Israel makes a mockery of democracy

The tragic stories of three Palestinian women

By Mahmoud El-Yousseph 

laila issawi

Israel claims to be the only democracy in the Middle East. It is making a mockery of democracy by ignoring its basic element of due process of law and presumption of innocence.

Case in point: Here are three stories of Palestinian women who were denied justice and were subjected to cruel and inhumane treatment by the Israeli army. The reason was, to intimidate them into silence.

  1. Khalida Jarrar, is a member of Palestine legislative council and high ranking official with the PFLP who was arrested by IOF (Israeli Occupation Forces) in her home in Ramallah last April. She is being held on Mickey Mouse charges, such as: 1) attending a book fair, 2) giving an interview, and 3) taking part in a rally that called for the release of Palestinian prisoners. Mrs. Jarrar who is also an attorney, lobbied to have a seat for Palestine on International Criminal court of Justice. The area in which she was arrested is under the Palestinian authority control and Israel has also violated her legislative immunity. Last year the IOF served her an expulsion notice for two years. She refused to sign it and told the office, “It is the occupation and not her that needs expelled.” Her husband was arrested 11 times in the past and has served 14 years jail time under the Administrative Detention Act without being told why. Mr. & Mrs. Jarrar have two daughters who are attending a law school in Canada.
  1. Shireen Issawi (pictured above), a Jerusalem native and an attorney is leading the fight for justice for political prisoners. Israel has illegally imprisoned her. IOF soldiers raided her house last March and confiscated all the phones, computers, and I pads owned by all her family members, none of which have been returned. Her brother Samer Issawi held the longest hunger striker in record among Palestinian prisoners.

In 1994, an Israeli soldier shot and killed her brother Fadi on his sixteenth birthday during a peaceful march against the massacre of 29 Palestinian worshippers at the Ibrahimi mosque in Hebron. Her family members have served a combined of 25 years in Israeli jails since Israel occupied Jerusalem in 1967. Israel has banned her from practicing her profession as a lawyer and has cut off the water supply to her home. Miss Issawi has been put in solitary confinement for the last 3 months.

  1. Muna Shalabi, a Jerusalemite mother was given last May an expulsion notice due to the fact that her husband Omar Shalabi was sentenced along with 8 other Palestinians to 9 months in jail for writing anti-Israeli comments on Facebook. This took place after the kidnapping and subsequent murder of Mohammad Abdelkader by illegal Jewish settlers in Jerusalem last summer. During the same time Facebook messages were left by illegal Jewish settlers calling for the killing of one Palestinian every hour following the disappearance of 3 Jewish settlers. These messages received 17,000 likes and no one was charged. To illustrate the Israeli bias and unfair treatment, Ayelet Shaked, who was a member of the Israeli Knesset, called for genocide against mothers and children. She has since been promoted by PM Netanyahu to serve as his Justice Minister.

Now Israel has revoked Mrs. Shalabi’s Jerusalem residency status. This move will deny her children from attending school and receiving medical treatment. She now has to leave Jerusalem with her six children, the oldest, Ihab, is 22 and the youngest Lamar, is 7.

The stories of these three Palestinian women highlight the suffering and abuse that Palestinians are subjected to on a daily basis under the Israeli occupation. All of this is done with help from our (yours and mine) tax dollars that Israel receives: 10 million dollars a day from our Treasury Department. We are all morally obligated to hold Israel accountable and demand that she stop the expulsion of Muna Shalabi and to put Khalida and Shireen on trial or release them immediately.

For the love of peace, please use your power to prevent injustice. Write to the President and Prime Minister of Israel or the nearest Israeli embassy:

Email: Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at: [email protected]
Email: President of the state of Israel Mr.Reuven Rivlin at: [email protected]

Mahmoud El-Yousseph
Retired USAF Veteran
Feedback: [email protected]

26 thoughts to “Israel makes a mockery of democracy”

  1. Excellent article . . . very moving. Well done, Mahmoud! I’m glad to see you are still writing and taking a part in political activism.

    BTW, how are you keeping nowadays? Long time since we spoke last on the Ugly Truth. Ah, those were the days!

    No more cruel lions. 🙂

    1. Mahmoud is a pacifist. He doesn’t believe in hunting down lions. The fact that your husband was eaten by a lion in Africa is unlikely to convert him to big game hunting.

      Apologies for this off-topic post.

      Fact is, Mahmoud’s excellent article has left me speechless.

      1. @ Lasha, thanks for giving me a forum to share the story of these three brave Palestinian women. I am truly grateful for you and John for all the past support. As you may know this article was sent also to most major US news papers from coast to coast. Sadly, up to this point all of them considered the piece as unfit to print. What I always like about Darkmoon, is you are “Free Speech Protected Zone”.

        @ Lalara, having you and Ruth on the same message board, sound like dejavo again! I remember you on the Ugly Truth to be the voice of reason.

        Felix: Hi old buddy! Yes, Israel eventually will destroy itself from within. You make a valid point about exposing ISISRAEL by those living in the west. There is nothing I enjoy more that hitting Israel on its most sensitive nerve. Her image in the media and holding her accountable about the all the war crimes she commits against Palestinians and those who support the Palestinian cause.

      2. Good to see you here Mahmoud, hope you stay, you already know how I feel about Palestine..

    2. Well hellooooooooooooo Miss Ruthie! I am glad you are still around and kicking. I appreciate your positive feed back. You helped sharpen my skill at the Ugly Truth when you played the devil advocate for many years. Yes, I’ll never forget your lion story, the one who gobbled you alleged husband. Oh well, with your look, you should not have trouble finding a suit. There are a lot of fish in the sea. Hang loose!

  2. “All of this is done with help from our (yours and mine) tax dollars that Israel receives: 10 million dollars a day from our Treasury Department.”

    It is NOT – “OUR” – Treasury Department. It belongs to the IMF/World Bank.

    It is headed by Jacob J. Lew.

  3. Maybe those who think they are of an alien race as demons from another world only have it half right.

    It is suggested that Annunaki males had sex with human females. Probably most were raped, and offspring produced from this union were given a name – Nephilim. Are these progeny the original jews? Could it be that THEY are the ones who would become the primary minions administering an Annunaki-sponsored “Great Work of the Ages”? Some CONSIDER themselves to be jews, but unless they are of this descent, does this represent a proper appellation for them?

    When Christ called someone an abomination, was he referring to these hybrid Beings?

    In the dept. of waxing whimsical, I imagine the Germans winning the war, creating another Pale of the Settlement, and eventually the advancement of genetic science would have sorted out the whole mess.

    Can we reasonably expect this to happen moving forward?

  4. Thank you, Mahmoud for such a moving article. It’s always appropriate for those living in the USA or her vassal states in Europe, Australia, NZ and Japan to hear of the crimes of the Jews, which their governments support. However, one cannot reason with the evil Netanyahu. Although the Zionist entity appears strong, take a lesson from the last colonial incursion into Palestine, the Crusaders. Their Kingdom lasted about 100 years. I seriously doubt Israel will last that long.

  5. How come the Palestinian advocates never start crying and complaining, bitching and moaning, when Sunni jihadists kill Palestinians? There are Palestinian refugees in Syria and in Iraq. The Palestinian refugees in Syria and in Iraq are getting killed by Sunni jihadists. Along with Christians, the Palestinian refugees are targeted by the Sunni jihadists for Death. How come the Palestinian advocates, including mega Palestinian advocate “god given” “French” comedienne, never have a thing to say, never a tear to shed, when Sunni Jihadists kill Palestinians in Syria and in Iraq?

    Important Note : This post is NOT a justification to what the Jews are doing to the Palestinians. What the jews are doing to the Palestinians is disgusting, feral, atavistic, barbaric. But so is what the Sunni jihadists are doing to the Palestinians [ and Christians] in Syria and in Iraq. Yet, the Palestinian advocates are totally silent about the Sunni Jihadist killing of Palestinians [ and Christians] in Syria and in Iraq. Why no protests? Why the silence? Why no tears? Why no concern? Why do they only get concerned and only protest when jews kill Palestinians? So if I were to convert to Judaism and then as a Jew I killed a Palestinian that would be horrible, so wrong, barbaric, disgusting. But if I were to convert into a Mohammedan and kill a Palestinian then that’s A-OKAY, nothing to see here.

    1. trust x-eyed dog to bark up the wrong tree every time.

      so the next time there is an article on jew ISIS violating christian yazidi girls, then giving them away as gifts to takfiri mercenaries, will you complain why doesn’t anyone talk about guggenheim showing piss christ to visiting groups of preschoolers in new york?

      one message at time, joe, although the ultimate message is always the same (ask ellie if you forgot the final message).
      btw, i do agree that monty should poke around for an article about raped and humiliated yazidi girls, but also how the yazidi community stuck it out in the hills from the time of christ, entirely unmolested and respected by surrounding sunnis – until the 100% jew abomination called ISIS.
      sinister talmudic labs engineered ISIS because al-qaeda wasn’t perverted enough.
      this should be your message, not islamic faith.

      why are there lots of christians in iran, always have been?
      why are catholics living in bosnia completely accepted and left to their devices, who did pope francis visit, orthodox serbs? and the population which is over 80% muslim (sunni) gave him a rousing welcome.
      why are millions of thomas christians in southern india (tamil nadu, kerala and karnataka) free and unperturbed, surrounded as they are by hindus and muslims and the sect dates from the time st. thomas proselytized there after crucifixion.

      answer: jew is not running the show there.

      mahmoud, glad to hear from you again, they don’t make them any better than you.

      1. My old friend LOBRO to the rescue! As always, I could have not said it any better!

      2. good to hear from you, mahmoud, as always.

        joe is okay, he is just a character one needs to get used to, his ways are shall we say, unorthodox.

  6. Thank you, Mahmoud, for taking the time to educate us all on how women are treated in “the Middle East’s only democracy.” The same people that are so outraged when women are “oppressed” by wearing burkas are very silent on this issue. So-called feminists are nowhere to be found when it comes to speaking out against the atrocities carried out against women every day in the Zionist Entity. Also, a big thanks to Lasha Darkmoon for providing a meaningful, open forum where news repressed by the lamestream media are brought to light.

    1. If Lasha doesn’t like misogyny as she claims to hate misogynists, then why exactly does she dress up every day like a SLAVE harem girl for a misogynist ali baba wahabbi Saudian Arabian type die-hard, intense misogynist slave monger always looking to throw women into slavery so the women slaves can spend their female slave lives cowtowing to the Mega-Uber-Misogynist’s every demand?

  7. Israel does not “make a mockery of democracy” because it never was intended to be a democracy in the first place. It is an ethnocracy i.e. a political system created to serve Jewish ethnic interests. Jews are allowed to quarrel among themselves about what they think is best for the Jews and that may have the outer appearance of a democracy (political parties, elections, a parliament etc.) but that doesn’t mean it is a genuine democracy. Citizens are divided in two classes : Jews and non-Jews. The Jewish state exists to serve the interests of its Jewish citizens in the first place. In the second place some crumbs are thrown to its non-Jewish citizens, but only if it doesn’t harm Jewish interests. If that is the case, all rules of civil decency are thrown overboard quite shamelessly. In Israel Jews do not need to keep up the appearance of decency like in the diaspora. Therefore the greatest rogues can occupy the highest positions in that rogue state. It is useless to send letters to Israel’s Prime Minister or President. Rogues are not impressed by that. But perhaps publishing open letters to them in the alternative press makes sense?

  8. Very clever response by THEORGINALJOE! Joe’s response reminds me of the trick lawyers use in

    the court of law by attacking the victims and pointing out how horrible the dead person was. All in an effort
    to exonerate their killer client. The very same tactic used by ISISRAEL during the take over of the Turkish Flotilla in 2010 , where 10 activists were shot execution style and dozens were injured and yesterday’s hijacking of the Freedom Flotilla III, which both took place in international waters.

    Before the take over in both cases, the Israeli government published this letter that it planned to give the peace activists. It read:
    Welcome to Israel
    It seems you got lost
    There is no closure on Gaza, and you are welcome to transport , via Israel any humanitarian supplies……
    If human rights were truly important to you, you wouldn’t be sailing in solidarity with terror regime.

    There was an excellent response to this Israeli trash talk by the editor of Ugly Truth editor, Mark Glenn today.
    But the facts remain, What ISISRAEL calls a terror regime is a democratically elected one. Hamas won the Palestinian election fair and square. Unlike ISISRAEL, Hamas never killed US sailors and other US citizens in cold blood. Palestinians never spied on America and sold her secrets to her former adversaries. Palestinian never manipulated the US to fight their war and spill American blood.

    Finally, If Joe was original, he would have checked the newswire service before he made his outlandish allegation about Muslim advocated never condemn the killing of Palestinians in Syria and Iraq. Had he done his home work, he would have found out how many time Muslim and Arab groups across the US have condemned the gruesome killing and crimes committed by terror groups like ISIS and others against Palestinians, Syrians, Iraqis as well as foreign nationals.

    Even though it is now public record that the US and Israel have created and supported and funded groups such as: ISIS, NUSRA, Al-Qaeda to kill Israeli enemies and create a rift between Islam and Christianity.

    THEORIGINALJOE would be more accurate if he change his screen name to JOE BLOW instead

  9. Thank you Mahmoud El-Yousseph for your thoughts! …. I am with the Palestinians all the way! …. To see the relatively tiny, patch-worked areas of the original Palestine still occupied by the Palestinians is a horror story*; and the evil Jewish “messianic” settlers are gobbling up more and more land every day, on their way to turning the “Arabs into the dust and waste of the desert” (as per Chaim Weizmann’s original plans) ! …. *And this horror story, or ongoing genocide, as bad as any in history, is a television story every day; with all sympathy being given to the courageous Israelis who are bravely (or so we are dictated) fighting against the continually invading Arab hordes! …. And Australia, the USA, Gt Brit, Canada, France, etc, firmly under the administrative control of the Zionist-Jews, are funding (via so-called Christian-majority-taxpayers) the genocide! …. Ask a rabbi at one of our popular Holocaust museums what he thinks about the “messianic settler movement” and “dust and waste” objectives (like my brother once did) and you will be followed by Sydney Mossad thugs and belted to a pulp. …. Then go to the Australian police, like he did, and you will be called a racist, anti-semite! …. Finally, regarding THE ORIGINAL JOE’s pathetic response (quite typical of this fraudster troll) you have hit the nail on the head: ” Very clever response by THEORGINALJOE! …. Joe’s response reminds me of the trick lawyers use in the court of law by attacking the victims and pointing out how horrible the dead person was.” …. Yes, the Jewish-Illuminati-POWERED judiciary are just another arm of the Jewish monstrosity that currently imprisons us all! …. PPS: I hope that filthy Melvin has now gone, as his initial humor soon dried up!

  10. let’s see if there is any proof in that much glorified pudding
    ‘ICC credibility test’: Palestinians submit first war crimes evidence against Israel

    just look at the utterly predictable litany of jew yelps, squawks, squeals and teeth gnashing, jew theatre at prime time, 6 million dead jews stagger toward icc in protest, skinny arms outstretched, beseeching for justice, babi yar jew blood geysers spurting anew to heretofore unheard of heights.

    at least russian mainstream media delivers what the non-russian mainstream media in all its untold thousands of outlets would never dare in 2 thousand years.
    proof that different control mechanisms run the two sets of mainstream media.

  11. lobro seems to know a lot about media control mechanisms. I’m very sure he does, he’s not lying, not right now at least, not when it comes to media control mechanisms. Then perhaps lobro can detail for us the control mechanisms solidly in place in this, this “our” “alternative” media. I await with bated breathe…..

    1. maybe after you get your bowel control mechanism fixed.
      one step at the time, no rush.

  12. How can a foreign occupation can be acclaimed as “the only democracy in the region”, is beyond human mind.

    America’s internationally-known author, womens’ rights activist, Marianne Williamson, is a Zionist Jew and blind supporter of Israel. She considers the Islamic Republic of Iran to be non-democratic, oppressive and its government not ‘sane’. She said she has no problem with Ahmadinejad, because he doesn’t rule Iran. She has problem with Ayatullahs who rules Iran from behind the screen.

    In an interview she gave to Dr. Kevin Barrett in August 2012, she said: “The way I look at Israel, I look at Israel the way I look at United states: The people of Israel are not the government of Israel… Any more than the people of the United States are the government of the United Staes. So even though I don’t, for the most part, agree with the government of Israel at all – and also as a Jew, because I am a Jew and committed to the existence of Israel.”

    That’s what I call a Zionist Jew living in self-denial.

  13. @ Ingrid B. what a pleasant surprise! I know from the beginning you will be an asset to Darkmoon and The Ugly Truth. I will take you advice. After all, my article received the best reception here than FB or the other two group lists that I would not even mention. I truly appreciate the positive feedback I got here.



  14. Guess what folks, what’s taking place in Palestine and has been taken place for 60 years is coming to your neighborhood writ large.
    Hell, it’s already here. We just haven’t read about it yet in the suck ass “free” press.

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