uriel Heilman writes:

        “And if it’s scatological, all the better. For a Jew, a bowel movement is an event,” Waldoks declared. “That’s why there’s so much bathroom humor.”(1)

        Tablet magazine columnist Marjorie Ingall has this to say about the Jewish fecal obsession:

        “Jews have a fine tradition of scatological humor.” and “When new [Jewish] moms get together they love talking about poop,”(2)

      2. TOBY: I am about to release SEVEN of Crazy Joe’s posts. These posts will demonstrate beyond all doubt that Joe is a low-quality poster who is bringing this site into serious disrepute. From tomorrow he will no longer be able to post on this site.

        Enjoy these, his seven lasts posts.

        These posts would be disallowed on any other website. In fact, Joe has been banned from posting on every other website he has ever posted on. For some reason that escapes me, Joe is now clearly BEGGING to be banned.

        @ HP

        Well, Darkmoon is a toilet bowl so I figured this is the perfect place to take a shit. That’s what Lasha and all the rest of you actors in Lasha’s jew Israeli acting troupe do all day is shit on the alternative media. I mean that’s the very purpose of Darkmoon’s existence, is to shit on the alternative media, feigning to be opposed to everything you all really fully and ardently support : The Jew Zionist NWO.

        Go wipe MadJewess’ asshole, HP, that’s all your good for. Go suck a bagel outta Lasha’s kabbalah Israeli asshole.

    3. Independent – This morning…
      Jozed Paczynski recalls the “welcome” speech the deputy commandant of Auschwitz gave on his arrival, in 1940, down to the last chilling word.
      “He said to us: ‘This is not a sanitorium, this is a German concentration camp and you can expect to live three months… there is only one way out of here and that’s through the crematorium chimney.'”
      Paczynski… was spared the chimney, unlike 1.1 million others.
      …he watched hundreds being ordered to strip naked and guards herding them into the gas chambers: “The door slammed shut – there were loud screams, but they got less and less until there were just whimpers and then just silence…”
      Tadeusz Smreczynski still sees ditches in the camp piled high with burning bodies during the NAZI attempt in 1944 to exterminate all Hungarian Jews…
      “The crematorium couldn’t keep up, so they burned bodies in the open.”
      The NAZIs commited war crimes according to many eye-witnesses. Are these eye-witnesses mistaken? Are they lying? Have they been paid off? What do the ‘holocaust deniers’ have to say about this?

      1. @ SL

        Independent — this morning.

        So? You expect the truth from a mainstream newspaper owned by a crypto-Jew Russian oligarch? and staffed by Jews and Zionists who also like publishing articles celebrating the joys of sodomy?

      2. Of course many dead bodies were burnt, since many had died of TYPHUS, the body had to be burned since it could not be buried, due to the water level being too close to the ground.

        ‘Eyewitnesses?’ Right, the same ones who keep growing in numbers, demanding their share of the Holocaust™ loot.
        Now we have 2nd generation Holocaust™ ‘survivors’ getting paid off and even the 3rd generation making noise about all the pain they’ve been suffering.

      3. First of all SL so called holocaust deniers do not deny that Jews were murdered during WW2, but so were Russians, Poles, Czechs and countless other Europeans. When I was growing up the term holocaust wasn’t used. I first heard the term in 1976 when the TV show Holocaust aired. I believe it was coined by Elie Weisel, arch exponent of the Shoah. I must admit he fails to impress me with his schmaltzy, wheedling transylvanian accent. If I was making a movie I’d cast him as Dracula’s human assistant! BTW, every crime is defined. Can you give me a legal definition of holocaust denial. The International Red Cross said 500,000 jews died. The Nuremberg trials said 5.7 million. However this number was predicated on 4 million dying in Auschwitz. This has been downgraded to 1.1 million. What is it with the figure 6 million? FYI, claims of 6 million jews dying were also alleged after WW1!

      4. Elizabeth Dilling and Gerald Winrod had clippings from newspapers where the claim was originally 12 million. That was too ‘over the top’ and settled later on 6 million. There were only about 3 million total in Poland.

      5. Yes, and eyewitnesses say Jews were used to make soap, and as I understand it NO HISTORIAN NOW BELIEVES THIS false hood. So are the historians anti-Semitic because of the facts?

        David Cole who visited Auschwitz found this to be false (as most of you know already). The Big A’s “Gas Chamber” structures were tampered with after the war. That fact alone should give any truth seeker pause.

        I am by no means an expert in all this, but the fact that Germany is fighting a WORLD WAR and on MANY FRONTS… why would you attempt to murder 6 million war slaves by gas chamber and oven (couldn’t be that efficient)… when there are more pressing needs…like not losing the damn war? The Germans are highly intelligent people. That makes no sense. That alone makes me question it.

        Also, the money involved makes me suspicious of motives.

      6. Can I give you a legal definition of ‘holocaust denial’? I probably could if I could be bothered looking up the laws, sorry, legalities of the countries where it is apparently illegal. But I can’t. Its probably on the internet somewhere. I imagine I could give you a definition of the crime of ‘holocaust questioning’, too, as apparently that is also illegal in some countries. It’s not really the point, though, is it. I understand that no-one is denying that any Jews were killed, yes, even executed, and that the real argument is whether there was an intentional, organized and systematic genocide on an industrial scale to exterminate ‘Jewry’. Of course I don’t believe that for a second, if only because of the fact it is an ‘official’, if ambiguous, ‘truth’. I am familiar with the changing number game that somehow always ends up adding up to 6 million! Incidentally, the Red Cross figures according to my research is roughly 271 thousand, from memory. My beef, if you will, is that all the information I have used to discover the ‘holohoax conspiracy’ could just as easily have been made up by the Zionists for the sake of continuing to be victimized by creating more false arguments and division, keeping the confusion going and propping up the excuse to maintain the zionist entity occupying Palestine. I mean, for instance, how do I know David Irving isn’t some sort of controlled opposition? I don’t think he is, but how would I really know? So how does anyone know if those so-called eye-witnesses DID witness something, that they are NOT liars, which is what ‘holocaust deniers’ would assume, I assume. Accusing someone of being a liar is a very big deal in my books. Everyone deserves respect and a fair hearing, before being insulted as a liar, or even a fool, from the more forgiving ‘holocaust deniers’. It is true that any thinking person with the will to find out WILL find out the lies said about Hitler, ww2 and the concentration camps, and I hope and trust that the informative posts on this thread, and this site in general, are contributing to this. 🙂

      7. I say that people died in working camps , some of them were killed but the majority were killed by starvation and Typhus . The allied air force had destroyed the railways and supplies of food were not coming . I go by the International Red Cross report of 1948 that state that only 271 thousand people died in the working camps . Those dead belonged to many nationalities , Rom , Slavs , Poles , dissidents from many european countries and Homosexuals . So the 6 million numbers are a fabrication and a lie designed to give a guilty complex to the goyim to extract money forever with this escamotage . There is evidence that the 6 million number was invented after ww1 .
        Do a search on videos of David Cole and watch them . The 6 million number is the fraud of the 20 th century . More and more people are realizing that the government pushed narrative is Junk ! I switch off the TV set on the day of the fake memory . If it was the memory of the 55 millions dead in ww2 I would observe it ,
        In every field of knowledge , researchers review past history and modern theories or interpretation . The only area that is excepted from theories or interpretation are the BS of the Holocaust . In fact , when a society reached the point of jailing professors of History for different opinion , I say that I do not believe anymore in the official narrative . The government wants me to believe in fairy tales !

    4. And to sum up. First there were a people with fevered brows wondering in the dry places in the Middle East.
      From their fevered brows came stories cobbled together from memories of much earlier times.
      Then came a savior, the last in a long line of crucified saviors. Then came the ex-Catholic, the profit, ops sorry, the Prophet of Islam.
      From these beginnings it’s been down hill ever since.

    5. I must say I like Joe, he comes over as being basically knowledgeable, but is trying to come over as being sarcastic, very entertaining..

  4. This very fact has been boiling my piss for days now. Yes publish them in the US in the UK and in Europe, Show the bastards up for the Hypocrits that they are. Perhaps more people might wake up to who actually control things, when they see the sidewinders twisting the freedom of speech so it only works when you’re saying things that you are free to say.

  5. Thought Muslims are not allowed to draw living creatures..

    ..Those who make siwar (pictures, images, statues) will be punished on the Day of Resurrection and it will be said to them: Breathe soul into what you have created.., but they will not be able to breathe soul (into it)…

    I believe that includes cartoons,

    Are you having site troubles Darkmoon? I can’t access through Chrome and Firefox, anti-virus says ‘malware detected’…

    1. : @ LN: We are having no problems whatever. Both Google Chrome and Firefox are used by us regularly, and if no one else is having problems accessing our website or complaining about “malware” — you are the sole complainant — then I suggest that the problem is exclusively yours and your computer’s. I would obviously be alarmed if several people were having the same problem simultaneously. (Toby)

      1. toby maybe the man is trying to help. I was having problems with firefox and google chrome too. a bunch of little pop up windows that made the computer very slow. I almost threw it out of the window but my little daughter told me not to. she then fixed it! she is semitic. we are the people with the highest iq. the chosen ones!. then she farted.!
        BACK TO TOPIC; since you had announced a few ago this matter he was just looking out and so am I. I went back to explorer. its boring but better.
        regards and a great hand shake from Venezuela

    2. I have no idea what sort of browser is on this cr*p android phone, but sometimes the whole thing just crashes after I put in a comment or even trying to open the site. I honestly don’t think the site is being blocked. But I checked and the comment I just sent b4 to sard is there. But I think a couple may have been lost unless they went into spam bin cos of keyword. $89 for a phone! Still better than nothing, I spose. Just a bit awkward.

      1. @SL You might like to use Baidu which is an excellent Chinese browser or Dolphin, both are also excellent for downloading books and the like. If you have android go to your play store and download them for free! Tfolder is an excellent cloud storage albeit a little slow, based in HK , it gives 1TB free storage!

    3. Muslims are real nice! They put their whores in burqas and thus make marriage and concubinal rights a great lucky dip! I have been out with chicks with burqas in Turkey and I can assure you you never no what you are going to get once the wraps are off!

  6. That would be an excellent idea. It should be published in the US, UK and Europe, then perhaps more people would be awakened to who the people really are who run the show, as they watch them writhe and slither to articulate how freedom of speech only means freedom to criticize who they say can be criticized, and how certain people and certain events are not on the agenda. How to criticize these people and these events would be just sick and it goes without saying over and over and over. It just does.

  7. great latuff cartoon of the holocaust denier ; that right there is how the Nazis invading this site sure look.
    the Nazis and the white nationalists and the Talmudists (white people bosses) who are nothing but the scum of the earth. these and the ones who play the “I am not, but I am not sure” little game. the hypocrites which comprise 99,9 of Americans

    1. you better start celebrating, avatar, things are really rolling your way today.

      A senior Iranian Revolutionary Guard commander says Israel will be punished for killing one of its generals in an airstrike in Syria that also killed six Lebanese Hezbollah fighters who were in syria to fight takfiri fiends of ISIS-ISIL-IS.

      any more questions about ISraelIS?
      or do we do the old cui bono routine?

      definitely not israel, oh no, let’s just sit back and weep a gooey river for those 6 million kind souls and press vengeance against murderous nazis, hezbollah, shias, iranians and nazi deniers (timed to coincide with tehran conference).

      1. if you bothered to check the link, you’d see that it is from fox news.

        by the way, to me, presstv is one of the most truthful and reliable news sources, certainly one of very, very few in the world that operate independently of jew wishes.

        all the other ones kneel before $hoah, hate hitler, hate putin, hate iran, hate islam, hate christ, love israel, love isis and aq (nemesis of libya, syria and iraq), love all the wars kabbalists are trying to start.

        look them up, find me 2, just 2 mainstream western papers that disagree on any of these things at the editorial level.
        that tell you anything?
        i think i know your answer.

      2. I agree, entirely, with every word Lobro.. I imagine you heard that Iran, and Hezbollah, are opening up a resistance front in the West Bank..

  8. Mockery is a powerful weapon, that’s why the jews use it. Too many rightists have a pedantic attitude towards this struggle.

    For example I had an idea for a website where anyone can submit their own fake holocaust story. The more absurd, the better.

    1. maybe best to start with an existing holocaust story, since they are all fake by definition.

      hard to beat irene zissblatt’s eat-shit-diamonds for 3 years although she has a few more about mengele personally removing her tattoo (why? she has no idea, except that it was done live, no analgesic) or how several times she would reach the door of the mass-gas chamber and simply refuse to go in, while other kind, passive jews meekly filed through, which is why she survived them all – yes, ALL!

      so, maybe extend irene into a diamond chain gang where each jew(essen sie, essen!) patiently suffering jew uncomplainingly devours the excreted jewels (mineral and meat ones) of the jew in front, in this way the diamonds are alchemically ennobled by passage through the gi tracts of the holy ones.
      in the end, all six million are gassed but the diamonds survive to tell their story of woe in a spielberg spectacular, glittering beside the pile of children’s shoes, a mute testament to loud non-suffering.

      1. Yeah that’s a problem, the stories we have are already ludicrous.

        But I was thinking of stories that are ludicrous to the point of outright comedy, stories that no sane person could possibly believe.

    2. “Mockery is a powerful weapon, that’s why the jews use it.”
      SPQR, HARBINGER, RICKHAERT JOE WEBB, PAT. all day here complaining about the jews the blacks the chinese and the muslims
      what are jews doing as we speak? counting money or doing research. what are 1.6 billion muslims doing? working, so they can make a living.
      wht are spqr and pat and harbinger and ryckaert and joe webb doing?
      bitching about other races that they killed and tried to annihilate as soldiers of those same jews they complain about!
      what do jews do when they come in the internet?
      check their stock.
      spqr doesn’t need to: he lives in a trailer park

      1. Avatar,

        You clearly are unable to differentiate between a white nationalist and a white supremacist so I’ll explain it to you. A white nationalist seeks to live in a society made up of his brethren, of his culture and his people IN ORDER to keep it from not disappearing. A white supremacist seeks the same, but unlike the nationalist, he believes that white people are above all other races on this planet. He also harbours hatred and resentment for all non whites and wouldn’t think twice about genociding every other race on the planet. The white supremacist is no different to the Jew, in that they hold no compassion, empathy, love or respect for any other people bar their own.

        I am not a white supremacist, neither is Lobro, Pat or Franklin Ryckaert. SPQR has spoken of agreeing with genocide so I can’t answer for him and I don’t really know that much about Joe to decide.

        I don’t bitch about blacks, Muslims, Asians, or Chinese. I merely state that in order for peace to maintain itself, the majority of non whites need to be repatriated from the west and the same for whites in non white countries (even though they’re nothing compared to non whites here). Islam needs to be removed back to whence it came in order that no clash of civilisation is fomented, as is the plan of our Jewish world order. I advocate peace above all, but know that that will not be possible for the ignorance of the majority.
        And in fact, to further destroy your argument, as per usual, I realised a long time ago that the biggest problem white people have in this world are themselves, because they work for, maintain and protect the very system that hopes to annihilate them and the rest of some 93% of the world’s population.

        You’re far too much of a reactionary with the inability to debate without throwing a tantrum, like a baby in a cot, should people question and disagree with your argument. You don’t win any friends here with your blatant prejudice against Caucasian peoples. You also support radical Islamic groups which sadly gives you no moral highground whatsoever in conversation.

      2. Harbinger:

        One of the most balanced, clarifying and cool-headed answer I have read in response to a tantrum in a long time. I do not know how you do it but kudos 🙂

      3. Appreciated Kyle and Pat,

        However, I can’t speak for Kyle, as it’s the first time I’ve encountered you, but as for Pat, although I’ve not posting here for a while, I’ve perused these forums from time to time and understand where Pat is coming from. We all have our disagreements of opinion, Pat will concur, but most of us are on the same page. Avatar generalises far too much. His comments are filled with anger, acceptable as to what’s happening to his people, courtesy of our people, sadly, but he should have the common sense to realise that this forum shows, above all else, that we’re not all ‘cut from the same block’ in life as many of us seek the best possible solution to this debacle we’re faced with.

    1. I’ve never been there Ingrid, but something tells me I’d love it too.

      Are you already a cartoonist? If so then you’re already halfway there.

      And stick around these threads long enough and you can’t help but become a satirist to complete the journey 😉

      1. I haven`t been there either BH, unfortunately, I just love everything I hear, love their laid-back reactions to provocation, rather like Putin. Am not a cartoonist, but have written some poetry in the past, nothing deep, or meaningfull, but I was invited, by a publishing company, to read some of my poems at a pub, on the fringe of the Edinburgh festival some years ago, my five minutes of fame.. I agree with those who suggest satire as a weapon..

      2. i have never been to iran, have known numerous iranians and have read a bit about persian history, culture and geography and must say that they are among my very favorite groups.

        they are kind, generous, courteous, academically and artistically gifted people.
        they are also at the roots of european civilization, being the cradle of language and race (iran=aryan, probably why avatar hates them so wickedly) as well as philosophy and religion (judaism is a travesty of a copy of zoroastrian belief system, just like the tailed, horned and hoofed devil is the travesty of a copy of human form).
        i most definitely want to spend time in iran, travel it up and down from the caspian to the gulf and everything in between, zagros mountains, persepolis, etc.

      3. That makes three of us lobro – shall we call a journey to Persia (I like referring to its previous name – has a nice ring to it) high up there on the bucket list?

      4. Thought you would like this one of my poems BH:
        Harry the heifer, and Ollie the ox,
        were one day shooting the breeze.
        Harry said it was time to go back to the farm,
        where the clover was up to his knees.
        Ollie had spent all his days `tween the shafts,
        of carts, hauling loads, which caused him to wheeze,
        Now all that he wanted was to know how it feels,
        to graze in a meadow with grass round his heels..

      5. ingrid, bhawk – yes, it tops the said list.

        not too many places in the world left unspoilt by the slimy trail of sulchan aruch materialism.

  9. fantastic idea … instead of retreating from the garbage dump of lies, people are now laughing at them … this juif thing will only put more attention on international jewry’s crimes against humanity … either mossad are making mistakes or they can see the writing on the wall

    if you break up a tidal wave with lies, a bigger one will form behind it

    truth is the only way out … truth is always the conclusion … by telling the truth, jews can separate themselves from the sins of their ancestors

  10. TOBY: I am about to release SEVEN of Crazy Joe’s posts. These posts will demonstrate beyond all doubt that Joe is a low-quality poster who is bringing this site into serious disrepute. From tomorrow he will no longer be able to post on this site.

    Enjoy these, his seven lasts posts.

    These posts would be disallowed on any other website. In fact, Joe has been banned from posting on every other website he has ever posted on. For some reason that escapes me, Joe is now clearly BEGGING to be banned.

    Gee, I’m worried now Lasha may get it into her head to go to Iran. The Iranians don’t care for Arabians, and vice versa. I hope Lasha doesn’t wear her Arabian- I Dream of Jeanie -harem-girl-doing-a-belly-dance-in-a-wahabbi-Ishmaelite-caravan-tent when she goes to Iran. I believe the Iranians are Shia Muslims, not wahabbi habirus. But I’m not an expert on the Koran and the hadith , whatever the hadith may be.

    One must respect the local culture of the foreign country one visits. Dress appropriately, that’s what I always say . Of course it would be horrible if Lasha were to cover up her way sexy bod with a burka. There are other fashion alternatives between way sexy and revealing Arabian harem chick outfits and the burka, so like for fat old women carrying water jugs on their heads.

    There’s some decent in-between fashion forward alternatives between I Dream of Jeanie sizzlin’ red hot habiru harem chick and Grandma Goes To The Well To Fetch Water To Make Lentil Soup For The Family :

    We wouldn’t want to offend the Sheikh Imam Hosein. He’s a Shia, I believe. But I’m not an expert, I’m an American. Valerie Jarrett is the expert on Iran, not me.

  11. TOBY: I am about to release SEVEN of Crazy Joe’s posts. These posts will demonstrate beyond all doubt that Joe is a low-quality poster who is bringing this site into serious disrepute. From tomorrow he will no longer be able to post on this site.

    Enjoy these, his seven lasts posts.

    These posts would be disallowed on any other website. In fact, Joe has been banned from posting on every other website he has ever posted on. For some reason that escapes me, Joe is now clearly BEGGING to be banned.

    @ Uncle Toby ADMINSTRATING NAZI FUHRER or COMMIE HEAD COMMANDER OF SOVIET SPAMBLINKA CAMP, whatever it is you’re striving so hard to be :

    I sent in quite a few intelligent, cogent, fact-based posts today for you to choose from. I know it must be very difficult deciding which one of my excellent posts to feature on your commentary board, but still, you are required as per your very own Administrative word you gave in public in front of everyone, to feature at least one of my cogent, intelligent, fact-based posts — “One post a day Joe”. Remember? Never mind , I’m sure you do fully well remember, you’re just having a difficult time deciding, considering the excellence of each and every post I sent you day. I’m very considerate that way.

    Personally, I like the very first post I sent you today the best, but it don’t matter to me. Any ONE will do, as long as you keep your word and put up ONE. Of course, I could always send you more intelligent, cogent, fact-based posts today from you to choose from, if you like, but only if you like. Gawd forbid you wouldn’t like.

  12. Harbinger,
    Putting a straight face, says
    “You’re far too much of a reactionary with the inability to debate without throwing a tantrum, like a baby in a cot, should people question and disagree… bla bla blah blah…”
    goes by the name of spqr that no matter how you white supremacists or white nationalists or Nazis or whatever IT IS you print in the back of your Harley DAVIDSON motorcycles TRY,
    and we wont become atheists like you. We JUST won’t ask our mothers to start drinking beer and snort or inject CRYSTAL METHANPHETAMINE .

    that’s all
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. The Avatar,


      Yes, you are. There’s a different between ’emphasising’ a word through use of capitals and writing whole sentences in capitals, which in internet lingo is seen as shouting. Quoting someone and then interrupting what they’ve written with ‘blah, blah, blah….’ shows compete disrespect.

      I have no alter ego on this site, or any for that matter. I have always debated as ‘Harbinger’ and before that ‘Winston the Smithy’. One can easily tell the difference between my writings and SPQRs’.
      I’ve also already explained to you the difference between a white supremacist and a white nationalist. Both are completely different to one another.

      On white nationalism, what gives you, or anyone for that matter, an alien to Caucasian culture, people and nationality the right to enforce peoples on us whom we do not wish so? If we choose to live amongst our own then that’s our choice and one you must respect. To not do so, not only emphasises gross discourtesy for the choice of the individual, but hypocritical, colonialism. You continually attack us for invading your lands, yet have no problem when you do the same through immigration? The west is attacking (through no condoning of my own) Islamic lands, yet we are not migrating there, your people, on the other hand are doing your best to get over here! Understandable that you don’t wish bombs to be dropped on your heads, but migrating to the lands of those bombing you? Seriously? Apart from hop,skipping and jumping over umpteen lands of your own peoples and similar cultures, with which to find safe haven, you make a beeline for the land of the ‘white nationalists and supremacists’ It says one thing really that you wish to live in the west, because it’s a far better place to live than anywhere outside it. Many non whites are nothing but hypocrites of the highest order. And whether you’re bombing a land to prepare for future settlement or migrating into it for socio-economic reasons, it’s colonisation regardless how you may believe.

      And I’m NOT an atheist. Where on earth have I implied that? I’m a DEIST (emphasis, to highlight a point is ok in this instance by the way) in that I do not believe in organised religion but believe in Christ and a creator.

      There’s nothing wrong with drinking beer. It’s part of our culture, just as eating pig is as well. And I don’t take drugs other than alcohol for your information, which is a lot more than I can say for some of your Muslim buddies I knew in London, who were not only shoving ‘charlie’ up their noses on a regular basis, washed down with ‘mary-jane’ but colonising parts of London for Islam, not through peace, but through force, you know, beating people up who ventured into ‘their territory’ as they say.

      You’re a generalising hypocrite ‘The Avatar’ (stupid name btw, you should lose the ‘the’) and the more you write the more people see just so.

      Next time, don’t start a new thread, or your comment will be ignored.

  13. It will be interesting to compare these results with the results of the anti semitic cartoon contest held by a few Jewish lads a decade ago.

    Or the work of Eli Valley.

    Or the satire of Heeb magazine which actually held a contest several years ago for holders of tattoos to write their most outrageous creative stories.

    _Heeb_ Fake Holocaust Memoir Contest: And the Winner Is…

    The previous work of Holocaust cartoonists from Iran is already outstanding. This is gonna be good. The site holding this contest is one of my favourites for source imagery….

  14. Truly, people are lacking humility before God. We’ve become individual demi-gods with our opinions. They’ve played us for fools, so much confusion before us. Most of us don’t reflect at all, deeply at least. God is in the inner silence, there for guidance if we want to ask Him for it. The devil is our ego, put there by God to test us. Thus is the dilemma.

    So either God Created EVERYTHING in Perfection or Aliens/various gods/Mother Nature (a fat earthy woman I think)/Ruler of the Horoscopes (Galactus?)/various sprite-like beings – neither aliens nor gods (light fairies or Nephilim (whatever they are))/Father Time (Bearded guy, quite old and fairly tall) OR…it’s white noise.

    My God, it’s full of stars….

    1. God doesn’t test us in condoning the devil. This is a rationalization in trying to explain the existence of a devil. Devil is one that has parted ways with Creator, or say, “devil” represents that which has mistook the intent for its existence, an intent of which is invariable as it pertains to ALL manifested existence.

      The devil is not our ego, it is an aggrandizement of ego. Call it ego-CENTRIC. Man IS ego AS singular expressions OF the Divine.

      Awakening to the “white noise” of its overwhelming mystery reveals its awesome presence

      On early “America”:

      “We did not think of the great open plains, the beautiful rolling hills and winding streams with tangled growth as ‘wild’. To us it was tame. Earth was bountiful and we were surrounded with the blessings of the Great Mystery.”

      Luther Standing Bear
      Rosebud Sioux

  15. Harbinger,
    Like I said, you are a WHITE MAN WHO OFFERS THE HAND shake of Rumsfeld, Judas impersonated, but we know you by now.
    I was watching a movie about how your grandfather treated Africans during slavery. This dilemma, another one of your sadistic facets ended just a few years ago. The hypocrite in the movie acts just like you, legitimizing slavery as if God almighty gave your people your ilk and your skin color that right, as if God gave white people permission to destroy humanity and still come up ahead, feigning, pretending! to be innocent, civilized and clean; wearing a red tie, reading glasses and a blue shirt, smiling to the world!; preaching about your great job at spreading democracy, liberty, human rights and freedom while jokingly looking for the wmd that you never found under a table. You get blown away at the end of the movie by the way. And it felt good. And you know what? I really hope it happens for reals to you and your leaders, for one single tear from an Iraqi girl is worth more than that mistake called America.
    People like you, spqr, pat the pet, and skyh-rat or what ever his name is don’t deserve to be part of mankind, you are definitely from another planet; you are not humans. Then you blame another group of your victims, the Jews. They are just another group you abused in Europe for a thousand years for the only reason that they have always been successful. And that’s just the truth. lol, I cant believe I am saying this as a Palestinian but its simply the truth and it feels good . You are simply way worse than them. So if you come here to Darkmoon for solace or to try to feel better about your guilt by reading your buddies never ending comments blaming the Jews, the blacks, the Orientals and the Muslims and the Brown of the world including south America for your unhappiness you are mistaken because I am here to say it to your face and make you even sadder and more miserable..
    Let’s take a look at what England and the u.s. did to humanity in savage, genocidal brutal wars by buccaneering, pirating, raping and looting your way through the corridors of this battered planet,
    Pequot War (1636-1637)
    King Philip’s War (1675)
    Yamasee War (1715)
    Various slave rebellions
    War of Independence (1775–1783)
    Quasi-War (1798-1800)
    First Barbary War (1801-1805)
    War of 1812
    Second Barbary War (1815)
    Mexican–American War (1846-1848)
    Utah War (1857-1858)
    American Civil War (1861–1865)
    Spanish-American War (1898)
    Philippine-American War (1899-1902)

    Chickamauga Wars (1776-1794)
    Northwest Indian War (1785–1795)
    Nickajack Expedition (1794)
    Sabine Expedition (1806)
    War of 1812 (1811–1815), including:
    Tecumseh’s War (1811–1813)
    Creek War (1813–1814)
    Peoria War (1813)
    First Seminole War (1817–1818)
    Winnebago War (1827)
    Black Hawk War (1832)
    Pawnee Indian Territory Campaign (1834)
    Creek Alabama Uprising (1835-1837)
    Florida-Georgia Border War (1836)
    Second Seminole War (1835–1842)
    Missouri-Iowa Border War (1836)
    Southwestern Frontier (1836–1837)
    Osage Indian War (1837)
    Texas-Indian Wars (1836–1875), including:
    Great Raid of 1840 (1840)
    Antelope Hills Expedition (1858)
    Battle of Pease River (1860)
    Red River War (1874–1875)
    Puget Sound War (1855–1856)
    Dakota War of 1862 (1862)
    Colorado War (1863–1865)
    Red Cloud’s War (1866–1868)
    Comanche Campaign (1868–1874)
    Black Hills War (1876–1877)
    Nez Perce War (1877)
    Pine Ridge Campaign (1890)

    Banana Wars (1898-1935)
    Boxer Rebellion (1899-1902)
    First World War (1917-1918)
    Russian Revolution (1918-1919)
    Second World War (1941-1945)
    Korean War (1950-1953)
    Lebanon crisis (1958)
    Bay of Pigs Invasion (1961)
    Dominican Intervention (1965)
    Vietnam War (1957-1975)
    Operation Eagle Claw (1980)
    Grenada Conflict (1983)
    Beirut Conflict (1982-1984)
    Panama Invasion (1989)
    Persian Gulf War (1990-1991)
    Somalia: Operation “Restore Hope” (1992-1993)
    Kosovo War (1996-1999)
    Yugoslavia Conflict (1999)
    War on Terrorism (2001–present)
    War in Afghanistan (2001-present)
    Operation Enduring Freedom
    Philippines (2002)
    Liberia “peacekeeping” (2003)
    Iraq War (2003-present)
    That’s not all! You have removed presidents by killing them, you have poisoned people who dare confront you and you have even gone as far as self attack yourselves with the purpose of blaming others and invade them to get opium and lithium!
    You are now bombing Iraq while your ilk here calls those who defend the iraqi homeland, “paid mossad agents”.
    You are a very insane people and that’s why regardless of all the loot you stole in your barbarian, abusive demeanor you are simply not a happy society and you will never be: overweight, corrupt, alcoholic, drug abusers, criminals, mass murderers and a whole generation of cold hearted youngsters who tell you to shut up!.
    you really suck

    1. The Avatar,

      Boy, do you like to speculate and generalise?

      “I was watching a movie about how your grandfather treated Africans during slavery”

      Really? Well, firstly you haven’t a clue whom I am to know who my grandfather was. Secondly, the only slaves in Scotland were the Scots, through debt slavery and taxation at the time of my grandfather and nothing’s really changed.

      And you go off on a rant, generalising again and speculating about slavery, when I’ve never spoken on these forums about it! Talk about putting words into people’s mouths, or in this case finger presses on a keyboard?
      But seeing as we’re speaking about slavery, you do know that:

      1. The British ended slavery in Africa, although the Africans still do it today?

      2. The Trans Atlantic Slave Trade (TAST) was a Jewish venture?

      3. Long before the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade, the Ottoman Turks (Muslims) were invading Europe and taking slaves?

      4. There was the Sub-Saharan Slave Trade (SSST) which made the TAS look like a children’s tea party in comparison to overall slave numbers and deaths. It lasted far longer than the TAS and the slaves that went to Islamic lands, died in their wars, the men weren’t allowed to marry the women, who ended up in brothels. This is why you don’t see any Africans in the middle east. If they had been allowed to breed (comparing with African American reproduction rates), the number of Africans in the middle east would be in the billions! The TAS however educated Africans, allowed them to breed and eventually their descendents gained freedom. Those Africans there today, wouldn’t be alive or have the choices they do in life, if their ancestors had never become slaves. They’d have ended up dead in some tribal war! No slave trade to the west would have meant no Martin Luther King, Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, Diana Ross, Carl Lewis, Muhammad Ali… the list goes on and on!

      5. The first slaves in the UK & America were the Scots and the Irish?

      6. That slavery has been around for thousands of years, wherever there was warfare?

      “Then you blame another group of your victims, the Jews. They are just another group you abused in Europe for a thousand years for the only reason that they have always been successful. And that’s just the truth.”

      Erm nope, we don’t blame the Jews because they were successful, but for many reasons. I’m not going into them because they’ve been discussed many times on the many articles of Lasha and guests and in the forums.

      Did you read anything I’ve written btw? I don’t think you have, I’m sorry to say.

      “Let’s take a look at what England and the u.s. did to humanity in savage, genocidal brutal wars by buccaneering, pirating, raping and looting your way through the corridors of this battered planet….”

      There’s a saying: “He who lives in a glasshouse shouldn’t throw stones.” It means you’re a hypocrite and don’t know your history. Again, I’ll simply mention Islam, its slave trade and its conquests since Muhammad. You’ll actually find that if you did a tally of deaths, Islam is responsible for much more than the west, that is the ‘white man’ whom you so despise. And I’m also sorry to say again, but the overwhelming majority of these wars were JEWISH BANKER instigated. So there’s another reason as to why Jews are hated.

      “That’s not all! You have removed presidents by killing them, you have poisoned people who dare confront you and you have even gone as far as self attack yourselves with the purpose of blaming others and invade them to get opium and lithium!”

      I haven’t poisoned, removed or attacked anyone! Again, you’ll find Judaism is most certainly behind the above. And yet another reason…..

      “You are now bombing Iraq while your ilk here calls those who defend the iraqi homeland, “paid mossad agents”

      Nope, I don’t have a plane, nor any bombs with which to fly and drop. I’ve never been to Iraq, or the middle east for that matter…… And paid mossad agents? Jeez, that’s the first bit of truth you’ve stated in your diatribe!

      “You are a very insane people….”

      And another tantrum, yet more speculation and generalising. You really need to read up on your history and try and understand the status quo a bit better Avatar. You seem to be digging holes all around you and falling face first into them because of it. Your replies are laughable to say the least, but it has been rather amusing reading your rants

      1. I think slavery in UK is back in fashion. Slavery levels in UK ‘higher than thought’…

        So let’s try to help them out…

        I’m no expert, but I thought that well treated slaves were a vital part of the progress of civilization. Sort of like the Indian caste system. Not everyone can be a web page designer.

  16. Try a search on the Library of Congress digital newspapers, the years 1867-1920 . Search for the
    words “6,000,000 Jews” and 138 interesting results pop up with very fascinating information.

    From Chicago to Butte County, Nebraska, to Ardmore, OK to Opelousas, LA, to Salt Lake City, Utah and beyond, the lies about the six million go on and on and on….Prepping the gullible American mind for the Big Lie of the Holocaust™

  17. On Monday, the Schindler’s List famed Hollywood director, Steven Spielberg, talking to Jews gathered in the southern Polish city of Krakow, ahead of the main event marking 70 years since Soviet troops liberated the Nazi German Auschwitz labor camp in Poland, said that even 70 year after the Holocaust in Europe – hatred toward Jewish people is on the rise in Europe.

    “If you are a Jew today, in fact if you are any person who believes in the freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom in free expression, you know that like many other groups, we are once again facing the perennial demons of intolerance,” Spielberg said.

    I bet only some brainwashed idiot will believe in Spielberg’s claim. The history tells us that the Organized Jewry has always been allergic to others’ right to Freedom of Speech. The latest example is French prime minister Manual Valls (married to a Jew woman), who supported Charlie Hebdo’s anti-Islam cartoons, but said that criticism of Holocaust, Israel and Jews wouldn’t go unpunished.

  18. Who would dare go against anything posted by Harbinger? His comments are succinct. He seems very knowledgeable about history. Is against organized-religion, but follows Christ (he says). Prefers to debate (his word) rather than argue. Promotes peacefulness versus creating unnecessary wars. Explains anarchy as the solution to legislative slavery. So far, so good. But, then he tells us it’s okay to eat pork / he eats pork and that the Jew / Judaism “is most certainly behind the above” in regards to “removed presidents by killing them, poisoned people who dare confront you and self attack yourselves with the purpose of blaming others and invade them to get opium and lithium!”

    I dare say that the evil people behind murders and wars are practicing more than Judaism!

    In one word, “pork”, Harbinger programmed the reader’s subconscious against OT Laws.

    Deuteronomy 14:8

    Pork is also condemned in the the Holy Koran –

    Sura 5:4

    If one does not have to be followed, then how about all the other ones people don’t like?

    Harbinger may debate and say the dietary Laws are not equal to the heavier and weightier Laws the followers of Christ are supposed to be following. And if so, then I would agree.

    Amazing how “sweet” mistakes can be made to sound.

    1. Pork is bad for man…unless starving, or nothing else to eat.

      Over the thousands of years of observation, the folks noticed that sheep herders, who ate lamb, lived longer and had fewer diseases than those who raised and ate pigs. It was logged into the records and bibles as such.

      The main reason pork is unhealthy, besides being filthy and a scavenger, with trichina worms…etc., is that pork contains very high levels of pyrodoxine hydrochloride, vitamin B-6. That is unhealthy. It reduces oxygen in the blood. Oxygen kills diseases.

      If ya wanna fight the Talmudists…ya have to be healthy.

      1. careful with the stats, pat.
        for example, the sheep and goat herders move around in mountains, lots of exercise, pure, clean air.
        do you think the swineherds also live in such environment?
        i haven’t seen too many mountain pigs in my travels or heard the phrase “happier than a sheep-in-shit” too often either, for that matter.

        maybe the explanation for the prohibition against pork is slightly different.
        those who tried both delicacies say that pork meat resembles human in taste.
        after all, we are genetic relatives, which is why pig organs are often used for surgical replacements, eg, heart.

        incidentally, though a functional vegetarian (hated taste of meat since i was born), if i have to have any, i prefer pork.
        if for no reason, other than that the assorted hitler-haters are also pok-haters 🙂

      2. I AM..very careful, lobro. YOU be careful. Chide at your own risk.

        Eat plenty pork…get lifestyle degenerative diseases…like cancer.

        The fellow who discovered this spent 10 years developing THREE patents…. issued in 2000:

        All Cancer and/or Tumor patent # 6133317

        All Virus and Bacterial disease patent # 6133318

        All Heart disease Arterial disease and Arthritis patent # 6407141

      3. See the patent:
        go to
        click on ‘patent search’
        click ‘USPTO Patent Full-Text and Image Database (PatFT)’
        then ‘quick search’
        then enter the # 6133317 in Term 1 space and click ‘search’ button
        then the list comes up…
        This will be a live link at bottom of list (20)…click on it:

        ’20 6,133,317 Full-Text ‘Oxalic acid or oxalate composition and method of treatment’

        Francis J Hart was the applicant. Issued Oct 17, 2000.

        All free info.

      1. “That man, who having eaten meat, gives it up afterwards wins merit by such a deed that is so great that a study of all the Vedas or a performance, O Bharata, of all the sacrifices [Vedic rituals], cannot give its like.”

        Mahabharata, Anu.115.16

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