Is the Iran nuke deal aimed at crushing Putin?

. . . by Mike Whitney

Iran-Nuclear-Deal“Iran is not going to sell out Russia. It’s not going to knife a friend in the back. That’s just not going to happen…. There’s a new world emerging and Iran is going to be part of it.” — Mike Whitney 

This is an excellent article that explains clearly why the US cut a deal with Iran over the nuclear issue : to punish and bring Russia to its knees. According to Mike Whitney, this is “just not going to happen.” (LD)

The Iran nuclear agreement has less to do with proliferation than it does with geopolitics. The reason Obama wants to ease sanctions on Iran is because he wants to push down oil prices while creating an alternate source of natural gas for Europe. In other words, the real objective here is to hurt Russia which is currently at the top of Washington’s Enemies List.  Keith Jones at the World Socialist Web Site explains what’s going on in an article titled “Obama promotes historic nuclear deal with Iran”. Here’s an excerpt:

“If Obama made haste to promote the deal with Tehran, it is because it represents a major tactical shift on the part of US imperialism—one that is being opposed by significant sections of the US political and military-intelligence establishments, as well as by longstanding US client states in the Middle East, first and foremost Israel and Saudi Arabia.

Behind this shift lies a series of strategic calculations, bound up with the aggressive actions of the Obama administration around the world to assert US global hegemony.

The most important of these calculations are, (1) that US imperialism’s conflict with Tehran must be subordinated to its drive to strategically isolate Russia and China and prepare for war against one or both states, which the US ruling elite views as the main obstacles to its global domination, and (2) that Iran’s crisis-ridden bourgeois regime can be harnessed to serve US strategic interests.”

(“Obama promotes “historic” nuclear deal with Iran“, Keith Jones, World Socialist Web Site)

Bingo. Obama isn’t easing sanctions because he thinks it “will prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon”.  That’s baloney. What he’s trying to do is replace Russian gas with Iranian gas in order to hurt Russia.  He wants to steal Moscow’s best customer, slash its revenues, weaken it economically, and push NATO further eastward hoping to foment regime change in the capital.

It’s all about the pivot to Asia, the plan to break up Russia, control China’s growth and dominate the world for the next hundred years. And it all starts by blocking the flow of Russian gas to the EU, which means sabotaging Gazprom’s pipeline strategy (South Stream), arming and supporting Russia’s enemies on its western border,  demonizing Putin in the media, and doing everything it can to prevent further economic integration between Europe and Asia. That’s the basic gameplan; annoy the hell out of everyone until they’re so frustrated, they finally give up.

Now check out this clip from an article in the Harvard International Review by Tara Shirvani, who “currently works for the Energy and Transport Unit of the World Bank Group”:

“According to studies by the European Parliament, in 2013 Russia provided 43.2 percent of the European Union’s gas imports, 31.38 percent of its oil imports, and 26.7 percent of its coal imports. As oil and gas exports to Europe account for almost 52 percent of Russia’s federal budget income (US$515 billion), the European Union acts not only as crucial trade partner for Russia but also as vital economic crutch to its rather fragile real economy…”

(“The Dash for Gas How Iran’s Gas Supply Can Change the Course of Nuclear Negotiations“, Tara Shirvani, Harvard International Review)

There it is in black and white. Russia provides nearly half of the EU’s natural gas, so if you want to hurt Russia’s “fragile” economy, then you have to figure out a way to cut off the flow of gas.

How about a coup in Ukraine? That ought to do the trick. That ought to drive a wedge between the EU and Russia.

Can you see how this type of article can be tailored to fit US imperial ambitions? Here’s more from the same article:

“While the European Union is not importing any oil and gas from Iran to date, the long-term potential of opening and stabilizing trade patterns with the energy-rich country should be carefully considered…..From a supply perspective, Iran’s gas production volumes are more than promising. According to recent BP statistical reports, Iran holds the second-largest natural gas reserves after Russia—equivalent to 15.8% of global total gas reserves. It shares the world’s largest offshore gas field, the South Pars/North Dome field, situated in the Persian Gulf with Qatar which holds an estimated 1,800 trillion cubic feet of natural gas…..The European Parliament has highlighted Iran’s total export capacity to be more than 150bcm/year, which in the future, could easily rival current Gazprom’s export volumes of 140bcm to the European Union.”

(“The Dash for Gas How Iran’s Gas Supply Can Change the Course of Nuclear Negotiations”, Tara Shirvani, Harvard International Review)

Well, how about that: A perfect fit! All we do got to do is dump Russia and plug in Iran. What could be easier? Then we can get on with the business of pushing NATO into Asia, hectoring Putin, and Iraqifying another continent.

Can you see, dear reader, how a plan like this would win the enthusiastic support of the corporate mucky-mucks who call the shots in Washington?  And there’s more too:

“While there is no pipeline network that currently fully connects the Iranian gas grid to Europe, the country is already connected to Turkey via the Tabriz-Ankara pipeline…..Iran is strongly bidding for the continuation of the pipeline network with the construction of the ‘Persian Pipeline’: A 3,300km network system which crosses Turkey before reaching Italy. Here it splits into a northern and southern section, transporting gas to Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France and Spain…..This route would bypass Russian territory and allow the EU to import 25-30bcm per year—equal to the total Russian gas export to Italy and Germany in 2013.”

(“The Dash for Gas How Iran’s Gas Supply Can Change the Course of Nuclear Negotiations”, Tara Shirvani, Harvard International Review)

They got it all figured out right down to the last drop. Meanwhile, the sheeple are still picking through the abstruse details of a 150-page nuclear deal that has “Red Herring” written all over it. What a complete fraud. The Iran deal has nothing to do with nuclear proliferation. It’s about gas. It’s about geopolitics. It’s about power. Can’t people see that? Obama doesn’t give a rip about nuclear fuel, enriched uranium, or how many centrifuges you can balance on the head of a pin.  He cares about Empire. That’s all he cares about: American Global Dominance. That’s it. The rest is just hot air.  Here’s more:

“Finding a comprehensive solution as part of such a long-term quid-pro-quo strategy could develop a trickle-down effect that can greatly affect the peacemaking process both in Ukraine and Syria. This linkage strategy between Iran and Europe will require long-term concessions from both parties. Herein the European Union vouches to reach a more substantial long-term deal on gas shipments from Iran, which includes investments in upgrading Iran’s refining capacity and the completion of the Persian Pipeline project. In return, the EU would require Tehran to be more compromising as part of the nuclear negotiations and ask Iran to show a sign of goodwill now to get the deal done in time. If for nothing else, the Iranians have an incentive to provide oil and gas to an energy-starved European market to gain a larger leverage as part of its nuclear talks.”

(“The Dash for Gas How Iran’s Gas Supply Can Change the Course of Nuclear Negotiations”, Tara Shirvani, Harvard International Review)

Repeat: “The Iranians have an incentive to provide oil and gas to an energy-starved European market to gain a larger leverage as part of its nuclear talks.”

In other words, Iran can probably get a pretty good deal if it agrees to stick a knife in Putin’s back like Uncle Sam wants. Nice, eh?

And what does this mean: “Finding a comprehensive solution as part of such a long-term quid-pro-quo strategy could develop a trickle-down effect that can greatly affect the peacemaking process both in Ukraine and Syria”?

What quid-pro-quos are we talking about? You mean, all the backroom concessions the US must have demanded to get sanctions lifted, like withholding support for Al Assad in Syria, or assisting the US in splitting Iraq into three parts, or prioritizing the pipeline to Europe over pipelines headed East, or continuing to sell Iranian gas in US dollars instead of euros, renminbi, or rubles? Are these the quid-pro-quos of which the author speaks?

But maybe we’re jumping the gun here, after all, we don’t know whether this is really the plan or not. It could all just be idle speculation.

Yes, it could be, but how does one explain this article which appeared on Press TV the day before the deal was announced. Here’s an excerpt:

“Iranian companies signed a $2.3 billion agreement on Monday to build 1,300 kilometers of pipeline which the country sees as its most important conduit for future gas exports to Europe. The Iran Gas Trunkline-6 (IGAT-6), with the throughput from the massive South Pars field, will boost Iran’s exports through the neighboring Iraq.

Iran is expected to initially deliver 4 million cubic meters of gas per day (mcm/d) before raising it to 35 mcm/d later to feed three electricity generation plants in Iraq. Gharibi said final tests of the pipeline are underway and the gas flow is expected to begin in the next month.”

(“Iran signs $2.3 billion gas pipeline plan“, Press TV)

So, apparently, we were right, after all. This is the deal. It’s all about gas. The whole nukes thing is just a diversion. What’s really going on is smash-mouth geopolitics Middle East-style.

But here’s where Washington’s brainiacs have it all wrong. Iran is not going to sell out Russia, it’s not going to knife a friend in the back. That’s just not going to happen.

You see, the geniuses in DC think that everyone is just like them; scheming, scoundrelly, snakelike cutthroats. But not everyone is like that. Some people actually act on principal and do the right thing. And that’s what’s going to happen here. Check out this clip from Sputnik:

“Although Moscow and Tehran have long been considered potential energy competitors, their mutual cooperation after the Iranian nuclear deal will continue to strengthen, Dr. Bijan Khajehpour emphasizes.

While Western experts are speculating that Moscow and Tehran will unleash fierce competition once anti-Iranian sanctions are lifted, Dr. Bijan Khajehpour, an expert from the strategic consulting firm Atieh International, believes that such an approach is too simplistic.

“The simplistic view is that a resurgent Iran would compete with Russia as a major exporter of oil and gas, hence compelling Moscow to stand in the way of Iran developing its oil and gas potential. However, the reality is more complex and any projection of Tehran-Moscow ties will need to take into account the larger picture, especially the role that Iran can play in Moscow’s emerging strategy to focus more intensely on Asia,”

(“Iran Nuclear Deal: What Future Has in Store for Russo-Iranian Relations,” Sputnik)

How do you like that? Iran has its own plan to pivot to Asia. It wants to become a full member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). It wants to participate in the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU). And, it wants to finance its projects with funds from the Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) and the BRICS’s New Development Bank (NDB). Iran’s not going to double-cross Putin. It’s going to join the coalition of states that have rejected the US-led system, rejected the obsolete fixtures of the Bretton Woods era, and rejected the unipolar world order.

There’s a new world emerging and Iran is going to be a part of it.


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  1. Wow! Until I read this article, I did not know Americans had a monopoly on ‘scheming’… Thanks, Whitney. It’s really good to know that we can all trust Putin, Tehran, and the puke-gutted Bolshevik asshole-sucker descendants! 🙂

    Seriously, I think you very well may have a great assessment of the situation… Tell, me, though, why I, as an American, should not applaud my government’s strategy in this circumstance?? Am I supposed to ‘Hail Putin!’ or something?

    1. Tell, me, though, why I, as an American, should not applaud my government’s strategy in this circumstance?? Am I supposed to ‘Hail Putin!’ or something?

      Nope. You can defend your country if you want. Just as I could defend any marauder of your farm who tried to rustle your cattle and kick you out of the house you live in! 🙂

      Russia belongs to the Russians, understand? It doesn’t belong to “your” country! That’s the trouble with you redneck Yanks, you think the universe belongs to you.

      Happy after genociding 10 million Red Injuns?

      1. Fair enough. Just as I would gleefully shoot you between the eyes if you tried. Spineless, altruistic scrubs like you ALWAYS want to offer ‘reparations’ with OTHER PEOPLE’S money. (Your kinsman, Louis Brandeis, wrote a book on that one!)

        As a matter of fact, my own daughter, on her mother’s side, is a descendant of an Indian chief. All of us Americans are MORE ‘American’ than many of you goddam foreigners suspect; AND, those of us now living understand the threat from abroad. You protect YOUR farm – and I will protect MINE, thank-you-very-much. Everything under the sun boils down to conflict. Philosophize about it all you want. 🙂

      2. @ Madame Butterfly

        You are not being very polite to our Poet Laureate, but you touch on a sore point with many Americans. The Americans, too, like the Jews in Palestine, are guilty of genocide. To steal America from the “Red Injuns” and make it their own, they had to kill off millions and millions of Red Injuns.

        This is why the Americans support the Jews in Israel. They are both past masters of genocide. Both the Yanks and the Israeli Jews have blood on their hands.

      3. MB –

        Russia is a satellite welfare state of US. It has been since 1917.

        The US companies ‘farm out’ production to Russia for the cheap labor. Slave labor. Rocket engines come to mind, as of late.

        There is NO threat of the US attacking its own slaves making cheap goods over there for US corporations, NASA and the military.

        GET THE FACTS, Honey-Pie….!! 😉

      4. @ Gilbert Huntly

        “Spineless, altruistic scrubs like you ALWAYS want to offer ‘reparations’ with OTHER PEOPLE’S money. (Your kinsman, Louis Brandeis, wrote a book on that one!)

        I never said a word about “reparations” or the need for altruism, so you are making all that up. As for my “kinsman” being the Jew Louis Brandeis, he is far more likely to be your kinsman than mine. You are the one, after all, who is always praising the Old Testament and telling us how nice all the Jews are whom you have met.

      5. @ Gilbert Huntly

        Thanks for calling me a “scrub”. I won’t reciprocate because the monitor has already banned me more than once for using bad language. He’s got it in for me. Joe and me share the same cell in Spamblinka a lot of the time.

      6. MB –

        “I don’t know why you’re attacking me when I said none of the things you say I have said — and when I am prepared to agree with you!”

        I didn’t state that YOU stated anything….

        BUTT…. cute when riled… ALL GOOD..!!
        You have just won a FREE ‘mustache ride’…!! 🙂

    2. I think the writer has forgotten that Algeria and Libya which just few hundred kilometers south of Europe can also be an alternative for the Russian Oil and Gas.


      1. This tells you Khaled that the writer either was told what to write or he is an absolute moron. I opt for both.

  2. YEP…..

    “There’s a new world emerging and Iran is going to be a part of it.”

    I’m tired of reading about phony war drums and Putin while business is increasing in Iran.

    Better reasoning, business reasoning, can be had without the theatrics of WAR claims, to garner eyeballs… to increase “ad-clicks” on other sites. 😉

    Here’s the verifiable deal:

    Portions of the ‘Iron Silk Road’ route go right through Iran, to pick up oil and gas, linking all of Europe and Russia with Asia.

    Iran is the ‘Middle East Connection’ for sales to Europe and Asia.

    The Southern Corridor of the ‘Iron Silk Road’ goes through Iran to Tehran….
    To and from Delhi, India….
    To and from Shenzhen+Shanghai+Hong Kong, China….
    To and from Europe and LONDON as well.

    The ‘southern spur’ of the MAIN Central Corridor drops down to Tehran also.

    ALL of these projects are controlled by London Pharisee bankers and agents like Goldman Sachs and Morgan…etc.

    See the plan to connect BEIJING to LONDON with a route which will reduce cargo travel time from 15 days to only TWO days… as stated in the LEGEND:

    1. Turkey agreed 5 years ago to be the immigration “Gate-Keeper” for the EU, in the ‘IRON SILK ROAD’ project. They will help keep the ‘riff-raff’ out…!!

      Pharisees in Brussels want it that way… so…. Pharisees in Brussels get it.

      Visa-Free Travel for Turks
      (December 10, 2013)

      “To achieve this, Brussels is offering to fulfill one of Turkey’s oldest wishes: visa-free entry into Europe for Turkish citizens. In return, Turkey is agreeing to readmit rejected asylum applicants who reached the EU after being smuggled through Turkey. The agreement, which the EU intends to sign next week, will enable Turkey to become an outpost of sorts for the Dublin system, despite not being a member of the EU itself. It may be a good deal for Turkey, but the agreement is bad news for refugees.

      “The readmission agreement is a disaster,” says Piril Erçoban of the Turkish refugee organization Mülteci-Der. “No one here knows where to put the refugees,” he says, because Turkey is already overwhelmed. One reason is that the country, unlike Germany, has no real asylum system to speak of. The government did sign the Geneva Convention relating to the Status of Refugees, which obliges it to offer asylum to those who qualify as refugees. But in practice, Turkey honors its commitment only for refugees coming from Europe. A new law designed to provide a small amount of improvement for refugees will not affect this policy.

      “The country makes an exception to its strict approach for the roughly 600,000 Syrians who have fled across the border since civil war erupted in their country. Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has ordered that they be provided with minimal support. Refugees from Asian or African nations, such as Iran, Afghanistan or Somalia, can’t expect much from the Turkish government.”

  3. america versus the world: 139 countries attacked by against which america rightfully defended itself because it was existentially threatened.

    Turkish newspaper urges that the United States be listed in Guinness Book of World Records as the Country with the Most Foreign Interventions.

    it doesn’t include 12 interventions when america rightfully defended itself from america (for example, the swarthy foreigners called “lakota” attacked american state of “south dakota”, not once but twice!)

    it was a close call each time but luckily the good guys prevailed.
    those dastardly foreigners could easily set up their own “united nations” of states united in their perpetual attacks on america.

    about the only country that never attacked america, ie, america did not need to defend itself from, is israel, america’s only true friend, ever ready to cheer on sidelines as johnny goes proudly marching off to war.

    therefore israel does not qualify for these alternative united nations but is ready to sue them all for exclusion on the basis of antisemitism.

    another interesting footnote is regarding panama:

    Broke off from Colombia 1903, annexed Canal Zone

    and proceeded to rightfully defend itself from swarthy foreigners (panamians, formerly colombians) on 12 further occasions, each time narrowly averting a national disaster.

    those ungrateful, swarthy foreigners, we give them independence and they react like that … maybe the “alternative united nations” should be also named as “those who hate our freedoms”.

    there is unanimous agreement that america has jews to thank for having been alerted on timely basis of all these impending attacks on american sovereignty and having successfully defended herself.
    jews are a precious canary in the mine, when they squawk, america acts self-protectively.

    putin and ahmedinejad and assorted swarthies had better keep that in mind.

    1. There is no doubt what you imply is true, lobro – but exactly what would you propose we Americans are supposed to do? Lie down an say ‘Gee, guys, we’re sorry about what our Jew-run government has done – go ahead and take out your retributions on us, we won’t resist.’ (!)

      Screw that. Yes, I am even MORE pissed-off than you about it; but, sorry, I am NOT about to trust the minions who threat (even on this site) and piss and moan against EVERYTHING American. The likes of you will ENSURE the determination to misuse our military once again.

      1. “There is no doubt what you imply is true, lobro – but exactly what would you propose we Americans are supposed to do? ”

        There’s nothing Americans can do. America committed the greatest evil possible in WWII by siding with the inhuman jews against the awakened Aryans who were trying to bring light to the world. That evil won’t be forgiven, nor will it be forgiven when it comes to the British and Russians. These nations signed their own death warrants when they waged that war for the jews, and now they’re paying the price. It doesn’t matter if some of us had no role in it, we’re going down with everyone else. Nature does not accept apologies.

        Our only possible redemption is the annihilation of the jews to purge their evil from the world. What are the odds of that happening in this awful, judaized carcass of Western civilization? Very slim. So what are we to do? Accept death. There’s no future anymore; any hope was incinerated along with the citizens of Dresden. One day none of this will matter anyway, and all life on earth will perish, along with the jewish demons, who may or may not be truly alive. I suggest disconnecting from everything and living out the rest of our days in some place quiet, far away from this sick, evil civilization as possible.

        “The only thing that we know is that we are no more” – Ludwig Klages

      2. Your posts may be among the most intriguing of them all, legionnaire

        Stay tuned to my upcoming ‘article’, as yet another segue to someone else’s post such as this one of yours

    2. And your sacred Panama is now controlled by your beloved China via COSCO, owned by The People’s Republican Army of China. ( Yes, we can thank our very own internal traitors for THAT one, too.)

      America has inadvertently done more to bring you dead-asses an easier lifestyle than you could have possibly acquired for yourselves – when I really think about it. AND, we have unintendedly enslaved and stupefied our own for the purpose. YES, we people have been generous and kind and fooled – but if you want to blame ‘genocide’ in terms of our history, go on back to Columbus, Spain, and the conquest of the gentle people in what they called ‘Hispaniola’ – by their papist, savage, vulture conquistadors. Smart ass.

    3. “putin and ahmedinejad and assorted swarthies”….. ARE…..

      on the London Pharisee bankers’ payrolls…. just like the US Government.

      AND… Israel’s Mossad has attacked America numerous times. USS Liberty and WTC on 911are just two. You have noted that many times. They have attacked US Military barracks and embassies numerous times.

  4. There is no doubt what you imply is true, lobro – but exactly what would you propose we Americans are supposed to do? Lie down an say ‘Gee, guys, we’re sorry about what our Jew-run government has done – go ahead and take out your retributions on us, we won’t resist.’ (!)

    The whole truth and nothing bit the truth, so help you (NON-JUDAIC) GOD.
    How about that, instead of wiggling and twisting and ending up with threats of further violence?

    I repeat, threats of further violence for speaking the truth

    The likes of you will ENSURE the determination to misuse our military once again.

    You yourself said that I speak the truth, do you want to withdraw this statement and accuse me of lying instead?
    Fine, just point out where exactly did I lie (others have tried and failed, because to me, clear, unvarnished truth matters more than passport or birthplace or tribal allegiance, this is the trouble you seem to have with me).

    Look Gilby (I know you “detest” it, but to me it sounds more human, less puffed up than “Gilbert Huntly, the landed esquire and 28th generation proud American”, so I do you a favor by calling you Gilby, notwithstanding that it is not your real name in any event), our differences go deep.
    How deep?
    Well, your confusion goes right to the roots of Old Testament.
    And my simple certainty goes to the newfangled New Testament, to a third world impoverished foreigner named Jesus Christ, who said (try to remember this the next time you go on loggerheads with me):
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    In vain you will search for this on any of your Amighty Dollar bills of all denominations, on all your Noahide State legislatures, take Diogenes’s lantern and a strong magnifying glass and peruse all the glorious inscriptions on the Washington Monument, the Statue of Liberty, the Soldier Field, everywhere in Amerika and you will never find this anywhere.
    Might as well be said in some foreign, unintelligible gibberish.

    And then sit down by the river of Potomac, Gilby and weep, weep up and down the Shenandoah Valley, at Mount Rushmore and the Hollywood Hills.

    Because in refusing to squarely face the plain truth, you have forsaken the Christ.

    Yes, Jews have made you do it and you refuse to undo it, prefering to grind on in black confusion about how the man gotta do what King David gotta do, military might is right and ending up lifting the brass knocker of the Satan’s door.

    So, go on, blame me, Putin, Gaddafi for your blind wandering in the Valley of Shadow but maybe not directly, just under such ruses and smokescreens as Unamerican, Unpatriotic, Disloyal.

    Might as well blame me for not budging from claim that today is Thursday, 13th of August, 2015, the Year of Our Lord, Jesus Christ.

    1. Another waffling-around, circuitous diatribe to impress Madame Rotten-Crotch, lobro?? You’re just a wimp – but I WISH she’d go on an give you a SNIFF of that thang!! Maybe you’d shut up.

      1. just noticed this.
        we don’t like each other much, do we.

        spoken like a true steroid driven faux-macho forever in need to prove his self-inflated cajones: me and my expensive gun collection, look at me blowing away runty animals, deer, bunnies, the high risk qail, oh yeah and mashing butterflies is my specialty just like my idol, psycho king david.

        which is to say that beneath the genteel veneer of a warrior-poet hides a seething brew of nasty confusion, doesn’t take much to disturb that uncontrolled mix, does it, before the mask comes off the hillbilly headhunter, a hannibal lecter without brains.

        at least joe is upfront, whereas hypocrisy is your calling card.

        Gilbert Huntley is a talented poet and American patriot about whom very little is known. He has provided us with no biographical details about his background, which makes us think that Gilbert is a very mysterious individual—a diver in deep seas—who has been to many strange places and done many strange things. One day, perchance, Gilbert will reveal all his dark secrets.

  5. Uncle :

    This thread of commentary is being hijacked and side-tracked from the Main article. Please intervene and get the commentary back in-line to reflect the main article. Try to do something useful at least once in your “career” as Lasha’s administrator. Your family is paying you good money for you to keep order at DM. That’s all you’re expected to do. It’s not a lot to ask, as your family did you a great favor by giving you a job and keeping you off the streets. You can at least in-turn try to keep some order here at DM. Thank You, TROJ.

    1. I agree with you, TROJ. It is not an uncommon in this forum for things to get sidetracked into personal stuff or issues that are nothing to do with the article. It can be entertaining, yes, I think I’ve said that before. But lately I have seen the ‘k’ used as well. Without any warnings issued by the admin. Personally I’ve got nothing against that, but there are rules. I am a bit concerned that Toby may be unwell or something. I can’t think of a good reason why he wouldn’t be spotting the ‘k’ words, at least.
      @Toby. Thanks for posting my poem.
      @Brownhawk. Lookin’ forward to your new essay.
      @Max. Bastard.
      @Pat. How do you put up with it?
      @lobro. Good day.
      @people who like cats. they are cool, eh.

      1. SL –

        “@Pat. How do you put up with it?”

        Easy. It’s a privilege to comment so freely where it is read by a world-wide audience.

        Thousands read without commenting. Very few raise their hands to speak in public.

        That’s why I do not use prohibited language…. out of respect for that privilege. It causes fewer distractions and arguments as well.

        Common sense.

  6. America has inadvertently done more to bring you dead-asses an easier lifestyle than you could have possibly acquired for yourselves

    139 dead-ass countries that don’t appreciate the easy lifestyle you have brought them.
    Goddamn ingrates.
    And now proposing to bring the bliss of the American horn of plenty to Iran and Russia just like you did to Ukraine.

    I totally see it, how could I have missed it.
    Yes, bring it (American Horn of Plenty) on, fellow Yanks Americans (forgot your one-time Confederate loyalties), let’s roll!

    What tragedy would it have been for the world had Americans only remained home and minded their own business, unthinkable.

    1. What tragedy would it have been for the world had – EUROPEANS – only remained home and minded their own business…. UNTHINKABLE..!!.

      EUROPEANS – under Doctrines of Discovery – brought Pharisee Jews across the oceans of the world.
      The Doctrine of Discovery was written in 1532 by Francisco De Victoria and stated that any European nation that landed on any non-Christian lands was automatically entitled to such land. Basically stating that Indigenous people did not own their land on which they reside. Any and every Indigenous people living on non-Christian lands were considered unfit to live on any land simply if they were (1) non-Christian and (2) if they were not farmers in the full and complete sense of a farmer from a 15th century Europeans perspective.

      Justice Marshall cited the Catholic Church’s 1532 Doctrine of Discovery

      Doctrine of Discovery is what?
      Papal Bulls of the 15th century gave Christian explorers the right to claim lands they “discovered” and lay claim to those lands for their Christian Monarchs. Any land that was not inhabited by Christians was available to be “discovered”, claimed, and exploited. If the “pagan” inhabitants could be converted, they might be spared. If not, they could be enslaved or killed.

      The Discovery Doctrine is a concept of public international law expounded by the United States Supreme Court in a series of decisions, initially in Johnson v. M’Intosh in 1823. The doctrine was Chief Justice John Marshall’s explanation of the way in which colonial powers laid claim to newly discovered lands during the Age of Discovery. Under it, title to newly discovered lands lay with the government whose subjects discovered new territory. The doctrine has been primarily used to support decisions invalidating or ignoring aboriginal possession of land in favor of colonial or post-colonial governments.

      John Marshall, who is most credited with describing the doctrine, did not voice wholehearted support of the doctrine even while using it to justify judicial decisions. He pointed to the doctrine as simple fact, looking at the possession-takings which had been supported by it as things which had occurred and had to be recognized. The supposedly inferior character of native cultures was a reason for the doctrine having been used, but whether or not that was justified was not relevant for Marshall.

      This Doctrine governs United States Indian Law today and has been cited as recently as 2005 in the decision City Of Sherrill V. Oneida Indian Nation Of N.Y.

  7. If Obama listened to the die-hard Zionist AIPAC type Jews and didn’t make the Iran Deal and imposed heavy-duty sanctions on Iran like the AIPAC Zionist jews wanted, then lobro and Ingrid would be bitching, moaning, crying and complaining about that. But Obama didn’t listen to the die hard Zionist AIPAC jews, and lobro and Ingrid are crying about that. Amazing! Remarkable really. Truly remarkable.

    I’m not an expert on the Iran Deal. All I know is the die-hard Zionist jews are dead set against the Iran Deal, so I’m for it. It’s the die-hard Zionist jews who are the ones killing Palestinians the most. I thought lobro and Ingrid are appalled by that. Yet, we now see lobro and Ingrid on the very same side as the die-hard Zionist jews, on the very same side of those jews who want ALL the Palestinians exterminated. And lobro and Ingrid have the gall to cry crocodile tears about the American Indians [ as if they really care about the American Indians, lol]. They care so much for the American Indians, the TWO are on the same side of the die-hard Zionist jews killing Palestinians in droves when it comes to the Iran Deal, lol. Well, I’m not surprised. Both lobro and Ingrid just LERV their takfiri drinking pals and dining companions. Takfiri Muslims are jews pretending to be Muslims and then under the guise of being Muslims, the jews commit terrorist attacks. So everyone would hate Muslims and go to war against Muslims. For the benefit of Eretz Israel of course. lobro and Ingrid LERV their takfiri friends. They said it, I’m not making it up. They said it. Ingrid even said takfiri Muslims make the best American citizens. In other words, jews pretending to be Muslims and then committing terrorism under the guise of being Muslims make the best American citizens — as per Ingrid. Again, Ingrid said it, I didn’t. I just repeat what Ingrid, and lobro, have already told us. So I’m not surprised the TWO are on the side of the die hard intense murderous jew Zionists killing Palestinians in droves when it comes to the Iran Deal, as the TWO cry their crocodile tears about the American Indians, lol.

    If lobro and Ingrid and their beloved takfiri buddy-buddies, their beloved drinking pals and dining companions, jews pretending to be Muslims and committing terrorist acts under the guise of being Muslims, are against the Iran Deal, then I’m all for it.

  8. PUTIN…???


    Vladimir Putin badly needs to make a new action movie to distract his people.
    The Kremlin leader is boxed in on so many fronts right now that he badly needs to change the subject.

    Russia’s economy contracted 4.6 percent in the second quarter, its weakest performance since 2009, and the Economy Ministry has said it might cut full-year forecasts. A renewed slide in oil prices has dragged the ruble to a six-month low against the dollar, further limiting the central bank’s room for maneuver and raising the stakes for Tulin’s policy debate.
    “If our financial system doesn’t turn its face toward material production, then our country won’t have a future”

      1. “a case of Pat calling the kettle black?”

        No… Pat calling Putin a ‘nursery rhyme Hero’ and Russia a ‘paper bear’…. controlled from London, just like US Government.

        Felix, the cartoon cat, could whip him. Better boxer. 😉

    1. Russia’s workers’ productivity is 25% of the US workers…!!
      (actually 25.9%)
      A long way to go….!! Drowning in VODKA… Hurry up, China and BRICS..!!

      Russians work long hours but lag behind in productivity

      Alfa Bank says Russia’s weak growth stems more from factors other than economic policy

      Russians work the second-longest hours in Europe after Greece. It may not be a race worth winning. That’s because in terms of productivity, measured by gross domestic product per hour worked, Russia is behind every country in Europe with 25.9. Greece is almost as bad at 36.2, way below the European Union average of 50, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development estimates.

      Like debt, low productivity can ravage an economy. Alongside slumping investment and poor demographics, it’s one of three structural constraints that are leaving the shrinking economy “hobbled,” according to Alfa Bank, Russia’s biggest private lender that estimates the country’s potential growth rate at 0.5 per cent to 1 per cent.

      “Russia’s poor growth thus seems to stem more from fundamental factors than economic policy,” Alfa economists Natalia Orlova and Sergei Egiev said in a July 29th research note. While “weak productivity, as well as negative demographics, has been partly substituted for by increasing number of hours worked all over the economy.”

      In terms of the number of hours worked, Russia trails Europe’s most indebted nation with 1,982 to 2,034 per person a year, according to the latest data available from the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development That may not be much help to the economy. The International Monetary Fund in a staff report issued on August 3rd forecast a “muted” recovery in 2016 from Russia’s first recession since 2009 – a 3.4 per cent slump this year, according to the Washington-based lender.

      It put the nation’s medium-term economic growth at 1.5 per cent a year. That compares with 7 per cent average expansion during Vladimir Putin’s first two terms as president in 2000-2008, which coincided with booming oil prices.

      1. but you said all this already.

        pat quoting pat makes pat strrongg!
        like PATernoster-the-repeat-poster, the papist prayer.

      2. Lobro –

        I’ll repeat it again when the article mentions Putin…. the faker.

        I might repeat it as often as you praise him…. but, then again… maybe not quite that much. 😉

        This part was an addition:
        Russia’s workers’ productivity is 25% of the US workers…!!
        (actually 25.9%)
        A long way to go….!! Drowning in VODKA… Hurry up, China and BRICS..!!

        Thanks for providing the rebuttal platform. 🙂 🙂

      3. What you can’t stand is that he is a HELLUVALOT smarter than you…lobrotomy.

        coming from a universally acknowledged leader in the field, i may as well admit defeat, game over.
        you might as well retire with a smirk to your leatherbound gentleman’s study, call the manservant to stoke up the fireplace, pull up the footstool, a glass of sourmash at hand, flip open the well-thumbed and thumped Good Book and straight to everyone’s favorite picture

        Lawdy, you deserve the rest of the righteous.

      4. Yes, Russia may be having financial difficulties, who isn`t? but it is the US which is in debt, to the tune of 18+TRILLION..

  9. Mike had me worried there, for a minute, then: “But here’s where Washington’s brainiacs have it all wrong. Iran is not going to sell out Russia, it’s not going to knife a friend in the back. That’s just not going to happen.” : BINGO!! thanks Mike..

  10. If there ever is an all out war between the USA and Iran , does anyone know what side Pakistan would be on? India is aligned with Usrael. India and Pakistan, they’re not allies. Would Pakistan side with Iran or Usrael. Also, does anyone know what kind of Muslim country Pakistan is, Shia or Sunni? Are the Muslims in India primarily Shia or Sunni? I’m smarter than the average kwan, but still I am a kwan, lol, and I have no idea if Pakistan is a Shia country or a Sunni country. And also, is the Sunni/Shia divide in Islam really that pronounced for the two to be warring against one another, or there are other deeper reasons the two are enemies, and the religious divide is being used as a cover for perhaps other reasons ? [ like the Northern Ireland thing was more than just religious differences. The religious differences weren’t/aren’t the real source of the conflict] Almost every country that would be involved in a war between Usrael versus Iran is armed with Nukes, except Iran. Personally, I don’t see why Iran shouldn’t have Nukes. India, Pakistan, England, France, The USA, Israel, have Nukes, and nobody has a problem with that. The Iranians, if they did have Nukes, would not use them offensively. That would be suicide for Iran. Thank you, TROJ.

    1. troj,

      pakistan is as artificial as israel, panama or kuwait, created by british imperialist fiat, had no prior history.

      when jew-brits were getting booted out of india, after having thoroughly plundered and socially messed it up, their final atrocity was to have divided the indian subcontinent into 3 chunks:
      the major, middle one called india, presumably for hindu people,
      the western part, pakistan, for muslims, and also
      the eastern, east pakistan, now bangladesh, also for muslims, which was supposed to be part of the pakistani union, like alaska and lower 48 – it fell apart sometime in 60’s.

      meanwhile, pakistan (western chunk) is divided ethnically, linguistically and culturally, mostly into urdu speaking lowlanders near the ocean (karachi/hind province, the indus valley) who are ethnically punjabis, like sikhs in india and northern, mountain tribes, the major one being pashtun (40 million+, the world’s biggest and oldest pure ethnicity, the prototype of white, caucasoid race – they are supposedly more white than any of us here).
      they are also big in afghanistan and the more fundamentalist among them formed the taliban core, always fighting with other tribes, uzbeks, tajiks, turkmenis, baluchis and whoever not.
      i believe they speak a form of farsi (iranian) language.

      now, in answer to your question, they are predominantly sunni, but that has never been a major problem there.

      the people of the next door (and partly annexed) jammu and kashmir are mostly shia, but also ismailis and sufis (might wanna check, not 100% sure, all this from memory).

      hit the road troj, start traveling and expand horizons, in which case there might be hope for you, the usa is too tight for you, thus head buzz (a purely friendly advice).

  11. @ Gilbert Huntly

    To LOBRO: “What you can’t stand is that he [PAT] is a HELLUVALOT smarter than you…lobrotomy.”

    As an academic with higher degrees in entomology (and also as a world expert on Himalayan butterflies), I am not so sure that Pat is any smarter than Lobro. I’d say both were pretty smart and both are a credit to this website. Unlike myself, of course, who am just a beginner in anti-Zionist studies.

    I’ve learned much from Pat and admire his imperturbability and constant politeness when contradicted or attacked. He deserves a medal for good behavior. In fact, I’ve decided to make Pat my role model on this website when it comes to behavior. I don’t always agree with him, but I can’t help liking him.

    As for Lobro, he is a different kettle of fish entirely. I disagree with him violently on certain subjects but I feel in my bones that he is right about most things. His heart is in the right place and his sincerity cannot be questioned. He also possesses a vast sum of offbeat knowledge acquired over the years and this is why I find myself on this site in the first place: to sit at his feet, so to speak, and absorb knowledge and wisdom as a disciple would from the lips of his guru. I hope this praise will not go to Lobro’s head. It is not meant as flattery. It is what I feel, deep in my rotten heart.

    And now having spoken in lavish praise of both Lobro and Pat, I hope I may occasionally be allowed to reprimand them both when they wind me up. 🙂


    As for you, Mr Huntly, I am in two minds about you and would advise you to refrain from referring again to the smell of my vagina, as you did in a recent post.

    If you continue to do this, I promise you two things: (1) I will have you thrown off this website for obscenity and hate speech toward the female sex, as I got Tyron Parsons thrown off. He too referred to my vagina in similar derogatory terms; and (2) I will make every effort to track you down and give you a piece of mind — and my fists!

    Ever heard of knuckle-dusters, Mr Huntly?

    Be warned! Madame Butterfly is not to be trifled with. Her vagina is as sweet as a ripe apple in the Garden of Eden. It is not to be maligned by the vulgar and uninitiated.

    1. Dear Madame —

      Sincere apologies for stooping so low. I meant it in context for lobrotommy’s benefit – who I know is your favorite lap dog (and who will be DELIGHTED by your revelation). It was not a gentlemanly thing to do, I confess. (My fine stallion, King David, is grazing here in the front lawn, and HE agrees, too, FYI. 🙂 )

    2. MB –

      “I am not so sure that Pat is any smarter than Lobro.”

      I AM sure that I am NOT. So, there…!!
      We each know things the other does not. Both have lots of ‘time on earth,’ and paid attention on the vacation time spent here.
      My skin is tough. Rub away any time.
      Just havin’ fun…. pickin’ at Putin and his Pharisees. 😉

      1. I write poetry too. But it’s unpublishable. Because my poems contain TOO much truth. This makes me laugh at Darkmoon for being afraid of the truth, as the DM’ers claim to be all about truth, LOL. I write poetry too. But it’s unpublishable. Because my poetry beats the shit outta Gilby’s poetry. This makes me happy.

  12. Darkmooners,

    This is off topic in a way.

    This linked article toejam thinks should be featured on Darkmoon site.
    Bill White the author of “Black Picking Cotton Again”, as you may or may or not know, has been held in Federal lock up for several years for incorrect thought crimes. The dictators servants and courts KNOW his is innocent, but that makes no difference in this day and age.

    His many articles featured on the White Republican, would help enlighten and amuse the readers of Darkmoon. Let’s take a pole of Darkmoon readers on including Bill White into the pantheon of Darkmoon writers. Other then Bill being a White Nationalist (and what in the hell is wrong with that) he is a first rate intellectual and student of the history and future of the fast disappearing White European gene pool.

    Thursday, August 13, 2015

    Black Picking Cotton Again
    by Bill White

  13. Putin needs help…. Fallen and cannot get up.

    Plan…. ? “I’ll show the US. I’ll raise food prices and cut off supplies… HERE..!”

    Holodomor may be repeated. This time in Russia…!!

    Due to rising prices, Russians are cutting back on are groceries, primarily meat and chicken, fish and sea-food, cheeses and sausages, fruit and vegetables.

    To make matters even worse:

    The Russian government has expanded the list of countries, which supported EU sanctions against Russia, and has introduced the food ban against them, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said.

    “The government order expands the list of countries, against whom our state is introducing responsive economic measures,” Medvedev said at a cabinet of ministers meeting on Aug. 13.

    “Now a number of countries have been added to the EU, Australia, Canada, Norway and the United States, from whom certain types of agricultural products were banned in August of last year, a whole number of countries – namely Albania, Montenegro, Iceland, Lichtenstein and under special circumstances – Ukraine,” the prime minister said.

    1. Putin needs help…. Fallen and cannot get up

      And America is going to help, like GH says,

      America has inadvertently done more to bring you dead-asses an easier lifestyle than you could have possibly acquired for yourselves

      Of course, of course, just as soon as it is able to feed itself

      Glibly smug, huh, gives one such a nice, warm, superior feeling
      (In spirit of GH’s attempt at originality where he referred to “lobrotomy”, why not change from Gilby to Glibly, I think it strikes a truer chord, yeah:
      “And Tonight, On Glibly Huntly Report We Bring You The News From Poor Benighted Russian Losers”)

      So we have the following example of American Dream Come True (Noahide version)

      45.3 million people (15 percent) were in poverty, including 14.7 million (20 percent) children under the age of 18.
      49.1 million Americans lived in food-insecure households, including nearly 16 million children.

      According to the Feeding America Hunger in America 2014 study,

      Based on annual income, 72 percent of all Feeding America client households live at or below 100 percent of the federal poverty line.

      The median annual household income of Feeding America clients is $9,175.

      Clearly, no sweat feeding the starving BRICS, we’ll just share the $9,175, that’s more than an average family of four knows what to do with, hey, about $190 a month per person, not too shabby, especially if you ride boxcars, smoke discarded butts, drink half full cans of tepid bud found behind strip joints, etc., life is good.

      I am clattering my mess kit, banging it with my dented aluminum spoon in happy anticipation of eating like King David tonight, courtesy of the world’s Sugar Daddy.

      1. Being Jewish means never having to say “sorry”. Being American means never having to say “uncle”. All the way with Jew-S-A! We never say sorry or uncle. Go Jew-S-A! Jew-S-A! Jew-S-A! Jew-S-A!…ad nauseum.

  14. Uncle :
    Why exactly are you censoring the posts I sent you today? I want either one of the first two posts I sent you this morning on the commentary board. Or, of course you can put up both of them. But if not both, at least one of ’em. The other ones I don’t mind so much if you don’t put them on the board, though of course they all make a lot of sense also. I understand you have to protect your favorite pets, so I’ll understand it if you completely censor the truthful posts I sent you today, in order to protect your favorite pets, they’re very sensitive, I understand.. Except I want either both of the first two posts I sent in today up on your truth lervin’ commentary board, or at least one of the first two. I didn’t bad mouth any of your favorite pets in my first two posts I sent you this morning. Nor are they long posts, and both pertain and point to the Main Feature Article. They’re not off-topic. So I fulfilled all the Darkmoon rules to get a post on the commentary board. Let’s see what excuse you come-up with today.

    1. No one is “censoring” your posts, Joe. I haven’t even had time to read the LEGIT (!) comments let alone trawl through reams and reams of SPAM! How can I approve of TWO of your comments when you don’t even tell me WHICH comments they are? Why can’t you NUMBER each comment of the day (like from 1-100) and then identify the important comment by its number? Failing that, it would help if you quoted the first line of the comment. Too much to ask, huh?

      1. I’m neither going to quote the first line of any post when I remind you to STOP being so censorious, nor can I be bothered to put numbers on my comments. No one else does. You most certainly know which two posts I refer to, Uncle. There’s no real need to quote the first lines of the posts, and no real need to say post # 1, post #2.

        TOBY: I don’t now which two posts you are referring to. Since you sent in about 10 posts. Sorry, I’m not a mind reader. Anyway, I’ve just released one of your innumerable posts and I hope it’s the right one. It seems to be on-topic…

  15. Russia’s poor are banging their spoons against empty plates…
    ….while food is tossed… by the criminal elite..!!

    Others see Putin’s hypocrisy also:
    “So while the Russian poor and needy watch their beloved Fuehrer who they love and admire so much throw away tons of perfectly good food to spite the West for the economic sanctions imposed on Russia because of Putin’s Imperialist war of conquest in Eastern Ukraine and illegal annexation of the sovereign Ukrainian territory of Crimea and to assuage his bruised ego, Vladimir Putin’s press secretary Dimitry Peskov is seen at his wedding last week wearing a Swiss watch worth $620,000 dollars. however this Russian government spokesman reported an state income of only $93,000 dollars last year.”

    Social backlash:
    Russian web users posted numerous memes and cartoons on the internet in protest, expressing widespread disgust at the liquidation of the food products. Political caricaturist Sergei Elkin published several pictures about cheese on his Facebook page , while the Twitter hashtag #РоссияЖжет (“Russia burns”), featuring jokes, memes and photos based on the decree, was one of the most popular on the social network.

    1. Putin’s Imperialist war of conquest in Eastern Ukraine and illegal annexation of the sovereign Ukrainian territory of Crimea

      Obviously, The Clarion Of Truth has trumpeted, the walls of Jericho collapsing.
      Say hi to Victoria Nuland Noodleman, will you, tell her that I relax myself into sleep fantasizing about the softness of her boudoir.

      Harrumph … I daresay your sources are unimpeachable, sir, indeed they are if I may say so, harrumph, belch, blast it by Jove, got me port spilled on my cravat, hic.

  16. I’m afraid Mike Whitney is trying to market Vladimir Putin. The so-called P5+1 (US, UK, France, Russia, China and Germany) deal with Iran has nothing to do with Russia or China. All the six powers have diplomatic relations since the creation of the Zionist entity. They all support the myth: “Israel has the right to exist”. Contrary to that Iran says: “The Zionist regime has no right to exist.”

    As American Jewish writer and author, Steve Lendman has said in several posts that both the US and Israel will never have peace with Iran as long as it’s ruled by pro-Hizbullah/Hamas Islamist regime. He also confirmed that whole Iran’s nuclear hoax was created by Israel and its lobby groups in the western world in order to maintain Israel’s nuclear supremacy in the region.

    while selling US-Iran nuclear deal, Obama has told American Jewish leaders that as result of the said deal Iran would remain weaker than Israel in military power. He has also promised Netanyahu that if the later keep his mouth shut – White House will increase annual military aid to Israel from the current $3 billion to $4.5 billion.

    Russia’s “friendly relation” with Iran are based on three factors; a) as an ally to protect Russian and Chinese strategic interests in the ME and South-east Asia, b) 80 million-strong market, and c) to stop Tehran supporting the resistance inside Russian occupied lands.

    Can Iranian trust Putin? I don’t think so. In September 2010, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev canceled the already-paid S-300 contract with Tehran. Netanyahu took credit for that. Both Washington and Tel Aviv congratulated Moscow for the decision.

    1. Can Iranian trust Putin?
      I don’t think so.
      In September 2010, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev canceled the already-paid S-300 contract with Tehran. Netanyahu took credit for that.

      in 2010, russian president was medvedev, if you don’t believe me, ask rehmat.
      medvedev is a jew and enemy of putin, represents the jew interests in kremlin.
      he also sold out gaddafi’s libya to jew butchers called isis/isil.

      once he became russia’s president again, putin is the one who lifted the jew-us-engineered ban on sale of s-300s to iran, see here
      Russia fulfilling promise on S-300 delivery to Iran (press-tv, an iranian source)

      so ask your rhetorical question again.

      1. ACDD is a common ailment

        It is endemic in ways that can be scarcely imagined. But we’re workin on it

    2. “Yo… Vinnie..!! Hey, Can Iran trust Putin?”
      “I don’t know. Let’s go over to the East Side and see the boss. Meet me at the bronze ‘twisted gun barrel statue’ by the big shiny building on 1st Avenue between 42nd and 48th Street. You can pull in and park under ground. Follow the signs.”

      I would guess the Pharisee banker controlled Iran could trust the Pharisee banker controlled Russian Putin as long as the UN bosses in New York get ‘a piece of the action.’

      Iran can probably trust Putin as much as Capone could have trusted any one of these 5: Bonanno, Colombo, Gambino, Genovese and Lucchese….. the +1 would be Kennedy Crime Family…. alternating with the Prescott Bush Crime Family.

      The 5 Pharisee controlled Mafia family heads+1 [United States, France, Britain, China and Russia plus Germany] had a ‘sit down’ and gave the ok to Putin to supply Iran. Putin was holding off because Putin MUST follow orders…. UN Security Council’s orders…. the main approval body for the International Mafia(UN) seat. That’s where ‘DON’ Rothschilds’ feet hit the pavement by proxy.

      Iran’s Press TV, officially approved and properly vetted in this thread, tells the story:

      From the article:
      On April 13, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin signed a presidential decree paving the way for the long-overdue delivery of the missile defense system to Iran.

      The decision to deliver the missile system came after Iran and the P5+1 group of countries – the United States, France, Britain, China and Russia plus Germany – reached a mutual understanding on Tehran’s nuclear program in the Swiss city of Lausanne on April 2.

      Moscow had banned the delivery of the S-300 system to Tehran in 2010 under the pretext that the agreement it signed with Iran in 2007 was covered by the fourth round of the UN Security Council sanctions against the country over its nuclear program. The resolution bars hi-tech weapons sales to the Islamic Republic.

      1. “Pharisee banker controlled Iran”

        OK, but by what measure of control? Complete? Up to the brim?

        That statement is in sore need of elaboration

      2. This much:
        Renaissance sees the Islamic Republic’s stock market opening to investors in early 2016, with inflows totaling $1 billion in the first year.

        “We are confident that Iran opening up will be one of the most interesting and positive developments for the emerging and frontier market asset class in many years,” Renaissance’s Charles Robertson and Daniel Salter wrote.

        “Iran is the largest and most important economy in our view that is still closed to institutional investors.”

        Iran’s stock market has been one of the best performing in the Middle East even under crippling US-led sanctions. Over 450 companies listed on the Tehran exchanges have a combined capitalization of more than 3,644 trillion rials ($110.5 billion). In 2014, Tehran Stock Exchange’s All-Share Price Index TEPIX rose a record 130%.

        And….. This much…

        The Tehran Stock Exchange Index (TEDPIX) increased by 582 units or 2.3 percent to close at 69.194 points on Monday, the third working day this week.

        1.249 million shares worth 297 trillion rials ($101 million) were traded at the Tehran stock market.

        The figure was the highest during the past three months.

      3. Either you’re not getting my drift or you’re evasive in not answering directly in language I’m sure readers would be interested in.

        And I don’t say that sarcastically. My only intention is in expanding the discourse, as it always is.

      4. I answered it in a fashion that this reader… I…. would be interested in.

        Everyone has their own truth. This is my truth.

        That’s another way of stating….. since I am not in charge…

        ….your guess is as good as mine. 🙂

  17. We really have totally screwed ourselves by allowing the Neocons and Neo-liberals to write our foreign policy post-9 11. They wanted to re-make the Middle East, to take out seven countries in seven years, and now they are half way through this ambitious project and it has stalled out. I am one of those that believes most of what we are told about Middle Eastern terror is bogus including ISIS. Originally the U.S. wanted to simply go to war with Syria, but then the American people flooded the White House with anti-war calls and Obama backed down. Shortly after that we have this phenomena of ISIS, the most gruesome terror group imaginable. We then decide to join with Iran, Syria, and all these others like Turkey to fight Isis but instead we seem to be fighting a war with Assad for regime change by taking out Syrian infrastructure. Confusion reigns in everyone’s mind who ISIS is and where they get the money for guns and supplies, but didn’t we air drop supplies…not sure about that but somewhere I read that we were the secret suppliers or was it our staunch allies Israel and Saudi Arabia. It never occurs to anyone (particularly our Secretary of States either Clinton or John Kerry) to pressure our allies into stopping support for ISIS but maybe they aren’t really supporting the terrorists but then who is? Not Assad. Every once in a while a reporter will slip up and report on how Assad is winning the war ( I assume against us).

    Given our record of allowing the most reckless ideologues ever set loose on the planet to manage our foreign policy, why would Iran ever make a deal with us. Why would anyone make any kind of agreement with us. Of course, Iran is not going to turn its back on Russia. It has very deep ties there with large numbers of Muslim Shiite Persian speaking minorities living in Russia. Germany has deep ties with Russia as well because Germany can trade with China, etc. along the New Silk Road of railroads. A whole infrastructure of trade relationships are emerging in Central Asia and the U.S. has no part of it. We could turn into a backwater like the Islamic World did after the Fall of Constantinople and the opening of the Americas in the 15th Century. Why oh why did we allow these lunatics to take over? It was all so obvious but as John Kaminski would say, Americans seem incapable of seeing the obvious. The New York Times is at least partly responsible for the debacle because they have been pushing wars with Iran, Syria, etc. etc. for ever.

    1. Kapoore –

      You have more ‘terror’ in LA with MS13, Cripps and Bloods and Hell’s Angels than any ‘IS what it IS’ rag heads could bring there. The ‘homies’ there would cut them to pieces any way. 🙂
      The ‘IS what it IS’ bunch are real tough where they are the ONLY ones with the guns.

      1. Pat

        Correct me if I’m wrong, but you seem to intimate that the Pharisees will prove to have had no more need for another “conflict on a global scale” (notice how I didn’t say “world war”? :)) That if the old Rothschild hag were still around she would no longer be saying “if my sons want war, there will be war”.

        But in their relentless march to world totalitarianism, how are they gonna pull it off when ‘push’ would have to ‘shove’ because certain national leaders have not had their will to resist broken? We can say what we will about $600,000 watches and the like, but national interests in Iran, Russia and China and an ability to effect policy are not so neutered as to not go down without a fight.

        BRICS may be a shell game, but this is ancillary to the bigger picture of what it would take for the pharisaic control to accomplish their goals, and they have to know this.

        It’s like Ronda goin up against Floyd. She may not win, but she DOES have a fighting chance.

      2. B-Hawk –

        Economic wars are happening right NOW… on a global scale.

        LONDON’s Pharisee bankers win the economic wars…. Still…. They are experts.

        Iran may not be fond of Western-style capitalism, but it has a stock market where shares in Iranian companies are traded.

        Radman Rabii in Teheran was excited about the future.

        “I’m in my office. I have emails overflowing with interest from people all around the world that have heard the news,” he says.

        Rabii’s job with Iranian firm Firouzeh Asia Brokerage is to drum up international interest in Iran’s stock market. He says there’s more substance there than outsiders might expect.

        “The Iranian stock market is a well-diversified exchange. There are 35, 36 different sectors,” says Rabii. They include chemicals, banking, base metals, industrial holdings, telecommunications, oil products and more.

        It’s that diversity and potential that intrigues Charlie Robertson, London-based chief economist with Renaissance Capital, an investment bank specializing in emerging markets.

        “I think the first phase of the investor looking at Iran is, wow, 80 million people as educated as Turkey, GDP bigger than South Africa, suddenly available,” he says.

      3. True that

        They’re on the same payroll as those actors at the Boston Marathon, et al. Now I’m getting nostalgic for those halcyon days with my Mohawk brothers when it came to our, shall we say, war party excursions?

        Man would we kick those ISIS punks’ asses up and down the avenue.

        Thanks, Pat, for conjuring up some fond memories!

      4. At one time L.A. had gang warfare out of control. I know I lived in Venice in the midst of a war between two rival gangs and I moved to the suburbs in order to send my kids to a school with no gangs. But things do change. That was the nineties. Neighborhoods that were once gang turf are now high end gentrified places like Venice Beach. And Venice Boulevard that was once gang controlled when the sun went down (a fireman once told me that) is now very clean, and almost green (hmm almost). But from what I understand about Syria: it’s bad. I once wanted to visit Syria to see the oldest city in the world, Damascus. I wonder how tourism is going these days for ancient Syria. This is a grave tragedy for the entire world that one of the most ancient and heritage rich lands in the world has fallen into the Neo-con net of expendables. I can’t help thinking that it is part of their profound hatred of Christianity–that is where I go with it. This is the landscape of the ancient world, the very heart of our civilization, the birthplace of Christianity, and they treat it and its people like rubble. I loathe them, and I am so relieved that Russia and Iran are helping to save Syria and its people. They are the good guys, and we are the bad.

  18. spqr,

    (…) disconnecting from everything and living out the rest of our days in some place quiet, far away from this sick, evil civilization as possible.

    on a personal level, the best advice you could give, like telling a titanic passenger to hang out near the lifeboats.

    i guess that at this stage of my personal game, this is what i practice.

    or a sanity prospector (hopefully not a sanitary inspector) on a lookout for nuggets of sanity in such short supply back home … ever since lester pearson, canadians have invariably voted for the worst of the offered candidates and will undoubtedly continue in that vein, the sanity pickings slim to none there.

    1. Because I read Darkmoon every day, I know ISIS moozlums are what are also labeled as “takfiri” moozlums. ISIS, like all other Mohammedan Islamic Jihadists groups, is comprised of “takfiri” Mohammedans on Islamic Jihad. Please don’t kick ISIS ass, Mohawk boy, lobro and Ingrid just simply dote on takfiri moozlums. And Ingrid says “takfiri” Mohammedans make the best American citizens, in other words, Ingrid says ISIS Mohammedans on Islamic Jihad make the BEST of all American citizens. So please don’t kick the asses of lobro’s and Ingrid’s BEST FRIENDS in The Whole World, ISIS Islamic Jihadist Mohammedans. The TWO jews will never stop crying if their precious ISIS which serves the goals of Ertez Israel so perfectly well is ever defeated. Mercy Unto Takfiris, the TWO jews lobro and Ingrid always remind us, however slyly they remind us. What a jew clue the TWO jews lobro and Ingrid dropped out of their kike hydra-assholes with their “takfiris are our drinking buddies and our dining companions and takfiris make the best of all American citizens”. I don’t know how the TWO thought no one would notice that jew clue of theirs, it’s such an obvious and blatant clue. I will never let the TWO forget they dropped that jew clue outta their hydra-assed kike assholes. Never.

  19. hello, ground control?
    we have a situation here, troj unit malfunctioning again, all attempts to repair failed, losing altitude rapidly.
    what can be done at your end.
    yes, we know it happens all the time, so what do we do?
    arranging compost heap landing too expensive? ok, so we just let it go … still good for a lampshade, whatever the outcome.

  20. After reading the welter of comments, flurries from snow storms and BS artists alike — as MachtNichts wrote to me elsewhere, if the shoe fits — I submit this comment as might a neophyte, trepidatiously and without great confidence of its finding a welcoming mind.

    To name countries like Iran, USoA, Russia, etc., as if those vague, ill-defined constructs were self-knowing, conscious entities acting on the global stage with unique personalities seems ludicrous, exemplifying what Alfred North Whitehead termed “the fallacy of misplaced concreteness”. To suppose Putin, nevermind Obama, actually “runs the show” in “Russia” defies rationality. Finally, has everyone forgot to reread “The Protocols” this past year? That work has a better guide-map to current goings on than much of what I read in the comments.

    1. Alan –

      Your premise is easy to accept.

      I’ll repeat from above, and have stated numerous times:

      “Putin a ‘nursery rhyme Hero’ and Russia a ‘paper bear’….
      ….controlled from London, just like US Government.”

      1. This doesn’t prove that people in positions such as Putin’s are mere automatons.

        At least my posts elaborate on this, whereas yours seem to indicate that they ARE mere automatons, c’est pas?

      2. B-Hawk –

        Those national leaders who are NOT “mere automatons” get removed quickly.

        Some by scandals and poisons and some by bullets, as Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley, and Kennedy.

        Putin has been groomed and in offices for over 20 years. He’s a PERFECT “mere automaton.”

      3. Sorry, you assign a degree of power held by the Pharisees that is, as you’re so fond of saying, “only a guess”

    2. At the time of the Protocols discovery in about 1887 or thereabouts, in Paris, by Russian secret agents, Russia was the last bastion of gentile culture not overwhelmed by Talmudics, ie, considered an enemy by the same Protocols and due for “regime change”.

      Just like now.

      And if the right-thinking gentiles back then had sprung into the defense of the Tsarist rule, all the subsequent bolshevik inspired-and-run bloodshed and destruction would have been prevented.

      Just like now.

      1. It seems you almost resort to announcing the Bolsheviks have ‘vanished’. Did they suddenly decide they had been WRONG all those bloody years – and simply disband, or abandon their conquest?? Did Putin’s and others’ daddys tell their children to change stripes?? Now, as always, they operate by DECEIT…aka ‘synagogue of Satan’.
        And, you say ‘If the right-thinking gentiles back then…’
        (IF a frog had wings, he wouldn’t bump his ass.)

    3. @ Alan Donelson

      Oy Vey, I’m still waiting (praying) for Dr. David Duke’s much anticipated and long overdue “illustrated” Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

      The dumb goyim can’t bother to read books without a lot of pictures and illustrations today. Moving pictures are the best, of course, but do you suppose Spielberg is gonna make the real “Swindler’s List” any time soon?

      We’re not even the messengers; just commentators. Please don’t shoot the commentators.

  21. Consider the following angle:
    name me one other country on the planet whose leadership proudly and publicly hews to the notion of Christianity and christian ideals informing the nation’s mindset.

    There isn’t any.

    Consider that just over a century ago, practically every single European country stated this as a matter of official policy, it was practically written into constitutions.

    When the first Rothschild got elected (basically bought his seat) into the parliament representing the City of London back around 1860, he couldn’t take his member’s seat because only Christians were qualified for the job, so he had to wait about a decade until the Limeys obligingly changed the rule.
    The thin edge of the wedge … look at them now.

    So you don’t have to be a practicing Christian to catch onto the enormity of these issues, it certainly means a huge deal in the Protocols, one that they don’t advertise, another special Jew secret, like Talmud as a whole.

    Which makes the claims and statements made by Russian leadership in that regard, along with prohibition of gay pride days and parades (another symbol of secret significance) a momentous occasion.

    Along a parallel track, if unsure how to begin growing some wisdom, consider the secret importance of symbols.
    Secret, because even though Jews pay a great deal of attention to them, they want you to ignore them and pursue empty “Enlightenment”.
    This too, is in the Protocols, read them carefully.

    Symbols are to the conscious and subconscious mind as germinating seed is to a plant.

    And they want to do a Monsanto on our minds and have been pretty successful by the looks of it, seedless plants grown in Monsanto Frankfurt labs.

    1. Consider the following angle… actually being played out… no guessing.

      PUTIN’S Russian CHURCHES Are CORRUPT..!!

      Amid frequent media stories of corruption and hypocrisy in the Orthodox Church, the issue had come to embody the division between those who support the increasing public profile and power of the Church and its support from the authorities, and those who insist that church and state should be – SEPARATE – and who resist the influence of the Church on everyday issues.

      An Ongoing Probe
      The Moscow Eparchy issued its statement on the same day that protesters withdrew a lawsuit aimed at overturning the results of public hearings in 2012 that approved the church’s construction.

      “We withdrew it because the [district] Prosecutor’s Office is going to pursue its probe into the legitimacy of the hearings,” Denis Goncharenko, one of the activists involved in the protests, told The Moscow Times in a phone interview Monday.

      In 2014, the activist said, the local Prosecutor’s Office sided with protesters, declaring that the public hearings in 2012 had been conducted with violations of the law.

      “They found more falsifications, so we decided to let them finish their investigation [before pursuing the case],” he said.


      Some media speculated that the real reason for withdrawing the suit was a promise authorities had made to the protesters that the investigation would result in “concrete decisions.”

      1. All this would indicate is that there is an internal struggle going on.

        To say “Putin’s churches are corrupt” sends an incomplete message.

        C’mon Pat, enough innuendos already

    2. judging by every post you make on the topic of putin, your angle is predetermined and impossible to change due to facts.
      Vilify Putin at all cost!, including drawing a Hitler mustache on him.
      It seems to take precedence to assigning proper weights to issues, just so long as the job of demonizing Putin and Russia at large gets on unimpeded.

      My thesis had to do with age old struggle Jews mounted against Christianity, the reasons for it (as they so ably spelled out themselves in the Protocols and Talmud) how they just about succeeded and how Putin threw a wrench into their wheels.

      What is your response? to immediately get up and cast aspersions on Putin by pointing out some case of corruption in the Orthodox Church.
      Even if the story is true, something about which i have reservations, what’s it got to do with Putin?
      Or Christianity?
      Or Christ?

      Why don’t you go direct to the source and blame Jesus Christ for allegedly misappropriated construction funds?

      Ever heard of color revolutions doctrine?
      How it played in Kiev Maidan, in Belgrade, in Tehran, in Hong Kong, in Damascus, Tripoli, Cairo, Tbilisi/Georgia, in Armenia, in Moscow on almost monthly basis.
      It is an established blueprint of waging war by deception, from the Clean Break onward.
      It is a proper department within Pentagon/CIA/FBI/NSA complex, with budget exceeding that of just about any country’s total defense budget.

      After all, what was Bolshevik revolution but a color revolution that went violent to the eternal pride and joy of the Jew?
      Ever heard of the Paris Commune revolution or the Spanish revolution… all of them have a common element:
      Jew designed, organized and run, mashing goy against gentile.
      And in every one of these revolutions, the very first target of the NY Jew commissar-led lynch mob were the Christian symbols, the churches, priests, monks, nuns.
      (France, Russia, Spain … in all the formerly Christian countries …
      I guess you will say it served them right because for sure there must have been some petty corruption)

      Any time there is a flash crowd of well organized protesters agitating about some true or contrived, but specifically identified government wrong, it is the product of that Jew Revolution Factory.
      It is but a kindling for the larger, more violent revolution in the works, stoked by rooftop snipers if needed.

      Obviously you weren’t aware of this mechanism, otherwise you would never have jumped on such a flimsy pretext so gleefully.

      Some Orthodox priest is said to have pilfered the poor-box, yay!
      Means Putin is rotten, Russia is rotten, so is China, Iran, BRICS.
      Means the Protocols are right, talmud is right, Pussy Riot is right because they are always on about Putin and the Church, stripping themselves naked during service, screaming Kill Putin, Kill Patriarch Kiril, spraying menstrual fluids over icons, sawing down crosses and crucifixes.
      Because some priest got sticky fingers.

      Good stuff, carry on, just like when you submitted a quote about “Putin’s imperialist dream, Crimea forcibly annexed from the rightful owners Victoria Nuland, the glorious sovereign state of Ukraine”.

      Do you really believe in all of that or are just trying to provoke me?

      Maybe one day, when Hillary Clinton’s coming all-out war overcomes Russian resistance, and Netanyahu dances hora in the Red Square and Rothschild (or is it Rockefeller) finally has his promised boudoir atop of the Kremlin Tower, will you join the celebrations – after all, no more theft by priests, world will become a much cleaner, more transparent place, churches turned into museums of revolution and holocaust memorials.

      Just asking. Because you won’t see me there.

      1. I vilify Putin… the FSB/KGB communist… the Pharisee oligarchs’ puppet.

        You vilify me. How lofty, my position.

        I like the attention. 🙂

        BTW.. I have given a few mustache rides… but never painted one. I enjoy your flair for making things up, though.

      2. ACDD is a pervasive thing, Pat. It affects everyone on the planet and in different ways, and I’m beginning to think some are seemingly impossible to believe.

        But those are the ones I explore when I go way out on that limb

      3. B-Hawk –

        Be more specific.
        Which of these is the most pervasive??

        Alabama Council for Developmental Disabilities

        Augustin Cournot Doctoral Days

        Accreditation Council on Services for People with Developmental Disabilities

        Alabama Central Disbursement Division

        Attribute Convention for Data Discovery

      4. @Pat

        How’s this:

        ACDD: All Cognition Deciphers Dharma

        Prompting a question for which there can be no answer: “HOW Creation?”

        It just is. Everything else is knowable

  22. Think on the completely unnoticed fact that until Putin announced the Christian centrality to Russia’s existence, there wasn’t even one country on Earth that proclaimed Christian tenets.

    Yet there was a Hindu one (India), a whole slew of islamic ones, Buddhist (Sri Lanka, Thailand, Laos … not sure about Myanmar, Cambodia and Vietnam) and most resoundingly a Jewish one, brutally in-your-face.

    Just a coincidence, or
    product of centuries of destructive jew machinations whose intent was clearly spelled out in Talmud, practically the primary raison d’être of babylonian talmudism (there can be no Juden global dominion in presence of Christianity).

    1. People have come to know that Christianity is a ‘gate-way’ drug to Pharisaism. Today’s Christianity supports the ‘CHOSEN’ philosophy projected by Pharisee JEWS.

      Russia’s Pharisee oligarchs want Putin to support the ‘chosen’ philosophy…. pushed by Christianity.

      1. Since Scofield did his nasty for the jews, what you say is true of a lot of those you refer to as “Christians” which really aren’t Christians. I call them western pseudo-Christians since they really behave as jews and do the biding of jews. However, myself and many other Christians that I know do not fall into that category you have lumped everyone into. People that take the time to actually read and think about what Jesus had to say, know that the jews are not God’s chosen. Many Churches of Christ, the unorganized portions, know that the jews are not God’s chosen.

        Since I only know one eastern Orthodox Christian, Brother Nathanael, I am not sure how they consider the jews in respect to being God’s chosen. I know that Brother Nathanael, a Russian Orthodox Christian, certainly knows that the jews are not God’s chosen and doesn’t mind saying so.

        The Christian church that the jews speak of eliminating in the Protocols is the Orthodox Christian Churches, not the western “Christian” churches including the Roman Catholic Church. The jews do not forgive and do not forget especially the almost complete oppression by the Byzantine Empire whose main remanent today is the Russian Orthodox Christian Church That is the main reason Russia was picked as the target for the Communist Revolution.

  23. DHS has America in a Choke-Hold…
    AND…. just change the letters…

    FSB Has Russia in a Choke Hold

    Yeltsin didn’t wait out the end of his presidential term (summer of 2000), stepping down on Dec. 31, 1999. In accordance with the Constitution, the prime minister began to carry out the presidential functions.

    That is, Putin practically became president before he was elected to the position.

    We all remember what came after the end of the two terms allowed him by the Constitution. As a formality, he put Dmitry Medvedev in his place, but in actuality continued to govern the country as before. Putin didn’t even move out of the presidential residence at Novo-Ogaryovo. He just renamed it the “residence of the head of government” for several years.

    After Medvedev’s time came to an end, and Putin returned to the office of president, the residence was once again “presidential.”

    Medvedev performed an important service for Putin. He managed to amend the Constitution to extend presidential terms from four years to six. This means that Putin plans to be legally in power for a total of 24 years: two four-year terms, one four-year quasi-term, and two more six-year terms.

    We can no longer dream of the departure of the security forces. They won’t leave. Like a cancerous tumor, metastasizing into all the organs of the body, they will only die now when the entire organism does. This tumor is no longer operable, and there is no more hope for recovery.

    1. Boo hoo, how awful.

      (…) managed to amend the Constitution to extend presidential terms from four years to six.

      Like a cancerous tumor, metastasizing into all the organs of the body, they will only die now when the entire organism does (…)

      Wait a minute, are we talking about Hector Chavez, the president of Venezuela?
      Something about the tumor on presidency, yes.
      Or maybe Muamar Gaddafi … no, I got it, it is Bashar Assad.

      I love it when the Jew worries about our democracy, our freedoms, it means he is for sure planning to rehabilitate them from the clutches of Gentile politicians.

      See how well it works out in our glorious free world, Dems vs. Repubs, Libs vs. Tories, so much to choose from, I love that feeling of being in control of my destiny, knowing that my hand too, is on the steering wheel, otherwise so ably governed by those sworn to serve the nation’s core interests.
      And every 4 years, the revolving door dutifully spins.
      And spins, and spins.
      New faces stepping thru, new enthusiasm building to a happy crescendo, Nobel Peace Prize medals busily coined in Third World sweatshop foundries and maquiladoras.
      The meaning of democracy, right there.

      (note the same source, Moscow Times, the ones holding their noses in presence of Christianity, they miss Yeltsin badly)

    2. I should have added…

      This is the fault of Moscow Times:

      “Putin plans to be legally in power for a total of 24 years: two four-year terms, one four-year quasi-term, and two more six-year terms.”

  24. Where you talk about how “others also see Putin’s hypocrisy”, such as

    (…) economic sanctions imposed on Russia because of Putin’s Imperialist war of conquest in Eastern Ukraine and illegal annexation of the sovereign Ukrainian territory of Crimea

    And also,

    Political caricaturist Sergei Elkin published several pictures about cheese on his Facebook page

    As for Elkin, we find this:

    Meaning of “Elkin”
    Hebrew name
    In Hebrew, the name Elkin means – Variant of Elkanah: God creates.. Other origins for the name Elkin include – Hebrew, Israeli

    Here he is, talking sh*t on Putin to, well, hello, who else, the Moscow Times, that’s who, small world, init, the fearless investigative journalists who uncovered Christian perfidy and (after a very careful photo analysis in Langley, VA) some official’s $630,000 watch – wow, someone has really gone into depth to dig up dirt on Putin’s friends and coworkers, not that such shenanigans would ever be tolerated in Washington and Western capitals, where everyone is scrupulously above board and honest, eg, Blair or the Clintons, who by honest means went from bankruptcy before Bill’s double-term, to near billionaires that they are today (but are no doubt smart enough to wear cheap Timexes when in public).

    And I find the comparison of the respective attitudes toward freedom and variety of press instructive.
    Besides Moscow Times, there are others, freely and insistently critical of Putin and crying for good old days of free-for-all (Jews) neoliberal Harvard spawned ripoff, and they are suffered by Putin and Co.

    Name me an actual newspaper in the States, not a blog, that takes similar attitude to the elites, be they Jews or high-stepping Shabbos.
    So, even if controlled opposition, I greatly prefer Russian allegedly artificial freedoms to the ones back home.

    1. @ Lobro
      @ Brownhawk

      If you have been paying attention to the pattern that Pat displays here on Darkmoon, you have to realize his tactic of discrediting anyone that expressing anything contrary to the concept that jews are in total control of everything, that resistance is futile, and that the only escape of jewish control is death. Pat’s posts normally reference jewish sources even though he claims to be opposed to jewish control. Contradictions are common. Pat normally tries to cover his tactic with a smiley face and saying that he is just guessing while accusing everyone else of the same thing regardless of clear indications to the contrary.

      Trying to convince Pat to see anything other than his viewpoint is a waste of electrons. When challenged, Pat is like a cat in a round house and always resorts to posting sources as typical of his primary tactic. Pat apparently made up his mind prior to 1985 and is going to stick with it regardless of how much the global condition has changed since then. As an example, Pat believes that China and Russia are still communist countries which simply is not true.

      Does Pat realize that his tactics support the jewish plan of global conquest by discrediting everything to the contrary? Who knows, I certainly do not. At least his posts are civil.

      1. Ungenius –

        “If you have been paying attention to the pattern that Pat displays here on Darkmoon, you have to realize his tactic of discrediting anyone that expressing anything contrary to the concept that jews are in total control of everything, that resistance is futile, and that the only escape of jewish control is death.”

        I know you do not know me… and you are really confused here. I would have thought that you knew that everyone in battle must accurately define the actual and perceived strengths of the enemy.

        It is paramount to NOT underestimate the power and control which come with mega-wealth. When you do… YOU lose.

        YOU would do better if you were pointing out and attacking the strengthens of the London Pharisee bankers than to “waste electrons” — YOURSELF — by pointing out my smiles…… That is silly. 🙂 🙂 🙂

        Attack Pharisee bankers as I do… NOT ME… You “electron waster”.. 😉

        Wishy-Washy… I am not. You just don’t like my style. So Mote It Be..!!

      2. @Ungenius

        Funny that you should say that. Just when I’ve decided not to become exasperated anymore with fellow posters

        The things I concur most with Pat are his definitions of “communism” and that BRICS is a shell game. How could it not be when you consider how long the banking cabal has been working towards controlling every facet of the show. But by the same token, this doesn’t mean they have EVERYTHING going their way. If that were the case then why the continuing need for all the gamesmanship among all the players? Why haven’t we seen “checkmate” already?

        What we’re seeing is a long-range plan in the making which is finally arriving at “check”. The “king” (primarily Iran, Russia and China) is on the verge of being exposed for the “attack”. The question is, what form will it take? How is “attack” to be interpreted exactly? With the exposure imminent, what then will the king do?

        The metaphor to be used is not “puppets dancing on the end of strings”, dancing to the Pharisee’s tune note for note. The one that best applies suggests a cattle drive, The cattle are being ‘steered’ in the general direction of the corral.

        We all need to pray for a stampede.

      3. “…this doesn’t mean they have EVERYTHING going their way.”

        Correct, B-Hawk. That is why they need to be identified along with their exact strengths.

  25. Putin’s COMMUNIST Russia is FAILING. Russians are becoming Islamic terrorists in record numbers.

    According to the FSB (Russia’s security service), in the course of the last year recruiters from religious extremist groups have been able to attract more than 1,700 Russian citizens into their ranks. Some experts say the number is much higher.

    In the first week of June, Russian media were gripped by the story of Varvara Karaulova, which not only seemed to epitomize the problems the country faces in its fight against Islamic extremism, but also served as an alarming reminder that it is not only Russia’s Muslims that are at risk of falling victim to fundamentalist recruiters.

    1. I did read somewhere that most takfiris now, are speaking Russian, the plan being to invade Russia through the Ukraine..

      1. @ PAT :

        I believe it was about 4 months ago you made the claim you were a Nuclear Physicist for the U.S. Navy. So considering your claim, I know you will appreciate the scientific information about nuclear isotopes caused by nuclear blasts, and the levels of isotopes caused by nuclear explosion at GROUND ZERO NYC, the site of the 911 attack on NYC . Readings of Nuclear Isotopes Caused By Nuke Detonation at the site of the World Trade Center Twin Towers, GROUND ZERO. GROUND ZERO is the label the U.S. Government/U.S. Military uses to indicate a site that has been Nuked :

        By the way, if you know Nukes don’t exist, if you know the U.S. Government is scamming us with a false meme “Nukes Exist”, and you’re all about truth and all about not wanting to have anything to do with falsity and lies, then why exactly were you a Nuclear Physicist for the U.S. Navy? Wouldn’t that suggest you yourself were part of the U.S. Government/U.S. Military psy-op false meme “Nukes Exist”. [ Question based on the premise nukes don’t exist. ] A premise you have yet to prove with any hard science, Pat. If you’re a Nuclear Physicist, as you claimed about 4 months ago, and you know for a fact Nukes don’t exist, the science is not there for Nukes to exist, then prove your theory scientifically. I want to hear you prove your “Nukes Don’t Exist” premise with SCIENCE. Not opinion, Pat, SCIENCE. HARD SCIENCE. I trust you know what HARD SCIENCE means, Pat, and what it involves, and what is expected of a Nuclear Physicist to prove any theory concerning nuclear matters, including a theory as to why “Nukes Don’t Exist, Nukes Can’t Exist, Nuclear Weapons Aren’t Scientifically Possible, Nukes Aren’t Scientifically Viable”. Thank You, TROJ.

    2. “Karaulova”, ie, “daughter of Karaul” is a muslim name.
      There are tens of millions of Muslims living within Russian borders, many more than in UK or N America, couple of million in Moscow alone.

      meanwhile you present an entirely false and misleading picture when you state
      Putin’s COMMUNIST Russia is FAILING. Russians are becoming Islamic terrorists in record numbers.
      1. Russia is not COMMUNIST.
      As I pointed out, their freedom of the press exceeds that of the West.

      2. Even if, as you say, “Russians are becoming Islamic terrorists in record numbers” is true, that does not imply that Russia as a country, nation and state is failing.
      (example of falsity in such thinking: “last year 2 Italians joined ISIS, this year 6 joined, a 300% increase, thus – Italians are joining ISIS in record numbers“)

      3. The article says that the “Russian CITIZENS are being recruited into the ranks of ISIS, to the tune of 1,700 by FSB’s estimate (and why would FSB underestimate the number since tey themselves flagged it in the first place? They could have just kept their mouths shut for propaganda purposes but didn’t).

      There is a difference between a blood Russian and a Russian citizen, who could be a Tatar, Jew or Muslim or a Mongol, German, you name it.
      Chechnya and Dagestan are still parts of the Rus federation, with millions of residents.

      So, if 1,700 of them joined ISIS, this is still way below 1%.
      But to you, sure proof that COMMUNIST Russia is failing.

      If I didn’t know you for quite a smart fellow, I’d say you are abysmally stupid.
      So why do you keep churning out these nasty untruths, without a morsel of logic?
      You do more to discredit yourself than Putin.

      I can only think of one reason that does you at least a partial credit: to agitate readers into fact checking, critical mode of thinking, resistance and anger and thus provide support to your putative target.

      I could play the same game, eg, “I just bought (10 shares, keep this revealing item below the radar) shares in the Rothschild & Sons and am therefore the secret ruler of the world”.


        There we can agree…!! 🙂

        ALL governments are ‘communist’ in their social organizations. ALL governments are ‘capitalistic’ in their economic organizations.

        AND… the USA is failing its inhabitants….. ALL governments do..!! It’s their natures.

        Total freedom disappears upon the arrival of the second person to the island.

        For Joe and Ungenius… 🙂 🙂 🙂

      2. Right on schedule as the neo-press gangs (police) keep those prisons full, especially the *private profit prisons (*stock is available!) which require, by contract, your? Governor’s signature guaranteeing 90% occupancy!

        Motel 6 eat your heart out!

        For .20 an hour the newly pressed workers will make furniture, nuts and bolts, missile parts for Raytheon and who knows what else.. maybe they’ll even ‘volunteer’ for some medical testing.
        The neo-American way.

  26. Total freedom disappears when a great majority of the population use their Freedom of Speech to do nothing but lie for a million reasons, all the reasons self-serving and selfish, then a society goes tyrannical. Read Plato, Pat, and stop hassling me. You would learn something if you were to read Plato. Neither you nor anyone else learn anything when you hassle me.

    Hassling me ain’t going to defeat the NWO. Even if it were true I’m a troll and my “job” is to stop you Darkmoon freedom-lovers from defeating the NWO, lol, I just don’t think if I had that kind of power to stop you ANTI-NWO freedom-lovers from defeating the NWO, I would spend my time here at Darkmoon. If the accusation against me were true, and I really had a lot of power, and I really wanted to use my incredible power to destroy you freedom lovers before you could defeat the NWO, I would be in Washington or London or someplace like that, not stuck down here in redneck Florida. I certainly wouldn’t waste my time writing posts to Uncle to remind him he’s being Censorious again as always.

    My presence here at Darkmoon precludes everyone else from sending in their posts/comments, lol. I guess I “Hijacked” Darkmoon and I’m flying you all to Rome, to throw you all in the dungeons of the NWO Novus Ordo Vatican basement, lol. Do you think I hijacked Darkmoon, Pat, is that really your “guess”?

    1. “Read Plato, Pat, and stop hassling me.”

      Boo-hoo-Hooo-hoo Boo-hoo-hoooo.. Ahhh-Waahhhgh Uh-Uh 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Too much Plato…
      …caused TROJ to go nutzo..

  27. I read Plato in high school a long time ago, Pat. I see you’re not even at a high school level of understanding. Maybe you’re still in high school but much more interested in meeting your friends in the school parking lot at 4:20 than attending to your studies. Anyway, your problems aren’t my business.

    As it is, I’m way TOO immersed on studying what happened at 9/11 GROUND ZERO NYC to be bothered with high school type reading. For more info about 9/11 GROUND ZERO NEW YORK CITY WORLD TRADE CENTER TWIN TOWERS :

    Search Term To Use To Learn More About “9/11 Nuclear” use Search Terms :

    ” Nuclear Radiation In NYC Since 9/11″

    And also :

    “9/11 Nuclear”

    “9/11 Nuclear Demolition”

    “Dimitri Khalezov + 9/11 Nuclear”

    The U.S./Israel Government inside ilk that brought down the WTC Twin Towers on 9/11 with NUKES should have had the foresight to introduce their bullshit/snake shit “Nukes Don’t Really Exist” meme BEFORE 9/11, when 9/11 was still in its planning stage, NOT after 9/11, and certainly not after Dimitri Khalezov. One would think they would have had more foresight about this Nuclear matter. They thought of everything else to cover their tracks, lol, except they overlooked introducing their snake shit “Nukes Don’t Exist” meme until it was too late to be at all believable, lol.

    One would think, with all the support Darkmoon and the alternative media gives to Putin and to Putin’s Russia, one would think the alternative media including Darkmoon would appreciate The Honest Russian Dimitri Khalezov. But NO, we see the complete opposite. When it comes to the Honest Russian Dimitri Khalezov, all-of-a-sudden Darkmoon and the alternative media NO LONGER appreciates or lauds or wants to hear anything about HONEST Russians, especially NOT THE HONEST RUSSIAN Dimitri Khalezov, LOL LOL LOL….. Your Darkmoon and your “alternative” media is so way obvious.

    If link doesn’t work, use Search Term “Nuclear Radiation In NYC Since 9/11”. That’s the Search Term that led to article. Then use the other Search Terms I’m considerate enough to include for even more truthful info about 9/11 in NYC being a Nuclear Attack. Thank you, TROJ.

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