Jeremy Corbyn vs. the Jews

Are the Jews out to get Jeremy Corbyn? 

by Gilad Atzmon


In an open letter published in the UK Jewish Chronicle, notorious hard core Zionist David Hirsh (above left) advises the controversial British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn (right) what to do if he seeks “the trust of Jewish voters.”  As usual, Hirsh has produced an obscure document that reveals little other than the delusional level of Judeo-centrism symptomatic of Hirsh and his ilk. 

Hirsh lists Corbyn’s ‘crimes:’ “You worked for Press TV, the Iranian regime’s propaganda channel and you recommend Russia Today, Putin’s version. You appear in cosy pictures with Hugo Chavez, with Hamas, with Gerry Adams (days after the Brighton bombing) and with Hezbollah. You said that Nato is the aggressor in Ukraine and that Daesh is no worse than the USA. You were the national chair of Stop the War even when it appeared to endorse the killing of British soldiers. You celebrated the anniversary of the Iranian revolution.”

Yet, despite this roster, Corbyn won the Labour leadership in a landslide victory that left the Blairites and the usual Sabbos Goyim far behind, isolated and humiliated. How did this happen? Simple, for the vast majority of Labour members, Corbyn’s ‘crimes’ were not a problem, quite the opposite. Labour party members made Corbyn their leader because they agree with the rationale behind his arguments and affiliations. They chose Corbyn as their leader because they are not happy with the Jewish Lobby hijacking their country’s politics.

Hirsh cites Fascism as a prime concern; but you would expect a Jewish academic to know what Fascism was and is.  “You don’t have to be for starting a war with Daesh and Assad; but you do have to make it clear that in principle you side with those struggling against fascism and for democracy.” To this Jewish academic both Asad and Daesh are ‘Fascists.’ I guess that within the solipsistic kosher universe, Fascism is basically everything that Jews hate. But the true definition of Fascism is slightly more nuanced. Fascism is a pretty clear worldview. It is secular, nationalist, socialist and led by a strong government that is often authoritarian.  Daesh, or any other Islamic system of government, can never be Fascist by definition.

The fact that Hirsh doesn’t understand Fascism is a little surprising, but let us see what anti Semitism means to the Jewish academic. “There has always been a temptation to imagine Jews as powerful, selling the oppressed to the exploiters for silver. The image of Jews as enablers of injustice, twisters of words and doers of evil runs deep.”

I don’t see how Corbyn is involved with any of the above, and, from an intellectual perspective, I can’t understand why is it more ‘conspiratorial’ to say that Jews are ‘too powerful’ than to claim that Jews are not powerful at all. The question of whether Jews are powerful can easily be measured statistically and demographically. However, if Jewish power is defined as the power to prevent us from looking into Jewish power then the ‘anti Semitism slur’ is the means used to effectuate such power.

“Antisemitism” Hirsh continues, “mobilises around vile myth instead of around rational critique.” I am puzzled again, is it really ‘irrational’ to examine or criticize  the politics and culture of the most powerful people in our society? Was Max Weber’s search into the role of Protestants in capitalism irrational? Would examination of the cultural and ideological roots of the British aristocracy be irrational?  Zionism was a promise to make Jews like all other people. At a minimum, Zionist Jews should insist that Jewish culture and politics be subject to the same criticism and scrutiny as other cultures.

Hirsh wants Corbyn to show that he understands “the distinction between criticism of Israel and antisemitism.” But this is a false distinction. The Jewish Chronicle that published Hirsh’s letter and rallied against Corbyn for two months claimed to speak in the name of the “majority of British Jews.” But the Jewish Chronicle is not exactly an Israeli paper, it is actually a Jewish paper.  The BOD that also claims to represent British Jewry and was highly critical of Corbyn is not an Israeli body either, it is a British Jewish institution. Hirsh’s false distinction ignores the fact that Israel actually defines itself as the Jewish State and it seems that the vast majority of Jewish institutions support Israel and its existence as the Jews only State.  The distinction between Jews and their state is far from obvious. In fact, the only person to offer a useful tool to address the topic by making categorical distinctions among Jews, Judaism and Jewishness is yours truly (The Wandering Who?, Zero Books).

Hirsh’s missive seems to express the wish that Corbyn becomes a Zionist Jew like Hirsh: “You say you hate antisemitism. So support those who fight for peace, not Hamas and Hezbollah who fight for victory over the Jews rather than peace with Israel.”

Corbyn won the Labour leadership in spite of a vile Jewish campaign against him run by the Jewish Chronicle and other Jewish outlets. Corbyn won the Labour leadership in part because he sees friends in Hamas and Hezbollah.

Seemingly, Hirsh wants to reinstate to role of the Jews in the party.  “At the moment, lots of Jews feel locked out of the party; both the Labour Party and also the carnival of joy and optimism. Your new Labour Party does not feel like a safe place for Jews.”

I suppose that Hirsh may be correct in his observation. But Corbyn has nothing to do with it. The Jewish sense of rejection is clearly self-inflicted and a direct outcome of the usual pre-traumatic stress syndrome (Pre-TSD).  British Jewish community leaders may want to look in the mirror and admit to themselves that once again they have managed to corner themselves.

Hirsh writes to Corbyn, “You can bring lots of us back,” but he knows that this is a lie. Corbyn cannot bring anyone back. The Jewish hate fest against Corbyn and Labour is not going to stop or fade. However, Corbyn’s victory does indicate a sharp decline of Jewish power. Jewish history teaches us that when Jewish power declines, it happens very fast and the consequences are often tragic. Let us hope that this time things will be different, but for that to happen Jews must learn to self reflect. Instead of telling Corbyn what to do in order to appease the Jews, Hirsh and Jewish community leaders ought to ask themselves why the opposition to Jews is growing. If Jewish community leaders fail to find the answers, I would be happy to make my way to Golders Green and give them a brief lecture in exchange for a bag of shekels.




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  1. Jeremy told the Jewish chronicle that he is proud of his part-Jewish heritage. He is anti-Zionist not antisemitic and he is pro immigration.

    1. He is anti-Zionist for the “wrong” i.e. left reason. Being leftish automatically means being pro-immigration.
      For the UK an ideal combination would be :
      anti-Zionist + anti-Semitic + anti-immigration.

      We should keep in mind that in London (“The City”) is still the centre of Jewish global power, especially financial power. I would praise the day that the British government would dissolve the fraudulent Jewish Bank of England. There are also lots of Rothschilds in Britain who need to be arrested and their illgotten wealth confiscated.

      1. @Franklin. I had high hopes for Jeremy Corbyn because in 2013 he signed a Parliamentary motion to take back control of Sterling from the Private (Jewish) Bank of England and restore power to issue the currency to the government of the day INTEREST FREE based on the Bradbury pound, which was in effect in 1914.

        “That this House notes that the hundredth anniversary of the Bradbury Pound on 7 August 2014 is a welcome reminder of the historic precedent for public credit as the sound basis for debt-and interest-free Treasury money and therefore the sound alternative to the national debt and interest-bearing bank money; congratulates the Forum for Stable Currencies for having promoted the public credit since 2002; and urges HM Treasury to follow John Bradbury’s model and address social, economic and political issues across party lines in one fell swoop and avoid wholly unnecessary austerity cuts.”

        Only 5 MP’s out of about 650 supported the motion, Jeremy Corbyn being one of them

        Since running for leadership of the Labour Party and winning, he has diluted these plans with the “People’s Quantitative Easing” . The Bank of England will be the driving force and no doubt usury will be applied to the taxpayer.

        The central bank must be abolished, like the Federal Reserve. Who owns the BOE exactly, I don’t know, but the British people/ Government do not. It is suggested that Rothschild/Queen and possibly the crypto Donmeh Jews in the House of Saud are major shareholders. The treachery is hidden in a company called “The Bank of England Nominees Limited”. It is protected by the Official Secrets Act and until recently no MP was allowed to raise questions in Parliament about it. Even though this restriction has been lifted, from memory only one question by a solitary MP has ever been raised.

      2. RO –

        This may help.

        I have researched the banking structures for decades. Here is some of what I have found. You may find it very curious, as I have over the years.


        The Bank of England is owned by a ‘corporations sole’ known as the Government Legal Department. There are no stockholders or directors. The structure is that akin to a king or parson in England, which both are corporations sole. Or the Pope, or Bishop.

        The Bank of England, formally the Governor and Company of the Bank of England, is the central bank of the United Kingdom and the model on which most modern central banks have been based.

        Established in 1694, it is the second oldest central bank in the world, after the Sveriges Riksbank, and the world’s 8th oldest bank. It was established to act as the English Government’s banker, and is still the banker for the Government of the United Kingdom. The Bank was privately owned by stockholders from its foundation in 1694 until nationalised in 1946.

        In 1998, it became an independent public organisation, wholly owned by the Treasury Solicitor on behalf of the government, with independence in setting monetary policy.

        The Government Legal Department (formerly the Treasury Solicitor’s Department) is the largest in-house legal organisation in the United Kingdom’s Government Legal Service.

        The Department is headed by the Treasury Solicitor. This office goes back several centuries. The office was enshrined in law by the Treasury Solicitor Act 1876, which established the Treasury Solicitor as a corporation sole (an office with perpetual succession). Employees of the Department exercise legal powers which are vested in the corporation sole.



        The Crown as Corporation
        Frederic Maitland

        Law Quarterly Review 17 (1901) pp. 131-46.

        The greatest of artificial persons, politically speaking, is the
        State. But it depends on the legal institutions and forms of
        every commonwealth whether and how far the State or its titular
        head is officially treated as an artificial person. In England we
        now say that the Crown is a corporation: it was certainly not so
        when the king’s peace died with him, and “every man that could
        forthwith robbed another.”(1*)

        I quote these words from Sir F. Pollock’s First Book of
        Jurisprudence. They may serve to attract a little interest to
        that curious freak of English law, the corporation sole. In a
        previous paper I have written something concerning its
        history.(2*) I endeavoured to show that this strange conceit
        originated in the sixteenth century and within the domain of what
        we may call “church property law”. It held out a hope, which
        proved to be vain, that it would provide a permanent “subject” in
        which could be reposed that fee simple of the parochial glebe
        which had been slowly abstracted from the patron and was not
        comfortable in those clouds to which Littleton had banished it.
        Then, following in the steps of Sir William Markby, I ventured to
        say that this corporation sole has shown itself to be no
        “juristic person”, but is either a natural man or a juristic

        If the corporation sole had never trespassed beyond the
        ecclesiastical province in which it was native, it would nowadays
        be very unimportant. Clearly it would have no future before it,
        and the honour of writing its epitaph would hardly be worth the
        trouble. Unfortunately, however, the thought occurred to Coke —
        or perhaps in the first instance to some other lawyer of Coke’s
        day — that the King of England ought to be brought into one
        class with the parson: both were to be artificial persons and
        both were to be corporations sole.

        Whether the State should be personified, or whether the
        State, being really and naturally a person, can be personified,
        these may be very interesting questions. What we see in England,
        at least what we see if we look only at the surface, is, not that
        the State is personified or that the State’s personality is
        openly acknowledged, but (I must borrow from one of Mr Gilbert’s
        operas) that the king is “parsonified”. Since that feat was
        performed, we have been, more or less explicitly, trying to
        persuade ourselves that our law does not recognize the
        personality or corporate character of the State or Nation or
        Commonwealth, and has no need to do anything of the sort if only
        it will admit that the king, or, yet worse, the Crown, is not
        unlike a parson.

        Back to today….

        Elizabeth II has several corporations sole:
        Her Majesty the Queen in Right of the United Kingdom,
        Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada,
        Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Australia are all…
        distinct corporations sole.

        Because Australia and Canada have federal systems of government, Elizabeth also has a distinct corporation sole for each of the Australian states and Canadian provinces.
        For example, Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Queensland and Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Alberta.

      3. Thanks Pat, but I don’t believe “In 1998, it became an independent public organisation, wholly owned by the Treasury Solicitor on behalf of the government, with independence in setting monetary policy. ”

        Hansard records the Jew Lord Myners asking another Jew Lord Sassoon about Bank of England Nominees Limited.

        Myners: “To ask Her Majesty’s Government whether the accounts of the Bank of England, Bank of England Nominees Limited and the Bank of England Asset Purchase Facility Fund Limited are all audited by the same firm of public accountants.”

        Sassoon:”KPMG are the external auditors for the Bank of England and the Bank of England Asset Purchases Facility Fund Limited. As a dormant company, Bank of England Nominees Limited is not required under the Companies Act 2006 to appoint an external auditor.”

        “In 1977, the Bank set up a wholly owned subsidiary called Bank of England Nominees Limited (BOEN), a private limited company, with two of its hundred £1 shares issued. According to its Memorandum & Articles of Association, its objectives are:- “To act as Nominee or agent or attorney either solely or jointly with others, for any person or persons, partnership, company, corporation, government, state, organisation, sovereign, province, authority, or public body, or any group or association of them….” Bank of England Nominees Limited was granted an exemption by Edmund Dell, Secretary of State for Trade, from the disclosure requirements under Section 27(9) of the Companies Act 1976, because, “it was considered undesirable that the disclosure requirements should apply to certain categories of shareholders.” The Bank of England is also protected by its Royal Charter status, and the Official Secrets Act. BOEN is a vehicle for governments and heads of state to invest in UK companies (subject to approval from the Secretary of State), providing they undertake “not to influence the affairs of the company”. BOEN is no longer exempt from company law disclosure requirements.”

      4. RO –

        That’s good info.

        ‘Subsidiary of’ means owned by…

        This is from their site:

        Freedom of Information – disclosures

        Subject/Request Details: Questions about the Bank of England (shareholders, dividends paid, directors, member banks)

        Date Released: 6 November 2009


        ‘Does the Bank of England have shareholders? If the Bank does have shareholders who are they?’

        The Bank of England is the central bank of the whole of the UK and was established as a corporate body by Royal Charter under the Bank of England Act 1694. The Bank was nationalised on 1 March 1946, and gained operational independence to set interest rates in 1997. The Bank is a public sector institution wholly-owned by the government – the ENTIRE CAPITAL of the Bank is, in fact, held by the Treasury solicitor on behalf of HM Treasury.

        That would not prohibit them from funding the ‘subsidiary.’ But… I thought your question was about the ownership Bank of England… Not BOEN. BoE owens that.

      5. Glad to see the status of the ownership of the BOE arise here and that posters have looked into this issue. Officially the BOE was nationalised in 1946

        Further the BOE nominees is now apparently inactive (see the BOE’s site to confirm)

        So with respect Red Onions, on what information do you assert that the BOE is privately owned?

        see the original BOE ACT 1946 on transfer of shares to the treasury

        I am inquistive on this – when I have pointed out that the BOE is owned by the UK people and asked why then do we have to issue our currency with debt attached —— SILENCE

        for video on this check out Mark Cocking on Theo Chalmers

        part one here – rest of the parts are easy to get to

        Seriously the BOE is an enigma to me.

      6. Taras –

        The BOE is not owned by the people. It is owned by a Corporation “SOLE”:

        The Bank of England is owned by a ‘corporation SOLE’ known as the Government Legal Department. There are no stockholders or directors. The structure is that akin to a king or parson in England, which both are corporations sole. Or the Pope, or Bishop.

        The Department is headed by the Treasury Solicitor. This office goes back several centuries. The office was enshrined in law by the Treasury Solicitor Act 1876, which established the Treasury Solicitor as a corporation SOLE (an office with perpetual succession). Employees of the Department exercise legal powers which are vested in the corporation sole.

        The owner can do as it wishes… just like the King, Queen or Pope…. which are ALSO Corporations SOLE. They are truly sovereigns..

        Subjects… people… cannot tell the sovereigns what to do.

        English customs and laws allow that. Subjects have NO say so. They do not own the government.
        People do not own governments.

      7. @Taras Bulba. It’s a mystery to me too. I “believe”, I don’t know it’s privately owned. As you say, surely if the Bank of England is a Government Corporation, then a perk to the taxpayer would be interest free borrowing, instead of compound interest. Pat’s information is appreciated and new to me. My gut feeling is Rothschild is a major shareholder. I don’t care what Government websites and Wikipedia say, puppet Governments lie on behalf of their Jew Masters. We all know that and why shouldn’t they lie about the central bank? The Queen’s financial advisor is Sir Evelyn de Rothschild, seen here at a Windsor family party. Second link is Queenie checking her

      8. @Taras. “The Empire of the City” (the secret history of British financial power) by E. Knuth, first published in 1944 states: (page 71)

        “The Bank of England is in effect a sovereign world power, for this privately owned institution is not subject to regulation or control in the slightest degree by the British Parliament. This privately owned and controlled institution functions as the great balance wheel of the credit of the world, able to expand or contract credit at will: and is subject only to the orders of the City, the City DOMINATED by the fortune of the House of Rothschild & the polices of the House of Rothschild”

        Interesting comments with “food for thought” on this thread from 2010:

      9. RO –
        Taras –

        Corporation “sole” has no shareholders. It stands alone on its own and is there for uninterrupted succession. King, Queen, Pope, Bishop are examples. The ‘office’ rules in perpetuity.

        A corporation sole is a legal entity consisting of a single (“sole”) incorporated office, occupied by a single (“sole”) person.

        It is not available in most countries and venues. It is not ‘statutory.’

        In all likelihood, it is a Pharisee product. It has ecclesiastical origins.

  2. I found Corbyn always looking somewhat Jewish and now it appears that he does indeed have some Jewish blood. Nevermind, he is at least genuinely anti-Zionist, hopefully he will also become “anti-Semitic”
    (= critical of Jewish misbehavior in general, my definition).

    Except for his support for Hamas (a wholly dysfunctional, delusional terror organization), I can agree with all his other sympathies and opinions i.e. Press TV, Russia Today, Hugo Chavez, Hizbollah and the idea that NATO is the aggressor in the Ukraine.

    There are of course the usual hyper-paranoid conspiracy theorists who avert that Jeremy Corbyn must be “controlled opposition” (for some obscure reason, not explained) because the “almighty” Jewish Lobby would never have allowed an anti-Zionist to attain power. The thing is Jews are powerful but not almighty and they can be defeated. In the USA Trump and now also Ann Coulter are signs that things are changing.

    1. I sincerely hope, Hamas didn’t kick your Zionist AZZ last year – Franklin!!

      In your sick mentality, Hamas is “terrorist” because they’re trying to recover their ancestral land from the European “terrorists” who stole it in 1949.

      Some consolation for you. Your ISIS brothers have promised Israel that they will defeat Hamas in Gaza after they’re finished with Bashar al-Assad.

      1. An organization is terrorist if it attacks unarmed civilians for political reasons. Hamas does that. Hamas is not only terrorist it is also delusional because it still believes it can defeat Israel and liberate “all of Palestine”. Hamas is also dysfunctional because instead of improving the material conditions of Gaza it spends all its money on weapons and on digging tunnels to invade Israel.

        When Israel was created in 1948 some 750,000 Palestinians were driven from threir homes. Shortly after that about the same number of Jews in Arab countries were driven from their homes and mostly fled to Israel. So we can actually speak about a “peoples exchange”.

        Arabs and Muslims don’t really care about the human rights of the Palestinians, they don’t care about human rights (a Western and not an Islamic concept) at all. As supremacist imperialists Muslims cannot bear the thought of relinquishing even one small part of the territory they once conquered by the sword. They believe “Allah” has ordered them to conquer the world by the sword and for some centuries they were highly successful at that. “Allah” became for them a heavenly WARLORD who always gives victory. Losing battles and territory to “infidels” would undermine their belief in “Allah” and that is the real reason all Muslims are so fanatic in trying to reconquer the territory of Israel, which is after all but a very small piece of land.

        The violent supremacist imperialist “religion” of Islam is as much a world problem as is the tribal supremacist “relgion” of Judaism.

      2. So what the hell Israeli Jewish soldiers and armed settlers have been doing for the last 67 years – kissing Palestinian civilians AZZ?

        Oops! That’s evangelic Christians’ job to suck Jewish Azzs to receive their Salvation.

        On August 1, 2014, investigative journalist, Alcibiades Bilzerian, posted an article, entitled Hamas May Be the Most Moral “Terrorist” in History. Personally, I would give that honor to Lebanese Islamic Resistance Hizbullah. Watch a video below.

        “One man’s freedom fighter is another man’s terrorist. In the United States and European Union, the distinction between terrorist and freedom fighter depends on the amount of political donations your allies give. Israel lobbyists in America and Europe have provided hundreds of millions of dollars to ensure that Hamas is known to the world as a terrorist organization. Israel, on the other hand, is considered an upstanding member of the international community (contrary to all the facts of course). Instead of getting bogged down in an examination of Hamas’ historical fight to end Israeli occupation, let’s compare the behavior of Hamas and the colonial apartheid regime of Israel during this latest war to determine which side is truly the terrorist organization,” Bilzarian said. Read the answers here.

      3. Franklin –

        “Arabs and Muslims don’t really care about the human rights of the Palestinians,..”

        Everything I have read stated the Palestinians WERE/ARE mostly Arabs and Muslims.

        That leads me to a logical guess….
        …. that Arabs and Muslims don’t care about their own “human rights.”

        No wonder they are so violent. They cannot put up with themselves.

    2. @ Franklin Ryckaert

      Trump is Zionist through and through. This one will wake you up:

      An article by Christopher Bollyn. Trump is in bed with billionair Michael Dezertzov and his son Gin. CB asks the question: ‘Why is Trump working with Israelis and what does that say about his ability to speak freely about what happened on 9-11?’ Trump goes by the official 911 line, lie.

      Enfin. American Jewish Rebekah Roth’s 911 bestseller ‘Methodical Deception’. She has been in the flying bussiness for 30 years. Goes in detail into the Israëli art students, Mossad bomb experts who lived and did their job as such for months at the 91st floor of one of the Twin Towers. Roth shows till now unknown photos of them.

      I stumbled while making her stuff viral on the net on the following site with the same photos and revealing sketches by these 911 brainiacs closest to the fire:

    3. Franklin Ryckaert
      September 22, 2015 at 3:18 pm
      “I found Corbyn always looking somewhat Jewish and now it appears that he does indeed have some Jewish blood. Nevermind, he is at least genuinely anti-Zionist, hopefully he will also become “anti-Semitic”
      (= critical of Jewish misbehavior in general, my definition).

      Except for his support for Hamas (a wholly dysfunctional, delusional terror organization) …”

      Hamas was actually brought into existence by Israel some years back. It isn’t hard to understand the reasons that would compel Israel into bringing this “baby” into the world, because without “hamas” (or something like it) in the picture Israel would be lacking the much-needed pretext that it needs in order to facilitate embarking on a course of military action against Little Old Grandmas and the like who’ve been squatting on the Gaza Strip since Time Immemorial. The Gaza Strip happens to be choice real estate that was earmarked years ago as a future part of “eretz yisroel.” Hamas was created for the purpose of giving Israel a reason to exterminate the goyim of Gaza. They fire a few nonsensical and inconsequential rockets at “goyim” targets inside the promised land, no jews are hurt, but now Israel now has the pretext that it needs in order to embark on a campaign of ethnic cleansing against the poor squatters.

      1. @ Save The Goyim

        Based on my past research, you are correct about Hamas being created by Israel. Additionally, Hamas was used by Israel to fragment what little power the PLO had. Based on the actions of Hamas during the past 15 or so years, It appears that Hamas may have gone rogue on Israel. Hamas is the organization that inflicts damage on Israel during their Gaza slaughters. Hamas has been and is objecting to Egypt about destroying and flooding their tunnels into Gaza from Egypt. Israel does not need an organization to launch missile into Israel. Israel has and will continue to launch their own false flags when desired.

      2. Correct…..hence the futile absurdity of ‘bottle rockets’ landing on waste ground in the ‘cuckoo’s’ side of the fence…

      3. Ungenius –


        Sharon owned Hamas.

        This may help from almost 15 years back:

        Reported two months before 911…… “New ME War Planned..”


        Sharon War Plan Exposed: Hamas Gang Is His Tool

        Executive Intelligence Review 07/20/01

        Original Link:

        Highly placed U.S.-based sources have provided EIR with details of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s plans for a new Mideast war, plans that were set in motion within days of his taking office earlier this year, and which are now set to be activated. According to the sources, shortly after he was elected, Sharon met with a group of trusted political and military allies, and spelled out, in several confidential memos, a war plan targetting the Palestinian Authority, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, and other Arab neighbors.

        Two key factors were identified by the sources:

        1. Sharon’s ability to use the Hamas group as a tool for destabilizing Jordan, ultimately overthrowing King Abdullah II and establishing Jordan as a “Palestinian homeland” under Hamas control. To this end, Sharon, who was instrumental in launching the Hamas movement, has dispatched his son as an emissary to the Islamist group. Key Hamas personnel have already been infiltrated into Jordan, in preparation for Sharon’s provocation of war in the days or weeks ahead, the sources said.

        In many ways, the Sharon-backed Hamas targetting of Jordan is a replay of 1970’s “Black September” destabilization which involved Abu Nidal, long suspected of being an asset of British and Israeli intelligence.

        In the 1970s, Hamas was built up by Israeli occupying forces as a “countergang” to the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) of Yasser Arafat. Individuals who later emerged as Hamas leaders were granted licenses by Israeli authorities to set up food kitchens, clinics, schools, and day-care centers, to create a governing structure alternative to Arafat’s Fatah.

        2. Sharon’s ability to manipulate the Bush Administration into giving de facto support to the war drive. Sharon assumes that President Bush can be manipulated into supporting Israeli war provocations because Bush seeks to justify a defense buildup, which would require a perceived war danger in order to win Congressional support. Despite Sharon’s public rebuke by President Bush during their June White House summit, and subsequent statements by Secretary of State Colin Powell endorsing the entirety of the Mitchell Commission proposal for confidence-building measures, leading to a final peace agreement with the Palestinian Authority, Sharon remains confident that he can ultimately achieve American support for his war manuevers.

        Indeed, on July 6, testifying before Congress, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld acknowledged that a war crisis would give the Administration leeway to crank up defense spending, from the current 3% of GDP, to 8-10%.

        Sharon also assessed that Colin Powell and others who might not favor a war provocation, could be outmaneuvered by Israel and by U.S. “Israel Lobbyists,” whom President Bush does not wish to cross. One senior aide to Defense Secretary Rumsfeld recently complained about a takeover of the Pentagon bureaucracy by Sharon’s Likud party.

        Hit Teams Dispatched According to the sources, Sharon has dispatched at least two Israeli hit teams to Europe, with instructions to assassinate prominent Arabs aligned with Arafat. Hamas teams are also reportedly activated with clandestine Israeli backing to target American assets in Europe and the Middle East. An “Islamist” terrorist attack against an American target, Sharon believes, would assure U.S. blessings for whatever “retaliation” Israel might take against Iraq, Iran, or Syria.


        Ha’aretz, Jane’s Confirm EIR Reports This story was posted to EIR’s website,, on July 10. After that, other sources picked it up. On July 11, the Israeli daily Ha’aretz published a commentary by Gideon Samet, confirming the Sharon plan. “Don’t rely on Prime Minister Ariel Sharon not to initiate a widespread assault, or an active defense-oriented campaign or a surgical operation – you name it,” he wrote.

        CBS News reported, on July 12, that Jane’s Information Group in London had issued a report that Israel was planning a “massive invasion of Palestinian territories … to destroy Palestinian armed forces and the Palestinian Authority, forcing Chairman Yasser Arafat back into exile, as he was for 12 years after the 1982 Israeli invasion of Lebanon.” CBS described the plan as calling for “air strikes by F-15 and F-16 fighter-bombers, a heavy artillery bombardment, and then an attack by combined forces of 30,000 men, including paratroopers, tank brigades and infantry…. The report says the Israeli invasion plan would be launched after another suicide bomb attack which causes a large number of deaths, like the one at a Tel Aviv disco last month.”

        Neither Ha’aretz, nor CBS, nor Jane’s mentioned the Sharon links to Hamas, an indispensable feature of the war plan revealed by EIR’s sources.

      4. Worth repeating…

        “Indeed, on July 6, testifying before Congress, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld acknowledged that a war crisis would give the Administration leeway to crank up defense spending, from the current 3% of GDP, to 8-10%.”

  3. Jewish history teaches us that when Jewish power declines, it happens very fast and the consequences are often tragic

    A multilevel statement.

    … “Jewish history”, as if there is more than one type of history, there is either history or a lie.

    First, it can be generalized to “when the rulers’ power declines, it happens very fast”
    And moreover, “the consequences are often tragic” for the rulers.
    All of which means and tacitly confirms that for much of the history, the Jews were the ruling class and had the power to prove it.
    And they were hated for this power and its derived effects, so when the power structure protecting them collapsed, the consequences were swift.

    So, when Atzmon says that the consequences were tragic, he should realize that they were tragic only for a tiny minority but quite a happy development for the liberated 99%, therefore any generalization would have to state that the consequences were salutary.

    And will be salutary again.

  4. Yesterday there was a report on the Independent newspaper (not that I read it or any for that matter, but it popped up on my phone’s news) stating that there would be a mass of armed forces resignations and possibly mutiny were Corbyn to become prime minister. The Jews are really doing their best to not have him elected.
    There are between 300,000 and 400,000 Jews in the UK out of a population of nearly 65 million. This story simply states that unless you do what Jews want, they’ll ruin you.

    As for Corbyn, well……
    Gilad Atzmon loves him. You see Corbyn’s a real lefty. He loves mass migration and loathes nationalism, or any white man who loves their country and wishes to preserve their culture (UK). He subscribes to the wishes of the minority before the majority. He’ll always be marching side by side with the rest of the fruitcakes on a Gay Pride march. He is also 100% behind gay marriage as well. He will attack anyone who is anti semitic, but will support Palestine against Israel. He will crucify anyone who questions the holocaust. He is an English George Galloway.

    If Corbyn got into power, it would simply further the Jewish mass immigration agenda.
    Ironically, politics has got so bad in the UK that it’s a choice between those who will destroy your country, heritage, culture and race and those who will utterly obliterate it. Politics is now a fight between electing one who’ll help the minorities the most and urinate all over the majority. We now listen to ex Jewish voices, immigrants in the UK, to tell us who we should vote for for prime minister. Isn’t Britain such wonderful place for everyone apart from the British? “Come to Britain, we’ll give you accommodation, welfare, free education and a job, all before the indigenous and when something goes wrong, just play the race card and you’ll have umpteen ‘liberty’ organisation rush to your help and possibly a high pay out court settlement, all because of your ethnic identity not being indigenous!!”

    Best solution is don’t vote at all. If you do you’re only giving politicians the right to hold you bent over a barrel longer, flood yet more immigrants into your country to freeze wages and lower standard of living for the working and middle classes, not forgetting allowing them freedom to march off to war in a far away land.
    Corbyn is a politician, ergo part of the system. Think about it.

  5. It looks like only the Judenfrei countries like Iceland can produce people’s politicians, the others only custom made organ donors, starting with colon.
    The New Leader of the Free World

    It’s Björk Vilhelmsdóttir.


    Remember and try to pronounce the name: Björk Vilhelmsdóttir.

    And why, pray tell?

    She led a motion In Iceland’s Capital city to boycott ALL Israeli made products.
    And it passed!

    1. @ Lobro

      According to my browsing last night, Reykjavik rescinded their boycott. If I remember properly, it occurred yesterday. Something is still amiss in Iceland. Iceland joined in on the Russian sanctions and Russian banned fish imports from Iceland because of it. Iceland may have jailed their bankers, but the jews still have some sort of control there.

      1. Ungenius –

        You are correct.

        I have stated before that Iceland is still a member of BIS. London Pharisee Bankers still rule their economy. The Icelanders still use the Pharisee Pound and Euros for currencies. Krona not seen.
        Red paint was not the answer.

        Tom Mysiewicz tells us this:


        Tom Mysiewicz

        “In psychology, cognitive dissonance is the mental stress or discomfort experienced by an individual who holds two or more contradictory beliefs, ideas, or values at the same time, or…
        is confronted by new information that conflicts with existing beliefs, ideas, or values”

        Iceland is popularly believed to be a success story in the struggle against international debt slavery and oligarchic vulture-finance capitalism. But, perhaps this belief in the triumph of democracy and the power of the people is just one more milepost marker on the road to generalized cognitive dissonance. It keeps alive the possibly futile hope for peaceful change. (After all, if the Icelanders can do it, so can we!)

        Meanwhile, in Greece, the government rapidly capitulates to banking interests and reneges on its election promises against the clearly expressed will of the Greek people. The deal voted on in the referendum is no longer on the table, says the EU, and even more harsh terms will be imposed. As in Iceland, Greek assets will be put on the auction block for vulture capitalists to plunder…with the sop that the fund will be located in Greece!

        Despite all the usual “democracy” hogwash, in the face of threats to crash the Greek economy even the “radical left” Greek parliament appears quick to grovel abjectly to the EU and bankers rather than calling for new elections and dumping Tsipras. (The “Left”, from the Bolshevik revolution on, has suspiciously been “soft” on financiers when attacking the evils of capitalism: bankers and financiers–the very groups responsible for capitalism’s worst excesses—have largely escaped any punitive measures and actually benefited handsomely from the “red menace.” I believe it to be no accident that the leaders of the rightist Golden Dawn party were safely ensconced in jail on trumped-up charges to prevent any interference with this Greek capitulation.)

        Wasn’t Iceland really a small-scale “beta” version of what we’re now seeing in Greece? The hand, after all, is quicker than the eye, as magicians say.

        I had the opportunity to speak with a part-Icelandic neighbor who visits that country frequently and, after what I had read on the internet, was surprised that he didn’t see the Icelandic crisis as ending in a popular victory.

        According to this first-hand source, there is full employment, virtually, but wages are extremely low and prices have gone up in real terms. So in one sense only—unemployment–there is no “austerity.” The Krona is seldom seen-the Euro is now the main currency used from day to day (along with British pounds). The banks, speculators and anonymous private investors (some of whom may reside in the City of London)—appear to own Iceland after a bailout. (I reminded him the U.K. had Iceland declared a “terrorist state” for a time—until it capitulated to the bankers.)

        What about prosecuting the bankers? Well, a few had been arrested, he said, but the worst sentence he’d heard for putting the entire nation into bondage was 9 months!

        I recently found an excellent article that seems to substantiate some of my neighbor’s anecdotal observations:

        “It’s worth highlighting the inconsistencies in the media account. It’s often said that the banks were “allowed to fail”, yet a State Department cable released by Wikileaks clearly calls Icelandic government intervention a “bailout”. One of the three banks involved remains publicly owned, while the other two are now largely owned by anonymous foreign investors…The Icelandic Krona was saved from complete decimation by means of an IMF-agreed re-floatation together with currency restrictions.

        “While Iceland’s outgoings look stable, the same can’t be said about her assets. While Naomi Klein initially bought in to the heroic story of Iceland resisting the IMF, the current austerity and sale of Iceland’s assets could come straight from her account of the neoliberal shock doctrine. Before the crash, almost all businesses in Iceland were owned by Icelanders. Now the foreign-owned aluminium industry is swiftly growing, and debate over use or sale of land continues. When you follow the money, what emerges isn’t so much the story of the lone plucky Viking but a country which has had much of its own “rich”, it’s own ruling class deposed in favor of the rich from abroad, and which now only awaits the lifting of the currency restrictions to lie open to foreign capital…Since the crash, levels of private debt have soared, particularly levels of mortgage debt, due to the effect of the crash and re-floatation of the Krona on mortgage indices. While the current left-wing government largely holds repossessions in moratorium, it seems clear that, just like in the rest of Europe, the banks’ private debt has been socialized.”

        We in the U.S. and those in other parts of Europe cannot view these situations as mere bystanders being fully involved in our own cognitive-dissonant processes that will probably eventually lead to outcomes like Iceland and Greece. Some recent glaring examples:

        *Election of Obama (U.S.), Cameron (U.K.) and Hollande (France) as “reformers” who promptly emulate their predecessors and even overtake them in universally odious policies like austerity and militarism–despite being from different political parties. (Tsipras has taken a page from this book in Greece—he proposes to replace with votes from the opposing parties any support he loses with Syriza in ratification of mass privatization and austerity); and,

        *Faux popular victories in TPP, Net Neutrality, and the Patriot Act in the U.S., followed by stinging reversals under a smokescreen of shootings, terrorist threats, frivolous events, “gay marriage” and politicking.

        In conclusion, if the real story of Iceland (and the repeat performance now being staged in Greece) tells us anything it is that activists are going to have to become less self-delusional if they are to have any chance of making any real changes.

        In fact, all of us have to ask this very difficult question: is democracy now illusory and is peaceful political change even possible any longer due to bribery/blackmail of politicians, control of and by the media/corporate/finance sectors, and vote rigging?

  6. Here is a good quote (p29):

    We of open, lie-detector faces, of European stock, more or less honest and much more gullible, WE COULD NEVER INVENT A COUNTY-WIDE SECRET MOVEMENT, LET ALONE A WORLDWIDE ONE. We are not especially interested in trying to regiment people, in trying to undermine, deceive and destroy other races, nations and religions. We do not want to be bothered with the tensions necessary to conduct secretive, murderous underground activities. While we do not do too good a job of practicing the Golden Rule, even when not under alien influence, still we do idealize the live-and-let-live philosophy. And because we are more or less honest, and generally incapable of secretive cunning and scheming on a sustained and organized scale, we are sitting ducks for those who do conduct such operations. Our strength is in our temperament.
    But our temperament also is our weakness; for we can be snared into wars and suicidal movements without ever suspecting the existence of a trap.

    Lie is Devil’s DNA, the denial of facts and reality, the mother of all diseases.
    And just like the schizoid West has been twisted into Jew’s golem, Jew himself is Devil’s golem, a body of lies, breathing, drinking and eating the Lie and excreting it for our eager consumption.

    1. Jim Webb is the last American standing in the US federal politics.
      I got his book on my Kindle, I think called Fields of Fire, a semi fiction and a good action read.

      If the presently decrepit US army had a 100 officers of his courage and honor, there’d be a military coup for sure.

  7. “The Bank of England is owned by a ‘corporations sole’ known as the Government Legal Department.”

    This is Talmudic legalism, an obfuscatory, Gordian knot binding the white man, preventing his entry behind the Jew’s vale of invisibility. When will a white man arrive, sword in hand, to slice this gnarly, binding knot asunder, exposing the Jew’s machinations once and for all?

    1. Talmudic legalism ? Yes it is ! Who did Pat say are a corporation sole ? Where did the Jew get the original money to lend ? Jews and Jesuits are 1 ! The Jews are losing power ? That is some really potent stuff that Gilad Atzmon was smoking before he wrote that statement ! As long as interest is charged to a people to borrow their own money , it is business as usual and you will NEVER find who is the real face behind this deception or the gig would be up ! Some will say they are subjects and not free ! The same goes on in each country with a central bank no matter subject , citizen , communist , serf , slave , tenant , natural born freeman or whatever !

      1. Carl –


        The head Jesuit is visiting the US Plantation as I write this. He just came from the Jesuit trained Castro Camp in Cuba.

        Controlled Opposition Fidel Castro was trained in Jesuit schools for seven years, put in power by the Jesuit’s Knights of Malta-controlled Skull and Bones and CIA.

        Arch –
        The entity of a corporation sole… originated in ecclesiastical law… Take your pick of the culprits behind it.

        “The body spiritual” is henceforth to be conceived as “part of the said body politick” which culminates in King Henry.
        The medieval dualism of Church and State is at length transcended
        by the majestic lord who broke the bonds of Rome.

      2. The medieval dualism of Church and State is at length transcended by the majestic lord who broke the bonds of Rome.

        There goes Pat railing and vituperating against Catholic Church, as usual.

        Is this the same majestic lord who had 50% more wives than Mohammad?
        As I recall, Rome’s insistence on monogamy was the main reason for the majestic lord’s split.
        At least Mohammad wasn’t killing them after getting bored.

        And maybe tell us about which kings booted Jews out of their lands (England and Spain), Catholic or Protestant?
        And who gave expelled Jews the refuge, Catholics or Protestants?
        Who are Zio-christians, Catholics or Protestants?

        Teach us some history, Pat or do we ask Rev Hagee (Catholic, right?) to clarify issues.

      3. Since you are so eager to push the issue, let’s take a closer look.

        How many Catholic presidents did the US have?

        And as I recall, maybe the only one who wasn’t a Freemason, assassinated a week after printing usury-free money and announcing that he would expose the secret cabal threatening to enslave every American man, woman and child.

        Care to ask yourself why is it that despite Catholicism being numerically the strongest Christian group in the States, every single other president was a Protestant, knowing who it is that actually determines the presidency, the real plantation owner.

        Who was the beast of burden that Jew rode to the present day world dominance, Dutch East India Company as well as the (“Honourable”, what a joke) East India Company, whose plundered gold ensured that this same beast of burden started and ultimately won all the wars from the Napoleonic ones onward.
        Aren’t these “majestic lords” mostly of Jew stock today, including the Opium Queen?

        Talk about backing the wrong horse … “I bet the farm that the kettle is blacker than the pot!”

        Consider for the moment the thesis that had the Protestants not allied with and been ultimately subjugated by Jew, Jew would never have reached today’s unthinkable pinnacle of power.
        Even today, the most eager among the slaves are the Anglos Protestants, USA, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, the rest following out of fear that they may be targeted for regime change if stepping out of line.

      4. Lobro –

        As an ‘equal opportunity vituperating railer’… I do so against ALL churches. As usual.

        You need no history lessons from me. You have your own manufactured rumors and guesses to spin…. 🙂

        But… if you are interested… this is the source of the rumor I wrote. You can spin it your own way:

        The Crown as Corporation
        Frederic Maitland
        Law Quarterly Review 17 (1901) pp. 131-46.

  8. Keep in mind that this Jewish stranglehold began with Rothschild’s insider trading when, according to what I’ve read, he bought up almost the entirety of the London bond market at bankruptcy prices. That this insider trading was allowed to slide tells me that Jewish power even then was vastly underestimated, but that move most cunning was what irreversibly changed history, and put the world firmly in the hands of international Jewry.

  9. “Trump is Zionist through and through. This one will wake you up:

    The reality is that to be anything meaningful in the business world these days you have to deal with Jewish bankers. I learned that the Rockefellers were in bed with the Rothschilds because the Rothschilds financed them.

    Jews figured it out: monopolize money and you own the world. And the reality is that the goyim for the large part are rather happy to play along and enjoy themselves and let Jews run the world. What are you going to do about it? I see so much whining and complaining but what ever comes of it?

  10. By the way, “white supremacy” is a bloody stupid ideology if you’re trying to win. You need to unite with browns and blacks and everyone else against the Jew enemy. White supremacy just divides you, which is what the enemy wants, so that the rest of the population allies with the Jew and destroys you. Dailystormer is bloody stupid in this regard. The Jew understands that you don’t go for the end result you want right away, it’s a step by step process, two steps forward, one step back. You unite and topple the Jew and then you can take back your civilization. Otherwise you’re playing right into your own demise, right into the Jew’s script fort you. Once again, if you are serious about anything, you ought to spend more time figuring out solutions and plans and less time being angry and dissipating your energies to no avail.

    1. I kept saying this for years but apparently this logic is beyond many if not the most to whom the Jew occupies only the second spot in the rogues gallery, the first changes depending on who does the talking.

    2. Daily Stormer Quotation of the Day from “StWilliamofNorwich”

      “When the people of Norwich, England finally had enough of the paedophiliac, usurious, hook-nosed bastards in the 12th century, we literally threw them down wells. History repeats itself and that’s why I’m digging a well.’….definitely a new twist on the eternal “well poisoners”.

    3. “You unite and topple the Jew and then you can take back your civilization. Otherwise you’re playing right into your own demise, right into the Jew’s script fort you. Once again, if you are serious about anything, you ought to spend more time figuring out solutions and plans and less time being angry and dissipating your energies to no avail.”

      The solution like you say involves goyim waking up to jewish subterfuge and subversion, which is easy enough now that we have a relatively independent form of mass communication (i.e. the internet). The most difficult problem involves getting so many diverse races and nationalities to unify against the perfidious jews. If we could elect a genuine populist or some modern-day version of Huey P. Long into a position of power, it would be the first step in getting our foot in the door & and we could then manage to elbow the jews out of their perches in small step-by-step increments. I think it was Harbinger who said that we should “starve the beast” by refusing to participate in the economy, but if we did that, who would it hurt ?? It would hurt the goyim – not the jews. Goyim will have to set up their own parallel economy, or an economy that manages to keep the jews in a subordinate role & away from positions of leadership. The jews actually want the goyim to burn down their own economies, or to paraphrase Ariel Sharon, “Goyim have the labor and the job skills but we jews have the matches.”

    4. Kenneth,

      “By the way, “white supremacy” is a bloody stupid ideology if you’re trying to win. You need to unite with browns and blacks and everyone else against the Jew enemy. White supremacy just divides you, which is what the enemy wants, so that the rest of the population allies with the Jew and destroys you.”

      Why do you think the west is being flooded by non whites?
      If you side with the black, the brown and the yellow as the Sons of Anarchy would say, then what happens when everything’s been sorted? Do we say to them “Thanks for the help, now **** off back to your own lands”?

      I am no white supremacist, although there are some on here (a certain female, anti white, white globalist all for the genocide of the white peoples for example) who think I am because I speak of the desire for the survival of the caucasian peoples of this world. The ironic thing about the supremacy debate is that if the caucasians didn’t have a better society than many in the world, those from those countries not as ‘supreme’ as ours wouldn’t be doing their best to get here would they?

      The white peoples of this world have been divided. It is because of this that the worst racists in this world are ironically the whites who hate their own race. It’s not just the Rachel Dolezals of this world, who are the problem, although I will say that she’s certainly a couple of cans short of a six pack, but all the rest who, now, are opening up their arms on the whole refugee situation. It’s the same mass public reaction as we saw with the death of the fairy tale princess Diana. It’s this need for everyone to agree with the situation, because they don’t want to offend anyone. They are that stupid that they haven’t a clue that most of the migrants coming over are not from Syria and are in fact IS members, such as the Muslim, kicked over by a Hungarian camera man which made headline news, is now a coach in a Spanish football team and we now know that he was in Al Nusra, killing Syrians kurds. LMAO!!
      This refugee crisis, is nothing but Rothschild & co getting more IS into Europe under the radar to cause yet more grief.

      What about Saudi Arabia, Quatar, Yemen, Oman, UAE, Turkey, Pakistan, Bangladesh and all the ‘istan lands? They are Muslim nations, so why not there? Simple, because there’s so much inner conflict amongst Islam, just as there is in Ireland between the Catholics and the Protestants within Christianity. You think that Muslims are going to get on better with people outside their faith?
      I guarantee that with the new flood of migrants into the west, we will see even more Sharia courts spring up and religious zealots running around imposing their way of life on the peoples of the lands they are guests in. And this is just what the ‘button pushers’ want. Guaranteed, that when more and more immigrants pile into Germany, Saudi Arabia won’t take any of them, but they will certainly continue pumping money into Germany’s mosque building, to spread their ‘Wahabism’.

      White supremacism, sure a stupid ethnocentric ideology, but white nationalism is another story altogether. It’s merely the uniting of the white peoples to protect their lands, the very nemesis of globalism and the biggest threat to the new world order and their totalitarian, socialist state. Every nation throughout history that stood strong and defended their land against invaders were nationalists. The very foundation of any nation is nationalism. If you are not prepared to defend your land and protect your culture, heritage and people, then you cannot say you are of that culture or people. You’d most probably have been gutted by your own, for having such a pathetic, apathetic, treasonous view.

      So you see Kenneth, if you think that uniting with all the other races is a good thing, if you do win against the Jew, you will lose because you will have turned your mono-cultural and mono-racial lands into the exact opposite and in doing so will have fulfilled the wishes of the Jews. Any society in this world that has a strong indigenous majority has been deadly for the Jew and they’ve found themselves, kicked out of another land, yet again.

      1. Negro cannibals in Africa and elsewhere have been warring and eating each other for 1000s of years…

        The ones in New Guinea ate the tender MICHAEL ROCKEFELLER in 1961. He was one of Nelson’s sons.

        Move some of them into the Muslim ‘hood.’ 🙂

      2. Interesting Pat,


        The Sub Saharan Slave Trade, conveniently forgotten for ‘obvious reasons’ (like the Holodomor) not only lasted far longer than the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade, but took far more slaves from Africa to the middle east and Arab lands. More so, MORE slaves died on route to their Arabian led destination, than the total number of slaves taken by the Europeans, I’m led to believe.

        If we were to take the same growth patterns of those Africans who were part of the TAST and super impose them onto those taken through the SSSL, we would actually find a population of negroes in the middle east and Arabia, today, comprising of some 3 BILLION PEOPLE!!!
        Why then are there very few negroes in the middle east and Arabia? Simple, the women were put into brothels and the men either worked to death or part of the armies. They never mated with one another as they did under the TASL. When blacks start harping on about the slave trade, I simply say: “Think yourself lucky your ancestors didn’t go the way of the SSST or else you wouldn’t be here. Then again, think yourself lucky that your ancestors were taken under the TASL, or else you wouldn’t be here either, due to the fact, had your ancestors stayed there was a very high possibility they’d have died in some tribal conflict and been eaten.”

        So Pat, the Muslim hood test has already been tried and conveniently showed how easy it was to nearly genocide a race. Africans and Arabians/middle easterners don’t really mix too well. Ironically the most tolerant peoples in the world, the Europeans, are viewed upon as the most racist. LMAO!!!

      3. @ Pat

        At least the African cannibals were eating their enemies. The jews ate their own children according to the Old Testament.

        Obviously the cannibals in New Guinea are not picky and will eat anything.

      4. Ungenius –

        Let’s not leave out the great ‘revolutionary hero’ of many today:

        Mao caused cannibalism…. even of children used as food in RED China…!!!


        Life and history are in the details, and one of the many virtues of this disturbing and important book by the British journalist Jasper Becker is its attention to the small, concrete matters that display larger, more abstract ones in the fullness of their horror and absurdity. ”Hungry Ghosts” is Mr. Becker’s powerful, sober, lucid and sometimes lurid account of what was probably the worst famine in history, the one that resulted from Mao’s blindly misguided and ruthlessly enforced attempt to achieve Communism overnight.

        At the larger, horrific center of Mr. Becker’s account is the widespread resort among the Chinese people to that most sickening form of desperation: cannibalism, the selling of human flesh on the market, the SWAPPING OF CHILDREN so people could use them for food without committing the additional sin of eating their own.

        Near the end of 1959, with China in the midst of Chairman Mao Zedong’s crazily utopian Great Leap Forward, the official Communist Party newspaper issued some dietary instruction for the masses of the country’s newly collectivized agricultural workers. ”The peasants must practice strict economy,” The People’s Daily intoned. ”Live with the utmost frugality and eat only two meals a day, one of which should be soft and liquid.”

        Mr. Becker tries to estimate the number of people who died unnatural deaths as a result of the policies imposed during the Great Leap, citing one scholar’s figure of 30 million to be the most believable.

        Mr. Becker makes clear that Mao himself and his adoption of policies that had already proved disastrous in the Soviet Union were responsible for the famine, which affected virtually every province in China, the agriculturally richest of them most of all. The Government basically took the food away from the farmers who produced it and then, assuming that any shortfalls in grain deliveries were due to hoarding by the ideologically untrustworthy, mercilessly harassed them in ”anti-grain hiding” campaigns.


      5. Pat,

        Estimates for those who starved to death range from 20 million to 30 million during Mao’s “Great Leap Forward” but methinks his jewish advisors put him up to it or really stupid chinamans. I say this because Mao was never in control, but put into control by the kikes and their chinese stooges.

        Re: China’s 1.3 billion population of today???

        Prior to the outbreak of WWII, 400 million Chinese was generally bandied about for China’s overall population. The jap invasion in the 30s and WWII wiped out about 50 million Chinese.

        In the first “modern” census in 1953, the population was officially 583 million. The Great Leap Forward in the late 50s wiped out 20-30 million Chinese.

        In 1999 China’s population was officially 1,252,800,000. Really???

        Jew Kissinger’s “One Child Policy” in China was implemented in the late 70s which, admittedly resulted in a 1.03% birth rate. If this is correct, China’s population should be going down not up. At 1.03% birth rate, China’s should be losing half its population each successive generation.

        My question to intrepid Darkmooers: How many people are there really in this world? Is the number exaggerated like their holyhoax 6 million?

        When I was growing up in the 70s, overpopulation was the big Fear Meme, then it was the Ozone Layer in the 80s which morphed into Global Warming in the 90s… in between the Cold War, followed by the War on Drugs, then the War on Terror…and now the War on ISIS….etc.,

        What’s your best guess about the Chinese and or the World’s Population numbers, Pat?

      6. JFC –

        I cannot refute or support the claims of the counters of populations.

        I can refute the claims of overpopulation, using their own numbers.

        I examined population densities of the world using almanacs in the 80s and 90s. Back then the US had about 70 people per square mile. Today it is in mid-80s.

        I was always amazed at the islands of Malta and Bermuda, with over 3,000 per square mile, and no starvation…
        But then there was Gibraltar with 11,000 per square mile. No one starving.

        And also the islands of Jersey and Guernsey, with over 2,000 per square mile, and no starvation… doing quite well independently… and want to be isolated. They are amazing to me because they are not connected to land masses.

        I was also impressed that the UK population density was much greater than China’s… and no one was starving.

        Monaco is 47,000 people per square mile..!!! Impressive, but not an island.

        Studying the population densities showed me there is NO overpopulation problems per se… but there is a fear of LACK OF MANAGEMENT of the larger populations by ‘would be’ controllers.

      7. Pat,

        Thanks for your reply. It was an honest one; you know only what you know.

        Nothing about the Chinese census smells right: I just read this at Wikipedia: “Various international organizations eagerly assisted the Chinese in conducting the 1982 census, including the United Nations Fund for Population Activities, which donated US$15.6 million for the preparation and execution of the census.” In other words, it was jew supervised and counted.

        I noticed some mistakes in my earlier post which was rushed and before I had my morning coffee. The fertility rate is 1.03 per couple, not 1.03%. But this still means the Chinese are losing 50% of its population each successive generation. Numbers should be going dramatically down not progressively up.

        Moreover, the Overpopulation Meme had to be abandoned in favor of the Global Warming Meme once the Whites stopped having replacement level births, not to mention the legalization of abortion in the Zionist West, and in the Jew-SA, Roe v. Wade is the landmark case of course.

        Bottom-line: kike-jews plan long-term and use demographics and mass migration as their secret weapons to destroy Civilizations and Races, in addition to their orchestrated wars, both big and small.

      8. It’s a moot point now that China’s 1-child policy was abandoned last month, but I just discovered that the policy was never promulgated into law. It was, believe it or not, merely a suggestion expressed in an “Open Letter” addressed to Chinese Communist Party members only!?

        Therefore, anyone breaking the policy wasn’t actually breaking any law and fines imposed on anyone would have been unlawful, if not unconstitutional. Yes, China does have one, a constitution, written by the Central banksters, no doubt.

        “Population, Policy and Politics: How Will History Judge China’s One-Child Policy?” by Wang Feng, Yong Cai, Baocheng Gu

        “The one-child policy strangely was never issued as a government order nor written explicitly in Chinese law, but rather was announced in the form of an open letter to members of the Chinese Communist Party and the Communist Youth league, in the language of “advocating” such a policy.” (p. 120)

        This well-researched and in-depth article concludes with:

        “The one-child policy will be added to the other deadly errors in recent Chinese history, including the famine in 1959–61 caused largely by the industrialization and collectivization campaigns of the late 1950s, and the Cultural Revolution of the late 1960s and early 1970s. Those grave mistakes both cost tens of millions of lives, and the harms done were relatively short-lived and were corrected quickly afterward. The one-child policy, in contrast, will surpass them in impact by its role in creating a society with a seriously undermined family and kin structure, and a whole generation of future elderly and their children whose well-being will be seriously jeopardized.” (p.126-127)

        However, the above conclusion would have been a foregone one and a no-brainer for most Darkmooners.

        According to the researchers, China’s fertility rate had been on the decline starting in the 1970s, a decade before the 1-child policy was implemented. “… most of China’s fertility transition was completed during the decade of the 1970s—that is, before China’s one-child policy was enacted. Within that decade, China’s total fertility rate dropped by more than half, from 5.8 in 1970 to 2.8 in 1979.” (p. 121)

        In conclusion, as in all things in which the jews have their fingerprints all over it, there are more unanswered questions than questions answered: Is there really 1.3 billion Chinese today in the world? The numbers simply don’t add up, like the 6 million jews who were supposedly gassed to death by the Nadzees. HA!

        I wonder if the over inflated number of 1.3 + billion Chinese isn’t just another jew bankster PSYOP, a self-propagating version (pardon the pun) of the Yellow Peril meme?

    5. Well Kenny , why is it that when a white man tells it like it is he a ” WHITE SUPREMACIST ” ? Joining up with my enemies ? Now that sounds like a winner ! Everything on this planet that is good in the way of civilization was brought to you by a white man ! Because of traitors and manipulation of recorded history by media , the masses have gone along with this war and debt that is ruining life for so many , but that in itself does not negate what good the white man has given to those who hate him ! Joining with your enemy to destroy a common enemy puts a white man down to the level of those destroyed ! Does it not ? Most on hear will not agree with me , but I will continue as I have for over 3 decades and tell you that the white man is the people of the Book ! ( Bible ) Jews are imposter’s ! That is how the good that I have mentioned above came about in the first place ! Which countries are being invaded by other races ? Be honest and tell me and then TELL YOURSELF ! They speak different languages , but are the same people ! Why ? Are the mexicans going south ? Are the blacks and muslims rowing for china ? Hell no ! Wake up people ! Prove me wrong , I dare anyone ! Look at the monuments carved in stone ! Look at archeology ! Read the his-story recorded in the Bible ! It all fits ! If I am wrong , then tell me why these people are being set up for genocide by miscegenation ! Look up the Noahide laws ! Check the Bible for beheading and then check the talmud for violation of Noahide ! I am not wrong ! If it looks like a duck ?

  11. Yet it is necessary…to feign, greatly, and to dissemble, for men are so simple, and so prone to obey the exigencies of the moment, that he who deceives will always find someone ready to be deceived.
    – Machiavelli, The Prince

    It is hard to tell whether Gilad Atzmon is a useful idiot à la Solzhenitsyn or a flunky who knows exactly what he is doing.

    Are the Jews out to get Jeremy Corbyn? – is asking the former Jew (?!), who explained to us, the gentiles, how bad the Jews are, and gives an answer already suggested by the question itself: Well yes, my gentile brothers, the Jews are out there to get Jeremy Corbyn.

    And what are we to conclude following our George Costanzian logic? Simple: if the bad Jews, typified by this unsavory character David Hirsh, are out there to get Jeremy Corbyn then the guy must be good; all we need to do is to vote him to the office.

    The ugly truth is that the office is not designed for the good guys – not in the Anglo-American world. And if someone gets there by mistake he is not likely to survive the end of his term in the office – not in the Anglo-American world.

  12. @Kenneth

    That is not true, dear Kenneth. Anger is a natural and essential part of the cleaning process. I speak from first hand experiences with ‘’them’’ (jews and non-jews alike) and withstood all kinds of physical and meta-physical attacks from them. Rothschild and his institute agents know me. Am certanly not the only one. More have gone through the same. Considering your reaction you have not (yet).

    What is completely out of place is the unnatural straightjacket (many biblical NT based so called Christians have fallen prone to this virus) to forgive.

    These people and the like should take the angry JC as a role model. Filthy money changers GTF out of the temple. Their own bodily temple poisoned by Monsatan etc. and the temple of the social structure of their country and world today.

    Laat de mossad u niet de das (=tie) om doen (in Dutch). Don’t let the mossad tie you up. Before they tie you up you tie them up. Simple. They feel and are tied up when you spread the news about what they do to the one you are talking to. Whatever their skin color.

  13. Jews express their eternal gratitude to ZioChristians for their unwavering support.

    Note the quote marks in the headline by fair-and-balanced NBC.

    Christian Schools On Strike in Israel Over ‘Discrimination’

    Moreover, note how they refuse to say “Catholic” directly, because it is Catholics that are affected, one more reason for ZioUnchristians to celebrate.

    And consider this,

    “Those schools produce around 30 percent of the students in Israeli higher education — more than four times their percentage among the Israeli schools,” said the adviser, Wadie Abunassar. “I would expect the Israeli education ministry to hand them a prize, not cuts, since their graduates go into universities and subsequently into the work force thus contributing to the economic growth of the state.”

    So where is this famous Jewish superior IQ and academic excellence?

  14. Well said, Harbinger. I was just pointing out the fact that the people behind the radical changes you are witnessing could easily be ousted from all seats of power if only the whites most understanding of what is going on, of what is happening to their civilizations, renounced the counterproductive “white supremacy” ideology, and temporarily joined forces with all the other races. Those in power, who are taking over the world and moving toward Talmudic rule where “the universal race” behind created is a race of slaves to its purebred Master Clique, enjoy nothing more than vocal white nationalists coming out, as Andrew Anglin and so many there do, as ethnocentric white supremacists. Because when that happens the game for white civilization is most assuredly over. Everyone is who is not white sides with the culture destroyer against the white for the sake of their own survival. Duke is a machine of powerful facts and yet the average person has been conditioned to take nothing he says seriously because he is, they say, a KKK neo-Nazi white supremacist. The tiny percentage of the population controlling everyone else has that narrative down so well that I have to wonder if Daily Stormer isn’t in cahoots with them. allowed to exist as it does as long as it herds people together under the banner of white supremacism. Believe me, white supremacism utterly destroys everything else. It negates it all. IF your civilization is to have a chance it MUST as a whole identify and put to end its secret tyranny by a tiny few — and it can do that if it acts quickly and does not get sidetracked confronting everyone but this tiny few.

    1. Ungenious says that those in the Old Testament ( Covenant ) ate their children and he is correct ! They were the imposter’s that I speak of and those who betrayed God ! If you were starving what would you do ! I would hope I would not stoop that low , but I have not been there ! Jeremiah escaped with the kings daughter ! Read how many came back with Ezra ! The cycle of infiltration began anew , the ones that Jesus condemned were Jews ! Read the gospel of John ! Kenny , If the whites had their OWN countries , would their be supremicists ? I think not ! These groups are almost always infiltrated by Jews who are the agitators ! MULTICULTURAL does not and cannot work ! If a purebreed is surronded by another race interbreeding will result and the purebreed will be destroyed ! Read what Ezra did ! Read some history and what was done to Germany ! Why do you NOT condemn blacks or any other race for looking out for themselves ? Some will say that I speak in riddles and I suppose that is so , for I wish that you will take the clues and investigate for yourself !


    I have already set u straight on these matters Franklin, yet you continue to spout Zionist BS.
    If “white nationalist’ activism does not work for you, old boy, u could always try to work for the zionists and be their Hasbara goy. Don’t do it for free, lad, earn a few shekels while at it, why don’t you…

    Re Hamas and palestinian “terrorism”;

    – unlike Franks BS, it has been determined by serious scholars, including Jewish ones, that it’s Israel which does not negotiage in good faith and does not want a 2 state solution.

    – It’s Israel, almost everytime which causes the ‘wars’ in Gaza.

    The book ‘Method and Madness: The Hidden Story of Israel’s Assaults on Gaza’, by Norman G. Finkelstein, a well known Jewish scholar (New York and London: OR Books, 2014), addresses these matters.

    Finkelstein writes in the preface that ‘a trio of themes form the connective tissue of the book’s narrative’. First, each attack on Gaza was preceded by a pattern of deliberate Israeli provocations leading to Hamas retaliation by means of largely ineffectual rockets, which Israel then exploited as a pretext. Second, in each case, Israel managed to evade accountability from the international community. Third, each massacre ended in a stalemate and the continuation of the siege of Gaza.

    Israel’s motivations have also remained consistent. Whereas Israel presents its offensives as reluctant responses to Palestinian aggression, the truth, Finkelstein argues, is precisely the opposite. Israel’s provocations and attacks typically follow Palestinian[including Hamas of course] ‘peace offensives’—peace overtures that undermine Israel’s pretexts for rejecting a two-state solution and hence threaten it with the prospect of having to give up land in the West Bank. To forestall an unwelcome peace, Israel instigates a war and brands the Palestinians as ‘terrorists’ with whom no peace can be made. Finkelstein traces this pattern back to the 1982 war on Lebanon and takes the phrase ‘peace offensive’ from an Israeli analyst writing at the time. A second consistent objective behind Israel’s attacks on Gaza is to restore what Israel calls its ‘deterrence capability’ as the dominant power in the region. Finkelstein traces this policy back to the Six Day War. But whereas in 1967 Israel established deterrence by defeating the Arab world’s major military power, the enfeebled Israeli military of today must resort to Gaza as a demonstrative punching bag in lieu of taking on a more formidable enemy, such as Hezbollah.

    In fact, the Israeli sissy army did not do well against the palestinian militants in Gaza last time around either. In a few days worth of ground invasion(never going deep into Gaza for the israeli military estimated thousands of casualties if they pressed deeper and longer), the israeli sissies suffered some 540 military casualties. Wrote during the last war, former joo terrorist and now zio ‘peace activist’, Uri Avnery**:

    “AFTER 29 DAYS of fighting (until now), who has won?
    It is, of course, much too early to draw final conclusions. The ceasefire has blown up. It will take months and years to sum up all the consequences. But Israeli popular wisdom has already drawn its own conclusions: it is a draw.
    WHEN A guerrilla organization with at most 10,000 fighters achieves a draw with one of the mightiest armies in the world, equipped with the most ultra-modern weapons, that is by itself a kind of victory.
    Hamas has not only shown a lot of courage during the fighting, but also surprising ingenuity in preparing for this campaign. It is still standing upright.

    The Israeli army, on the other hand, has shown very little imagination. It was quite unprepared for the maze of tunnels.

    Indeed, as a commentator dared to write, the army has become a heavy, cumbersome, conservative machine. […] Its doctrine was, in essence, to pound the civilian population into submission, causing as much killing and destruction as possible, so as to deter the “resistance” as much and as long as possible. In Israel, the terrible pictures of death and destruction did not evoke compassion. On the contrary. People were proud of it.”

  16. Outstanding reply, Save the Goyim. That is what I mean exactly. It is a matter of Jew vs Goyim. Get ALL the goyim to recognize that and the game for the Jew is over. This is why it is considered anti-Semitic even to identify Jewish media control, let alone Jewish control of every other facet. When the goyim recognize that 2% of the population controls of everything and when they recognize what they are trying to do, and in Communist Russia and Ukraine have done, then that 2%, especially the tiny elite of that 2%, is in a very precarious position. As I was saying previously, the universal race being created meets Judaic standards of “goyim” — one race the Jew rules over utterly and completely. UNESCO shows the genderless brown man with arms behind the back. Not only will the Jew be the only ethnocentric, racist master white race (notice how it is second nature to project exactly what you are onto everyone else), the Talmud suggests each one is to have 2800 goy slaves. By the way, have you heard about the Holodomor? I learned about it only very recently, as did I the most horrific torture methods imaginable inflicted on Christians in Bolshevik Russia. This is very much a mafia-like syndicate playing by rules strongly opposing those conditioned into the goyim masses. Consider this: if the goyim removed their money from the banking system, entirely removed it and put it exclusively in local credit unions, the banking system would collapse.

    1. @ Kenneth


      If you are wondering why your posts are being held up for automatic monitoring every time you post, it’s because you are using different IP numbers with every post. This is working to your disadvantage. If you want your posts to be posted at once, without delay, you should consider using the same IP number.

      For technical reasons beyond our control, commenenters will lose their comments or experience delays before posting if they use different user names, different email addresses, and different IP numbers.

    2. Kenneth –

      “Consider this: if the goyim removed their money from the banking system, entirely removed it and put it exclusively in local credit unions, the banking system would collapse.”

      That would happen ONLY if ‘money’ were in circulation.

      Debt is in circulation today…. NOT ‘money.’

    “An organization is terrorist if it attacks unarmed civilians for political reasons. Hamas does that.”

    Hamas does that only very rarely and much, much less frequently than Israel or, for that matter, ZUSA and certain Western countries, particularly ZUK and France(remember the criminal war against Lybia).
    Terrorism is not something that is conducted only by non State actors, it is conducted in a much more devastating manner by State Actors.

    Yet we don’t see you, Franklin, referring to Israel, or the US, or ZUK, as terrorist entities. They are, and their scale of terrorism dwarfs all non state actors combined, including the many non state actors that they themselves have created and supported over the years.

    First, what is Terrorism? The following is a good and objective definition of it;
    “terrorism consists of deliberate attacks—whether by governments or non-governmental groups– on noncombatants (sometimes described as “innocent civilians”) as well as their crucial economic and societal institutions and infrastructures, aimed at reaching political, religious, or ideological goals.”

    Who does the above more frequently and devastatingly, old boy? The palestinians? Or ZUSA, Israel, and other members of the Empire of Chaos?

    At the Jewish website, Mondoweiss, Jerome Slater writes:

    “My central argument is that contrary to the standard mythology, especially in Israel, Israeli terrorism has been significantly worse than that of the Palestinians. A refutation of this mythology is important for a number of reasons. First, of course, ascertaining historical truth is important for its own sake. Second, the truth might make Israelis less blind to their own behavior and therefore less intransigent in seeking a compromise settlement of their conflict with the Palestinians; in particular, the truth should make it clear—or rather, obvious–that Israel has neither the moral legitimacy nor the national interest to refuse to negotiate with Palestinian organizations that have employed terrorism, particularly Hamas, without whose participation there is no chance that there can be a compromise settlement of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict”

    Read it at

    The US, for one, conducted state terrorism against Iraq, through a completely illegal war – which has totally destroyed the country, a war fought to advance zionist interests in the region. Before that, ZUSA and ZUK conducted sanctions which killed hundreds of thousands of iraqi children, that is terrorism also, via sanctions. ZUSA and many of its allies r also behind the majority of non state terror actors in the world.
    Btw, the zionists practically invented terrorism in the modern middle east. They bombed markets and hotels and even assassinated the UN Security Council mediator in the Arab–Israeli conflict of 1947–1948, Count Bernadotte.
    Yitzhak Shamir, who later became Prime Minister of Israel, was involved in the murder, he was a member of a zionist terrorist group. Menachem Begin, another israeli prime minister, was the terrorist who ordered the King David hotel bombing.

    Back to Zamerica; It is the WORST sponsor of terrorism in the world.
    The director of the National Security Agency under Ronald Reagan – Lt. General William Odom – noted:
    “Because the United States itself has a long record of supporting terrorists and using terrorist tactics, the slogans of today’s war on terrorism merely makes the United States look hypocritical to the rest of the world.”

    He also said:

    “By any measure the US has long used terrorism. In ‘78-79 the Senate was trying to pass a law against international terrorism – in every version they produced, the lawyers said the US would be in violation.”

    The Washington Post reported in 2010:
    “The United States has long been an exporter of terrorism, according to a secret CIA analysis released Wednesday by the Web site WikiLeaks.”

    The head and special agent in charge of the FBI’s Los Angeles office said that most terror attacks are committed by the CIA and FBI.
    Interview with Ted Gunderson Former FBI Chief – Most Terror Attacks Are Committed By Our CIA And FBI –

    What about the so called “Islamic State”, former AL-CIADA in Iraq?
    The rise of the Daesh/ISIS lunatics was completely predictable – through destabilizing Eastern Syria which borders the Iraq sunni regions – and it was desired by Washington and its allies.

    In a recent interview, Lieutenant General Michael Flynn, former head of the US Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), stated clearly that the rise of ‘ISIS’ was ‘a willful Washington decision’.
    As a German blogger wrote:

    The DIA was the one U.S. intelligence agency that got the Iraq WMD case right but its appraisals, for example that the famous “aluminum tubes” were ordered by Iraq to build mortar tubes, were suppressed by the Bush administration. The now published heavily redacted DIA reports were released after Freedom Of Information Act litigation by the conservative Judicial Watch.
    Another released DIA document written in August 2012 and also highly redacted explains that Al Qaeda was, from the beginning, a big part of the Syrian “revolution”. It foresees and warns of the creation of an Islamic State in Syria and Iraq. Some quotes (emph. added):
    3 B: AQI supported the Syrian opposition from the beginning …

    3 C: AQI conducted a number of operations in Syrian cities under the name of Jaish al-Nusra …

    Now, the criminals in Washington are trying to use ISIS as an excuse to, in fact, intervene in Syria and try to bring about the regime change they have been anxiously seeking since 2011.
    These are the moderate rebels and activists the main stream media wrote and is still writing about. More from the report:

    8 C: If the situation unravels there is the possibility of establishing a declared or undeclared Salafist principality in eastern Syria (Hasaka and Der Zor), and this is exactly what the supporting powers to the opposition want, in order to isolate the Syrian regime.
    The “supporting powers” are earlier listed (in 7 B) as:
    Western countries, the Gulf States(promoters of Salafi/Waahabism) and Turkey.
    The DIA warns that the creation of such an Salafist principality would have “dire consequences” for Iraq and would possibly lead to the creation of an Islamic State and:
    create the ideal atmosphere for AQI to return to its old pockets in Mosul and Ramadi.

    Which is exactly what happened.
    The US, for the most part(but not only) serving zionist interests, is fully behind the madness in Syria. They decided to regime change Syria after the Israeli defeat to Hezbollah in 06. There is no ‘civil war’ in Syria, there is a regime change operation through the use of fanatic Wahaabi fighters from all over the world(some 90 plus nationalities have been identified), financed, armed, trained, provided with logistics and sanctuary in/BY US client states, such as Turkey, KSA, Jordan.

    That is all terrorism BIG TIME, not to mention complete disregard for international law.
    But sure, let’s keep talking about the Hamas ‘terrorists’, Franklin.

  18. Franklin:

    As supremacist imperialists Muslims cannot bear the thought of relinquishing even one small part of the territory they once conquered by the sword. They believe “Allah” has ordered them to conquer the world by the sword and for some centuries they were highly successful at that. “Allah” became for them a heavenly WARLORD who always gives victory. Losing battles and territory to “infidels” would undermine their belief in “Allah” and that is the real reason all Muslims are so fanatic in trying to reconquer the territory of Israel, which is after all but a very small piece of land.
    The violent supremacist imperialist “religion” of Islam is as much a world problem as is the tribal supremacist “relgion” of Judaism.”

    What a pile of horse manure, Frank, shame on you for your stupidity and dishonesty.
    Who are, pray tell, these multitudes of “Muslims”, who are so hell bent in reconquering the lands occupied by the zionist entity?? They don’t exist Franklin, only in lala land, in your tinfoil hat covered little head.
    The most virulent strand of Islam, Wahaabi/Salafism, is a strand of Sunni Islam which is promoted by Saudi Arabia and other Gulf iron age nihilists with the full blessing and support of the fucking “West”, whatever that means these days.

    Obviously enough, your Israeli heroes do not fear this violent ‘supremacist’ religious nuts, the takfiri crazies, since they, very conveniently, keep always attacking the enemies of Israel!!
    The israelis have even been working with the Nusra Front, aka al-Ciada in Syria, even treating their wounded in israeli military hospitals! This has been reported by israeli media.
    I have already discussed the “Islamic state”.

    Let’s us hear what Michael Oren, the outgoing Israeli ambassador to the United States, had to say about Syria and president Assad back in 2013:

    “The initial message about the Syrian issue was that we always wanted [President] Bashar Assad to go, we always preferred the bad guys who weren’t backed by Iran to the bad guys who were backed by Iran,” he said.
    […]“Still, the greatest danger to Israel is by the strategic arc that extends from Tehran, to Damascus to Beirut. And we saw the Assad regime as the keystone in that arc. That is a position we had well before the outbreak of hostilities in Syria. With the outbreak of hostilities we continued to want Assad to go.”
    On other issues, Oren – who has contact in Washington with some ambassadors from Persian Gulf countries – said that that “in the last 64 years there has probably never been a greater confluence of interest between us and several Gulf States. With these Gulf States we have agreements on Syria, on Egypt, on the Palestinian issue. We certainly have agreements on Iran. This is one of those opportunities presented by the Arab Spring.”

    1. @ LUCA K

      Your whole thinking is based on what I call “Simplistic Moral Dualism” (henceforth : SMD), which is the default way of thinking of most people. In all conflicts most people think it is a conflict between “Good” and “Evil”, “Good Guys” and “Bad Guys” and they can’t imagine that there might be bad sides in the mentality and behavior of their “Good Guys” or good sides in the mentality and behavior of their “Bad Guys”.
      If per chance too many bad sides in their “Good Guys” pop up, they simply change sides and declare their former “Good Guys” to be the “Bad Guys” and their former “Bad Guys” too be the “Good Guys”. That both sides in a conflict could be a mixture of good and bad (in different proportions and changing in time) is inconceivable to them.

      You gave me a whole list of the bad sides of your “Bad Guys”, the Israelis. I know those facts already and I don’t deny them, but I was criticizing Hamas (and Islam) and not the Israelis (or the US). The fact that one party in a conflict has bad sides doesn’t automatically prove that the other party is innocent and may not be criticized. Hamas is a terrorist organization and has the delusion that it once will succeed in defeating Israel and establishing an Islamic state in its stead. Besides, it is wasting the money it gets from donors on weapons and digging tunnels into Israel, instead of improving the material conditions in Gaza. Therefore I call Hamas a delusional, dysfunctional terrorist organization, which is true no matter how terrorist Israel itself may be. BTW, most what is called “terrorism” of states, better should be called “war crimes”.

      As for your reaction to my critique on Islam and Muslims, it is clear that you never have studied the life of Muhammad and the history of Islam*). For you “Islam” is simply modern Muslims as victims of Israeli and American aggression (which I don’t deny they are). They are the victims, therefore the “Good Guys”, therefore critique on Islam and Muslims is wrong and only plays into the hands of the “Bad Guys”, the Israelis and Americans. Such is your typical SMD thinking!
      *) For a good introduction to Muhammad’s immoral life, see Maxime Rodinson : Muhammad.
      For a good introduction to the violent history of Islam, see : M.A. Khan : Islamic Jihad : a legacy of forced conversion, imperialism and slavery, which can be red free on line. Mr. Khan is a former Muslim from India where cruel behavior of Muslims against “infidels” was worst.


  19. hey zen, I caught your comment there about the new testament and forgiving.. Have you a bible there that contradicts the teaching of the virtue of forgiveness ? Please enlighten

  20. Wailing Wall-‘Wrecking Ball’ by Miley Cyrus Parody

    Aangirfan points to this vid today. It ends with Donald Chump’s support of Milikovsky aka Netanyahu. Good food served by Shiksha Godess.

    I like this one in particular: Blank Check – Blank Space by Taylor Swift Parody

    The anguish of the yid in its refrain:…. our power’s not forever we are going down in flames…I have a blank check and write down your name….

    If goyim are angry enough and can keep calm at the same time the evil spirits of the satanshekelsamson option synagogue is driven in the pigs and get swallowed by swine expert Cameron…..

  21. Franklin goes: “Your whole thinking is based on what I call “Simplistic Moral Dualism” (henceforth : SMD), which is the default way of thinking of most people. In all conflicts most people think it is a conflict between “Good” and “Evil””

    Well, your “whole thinking”, Frank, is based on nothing more than sophistry and obfuscation.

    Summing up your nonsense, in the case of the Palestinians, would go something like;
    I’m at home. 2 violent criminals break into my house. I, exercising my basic human righ to self defense, kill them both. But, but, you see, I’m as bad as they were, both me and the guys who broke into my home, are equal parts of good and bad!!!
    In plain English, Frankie, you r full of sh*t!

    1. There is a difference between rights and means. If you have rights it doesn’t mean you can use any means (even immoral) to secure those rights. Israeli terrorism doesn’t justify Palestinian terrorism or vice versa.
      That is my “obfuscation”.

      Besides, I very much suspect you only chose the side of the Palestinians merely because it is anti-Jewish. In short, your pro-Palestinianism is anti-Semitism-by-proxy, a not uncommon phenomenon among neo-Nazis.

      Whether modern Muslims are victims of Israeli and American aggression or not, that doesn’t make Islam and the aggressive, supremacist mentality of Muslims any less problematic. I don’t want Muslims in my society and I don’t admire theirs.

      All of this doesn’t mean that I condone the criminal policy of Israel and the US in the Middle East. If this is too difficult for you to understand because it doesn’t fit into your simplistic black-and-white scheme, then that is your problem.

      1. Besides, I very much suspect you only chose the side of the Palestinians merely because it is anti-Jewish. In short, your pro-Palestinianism is anti-Semitism-by-proxy, a not uncommon phenomenon among neo-Nazis.

        Very perceptive! They couldn’t care less for the plight of Palestinians.

        Whether modern Muslims are victims of Israeli and American aggression or not, that doesn’t make Islam and the aggressive, supremacist mentality of Muslims any less problematic. I don’t want Muslims in my society and I don’t admire theirs.

        I am sorry, but this is another hodgepodge of nonsense. Muslims do not have supremacist mentality, and they couldn’t care less whether you admire their way of life or not. All they want is to be left alone. Don’t flip cause-effect arrow.

        We know what you want and what you do not want. You want the Jews stealing all the wealth of the world for you, but you do not want them bringing Muslims to “your society”. As rude Russians would say: Хочется и рыбку съесть, и на хуй сесть.

      2. @CIRCASSIAN

        Islam considers itself as the Final Truth that should prevail all over the world.
        Muslims have the duty to spread Islam by jihad. Jihad is a duty (fard kifaya) for all able bodied Muslim men. The aggressive-imperialistc religion of Islam divides the world into three spheres :
        1) The “House of Islam” (dar al-Islam) where Islam is already established.
        2) The “House of Treaty” (dar al-sulh) where a temporary treaty with the non-Islamic world is permitted.
        3) The “House of War” (dar al-harb) where Islam still has to be established. Notice the word “war” (harb) indicating the way Islam should be established.
        This is the reason Islam is called “a declaration of war on the world”.
        With the exception of SE Asia Islam spread everywhere by the sword. In SE Asia as soon as Muslim sultanates were formed they spread by violence.
        Muslim immigrants in the West may come for a better standard of living, as soon as they increase in number they clamor for Sharia and Islamic rule :

        The archetype of “the religion of peace”:

        Of course not all Muslims are aggressive supremacists, but aggression is so to speak in the DNA of that religion and it always comes to the surface.

  22. Franklin R goes;
    “Besides, I very much suspect you only chose the side of the Palestinians merely because it is anti-Jewish. In short, your pro-Palestinianism is anti-Semitism-by-proxy, a not uncommon phenomenon among neo-Nazis.”

    Wrong as usual, old boy. I was already pro-palestinian BEFORE i had even become ‘anti-semitic’, and before I realized the core of the holohoax story is, well, a big fat HOAX, and also before I had studied WWII in depth and realized the official Anglo/zamerican/jewish/soviet version of it is pure BS.
    Also, Franklin, the fact I no longer believe in the holohoax and on Germanys primary responsability for unleashing and escalating the conflict known as wwII, does not make me a ‘neo-nazi’, which I am not. I know this is too much for you to grasp, Frank… Koko, the gorilla, might.

  23. INGRID B wrote:

    Yes, I, too, accused Franklyn R of obfuscation..

    And rightly so, Ingrid, since obfuscation is what this old boy does best….
    After everything I explained re the Palestine-Israeli conflict to this ignorant and arrogant little man, he has the gall to then write:

    “There is a difference between rights and means. If you have rights it doesn’t mean you can use any means (even immoral) to secure those rights. Israeli terrorism doesn’t justify Palestinian terrorism or vice versa.
    That is my “obfuscation”.”

    You got that right, old boy, that is indeed more of your obfuscation.
    You also come across as a propagandist, since you think that repeating lies over and over again will somehow make them true.

    You, Frank, repeat again the following nonsense:
    “Islam considers itself as the Final Truth that should prevail all over the world.Muslims have the duty to spread Islam by jihad.”

    We are NOT living in the middle effing ages, pal. Who are these Muslims, bc you write in a way that implicates the majority of them, who r trying to violently convert others or take over non muslim lands?
    Are the iranians doing it? No. Was secular Iraq doing it? No. Is secular Syria doing it? No.
    What about the lebanese Hezbollah? A US scholar who lives in Lebanon, Dr.Franklin Lamb, who has had contact with them, claims they are the most SECULAR of all Lebanese sects, including Christians. A high level CIA agent stated that Hezbollah had become the shield that protects the Christians of Lebanon.
    Christian singer honors Hezbollah in Lebanon;
    Interestingly, the ‘West” and its allies have been DESTROYING all SECULAR and STABLE countries in the MENA region.

    The people who believe in spreading radical Islam, at the barrel of a gun if need be, the Waahabi/Salafists, are the ones funded and supported by the Gulf arab nihilists, who, in turn, have LONG BEEN IN BED WITH THE “WEST”.

    Let’s take a look at Belgistan;

    Want someone to blame for this, Frank? look no further than “Western” elites.
    They have been long supporting the despotic waahabi regimes which fund the violent nutcases we see in the above vid.
    The Wahabized sunni muslims are then used in a variety of strategic ways; they serve as proxy armies to fight against the enemies of ZUSA/ISrahell/nato, they serve as an excuse for more military intervention, and they can be used to foment strategies of tension within European countries.

    As for Immigration in general, also look no further than the treacherous “elites” which control the fake “democracies” in the West.

    Immigration could be controlled in the West, IF the authorities desired to do so.
    They don’t.

    Case in point is the recent engineered migrant flood into Europe coming via Turkey.
    Turkey, which has been aboard the US led regime change operation against Syria since 2011, provides the most radical islamic fighters with bases in Turkey, logistics, weaponry, training, medical care, intel, etc. All this is done in coordination with the CIA, MI6, etc. The war spread to Iraq. Turkey has been taking large numbers of refugees, which it has helped create. But this since 2012. How come Turkey, all of a sudden, opened the flood gates into europe, just now?
    It’s engineered, and not only by the turks, but with American involvement and some European intel agencies as well.
    The goal? To me, the most likely explanation, at least short term, is to create a strategy of tension in Europe, which could lead to support of “western” “democracy airstrikes” in Syria, under the pretext of fighting the “Wests’ creation, Daesh, but in fact, to overthrow the legitimate Syrian government. That is probably why the Russians increased their presence in Syria at this very particular point in time.

    Circassian, the Stalin lover, for once, had something “perceptive” to say, in his reply to u, Frank;

    “I am sorry, but this is another hodgepodge of nonsense. Muslims do not have supremacist mentality, and they couldn’t care less whether you admire their way of life or not. All they want is to be left alone. Don’t flip cause-effect arrow.

    We know what you want and what you do not want. You want the Jews stealing all the wealth of the world for you, but you do not want them bringing Muslims to “your society”.

    Haha, good one.

    An easier way to put this is;
    Don’t want refugees/migrants?? Stop creating them.

    1. The Americans could never create or promote fake Islamist terrorist groups if the basis for Islamic terrorism didn’t already exist in the first place. Or do you want to say that the CIA has written the Qur’ān and has invented all Islamic traditions? It is simply in the history and practice of Islam. The Middle Ages may have passed for us, the Muslims are still fully living in a medieval mentality. Again, corrupt Western elites may be behind the immigration of Muslims into Europe, that does not make them the creators of the Muslim mentality that is clamoring for the installation of their primitive Sharia in our lands.

      You make the same mistake here as in your discussion with me about Hitler. You use one argument which I already know and acknowledge, to refute another argument which you then refuse to further discuss.
      That US-UK-Israel creates or promotes Islamic terrorist groups for their own purposes I already know and acknowledge. I also know that the West has a traitor elite that promotes mass immigration from the Third World (including the Muslim world) for destructive purposes. But that doesn’t make the Muslim mentality one bit less unacceptable !

      Again your mind is working on a simple black-and-white scheme : Western elites use fake Islamic terrorism for their nefarious purposes, they are therefore the “bad guys”. Muslims are their victims, therefore they must be the “good guys”. Criticizing those “good guys” means that you are on the side of the “bad guys”. It is impossible that both Western elites and Muslims are “bad guys” because each conflict must always be a conflict between “good-and-bad”. Parties in a conflict cannot both be bad or partly good and partly bad. Anything that goes beyond this simplistic scheme is “obfuscation”. For simple minds yes .

  24. Franklin:

    The Middle Ages may have passed for us, the Muslims are still fully living in a medieval mentality.

    Right there, u lump all Muslims together, as if most or all of them have the backwards mentality of the West supported Waahabi sect, ignoring all contrary evidence.
    Your entire post is yet another exercise in obfuscation and intellectual dishonesty.
    As for my ‘discussion’ of Barbarossa with you, there was no discussion. I gave u some – there is so much more – facts to get you to see beyond static, rigid ideas of war decisions being made on some ideological timetable, which is pure rubish.
    But you are way too ignorant of the diplomatic and military issues to be worthy of having a discussion with. Not to mention the fact you already made up your mind on the subject, without ever really studying it in depth. You, yourself, admitted you get most of your crap from wiki.
    I could write pages based on the work of many scholars and you would just ignore it – as you have – and continue with your propaganda tactic of copying and pasting the nonsense that
    Hitler was going to conquer the Soviet Union for living space, wipe out trillions, etc.

    Back to those evil Middle Easterners, I’ll finish with what former US Marine, Brad Hoff, had to say about Syria, as he saw it before the proxy war that is now unfolding:

    […]I must admit that I grew up with the usual American stereotypes of the Middle East. To most Americans, the notion of Middle Eastern Christianity sounds like an oxymoron — or is at the very least highly suspect. Many Arab and Eastern Christians are asked, upon arriving in the U.S. for visit, work, or immigration, “when did you convert from Islam?” During the post 9/11 Bush years, when Syria as part of the “Axis of Evil” became a central formulation of U.S. foreign policy, such common cultural assumptions became even more deeply ingrained. How could one be a Christian and a citizen of a “rogue” Middle East state? And yet, Christians have called Syria their home for many hundreds of years prior to the foundation of the modern nation-state of Syria.

    As I began to learn more about the multi-ethnic and religiously mixed kaleidoscope that is modern Syria, I marveled at how such a country could live in relative peace and stability in a region commonly perceived to be one of the most historically tumultuous and war racked on Earth, and I had to go and see for myself.

    DURING MY FIRST WEEKS in Damascus, I was pleasantly shocked. My preconceived notions were shattered: I expected to find a society full of veiled women, mosques on every street corner, religious police looking over shoulders, rabid anti-American sentiment preached to angry crowds, persecuted Christians and crumbling hidden churches, prudish separation of the sexes, and so on. I quickly realized during my first few days and nights in Damascus, that Syria was a far cry from my previous imaginings, which were probably more reflective of Saudi Arabian life and culture. What I actually encountered were mostly unveiled women wearing European fashions and sporting bright makeup — many of them wearing blue jeans and tight fitting clothes that would be commonplace in American shopping malls on a summer day. I saw groups of teenage boys and girls mingling in trendy cafes late into the night, displaying expensive cell phones. There were plenty of mosques, but almost every neighborhood had a large church or two with crosses figured prominently in the Damascus skyline. As I walked near the walled “old city” section, I was surprised to find entire streets lined with large stone and marble churches. At night, all of the crosses atop these churches were lit up — outlined with blue fluorescent lighting, visible for miles; and in some parts of the Damascus skyline these blue crosses even outnumbered the green-lit minarets of mosques.

    Just as unexpected as the presence of prominent brightly lit churches, were the number of restaurant bars and alcohol kiosks clustered around the many city squares. One could get two varieties of Syrian-made beer, or a few international selections like Heineken or Amstel, with relative ease. The older central neighborhoods, as well as the more upscale modern suburbs had a common theme: endless numbers of restaurants filled with carefree Syrians, partying late into the night with poker cards, boisterous discussion, alcohol, hookah smoke, and elaborate oriental pastries and desserts. I got to know local Syrians while frequenting random restaurants during my first few weeks in Damascus. I came into contact with people representative of Syria’s ethnically and religiously diverse urban centers: Christians, Sunni Muslims, Alawites, Druze, Kurds, Armenians, Palestinians, and even a few self-declared Arab atheists. The characterization of Syrian city life that increasingly came to my mind during my first, and many subsequent visits and extended stays, was of Syria a consciously secular society when compared to other countries in the region.

    IN THE MORE TRADITIONAL COUNTRYSIDE, life moved at a slower pace. From my experience in villages from the Hauran region in the South, to Homs countryside in central Syria, there arose a common theme: a duality of work (typically agriculture) and family oriented leisure — with the year regulated by a pattern of village celebrations for weddings, baptisms, graduations, birthdays, and religious festivals. Movement of time in the village seemed to bring with it a palpable “lightness of being” — especially in the more picturesque mountain villages in places like the Valley of the Christians (Wadi al-Nasara) near Homs. The typical Fridays, Saturdays, or Sundays in most any Syrian village were spent with extended family and village friends gathered on a patio around a slow burning coal barbeque pit. This is not unlike an American style barbeque, but the Syrian version tended to last for eight or more hours, and was sometimes a village-wide affair that easily extended to an evening party with live music. Women socialized while making kibbe and tabbouleh by hand (an hours-long affair) — so that food preparation itself became a kind of natural social ritual. Men exchanged news and speculated about village rumors, fanned the slow burning coal and endlessly sipped tea, strong Arabic coffee, and smoked cigarettes or hookah pipe.

    Though much is now said of Syria’s sectarian divisions, religiously mixed villages were everywhere, and operated not much differently from religiously or ethnically homogeneous villages. If there was a party on the occasion of a Muslim holiday, Christians and Alawites came out and joined in on the feasting and traditional dancing. During Christmas and Easter parties, or for the Feast of St. George, Muslims were heard giving a “Merry Christmas” and other greetings of respect to Christians, and joined in on the festivities. In the multiple mixed Druze and Christian villages of the ancient Hauran region, there were common-use village party grounds situated near the main entrances to villages, which were used to celebrate weddings and national holidays. If a wedding took place, it was expected that all families of the village would come out — whether the wedding was Muslim, Druze, or Christian. The village patriarchs, including the local Orthodox priest, the Catholic priest, and Druze cleric, would attend the joint celebration.[…]

    Entire article at:

      1. Are these people crisis actors hired by the CIA ?

        These are crowds, Frank, and not thinking individuals. Crowd is not hired and paid by the CIA – crowd is manipulated. The manipulators of the crowd are the ones who get hired and paid.

        And how the manipulators go about doing their job? The techniques are well known and go back to Gustave Le Bon’s 1895 work The Crowd: A Study of the Popular Mind:

    1. @LUCA K, thanks for these words of former US Marine, Brad Hoff. I wonder how he feels about what is being done to Syria. Life in Syria, sounds a lot like the way of life in Iran, and is probably the way things were in Palestine. Crimes of unimaginable evil have been, and are being, committed against these countries, by barbaric monsters. The Waahabi sect has little to do with Islam, and a lot to do with KSA, which is closely aligned with israel. The degenerate practices stem from those countries, both “creations” of the US/UK..
      Narrow minded people judge others by what they hear, or are told, they probably know nothing of those that they condemn, and refuse to acknowledge first hand accounts by those who have “been there”..

      1. For islam worshippers:

        Enjoy the reading

        Franklin is correct.

        Islam has no place in europe ( except for bosnia, albania, and kosovo) and america, go live in clean muslim countries without ‘al niddah’ (filthy) non muslim worshippers. (yes non muslims are considered as filth by islam the religion of the sword)

        am very happy to work with muslims in muslim countries to free the world of the jwo, so everyone has their own place free from the jewish slave drivers. nationalism for everyone!

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